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  • File : 1300501563.jpg-(153 KB, 900x636, Adepta_Sosoritas_by_slaine69.jpg)
    153 KB Sororitas Quest 3: The soulless Taint VII Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)22:26 No.14291292  
    Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Sisters%20of%20Battle

    Chapter 2 pt1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12385200/

    Previous Thread that missed Archiving: http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/14230812

    After reviving Tessa and destroying the 4th orb, several chunks of Ophelia VII were pulled into the god's realm. You move along quickly, taking refuge from a daemon attack in an abandoned building. There you meet Evelyn and her recruits. You convinced them to join you.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)22:28 No.14291327

    (yes this is me Forgot my name)

    A grin slowly spread across Elizabeth's face. She pulled her goggles down over her eyes, reaching back for her heavy flamer.

    In hindsight, giving Elizabeth the okay to burn anything with allies still in spitting distance was probably a very bad idea.

    Luckily, Galatea reacted before the Sister could unholster her heavy flamer. She lashed out with her powerfist, the daemonette squeaking and struggling as the enormous gauntlet closed around her head and peeled her off of Elizabeth. "Don't waste your promethium Sister. There will be plenty to burn soon enough."

    The Canoness turned and made her way out of the room. Filigree let out a muffled whimper, going completely limp.

    "I will if you keep acting up!" Galatea snapped, her voice fading as she continued to scold the daemon.

    Elizabeth pushed her goggles up, looking rather perturbed. "I never get to have any fun..."

    Evalyn slowly lowered her bolter, as did the initiate, lost for words.

    You begin to fill Evalyn in on everything that has happened up to this point. About halfway through another two initiates slowly creep down the stairs, probably wondering what happened to their commander. After a quick explanation and coaxing the rest of the initiates down, you resume your story, ending with entering the building you currently occupy.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/18/11(Fri)22:28 No.14291336

    (Dammit captcha!)

    Evalyn frowned, holstering her bolter. "I remember passing the building the Repentia were waiting in. It's a bit out of the way if memory serves though. I could point it out on a map. If the way between here and there is mostly clear of hostels, we should be able to get there without taking losses.

    You nod in agreement and check in on the poisoned sisters. They're doing better but they are still weak.

    You ask the twins and Caramel, all of whom were attempting to keep their fawning over the fluffball to a minimum, to do some scouting. If had you heard them right, they seemed to be trying to come up with a name for it.

    The twins headed out immediately, forcing the sisters to remove the baracade. Caramel hesitated for a moment, the tiny creature clinging to her calf. "Exalted Martyr. Do not hesitate to deploy me. The honored techpriestess repaired my jump unit. It is once again wired into the generator powering my suit. I do not have to burn fuel to jump, merely let the thrusters cool periodically."

    She bowed lightly before turning on heel and walking out after the twins.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)22:43 No.14291511
    yay it's back
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/18/11(Fri)22:46 No.14291553

    bump it more often. please you guys. I have an odd schedule so i can bump it really late but i cant bump it in the mornings.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)22:53 No.14291645
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)22:58 No.14291696
    Alright. I'm sorry about that. I can only really bump this in the afternoon/late evening.
    What's happening guys? We running out of steam or something?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/18/11(Fri)23:02 No.14291734
    i'm pretty much out of steam today. How long do archives on Easymodo last anyway?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:03 No.14291752
    Ah... a while. Not sure, but I'm pretty sure things don't get deleted on easymodo, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:07 No.14291791
         File1300504051.jpg-(8 KB, 251x251, 1270014794682.jpg)
    8 KB
    >Sororitas Quest 3: The soulless Taint
    >The soulless Taint
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:09 No.14291809
    ah go boil your head. It's been a long day for everybody and it's late.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:18 No.14291899
    Third time's the charm, guys. Let's try to keep this one on the board!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:21 No.14291922
    yeah. Man this quest is weird. How long do our threads last? Like... a week? Two weeks?
    We've got to have the record for most often bumped
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)23:30 No.14292010

    Maybe, maybe not. Weren't some of the older completed quests bumped, like, twenty times per thread?


    Don't worry, OP. We'll keep the threads alive while you're away.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/18/11(Fri)23:56 No.14292269

    we definitely hold the record for most waifus. To put things in perspective heres a list of all the named/important characters I can remember...

    Banshee Exarch
    (and the fluffball who needs a name)
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)00:12 No.14292396
    heheh. Shouldn't it be caramel's decision to name the fluffball?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/19/11(Sat)00:35 No.14292619

    unless you guys want to name it.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/19/11(Sat)01:22 No.14293012
    i'm waiting to see if anyone wants to reply again or if you guys want to copypasta your replies or something. (my computer doesn't do well when viewing Easymodo due to font issues)
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)02:02 No.14293301

    I'll post up the vital bits from the archive on Easymodo, so we'll get back to the most recent part of the story.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)12:15 No.14297001
    Bumping from page 13.

    Don't have the time to write anything proper at the moment. I hope this thread will survive for a few more hours.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)12:22 No.14297029
    bumping for players and host
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)14:58 No.14298116
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)15:02 No.14298164
    >The trio returned several minutes later. The twins looked deep in thought. "There are very few enemies on the path to the repentia"at least compared to the path we have to take to get to the hive..."

    >Caramel broke in. "There also seemed to be no movement in the building though. It is largely in tact so its likely that they survived. There are also no human footprints in the snow anywhere around the building. If they're still alive, they're in there."

    >The twins nodded gravely. "It may be best to press forward now, however."The longer we wait, the more enemies appear."

    Is that still valid?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/19/11(Sat)15:38 No.14298513

    Err... yes it is. Thats my bad Sorry bout that. I blame exhaustion.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)16:22 No.14298911
    Don't worry. That happens to all of us at one time or another. I should be able to post a reply within the next hour or so.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)16:50 No.14299149
    "Then we need to move as quickly as possible. Right now every second counts."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)17:16 No.14299346
    "You are probably right." Esme replies before pausing for several seconds, trying to find a solution to the situation they're in. As soon as she's formulated a plan, the Exalted Martyr approaches the canonesses.

    “Canoness Galatea, Canoness Florencia. I think it will be best if the twins, Caramel, and I try to locate any possible survivors at the repentias' former location. It wouldd probably be advantageous if we could spare some protection from the cold for them, from what I remember, their lack of clothing might be a distinct disadvantage in our current situation.” Her face hardens as she continues ”I doubt they'll achieve the forgiveness they desire by freezing to death - even if it is for the Emperor.” After briefly looking in the direction where Verity takes care of the poisoned sisters, Esme continues. ”I must ask for the rest of our troops to remain here until our incapacitated comrades are able to move again. If we haven't returned until then, I'd suggest to carefully continue moving towards the infested hive.” “Unless, of course, you'd suggest another course of action.” Esme adds finally, powers or not – the canonesses are still years ahead of her in terms of tactics and pure experience.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/19/11(Sat)20:21 No.14301016

    The canonesses pause, thinking. They murmur to each other for several minutes before approaching you. Florencia seems more annoyed than usual. "My silver winged angels and I will accompany you"

    Galatea nodded. "The twins can carry Elizabeth with them. She would be happy to warm them up. It is an unfortunate that the holy promethium cant be put to better use but this may be a nessisary evil if we want to keep the Repentia alive."

    Elizabeth glanced up. She had been showing off her heavy flamer to the awed initiates in the room. "Wait... I'm doing what?"

    Galatea facepalms, Florencia's eye twitching.

    The twins quickly moved to Elizabeth's side, explaining the situation to her. The heavy flamer nodded brightly. "Oh... I can do that!"

    Caramel walked over. The fluffball was clinging to her bare arm, chittering softly. "I shall keep the sollex blade handy in case any more daemons show up... Speaking of daemons, we must ensure they know of Filigree and Tribble. We do not want any accidents."

    Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. "Tribble?"

    "That's what I named it."

    "But... Tribble?"


    "... Why?"

    Caramel gently scratched it. "Is it not cute?"

    Galatea pinched the bridge of her nose. "Let's... just get moving..."

    The twins nod, leading the bewildered Elizabeth to the door, Florencia and her silver winged angels following.

    Caramel smiled. "I suppose I shall be leading you then Exalted Martyr. Shall we be off? Unless you have something you wish to do first."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)21:10 No.14301509
    .... is there anything to do first? Distribute gear? Organize the sisters?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)21:17 No.14301589
    I'd like to see Caramel's armour patched up. Are the bonesingers nearby?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)21:19 No.14301615
    >Shouldn't Caramel name it?



    Whelp... I guess we were asking for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)21:51 No.14301935
         File1300585878.jpg-(615 KB, 750x1089, sq__sister_caramel_by_bloodcri(...).jpg)
    615 KB

    Caramel has always been missing half her armor. The only thing she's lost is her glove if I recall correctly.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)22:19 No.14302190
    yeah we were.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)22:21 No.14302207

    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)22:24 No.14302229
    "I think we're good. Unless someone has any ideas?"
    Esme purses her lips, trying to remember anything before she leaves.
    >... maybe we should send some of the weaker initiates back to the chapel where Quizzy is?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)22:27 No.14302257
    Let's hope it doesn't reproduce like it's namesake
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)22:59 No.14302526
    Writefag here, sorry for dissapearing. My entire school got banned from 4chan for a few days.
    I should be able to help keep this thread afloat in the mornings.

    Oh, and I'm up for rescuing our Repentia immediately.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)23:07 No.14302584
    as am I
    >> Anonymous 03/19/11(Sat)23:12 No.14302622


    Filigree? Is that you?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)03:31 No.14303613
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)03:49 No.14303687

    I've been wondering where our resident writefag's been. Good to see you back, friend.


    As for any priorities that need be accomplished before we disembark...I can think of nothing.

    It would be unwise for the bulk of our troops to move without our protection; even with specialized squads among them, they won't last long in melee, where it seems these beasts thrive. I suggest they fortify the building as a safe zone and possibly try to establish communication with the Inquisitor to determine if they need assistance.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)03:52 No.14303712

    Blast it, last part of that post was supposed to be directed toward >>14301016
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)04:37 No.14303763
    Yeah, the idea was to fix that problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)04:39 No.14303766

    What gear do we have? The only gear I remember us having on hand are the melta, rocket launcher, and lascannon currently in use by Alessa and her heavy weapons team. Do we have any guns free at the moment--a spare bolter or two, possibly some plasma or melta weaponry?

    And whatever happened to those suits of armor we acquired from the museum earlier on in the quest? Are they fully repaired and usable?

    Also, do we have any specialized equipment--grenades, special bolter ammo, a rosarius or two? I think we need to take inventory.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)04:46 No.14303782
    We still have that vortex grenade Delessa gave us, if I remember correctly.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)05:18 No.14303909

    I don't think it would be safe using something like that while the area around us is still so unstable. Probably would be best just to hang on to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)05:49 No.14304038
    I agree. The first time we used one of these was pretty disastrous.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)06:28 No.14304219

    that WAS due to a bad roll however.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)06:46 No.14304287

    Even so, I still vote against it. The realm is still in a constant state of flux, and there's no real telling of just what kind of effect a vortex grenade would have on it. We don't want to accidentally the whole realm with an unlucky roll of the dice.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)07:03 No.14304367

    You forget, we control Esme now. We mustered enough zeal in chapter 1 to turn our psykic sister into a lesser god.

    I think we can handle zealing up a vortex grenade.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)11:26 No.14305933

    mayhaps the emporer will look kindly upon our bravery and give us awesome rolls?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)12:08 No.14306214
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)14:22 No.14306889
    It might be a good way to start the assault. Let that do some serious damage to the hive, get Allessa to bombard the thing from afar, then move in a gut whatever survives.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/20/11(Sun)14:25 No.14306954

    You have a force blade, a power claw, and a vortex grenade

    Evelyn's recruits have standard issue bolters and cc weapons

    Anna has a heavy bolter

    Silver winged angels are all equipped with two power blades and twin inferno pistols

    The twins each have a phase sword and an inferno pistol and thermite

    Caramel has a Sollex blade and a sonic pistol

    Evangela has a flaming chainsword and two frag grenades

    Verity has a bolt pistol with psi rounds and a medical implant

    Filigree has a lightning claw and lash of torment

    Galatea has a power fist and a bolt pistol

    Florencia has the huge ass daemon hammer

    Eden is unarmed

    Chloe is unarmed

    Fortran is unarmed, though her mechadendrite can do some damage against a single opponent

    Tessa has a standard power sword

    Rodwen has a singing spear

    The Exarch has a banshee mask and an executioner

    (did i miss anything?)
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)14:25 No.14306959
    prayer helps in that respect
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)14:42 No.14307080
    I do remember that we have a couple of rosarii to pass around.
    I think we should probably slap those on some of close combat girls, such as the twins and possibly Caramel or Florencia (Since she seems to make poor decisions when attacking things).
    We also have a melta pistol laying around somewhere that Galatea might find useful.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)16:53 No.14307695

    But what about the armor? If Tessa's armor is still damaged, we could give her one of the suits we recovered from the museum--same thing for Caramel, provided her jump pack can be re-wired into that suit's power system.

    And does anyone remember how many rosarii we have specifically?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/20/11(Sun)17:12 No.14307851

    I believe you had 4 or 5 Rosarii. Remember, if you give the twins one you'll be handing out 2.

    Galatea's bolt pistol is blessed and an inferno pistol is the same as a melta pistol. You have plenty.

    The suits are not nessisarily in perfect fucnctional condition. Tessa has a hole through her armor and smashed pauldrons. She's otherwise fine. (you did take a bonesinger with you. I forgot to say it. She's in the formation next to chloe.)
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)18:16 No.14307961
    Alright, a rosarius to each of the Twins, Tessa, Florencia, and Caramel since they will be taking the brunt of our CC fighting.
    Have the bonesinger patch up Tessa's armor, and I say we head out to get us some half naked women.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/20/11(Sun)19:05 No.14308342
    >all quest related posts

    You pass around several Rosarii. Caramel hesitated as you handed her one.. "Are you certain you wish to give me this. Would it not be better spent on Galatea?"

    You ignored the urge to smack Caramel, assuring her that you wanted her to use it. She nodded, fastening it to her armor with a deep bow.

    Tessa smiles weakly as you hand one to her. "Yeah yeah... Be safe..." She reaches forward, quick as lightning, nabbing her eyepatch from your belt. "You didn't think you got to KEEP this, now did you?"

    You smile at her before instructing the bonesinger to repair Tessa's armor. She and Fortran were working on Tessa's shattered Evicerator. Fortran must have picked it up while walking. You were going to have to re-bless it if you wanted it to have the destructive power it held before.

    You move to follow the twins outside, tossing Rosarii to Florencia and the twins before they took off. The Canoness donned hers without so much as a word. The twins smiling as you hand them each one. They murmur a unified "Thank you" as they clip them on.

    Elizabeth shrugged. "Who needs a Rosarius when you have several gallons of liquid fire?"


    It did not take long for you to reach the building in question. It was in relatively good shape all things considered.

    The twins set Elizabeth down near the entrance, their jets still glowing white hot from the flight. Florencia and the angels landed similarly.

    Caramel came down harder several meters behind them, kicking up a layer of snow.

    They waited for you to land, Galatea pulling her hammer free. "Alright exalted martyr. Who's going in first?"
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)19:07 No.14308365

    How many Inferno pistols do we have? If we've got enough, inferno pistols all around. Give 'em to the Twins, Florencia, Galatea, Evangela, and Tessa.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)19:18 No.14308479
    I bow slightly, smiling at Florencia.
    "Would you do the honor?"
    I order the Twins and Caramel to act as rearguard as we enter the building.
    As Galatea moves to shatter the door with her hammer, I move up behind her. I will be the second body in.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)19:18 No.14308484

    Lead by example. Step into the building, leading the Sisters in a psalm to steel ourselves against any danger:

    The Emperor is my guide; through him I shall not fail.

    He watches over me in my time of need, He leads me where others would falter. My faith in Him restores the soul.

    His doctrine allows me to crush those who stand before us, in His name.

    Yea, though I fight against horrors numerous and unimaginable, I will fear no evil, for my brethren stand beside me. My sword and my armor comfort me.

    He has prepared a table before us, our reward in death. He shall anoint our heads with oil, and smile upon us for our service.

    Faith and Duty shall beat within my heart, all the days of my life, and I shall purge the enemies of Man until I fall.

    Ave Imperator.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)20:41 No.14309160

    Move into the building first, with Caramel behind us. Then Florencia and her Sisters, Elizabeth, and the Twins (did I forget anyone)?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)21:11 No.14309386

    You really want the trigger happy heavy flamer in the back?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)21:21 No.14309455

    Switch Caramel and Elizabeth, and I think we'll be okay.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)21:27 No.14309542
    Oh dear, I actually laughed at that.
    Always a good time with Elizabeth around.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/11(Sun)23:25 No.14310841

    C'mon man, be positive. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)00:55 No.14311821
    Bumping in anticipation of plot development
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)01:31 No.14312238
    Has the quest been updating on sup/tg/ as we've been going along?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)02:03 No.14312579
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)02:09 No.14312613

    Not that I've seen. It's still stopped around >>14293301.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/21/11(Mon)03:33 No.14313474

    updated the archive. Should be fine now.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)04:18 No.14313841

    Thank you kindly, OP.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/21/11(Mon)05:27 No.14314270
    >>14309386 >>14309160
    >>14308479 >>14308484

    You move forward slowly, keeping Elizabeth at your side, the rest of the squad following.

    The first room has a vaulted ceiling. Broken statues honoring the emperor and his saints lie shattered across the cracked mosaic floor. Sprawled out in the middle of the room lay the twisted remains of what must have been an ornate chandelier. Two staircases lay nestled in the far wall, one leading up to the next level, the other leading down.

    The scouting team didn't see anything when they flew overhead. Any living repentia could be one level down. These buildings, however, had poorly constructed lower chambers. Though structurally sound, they were tight. It could easily be an ambush. The dark didn't help either.

    Going up wasn't much better. The walls were thick and the windows small. If you were followed, enemies could easily take the lowest floor. You'd be forced to fight your way down and out, wasting precious time.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)05:58 No.14314432

    I don't like this. The building's interior screams death trap, and I'm thinking that the floor's gonna be covered in red by the time we start walking out of here.

    "Stay vigilant," I tell the Sisters with me, walking slowly across the floor toward the downward-leading stairwell. "Watch for movement."
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)06:41 No.14314661
    Bedtime bump. Hope this thread's still here in nine hours!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)11:44 No.14316486
    Hmm. Time to split up gang and search for clues?
    If the repentia are here- or at least were, they should have left some mark of themselves- maybe singes from the pilot lights of their exorcists, or overturned and broken furniture hastily placed upright, whether to serve as furniture or as barricade. We should at the very least see if there are any trails leading down or up.
    If none, I suggest splitting the party- close quarters to the basement, people who do not have flamers upstairs, with carol and coral standing watch on the floor above
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)12:19 No.14316712
    I hate to agree with >>14316486
    because of the dangers of splitting up, but we really have no choice.
    I think that Florencia and her Seraphim scouting the top floor, then our group of waifus scouting the lower floor with Elizabeth leading to deal with anything too nasty would be best.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)13:34 No.14317293
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)14:21 No.14317694
    alright, but remember to spread the waifus out. It won't do us any good if we have someone like Sonja with us in close quarters, and the unnamed sisters need all the help they can get
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)20:07 No.14319539
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/21/11(Mon)20:14 No.14319621

    (At least the Silver Winged Angels have a title, right?)

    You tell Florencia and her angels to explore the upper levels. If worst comes to worst, the canoness and her retinue can smash open a wall to escape.

    As she takes the staircase up, you take the one leading down, Elizabeth pushing to the front at the last minute. Her heavy flamer would easily cut through any encountered enemies with little to no damage to the surrounding stonework. You sigh inwardly. With your luck the enemies will be tough enough to still attack, despite being on fire.

    The lower level was a bit smaller than you expected. A long hallway stretched out in front of you, old wooden doors lining either side. These were often used as storerooms for everything ranging from weaponry to holy relics to common items. The only sound you could hear besides the hiss of Elizabeth's pilot light was the faint rhythmic tapping of dripping water.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)20:42 No.14319965
    > Dripping water
    Oh great- dopplegangers
    Esme walks down the corridor, cautiously but with quickness, looking here and there for some signs of life. She calls out, hoping for a response, some indication that the repentia may yet live
    "Hello? Is anyone there?"
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)20:48 No.14320043
    >At least the Silver Winged Angels have a title, right?

    Semi-named character: +1 to all saves.
    Serving under Florencia: 2d6-2 san damage per week.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)21:23 No.14320518
    Noting the many doors and hidden areas, I expand my senses to see if I could feel the burning fervor of the Repentia.

    If nothing, then I suppose we would have to do it the old fashioned way and kick down every door.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)22:05 No.14321036
    Esme speaks to Elizabeth quietly, drawing her aside. "I am uneasy. Don't you think they would make some kind of noise? Or at the very least leave some sign of themselves?" She asks, biting her lip nervously.
    She wonders if this is a fool hardy endevor, and if she had might as well turn back now and save herself time
    >> Anonymous 03/21/11(Mon)22:52 No.14321570

    "Something's not right here." I utter in a forced whisper to Elizabeth, keeping close. "We should have seen something, anything, indicating that they are here." I switch on the vox bead and contact Florencia, asking if she's noticed any signs of the Repentia. "Stay on your guard, Canoness. I fear that we might be in for a little bit of a fight."
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)00:56 No.14322895

    This is the same post as >>14319621

    I...I am confused.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/22/11(Tue)01:35 No.14323198

    I had that post ready for quite awhile but captcha wouldn't let me post. I asked my friend to put it up but he had trouble to.

    I got the post up and then I guess he posted it too. sorry bout that.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)01:37 No.14323218
    'Tis fine, OP. We have some replies up and waiting for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)02:34 No.14323668

    Well, that explains that. No harm no foul, OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)03:52 No.14324310
    bumping in anticipation of meeting Silent Hill-esque abominations in the underground.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/22/11(Tue)03:54 No.14324319
    >>14321570 >>14321036
    >>14320518 >>14319965

    All you can sense as you reach out with your mind is the pulsing warp energies around you. The energy is so potent you can barely sense Elizabeth, and she's right next to you.

    All you get from your vox is static. You look up at the thick stone ceiling. There's no way you could get a message through that.

    You draw Elizabeth aside, speaking quietly to her.

    The heavy flamer blinks. "How should I know? I'm just here to drench things in holy promethium."

    You call down the hallway, listening for an answer. All you can hear is your own voice echoing ba-

    You're head snaps up, a faint scratching sound coming from behind one of the doors, though you weren't sure which one.

    There are in total 6 doors. 3 on each side. The middle door on the left had been buckled outwards by a large protrusion of slowly melting ice. Whatever was inside has long since been crushed.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)04:05 No.14324401

    Alright, a door game! This should be fun. Check the three doors on the right first. Kick or slash open each of the doors, and peer inside. If something beastly hides in the rooms, have Elizabeth do what she does best.

    Repeat process on left, but leave middle door for last. Have Elizabeth melt any ice around that door, and slash it open with the power claw.

    >captcha: difficult iatingl

    Looks like it will be a bit difficult to find out which door hides the potential survivor, captcha.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)05:11 No.14324829
         File1300785060.gif-(634 KB, 352x240, 506c7644e9a42ca750566952b68834(...).gif)
    634 KB

    Oh dear. Now you've gone and done it. Now I'm imagining Esme, Elizabeth, Florencia, and some horrific daemon doing that idiotic Scooby Doo door gag, complete with Benny Hill music in the background.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)06:04 No.14325093
    Bumpan so that this thread survives to see the sunrise.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)06:28 No.14325216
    ... Thats actually more terrifying than I would have ever considered it to be all things considered in this god's realm.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)11:41 No.14326651
    "We have no real choice. We will have to search each room. I'm going to start with the doors closest to us. That way if we need to escape, we won't have potential enemies behind us."
    I step to the first door on the right, and gesture for Elizabeth to join me .
    "The moment I knock this door down and I give the word, do what you do best," I say quietly.
    As the rest of the Sisters line up behind me, stacked on the wall, I raise my claw and knock the thing off its hinges, flaring my aura to look inside.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)12:17 No.14326988
    "We might as well start on the right- right is right, right? "
    Esme says as she moves to the middle door opposite the crushed one, trying to liven the tension with a little bad humor.
    >Hmm- do you think we should have Elizabeth melt the ice on the crushed door?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/22/11(Tue)14:56 No.14328457

    You move forward slowly to the first door on the right. The other sisters stand back, but Elizabeth scoots in right next to you, flamer ready.

    You weren't sure if this was a good thing or not.

    With your claw, you easily tore the flimsy barrier down. With a loud squeal, a small creature with long spindly tentacles dislodged itself from the ceiling and latched onto your head, You stumbled back, managing to pull it off, the creature wrapping itself securely around the forearm of your unclawed hand.

    You take a moment to catch your breath, gently pointing Elizabeth's flamer in another direction.

    Caramel slowly approached. The fluff ball was sitting on her head like a hat. It leaned forward curiously, blinking down at the creature.

    "This is most likely another remnant. Much like Tribble." She mused. "I heard stories that even Slaanesh still finds them occasionally lingering in its realm."

    Elizabeth took a step forward. "That's lovely... really... when can I burn it?"

    Tribble crouched down, letting out a little growl, its fur bristling comically.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)15:06 No.14328549
    :3 adorable fluff ball is adorable
    "Preferably after I've managed to remove it from my arm- I still want to use it in the future."
    Esme wraps a hand around the tribble-ite, and tries to remove it.
    She frowns, looking over at Caramel. "Do you know anything about these things? Weaknesses? How to get them to let go?"
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)16:14 No.14329209
    Aw well. I guess there isn't anything in doing these doors one by one. Caramel, and Elizabeth should open the other doors on the right side while we go looking in the one we opened up, to double check that there's nothing there
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)16:25 No.14329301
    Give the little thing a pet!
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)16:25 No.14329309

    "Well, that was unexpected," I mutter as I try to nudge the small...thing...off my arm. "Elizabeth, you'll have plenty of time to burn things in the future. Just be a dear and open the other two doors on this side with Caramel while I try to deal with our unexpected guest." Continue to try prodding the small beast off our sword-arm.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)17:36 No.14329951
    "That will entirely depend on its actions." Esme replies while poking the thing attached to her arm with a blunt part of her power claw.
    Still trying to get the creature to detach from her arm, the Exalted Martyr turns to Caramel, one eyebrow raised. "Say, what company have you been keeping lately to know such things?" she asks playfully before proceeding to check the interior of the newly opened room.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/22/11(Tue)18:28 No.14330540
    >>14328549 >>14329209
    >>14329309 >>14329951

    Caramel flinched a bit, shaking her head to clear it. You sensed rather than saw the stain on her soul flicker and move.

    "Ugh... You know very well what company I have kept previous to this day. It is the company I still keep and an experience I shall not forget until the end of my days."

    "Regardless," She continued. "Remnants are rarely more dangerous than they appear. Many flee into the swarms that flit through the warp, scavenging for whatever they can find."

    You sensed the stain undulate several more times, Caramel going rigid teeth bared. "My... Unwelcomed guest has been insisting I tell you that they make 'interesting playthings' and are 'a nice snack.'"

    You were about to use less nice methods of attempting to remove the small creature from your arm when Tribble leapt off of Caramel's head, landing on your sword arm. You jerked back reflexively, the fluff ball losing its grip, taking the other creature with it. Both creatures hit the ground, the new one squealing as Tribble bit into it. Several crunches later nothing remained.

    It waddled back over to Caramel, curling up next to her foot and closed its eyes with a satisfied sigh.

    "... At least I am now aware what to feed it."

    Elizabeth had already trotted off, pulling down her goggles and kicking down the next door in the line, flamer at the ready. She paused for a fraction of a second before rushing into the room, saying something about promethium and promethium accessories.

    Caramel bit her lip. "If there is promethium in any of the other rooms, we can not have Elizabeth flame it, lest she cause an explosion."
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)18:43 No.14330724
    Esme pulls Caramel into a brief hug. "I'm sorry. I forgot what you actually have to make do with. Please, forgive me."
    After letting go of the other sister, Esme prepares to open the next door. "Everybody ready in case there's something less pleasant in here?"
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)20:11 No.14331535
    Emse winces at her faux pas, scratching at the back of her head self consciously.
    "Sorry Caramel. I forgot myself... and the unwanted company you keep."
    She turns quickly- three more doors.
    Taking the one on the side opposite of the remaining unopened one, she nods to Caramel, indicating that they should both open it at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)22:56 No.14333403
    ...Did you really just make a King of the Hill reference? I'm not sure whether to love or hate you.

    I give Caramel a reassuring hug, and step gingerly around Tribble to look into the room that Elizabeth had stormed into.
    "Galatea said something about our flamer supplies being low. If we can bring any of this with us, it could only help."
    As the pyromaniac Sister rummages through the supplies, I gesture for the rest of my group to follow me to the first door on the left, and breach it when they gather around me.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/11(Tue)23:51 No.14333920
    bumping for divine will who is still in class
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)01:30 No.14334855

    Oh, King of the Hill. I now imagine an AU Elizabeth who becomes a seller of industrial-grade promethium and promethium accessories.

    But back to the plot. "I am sorry for coming off so harshly, Caramel." Offer the girl a light smile and a hug. "I've forgotten about your...dark guest" Turn to the room Elizabeth is in. "Elizabeth, if you could come out for a bit? I'd like to see just what is behind the other three doors down here."
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)03:25 No.14335748

    "My apologies, Caramel. You know I meant no rudeness by my words." Pull the girl into a tight hug. "Elizabeth, do you need any help carrying any of the promethium?"
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)05:17 No.14336583
    bedtime bump
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)07:42 No.14337202
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)10:31 No.14338180

    >lost clitt

    Get your mind out of the gutter captcha! We've got work to do!
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/23/11(Wed)12:02 No.14338965
    >>14330724 >>14331535
    >>14333403 >>14334855

    Caramel waved off your apology, shaking her head. "Truth should be spoken regardless of the pain it may cause. With my failure I brought this upon myself and cost the lives and sanity of sisters under my wing."

    She sighed. "Hindsight is a little too clear Exalted Martyr. Do not forget this. During the last minutes, had I understood the circumstances of the assault, I would have surely turned blade upon my fellow sisters and myself rather than succumb to this madness."

    She gently scooped up the sleepy fuzzball and followed you to the door opposite the one you just opened. "Although," she mused. "Had I granted myself peace, I would not have had the honor of serving by your side to stop this atrocity from occurring. The Emperor's agenda is not one for me to question."

    Elizabeth walked out visibly slower, her promethium tanks full, goggles down.

    You really didn't like the grin on her face.

    "Give me something to burn..."

    You quickly open the next door, not wanting any accidents. You were in luck. Several creatures were in a room full of what appeared to be clothing. You didn't get the chance to see what type of creatures they were, however, an enormous stream of promethium blocking your view.

    "Burn... BURN!!! AHAHAHA!!!"

    By the time she was done, even the ceiling had a nice even coat.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)12:22 No.14339127
    I clap Elizabeth on the pauldron, "Impressive work. Let's try and be a little more conservative with our promethium in the future though, okay?"
    Looking into the roiling inferno, I can tell that there won't be anything salvageable, so I gesture for my Sisters to move on to the next door.
    As we stack up once more, I gently push Elizabeth to the back of the line.
    "As much as your style is...effective, I want to see if we can salvage anything in this room," I smile teasingly, "Try to restrain yourself. There will be plenty of enemies in the future."
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)12:34 No.14339229
    "That's good Elizabeth. Save some for the other deamons." Esme says, patting the chuckling sister on the back.
    Now on to the last two doors.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)13:07 No.14339560
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:41 No.14340983

    I give Caramel another smile. "The Emperor protects, Caramel. His Will is unknown to us all, though I am glad to have you fighting by my side in His service."

    I turn to Elizabeth, giving her a clap on the shoulder. "Your zealotry is appreciated, Sister. Just be sure to save some fuel for the big threats, okay?" I look toward the smoldering remains of the room. "Well, there's no way we'll find anything useful in that mess. Come, let's see what's behind these other two doors."
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:42 No.14341004
    Ah, poo, that last comment was to be directed toward
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)18:39 No.14342355

    "Easy, Sister!" clasp Elizabeth on her pauldron. "Your zeal is admirable, but your recklessness might be a bit of a problem." Point toward the room. "Well, if there was something salvageable in there, it isn't there any more. Please--just be more careful next time, okay?"
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/23/11(Wed)18:58 No.14342518
    >>14339127 >>14339229
    >>14340983 >>14342355

    Elizabeth pouted but agreed, pulling a lho stick out of her bag and lighting it with the pilot light on her flamer. "I had to get that out of my system at least." She took a deep drag, readjusting her goggles. "Just give the word and I'll torch the room."

    Caramel took a small step back, shifting the fluffball to the other arm protectively. You tore down another door, looking inside quickly. The entire room was filled with large boxes and rocks. Stores of weaponry and similar items. There were also many places for an enemy to hide.

    A particular evicerator catches your eye. It is double edged with a thick axe like blade on the end. This was a weapon for cutting down hordes of infantry. Tessa might want that.

    You skim the room again. Nothing else really catches your eye. You'd have to let Galatea or Fortran sift through the items to glean anything special about them. It might be best to check for any more remnants or other creatures hiding, however.

    You begin a quick sweep of the room, Caramel following you inside, setting Tribble on the ground before beginning your search. You did not find any enemies, but you did run across a rather large hat that would spook the fluffball into bristling.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/23/11(Wed)21:08 No.14343459
    where are my questers? :/
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)22:31 No.14344683
    DAT HAT. Claim it for Delessa!

    Esme double checks the armor one more time before moving on to the last and final door. Her lightining claw crackles to life as she stands in front of the door, signalling with a small nod that the sisters should flank her before she kicks down the door
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)00:47 No.14346167
    >Large hat. Spooks demons.
    ... is that the remains of the confessor?
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)02:18 No.14347022

    We're in a storeroom. I think the fluffball is spoked because the hat is bigger than it is. Its very tiny if you recall from OPs pictues.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)02:49 No.14347284

    Esme lets out a little smirk. "We might find something useful here yet." She motions for Caramel to keep close and keep an eye out for any potential hostiles. "If we can, we should try bringing some of this stuff back to Galatea and the others."
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)03:13 No.14347468
    I sling the eviscerator onto my back. Who knows when it would become useful, after all.
    After a few more sweeps around the room to see if there were any blatantly useful items before I stop before the hat.
    I curiously pick up the hat, turning it to examine it from multiple angles.
    Maybe if I put it on I would have more authority. The bigger the hat the more in charge, after all...
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)04:53 No.14348105

    Enter the room slowly, with Caramel following close behind and Elizabeth at the door. If something goes wrong while we rummage through the boxes, dash out of the room and have Elizabeth blast anything that moves.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)06:28 No.14348535
    I reach down and grab the eviscerator with my sword hand, giving a practice swing or two if it isn't too heavy. I turn back to Caramel. "Do you think Tessa would appreciate an upgrade to her weaponry?"

    Look back into the room. "There's so much stuff here. If we can, we should probably come back with the others to see if they can find anything salvageable in here."
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)12:30 No.14350336
    Tessa has now weapon ATM
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)14:02 No.14351150
    Once we are done stealing the hat of command, let's hit up the final room and check to see how Florencia is doing. And if she's done something horrible yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)16:03 No.14352317
    "Let's check the last room quickly, and then we can get back in conact with Florencia. I do not like being cut off from her like this," I say.
    As we move out of the room, I take the massive chainsword. A gift for my love that was sure to be appreciated.
    We stack up on the final door, and I motion for Elizabeth to be the second person to enter after me.
    I don't want to get complacent, after all.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/24/11(Thu)17:00 No.14352796
    sorry guys i have been getting ready for an appointment. I will post when I return. I've also been working on another page of doodlz. This one contains more Caramel and fluffball.

    Anything you'd like to see sketched?
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)17:30 No.14353061

    Also- the enemy creatures we've encountered so far might be fun to doodle. Maybe eden?
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)19:33 No.14354196
    >Anything you'd like to see sketched?

    The newly acquired hat!
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)20:56 No.14354919
    I wanna see Tybalt
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)20:58 No.14354937

    A nice shot of Sister Evelyn would be nice.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/24/11(Thu)22:55 No.14356354
    >>14344683 >>14347284
    >>14347468 >>14348105
    >>14348535 >>14352317

    You grabed the hat and the Evicerator, moving quickly around the room, checking crates. The only other weapon of use you found is a storm bolter, which Caramel offered to carry. The only creature you found, Tribble found first. All you saw of it was one twitching foot as the fluffball devoured it.

    You exited the room, approaching the last non-frozen door. you waited for the twins, who had been searching the first room you tore open, slid up on either side of you. "That first room was a food storage."Everything is wet or spoiled. Nothing salvageable."Even the apples..." Coral added at the end, a touch of remorse in her voice.

    You reach forward and tear down the door. The room was full of different tools and some mechanical and electronic equipment. From gardening tools to waxwork equipment, there seemed nothing left out.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)23:03 No.14356427
    "Fortran should have a field day with this." Esme mutters under her breath, before turning to the other sisters. "Anyone familiar with weapons repair?"
    Still... disapointment fills her heart. Nothing. She could only hope that Florencia was having more success above.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)23:48 No.14356981

    (I'm assuming the storm bolter is unloaded?)

    "Some of this could be salvageable," Esme muses, picking up a random piece of tech. "If we can come back, we should bring Fortran to see if she can get something out of these parts."
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)01:46 No.14358277
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)02:00 No.14358438
    Esme sighs and double checks the last room. "Useful.... but not the sisters repentia." She ruminates to herself. She turns to the rest of the party.
    "Grab what you can- hopefully we'll be able to repair our weaponry with some of this." She heads up the stairs quickly, hoping that Florencia has good news.
    >Guys should we melt through the icedoor?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)02:34 No.14358805

    Not yet, we shouldn't. Let us regroup with Florencia and her retinue and see what's behind the door once we're at full strength.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)03:08 No.14359111
    Hopefully everything is alright above our heads.
    What should we do if they're under attack? Abandon the building or try to form a defensive perimiter?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)03:43 No.14359388

    If they're in trouble, we'll help beat the attackers back and bid a hasty retreat toward the safe zone.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)04:33 No.14359774

    It would be disastrous to form a defensive perimeter around the building. Though we have a few heavy hitters, we're cut off from the bulk of our forces. Also, our heavy hitters are all melee-centered; we have next to nothing when it comes to ranged combat. So if we're attacked, the only sensible option would be to push through the enemy lines to our forces in the safe zone.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)06:13 No.14360429
    sleepy bump
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)07:20 No.14360778
    Wanna sleep but my dogs are keeping me up bump.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/25/11(Fri)10:11 No.14361764
    have a morning class. Will post when I return bump
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)12:31 No.14362888
    Do we still have our data slate? If so, I want to geet a good look at the frozen door. Otherwise, maybe a quick scan with our warp-o-vision?

    While these supplies would no doubt be useful in the future, the assault on the beast loomed large in my mind.
    I sigh dissapointedly. We need the Repentia, not supplies.
    "Everyone upstairs. I feel nervous being cut off from Florencia for so long. Maybe they have had better luck than us."
    I put on the hat of command to make myself feel better.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)15:36 No.14364344
    I support dataslate idea. Other then that no where to go but up.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)17:33 No.14365252
    I'm kind of scared as to what Florencia has been up to in our absence.
    She nearly got herself killed in the god's realm when she was with us.
    Let's just hope she didn't go full retard or something.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/25/11(Fri)18:35 No.14365748
    (sorry it turns out i got dragged off for a ton of shit. working on post now)
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/25/11(Fri)20:04 No.14366424
    >>14356427 >>14356981
    >>14358438 >>14362888

    Your party gathered as many supplies as possible, putting them in bags. The twins rummaged through the last room, grabbing several bags and picking up as many utensils as they could find as well as several bottles of some form of cleaning solution. They rush over to a woodworking station, grab a few bottles, and rush out of the room. They enter the room with the spoiled food, giggling madly. You can hear them adding more stuff to the bag.

    You shook your head. They were always planning something.

    You wait for them to finish, hesitating for a moment before looking into the room with the dataslate. The ice disappears from view but the contents of the room remain visibly crushed. It might not work on the buildings from Ophelia VII. You'd have to ask Rodwen why.

    You quickly made your way back up, Elizabeth keeping close. You quickly get to the upper floor, opening a large door.

    Florencia was sitting at a wooden table, her silver winged angels behind her. Sitting across from her was a Repentia mistress, helmet removed. She had very short black hair that was matted and frizzled from being too long in the helmet. Florencia glanced in your direction.

    "Ah Esme, good to see you well. Please sit." She gestured to an open chair. "I was bringing them up to speed."

    The mistress stood and bowed deeply to you. "Mistress Sawyer, Exalted Martyr."
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)20:45 No.14366736

    "Good to see you are well, Florencia. I expect your search of the upper levels was uneventful?" Sit down, allow Caramel, The Twins, and Elizabeth to set down our newly found loot, and take a look at Florencia's new companion. "Mistress Sawyer, how are you? What has happened to the rest of the Repentia?"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)22:59 No.14367955

    "Good to see you are well, Florencia. We have brought some supplies scavenged from the lower levels; there's more down there though, and it will take much more effort to gather everything from down there."

    Turn to the Mistress. "Mistress Sawyer, it is good to meet you. Where are the rest of your Sisters, pray tell?"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)23:35 No.14368303

    "Good to see you are well"--mind

    "Did you find any trouble, Florencia? And how is our new guest?"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/11(Fri)23:40 No.14368344
    Esme gives a sigh of relief, giving a mental head count of the angels present. Hopefully they haven't lost anyone.
    She takes a seat in fron of the repentia mistress, folding her hands in her lap demurely.
    "It is good to see you're alright and unharmed, Sister." She says greatfully. "How have you been holding out? Have your charges suffered any fatalities?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)02:01 No.14369364

    "Glad to see you are both okay. Florencia, if we could borrow a few Sisters from your retinue--Caramel, the Twins, and Elizabeth are gonna need some help carrying a few salvageable items from the basement." Esme pulls a chair up to the table, leaning back and pulling in a breath before continuing. "Mistress Sawyer, I am glad to meet you. It is good to see that others made it through this madness alive. Tell me, how do you fare? How many do you have under your command?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)03:55 No.14370172
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/26/11(Sat)04:15 No.14370299
    Sawyer nods to the other rooms. "My repentia are doing their daily penance in the room behind me." Her voice was really scratchy. "My vox automatically turns on when I put my helmet on and their screams can become rather deafening."

    Florencia smiled, nibbling on a rations bar. "Didn't lose any of my angels, though I did nearly brain one of the repentia coming up here. Praise the Emperor and the Inquisition's love of giant statues." She nodded toward a rather smashed statue of a saint near the doorway. "Its a shame. I liked that statue."

    "That was saint Praxedes right?"

    "I believe so."

    "We'll have to make sure its fixed if we survive this." The mistress grinned. "I'd rather not end up becoming a part of my squad for desecration of imperial property."

    Elizabeth rolled her eyes, flipping a chair around and sitting in it backwards. "With the amount of damage I don't think one statue is going to matter."

    You glance back as the twins clear their throats. "You may wish to inform Mistress Sawyer about Filigree..."And Caramel for that matter."
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)04:34 No.14370427
    New to all this, still reading the backlog, but love your work!
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)04:35 No.14370432

    "In due time, you two," I whisper to the Twins.

    Turning back toward the main group, I ask, "Mistress Sawyer, just what has Canoness Florencia told you of our current situation? Do you need anything else explained or elaborated on? Has she missed anything important?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)05:53 No.14370934

    "We'll get around to it, don't worry." Give the Twins a reassuring smile before turning back to the Repentia mistress and the Canoness. "Mistress Sawyer, I presume that Canoness Florencia has told you of the allies which fight with us here on Ophelia VII?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)06:23 No.14371118
    >yay someone new
    Esme sighs. Of course, Delessa, making everything that much more difficult for her.
    "Ah. Mistress sawyer- you were aware that, in the fight to stave off the acursed powers, The Inquisitor, in her wisdom, decided to ally with... certain parties?" Esme asks, tentatively, steepling her fingers. Of course, most of the information was second hand for her, but, for the most part she had an accurate idea of the situation before her arrival.
    "Well... let's just say that she.. expanded on that list of allies. And that, at the moment, we need every helping hand we can, if we have any hope of reclaiming this world in the name of the Emperor."
    She leans back, and extends a hand. "We need you, and your charges. This is going to be perhaps the most difficult and deadly mission you'll ever be handed." She cocks a brow.
    "Certainty of death. Small chance of success. Are you with me?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)12:12 No.14372770
    bump, will reply later when I can.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)15:09 No.14374113
    I look impressedly at the statue. Florencia can be scary sometimes.
    Instead of focusing on this, I adress Sawyer, "How many of your charges do you have left? We are launching an assault soon on the beast that has done this to Ophelia, and we need every body that we can find."
    With a slight pause, and a silent curse towards Filigree, I continue, "Speaking of bodies. The Inquisitor that has aided us in fighting is a tad...radical. She bound a daemon to herself in order to get information. This probably saved all our lives, and the daemon has proved invaluable as an ally."
    Before Sawyer could erupt at this heresy, I say quickly, "I am not too fond of working with this beast, but we can take care of her later. The destruction of the beast that has attacked our sacred world is more important at this moment."
    I sigh and sit back in my chair. "Is there anything else that you would like to know? Oh, and it might be a good idea to keep your charges away from the daemon," I say with a slight smile.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)15:12 No.14374135

    Always good to see a new quester around. Welcome to the club.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/26/11(Sat)15:22 No.14374234
    Several events happening today followed by a game of SPACE HULK down at my GW. I'll work on a reply and hopefully get it refined enough before then.


    always great to have someone new. still accepting doodle ideas if you'd like to contribute.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)16:53 No.14375143
    Chloe! She needs more love
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/26/11(Sat)17:24 No.14375409
    Sawyer narrowed her eyes. "Seven... I have seven Repentia with me... And you better keep that abomination away from me, or I may not be able to restrain myself. How is it bound? If it has a host, what should I be expecting? What kind of daemon is it? What was the exact deal this Inquisitor struck?"

    You heard the clamor of Caramel's armor behind you and a faint "mmph" as the twins slipped back, grabbing the tainted sister and pulling her back into the stairwell.

    Elizabeth took a deep drag. "By the way. That's Sister caramel. She was possessed for awhile, but she got better. If she starts groveling and begging to join the Repentia, just kick her in the stomach and tell her no." She took another drag. "She is a good scout and way more useful as such than another Repentia."

    The Mistress just stared at the heavy flamer.

    Florencia rolled her eyes. "Useful? We should have just put a bullet in her head like we did with the others. But Delessa had to show pity and prolong her torture as well as put us all at risk."

    One of the rooms behind Sawyer opened, a battered Repentia walking out, kneeling next to her. "Mistress. He's waking up and we are nearly out of medical supplies."

    Sawyer seemed to snap out of her stupor. "Eh? Oh..." She turned to you. "A Confessor was horribly wounded near here some time ago. Nearly dead, he was. Managed to keep him alive so far. Don't know how he managed to survive the jump. Do you have any medical supplies with you? If not, it may be best to grant him the emperor's mercy and be done with it."
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)18:01 No.14375701
    I look helplessly to the woman before me. "It's been quite trying of late. I'm not even sure what to make of half the things that have happened to us."
    To allay her fears, I continue, "She is a daemonette, and is bound to the Inquisitor and must follow her commands. I don't think it has a host, but she is a very weak daemon."
    "As for Caramel, she's...an interesting case. Delessa, the Inquisitor that I was mentioning, broke the hold of a daemon over her so that she could fight and redeem herself. She's been invaluable, and her soul is quite pure. I've been purifying her as I can," I say, hopefully easing her doubts about the company we kept.
    I guilily take off the hat of command, "Ah, that explains this," I say.
    "Let me seem him, I might be able to heal him enough to stabilize him for later," I say, rising to my feet majestically. Hopefully saving him might win back Sawyer to my side.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)21:37 No.14377426

    "We don't have any medical supplies on-hand, sorry. However, there's a fortified safe zone not far from here. Is it possible to move him?"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/11(Sat)22:50 No.14377969
    "I may be able to help the Confessor somewhat." Esme says, standing. "I... have received certain blessings from the Emperor. "
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)00:34 No.14378873
    late dinner bump
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)02:25 No.14379382

    Guys...I know we wanna be able to save everyone we come across, but when facts come down to facts, we're gonna need to save some of our energy for actually taking on this new Chaos God's realm--I mean, we've probably spent more energy saving Alessa and Tessa than fighting the daemons of this new god. If the Confessor can be moved, we can jerry-rig a stretcher by using a door and take him to Verity for treatment when we return with the Repentia.

    But one thing at a time. Now that we know Florencia's okay, we should head back downstairs and smash open that final door.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)02:48 No.14379550
    I agree wholeheartedly. That's why I said in my post to only heal him enough for him to survive the trip back.
    If he's too far for help, though, the Emperor's mercy is the way to go.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)03:12 No.14379717
    Hmm. Well this is as much to get us back into favor with the Repentia as it is to save the Confesor. Right now... they are really looking at us funny. We need to show them
    "HEY LOOKIT- I"M CHOSEN BY THE EMPRAH" and save someone they like in the process
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)03:52 No.14380026

    If we're trying to convince the Repentia we are allied with the Emperor, why not just try that routine we did with Sister Evelyn--that is to say, boost up power momentarily to allow a sort of holy aura to form around us and allow our armor to glow?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)04:24 No.14380239
    it's more effective then sparkling and gives us another ally?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:54 No.14380808

    Perhaps, perhaps. I just want us to save our energy for tackling the big threats.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:35 No.14381755
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)12:41 No.14383223
    We already kind of doomed ourselves in that respect when we saved Tessa.
    I have the distinct feeling that we will be dying gloriously for DA EMPRAH to get enough power to defeat the god.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)15:18 No.14384457
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/27/11(Sun)16:04 No.14384824
    working on a post right now my peeps. been rather tired lately so i know they've been slow in coming. I dont want to just throw them together.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)16:55 No.14385258

    If they do, I hope we make it such an end that they enshrine us, our armor, and our weaponry here in a small chapel on Ophelia VII.

    It would only be appropriate, having defended the world in her darkest hour.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/27/11(Sun)18:44 No.14386238
    (the hat of command is not the confessor's. Also I'll let you use your imagination for it.)

    You nod to the mistress, standing. Sawyer glances at the Repentia.

    "Please lead our sister inside to tend to the Confessor."

    As you began leave, Caramel broke free from the twins, rushing inside, falling to her knees next to the mistress, babbling. The twins managed to grab her, pulling her back, covering her mouth.

    ""SHUT UP CARAMEL!!!""

    Sawyer took a deep breath. "The repentia is here for those who wish to repent for their misdeeds, Caramel. Even if I was equipped to take another Repentia at this time, I would have to determine if you had fallen far enough to join me rather than receive the grace of the Emperor's mercy without the need of pennance."

    Caramel quieted down, the twins slowly letting her up.

    You shake your head and continue to follow the chainsword wielding woman into the next room. Inside were six other repentia, many of them praying, the others inflicting some form of self harm. Only one was doing neither of these, instead tending to... Confessor Jeremiah.

    He had a large bandage covering his torso. He had bled clean through it. He was hooked up to a nearby medical servo skull which was giving him a steady drip of synthesized blood. He did not look movable in this condition.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)19:34 No.14386739
    I sigh slightly. Never a dull day on Ophelia VII.
    Playing to the Sisters around me, I ham it up a bit. I increase my aura slightly, make myself glow, and generally try to look very holy.
    I lay my hands on him and see how bad his injuries are.

    If he is concious enough, maybe ask him what hurts?
    Also, if his organs are a fine paste, then we shoud probably just say, "I must save my strength for the coming battle," or "He wishes to be granted the Emprah's mercy."
    Otherwise, heal him enough to stop the worst of the bleeding, and to make him survive long enough to reach Verity.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)20:53 No.14387545

    Not movable? Darn. Well, let's try healing the Confessor to a movable state, and then head back downstairs with Florencia to open that last door.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)22:19 No.14388556

    Caramel's zeal to purify her past sins never will make things uneventful, eh?

    But to the plot. Lean over to the Confessor's ear. "Confessor Jeremiah, do you hear me?" I whisper in his ear.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)22:22 No.14388593
    Well, if we are able to imagine our own hat...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)22:34 No.14388725


    Also, if it is indeed a Commissar's hat, does it give us the bonus of being able to requisition as allies any Imperial Guard soldiers we find?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)22:46 No.14388845
    Well, it was described as a BIG hat. That's important.
    While the size of our pauldrons will help us in negotiations with Space Marines, the size of our hat will help with the Guard Regiments.
    If we put that thing on Florencia...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)23:04 No.14389014

    Knowing that the Warp event was very violent, it would be highly unlikely that we'd find scattered Guard regiments. We can hope, though; rescuing a squad or two from a burning, crashed Chimera would give us that much more firepower to fight this realm.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/28/11(Mon)00:36 No.14389780

    I imagined it as a sort of commissar/indiana jones hybrid of a hat... but a little bigger.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)02:26 No.14390661
    I was thinking it to be like the Hat from the Inquisitor had in DoW 2, if it was not, in fact, her actual hat
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)02:34 No.14390722

    I thought the hat was some sort of Psychic Hood apparatus that we could use to amplify our powers.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:32 No.14391205

    Esme frowns, taking a step toward the side of the wounded man, making her aura brighter for everyone in the room to see. She looms over the wounded man, gazing intently at the bled-through gauze strips covering the chest wound. She then places her hand over the center of the man's chest, and begins the process of healing him to a movable state.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:33 No.14391719
    Bedtime bump
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/28/11(Mon)06:03 No.14392291

    Knowing me, the hat will look completely different on paper than how I imagined it. It will probably end up looking kinda like the Inquisitor hat from Retribution because... damn... dat hat...

    also who says it DOESN'T have a function?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/28/11(Mon)06:07 No.14392324
    The Repentia quickly stepped back, kneeling down to let you pass. Every one of them bowed their heads to your divinity.

    You let your aura wash over the confessor, placing a hand gently on him. His internal injuries were severe, but only enough that he was at serious risk of bleeding out. Most of the internal damage Verity could likely fix. There were several spots to repair though if you wanted to move him. Nothing too severe...

    Ugh... You rubbed your temples. You still had your headache from reviving Tessa.

    You could still hear the twins yelling at Caramel in the next room, as well as the more quiet sounds of Elizabeth conversing with Sawyer and Florencia. You better either fix him or put him out of his misery quickly before something inevitably happens.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)08:33 No.14392924
    ... as much as it will hurt us. Heal the guy. We can't not save someone's life just because it would hurt us in the long run. Maybe Delessa would do that. But not us.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)11:57 No.14394351
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)12:16 No.14394472
    Fiercely pushing against my weariness, I send a small tendrils of my power into the worst sections of his body.
    My headache grows worse, but the relatively small expenditure of power worked wonders.
    It closed the worst of the wounds, and should hold long enough to get him to Verity.
    I stand wearily, and adress the Repentia around me, "I wish I could do more, but I must save my strength for the beast that we must destroy. We must move quickly and get him to our Sisters, where a Hospitaller can take care of him properly."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)13:18 No.14394953
    Shouldn't we lead the repenting sisters in prayer while doing that? It would not only help us - as Esme is powered by rule of cool + faith - it might do something for their self-esteem. Or something against their self-destructiveness. Whatever applies to them.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)14:11 No.14395399

    A prayer does seem appropriate--sadly, I cannot think of anything to write.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)16:24 No.14396582
    I'm totally making this up as I go, hope it turns out decent.

    The Emperor is my light in the darkness.
    He is my strength when I have none.
    He is the will that guides my Sisters,
    and the comfort when all else is lost.
    Praise His name, for with him,
    all is possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)18:05 No.14397505
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)18:27 No.14397700
    The Emperor is all- without him there is nothing
    I shall not fear, I shall not doubt, I shall not question
    To question is to doubt Him, to doubt is to fear, and fear denies all faith
    My life is his in all things- to die for the emperor is better then to live for yourself
    Only in death shall my duty end- to admit defeat is to Blaspheme his name, and only in his service shall I find salvation
    Blessed be his works, manifold in their hate.
    Blessed be his hands, which guide us all on his paths
    Blessed be the whip and the scourge
    Only in prayer can we cleanse the soul
    Only through pain can we cleanse the body
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/28/11(Mon)18:40 No.14397793
    You begin to pray as you conjure your healing abilities, repairing the worst of Jeremiah's internal injuries. The Repentia join in instantaneously, all of them speaking in a low tone. Their joined voices were almost melodic.

    It took less than a minute to finish healing him, but you still had to sit back, your temples pounding. As if reading your mind, one of the Repentia approached you slowly, kneeling down just short of you, offering you a large, battered canteen. She would not make eye contact.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)18:50 No.14397883

    I have one:

    The Emperor protects.

    His Light guides us through the darkness that fills the galaxy, His beneficence allows us to persevere through times of trouble.

    His Wrath falls from the heavens to smash those that oppose His Will.

    Faith makes us strong; doubt is what keeps us weak. Sacrifice purifies the soul; selfishness corrupts it.

    Remember the sacrifice of the Saints, of the Primarchs, of all those who have fallen in His name.

    Let their righteous fury steel your resolve, steady your aim, and make your blades strike true. Let the songs of their courage echo through your acts, and let their devotion to Him and His will inspire you to do all you can in His name.

    Through our faith in Him, no task is too great.
    Through our faith in Him, no peril is too dangerous.
    Through our faith in Him, no obstacle is impassable.

    Let the heretic, the xeno, the mutant, show what passes for faith among their misbegotten kind, and let us be so fortunate to show them what faith means to us.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)18:55 No.14397929
    Esme accepts the battered canteen greatfully, and smiles at the sister repentia.
    "Thank you," She says quietly as she unscrews the top. "What is your name Sister?"
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)19:05 No.14398023

    "Thank you, Sister." Smile as you take the offered canteen and take a long drink. The water helps the pounding headache abate, at least by a small amount. "I think I needed that, Sister." Hand the canteen back to the Repentia and turn toward Mistress Sawyer and Florencia. "The Confessor will be fine--at least until we reach a more secure area. Florencia, Caramel, if you could come with me--there's still one door unopened downstairs that I'd like to see. Carol, Coral, and Elizabeth--stay with Mistress Sawyer and get the Repentia ready to move with the Confessor--take one of these doors off its hinges, it'll serve as a makeshift stretcher."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)22:38 No.14400419
    dinnertime bump
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)22:55 No.14400620
    I take the canteen, but before the Repentia could withdraw, I clasp her hand in both of mine.
    "Thank you. Do not avert your gaze, we are all Sisters here. The times are too dark to make differentiations between us."
    I cannot help but sigh in relief as I drink the tepid water, the lukewarm liquid taking the worst off of the edge of my headache.
    I hand back the canteen, and look at the woman before me inquisitively. "I like to know who I am fighting with. Do you still go by a name?" I ask gently?

    Oh, and I like the idea of a door stretcher. Once we recover from our headache enough to function, I say we roll immediately. The longer we take here, the longer the beast has to gain hold of this realm, after all.
    I think that we should probably begin the attack the moment we reach the others. The reinforcements are nice, especially the ranged weaponry of the recruits, but we need to end this battle quickly.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)23:33 No.14401030

    I still feel as though that frozen over door might hold something important, something crucial--possibly, something that could help turn the tide in this conflict. We need to go back down there--possibly with Florencia and Caramel to back us up. While we're down there, Elizabeth and The Twins can help the Repentia prep for travel with the Confessor. We'll leave as soon as we come back up. Oh, and remind The Twins and Elizabeth to bring those bags of stuff we brought up.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/29/11(Tue)00:33 No.14401615
    The Repentia accepted the return of the canteen, hesitating before answering you. "We lost the honor of bearing names when we disgraced our calling in our former life. We are now manifestations of the emperor's fury, nothing more."

    You sigh and slowly stand. Arguing with the Repentia would get you nowhere. You return to the main room. Caramel was sitting at the table now, eyes downcast, the twins still trying to comfort her. Elizabeth was busying herself cleaning the ash and soot from her goggles.

    The group looked up as you entered, explaining the Confessor's condition and your desire to check the last room.

    Florencia began to respond when a loud crack resonated through the room, the ground beneath your feet shaking. A loud screech sounded from outside, accompanied by a sound akin to claws screeching over stone.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)01:00 No.14401839

    "It appears we'll need to put off those plans," Esme lets out a little smirk before turning to those in the room. "Grab the supplies, we're leaving now. Florencia, you and your sisters will be at the front. Elizabeth, Caramel, I want you with Florencia--give them cover, especially you Elizabeth. Carol, Coral, I need you to carry the Confessor. Mistress Sawyer and I shall cover you." Turn to a window outside. "May the Emperor provide us safe passage this day."

    Perhaps we should radio ahead that we're coming to the safe zone, so that Verity may prepare proper accommodations for a new charge?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)02:23 No.14402612

    "Looks like we have an unexpected guest." Give the slight hint of a smile before turning to the group. "We're moving out. Mistress Sawyer, you and your Repentia will lead. Caramel, Elizabeth, carry the Confessor. Carol, Coral and I will cover you. Florencia, I need you and your retinue covering the rear." Radiate a powerful aura to inspire the troops. "Remember Sisters: The Emperor protects." Flex the power claw for effect. "Let us show them the power of our faith."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)03:38 No.14403048
    Esme winces, covering her ears at the noise, before reaching down and drawing her forceblade.

    "I suppose I should have expected this," she mutters to herself. Stayed too long in one place.
    "Man the doors and windows!" She says. "Keep your heads inside until I give the signal." She runs through the nearest door to the sound, to see what has come to ruin her day this time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)04:36 No.14403375
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)05:14 No.14403627

    "From the sounds outside, we should best hurry to leave. Gather up all you can, Sisters. There is a safe zone not far from here--we'll be able to give the Confessor proper medical attention, as well as better prepare our next move.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)05:47 No.14403802

    Would it be a wise choice to keep the fanatical, reckless, eviscerator-wielding crazy women behind us, where they would be apt to charge frantically into melee and leave us vulnerable?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)11:19 No.14405594
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)15:33 No.14407683

    They charge ahead into melee and leave the Confessor and The Twins vulnerable. The second proposition given >>14402612 sounds a bit more reasonable
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)15:58 No.14407922
    I sigh despondently. I never get to just sit down and relax anymore.
    Swiftly entering the room where the rest of my Sisters are, I begin to snap out orders, "Elizabeth, Twins, Caramel, please come with me. Florencia, could you please get the Repentia and the Confessor back to the safe zone? We will need them for the assault on the god."
    As my chosen squad circles me, I outline a quick plan, "Nothing special this time. We distract whatever's out there long enough for our Sisters get away, then we beat a swift retreat back to the safe zone."

    And I suppose let the fun begin as we catch sight of whatever abombination is out there.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)17:36 No.14408902
    Let's check to see what it is first before we send the sisters out, okay?
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/29/11(Tue)18:58 No.14409538
    Sorry all. been working on homework. I'll be done soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)20:16 No.14410128

    Take your time, OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)20:43 No.14410337
    You move to the window, poking your head out cautiously. The ground itself was swelling up, huge spindly appendages erupting from the soggy earth, grating against the stone.

    You waste no time, breaking open the wall around the window, ordering the canoness and her angels to tend to the repentia and confessor. Before you could issue any more orders, Florencia barks at the twins, ordering them to carry the confessor. The duo scuttle off without another word.

    Within seconds, the silver winged angels had gathered up everything. They waited for you to give the signal, Elizabeth sending down a huge stream of promethium before you and Caramel leapt forward to deal with the creature.

    The angels followed a few seconds later, one of them managing to Carry Elizabeth. None of them were as fast as they would have been unburdened, however, the earth all around the building shaking and writhing as more protrusions erupted all around and ahead of you, one of them coming down hard on your leg. You felt a sharp pain, your armored plates crashing as the blow sent you spinning in the air.

    Caramel managed to dodge the swipe aimed at her, sollex blade already cleaving through multiple appendages.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)20:48 No.14410384

    "Get going!" Shout over the din of battle. "Caramel and I will hold them off!" When the Repentia and the Sisters are a safe distance break off combat with the creature, and get out of there.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)21:25 No.14410641
    Ah crap. If they don't get going fast enough, shout for the Seraphim to drop their loads of tools and shit. We don't want to loose any of them because they were carrying a shitload of hammers
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:28 No.14412450

    "Blast!" Esme curses under her breath, picking herself up. "Caramel, you and I will hold off this beast until Florencia and the Repentia get clear. For the Emperor!" Charge back into the fray and buy the convoy time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:44 No.14413666

    We need to get out of here NOW. As soon as the Sisters get into a safe range, break off the attack with Caramel and bolt it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:35 No.14414121

    I would suggest we just heave the vortex grenade at the thing coming out of the ground, but two things are stopping me. First is that the realm is still in flux, and a vortex grenade might just rip reality apart if we use it now. Second is the gut feeling that we should save it for some future event, like a second duel against Miraiel or some worse entity. Thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:03 No.14414871

    Save it. I feel it's always sort of a given rule that, in any sort of universe that allows firearms, ammo and guns are easy to come by; explosives not so much.

    Besides, hacking and slashing is that much more fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:24 No.14415450
    bump because my insomnia prevails over any kind of sleep therapy I force myself onto.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:49 No.14416523
    Esme gets up as fast as she can, staggering to her feet and shaking her head. She did not need this. With a brief flicker of light, she burst into holy flames, her form covered in a shroud of burning light. She charges forward, blade clasped tightly, to drive the tentacles back, hacking and slashing at the tentacles for as long as it takes for the other sisters to escape to safety.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:22 No.14417654
    I climb to my feet, hissing in pain as some of the shattered plates cut into my flesh.
    Grimacing, I begin to cut at the tentacles that writhe around me, my claw and sword cutting a swathe through them.
    In a brief pause, I look up and speak to Caramel through the vox, "Keep falling back! We aren't trying to kill this, only to hold it off our Sister's backs. Don't get trapped or stuck in a fight!"
    Following my own words, I begin to slowly move backwards, targeting any tentacles that make their way towards the convoy.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/30/11(Wed)15:16 No.14419130
    more and more claws erupt from the ground all around you and the other seraphim. Florencia dove using her hammer to shatter the exoskeleton of one of the protrusions.

    Caramel was going all out, several close calls whistling by her as she cut through stalk after stalk.

    You managed to get back into the fray quickly, ripping up one that was about to hit several of the angels, your force blade cleaving through another.

    The angels who could drew melta pistols or small power blades, showing off their deadly training as they tore through anything in their way. The stalks had begun to outnumber them, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)15:24 No.14419188

    "Caramel, don't get stuck in too close! We need to get out as soon as the Seraphim and Repentia are clear!" Get on the vox-bead afterwards. "Sisters, if the tentacles are getting too close, drop your loads and double time it out of here! We don't wanna lose anyone simply for a few mere trinkets!"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)16:25 No.14419739
    "Caramel! Keep your efforts focused on protecting our Sisters."
    I continue to rip through the vile protrusions while my mind races. This situation was swiftly becoming untenable.
    I nod as I come to a conclusion. "Drop everything that isn't absolutely needed. Everyone who has a melta pistol, give your load to someone else. We need you firing," I order into the vox.

    How far away are we from getting away from these things? Or at least from the epicenter?
    If we are getting fairly close to the edge, I say we get Elizabeth to douse behind us with her flamer, then shifting Esme and Caramel forward to help drive through the worst of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)19:45 No.14421840
    afternoon snack bump
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)23:27 No.14423836

    "Hold fast, Caramel!" Esme shouts over the sporadic gunfire and blade slashes. We need to keep this monstrosity off the Sisters until they're clear!" Slash apart another of the tentacles with the power claw, going for the tentacles about to attack the Sisters as main priority
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/30/11(Wed)23:36 No.14423927
    dealing with a migraine all day cant get anything to look right when I type it. I'll keep trying.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:10 No.14424840

    Don't worry. You rest up and get better first and we'll keep the thread alive, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:00 No.14425340

    Yeah dude, don't worry. We'll still be here when you get back.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:27 No.14426103
    bumpan with the hope that HDW will get better soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)05:05 No.14426858

    Go for the stalks attacking the Seraphim--those are our main priority. Secondary priority is given to helping protect Caramel and, like everyone else has suggested, once the Sisters are outta range, GET EVERYONE OUT OF THERE.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)12:28 No.14429297
    What does this thing look like? Fleshy or earth colored?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)14:17 No.14430032

    I would imagine fleshy, with the tips being a strange pale-pinkish color--kinda like the Sarlaac.but without the head bit or weird teeth surrounding the pit. Just a big, writhing tentacle mass erupting from the ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)15:18 No.14430520

    GM hasn't called them tentacles... I have no idea what it is but i think we should gtfo as soon as possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)16:32 No.14431314
    They actually have an exoskeleton, so they are more like insectoid limbs.
    Which of course makes them much harder to kill.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)17:42 No.14432011

    Well, that makes everything that much harder. Even still, we must fend off this menace. Into the fray!

    >captcha: ssuppl constantly

    While a constant stream of supplies would be a nice asset right now, captcha, I don't think that the Guard or any SPESS MEHREEN forces are en route to the planet as of present.
    >> His Divine Wrath 03/31/11(Thu)18:12 No.14432276
    (moar zeal plz)

    The angels seem to ignore you, acting on Florencia's orders. They turned and rocketed straight up, and then forward, moving out of reach of many of the appendages. The taller ones were still trying to attack them.

    You try to target the ones going for the angels, but you're forced to slow down, trying to counter the ones striking at you.

    Your leg really hurts.

    Caramel is doing far better, cutting through droves, her immense speed and sollex blade letting her easily keep up with the angels. She couldn't cut down all of them on her own though.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)21:47 No.14434304

    Curse you, writer's block, curse you! We need zeal to burn!!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)22:37 No.14434931
    Alright, I want to reply, but where is everybody located? The locations of the Repentia, the Confessor's stretcher, and a few other pieces of info would help considerabely.

    As for zeal:
    I growl in frustration. You would think that when the person blessed by the Emperor speaks, everybody would listen.
    To keep my mind off of my damaged leg, I begin to chant a litany,
    "Strike down the foes of the Emperor,
    Destroy the twisted forms of Chaos where they arise,
    Purge them with utter contempt and hatred,
    Eradicate them completely, for their very existence is heresy,
    Smite the foe, and drive them screaming back into the darkness!"
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)22:41 No.14434970

    Esme groans after another strike. Gritting her teeth, she begins a litany:

    "Remember...the Emperor in your time of trial." She continues, working to get back into the fray:

    "Let His light blind the enemies' eyes, so that their attempts to strike you down may fail;

    Let His courage steel your resolve, so that you may stand where others may fall;

    Let His power course through you, so that your strikes may ring true where the enemies will not.

    Remember the Emperor in your time of trial," Esme smiles, "and He shall remember you and your service in the afterlife!"
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)00:11 No.14435914

    "Caramel, stay close!" I shout to the Sister, letting out a slight growl as I felt my leg pulse with pain. Remembering a prayer, I spoke:

    "Let no deception nor lie of the daemon twist my mind, and I shall answer their blasphemous calls with litanies and chants in His name;

    Let no sword cleave through my flesh, and I shall return the enemies' blows ten-fold;

    Let no bullet pierce my armor, and I shall let my shots ring true;

    Let no obstacle hinder me; rather, let each new challenge encourage me to braver acts;

    God-Emperor, I ask for your protection this day, that I may do all these things, and that the enemy will tremble before my wrath!"
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/01/11(Fri)04:19 No.14438080
    Your litanies ground you, focusing your mind. You call forth your power, driving through the chitinous protrusions, cutting a swath through them. You manage to cut down some of the taller ones, saving one of the angels from a nasty blow.

    The twins were already out of range, their twin jumppacks and precision easily getting the confessor to safety.

    Caramel moved quickly, slicing through several more, one of them grazing her uncovered arm, slicing it wrist to elbow. She didn't falter, turning and cleaving the appendage apart.

    A gout of flame flashed at the corner of your eye as Elizabeth fired her heavy flamer.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)06:40 No.14438715

    Alright, we've gained our second wind! Keep holding off the tentacles with Caramel, but be ready to scoot once the last Sister is out of striking distance.

    Also, another litany to keep our zeal flowing:

    "It is through faith that we that we strike down those that dare cross us.

    It is through faith that a mere man can become a divine instrument of his will;

    It is through faith that a mountain can become as easy to cross as a flattened hill;

    It is through faith that hungering man can prevail against his weakness;

    And it is through faith that we are kept strong against the deceptions and lies of those who would wish to see us fall.

    It is our faith in Him that makes us strong; let us not be found wanting."
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:21 No.14440260
    I continue to hack through the protrusions, focusing my efforts on the larger stalks.
    Strangely, I feel at peace whirling through the sickening things, hacking them to pieces. I don't even notice my wounded leg, I am so lost in fighting.
    I focus my efforts on the longer ones, as they are the worst threat for my escaping Sisters.
    Suddenly, there is a gap in the appendages around me, and I see Caramel driving a tad to far into the foul mass.
    "Alright Caramel, fall back with me. The moment that the Angels clear the area, we need to run," I speak authoratively into the vox, my voice resonant with the power the litany called up.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/01/11(Fri)21:07 No.14443140
    You dart forward and up, managing to sever another appendage before it struck down one of the angels.

    The ground below you began to bulge, the base of the stalks slowly rising. The body of some massive creature or structure.

    Caramel darted down, slicing the sollex blade into the chitinous mound. The mound swelled and shuddered under the blow. Almost immediately the appendages changed target, smashing into Caramel's side and sending her flying.

    The angels gained a lot of ground, mostly out of the reach of the appendages now, though far from totally safe.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)21:59 No.14443588
    (op, you alright?
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)22:19 No.14443789
    I have the strangest feeling that we're gonna have to drag Caramel out of the combat zone, much like we had to do with Tessa back in the first part of this quest.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)22:49 No.14444174

    "Caramel, no!" With newfound vigor, slice through the tentacles toward the center off the mass. Then, in a burst of power, proclaim, "In the name of the God-Emperor, our undying Lord, I SMITE THEE, BEAST!" Plunge the power sword deep into the mass, ripping apart any incoming tentacles with the power claw.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)23:33 No.14444646
    I stare blankly in horror, before a massive wave of fury washes over me.
    I screech and launch myself forward. Caramel had done so much, I wouldn't allow her to die on me.
    Rushing to her side, I lash out and clear a circle around me with my claw and sword. I wrap my arms around her, and with a slight pulse of my power launch ourselves off the ground.
    Getting Caramel as far away from the beast was all that mattered.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/02/11(Sat)00:42 No.14445176

    I guess. Migranes are a normal thing for me but i also have a slight cold combined with a slight ongoing fever dream from sleep deprivation about spychecking in TF2 while flandre's theme loops unendingly in my head.

    Its just a bit hard to concentrate. thats all.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)01:40 No.14445633

    "You will pay for that dearly, daemon!" Esme shouts, slashing more of the tentacles to reach the center of the beast. Another litany stirs in her chest, and she bellows it out as she slowly advances:

    "The Emperor is our light, the pillar upon which our faith stands!

    It is His Will that we eradicate those who would cause to see Terra destroyed;

    It is His power that courses through us, allowing us to see that His Will be done;

    It is His wrath that inspires us, giving us the zeal to strike down His foes;

    Blessed be those that fall while performing these acts, for they shall be the most favoured by the Emperor in the afterlife.

    May us not be found wanting!"
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)01:51 No.14445720

    That...that sounds really bad.

    Take as long as you need to get better. We'll still be here when you get back, OP.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)03:32 No.14446228
    OP, take all the time you need, alright?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)05:42 No.14447066

    We'll be here when you get back.

    And don't worry, we're all pulling through this with you.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:39 No.14447650
    Reported. Please get rid of that shit, janitor.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:43 No.14447682
    How or where do we report inappropriate pics?
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/02/11(Sat)10:06 No.14448553
    (All I really needed was a good nights sleep, though the little cold is still there.)

    Your aura flared, burning away the protrusions near you. You leaped forward, diving deeply into the fray after Caramel.

    You reached her more quickly than you thought possible. She was alive but unconscious, her breastplate cracked. The ground around her was stained as blood slowly leaked from her mouth and several wounds on her exposed flesh.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/02/11(Sat)14:06 No.14450254
    bumpin for my questers.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)14:38 No.14450493

    Esme offered a silent prayer to the Emperor, thanking him for letting her sister surive the attack. Upon seeing the injuries Caramel had sustained, the Exalted Martyr couldn't help but shake her head. "At least it will be much less of a hassle to get you to wear proper armour now." she whispered to the unconscious warrior while picking up her Sollex blade.
    After briefly checking if Caramel is seriously injured, Esme carefully picks her precious cargo up, ready to transport her to the rest of their group. If it is safe, she flies over the wound Caramel inflicted upon the monster's body, inspecting if there's a chance to end her enemy without expending too much of her power.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)15:27 No.14450902

    Esme picks up the Sollex blade before tenderly scooping up Caramel. "Perhaps now we can fashion you a stronger set of armor," she mutters to the unconscious girl. She looks upward, to see if the Sisters are out a good distance from the monster.

    If so, she bids haste and follows them toward the safe zone, precious cargo in tow. As dangerous as it is, this monster shall have to be dealt with later, with greater numbers and greater firepower.

    If not, get Caramel a safe distance before readying herself to go back into the fray.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)16:13 No.14451283

    I dont think this is a creature. It may be an extention of the hive.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)16:44 No.14451589
    Quite possible. We'll just have to wait and see until OP gives us something to work with.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)19:18 No.14453057

    If it is, then we'll just have to attack these...tentacle nodes with all men available, and make sure that we destroy all of them at that; if a single node remains after this attack, it may regrow into another hive.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/02/11(Sat)20:51 No.14453942
    You attempted to pick Caramel up, pain shooting through your injured leg and up your spine. You called upon your powers, hovering to avoid putting weight on it. You grab the sollex blade before you forget.

    The fuzzball's panicked squeaking did not hep matters.

    The sisters seemed to be a good distance away, but the appendages continue to spread in their general direction.

    You dodged another blow, risking a quick look at the gash. The ground itself appeared to be bleeding and swelling, cracking the ground and pushing buildings aside as it rose.

    You rocketed straight up, getting out of reach of the appendages before heading back to the base.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/02/11(Sat)20:52 No.14453948

    You managed to get back as your leg's swelling became painful in your armor. You handed Caramel off to Anna, Verity helping you land painlessly.

    Verity began tending to Caramel first, the fuzzball bristling at her as she did her work. The tainted sister ended up with 3 broken ribs. Having established the ribs were still in their correct positions, she turned her attention to you.

    The armor on your leg was dented and badly scratched, but not torn. Verity removed it quickly, almost immedeatly working with her medical implant.

    "You're leg is broken. It doesn't seem shattered though, I can fix this but you should keep weight off of it... unless you want to heal it yourself." Several devices extended from her medical implant as she fiddled with it. "Either way, I should probably set the bone... Just hold still..."

    You bit your lip as she jammed a needle into your leg near the break, a cold numbness seeping through it. Despite the local anesthetic, you still felt it when the hospitaller moved the bone back into place.

    You heard Galatea walk up behind you, speaking quickly. "I'm glad you're okay. Florencia is already distributing the items. You don't have to worry about that. Evelyn was quite happy to take that storm bolter and the extra promethium will really help." She paused. "... Whatever the Twins brought back... It has Anna very excited. I find that woman's love of explosives even more unsettling than her love for large guns."
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)21:57 No.14454579

    Give a smile to the tired Hospitalier. "Thank you, Verity; you've done more than your fair share of work today. Do what you can with the leg and I'll see what I can do after.

    Then, turn to the Canoness. "It is good to see you are well too, Galatea. And it is good to see that the Sisters are enjoying the supplies we brought back. I hope Tessa enjoys the new Eviscerator we found her." Another light smile. "How have the defenses been holding? Have we lost anyone since we left?"
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)22:20 No.14454818
    "I may be able to unmake daemons with as litte as a thought, canoness, but some of my fellow sisters still manage to scare me." grasping Galatea's hand, she continues. "Thank you for staying sane." Esme pauses for a moment offering a weak smile to her teacher, visibly tired by her last foray. "I'm glad that what we brought back helps. How have things been while we were away?" Almost on an afterthought, she adds "Could you be so kind and ask the bonesinger and Fortran to look into giving Caramel some proper armour? I'd also be very grateful if you could send the farseer over. The xenos must have some ideas how I could calm my mind more effectively."

    After finishing her conversition with Galatea, Esme shifts her attention to nurse Verity. "I need a bit of time to recover my powers anyway, so I'd be glad for anything you might do that will help me with my leg."
    While the hospitaller is working on her leg, the Exalted Martyr motions for the fluffball to come over, hopefully distracting them both for a while.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)00:29 No.14456020

    I lean up from the operating table while Verity does her work. "Is Caramel okay? She took a pretty nasty hit. Her armor's pretty much scrapped too, so if we can, could we maybe cobble something together for her from what we have?" If it's in reach, I try petting Tribble on its head before turning to Galatea. "I hope you've been holding out well since we've been gone, Galatea. Please see to it that Mistress Sawyer and her Repentia are given appropriate accomodations while we hold out here."
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)00:54 No.14456248

    I was wondering--since the Sisters of Silence suits we found in the museum aren't exactly operable on their own, what's stopping us from cobbling together bits and pieces with pieces of working armor, machine spirits of both armors willing.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)01:31 No.14456556


    Wait... The twins brought back bomb makings? what kind? I hope its reasonably powerful...
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)05:25 No.14458374

    It must've been what they were giggling about when we were raiding the basement for supplies.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)06:16 No.14458682

    They are always up to something, aren't they?

    In any case, it's probably useful and will play an important part later on. For now, let's just focus on getting ourself healed and getting Caramel a new armor set.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)13:34 No.14460803
    ... if the armor has special anti warp properties
    We should get the sisters of silence armor back to spec if it's possible. That sounds right up Fortrans alley.
    Hell- maybe even Filigree's and Eden's too.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/03/11(Sun)15:08 No.14461441
    working on a post.
    >> His Divine Wrath 04/03/11(Sun)16:31 No.14462166
    We have ourselves a NEW THREAD!
    >> Anonymous 04/03/11(Sun)16:41 No.14462268
    is the archive updated on sup/tg/?

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