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  • File : 1299696168.png-(936 KB, 800x600, 1280185903146.png)
    936 KB Uncommon monstrosities in modern horror Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:42 No.14184815  
    So I've been pooling for modern horror and urban combat ideas, but I wanted to see if any fa/tg/uys knew some horror concepts a little further off the beaten path. Werewolves, vampires, cults, have their uses, but thats a pretty common pool of monsterous conflicts.

    In short, what weird/scary modern shit out there at least offers some interesting plot ideas and doesn't feel like it's forced on face value alone.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:45 No.14184842
    being a minority in a white man's world
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:46 No.14184854
    being a mouse in a room full of mouse traps
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:47 No.14184856
    being a trap in a room full of homosexual male rapists
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/09/11(Wed)13:48 No.14184863
    being a gangsta in a land of bustas
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:48 No.14184873
    Having a one inch penis in an orgy
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:50 No.14184889
    Play off urban legends.
    Use The Slender Man, BEN, those sorts of things.
    Read some creepy-pasta, you'll get tons of ideas from them.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:50 No.14184892
    Well, it's just been thrown into the spotlight by Damon's new flick, but Illuminati-style world-manipulators are still quite functional in a modern setting, and can be quite horror-inducing.

    Also fae. They used to live in the forests at the outskirts of civilization, but now cities let them hide in plain sight, and within even easier reach of even easier prey/playmates/furniture. Read Changeling fluff.

    On the subject of changelings, shapeshifters are good urban fun. A secret organization developing high-quality androids can have a similar function.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:51 No.14184894
    then wouldn't you be pretty safe?
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:51 No.14184901
    Being a bird which flies from X loaction to Y for the winter/summer only to find the insects you feed upon have already bred and died out due to the increase in global temperature across the world which may or may not be linked to carbon emissons trapping the suns rays simular to the way a green house functions.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:53 No.14184908
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:55 No.14184926
    It's in the same realm of generic but diseases used right are amazing. A disease with a delayed effect is a great way to show players that nobody is safe, that they could be infected, and that the npc they talked to last week is now dead/zombified/mind is controlled remotely. The best thing about them is that there are so many different delivery systems.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:55 No.14184932
    The fact that one psycho with a lot of time on his hands could cripple the infrastructure for millions of souls
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:56 No.14184934
    Being a gangsta trying to catch a train.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)13:59 No.14184956
    Generally it's pretty scary when you start losing your sense of reality. Surreal horror is scary.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:00 No.14184962
         File1299697226.jpg-(173 KB, 800x583, 1293566914325.jpg)
    173 KB
    Yeah, I wanted to make some sort of body horror stuff based on stuff like "the thing." It seems rather delicate to give something a scientific source without making it science-tastic.

    Incidentally, I'd love to be able to run a straight changeling game. I don't think my group would be down with that though. Adding some minor elements hinting at the nature of the fay would be cool though.

    As far as overching umbrella of control, I wouldn't mind hinting at it, but it often smacks of "try and catch the sun in your hands."

    Posting things of that nature would be keen, not as much for laziness as an interest in creating a discussion.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:01 No.14184967
         File1299697274.jpg-(280 KB, 900x955, 1298658842260.jpg)
    280 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:03 No.14184985
         File1299697411.jpg-(190 KB, 760x933, pripyatbeast.jpg)
    190 KB
    pretty much everything Keith Thompson dreams up
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:03 No.14184987
    when giving the description of a setting (inside a room for instance) include something fucked up.

    Like a dead child. something you can say quickly and easily that generates an image in the players head without the need for even the most rudimentary description.

    When they ask you to describe it or inquire about it deny that you said anything.

    Do this a couple of times.

    Works better if you are playing with the lights off and you have a good poker face.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:05 No.14185006
         File1299697519.jpg-(125 KB, 490x700, 1280438249454.jpg)
    125 KB
    I have one player that pretty much wants to play Vin Deisel on bull testosterone. As such, he plans on headbutting his way through most business. Everyone else might be more down with headgames. I'd love to do something vaguely resembling that DnD copypasta talking about a visit to the temple of Dagon, passing notes to players, making people think their teammates are being killed brutally and reappearing a short time later.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:05 No.14185010
         File1299697533.jpg-(500 KB, 843x1687, d615e3111c1b32993456b96b01ed2e(...).jpg)
    500 KB
    Is that Rumia in the OP pic?
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:07 No.14185028
         File1299697645.jpg-(127 KB, 483x346, tumblr_l8jkp4sa8i1qd1r2h.jpg)
    127 KB
    "shadow people"
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:08 No.14185034
    If you want The Thing with some-science-but-not-too-much-science:
    It's made of alien nano-machines, it came on a meteor, it's a terraforming device gone mad after eons in space. AN ALIEN DID IT is a viable replacement for A WIZARD DID IT in modern settings.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:08 No.14185038
    i like semi-supernatural serial killers. what starts out as a normal investigation of a murder scene gradually turns more sinister and depraved: bodies ripped limb from limb, deep scratch marks in walls/concrete, warehouses filled with seemingly impossible amounts of corpses.

    this could be the result of demonic possession/ghouls but i think it's alot scarier when the players don't know exactly what they're hunting. fear the unknown etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:09 No.14185045
    Make people always distrust the NPCs. There should frequently be some lingering fear that perhaps they aren't working for your benefit; not even in an overarching way, but in an immediate sense. Include some sort of force, ghosts, government, whatever the fuck, that would force people to do things in some way.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:11 No.14185069
    Voodoo is the shit when it comes to spooking people. It needs to be on that line of "maybe it was the voodoo.." to really work. When a player has been having nightmares about beating eaten by dogs and finds an altar with a dog corpse strung up above it, it certainly makes them wonder.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:14 No.14185082
         File1299698052.png-(135 KB, 300x386, SlenderMan_2926.png)
    135 KB
    The best way to scare the bejeezus out of your players is to take a leaf out of the ARG books. Make it closer to heart, like an allegory of their everyday life and make it seem more real. Give them pictures, give them props to hold.

    I made a one shot nWoD game that focused on The Slender Man. I told them that it's all hallows eve and if they haven't proverbially shat their pants then I've failed them.

    It was way too easy, needed an accomplice, but fuck. So worth it.

    However, if just in game and you don't want to risk anyone breaking anything, you want to use suspense and make it slow. Hint at things, repeatedly. Like the monsters mean that there's a certain sound, or a certain cue. etc. At first, it'll seem innocuous, but it gets them on edge easily.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:15 No.14185091

    Specifically, the shadows burnt onto the walls and floors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A specter of the modern age. Ghosts are said to come from traumatic deaths. People who were burned to death instantly by atomic fire sounds pretty traumatic to me. Have them do ghost stuff.
    >> Herpmage 03/09/11(Wed)14:18 No.14185122
    use jenga as the mechanic
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:20 No.14185143
    Did someone say Changeling fluff?

    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:21 No.14185152
         File1299698509.jpg-(29 KB, 225x623, epideromancer.jpg)
    29 KB
    Epideromancers are fucking terrifying.

    They're a type of magic user in Unknown Armies. They generate their mojo from inflicting harm on themselves, and then use their magic to warp the flesh of their enemies. For example, it's very easy for them to just seal your mouth and nostrils with your own skin and watch you suffocate, or they could grab your hand and suddenly your flesh is peeling of your arm in ribbons while the muscle beneath tears itself apart.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:22 No.14185158
         File1299698550.jpg-(106 KB, 667x990, Innocents 2.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:24 No.14185174
         File1299698685.jpg-(30 KB, 479x260, Note 1.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:27 No.14185209

    I ran a UA campaign and one of the characters was an epideromancer. Good shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:29 No.14185228
         File1299698966.jpg-(549 KB, 1905x1413, 1250665942994.jpg)
    549 KB
    >> Leodiensian !!DiJrnAJDGNk 03/09/11(Wed)14:30 No.14185238
         File1299699020.jpg-(161 KB, 388x600, spencerreid.jpg)
    161 KB
    You don't need to be supernatural to be scary.

    The most effective horror and thrillers are populated with relatively normal people. Because the creep factor from serial killers comes from horror, not gore. It's not the guy with the knife that's scary. It's the thought that he looks like you, that he could be your next door neighbour or your best friend. That he could smile at you one moment and gut you the next.

    And how different from you is he? He's not. That's real horror. Having vampires, zombies, werwolves etc removes fear because you look at terrifying stuff and go "okay, a monster did this so i don't need to think too hard here". With serial killers? A PERSON did that. A HUMAN BEING. Like what YOU ARE.

    Getting under your player's skin. That's what horror is.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:33 No.14185273
         File1299699237.jpg-(81 KB, 422x607, Note 2.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> noko noko 03/09/11(Wed)14:34 No.14185283
    that would be pretty damn horrific, being forced to cut yourself open, just so you could keep on breathing...
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:37 No.14185300

    The bogeyman. An honest to goodness true monster would be a good plot hook. Not a society of monsters or well meaning abominations but a true horror that stalks the players while they try and figure out how to escape or stop it.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:38 No.14185317
         File1299699535.jpg-(66 KB, 412x611, Note 3.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:40 No.14185332
    Body horror always gives me the shivers, personally.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:42 No.14185357
    Have you heard of the SCP foundation OP?

    Maybe browse their archives and pick out some nice bits and pieces. I myself always wanted to run a Delta Green/X-Com crossover based on the SCP index.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:43 No.14185363
         File1299699801.png-(109 KB, 350x484, cl.png)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:46 No.14185402
    I don't know if you've read the Autumn Nightmares book for Changeling the Lost, but there's an antagonist called Skin and Bones.

    Essentially, it's the bogeyman. The Candyman. You write on a mirror and you call for him to come to you. If you have enough hate, he will come and he will say.

    "Give me a name."

    And that person will dissapear.

    The sad truth is that Skin and Bones is nameless. He doesn't ask you for a name so he can kill. He asks for a name, so that he can be free of this duty. When you give him a name that's already been used, he finds that person and whisks him/her away, in hope that the next person who calls him gives him that name.

    But of course, that never happens.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:51 No.14185446
    OK, OP, if you're still here listen to this. This is the number 1 idea of all time.

    OK, you're players are on a plane... you with me so far?
    OK, now on this plane is a mob witness or something, I know you're feeling this now.
    But the mob doesn't want to testify, so in order to silence him the put MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON THE MOTHERFUCKING PLANE!

    Bricks will be shat. And when the plane lands? They need to transport him to the courthouse... see this is a multi stage campaign.
    But the mob still doesn't want him to testify so they PUT A BOMB ON THE BUS! And the BOMB WILL EXPLODE IF THEY GO LESS THAN 50MPH!

    I mean, first the plane, then a bus! Your players won't be able to sleep for WEEKS.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:51 No.14185447
    So, just to confirm, he'd be free if someone asked for the same person twice, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:55 No.14185493
    If someone gives him a name that no human, fae, etc have. Then yes. He is free.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:56 No.14185499
    I assume only if that person was the only person with that name, which is fairly unlikely.

    Captcha suggests

    >>Lionel Limptort

    Which I guess is probably the only person unlucky enough to have that name.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:57 No.14185509
    What if I give him the name Fartypants McBoogernose?
    What does he do then?
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)14:58 No.14185521

    I'm guessing that comes from the legend of Bloody Mary, right? Same as the Candyman.

    I love that urban legend. It's pretty fucking scary on its own. The basic form says that if you chant Bloody Mary three times while looking into a mirror, she comes to kill you, but there are a ton of variations. Sometimes she reveals the future, lets you talk to the dead, etc.

    Pretty much anything having to do with mirrors is scary as hell.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:00 No.14185542
    That poor kid, in Iowa, who was bullied by his classmates and given nicknames, who gre up to be a basement dwelling neckbeard, but content with his life finally, wakes in the night to hear the old name they used to taunt him with at school, and then, death.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:01 No.14185547
    Whenever I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I still avoid looking at the mirror.

    I've never actually seen anything abnormal in a mirror, but I still avoid looking at them late at night.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:01 No.14185550
    A quick addendum...

    That happens to come from an even older Halloween divination ritual. It was said that if a young woman walked backwards up a staircase on Halloween while holding a candle and looking into a hand mirror, she could catch a glimpse of her future husband's face.

    ...Or she could see the face of the Grim Reaper, which meant she would die before she married.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:01 No.14185554
         File1299700901.jpg-(80 KB, 1600x1200, Hound of Tindalos - James Wolf.jpg)
    80 KB
    The things people are really scared of haven't fundamentally changed over the years, they've just changed shape and taken on new trappings. Fear of the different, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of helplessness. It's all the same.

    People are frightened of being watched. Maybe have the party (or maybe an individual player) attract the attention of someone or something very powerful. Maybe it's a demon that possesses electrical equipment as well as people and gets off on voyeurism, maybe it's a massively wealthy billionaire whose hobby is watching every move they make. Doesn't really matter. Maybe they start finding evidence that someone's been in their house. It doesn't look like anything's been taken, but they're sure that there's a dirty footprint on the rug. Searching the house fully, they find that their telephone has a bug. Their computer, if they take it to someone competent enough, has keytracking programmes installed and hidden away, broadcasting everything they do somewhere else. As they go about their business, people ask about their friend who was here earlier asking about them, none of their friends will admit to doing that. They're sure they're being followed. People are staring. And there's CCTV cameras everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:02 No.14185563
    The main thing about Skin and Bones is that to call him, you need to think about a person that you hate. Skeptics will never meet him, but if you found out his secret and try to give him the name Fartypants McBoogernose, he'll probably find someone with that name (whether fae, hobgoblin, human, etc) and try to whisk them away.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:02 No.14185565

    Herp, I forgot to link to the post I was adding to...

    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:02 No.14185572
    Have you ever read Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett?

    If not do so. Voodoo and mirror magic everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:20 No.14185771

    That's a pretty awesome story. Gave me tons and tons of ideas. Also loved the ending.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:33 No.14185926
    Fear is primordial and usually has a logical reason to aid survival. Think up a logical survival situation and add a supernatural/disturbing element to it.

    A fear of being caught off guard while sleeping/Monsters under the bed/poltergeist etc.

    Poisonous insects/disease

    People starving to death is pretty scary if you draw it out and show the grossness.

    The stranger.

    Being hunted/stalked/watched.

    The group is the cure to all fears since the group is the ultimate protection. MAybe have the group turn on a player?
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)15:43 No.14186044
    over-ridding control. now hear me out.

    At first glance, everything in the city is perfectly normal, cars driving around, people going about their buisness, pigeons in the sky, ect. The key here is that nothing is wrong, nothing is overtly different.
    Then comes the hard part, making your players see the order in chaos. Slowley let it out that the birds are all flying one way. Theres cars on the roads, or are parked, but you never see them stop or start. Pedestirans are walking about, but they never go into the buildings. There are shoppers in the stores, but they never buy anything. The cops walk their beats, but they never arrest anyone.
    The key is to let these things out slowely, if you just tell your players it ruins the uncanny.
    As to why everything is following a plan with no deviation, thats up to you, (truman show, dark city, dream, whatever you want it to be)
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)16:16 No.14186422
    The Place Where Nature Ends.

    Anybody who hunts, hikes, or even takes leisurely strolls through the wilderness will tell you that Mother Nature is something of a noisy bitch. Birds sing. Squirrels skitter. The occasional snake slithers through the underbrush. Even when you've come to an area where those things don't frequent, you can hear babbling brooks and streams. If you stay still for long enough, something's going to make a noise.

    Generally speaking, the only time the creatures of the forest are silent is when a predator is in the area.

    People these days explain away old wives' tales of werewolves and supernatural things that lurked in the deep forests as woodsmen with poor eyesight that ran away after seeing bears or hearing pine cones fall off of trees. The stories grow taller with each telling, they say. Fewer people die in the woods than in the cities.

    Then again, even less ever survive what morticians cryptically refer to as "Animal Attacks."
    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)18:15 No.14187603
    love Skin 'n Bones, but he's in Night Horrors: Grim Fears, not autumn nightmares. great antagonist book all around, my hunter party has killed rouglhy half of it
    >> monotreeme 03/09/11(Wed)18:51 No.14188058
         File1299714690.gif-(1.94 MB, 464x348, 1207272578472.gif)
    1.94 MB
    rolled 85 = 85

    why don't you give this a look, then someone can update it maybe...

    >> Anonymous 03/09/11(Wed)19:25 No.14188505
         File1299716750.jpg-(37 KB, 476x477, 122891127376.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:12 No.14191824
    rolled 15 = 15

    >modern horror

    doors to houses with no handles on the inside, wet footprints that get damper when you follow them backward (or just three feet walking instead of two), a young adolescent with black boils that squirt bugs when he squeezes them, incongruous unexplained noises such as a doorbell when you're in a crypt or the sounds of water splashing when you're in a garret, books that feel kind of wet or tacky to the touch but there's no substance visible, the body of a dog that's been skinned of all its fur except in two stripes along its back, a mirror reflecting in another mirror where deep in the slightly curving images someone waves at you.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:15 No.14191849
    rolled 37 = 37

    The moon blinks. What is worse is that it doesn't merely go off and on again, but instead seems to blink like a human eye would (the shadow falling from top to bottom, then unfurling toward the top again).

    The eye in the pyramid on the back of the US dollar bill blinks.

    A character viewing a lazy river or small pond will notice a tentacle with an eye on the end pop out of the water, see the character, and submerge quickly. Of course no one else notices this.
    Sif’s Note: Perhaps the PC catches the eyestalk curiously emerging from the water from time to time if they hang around, checking on what the PC is doing.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)00:16 No.14191854

    >a young adolescent with black boils that squirt bugs when he squeezes them

    well, there goes my appetite for the rest of the week.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/10/11(Thu)00:17 No.14191861
    Think about this: Players are normal people. Let's say one of them's named Joe. Joe here slowly noticed that he can make things appear at will - at first it's just that bottle of water he never put in his backpack when he's thirsty appearing in his locker, that very important business paper he forgot at home appearing in his briefcase even though he'd searched it minutes ago. But then the 'power' keeps increasing, such as suddenly finding that dog he lost in 5th grade on his doorstep, and that plasma TV he always wanted on his bed. Joe discovered that whenever he thinks hard enough about wanting or needing something, that something would appear. So he used this in the campaign, but have it so that the 'power' grew more and more uncontrollable to the point where whatever Joe thinks, it appears out of thin air. Make it so the Joe player has to go to some kind of rigorous mental training.
    Then Joe wakes up. He thought he was dreaming, but the damages from his 'power' is still there. Even that dog is right beside him, sleeping. But the 'power' is gone now. Joe was all up for celebrating this, but then he remembered:

    His dog got killed in a traffic accident back in 5th grade.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:19 No.14191875
    rolled 36 = 36

    Inside an old dress shop there are partial mannequins covered with yellowing bed sheets. As the PCs move through the room (in the dark with flashlights) you could swear that the heads turn to watch your movements.

    Awakened in the middle of the night the PC hears her name whispered over and over from just outside the window—on the second floor.

    A human hand, possibly slightly damaged, beckons the PC forth. It's sticking out of a burned hole in a couch.

    You see a pencil playing tic-tac-toe with itself.

    Christmas lights flash and work in an empty house with no power lines running to it—and no actual lights when people go and look.

    You are walking somewhere familiar; maybe up your own driveway. You glance across your yard and you see someone standing inside a window watching you. There is no house connected to the window. When you realize this and look back the window is there just long enough for the person inside to pull the blinds shut.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:22 No.14191898
    rolled 65 = 65

    all of this comes as excerpts of >>14188058

    The birds, frogs, and crickets all go silent simultaneously
    Variant: Or they all seem to be harmonizing.

    On certain nights, the mortician in the morgue locks his office door and spends the night praying. He shivers when the scraping noises pass by his door. He never looks for the bodies that disappear.

    Dogs stop barking as you walk by. They all stare at you. ALL of them.

    After investigating a place where a murder had taken place, you find a simple audio tape. Playing the tape reveals it to be a typical mix tape made by the victim’s lover.However, between one of the songs, a strange sound is heard. Repeated play ing reveals that the sound changes each time it is played. Playing the sound backwards reveals it to be a chilling voice that says: "Four…” Playing it again results in “Three…” Again: “Two…”

    You see blood fall onto the carpet. You look up. There is nothing on the ceiling. Examining the drops, you notice that they are still falling. But they are falling from a spot about chest high in the middle of the room. From thin air.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:28 No.14191938
    rolled 83 = 83

    Upon waking, you look out your window. You notice that it seems that the tree in your yard is writhing until it bursts into thousands of birds: ravens, crows, magpies. They have stripped the tree. It is now dead.

    A stray black cat guards your back porch each night. You can hear it battle something big every night right after midnight. And each day it becomes weaker. Soon it will die.

    Driving home at night, you notice that all the lights in your house/apartment are on. As you park the car, they all turn off at the same time. The house is empty and the doors are locked from the inside.

    While looking out of the window briefly on your way through the kitchen/bathroom/whatever, you very quickly see a hand reach out and close the
    door of your shed in the backyard from the inside. That door hasn't been opened in a long time, and no one was in your backyard. No one is in the shed.

    Sitting in your apartment, you catch a glimpse of something out on the fire escape. It's raining hard outside, but something doesn't look quite right. In one certain spot, just outside your window, it appears raindrops are bursting in mid air. Suddenly the rainfall distorts in such a way as to reveal an invisible force. Heavy footfalls are heard as someone hurriedly climbs the fire escape. The rain now falls normally. Someone or something had been sitting there watching you through the window, invisible until the rain gave them away.

    You visit a pawn shop and buy a puzzle. Most of the pieces look weather worn and faded. When you start to assemble it, the picture it forms grows increasingly familiar. You realize it is the room you are sitting in right now, but in the window, there is an inhuman thing. The shade is drawn, and as you raise it…
    >> this list could use smoe updates... monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:39 No.14192022
    rolled 64 = 64

    Middle of the night. A furious rainstorm. Thunder, swaying of trees. You can hear rain falling on the roof over your head and splashing on the windows. But when you look outside, the sky is clear.

    The room you are in has a large picture on the wall of the local skyline lit up at night. As you turn to leave the room, out of the corner of your eye, you see a window in one of the buildings go dark.

    A hiker finds the skeletal remains of a body. The skeleton is intact except for a shattered skull. Forensic examination of the remains shows that the deadly blow came from inside the skull.

    You come into possession of an old box. Inside are several glass vials filled with dirt, dust and tiny bits of gravel or cement. The vials are labeled with places and dates such as "Port Chicago 7/17/1944", "Halifax 7/6/17" and "Guernica 7/17/36". A trip to the library confirms that all are dates of massive loss of life in explosions. A few days later a package arrives with no return address. Inside is an empty vial labeled with your home town and next week's date.

    You are casually scribbling on a pad of paper when suddenly you gasp at what your subconscious mind has written: LEAVE MY BODY.......NOW!!!!

    You work late in the morgue, performing the usual autopsy procedure. Checking organ weights, blood levels, etc. You write the numbers on the chart. The body has been dead for awhile, so you are happy to be called away by the telephone. When you get back, the chart has been moved from where you put it down. The weight for the heart has been corrected.

    Walking on a crisp autumn morning, you happen to be looking at a tree across the street when you hear a brittle snap. In less than a minute’s time, every single bright yellow leaf from the maple falls to the ground, all at once.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)00:40 No.14192043
    There was a series of books that everyone liked back when I was in grade 6... Chain Letter maybe? Christopher Pike was the author, anyway. (There were a whole bunch of authors that made it big right around then... R. L. Stein was another, and the craze is kind of what launched Goosebumps, which was aimed at younger people.) Kind of juvenile books, but the common theme was that there was a town where the people were dying (unless they passed on this chain letter and did whatever horrible things it said), and the characters couldn't escape. They'd finally get smart and drive on the road out, but after half an hour of driving they'd find that they're heading right back into the town. Topological fuckups can be scary.

    This is the classic Shirley Jackson haunted house scenario, but on a larger scale. And it worked astoundingly well. The best part was that there was an easy way to avoid death: pass it on. But there was always something bad that also had to be done, like killing your dog or whatever.

    If you didn't do what the letter said, some ground up glass would end up in your hamburger, or something like that. A person *could* be doing it, or it *could* be supernatural, because no one else touched that meat, right?

    There was another one by the same guy about a scavenger hunt where the characters started finding bloody garments, then knives, then body parts and so on. People from the scavenger hunt groups get killed off and end up being the next clues.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)00:41 No.14192055
         File1299735718.jpg-(74 KB, 360x468, dbl-werewolf.jpg)
    74 KB

    That is all the explanation I will give, listen to it at your own peril.
    >> as it is very old... monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:43 No.14192061
    rolled 13 = 13

    You've met someone absolutely wonderful online. You chat with them on IRC every night for two weeks, and over the course of the conversations you talk about where you both live. The other person's driven by your house plenty of times and knows exactly where it is. The two of you talk about meeting in person. You invite them over and they log off to head over to your place. A moment later, you look down and notice that your computer's power cord and modem are unplugged and the cables tied together in a complex knot.

    You get back to your place from giving your best friend a ride home from work and turn on your favorite TV channel. You don't recognize the specific series that's on or any of the actors, but it's a cop/detective show. You know the sort. They're investigating a particularly gruesome murder and are completely stumped
    as to who the culprit is. As you sit down to watch, they stumble onto that one single clue that allows them to conclusively identify the murderer. One of the stars takes a couple of police officers off to arrest the suspect, promising to "give that son of a bitch what's coming to him." Then you recognize the crime scene; it's your best friend's bedroom. A moment later, the police are banging on your front door, asking to talk to you.

    Your new job is at a tiny start up company filled with some really nice people. You all get along, they're funny, but they have some really weird names. Like they're foreign, but none of them have accents. One day, while checking out the payroll, you notice that every single person has the exact same number of letters in their names. In fact you're the only one with fewer letters. Unless you use your full name. Later, you realize they all have the same letters in their names...and that their names are just anagrams of your name. The more you learn, the nicer they are to you.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:52 No.14192162
    rolled 37 = 37

    You are sitting in a class, listening to the teacher lecture on some subject that doesn’t really interest you. But you are looking at him, pretending to pay attention. All of a sudden he seems to shift his position, not but moving, but he is one instant standing up straight, the next he is bent over and leaning. You are sure that you did not blink, and that his speech did not skip the way his movement did.

    Your cat keeps dragging these small dead animals up to your doorstep. Eventually they decay into hair and bone and blow away - it happens quicker than you'd normally expect, but given the climate it's well within the normal range. The first couple times this happened you threw the things away, but every time you did that, immediately afterwards you'd hear of some gruesome murder or other violent crime. After the first couple times you grew so conditioned to this that you couldn't get rid of the corpses, despite all lack of rational motive to associate the crimes and the dead animals. You stop cleaning out that spot, and the city's crime rate plummets; you try in vain to convince yourself that it's a coincidence. Meanwhile, the cat keeps dragging the things in, and as time wears on and you walk by this growing pile every day you start becoming more and more protective of it, angrily shooing away nosy neighbors and mailmen who inquire, or worse, try to help. As of late from a window, since the pile has completely blocked the door and you can't leave the house.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)00:56 No.14192206
    rolled 8 = 8

    Your neighbor is a complete fucking nutjob. His cat keeps dragging animals it's killed up to his doorstep and he never, EVER cleans up. No matter how much it stinks or gets covered in flies or forces the paperboy to use a small catapult to lob the paper from across the street, the guy never lifts a finger to sweep away the rotting crap in front of his house. Not only that, he actively refuses any attempt to
    move that pile or otherwise dispose of it in any sanitary way. After a year of this you and several neighbors decide that enough is enough, and sneak in one night and drive the entire mound of carcasses to the dump.

    You buy a Bible at the bookstore. When you open it up, you notice that your name has replaced Jesus's.

    You get into your car to go home after a good day’s work, and it’s at night. You begin to drive off, but notice something weird is happening outside your car, but you can’t put your finger on it. You pull over to a gas station that’s shut, and check out your car, just to make sure everything is working properly. When you walk in front of your headlights, they begin to dim to such a degree, that they almost go out when you’re right beside them. You get back in the car to turn your lights back on, only to see that they’re working fine. As you begin to drive again, you can see that the street lights themselves are dimming every time you go under one, like someone’s toning them down, just for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:02 No.14192265
    A string of disappearances is not a monster in our world, it is a disease which sends people into another world. It is being spread by the things there to provide a ready source of food.

    Dionaea house. http://www.dionaea-house.com/
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:16 No.14192375
    Ted's Caving Page
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:16 No.14192376
    You open your locker/freezer/some other relatively large storage device and out falls a tide of severed left feet.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:16 No.14192383
    forgot my link
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:17 No.14192390
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:25 No.14192446
    Thanks. It scared the hell out of me when I first heard it because I was eight and living in the country. With coyotes howling and snarling not 100 yards away from my bedroom. While I was alone in the house.

    Also, old radio shows in general are fuckwin.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:31 No.14192487
    One thing that, done well, could be terrifying is just average military guys.

    Ever notice how in 'Nam movies that the Vietcong are seen more like ghosts than a standard army?

    If you are doing Urban Combat, Imagine fighting a force where all you see are them running past, or the barrels of their guns as you are ambushed by them. Every section of the town could be loaded with traps, where that nice bit of ammo or a freinds body is a lure for a clusterfuck of explosives.

    Be vicious, fight dirty, and your players would be whimpering in horror at just a skilled group of guys with rifles and a reason to see the players dead
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:33 No.14192504
    Sorry, I should have replaced Average Military Guys with Guerillas
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:39 No.14192551
    Or, to make it more horror-ish

    Have those Guerillas be a cult or such, or maybe a pack of mutants?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:40 No.14192567
    how about weredingos instead of werewolves?
    They gain power by eating babby
    are naturally afraid of darkskinned peoples carrying long objects
    and despite being pretty furry don't mind heat at all
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:44 No.14192595
    I thought that was a bastardization of wendigos but understand it's weredingos=people who can turn into dingos.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)01:46 No.14192609
    make it a vietnam war story

    so you're like a the baddest, most vicious, and the longest-living marines in the whole damn jungle, on a routine trip to some run-of-the-mill VC hideout, later after the skirmish you and the guys could pop open a few beers, collect some trophies, and head back before sunrise...

    ...except this is the one night where even the most hard ass charlie won't go out, because...

    *cue freaky southeast asian abomination mind-fuck critters*
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)01:46 No.14192611
    rolled 88 = 88

    I once threw a were-segway at my players in a not to serious game...
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)02:10 No.14192813
    rolled 90 = 90

    You're driving home alone to visit your mom, but someone keeps breathing heavily in the passenger seat.

    You are watching your favorite show while eating popcorn when you the show is interrupted by a breaking newscast about something happening in the city you live in. The reporter mentions something about staying indoors, making sure your doors are locked and not trusting any voices you hear from the outside when the power suddenly goes out in your home. Fumbling for the nearest candle and box of matches, you hear someone knocking at the front door. Turning, you stare at the door and hear your significant other asking you to open the door. You approach the door, reaching for the door knob, when she repeats the request. Only this time, she screams your name. You stop. Hesitant, remembering the news item. She knocks a third time. This time, she's cursing She is seething. She's slandering you and your family. And she demands you open the door. You back away. Another knock. This time from the back door. You hear the voice of your
    mother. And another knock from the door leading to the garage. Your best friend. What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)02:12 No.14192833
    maybe a sudden turn into the fantastical? think about the terminators. normal looking person that could break through walls, rip through steel and chew bullets, it's only purpose is to kill you. why? because of something you or your descendants will do. in one moment your perfectly normal and good life and your whole view of reality flips.
    >> download the document for the link... monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)02:24 No.14192938
    rolled 44 = 44

    There's a legend amongst street kids that abandoned fridges, tinted windows of SUVs and dumpsters are used by demons as portals into this world. Or take it one step further, and have a street culture amongst orphans and homeless children
    arise which deals with members of the undead in your game, clues and descriptions and rhymes and riddles, as if the youngest children through their shattered innocence were privy to the secrets of the underworld.

    Sif’s Note: The Miami Streetkids article linked to at the end of this document documents real-life street kids doing almost the exact same thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)02:56 No.14193151
    The Sherlock Holmes movie got it pretty well. Some villain gets caught early and executed for witchcraft. He then returns from the grave and uses spells and shit to scare people into eventually giving him power.

    Sherlock holmes discovers that there was [spoiler]no magic in this shit at all and that it was all just a hoax [/spoiler]to undermine officials in the country so that he could take over and, when word spread to the rest of the world, he would do the same there as well
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)14:01 No.14197007
    rolled 60 = 60

    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:02 No.14198093
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:29 No.14198407
         File1299792591.jpg-(127 KB, 582x819, Rawhead & Bloody Bones.jpg)
    127 KB
    I can think of a whole host of mythical/folkloric monsters and spirits you don't see used much:

    Rawhead and Bloody Bones (pictured)
    The Headless Trunk

    And there's lots of old variants on the vampire nobody uses much, like the nelapsi, the obour, or the upir.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:37 No.14198488
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:42 No.14198545

    Pick one from the list and I'll tell you about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:45 No.14198586
    The headless trunk.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)16:55 No.14198689

    Ah, good choice. The Headless Trunk is particularly mysterious. It's from a folktale that originates on the Scottish Coast, not far from the Isle of Skye.

    The Coliunn Gun Cheann (The Headless Trunk) was a strange manifestation that patrolled the the Macdonald region during the small hours. It appeared as a huge human torso, with arms but no head or legs. It just sort of glided along, wreathed in mist. It never touched wandering children or their mothers, but any human males it came across it would kill with its bare, superhumanly strong hands, snapping and contorting their bodies, til all that would be found in the morning were twisted wrecks that had once been people.

    Was it a ghost? A fairy? Nobody knows. It was banished from the region after losing a fight to a clan member, and it could be anywhere in the modern day, silently roaming the streets at night.
    >> Zach !!m1zNwNhpIw+ 03/10/11(Thu)16:56 No.14198705
    It's always the ones you least expect. Yeah, it's a tired, middlebrow saying spouted by nauseatingly average desk jockeys, but in this case it could be true.

    Ants. They're everywhere it seems, especially in the summer. People get hotheaded in the humidity and heat. Sometimes there's a murder. Perhaps - just perhaps - the two are connected somehow. A man possessed by ants that crawled into his body at night, puppeteering him erratically when it gets too hot for their comfort on the dogfucking days of August. His mind is addled by the strange sensations and he offs some schmuck who looked at him funny. The ants push him to do... something with the body.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:02 No.14198775
    new fae.

    Spirits of information, flitting about electronic networks, causing havok.

    old posessed toys, filled with anger at being forgotten

    spirits of mankind's own wastefulness

    a dryad of a trashheap?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:06 No.14198805

    I've always wondered if some of the weirder "new" monsters are new fae, like the Chupacabra or the Mothman.
    >> Zach !!m1zNwNhpIw+ 03/10/11(Thu)17:06 No.14198807
    A man with autism has lived a *very* sheltered life, shielded from the world by imbecilic parents too old to properly raise a child. He loves video games and his dog in equal measure. The video games involve purely fictional canines capable of barking lightning bolts at the enemies of mankind, brightly colored animals and combat galore. Growing obese and mentally disturbed off a combination of isolation, atavistic urges and a foul upbringing, he nears the breaking limit at the death of his loyal dog.

    Voices begin to gurgle in his head. The dog has only been buried for a day out back in a plastic container, airtight. Those voices are the voices of the electrical hounds, reminding him of how they brought a friend back to life with their combined lightning bolts. The manchild remembered that particular story from his games. The voices go from gurgling to barking, telling him how to bring his beloved dog back.

    He digs up the container while his parents are at the hospital, taking his pocket knife and skinning his dear friend, tears in his eyes as the voices take over. Skin in hand, he treats it by chewing, a lightning storm brewing overhead.

    The lightning strikes.
    The skin is finished.
    Putting it on, the manchild feels it grafting onto his bloated form, the tingling of electricity sparking off the sharp tang of ozone all around. Falling onto all fours, the manchild's limbs bulge with power as he races into the woods, his new jaws long and slick with electron-lighted drool.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:14 No.14198874
         File1299795290.jpg-(7 KB, 151x179, Oh God What.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:16 No.14198886
    I've had an idea rattling around in my head for a bit. Do everything you can to make it seem like the rapture. Christ on earth, demon armies about etc. Slowly reveal to your players that this is not the rapture. It is nothing like the dead sea scrolls described, and you have it on good faith that Jesus actually came to Earth in haste, caught totally surprise by this invasion. Then, when the time is right, kill god. Super kill him, no resurrection possible. What do you do know PCs?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:39 No.14199087
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)17:42 No.14199108

    Why don't you explain the one in the picture?
    >> Not-OP 03/10/11(Thu)17:51 No.14199197
    Dunno about what mileage you'll get for it in your group, but if you want to do horror and an interesting urban combat... use the blob.

    Seriously, use a creature that makes a colony of black ooze that travels inside the walls, the pipes, the crevices of modern life. Something that lives in the corners. Most weapons are fairly useless against it, but the big trauma weapons, especially fire, are great. Give it a few exploitable weaknesses, (if it's living, salt dries it out and it'll retreat from it; it's so acidic it reacts badly with most bases, if nanomachine - it doesn't like electricity, etc.) and watch the players deal with something that can slime away into the cracks in the walls.

    For added fun, make it about as intelligent as your average scavenger animal... and it likes to feed on the defenseless... like babies.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:01 No.14199293

    Well, I've talked about him before on /tg/, but sure.

    Raw Head and Bloody Bones is a nightmarish bogeyman. He lurks under basement stairs and in cupboards, sitting on a pile of bones and waiting for the sight of children. His large, pale hands and long skinny arms can slip through any crack or gap to clutch at the hems of nightclothes or to grab tender little ankles. Then he drags the unlucky child down to his lair, where they serve as his feast, adding to his bone pile.

    Rawhead's lair has no fixed location, and can appear in any house, though usually the bigger, older ones. While he sits on his bonepile with his knees up near his blood-caked head, were he to stand up he would be a skinny, pale giant, and his grip is as strong as steel.

    Perhaps there's been a rash of disappearing children in town, from both the rich and poor alike. Someone must track down what is happening to them, and confront their horrific abductor. Tracking him down in a big city would be particularly difficult.
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)18:02 No.14199302
    rolled 8 = 8

    you ever read 'Phantoms' by Dean Koontz?

    it's like that but smarter. and it's been around since the dawn of time

    then there's 'Fluke' by Christopher Moore; but The Goo is a rather benevolent entity...
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:02 No.14199303

    That could be a real pain. Investigating the basement of an ancient house, looking for evidence of the lost children, not realizing Raw Head's lair basically teleports. Consider the following scenario for a player:

    >The search in the basement has been fruitless, and the atmosphere is unnerving you. You glance at a large, open cupboard under the stairs, one of its doors hanging open.


    >The cupboard door opens on to a dark room, the walls splattered with gore. In the center is a hideous, pale creature sitting on a pile of bones, its long arms wrapped around its equally long legs, its eyes staring at you from under the rivulets of blood running down its mangled face.


    >The cupboard is empty. There is a creak as the door moves slightly, as if something had brushed against it. You rush over but find nothing inside except dust. You begin to dismiss the vision as being due to stress and an overactive imagination. Just as you are about to draw away you stop. On the floor right in front of the open cupboard are two drops of dark, dried blood.

    Rawhead and Bloody Bones
    Steals naughty children from their homes,
    Takes them to his dirty den,
    And they are never seen again
    >> monotreeme 03/10/11(Thu)18:04 No.14199322
    rolled 94 = 94

    >Rawhead and Bloody Bones
    >Steals naughty children from their homes,
    >Takes them to his dirty den,
    >And they are never seen again

    where did you get this?
    or did you make it up?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:07 No.14199347

    Somebody posted it in response to me posting the other stuff about Rawhead in a different thread. They never said if they knew it from somewhere, or if they made it up.

    I wish I could claim credit for it, but I can't. The other stuff in those two posts I can, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:19 No.14199449

    If anyone is interested, I'm willing to expound on some of the rest of these, just not all of them.

    Pick some and I'll ramble on.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:21 No.14199464
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:51 No.14199756
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)18:54 No.14199797
         File1299801261.jpg-(229 KB, 580x780, Mirror Fright.jpg)
    229 KB
    I want to see all of them explained, actually...
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)18:57 No.14199833
         File1299801438.jpg-(159 KB, 1024x1187, Walter Sullivan.jpg)
    159 KB
    ... but I can wait.

    I just wanted an excuse to post these two pictures.

    (Walter Sullivan is a perfect example of Serial-Killer Terror.)
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)18:57 No.14199835
         File1299801448.jpg-(45 KB, 619x353, gozer_mid.jpg)
    45 KB

    Well, I don't have quite that much time tonight. I could probably do a little over half of them.

    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:00 No.14199868
         File1299801631.jpg-(146 KB, 600x825, Black Dogs of the British Isle(...).jpg)
    146 KB
    Poludnitsa, Aufhockers, and Strixes, then please? And are Bargheists still the British Dogs?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:01 No.14199884

    They ut while they burd.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:04 No.14199925

    Yes, they are. One type of the British dogs, though I was prepared to talk about them in general.

    Right, the Poludnitsa.

    The Poludnitsa is a Russian harvest spirit, who haunts the fields of farmers. Peasants working the fields often risked heatstroke, and during the middle of the day, the fields were off limits.

    The Poludnitsa, also known as Lady Midday and The Harvester of Souls, appears as a tall, slender young woman dressed in a simple white or yellow dress. She's pale and has long, flaxen hair. Stately as a stalk of wheat, she rises up out of the grain She moves through the wheat fields as if she were gliding, her legs never moving, the grain hiding her feet from view. She never speaks, and her face is beautiful, but completely impassive.

    If she finds anyone in the fields during the forbidden hours she is unforgiving. Her slender frame belays incredible strength, and she has twisted men’s heads off of their necks, or quietly broken their bones, one by one, with simple squeezes of her dainty hand.

    She's a rural spirit, so you wouldn't run into her in big towns or cities, but out in the country side, especially in remote villages of Eastern Europe, or places where East European immigrants brought the beliefs, she might still linger.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:13 No.14200032
    Poludnitsa and Aufhockers

    Bahrgeists if you have time,
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:13 No.14200036
         File1299802422.jpg-(102 KB, 695x645, 1243309025393.jpg)
    102 KB
    Hmmm... Russian spirits are always crazy...

    (No, I do not think the image is a Russian spirit, but I think it fits the thread. Minus the Werewolf woman.)
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:15 No.14200069

    Utburds are actually really nasty.

    In Scandinavia, back in the day, they practiced child exposure. That is, if there was one too many mouths to feed, one child (often the youngest) would be left out in the snow at night to die.

    Sometimes, this would result in an Utburd, also called a Myling. Not quite a ghost, not quite a zombie, the Utburd would first take vengeance upon its mother. It would return to the place it once called home, and would enter through the keyhole like a wisp of smoke. Then, a cold, crawling, naked dead baby would crawl across the floor to the mother's bed. Despite its size, the weigth would be incredible. As it crawled up her body, her bones would crack and creak,and as it sat on her chest, it would reach up and take her eyes.

    That wasn't the end, though. The Utburd would flee back into the cold, and haunt the night. Travelers would hear a mournful child's cry, maybe glimpse the small shape crawling through the undergrowth. But when not seen, the Utburd became big as a house. As the traveler walked, he would be followed by huge, thunderous footsteps. If he turned around, he would see nothing, though he might hear the cry of a baby. As soon as he begins to run, the footsteps resumed, merging into an unbroken roar of sound. When he tired, a great force from behind would pick him up, and flesh as cold and hard as glacial ice would crush him, snapping his limbs and twisting his body.

    Imagine those stories of mothers who sometimes abandon their babies in trash cans or dumpsters. And now imagine the cold utburd, strong and big as a mountain, yet also as small and indistinct as a wisp of cloud, stalking the winter streets, looking for its mother, and then anybody else.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:16 No.14200079
    >really really nasty

    Oh now you gotta tell us what they are.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:17 No.14200094
         File1299802652.jpg-(514 KB, 2136x2848, Aufhocker.jpg)
    514 KB
    The Aufhocker is from Germanic folklore. Traditionally they stalk the lonely roads between towns. They only come out at night, and their form is shadowy and indistinct, and accounts as to their true nature are conflicting.

    They are handy to a GM because what an Aufhocker does is find an individual human, usually a lonely traveler, and leap on their back and latch on. Then Auhocker is almost impossible to dislodge, and it begins to steadily grow heavier, exhausting or eventually crushing the victim. Only dawn,a cock's crow, or church bells will cause the Aufhocker to vanish.

    This is a handy tool to deal with lone wolf players who think the story is all about THEM. Fantasy game? some dick keeps leaving the group? Is it night? Aufhocker time.

    In the wilderness of the city, where might they lurk away from the light?
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:19 No.14200111
         File1299802742.jpg-(436 KB, 900x900, Summoner Confusion.jpg)
    436 KB
    He... Just did?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:19 No.14200115

    Some Aufhocker fluff from an old thread:

    >Aufhockers' true form is a short, black or dark gray skinned humanoid, with a spindly build that belies the great strength in its limbs. It has pointy ears, no body hair, and a prehensile tail. The hands and feet are clawed. The eyes glow like dying coals.

    >Aufhockers can compact their bodies, and during the day hide in dark, lifeless places, like the depths of abandoned wells or inside the hollow trunks of dead trees. If they are ever exposed to sunlight, their bodies instantly evaporate. At night they crawl out, and they are most active on moonless nights and during Autumn.

    >Aufhockers usually climb into trees near the road, handing from the boughs like monkeys, quietly whispering to each other, their skinny bodies blending in with the branches in the dark. The only sign that gives away their presence is their faintly glittering eyes.

    >Once a traveler passes the tree, they slowly and silently lower themselves to the ground and creep up behind him.

    Ever had to drive along lonely country roads at night? Ever driven the highway in the midwest? Ever walked the city streets in the dark? In any lightless, desolate place, the Aufhockers might be waiting.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:20 No.14200127
    >critical failure on reading comprehension

    I think I should probably get some sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:23 No.14200154
    >The Poludnitsa, also known as Lady Midday and The Harvester of Souls, appears as a tall, slender young woman dressed in a simple white or yellow dress. She's pale and has long, flaxen hair. Stately as a stalk of wheat, she rises up out of the grain She moves through the wheat fields as if she were gliding, her legs never moving, the grain hiding her feet from view. She never speaks, and her face is beautiful, but completely impassive.

    In Germany she hacks people's heads off.

    Other than that, Asia is pretty funny. Cat Ladies wo die with their lovelies usually end up giving birth to Cat Demons as the animals eat her dead flesh and take on her human aspects in the process.
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:23 No.14200158
         File1299802998.jpg-(35 KB, 465x504, Death Hug.jpg)
    35 KB
    Oh that is delicious. I need to remember that one...

    On the other hand, damn you, because I work at night.

    Hihihihi! Yeah, probably a good idea. It happens to all of us though. Get some rest!
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:25 No.14200179
         File1299803130.jpg-(178 KB, 1024x768, weeping-angel.jpg)
    178 KB
    Pic so very, very related.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:30 No.14200232
         File1299803442.png-(1.91 MB, 930x1560, Otus_scops_ab_cropped.png)
    1.91 MB
    The Strix is a Roman mythical creature, vaguely described sort of anthropomorphic screech owl, like the ones pictured to the left. Strigiformes, the order of birds owls belong to, are named after them. Strigoi, Romanian vampires and strega, Romanian witches, are as well. Unlike vampires, the Strixes were alive and weren't human, but they drank the blood of babies and disemboweled people with the huge talons on their hands so they could to eat their livers and other internal organs of adults. This might explain why the Romanian strigoi also tends to eat the heart of its victim as well as drinking the blood. It also might explain why one of the animals vampires are supposed to frequently transform into is the owl. The Strix was described as a naturally occurring creature, but sometimes humans gave birth to them, which I imagine was unpleasant.

    Imagine dark colonies of them still roosting in the deep, dark forests, hooting softly to each other, their eyes seeming to glow in the night. Maybe in the modern day they even roost in abandoned buildings or in other high, dark places of the city. At night, they fly out, seeking open windows.
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:35 No.14200284
         File1299803715.jpg-(35 KB, 416x618, Bag head.jpg)
    35 KB
    Ahhh... I suspected they were owl-related, but I couldn't put my finger on why. That makes sense...
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:41 No.14200353
         File1299804094.jpg-(180 KB, 692x594, tikbalang.jpg)
    180 KB
    Also got a forest spirit that takes the appearance of a long-limbed anthromorphic horse, the tikbalang. Tricks you into getting lost in the woods and smells strongly of tobacco.

    Can't help but imagine that a modern-day tikbalang would get you lost by getting you high as fuck.
    >> Zach !!m1zNwNhpIw+ 03/10/11(Thu)19:44 No.14200372
    "Heeey man, why the *snort* long face?"
    "Dude, you're harshin' my vibe, bro. Hey check out that dude in the flower shorts..."
    "Oh fuck man, we gotta, we gotta-"
    *uncontrollable giggling and snickering*
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:44 No.14200373
    Okay, finally the Bahrgest, the phantom Black Dogs of Britain.

    Bahrgeist is only one name for them, but it's an interesting one, because it might explain their origins. Tales about similar spirits exist in Normandy, the Netherlands, and Northern Germany. See, bahrgest may be derived from "biergeist" meaning "spirit of the funeral bier" or possibly "berg geist," meaning "spirit of the mountain.

    This ambivalence of nature is central to the dogs. Are they spirits of the dead? Demonic hellhounds? Faerie beasts? There's legends that support all of those interpretations. One once charged into a church, tore the throats out of several worshipers, and burned its pawprint into the wooden door on the way out. They often haunt old burial mounds or graveyards, and one legend says that the last man to be buried each year had to become a graveyard's guardian spirit, and his ghost took the form of a black dog. They were death omens; if you saw one it you couldn't tell anybody for a year and a day, or you would die shortly after speaking of it. Touching them was a dangerous prospect. Sometimes, they seemed eternally just out of reach, no matter how close you were. Other times, they would deliver a "blasting" bite, causing a wound that would never stop bleeding.

    They are incredibly dangerous spirits, associated with graveyards, the lonely moors, and death.

    They usually stick close to places people have been buried, and lonely rural areas, but sometimes they'd wander int towns, and on nights like that in the old days people locked the doors and didn't go out. In the modern day, people don't remember the old ways, and some child might try to pet it...
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 03/10/11(Thu)19:59 No.14200526
         File1299805177.jpg-(82 KB, 550x568, Many Fingers.jpg)
    82 KB
    One of my absolute favorites...
    Thanks a lot, man. I've got to remember these...
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)20:00 No.14200529

    Very cool. Thanks for content.
    That one is interesting, because it must have stemmed from sleep paralysis experiences.

    Tales of ghosts that creep onto you at night, sit at your chest and paralyse you are spread over the whole world. I had one of those experiences, but actually after I leaned what they were.

    You feel paralysed, but not just that. Your whole body feels dead and it seems to you that you forgot how to breathe and will suffocate before you manage regain control over our chest.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)20:07 No.14200594

    Doesn't explain the eye-ripping-out or murdering-random-traveler bits.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)20:13 No.14200647

    So you can't touch them, and if you see them, you are doomed to di if you tell anybody about it withing a year and a day.

    Man, if a group of adventurers run into one, that's gonna be a tough encounter. I mean, A) how do you damage something that can't be touched and B) you couldn't mention it when discussing strategy or talking about the battle afterward.
    >> fog 03/10/11(Thu)20:15 No.14200664
    Or do if if you want to sour their day.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/10/11(Thu)20:36 No.14200888
    Bump for creepy awesome fuel. I may contribute some Indonesian ghosts later.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:03 No.14201164
         File1299809007.jpg-(106 KB, 280x851, lineworker.jpg)
    106 KB
    How would you gentlemen stat my friend here?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:59 No.14201821
    I've heard something complete different about Rawhead and Bloody Bones. Old Appalachian tale about a witches pet pig who gets revenge on the hunter who shot it. Brought it back from the dead and what not.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/10/11(Thu)22:00 No.14201842
    As promised, I'll throw out some Indonesian ghosts/spirits/bogeymen.

    Banaspati - A flaming ball of fire, it floats around at night, and eats people by licking them with its extra-large flaming tongue. Some say a face can be seen on the fireball.
    Gendruwo - A bogeyman, from what I heard they sometimes appear like big, hairy shadow men or otherwise large and hairy monster. Sometimes facial features may be recognized, but usually it's hidden behind a mass of hair. Said to smell like durians.
    Glundhung Pringis - A decapitated head that rolled in its own accord. Witnesses usually describe said head as grinning from ear to ear, and this is why its name is Glundhung Pringis (glundhung = rolling, pringis = grin). Some may disguise itself as fruit until the victim comes close, and then they fall on the victim's hand, showing their true form.
    Suster Ngesot (Skidding Nurse) - A fairly recent urban legend, it tells of the ghost of a nurse. Think about Silent Hill's nurse, put a lot of black hair in front of its face, and make it so she's not walking, but half-crawls, as if she's lost the function of her legs. Of course, the victim thinks it's easy to outmaneuver or outrun, but they're dead wrong, because the nurse moves at inhuman speeds.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:04 No.14201902
    >Glundhung Pringis - A decapitated head that rolled in its own accord. Witnesses usually describe said head as grinning from ear to ear, and this is why its name is Glundhung Pringis (glundhung = rolling, pringis = grin). Some may disguise itself as fruit until the victim comes close, and then they fall on the victim's hand, showing their true form.
    I wonder if they're filled with a bean paste...

    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:09 No.14201961
    Appalachian? You from that area? I'm in West Virginia, and if you are from this area it would make sense that you've heard of Bloody Bones, or Rawhead due to the large amount of Irish immigrants.
    The Irish love fucking with their children just as much as any other culture, and they like to use Rawhead. They like to use it so much that people seem to think the legend is Irish- which it's not.
    Is pretty cool though. If I have a kid, I think "bloody bones" will leave a quarter under his pillow when he's good, and then I'll tell him that when he's bad... well, old Bloody bones will come out of the cabinet and gnaw on him.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:10 No.14201969
    >short, black or dark gray skinned humanoid
    >spindly build that
    >great strength
    >prehensile tail
    >The hands and feet are clawed
    >The eyes glow like dying coals
    >Hide in dark,
    >Aufhockers usually climb into trees near the road, handing from the boughs like monkeys, quietly whispering to each other, their skinny bodies blending in with the branches in the dark. The only sign that gives away their presence is their faintly glittering eyes.

    Could this be where they got the idea for X-Men's Night Crawler? I know that the Aufhocker's meant to be hairless, but the rest is pretty dead on. And NightCrawler's meant to be German, isn't he?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:12 No.14201995
    Southeastern Ohio. My dad use to race up the stairs when were down in the basement and flip off the light when I was a kid then yell down that Rawhead and Bloody Bones would get me. I hate that fucking basement still.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:13 No.14202011
    That's no monstrosity, that's a common line drone.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:17 No.14202047
    I like your dad, he sounds funny. Of course, being in the child's shoes, one might be SCARED OUT OF THEIR FRIGGIN MIND. Still, funny to read about, but I don't know if I would do it to a kid, for example.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:21 No.14202086
    I told the story to my cousins because they were being pretty bratty. Felt bad because one of their friends was over and she seemed more scared then they did. Even went outside during the rain and ran to the door like something was after me to add to the story. It seemed more authentic because I really did slip on a puddle and had to grab onto the door to keep myself from falling.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:28 No.14202140
    That's beautiful, I hope you got the little shits good.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/10/11(Thu)22:28 No.14202145
    Now that you mention it, I can't get that mental picture off my mind. Maybe if I encounter one I'll just yell to it, TAKE IT EASY!

    Also, some more Indonesian ghosts:
    Lampor: A kind of ghost that patrols the rice paddies at night. Kinda like a will-o-the-wisp, in a sense that it's just a source of light walking along the rice paddies. People may think they're just people looking for crabs, crayfish, or eel with a flashlight, but on closer inspection... nobody's there.
    Jrangkong: Takes form of a human skeleton. Preys on passer-bys by binding itself around its victim and tearing out their bones.
    Kuntilanak/Pontianak: Your standard-fare Long-haired Asian Woman in White variety. Steals babies from their mother's wombs. A variant is a Peri, which looks like a very beautiful lady with long hair, but the long hair conceals a big festering gaping wound oh her back.
    >> God-Emperor of Makind 03/10/11(Thu)22:30 No.14202166
    Shadow people
    Mist phantoms
    Weeping angles
    Dead hands

    Congratulations you will not sleep EVER
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:33 No.14202194
    I had an idea for Slenderman.
    The reason he takes children is to save them.
    The children, if the PCs would investigate a bit further, all came from abusive families.

    He won't let anyone stop him.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:35 No.14202208
    >Dead hands
    Like from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
    >> God-Emperor of Makind 03/10/11(Thu)22:35 No.14202216
    lure children away, to save them, but to remove them from this world altogether.

    they exists only within the reality they created for themselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:37 No.14202231
    Think of the hell the PCs would endure trying to decide if they are the good guys for keeping the children here or the bad guys for keeping them near their families.
    >> God-Emperor of Makind 03/10/11(Thu)22:38 No.14202245

    Imagine sitting on a perfectly seated couch against a wall, that TINY crack in between the wall and the couch the hand pops out, a colorless elongated hand only seeking whoever is sitting on the couch. The hand can also come from underneath. It is silent and it is slow, but its hard to notice.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:40 No.14202261
    Now imagine sitting in the chair opposite the couch, watching it search for it's prey. And wondering how close it has been to you in the past.

    And then there's that crack in the wall next to your bed.
    >> God-Emperor of Makind 03/10/11(Thu)22:43 No.14202289
    dead hands seriously fuck with your mind. and they have a long reach. You know that feeling at the nape of your neck that tingling?

    That could be its fingers gently grasping at you.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/10/11(Thu)22:49 No.14202340
    You have no idea that that sudden weird tingle on your crotch could be from one of these dead hands, trying to feel what body part of its victim it is grabbing onto.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:52 No.14202363
         File1299815551.jpg-(32 KB, 493x402, Eddie Murphy Horrified.jpg)
    32 KB
    NOT MY DICK!!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:00 No.14202432
         File1299816045.jpg-(36 KB, 399x276, Drowners.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:01 No.14202442
         File1299816109.jpg-(74 KB, 399x567, Clooties.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:03 No.14202457
         File1299816181.jpg-(67 KB, 399x494, Death Tapper.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:04 No.14202472
         File1299816278.jpg-(108 KB, 595x621, GUHUHUHUH.jpg)
    108 KB
    This pleases me.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:06 No.14202491
         File1299816374.jpg-(95 KB, 650x1032, Surgeon.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:13 No.14202547
    Then you should check out The Book of Unremitting Horror. I'm just grab the smaller entries to put up. I'll probably even put up some pictures from there.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:39 No.14202798
         File1299818348.jpg-(82 KB, 702x1020, Snuff Golem.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:50 No.14202908
         File1299819003.jpg-(108 KB, 399x796, Snuffgolem 1.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:53 No.14202946
         File1299819236.jpg-(102 KB, 408x747, Snuffgolem 2.jpg)
    102 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:56 No.14202977
         File1299819410.jpg-(137 KB, 728x1041, clootie.jpg)
    137 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:58 No.14202997
         File1299819532.jpg-(95 KB, 399x1041, Mystery Man.jpg)
    95 KB
    I don't understand why his arms creep me out so much.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:02 No.14203031
         File1299819747.jpg-(98 KB, 399x979, Ovashi.jpg)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:04 No.14203045
         File1299819843.jpg-(96 KB, 399x710, ovashi 1.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:05 No.14203063
         File1299819947.jpg-(79 KB, 399x571, ovashi 2.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:08 No.14203086
         File1299820107.jpg-(38 KB, 399x276, ovashi 3.jpg)
    38 KB
    Last thing I'm posting from the book and I'm letting the thread be on it's way.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:48 No.14203423
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:49 No.14203434
    This thread still alive? Needs an archive.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:33 No.14204342
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:07 No.14204520
    It's done.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:19 No.14204585

    Wouldn't the rapists just start raping each other?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)09:51 No.14206356
         File1299855095.png-(943 KB, 666x862, bouh.png)
    943 KB

    You can't' really just post a bunch of excerpts and then not post the whole thing man.

    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)11:59 No.14207096
         File1299862797.jpg-(989 KB, 1500x846, 1285172089624.jpg)
    989 KB
    OP here. Glad this thread is still up. This is all quite awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)12:19 No.14207231
         File1299863969.jpg-(149 KB, 800x600, 1290785570988.jpg)
    149 KB
    Someone said this thread was archived. Where?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)12:42 No.14207376

    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)13:35 No.14207756
         File1299868537.jpg-(268 KB, 1000x842, deepgodmeeting.jpg)
    268 KB
    Well, I ran my first session the other night. It had some vaguely troubling elements, but nothing crazy like blood dripping upwards from the floor. The protagonists were at a night club, distracted by a fight on te dance floor. The bartender is killed at the bar and nobody noticed. His throat was cut, very deeply.

    The group goes to a quieter bar to hang out and collect their thoughts. After leaving the bar, they spot a black SUV across the street that takes off when they come out. They give chase and the SUV wrecks in an open field. The occupants are badly injurered, but able to pull a gun on the group. The group runs off.

    I have given them a vague description of a suspicious person at the night club. The bartender at the second bar recalls a guy offering to buy the night club and being turned down. The men in the SUV are remembered as some vaguely rumored militant group called CROSS.

    I don't want the two elements to be from the same source, but I also don't want this first session to be a series of insane coincidences.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)14:18 No.14208033
         File1299871087.jpg-(276 KB, 680x1106, 1285173352710.jpg)
    276 KB
    The killer could be unrelated to the group you mentioned in the SUV, but what did you want that group to do? Are they hunters? Some kind of security group? A well-funded army of nuts?

    A list of elements that you have:
    organized discrete militant group
    Amazingly bold and quick killer
    Rejected buyer of night club

    The buyer could own the militant group. The killer could be someone tailing them. You can't go all deus ex and force it to fit. No clue how to without more info.

    As an additional element, the killer could be controlled by an unrelated party in some way for a further splintered plot idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)15:16 No.14208460
         File1299874593.jpg-(21 KB, 480x512, 1295566539751.jpg)
    21 KB
    at least it's not regular stuff
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)18:50 No.14210133
    front page needs more horror, so bump!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)23:55 No.14212963
    This is some good shit.

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