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    37 KB Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)19:29 No.13510539  
    Sure is a lot of WH40K/Dark Heresy on /tg/ tonight. Got me jumping through a bunch of my campaign notes from a game we had late last year. So guess what? its Storytime, bitches!


    Sit right down acolytes, and I shall tell you a tale of a group of Inquisitorial Agents. Learn from their failures, draw courage from their successes. These are the Case Files of Castus Murphy. May the Emperor’s Light protect us all.

    Three met up on at a hospital built out of a giant statue of a Black Templar Space Marine on one of the upper middle hives of Scintilla.

    We are:
    Me: Castus Murphy, Arbitrator born on a War Ship. Tall, gangly, not strong but surprisingly tough and packing a starting ballistic skill of 43 and a pump action shotgun with a red dot & a bayonet.

    Roth: a 50 year old sanctioned psyker who started with 10 insanity points and is convinced part of his brain is hunting him down. He claims he was on a refugee ship from Dusk that got lost in the Warp for 40 years and re-emerged 6 days before it left the planet.

    Mar: A Feral world Moritat assassin with mono blades that can’t read and has the Nemesis superstition. He does, however, speak fluent Knives.

    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:31 No.13510572
    We enter the hospital and flash our data cards to the clerk. He tells us we need to see Dr. Veck in Department 57. We go down the hall, take a creepy freight elevator and end up in a creepy hallway. Go through a door into a sterile work room. On a table is a mutilated body in the middle of an autopsy. The man working on it introduces himself as Dr. Veck, Interrogator of the Ordo Hereticus and one of Inquisitor Varrick’s main employees. We are now acolytes in the Inquisition, unless of course we want to leave and disappear into a fine red mist.

    A second void born psyker enters the room (as an excuse for the player showing up late). Somebody apparently screwed up and sent him to Department 56.

    Veck gives a brief rundown of the situation. One of the local hiver informants, Saul Arbest, has gone silent for the last 2 weeks. He’s given valuable information in the past regarding the Koskalla district. Apparently some previous teams that went down to investigate never returned either. Varrick is apparently on Veck to find out what happened, but since he really can’t be bothered to do it, he’s delegating us to sniff it out.

    We are given some grenades, guns, hiver threads and other “reasonable requests” as well as IDs as Koblast Assay Bounty Hunters. I get a Vox Box since I’m the only one who has a backpack. Veck leads us into a dimly lit briefing room that is…creepy.

    There are a lot of shelves and on them, lots of jars with body parts inside. Murphy & Mar are just creeped out and sit down at the briefing desk, but Flair detects psychic resonances from the jars and Roth can hear screams coming from them. Both are shaken up.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:33 No.13510584
    Veck details our mission as going into Koskalla under the guise of bounty hunters looking for Saul’s killer. We’re given a contact, Saul’s sister Lily, and papers to get in and out of the hive. A couple locations to investigate are mentioned as well as this following tidbit:

    3 bodies have been recovered by previous =I= teams. Inside them, their spines have modified with bio-organic box thingies. Veck says it would be an added bonus to claim one of those strange boxes intact.

    Next begins Roth’s unpleasant trend of insanely good (emphasis on INSANE) psyniscience rolls. He spends the briefing staring at one of the creepy jars and sees a little girl come out of it, walk up to him and say “he’s a bad man” before being dragged back into the jar. He starts babbling to himself about the jars as we leave.

    An 8 hour elevator ride later we’re in Koskalla, which is a declining slum that is slowly on its way to being closed off Total Recall style so the government can hose out the streets and rebuild.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:36 No.13510620
    Koskalla has a Temple to the Emperor with doors that are curiously enough, closed. There’s an alms house with a line of people stretched around the block for their gruel. The Black Dog Tavern, which is a busy place for people who can afford flavor in their food. The Koskalla Hostel, which wasn’t mentioned in the briefing but looks decent enough for the neighborhood.

    We arrive at Lily’s hab tenement block. Flair senses something wrong and Murphy’s arbite training shows him signs of struggle in the lobby. It’s a crime scene and someone “done got fucked up,” and was dragged out.

    Crazy pants Roth notices malevolent residual psychic and Warp energy leading in and out of the building, along with some yellow fear energy being dragged out. He says as much and Murphy & Mar brush him off and mention jars to shut him up. Roth ends up bloodhounding the footsteps anyway to Apt 342 and we follow. The psychic footprints also lead up to Lily’s apartment at 647. Both doors have been kicked in.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:38 No.13510656
    A brief examination of the scenes show that the poor bastard dragged away was a guy named Karl. Lily’s clothes are gone and her piggy bank is emptied, so it looks like she skipped out before they came. Roth continues mumbling about the footprints and we continue to ignore him and knock on a few doors.

    One guy, an unemployed former manufactorum worker named Ned, answers the door. At first he’s hesitant to talk to some “bounty hunters” but after passing him 2 thrones, We find out that there are men who come in the night to take people away. Big men with bald heads, pale skin and obvious tech augments. It’s been happening for months now. Karl was a cleaner at the Hostel but hasn’t been to work today. Flair tells him that Karl’s been taken away, so there’s probably a job opening at the Hostel. Ned brightens up a little.

    Saul and Lily used to be welders at the factory. Ned assumes Saul was taken in the night. Rumor has it that Karl & Lily were boinking as well.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:41 No.13510696
    We head to the Hostel, where a gregarious fat man named Tev Meckler greets us cheerfully and we rent a room. He tells his wife, a woman with one mangled up arm to show us our room.

    Now here comes the part where we make a really stupid rookie (well, we ARE) mistake. Murphy notices a symmetrical crack in a wall and discovers it’s a hidden door. The wife comes back up offering us some stew and Murphy & Flair get completely sidetracked by her as we talk about Karl not showing up to work and the old woman trying to sell Murphy a “genuine bolter casing charm.” We completely forget to confront her about the door and Murphy & Mar eat the generously offered stew. Again, really, really stupid mistake.

    Guess what, the stew’s drugged. Welcome to 40k, bitches! Murphy & Mar take -20 to perception and fall asleep fast.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:44 No.13510730
    Fortunately, the psykers did not eat the stew and stay up playing cards and dice at a table, grumbling about us stupid blunts.

    Naturally, the secret door opens and three guys with shotguns enter without any of us noticing. They fire and thanks to our body armor, take no damage. Clearly signs of the Emperor’s favor.

    Murphy takes a turn to stand up and draw his shotgun. Roth points furiously at them and tries a psychic attack, failing miserably. He blames the jars.

    Murphy and Roth both get shot in the chest. Flair, cowering behind Roth, tries to heal him and fails. Mar gets up and readies his knives.

    “So you like shotguns, huh?” Murphy yells in rage at being shot. “I like shotguns too!”

    The shot makes a giant hole in one guy’s chest, knocking him back against the wall. A shower of blood erupts from the wound, killing him instantly. For scoring a critical on his first shot, Murphy earns a nickname, “30 Meters,” for spewing out short ranged death.

    One of the guys is Tev himself. After seeing Murphy splatter one of his goons, he flees and closes the door behind him. The last goon surrenders. Mar restrains him with a knife against his neck.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:46 No.13510757
    The goon is interrogated by 4 very cranky acolytes. Tev runs a racket where he murders travelers to the hive in his hostel and steals their money, but the guy knows nothing else. Since shooting a member of the Adeptus Arbites (and Inquisition) is highly illegal, Murphy nods to Mar, who slits the goon’s throat. Just to be sure, Mar cuts him open and checks his spine but finds no mechanical box thing (There’s a reason why Mar doesn’t talk to people). The goon has a pistol, a shitty shotgun, travel documents out of the hive, 2 thrones and an alms house food pass. We take everything except the shotgun.

    We tramp downstairs and find Tev’s wife and confront her about what just happened. She breaks down and explains the cycle of abuse her husband put her through and how she was forced to poison the stew. Still, she’s unarmed and her arm mutilation was thanks to that asshole Tev, AND she tells us where Tev’s secret office is, so we toss her 10 thrones and the goon’s travel documents and tell her to skip town. She tries to sell Murphy the charm again. He declines.

    Next comes the fun part.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:49 No.13510787
    After all of that, Flair decides its healing time for Murphy and he succeeds. He succeeds so fucking well that he’s rolling 9s all over the place and ends up summoning a daemon through the warp. Gets possessed, turns into a daemonhost and turns us and most of the district into a smoking crater.

    Fortunately, since the GM really couldn’t believe that this just fucking happened, and since he didn’t want us to pull out new character sheets, he told Flair to Burn a fate point to drive off the daemon and not kill everyone. He ends up getting a whopping 20 corruption points for his troubles.

    Roth’s psyniscience continues to hate him, and his vision is transported to the Warp. He sees a bright red light erupt from Flair’s head and draw a…thing toward it. Dark tendrils reach out but somehow the psyker is able to drive it off, but not before the daemon looks at Roth and says “See you next time.” The vision ends and Roth is a gibbering wreck, having gained 2 insanity points and for the next 15 hours is obsessed with scratching his skin to get the imaginary bugs out.

    But its not all bad. The heal roll succeeded and 30 Meter Murphy feels fine and dandy. He actually gives Flair a modicum of respect now since not only are they both void born, but Flair’s creepy witch-magic actually did something useful. Murphy strolls off toward Tev’s office whistling a merry tune.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:52 No.13510827
    At the office, Roth hisses “Don’t touch that door, it could be Christmas lights!” Shaking our heads and wondering what the hell a Christmas is, we examine the door and find a tripwire for a grenade trap. Mar cuts the wire. “One goes out, they all go out,” says Roth as we enter.

    We proceed to loot the office. There’s a hand cannon, 235 thrones, 3 false travel documents, a map of the district, an address book with names written in according to the Imperial Guard threat rating. Lily & her brother’s names are red, as are Ordus Skane of the Black Dog Tavern, Old Markel at the Temple and “The Surgeon” at the alms house. Murphy also confiscates 3 bags of highly illegal obscura, resolving to shove at least one of them down Tev’s throat the next time they meet.

    Murphy rolls a bad inquiry because he’s a cop trying to pose as a bounty hunter. Flair rolls a good inquiry and finds out Lily was recently seen at the temple. Markel apparently used to be a good priest but rumor is he got into the obscura. Ordus Skane is the local crime boss and Tev works for him. He’s probably not going to be happy about what happened at the hostel. The alms house recently got an influx of food and after a 3 throne bribe, we find out the Surgeon is a she who’s somehow connected to the men who come in the night. 2 more thrones to find out Skane or Markel would know more about her. For his usefulness, Murphy unofficially deputizes Flair as his second in command.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)19:55 No.13510884
    We get to the temple, front door’s locked, we go around back and knock. Old Markel was expecting us and we’re led in. He’s a sanctioned psyker and shows them to Murphy. Roth gets a good vibe from the guy and mutters with relief “He’s a good man.”

    Lily is indeed hiding out at the temple. We ask her about the previous teams, she says they blew her cover, demanding to see her in the name of the Inquisition publicly. Saul was indeed hauled off by the men in the dark. He and Lily had been working with Markel to get the manufactorum back in business.

    The dark men bear possible adeptus mechanicus traits and tend to drag away former factory and assembly workers. They are also apparently tough to take down. Lily gives us 2 new names to look into, Jade and Kyle, as other former manufactorum workers.

    Despite our and the dice’s best efforts, we manage to achieve our first objective without anyone dying, effectively leveling up. We spend the night in the temple and Markel heals up Roth’s wounds. Crazypants has a dream about Imperial Tarot cards falling.

    And that’s where the first session ended.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)19:58 No.13510925
         File1294966724.jpg-(28 KB, 600x601, Reaction This Makes Me So Happ(...).jpg)
    28 KB
    You go, OP!
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:04 No.13510991
    The Case Files of Castus “30 Meter” Murphy
    PART 2: “Cuz I’m Just A Teenage Psyker, Baby”

    (I don't have the notes from this session so things are a little foggy)

    The next morning, we consult with Lily some more about our options. We examine the address book we took from Tev’s office and note that the factory workers have a different type of entry than others. We also learn that the factory workers have been disappearing alphabetically. The next two names on the list are for a man (Kyle) and woman (Jade). Mar is nowhere to be found (not there for the session).

    We head to the hab complex and begin some inquiries. Roth & Flair pick up a lot of psychic energy coming from a room and we investigate. Knock on the door. It opens slightly. A young teenage face peeks out and says “Whatta ya want?”

    “We’re looking for Jade’s apartment,” Murphy says.

    “You a cop?”

    “Uhhh…” Murphy says and the door slams.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:06 No.13511019
    Flair knocks on the door and says “It’s okay. We just want to talk to you.”

    The door cracks open again. Flair & Roth give the kid big, fake smiles. “We’re just like you kid. We know what your abilities are. Let us help you.”

    The kid opens the door. His name is Sprocket. He’s a teenager who is recently orphaned. We ask him if the big black-clothed men did it. No, Sprocket did it. It was an accident. He just got a little…angry and before he knew it, his folks were decorating the walls. Which explains the smell coming from the apartment. Murph confers with the 2 psykers. He’s too dangerous to leave on his own. He’s also a local and knows the apartment and can help us get to Jade’s apartment. He’s also seen the dark men come in the night and they freaked him out. They’ve raided this building before. We agree to take this unsanctioned psyker with us and hand him over to the proper authorities at the proper time.

    “Nothing’s going to happen to you, Sprocket,” we lie. He agrees to help us. We find Jade’s apartment and find it locked and no one answers when we knock. “Anybody got a way to unlock this door--” Murphy starts

    “Sure, I can do that,” Sprocket says helpfully and busts the lock with his mind. It is barely on its hinges.

    “…Discreetly,” Murphy finishes. We enter the room and examine it. No signs of struggle or forced entry (Well, aside from what we just did). Jade’s stuff is still there too. Murphy finds a sawed-off shotgun and confiscates it, tucking it into his belt like a pistol. As we investigate, we hear a gasp from the doorway.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:08 No.13511051
    “You must be Jade [redacted],” Murphy says. “We’re friends of Lily Arbest.”

    “Really well armed friends,” Jade manages.

    “I’m going to cut to the chase. We’re agents of the Holy Inquisition. He have reason to believe your apartment is going to be targeted tonight for a raid. Instead of finding you here, they will find us ready and waiting.”

    “What happens to me?” Jade asks.

    “You’ll be in the temple with Father Markel.” Flair says. “Also, sorry about the door.”

    We get the building super to fix the door and meet back up with Lily. She is not exactly thrilled about Sprocket and he is left in Markel’s care. Jade is also safely away at the temple. Lily comes with Murphy, Roth & Flair back to the apartment to plant our trap.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:09 No.13511069
    We set up in the apartment and wait. Before long big, heavy footsteps approach and for the second time that day the door to Jade’s apartment is busted open, this time completely off the hinges. Two black-clothed giants of men enter the apartment and everybody rolls for fear. Flair fails horribly and is reduced to a gibbering wreck.

    Lily opens fire with a Lasrifle, hurting one of the monsters. Murphy unloads on the two with his shotgun “Jezebel.” (He carved the name into the stock the night before). Jezebel does her job and strikes true, hitting the nearest…thing with several shifts of success and some serious pain. The monster goes down but is surprisingly not dead. Murphy blinks in surprise. (His shots also hit the second monster but did nothing).

    Roth, himself a little panicked, snaps off at the thing on the ground and misses. Flair whimpers and fires harmlessly into the walls.

    The remaining monster charges Murphy with a gigantic fist and instead of punching a hole through the Arbitrator’s head, embeds its fist in the wall behind him. Lily pumps a few more shots into the creature and Roth fires into the downed monster, finally killing it. Murphy grabs the sawed-off from his belt and aims at his attacker’s head. He misses horribly. “Motherfucker!”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:11 No.13511095
    Flair sees the doorway clear and makes a beeline for it. We can hear him screaming in terror as he runs down the stairs and out of the building. The remaining monster extracts its fist and swings at Murphy again, connecting this time. Murphy reels in pain. Roth pulls his axe and charges the monster with a shrill cry. He promptly embeds it in the wall. Murphy retaliates and discovers he has terrible melee skill, missing with his knife completely. Lily hits the creature again, downing it in a burst of lasgun fire. Out in the street, Flair regains his composure and returns to the apartment just in time to heal Murphy of his wounds.

    The creatures down, we inform Lily that the Interrogator has asked for one of the little boxes that we’re positive are grafted onto the spines of these creatures. Through some messy field dressing, we extract two of those weird boxes and Roth’s psyniscience makes it perfectly clear that these things are very bad. We return to the temple and vox back up to Interrogator Veck who promises some reinforcements to help take out what is quickly becoming a clear case of tech heresy.

    The session ends.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)20:13 No.13511129
    loving the story so far mate
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:27 No.13511244
    working through the notes and trying to convert them into a readable form. Might take a while
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)20:28 No.13511247
    I like it...
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)20:29 No.13511262
    So long as there's more, we'll wait.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:32 No.13511294
    PART 3
    The next day, Mar the assassin comes back carrying the head of Tev. “I don’t like loose ends,” is all he says.

    We get confirmation that Veck himself will be coming down with a force of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. He’s also sending down another agent, a mercenary (new player) named Fred “The Fridge” Kowalski.

    We assume the local cops are on the take from the Surgeon and aren’t to be trusted. We head out of the temple in the morning for some recon before the merc arrives. Unusually, the district is not very busy today. The tram station is closed. A few local officers are guarding the station, guns clearly on display. They look ready for a fight.

    Flair swaggers up to them and strikes up a conversation. He finds out the station was shut down on orders. Murphy voxes up to Veck with the sitrep and hears gunfire on the other end. Veck informs him (in a VERY agitated tone) that he is fully aware that the tram is down. He and the Stormtroopers will be delayed. Turns out the entire Koskalla district has been shut down by bombs planted at the entrances and exits. HOWEVER, Kowalski made it through and Veck tells us to rendezvous at the Temple. Veck also asks to talk to Lily. The two have a quiet conversation.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:36 No.13511345
    At the Temple we finally meet Fred “The Fridge” Kowalski, a feral world scum who is really damn big. He was hired by Veck to help cleanse the Almshouse. He took an entrance only known to scum to get into the district. Lily goes into the basement and we hear 2 cracks of a las pistol. We wonder figure she capped the teenage psyker for the whole “murder” thing, but no. Lily comes back up wearing guard armor followed by Sprocket. Turns out Old Markel wasn’t too keen about turning the kid over to the Black Ships. Poor bastard. The plan is to stealth into the Almshouse and discreetly kill the Surgeon.

    We arrive at the almshouse and decide to case the joint to get our bearings. Mar, Flair & The Fridge go inside. Murphy and Roth are to take a look around back. The inside group sees a cafeteria for the poor of the district, filled with the dregs of society milling around. There is a servitor doling out slop with a dead-voiced “Healthy and delicious food for the Emperor’s chosen people. Good day.” There is a door that leads to back to the kitchen area. Faded pictures of the district during the “golden days” of the area. Those days were a long, long time ago.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:41 No.13511392
    The porridge is a thick, stew-like substance with chunks of meat & vegetables. There are 2 guards stationed in the cafeteria area. No idea how many other inside. The general crowd conversation seems to be asking “what’s up with the trams?”

    Outside, Murphy & Roth see a backdoor. Roth sees psychic footsteps leading in and out of the door. Psyniscience shows him a 3 story tall building with a generally ominous light coming from the top of the building and downwards is a swirling vortex/abyss with dozens to hundreds of little lights.

    “Yeah, this is the place,” Roth whispers.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)20:44 No.13511412
    >>Lily comes back up wearing guard armor followed by Sprocket. Turns out Old Markel wasn’t too keen about turning the kid over to the Black Ships. Poor bastard.

    Wait, how, wtf ?
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:49 No.13511478
    Right, sorry. The priest was friendly to psykers and not too keen about handing the kid over. I hate not having the notes that explained it. At either rate, he didn't agree with Lily about something and ate flashlight.

    Sucks not having the notes for that session.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:51 No.13511493
    Inside, Flair also scans psyniscience. He sees the same thing as Roth, but also negative auras around the guards. Most alarmingly, he sees that the stew is alive. He slaps a bowl out of the servitor’s hand across the room and screams “IT’S PEOPLE!!!”

    Fred sighs and throws a bowl of stew into a guard’s face and quick draws his hand canon and shoots at the other guard, missing. Mar draws his swords and jumps onto a chair, weapon in each hand. Flair fails to distort vision, then succeeds at Spasm on a guard. Guard shoots Fridge with autogun, then drops weapon and falls over gibbering. Fred is thinking the stew is what knocked the guy down. The various citizens are confused and panicking, trying to get out of there. Guard 2 shoots at Mar and misses.

    Hearing the shitshow inside, Murphy & Roth get to the doorway. “What the fuck you guys!?”

    Fred shouts “Shoot me, ya sonofabitch!” to the spasmed guard on the ground. The guard’s head bursts Gallagher-style.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)20:51 No.13511494
         File1294969890.jpg-(53 KB, 425x282, Reaction Oh No!.jpg)
    53 KB
    Right, right. That explains. Carry on, please, good sir!
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:54 No.13511526
    Roth draws his gun & does nothing. Mar attacks a guard with his monoblades, injuring him nicely. Murphy draws his sawed-off and charges. The sawed-off james. “PIECE OF SHIT!” he screams.

    Flair spasms the remaining guard, who twitches and hits Mar with some bullets before dropping. Mar gives Flair a dirty look. More guards start to show up in the kitchen door. We decide that its lower case t, time to leave and we run like bitches.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)20:59 No.13511562
    Fred leads the group down some alleys to a secret hidey hole, slams the door and demands “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

    Flair heals Mar which also surprises Fred. “Alright, what the fuck are you guys!?”

    Roth succeeds at fellowship to talk to him. Flair also heals Fred. Flair also reminds Murphy of the map of the district and we start to look at it, trying to find a safe way to get back to the temple without a bunch of cultist guards filling us with death.

    Lily opens the door to the hidey hole with “What the FUCK about recon don’t you understand!?”

    In his defense, Flair tries to explain about the food being alive and heretical.

    “Emperor protect us,” Lily says. “They’re building an army. They’ve been prepping the entire district to turn into those things.”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:03 No.13511598
    We decide to lay low until nightfall and make a new attack on the Almshouse. Lily leads us to the roof of a neighboring building. Using an improvised grappling hook gun, she fires a line across to the building. Murphy throws a krak grenade he’d been saving for just such a moment and blows a giant-ass hole in the wall. Lily & Fred zip across expertly. Murphy, Mar & Flair go awkwardly but manage alright. Roth slams into the wall before he can crawl into the building.

    Inside we see the Surgeon and a Fallen Cleric holding a chainsword.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:08 No.13511627
    Roll fear. Flair rolls a 93. He’s frozen by terror and gains an insanity point. Mar is slightly scared. Murphy & Fred are at -10 on all tests until they can snap out of it. Roth’s paranoia makes him oddly fine (he’s seen WAYYYY worse already in the last two days). Lily, being a DMPC is fine.

    Lily draws a sword and charges the cleric. “Die Heretic!” she screams and slices him along the guts.

    Fred fails to snap out of his fear and shoots at the Surgeon. He manages to hit her and do a little damage.

    The Surgeon (who is a hulking mechanical monstrosity that was once a tech-priestess) looks like she’s trying to leave. Mar gives chase and engages “her” with monoblades.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:12 No.13511662
    Flair snaps out of his fear and looks around the room. He sees and shoots a glass container pumping fluid into 3 of the cyborg-demon-man-babies that look exactly like the ones we fought earlier. Good job Flair.

    Roth sees some serious shit as a result. He sees the little girl again who asks “break my jar too.” He gains 1 insanity point. The little girl is also playing in the demonic fluid.

    Roth distorts vision and there’s a strange, eldritch breeze that blows through the room. Fred fails to break fear. Screaming in fear, he aims at the Surgeon’s head and somehow manages to hit it in the face. HARD.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:18 No.13511723
    Murphy unslings Jezebel and moves into range and shoots the Cleric. He also hits Lily, but her armor shrugs it off. Chaos sigils absorbs some of the shots from the shotgun. Murphy curses.

    The Surgeon fails to hit Mar with a melee tentacle arm and a ranged tentacle arm. Mar also fails to hit back. Flair charges the cleric with his axe, driving it into his chest but the sigils absorb some more damage. Roth misses with whatever he was doing.

    Fred, still afraid, manages to hit the Surgeon in the head AGAIN. The bullet goes through her head but she’s still standing. In the chaos of the fight, he starts referring to his hand cannon as “The Meatalator.”

    The Cleric tries to run away and succeeds, allowing Lily to try for a free hit, but she misses. Flair gets an attack and hits, slowing the bastard down a bit but the Cleric falls through a warp portal and it closes behind him.

    Lily charges the Surgeon and furiously assaults the boss, hitting with 2 attacks.

    Murphy, with not a whole lot to do considering Jezebel’s spread, decides to cap the lying cyborg-demon-man-baby abominations. You know, to make sure.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:23 No.13511791
    The Surgeon hits Lily & Mar dodges. Mar finally hits with his blades. Flair fails to heal Lily. Fred aims at the head and the Meatalator strikes true, pulverizing the Surgeon’s brain.

    As she dies, there is a wailing scream from beneath the building and suddenly the psykers roll psyniscience. Roth rolls well (as usual). The little girl grabs his hand and says “Look, they’re going home.” The little pricks of light all become red, screaming demonic faces that rise up in a tornado around the entire room, screaming and shifting and then they were gone. Roth notices a demon observing from the cleric’s altar that winks at him then disappears.

    The vox goes off with Veck announcing that his team made it through and they’re on their way. We look out the hole in the wall to see a regiment of Inquisitorial Stormies with Interrogator Veck (in full armor) marching down the street. Veck busts open the front door for the Stormies, then floats up to the hole and says “good work.”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:33 No.13511897
         File1294972407.jpg-(43 KB, 700x489, tombstalker.jpg)
    43 KB
    Fred taps the Surgeon’s body with his boot and holds up five fingers to Veck. “I want five times my rate,” is all he says.

    “Who are you?” Veck asks him.

    “I’m da Fridge.”

    Lily salutes to Veck. Flair sees them have a little tender moment.

    The acolyte team is rounded up, disarmed and taken back to Veck’s hospital/office. We spend the next two weeks getting tested and checked to make sure we’re not outside of acceptable levels of heretical exposure.

    We’re finally brought back to Veck’s office room (the one with the jars). Roth is clearly agitated.

    “You did excellent work,” Veck says. “You are being transferred up to the Gorgon to meet Inquisitor Globus Varrik.” Promotions. Cool.

    Kowalski, since he’s a hired gun (and a player who lives out of town) is offered a job as one of Veck’s personal agents. He is also rewarded with a second hand cannon.

    As we leave, Veck tells Roth “Its best to ignore the girl.” Apparently she was a witch that Veck killed and still haunts him.

    We all survived with our limbs intact and made it to rank 3.

    Case Closed.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)21:35 No.13511915
    Sounds like one hell of a time, 30. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Did you know that your GM was running a premade mission? Albeit it's a very good one and, in this case, substantially modified. He's a smart man for noting that you had two psykers and sticking a whole lot of warp-related stuff in in order to torment them/make them more useful. Give the man my compliments.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)21:37 No.13511940
         File1294972638.jpg-(185 KB, 736x473, 1272324293165.jpg)
    185 KB
    Great story, OP. Interesting nicknames, too.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:39 No.13511962
    I get the feeling he was working with a premade adventure, but yeah, HEAVILY modified to fit 2 mentally unhinged psykers. We definitely had a good time with it.

    I've got more notes from later sessions, but damn its a lot of effort converting them to STORYTIEM mode, so I'll save them for another day
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)21:43 No.13512014
    Go check out Edge of Darkness on the FFG website if you think your GM won't mind. It'll be damn interesting to see how much he changed. It's great stuff as is, but a few changes your GM made make really good sense. Saul and Lily being informants help hook things in from the start rather than the Interrogator being all "someone found this body on the tram tracks. Check out that xeno-esq organ stuck in him. Find out what that's all about."
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 01/13/11(Thu)21:49 No.13512069
    Ah, very cool. Makes sense too, since our GM played a lot of Dark Heresy but this was the first time GM'ing it.

    Also, thread's been archived on suptg since there will be more on the way
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)22:02 No.13512231
    OP, this made for good reading, thank you for sharing
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)00:56 No.13514163
    We played the same adventure. Same characters, same names etc. Managed to fuck it up earlier.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)01:52 No.13514754
    OP here, just checked up on things and looks like the GM also ran a modified "Purge the Unclean" module for us. Flipping through it right now and comparing it to what we did. There's BIG differences in how we did it.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)04:35 No.13515890
    Tell us more? Purge the Unclean is a bit sketchy in terms of quality, so I'd be interested to hear how he changed it.

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