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  • File : 1304986645.jpg-(73 KB, 531x432, white_scars_ea_02.jpg)
    73 KB Community Project: The Fall of Humanity Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:17 No.14872011  
    The crumbling of the Imperium and Humanity's Last Stand. (thematic ties to the Fall of the Eldar of course).

    Let's say the Emperor suddenly and mysteriously died at the start of the year 43,000, did not come back as any kind of starchild or evil warp god or holy reincarnation or anything like that but was simply dead and gone and the warp portal he was sitting on turned Sol system into a warp storm to rival the Eye and Maelstrom.

    Without the light of the Astronomicon humanity would suddenly find warp travel vastly more perilous. Much of the navy would be forever lost in the warp, or be forced to spend entire generations redeploying in realspace.

    The full threat of the Tyranids would have hit the Milky Way. Would Ultramar remain a bulwark or be swamped by the second attack?

    In the wake of the destruction of Terra, Mars, much of the Imperial Fists and Mentors chapters, the Custodes, the High Lords and so much more besides, how would humanity survive in its last days?

    Would Original Legions like the Space Wolves and White Scars carve out protective empires to rival Ultramar? What would become of the adeptus mechanicus and which forge world would become their new capitol planet?

    Without steady reinforcements, could the Cadian Gate hold?

    In the face of being eaten by the unending tyranid invasions, how many humans would willingly serve chaos --even as as slaves in a chain gang-- just for protection?

    And what of the Ecclesiarchy? Surely they would be hardest hit by all of this. Everything from Atheist Sisters to radical horusian xanthites would be vying for control.

    What would the Dawn of the year 44,000 look like and how would the remaining humans survive?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:20 No.14872042
    You could easily tie this in to the thread from earlier on about the Dark Angels being excommunicated:
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:22 No.14872057
         File1304986977.jpg-(1.14 MB, 2904x1687, 40k star map.jpg)
    1.14 MB
    Personally I see the monodominants doing their best to create a new Imperium structured around one of the other well defended hive systems like Necromunda or Armageddon, while other facets of humanity across the galaxy are forced into new alliances with the Eldar, Tau, Astartes empires and whatever the new AdMech organization is to try to survive the neverending Tyranid swarms.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:23 No.14872064
    Ultramarines are OM NOM NOMed.

    Fists and Custodes along with the Grey Knights protect Sol. Cadia lasts for 10 years tops. Abbadon gets his shit together. Gazzie's WAAAGH gets on the right footing from his new base on Armageddon.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:27 No.14872103
    A while back I was writting some alternate history on the Imperium splitting into two after the Horus Heresy (due to the Codex Astartes and the threat of civil war. Think the East and West Roman Empires, but both with the same Emperor).

    One idea from that which could work here is the idea of there being a huge HRE expy surronding the Ultramarines and their successors. A huge "empire" composed of lots of tiny states lead by Spess Mahreen chapters, all with plenty of autonomy.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:28 No.14872108
    What about those other Ork Empires? The Arch-Arsonist's and that other one.

    In their own way those empires would almost be the safest place in the galaxy. Most stable anyway...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:31 No.14872135
    In my scenario, they would most likely be in constant war with the encroaching tyranids.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:33 No.14872152
    I'd say Iyanden, Tau and whatever surviving Ultramarines would pretty much be forced to ally if they wanted to survive. None of them have any real support on that side of the galaxy otherwise.

    All I have to say is that would lead to some pretty badass dreadnoughts...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:34 No.14872160
    Makes sense. The bugs would be devouring our galaxy wholesale at that point.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:46 No.14872259
    without the astronomicon nids are actually very likely to lose interest. The dominant threat would actually be chaos pouring out of the eye of terror.

    most of hte segmentum obscurus would fall apart, it might take a hundred years but the templar and imperial fists would likely close ranks around terra and try to hold the cradle of humanity. The space wolves would definitely start expanding back to legion strength and try to control the fenris system.

    As much as I HATE the ultramarines, ultima segementum is most likely to be hte safest place in the galaxy. The vast majority of space marine chapters are loyal to the Ultras, they're very much "serf" chapters. They'd close and try to hold onto as much territory as possible. If the tyranid threat peters out then its very possible ultramar would become hte center of the new imperium.

    It's also VERY possible given current fluff that the templar would turn on the grey knights if the whole "we use sorcery cause we're better than you" bit ever got to helbrecht which would probably destroy anything remaining of the current imperium including the GK's templar and imp fists.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)20:55 No.14872330
    >without the astronomicon nids are actually very likely to lose interest
    well, they'll stop gunning for Terra specifically like moths to a flame but that doesn't mean they'll suddenly become vegetarians or something...

    Also how could anyone rally around Terra if it is the epicenter of a warp storm?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:00 No.14872364
    Depending on if the Emperor, in his death, emits a powerful psychic blast, more Necrons could start to wake up as well. Depending on how you see it, that could balance things out a bit, since now Chaos, Orks, and Tyranids have to worry about green death.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:02 No.14872376
    Even if not, we'll be seeing more necron awakenings before the year 44,000 anyway so yeah they're definitely a force to figure out the role of too.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:04 No.14872392
         File1304989458.png-(4 KB, 184x211, 1263880734787.png)
    4 KB
    >Imperium collapses
    >Ultramar establishes its own empire
    >In three centuries, do away with the Mechanicus cult
    >In several millennia, perfect the Astartes creation process, enough so that they can live in their armor indefinitely, and implants can be added at any stage of life, for either sex.
    >In ten thousand years, the entire population of Ultramar sector ascends to post-humanity by becoming Space Marines.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:05 No.14872405
    >gets eaten by tyranid
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:06 No.14872414
    I liked the idea of an Ultramarine civil war breaking out like /tg/ was discussing a few weeks ago.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:12 No.14872471
    missed that somehow. That makes the grey knights fate interesting, they've got a planetary scale gellar field strong enough to keep the warp at bay. What if they sacrificed themselves to seal the warp breach on terra? if anything could do it that could.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:14 No.14872489
    transporting golden age tech through the warp storm to get to Terra would be hellish though.

    I could see Titan being like a bubble of calm in the warp though with a skeleton crew of Knights defending the graves of their fallen brothers.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:20 No.14872548
    Hmm...The death of the emperor causes the necrons to wake up en-masse, they take up the mantle of eradicating chaos.

    Ok... Half of mars actively worships the dragon, does he use magic necron powers to save mars? We are told that the warp is anathema to C'tan... And the talismans of vaul were designed to "kill" one by plungin it into the warp, but none have ever succeeded at their purpose.

    What happens when a C'Tan is plunged into the warp? Does he die? Does he Mutate? is a new chaos god born? Is he ALSO anathema to the warp creating some sort of black hole? This is a being who eats stars! IN an area where reality and the warp are one, is the radius going to affect nearby earth? titan? Sol?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:24 No.14872564
    I'd have to go back and read it but whats to say they couldn't use SORCERY! to physically MOVE titan to earth. What if htey parked titan on the emperors palace. Yes, apocalyptic is only a word to describe a moon landing on the himalayas, but what if it "saves" terra after a fashion. Imagine generatino after generation of grey knights, custodes, and tech priests desperately trying to keep the gellar fields operative and fighting back wave after wave of demons nad chaos marines trying to destroy them. A siege that can never be broken fought for the very soul of a dead imperium.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:24 No.14872565
    We've been discussing that on-and-off ever since the 'spiritual liege' thing, if not earlier.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:40 No.14872703
    It's a nifty idea with no small amount of potential but part of it feels counter to the whole "fall of humanity" thing if Terra doesn't actually fall and the Sol system isn't completely shattered.

    Personally --seeing as there'd be so little warp communication over very long distances to prove the claim wrong-- I'd LOVE to see this develop as a legend. A beautiful lie for humanity to cling to for hope.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:42 No.14872719
    well yeah but we had a particularly in depth thread a few weeks back that went into inter-chapter alliances, who the people next in line for Chapter Master were and so on. It was a good read. Hopefully someone archived it.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:44 No.14872752
    another question: what would the relationship between the dark mechanicus and the dragon mechanicus be?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:47 No.14872781
    It's all but canon that this Should Happen. Even Ward fluff has Sicarius/Agemman pissing contests and marines worrying about civil war.

    Ultramar will fall from within, and with 4/10s of the Chapter gone to Honsou's cats-paws as of 999.M41...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)21:52 No.14872825
    The Black Templars, spread out throughout the galaxy in numbers greater than 10,000, bring back order sector by bloody sector alongside the other sons of Dorn. The Space Wolves, White Scars, and other Chapters fortify their home systems. The Ultramarines collapse as they are invaded by the Nids, Tau, and a splinter faction of the Ultras who are actually gene-mutated heirs of the lost legions, in a millenium-old plan concocted by Alpharius and Omegon.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:38 No.14873334
    Only a millenium old?
    Indeed, captcha - revelat segmenting, indeed.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:38 No.14873342
    Woops, got the decimal point wrong. Millenia-old.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:46 No.14873414
    Templars and Wolves would definitely still be presences due to their size.

    After the inevitable destruction of Ultramar I could see the remaining Tyranid Hunters joining up with whatever contingency plan the Deathwatch has going.

    Gryphonne would probably become the new mechanicus hub although I could see Mars having warp proof bunkers with gellar fields in the same manner as the grey knights so there could still be a cult of the dragon in the catacombs beneath the surface.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:52 No.14873500
    my guess is prepare your anus
    assuming we get a worst case scenario

    -cadia WILL fall
    -the ultramarines will be destroyed slowly with the next tyranid hives (if the warp does not disturb their progress)
    -armageddon should be safe since the orks wont be able to reach it
    -more humans will turn to chaos as a means to escape
    -orks wont be able to launch effective waaaghs anymore (until they start jacking tau transport tech)
    -Eldar who relied on Imperium help to stem the tides of enemies threatening their craftworlds will die off
    -necrons will awaken at a faster rate destroying more worlds
    -humans will kill themselves to extinction, or to something resembling what the eldar have now
    -chaos will no longer have the sacrifices and souls they need to survive (once humans are gone for good) and will most likely fade away

    but the worst fate of all
    -tau will replace humans as the dominant force in the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:55 No.14873538
    >-orks wont be able to launch effective waaaghs anymore (until they start jacking tau transport tech)

    Why? Thought they had their own ways of getting around.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:57 No.14873557
    all their stuff currently is warp based
    -their ships
    once the warp stops working for them its game over for their waaaghs until they learn how to use tau ftl
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:58 No.14873570
    >-the ultramarines will be destroyed slowly with the next tyranid hives (if the warp does not disturb their progress)
    nids don't use realspace ftl rather than the warp so I don't see how it could
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)22:58 No.14873572

    The emperor dies to a bang, not a whimper. Every imperial vessel in warp transit is instantly lost. On terra ancient wards fall and demons pour into the dungeons of the emperors palace from the webway. Little did anyone suspect that the emperor had a tenuous connection to the eldar webway when magnus breached his shields. The golden throne was the only thing preventing daemons from entering the webway. From the breach in its man-made shields daemons pour into the webway attacking earth and the craftworlds.

    The imperial fists, grey knights, custodes and ten million loyal guardsmen fight to hold the entrance to the webway. Titan is displaced to the warp and brought into alignment with the webway opening, the hope is that titan's gellar fields can hold the demons at bay.

    The plan almost works but for the eldar. With the imperial palace blocked from the webway ALL of the demons entering the breach pour their attacks onto the craftworlds, the entire craftworld iyanden sacrifices itself by plunging into the warp in the terra system, thousands of wraithlords and wraithguard fight across titan until they rupture the gellar field generators, the explosion rips the tenuous hold the emperors portal has to the webway and the warp storm begins to brew.

    The surviving imperial forces realize that they're in the middle of a forming maelstrom and make a fighting retreat to their ships. The custodes take the golden throne and the emperors remains with them in reverence.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:02 No.14873619
    Who says the warp will stop working? the Astronomican only works if you have an astropath.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:03 No.14873621
    .....why would the warp stop working for everyone if the emperor dies. Its not like orks use the astronomicon for navigation or that the emperor is the only thing keeping the warp in existence
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:03 No.14873629
    you cant move the golden thrown...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:04 No.14873638
    derp ignore that first don't meant to say, nids use realspace ftl not warp based ftl.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:05 No.14873653
    oh i see, just read the top. only the astronomicon
    in that case fuck tau

    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:07 No.14873673
    Meanwhile, on mars.
    The psychic explosion of the emperor awakens the dragon. It takes precious days for him to fully regain conciousness and realize the scale of whats going on at his doorstep. He is the weakest surviving C'Tan and is at once terrified of abandoning his powerful cult to be alone among predators and remaining to be destroyed in the warp. He immediately begins a purge of all non-cult mechanicus who can prevent him from taking the jovian shipyards. The Dragon races to jupiter and reveals himself as the god-machine reborn. He takes EVERY vessel, complete or not out of the system by scavenging every gellar field he can find, and rigging many of the void shield generators on the local space stations. When the warp storm forms there are no mechanicus survivors left. The Dragon sets out to become the new god emperor of mankind, gathering worlds while claiming to be the machine-god incarnate. He begins purging psykers from humanity and teaches the mechanicus to use necron navigation technology to ply the ways between the stars. Eventually, many space marine chapters make their way to him, the mentor legion and Iron Hands chief among them.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:08 No.14873682
    why not? its not like the imperium doesn't have ships big enough to fit it in.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:08 No.14873689
    >he thinks the Void Dragon wouldn't be cut down by the Wardian Grey Knight uberubermensch.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 05/09/11(Mon)23:09 No.14873695
    " My lord...... The communications have gone silent."
    The atmosphere was somber in the control room. No word in or out, all they could manage was communications to to troops in the field. It was as if the universe around them disappeared, that is all but that unholy visage in the sky. the constant reminder of what they had to defy, to stand against. No communications from the fleet, or even neighboring systems. No astropaths. Just a powerful silence that ate at the men's willpower. The Lord General watched as the green blips on the campaign picto board turned from green dots to red dots. The General walked towards the window to watch the distant battle ensue as the hordes of chaos renewed their war against them.
    " My lord, your orders!?" The trooper demanded.
    "We've held this rock for millenia, we can hold it in this darkness." He never took his gaze from the battle. He lifted his hands as if conducting the war from his fingertips, hearing inaudible music in his head.
    The Darkness, no word of reinforcements, no warp transit around Cadia, only that of their great enemy. Cadia stood alone in the fight. The command room became a flurry of yelling as new reports from the front began pouring in, all of which seemed to glance off the Lord General.
    " Astronomicon be damned. As long as Humanity can hold onto something the Gate will hold." He walked away from the window as bolter rounds cracked against the protective glass. " If the Emperor wills it, then this will be humanities last stand, and we will be remembered. We hold the gate."
    A shell hit the window of the command room, filling the command center with its fiery wrath consuming all inside. Outside the planet ships harboring the last effort of humanity crawled towards their last and greatest fight. Their order's were simple and unchanged from before, but now it had a new meaning. They would hold the Gate.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:12 No.14873740
         File1304997165.jpg-(21 KB, 357x358, bear.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:17 No.14873788
    Meanwhile, on Ultramar.

    A bright spot of hope. The eldar of ulthwe realize that humanity at once fuels chaos and is the greatest hope at preventing it's spread. The new head farseer arranges to meet Tigerius on the field of battle by having orks attack a world while he's nearby. The farseer tells tigerius how to build a small astronomicon, it will only work for a few systems and still requires the sacrifice of hundreds of psykers a day. But it will allow navigation. Tigerius brings this information home and they set about implementing it. Within a decade of the emperor's death the Ultramarines have set up a growing empire and gathers several hundred marine chapters to their banner.

    But all is not good. Word of the machine-god has reached ultima segmentum. Many of the cult mechanicus never believed that the emperor was their god. Civil wars break out on the forgeworlds. Marines are used as police to keep the fires of industry going. After all, what is a space marine with no ammunition. This leads to rioting, the calgar tries to reason with the cult mechanicus who see his stiff boot as more evidence that the marines have overplayed their hand. much of hte cult mechanicus tries to defect, some escape, some are killed. The manufacturing ability of the segmentum is reduced enormously. The ultramarines have the most powerful force remaining but struggle to supply them with weapons. Their effort to rebuild the imperium is failing and unless something can be done to rebuild their forgeworld populations eventually they will fall.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:19 No.14873805
    the golden throne is at once a HUGE device that takes up potentially MILES of space, and a largish lifesupport coffin containing the body of the emperor. This second is what they take.

    The grey knights are on earth and in hte warp trying to save earth/the imperium while having a craftworld physically rammed into their planet, remember that a craftworld is somewhat the size of titan.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:21 No.14873820
    but the grey knights are based on saturn (titan if you want to be specific)not earth...
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 05/09/11(Mon)23:22 No.14873825
    thank you, I pull out a gem every so often.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:24 No.14873858
    ...and then the daemons and traitors noticed the main imperial fleet behind them...

    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:27 No.14873891
    Meanwhile on cadia.
    The eye of terror is quiet. Nobody has seen a demon in days. We're only getting supplies from a single in-system craftworld. People are starting to go hungry, we don't grow our own food, ti's all shipped in. If things don't get better soon cadia will go, and noone will notice until it's much, much too late.

    Meanwhile on fenris.
    The endtimes have come, it's time to seek the wolf lord. The space wolves recruit every barbarian they feel is worthy of bearing the wolf lord's gene-seed. They set out on a journey to find the wolf lord. Will they find their wayward lord? Will they come to cadia in it's time of need? They are heading for the eye of terror to seek leman russ. They will not fall to chaos, but theirs will be a long war. For the warp extends their age to unnatural length. The rune lords will cast their runes and fate itself will dictate their course. And sometimes, according to legend, when an old imperial world is about to fall, when all hope is lost, grey ships will emerge from the warp to disharge a legion of monsters to sweep away the enemy. When the great enemy is defeated they'll question the populace, relentlessly, have you seen the wolf lord?
    And then they'll be gone, to ride the winds of destiny.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:28 No.14873898
    the imperium has huge ships that are miles long and are capable of landing on a planet. If they wanted to move the whole throne, they could.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:29 No.14873922
    conceptually titan has the strongest gellar field in the galaxy and a device capable of plunging the entire planet into the warp. WE know that planets in the warp can drift, ti's not unreasonable ot expect a CHAPTER of SORCERERS to be able to move it once ti's in the warp to a set location.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 05/09/11(Mon)23:31 No.14873937
    eerrr... ACTUALLY Cadia is mentioned to produce its own food and supplies.
    Cadia CAN hold by itself, just barely, but beating chaos isn't about how, its a bout how much.. Even with all the odds stacked against them, the mission is simple

    They hold the Gate.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:33 No.14873965
    throne damnit ariman
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:48 No.14874098
    Meanwhile, helbrecht.

    Helbrecht is in pursuit of Ghaskul Thraka when the astronomicon goes down. His hatred of the ork runs deep. Yarrik is completely obsessed with seeing ghaskul dead. Helbrecht, however, realizes their peril. The templar do not like psykers, they do not keep enough of them around to waste when one burns out. Their ability to work as a chapter will shatter if he does not bring them together. Helbrecht tells every ship in the chapter to make way to armageddon. When it's done gathering the templar fleet fills the skies of armageddon, It is the largest remaining fleet in the galaxy. Over ten thousand crusaders loyal to the emperor. They are singularly unsuited to a galaxy with no imperium. They have the might of the entire ultramarine segmentum gathered in one fleet with no purpose. For almost a decade they ply the starlanes around the armageddon system, fighting orks, eldar, expanding their numbers. Then, there is an astronomicon beacon. Fearing a trap helbrecht sends a small fleet to investigate. They find a world in the ultima segmentum, apparantly still loyal to the imperium Helbrecht makes contact with Calgar. Helbrecht elects to make a show of force for their first meeting, bringing the entire templar fleet to the meeting.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/11(Mon)23:48 No.14874103
    Calgar is no fool, he dislikes the templar and their abberant behaviour. They're loose cannons that he cannot control, and Calgar is not going to share power with some aberrant "high marshal" who can't even abide by the codex astartes.
    Helbrecht is also no fool, the two of them know that there can be no bond formed between the templar and the ultramarines, but they do share the same goals and the same enemies. Calgar shares his intelligence about the Dragon's growing mechanicus empire. the lack of psykers, the claim that the machine god is reborn and that the machine god has never been the "soft" god emperor. This is enough to stoke Helbrecht's anger and it galvanizes the templar with a goal. They WILL crush this false machine god. If calgar picks up the bones then so be it. The templar will continue the great crusade, if calgar wants to be a beauracrat then there is no dishonor in helping him hold the imperium together. As long as he doesn't think he can give the orders.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:00 No.14874220
    whatcha think? did i waste my time brainstorming?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:07 No.14874269
    i was waiting for more actually.

    this is pretty good
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:15 No.14874344
    meanwhile in the webway.

    Ahriman is in the webway with every thousand son he can muster. Last time he made it into the webway his force was alone, this time there are millions of demons running rampant to mask his presence.

    Does he find the black library? Can he free the thousand sons? Can he can free magnus from his daemonhood? The spells are there. It can be done.
    And what future awaits them, cursed traitors led by the most powerful psyker alive? If magnus is reborn then he will be a living astronomicon, attracting all in the galaxy to the rogue primarch who caused this chaos and maybe, is the only hope to fix it.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:29 No.14874471
    meanwhile the black crusade

    The augeries of chaos game abbadon 200 years of warning that the storm would come. He mustered his forces in the warp near terra. When the shield protecting the webway came down his forces pressed in. The sudden appearance of titan cut his forces in half, the imperial robots, custodes and imperial fists decimated the forces emerging from the webway from their superior vantage points. Then the eldar were his salvation. An entire craftworld full of pointy-eared zombies plunged the planet of cursed grey knights into the warp, abbadon sent the black legion to claim the craftworld, while the rest of the legions overwhelmed the defenders. As soon as the defenders beat a retreat he ordered his defiles and predators to begin destroying machinery. More of the defenders escaped than he would have liked, adn they took the false emperors body with them.

    But now earth has a new emperor. A man worthy of being emperor. And what better way to start the new imperium than with a treasure trove of eldar souls. Greedy greedy slaanesh with trade in a wealth of favors for those precious souls. All hail the black emperor.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:33 No.14874504
         File1305002038.jpg-(302 KB, 583x600, spacemarine.jpg)
    302 KB
    I rather like this sequence of events for Ultramarine evolution and eventual destruction by M.44

    Ultramarine expansion --> Ultramarine civil war --> before it can be perfectly resolved tyranids attack

    Ultramar is shattered, During the retreat Marneus Calgar is cut down by a carnifex but his body is placed within a dreadnought shell. Sicarius claims the right to lead what is left of the chapter but with only a hundred odd marines left the 1st company captain made the decision to pass the gauntlets of Ultramar on to the Genesis Chapter that they may continue Guilliman's legacy.

    Then the surviving Ultramarines split into Tyranid hunters that ally with the deathwatch, Sicarius and his dirty dozen who go totally rogue and fuck lots of things up, and Cassius, Calgar and the old guard who retire from active battle and journey around trying to broker alliances for mutual survival between humans, eldar craftworlds and the nearby tau.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:39 No.14874545
    Iyanden are on the far side of the galaxy. They could get to Terra before M44 I suppose, but perhaps a closer craftworld with less to lose?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:49 No.14874619
    a hundred years pass.

    Abbadon has expanded his empire. the iron warriors have dismantled whats left of titan. They have a new ship, it has the ability to plunge a planet into the warp. Abbadon's legions invade a planet and set up chaos shrines until it joins the warp storm, if they meet strong resistance the iron warriors plunge the entire planet into the warp and flood it with demons. Soon the black empire will rival the eye of terror in size.

    The templar fleet has been at war with the dragon for the entirety of the past 100 years. Because of hte necessity of keeping their ships repaired the sacred oaths made to the mechanicus have been abandoned. Every templar spends time learning the cults secrets when they become an initiate. The templar have doubled their numbers, they have actively invaded worlds, they have mastered boarding actions, and have begun to try and damage a ship as little as possible. Their fleets have grown, the dragons armies were not numerous enough to deal with them when they attacked, and they have never been able to catch up.

    However ghaskull hasn't been lax for the past hundred years. He's been rebuilding. He remembers helbrecht. Armageddon has been his greatest defeat and helbrecht puts up a great fight. The largest ork waagh in the past 10k years is ready to engage the templar in a battle on a scale that hasn't been seen in ten thousand years.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:54 No.14874651
    So. First off, the Void Dragon is the MOST powerful of the C'tan left, not the least. He was the greatest of them all, the one Vaul tried (and failed) to kill.

    Secondly... damn, man. Work on your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, please. Furthermore, Ahriman - and the forces of Chaos in general - would have no desire to "fix" the destruction of the Astronomicon. Only the Imperium (and maybe a few lesser Xeno races, perhaps) use it for navigation; the forces of Chaos are guided by the Dark Gods and their daemons. (It's like the Imperials are navigating with star charts while Abaddon and company are using super-advances GPS.) Lastly, I'm not clear on what's going on with Abaddon and the "treasure trove of Eldar souls". Your language was a bit unclear.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:55 No.14874659
    farseers see trouble far ahead of time. and nobody has less to lose than iyanden, ti's basically a ghost world as is.

    Ahriman DID discover the black library. He had to trick magnus into leaving the planet of sorcerers. The ritual was a success. And it will doom the galaxy.
    Magnus awoke from demonhood, the fog of tzeench influence broke from his mind and he realized his folly. He sent his mind across the galaxy and realized that he COULD fix things. He frees the rest of the thousand sons, and the clothes himself in sackcloth. He will live the rest of time as a penitent. The thousand sons become the blood ravens who were wiped out fighting the tyranids. They make peace, and magnus dedicates his life to being an astronomicon and helping ot rebuild humanity.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)00:57 No.14874670
    On Cadia:
    The planet is in ruins. Fortifications have fallen, morale is decimated, and hope of victory is all but lost. A cluster of guardsman regiments cluster together in a corner of the world, desperately struggling to survive. The daemons and renegade marines push further every day, but the guardsmen hold the line, sustaining heavy casualties every day. The day comes when the latest attack threatens to do enough damage to conquer their beloved planet completely. But, at the brink of defeat, a lone guardsman looks up and sees flashes of blue in the sky, followed by a large light blue pulse that charges down from the night causing swathe of destruction among the chaos ranks, forcing them to fall back. The guardsman says one word in response, "Tau."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:00 No.14874697
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:08 No.14874770
    Meanwhile in DEEP space

    The hive fleet has been lost in deep space for a long time. They were following a powerful light in the warp but then it winked out and left the hive without any planets to resupply from. A hundred years passed with the fleet searching the endless empty void, lost between galaxies.

    Then a new light formed. Almost as bright as the original. Easy to track. This galaxy has managed to drive off several fleets, this one is twice the size of the last one.

    We will not be driven away again.
    I think thats about the end of that series of events. The templar and ghaskull fight over the bones of a C'tan. Even the other c'tan are too wary of interfering in the conflict to eliminate a wayward brother. They fight eachother for hundreds of years, the bones of the dragon empire feeding the templar strength enough to stand up to the ork scourge.

    Calgar realizes who he's in bed with early on and puts magnus in a different system entirely with many layers of remote detonation bombs to protect him. The tyranids reach ultima segmentum withing a few decades of magnus.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:09 No.14874776
    There is hope.
    All across the world similar accounts of tau intervention occur, followed swiftly by the landing of additional soldiers and support to bolster the struggling Imperial defenses. The armor of a hundred different septs of the Fire cast decorates the world as they stand with the Guard in defense of their homeworld. Their campaign on Medusa IV finally paid off: they achieved their goal of independant warp travel. This, coupled with the instability of the galaxy at the time allowed the vigorous race to expand beyond all expectations, rivaling the remnants of the Imperium. The courage of the Fire Caste intertwines with the grim determination of the Guard as they protect the Gate which has stood for milennia against the forces of Chaos. The battle for Cadia has only begun, and the new alliance has no thought of losing.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:13 No.14874810
    oi, I didn't want to break out star maps to include the tau. Who is backing the tau makes them such a wild card in a scenario such as this. Are they backed by a Ctan? Are they some tzeench plot? Yea I just looked the Tau are on hte literal opposite side of the galaxy as Cadia.
    LOL I had to come up wtih a chapter wtih a LOT of psykers who were potentially wiped out and I was writing into the tyranid angle so I kinda had blood ravens got wiped out by tyranids, yea that sounds right, so the thousand sons can just assume their identity, works out.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:16 No.14874840
    AT LAST.


    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)01:23 No.14874916
    And thats the end of the story. The templar and the orks wage a battle that lasts until the tyranids come. Depending on how/if helbrecht develops as a character would determine wether there was any hope for the galaxy. If the nids show up, ghaskull will be pissed for them ruining his fun and offer to fight them with the templar, if they work together there's hope. Either force on their own is easy pickings for the hive fleet.

    Ultima Segmentum really can't stand against the hive fleet, not with their depleted equipment. For the civil war fans, all that needs to happen is sicarius or someone to get nosey and the nids happen into a huge civil war when they come to investigate.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)03:08 No.14875821
    the tau empire would probably have exploded into another expansion phase shortly after the astronomicon turned off, entire sectors of imperial space would have been absorbed without a shot fired as humanity gets more and more desperate. In such turbulant times they might manage to convince the nisscar and/or kroot to help them develop their warp travel technology to the point where its near enough as good as the imperiums used to be but doesn't need the astronomicon.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/11(Tue)03:08 No.14875828
    read >>14874776

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