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  • File : 1304955484.jpg-(201 KB, 770x918, Abyssal Jaw Marine with Breaching Sheers.jpg)
    201 KB Abyssal Jaws Thread 9 Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)11:38 No.14868050  
    Because the last thread kicked the bucket.

    From the last thread:

    "Anonymous 05/08/11(Sun)18:15 No.14859356

    Come on fat/tg/uys let's settle this whole sector deal. Seems to me that most of the guys that made there voices heard are for a new sector.

    Wow about we count all the votes that have been cast 24 hours from now and call it then?"

    Wow about we count all the votes that have been cast 24 hours from now and call it then?"


    From the last thread, we had two votes for the Moenia Silicis/Castle Rock Sector and... No-one else has voted yet. Still, there's sometime before it finishes.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)11:40 No.14868073
         File1304955659.jpg-(255 KB, 399x778, 1304905857214.jpg)
    255 KB
    Also before the last thread died, we were discussing the Maresian SeaGuard. Thus far we've got them fluffed as badarses trained to be the best of the best, who specialise in island hopping and beach attacks. However, there were a few doubts about the whole specialisation thing, so I'll let you guys sort that out.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)11:42 No.14868084
         File1304955736.jpg-(36 KB, 612x600, 612px-Angler-pauldron_and_Powe(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    Founded in the 33rd Millenium when a lone Administratum clerk found a fragment of the text "Call of Cth-", the High Lords were notified and geneseed of the Blood Angels began being stockpiled for the founding of the Abyssal Jaws. Since its founding the Chapter has made itself known for its vicious tenacity in close range combat and specilation in aquatic enviroments as well as its open disregard for the Codex with its numbers being several times over the stipulated 1,000.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)11:43 No.14868096
         File1304955806.png-(215 KB, 400x500, Abyssal Jaws Marine - Corvus A(...).png)
    215 KB
    >Why was the chapter founded?
    Strategic Prognostication
    >When was the chapter founded?
    33rd Millenium
    >Chapter Progenitor
    Blood Angels
    >Gene-Stock Purity
    >Chapter Flaws
    Pride in the Colors
    >Characteristic Modifiers
    +5 Strength, +5 Perception

    >Figure of Legend
    Chief Librarian
    >Deeds of Legend
    Chief Librarian lost in the Warp

    >Number of Worlds
    >Homeworld Type
    Hive and Unihabited
    >Homeworld Terrain
    Ocean (hive world, Maresia) and Temperate (unihabited swampy death world, Noxyssus)
    >Homeworld Relationship

    >Codex Organization
    >Combat Doctrine
    Close Combat
    >Solo Mode Ability
    Pick 2 skills, rank 1 reroll failed tests. Rank 4, add 10 to them. Rank 8, add degree of success.
    >Squad Attack
    Tactical Finesse
    >Squad Defense
    Knowledge is Power
    >Special Equipment
    Beastial Companion (Alligator-Piranha sea monster)
    Death Cult
    >Current Status
    Over Strength
    >Chapter Ally
    Imperial Guard (Maresia Sea-Guard)
    >Chapter Enemy
    some Chaos Space Marines warband/legion
    >Chapter Name
    Abyssal Jaws
    >Battle Cry
    >Advance Table
    Behold Our Wrath
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:12 No.14868262
    >Chapter Ally
    >Imperial Guard (Maresia Sea-Guard)

    Damn fuckin' right. Help out the little guy, I says.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:29 No.14868372
    Yeah, its what we're fluffing out at the moment. Like this post says:
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:35 No.14868420
    What more needs be fluffed, then?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:39 No.14868448

    With the SeaGuard, or in general?

    With the SeaGuard, pretty much everything.

    With the AJ themselves, the chapter leaders (we have the Chapter Master, but that's it) and such. We've got a pretty unique organisation for a chapter, which probably complicates things a bit.

    We've also been doing stats as well, but I've not played 40k since I was about 14, so I really have no idea about that stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:50 No.14868519
    Maybe the seaguard could have a modified amphibious Leeman Russ design. Lighter and less well-protected than a standard Russ, but capable of hittin the blue and the beach. Call it the Pisces.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:52 No.14868539

    Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)12:58 No.14868591
    Ok, here's my thinking: Maresian Sea-Guard would have fewer combat-capable vehicles, owing to a greater need for transport ships. As a result, they are extremely frugal with parts, doing their utmost to salvage every single engine, gun, armor plate, etc. This also fits in with the "pirate salvagers" theme.

    Owing to their homeworld, the Maresian Sea-Guard would make use of trained and cybernetically enhanced dolphin-like creatures as underwater scouts. These creatures are used sparingly, as the cybernetics and training to make them are costly.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:00 No.14868608

    Are the dolphins used to combat Ork Attak Squidz?

    Red Alert 2 aside, I think that all sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:02 No.14868621
         File1304960528.jpg-(112 KB, 480x384, bbd7c37dc2860a8a8f544aaa2b9aac(...).jpg)
    112 KB

    What the fuck is he holding
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:06 No.14868664
    A gunfish. Grimdark version of a swordfish.

    >ryfordi RIFLE

    Ok, the Maresian sea-guard uses a modified Lasgun called the Ryfordi. Captcha has spoken.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:13 No.14868729
         File1304961234.jpg-(24 KB, 400x275, Chimera1-1.jpg)
    24 KB

    How about just making an up-armed and armored Chimera? Cut it down to 10 transport spots, but give it a Predator turret, or something.

    Maybe even one no transport capacity but with Leman Russ weaponry, instead.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:16 No.14868752
    Might work. Pull off that damn dozer blade and stick those bumper-looking things on it to make it look more like a hovercraft.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)13:29 No.14868864

    Fuck yeah, Maresian SeaGuard Hovercraft Brigade
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)14:42 No.14869513
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)15:52 No.14870186
    So, Maresian SeaGuard:
    >Trained to be the best of the fucking best. Most of them are failed AJ aspirants.

    >Specialise in Leapfrogging and combat in and around islands.

    >Also given training to fight in non-oceanic situations, just in case.

    >Don't use many vehicles, but those they do use tend to be modified medium or light vehicles, along with hovercraft.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)17:00 No.14870652
    >> Magi 05/09/11(Mon)17:13 No.14870737
         File1304975616.jpg-(134 KB, 600x800, Seaguardidea2 copy.jpg)
    134 KB
    Throwing some ideas out
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)17:33 No.14870838

    I like the old fashioned diving suit helmet rather a lot. Reminds me of that old episode of Scooby Doo.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)17:35 No.14870845
    I love this Dead Space feel
    >> Pope !czGPU9ORJI 05/09/11(Mon)17:42 No.14870883
    how about this, its a dreadnough but instead of legs it has a chimera.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)17:56 No.14870955
    Nope, AJs don't get dreads. Instead they upload their dead brother into a giant mechanical shark and have him DEFEND THE HOMEWORLD!
    >> Magi 05/09/11(Mon)18:06 No.14871003
    can the sea guard have sentinals that look a bit like crabs
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)18:08 No.14871011

    Actually, I sort of picture the AJ being like the White Scars in that regard. Knowing your chapters duty and the nature of the horrific creature that lurks in the oceans of your homeworld, would you really want to trap your brothers inside armoured caskets? It'd seem to me like leaving them trapt, unable to resist the corrupting whispers of the Old One.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)18:11 No.14871030
    Oh, and judging by the 4chan lock, the vote on the name of the sector is (by two votes) the Moenia Silicis Sector! :toot:
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)18:15 No.14871052
         File1304979316.jpg-(50 KB, 470x353, japanese-spider-crab.jpg)
    50 KB

    Spider Crab Senitals?
    >> SkeletonGimp !L.YFcYksIQ 05/09/11(Mon)18:29 No.14871143
    This works, the natural creature already looks very 'mechanical'

    Anywho I contribooted to old fluff up to the bit where we were discussing if the sea monster was an old one/slann/some other chaos/xenos being. Anyone able to updates me on progress I've missed?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)18:35 No.14871173


    Check this out, if you haven't. A lot of shit has been put-up on there. We've confirmed that the creature is an Old One and it lurks beneath the waves of Maresia.

    The chapter has around 3000ish marines and a very unique, squad-based organisation and don't really have companies. Cannibalism has been cutdown a bit so that they only eat the honoured dead. They're bros and don't get along with Ultramarines after they accidently ate a bit of Chaplain Cassius.

    Probably some other stuff, but that's all that comes to mind.
    >> Magi 05/09/11(Mon)18:40 No.14871205
         File1304980846.jpg-(293 KB, 1275x1275, Seaguardsentinalidea copy.jpg)
    293 KB
    Eh, not exactly a spider crab.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)19:09 No.14871454
    So, just to make things clear:
    Chapter: Abyssal Jaws
    Planet: Maresia (and the moon of Noxyssus)
    Sector: Moenia Silicis

    Now we just need to pick out a Segmentum.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)19:51 No.14871821
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:28 No.14872110
    Hey, someone needs to write some fluff between the AJ and the Guardians Exemplar. If we're the bros of the Imperium, they're the arseholes.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:30 No.14872126
    If anything they would probally Spit on the face of the AJ
    what a jerks
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:32 No.14872143

    Then the AJ would headbutt him. Seriously, I can picture the two chapters having worse relations then the AJ and the Marines Malevolent.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:36 No.14872181
    someone have to do a Writefagottery about a Deathwatch team with
    AJ, Emperor's Nightmare, Rising Sons and the Guardian Exemplars
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:46 No.14872256
    I haven't seen an EN thread in a while, which is fine, I guess, we took a break before, it really helped the creative juices.

    What happened with the Guardian Exemplars? They were the IG marines, right? I haven't seen a thread in a while.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:47 No.14872275


    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:52 No.14872302
    So which Segmentum are we going with? As far as I know, none of the other chapters have picked one yet.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:07 No.14872419
    Someone should Archive this. I'm too lazy
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:15 No.14872499


    Also I'll suggest the Segmentum Pacificus. Not only because herp derp Cthutlu is somewhere in the Pacific ocean derp herp, but also because the Halo Stars are located around there and they're full of freaky shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:47 No.14872788
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:18 No.14873095

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