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  • File : 1302573769.jpg-(56 KB, 360x302, HOLY-SHIT.jpg)
    56 KB Cool LGS stories Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:02 No.14562668  

    Warning mine is really long.

    > Walk into LGS to get BFG minis for Rogue Trader
    > They've been holding 3 blisters for me for about a week now. 40 bucks total.
    > They're cool like that.
    > Decide to look at what other Battlefleet Gothic stuff they have in the racks.
    > Go to racks.
    > Freak the fuck out at all the awesome shit in the racks, LIKE: Imperial cruisers and battlecruisers and a Necron Cairn class Tombship and ork superkroozas and shit
    > Store owner walks over.
    "Looking at the BFG stuff huh?"
    "Yeah. Good lord there's so much."
    >Grab 4 more blisters.
    >Store owner walks with me to counter.
    >Price check. Total: now 100 dollars USD.
    "Mike, give him 20 % off on those." store owner says
    "Sure thing boss."
    "W...what? Why?"
    "Those have been sitting around for about four years now. Gotta get rid of 'em somehow, huh? Actually, hold on. We have a bin with individually packaged ships somewhere behind the counter."
    >Get invited behind counter.
    >Go behind counter.
    >The bin is brought out.
    > Holy shit more ships everywhere, individually packaged, 3 to 5 dollars each.
    > Store owner stares at the box while I pick through it.
    "Huh. I think there's about 200 dollars worth of stuff in there."
    > He rubs his chin for a minute.
    "You can have it all for 60 bucks if you want."
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:04 No.14562690
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:06 No.14562704
    i did read and thats why I love my FLGS :D

    he does stuff like this, every time we buy warhammer boxes he takes up to five dollars off, and we get free paint
    >> Matt !o504RVa/WI 04/11/11(Mon)22:08 No.14562719
         File1302574093.jpg-(18 KB, 322x165, Beautiful.jpg)
    18 KB
    >He plays BFG

    YES. All of my love, Anon!
    >> Forgeworld transport Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:09 No.14562730
         File1302574195.png-(765 KB, 619x900, Troop transport.png)
    765 KB

    >Digging through the box more. I don't want to take it all, would rather just have my pickin's.
    >Grab ramships, some iconoclasts... Pass over one thing.
    >Store owner points out.
    "Dude. That's a forgeworld Imperial troop transport. You know they don't make BFG stuff anymore right?"
    > I think, wait a second.
    "Oh shit. You're right. Gimme that back."
    >Store owner explains more.
    "You could probably sell it for 30 dollars on Ebay."
    > It's priced 15 dollars.
    > I stick my chin out.
    "Fuck that. I'm going to give this sucker the best paint job I can give it and give it proper respect."
    "Good man."
    Pictured related. That's the troop transport still in its blister.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:09 No.14562732
    >Walk into LGS to buy minis that LGS doesn't support
    >Find out that LGS doesn't support minis that I want to buy
    >Act surprised when LGS goes bust in 8 months.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:12 No.14562760
         File1302574352.png-(2 KB, 168x161, thumbsup.png)
    2 KB
    >Buy LGS owner lunch everytime I come over
    >Get first dibs on gaming rooms
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:14 No.14562785
         File1302574497.png-(63 KB, 155x155, 155x155 alestorm.png)
    63 KB
    OP here,

    I don't play BFG, but I've always wanted to.

    I have enough ships here now for small games with various races...

    I think I'm going to get that Cairn Class tombship...
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:16 No.14562793
    I love the shit out of my LGS but it sucks that they only sell wargaming minis. I wish they would order in more roleplaying aid stuff. Also, posting from a Wii.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:24 No.14562874
         File1302575057.jpg-(178 KB, 683x1024, smokingood.jpg)
    178 KB
    OP demands more LGS stories.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:35 No.14562995
    the group of people that frequetn my FLGS plus the owner all act more like close friends, than a business. Like having friendly bbq's in teh parking lot while hosting tournaments, at the moment three of them have babies so the kids paly together and they watch the store for each other while others have to leave. its pretty sweet.
    >> The Pole 04/11/11(Mon)22:48 No.14563124
         File1302576486.jpg-(70 KB, 500x513, 1282007261459.jpg)
    70 KB
    >Intro boxed set for Battletech just came out a couple weeks ago
    >Walk into the LGS, on the off chance Howard picked it up for his table of other "new" releases
    >Walk in with low expectations, cuz its a majority RPG and WH40k store
    >Get bombarded by amount of new Grey Knight shit
    >See the boxed set and pick it up
    >Talk with Howard about how I didnt expect to see it there
    >He said yeah and how he had a total of 2 in stock and one was bought up real quickly
    >Excitedly ask who did, cuz Battletech fans are spread rather thin
    >He said he did, and there are plans on learning and teaching BT in store
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)22:55 No.14563211
    >"Dude. That's a forgeworld Imperial troop transport. You know they don't make BFG stuff anymore right?"
    But they do.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)23:00 No.14563258
         File1302577245.jpg-(20 KB, 375x500, 187.jpg)
    20 KB

    fine you insatiable bastard.

    >Gaming group falls apart due to guy with sizable apt moving
    >Recently 1 bro and i start going to old FLGS where i have always gone.
    >Play a game or 2 in the evening. Not a very happenin place.
    >One week bro has to work late and cant make it.
    >Remember a coworker telling me about a LGS that had opened up around the corner from my house, decide to hit it up solo
    >Take 1500 points of infantry mob guard for a game
    >Couple of dudes playing, go over watch for a bit, ask someone that isnt playing for a game.
    >SM vs me 1500 pts, dosnt have a written list, but says its all WISYWIG, holy balls thats a lot of doods.
    >Play game, have a fun time, each have one obj at the end of the game tie,
    >GG all around, hand shakes, etc
    >go home and tabulate up what i was playing against,2k points of SM

    >come back next week and play versus a new blood angels player, and help him get a solid feel for tactics and more complete grasp of the rules, and how to operate vs an extremely shooty army like guard. feelsgoodman.
    >Go to applebees after and get drunk on 2 for 1's

    mfw i tallyed up that SM army i played against
    >> Commissar !nqFUKLAWj6 04/11/11(Mon)23:14 No.14563415
         File1302578061.jpg-(37 KB, 367x235, abaddonbio.jpg)
    37 KB
    My local game shop doesn't discount a damn thing. He sells at GW suggested retail. There's not much reason to buy from FLGS unless I want it NOW NOW NOW. And I have never needed a miniature NOW NOW NOW.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)23:20 No.14563479
         File1302578400.jpg-(39 KB, 600x610, 166822_175848955791714_1696634(...).jpg)
    39 KB
    > walk into flgs
    > rednecks who reek of BO and non-menthols playing
    > unpainted sprue grey miniatures everywhere
    > guy is using cardboard box as Razorback proxy
    > space marines everywhere
    > weeaboo kid with Naruto shirt on playing Tau (painted, mercifully)
    > nice terrain
    > one ork player
    > play against him
    > get invited to play Apocalypse with his friends out of the store
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)23:27 No.14563560
    >Go to LGS to pick up paints for my Space Hulk miniatures
    >Guy at counter asks if I play 40k
    >Say naw bro, but im interested in starting
    >Tells me about a tournament starting this weekend, he's been telling every single customer
    >show up to watch
    >Place is dead
    >Quietly slip out

    Feel really bad for the poor guy
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)23:36 No.14563657
         File1302579412.jpg-(123 KB, 715x560, 1288624976995.jpg)
    123 KB
    >go to /tg/
    >See a game called infinity. Sweet ass robot miniatures and other sci-fi, not dripping with excessive grimdark to the point of repulsiveness.
    >Consider possibly picking up the game, if a local community ever surfaces
    >go to LGS, hoping to run Battletech Demo Game.
    >Holy shit people are playing Infinity
    >Miniatures aren't the sweet ass robots I expected.
    >Looks like Rainbow-Six Tabletop, interest kind of wavers.
    >Ask where all the sweet scottsmen and Robots are. They have them, they're just not playing them. Interest somewhat restored.
    >The guy heading the community claims he's started the biggest Infinity group in the country, with something like 8-20 players.
    >Invite them to try a demo game of Battletech if they finish up their game early
    >Proceed to have infinity group head tell me that my game that "nobody plays" is shit, because he didn't understand it and it made him bored. Other players in his group follow suit.
    Img: My interest in Infinity from that point forward.
    >> Anonymous 04/11/11(Mon)23:44 No.14563725

    OP here.

    >> The Pole 04/11/11(Mon)23:50 No.14563791
    thats was probably cuz you were moving in on his territory, are Infinity players territorial?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:19 No.14564722
    >start going to FLGS after years of just going to GW
    >get into role-playing games
    >relatively active RPG community there
    >Ditch 40k altogether for D&D and 40k
    >After a few months of playing, start talking to the store owners
    >Two brothers who are right into RPGs and viking re-enactment but mostly drinking
    >Become bros with them both and get trashed at the store after hours with them on a weekly basis
    >Sing blind guardian at the top of our lungs whilst playing dominion drinking games
    >Feels good man
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:25 No.14564791
         File1302585940.jpg-(86 KB, 630x440, 1275086244748.jpg)
    86 KB

    >>Ditch 40k altogether for D&D and 40k
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:28 No.14564810
    Mah bad, meant D&D and DarkHeresy
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:28 No.14564813
    OP saying
    >"W...what? Why?"
    Don't do that bro! Just take the discount.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:30 No.14564828
    I was hanging out at my LGS once, talking to the owner, and he was lamenting how recent rain had resulted in the basement getting flooded, and some of the old stuff stored down there got damaged and how he really had to clean it up but didn't have the time.

    So he told me and a friend that if we helped, he couldn't pay us, but since it was all old merchandise that was probably never going to end up on the shelves that we could take our pick if we found anything down there we wanted.

    After a few hours of moving boxes around, I ended up walking away with 2 boxes of Illuminati boosters, an AD&D 1E PHB and MM, Awful Green Things from Outer Space, and some old Battletech minis. My friend got the original Rogue Trader rulebook and some other things that I don't remember.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:32 No.14564848
    Would you mind elaborating on the rules for dominion drinking games?
    I love dominion, and I love drinking, but for some reason have never put the two together
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:38 No.14564899
    >favorite game store is run by a this awesome lady and her silly stereotypically old asian mother
    >lots of older stuff games and knicknacks plus a decent sized collection of Magic cards
    >such a nice atmosphere I feel compelled to at least pick something small like paints while I'm there in order to help support the place

    The best part is next semester I'll get to go there a fuckton more due to having access to a car. Might even get to play some Warmahordes games with people who aren't my friends.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:40 No.14564917
    Sure! It's just something we came up with over a bottle of Jacks. For every action you play, you drink. Best just to go with a good sip of whatever you are drinking. Shots would be nightmare mode.

    It gets real good when players build a deck based on action combos where the player could be using anything from 2-10+ action in a turn. Had one guy use 13 actions in one turn. Two glasses.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:42 No.14564937
    >Got to LGS
    >See guy demoing a miniatures game
    >Malifaux, uses cards and shit
    >Pretty fun time, using that cowboy chick
    >Figure what the hell, it's cheap as fuck
    >Pick up Ramos because fuck you, mechanical spiders
    >Show up at designated gaming night
    >It's just that guy there, along with a dozen greasy MtG players doing FNM
    >Couple Magic players giving him shit, "Guess no one wants to play your shitty game!", et. al.
    >Bell rings as door opens
    >Covered in worn leather, looks like he killed a bear on the way here
    >Walks over, pulls out delicate-painted showgirls in bright colors
    >Six more people show up, five of them women
    >Spend the rest of the night getting destroyed by scary Viking dude, learning more ropes of the game
    >Go out for drinks afterward
    >Hear tales of Canada from Viking Dude

    Not strictly LGS, but still fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)01:52 No.14565017
    >Start WHFB last year; start hanging at FLGS
    >Buy batallion of Warriors of Chaos
    >Buy paints
    >Buy glue
    >start playing every week
    >Buy small bits and minis occasionally
    >Buy Dark Elves batallion
    >Order stuff from FLGS once a month
    >Play with brosephs each week
    >One day owner hands us each a black box
    >No idea what it is or means
    >He tells us to open at home
    >Get home, open box
    >OOP Chaos BSB, Dark Elf BSB, Hydra, and Shaggoth
    >Note that says "Thanks for being part of my customer base."
    >Brosephs each get cube of GW dice and set of GW washes
    >mfw i have no face
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:03 No.14565103
    We have two LGS. One is run by bunch of fags who love to rip people off. The other is awesome though. It's run by a little old German lady. She's been running the store as a second job ever since her husband the original owner died. She buys pizza for us on FNMs sometimes. She doesn't know a damn thing about magic, but she's still awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:15 No.14565204
         File1302588927.png-(57 KB, 378x378, mfw.png)
    57 KB
    >First time in this LGS
    >Another more popular and better stocked LGS half a block away
    >Ask for 1st Edition L5R books, pointed to giant room of used books. Start sifting through them for nearly an hour.
    >Still no L5R.
    >Owner comes in with GLORIOUS BEARD, asks what I am looking for.
    >Takes me to back room with racks of books
    >2 minutes later come out with all the books I needed to complete the set still in shrink wrap.
    >Go to counter "Give him 50% off. Happy to clear the back room out anytime I can."
    >mfw new FLGS
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:16 No.14565212
         File1302589002.jpg-(543 KB, 1000x708, derp.jpg)
    543 KB
    >Go to LGS for 4e campaign
    >two of five people show up, including me
    >spend four hours at LGS watching friend play MTG because I didn't want to go home and I didn' have my cards with me
    >look around at books, find Infinity stuff in corner
    >take them to counter to ask for the price
    >"Looks like we never entered these in the system. I know they're priced at around $30, but if you buy them both right now I'll put them at $20 each."
    >do perfect pokerface as I pay $40 for $100 worth of books
    >my books when
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:24 No.14565269
    LGS, the only place where they actualy may have what you want "In the back".
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:26 No.14565284
         File1302589598.jpg-(216 KB, 560x536, Steinar.jpg)
    216 KB
    > Go to LGS to buy dice.
    > Pay $20
    > female friend goes to same LGS
    > pays $10 for same dice

    > random once off gamer, brings copper dice to game
    > gives them too me
    > mfw
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:31 No.14565333
    I'm new to traditional games, what is LGS?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:32 No.14565338
    Local Gaming Store.
    >> Magus O'Grady 04/12/11(Tue)02:34 No.14565348
    LGS=Local Game Store.
    FLGS=Friendly Local Game Store
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:39 No.14565369

    ..Friendly game store? Most of the gamestores here are naturally, GW's own so their are utterly hostile to the point of nearly greeting their customers with loaded shotguns.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:39 No.14565374
         File1302590375.jpg-(10 KB, 251x188, 1302585664692s.jpg)
    10 KB
    > Go to FLGS
    > FLGS Guy is closing the door
    > It's like 10 in the morning
    > I ask why
    > He says: "I am going to teach people driving, I am tired of this thing"
    > The only LGS on my town is out
    > I cry "WHYYYYYYY???" mentally
    > Now I also play Infinity mentally, cause the community is gone
    > mfw
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:41 No.14565379

    that sucks bro, where are you from?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:47 No.14565418
    >Play 40K, owner helds up a 2ed tournament for sheer nostalgia and just to laugh at the cheesy, yet awesome model.
    >Fuck year tyranids, eldfar and their lack of transports and cambpell terminators.
    >Start shoppin', my addiction requires dice and painting required, owner says that they set up a painting spot for long term customers required and I can stash my models there for safekeeping.
    >Go to the dicebin, my MS decides to throw a hissy fit as I slip on some errant dice and fall flat on my back, unconcious
    >Wake up in hospital hours later, week in
    >Finally come back in store, notice that my purchases are still their
    >Owner painted by Necron models, 15 Warriors and three heavy destroyers.
    >"Well, considering that you didn't sue me so, this is the least I can do"
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:49 No.14565426
    >Walk into GW.
    >First time there and I am thinking about playing
    >Some guy walks up to me and says "do I play?"
    >Me "nope but I am thinking of getting into it."
    >Him "perfect, wait here"
    >Dude walks back in with a massive case of mini's
    >Him "These are no yours"

    He gave me a company of space marines and a massive horde of nids. Around 2500 pts worth each. I havent bought a single GW product because I got everything for free!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:52 No.14565445
    >WotC retail stores going out of business, full of people picking over the bones.
    >Most of the stuff is gone
    >I see their display of dice
    "How much for the dice?"
    Manager: "Everything is %40 off."
    "No, I mean how much for the dice?"
    Mgr: "%40 off."
    "No, how much for all of them?"
    Mgr: "Oh... uh... I could give you %80 off."
    "How about I just give you $100?"
    Mgr: "No, sorry."
    >Manager and employee count out all the dice. While a line of people wait.
    Mgr: "Ok, I'll give you %90 off. That'll be... $101.42. And I'll throw in the display case for free."

    >mfw I own 2,547 dice.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:53 No.14565456
    shit, you're lucky
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:54 No.14565460
    Sucks that happened to you. If it's any consolation, I play both systems and they're both amazing. It seems Infinity players over here also play Battletech.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:55 No.14565464

    If I met someone who seemed very interested in the hobby, I would probably give them my whole 5000ish point half-painted army. I havn't touched it since I moved away from my bros 3 years ago.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)02:56 No.14565466
    Yea I had to pinch myself. First time I ever got anything for free. The guy was getting married and his wife didnt like warhammer so he was giving it away. Another guy got an army of orks from him as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:00 No.14565488
    this is a great story and i approve.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:00 No.14565492
    that sucks for him. "honey i don't wany you playing with toys any more"
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:01 No.14565493

    Coincidentally, any fa/tg/uys in Toronto looking for some Tau? I'd love to see them go to a good home instead of collecting dust. Will most certainly have to strip my terribly paint job though.
    >> Magus O'Grady 04/12/11(Tue)03:01 No.14565498
         File1302591695.jpg-(22 KB, 261x343, 1300302963171.jpg)
    22 KB
    Ouch. Thankfully, I live in Louisiana, southern part of America. No GW stores for hundreds of miles. Just small little mom-and-pop places. Usually, walking into one is like walking into the bar in Cheers. Everyone there greets you by name, usually with a smile. Ahh, southern hospitality and good small business sense. A formidable combination.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:01 No.14565501
         File1302591700.jpg-(68 KB, 640x432, kat.jpg)
    68 KB
    >>mfw all of my FLGS are all either obviously profit mongering with no chance of any cool stories or run by douchebags not even interested in the hobby.

    Things were better when the only place to play is in a garage.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:06 No.14565527
    >mfw I'd love some Tau but live in Alberta
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:07 No.14565534
    > "honey i don't wany you playing with toys any more"
    More like "Honey sorry but you cannot keep your hobby that has cost you hundreds if not a thousand dollars/euros/pounds/etc and which you obviously love since you put so much effort into... and I don't have to give up anything"

    Fuck I hate women like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:08 No.14565541
    >Decide I want to get into D&D Miniatures.
    >Knows store owner. Been playingg/buying/paintan' GW products for years.
    >Stares at boxes of prepainted plastic miniatures, start discussing with wife possibilities of stripping/repaintingg.
    >owner John comes over.
    >I have some unpainted metal D&D mini's that'v ebeen sitting in my backroom for about two years.
    >Go to backroom.
    >John says "Small ones are 50c each, medium for 1 dollar, big for 2.
    >open up -six- large plastic tubs FILLED with metal mini's dating back to 1st edition
    >owner sells me one large box for 20$, rather then bothering to count.
    >MFW I get over 500 miniatures
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:10 No.14565551
    >mfw when half the people in this thread have no faces.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:13 No.14565567
    I'm in Van, and I'll pay for shipping. I've been wanting to get into Tau for a while.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:14 No.14565572
    At least he is getting sex out of it which is more than I have. I would give up warhammer too for frequent sex.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:16 No.14565589
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:17 No.14565593
    And that's why you don't have the opportunity to do so. In addition to probably being fat and/or ugly. But being that desperate is not making you any sexier.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:19 No.14565608
    There are some flaws with this.

    First of all, how do you know she's good at sex? Second of all, sexual activity declines in marriages, especially ones with kids.
    Third of all, a person who doesn't sacrifice, yet expects you to sacrifice, does not sound like someone who will put out.
    Finally, you have no spine and will not find a good person to marry; you will find a bitch who will probably blow up and get fat(ter) within 3 years of marriage.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:20 No.14565617

    Packing it up for shipping would be quite an endevour I don't really want to go through. If I just wrap up my entire giant tacklebox and drop it off I doubt half of it would survive the postal service.

    It'd also be nice to be able to stop by to visit the guy later on to see his paint job and make sure he didn't pawn it all off for drug money.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:24 No.14565647
         File1302593057.jpg-(70 KB, 500x479, 1289380434267.jpg)
    70 KB

    The same here in Southern Indiana.

    >Walk into FLGS after being away at college.
    >Everyone in FLGS: "Little Kyle!" (Two Kyles, I am the smaller of the two of us.)
    >Massive group hug.
    >Sit down and jump into the shadowrun game with my old character.

    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:26 No.14565665
    > Go back to FLGS after cops called on a newbie session event.
    > Running fifth game since cops. 9 players, DnD 3.5 (cause fuckyou, it's what we wanted)
    > Now a weekly game. With waiting list.
    > Owner waives my table fee, lets me drink booze in store.
    "Dude, you have any idea how much stuff people buy after your game?"
    > MFW he tallys the take for the night for me, and he's making more on a Tuesday night than any other 4 days combined.

    No seriously, I have a book, model, terrain, map, music or soundfile for EVERYTHING. Local non 40kids getting an example of pro. And it's selling. I'm debating having a Wednesday workshop style session for the waitlist and interested folks on RP/DM/Player tips. Owner of FLGS is loving the idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:26 No.14565667
         File1302593199.jpg-(32 KB, 257x276, thedude.jpg)
    32 KB
    >been going to the same game store since I was little
    >22 now
    >mom goes in looking for something for christmas for me
    >owner says he kept an extra Space Hulk set and asked if she wanted to get it for me for christmas
    >mfw my mom told me about it
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:28 No.14565680

    I can hear the theme to Cheers playing.

    sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name....
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:28 No.14565685
    I am so fucking jelly of you guys. My LGS (vidya) is run by an old woman with no sense of business. Tried to sell my friend Tiny Tank for PSX at $70. Friend found it on Amazon for $15.

    Lady, when GameStop offers better service and prices than you, you need to step up your game.

    Fuck it, I think I'll just buy the place when they finally liquidate. Turn it into a FLGS.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:29 No.14565693
    >Jokingly suggest that since it's such a nice day out, LGS owner should run D&D outside today
    >We have a good laugh
    >20 minutes later, holy shit where did all these people come from
    >Not enough room for everyone who wants to play D&D
    >LGS owner looks at me and smiles
    >We carry tables and chairs out into the parking lot, have our D&D session out there into the twilight
    >Planning on doing it regularly now, weather permitting
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:30 No.14565697
    I cried a little when WotC stores shutdown. Yeah they were chain and all, but it was a great way to push the hobby out of the basements. Never had a bad sales experience, let me run games on their tables provided that I'd keep it PG-13.
    >> helpful comrade 04/12/11(Tue)03:31 No.14565705
    This man is a credit to the hobby
    Bravo sir
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:31 No.14565707
    That is exqctly wHAT YOU SHOULD DO OMG I ASD runk
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:33 No.14565728
    Nice try contrary to the stereotype most of /tg/ is not fat. I am 6ft 3" 165lbs and I have sex 2-3 times a month. I said I would give it up for frequent sex. Like every night frequent. Other than that fuck no.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:33 No.14565729
    Looking in from an outside perspective, it may seem a little odd to most people, but the people at my FLGS, are closer to family than my actual family. I love those guys and gals something fierce. Eight years since the store opened, eight years of best friends having the best times of our lives.

    When the store looked like it was going to close, every single motherfucker in that place chipped in to keep it open till business kicked in again.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:35 No.14565742
         File1302593759.jpg-(7 KB, 327x270, beast.jpg)
    7 KB
    Time for a horror story from a Games Workshop store
    >be 13 or 14
    >visiting family
    >bring army because there is a GW near by
    >playing Dark Angels with a squad of deathwing mixed half assault termies half normal
    >manage says that's illegal
    >show him where it say's it's legal
    >threatens to ban me from the store for life
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:36 No.14565743
    Been my kick since I was 18. Train the newbies well, because they are going to be the future of my hobby. I can tell a good story, but I can't seem to write for shit. I can playtest the FUCK out of a system for breakage, but I can't write one for fuckall. I run a damn good game even with mediocre players, and I treat it all as a socialization event. Since I CAN'T create great new things for the hobby, the least I can do is teach the newer guys some tricks from my time with it, and keep the gaming about the table time, and not the fucking internet.

    Because every time I get a good group, and they run for awhile, at least one of them will expand past the regular game and blow us away with some hidden talent. Art, writing, game design, whatever.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:39 No.14565758
         File1302593989.jpg-(28 KB, 440x332, do-want.jpg)
    28 KB

    Music and soundfiles?

    ... To tell you the truth, that never occurred to me before.

    Gives a whole new dimension from the accidental conditioning of players.

    Instead of
    >DM: Are you sure?
    >*DM Starts rolling dice behind screen after seemingly harmless action

    You have
    >*DM hits the spacebar and *THAT* music starts playing
    >Players: Oh shit...

    Any suggestions, my good sir?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:40 No.14565761
    90% of marriages don't have nightly sex.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:44 No.14565785
         File1302594286.jpg-(10 KB, 160x108, 1294975344945.jpg)
    10 KB

    I think Indiana in general has some pretty decent game stores. I've never ran into super pushy managers, creepy players scaring off customers, parents leaving kids to play, etc in at least 4 different stores.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:47 No.14565801
    but it's still much more than you'd think.

    Fucking Hollywood's "being single is sexy time, married is abstinence" is backwards
    >> Taren !TArEnqOgDc 04/12/11(Tue)03:47 No.14565805
    I like this thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:48 No.14565808
         File1302594489.png-(87 KB, 662x773, Dat swedish feel.png)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:49 No.14565818
    Off the top of my head? Most of this depends on the type of game you're trying to run. Trust me, avoid video game sound hooks for anything even slightly serious. I use a large amount of ambient soundfiles. Forests, waterfalls, miscellaneous crowd noises. I try to not use a specific sound for a dice based event, as I get a better impact from focusing on the event, rather than 'hold on, wait, let me cue this... ok!' Better skills and someone might find a better way to do it. Beyond me atm. Creepy ambient, try to youtube up the sounds of the radio frequencies of the planets.

    Music, I have a series of stock playlists set for a couple hours each that follow a general theme. Action, stealth, intrigue are all subsets on a given playlist. I've built a classical/orchestral (yoko kanno is a fantastic non vocal short piece composer), electronica, rock/metal, acoustic, traditional midevil lists that all follow the same pattern.

    Depending on the group depends on how much or how little I'll integrate sound into a given session or campaign. Some groups, it's just too immersion breaking, especially when they start asking 'who does this' or even worse 'what is this crap?'

    No vocals, lower volume, and prebuilt lists with hashes for specific events for the TLDR crowd.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:50 No.14565822
    >Weekly tabletop games at the FLGS, mostly D&D, some Shadowrun and other things
    >Become friends both in-store and out with the owner's two sons who also work there
    >Become a sort-of employee? Kind of? Mostly just help out because fuck it, it's good to give back a little.
    >End up hooking up with the owner's daughter on several occasions.
    >Benefits, but suddenly hanging out at the store becomes all the more awkward.

    Those were ... interesting days.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:50 No.14565827
    >go into a GW store in Brisbane
    >looking around. bunch of loosers.
    >look at a white dwarf dwarf subscription that comes with that squat techpriest special edition miniature.
    "WTF? this says $20 for a 3 year subscription (or something equally stupid)".
    >bring it to manager.
    "oh, hey dude, one of your boys labelled this wrong. you had better change it, or someone can legally demand to purchase it for the marked price."
    "oh yeah, we do that so that nice people like you will come over and talk to us, do you have an army? have you seen the new battle box? I'll go get one!"
    >there is no MFW or RAAAGE picture for my emotions at that time.
    >walk away. they will be forever alone.
    >come back the next day with some people to laugh at the looser-zoo
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:53 No.14565856
    Best advice I ever got... don't shit where you eat, don't get married too young, and never. Ever. EVER. Fuck a family member of someone you respect/like.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:54 No.14565864

    Fake story is retarded. Also, it's 'loser' not fucking 'looser'. If these guys are 'looser', I don't want to know how you found out.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:56 No.14565872

    you know what, i swear to god that that is a true story. my bad on the spelling, but the story is 100% true and i wish i could prove it.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:56 No.14565876

    Actually they don't legally have to sell it to you at that price at all, that's a stupid myth. They'd just take it off you and store it in the back for repricing.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:58 No.14565887
    not a myth dude.
    >> definition operrsi 04/12/11(Tue)03:58 No.14565894

    Dammit, I forgot it's mid-term break in Ausfailia.

    I apologise on behalf of our younger members, Aussie kids are just as pants-on-head retarded as in other nations.

    Moving on- my FLGS is... a GW. For serious. Been through 3 different managers in the 5 years I've been going there, all bro's of varying degrees, all the regulars are good people (even some of the younger members, a few pre-teens who paint like a boss) Ex-Army blokes who have some of the best armies, in terms of composition, build and painting, I've seen, and overall, I regret nothing heading there for games.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)03:59 No.14565902
    Yes it is. No store is legally obliged to sell you anything.

    Sure, they can't charge more than the advertised price, but if the advertised price is wrong then they just refuse the sale.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:00 No.14565910

    Yes it is. They're under no legal requirement to actually sell you anything at all, even if it's at the right price. There's such a thing as a retailer's right to refuse to sell.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:01 No.14565923
    Did you know if you ask someone if they're a police officer, AND THEY ACTUALLY ARE, they have to tell you?

    Did you know this?

    Totally not a myth bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:02 No.14565926
    sure mate. my years of retail work throughout uni were wrong then?

    you know what. fuck it, you are so right. sorry i was wrong bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:02 No.14565928
    Can't this vary from country to country though?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:05 No.14565946
    Oh /tg/, never change... From FLGS stories to a discussion on retail policy in 4 posts.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:06 No.14565956
    I worked retail in Australia, Brisbane in fact, and that only counts if they are advertised as being on special after the special has expired, not if they were mispriced in general. Some managers had me sell it as advertised as a cursety to the customer, but we were under no obligation to do it.

    And you can always refuse to sell to a customer, but you better have a good reason when you write up the incident later.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:06 No.14565959
    Yeah, there's definitely wisdom in those words. The whole scene falls under Shit I'd Warn My Younger Self About If I Could.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:06 No.14565961
         File1302595592.jpg-(99 KB, 1117x669, 1302430099911.jpg)
    99 KB
    I don't even neeed other boards.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:07 No.14565966

    Well. no. I mean, what would you do? Complain that they didn't sell you something? You haven't actually lost anything.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:08 No.14565969
    >Go into a GW
    >Manager is a complete ass, insults everyone, acts like he is Lord GW
    >calls a bullshit rule in a store tournament because he's getting his ass beat
    >Call him on his BS
    >Threatens to ban from store
    >Slap him across the face and tell him I'll see him fired if he doesn't straighten up
    >He shitstorms and cancels the tournament, kicks everyone out
    >Email GW from several different email accounts
    >New manager the next week and he's a real bro
    >Epic times from then on out.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:10 No.14565981

    You're lucky he didn't get you on assault. I mean, you slapped him for threatening to ban you? What are you, 12?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:11 No.14565989

    in australia, consumers have rights.
    >> definition operrsi 04/12/11(Tue)04:15 No.14566016


    >A business who displays the same good with more than one price – ‘with multiple prices’ – must:
    >sell it for the lowest displayed price; or
    >withdraw the goods from sale until the price is corrected.

    >One code of conduct relevant to this type of occurrence is ‘The Scanning Code of Practice' which is a voluntary code that has been developed to ensure that the interests of customers are protected in the operation of supermarket scanning systems. Some companies have a store policy that embraces similar concepts to those contained in this code.
    >voluntary code
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:17 No.14566027
    Not to buy guns tho.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:18 No.14566030
         File1302596323.jpg-(57 KB, 455x610, 1274768782044.jpg)
    57 KB
    >hear from friend that there is now a shop in town that does 40k
    >drop by one evening, it's owned by a nice 40-something lady whose kids are into the hobby, she's learning fast
    >talk to her for an hour, she only just bought the tiny store and can only afford to get stock incrementally
    >buy a box of Tactical Marines for the hell of it, get given 10% off for having a nice chat
    >she gives me the number for a 40k club and a club that's just started Warmachine, the first boxes of which are coming in the next month

    That was about three months ago. It's a really small shop. Hoping to get a game table in soon, but at the moment they run painting workshops and whatnot for the younger crowd with the older wargaming crowd (which I had no idea existed) teaching. Living in NZ means we get anally raped on prices to an even greater degree than the Australians and I know I could order online, but I'm trying my best to support the shop wherever possible. I get a 10% discount off online store prices. I drop in and offer my help on busy weekends for free, using experience and what I've learned on /tg/.

    >help doing stocktake on 29th (March) in the evening after picking up my Vindicare order
    >get given a parcel, asked not to open it until I get home
    >open box, GK codex + two boxes of GK Terminators
    >note saying "thanks for all the help"
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 04/12/11(Tue)04:20 No.14566045

    It's held by every chain retailer in NSW at least, and most of the smaller guys. It's only the shambles stores like the Asianmarts and Indian grocers that don't, and hell, half of them have no prices and none of them have scanners.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/12/11(Tue)04:21 No.14566051
    Man, what sort of bass ackwards country is Australia?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:31 No.14566100
    >Every store ever is GW owned, sells 10-20 € over he suggested retail
    >Manager constatnly, without fail badgers customers and tries to hardsell his shit

    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:37 No.14566141
    >Search for weeks online for local D&D game.
    >Find one full 3.5E game, nothing else.
    >Finally go into my FLGS
    >"Hi, I'm looking for a-"
    >"Are those guys playing D&D?"
    >"Yeah, 2E. Want to join?"

    I actually feel bad that 2E is so fucking cheap for us to play, it's a small shop and I'd love to throw a little more business their way.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:38 No.14566150
    >Go into local GW
    >Walk around asking if I can watch some games
    >Most people seem hesitant at first, but say okay
    >Eventually start talking to people, everyone eases up and talks to me about their army and other things 40k related
    >Everyone is friendly, and I even make a few friends
    >Meet the manager as he's playing a match with IG against a regular
    >Manager is super cool and nice and manages to talk to all the socially off people even when they are being especially off
    >Meet a group of 9, 14 year olds
    >Worried they are going to be annoying
    >They're all really funny and really kind

    I need to go back there with my armies and play some games. I always hear horror stories of GW, but everyone there including the employees are really awesome. There are definitely some socially off people there, but they aren't so bad if you just get them to talk about something like their army.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:39 No.14566164
    I always think I want to start up a FLGS, but every time I run the numbers it is really disheartening. I'm not a big risk taker which makes investments like that difficult.

    Anyone run (or are close with someone who do es) a LGS and can share their financial story?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:41 No.14566178
    >MFW When I realize that we don't have any LGS within 100 KM radius and I am able to get people together to play pretty much anything once in a blue fucking moon.

    Lucky fuckers, y'all.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:41 No.14566183
    Sure, it was open for a good couple of years and ended with the owner 60k in debt.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:42 No.14566192
         File1302597762.jpg-(31 KB, 500x461, 1300498098939.jpg)
    31 KB
    >Mfw reading this thread
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:43 No.14566201

    it is an extremely niche business with slim profit margins. margins that are being rapidly eroded by the internet.

    just open a Dairy Queen.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:44 No.14566209
    This thread makes me cry...

    So many good FLGS stories and yet, 10 years into the wargaming hobby I have not one to share ;_;

    All my games are centered around my house (master of terrain and scenery) and involve the same small group of people I've been playing with for years.

    Wouldn't mind going to a nice store/hobby center as well....but there simply isn't one around! (to my knowledge). Accursed Australia and it's ways!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:45 No.14566211
    There's a store that used to be a Gaming/Comics shop in OKC that just has comics now, and they give you a "pull list" where they put new comics from list into a box for you so that you can get it before it sells out. If you have a pull list they give you like 10% off.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:45 No.14566213

    >6, 14 year olds

    Those better be lobotomized, every god damn time a underage kid comes in they start bragging, SCREAMING LOUDLY and generally grabbing everyone's stuff and attempts to steal anyone's shit.

    I had one of the twats that tried to yoink my DS back in the day, or my entire backpack. After couple hours of stalking and proper dark corner, I broke his arm and disfigured his hand.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:50 No.14566244
         File1302598228.jpg-(8 KB, 200x184, 50513_230741305321_2417411_n.jpg)
    8 KB

    sounds like my gamestore - this wasnt in southeast idaho, was it?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:52 No.14566254
    >Rock up to LFGS with mate for 40k game
    >Mate has to bail
    >MFW store owner walks in with 7 different 1500 point armies, and is ready for a game
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:54 No.14566270
         File1302598470.jpg-(26 KB, 360x480, JohnKovalic.jpg)
    26 KB
    >Walk into Traveling Man game store in Leeds (back when it was in the Corn Exchange)
    >There's nobody there except for me, the guy behind the till and John Kovalic
    >Get chatting, John Kovalic seems like a pretty cool guy, really enjoying visiting England, everyone here is pretty polite etc.
    >Buy Munchkin Fu, ask John to sign it
    >"I didn't actually write this one, but ok"
    >Say thanks without turning into a crazed fanboi, go home.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:55 No.14566275

    First, this law is only if the item has multiple prices displayed on it, not a single, lower than it should be price.

    Second, did you miss the part where it clearly states:

    >withdraw the goods from sale until the price is corrected.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:56 No.14566285
    Don't open a gaming store as a primary business.

    However they *do* make good tax writeoffs. Because if you're not either very lucky, or the sole provider in an otherwise very active community, your average gaming store absolutely hemorrhages money.

    Also, shrinkage. Holy shit are little kid gamers thieves.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:56 No.14566289
    Geeze, that sounds super annoying. I'm sorry you have to encounter so many shitty kids. That's kind of what I was expecting when I met that group of them.

    These kids seemed rather calm. Half of them were meek but welcoming, the leader kid was like "Hey! This is my first time playing, and I'm having a great time. Come and watch as I try to take down my friends leader!" He was super pumped to talk to someone about the match he had been playing. The guy he was playing was having a fun time talking about it to me too. He was all embarrassed and shy about liking 40k, admitting he couldn't get enough of it. We joked around a lot and it was a nice end to the evening.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)04:59 No.14566311

    Where abouts you at? Out bush or somewhere urban?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:01 No.14566320
    There's a couple of LGS in my town, but one is fucking filled with RP books to the point where you can't actually get into the shop and the dude who owns it is rumoured to be a rapist.

    Either way, he's creepy and his shop is impossible walk around, so I never go there.

    The other one is mostly 40k and I'm more of a role player.

    Luckily, there used to be this awesome shop and I got to know the owner who introduced me to the university role playing society, which is also pretty fucking sexually open and has loads of really, really hot chicks.

    Fucking heaven.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:02 No.14566322
         File1302598923.jpg-(60 KB, 1024x576, excalibur face.jpg)
    60 KB
    >GMing DND 3.5.
    >Have a new player. Bro from the old shadowrun days, met him at the FLGS, he plays DND now. Excited to have him in group.
    >mfw I say "You come in to the room and see a (insert monster here), and he describes to the party OOC it's hitpoints, special abilities, weaknesses and immunities.
    >He has fucking memorized the Monster Manuals. All of them.
    >Suddenly, all the monsters in the campaign developed monster-template-itis, a rare and highly contagious monster disease that puts crazy mutations on everything.

    ...having a crazy monster template disease actually became a cool plot hook, and DND bro was very cool about shit after I told him to knock it off, or have his character max ranks in all monster related knowledge skills so he could actually be that guy.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:02 No.14566326

    i wish we had a younger playerbase like that, some humility and manners wouldn't hurt for one. Most of us, anyone past 18, only two being 16 go for whatever our fickle minds are into at that time, to tabletops to TCGs.

    Then some snotnosed bat comes in and tries to nick your cards or even miniss, fuck someone got even their paintbrush set he just bought stolen.

    Then they have the nasty habit of smearing their cheetos or otherwise dirty fingers on everyones minis, god forbid if they are fragile they just grab it from the base and TILT IT UPSIDE DOWN.

    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:03 No.14566331
    No kidding on the thieves part, last game store I was in a kid filched two 2 liters from the 7 eleven type deal a few doors down. Store owner wisely bitched him out and made him return it.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:04 No.14566336

    Nope, in Brisbane City. I think there are a few small time leagues around, but no FGS's. I used to go to GW back in the day, wasn't too bad I guess
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:05 No.14566342
    >>which is also pretty fucking sexually open and has loads of really, really hot chicks.

    The joks is that with that attitude you won't be getting any.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:05 No.14566344

    I wonder if there are those external door locks that one could use, placed beneath the counter or somesuch.

    "None of you ain't getting out until you return what you stole."
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:06 No.14566352
    Those are some poor manners, I would tell the manager to ban the little brat who stole, broke and god knows what else... the brat should be lucky the cops arent there already.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:10 No.14566375

    We did call cops on him, twice. The fucker always return in attempt of stealing shit, hell he often peeks through the side windows to see whenever the manager isn't avaible or are too busy with customers/back room.

    Kleptomanic or just acting like a little shit, he's probably a trailer park kid as they often waltz in with sameish lookingkids with terribad clothes and smelling like shit.

    Whats the worst part? Once his MOTHER came to bitch about how we are ruining his repuation as a "GOOD KID".
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:12 No.14566390

    I already fucking have thanks, I've been in it for 15 years.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:13 No.14566392
    You were in college for 15 years?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:14 No.14566401
    Oh yeah, definitely seen that one before. And then you end up getting into an argument with the mother and it all goes downhill from there.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:15 No.14566405

    Is it dipshit day in here or something?

    I've been in the society for 15 years, not college. You don't need to be a student to join it.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:15 No.14566407
    >at LGS before FNM
    >doing pack wars
    >guy comes over to see what's up
    >criticizes our decks
    >mein gesicht wenn
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:16 No.14566411
    ... and then it started gettin' creepy.

    Tell us *more*, guy who still hangs around college after he's graduated.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:17 No.14566413
    >mfw you got played by your LGS into buying a bunch of random shit you aren't going to use
    >mfw your LGS needs to play people because i gives too many discounts and will soon go bust
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:17 No.14566414
    I remember when there were some younger kids in the store a few times I stopped in. They got some Bella Sara and Yu-Gi-Oh cards or whatever, and made a bit of a ruckus looking at them in a corner.

    Notice some awesome Forge World Ork thing one of the owners was working on. (Forget what it was called, big-ass dinosaur-thing with a tail?)

    Come in next week, notice the FW model is no longer on counter. Not in display case either.

    Turns out one of the kids broke the tail off it. And then the owner had the cops pick the kids up. The parents showed up a couple hours later and the owner informed the parents where the kids where and that they were no longer welcome at the store.

    At least the break was clean. They managed to pin and glue it back on to the point you couldn't tell after it was painted up.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:21 No.14566441
         File1302600114.png-(130 KB, 698x389, 1292841617623.png)
    130 KB
    >which is also pretty fucking sexually open and has loads of really, really hot chicks.

    Gaming society... which is pretty sexually open.
    What the fuck am I reading?
    Do you guys play DND, and give each other handies after combat? Or run trains on a chick while playing battletech? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?

    >Dude, I have so much sex with all these hot chicks.

    Oh, okay. That's less horrifying. Kinda.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:27 No.14566465
    >>Or run trains on a chick while playing battletech?

    The sheer amount of modifiers this entails baffles and frightens me.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:27 No.14566468

    >Precious squiggoth broken

    God damn it, what is with these twats that come in and have to smear their hands over everything.

    They are bane of gamestores everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:29 No.14566483
    Gives a whole new meaning to 'boxcars'.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:31 No.14566495

    Good grief.

    The society is packed with members who joined up when they went to university and who stay on because it's a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy each others' company.

    Most of the women I mentioned? Yeah, most have been members as long as I have, some longer.

    Just because you don't have a social life doesn't mean that somebody who does is creepy.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:31 No.14566497
    At least a +3.

    Depends on your piloting skill though really.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:33 No.14566503
    I wish i had a sweet local games store that did "official" 40k and DnD and shit. What I mean by that is organised regular tournaments, friendly environments ect.

    The owner of my local "Comic Book Store" is a pretty awesome guy. He runs MtG with FNM every week and releases and all that jazz. Would go along to FNM if it wasn't so dominated by the 30-40 year-olds with solid income who can purchase 4 Jaces for their CawBlade with out much worry. There IS a DnD group in town that I tried to get into, but the DM is a retard and let his brother play his Tauren (yeah from WoW) character in a game; so I decided not to bother. And a local 40K group who consist of 4 people, 3 speesh marines and 1 Elfdar.

    >tl;dr My LGS isn't the quality I want in a LGS and therefore I don't go.

    I wish I had a decent LGS
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:34 No.14566508
         File1302600862.png-(86 KB, 836x707, Egoraptor doctor rage face.png)
    86 KB
    Mfw I have no FLGS or LGS
    Such is life in Britain.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:34 No.14566512

    A third of the society at least is hot chicks. I think this is the place they all converge on, which is why there's a lack of them in other places. It's insane.

    Of course, many of them are also fucking crazy. But equally hot, so it's okay.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:35 No.14566516

    Try your university. Mine has a society full of hot chicks who roleplay.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:37 No.14566524
    So, it's a middle-age swingers group?

    Seriously, you wander in here and brag about the amount of vagina you get to be near, expect some ribbing.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:40 No.14566535
    not in university bro. And the nearest game store to me is in Luton. So yeah.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:41 No.14566541
         File1302601277.png-(7 KB, 645x773, Dat feel.png)
    7 KB
    >Mfw there are only half dozen GW shops in my country, about as many induvidual shops and only in the larger cities

    Toystores carry GWs stuff too though, but no FLGS here bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:41 No.14566542
         File1302601286.jpg-(24 KB, 407x405, Advice-Dog-Listen-to-penn-shut(...).jpg)
    24 KB

    Sure are mentioning that a lot...
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:41 No.14566544

    Without the middle-aged but with roleplay, yes.

    I mean, some of us are middle-aged, but, goddamn the freshers man, the freshers...

    Helps that most of them are crazy pagans too, they'll do fucking anything.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:42 No.14566545
    Well good news! Apparently you don't have to be in university to join those groups.

    And from what I hear you can pull some mad pussy while you're at it, bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:43 No.14566548
         File1302601380.jpg-(121 KB, 320x240, 1297370367511.jpg)
    121 KB
    >Hot women
    >/tg/ stuff

    Does not compute.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:43 No.14566550

    You don't have to be to join most societies in universities. When I joined, I wasn't actually a student. It's worth a try, you might get lucky.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:43 No.14566552
    I thought most of the girls had been there as long as you? Now you're saying you can only score with drunk 17 or 18 year olds who are 15 years younger than you?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:43 No.14566554
    He's probably gay and overcompensating.

    Seriously, Anon, you don't have to. We won't like you any less for simply being who you are.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:44 No.14566557
    Just make one for yourself.
    I did. I live in 50k town in Czech republic, we did have one FLGS, but it was so small, you cannot even play anything bigger than some little MTG tourney there.
    Now I opened Gaming Club Under the Pot and I am having 4 regular actions a week. Its kinda time stretching (I dont have any free time anymore).
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:44 No.14566558
         File1302601446.jpg-(291 KB, 2048x1536, 1292398799.whiskeyfoxtrot_happ(...).jpg)
    291 KB
    "Hey, guise. Man, you won't believe how much pussy I got. And it's all hot roleplaying gamer chicks, too. And some of em are older, but a bunch are young, too, and they're all crazy and pagans and stuff. Yeah.

    I got so many friends."
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:45 No.14566563

    You guys just fucking hate that you don't have this kinda thing in your town, or that you're too much of a bitch to find out if it does actually exist. I feel sorry for you guys.

    Actually, no I don't.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:46 No.14566572
         File1302601618.jpg-(134 KB, 760x596, ulric.jpg)
    134 KB
    Is there a good way to find the closest flgs?

    I'm in Australia so they're kind of rare.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:47 No.14566577
    You seem

    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:48 No.14566582


    God damn, you guys. If I was actually trolling you I'd be so fucking proud of myself right now. This kinda shit really pushes your buttons doesn't it?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:48 No.14566584
    Thanks for all the suggestions but I don't think i could do them. looks like I might have to make the perilous journey to luton or order form amazon.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:49 No.14566589
    Well -my- FLGS is on a gas tanker constantly going 120 miles per hour around my city. We constantly jam out metal while we play battle tech.

    The gas part of the tanker. Filled with COCAINE!

    Porn stars regularly play with us. Nothing like hitting some Tory Lane atlas with some death from above. Then hitting -her- with some death from above if you know what I mean.

    You don't know what I mean, because you don't have friendlylocalgamingstorecocainegastankerwithpornstarsandshit.



    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:49 No.14566592
    Google or phonebook. Do you people have phones? Or do you just beat a drum made of kangaroo pelts in some kind of code?

    Well, whatever. Do that.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:50 No.14566594
    Well yeah but the kangaroo drums are only in case of emergency.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:51 No.14566601
    Sounds like the lyrics of a Steel Panther song.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:51 No.14566602

    Got to agree. I am in Muncie and we got on FLGS that is pretty fucking cool and run by a bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:51 No.14566606

    This is the correct response to my tale of the awesome rp society.
    >> Warlock Onyx !!61kYHLkF5I8 04/12/11(Tue)05:52 No.14566608
         File1302601953.png-(251 KB, 535x444, THIS IS A FANCY RESTAURANT.png)
    251 KB
    (4 months ago)
    Long story sozlolkthnx.

    >Been playing DOW I and II for years.
    >Read every 40K and Fantasy codex and many Black Library books.
    >Frequent /tg/ for 3 months now.
    >Worked out in those 3 months GW is not a FLGS.
    >Only have a GW nearby here.
    >Still really want to play 40K or Fantasy.
    >Suck up fear and walk into GW with my little bro.
    >Decent size rooms, 5 game tables, lots of people, reeks of neckbeardness but whatever.
    >Soon as we enter, GW dude, "Sup dudes! You new? Haven't seen yous before."
    >"Uh, yeah man, I was interested in starting a 40k or Fantasy army. So is my bro."
    >"Alright! What armies?"
    >"I'd like to start Eldar and my bro wants Imperial Fists."
    >"Excellent choices! You got time?"
    >"Um, about an hour or so, yeah."
    >"Let's freakin' play!1!!"
    >Mind is blown right now. Expecting him to get some grey pieces and let us have some 200 point mini game to get the feel.
    >Walks over and proceeds to open display cabinet.
    >Proceeds to open display cabinet.
    >Display cabinet.
    >Grabs a Wraithlord, Fire Prism, couple of squads of Fire Dragons and Banshees.
    >Grabs a Land Raider, Rhino, couple of tactical marine squads and assault marines.
    >"You want me to set up the models or what? Wait I'll go get some terrain."
    >Our faces when.
    >This is a fancy GW.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:52 No.14566609
    >"You guys just hate that I hang around my university even though I'm old enough to be the dad of most of the student there and do all these barely legal chicks god I'm so cool"
    Surprisingly, dude - not all that jelly.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:53 No.14566612
    You are small time. My FLGLS is an aircraft carrier. Not 'is on' an aircraft carrier, is one. Sometimes we play Apocalypse on the landing strip
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:54 No.14566618

    lol, umad.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:55 No.14566622
    Yeah? Well my LGS is in fucking space. It travels around the galaxy faster than the speed of light initiating hot races of primitive Alien Amazons into the wonder of tactical wargaming.. You haven't lived until a harem of red-skinned Martian babes swears to be your sex slaves for life after you beat their greatest strategist at Flames of War.

    Some of these babes are extradimensional. Straight up alien babes from the dimension of pure pleasure. And free cigars.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:57 No.14566630
    Man, double small time here. My FLGS is beyond reality itself. We imagine the game and it plays out in subjective reality. When we're done we live out our wildest fantasies come to life, and then do drugs you can't even dream of. Then, for fun, we descend into 3-D space and troll the lesser realities.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:57 No.14566631
         File1302602264.png-(10 KB, 432x494, 1294553456508.png)
    10 KB
    Only on /tg/ and /v/ is scoring chicks considered something to brag about.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:57 No.14566632
    My LGS is on a beam of light. We all transfer ourselves to beings of pure energy, free from all hunger and disease. We commune with spirits long past, enjoy stories and games with them. Learn from them.

    And it's filled with the mad hot chickz brah!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:58 No.14566633
    Even if I was, talking to a 32 (at leas) year old on 4chan bragging about sleeping with Freshers and actually using the phrase 'umad' would replace all my mad with pity.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:58 No.14566637

    You're kidding right?

    Are you not a part of Western civilisation?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)05:59 No.14566642

    That's nice. Thanks for the pity, I'll store it up in my special pity box I use for powering my gold plated car.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:01 No.14566648
    I am my local FLGS and it is me. We have evolved beyond seperation. All is one. We are the game store. The game store is us. We bang the hot chicks, who are also us. All is one, we are everything that exists
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:01 No.14566650
    Well, it's a common thing where I live, everyone I know does it so it's not really anything to brag about, just normal stuff you know.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:02 No.14566653
    I know this does not so much belong on this board, but do you have any advice for washing your gold plated car? I find it rather tough and have thought about switching to platinum like my spaceship.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:03 No.14566656
         File1302602591.jpg-(7 KB, 480x360, 01023984.jpg)
    7 KB
    Father! The sleeper has awakened!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:03 No.14566659

    Sorry bro, I never wash it, my legions of pagan rp chicks do that stuff for me.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:05 No.14566662
    You would think they'd be against pollution and industrialisation but I guess you just fucked the silly right now out of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:06 No.14566663
    >>Pagan chicks.

    Now you're just talking crazy, bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:06 No.14566664

    Me and my hot diesel piston cock.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:06 No.14566665
    Great going 35 year old traditional gamer who plays at the university's gaming store and bangs all the hot chicks you've awakened the Kwitzach Hadarach.

    God damn it, 35 year old traditional gaming dude who bangs all the hot chicks... Nice job.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:07 No.14566669
    At least this way we get a God Emperor who isn't made of human jerky. Just worms and sand. On second thought...shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:08 No.14566671
    *MY* FLGS is run this hot chick who is a future clone of myself and all the people who go there are also from the future. Some are robots. We bang constantly and play traditional games. This one robot chick (who is from from the future, and hot) can shuffle magic cards in her twat and then shoot them out.

    Also the store in in space, and I am a wizard.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:10 No.14566675
    >Space Wizard
    EI NATH.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:10 No.14566678
    Robots are so passe. My LGS is run by clones of famous actresses and porn stars programmed for maximum geekiness and who find it extremely hot, and who piss liquid cocaine. Also they sell Warhammer figures at half off the GW suggested prices.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:11 No.14566679
    >they sell Warhammer figures at half off the GW suggested prices.
    Bullshit, stop fucking lying.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:12 No.14566685
    It's like totally true!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:18 No.14566711
    My FLGS in the centre of the sun, and they have this private backstage area with all the hottest chicks from recorded history playing D&D and they'll do whatever you want if you roll a Natural 20, but all the sides have 20 ON THEM!!!

    Also, I can buy whatever book/army/cards from any time period, for free! You guys should check out the 6th edition Grey Knights codex, there is this one piece of fluff where these Grey Knights rape The Emperor so that their dicks can become sanctified and fight off the daemons.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:21 No.14566720
    My FLGS has Mat Ward locked in a dungeon where you get 5 minutes alone with him for 50 bucks a go and can do whatever you want. As long as he lives.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:22 No.14566724
    See? My society is so awesome it's spawned all these memes!

    Fuck yeah! Diesel piston cock go!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:22 No.14566726
    >Go to LGS
    >Full of RC car models.
    >Not much table top games (Even it's limited range boils down to 40k and some fantasy)
    >Full of those Movie Action Man sized figurines.
    >Mfw this was the 'successor' shop after a decent one got knocked down for some shit tier NHS building.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:43 No.14566826
    Nobody is laughing *with* you.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:48 No.14566857

    speak for yourself
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:49 No.14566861

    ya'll got trolled
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:50 No.14566869

    My legion of hot geek chicks and I don't care.

    Enjoy your greasy neckbeard groups.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:52 No.14566879
    Samefagging... oh just so much samefagging
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)06:55 No.14566894
    >no LGS that I know off
    >someone on tg suggests googling hometown and 'FLGS'
    >do so
    >find one result
    >30 minutes
    >walk there
    >shop floor is smaller then average room
    >Only gaming stuff is a tiny shelf of WH40k models and two tiny glasses of dice
    >rest of store is comics
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)07:02 No.14566916

    Uh, no, stop getting butthurt over a fucking story about a cool RP group. This entire thread was about cool rp groups, mine just happens to include awesome, sexy women.

    It's not like these women are a fucking harem or something, they're just promiscuous.

    Also, not all the chicks there are hot. The majority, yes, but there are some real homely chicks there too.

    I'm more surprised you don't have anything like this where you live.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)07:10 No.14566950
    >No samefagging
    >Replies with 'I'
    >No other replies
    Do ho ho.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)08:13 No.14567283

    >logic fail?

    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)08:15 No.14567299
    lol you got that robe from quartermaster shut up
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)08:23 No.14567341

    this is me >>14566861

    not same guy as middle age guy, just think hes trollin the fuck outta you

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