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  • File : 1301295316.png-(257 KB, 300x400, Mors Vincit Omnia.png)
    257 KB (Dead) King's Quest Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)02:55 No.14390923  
    Light blooms into your vision, stabbing at your mind like shards of glass.

    You are seated at the center of a grand throne room, empty save for a single soul in a shabby brown robe. Exhaustion is plain on his face, but it quickly gives way to horror and shame.

    "Oh, gods. All this work, all this time, and you're ... You're not even him! I ... the -wrong- soul!"

    He recoils, stepping back behind a curtain of incense smoke. Your head lowers, and you realize with distant terror that you are staring out from the empty sockets of a weathered skull, and that you are a skeletal epicenter to such opulent finery. Silks are draped across your bones, and a scepter lies across your lap. A heavy crown sits on your head. You are unable to move, but you feel a spark of ominous energy within you, a radiance of power that can reverberate language into the minds of men.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)02:55 No.14390928
         File1301295359.png-(216 KB, 300x400, Necromancer.png)
    216 KB
    "Please, there's not much time. They will be arriving, soon, to see if I have succeeded. You are ... You are -supposed- to be the Duke of Tautilta. The duchy is failing, you see. My abilities ... Your resurrection was a last resort. I was commissioned to imbue the remains of the Holy Duke Liuva III, this duchy's greatest leader, with his soul. Oh, how I wish I had refused them! I know all too well that you are not he. Please, if they find out -- We'll both be undone! The Wizard, he is prepared to, to..."

    The robed man swallows hard.

    "To cast us both into the void, should the ritual go awry. And even with it so botched, my powers are exhausted, with no small amount of permanence."

    There is the sound of approaching footsteps.

    "Please! I do not know who you are, and I do not care if you would rather not bear the mantle of such nobility, and I will do my best to release you if that is the case, but I beg you; If you desire a second chance at life on the mortal plain, maintain the charade at least for now."
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)02:57 No.14390936
         File1301295438.png-(226 KB, 300x400, Black Thane.png)
    226 KB
    An armored warrior, as ravaged by the passage of time as your new body, steps to your left side. His voice echoes in your consciousness, and you feel that his will is wholly subsumed by your own. You know him at once to be your loyal servant.

    "I hear and obey, my liege."

    The doors to the throne open with a bang.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)02:58 No.14390943
         File1301295491.png-(248 KB, 300x400, Dictator.png)
    248 KB
    A severe man in noble finery appraises your skeletal form with a glimmer of expectant hope in his eyes, but his face is a mask of fear and disdain.

    "Well, necromancer? Has your horrid ritual succeeded? Is there hope for our people?"

    The necromancer looks to you.

    [Roll with responses. Consensus trumps luck.]
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:02 No.14390967
    Sup mah niggas, DJ Phylactery in the house

    Now where this wizzad hater? We run this shit, and he gonna get iced if he muscles in on mah turf, dig?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:03 No.14390969
         File1301295794.jpg-(60 KB, 750x600, jesus FaggotryFacepalm.jpg)
    60 KB
    I feel like I just got Bel-Air'd
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:03 No.14390974
    A very fine foundation for a quest thread, it seems pretty cool.

    But I fear that I'm opposed to quest threads in general, and so all I can give is this pity bump.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:08 No.14391006
    This might not be the best time for a quest thread but I find the idea very interesting indeed.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:09 No.14391018
         File1301296169.png-(257 KB, 300x400, Captain.png)
    257 KB
    "It is usual for subject of this ritual to return to the mortal coil so ... peculiarly addled in the mind, necromancer?"

    A burly fellow with a sword and a genteel lady equally close to his side strides into the throne room. Various medals and ribbons adorn his clothing. He seems more confused than afraid of your undead presence.

    "Liuva III was not known for his jests, if I recall my history of this land of noble Tautila."

    The necromancer chuckles nervously. "Oh, captain, please. Allow your liege a spell of levity upon his return to life. Wh-wh-what joy would you feel, if returned to the duchy you love so much after so long an absence?"

    He laughs shakily.

    [I work weird hours. I take what I can get.]
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:15 No.14391064

    Let's come to our senses and take what we're given. With a cold hard look at the noble we explain that passing onto the other side changes them for good or ill in the most serious voice we can conjure.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:21 No.14391119
         File1301296878.png-(202 KB, 300x400, Oracle.png)
    202 KB
    Your stately admonishment passes directly into the minds of all those present. Most shudder. The undead servant at your side does not, nor does the young woman who enters behind the captain. There is a dreamy look in her eyes, and she is attendant by a trio of female servants.

    "Our lord speaks the truth. What can death do but change its sufferer? After all, who can know what lies beyond save for those who have returned from it? Even as your augur, I am not so aware of the workings of the world."

    One of her servants carries a pillow, as if she could collapse at any moment. Another carries a small urn with a single rod of incense. The third carries a poised knife, prepared to strike at the young woman's throat. Perhaps there are more merciful alternatives to clairvoyance.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:29 No.14391184
         File1301297399.png-(251 KB, 300x400, Wizard.png)
    251 KB
    A bearded fellow in a black robe follows behind the oracle. He takes more than a few appreciative glances toward her backside, as well as those of her escorts. He struts like an insufferable ass, but there is no hiding the electric sensation in the air, the tendrils of shadow twisting in the folds of his sleeves. The power hiding in him. He suckles at his teeth with his tongue, sighing.

    "So it worked? Damn. I had been so looking forward to blowing the necromancer so far into the realm of undoing that he spun right back into existence and I got the pleasure of killin' him again."

    The boor belches, then slaps one of the oracle's attendants on the rear with a grin. She thinks twice about slapping him back.

    "How's it feel to be alive again then, milord, eh?"
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:30 No.14391185

    We should want to know who each of these people are, stating that being dead our mind has become dull and we have forgotten many things that we will need to remember.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:36 No.14391236
         File1301297799.png-(444 KB, 533x400, [Council].png)
    444 KB
    The very thought of this occurring to you warrants a response from the undead warrior at your side. Judging from the (lack of) reaction in the assembling, only you can hear him.

    "My liege, allow me. Those assembled, barring the absence of one, are your inner court. They carry out your orders, but have motivations and goals of their own. What unites them is a desire to see Tautila prosperous again. Open your mind, and I will make a gift of the knowledge your seek."

    Understanding floods into you.

    >Black Thane - Your defense
    >Captain - Military affairs
    >Dictator - Foreign affairs
    >Necromancer - Your offense
    >Oracle - Clairvoyance
    >Steward - Domestic affairs
    >Wizard - Sorcerous tasks
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:39 No.14391260
         File1301297981.png-(229 KB, 300x400, Black Thane 0.png)
    229 KB

    >When you were brought forth from your grave, also risen was the most honored warrior in the history of your duchy. While other thanes answer to heritage, duty, and propriety, the Black Thane answers to only one authority: You. He will go anywhere, do anything, and will never betray or conspire against you. Though available for counsel, he is little use except in matters concerning either your safety or your own personal training in the martial arts.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:42 No.14391281
         File1301298124.png-(260 KB, 300x400, Captain 0.png)
    260 KB

    "I am your servant on the battlefield, milord. I lead your armies, and see to the might of your troops. This is my dear wife."

    >The commander of your duchy's dwindling military, the High Captain of the land rose to his position after managing to defend against superior numbers with a simple peasant militia. He has displayed similar tactical insight again and again, and would be a fine general if only he had enough troops. He has recently married a lady of noble birth, and as such his sense of daring and bravado (as well as his counsel) has been tempered by the promise of children.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:45 No.14391310
         File1301298304.png-(253 KB, 300x400, Dictator 0.png)
    253 KB

    The richly adorned man sneers again. He sighs heavily. "I am your dictator, my lord. I serve your will in the courts of the other dukes, and deal in matters of trade. And, as I am sure it will soon out, I performed -your- duties while this abominable ritual was being prepared for."

    >While preparations were made for your rise, the Dictator simultaneously handled the responsibilities of duke, diplomat, ambassador, and envoy. With your revival, that list has only narrowed by one. He has faced down frothing lords and scheming envoys alike, and maintained his composure. He resents being led by a dead man, and makes no effort to hide his distrust. His counsel is an invaluable source of political information (as well as a cynic's opinion).
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:47 No.14391332
         File1301298470.png-(218 KB, 300x400, Necromancer 0.png)
    218 KB

    "You do not know me, Duke. I am newly arrived to your court, but I will serve you well in the future when it comes to matters of your new form, or the magic you may now learn to control for your own purposes." He bows. "I am honored to make your acquaintance."

    >A desperate liason made by people fearing for their lives, he is responsible for your rise from the dead, but has consumed much of his power in completing such an unprecedented ritual. The sullen magician is aware of your true identity, but you are likewise aware of his mistake. If either of these secrets are revealed, you will both surely suffer. Counsel with the Necromancer is the only way to restore your personal autonomy and develop your capabilities.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:48 No.14391342
    "Well then... I am informed that our realm is imperiled. Do inform your liege of what manner of threat has befallen us, that you would be so quick to disturb my rest..."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:50 No.14391358
    Oh, and let's also nod to each of them in turn.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:51 No.14391370
         File1301298687.png-(202 KB, 300x400, Oracle 0.png)
    202 KB

    "I, good Duke, am your oracle. I consult the skies and the throwing of bones, but I am not yours alone to command. You interest me greatly, and I will use my sight to guide your duchy toward a brighter star." She kneels.

    >Sought by many duchys for her unique powers of precognition, the oracle is drawn to your court by the mysterious circumstances of your return. Prone to trances, conniptions, and other worrisome episodes, she is nonetheless an invaluable addition to your inner court. Counsel with the oracle provides a glimpse into her strange prophecies. However, her widely desired abilities make it so she has to divide her time. There is always a chance she will not be available.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)03:55 No.14391407
    I see it that we have two in our counsel that we can trust. The Thane is loyal to a fault, and the Necromancer is loyal by blackmail. The Dictator I am distrustful of, we'd have to gauge the current situation of our realm and how he has ruled it in our absence before we make an judgments about him. The Oracle is a tricky thing because her gift may discover our secret, but then again the powers of clairvoyance to a ruler is priceless. The Commander may have his loyalty tested between duty and family. As we are no longer bound by a living form we don't require such stimulation.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)03:56 No.14391412
         File1301298977.png-(264 KB, 300x400, Steward 0.png)
    264 KB
    "It is imperiled by poverty above all others, my lord," comes the reply, as a demure woman strides into the room to join the others. She steps to your right side. "Poverty, and the growing boldness of your neighbors. They declare that if we cannot feed our people, then they shall grant them the mercy of submission to -their- rule. I cannot abide this."

    "I am your steward, and I watch over your lands and the affairs of your people. I hope you will not disappoint them. And ... Though it may be a minor detail, I am your descendant by blood, albeit illegitimate. A grand-daughter of a bastard child of your nephew."

    >Concerned first with the well-being of the duchy and the integrity of your rule, this gifted leader is the court member most beloved by your people. She has turned away all suitors, as she considers herself married to her duties. Her loyalty is surpassed only by the Black Thane, but she will quickly become your worst enemy if she believes you do not have the duchy's best interests in mind. Her counsel is the best way to manage or appraise matters of a domestic nature.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:00 No.14391450
         File1301299210.png-(254 KB, 300x400, Wizard 0.png)
    254 KB

    "... and I'm your wizard," the black-robed lech adds with very little ceremony.

    >A thaumaturge from one of the most prestigious towers in the land, your wizard is a flawed, flawed man. Though far beyond capable in matters of the schools of magic, one of if not THE best, he is a reprehensible lech and an all-around slothful fellow to boot. He can conjure fire upon your foes, scry long distances, protect your envoys from sight, and call rainstorms with ease, but his baser needs demand much of your patience. He offers no counsel, but can perform great feats of sorcery.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:00 No.14391452

    Ok 3 in court that we can trust. Though our steward is also a tricky one. Let's have her give us the most pressing issues to our realm, and how it is being dealt with so far.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:03 No.14391474
    I like this guy. Probably stays loyal as long as we got the stuff he needs.

    Keep him away from the oracle though.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:06 No.14391494
    "Well met. So, are you the only flesh and blood I have left?" We tap our chin. "Is the issue not enough farmland to feed the masses? Not enough living space? Treachery from the usurers?"

    >capcha: Estrize Gropius
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:07 No.14391508
    This. Throw him a peasant wench now and then and he'll melt armies on command.

    Kind of the opposite of our captain, actually, since he's loyal by default but might be swayed by temptation.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:08 No.14391517
    >capcha: Estrize Gropius

    I have no idea why, but strikes me as an incredibly good omen.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:08 No.14391523
         File1301299737.png-(150 KB, 300x400, Tautila.png)
    150 KB

    "Fair Tautila has suffered of late, my liege. A misstep in the mercantile endeavors of the last two generations has led to a grievous deficit in the coffers. The last duke to sit upon the throne invested nearly all in foreign silks and other luxuries, hoping to make a profit with trade."

    She sighs. "Half the ships to sink upon the journey. And his expense was for naught when it came to light that one of our neighbors managed to secure a much less costly route through the mountains."

    The captain continues her tale. "And with no money in the coffers, we were unable to keep the duchy's armaments from falling into disrepair. Smiths do not work on promises. As such, banditry run rampant razed the crops of the peasantry. It is a calamity of many levels, my lord."

    >Tautila is impoverished.
    >Tautila is without law.
    >Tautila is starving.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:14 No.14391572
    "Most unfortunate. Very well then, I suppose it would be premature to make much in the way of sweeping edicts without finding out the current situation of Tautila's rival nations?"
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:15 No.14391575
    We got a lot to do. So what is it that we are left with? Do we have a standing army? What is it that merchants earn their living with?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:15 No.14391577
    We'll likely have to deal with the banditry problem first. I say martial law, to control population and act as a deterrent for bandits and those considering banditry.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:21 No.14391624
    I'm just really afraid we are going to run into some goddamn Robin Hood type.

    Steal the tax, would you? It's not like we'd spend it to better this bloody country! Instead, give it to some bloody peasants. Surely, their economic skills gained by communing with pigs shall improve the living conditions of our people.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:24 No.14391648
    What's the dictator been trying to do to remedy this? It might be better to do a slow transition from his way of doing things as opposed to 'okay screw that we're doing this.'

    I'd love to get the bandits out of the way first, but to me it seems the starvation is a more immediate concern. With our neighbors promising to swoop in at the first sign of widespread famine, if those supplies run out we're fucked.

    A defensive strategy for now, with the militia dedicated to keeping the bandits from wrecking our efforts to bolster food supplies.

    ..and honestly, since the oracle's already here, I'd love to get a forecast from her before shit starts hitting fans.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:25 No.14391661
    The dictator clears his throat. "We need only fear the approach of Hildefons and Zlatan. Hildefons considers it their responsibility to 'relieve' us of our people to improve their lives."

    The steward adds, "Some even agree with them, though it pains me to say so."

    "The Zlatan, however, simply seem to enjoy their position of authority over us, given the military engagements between our people before the unification of the kingdom," the dictator adds. "Old rivalries die hard, I suppose. Fortunately, so do old friendships, and Gailavira is open to offer aid. We have taxed that offer, but it still seems to stand."

    >Hildefons desires your people.
    >Zlatan desires your land.
    >Gailavira is friendly.

    He then produces a packet of records, which he quickly peruses.

    "Textiles are our primary means of ensuring our relevance in the kingdom's markets. We grow and harvest many stripes of cloth, for finery or sails or other sundries. Our people were given the stockpile of silks and other luxuries several years ago, as a last effort to quell the unrest. As a result, we have become slightly renowned for our clothing."

    >Tautila's primary export is textiles.
    >Tautila's secondary export is clothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:31 No.14391693
    There is much to consider, indeed.

    Perhaps consulting the Oracle for guidance would be wise. Consulting her in private, that is.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:31 No.14391695

    Now this is just a thought but if the Hildefons want our people, why don't we give them some in return for something else? People for food? That way we manage the population, and increase of the food stockpiles to feed the remaining peoples. By no means act on this idea yet.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:31 No.14391706
    The captain steps forward, opening a large tome of accounts before you. "Though not nearly to a point at which I feel comfortable, we have a sufficient number of men with which to make a change. But I would be loathe to divide them."

    He tilts his head. "Still. We lack for arms of a suitable quality. I agree that we need to focus on the banditry, but that will necessitate either my best men, or my leaving the borders to lead less capable men in such an endeavor."

    >Tautila is poorly equipped.
    >Tautila has three units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has one unit of elite troops.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:36 No.14391744
    Perhaps there is some way we can... encourage the bandits to engage our neighbors instead? Or even quarrel amongst themselves. More information about them is needed.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:38 No.14391766
    It's an excuse, and a very badly veiled one at that.

    Besides, we can't just push our subjects around like pieces or playthings. We have to have the nobles do that for us. And I don't see what incentive they'd have to decrease their workforce.

    Speaking of which... what's the date? How long till harvest?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:44 No.14391820
    We do need more information about the bandits. Are they poor farmers who had enough of tilling the soil for nothing, impoverished nobles or their descendants who are looking for an easy life, or rogue military men who we could not afford to keep in our service?

    Most likely all of the above. The peasantry we can probably deal with by brute force, but the more heavily armed ruffians need to be... directed. If I recall correctly, the usual course of action is a crusade against an eligible target somewhere preferably far away with the promise of phat loot.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:45 No.14391827
         File1301301912.png-(260 KB, 300x400, 301 Winter.png)
    260 KB
    >It is the 301st year After Unification.
    >It is winter.

    The Necromancer pipes up, seemingly glad to add to the conversation. "The ritual would only flourish in the seasons of stillness, my lord."

    "Harvest will begin in one season," your steward offers.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:46 No.14391833
    Let's look to the necromancer. "Many thanks for returning me to... life, but the question must be asked, how useful would your skills be in relieving our problems of having an underfunded military?

    I'm not suggesting we suddenly make it obvious we are employing necromancers, but I am interested in the possibility of perhaps sending some dead to make an example of some bandits... you know, make it look like some of their victims returned from the dead for revenge, and see if we can't paint the picture that some sort of divine retribution is striking at them.

    Once the bandit problem is over, we can then make a show of our men chasing the dead back to their graves and what not, showing that our boys aren't even afraid of the walking dead!"
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:48 No.14391846

    thats a very good idea
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:49 No.14391859

    I too have considered something of an undead militia. Citizens can sign off their bodies after death to be used for the state, criminals condemn their bodies to more immediate service. We'd also have skilled clothiers so we can disguise the bodies to remove all individuality from them, so a citizen won't be upset if they see their grandfather making the rounds.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:52 No.14391880
    Lets discuss that idea in private with the necromancer in a bit, we don't want to freak anyone the hell out. I believe it will be best if we keep ourselves, and the necromancer, secret.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:52 No.14391881
    "I see I was wrong to believe your keen mind had been lessened by the fog of death, my lord," says the captain. He grins, genuinely pleased by your acumen.

    "Half of the bandits are simple serfs who have abandoned their duties. The other half are a rabble of mercenaries, men from all over the kingdom. They came to our land out of, I believe, a sense of our vulnerability." He narrows his eyes in thought. "If allowed to persist, the latter will surely train the former in the ways of war.

    >The bandits have one unit of unskilled troops.
    >The bandits have one unit of standing troops.

    The dictator's signature sneer creeps over his visage. "I find it all too coincidental that the mercenary bandits made their way here in the last several years. It seems too sudden for word of mouth to travel between such rabble across the kingdom. We should look to their most frequent employers for answers."

    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary companies.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)04:55 No.14391892
    Rub mandible.
    "Wizard, how many of your kind remain?"
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)04:59 No.14391912
    The Black Thane steps forward. His voice echoes in your own mind, but plainly is heard in the living souls present.

    "His lordship desires a private counsel with the necromancer," he states, stepping to the assembled. They all leave the throne room, none of them looking particularly displeased to do so. It is your right to demand privacy in your affairs.

    The necromancer remains behind as you express your interests.

    "An army? My lord, the ritual ... To place a living soul in a dead shell ... I am far too exhausted to do such a thing. It may be seasons, even years before I can work such feats. And even though your presence has seen no large outcry, it is only because I was censured by the wizards of the towers for the possibilities of the outcome."

    "In short, my liege, you are only allowed to persist by the magicians of the land because they are assured you have a willful mind. Though they can be reasoning, the 'mindless' undead are ..." He looks to the Black Thane. "They are too ... too suited for war. It is possible, but it would draw much ire from the other dukes and duchesses."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:01 No.14391925
    Then we shall make soldiers of their corpses as well.
    We owe them nothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:02 No.14391933
    It's not a bad idea, but overusing magic is going to bite us in the ass. It gives an excuse for invasion if nothing else.

    We need to either buy the mercs out (something we probably can't afford right now) or crush them now. We need the captain to rally some troops and do so... but absolutely NOT the ones on the Zlatan borders.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:03 No.14391941
    ... the dawn emperor lives.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:04 No.14391947

    Let's not try to be at odds with our other Dukes and Duchesses, plus the undead option would only be optional for the citizen, but the criminal loses that right. They won't be wholly intelligent, capable to enacting simple commands.

    I say ask the necromancer if he was any like minded and skilled colleagues in need of employ.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:07 No.14391960
    >Tautila is impoverished.
    >Tautila is without law.
    >Tautila is starving.

    We can't do anything about being impoverished and we can't make food out of thin air, but we sure as hell can do something about the bandits.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:07 No.14391961
    You search the rush of understanding that was given to you by the Black Thane.

    >There are four Great Towers, each in one of the four cardinal directions around the capital of the kingdom. It is lost to history whether the capital was placed between the towers or the towers were placed around the capital. Any who show magical ability are offered to be fed and clothed by the thaumaturges of the tower, asking only for the young magician to contribute to their communal exchange of sorcerous knowledge.

    >A magician who wishes to practice on their own is fully allowed to, with the understanding that they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law for any damages they inflict on the populace. This is usually enough to discourage independent study.

    >After a magician has felt they have learned enough, they leave the tower and seek employ as a noble's court mage, a humble role as a village soothsayer, or the grand life of a duchy's wizard.

    >There are roughly 100 magical practitioners alive at any one time.

    >There are roughly one dozen wizards of equivalent power to that of your court's wizard.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:11 No.14391981

    "All right, I understand. Anyway, lets keep that sort of thing as a reserve, not a plan A.

    I should point out I am grateful for this resurrection, and for your discretion. Is there any chance, however, that there be some way that I could have... eh, flesh again?

    Its rather frightening to think that I could be like this, feeling nothing, forever..."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:13 No.14391987
    And maybe any idea who I actually was?

    Not that it matters at this point.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:14 No.14391991
    "Perhaps you misunderstand, my lord," the necromancer begins, seeming almost bashful at first, before growing a bit grim.

    "I'm -the- necromancer. I am all that is the power of death. I am welcome in no court, and have only made my living performing parlor tricks and petty hexes for the nobility of the kingdom until now." His disgust at being so lowered is palpable. It reminds you of a petulant youth, which may be fitting, as he is somewhere between twenty and thirty years of age. "I am only welcome here because they had no where else to turn."

    "All those who walked my path have overstepped themselves and been slain, taught the wrong person the wrong spell and been executed, insulted a wizard and been obliterated, or demonstrated their power to the peasantry and been hanged." He stands upright. "Most necromancers are fools, my lord. I am not. I have no fellows. I will not deliver myself into death as willingly as they."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:15 No.14391997

    I think things like flesh and feeling will only distract us from more immediate concerns. As for who we were is no longer important, we are now a Duke of our own state, it is likely our life beforehand, if we can even try to recall it, was no where near as prestigious.
    >> Matthias Rex 03/28/11(Mon)05:18 No.14392013
    Well, there's a small chance we were actually good at something that'd help in this situation.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:19 No.14392018

    Right then if this is how they regard necromancers how is the general view on undead?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:19 No.14392021
    "It may be possible, but it would take much study on my part, and effort on your own. Restoration to a semblance of life will be a process, my lord." He gestures to the Black Thane. "Your servant was an easier task. Having not a will of his own -- as it is tied to yours -- the magic required to make him was substantially less, and he is as bound to his armor as a living man is bound to flesh."

    "It will be small steps on the journey to true life, my lord, if it is at all possible."

    >You may take extended counsel with the Necromancer to restore your ability to leave your throne.

    >When you take extended counsel, you will spend time in private with the court member to focus intently on an area. Magical practice with the necromancer, strategize on maps with the captain, go over records with the dictator, write decrees with the steward. Doing so will see great success in that area, but all other matters in your kingdom will see no development, and may even worsen.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:20 No.14392024
    Having already dismissed everyone but those who are loyal (the Thane and Necromancer), it is an opportune time to call the Oracle back in for consultation.

    Among the questions we ask, I propose we find out what the greatest threat to our nation is.
    >> Matthias Rex 03/28/11(Mon)05:23 No.14392036
    Not now. WE have time, but our dukedom does not. We must focus on more pressing matters. It'd be good to call the Oracle first.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:25 No.14392045
    You search your mind.

    >It is a strange conflict within the history of the kingdom that concerns the undead. Necromancy, being the explicit concern of magicians, has never been seen as more or less evil as any other school of magic. However, all thaumaturgical pursuits seem regarded by the peasantry and nobility as 'no harm, if no harm befalls me.' This has led to a long but peaceful coexistence in most cases.

    >Necromancy, however, necessitating the remains of the human body, draws much ire from those of a traditional bent. It is also demonstrated throughout history that most devoted necromancers have succumbed to madness or foul ambition.

    >The undead, however, are seen mostly as victims, or at least as no more to blame than a bastard child for the sin of their parents. Especially the rare 'willful' undead, as there exist a few historical cases, equally for good or ill.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:25 No.14392046
    Goddamnit I need to sleep you fuckers best archive this once it is finished.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:26 No.14392058
    "I see. Well then, I want you to be my right-hand man. Besides our, ah, non-sentient friend over here. I realize that it must have been harsh to be of a talent so many view with negativity, but if you think about it, its quite fortunate that you command a monopoly, in the long run..."

    "Ah, excellent. I just wanted to see if there was a chance, one day, after this is all over. No sense worrying about lost skin when our poor countrymen are starving and all that, I was just intimidated. But yeah, lets just worry about more practical things first."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:27 No.14392063
    Check technological progress.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:28 No.14392068
    The black thane summons the oracle for you. She enters, with her attendants close by.

    "Choose your questions carefully, my lord. I am of a particularly robust constitution this seasons, and I can withstand the trance of knowledge for long enough to bear three queries into the void."

    One attendant begins to twist and light several sticks of incense, crushing them into the urn and closing a brass lid over it as the perfumes build and smoulder within.

    >The Oracle can answer three questions this season.
    >> Multilasers 03/28/11(Mon)05:30 No.14392077
    The first and foremost thing we should enact upon is ridding our duchy of bandits. Any technological improvements are rendered obsolete by their pillaging and sabotage, not to mention any progress as well. Send one elite division of men to root them out, as that will stand easily against the combined forces of a few serfs and a standing force, if we look it on as a level view where untrained = 0.5 standing = 1 and elite = 2 or 3
    It will also assist in making a solid example towards any who think of attempting banditry
    >> Multilasers 03/28/11(Mon)05:32 No.14392085
    What is the greatest issue concerning my duchy?

    How do the people respond to being ruled by an undead?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:33 No.14392086
    What is the greatest threat to the kingdom?

    What is the greatest resource to it?

    Clear the room for the last one.

    Who am I?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:33 No.14392087
    I vote we dedicate one of those questions to be something along the lines of "What will be most effective at removing the bandit problem?"
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:34 No.14392090
    Just some examples
    Where are the bandits based?
    How will the harvest be?
    Which trading deal would bring in the most money?
    >> Matthias Rex 03/28/11(Mon)05:35 No.14392097
    Can we keep the third question for later?


    I hope that doesn't count as a question. Ask that before she gets into a trance.

    I'd like a mroe mercantile centric question, like, what should we invest our money in for the greatest return. Seems kind of grounded but hey, poverty!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:35 No.14392098

    Either remove resource or the who am I question and replace with


    this question.

    I find that who we were is of no importance right now, and if we must no we can ask the oracle again another season when we have the luxury to do so.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:35 No.14392102

    Where's the base of operations of these bandits?

    If there is one, we should be fully prepared to burn it to the ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:36 No.14392104

    know* goddamn its late. How much longer will you be doing this tonight Mors?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:38 No.14392114
    I kinda think we should keep the vanity stuff, like flesh, and finding out who we are, to after the peasants are in a non-starvin' state. I am curious, but we'll have lots of time.

    Also, I vote we keep ONE question open, rather than using them all up in the first sitting, just in case we have to deal with a stumper before the season's up.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:40 No.14392128
    Archived the thread for later.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:42 No.14392138

    Well that depends on how long the oracle will be staying with us. We don't want to save a question only to find out she has left and won't be back until the next season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:49 No.14392176
    [Taking an amalgam of the questions. Lucky for you, this isn't a terribly specific sort of augury mechanic here.]

    With a burst of color and smoke, the urn's lid is released beneath the oracle's nose. The girl inhales deeply, eyes blooming a milky haze before convulsions begin to assault her body. Conniptions rob her of balance, and she falls backward into the waiting cushion held by the second attendant. All the while, the third stands ready with a sharp, thirsty blade of mercy.

    She arches her form, and the force issuing from her lips is one you remember from the interminable black void that precedes your return to the mortal realm. The cacophony of myriad tones and wails causes your will to recoil.

    >You query about banditry.
    "Cattle. They are all, mewling, terrified cattle. Pity them. This stampede, this rash act of panic and discontent ... Spare your impudent flock the sword, and be their shepherd. DO NOT BE SO MERCIFUL WITH WOLVES."

    >It is favorable for you to spare the peasant bandits.
    >It is unfavorable for you to spare the mercenary bandits.

    >You query about finance.
    "Such many empty coffers, and now an empty coffin to match. Oh, my good duke, to be so cruelly thrust back into a world where gold is precious. Let go of your fineries! Satin will not warm your cold bones."

    >It is favorable for you to liquidate your kingdom's luxury items.

    >You query about threats.
    "A viper lays coiled at your feet. Be wary -- Its hiss is not to warn you of its own venomous bite, but to warn all those who would strike you."

    >One of those on your court who you perceive to be disloyal is instead loyal.

    Her vision expended, her attendants carry the oracle from the room. Exhaustion and delirium wash over her.

    >The Oracle will not be available for the rest of the season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/28/11(Mon)05:51 No.14392195
    [And because I agree with everyone that is pretty late, we're going to call an end to it here. If someone could link the archive, that'd be great. I'll aim to continue it later tonight, as it is nearly dawn where I live.]
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:52 No.14392201
    Hmm, who is the only person we consider actively disloyal?

    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:54 No.14392219

    Huh, selling off our nobleshit. That's a good idea. Pretty straightforward too.

    G'night man, I'll just let you know, I've seen a FUCKLOAD of quest threads on /tg/ before and this is the only one that led me to reply... I think it was the classy looking portrait-cards

    ESTRIZE GROPIUS, my friends!
    >> Matthias Rex 03/28/11(Mon)05:56 No.14392230
    Well, that settles it. Get the Captain and order him to grab his elite troops to fight of the mercs.

    Get the Steward to announce amnesty for all the remaining bandits who turn themselves in and go back to work. We need to hurry with this, there will be work on the fields once winter is over.

    Get the dictator to arrange some trade deals so we can liquify our luxury items more efficiently.
    >> Matthias Rex 03/28/11(Mon)05:57 No.14392242
    Meh, it's noon here. I hope you can keep this schedule, I've got something to do in my boring hours.

    >> Multilasers 03/28/11(Mon)05:58 No.14392244
    I agree with both of these statements.

    Also, concerning the bandits, try and send a message in whatever way that if they give up now, the serfs will be granted amnesty for their banditry. Make sure to come across as nice and warm as possible, hell I'd write it out if you need that. This will work wonders for our elite force to attack the mercenaries, or it would be fantastic if we used two standing forces and have one force engage the mercenaries, and have the other one flank behind and smash into their rears.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)05:58 No.14392245

    Link to the archived thread.
    >> Multilasers 03/28/11(Mon)05:58 No.14392251
    oh god damnit
    >> Anonymous 03/28/11(Mon)06:00 No.14392271
    OP, thanks for this. It's got shitloads of potential.

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