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  • File : 1302624538.jpg-(35 KB, 310x391, CCG_Unlimited_Atlas_D.jpg)
    35 KB Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)12:08 No.14568733  
    Why was there never an Atlas IIc?
    >> The Captain 04/12/11(Tue)12:09 No.14568742
    Because even the Clans can't improve on Perfection.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)12:16 No.14568772

    Aaaaaaand that's a wrap. Thread over, we can all go home.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)18:48 No.14571799
    bump because i want to
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)18:49 No.14571818
         File1302648590.jpg-(106 KB, 784x415, Moonstone Cannon.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)18:50 No.14571821
         File1302648606.png-(89 KB, 800x666, 1289186967517.png)
    89 KB
    BattleTech General?
    BattleTech General.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)18:51 No.14571833
    There is, it's called the Kodiak.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)19:03 No.14571960
         File1302649404.jpg-(52 KB, 600x480, 27a7b41cb9a7a2e0d4e26615fc31a9(...).jpg)
    52 KB
    >> John Galt 04/12/11(Tue)19:07 No.14571996
    This confused me too, because didn't Kerensky himself design this thing? Didn't he call it perfect?
    I'm surprised every Clan woman doesn't have an Atlas tattooed on the small of her back.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)19:09 No.14572016
         File1302649777.jpg-(52 KB, 750x600, 1254943886438.jpg)
    52 KB
    it more or less served its purpose, which was to make even the most veteran of mechwarriors break out in a sweat
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:10 No.14572023
    The Clan version of the tramp stamp. Though in the Clans' case you're probably looking at something a little more along the lines of "authorized to drive an Atlas, which makes everything else look like easy prey."
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:11 No.14572030
         File1302649914.jpg-(194 KB, 468x600, 1250100546219.jpg)
    194 KB
    Isn't there a version of the Good 'Ol Atlas outfitted by the clans for use in their Suicide Units? If I recall its not resdesigned, just outfitted with Clan weapons and components so that old clanners can go out with a bang.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)19:13 No.14572052
    That would be a Hunchback IIC
    >> GL Pretentious Hipster !!NU1qDw5ZF2C 04/12/11(Tue)19:16 No.14572070

    Raidar-X, Veritech, Officer Pod
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:16 No.14572073
         File1302650196.jpg-(32 KB, 331x368, Atlas_II.jpg)
    32 KB

    The clans do love their suicide waves of old people.

    Here it is from Sarna,

    AS7-D (C) - A Clan-tech retrofit of the standard SLDF Atlas taken from Brian Caches and intended for second-line and solahma troops, the Atlas C replaced the older autocannon and missile launchers with a Clan standard Ultra AC/20, Swarm LRM compatible LRM-20, and Streak SRM-6 launchers, but the Inner Spheroid Medium Lasers remained unchanged. Lighter Clan components allowed the Atlas C to carry 3 tons of autocannon ammunition.[7][8] BV (2.0) = 2,306

    What is the general opinion on the Atlas II? I know it's not that much better, but its look and reputation have made me fond of it.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)19:23 No.14572136
         File1302650630.jpg-(68 KB, 500x375, Atlas2c.jpg)
    68 KB
    I dont know how to feel honestly
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:30 No.14572193
    >Attempt to refit an Atlas AS7-C with clan tech
    >Can't mount a C3, okay
    >switch to double heatsinks +1 for 22 heat dissipation
    >add standard ammo loadout
    >22 tons free

    Bumped the LRM-20 up to Artemis, gave it another ton of ammunition, bolted another Gauss on the Left Arm with two more tons of ammunition, added five more heat sinks for no real good reason, ditto for a 1MP Jump Jet in the CT.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:50 No.14572358
    >Single jumpjet
    Just use the drop pod jets or go up to 3, an actually useful number.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)19:56 No.14572393
         File1302652600.jpg-(39 KB, 278x170, dat_ass_atlas.jpg)
    39 KB
    Why don't Catalyst hire that guy for their art, already?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)21:55 No.14573473

    A single jet can be surprisingly useful. Like letting a 100 ton mech do a 180 up the hill behind it and similar funny tricks. Certainly worse ways to spend two tons.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)22:13 No.14573633
    reminds me of Col. Reynards jumpjet capable Atlas
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)22:15 No.14573652
         File1302660959.jpg-(93 KB, 540x720, 1284522988462.jpg)
    93 KB

    Cause there's lots of good artists out there? I dunno. I can think of a few others I'd wanna see doing official art as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:17 No.14573661
         File1302661050.jpg-(681 KB, 900x992, convoy_by_flyingdebris-d2ysdh5.jpg)
    681 KB
    Considering they recently hired on Flyingdebris, as well as a few other great battletech artists, I honestly can't complain
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:18 No.14573675
    The artists are easy to find.

    It's getting them to release models that don't look like dick that's the problem.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:19 No.14573680
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:22 No.14573713
    Hold on, that says AS7-D on the bottom.

    But it's missing an AC20, a LRM20, and at best, 2 medium lasers.

    Instead, I see 2 medium lasers, 2 AC5, and a Lt Gauss.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)22:24 No.14573726
    I fucking love flyingdebris, and that dorf on the pillager
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:31 No.14573799
    You guys are talking BattleTech, right? Is this the video games, or the tabletop, or what?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:32 No.14573808
    What're the other units?
    I see the Hunchback and Pillager. The one with the missile rack is familiar, but I can't put a name to it. I think Flyingdebris has it in one of his other works...

    The front guy looks like he's got a David Lt Gauss, and the rear one too.

    Not sure what that tank is. If I had to guess, it's his take on a Saladin.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:32 No.14573809
         File1302661932.jpg-(152 KB, 1143x671, AtlasIICpt1.jpg)
    152 KB
    An Atlas IIC design? We can do that.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:33 No.14573818
         File1302661984.jpg-(177 KB, 1144x668, AtlasIICpt2.jpg)
    177 KB

    And the criticals setup.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:34 No.14573835

    Whoever modelled the Atlas II went full retard. None of the official variants used a RAC/5.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:35 No.14573839
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:41 No.14573899
         File1302662517.jpg-(82 KB, 800x443, Gladius.jpg)
    82 KB

    The hovertank's a Gladius.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:45 No.14573938
    I think the other mech is a Helios.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)22:56 No.14574052

    You're right.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)23:11 No.14574217
         File1302664313.jpg-(846 KB, 1200x943, Uller__Variant_A_by_flyingdebr(...).jpg)
    846 KB
    ok so any other questions?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)23:22 No.14574324
         File1302664930.jpg-(89 KB, 567x804, Atlas II (C).jpg)
    89 KB

    Of course, the Atlas II is the derpAtlas. But hey, you could easily rebuild it along the same lines as >>14573809 did the Atlas -> Atlas IIC.

    Be a little silly calling it the Atlas II IIC though, right?
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:26 No.14574368
         File1302665189.jpg-(88 KB, 407x405, Success-Nerd-locust-leg-pimp-c(...).jpg)
    88 KB


    Should I replace my 2 STG-3R Stingers with LCT-1V2 Locusts (modded to only have 2 RL-10s and 2 Medium Lasers) you think?
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)23:32 No.14574429
    I aint no design specialist but I think you will get more mileage out of your locusts than your stingers. The reason being that MG ammo is the bane of all that is mech, besides periphery is gangsta yo
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:44 No.14574567

    Word. I've always liked the Locust, and I've always liked RLs.

    We have a winner. Now I just need money.

    Pic related, it's the 5V, but it's the mini I'll be using.
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:45 No.14574573
         File1302666340.png-(64 KB, 587x819, Lct-5v_locust.png)
    64 KB

    Captcha you bitch.
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)23:49 No.14574619
         File1302666570.jpg-(47 KB, 300x300, 20-261.jpg)
    47 KB

    its a gorgeous mini, when done properly
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)23:50 No.14574635
    ahh a battletech thread!

    what is a good program to use for making battletech record sheets?
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:50 No.14574636


    Of course, this is likely a long ways off, since at the moment I am poorfag.
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:51 No.14574649

    Solaris Skunk Werks (yes, spelled like that).
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)23:54 No.14574694
         File1302666860.jpg-(95 KB, 750x600, 1269509634533.jpg)
    95 KB
    shame, though you have experience with pin up art, you could easily print out a cardboard cutout with a front rear design of a locust
    >> The Pole 04/12/11(Tue)23:54 No.14574703
    >> Capellan 04/12/11(Tue)23:57 No.14574743

    I could. I don't get the chance to play too often these days though,so I'm not hellbent on having them at the moment. Plus, when I do play, people usually wanna do Mediums or Heavies cause they like that better, so my Vindys get probably the most play of anything.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/11(Tue)23:59 No.14574763
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)00:15 No.14574941
    A follow up question; any suggested programs (similar to SSW) that work for armor/vehicles/aircraft/Battlearmor/all the other squishy nonmech things?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)00:17 No.14574966
    Pencil, eraser and a bit of notepaper.

    Original and the best. Calculator optional.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)02:29 No.14576511
    not anymore, really.

    Heavy Metal series of programs used to be able to fill the role, but it's fallen into obsolescence a long while ago. Pretty much any jihad-tech isn't incorporated into the program.
    Myself, I'm becoming tempted to start buying the PDFs of the record sheets, if only to have access to the stuff that wouldn't make it, otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)02:32 No.14576539
    Yeah, just picked up the Introductory Box set today.

    Why is the Atlas mini so derpy?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)03:22 No.14576920
    It's a kinda cheap single section plastic cast, so it's naturally going to cut on quality. The minis as a whole aren't terrible, they're far better than the little cardboard cutouts we used to get, and they're good for expanding any basic army and adding fodder.

    Give em a good paint job, and they can be pretty damn good. I used mine for experiments, testing new designs and whatnot.. Like gluing miniature tree parts to the Jenner after giving it a forest camo; now the little asshat gets lost in the trees.
    >> снайпер 04/13/11(Wed)03:58 No.14577252
    Hmm... I'll give an Atlas IIC a shot.

    Two ultra AC 20's or a HAG40?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:02 No.14577293
    I'd go ultra ac 20s, just for the pure raw damage. The HAG 40 is an excellent crit seeker though, almost always guarantees a head shot from one of the piddly projectiles. It tends to erode armor more than destroy mechs though, so you'll want support in the form of weapons with more direct punch.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:11 No.14577360
         File1302682310.jpg-(171 KB, 1010x983, Atlas II.jpg)
    171 KB
    Posting Atlas in an Atlas thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:16 No.14577393
         File1302682565.jpg-(101 KB, 1024x768, Tomahawk 004 (Large).jpg)
    101 KB
    Finally made a start to my minis.

    The Nova Cat is almost complete :3
    >> снайпер 04/13/11(Wed)04:16 No.14577396
         File1302682577.jpg-(577 KB, 2522x1650, HistOpKlondike_Atlas_CROSSFIRE(...).jpg)
    577 KB
    Atlas IIC

    Mass: 100 tons
    Tech Base: Clan
    Chassis Config: Biped
    Rules Level: Tournament Legal
    Era: Clan Invasion
    Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-X-D
    Production Year: 3070
    Cost: 11,764,000 C-Bills
    Battle Value: 2,982

    Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
    Power Plant: Unknown 300 Fusion Engine
    Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
    Armor: Unknown Standard Armor
    1 ER PPC [LA]
    2 Ultra AC/20s [LT/RT]
    1 Streak SRM-6 [CT]
    3 ER Medium Lasers [RA]

    It's got 20 shots per AC/20, which is a bit much, but I couldn't think of anything else to do with the last two crits. Also, the heat doesn't scale as well as I'd like. Anyways, definitely something you don't want to run into while in a city.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:33 No.14577548
    So my dad has bought me the battletech 25th anniversary introductory box set for my birthday and I wan't to pick up the actual rulebook but it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

    Its Battletech: Total Warfare that I want right? Is it out of print or is it just a coincidence thats its out of stock everywhere?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:35 No.14577565
    When someone says a mech is good in a city, like an Urbanmech or the Sagittaire or whatever, what are you referring to? Do they have shorter-range weapons, so they want to hide behind buildings until they can pop out in range? Do they want to restrict enemy mechs' movement, so they're easier to hit and can flee/close less easily?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:40 No.14577598
    The rulebook in the box is pretty good for any normal match. Total Warfare is like the old master rules edition; it will have advanced and experimental extensions and rules. you don't absolutely need it for a proper game, but it helps a good deal too much to pass up.

    Hard copies of it aren't too hard to find, just do a google shopping search to get some hits. However, the PDFs of all the books are available for generally half the price. Just check the products section at http://www.classicbattletech.com/
    >> снайпер 04/13/11(Wed)04:40 No.14577601
    In a city, it's very easy to move out of LOS. You'll have engagements down some of the very long streets, but more often than not it's a cat and mouse game of turning a corner chasing after a locust and walking into an Atlas.

    Since the vast majority of engagements occur at more or less point blank range, and you aren't taking any damage closing to that range, mechs with short range firepower are at an advantage, and mechs which trade speed for more firepower are an even bigger advantage.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:44 No.14577623
    Ah, I get it.

    Hence why this big bad Atlas or MORE LASERS Sagittaire would excel in a city.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:46 No.14577634
    In the fluff for the exodus most of the SLDF Atlas pilots stayed behind. They were too bad ass to miss out on all the fighting that was going on.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:47 No.14577641
    Here's mine. I don't know if it makes any sense; the closest I've gotten to Battletech is the Mechwarrior and Mechcommander series.

    Atlas IIC

    Atlas AS7-D

    Mass: 100 tons
    Tech Base: Clan
    Chassis Config: Biped
    Rules Level: Tournament Legal
    Era: Clan Invasion
    Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-X-E
    Production Year: 3070
    Cost: 11,896,000 C-Bills
    Battle Value: 3,085

    Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
    Power Plant: Unknown 300 Fusion Engine
    Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
    Jump Jets: None
    Jump Capacity: 0 meters
    Armor: Unknown Ferro-Fibrous
    1 HAG-40 (RT)
    1 Gauss Rifle (LT)
    1 Ultra AC/10 (LA)
    3 ER Medium Lasers (RA)
    1 Streak SRM-4 (LA)
    1 LRM-5 (LT)

    AC, HAG, and Gauss have two tons of ammo each. Missiles have one.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:48 No.14577644
         File1302684482.jpg-(855 KB, 784x2500, Urbanmech_by_Gannadene.jpg)
    855 KB
    Which is pretty much how this happened.

    Based on a true story. City fight in downtown chicago, I killed the artist with my walking trashcan.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:53 No.14577682
    It could work, definitelly has a long range, like most clanners. The AC/10 seems like a space filler, but I can see that being vicious, being an ultra. The HAG can strip armor and seek criticals with the LRM, and the gauss can provide punch.

    Personally I'd want to strip the gauss and some for PPCs since they're lighter, but I am a huge particle whore.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)04:58 No.14577708
    That certainly pushes the heat up.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)05:03 No.14577738
    Yeah, I like it hot
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)05:05 No.14577748
    So hot that your pilot's pubic hairs ignite?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)05:08 No.14577757
    It's not a true battle till everything's burning!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)05:27 No.14577859
    >it's a cat and mouse game of turning a corner chasing after a locust and walking into an Atlas.
    Or a Jenner.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:02 No.14578056
    Here's the Altas I have in a mechwarrior/battletech campaign. It's about 3052 right now, and we've been looting Clan tech like madmen:

    4/6 Move
    18 Double sinks
    1 Clan Gauss Rifle + 16 ammo
    2 Clan ER Large Laser
    3 Clan ER Medium Laser
    1 Clan ER Small Laser
    1 Clan SRM 6 + 15 ammo
    1 Clan LRM20 with Artemis + 12 ammo
    Ferro Fibrous armour
    Endo-Steel internal

    100% armour
    BV 2569
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:13 No.14578101
    >4/6 Move

    I weep for the tonnage wrapped up in that engine.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:18 No.14578118
    We continually got put in 3-map long cityfights where the Atlas was too slow engage anyone. The other half of the time it got flanked almost all the time.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:23 No.14578133
    Too slow? In a city? I thought speed mattered a lot less in that kind of environment.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:25 No.14578147
    When the enemy doesn't blindly charge in your direction, you have to go to the enemy. And for that, you need to be able to move at a decent clip. Keeps the game from dragging on. If nothing else, it's a surprise for anything it faces. No one expects a 4/6 Atlas. 5/7 on pavement.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:30 No.14578170
    We started at one end, and our objective was at the other. The Clanners ambused us all the way. Being a 3/5, the Atlas was a prime target for being jumped (as everything else we had was faster), or wasn't able to assist when something else of ours got attacked.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)06:31 No.14578177
    Well, if it works, it works. A fast Atlas actually sounds pretty damn terrifying.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)07:31 No.14578480
    has anyone tried tactical/strategic ops? how fun were those rulesets?
    >> Nephanim 04/13/11(Wed)07:39 No.14578524
    there's more ways to get to 6 movement than the 33-ish tons that it takes to go from a 300 to 400 engine.

    MASC is 5 tons, gets you to the same speed, TSM is 0 tons, but requires a bit of micromanagement but has other advantages.

    Besides, if you think a 4/6 Atlas is frightening, an Atlas with TSM is MUCH scarier.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)07:45 No.14578566
    Well, if he's working wiht salvage then maybe he doesn't have MASC or TSM. REally, you make do with what you have.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)07:54 No.14578610
    Well the point isn't to supercheese it, and getting equipment and technicians during a campaign isn't easy, cheap or fast.

    Speaking of IS cheese:
    100t Max Armor 4/6 TSM 2xSRM6 4xML AC20 Hatchet
    >> Nephanim 04/13/11(Wed)08:04 No.14578668
    True, true, I would have to wonder where he got a rating 400XL engine... (hell, it would HAVE to be an XL) Those don't exactly grow on trees, even in the Clans.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:11 No.14578726
    We did raid a Clan garrison world.

    Also, if we all die the game ends, and I don't think the GM wants that to happen...
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:16 No.14578765

    Wait, what the is a Clan Garrison World? Are you talking about a Clan Enclave? If we are talking Garrison's then you sure as hell arent gonna get a 400XL engine from one of them, PGC's arent exactly known for their wealth of equipment.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:19 No.14578781

    We'd been kicked off it by Jade Falcon the previous year. We went in, fried their mechs and raided a mech factory/repair hanger.

    Recently the came to us with a Trial of Possession for the elly suits we stole, among other things. They used 2nd-line mechs, most notabley a Stone Rhino, a Black Python and a Supernova.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:22 No.14578806

    So I take it, in this universe, it isnt the CJF Captial?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:24 No.14578816

    It was a Lyran world invaded early in the invasion.

    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:24 No.14578821

    Oh so you fought and raided a SECONDLINE cluster not a Garrison. That might give you more reason for that engine to be there then.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:32 No.14578873
    >Recently the came to us with a Trial of Possession for the elly suits we stole, among other things
    >Freebirth's bothered to steal Power Armor they couldnt use
    >CJF issues a trial of Possession against Surat IS Bandits for their own stolen gear
    >CJF doing trials with Bandits


    Whats next? Gonna gang rape Aidan Pyrde?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:34 No.14578883
    If he shows up.

    We actually rescued a number of PC's from Sudeten on the way out, and they have Elly suit training.

    Also, doesn't matter if i'm not going to use it - it's sellable.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)08:57 No.14579056
    So. I got SSW working.
    Is there a way to import canonical mechs? Like with MegaMek?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:01 No.14579083
         File1302699697.jpg-(64 KB, 500x500, Bator1.jpg)
    64 KB
    >look closer
    >> Nephanim 04/13/11(Wed)09:02 No.14579092
    There's a seperate "Master List" download on the downloads page that has just about every design in it...

    Beware, it's a huge download.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:04 No.14579102
         File1302699867.png-(49 KB, 668x913, shamefurdispraymech.png)
    49 KB
    I went and tinkered with the basics of Atlas, and I guess this is pretty much how I'd change it if I had to.

    As it is, though, I like atlas for what it is already. Could be a little cheaper, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:08 No.14579128
         File1302700116.jpg-(86 KB, 500x1150, 1298136949437.jpg)
    86 KB
    >jump jets
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:13 No.14579160
         File1302700402.jpg-(27 KB, 447x400, Celebrity_Endorsement.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)09:14 No.14579171
         File1302700486.jpg-(39 KB, 404x400, Uziel.jpg)
    39 KB
    I'm a frog
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:18 No.14579194
         File1302700716.jpg-(115 KB, 609x800, Ironman.jpg)
    115 KB
    Black Knight really needs a re-sculpt.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:19 No.14579197
         File1302700762.jpg-(95 KB, 640x480, shamefur dispray.jpg)
    95 KB
    ... is that a good or a bad reaction? I just wanted to play around with TSM and a sword, and I had enough weight and space for the JJ's, so...
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)09:24 No.14579234
         File1302701047.jpg-(1.07 MB, 1200x984, pokemechs.jpg)
    1.07 MB
    wow, that hurts my brain.
    I liked the sculpt from MW4, maybe they can do that
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:25 No.14579248
         File1302701144.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, wtf1.jpg)
    42 KB
    ... wat. WAT.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)09:28 No.14579276
         File1302701306.jpg-(374 KB, 1600x1200, PhoenixHawk.jpg)
    374 KB
    Just did a lil research, that Iron Man, is a Ralpartha sculpt, the IWM scuplt is not much better, throws on a laser to the wrist of the right arm and calls it a day
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)09:34 No.14579315
         File1302701682.jpg-(48 KB, 800x600, PhoenixHawk2.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)09:48 No.14579408
    It's a flying Atlas with a sword. It's like, you think you're just fighting this really huge guy with a skull mask, and you're apprehensive, but you're pretty sure you and your buddies can take him. But then you get to where it's gonna go down and it turns out he's a pirate with a jetpack.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)10:22 No.14579651
    ... I think I'll rename that design into "YAR-1 Plunderer". It even has a prosthetic arm, except instead of a hook it has an ultra 20.
    >> Nephanim 04/13/11(Wed)10:41 No.14579795
         File1302705706.jpg-(392 KB, 1275x1650, S-Ironfist-RS.jpg)
    392 KB
    Yyyyyeah... That's... not an Atlas... Not even a little bitty bit.

    You want a TSM gladiatorial Atlas, have this fucker right here.
    >> I am the Hunter 04/13/11(Wed)10:43 No.14579805
    JM6-S vs CPLT-C1
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)10:48 No.14579844
    Catapult wins bigtime.

    Catapult has:
    More armor
    More damage every range
    Less affected by minimum ranges
    and More weight for physicals.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)10:49 No.14579851
         File1302706172.jpg-(277 KB, 500x375, Catapult.jpg)
    277 KB
    Catapult no contest

    6 tons of armor vs 10

    Its the great deliberator
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:08 No.14579972
    Dragon DRG-1N versus Dervish DV-6M
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:11 No.14579994
         File1302707488.jpg-(498 KB, 1084x879, 1275543168497.jpg)
    498 KB
    Dervish by a landslide, cuz Lyran mechs is better
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:15 No.14580022
    Dervish v Quickdraw G
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:24 No.14580075
    a draw, if you are forcing me I'd say dervish cause it has one more lrm 10 than the quickdraw has
    >> Libyan Mechwarrior 04/13/11(Wed)11:29 No.14580109
         File1302708571.jpg-(81 KB, 397x640, Atlas Ver_NA.jpg)
    81 KB
    Atlas, you say?
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:30 No.14580119
    My turn

    Wolf Trap vs. Crab stock versions for both
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:36 No.14580162
    I was thinking wolftrap because of more medium lasers and speed. But the crab can keep those large lasers firing longer and the extra weight for physicals helps.

    So I'll go with crab.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:38 No.14580176
    I'd go with the Wolf Trap.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:40 No.14580191
         File1302709239.jpg-(183 KB, 1024x769, 1282866938354.jpg)
    183 KB
    See the love affair that /tg/ has for the crab led me to believe this as well but when I tested it in megamek I the Wolf Trap and the bot a crab I barely pulled out a win. The bot sat this ass on a hill in a heavy woods, while I tried to manuever the best I could, I got hit by a many large laser, even when taking rear arc hits, ended up losing an arm but won via too many shotgun pellets to the crabs head
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:40 No.14580192
    Wolf Trap? That overpriced, under armored, hunk of junk? Low armor, XL engine, mainly ammo based weapons?

    Fuck that thing. The crab wins by not being a walking bomb.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:43 No.14580209
    Dragon, I'd think
    Reasoning being that the Dervish has severe, SEVERE heat issues, without the firepower to back it up.

    Dragon doesn't need to worry about heat issues, for the most part.

    'Nilla crab, of the two. WT isn't nearly as durable.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:44 No.14580215
    >walking bomb

    I suddenly have the urge to make a 'Mech armed only with swarm LRMs, thunder LRMs, and artillery.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:45 No.14580217
         File1302709510.jpg-(339 KB, 575x873, page06.jpg)
    339 KB
    ahh but what about the LBX cannon (pic related)
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:45 No.14580223
    I'd go with the crab. The wolf trap just doesn't have the armor to stand up to a pair of large lasers. It's like someone took everything that was wrong with the dragon and made it worse.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:47 No.14580237
    According to SSW, the Crab only has one additional armor point each in its RT, LT, CT, and rear CT sections. Most of its extra armor tonnage (compared to the Wolf Trap) is in the legs.

    That seems a bit odd. But I don't play Battletech.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)11:49 No.14580249
    dont get me wrong, in a ranged engagement 2 large lasers will hurt alot but when you close with it, and try to stay in its rear arc for as long as you can only one large laser can hit you
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:50 No.14580252
    It has one good gun, sure, but not much to back it up. Either 2 medium lasers up close or an LRM 10 at range. The problem is that it misses the entire point of an autocannon as a main gun, that you have plenty of heat dissipation left over for lasers. Play with mainly combine mechs and you'll very quickly develop a hatred of the LRM 10.

    Also, the fact that it needs to take an XL engine to fit the LB 10X really hurts it considering it already has pretty light armor.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:52 No.14580261
    It matters when you a) need to stay moving because you're a medium that can't win a slugging match with heavier mechs and b) have nothing with minimum ranges, meaning against PPCs and LRMs you want to close in to point blank, at which point the mechs will be kicking the shit out of each other.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:53 No.14580268
    That implies that you regularly win initiative. Remember, the crab can alpha into your rear arc as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:57 No.14580291
    I think you overestimate the wolf trap's speed. 6/9 isn't vastly superior to 5/8. Your ability to get behind him will be entirely dependent on initiative, and you run the risk of him being able to get behind you, and a large laser against wolf trap rear armor is very, very bad. And remember, the crab can crit something vital if it gets into any of the wolf trap's torsos, whereas the wolf trap needs to get the CT to hit something important.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)11:58 No.14580299
    I've learned to think of it in a different context.
    It's like a 3050 Centurion, but five tons lighter, one ton less armor, and the arm with the AC doesn't bother with the lower arm actuator, meaning you can flip the arm back at rearward opponents.

    At first, I hated the WT with everything I was, and spited how it seemed every second draw with the DCMS was pulling WT's

    But now that I recognize that it's a Centurion by any other name, I don't spite it quite as much. It's not as good as a standard crab, granted, but if you're comparing the C3 Slave variants of both, I think the WT is better than the crab.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:00 No.14580306
    CRB-20 only has a single heatsink in each side torso. So that only protects against the first crit (others transfer to center torso for LOL GYRO.) Still, that's a big help.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:02 No.14580321
    WFT-1 Wolftrap can't fliparms because it has a hand on the other arm. You need both arms to be devoid of hands and lower actuators.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:04 No.14580339
    I'm seeing if i can win again, looks good so far I've been tagging him with the LBX for 2 rounds and with my speed he hasnt connected on anything yet, alothough i just lost iniative and am back peddling now
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:05 No.14580345
    I'm going to disagree about the XL engine being a liability on the WT. If anything, I think it's better to put XLs on your lighter machines.

    The lighter the machines are, the more probable that you'll be losing the 'mech to destroyed CT than crit hits.
    And if you've lost an entire side torso, at 45 tons, you weren't long for this world, anyway.

    XL engines are something I hate to see on heavies and up, but so long as it's a medium, and uses the XL engine to push into the red, it's the best use for them.

    Agreeing with the LRM10, though. The standard Dragon is a bad design, The Grand dragon is horribly undergunned, but this light actually does the same job, if not better, than the other 'mech 15 tons heavier than it.

    I'd have preferred seeing a SRM 6 in the chest, though. It would have made the WT a decent knife-fighter, and an anti-tank unit, in a pinch.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:06 No.14580349
    Correction, it will eat all the crits in the round that the first crit is dealt. Crits only transfer if there was nothing in that area at the beginning of that round.

    And I'd say better a small risk of a gyro hit than a 50/50 chance on an ammo bin that will take the entire mech up with it.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:07 No.14580356
    ok so i won iniative again and got into his rear on a lvl 1 hill

    this is the result

    Physical attacks for Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole)
        Kick (Left ) at Crab CRB-20 (Bot1); needs 6, rolls 8 : hits (using Rear Punch table) CTR
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 9 damage to CTR. Armor destroyed, 14 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on CT. Roll is 9; 1 location.
                CRITICAL HIT on Engine.

    Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) must make 1 piloting skill roll(s) (was kicked).
    The base target is 5 [5 (Base piloting skill)].
        Roll #1, (5 (Base piloting skill) + 0 (was kicked)); needs 5, rolls 7 : succeeds.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:13 No.14580397
    You should try the reverse as well, player crab versus bot Wolftrap and see if its easier/harder.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:14 No.14580413
    This looks like the end for the crab, i lost iniative and backpedaled over to the other side of the hill, the crab gave chase and now the tables were turned, up until the weapons fire resolution

    Weapons fire for Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole)
        Medium Laser at Crab CRB-20 (Bot1); needs 6, rolls 11 : hits HD        Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 5 damage to HD. 4 Armor remaining.
            Pilot of Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) "Simeão White" takes 1 damage.        
    Pilot of Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) "Simeão White" needs a 3 to stay conscious. Rolls 10 : successful!
        Medium Laser at Crab CRB-20 (Bot1); needs 6, rolls 5 : misses.
        LB 10-X AC at Crab CRB-20 (Bot1); needs 5, rolls 8 : 6 pellet(s) hit.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to RA. 8 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to LA. 6 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to LA. 5 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to CT (critical). 11 Armor remaining.
             Critical hit on CT. Roll is 9; 1 location.
                CRITICAL HIT on Standard Gyro.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to LA. 4 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 1 damage to LA. 3 Armor remaining.
    Weapons fire for Crab CRB-20 (Bot1)
        Large Laser at Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole); needs 6, rolls 3 : misses.
        Medium Laser at Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole); needs 6, rolls 10 : hits RT
            Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole) takes 5 damage to RT. 8 Armor remaining.
        Small Laser at Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole); needs 6, rolls 9 : hits CT
            Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole) takes 3 damage to CT. 14 Armor remaining.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:14 No.14580418
    I never said that XL engines on mediums/lights in general were bad, I just think that the wolf trap doesn't use it properly. It's still a durability drop, even if it isn't as pronounced as on a heavier mech, that ends up not getting much in return. And one of the issues with the wolf trap in particular is that the light armor makes it that much easier to lose a side torso to damage.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:17 No.14580430
    Bots are incredibly bad when it comes to positioning. I've had issues with them running right up to me, then turning around to expose their rear armor for no good reason. It's like they're trying to get themselves killed. You should play the reverse as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:18 No.14580444
    In the crab's credit, he is 3025 against a 3050 competitor with endosteel, xl engine, LBX10 and case.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:19 No.14580452
    The problem with this is you're playing against a bot instead of a player. If you want to make this an even match, hook up with someone to play the Crab, or have both mechs be piloted by bots. I mean, the Megamek bots are pretty darn bad, so a human against them is usually one-sided.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:20 No.14580454
    well this is it guys just finished movement phase and this is the result

    Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) must make a piloting skill check (getting up).
    Needs 8 [5 (Base piloting skill) + 3 (Gyro damaged) + 0 (getting up)], rolls 3 : falls.
        Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) falls on its right side, suffering 5 damage.
            Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) takes 5 damage to LA. Armor destroyed, 6 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on LA. Roll is 11; 2 locations.
                CRITICAL HIT on Large Laser.
                CRITICAL HIT on Upper Arm.

    Pilot of Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) "Simeão White" must roll 8 to avoid damage; rolls 7 : fails.
            Pilot of Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) "Simeão White" takes 1 damage.        
    Pilot of Crab CRB-20 (Bot1) "Simeão White" needs a 7 to stay conscious. Rolls 5 : blacks out.

    Right now my first impression of the crab is that its overrated, will play the reverse
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:21 No.14580467
    i tried to hit up anyone on the megamek haimachi server and everyones away, beleive me i tried to get a real brain to play opposition before resorting to bots
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:22 No.14580477
    Then I'll join. Be on in a minute.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:22 No.14580478
    If you have to use bots, make both sides bots.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:24 No.14580503
    ladies and gents bot vs bot wolf trap vs crab is under way!
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:26 No.14580521
    the turns are flying fast the bots are showing each other rear arcs all day and the crab is geting its face kicked in!
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:29 No.14580545
    ok the shit show is over a crippled crab is surviving with no legs killed the wolf trap with a LBX ammo hit
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:34 No.14580590
    Repeat the test as many times as possible, and we will use the mighty power of statistics to determine what is best in life.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:40 No.14580667
    ++++++++++ Bot1 ++++++++++
    Model: Wolf Trap - WFT-1
    Pilot: Vinny Karabanov (4/5)
    --- Armor: 35/120-------------------------------------------
    --- Internal: 48/75----------------------------------------
    ( 4) (**) ( 3)
    / 5|xx|xx\ / 5| 6|xx\ /11|13|xx\
    (xx/ || \xx) ( | | ) ( 7/ || \xx)
    / /\ \ / \ / /\ \
    (xx/ \15) / \ ( 3/ \11)


    ++++++++++ Bot2 ++++++++++
    Model: Crab - CRB-20
    Pilot: Luka Papczyk (4/5)
    --- Armor: 68/144-------------------------------------------
    --- Internal: 62/83----------------------------------------
    ( 9) (**) ( 3)
    /xx| 6|xx\ / 5| 7| 5\ / 1|16|10\
    (xx/ || \10) ( | | ) (xx/ || \ 8)
    / /\ \ / \ / /\ \
    (14/ \12) / \ (12/ \12)


    Crab victory despite doing very silly things. Used openterrain1 as map.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:43 No.14580696
    Oh, right, whitespace isn't preserved. The crab did keep doing silly things like showing rear and firing only one gun, or standing on the map edge where any competent player would move adjacent and push.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:52 No.14580766
         File1302713533.jpg-(125 KB, 291x304, 1288150894528.jpg)
    125 KB
    Its Official Wolf Trap is Best
    Weapons fire for Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-1 (The Pole)
        Medium Laser at Crab CRB-20 (Alexander); needs 6, rolls 4 : misses.
        Medium Laser at Crab CRB-20 (Alexander); needs 6, rolls 11 : hits CT
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 5 damage to CT. 5 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on CT. Roll is 8; no effect.
        LB 10-X AC at Crab CRB-20 (Alexander); needs 5, rolls 5 : 10 pellet(s) hit.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to LA. 5 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on LA. Roll is 3; no effect.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to RL. 16 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to LA. 4 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on LA. Roll is 6; no effect.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to CT. 4 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on CT. Roll is 10; 1 location.
                CRITICAL HIT on Engine.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to RT. 11 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to RL. 15 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to RA. 6 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to LT. 8 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to LL. 15 Armor remaining.
            Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) takes 1 damage to CT. 3 Internal Structure remaining
             Critical hit on CT. Roll is 9; 1 location.
                CRITICAL HIT on Engine.
    *** Crab CRB-20 (Alexander) DESTROYED by engine destruction! ***
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:53 No.14580780
    Now shot them the three consecutive CT hits from the first 2-3 turns of the game. One more and you'd have gone down. Luck and dice decided the match, it does not prove that one mech is intrinsically better than the other.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:56 No.14580799
    Repetition is required to draw conclusions.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:56 No.14580801
    cant i have my fun? a head cap could decide it
    A through armor critical could decide it
    What i just say here and now was a close fought battle, with Alex almost winning cause he almost got 4 back to back large laser hits on the center torso, I would say luck and dice do not prove a match either. All in all it was fun running and gunning
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)12:57 No.14580813
    how many times would one say?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)12:59 No.14580828
    Well, when I test designs I'm usually just pitting bots against each other, so I can do something like 8-10 repetitions. With people that's probably not likely to happen.

    I'd say 3 or 5.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:01 No.14580857
    Until you get bored and decide to pit an Atlas against a dozen Commandos.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)13:02 No.14580863
    ok, lets do a test X10
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:04 No.14580883
    Upgrade crab to CRB-27 for super awesome ferrofiberous armor? Or shall we keep it 3025 cool?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:09 No.14580912
         File1302714562.png-(45 KB, 704x883, throwing hammer.png)
    45 KB
    Hmm... naw. I think I like my Shamefur Dispray as it is. It might not be atlas, but it's pretty spankin' as it is, I think.

    Also, in this image, I continue to pervert the traditional Inner Sphere classic.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:16 No.14580966
    40k, every bit of fluff is about how hyper-awesome every unit in the game is.

    Battletech, 90% of fluff is about SLDF being unimpressed with each design.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:19 No.14581009
    As it should be.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:22 No.14581037
    So true I can't help but smile. I mean, they basically took a look at the Lancelot, and went "Hmmm... so-so."
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:30 No.14581120

    You might want to swap the twin 10's for a single Artemis-linked 15 or standard LRM 20. The 15 will give you more shots and about the same missiles on target, the 20 is also good and both give you less heat to worry about taxing the sinks with.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:41 No.14581227
    That makes sense. I originally aimed for dual LRM 15's, to honor the tradition of the Catapult, but I failed to meet the weight limitations and rather just strapped the next best thing on it without properly optimizing.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:45 No.14581263

    The nasty problem is the Lancelot's armor distribution means it's a two-Gauss kill to a side torso. And it goes critical on any limb with one. Putting so much armor on the back seriously compromised it's endurance. That being said, nothing wrong with it's firepower- though it never really gets a great upgrade in canon.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:48 No.14581281
         File1302716885.jpg-(94 KB, 750x600, steiner.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:51 No.14581325

    >Aerospace pilot's wet dream.jpg
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)13:52 No.14581334
    Agreed. I always reserve Lancelot to a strike role. The risks of using them for stand-up fights are just too high in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)14:19 No.14581583

    It is notable for being one of the retconned-into-3025-era machines that actually is a rather nice and underappreciated 60 tonner, fitting in between faster energy carriers like the Ostsol/Ostroc and slower gunboats like the Rifleman.

    In that regard, I do like it. The lowtech version actually isn't badly protected for the Succession War-era, and the -04 at least upgrades the armor just enough to tolerate what the original should.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)14:22 No.14581623
         File1302718971.jpg-(3 KB, 126x106, 1288381104808s.jpg)
    3 KB
    My God I was subjected to the derp olympics of mech combat, water with no armor, running on pavement, running on sand, running on swamps, standing with no legs, standing with no arms or legs

    4.Wolf Trap
    5.Wolf Trap
    6.Wolf Trap
    7.Wolf Trap
    10.Wolf Trap

    Tie breaker:Crab

    And in this episode of Derpiest Warrior, the Crab comes out on top! Man bots are terribe.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)14:30 No.14581635
         File1302719444.jpg-(34 KB, 421x500, NightHawk.jpg)
    34 KB

    I do like the Lancelot's spiritual little bro, though- the Night Hawk. Fun little things for a light 'Mech.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)14:33 No.14581657
    look up the Lynx, that will tear up mechs of similar size and larger
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)14:42 No.14581734
    The Lynx is way cool. I remember it being one of the first, if not the first mech I became attached to when I first started playing MegaMek. It also taught me the proper use of the heat gauge.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)14:50 No.14581784
    Sample Mean: 6/11 = 54.54%

    Standard Deviation: sqrt(.5454*(1-.5454)/11) = 0.150132923.

    So we're 68% sure the true mean is 54% ± 15%
    And 95% sure the true mean is 54% ± 30%

    In other words, your results do not suggest that one mech is significantly better than the other.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)15:00 No.14581862
    Statically if we do 30 trials and get a swing of more than 10% we might be able to suggest one is better with confidence.

    Of course we are talking how well the bots can utilize the refs. And bots are derpy as hell.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)15:07 No.14581902
    Question: what are the rules for arm flipping? I think they left those out of the introductory rule set.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)15:33 No.14582087
    No hands or lower arm actuators on both arm. Also, it helps if the mech model looks like the arms could potentially flip.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)16:17 No.14582461
         File1302725823.jpg-(252 KB, 1920x1200, 1258914439460.jpg)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)16:27 No.14582560
    Not altogether sure why they left it out of the boxed set, myself. There's at least three units in the set that can flip their arms.

    But yes. After prior error, I double checked. Yes, in order to flip the arms, you must have no lower arm actuators in either arm. If you flip your arms, you can't torso twist at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)16:47 No.14582745
         File1302727647.jpg-(98 KB, 379x400, 58_Pen_SaggiRR1.jpg)
    98 KB
    >flip their arms.

    Makes this fucker even more of a bastard in urban combat than it already is (where it's pretty much king bastard as it is).
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)16:48 No.14582755
    In tactical operations you can do both, but you must declare the order you do them in. You then make an unmodified pilot roll and if you fail you only do the first.

    So if you flip then rotate and fail the piloting roll you only flip.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)17:14 No.14582997
    Right, i'm wanting my group to experience non-mech units. Does this seem a fair fight?

    Linebacker Prime
    Ice Ferret Prime
    Gargoyle A
    Battle Cobra Prime


    Epona Prime X2
    Oro X2
    Thresher X2

    All Mechs 3/4 skill, all tanks 4/5.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)17:16 No.14583018
    Isn't there a bv gain if you have more units than your opponent? Basicly a mechanic to somewhat mitigate bringing 12 Po heavy tanks to a lance fight?
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)20:46 No.14585045
         File1302741978.jpg-(100 KB, 590x459, 1277209855773.jpg)
    100 KB
    I'm back so bumps!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:14 No.14585350

    What... is... that... beauty?!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:55 No.14586505
    It looks like something out of Armored Core.

    >Newfag here, so don't go all MAD on me if it's older than that.
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)23:27 No.14586873
         File1302751638.jpg-(138 KB, 1026x400, Sagittaire3.jpg)
    138 KB
    Its the sagittaire the latest in davion cheesery, think Pulse boat


    The Sagittaire is built to fight in the confines of an urban battlefield. Weighing in at a massive ninety-five tons, the Sagittaire began production in mid 3063 and began to trickle out to units clamoring for close combat 'Mechs in the midst of the FedCom Civil War. The Sagittaire has a Pitban 285 XL engine as its power source. The XL engine saves weight at the cost of survivability and gives the 'Mech a top speed of 54.0 km/h. The Sagittaire's mobility is enhanced with three HildCo LFT 9-X jump jets which allow the 'Mech to jump up to ninety meters. The Sagittaire has seventeen double heat sinks to handle the 'Mechs massive heat load and is protected by eighteen tons of Starshield Special Heavy armor, allowing the 'Mech to stand up to a great deal of punishment in spite of its engine.

    The Sagittaire has a large and varied arsenal built around energy weapons. For long-range combat, the Sagittaire has a single Defiance 1001 ER PPC. Once the Sagittaire gets its opponent in medium to close ranges it can bring its full fury to bear. Its primary weapons are a pair of Magna 900P Large Pulse Lasers backed up by five Magna 600P Medium Pulse Lasers, two of which are rear mounted, and finally a single Magna 200P Small Pulse Laser. All of these weapons are linked to an advanced Targeting Computer, allowing the Sagittaire to eviscerate its opponents in close combat.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:34 No.14586963
    thank whoever made the fed/regiment symbols easy to see
    >> The Pole 04/13/11(Wed)23:37 No.14587004
         File1302752266.jpg-(70 KB, 351x356, Sagittaire2.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:46 No.14587104
    Stared at that till I realized why it looked odd. The legs are on backwards. I guess it's a personal preference, but I think it looks best with the knees facing forwards like the designs.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:02 No.14587263
         File1302753723.jpg-(94 KB, 1000x400, monthlychallenge-0612_11.jpg)
    94 KB
    Even with the rules change as of total warfare where targeting computers cannot now be used for specific location targeting, that thing is still a bastard as pulse and the targeting computer combine to negate the jumping modifier to hit for the pilot. Whilst it's not got the knockout punch of an AC20 or the cluster shot sandblasting, it will pump out damage like a firehose of hate and despite it's XL engine it can soak quite a bit of damage due to lacking any explodables and being chock-full of crit filling items like heat sinks, jumpjets and weaponry.

    A little quirk of the design is that 2 medium pulse lasers face rearwards as long as you dont jump you can accurately shoot at targets both in front and behind. Nice for dealing with light mechs going for a backstab and other things that try to take a mech from behind. They will attract a lot of fire though, so support them well and use it's reputation to your advantage as people will try and keep it at range so it can only use half it's armament.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:05 No.14587299
         File1302753952.jpg-(24 KB, 261x316, 1300232653147.jpg)
    24 KB
    >Draconis Combine Saggitaire


    I am pleased by this.

    A mech in the DCMS of over 60 tons that doesn't explode at the slightest provocation.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:12 No.14587369
    >experience non-mech units

    Not really feeling this matching. Reason being, that one force is all tanks.

    Yes, tanks can be effective, but in many games I've played, they can quickly turn into turrets. They don't usually last long after that point.

    Might I suggest both sides being combined arms, with a couple tanks and mechs to each side, so that if one players' tanks are all immobilized, they're not necessarily up shit creek?

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