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  • File : 1303528130.jpg-(265 KB, 1080x810, P1000167.jpg)
    265 KB That paint guy. 04/22/11(Fri)23:08 No.14686384  
    So who's up for another painting thread? Sitting here is a freshly primed Reaper demon mini, who I picked up with the intention of making into a Daemonic Herald for 40k. I've since stopped playing with my Daemons but I'd like to see him painted.

    So lets start. Which god should I paint him up as following? Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch or Undivided? What colours does /tg/ think I should use?
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)00:02 No.14686916
         File1303531354.jpg-(269 KB, 1080x810, P1000168.jpg)
    269 KB
    I really need to work on my lighting when taking photos. Thinned wash of Gretchin Green, waiting for it to dry before doing another coat to get a nice and even base colour to work with.

    I chose Nurgle, for those interested, and think I'll try to make the flesh look bruised and pale, with lots of bone. The model has some very nice eyes that I'd like to try and do as dead and milky-white.

    What's everybody else been up to painting-wise lately?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:09 No.14686993
    >Goat head

    Slaanesh it is.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:12 No.14687028
    hey tpg, mind posting that pick of all the stuff you have waiting to be painted? I want to see what else i have to look forward to. I feel like I'm learning a shit ton reading these the last few days.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)00:15 No.14687061

    ...umm, well, sure? Give me a minute to actually go to my room and the proper painting table. Be warned, things will get very messy and intimidating. I'm very happy to do requests, this guy was just on my desk since I was screwing around with razorwire (trying Secret Weapon Brass Etch after little luck with the GW stuff).

    Maybe a tad late, but I can move to flesh's, pinks and purples pretty easily this early. Anybody else have votes for how this guy should turn out?
    >> Ave Dominus Nox 04/23/11(Sat)00:16 No.14687071
    Been painting tons of fucking freehand lightning putting finishing touches on a 500pt Night Loard exhibition army to use against my friends new grey knights.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:25 No.14687183
    tpg - the last thread I saw was the wash thread - did I miss another one in the interim?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:28 No.14687213
    I have been painting my Chosen - I tried a new technique - I put about 4 ml of a glaze in my paint, along with flow aid and thinned paint. I was hoping for a glossy effect that was not too shiny that would make the armor look like fresh blood. I will be home in 10 hours and can upload a pic then [if my camera can take a decent photo .. :/ ]
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)00:28 No.14687221
         File1303532924.jpg-(850 KB, 1922x1822, P1000174.jpg)
    850 KB
    This is the second thread I've done for /tg/ like this, you haven't missed anything. I would archive them if I knew how, but I don't. The last thread was the Dark Eldar Incubi, where I loved the way the armour turned out but hated the face, and splattered it at the end. Been waiting for a friend to bring his SLR over so I can take some proper photo's with good lighting (friends from the thread comment that it's much nicer in person without the glare of my lamp beating down upon it).

    Please excuse the fuckhuge image attached, it's my 2.5 hobby areas. The painting setup next to my computer so I can have music and internet whilst painting, and the hobby area in my room that has been pretty much abandoned due to no music or internet.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:30 No.14687239
    Go to work Rob...
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:32 No.14687263
    Just finished my GK Strike Squad so I have ~800 points of GKs painted now. Was my first attempt at doing a flesh face, too. Welp, that was fucking terrible to attempt. Any tips?

    >too embarrassed of it to post a pic
    >> Ave Dominus Nox 04/23/11(Sat)00:32 No.14687264
    What are you using other than paint to pick out your chosen from the rank and file dudes?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:36 No.14687303
    I take all the extra bitz that come on my sprues off and put them all into ziplock bags. No more excess sprue sitting around taking space and everything is organized.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:44 No.14687389
    Well, if you mean besides the 'wet' look, they are getting attention to weapons, and they will have a cleaner bronze look than the normal rank and file warriors.

    That is a LOT of painting, and I am glad I have not missed anything. IT's cool to watch someone talk about their work - I like the blogs that do that.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)00:44 No.14687398
    My default for most human, male flesh is Tallarn flesh, thin it and do 2 coats if you need to but get is nice and smooth. Water down Dark Flesh heavily (some 1:5 paint to water, I always throw a drop of Matte Medium into my paints, washes and glazes to stop it going shiny and help it flow) and use that to add shadows. The face will look a little red, but that's ok as we do the same thing with Scorched Brown next, but we make sure to only hit the deepest shadows of the face (or deepest areas if you're unsure). From there, clean up with some tallarn on the parts the light is hitting and you can often leave it at that. Sometimes you can blend it up to elf flesh for highlights, or mix some bleached bone into the tallarn if you want a different tone, but the 3 paints and 3 stages is how most of my marine work is done and people seem to love it.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:45 No.14687405
         File1303533906.jpg-(123 KB, 770x743, demon01.jpg)
    123 KB
    Oh hey, cool.

    I painted this guy up a bit ago for my Warlord army.

    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:47 No.14687426
         File1303534022.png-(101 KB, 500x247, youthereknucks.png)
    101 KB
    Much thanks, TPG.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:50 No.14687460

    How the fuck do you ever find the motivation to paint?

    I've got a fuckton of Orks and Guard to do and I just look a them and go 'Fuck it'. I can never find the impetus to paint anymore. :C Feelsbadman.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:55 No.14687512
    This may not work for everyone but I refuse to assemble models until I'm painting them. So if i want to play, or use something specific that i bought... I gotta paint.
    giving myself a free pass to run unpainted models on the table just feels lazy.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)00:56 No.14687533

    I paint with bros personally. Have peeps over, get some foods you can eat while you paint (kebabs are great for this cause you don't have to touch silverware with paint hands, and you won't get grease on your brushes or minis). Shoot the shit, chill, drink some brew, and play some tunes while you do it.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)01:13 No.14687731
         File1303535594.jpg-(426 KB, 1667x810, P1000175.jpg)
    426 KB
    I made a massive post and the internet ate it, and I don't want to type it all out again.

    Second layer of Gretchin, did the base and bones/horns/spikes with Charadon Granite.

    Short answer? I don't. Long answer? I do a lot of commission stuff or stuff for friends, and that pushes me to finish them as they're for others. Posting on /tg/ is doing pretty well too, as I'm inclined to finish the next stage and post about it instead of going to play a videogame or somesuch.

    I love the contrast of the near-white bone and the darker red. Looks nice, now you just need to base that puppy.

    Thank you for the kind words, it's stuff like that which keeps me coming back. If anything I talk too much though.

    Depending on how quickly I finish this one up, I may have some special for later this afternoon.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)01:15 No.14687760
    This man is a genius beyond all others. Only thing stopping me from doing this every week is most of my friends having vastly different work schedules or living an hour away and not willing to make the trip. Have a day planned next week though, where we each do a Death Korp from start to finish.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)01:17 No.14687777
         File1303535845.jpg-(99 KB, 631x641, demon023.jpg)
    99 KB

    Thanks man, I went with it because he's supposed to be born from the gory pile of guts left over from another demon, so I figured making him look like that would make sense.

    Here's another pic of him, from the backside.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)01:19 No.14687791

    >dem quads

    Also, forgot to add: looking forward to seeing yours done as well. Looks like Nurgle after all eh?
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)01:39 No.14687984
         File1303537163.jpg-(278 KB, 1080x810, P1000177.jpg)
    278 KB
    Hit the bone and base parts with badab, thinned some Gryphonne Sepia and plastered that over the green and picked out the barbed wire with Dark Flesh.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)01:41 No.14688005
    This is kind of a newfag question, but I just recently got into the painting aspect of the hobby. What do you use to thin the paints? Water?
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)01:49 No.14688074
    Hehe, it varies depending on what you want to do I guess. I use water and Matte Medium from Vallejo. I've seen Mix Medium from P3 (Privateer Press' range) at my local store and want to pick some of that up to try. There is an entire market out there dedicated to additives and mixes to put with paints, inks and washes.

    As a rule of thumb, acrylic paint is mixed with water so that it flows on the palette. You want the paint to be a liquid, not a paste, but if you can spread it over the palette and it draws back into itself then it's too watery. For washes, GW stuff can usually be used straight from the pot (not recommended to have your brush quite that full though, so draw it from the lid), but you want paints that you turn into a wash to be of milk-like consistency. This is something like 10:1 water to paint ratio, but you won't get it exact unless you use dropper bottles.

    Glazes are different, my glazes are about 4:2:1 water, medium and paint, and they're not supposed to sink into all of the depths but to instead tint the colour they go over into something slightly different.

    This sepia is taking freaking forever to dry, so I'm assembling what I hope will be my next 2 models whilst I wait.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)02:02 No.14688189
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)02:10 No.14688293
         File1303539015.jpg-(256 KB, 1080x810, P1000179.jpg)
    256 KB
    Bro, nice.

    Gave the green a wash of Liche Purple (as described just above, about 10 parts water and 1 part matte medium to 1 part paint). Highlighted the wire with bestial brown, and it's turning out quite nicely. I can get to highlighting once the purple dries.

    I am in the process of assembling the Skaven lord with 2 hand weapons (came out just after Island of Blood) and the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Pinup (32mm version).
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)02:41 No.14688632
         File1303540916.jpg-(407 KB, 1441x810, P1000180.jpg)
    407 KB
    Apologies for the slow updates, again, it's pretty cold and wet local so the paint is taking a pretty long time to dry. I can move closer to the fireplace, but then I get the opposite effect and everything dries before I get the paint from the palette to the model.

    Layered the skin back up with Gretchin Green and then some Khaki into that for helping it stand out a bit more. Bone was done just by mixing Bleached Bone into the Charadon Granite, then some Skull White to the mix before it was fully Bleached Bone. Base got a quick, rough drybrush of Codex Grey, and now all that's left is to touch up the black rim and pick out the eyes, the teeth and the tufts of fur.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)02:51 No.14688729
         File1303541499.jpg-(943 KB, 2592x1936, IMG_20110422_132238.jpg)
    943 KB
    Posted this earlier today, but I need help with a direction for this guy.

    A WoC Nurgle Ogre.

    The color scheme just feels off.

    First mini to paint in over a year.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)02:52 No.14688749
         File1303541567.jpg-(964 KB, 2592x1936, IMG_20110422_132257.jpg)
    964 KB

    Yeah it's not finished, decided to stop until I can figure out what to do with him and the other 3.

    Here is the back.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)02:56 No.14688785
         File1303541795.jpg-(685 KB, 2592x1936, 2010-07-30 03.00.32.jpg)
    685 KB

    Here they are back before I had them completely converted.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)02:57 No.14688795
    Just a few thoughts -
    1. Change the pant color - not really working with the skin tone
    2. Try to pull the right arm and the left together tone-wise - the head is pretty busy, and having more color disparity is clashing

    Of course, this is Chaos, so .. I cannot really say there is a "wrong", but if it feels off to you, then think about those two things

    Good luck - I am currently working on mine - I am attempting a purple underskin with green epidermis
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)03:02 No.14688842

    I see. Yeah the head looks derpy as fuck, thinking about it now I should have gone with another. :P
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:09 No.14688916

    Ok, let's see what we've got here...

    First things first, what aren't you happy with? Or did you just lose motivation to finish the guy? My first suggestion would be to base him, if you can remove him from the plastic base I would throw him onto a large rock or two, some dirt building up on parts of it and a skull or shield or two leaning against it. A base really helps to bring a model together nicely and I always try to base, or build the base, when I start work on the model. Even on the rare occasions I paint a model not attached to the base I have it chosen and part-way through assembly before I've started painting.

    Now for the model itself. I think the purple of the pants and the blue of the boots are a bit too bright and vibrant for the plague-theme that Nurgle generally goes with. It's nice to see you've experimented with colour a bit though, and tried to move away from the near-constant green and brown of nurgle. Maybe if you could just mute the colours down a bit? Take the base colour (looks like Liche Purple and...Regal Blue?), mix in a bit of codex grey, throw in some water and run it over to mute it a bit. Because you've thinned it, it keeps most of your shadows and highlights.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:10 No.14688923

    I love the design of the sword, but it looks overly flat and very painted as it is. Metallics are the kind of thing you can write a whole damn book on, but in your case you get to choose if you want it to look rusted or if you want it to look like it has poison glistening over it. Either way, you'll probably go over the whole thing again with Chainmail and go from there.

    For poison? Throw thrakka green onto it, much like you have now but not as heavily, then badab over that to darken it. You then go and pick out the edges with chainmail, and do some lines coming from the edge of the cutting blade towards the inside to show chips and such. If you want rust, there are a couple of ways to do it, but you can generally do above and ignore the green, then just wash some light bestial brown over it.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)03:10 No.14688927
    The head itself is cool - I like it - i just think that if the head is the focus, then mute everything else. If you dislike the busyiness of the head, then scale it back. It's your army - make it waht you want! :D
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:14 No.14688964
    I actually quite like the head and mutated arm, but agree with the other guy there that they all look somewhat disjointed from the flesh. I would say that you may have to go over the fleshy arm again and do the blood splatter last. I did a very nice example with splatter on my last thread, let's see if I can find the image.

    Basically, I mix red and brown inks (I still have them, yeah, but plenty of companies do inks instead of washes so they're not hard to find if you don't have any left), and load a brush up with them. From there, I blow sharply at the brush so the ink splatters onto the model directly behind it. It's a messy technique, but a little water effects or gloss varnish on the dried splatter looks like wonderful fresh blood drenching the model.
    >> Dust !!HYW+eKmlfwf 04/23/11(Sat)03:18 No.14689000
         File1303543107.jpg-(477 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0221.jpg)
    477 KB
    I dug out my Grey Knights from a long time ago and gave them a tune up, they were my first army so I tried to repair them as much as possible and add some effects to the weapons.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:18 No.14689004
    Ok, so this is a very important question. Should I do blood splatter and gore on this daemon? I think he would look quite good with it on his claws and mouth, but if I'm wrong then it pretty much stuffs up 4 hours (roughly) painting.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:21 No.14689029

    Love the darker blue you used, love the weathering, love the old metal grey knights from before they were cool and everybody picked them up.

    Only flaw is that they're not based! Man, they would look so much more professional with even just some dirt glued on there. If you want a simple-ass way to do it? Superglue, sand, devlan mud. You would be amazed how nice devlan mud makes sand look.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)03:23 No.14689056
    My vote is no - make the teeth yellowed or something - but gore, gore everywhere erry day is not too interesting.

    That is clean - I jelly
    Nice trips too
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:36 No.14689181
         File1303544176.jpg-(270 KB, 1080x810, P1000182.jpg)
    270 KB
    In that case, he (or she) is finished. Going to mute the lights and try and get some better photo's of it now that it's finished. Eyes were rotting flesh, blended up with some white and fur is exactly the same. Decided the wire needed a little something extra, so stuck some Fiery Orange in with Bestial Brown for final stippling. I love the way the rust turned out.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)03:43 No.14689254

    I think what I will do is repaint the red arm sickly instead of it just being exposed muscle and tendon, I think it will fix a lot of problems.

    Found a few pictures so I can work with the sword better.

    Thanks for the input everyone.
    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)03:47 No.14689298
         File1303544871.jpg-(318 KB, 676x1583, P1000183.jpg)
    318 KB
    And that's the end of that then, I hope I've been remotely entertaining, the thread is archived on suptg and I should be back in a day or two with something else.

    Keep on painting folks!
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)03:51 No.14689336
    Thanks, bro. See you next time.
    Let us know how it turns out!
    >> Pupnik 04/23/11(Sat)04:15 No.14689600
         File1303546526.jpg-(108 KB, 809x555, cvb_inf_ard_wbd_011_000_01_lar(...).jpg)
    108 KB
    How to paint detail onto flat surfaces like the tartan skirt, HOW DO
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)04:19 No.14689626
         File1303546740.jpg-(57 KB, 400x300, reducto.jpg)
    57 KB
    You must use very tiny brushes. I, for example, trimmed most of the bristles off a 10/0 to make a pseudo-30/0 for detail work.

    >> That paint guy. 04/23/11(Sat)04:21 No.14689651
    Surprisingly easy, actually.

    In the example you gave, they've done the red fully before they started the pattern. In that case they've just done linework in a dark grey, then a thinner grey in the middle of it. The trick with patterns and freehand is to have a good idea of what you want it to look like when you're finished. Sketch it out on paper with a pencil first, or try to do it with the paints on your palette.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)04:27 No.14689694
    Nice! I like how the armored chitin blends in with the rubble on the ground. Almost seems like it's sprouted from the ruined concrete.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/11(Sat)04:33 No.14689764
    Hey, glad I at least got to see this thread.Very nice work
    >> Fabricator-General Scriptarius 04/23/11(Sat)05:08 No.14690114
         File1303549733.jpg-(743 KB, 2400x1022, All the primarchs.jpg)
    743 KB
    Oh hey, a painting thread. Awesome!
    With the Primarchs done, I was hoping to find some actual painters to give them a proper finish.
    The Emperor, Fulgrim and Dorn have already found homes, but the others are still up for grabs.

    Now most of you are probably not going to accept "working for the good of Scriptarius" as payment, so depending on your preference I can pay in money or minis.
    If anyone feels like it, my email is in the field. Drop me a mail or add me on MSN and we'll talk details.

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