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  • File : 1300979973.jpg-(403 KB, 600x900, Leanorkreloaded.jpg)
    403 KB A Thought on Orks who are More than Orks. Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:19 No.14349788  
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++
    When they say you think you have seen it all when it comes to the orks you are wrong.
    There has never been a battle I have waged against them that I was not surprised by the abominations they create and call weapons. But there has been one thing in the last few months has surprised me.
    It is a lone ork that seems to stick out among those he runs with. While scouting for the last raid we made on their camps, I watched silently from my cover using my binoculars to get a look for myself. I saw him.
    He was thin compared to his fellow orks but as tall as an average Guardsman. He wears what look to be clothes from ages ago… A pair of worn blue canvas looking pants with a heavy leather belt, combat boots with some insignias on them, a white tank top, and the remains of a dark leather jacket. On his head he wore a pair of what looked to glasses. Not any like I had seen before.
    But as I stared at him, He turned to look directly at me. He smiled and nodded at me.

    Then later that day when we raided the camp he was there waiting. It seemed like he was there for me alone. I charged at him with my blade drawn and he simply parried it with a palm. He moved fast as lightning strikes. He must have had some sort of power armor of sorts on under the garb he wore. That is the only way it could be explained.
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:20 No.14349797
    +Begin Transcript of Attached Voice Entry+
    Subject 1: Sergeant Able Corso
    Subject 2: Unknown “lean ork”
    1: For the Emperor!
    2: Really? Is that all you can do?
    1: What? –Stunned silence- You talk? What are you? Who are you?
    2: I am Subject IR-3 of Project C.O.A.T, human. Get out of my face.
    +End Transcript of Attached Voice Entry+

    I have no clue what he was talking about but he threw a black box at me before he escaped.
    In the box, which was only closed with some kind of archaic locking system, was what I can only surmise was a sample of his flesh. Will bring this to the Ordo Hereticus. If this turns out be…
    No, I won’t jump that far.
    IR-3… Ire? Huh. Who ever named him had a sense of twisted humor.
    +++END ENTRY+++
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:20 No.14349802
    +File found: Project overview 1452+
    -Project C.O.A.T
    -Control of Orknoid Anatomy and Technology.
    To create an orknoid that is controlled by humans to destroy ork forces from the inside.
    = Remainder of data corrupted =

    ++Pulling up Attached notice ++
    +++Inquisitor [REDACTED], Ordo Hereticus+++
    This File is nothing but a theoretical project that never got off the ground.
    The recent findings of one Sergeant Able Corso are hear-say.
    The ork that he encountered will be hunted down none the less. He seems to know too much about...
    [Remainder of notice has been corrupted]
    ++ Session end ++
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:21 No.14349809
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++

    The lean ork… We have heard rumors of him but this day we saw him.
    Chaos Marines were marching through the Ruin of [REDACTED]. Very narrow route of travel… The imperial guard battalion I am with was set up to ambush them. Snipers on both sides of the ravine of metal and rubble had their rifles trained on the advancing line.

    Then we heard a low rumble from below. A sudden burst of shattering glass followed by a blood curdling War cry sounded from within the kill zone. A single ork had burst from one of the buildings and was now free falling down towards the Chaos marines. What I could see of him before he vanished from sight was consistent with what I have heard rumor of.

    There was a deafening Howl of what I later concluded was the weapon the Ork was using. When the smoke cleared, the ork was gone and the Chaos marines where wounded severely.
    Luck is not to be questioned. We finished them off.
    By the Emperor, I pray we are not on this ork’s hit list…
    +++END ENTRY+++
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:22 No.14349812
    +++ GENERAL ORDERS +++
    +++ [REDACTED] +++
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++

    ALL Personnel:

    By now you all have heard rumor of a strange ork, who by some claims calls himself IR-3, attacking Chaos Marines and their armies on his own or with a small band of other orks.

    This Rumor is true.
    Rumors of him having a modified power suit on are unsubstantiated.
    If you run into him, KILL HIM. He is a threat to the EMPIRE. While he may seem to be aiding us, he is not. He just is getting rid of his competition.
    He is a threat.
    +File END+
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:22 No.14349817
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++
    The ork is dead, has been for the last day.
    Second time had ever seen him and this time I was not going to let him humiliate me.
    He was alone this time. I had the shot, I took it.
    One shot to the neck, removing it cleanly. This is likely due to his thin neck.
    We closed in on the body. The head rolled around, a grim grin on it.
    We looked at the body itself. No armor. No nothing. Only tattoos of orkish skulls and othet symbols showed on his arms.
    Quickly we opened it up to look inside for anything that stood out of the ordinary orks.
    Nothing stood out.
    He did the impossible without armor or even a real weapon. His gun shot small rocks.
    This ork was just thin. Maybe that was what made him faster...
    What ever. He is dead now.
    That dead grin will haunt me. The bastard will haunt me.
    IR-3, you bastard will haunt me.
    +++END ENTRY+++
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:26 No.14349849
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++

    It makes no sense. How can a dead body get up and walk away?
    Even for a xeno! It is like he got and walked away just to taunt me?
    Damn ork. I will Kill YOU!

    = Illegal data incoming =
    = IR-3’s Notice on Data slate =

    I cannot be killed or until my mission is complete.
    Don’t get in my way.
    Blood red stains will lie over the land if you try to stop me.
    Don’t try to stop me.
    I am not here to hurt you, not yet. My mission is strictly against Chaos.

    Also: I took the following :
    Pair of Melta guns with extra ammo
    Pair of Laspistols with extra ammo
    A Sentinel

    IR-3 Signing out and apologizing for the mess.
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:34 No.14349909
    Maybe my writing does really suck...
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)11:40 No.14349955
    Ah, so you're done, then? Lean Ork's pretty cool guy, and doesn't afraid of anything, but the ability to put himself back together post mortem is a bit much. I know Ork body-parts can be modular with a little help from a Painboy, but without any noted internal magic gubbins or techy-bits, there's no reason he should have been able to live again.

    ...I suppose that's part of the story though, isn't it. The whole "What the hell is Lean Ork made of" thing. Right.

    I approve of his speech/writing pattern. Feels dapper, or at least civilized. Most amusing on an ork.
    >> Iron'ead 03/24/11(Thu)11:41 No.14349973

    Were woz dis boy when oy needed 'im? Da git needs hisself a proper mob!
    >> Iron'ead 03/24/11(Thu)11:42 No.14349979

    Oh, an 'e kuld gebback up cuz Gork an Mork wanted it, ya stupid 'umie.
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:43 No.14349992
    I am done for now. I intend to add more later.
    Well to be frank I have an explanation for why he is able to build his body like that but If I explain it now It would be less of a mystery.
    Thanks again.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)11:45 No.14350001
         File1300981505.png-(55 KB, 214x614, 1291029171048.png)
    55 KB
    Not sure if want.

    Its actually a nice idea, but.. I don't know, such things tend to go straight into Mary-Sue-Territory and I think I am just really sick of Special Snowflake Characters.

    After the first post OPs Story went kind of downhill IMHO. But keep writing, I sense some good potential for real good writefaggotery in OP.
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)11:52 No.14350049
    To be frank. I was afraid that was going to be the first statement.
    I not aiming for snowflake unique. Actually he is just really lucky.
    >> Leer !!r9olHbBN4p9 03/24/11(Thu)12:14 No.14350194
    ++ [CLASSIFIED] ++

    News of the seemingly complete destruction of the 4TH company of the 6TH Cadian Regiment's base camp near the Ruin of [REDACTED] has just reached the ears of Inquisitor [REDACTED] of the Ordo Hereticus. He is not pleased.
    He has ordered me and my men to investigate what happened and if needed capture the ork.

    I am not one to be afraid of orks but this one seems different then all the others.
    I cannot place my fingers on it but I cannot help but feel like I am being put up against something that knows more about Imperial Guard tactics then it seems to be letting on.
    It might be my mind.
    +Secondary information+
    After touching down near the site my team and I began to look at the dead.
    No signs of orkish weapons anywhere. Only the Guards’ own marred their bodies as if they shot each other in the dark trying to kill the ork again.
    Further note, I think this ork has more luck then power here…

    ++ File end, for Refilling later ++
    >> Anonymous 03/24/11(Thu)12:52 No.14350521
    Poking for more

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