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  • File : 1299372765.png-(38 KB, 1270x648, SkirmishGeneral.png)
    38 KB ZeroSpace General [aka SkirmishQuest] OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/05/11(Sat)19:52 No.14141001  
    I can't think of a good premise for this gen thread nor a good image for it. And then I realized.

    This is a gen thread.....

    Skirmish Quest, Kids.

    Mission Updates will be posted in due time.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)20:10 No.14141212
    Heheheheh, I know who's depicted in that picture, OC.

    Still requesting a tactical map of the situation on Titan, so we can make adequate plans for the liberation of Titan.

    Something similar to the October Island map you made for ZQ.
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/05/11(Sat)20:22 No.14141342
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)20:24 No.14141364
    Hey commandbro, your drawing style is... Umm.. Raping my eyes.
    Just sayin
    >> [bM]SPC. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 03/05/11(Sat)20:46 No.14141603
         File1299375996.png-(358 KB, 800x1000, SKIRMISHCOVER5WEB.png)
    358 KB

    hurrr sorry. that's my fucking napkin sketches.

    normally a cover would look like this.
    >> [bM]SPC. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 03/05/11(Sat)20:47 No.14141615
         File1299376054.png-(51 KB, 375x375, BlackBox3.png)
    51 KB

    but today you're gonna be dealing with this for the rest of your days.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)21:00 No.14141728
    Right, so as it stands:

    Found's horde has taken care of the situation at Able. If you're here, I would like a report on the battle and our gains/losses, if you can quantify them.

    After splitting up, our forces are somewhat scattered. We need to fix that or have whoever is trying to organize this invasion to consolidate our forces and footholds.

    We've managed to rescue most of the Femto troopers, a predominantly spec ops unit.

    Don't know what went down at Ecto and Delta. From what I've been told, Ecto is something that needs to be dealt with if possible - or whatever resulted from us not dealing with it to begin with, and Delta Air is fighting something big and bad.

    So before you guys all go clamoring for the most "interesting" mission, I suppose it may be necessary to remind you all that we're at the head of an invasion, and need to pick our missions to achieve goals that will get us closer to victory.

    That being said, what we need to do now, in addition to the aforementioned goals, is to expand our planetary foothold so that we are in a better position to make pushes against the entrenched enemy forces. I would like to move on Ecto and capture whatever facilities are at that site - or barring that, deny our enemy that advantage. If we do move there, it's going to be a big fight - if we had gone earlier, it may have been easier, but chances are, whatever monstrosity they've cooked up over there has gotten stronger or more numerous.

    For NCA's, we need things along the lines of scouting missions, establishing defensive positions and areas where we or allied forces can make pushes from, strengthening of our original base so that all other forces have a relatively safe LZ to deploy from, and anything that can give us an edge over what we're facing - be it comms towers, information networks, transcriptors at strategic locations, etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)21:24 No.14142001
    >Delta Air is fighting something big and bad
    So let's recap:
    >Debrief Femto
    >Somehow consolidate a beachhead that can be attacked from below by burrowing creatures and above by whatever's scaring the shit out of Delta
    I'm thinking air superiority first, flying fortresses second, pilots flying high-altitude recon missions third, and a bunch of ground-pounders (literally) doing seismic scans to find out how vulnerable their tunnels are.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)21:32 No.14142106

    Not sure who you are, but that's a good plan of action. Air superiority is a must - we've gotten the first step by taking out the guns at Charlie. Now we just need to wrestle it from whoever has it.

    Not sure about the flying fortresses part - not sure we even have those kind of things. We do have cruisers, though, so that may suffice.

    All recon is good recon, especially if the thing doing the recon isn't at high risk of being shot at.

    Seismic scans is also good. A possible defense against tunneling is to have groups of xenoforms shadow our surface movements underground. It would be like air cover, but underground.

    However, that would mean we would be creating multiple paths into/out of our base of operations. While creating a network of tunnels beneath our base where we can deploy troops and bugs can act as a good defense against tunneling units (as they would have to fight our underground defenses first as opposed to popping up right into our base), having the bugs shadow our forces underground would create additional areas that we need to defend...

    If we try to make highway-like stretches that our forces always use, instead of creating new tunnels each time, we still have the same problem, only that our enemy knows where we move instead.

    Damnit, if only we had the Kruss here. They would know how to get around this problem.
    >> Commander Keen !w68jcmPgR6 03/05/11(Sat)22:08 No.14142480
         File1299380882.png-(1.07 MB, 1000x1000, TitanINVASION.png)
    1.07 MB
    The Situation Map.
    Yellow is neutral territoary said to be obtainabe assets left behind by human forces.

    Red is full of fuck.

    And Green is about as close to a considerable force as it gets. They are pretty much scattered around doesn't bode well for the forces the enemy represents. And this doesn't even cover the forces we don't know about.

    I'll say it briefly gentlemen, the suspected advantages we inteded to get when inserting into Titan have yet to turn up.

    We Are Losing.

    The Enemy is now mounting an aerial counter offensive, Ecto's attempts at sabotage can only hold out against an industrious hive of xenoforms, and Delta is barely holding on against the Makarians' airforces. We may have a land presence but it has yet to connect a severe punch against the enemy.

    What The Fuck Have you All Been Doing.

    If we dont fortify this planet soon, a Counter fleet will be fast on us at any moment, and the fact that we are hearing about Makarian fleets disappearing from battle in other corners of the verse can only mean that the Exalted are serious about this candy stand.

    Delta is reporting a major skirmish against a Makarian Aerial Fortress.
    Ecto is reporting a giant xenoform presence heading towards your position. If our land presence is disturbed, Reincforcements will be HARD Pressed at setting up.
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/05/11(Sat)22:47 No.14142920
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)22:48 No.14142930
         File1299383295.png-(1.11 MB, 1000x1000, Titan Sitrep plan of action1.png)
    1.11 MB

    Well shit. Not where I'd like to be, but hell, it's what we have.

    Alright, I've come up with a plan, assuming d marks Delta Air forces, f is femto, e is ecto, a is Able, x representing our xenoform forces, c being charlie, and b representing our foothold.

    Purple indicated non-combative maneuvers and activity. First thing's first, we need to consolidate our position. That means grab what we can around us. There are three main actions:

    First is the movement to the south. Capture those resources and positions with a large force, which will have to split - one to establish a defensive line (defense marked by green lines and arrows), and one on an offensive to assist Ecto and neutralize that threat (offensive marked blue).

    The second is to the West. We need to move out there and establish an anti-air screen - something to sway the battle with Delta. This position will also serve as another way to assault the forces to the north.

    Third is to capture what's direclty East of us. Using those, we can establish a defensive line against an inevitable push from the Eastern forces.

    We can try to use those neutral territories as beachheads to attack the local enemy forces - as marked by the purple lines to the yellow hexes. The one to the north will be tough - we'd have to establish a defensive line while making a push, marked by the blue vector. To the East, we'll make a similar maneuver, however we'd be moving past our defenses to establish the foothold.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)22:55 No.14143003

    As you've already guessed, blue marks offensive pushes and maneuvers. From whatever point we establish the anti-air weapons, we can establish a "safe" base to launch air support to assist Delta.

    In the south, as mentioned, we'd push from the cluster of neutral territories and push with Ecto to eliminate the threat in that area. A small portion of able may be able to mobilize to assist us.

    In the East, we're mostly going to play defensive. The armor at able and our xenoforms will try to meet the southern group head-on, with the scattered elements moving in to flank.

    Red indicated predicted enemy movements. They are likely thinking the same thing we are - capture neutral territories to bolster their strength, and use that advantage to gain momentum and push into us.

    This isn't going to be pretty, people. But we need to move fast and take what we can get, and give our fly boys as much assistance as possible. That means cannons on the ground that can fire into high-orbit. One of the main advantages of the Makarians is the warp drive. We know that gravity impairs their function. So a risky maneuver would be to have our fleets in orbit to drop back, closer to Titan, within range of the guns that we will hopefully have established by that time. While it would mean a smaller buffer zone between us and the Makarians, it would likely impair their ability to fight as well.
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/05/11(Sat)22:56 No.14143015
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)23:01 No.14143075

    Interesting idea, Axebeard. While I'd much rather make the first move and halt their expansion first, digging in and setting up cannons to light up the fucking night doesn't sound too bad either.

    A mix of both strategies would work, I think. Defensive lines along the Eastern flanks, while we push into the neutral territories linking Ecto to us.

    So we need to prioritize taking that air fortress - or whatever is messing with Delta Air. If we can capture it, then we can use it against them - not unlike that Land Fortress that we have.

    And based off the situation here, I'm sorry to say Geist, but it looks like your mission is going to be put on hold. You're needed here, now, against the very real enemies arrayed against us. I can't have you running around the galaxy trying to rescue a single soldier.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)23:11 No.14143174

    In any case, we can't split up our forces again - I've been told not to do that. Even though we may actually get enough people to send 15 in two missions, it's still a big no-no.

    If we can allocate our allied forces to some of the other actions, then maybe we'll have a chance of pushing towards one goal without getting nipped in the ass. Which I'm hoping we can do, but I'm a little wary of doing it.

    Call it a distrust of NPC's after years of playing vidya games.

    In any case, the way I see it, we have two choices in terms of missions: Go deploy the AA batteries and then move to assist Delta, or move South to capture those elements and fight whatever's gotten Ecto.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)23:26 No.14143322
    If anyone has any ideas on how we can resolve this entire situation in one or two missions, I'm all ears.


    I only made this plan as it was because I can't see a way to do it with what we have.

    Really, even quasi-retarded "what if" hypotheticals would be welcomed.

    Because bogging down would be very, very, painful for everyone.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/05/11(Sat)23:39 No.14143492

    After chatting in IRC, I think we have it down. Or something.

    We're going to entrust the other actions to our allies.

    We will handle either Ecto or Delta Air. Either one is a good choice. If we do Delta, we need those guns set up. Ecto, well, we need to loot that one area and set up a defensive line so we don't get flanked while we do our work.

    Additionally, it has become apparent that the other forces were meant for force variation. As in, you can "step away" from Bravo and roll a soldier for one of the other units.

    Like how we have Kruss games.

    Except that you can control xenoforms as well.

    So everyone vote on what Bravo should do, or what you want to handle next as another unit.

    >You do not understand how giddy at letting someone else be the CO for a change.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/06/11(Sun)00:01 No.14143697
    OrbitalCommand, for my 1.5 upgrade could I take something to let me bypass the need for similar equipment to hack enemy Psicomm? So that I could hack Xenos without Domino needing to be on the field, or hack Makarian Psicomm?
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/06/11(Sun)00:13 No.14143806

    I for one like the idea of playing as different companies/forces/whatevers to do different missions.

    Yes, doing it that will make the invasion of Titan take longer. On the other hand, it saves us from worrying about NPCs fucking up.

    So for example, we could play the Ecto mission as Xenos. Then play the Delta mission as Bravo. Then there would be a third game as Femto/Charlie as they hold off enemy ground forces while the Delta/Ecto missions are happening.

    Over all success would be dependent on how many of the three missions succeed
    >> [R]Grey !NQb6hVwgYU 03/06/11(Sun)00:36 No.14143998
    uh can we capture the air fortress?

    while delta is keeping its air defenses busy, we can insert a boarding party and take control or if unable, disable it
    >> [SsS1] Ceebee !fgy9vamSTk 03/06/11(Sun)01:02 No.14144250
    So... what happens to the Strider i was using last mission?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)01:11 No.14144351

    Did it get destroyed/explode?

    If yes, then it goes away.

    If not, then you can use it again, or I can redeploy it elsewhere.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/06/11(Sun)01:33 No.14144598
    I would be for calling reinforcements to fortify our area while Bravo goes and supports one of the companies in trouble, or launch hit an runs to delay the enemy so our allies can construct a decent staging area. From the looks of it we will be surrounded soon if our allies don;t hold out
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/06/11(Sun)01:49 No.14144794
    >> [gS] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/06/11(Sun)02:27 No.14145213
    rolled 1, 4 = 5

    With his left arm still in a sling, Ghost continues walking through the corridors of the O'Reilly. There was still more to be done, and Adoria's attention needed to be diverted.

    Finally finding her, Ghost approached. "Pardon me, Warrant Officer Adoria. I must apologize for the other day..."


    >Another chance at occupying Adoria's attention. Let's hope it goes better than last time! And while we can't get to the op too soon, we can still get info about it.
    >> [gS] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/06/11(Sun)02:38 No.14145324
    rolled 4, 7 = 11

    Once again, Geist slips by to the TA banks. With a few orders, he commandeers a few to continue the trace...
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/06/11(Sun)02:39 No.14145333
    rolled 2, 8 = 10

    "Roger, Ghost has distracted Adoria,"

    "Nike lets begin we have a short amount of time alloted to us and a large of amount of data to sift through"

    >While Ghost "occupies" Adoria, Soap will attempt to track down Lost's location using the image Foolscap recovered through th TA grid.
    >> [SsS1] Ceebee !fgy9vamSTk 03/06/11(Sun)02:43 No.14145366
    I'd kinda like to hang onto the Strider, actually.

    I like being fast.
    >> [TA]Cork !APCkvPqvWk 03/06/11(Sun)02:44 No.14145369
    rolled 2, 5 = 7

    >Cork attempts to assist with the trace

    Sure, I guess I can do with that. Pretty bad at this sort of thing though.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)02:51 No.14145430

    You know, did it ever occur to you to go up to her and ASK for the trace to be done?

    Or use your power as Captain to just make the order and see if she opposes you?

    I mean, if you tell her, "yeah, some unknown jackass compromised our TA network, then virtually kidnapped one of our soldiers - a potent psionic. Boy, I hope someone doesn't decide to clone her to make a private army of psionics to overthrow the Inquisition while the lot of us are off fighting at Titan."

    Just sayin'.
    >> Cork !APCkvPqvWk 03/06/11(Sun)02:55 No.14145464
    >implying bravo ever does the sensible thing
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)02:57 No.14145485

    True that, true that.

    Now where's Dragon with the picture of that one cadet who flew a cruiser into a black hole the first round?
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/06/11(Sun)03:07 No.14145579
         File1299398872.png-(327 KB, 996x741, OHGODWHY7.png)
    327 KB
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)03:11 No.14145602
    Right, well, it looks like we're going to go deal with Delta Air then.

    So I'm going to request Charlie to fortify our little anthill and set up some anti-air weaponry that can hit the airspace Delta is currently flying around.

    Then I guess I'm going to ask that Able moves to that city-thing to capture it and set up a defense, while Femto and the xenoforms move to assault whatever is at Ecto in a pincer formation.

    And some reinforcements from whoever that isn't composed of Regs would be nice for our defense.

    You guys cool with that? An aerospace mission? Probably going to go along the lines of a fighter/bomber screen along with several pelicans with strike teams ready to board and rape some space chickens.

    >Make sure to bring back a few; I do make a mean fried mak.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/06/11(Sun)03:57 No.14145982
    rolled 8, 4 = 12

    Taking the WetWare Adapter discussed with OC for my 1.5 upgrade.

    >NCA: Searching databases both public and classified for info on planets where plants matching the image recovered can be found.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)04:04 No.14146044
    ((I hate to be possibly intruding, but if I wanted to perhaps get involved with this, where would I go? I'm guessing an IRC.))
    >> [Ex]Sgt. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 03/06/11(Sun)04:08 No.14146079

    You would not be intruding in the least.

    IRC is: Rizon #skirmishquest

    All the additional material can be found at:

    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)04:08 No.14146083

    Much obliged.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)04:10 No.14146092

    Outlook is good ! Results to come Sunday post.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)05:25 No.14146509
    So if we are thinking of boarding the ship what would you want for the line up to infiltrate the ship?
    We would need Knights most likely and Foolscap definitely
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/06/11(Sun)05:47 No.14146641
         File1299408442.jpg-(14 KB, 390x290, first aid.jpg)
    14 KB
    Reporting in early, can't wait for Thursday.

    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/06/11(Sun)05:59 No.14146706

    Good to hear. Stick with the Knights and we'll keep you safe.
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/06/11(Sun)07:42 No.14147245

    Wow, two new medics in as many missions. It's almost like we have a medical staff now!
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/06/11(Sun)09:52 No.14147928

    Psh. Back in my day we duct-taped our shorn off arms back on and liked it! All these fancy new thingamajigs are making you pansies!
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)12:11 No.14148903
         File1299431508.png-(94 KB, 375x375, BlackBox39.png)
    94 KB

    BRAVO COMPANY /Col. Walker , Geist
    BRAVO NAVAL/ Admiral King
    FEMTO AERIAL/ Himmel [Temp.]
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)12:32 No.14149107
         File1299432729.png-(23 KB, 375x375, BlackBox15a.png)
    23 KB

    Next Missions.

    Primary -Bravo Delta/ Aerial - Heaven and Earth
    In which Bravo forces roll in to fight a Foot battle in the skies where Makarians hold domain. Delta Forces air will fight an aerial skirmish to rescue survivors on the ground whilst allowing Bravo the oppurtunity to mount an insertion in the Fortress.

    Counter Offensive -Femto Xeno Ecto/ Hit and Run -
    Kaiju Busters 64
    Lady, Monster, and Covert Specialists team up to coordinate an assassination to take out.

    A giant Xenoform.
    Failure will spell trouble for the Forward Base.

    Support -Charlie Able/ BaseBuild- Candy Stand
    Able and Charlie sets up a forward base to secure aerial Dominance and allow for regular force presence on Titan. Enemy presence might be low, but those batteries NEED to get set up FAST !
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)12:39 No.14149180
    Each Mission is interconnected with each other.

    Setting up AAs quickly on turn 3 of the Charlie Alpha mission will allow for AA support to become available by turn 3 on the Aerial battle.

    Luckily, the time consequences of the Femto mission doesnt occur for Able until turn 6 after the fact. Xenos that pass to the ravine to the other side on turn 3 of FemtoEctoXeno, will see Charlie by turn 9 etc.

    Each of these missions can be cut into two logical halves so that hopping between one and the other would allow for the success/ failures of one half of the mission to kick in on others that are supposeldy happening at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)16:18 No.14151127
    Do you need snipers? Observers?
    Well, if you would choose a class for newcomer, what would it be?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)16:28 No.14151249
         File1299446931.png-(220 KB, 1000x625, UniformRegs.png)
    220 KB
    Got Bored, started drawing uniforms.
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/06/11(Sun)16:47 No.14151452

    Which ever one you wanted to be. Really what we need depends on what the mission. What we get is whoever is on when the mission starts. So while we have something like five/six knights it's entirely possible none of them will deploy on a give mission just because they weren't there for it. So pick the class you think you'll have the most fun with and of course you can always change classes later if you want.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)17:09 No.14151625
    Where's the rectuitment thread?
    >> [M]Warden !WxbNziWAhM 03/06/11(Sun)17:12 No.14151646
    "Where's my golem skull, and did someone take a picture when I was kebab'd? It would make for a great addition to my personal files"
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/06/11(Sun)17:19 No.14151718
    This is the recruitment thread. Or do you want to know, if there is a game going? There isn't. We'll have to work out what we want to do first.
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/06/11(Sun)17:19 No.14151721

    You're in it, we don't tend to run threads specifically for recruiting. The closest we get is when there is no active general thread and start one before a mission.


    All the TerraZerra, the dead ones included melted into the ground. So no skull for you. Not that there was anything left of it anyway.
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/06/11(Sun)17:22 No.14151750
         File1299450167.png-(48 KB, 357x357, Imin.png)
    48 KB
    Fix the rulebook then. :3

    Okay, I'm in.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/11(Sun)17:35 No.14151876
    What class is that? Why is there a gun hanging from the pole?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)18:02 No.14152105

    An S-Model Robot Pilot.

    The Automatic unit has yet to happen.
    [But they will be once reinforcements arrive]
    >> [SsS1] Ceebee !fgy9vamSTk 03/06/11(Sun)19:53 No.14153202
         File1299459224.png-(62 KB, 261x280, 1296948453174.png)
    62 KB
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/06/11(Sun)19:57 No.14153253
         File1299459465.png-(65 KB, 364x360, Plaxinov.png)
    65 KB
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/06/11(Sun)21:04 No.14153925
    rolled 1 = 1

    How sad I dont have some digitizer..
    If 7+ I'll try any other way
    >> [gS] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/06/11(Sun)21:28 No.14154181
    >Counter Offensive -Femto Xeno Ecto/ Hit and Run -
    Kaiju Busters 64

    Th is sounds most interesting, I've been wanting to try xenoforms for awhile.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)21:29 No.14154199

    >Hit and run

    This... seems like fun.

    Ever wanted to feel like one of those badass aliens who hunts down the doomed Marine squad in those millions of Sci-Fi movies?

    Yeah, that would be great.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/06/11(Sun)21:31 No.14154229

    So we are maybe to try the Femto/ Ecto/ Xeno game then ?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/06/11(Sun)21:36 No.14154286

    If there's interest for it.

    At the very least, we need to do Delta Air.

    Maybe the Femto/Ecto/Xenoform game, followed by Delta, with the other actions handled by NCA's?

    Or we can just wing it and play it by ear.
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/06/11(Sun)22:21 No.14154868
         File1299468115.png-(88 KB, 603x307, Imin.png)
    88 KB
    rolled 3 = 3

    Collagers gonna collage
    >> [SsS1] Ceebee !fgy9vamSTk 03/06/11(Sun)22:48 No.14155164
         File1299469720.png-(98 KB, 601x307, 1299468115751.png)
    98 KB
    ftfy :3
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/06/11(Sun)22:58 No.14155269
    rolled 8 = 8

    Oh you. I like P52 moar than SR4, so nope, not gonna change it to your fat cannon :}3
    >> [E] Pvt. Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/07/11(Mon)00:21 No.14156197
    Renaud sat in the center of the room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all concrete. An oddity, he was still on the ship wasn't he? The had approached him, told him about his gift, his potential. Their offer made, he accepted. Without ceremony, they had jabbed him with a syringe.
    >> [?] Pvt. Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/07/11(Mon)00:22 No.14156212
    When he had come to, he had found himself here. The walls were blank, the room had no furnishings. There was a drain off to the left in a corner. Ahead, the door had remained shut. He had been sitting in here for an inestimable time in the dark. Just sitting, waiting, wondering. About twelve hours ago, a single bulb above his head had lit up, illuminating most of the floor and a little of the lower part of the walls. They hadn't even left him with clothes, and the concrete felt chilly against his bare flesh.

    It was mostly silent. At least until he began to drift off to sleep. A siren had sounded and the single bulb had gone out. He began to feel something crawl around his feet. Then up his leg. A couple more, his hand brushed a few away. Bugs? The light came back on. From up past the bulb, bugs were pouring out from some unknown point. Roaches, flys, beetles, pouring into the room. he took a step back, regretting it instantly as he heard crunching, ooze and carapace coating his feet and clinging between his toes. They kept pouring in, until they were up to his shins, then knees, then waist, then up until his neck. Soon, his head was barely staying above it all. He had freaked, but trying to move only made it worse. So he stood still, beads of sweat running down his exposed face. After a few hours of this, the panic subsided some. At one point, his thoughts began to wander even. Where had they even gotten this many bugs? A couple of hours later, a strange hum was heard and some hidden nozzles in the unlit ceiling began spraying something into the room. The bugs began scurrying away, presumably to where ever they had entered from.
    >> [?] Pvt. Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/07/11(Mon)00:23 No.14156223
    Silence returned to the room once more, only disturbed when his stomach grumbled; they hadn't been giving him any food, and he was hungry.

    He would periodically stand and walk around when the floor got too cold for him, until he was too tired to stand. Back to sitting on the floor. Often he would sit crosslegged facing the door expectantly. Even here, his sense of optimism would peak through. They wouldn't leave him here forever, right? They wouldn't let him die in here, that wouldn't make sense. Must be some sort of test, he reasoned.

    Eventually, the lightbulb flicked off again. The door could be heard to open, while the sound of something being dragged across the floor reverbrated through the room. When the Light came back on, a table with a chair was in front of him. From the door, in stepped a woman carrying a box, the smell of food drifting out into the room. So intently he was focusing on the box, it took him a moment to notice the woman was almost as bare as he was...
    >> [?] Pvt. Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/07/11(Mon)00:25 No.14156244
    Straight, quick surgical cuts. He began thinking of his time in the hospital, before enlistment. Cut, cut. No need to be as careful here, no life was on the line. Accidentally drawing his own blood was barely a concern, he was practiced. It was almost...calming. She almost seemed taken aback by how fast it went. His hunger was getting to him, and he thought about eating this meat, uncooked as it was, before she took the plate away and placed another in front of him. "Again." The hunger was pushed more and more out of his mind. Those observing from another room even noted a slight smile...

    He spent another day or so in peaceful silence, wearing only an expression of contentment.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)00:50 No.14156488

    ... I am assuming that this all occurred in the past. For if it happened right at the end of the mission, that would be worrisome.

    But then again, having a medic that enjoys cutting a bit too much also seems somewhat worrisome...

    Oh, right, Orbital, ETA for next game? Monday, or Thursday?
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/07/11(Mon)02:43 No.14157600
         File1299483802.png-(1.48 MB, 1194x3338, ZeroSpace Visual Codex.png)
    1.48 MB
    >> [Nv.CO] Adm. Weird !!kDs7JtuIQw9 03/07/11(Mon)02:53 No.14157703
    rolled 8, 5 = 13

    "-predator escorts, at the ready?"
    "We're ready, Admiral, sir!" "On your command, sir!" "-yes, sir."
    "-stork carriers?"
    "All battened up and ready, Admiral!"
    "-space Godspeed, and reach Charlie as soon as possible. Watch out for enemy patrols."

    "SIR, YES, SIR!"

    > NCA action, sending in prefab materials and supples with aerial defense to improve speed of Charlie's base construction
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/07/11(Mon)03:19 No.14157923
         File1299485977.png-(65 KB, 364x360, Plaxinov.png)
    65 KB
    Because text of the typed variety is fukken gay.
    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/07/11(Mon)03:29 No.14157997

    I'm actually up for helping Charlie. It's not as glorious but we need a base if we are to hold and those flack guns are bloody essential.

    That and Iofiel has previous building experiance.
    >> [??] --- !!kDs7JtuIQw9 03/07/11(Mon)03:31 No.14158007
    "Ohgodohgodohgod- Uhrk."

    The boy sees the ground quickly coming up to meet his face, only to stop bare inches away. His attention is riveted to a particularly nary-looking sharp peeble, before a yank brings it and him back standing on firm ground.

    "FUCK, CAN'T YE EVEN RUN PROPERLY?!" The sarge bellows, and concludes his reprimand with a hard cuff to the boy's right ear. The blow spins him around, and he can taste blood on his split lip. But it turns him in the right direction, towards the enemy.

    A line of pulsed rifles, all shiny, barely scuffed from being brought out hastily from their newly shipped crates, barks out a burst of hyper-excited projectiles. Many miss their marks, but with the targets filling the horizon from end to end, those projectiles that manage not to dive to the ground or reach for the sky, meet the resistance of hardy chitins.

    Chunks of fried chitins, cooked flesh, and sprays of fluids, mingle with the dust and dirt that have been flung to the air. But the score of bugs which were brought down are simply trampled over by another score of bugs, chittering madly for their assailants. Some, though, stops to take in a quick meal.

    Which the sarge seems to have been anticipating for.

    As soon as the order is given, the mortar teams, set up behind the line of riflemen, lob up a few of their precious supplied. Several welcoming plumes of earth and xeno pieces are met with whoops and cheers. By then, the heavy gunners have finished setting up their gears, and the riflemen retreats ahead again as the machineguns send streams of fire and death into enemy lines.

    > To be Continued
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/07/11(Mon)07:49 No.14159563

    I don't know, I think he fits right in with the rest of us. I mean you have one medic that seems to have made it his goal to goad the women psychicly linked to our xeno forces into killing him. The other plans on becoming a mad scientist which will eventually lead to him using Bravo in mad experiments. Face it all your medics are insane.
    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/07/11(Mon)08:30 No.14159777

    And the other classes are not? Look at the Knights!
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/07/11(Mon)08:38 No.14159817

    Did any of the knights ever devise a plan to build/create a squid with a different animal head on the end of each tentacle, give it cyborg parts, psychic powers, and just enough xeno dna so that it was capable of rapid physiological changes based on what it consumes? Oh and it's the size of Manhattan.

    I didn't think so. Knights are just normal crazy. The medic need to be locked away for everyone's protection
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/07/11(Mon)14:16 No.14162134
    Who in Bravo should not be locked away for the safety of the general populace? Honestly the whole unit is a collection of mentally instable individuals, the Lucky isn't a warship, it's mental institution.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/11(Mon)14:20 No.14162163
    The only thing wrong with your pilot is his foul language and inability to control the volume of his voice.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)15:24 No.14162771


    Also, our snipers and riflemen seem to be of a healthy mental constitution.

    All the other classes seem to have their cases of crazy.

    Especially the [F]s. All two of them.
    >> [ooK] Pfc. Nomad !Nh6I4Axmc2 03/07/11(Mon)15:31 No.14162834
    I like to think I'm rather well adjusted. It's the rest of you that I'm worried about.


    Is this including Blaze the angry midget Knight and Ender I-Shot-A-Civie-In-The-Face?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)15:40 No.14162938

    To be fair, he was making an example of the poor woman.

    And Blaze is still a knight.

    But yeah, the [R]s and [S]s don't seem to be populated with as many crazies as the rest of the classes.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/07/11(Mon)15:51 No.14163067
    I'm not crazy yet. I'm just going to become crazy after digging around in Makarian brains.
    >> [ooK] Pfc. Nomad !Nh6I4Axmc2 03/07/11(Mon)19:10 No.14165189
    That's cause none of them stick around long enough to develop much of a personality beyond 'fresh recruit #999'
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/07/11(Mon)19:11 No.14165190
         File1299543064.png-(1.6 MB, 1000x4000, SpecialistClass Visual Codex.png)
    1.6 MB
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 03/07/11(Mon)19:40 No.14165565

    Who you calling a midget, Mr. Too Tall?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)19:48 No.14165651


    Yet the first class to unlock all three spec classes were the [R] boys. Not to mention they were the first to get an upgrade point.

    And I do believe the R's have had a disproportionate representation in the leadership roles compared to the other classes.

    >Except for the [L]s, although Ghoul and Irons were pre-[L] players.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/07/11(Mon)19:50 No.14165677
    Just wait Walker the F classes are growing in power. Soon we will surpass all! .... And by that i mean be a great asset on the field.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)19:56 No.14165750

    You're already an asset.

    The only way things could get better would be if I saw some awesome [TA]s utilize the abilities that they are actually given.

    In which case, the [F]s are kind of an extension of the [TA]s, aren't they?

    In any case, that's only going to happen when there's more than two of you.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/07/11(Mon)20:24 No.14166067
    Oh yeah, as a general rule, we roll up secondary characters for Naval fights.

    Not sure how this next mission is going to pan out, or if it will be a two part involving the aerial fight followed by the insertion into the Air Fortress.

    I mean, we COULD do that, but...

    Well, that's all up to OC on how it's going to run.

    So for those of you who don't know of it:


    Download that, skim/read through it. Should have the most up to date information.

    Seriously, we're going to make an actual codex/rulebook one of these days, aren't we?
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/07/11(Mon)21:59 No.14167116
         File1299553190.png-(708 KB, 1000x2800, NavalRuleset Visual Codex.png)
    708 KB
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:08 No.14168259
    >Sorry it took so long!

    “--can’t hold out for much longer, request--“
    “--is Hornsby Actual, Hornsby Three and Four have had to eject from arm--“
    “--This is Able Actual, fall back to Point Delta, I repeat: all Able units fall back to Point--“
    “--his is Vigil 5, geoscans report burrowing xenomorphs, make your way to stable bedro--“
    “--Marker One, my Ht has been destroyed by wasps, I am ejecting to the following coorin--“
    “--say again, all Able units fall back to Point Delta, I repeat fall back to Point Delta imm--“
    “--e are tracking a Bravo Force ODF pod entering your location, do not fire, I repe--”
    “--gil 5, what are the target coordinates for the dro--"
    “--irectly north of Point Delta, splashdown in 5, 4, 3, 2--"

    The single-unit pod slammed into the desert ground, the break-foils shredding into streamers of metal foil as they deployed at the last second to bump the pod back below the terminal velocity for the occupant. Normally the heat of the pod would cook the surrounding air into mirages and the ping of cooling heat would follow the deafening boom of impact: neither was the case. Frost coated the entire pod and as the explosive bolts knocked off the door, there was a crisp cracking sound as ice separated from itself. It had been the intense cold that had made it so hard to follow from its launch from the O’Reilly, the tell-tale streak of red-hot metal due to entry friction no where to be seen. The same lack of heat combined with its size had allowed it to slip past the Makarian AA no-fly zone to this stretch of arid plateaus and gullies that marked the Able offensive line.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:09 No.14168273
    >Continued from >>14168259

    Less then 100 feet away, Able’s Command Bi-tank swiveled around and Commander Shepard trained his binoculars on the impact site, the psicomm-enabled optics picking out the HUD data from the opening pod. A figure stumbled out of the interior, staggering to the right before emptying themselves of the malicious nullgel. Shepard rubbed his prominent white-stubbled chin as he zoomed in, it before it dropped open in astonishment. It was a young woman dressed in some sort of military dress uniform who delicately wiped at her mouth with a handkerchief. From her uncovered blond hair in a bun to her dress shoes, she didn’t have a scrap of combat gear on. She was even wearing a pair of delicate glasses. He was about to call to her to tell her to get off an active combat zone when a voice cut through psi-comm.

    “Commander Shepard, I am come up to your vehicle. Do not be alarmed.” The voice had a strange dissidence to it, but after a moment he realized that while he’d heard it via psi-comm, it had cut through all the priority channels straight to the top, disregarding the filters he had placed on his comm bands.

    The Command Bi-tank was a specially modified version of the Mk 2-Alpha. The cockpit had been expanded with the gunner’s seat removed, and the Ballista cannon had been replaced with the smaller-bore Polybolos cannon to further expand the equipment the bi-tank could carry. A robust comm system and psicomm relay had been installed, the arrays and antennae giving the bi-tank a distinct profile, while the cockpit could seat four comfortable: the commander, the psi-comm operator, the pilot, and now Found. One second she was small figure in the binoculars and then suddenly his eyepieces were filled with her two eyes, one a cold blue, one a fiery red.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:10 No.14168289
    >Continued from >>14168273

    Gasps filled the cockpit and operator Lieutenant Reddings pulled his sidearm out in a fluid motion, bringing it to bear on the woman. She regarded it coolly, and then turned back to the commander. “I am Warrant Officer Found, commander of certain allied forces in the area. Their composition and location are being kept quiet on planet-wide bands due to their nature and due to the problems it could bring. If you could direct your optics to the plateau behind where I dropped, and if Lieutenant Reddings could stow his firearm before I take it from him, I can get to saving your lives.”

    Shepard, Reddings, and even the pilot Jilks looked up to the ridgeline. Shepard frowned and looked at the woman in the cockpit. She gave a knowing smile. It was only then that she noticed that one of her eyes, the red one, had darkened. A red eye itself was a strange thing to see, but as the white of the eye deepened into a pitch black, the grey hairs on the back of his neck rose. With a certainty that bordered on dread, he turned to the ridge just as the unforgettable profiles of xenos crested it. Found’s voice held satisfaction. “Welcome to Xeno Command.”

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:11 No.14168294
    >Continued from >>14168289

    Five minutes later and the remaining armor of Able limped to point Delta, the peak of a gently sloping valley. Behind arced a plateau of dense rock, forming a rough semi-circle around this clearing. The last of the armor moved into place, forming a line along the lip of the downward sloping valley, the sides of the valley arrayed with jagged columns. It was a killing ground against xenos. Bi-tanks and the remaining striders would have good sight lines down the long downward slope, while the columns and valley floor were made of a dense volcanic rock. Burrowing would take a long time, and be easy to detect with the local psicomm assets, and would make flanking maneuvers up the sides of the valley difficult with the sparse concealment. The valley was one big funnel leading the xenoforms up to this entrenched peak. However once they got here there would be no where to run.

    When Shepard had ordered the fall back, a last stand was what he had in mind. When outnumbered and outgunned, the only hope you had was to take as many of them with you and hope that your flux made it back to base okay. He didn’t like losing ground assets, but the xenos had already proven that they were being lead by a crafty commander, and while he could out run them, this hilly terrain would eventually work to the enemy’s advantage as wear and tear took its toll. But now however they had hope, perhaps a foolish hope, perhaps a hope that would only drag them faster down, but a hope nonetheless.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:12 No.14168308
    >Continued from >>14168294

    “XO Found”, or as she preferred “ma’am”, had gone over the plan with him. Her mind was sharp and she seemed to be, beyond the unbelievable leader of these “allied” xenos, quiet talented in psionics. Until today Shepard had thought very little of psionics, dismissing it as black-ops propaganda. After all when you were in armor, fighting xenos or maks, or even enemy armor, you didn’t think about levitating or crushing things with your mind, just about keeping the vulcans spinning and sending round downrange. However this woman had stepped in and with some psychic trickery—or maybe xeno, he wasn’t sure if there was a difference—had given them some solid intel and done a little to relieve Able’s intense worry about these allied xenoforms.

    Since aerial recon had been suspended until the enemy anti-air emplacements had been taken down, and surveillance from orbit was stretchy at the best of times and overstrained now, Found had had to take matters into her own hand. Gently probing xenospace she got an idea about the enemy presence, and then had projected herself on the battlefield, tracking down the leads until she located Able’s aggressors. Shepard was still giving her problems on that end, wanting her information double-checked by one of the few working striders he had left. Found found it annoying that she was being seconded guessed by some grunt on the ground, but had to concede that Shepard was a veteran commander, and in his place, she probably would have looked her gift horse in the mouth. Thankfully after she had tagged all the allied xenos in his HUD, he had seemed to relax a little. At least she wouldn’t have to worry as much about blue-on-blue.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:12 No.14168313
    >Continued from>>14168308

    The intel itself supported the previous engagements that Shepard had mapped out for her. Instead of advanced units, the enemy xenos had relied on massive amounts of roaches to engage his defensive line why burrowing units had weakened their footing and then swarmed up, pulling a sizable chunk of his force into the tunnels. The xenos, while unable to puncture through the heavy armor of his cockpits, had focused on destroying the less-armored legs, destroying the bi-tank’s and strider’s advantage in speed. This same force was on the march, 30-some roaches for every vehicle Shepard had managed to save. With a third of his force with compromised weaponry—vulcans cracked from the heat of extended firing or stabilizers that would send the armor sprawling on the first shot of the cannons—even the arrival of her forces by no means made victory a certain thing.

    The force she had managed to south to sector 5 were small in number, but comprised a majority of her elite fighters. The rest of her forces had stayed further north with Bravo’s foothold. The AA had meant that cipher wasps were out of the question, but she still had a fair amount of advanced units. The reavers had to divide for the trip up the impassable terrain, but had fused back together with only a slight loss in biomass. Scourge beetles she had in good supply, augmented by roaches and scarabs. But her greatest lay with a single cell of Ash Roaches.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:13 No.14168317
    >Continued from >>14168313

    Ash Roaches were not an advanced unit per say, not relying on biomass alone for their evolution. While an Ash Roach was about twice as large has their normal roach counterpart, it was their diet that set them apart. An Ash Roach was a normal roach that had been feed a certain amount of biomass to develop a strengthened frame and specialized grinding organs made to break apart metal. It then fed on a steady diet of polycarbon armor, usually ODF main battle tanks and knight armor, pulling the most important metal in trace amounts from various machinery and specialized components and armor: palladium. It was this metal, forming a strong but light lattice that surrounded the muscles, that could support the digested armor secreted as a thick layer of scalloped exoskeleton, as well as to increase the deadly front blade-legs into weighted weapon somewhere between a sword and an ax, capable of cleaving through armor. Before marking pigmentation was added, the dense polycarbon skin had a uniform grey color, hence the name Ash Roach.

    They were magnificent beasts, and Found felt a bit like an art vandal as she pulled her hands back from the head of one. She could repurpose one at a distance, but it was easier with physical contact. Besides, Found wanted to send every bit of comfort she could to the beast. It wasn’t afraid exactly, not of something like this, but it was anxious about the transformation. After all, nothing like this had been done before in the long and segmented all xenos shared from xenospace. A shudder ran through the roach as peptides engaged and the terrifyingly fast mutations that xenos were known for took place.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:14 No.14168326
    >Continued from >>14168317

    The creature… unzippered—there was no better word for it—splitting down the middle in a series of popping sounds, slime hanging in strands between the two twitching walls of muscles and organs. The complex genetic blueprint continued to take place, the snapping and popping as muscles and armor shifted with a sound of gushing water as organs and nerves shifted and reformed. The roach was in pain, but in a way it was not. A xenoform lived to serve its purpose and if they had to change to serve that purpose… there was an exaltation to that as well.

    The body grew upwards like melted wax reforming into a candle, the wicked heavy sword arms being pulled up and ripples of muscle and armor flowing up the blades to form clawed gauntlets beneath. The six legs fused into two stout trunks, the ends forming into scimitar-like blades that curved past each other like interlocking hooked fingers, the upward-curving bottoms splayed and strengthened to support the massive weight of the frame. The halves started to rezipper up the back, the last of the flesh and carapace flowing up the popping shell as it interlocked, sweeping up to form a flat-topped head, horned and armored with a visor-like mouth with three hot glowing eyes in it.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:15 No.14168331
    >Continued from >>14168326

    Commander Shepard regarded the spectacle with some unease. He had seen xeno mutations in the field, even the watched as xeno eggs burst and consumed the corpses they had been planted in. This however was something else, it was… unnatural. The thing in front of him wasn’t a gorged roach mutating into a reaver: it wasn’t insect-like at all. The thing in front of him wasn’t something a xeno would turn into. It was like the ancient pre-war stories of golems, a towering humanoid that stood almost two stories tall, a mass of heavy chitin still sliding into place. The front was still split open, like an orange cut lengthwise, the chest holding an impression in the rippling muscle walls. It almost looked like a mold, the two halves forming a crouching human…

    “Found, errr, ‘ma’am’ you’re not seriously going to get into that?” yelled Shepard, leaning over the side of the tank to look down at her. “This is going to be a tough fight, shouldn’t you coordinate from safety? You can even use my--”

    Found’s spectacles glinted as she cut him off. “Thank you for your concern, Commander, but I will NOT stand back while my brothers and sisters die. I came down here because I need to lead them, and I will not wait idly when I could help.” Found pulled a black card out of her pocket, striking the hand-length slip against her other palm. It sprang into a long ovaloid with square ends, and she slipped her glasses into the hardcase before sealing and stowing it again. The young woman moved up to the transformed ash roach and awkwardly climbed in.

    “They will be here in less then five minutes. I suggest you ready your men,” she said, curling into a crouch before the two halves came together in a sickening squelch, hiding her from view.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:15 No.14168337
    >Continued from >>14168331

    While Found was sure outside it was an impressive sight, inside was an entirely different matter. Domino and her had spend long hours figuring out how to best make a xenosuit, even getting some practical advice from Ender. And while it was structurally sound, it was also the most disgusting experience of her life. The ‘roachpit’ had been designed to support the pilot much like he cushions of a drop pod, allowing them to survive the forces of combat. While a blow might not breach the armor, without this support the same blow might liquefy the pilot, and because of that the roachpit had to be skin tight, which was unfortunate when you were wearing a skirt. And the smell… even after the lamprey-like mouth fitted over her mouth and nose giving her air, the offal-like scent still filled her nostrils. She wasn’t even sure what would happen if she sicked up in here.

    Outside Shepard turned back to directing the finishing touches to the battle line, the last of the scouting striders moving back into place. Jilks and Reddings shared bemused expressions as the xenosuit staggered around as Found started to mentally interface with it. Physical interfaces has been discarded when Found put her foot down about not compromising her genome any further with docking ports. However the roach mind was rather anxious about its new form, and she was having a little trouble calming it back down. The large humanoid xeno tilted dangerously, the axe-bladed arms wind-milling through the air to keep it steady.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:16 No.14168351
    >Continued from >>14168337

    The hissing susurrus announced the approaching hoard, a carpet of crimson funneling up the valley. Found, bringing the suit under rein, started to direct her own forces to their places. The reavers had cut out a step for the ODF armor to stand on, allowing them to fire over her xeno’s heads while they advanced. Those same reavers formed the first line, with roaches and scarabs forming the second. Her reserves, roaches and scourges, formed cells of five to take care of any burrowers that tried to breach the perimeter. She herself, curled in the suit the came near a reaver’s height, took the center, her/its pointed gauntlets flexing in anticipation beneath the heavy arm-blades. While the enemy xeno’s carapaces shown a blood red, her own were a shiny pitch black, forming a black line in front of the shining human armor.

    Time seemed to slow down as the xenos came into the killing ground. She could feel the psionic tethers, feeding and looping the hate that queens fed their xenos to work them into a killing frenzy. Found kept a tight reign on her own, sending out determination and precise commands. From above in xenospace she was like a normal commander, having to rely on the xeno’s own cell-minds to determine the best course to objectives, but down here she felt like a conductor, able to make the slightest changes on the fly. She heard the sound of vulcans spinning up, her own scarabs expanding the bile pumps to send out a volley of projectiles. Enemy roaches sibilated, pinchers frothing as if they already could taste her flesh.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:17 No.14168354
    >Continued >>14168351

    It was amazing how little she remembered after combat was over. It was different on the ground, when you were fighting for your life. She had perfect memory of bits and pieces, the reavers advancing, scything through the enemies, then falling back as the roaches surged forward to hold the line and they gorged on enemy dead to heal themselves. A bi-tank tipping over as a tunnel burst beneath it, the roaches in reserve beating them back as scourges covered the area in flames and then poured their molten bile down into the tunnels to seal them off. Ramming her arm-sword into the open maw of a roach and twisting it, watching the roach be torn apart. Lances of blood-ice forming out of the dead and being hurled towards the enemy with her telekinesis or sending the enemy roaches into a frenzy, lashing out at their allies.

    The battlefield was a charnel house, the floor littered with xeno dead from both sides. While Able had made it out with only light losses, about two-thirds of Found’s force had wiped themselves out. It would have been more, but Found proximity had meant an ability to micro-manage her hoard and wring every bit of tactical advantage from them. Already her survivors were laying eggs in the enemy forces, replenishing her forces while still others started to store up biomass. Xenos would starve in mere days without a steady supply of food, and it was uncertain when she would be able to bring them into combat again. It was why she kept her army so small. Still by the end of this she would have a second… “division” for lack of a better word, and would turn that over to Domino as not to strain her powers.

    > >
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:18 No.14168360
    >Continued >>14168354

    She had almost gotten used to it when Shepard’s command tank approached and she realized she should probably disgorge from the xenosuit. There was a crackle as the front of the suit unclasped and Found smacked the ground awkwardly, coughing in a pool of slime. She shivered, soaked to the bone, her clothing heavy with mucus. When had the sun started to go down? Found wrapped her arms around herself, wishing she had the foresight to bring a towel. Her bun had become a sodden tangle and she was as glad she had decided against makeup today. Pulling her glasses free of the case, she put them on with as much dignity she could muster, sitting in a pile of goo, shivering. The soldier made his way to the ground with the ease only a veteran pilot could.

    “C-Commander Shepard,” Found coughed, trying to maintain an air of dignity. “I’ve heard over the comm that the AA had been suppressed. You should have reinforcements and supplies here shortly. I’ll have my forces out of the area as soon as we’ve finished the hatching and biomass conversions.”

    Shepard smiled down at the miserable young lady. “I never thought I’d be thanking bugs for saving my bacon, but there it is. XO Found, thank you. Without you my men would be dead and more importantly my bi-tanks destroyed. Thanks to you we’re still in the fight.”

    The graying commander stretched out a hand, and Found took it, giving a nod of appreciation.
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:26 No.14168427

    From: Warrant Officer Found, Bravo XenoCom
    To: Colonel Walker, Bravo ODF

    Able's losses minimal, xeno suffered moderate casualties. Recouping with enemy biomass, expect doubling of allied xeno forces in respect to starting shipboard numbers by the end of the day.

    Awaiting further orders.
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/08/11(Tue)00:28 No.14168448
    >tryin to hold myself from saying "tl;dr"
    >> [St] FC Captain Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/08/11(Tue)00:30 No.14168457
    >Someone has been busy!
    >> [XO] Found !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)00:33 No.14168480

    >Well, I thought I should write something for an entire battle that happened off screen. I mean Monday rolled and everything.
    >> [Ex]Sgt. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 03/08/11(Tue)00:39 No.14168529

    >Interesting, I'll give it a read tomorrow.
    >> [St] Field Commander Cpt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/08/11(Tue)00:41 No.14168555
    >haha, well I liked it
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/08/11(Tue)00:44 No.14168578
         File1299563059.jpg-(36 KB, 968x712, sniper2142.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/08/11(Tue)01:56 No.14169056

    >Note to self; give Found a word limit on reports.

    From: Colonel William "Walker" Adams, Executioner Force Bravo
    To:Warrant Officer Found, Bravo XenoComm

    Good. Recuperate and move south to assist Femto and Ecto in neutralizing the giant enemy xenoform. Use covert/guerrilla warfare in conjunction with Femto and Ecto units.

    Send the rest of the horde back to the ground base to assist in erecting tunneling defenses.

    Be prepared to improvise in all fields.
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/08/11(Tue)03:23 No.14169488

    And now I want to play a xeno game, because being a chitinous horror bent on devouring everything in my path sounds like fun.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/08/11(Tue)03:26 No.14169512
    Current suggestion of order of missions:

    1st half of Charle/Able, to be handled via NCA's (unless you guys want to play that mission yourselves).

    Followed by the first half of EITHER Delta Air/Bravo/Sword of Damocles OR Femto/Ecto/Xeno missions.

    After those two halves are completed, we resolve the second half of the Charlie/Able missions, if necessary, then the other two in any particular order.

    If we have two games a week, that'd be three weeks.

    Or less, if someone decides to run games nonstop during Spring Break.

    What's your input on this, fellow players?
    >> [MdbM]SPC. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 03/08/11(Tue)03:50 No.14169666

    You have no idea how excited i am about the visuals !

    Me and orbital will have to draw something to commemorate.
    >> [MdbM]SPC. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 03/08/11(Tue)03:55 No.14169692

    Also, totally down for Skirmish Break, provided orbital can scrounge up enough work hours to pay for life this month.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/08/11(Tue)03:55 No.14169693
    rolled 10, 3 = 13

    >Someone do a NCA roll to help out Delta, maybe? I'm going to go help the Femto/Ecto kids out.

    >Rolling for positioning Langley's group over the Femto/Ecto/Xeno area ready to pound it into dust from orbit when the bug(s) surfaces.

    Standing at the holographic display, the entire situation was panning out in Walker's mind. Yes, it would be risky, but not as much as his gamble at Tibler. His only hope was to rely on the allied forces to ensure that his mens' effort wouldn't be wasted.

    But that didn't mean he couldn't help them out, now did it?

    "Adoria, I need you to patch me to the Femto and Ecto CO. Tell them to carry out guerrilla style warfare on whatever massive xenoform is there. Also tell them that I'm going to reposition some of our naval assets to perhaps launch orbital strikes on it, so if possible, draw it to the surface where it would be vulnerable. Of course, I expect them to exercise discretion - if they do not believe such an action to be fruitful, I do not expect them to follow up on it."

    "Langley, this is Walker. I need you to reposition your cruiser group to these coordinates. Intel indicates a large body of subterranean enemy units. I want your guns tracking them according to data provided by our eyes on the ground. Soon as the elements on the ground give the word, pound the bastards from orbit."
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/08/11(Tue)04:26 No.14169868
    >Orbital, ETA for next game?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/08/11(Tue)11:41 No.14171778
    Thursday is your best bet.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/08/11(Tue)13:20 No.14172301

    Langley was a man of the vacuum, uninturrupted ionized shots going through microparsecs a second, it was enough that these shots would have to hit moving objects that move ever so slightly towards a certain drift.

    But shooting on a rotating planet historically confounded him without fail. He simply doesn't have a feel for it.

    " I'm no Annie Oakley Walker, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline. With the amount of firepower on my very limited naval assets, I am liable to do more harm than good. Our Garukan systems are run purely on people, not the omnicient and calculating mind of your AIs."

    Langley took a sip from another paper cup and took a bitter sip from the purified water. Soldiers were hiding alcohol in the pipelines this time.
    >> [St] Field Commander Cpt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/08/11(Tue)14:54 No.14172981
    >Don't let these get you down, there's nothing wrong with writing long posts. It shows effort, and I wouldn't mind if others put as much in as you did!
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/08/11(Tue)15:06 No.14173071
    I'd like to try and capture the enemy air fortress if possible. If we can get me, Soap, and a couple other guys inside the air fortress, we can pretty much take it apart in Psicomm. And if both that and the base building mission go well, we will have pretty much total air superiority in this section.
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/08/11(Tue)15:22 No.14173225
    rolled 8, 8 = 16

    >> [TA] Msg. Johannesburg !L1L/taa4LA 03/08/11(Tue)16:12 No.14173644

    >This is a response to your NCA actions.

    Master Sergeant Johannesburg sighed as he saw Captain Geist stroll into “The Banks”, as the TAs called them. Watch Officer Kilnly had told him about how the captain had started diverting assets to search for the signal of the MIA soldier, and their fruitless search. Here the bloody man was again, striding in as if he owned the place and pulling of nearly half his team to run the trace again. One of them, a navel gunner who like much of the naval assets helped out the ground pounders between engagements, shared a knowing look and a curt nod with the captain before getting to back work. Sighing again, the master sergeant got up and strode over to the Saint.

    “Captain Geist?” Johannesburg said, throwing up a quick salute. “We need to talk. If you will follow me to my office?”

    The office wasn’t exactly his, the watch officers shared it, but it didn’t seem much use besides keeping paperwork and various knick-knacks that such offices seemed to accumulate. Gesturing to a seat he closed the door, and moved around to behind the desk before taking to other. He then fixed the man with a scowl that softened to an apologetic smile.

    “Captain, I know losing a soldier under your command is hard. From what I can gather Corporal Lost was a good soldier, and I know that you two were in the same squad before your promotion. I know this must hurt, not knowing if she’s alive or dead, not knowing where she is, so I can understand what you’re trying to do.” The man leaned forward, his hands gripping the desk. “But you need to stop before your action further compromise the TA net.”

    > >
    >> [TA] Msg. Johannesburg !L1L/taa4LA 03/08/11(Tue)16:12 No.14173649
    >Continued from >>14173644

    Johannesburg gestured outside to the Banks. “Those people are not idle. Everyone on the shift, me included, is busy scanning sectors, analyzing data, and coordinating combat and logistics. Their actions is what makes psi-comm run, be them Tactical Advisors or Technical Admins. Without them soldiers don’t get their intel, supplies, and advisories: and that means those soldiers die. Every time you step in here and take over, you’re taking people off of those vital actions and that’s a problem.”

    “Ever since the quarantine I’ve been heading an inquiry board that has been running hunter-programs day in and out to track down viruses like the ones that took Corporal Lost. So far we have traced them back to the event on Prima Masquerade where you had to use local psi-comm assets when you were attacked by Sigma. It looked like they were waiting for you, hundreds of sleeper programs that were uploaded with your improvised TA net when the O’Reilly got into range. While we haven’t found anything as dangerous as the program that took Lost, we have found dozens of watcher programs and some rather nefarious trigger programs attached to some vital systems.”

    “That’s what the Inquiry Board’s mission is: to uncompromise the local TA net and make sure no more foul-ups will occur. We’re fairly certain we’ve gotten all aggressive and active systems, but we’re not sure that means we’ve got them all. We’ve been getting a lot of unauthorized activity on the TA net, and at our currently level of restriction that’s a very serious problem.” The watch officer stood and paced behind the desk. “I know you have people under you working on this as well and it needs to stop before you get them into further trouble. Adoria has brought out some countermeasures, and if they keep straying from there assigned duties and into restricted files… well, they won’t be much use to anyone after that.”

    > .
    >> [TA] Msg. Johannesburg !L1L/taa4LA 03/08/11(Tue)16:13 No.14173660
    >Continued from >>14173649

    “Look, I know you care for her. But what you’re doing now is hurting Bravo and might be enough to tip the scales in the enemies’ favor. I know you’re desperate to find her, but running traces for her flux isn’t going to work. A person’s flux isn’t a program or lines of data, it’s a living thing. We can entangle with the ident packets, but on the best of day it isn’t easy to trace. Flux never is. We can’t pull enough information from to trace the program that took Lost, let alone her flux.”

    Johannesburg’s expression softened as he saw Geist’s reaction. “Look, every time you come in and take assets, it is recorded and reported to Adoria by the watch officer. And I’ll have to report it… again. If you can promise that you will cease trying to take over TA assets for this, and tell your friends to knock off the data searches as well… then I will keep some programs running in the background and turn over any pertinent data I find to you. Let me do my job, and go back to doing yours. The men on the ground need all the help they can get.” Both men got up and made for the door.

    “And captain, if you really want to help you’ll get your friends to turn over all the data they have. I know that several Bravo-side forces were seeking the program and Lost’s flux during the event, and any data they might have on her flux or the program might help.” The watch officer gave a consolatory smile. “And I just sent the log of your entry into the Banks again, so you might want to get ready for a visit from Adoria.”

    As the captain left the Master Sergeant gave a knowing smile to TA Cork. “You’ve got some good moves there, Cork, if you could focus on your assigned work we might make a section head out of you yet.”
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/08/11(Tue)16:15 No.14173690

    That's the plan, boyo.


    "If you say so, Langley. Would've sworn that shooting a planet would be easier... but you're the expert on this one."

    Walker took a drag from his cigar. This was the third since he last slept.

    He couldn't remember when that was, or if it was irrelevant.

    "And having systems run by people ain't bad, son. No sir, it's fine as day, fine as day..."

    Walker trails off while warily eying Adoria.

    >Well, so much for my NCA.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/08/11(Tue)16:46 No.14174003
    Nothing about Soap's NCA?
    >> Lost [00] !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)16:50 No.14174057

    >I'm getting to you and Soap. I can only write so fast. :P
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/08/11(Tue)16:52 No.14174081
    Ah, sorry, thought you missed it.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/08/11(Tue)17:09 No.14174254

    FYI, the maximum words you can cram into a post before you get the "field too long" thing is about 350 or so.

    So feel free to cram as many words into your post as possible. Of course, you can always cut it short for dramatic effect.

    >I love doing that, but Wolf seems to dislike it when I do so. What, something wrong with a little drama or added tension in my brick posts, huh?
    >> Lost [00] !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)18:15 No.14174893

    >Okay, now it's time for yours.

    Foolscape had finally been able to pull the fragmented image out of his memory cache last night. The image floated is psi-comm, an ethereal shimmering thing, more inference then actual image. A white tree reaching up with fluted fingerlike branches, the trunk smooth and flawless. Leaves the color of milk seemed to shine silver in the sunlight. Its roots, pale white things that snaked in and out of the earth ground around it were in stark contrast to the red ground covering. That part of the image was hazy, and he couldn’t remember if it was oddly colored grass or some sort of ground flower.

    He vaguely knew there should be more, however something—or someone—had followed him back along his trail and reached into his mind, trying to rip out his entire cache of the event. There were downsides to having your brain slowly converted into wetware, and it had been only through sheer force of will he had managed to hold on this fragment of the image, only a few palsy megabytes in resolution.

    He had distributed a copy of this image with PFC Soap, and they were running a parallel image search, Foolscape going through the databases while Soap used the more direct TA net. Foolscape quickly grew frustrated with the image search programs. His picture was simply too low-res for the programs to properly read by the software. The file itself came up as being corrupted by most search engines. Running a manual word search took even longer, even with his overclocked brain, and the restricted databases all required someone of a higher rank to access. Each one he bypassed increased his chances of being caught, and after a while he had to close down his connection before various tracer programs found him out.

    > >
    >> Lost [00] !Ykpfge10hU 03/08/11(Tue)18:17 No.14174910
    >Continued from >>14174893

    Soap, he saw, was having more luck. Using the TA network he had access to thousands of scans and analysis of any conceivable thing a TA could want. Pouring through the files with his image made for much speedier searching, using all the integrated military software. It still took time, and each passing second raised the chance of him being caught. Image searches on normal psi-comm was one thing, but personal use of the TA net was quite another. After the last time both ex-forward observers had noticed a marked increase in protocol restriction.

    Soap was starting to think about pulling out and cleaning his backtracks when he had a hit. It wasn’t the same picture exactly, but it had the same white trees with their characteristically silver leaves and reaching arms, the same red groundcover which turned out to be something similar to heather. More so, said the database, while the flowers could easily bloom in most terraformed systems, the trees and the flowers together could only thrive in a specific wavelength of sunlight and soil composition only found in a single system on its three planets, one naturally life giving, the other two terraformed. Soap committed the system name, Penavol, to memory before he started to wipe out his footprints. He never got that far.

    Foolscape didn’t know exactly what Soap had found as they couldn’t send data outside the TA net covertly, but due to his activities he seemed excited about something. Right as the Fear Commando was starting to wipe out the tracking caches, a… shadow passed over him. Foolscape wasn’t sure what it was except that it had Inquisition program written all over it.

    When the shadow lifted from sight, his friend was gone.

    >Monday will give you your danger roll result, Soap.
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 03/08/11(Tue)21:01 No.14176620
    rolled 3, 8 = 11

    Blaze was listening to his music again, once again singing the words softly to himself.

    "Wasn't born for diggin' deep holes.
    I'm not made for pavin' long roads.
    I ain't cut out to climb high line poles,
    but I'm pretty good at drinkin' beer."

    He nonchalantly pulled a syringe from one of his pouches, squirting some of the fluid from it's tip into the air.

    "I'm not the type for workin' a bank.
    I'm no good at slappin' on paint.
    I have no knack for makin' motors crank, no.
    But I'm pretty good at drinkin' beer."

    A potent combat stimulant. The amount in this syringe was far above the recommended dosage for someone of his size.

    "So hand me one moo~oore, it's what I'm here foo~oor,
    I'm built for havin' a ball.
    I love the night liii~iiife, I love my Bud Liiii~iiite,
    I like 'em cold and tall."

    He looked through the syringe for a moment, before pressing it into his medical shunt.

    "I aint much for mowin' thick grass.
    I'm too slow for workin' too fast.
    I don't do windows, so honey don't ask."

    He injected the stimulant, shivering as it ran into his heart, and throughout his system.

    "... But I'm pretty good at killin' bugs!"

    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/08/11(Tue)23:19 No.14178191

    You roll D8s on your next battle.
    You will then die of a heart attack afterwards.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/09/11(Wed)00:34 No.14179110



    [Colossus get]
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/09/11(Wed)02:35 No.14180421
    How would the NCA's be carried out walker, I mean for a lot of those there would be high risk so do we invest a lot of our troops to get a few successes and low consequences or spread out and and run a high gamble?
    >> [St] Field Commander Cpt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/09/11(Wed)03:51 No.14181081
    That... is needlessly complicated.

    Let's just do either Femto/xeno/Ecto or Delta/Bravo/SoD as those seemed to have gotten most votes if I am not mistaken.

    Maybe both.

    But, none of that half and half stuff.
    >> [R]Grey !NQb6hVwgYU 03/09/11(Wed)09:43 No.14182896
    rolled 7 = 7

    >NCA: re-explore bunker
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/09/11(Wed)11:32 No.14183666
    How is it complicated? You run half a mission, what you do in that mission has effects on the other two missions.

    Get AA set up by turn two in the Charlie/Able base build mission. Then during turn three of the Bravo Delta/ aerial mission suddenly have AA support.

    Really OC already went over how this would work.
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/09/11(Wed)14:24 No.14185176
    I missed something? Or its not yet started?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/09/11(Wed)15:11 No.14185673

    You find an undergorund rail line capable of sending mass deployments to Ecto's location. As well as 20 points of war assets stowed away.

    The location can otherwise be used as a fallout shelter !
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/09/11(Wed)17:11 No.14186964
    rolled 1, 1 = 2

    >NCA to heal Dragon, because he'd rather risk his life than auto heal for some reason.

    When the land fortress finally rolled into view of Bravo's base of operations, Warsaw rode out in his strider to meet it. Dragon had been injured badly in what was supposed to be a scouting mission. Abe was doing the best he could, but just didn't have the supplies he needed on hand. The land fortress' medical facility was quite limited it seemed, something that would need looking into later. Thankfully the transcription platform at their base allowed Warsaw access to all the supplies he would every want. Even the replacement kidney Dragon needed.

    “How's the patient?” Warsaw asked as he entered the OR, not that he needed to. Abe had been feeding him constant updates via psicomm since the operation began. At this point most of the miner damage had been taken care of. The fractured ribs were set and wrapped in a protoprotein cast and most of the severed arteries and veins and been sutured. The kidney replacement and further blood transfusion were all he really needed at this point. Abe had seen to everything else already it seemed.

    “Abe, man, you look like hell. Go take a break, I'll finish up here,” Warsaw said as he picked up a scalpel.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/09/11(Wed)19:47 No.14188710
    Holy shit, this is still here.

    Just so you guys know, my internet connection is acting up.


    So I can't promise that I can command for the Thursday game.

    Now if you excuse me, I need to go look up methods to restore my internet connection so I can work at home.

    >School internet to surf 4chan? YAAAAAAAAAAY
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/09/11(Wed)20:54 No.14189442
    Oh LAWL, I mixed up tuesday and thursday.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/09/11(Wed)22:31 No.14190764

    Don't know, Soap. I mean, as some of you have already done, you can run a NCA to skew things in our favor. Bravo is going to deploy in the skies - specifically Sword of Damocles and the rest of you ground-humpers in pelicans/dropships ready to board the Air Fortress.

    Which means, since most of the action is going to be by the Sword of Damocles, the natural CO of that mission will be either Admiral Weird or Rear Admiral King.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/09/11(Wed)22:32 No.14190782
    > Soap,

    You wake up in a stark black and white room. It is antiquated but by no means shabby. If you were the man of this household you would have certainly been living it up.

    And you were.

    Your wife comes into the room with a smile on her face, a plate of cupcakes stowed in a tray. Gramaphone music begins playing as the story of your low impact Soap Opera begins in earnest.

    You are now imprisoned in Happyville, a pre pre pre war 1950s suburban neighborhood. You are sentenced here for what could only feel like 5 years of the most surreal and peaceful life you know. When you get out, only a few hours, perhaps days have passed since you blacked out into a digital coma. The story of how you "escaped" Happyville can only have been resolved by closing the loop on that life by "enlisting" to fight space aliens, who are possibly communists

    and Chinese.
    You have now become a man of Happyville, an upstanding fellow of laws and civil obedience and should your break character from your habit formed 1950s suburbanite dialect, you will lose 5 points of programs.
    >> [Kr]Spc.Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 03/09/11(Wed)22:44 No.14190901
    >> [HdrA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 03/09/11(Wed)23:12 No.14191191
    rolled 8, 2 = 10

    Dragon's eyes ease open, and all he saw was an ugly world
    "Oh good...i'm still alive" He arose from his bed only to fall very quickly.

    His body was numb, must have been the anesthesia....damn it warsaw knew him well. Still Dragon was happy, that last fight had to have put him into legend by now. The private in the metal mech, the Dragon.

    No, that was not good enough.
    He wouldn't let himself become nothing again, he had to be all.
    It was never enough, and it never would be.

    "Fuck this floor, i got a war to win."

    >attempt to link up with found, her xenos, and alpha, he's her guard after all and he's got giants to slay. He does this while hindered by anesthesia thus the success/danger rolls
    >> [HdrA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 03/09/11(Wed)23:14 No.14191203
    >horrid fail
    >no danger

    Oh this is going to be hilarious
    >> [HdrA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 03/09/11(Wed)23:29 No.14191370
    rolled 7 = 7

    OC requires me to roll a d9. Aparently a 1 is bad
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/09/11(Wed)23:35 No.14191435

    Dragon, it's times like these that only serve to reaffirm Walker's belief that Private First Class Dragon is, without a shadow of a doubt, an idiot.

    A good and loyal soldier, but an idiotic one at that.

    >I hope OC uses Hartford to stun prod Dragon into submission.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)23:47 No.14191587
         File1299732477.jpg-(11 KB, 304x231, 1266843801364.jpg)
    11 KB
    Anyone got rars of all the game info stuff? I really want to join in or run games with friends but I'm having trouble finding more info.
    >> [HdrA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 03/09/11(Wed)23:52 No.14191642
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/10/11(Thu)02:59 No.14193171
    Internet fixed.

    So I can maybe be here for the next game.

    Which may not be necessary, since from my understanding, it's going to be aerospace/naval, which is definitely King/Weirds' department.

    Walker is the CO for the ground elements, if you didn't know. Why he's seen as the leader of all of Bravo is probably because of seniority.

    >No, this is not a thinly veiled attempted at bumping the thread.
    >> [S]Shadowtalon !!jtTqSsN+V0O 03/10/11(Thu)03:06 No.14193216
    rolled 7 = 7

    >train the regs we got from Charlie to make them more effective.

    "Alright, so I've been told that you guys need some help shooting straight."
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/10/11(Thu)03:13 No.14193252
    rolled 4 = 4

    Anxious about the impending reality of combat, the young medic decided to contribute to the general effort by simply increasing the groups chance of survival. Low-Caliber Combat Drugs seemed like something reasonable.

    After a few hours of refreshing his knowledge of Biochemistry and synthesizing the needed compounds, Pvt. Plaxinov was ready to test it.

    The lab mice seemed eager.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/10/11(Thu)03:17 No.14193267
    It was a lovely day in Happyville, the sun was shining the birds were chirping, and Mr. Soapworth was headed home from work. As hard as he tried Mr. Soapworth couldn’t remember what his profession was. All he could recall was that he went somewhere for 8 hours to die a little each day, and that was good enough for him. His neighbor Mr. Applegate was trimming the hedges as he pulled his car into the driveway.

    “Why Hello there Mr.Soapworth. Mighty fine day day we having yes sir.” Mr. Applegate shouted across the lawn.

    “Yes it sure is a humdinger of Wednesday Mr.Applegate” Mr.Soapworth replied as he hastened his pace to the door. Along the way he stepped in something wet and foul smelling.

    “Haha sorry about that Joe looks like Princess got out into your yard again”

    Mr.Soapworth hated the Applegates horrifically mutated vermin they called a dog almost as much as he hated Mr.Applegate, the creepy bastard. In another life Mr.Soapworth would have leaped across the hedge, snapped his neighbors neck and proceed to bury the body in a quarry in the next county over. But it was not another life and if anything Mr. Soapworth was a civil and upstanding citizen, besides he was sleeping with Mr. Applegates wife, Nikie, so that was a small consolation.

    “I suppose this would be a bad time to ask but the missus was wondering if you and your wife would come over for dinner tonight, I know you have declined for a week but the old ball and chain won’t stop yammerin me to keep asking.”

    “I’ll try to convince….my wife, well we will be over at 6 if she says yes”
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/10/11(Thu)03:18 No.14193274
    “How odd” thought Mr.Soapworth. He couldn’t remember his wife’s name. It started with an A, maybe. Honestly he couldn’t remember why he married her in the first place. Perhaps it had to with age his age at the time, a bachelor at 22 how could anyone put off marriage that long.

    When he walked in he saw his wife, blond, pale, hourglass figure and best yet holding cupcakes.

    “Hello Dear, how was work?” Replied the strange who was his Wife

    “Alright Sweets, I think my soul has finally died and I have become the cog in machine corporate has always wanted me to be.”

    “That’s good” His wife “Oh the Applegates asked if we would join them for dinner, I don’t think they will give up until we say yes”

    “Mmmffmfmfmfmfmf” Mr.Soapworth replied with a tray full of cupcakes stuffed in his mouth. Maybe if he was lucky he would choke.

    “Alright dear we’ll go over at 6 I baked a pie just in case you decided to go”sighed the ice queen of the house.

    Dinner was quiet tragedy, boring conversation, horrible food, and Mr. Applegate kept kicking him under the table, with his shoes off. The only relief in the entire affair was Nikie’s jokes. Things like “this world is lie”, “You don’t belong here”,and “Remember who you are. Nikie said a lot of stuff most like that, and others saved for the bedroom and sometimes the late night drive-in.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/10/11(Thu)03:18 No.14193279
    It was late in the evening and Mr.Soapworth was feeling particularly suicidal so he excused himself to the bathroom while everyone else went to relax in the den.
    Mr.Soapworth walked in to the bathroom and stared in the mirror. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. And stared. Finnaly it came to him, there was something wrong, how could he have missed it, suddenly he understood what he had to do,

    The next day Mr.Soapworth quit his job at where ever the hell he worked and joined the exciting career of becoming a member of the United states Space army. A fantastic line of work that would send him to exotic locations, fighting alien communists for freedom among the stars. This felt right for Mr.Soapworth like it was where he always belonged. Best yet for some reason Nikie was joining with him. He didn’t know why but was happy none the less. Training was a breeze all the tasks were easy for him like he had done this before. In fact Mr.Soapworth was so good that they promoted him to Private first class! Not only that the enrolled him in a keen new Specialization the Fear Commando.Yes this was a good decision, Private Soapworth was glad to begin his first day of his new life.
    >> [ooK] Pfc. Nomad !Nh6I4Axmc2 03/10/11(Thu)03:31 No.14193338
    rolled 1, 5 = 6

    Sitting in a small ditch crowded in with a group of Forward Observers with the sun blazing overhead, Nomad mentally went over why he was here again.

    The scouting party had originally petitioned for their seniors, Foolscap and Soap, to lead them but both had been...incapacitated. They then moved on to their commanding officers, except Krieg was busy sorting out the BitTanks while Sergeant Wolf was nowhere to be found. So, the responsibility of leading the little scouting party to establish a recon post near the air fortress had fallen to the next one in line - Nomad the RooK.

    'Thanks a lot Sarge, the hell do I know about recon...'

    "UAV online. Estimated time to visual on target: five minutes." One of the Observers reported, breaking Nomad from his reverie.

    "Acknowledged. Update me when you visual." With that Nomad turned his attention to the surrounding landscape, wary of any incoming threats.

    >>NCA: Establish Observation Point and Gather Intel on Enemy Air Fortress.
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/10/11(Thu)03:38 No.14193369
    >> ophui !/hX3ljCexk 03/10/11(Thu)11:16 No.14195858
    Sleepers gonna sleep
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/10/11(Thu)14:53 No.14197377
    ALright Guys, it looks like I have a weekend cluster to work with due to SPring Break.
    THursday - Game tonight
    Friday - Possible Game all day
    Saturday - Possible Game all night.
    Sunday - You fucking SLEEP.

    that is all.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/10/11(Thu)15:16 No.14197590

    The lab mice was unable to handle itself and while its combat performance surely increased so did its ability to assert its own situation and thusly escaped.

    > You can now use Speed + as a treatment action.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/10/11(Thu)15:52 No.14197958

    You get map precedence on the Point Delta Mission.
    >> [St] FC Capt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/10/11(Thu)16:01 No.14198079
    Not everyone in the scouting party made it back.

    -5 points
    >> [S]Shadowtalon !!jtTqSsN+V0O 03/10/11(Thu)19:14 No.14200053
    rolled 4 = 4

    I was told this needed a danger roll.
    >> [L]Colton !81U2sifgT. 03/10/11(Thu)19:29 No.14200219
    rolled 5, 3 = 8

    >NCA for setting up a minefield around Bravo’s base. Here’s hoping for failure.

    The hover-tank was an engineer variant, the light AT gun and robust missile system replaced with a full-bodied minelayer system and a dinky top-mounted Vulcan turret for personal defense. The job itself was simply one, all Colton had to do was drive in a straight line and hit a button when the system bleeped at him. Doing so would cause the pneumatic piston in the back to dip down and puncture ten feet into the ground and depositing its payload: a basketball-sized sphere known as the X201A Terrain Deterrence Device, or as the boys in the field called them, “The Double Dees”. Inside was a geo-sensor and a shaped charge in a gyro case. The sensor would pick out vibrations, and once they got in range the shaped charge would turn to face it and detonate in a shotgun-like blast of about 25 feet, strong enough to punch holes in a tank, or destroy a xeno tunnel burrowing underneath.

    The problem was that was so goddamn hot. Colton sat, stripped to the waist, about a click outside of the Bravo HQ, setting up minefields in the horrific heat that turned this flying box into an oven. Steering with his knees, he reached over to the cooler next to him and pulled out the last can of iced tea. He’d bartered for this iced tea with the last of the porno mags he’d picked up, and come to the conclusion that the only thing more sad and pathetic then ODF marines were ODF regs. The container, slick from the melting ice, slipped from his hands and rolled into the far corner. Instead of stopping the tank and calmly retrieving his iced tea, Colton cursed and stretched out his body length—one foot on the gas pedal and one foot steering the tank—wishing he wished he hadn’t taken off those stupid extending gloves. When the computer beeped, he absently slapped the consol, too focused on covering the last few inches to his cold beverage.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/10/11(Thu)20:28 No.14200808

    You have successfully mined most if not all possible tunneling approaches. However during your quest for the last iced tea the detonator switch was accidentally primed.

    It took only a matter of near illogical spasstic seconds to reroute the detonation signal to a half familiar number.

    Only in a state of relief did it occur to you that that was the kill code for your box of illegally horded riches. Iced tea sprayed in your helmet upon this realization.
    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)20:57 No.14201096
         File1299808662.png-(83 KB, 643x355, m.png)
    83 KB
    I doubt anyone is on the thread currently, but I'd love to join in for tonight or the next general.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/10/11(Thu)21:36 No.14201519
    Oh hey, new person.
    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)21:49 No.14201684
    Been reading /tg/ archives about this all day at work, my body is ready.
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 03/10/11(Thu)21:54 No.14201759

    As of right now we're not totally sure what kind of game we'll be playing tonight, or if we'll be playing one at all. We might be playing an aero space game, in which case we'll make pilot characters, or we might be testing our new xenoform forces out.
    >> [St] FC Capt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/10/11(Thu)22:00 No.14201843
    Time to vote. Vote quick, it won't stay open long.

    > 1 Aerospace Delta
    > 2 Xeno Test
    > 3 FEX Assault
    > 4 Wait till FRIDAY

    Voting won't guarantee the result, but gives us an idea of what you all want.
    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)22:00 No.14201844
    Ah, cool. If we do aerospace, maybe I'll just be a spectator as I'm not sure I can pick that up running.
    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)22:01 No.14201853
    Voting 3, sounds feisty.
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/10/11(Thu)22:02 No.14201864

    Voting for 1.
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 03/10/11(Thu)22:02 No.14201869

    Voting 1, been wanting to try a Pred out.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/10/11(Thu)22:02 No.14201876
    I vote 3.
    >> [HdrA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 03/10/11(Thu)22:02 No.14201877
    voting 3
    >> [L] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/10/11(Thu)22:03 No.14201881
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> [L]Colton !81U2sifgT. 03/10/11(Thu)22:05 No.14201907

    1, if only to stop 2 and 3.
    >> [MdbM]SPC. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 03/10/11(Thu)22:08 No.14201957

    You need to SLEEP.
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/10/11(Thu)22:10 No.14201971
    1 or 4.

    We need that air-superiority and we need it 3 engagements ago.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/10/11(Thu)22:10 No.14201974
    Vote for option 3
    >> [St] FC Capt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/10/11(Thu)22:16 No.14202044
    Current count:

    >1 - 3
    >2 - 1
    >3 - 5
    >4 - 1

    > 1 or 4 - 1
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/10/11(Thu)22:44 No.14202290
         File1299815049.png-(72 KB, 375x375, BlackBox16.png)
    72 KB
    Ok as a ceremonial start to Skirmish Break. I will take tonight off in preparation for the threeday megacluster of missions to come

    IN THE NEXT 100 hours.

    So check back for a mission confirmation tomorrow at noon !

    However as it stands, it looks like there will be tomorrow afternoon-night. 5-6pm est.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:52 No.14202358
    >5-6pm est.

    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)22:54 No.14202372
    I'll be at work at the kickoff, can someone bot me until I get in?
    >> [St] FC Capt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/10/11(Thu)22:56 No.14202396
    No, but we can deploy you during the game when you get on.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/10/11(Thu)22:57 No.14202406

    Depending on the situation, it may be easier for you to deploy during the mission, which is usually possible.

    Not sure which mission we'll be doing, although from the looks of things, it's going to be the FEX mission.

    Meaning you're all rolling a female commando, Reg mooks, or an alien that can morph by eating other things.

    Or I could be wrong. In any case, it would be a safe bet to head down to the IRC channel if you want to deploy botted so you can jump in later.
    >> [M] Wiley !k8ddOqAbTc 03/10/11(Thu)22:58 No.14202419
    Ah, I can jump in part way, that works fine.
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/11/11(Fri)01:08 No.14203557
    Oh just woke up. I'll pick 3.
    And.. Tomorrow noon, kay
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)14:29 No.14208130
         File1299871782.png-(1.71 MB, 1000x4000, specsheetv2.png)
    1.71 MB
    Ok it looks like you're going for the FEX deployment.


    So here are your choices if your'e a recruit:

    >A droided Base unit from Ecto squad.
    >A clutch of 3 Xenoforms that can grow, shrink double or split as the battle goes on.

    Veterans of 1 or more games can choose the following:

    > A "covert" based SPec Class from Ecto as well as droided base classes. [Ms, S, Fs, Ls, and R specs]
    > An aerial to ground support unit from Ecto. [Pelicans, Ducks, Predators, Interceptors]
    >A clutch of 3 Xenoforms that can grow, shrink double or split as the battle goes on.
    >An upgraded female variant spec class from Femto. With +1 Health and +1 Speed. [Like I'm gonna trust you to put these upgrades somewhere else... ]
    > An assault ground armor from Femto.

    Please do not agonize over your deciscion here. As it will get in the way of question answering.
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/11/11(Fri)14:34 No.14208158

    How would the Interceptor work?
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/11/11(Fri)14:37 No.14208185
    What is a Duck??
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)14:41 No.14208212
    Some Lore:

    Ecto Company
    Ecto employs the brightest and fastest of the conscripted populations of displaced refugees who saw their home planets , and the planets they hopped onto destroyed. These groups are touched with centuries of space travel, and are said to have developed an untapped "cosmic" mental age honed through silent years in psicomm.

    The soldiers of Ecto are conditioned fighting machines that affords global advantages from the sidelines but are by no means afraid to get in close. In their years in the ODF Ecto agents have been deployed galaxy wide to act as a near omnicient space police in "times" of peace. SHadier operations have taken their one-time use clones on suicide assassination missions that even their originals are vaguely aware of. Hence their reputation as ODF's "Ghost Army" as information and counter intelligence warfare has been their more redeeming qualities in the fight against crafty alien schemes.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)14:48 No.14208270

    Interceptors in Aerospace:
    Player sets their cruising speed, Intercepors MUST move that many spaces a turn.
    It takes an action to change heading.
    It takes an action to change speed.

    >Speed is 8
    > Forward 5 squares,
    >> Fire Ionshot
    >>Turn SW
    > Forward 3 squares.

    Im thinking of changing rules to this... what think?
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/11/11(Fri)15:02 No.14208370

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    Also +1 Xeno player.
    >> [FU] Pvt. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 03/11/11(Fri)15:08 No.14208398
    In as a bug. How do bug designations work?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)15:31 No.14208609
    How to Xeno. Unlike ODF , xenos work off of a system of Go to and Attack, or Go to and stay as opposed to moving in very specific amounts of steps. Instead their orders at best can be as specific as

    A Horde
    >Go North
    > Avoid mine
    > Attack Knights First /only/ on front/ evenly / etc.


    >Go West
    > Stop 3 hexes outisde of firing line's range [this is where you have to be specific about hexes]
    > Wait to fire when they get in range.

    Your goal here is to be as simple as possible with your orders, so that hordes can process quickly and so that splitting forces will give me less of a headache.

    Things to avoid as best as you can:
    >Splitting Forces
    > Commanding Two fronts

    Things you want
    > Staying in one formation. You can specify shape of formation; arrow , square , wide, line etc.
    > Being Brief.
    3 bug clutch of Roaches

    2 Roaches one Scarab
    > [2RS-b]

    3 scarabs:

    During game you can get rid of that extra shit and go

    [A] horde
    [B] horde
    [C] horde

    which can then split off into,
    >A1 horde [3r]
    Go N attack weakest K
    >A2 horde [1R]
    Go S attack Ms

    When roaches make a kill, they can take an action to to "devour" from the corpse pile, multiple roaches can devour on the same pile if done at the same time. With the maximum of 3 on one pile. Corpse piles can be saved for other xenos to feed on.

    Fusing Xenos:
    X amount of xenos can be sacrificed to create one bigger unit. Xenos that have accumulated protomass from devouring can add to this number.

    4 roaches fusing to make one Reaver


    3 roaches fusing to make one reaver if one of them has devoured a point of protomass.

    which also equals one roach that has eaten 3 points worth of protomass.

    When devouring, a wounded roach will devour to heal itself first, and then extra protomass consumed on full health will turn to omms

    one roach getting 3 kills
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/11/11(Fri)15:35 No.14208656
         File1299875733.png-(914 KB, 2812x2432, Xeno sheet.png)
    914 KB
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)15:41 No.14208722

    My examples are one point off, but you get the idea.
    >> [SsE1] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 03/11/11(Fri)15:52 No.14208858

    What about egg laying to spawn more xenos? I remember you mentioning something about that.
    >> [ooK] Pfc. Nomad !Nh6I4Axmc2 03/11/11(Fri)17:46 No.14209584
    Little bump to make sure this is still around when OC finally get around to it.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)18:10 No.14209800
    Alright Guise im getting something to eat and then coming back to map.

    ETA 90 minutes till FEX mission.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/11/11(Fri)18:28 No.14209930
    Hoary shit this is still here.

    This thread's been alive for what, one whole week? Goddamn.

    Anyway, good luck everyone on you buggy goodness.

    Remember, if you want to be a CO, you need to display leadership qualities.

    For me, it was being the first TA and trying to organize the early players in such a way that they weren't all killed.

    >And somehow, they weren't.
    >> [Fc] PFC SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)20:17 No.14210982
    rolled 7 = 7

    Rolling for Co
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 03/11/11(Fri)20:18 No.14210984
    rolled 1 = 1

    Rolling for Leadership.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/11/11(Fri)20:19 No.14211005

    Soap wins. Soap may run as CO unless he does not wish to, in which case Wolf will be named CO.

    In either case, they need to roll a CO character that isn't SoapwRX or Wolf.
    >> [R] Pvt. Staedtler !qsZKfWMhOQ 03/11/11(Fri)20:22 No.14211027
    >> [Ch]Flare !WxbNziWAhM 03/11/11(Fri)20:22 No.14211030
    The contraption whirred into life. One would doubt to call it vehicle after seeing its main gun. Definitely, this was one of those cases where the platform had been a secondary point in the design.

    "I'm riiiiding the draaagooooon"
    >> [gS1] Vespe !fgy9vamSTk 03/11/11(Fri)20:23 No.14211039
    I have shit to do at this precise moment, but i plan to play in the upcoming mission.

    Taking a [gS] from Femto with the speed and health bonuses.

    back in 20-30 minutes
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)20:30 No.14211111
    Very well gentlemen post you class and identification for immediate deployment. This is a critical operation for the conquest of Titan! Nothing less then absolute professionalism and discipline will be tolerated. Failing to meet these standards will have you assigned as xeno food.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)20:36 No.14211158

    Would we be able to get a look at the Aerospace units? I'm interested in maybe giving one a go? Are they just the Naval Codex?
    >> [Kr]Spc.Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 03/11/11(Fri)20:39 No.14211183
    Did someone say Xeno-tans?
    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)20:40 No.14211193
    I'll be taking a Aerospace transport of some sort. If there are multiple ones I'm not sure which one.
    >> [3R-a] Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/11/11(Fri)20:40 No.14211196
    I am here!
    >> [3R-a] Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/11/11(Fri)20:44 No.14211233
    Any other xeno minions out there? I know we have to go through such harsh testing, but surely I'm not the only one?
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)20:45 No.14211237
         File1299894316.jpg-(114 KB, 600x600, Naval.jpg)
    114 KB
    More Naval? Honestly, what is is about giant monsters that get you pilots all hot blooded?
    >> [gS2]Esper !!QxtsrZs7+PX 03/11/11(Fri)20:47 No.14211273
    I will be taking a [gS] from Femto.

    "Ready and willing. Simply give the command."
    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)20:49 No.14211296

    Umm sorry to be a bother but which one of those is a transport? It does not really say.
    >> [Kr]Spc.Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 03/11/11(Fri)20:51 No.14211319
    ah, there we go. Xeno-tan time~
    >> [3R-beta]Specimen Loki !1/Y/FThShM 03/11/11(Fri)20:53 No.14211338
    captcha ate my name
    >mechanism eonis
    >> [I]Johannes !NQb6hVwgYU 03/11/11(Fri)20:54 No.14211352
    "... whiskey 1 standing by for CAS ops"
    >> [PL] PFC Axebeard !!ClwrSp7+dAT 03/11/11(Fri)20:57 No.14211366
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)20:59 No.14211394

    Will make pelican stats. calm your tits.
    >> [P]Isolde !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)20:59 No.14211401
    Iofiel Here. Been told the Pelican is the transport. I'll be taking that.

    Is it the P in the Naval codex?
    >> [P]Isolde !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)21:00 No.14211411

    Ah, ok. Thanks.
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)21:01 No.14211413
    You Sir, belong to Bravo. I will not have outsiders disrupting my command.
    >Axebeard make a new char for this mission. check this post for the details
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)21:05 No.14211453
         File1299895536.jpg-(2.85 MB, 2396x4200, FEXMAP01.jpg)
    2.85 MB
    Heres your deployment options.

    CO will give me the final count and place you all accordingly.
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)21:09 No.14211483
    Current Roster

    [gS1] Vespe
    [R] Pvt. Staedtler



    [3R-beta]Specimen Loki

    Those wishing deployment post immediately!!
    >> [3R-a] Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ 03/11/11(Fri)21:10 No.14211497
    You missed me!
    >> [I]Eagle !PK/J0EU.YY 03/11/11(Fri)21:13 No.14211525
    "This is Eagle. I'm ready to clear the skies!"
    >> [MgR]Richard !!pvSSLAETiGY 03/11/11(Fri)21:22 No.14211613
    If it bleeds, I can kill it.
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)21:22 No.14211615
    Trip designation soldier!, With all the Makarians I will not risk you being a Sleeper agent!
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)21:25 No.14211647
    [gS1] Vespe !fgy9vamSTk
    [gS2]Esper !!QxtsrZs7+PX
    [MgR]Richard !!pvSSLAETiGY
    [R] Pvt. Staedtler !qsZKfWMhOQ

    [Ch]Flare !WxbNziWAhM

    [I]Eagle !PK/J0EU.YY
    [I]Johannes !NQb6hVwgYU
    [P]Isolde !xXEdPe9TZ

    [3R-beta]Specimen Loki !1/Y/FThShM
    [3R-a] Renaud !yyNtj/KoaQ

    Last call maggots!
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/11/11(Fri)21:29 No.14211677

    "Lazerus, don't forget that you have a 15 unit deployment cap. Additionally, the purpose of your mission isn't to slow or simply defeat the bug horde - your goal is to eliminate the giant xenoform. Complete annihilation of the enemy force is a secondary objective and should only be pursued if possible."

    "Good luck out there. I'm sending some of the bugs your way to assist. Try to avoid shooting the wrong bugs, would you?"

    >Secure connection closed.
    >> [Pel]Isolde !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)21:29 No.14211688

    Well, I'm actually whatever the designation is for Pelican. Though looking at the map I'm less certain if transports will be needed.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)21:30 No.14211695
         File1299897031.png-(297 KB, 1000x1068, AeroSheetreal.png)
    297 KB
    And finally Tentative AersoSpace stats.

    Units with x/y for their move stat operate on speed.
    meaning they gotta move that many spaces a turn.

    It is an action to turn, and an action to change speed.

    Units with a + for their movement move like normal foot units and can face whereever they fuckin want.
    >> [El]Isolde !xXEdPe9TZ. 03/11/11(Fri)21:35 No.14211744
    This is Pt Isolde, Pelican pilot. I'll get you where you need to be and I'll provide you with some Fire Support while I'm up here!
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)21:47 No.14211827
    Updated Roster
    [gS1] Vespe
    [R] Pvt. Staedtler 1 Droid unit



    [3R-beta]Specimen Loki
    [3R-a] Renaud
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/11/11(Fri)21:49 No.14211852
         File1299898171.png-(322 KB, 1000x1068, AeroSheetreal.png)
    322 KB
    Ok this should be the FInal Revisions on Aerial so far.

    Soon naval will simply be retouched after this battle....
    >> [CO]Lazerus !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/11/11(Fri)22:30 No.14212247
    [gS1] Vespe
    [R] Pvt. Staedtler



    [3R-beta]Specimen Loki
    [3R-alpha] Renaud
    >> [M] Sagan !k8ddOqAbTc 03/11/11(Fri)22:46 No.14212387
    > Hey, Wiley as Sagan for Ecto. M me, sir!
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/11/11(Fri)22:49 No.14212421
    Aw shi, I overslept a bit
    >> [S]Bowman !hvXo8E3MAU 03/11/11(Fri)22:50 No.14212429
    Can I still join tho?
    >> [I]Eagle !PK/J0EU.YY 03/11/11(Fri)22:53 No.14212457

    >> [gS1] Vespe !fgy9vamSTk 03/11/11(Fri)22:55 No.14212475

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