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  • File : 1295162281.jpg-(30 KB, 284x398, Bogart Image [1].jpg)
    30 KB Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)02:18 No.13538330  
    Whats the scene chief?

    4 reports. Each has their mark. May as well go chronologically.

    "6 dead, 4 injured- 2 severely, on life support, with grim outlook-, 2 missing. Cause of death appears to be massive blunt force trauma to body and neck.

    The crime scene matches the profile killings of one Geoff Bogart, aka korn, aka khorne, aka the blood god, aka the blood-letter. Geoff has been a serial mass murder of high profile for the last 6 months. Standing 7'2, 320 pounds, has case profile is as follows:
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)02:26 No.13538416
         File1295162776.jpg-(706 KB, 1200x1600, big gut.jpg)
    706 KB
    June 6, 2011: Police were called to investigate an apparent mass homicide at the bogart farm. Investigators found 8 bodies, belonging to the members of the bogart family. Skulls were removed, cleaned, and arranged on the floor of the master bedroom. The bodies were found heaped into a pile in the living room.

    first witness to the scene was the bogarts neighbor, living at an adjacent farm to the west. The eldest son Geoff was missing from the carnage. Geoff's room was spartan, and cleared of items. investigation of the trash revealed a set of disturbing pictures and writing. Dozens of pictures of Geoff's face were present, with photo-modification to appear as a skull. As well, the remnants of several articles of furniture were present, modified and decorated with the skull fragments of wildlife.

    June 27, 2011: police were called to investigate a homicide at the cities center. A transient had been bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument, skull removed.

    Eye witness reports from other transients nearby mentioned that the victim had found a large football helmet in the trash, and that he had been wearing it in jest, and telling people to tackle him. A large man later identified as Geoff Bogart then rushed him from down the alley, and bludgeoned him to death with an aluminum bat.
    The onlookers fled, but witnessed Geoff remove the helmet from the corpse.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)02:41 No.13538600
    June 28th, 2011: A man later identified as Geoff was caught in the act of another mass homicide, 4 were found dead at an underground parking complex on martin st., from the scene of which Geoff had been seen moving to a nearby factory.

    6 policemen in 3 cruisers surrounded the buildings exit and swat teams were called in. What followed was perhaps the most costly expenditure in the forces history.

    Of the 5 swat members which went in, one survived. The survivor recounts several times that the man was gigantic in stature, but moved like a cat. The swat members moved into position with small arms to attempt to make him lay down his weapon and surrender. Geoff made no attempt to respond to the swat members orders, and was struck with a tazer dart when he made no movements.

    The witness when remarks that the man closed the gap of 10 feet in the blink of an eye, and struck two swat members in the head, at which point the other three members opened fire with their handguns. The witness had no further recollection from that point.

    Armor was stripped from two bodies, as well as their ordinance. Geoff then escaped through roof access to an adjacent building.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)02:52 No.13538730
    October 28th, 2011: the date marks the beginning of a week long killing spree of 23 unrelated individuals. Each appears to have enacted their homicides with blunt or bladed hand-held weapons. 11 were captured, 6 more were identified but as of yet have evaded capture, 6 more remain at large.

    Those detained claimed their murders were an initiation into a new gang, apparently headed by one Geoff Bogart. The suspects had approached Geoff on hearing of his exploits, and had given them a time limit of one week with which to claim 8 lives, with the addendum that they must return the heads to Geoff.

    When asked what the reason was for the harvesting of skulls the suspects replied that Geoff was, "Making a chair." "
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:12 No.13538913
         File1295165561.jpg-(20 KB, 250x313, 250px-FatGuy.jpg)
    20 KB
    The second report is worse Jeff, over 2 dozen on this one.

    "28 found dead at metro subway. Cause of death: sudden and aggressive onset of the advanced stages of plague. Disease control found traces of a foreign form of the black plague, which does not exist naturally. This modified form apparently kills too fast to be contagious, and kills the host before symptoms occur to help spread the disease.

    The mass homicide matches the profile of one 'Big' Ed Delarounge, aka Papa, aka Papa nurgle, aka grandpapa Nurgle, aka Nurgle. Mr. Delarounge was a virologist at the university of New Orleans, before investigations found that he had been stealing and ordering diagnostic equipment for his own purposes.

    When Dr. Delarouge was disgraced and expelled from the university his first act was to encode a list of the reasons he was angry at the university into a variant of the herpes virus, and then infected the faculty with this virus. A written statement from him afterwards claimed that his displeasure could only be properly expressed through the herpes virus, since it has the ability to embed its DNA into the DNA of those it infects and therefore could impress upon those who wronged him their crimes.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:19 No.13538953
         File1295165954.jpg-(184 KB, 536x647, Reaction Face 1.jpg)
    184 KB
    This thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:24 No.13538988
    Delarouge all but disappeared before moving to this city.

    however on October 2, 2011 he resurfaced, infecting the population of a crowded street of the east city projects with some form of designer virus. Those afflicted show the formation of boils and weeping sores. Several members of the population reported to the police a leaflet, which promised a drug to suppress the disease, and allow the affected to live on without fear of death. Those wishing for a cure were told to meet at an abandoned block, where several unidentified men passed out pill bottles, and asked the diseased to sign their names.

    Police broke up this gathering, to much protest from the population which hadn't received the suppressant. The weeks that followed were plagued with calls from citizens, claiming that men had contacted them at their houses, promising to supply suppressing drugs if they engaged in minor, preplanned crimes. As the virus is new to medical science, no existing cure or aid was helpful to those refusing the offer, and so they fell infirm and remain hospitalized. To date 36 people have died from this foreign illness."
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:30 No.13539028

    Pray continue, anon.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:40 No.13539104
         File1295167237.jpg-(57 KB, 446x446, lady-gaga.jpg)
    57 KB
    This one is just fucked.

    "12 cases of aggravated assault. 2 unrelated groups of 6 people approached 2 different men, seeking drugs. These two groups were brought to a vacant warehouse in the east side, where they were presented with tabs of paper, which the groups believed was acid. They were encouraged to consume it immediately, as it took a long time to kick in.

    10 of the victims did so, and were immediately knocked into a stupor. The 2 who refused were then seized by the dealers, and force fed several tabs. The 12 then reported that in their dazed haze they witnessed an angelic figure walk into the room. The figure was pale, and went to each in their stupor, kissing them on the head, and then left abruptly.

    The victims were then gagged. Shivering, convulsing, and paralyzed from drugging they were then tattooed and pierced against their will. Then left on the floor.

    several of the piercings are rendered various sense organs useless, and as of one week from the drugging the victims report a lingering mental delirium and a sense of loss.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)03:55 No.13539219
    This matches the incident reports from 2 previous cases, of which one arrest was made. A homosexual man by the name of damon was found toting several strips of stupor. The man was apparently mentally distraught, and nervously laughed near constantly through the questioning.

    Little information was gathered about the source of drugs, besides the creator. One Beatrix Coul, aka Ben cool, aka prince of pleasure, aka slaanesh, aka she who is never to be named. Search into the past history of Beatrix Coul reveals that she was the daughter of pharmaceutical drug designer Braman Coul, and suffers from gender identity disorder. She began referring to herself as Ben in high school, and played up her androgyny to create a fan-base for her band, which was named the Cools.

    The Cools were a popular band in the city's bars and clubs, but seemingly broke up after the death of Beatrix's father, where he left the majority of his drug company to his daughter, who sold it and reportedly moved to Asia, where she experimented with, and was arrested for, drug dealing.

    Beatrix returned, and on October 14th, 2011 publicly re-announced the formation of her band, the first performance of which was the sole cause for a riot which caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage, and left 6 men paralyzed from the waist down. "
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)04:11 No.13539360
    The most recent one is for today, I've read it over, and I'm a little scared about what it implies. I'll have to give you some background from my own investigations for it to make sense.

    let me get the file...

    "The FBI gave me local jurisdiction over the case of a nation-wide hacking incident of the tabbing system of the banking chain [redacted].

    The bank machines apparently began dispensing 5 times the amount asked for, without a hit to the owners bank account. Once people realized they were getting money for free they quickly began milking the money machines. The banks realized 2 hours into the day when a customer told them about the malfunction, and to their horror over 26 banks had been having similar problems, and lost a gross total of 500 thousand dollars. The banks were shut down and a full investigation was launched.

    The next week the same thing occurred, despite the banks work to fix their banking code and to increase security, and the bank quickly closed for the day. Each attempt to fix the situation was quickly scattered and the automated systems would begin pumping money. Eventually the banks decided to shut their automated money vendors down, in order to open for the day and do business.

    Once the vendors were taken off line the banks computer network shut out the tellers and began displaying a static picture of what appeared to be the head of some kind of crane, or stork. Tellers were locked out of customer accounts, and the whole banking chain was flying blind nationwide.

    The bank was forced to close and repair its network, attempting to find the vulnerability of the system where the hacker got it. But no such exploit was found, and the conclusion was that the hacker had somehow guessed the correct password to gain entry, and had worked from there.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)04:26 No.13539469
         File1295169969.jpg-(66 KB, 233x350, biiiiirds.jpg)
    66 KB
    "My own investigations online had a half dozen would-be hackers point me to a youtube video, wherein a bored looking Asian young man, in his mid 20's, was sitting in what looked like a college coffee shop, with a line of women and men in front of him. The video was 9 minutes of this line of people standing in front of the young man and giving their names. at which point the man would probe social network sites and the web furiously, and almost on cue, at around 90 seconds into the research for each person he would look up at them and give a random word and number, and show them that he had got on their social networking page, to which the spectators would stare agape.

    The man was identified as a Korean-american student named Tan Gong Siu. Who had made himself an online cabal of like-minded individuals."

    Jeff, I think that this is the guy. Everything of his on his web page is styled with herons and birds and crap. His motives and ability seem to be in line with the hacker who attacked the banks.

    And he's disappeared since that day. But It's today's report which really terrifies me though.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)04:37 No.13539533
    This thread needs bumping
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)04:48 No.13539590
    "Three acts of information terrorism. All with the same heron mark lockup screen.

    The first attack was on the tracking and logistics center of a nearby military installation. The heron mark locked them out of their systems for 3 hours, paralyzing communications and reporting. Afterwards it was revealed that a shipment of experimental weapons and armor was attacked during the lockout, and a specific package was stolen from the truck: One suit of experimental powered armor, and one set of carbon-nanotuble reinforced combat armor. Subsequent investigations revealed that the suits manufacturing designs and specifications had been tampered with months prior, and the resulting suit was too large for most of it's intended users, with odd schematic changes to it's power source. Investigators believe this to be the work of one 'Tzeentch', who had let his signature on the modified schema.

    The second case was the Coul pharmaceutical company, which saw a shut down of it's main network and a locking out of users by the heron marked page. The company was allowed back in after 5 hours, and everything appeared fine, however days later researchers made the discovery that each of the drug recipes had been modified to add a small amount of a composite drug which had been added to storage months before. And shipments of these modified drugs hit the streets as the cools reformed their band. Recalls were made, but as if planned many of the modified drugs were purchased in large amounts before the recall could take effect. The Modified drugs induced a mild high and caused rash decision making.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)04:55 No.13539624
    The third attack was by far the most terrifying. A complete power lock-down of an underground level 5 biohazard facility caused employees to be locked out and in for 4 hours. during this time it has been reconstructed by eye-witnesses in adjacent locked rooms that a man wearing a plague doctor mask walked into the facility. Security doors prevented anybody from stopping him, and power returned to whatever room he entered. The man took 5 minutes to walk in, grab 2 vials of what would be later identified as Ebola and small pox, and walked out."

    I'm not an idiot Jeff. What do you think this guy has planned for a set of invulnerable armor built for a giant, A bunch of rare diseases, and shit-ton of drugs flooding the streets?

    My god Detective Creed. The streets will be chaos... We need to evacuate the city before Tan Gong can deliver!

    Don't have time for things like that. Suit up Jeff. Tonights gonna be wild.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)05:00 No.13539645
    This is going to be the opening story I'm going to read out to my players for a mutants and masterminds game.

    The end result will be the city descending further and further into chaos as the 4 villians spread their influence, eventually causing martial law to step in.

    What do you think guys, would you play this game as a gritty hero working with creed on the investigation? appealing enough for non-gamers?
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)05:01 No.13539652
    CREEEEEED !!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)05:11 No.13539703

    It's pretty solid anon.

    I want to be in a group like this :{
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)05:13 No.13539711
    Fuck, it just now occurred to me I should have called Jeff Jarran instead.

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