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  • File : 1274601419.jpg-(149 KB, 641x481, race selection.jpg)
    149 KB OP 05/23/10(Sun)03:56 No.9998568  
    Last time on Master of Orion II:
    We created a race of space dorfs. They went to war with a race of space-ants, had their fleets decimated by not one, not two, but three space eels, were attacked by a near-omnipotent race of aliens and finally succumbed when a hyperdimensional crystal blew up their homeworld.

    Then we created a race of cybernetic, psychic bobbit worms. We had war declared on us three separate times, had every colony but one destroyed, and spent the better part of a decade building the EMPRAH battleship in preparation for our final stand. Then we attempted a coup d'etat against a democratically elected government and were wiped out.

    So, anyone up for a quick game before I really have to start studying? Pick you concept for a race, or even just abilities and we'll whip something together eventually. Also, this time we're going to try a tip from last thread and use the Psilons' appearance for our custom race, hopefully eliminating them from the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)03:58 No.9998607

    I pretty much hate MoO2 with a burning passion(since /tg/ hyped it up so much), but these LP's are neato.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:00 No.9998626
    Lumbering behemoths from a High-G world!

    ... Lithovore means they eat rocks, right? That sounds pretty rad, although silly expensive.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:02 No.9998674
         File1274601752.jpg-(150 KB, 640x480, lithovore.jpg)
    150 KB
    It does indeed mean we don't need food, which is pretty badass. Another bonus with Lithovore is that we can take the -1/2 food production penalty without it meaning shit to us.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:04 No.9998706
    Cool, so effectively it only costs 7. Exactly how many points do we get to spend on this sorta thing?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:06 No.9998736
    10 initially and a maximum of 10 extra for racial penalties.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:06 No.9998743
    Also subterranean rock-eating muhfuggas. Whatever it is that subterranean actually does. With ships with beefy defenses from their righteously sturdy construction!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:08 No.9998775
    Should we be repulsive again? It seems to be the trend.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:10 No.9998810
         File1274602247.jpg-(156 KB, 640x480, subterranean.jpg)
    156 KB
    Subterranean gives all planets higher population caps and a slight bonus to ground combat (which is nearly useless anyway as you will get bombed to shit from orbit). With sturdy ships, subterranean and so on, it's starting to sound like Spess Dorfs Mk II here.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:11 No.9998816

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:12 No.9998833
    Also, I herp'd a derp. Lithovore automatically blocks out all of the food related options, because the game is not that fucking stupid.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:14 No.9998871
    what does Trans Dimensional do?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:15 No.9998886
    You move faster, basically. Not as fun as the name would imply.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:15 No.9998890
    stream it
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:16 No.9998899
    As a guy that got hounded about streaming for something else.

    Fuck you, you stream the fucking thing.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:16 No.9998902
    No. Posting pictures is fine you lazy fag.

    And I couldn't watch if it was a stream.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:18 No.9998929
         File1274602719.jpg-(138 KB, 640x482, cutebolds.jpg)
    138 KB
    This was mentioned last thread too, so we might as well make a try. Repulsive hasn't really worked out for us in the past.

    Since I'm not intimately familiar with Cutebolds, you'll have to help me out here. This is what I came up with. Lithovore because they eat bones and shit and don't actually have farms, right? Poor homeworld because they're kobolds, duh. Negative to ground combat. Charismatic because they're cute.

    Might dip into Low-G World for that weak physique and use those points for bonuses to spying or extra population growth. Sound okay to you guys?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:19 No.9998943
    Choose omniscient, because it just sounds badass.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:20 No.9998959
    Pictures > streaming, imo. That way people can go on doing whatever without worrying about missing something interesting/funny.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:20 No.9998964
    Sounds about right. There isn't really much to Cutebolds, all considered, and I doubt the game as a "wait, how does I reproduce by not accident?" option.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:22 No.9998993
    I don't think cutebolds would really be Lithovores, but damn if that's not a cool lookin' ability anyway. Maybe ditch that and go for Tolerant instead? Cutebolds are too d'awww to hold prejudices!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:23 No.9999002
    Could give them low population growth.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:24 No.9999027
    Tolerant doesn't do what it sounds like. It's regeneration, immunity to toxins and shit. Essentially you become a SPESS MAHROON and can ignore a planet's ability to support life.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:24 No.9999036
    Tolerant actually refers to biological tolerance. ie ability to live on radiated, inhospitable worlds.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:26 No.9999052
    Oh, I see. Then again, Kobolds do have to eke out an existence in shitty places because they get hounded out of everywhere else, so maybe it would still make sense. They're still inept.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:27 No.9999074
         File1274603268.jpg-(161 KB, 639x480, cutebolds2.jpg)
    161 KB
    Actually, if you want racial tolerance, happy-happy feelgood stuff, we could go for the unification government.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:28 No.9999083

    Lets try not to hamper ourselves too bad. I think what we got is good.

    Cute, weak, no farms, survive on meager bones and crap, can't build for shit, but ultimately makes you want to hug the shit out of them.

    And sneaky.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:29 No.9999094
    That sounds about right. Cutebolds are too busy living in retarded bliss to have inner-turmoil.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:32 No.9999131
    Hm.. certainly sounds promising.

    Go for it? We could always go Cutebold 2.0 later if it doesn't work out.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:34 No.9999170
         File1274603675.jpg-(135 KB, 642x481, commiebolds.jpg)
    135 KB
    Okay, so this is what we have right now. A race of charismatic cutebolds who don't need farms, suck at fighting (especially in personal combat) and live in a communist utopia.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:36 No.9999199

    I give them ten minutes on the galactic stage before SOMEthing comes along and kills them off.

    Srsly, if you're not fucking things up in MoOII, something usually comes along and fucks YOU up.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:36 No.9999200
    In before GLORIOUS UTOPIA is stomped on by a wave of early on disasters.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:38 No.9999219
    I'm sure our cutebolds will be bent over and reamed regardless, but maintaining amiable relations with the other races is pretty easy in MoO2.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:39 No.9999230

    In that case...

    inb4 ur doin it rong
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:42 No.9999286
         File1274604175.jpg-(144 KB, 642x484, empire.jpg)
    144 KB
    And so it begins. We start out at our home system Rubrub in the upper right quadrant of the galaxy. For those of you who weren't here yesterday, I will take care of the micromanaging, all you guys need to do is make the occasional decision and tell me what our general policies are.

    Oh, and if you want to go a certain way with tech, tell me so. If nobody else objects, these first turns will go toward exploration, both our industry and technology.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:45 No.9999307
    Sounds good. Can't do anything yet if we don't have a good list of options.

    Just try not to piss off any space bobbit rape worms.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:49 No.9999354
         File1274604543.jpg-(142 KB, 642x480, empire2.jpg)
    142 KB
    A nearby orange star proves to have several planets capable of supporting life quite well, even if the physically weak cutebolds complain about high gravity.

    Suggestions for colony names while the ship is on its way?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:51 No.9999383
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:52 No.9999388
    Wait, why didn't you bring up their spying skills? Cutebolds are sneaks. It's like their own survival trait.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:52 No.9999393

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:53 No.9999397
    New Terra
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:55 No.9999426
         File1274604935.jpg-(143 KB, 642x482, empire3.jpg)
    143 KB
    We didn't have the points. It was either that or not be cute.

    Rejected because it won't fit. We have now established a colony on Germany III. It's not like we've had trouble with naming colonies after countries before, right?
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)04:57 No.9999447
    A HEX A HEX!

    >No spying

    ..Perhaps glorious communist utopia was a bad idea, eh comrade?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:58 No.9999454

    Rubrub II through Whatever
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)04:59 No.9999463
         File1274605156.jpg-(142 KB, 642x480, rash-iki.jpg)
    142 KB
    We are joined Rash-Iki, the warlord. With that name, one can only assume his bonuses to labor are from using less than pleasant methods to "motivate" the Cutebolds.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)04:59 No.9999470
    Meh. Blissful ignorance is a big part of what makes cutebolds what they are. Spying and sneakery is less defining.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:00 No.9999472
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:01 No.9999487

    You need to name the next colony Burbur.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:02 No.9999499
    Get out of here, Horde scum!
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:02 No.9999500
         File1274605368.jpg-(117 KB, 641x479, rubrub prime.jpg)
    117 KB
    Also, since there seems to be a universal clamoring for spies, this is where I shall direct our technological progress. We will be sneaky soon enough.

    Also, a colony has been established on the world of Rubrub Prime.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:03 No.9999506
         File1274605421.jpg-(55 KB, 616x345, 1264979485691.jpg)
    55 KB

    You lost me.
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)05:04 No.9999516
    This is very true.

    >220 monies

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:04 No.9999518
    iirc bur is what alliance reads when horde says "lol"

    conversely horde reads kik when alliance writes "lol"

    if I remember correctly that is...
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:06 No.9999534
         File1274605606.jpg-(109 KB, 644x481, officers up the ass.jpg)
    109 KB
    Goddamn, I had forgotten what playing a Charismatic race was like! We're constantly hounded by leaders trying to get a paycheck. Oddly enough, most of them seem to be military officers. Perhaps comrade Rash-Iki is trying to establish a strong military presence in the Cutebold empire?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:07 No.9999553
    Cutebolds have no idea what money is. They just steal things they want from each other and anyone around them.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:08 No.9999562
    Why would charisma = GIVE MONIES PLZ AHURHURHURHRU
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:08 No.9999568
    Name them after other creatures in DF. I.E. - Cave Grabber, Unicorn, Elephant, Frog Demon, Goblin, DORF.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:08 No.9999569
    WoW reference. Please don't hurt me.

    [spoilersdon'twork]and I fucked up the reference while I was at it[/spoilersdon'twork]
    Yarr. Except that it was "kek" not "kik."

    I will go back to spectating now.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:10 No.9999595
    oh god I did it again.
    actually mixed them up too.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:14 No.9999683
    Naw, "Charisma" makes you attract more Leaders(dudes that give your colonies/ships bonuses), who you have to pay to recruit.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:14 No.9999693
         File1274606083.jpg-(98 KB, 641x480, no exploran.jpg)
    98 KB
    No hyperspace travel for a while means our exploring needs to be halted. In good news, though, our Cutebolds have made quite a bit of disturbing progress as they have unlocked the secrets behind neural scanners and cloning centers.

    Initial reports seem to indicate that giving a race that can only reproduce by accident access to cloning was a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:15 No.9999717
    gee thanks OP it's 4:30 am, i was about to fall asleep. i need to clean my trailer before the ex shows up tomorrow so i can cheat on my girlfriend with her.

    instead. i'm reinstalling this shit.

    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)05:17 No.9999759
         File1274606268.jpg-(17 KB, 640x480, osaka gasp.jpg)
    17 KB
    >Initial reports seem to indicate that giving a race that can only reproduce by accident access to cloning was a bad idea.

    ..I'm liking this already.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:20 No.9999824
    If we aren't Warlord, we're going to want officers with Operations.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:20 No.9999837
    Ah, I getcha now.
    >> Freis !SV3dGkVKt6 05/23/10(Sun)05:22 No.9999880
         File1274606562.jpg-(84 KB, 512x512, THEBLAZESYOUDOINGBOY.jpg)
    84 KB

    >Initial reports seem to indicate that giving a race that can only reproduce by accident access to cloning was a bad idea.

    Are you TRYING to have the universe knee deep in cutebolds, slowly eating away at every planet into nothingness that they come across?

    Good gods, cloning, space traveling Lithovore cutebolds suddenly sounds like a terrifying scourge on the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:23 No.9999910
    Also gives you bonuses on diplomatic actions.

    Offer the fuck outta yer tradeable tech and you'll never get in a war.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:24 No.9999929
    MOO2 patches, mods and programs;

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:26 No.10000080
         File1274606769.jpg-(116 KB, 643x483, research.jpg)
    116 KB
    The sheer amount of Cutebolds, coupled with the fact that there's no need for them to do any farming means we're tearing through the tech trees at a ridiculous pace. Our Cutebolds are now telepathic as well, meaning anyone who sets foot on a Cutebold world is instantly assaulted with hundreds of thousands of voices going "rub rub" inside his head.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:28 No.10000158
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)05:28 No.10000180

    Let us bring our glorious sexless communist utopia to the whole galaxy now!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:30 No.10000209
         File1274607057.jpg-(530 KB, 800x676, 1273333426021.jpg)
    530 KB
    >Anyone who sets foot on a Cutebold world is instantly assaulted with hundreds of thousands of voices going "rub rub" inside his head.
    Oh god.
    The thought of this is horrifying.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:32 No.10000235
    Holy fuck Cutebolds are the master race!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:33 No.10000251
    OP, what diificulty settings/size/opponents/oraganicsnesses ddi you set?
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)05:37 No.10000292
    ...Did the Cutebolds cuddle the OP to death and enslave his mind?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:38 No.10000312
         File1274607526.jpg-(107 KB, 640x482, alkari plague.jpg)
    107 KB
    The Cutebold empire continues to invent more and more ridiculous technology. They now have anti-grav harnesses, so they can fly too. And don't ask me how they invented robots, they don't even know how sex works! Not to mention theoretical studies on alien psychology and the fact that the Cutebolds apparently have a stock exchange where they trade dried lizards and bits of bone with each other.

    Also, the Alkari, whom we haven't encountered yet (as a matter of fact, we haven't encountered any aliens yet) have been exposed to a plague.

    Also, my internet connection is acting up, but I'll try to keep posting with somewhat regular intervals.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:39 No.10000322
    What's our empire look like now?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:41 No.10000341
         File1274607698.jpg-(132 KB, 641x479, natives.jpg)
    132 KB
    A Cutebold exploration fleet discovers natives in the Weg system. Poor bastards don't know that they are about to become part of the cuddle collective.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:41 No.10000342
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    RUB RUB!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:43 No.10000354
    >225 research
    >2 solar systems
    >my face
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:44 No.10000366
    That's what unification and no need to eat does for us, apparently.

    Have we hired any of those leaders?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:44 No.10000368
         File1274607891.gif-(127 KB, 800x600, 1242417704224.gif)
    127 KB
    >cuddle collective

    I would SO get in on that.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:44 No.10000371
         File1274607897.jpg-(137 KB, 641x479, elerians.jpg)
    137 KB
    After establishing the colonies Cuddles II and Hugsies Prime, we encounter the Elerians. They're a race of psychic amazons. What's our policy? We have quite decent spies, and insane bonuses to any diplomatic actions.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:45 No.10000381

    Give them a hug!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:46 No.10000393
    we cuddle them until they submit
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:46 No.10000396
    inb4 the Elerians try to aggressively sex up the Cutebolds and the Cutebolds have no idea wtf is going on.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:47 No.10000400
    Make them give up fighting!
    And also eating!
    It is not the cutebold way!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:47 No.10000401
    Where's the option where they offer us tribute?

    We don't wish to engage them in open warfare, but we can spy the fuck outta them. That'd be rad.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:48 No.10000412
         File1274608080.jpg-(70 KB, 700x508, 60_5_01.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:48 No.10000413

    They can subsist on nose-to-nose kisses just like any decent people.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:49 No.10000428
    Haha, oh wow. It sounds like this game can get pretty broken.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:49 No.10000430
    >Race of war-mongering amazons who live under the rule of an iron fist
    >Cutebolds demand tribute
    There will be no survivors. Except for the Elerians.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:50 No.10000437

    Be Diplomatic and cute, otherwise.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:51 No.10000446
         File1274608290.jpg-(143 KB, 642x481, empire4.jpg)
    143 KB
    This is the state of the Cutebold empire as of now. Income is incredibly high, meaning we actually get a fucking crazy income even with 0% taxes (for comparison, the FUKKEN DORFS had an income of +52 with 50% taxes). The low taxes in turn mean production is through the roof, especially since production is nearly automated. This in turn means we have absolutely insane research, as most Cutebolds are moved to that field.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:52 No.10000454

    Research terraforming!

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:52 No.10000457
    >50% taxes
    what is this I don't even
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:53 No.10000473
    Man, Uni+Litho sounds like a broken combination. You are going to rub-rub the whole world like that!
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)05:54 No.10000478
         File1274608458.jpg-(144 KB, 639x482, elerian treaty.jpg)
    144 KB
    As for the Elerians, a trade treaty and a non-aggression pact has been agreed on.

    Secretly, undercover Cutebolds are being prepared to be sent into Elerian space to see what rubbing their noses feels like.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:54 No.10000483
    to be fair, they haven't been surounded completely by powerful empires as seems to be the norm in this game
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:54 No.10000486
    Unification gets no morale penalties. High taxes only gives morale penalties.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:55 No.10000487
    Continue to expand. Colonies everywhere! The cutebolds need their lebensraum!

    I'm getting the impression that even gimped in combat as our racial traits make us, we could probably overwhelm our enemies with our superior technology if it actually came to a fight.

    Do we have any leaders yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:56 No.10000504
    Uni Tolerant is the broken combo. With Litho you're losing a big part of the Uni bonus (+50%farming)
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:56 No.10000514

    What does tolerant do?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:57 No.10000519
    Actually, don't taxes have 0 effect on morale? I thought it only inhibits production/research.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:57 No.10000530
    Actually, that's not true. "Taxes" is actually just the % of labor that, instead of working on the shit you tell them to work on, instead just produces raw credits. It never actually adjusts the total credits of production you generate, nor does it adjust morale. It simply distributes your workforce between shit and cash.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:58 No.10000531
    Gentlemen we have created tau kobolds.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:58 No.10000532
    You don't give a fuck about pollution. As a result, you're always at full production/none lost to "clean-up duty" penalty.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:58 No.10000533
    Tolerant apparently allows you to basically ignore how shitty a world is because your race can handle radiation and toxins and all that shit like pros.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:58 No.10000547
    I think we might actually do well for once.

    OP, did you turn the difficulty down or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)05:59 No.10000558
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)06:00 No.10000566
    Don't forget charismatic..

    What have I done, /tg/? I have created a scourge. I was the only one demanding cutebolds last thread too.

    Had I known.. but now a horror is unleashed on the galaxy. I can only hope the cutebolds encounter an enemy with no noses to rub.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:00 No.10000576

    If they have no noses, we shall genetically engineer them some.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:01 No.10000583
         File1274608869.gif-(13 KB, 726x542, masters of the universe.gif)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:03 No.10000612

    Why does that cutebold on the graph have those bumps?

    Are those extra noses for rubbing?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:03 No.10000622
         File1274609037.jpg-(114 KB, 639x481, assault shuttles.jpg)
    114 KB
    Cutebold warships are particularly disturbing, as their focus seems to be on boarding enemy vessels and using their mental powers to turn enemies into mindless slaves who want nothing more than to rub noses.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:04 No.10000626
    I think a construction project ought to begin. The biggest ship that is cuteboldly possible, packed with the most high tech devices of destruction the Cuddle Collective knows how to construct. We shall use it to mine asteroids at the edges of our inhabited systems, and get confused when everyone else gives us a wide berth.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:05 No.10000635
    We're fucking China
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:07 No.10000666

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:07 No.10000672
         File1274609249.jpg-(116 KB, 643x482, spies.jpg)
    116 KB
    In other news, our undercover rub-rubbers have been given gifts by grateful Elerians.

    No, I didn't. This is the difference between certain racial abilities. Unification is quite broken, but not as bad as Creative.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:08 No.10000690
    What does creative actually do, then? Increase production, or research, or what?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:09 No.10000703

    Feels good man.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:10 No.10000708
    Oh god they're going to our rape our shit so bad for stealing from them.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:10 No.10000711
    When you research a tech tree, you get to choose one out of three technologies in that "branch". That means you basically have to trade for the others or get them from random events.

    Creative just gives you all three at once, basically free.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:10 No.10000713
    When you research something there is a list of possible benifits that you can get from that research. Normally you pick one. With creative you get the lot.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:10 No.10000715
    Research explodes.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:10 No.10000718
    Whenever you would research something, instead you research everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:11 No.10000732
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:12 No.10000746
         File1274609554.jpg-(153 KB, 643x481, galaxy.jpg)
    153 KB
    We hire Mystic X, who is quite simply one of the best officers you can have, since he gives you omniscience for free. Yes, the cuddle Collective now consists of telepathic, flying, omniscient Cutebolds.

    By the way, this is the state of the galaxy for those interested.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:13 No.10000753
    Sweet living fuck on a stick, no wonder everyone complains about that being broken.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:13 No.10000761
    Fancy naming some colony as Australia again?
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)06:13 No.10000767
    HEY HEY!


    We.. borrowed it. It just looked so shiny. We'll give it back.. soon.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:14 No.10000772
    >telepathic, flying, omniscient Cutebolds.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:14 No.10000775
    >> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 05/23/10(Sun)06:15 No.10000784


    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:16 No.10000803
         File1274609787.png-(34 KB, 382x529, cuZALGO.png)
    34 KB
    >telepathic, flying, omniscient Cutebolds.
    >> Freis !SV3dGkVKt6 05/23/10(Sun)06:17 No.10000819

    You're forgetting they also eat rocks.

    Given enough time, they'll eat a planet into nothing. Whole asteroid belts will vanish as a cutebold fleet passes by for them feeling a mite peckish at the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:17 No.10000828
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:18 No.10000831
    ...Have we created a Cutetyranid race?

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:18 No.10000833
    Nah, that's just the crunch. Fluffwise, they eat salt deposits and old bones and limestone and crap no one else will eat.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:19 No.10000850
    It is what has been done.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:19 No.10000866
         File1274609993.jpg-(146 KB, 645x483, ships.jpg)
    146 KB
    Construction begins on Frog Demon class cruisers and Cave Spider class battleships.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:20 No.10000877
         File1274610044.gif-(9 KB, 158x167, dakkadakkadakkadakka.gif)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:20 No.10000882
    Colonise EVERYTHING
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:21 No.10000891

    Could you tell about weapons on those ships?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:22 No.10000900
    Yeah, let's get some caps of the schematics for those babies.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:25 No.10000944
         File1274610329.jpg-(139 KB, 643x481, bulrathi.jpg)
    139 KB
    We soon encounter the Bulrathi, a race of sentient bulldogs. Judging them cuddly, the Cutebolds quickly establish a non-aggression pact while preparing for more undercover rub-rubbers.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:27 No.10000971
    What does the race look like in-game?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:29 No.10000997
    Not played the game but i can almost assure you that you can't see your own race. Is this MOO2, not Spore.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:31 No.10001019
    He's using the Psilon model so he wouldn't have to fight them this time 'round.

    Also, you do see your image a few times - after research, at elections, and after stealing/conquer gained tech/
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:32 No.10001034

    >pact of non-aggression after the emissary tells you that you'll be their emperor's personal slave

    Cutebolds: "I will hug your emperor and tell him about my day and eventually you'll never want to take over the galaxy again! Yaaaaaaay, peace!"
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:32 No.10001035
         File1274610763.gif-(9 KB, 573x535, chd.gif)
    9 KB
    >Here to dethrone you Teegee
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:33 No.10001049
    Bulrathi are lol-tier. I always ally with them and gift them with technology out of pity before I raze the rest of the galaxy.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:35 No.10001088
         File1274610934.jpg-(128 KB, 643x481, frog demon.jpg)
    128 KB
    Batman class destroyers are missile delivery systems with a single heavy laser cannon for backup if shit goes down. Frog Demon class cruisers carry assault pods and heavy lasers. Cave Spider battleships have missiles, anti-missile rockets and heavy lasers. Both of the latter ship classes have heavy armor, class III shields and shield capacitors.

    Research is currently going into better beam weapons.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:37 No.10001112
    You mean pretty space lights and boomboom teeth.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:42 No.10001169
    can we research hugrays?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:44 No.10001181
         File1274611474.jpg-(116 KB, 644x482, spy.jpg)
    116 KB
    And with the advent of Neutron Blaster technology, the Cutebold fleet is now centered around hitting the enemy with radiation and then board their ships. Presumably, the radiation doesn't kill so much as it renders cuddle resistance futile.

    Also, more gifts from grateful Elerians!
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)06:45 No.10001192
         File1274611522.jpg-(101 KB, 474x954, WARNING_by_ARCHVERMIN.jpg)
    101 KB
    Hugs are good.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:50 No.10001231
         File1274611806.jpg-(152 KB, 642x480, antaran attack.jpg)
    152 KB
    The Antarans grow tired of our constant cuddling and sends a fleet to exterminate the Germany colonies. The Cutebolds prepare to put up a resistance consisting of vigorous nose-rubbing, not knowing that the Antarans don't have noses.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:51 No.10001242
    They'll be annihilated, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:51 No.10001248
    >The Antarans
    More like the dorfs, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:52 No.10001253
    that hug was cold... like the handcuffs i grew up in
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:53 No.10001262
         File1274611985.jpg-(146 KB, 646x477, antaran battle.jpg)
    146 KB
    Cutebold shields prove effective against the first volley, which is actually pretty damn impressive considering how awesome Antaran technology is. Captains are preparing to counter-hug.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:54 No.10001274
    >implying it's worth playing anything other than Creative, Democratic, +2 Research, -10 Ground Combat, -10 Spying, Repulsive
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)06:59 No.10001320
         File1274612357.jpg-(141 KB, 644x482, boarding fail.jpg)
    141 KB
    Antaran anti-hug defenses prove to be too much, though, and we fail to snuggle them.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)06:59 No.10001324
    go back to /v/
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:01 No.10001340
         File1274612474.jpg-(147 KB, 641x480, decent success.jpg)
    147 KB
    The Frog Demons retreat after blasting the Antarans for as long as their shields will allow them, losing one of their numbers. One Antaran ship is destroyed, though, resulting in a not-so-vicious attack on Germany III.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:01 No.10001341

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:04 No.10001367
         File1274612679.jpg-(99 KB, 641x482, radiation.jpg)
    99 KB
    In other news, millions in the Cuddles system will die from radiation poisoning. Experts say this may have something to do with hugging nuclear reactors.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:04 No.10001369

    Losses are acceptable and rebuilding wont take long.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:07 No.10001397

    Rub the cloning facilities until population is restored.

    In other news; Research more into massive resource production. I mean, drown in money kind of thing. Then we invest in some serious tech. Also, more spies. Spy the Antarans.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:07 No.10001399
         File1274612879.jpg-(115 KB, 641x480, fusion bomb.jpg)
    115 KB
    The Elerians hand over the technology behind fusion bombs to us, possibly in an attempt to get the curious Cutebolds to accidentally detonate them.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:09 No.10001413
         File1274612961.jpg-(139 KB, 642x478, no hugs for you.jpg)
    139 KB
    And then they get angry at us when we haven't even done anything! We were just being pleasant, is all.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:09 No.10001420
    >super computer destroyed
    They knocked down our Giant Pile of Shiny Rocks?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:10 No.10001423

    In an act of adorable penance, return their fusion bombs. With the pretty lights blinking.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:11 No.10001431
    What boorish hooliganism! ;_;
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:12 No.10001442

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:13 No.10001455
         File1274613238.jpg-(149 KB, 641x481, antarans again.jpg)
    149 KB
    Obviously wanting to attempt to hug us again after the last catastrophic failure, the Antarans return to Germany once more.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:14 No.10001462
    Give them our Amazonian friends' shiny toys. Spread the love, just like they do in the Cuddle Collective!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:15 No.10001465
    Only after we deel with the doggies first.
    Maybe have the doggies hug the Amazons by paying them with shiny things?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:17 No.10001474
         File1274613430.jpg-(137 KB, 643x481, hug denied.jpg)
    137 KB
    Cutebold cancels Hug Antaran: Dying.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:18 No.10001494
         File1274613530.jpg-(149 KB, 643x482, exterminatus.jpg)
    149 KB
    If Cutebolds could understand the concept of a holocaust, I'm sure they would be devastated.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:19 No.10001496

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:21 No.10001510
    Shit, son. It would be much easier to hug them if they weren't encased in all that shiny metal bollocks. We must build bigger ships! With more cutting devices, to take away their armour! Then once they're floating in space we can hug them with impunity.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:21 No.10001516
    Maybe we should stop hugging them. I know! Show them our boomboom teeth! They make comets do wonderful things.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:21 No.10001524
         File1274613713.jpg-(143 KB, 646x482, alliance.jpg)
    143 KB
    Obviously won over by our cuteness, the Elerians offer an alliance. Do we accept?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:22 No.10001530
    Of course we want to be their friends.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:22 No.10001534
    The Cutebolds, understanding that Antarans hug with bright lights, immediately all begin researching how to make the brightest and hottest lights available. And then stuff them onto as many ships as can be found. Fast.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:23 No.10001547
    Does an alliance mean we get to cuddle more? If so, yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:24 No.10001565
    I agree with both of these.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:26 No.10001574
         File1274613973.jpg-(139 KB, 640x481, silicoid.jpg)
    139 KB
    We accept the offer of an alliance. Shortly afterward, we encounter the Silicoids, a race of sentient rocks. They are repulsive, and so our cuteness, it does nothing. Note, however, that they are currently neutral in regards to us. They just have a really unpleasant first encounter message.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:28 No.10001595
    mhmmm... rocks...
    they sure won't mind us nibbling.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:28 No.10001597
    Rocks are hard to cuddle.

    Try giving shinies to them.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 05/23/10(Sun)07:28 No.10001598
         File1274614101.jpg-(20 KB, 640x480, 1213313599596.jpg)
    20 KB

    >>Race of rocks


    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:29 No.10001612
    We can't help that they look delicious. We'll just have to hug them until they like us.
    >> Freis !SV3dGkVKt6 05/23/10(Sun)07:29 No.10001618

    >Race of sentient rocks
    >race of Lithovores

    Well, I can understand their first encounter message being so hostile.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:29 No.10001619
         File1274614166.jpg-(135 KB, 646x479, gnolam.jpg)
    135 KB
    We also encounter the Gnolam race, and there is another Antaran fleet, this time heading for the Cuddles system.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:29 No.10001623
    >Shortly afterward, we encounter the Silicoids, a race of sentient rocks
    >sentient rocks
    Hug them with our teeth. All of them.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:30 No.10001630

    So, have we developed the Killfuck-Megahug devices yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:30 No.10001632
    What sort of strength can the Hugfleet muster in our home system?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:34 No.10001670
         File1274614454.jpg-(148 KB, 639x481, antaran fight.jpg)
    148 KB
    Unfortunately, the Antarans don't fall for the old Colony Base switcharoo this time, but we have a far large fleet facing them, including the new and improved Cave Spider battleship, which has access to tractor beams designed to facilitate hugging by incapacitating enemy vessels.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:36 No.10001687


    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:36 No.10001688
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:36 No.10001691
    Ohohohoho. Let's see how this goes for the smug fuckers.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:38 No.10001722

    this song is now permamently related to MoO2
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:41 No.10001751
    How does the combat in this game work, anyhow?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:43 No.10001765
         File1274614998.jpg-(149 KB, 642x482, antaran win.jpg)
    149 KB
    Hug-to-hug combat proves futile yet again. However, with the support of the star base as well as the Cave Spider, we are actually beating the Antarans! We sustain heavy losses, but the day is won! We have proven that the heaviest Cutebold ship currently available can beat the smallest of the Antaran ships!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:44 No.10001788
    Can we make them stop going in for hugs?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)07:52 No.10001867
         File1274615551.jpg-(154 KB, 643x480, empire5.jpg)
    154 KB
    Cutebold ships are designed for hug-to-hug combat However, we can prevent them from attempting it and just hugging with bright lights.

    It's turn-based. Movement points to move, you get to fire any weapons in range that have ammo left and that's about it.

    This is the state of the Cuddle Collective as of now. We seem to be larger than most others. Our fleets are not what they used to be after beating off three Antaran attacks in rapid succession, but reinforcements are on their way. In any case, we are the lead in technology, so our cutting edge ships should be sufficient to deal with any hostilities.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:55 No.10001893

    Let us get rid of the bulldog people. They suck balls, and are not worth hugging because they smell.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:56 No.10001899

    Cuddle up to our lab-minds. It's time to develop some serious cuddlemurder. Accidentally, of course.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:58 No.10001919
    I don't remember The Ur-Quan Masters looking like this. What is this?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:58 No.10001921

    You need to create transports to move troops between planets and if I remember correctly each transport = 4 troops. Things you need to consider if you want to win are: superior numbers and/or more advanced troops. Advanced techs make your men better rapemachines, so you'll need less troops to conquer more primitive empires. Superior numbers are the only that'll save you if you're fighting an equal enemy. Land battles resolve automatically, and the outcome is random generated (bonuses highly modify it though, in your, or your enemies favour depending on who's more advanced), so even despite your Warlord and Grav Harness and Uber Layzors you might somehow lose.

    Space battles are pretty much space chess with pawns shooting at each other with various stuff. First one to lose hull strength explodes, so make sure you've got better guns, or/and bigger numbers. You control your units, there are separate forward/sides/back shields, through which layzors must get through to damage the ship. Some weapons get through shields, but they do less damage, some weapons do little damage to shields, but they eradicate armour, some can't pass through armour, but they own hull etc. You may also capture ships by sending marines if those ships are at point-blank distance, or via assault shuttles on a bigger distance, but those shuttles may be shot down. Ships range from tiny scouts with a single laser to motherfucker death star-alike constructions with stellar converters, weapons that destroy planets. All ships are fully modular, so you configure what stuff's inside. Except for weapons, there are also gimmicks that allow for, for instance, make the hull stronger, store more marines on-board, install systems that destroy missles coming at your ship or making your missles more successful at scoring hits etc. Dunno what to say more.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)07:59 No.10001925
         File1274615960.jpg-(11 KB, 320x225, F_54197_KevinRudd_lippy_a_320.jpg)
    11 KB
    Goddammit Teeg, now I want to play some MooToo. I havnt played this shit since it kick my ass when I was 12.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:01 No.10001944
    Incidentally, the basic Cutebold marine is outfitted with the following:
    Anti-grav harness for flying.
    Phasor rifle for pew-pewing.
    A personal shield for surviving.
    Powered armor for Spess Muhreening.

    Despite their rather poor physiology, Cutebold marines are scary motherfuckers.

    Our ships are nearly as frightening, with regenerating energy shields, rapebeams that penetrate shields and targeting computers that never miss.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:03 No.10001959
    Then why did we lose two planets?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:03 No.10001960
    How about training some more spies and connecting with more races via outposts?

    Trading hugs via hugplomacy and checking out what kind of shinies the other nice people have that we missed.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:09 No.10001999
         File1274616541.jpg-(154 KB, 639x482, fleet.jpg)
    154 KB
    Because Antarans. To put it into perspective, if you beat the Antaran homeworld, you've won the game.

    In other news, our fleets are becoming too large for us to handle. There are two solutions. One involves increasing economic stimulus and not building more ships. The other involves HUGS FOR THE HUG GOD, CUDDLES FOR THE CUDDLE THRONE, preferably against the Silicoids as we can't have political relations with them anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:11 No.10002012

    Cutebolds gotta eat. Make it so, scour them from the earth.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:11 No.10002015
    good idea, we were getting a bit peckish.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:11 No.10002018
         File1274616719.jpg-(137 KB, 640x481, allied command.jpg)
    137 KB
    as if to provide further incentive for my plan, the Elerians demand we honor our alliance and hug the shit out of those rock-people!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:12 No.10002024

    For hugging the delicious rock people.

    We can only hope that our marines don't mistake them for food.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:12 No.10002026

    The outerdimensional "boss" of the game sends out max tech level rape squads to random colonies in increasing numbers to fuck your shit up.

    The other galactic races appear inferior to our cutebold hug tech, but only a war will tell for sure.
    >> Giant Cave Spider 05/23/10(Sun)08:12 No.10002027
         File1274616775.jpg-(11 KB, 308x313, jizz.jpg)
    11 KB
    This thread is related to my interests.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:13 No.10002036
    Accept! More hugs for everyone. Also how could we deny that nose a request? :3
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:17 No.10002080
    Welp, when you've got to hug, you have to hug,

    Hug them to death.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:19 No.10002094
    We need a ground invasion force for proper hug testing and pet rock people!

    I won't accept a teegee empire without a Zoo planet filled with assimilated former foes!
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:20 No.10002102
         File1274617202.jpg-(122 KB, 642x481, huglights.jpg)
    122 KB
    We do as we are asked. We hug the Silicoids with the help of the technology we borrowed from the Elerians. We hug them and hug them until they can't hug any longer.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:21 No.10002121
         File1274617306.jpg-(143 KB, 640x478, antaran asshole.jpg)
    143 KB
    Just as we were having so much fun, the Antarans decide to show up. This time they take the time to send us a very rude message.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:21 No.10002124

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:24 No.10002153

    At least our command point problem is solved if our ships reach the system in time...
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:24 No.10002154
    d'aww look at them... so desperate for hugs that they even come to our colonies.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:25 No.10002168
    I know very little of MoO but im learning a bit from OP, but i've never seen these antaran chaps posed in a good light, i take it they're some kind of default aggressor in the game?
    >> Giant Cave Spider 05/23/10(Sun)08:25 No.10002170
    Let's hug their shit into the ground!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:25 No.10002172
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:25 No.10002173
         File1274617522.jpg-(124 KB, 645x480, hugmind.jpg)
    124 KB
    There is no way for us to intercept the Antaran fleet in time, and we can only watch as they creep toward the Cuddles system.

    In better news, we can now truly become a hivemind.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:26 No.10002190

    Fuck year cuddlemind.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:27 No.10002197

    The Cuddlemind is nigh. Do it, OP, form us into the viral hugscourge of all non-huggable things. And rocks.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:28 No.10002212
         File1274617734.jpg-(148 KB, 639x482, not too bad.jpg)
    148 KB
    They are homicidal aliens hellbent on destroying every single non-Antaran race. They are the bad guys.

    Cuddles Prime is bombed, but not too badly. They'll recover in a dozen turns or so.
    >> Giant Cave Spider 05/23/10(Sun)08:29 No.10002225
    The galaxy must squirm under the grip of the great Hugmind!
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:32 No.10002260
         File1274617969.jpg-(128 KB, 640x482, war.jpg)
    128 KB
    The Gnolam make a ridiculous demand for tribute. We refuse. Now there is war.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:33 No.10002267

    My god, these people will go to war over anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:34 No.10002273
    Is shit just flying off the hook now? We're at war with two nations and we're being invaded by the antaran?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:34 No.10002276
    We will give them tributes in hugs.

    Deadly hugs.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:34 No.10002284
    Refusing to give Gnolans gold is like insulting their god. They have to go to war afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:36 No.10002302

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:36 No.10002310
         File1274618210.jpg-(137 KB, 645x479, silicoid victory.jpg)
    137 KB
    We manage to scare of a Silicoid fleet and then shower the remaining starbase with enough hugs to simply make them surrender.

    This also gives me a chance to show how awesome our troops are against anyone other than the Antarans.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:38 No.10002335

    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:41 No.10002377
         File1274618483.jpg-(137 KB, 637x478, gnolam victory.jpg)
    137 KB
    The Gnolam fare a similar fate. And seeing as how they only have two systems, we only need to take the final one now to exterminate their entire race.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:43 No.10002402
    Do that next turn.

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:47 No.10002448

    Capture one of the planets so we can add them to our collective!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:48 No.10002456
    Hmmm, seems like a waste of people we can hug.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:48 No.10002460
         File1274618891.jpg-(127 KB, 639x480, oblivion.jpg)
    127 KB
    The Gnolam have been hugged into oblivion.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:50 No.10002484
    It would seem the Cutebolds researched the final solution to the Gnolam question.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:52 No.10002510
    Hey OP, how do you screenshot MoO2?

    I wanna show you mah titan.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:52 No.10002513
    inb4 Space Amoeba rapes everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:53 No.10002522

    That's a lot of 'bolds to rape.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:54 No.10002530

    The game looks like it's past the stage where roaming space monsters are a real threat.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:54 No.10002539
    That is a good point. Assault shuttles don't work on space amoebas, space worms, or space dragons.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:56 No.10002560
    There are actually people who play with Antarans turned on?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:56 No.10002563

    Makes it more challenging.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)08:59 No.10002592
         File1274619561.jpg-(155 KB, 644x479, empire6.jpg)
    155 KB
    Print screen, copy+paste into paint.

    I'm saving you a lot of boring combat here. The basics of it is that we can produce Cave Spider class ships in 12 turns. The Silicoids can produce their equivalents in at least twice that. With a little experimentation I've discovered a single Cave Spider is enough to take an entire Silicoid world if I'm patient. We have upwards to 15 of them in our fleet at the moment.

    I can't even be bothered taking their worlds and just glass them, because most of them suck and building transports is boring.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)08:59 No.10002596
    So wait have we hugged the rock people to death yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:00 No.10002599
    I never really saw it as a challenge as much as it was an element of LOL WE'RE RANDOMLY GOING TO SHOW UP AND WRECK YOUR SHIT AND THERE'S VERY LITTLE YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

    The thing about Antarans is that no matter how skilled or clever you are they're still going to fuck you up to a degree until you tech to the point where you can rape them back. But by that point the game's pretty much over anyway.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:02 No.10002613
         File1274619727.jpg-(146 KB, 641x482, antaran asshole part deux.jpg)
    146 KB
    The Antarans show up again, since we've reached the level where they start actively targeting you for destruction.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:03 No.10002631

    To amuse yourself as the Cave Spiders utterly destroy the delicious menace, I suggest we begin construction of our next tier of defensive craft. The most expensive everything, with stuff we don't even know about yet. Fusion Bombs. Fusion Bombs on the next ship.

    And we shall call them the Embracors. Cuddle incarnate.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:04 No.10002639
    Let's just.. let's just not invite them to the galaxy anymore.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:05 No.10002645
         File1274619905.jpg-(149 KB, 641x480, row row fight the powah.jpg)
    149 KB
    They target a mostly pointless colony we captured from the Silicoids, but I'm eager to try out what our fleet is capable of and direct a portion of our fleet to face them.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:05 No.10002652


    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:07 No.10002658
    And somewhere, far away, in another dimension: An Antarian weeps because he knows, oh he knows, that he wasn't invited to the galactic street party. Even the Silicoids got an invitation and they're repulsive rockmen that everybody hates.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:07 No.10002669
         File1274620074.jpg-(76 KB, 640x480, MoO2-Titan lol.jpg)
    76 KB
    You need Titans, OP. I made a couple specifically for you.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:09 No.10002682
         File1274620168.jpg-(95 KB, 640x479, rapecrystal.jpg)
    95 KB
    We nearly manage to capture one of their ships, but its crew just barely manages to fight off our hugs. We still win without as much as a single casualty, though.

    Our victory is greeted with this message. Seems our old buddy is back.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:10 No.10002692

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:10 No.10002699
    I, for one, hope it fucks up someone who isn't us.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:11 No.10002704
    Crystal, huh? Sounds... delicious.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:11 No.10002706

    Hug him.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:13 No.10002720
    WTF is this thing?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:14 No.10002738

    It raped us when we played spacedorfs.

    Blew up our homeworld.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:15 No.10002747
    A giant space crystal that eats life. It is a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:16 No.10002756
    We eat rocks no? Lets give it a taste of its own medicine
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:18 No.10002780
    Sufficient mirv rockets do enough damage to kill it, even though it has a lightning field that destroys a percentage.

    Missile swarm ships are a cheap tactic, but highly effective.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:21 No.10002821
         File1274620875.jpg-(98 KB, 640x483, end of silicoid.jpg)
    98 KB
    The Rapecrystal doesn't attack us this time, fortunately. We can continue with the systematic hugging of Silicoid systems until we reach this point.

    A few choice Silicoids have been spared on their colonies, though. Their Cutebold overseers claim they are very huggable.

    And with that I'll have to end today's session. For those of you interested, the Cutebolds are now a telepathic race of lithovores ruled by a collective hivemind. Their soldiers ignore the laws of gravity, wield plasma rifles and are protected by neutronium armor in addition to personal shields. In other words, an invasion of Cutebolds involves psychic troops descending from the skies in a rain of white-hot plasma.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:23 No.10002841

    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:23 No.10002852
    I think you mean rainbow beam hugs?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:25 No.10002865
    >In other words, an invasion of Cutebolds involves psychic Neutronium Golems with energy shields descending from the skies in a rain of white-hot plasma.
    Fixed for accuracy.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:34 No.10002967
    Good show, OP.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:35 No.10002980
         File1274621710.jpg-(6 KB, 73x88, officer65.jpg)
    6 KB
    We need this guy as Officer, he looks the most cuteboldish.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:36 No.10002984
    His nose! It is glorious!
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:41 No.10003042
         File1274622078.jpg-(120 KB, 642x479, cutebolds FUCK YEAR.jpg)
    120 KB
    As you can see from this graph, the Cutebolds are far superior to the other races. There's not even much point in taking this game up again, since the rest will just be easy as fuck assimilation/elimination, possibly followed by an assault on the Antaran homeworld.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:43 No.10003070

    what difficulty setting was this?
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:46 No.10003100
    Hard. I would go for impossible, but we were getting our asses kicked as things were. If I had known how effective we'd be this time, I would have cranked it up one step.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:46 No.10003103
    OP, you think YOU have it rough? I've got an Antaran BATTLESHIP and a destroyer heading to my home system. And my titan fleet is too far away.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:49 No.10003129
    Wait until it's time to assault their homeworld. THE DOOMSTARS, THEY DO NOTHING!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)09:54 No.10003185

    Oh I think the next 2 battleships coming in are quite enough for me.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)09:55 No.10003207
    Also, for the future, always build the gate tech, whatever it's called. The one that lets you warp between your own systems. Saves you a lot of headache.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)10:00 No.10003254

    I had a fleet in place this time. Just not enough fleet.

    Lets see how a titan fares. Want screenies, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)10:02 No.10003274
    fuck you /tg/, now i feel like playing moo2 again after all these years
    >> снайпер 05/23/10(Sun)10:07 No.10003332
    It's sad that there hasn't been a 4X game since MoO 2 that's been quite so good.

    They just don't make'em like they use to.

    I bet a modern take on MoO would turn it into an FPS, and console kids would tell us all to quit gettin mad because Maser of Orion was better as an FPS anyways.
    >> I apologised on 4chan !8/08awL.AE!!O1JS15Z6lxy 05/23/10(Sun)10:21 No.10003512

    I dunno, SotS has it's moments, as does GalCiv and Space Empires.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)10:24 No.10003548
    Cutebolds must go to Orion and hug the great guardian there!
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)10:25 No.10003556
    rolled 12 = 12

    I hope you never had the misfortune of playing MoO3. I watched that game since just about the day it was announced for production, pre-ordered it and nearly wet myself when it arrived only to find that they completely ruined the game.

    I mean, completely.

    "We are releasing the game with only one possible resolution, 800x600, because why would anyone play it at anything else?"

    Really? Really? Fuck you, game company who's name is too insignificant to remember.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)10:31 No.10003621
    fall from heaven is almost up there, but it's fantasy :(
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)10:50 No.10003806
    Yeah, about that. I kind of have the disc right here. I guess we could do a run of that some time, but I'd have to be pretty damn drunk to agree to that.
    >> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 05/23/10(Sun)10:55 No.10003849

    >> Freis !SV3dGkVKt6 05/23/10(Sun)10:56 No.10003860

    Wait. You claim a game bombed out because it only had the one resolution?
    >> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 05/23/10(Sun)10:58 No.10003874
    it probably was complete shit as well, besides this
    >> Freis !SV3dGkVKt6 05/23/10(Sun)11:03 No.10003910

    Well, if it was the only reason, it seems rather petty.

    Ah well, not as if I've had the (mis)fortune of playing it myself. I should just shut up.
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)11:04 No.10003915
    You probably will. You don't have to see the fiddly shit. Hell, you haven't seen as much as a single micromanagement screen in these threads, and this is MoO2, which is like micromanagement city. I, however, have to take care of the population, buildings, taxes and command points. I wouldn't enjoy even a second of playing MoO3.

    I shit you not, playing MoO3 is about as exciting as making a graph for projected earnings in the coming fiscal year. In vanilla MoO3 (which is extra hilarious as it is basically unplayable) the diplomatic system is so broken that you can't actually trade tech without having a piece of paper with the tech tree on. This is not an exaggeration. I still haven't figured out how combat works. Managing planets is about as fiddly as in MoO2, only you have more than twice the number of colonies to keep track of.

    Fuck, just thinking about it is making me rage.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)11:17 No.10004024
    Moo3 is horrible and boring.

    It's so dry, it sucks all the fun out of the game, and I actually enjoy dry games like football managers or economy simulators.

    Maybe it's a somewhat boring planet managment game, but it's a horrible and insulting MOO, an experiment gone horribly wrong.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)11:23 No.10004081

    Well, there are resolution patches.
    What's more, there are just patches, that make the game more playable.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)12:25 No.10004730
    Are you still playing OP? What is the fate of the fliying spasmarune psychic hivemind kutebolds?
    >> Fuuka! 05/23/10(Sun)13:14 No.10005406
    Went to sleep and..


    Man. I'm sad we aren't taking it ALL THE WAY, but I doubt /tg/ wants to see endless screens of the same steamrolled battles any more than the OP did.

    I should have known the universe's sense of irony would make Cutebolds unstoppable when I suggested it. I should have known better.
    >> Anonymous 05/23/10(Sun)13:45 No.10005798
    dude no.

    the antarans are combat-able at the beginning.

    pro-tip: any immobilized antaran ship immediately self destructs
    >> OP 05/23/10(Sun)14:22 No.10006364
    Well, you're not going to win unless you min-max the fuck out of your ships (all missile frigates) early on, but it is entirely possible to take down one or two ships with enough effort. And since Antaran fleets rarely contain more than a handful of ships, this is usually enough to make them mostly annoying instead of game-breakingly awful.

    Later on, it's quite easy to just rely on the fact they usually send relatively small ships and tractor beam them. This should allow your ships to do some real damage. You can also build specific ships to counter Antaran attacks since they will always be equipped the same (no missiles, beams only, final destination).

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