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  • File : 1305507188.jpg-(60 KB, 500x375, 2599969114_84c1b92acb.jpg)
    60 KB Dark Overlord Quest Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)20:53 No.14939603  
    Long ago, in a land of ancient secrets and powerful magic, there was a mortal man. This man, this singular will, would become the Dark One, the greatest evil of all time. His rise to power, and his glorious victories over the pathetic forces of GOOD, have become mythical in their own right. His name, uttered as a terrible and horrifying curse, is used only by the most cruel and sadistic of mortals. Those who by some miracle lived through his reign of terror fear his return above all else, for he alone do they consider "About as evil as the taxman. Maybe."

    Finally we're getting somewhere. No more of this 'Dire Badger' nonsense. But still, on principle, I must say that whoever has been in charge of rating your evilness is a git. Damn those anonymous suggestions boxes!

    Now, let's see here. Last time... oh, you slew a dragon! With the help of some adventurers, of course. But they're all dead now. Well, most of them. The others are in your tower dungeon, being experimented on. And the guards that helped to bring them there, they're undergoing some... loyalty training. And none of them have died so far! Excellent.

    Not that I can say the same for the other guards from the town. Five of your tower guards died from exhaustion. And five more died when they got dropped into a pit of spikes by their dead partners. Ah, but such casualties are to be expected. The object is the weed out the weak and cowardly, is it not?

    It has been a few weeks since you, the mighty dragonslayer, rid the town of the beast. After your spiders completed their task, transporting half the dragon's treasure and all the adventurers to your tower dungeon, they assisted the town guards in transporting the draconic corpse through the town. The townspeople, overcome with joy, could not help but throw a three day long celebration in your honor.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)20:53 No.14939612
    The party was the talk of the town, as were some of the... rumors, regarding what happened to the adventurers. But these were soon stifled when you produced their bodies. They were burned beyond recognition, sadly, but the people were satisfied.

    And with the grand opening of the Mooncrown Arena, so were the adventurers. Said arena has already been filled to the brim with applicants for the opening games, the grand prize for which is said to have no comparison. Your spiders have already set the traps, and caught creatures from all around Mooncrown for the labyrinth's monsters. Oozes and slimes, skeletons and zombies. The works. Everything a good dungeon needs.

    Your new tower guards completed their training two days ago. They organized themselves in the tower courtyard, and with your spidermen watching from afar, you crafted orbs for each of them. Reading their minds in turn, you questioned their loyalty in every which way. Those who faltered, ever for a moment, found themselves with half a dozen arrows through the skull. But most of them made it, with Fat and Ugly, your ever-loyal captains, you accepted their vows of loyalty. Your newly equipped guards, with spider silk laced armor and mind control deflecting materials, are now better organized, better armed, and far more skilled.

    The town square has also been redecorated. With the treasure from the dragon's lair, the people of Mooncrown have erected a large obsidian and marble statue of your person. While of course it can never compare to the real thing, sire, it is nonetheless an extraordinarily close match. And with a monument beneath it, remembering all those who died fighting the dragon, the people feel not only pride for their town, but for their choice in leadership. Who else but their mayor could have brought together a force mighty enough to defeat a dragon, in such a short time?
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)20:54 No.14939622
    What else is there? Ah. The dragon. It's corpse has been preserved in your tower laboratory since you brought it from the town, so as to learn to protect the town from others. Or something along those lines. You can't be expected remember all the lies you tell, can you? But you have been studying it. Dragon blood's alchemic properties are not so much properties as hazards. With a bit of Magewater mixed it, the formula heats to far above the melting point of most metals in but a few seconds. You have yet to craft a safe way of transporting it in this state, sadly.

    It is the morning of the arena's opening games. The arena which you have personally sponsored, for which the mayor is grateful. With Fat and Ugly hosting it, and nobles from almost a hundred miles away coming to watch, it promises to be an event to remember. Lord Blackmoor and Mayor Mooncraft are already at the VIP box. And the adventurers, close to fighting over the last few places in the events, are ready to begin. The lines into the arena stretch as far as the eye can see, as the common folk hoot and holler for the games to start. But the games are waiting on the most important person in town. Yourself, oh Dark One.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)20:56 No.14939633
    >Previous Threads, for your consideration:

    My apologies for the lateness of this thread. There were some dissidents that needed taking care of.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)20:58 No.14939659
    Damn straight. I've been waiting for two hours, minion. Those dissidents had better be splattered all over the countryside.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:00 No.14939686
    rolled 91 = 91

    As to what do with the dragon. One word:
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:03 No.14939708
    Let's just not show up to the arena for ten hours. Make them wait, the dicks.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:06 No.14939749
    We spent more money than anyone in the town will make in their whole lives to build that arena. WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE LATE.

    We may be an evil, sadistic, manipulative bastard. But we're not a rude evil sadistic manipulative bastard.
    >> Taffer 05/15/11(Sun)21:07 No.14939758
    Lets just enjoy the show. We have Lord BM in attendence. There's no point in petty displays of evil. We may even see someone we may want to subvert to our cause.

    Also where's Shaiara? Wouldn't she want to see this?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:08 No.14939768
    rolled 16 = 16

    10 hours is a bit overkill
    30 minutes perhaps?

    also, are the powers we drained from the dragon persistent?

    one more thing, we had made several specialized spiders with metallic dEtection to search for metal deposits in our domain. That was several week if not months ago, did they come up with anything?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:09 No.14939776

    No no, we are a gentleman, albeit an evil one, and as such, must be on time. Fashionably late would be most unbecoming of us.

    What is the prize for the tourney, anyway? Is it a booby-trapped spider-silk suit of armor? One that would allow us to soul-bind the victory, guaranteed to be the greatest of the adventurers?

    Perhaps we should dedicate today's game to the men and women who, without their noble sacrifice, the terrible dragon would not have been slain? At that point, would it be a good idea to name this soon-to-be-annual event with something related to dragons? Such as the "Grand Dragonslayer Tourney"?

    In any case, I do believe we should deploy our new guard force, along with the spider men, in and around the arena. We do not know if someone may be watching. In fact, we should deploy Shaira as well, if she's not busy.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)21:40 No.14940053
    The dragon's powers have stayed with you through all this time. And you have become quite adept at using them. While doing so for prolonged periods of time drains you, you can use up the dragon's powers with impunity, before being forced to use your own magic. Along with some telekinetic power, you can also call forth the elements of lightning and fire, to send your foes into spasms of pain, or burn your enemies to ash. I believe there was another evil overlord with abilities similar to your lightning. But that was long ago, and very far away from Mooncrown. He died when he was betrayed by his student, if I remember correctly.

    The spiders, my lord, have not succeeded in finding any metal deposits of value. While they have found the occasional chunk of iron, or bit of gold, these are easily mined out within but a few days. Most of the materials have gone towards your experiments, and creating new spiders.

    Your guardian spider has also begun to repair other, damaged spiders on its own. Extraordinary, isn't it?

    The prize for the tourney, Dark One, is in fact a sword. Laced with spider silk, infused with Magewater, and plated with Dragon scale, it can cut down magical and mundane enemies with impunity. It is also, as you say, booby trapped. With a command word, a small hibernating spider can inject the unfortunate victim with a small amount of apple pie, thus rendering him or her under your control. It's as simple as cake. Or wait... was it as simple as cookies? You there, go get a book of common euphemisms, quickly. What? How do you not know what a euphemism is? Didn't they teach you anything? Well then go and ask someone else, I'm not your babysitter.

    The tourney has already been named, sire. The "Dragonfall Games". It was voted on at a town meeting. There is to be a memorial service at the halftime break, dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives to protect Mooncrown.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)21:41 No.14940065
    The town guard is already in attendance, but you, ever cautious, order your spidermen forth. As you eat your breakfast, they arrive in a flash of movement, at your command. Telling them of the arena's potential danger to your person, you order them to embark towards it at once, that they might protect you when you arrive. They leave immediately, without a single word, to do what they have been told. Shaiara is already at them games, however. They will meet her there and relay your orders.

    You continue to eat your morning snack for another few minutes, glancing at the clock a few times. Finally deciding to leave for the Mooncrown Arena, you and many of your spiders find your way out the tower and towards the grand colosseum. Riding your spiderwave with a smile on your face, you greet many of the townspeople as you past them, with a few cheering you on. You, their champion, the slayer of dragons. Soaring through the narrow pass, you enter the open plain within the mountains of Mooncrown. The arena, in all its majesty, lies before you. Tents and smaller buildings have already sprouted up around it, peddling their wares and yelling out prices. You pass them all by without a glance. Passing through the throngs of common folk, you near the marble structure.

    Entering the arena through the massive golden gates, you dismount the spiderwave and nod to the guards as you begin to climb the staircase to the VIP box. After ten stories of climbing, you take a breath and enter the box, where the mayor and Blackmoor are already chatting about the games. The lord looks in your direction, and does a double take.
    "Ah, there he is! The Dragonslayer! The mayor here has been telling me all about your battle against the vile creature. Amazing. And here I thought you were just another merchant."
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:44 No.14940088
    >Injects him/her with apple pie
    >Simple as cake

    Good god you're thick.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:46 No.14940109

    Excellent. Can we indulge in just a bit of evil laughter as preparations continue?

    Can we get a copy of what remarks are going to be read at the memorial proceedings? We simply want to review them to make sure they...fit with the theme of the event. (That is, the subtly reinforce our own awesomeness in the revision).
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)21:52 No.14940168
    "Yes, gaze upon our magnificence mortals, and despair."

    Don't actually say this. Just think it.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:00 No.14940247
         File1305511214.jpg-(30 KB, 600x375, url.jpg)
    30 KB
    We should totally open the games ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:02 No.14940270
    rolled 69 = 69

    say some offhand remark about needing to protect your wares and customers
    thenhave mayor begin the games
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:07 No.14940314
    >With a bit of Magewater mixed it, the formula heats to far above the melting point of most metals in but a few seconds. You have yet to craft a safe way of transporting it in this state, sadly.
    So it's some kind of... binary thermite? Fuckawesome. Begin production of metal globes with sectioned shatterable interiors immediately. That way, they can be thrown or dropped, the middle section will break, the substances will mix, and we get crazy burning.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:12 No.14940364

    We don't need that stuff, we already have magic. (And dragon magic to boot)

    Now, if we could arm our spiders with that stuff though...
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:13 No.14940371
    Well, obviously we don't need it personally. Weapons are for minions, magical superpowers are for us.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:21 No.14940428
    rolled 9 = 9

    I assume all of our spiders are made ouf highest quality materials.... right?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:23 No.14940443
    rolled 4 = 4

    make two canisters imbeded in each spider
    magewater in one
    blood in other
    mix two just as they leave a high pressure hose
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:25 No.14940476
         File1305512745.jpg-(10 KB, 252x220, bombardier%201.jpg)
    10 KB
    rolled 92 = 92


    Bombadier-Beetle-Spider Drones?

    Oh HELL YES.
    >> Taffer 05/15/11(Sun)22:28 No.14940499
    I figure just tell Lord BM that the dragon was haemorraging badly when we fought him. The guards should have most of the effort as they helped deal most of the damage. me and the witch just used a bit of magic to take the dragon down.

    Sorry for the late post. Was cooking
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:30 No.14940519
    rolled 95 = 95

    Someone had siggested flying spiders before
    flying, BEE spiders

    did we ever work on that?

    Speaking of which, how are spoders dping? How is their study group?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:31 No.14940531
         File1305513091.png-(59 KB, 856x2298, adventurerstrap.png)
    59 KB
    rolled 5861 = 5861

    Dwarf Fortress senses tingling! How much Dragon Blood in relation to Magewater is needed for this reaction? Pic related, in all it's mspaint glory.

    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:32 No.14940542
    rolled 5160 = 5160

    Damnit, why does paint keep doing that!?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:33 No.14940551
    Let's open up the games!
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:35 No.14940572
    Also, we should probably give the assassin a set of daggers just like the sword. But we should save them for a special occasion, like some sort of holiday.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:43 No.14940665
    rolled 3070 = 3070

    nah, we should let the mayor open the ceremony with some buttkissing directed to the Lord whateverhisname. Official ruler and all that. We may have a few words to say before the climax of the event(memorial or grand final D-D-D-DUEL!) to deliver the message that we, are in fact in control. And to circlejerk our ego.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)22:48 No.14940705
    Lord BowelMovement might get the wrong impression if we attempt to seem like we are in charge. Right now, we're just an enterprising textile tycoon that has a penchant for killing dragons.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:22 No.14940994
    Anyone with me here?
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)23:24 No.14941001
    Laughing a bit, you smile and shrug off the compliment. You merely did what any good businessman would have done. Protected your client base. The lord laughs as you explain.
    "Right, couldn't let impossible odds stop you from selling suits. Ah, but you don't need to explain. You're a hero, young man."
    Shaking you head and grinning, you take your seat next to the mayor, opposite Blackmoor. Watching the swarms of people try to find good seats, you flip through an event book on a table nearby. Reading the memorial speech, prepared previously for the mayor, you write over a few phrases and change a few words, and hand the now altered book to the mayor. She nods and begins to memorize the new speech, as the horns sound for the games to begin. Placing the book on her seat, the mayor stands, and walks out onto the balcony. The arena, specifically designed to allow speeches from the balcony to be heard clearly all across its breadth and length, quiets down as the mayor give the sign for the people to be silent.

    As she begins to speak, you continue to check the event schedule. The stone floor at the bottom of the arena begins to become clear while the mayor passionately describes the town's many virtues, and their strength. The sphere of water hanging from the ceiling show her face, clear as day, shouting out to the joyous masses. As she finishes, her leg kicks a small button on the balcony wall, and declaring the games officially open, showers of sparks and fire shoot into the air, exploding into patterns of colors and sounds. The people hoot and yell for more, as the images on the spheres shift, showing the adventurers entering the labyrinth. Fat and Ugly shout out their names, and tell the audience of what trials await them, as the combatants begin to find their way into the maze.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:24 No.14941003
    rolled 6532 = 6532

    Bamp guys. Here's hoping for some bloopers we can put on a funny magical recording of the event!(we got spidercam footage right?) *fingers crossed*
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)23:24 No.14941010
    Blackmoor continues to discuss politics with the mayor, as the games continue. A group of 'spellswords', as they call themselves, are the first to encounter an enemy. The spheres show every ounce of blood they spill, and echo every noise they make across the arena, as they fight tooth and nail against a massive scorpion. One of them finds herself impaled against the wall, as the creature burns from the magic of the others. As they continue to find their way into the maze, the spheres shift. The image turns to a group of mixed style fighters, some with bow, others with axe. They are just around the corner from an Ooze. The people yell out with bloodlust as the adventurers turn the corner, and one of them touches the Ooze. With a scream, he tries to claw his way out, as the cube of gelatinous mass pulls him in. His friends try in vain to save him, but as his legs begin to dissolve, they turn and leave him to his fate, still screaming and trying to get away. Beautiful.

    More adventurers fall, as they all move closer and closer to the center of the maze. The crowds of people call for more, as each gladiator in turn suffers a gruesome fate. Finally, with only ten minutes on the clock, the maze begins to flood with water. At first only up to their ankles, the water continues to rise, as the adventurers struggle to find a way out. A group of four, heading in the wrong direction, gets a few pieces of fruit thrown in their direction by the crowd. As the water reaches theirs knees, more and more of the bold combatants find the center of the maze, and climbing the staircase into the center of the arena floor, they cheer and praise their good fortune. Escorted to the sides of the floor, they watch as those who didn't make it out struggle against the water. As it reaches the ceiling, and the adventurers begin to drown, two of them swim up the staircase out of the pit. The others are not so lucky.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)23:25 No.14941016
    With the buzzers going off, Fat and Ugly announce the half-time with cheerful enthusiasm. The mayor, having memorized the new speech, slowly starts to speak, with your guards moving onto the field to salute the coffins of those who died fighting the dragon. Though the speech seems to praise their actions, in reality, it praises yours. Through implication and subtle hints, the mayor informs the audience of YOUR victory, a victory that could not have been without yourself. The crowd cheers, and with a roar of approval, more of the fireworks fly. The guards marching off the field, the coffins burning brightly, Fat and Ugly announce the second half. The adventurers will fight monsters, and beasts unseen before today. With more roars from the common folk, the adventurers march out onto the field. Walls slide out from the sides, separating the arena into quarters. With each quarter's gates opening, strange and bizarre monstrosities emerge, each for fearsome than the last.

    As more gladiators fall, and more beasts are slain, the audience slowly grows out of control. Yelling and baying for more and more bloodshed, they scream with combined approval at each new death. Throwing money and rotten fruit alike, they watch as the two dozen adventurers become one dozen, then eight, then six, then four. Finally, with all the walls retracted, Ugly and Fat announce one final challenge. With thundering pounding, and horrible wailing, the arena floor opens in the center, and a lizard-like head emerges. Then another. With Fat struck silent with awe, Ugly screams its name.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/15/11(Sun)23:26 No.14941023
    The adventurers fight valiantly against the fearsome beast. Fireballs and arrows fly back and forth, as the Hydra spews blue and green fire along the edges of the arena. A head swoops down, and tears the leg off an adventurer, as they others succeed in cutting one from its neck. The severed head crashes to the arena floor, and the living fighters keep going. The remaining heads strike back, scorching the ground and hatefully trying to bite at the gladiators. But to no avail. With its necks full of arrows, and its eyes burned out with magic, the beast begins to falter. The horrible creature redoubles its efforts, and in its blind fury, spews fire at the audience. But they are protected. Magical wards form a wall before the flaming jet, and as it splatters in mid air, the audience yells with a combination of terror and excitement. As the mage is crushed by another severed head, the last two seem to fight together, and leaping towards the final head, sever it together. The crowd silences for a moment, and erupts in applause. Have they ever seen such a feat? Who but the great Dragonslayer himself could match it? Who indeed?

    But what's this, Fat and Ugly say. How can TWO victors share ONE prize?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:27 No.14941032
    I don't mind the nice twist, but where the hell did we get a hydra?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:27 No.14941036
    rolled 6224 = 6224

    Crap, do we have to pay medical for the adventurers? If we do, maybe we could try to indoctrinate some,a nd if it doesn't work said they died from their wounds.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:28 No.14941039
    Why would we? They knew the risks.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:29 No.14941044
    Who cares where we got it. The question is: Can we get more?

    And if so, how many?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:30 No.14941050
    An entire navy of Hydras. What a grand sight that would be.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:32 No.14941063
    Eh, I say express surprise and get to crafting another, better to have a pair of stupidly good adventurers than just one. Or we could do the entire THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:33 No.14941064
    rolled 4168 = 4168

    The only recourse is a (non-lethal) D-D-D-DUEL. Two men enter only one leaves. Accepting all bets ladies and gentlemen!
    >Sekritly fix the fight to give us even moar revenue.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:36 No.14941082
    Heck, just curious. As I said, I'm not complaining.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:38 No.14941087
    There are two ways out of this: The adventurers can duel one another for it, or if they're not up for that one of them can publicly submit to the other right now and have it be magically binding. They must make their choice!
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:39 No.14941102
    Duel. To first blood, surrender, or death. It's up to them to choose.
    >> Taffer 05/15/11(Sun)23:40 No.14941114
    I agree with this. Give them a 30 min break. And the loser will "disappear" and "magically reappear" in our dungeon.

    Also, we may want to ask for information about the war or politics in the country. How's it going? Get some conversation from Lord BladderMouth. Any information we can glean from him is good information. Unless its false. Then its bad.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:41 No.14941127
    this, but let the crowd decide, and I think we all know what the crowd wants
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:44 No.14941149
    rolled 32 = 32

    Holy shit
    this tournament nothing but pure EVIL
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:46 No.14941168
    People at their most base. I mean, they cheered when adventurers started DROWNING. How much worse can they get?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:49 No.14941202
    What if the adventurers refuse? Kill them? Waste 2 good recruits and end the tournament on a sour note?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:51 No.14941214
    They're ADVENTURERS.

    They kill people for a living. And for the prize of an arena such as this? They'd cut off their own legs and suck a million dicks, just to touch it.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:53 No.14941233
    Let's let them choose what kind of duel they want. If we can get two recruits out of this, instead of just one, that's twice as good.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:56 No.14941259
    I'm with this. Thirty minute break, with some rigged gambling to get us some more pocket money.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:58 No.14941272
    rolled 83 = 83

    We delt we adventurer problem quite nicely here:)

    Having people die for our amusement and somehow make it good and legit.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/11(Sun)23:59 No.14941287
    AND getting our pet mayor's approval rating to soar off the charts.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:00 No.14941292
    Bread and Circuses. We provide for the town, and we get their loyalty.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:02 No.14941308
    rolled 65 = 65

    Just for clarification
    this whole idea was to pie-control an epic level adventurer and then set up insanely unfair shadow-contract, yes?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:03 No.14941323
    I have an idea!

    We do the whole duel thing, as suggested earlier.

    BUT! We make a fun little rule - each adventurer is to state an amount of gold (within a certain margin that we can easily cover) - perhaps make it a fraction of the winnings that would normally be awarded to them if they had won. Upon losing, the amount of gold specified by said adventurer would be taken from the winning pot and be used in some "noble and good" endeavor. Maybe a library that we can use to educate (brainwash) the masses or something.

    Furthermore, to improve our popularity (and image of generosity), we say that we will match that number specified by the adventurer.

    The adventurers, being spiteful little bastards they are, will likely pick a large number, so as to deny the other their winnings. Of course, us being the rich bastard we are, we can easily cover it - and furthermore, the cost would eventually further our own goals.

    Perhaps use the money as a base for establishing some kind of magic academy? You know, one where we can begin the creation of our own dark apostle group of mages.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:07 No.14941340
    I like this idea. Still we need to be careful with knowledge. But that is a consideration for later.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:10 No.14941359
    Knowing a little more about the surviving winners would be helpful. Who are they?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:27 No.14941503
    We don't have to make.a shadow contract..just make them sign a normal one. The other prize is corporate sponsorship from us. We supply them with some support when they need it, they give us a share of the loot, along with any interesting artifacts and magical items they find
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)00:46 No.14941671
    Guys, heres what we do:
    we give the winner the sword, no strings attached.
    Later when he tries to slay us (after we show errybady our EVIL) when he and his party (or single feminine partner) are injured, and he isabout to strike the final blow, inject the PIE. Then have HIM kill his party members (or single feminine partner) himself. then bind him with a shadow contract.

    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)00:55 No.14941726
    Blackmoor seeming to be in shock, the mayor turns to you. As the lord moves to the edge of the box for a better look, you whisper your plan into Lliara's ear. Nodding, she rises from her seat and move out onto the balcony once more. The people shout out her name, and the names of the adventurers, as she asks what they want.
    She's sorry, she didn't hear that.
    One more time?
    Is that what you want? Then so it will be. The mayor, giving the signal to Fat and Ugly, sighs and sits back in her chair as the buzzer goes off. Fat, announcing the break, repeat the heros' names once more. The Orc, Groshnak the Indomitable, Slayer of Werewolves, and the Drow, Dricree the Black, Hunter of Demons. Each a force to be reckoned with, but only one the winner of the Dragonfall Games.

    Ugly announcing that the betting booths are now reopened, many of the crowd leave to place their bets. The others buy cheap souvenirs and easily prepared snacks, such as sausage in bread, or fried potato slices. The stadium buzzes with activity, as Blackmoor sits back in his seat.
    "This has just been, well, amazing! I've never seen anything like it! So much blood, so much carnage! It's glorious!"
    The mayor looks around the arena, watching the people move around.
    "It is, isn't it?"
    "Reminds me of three months ago, actually. Sadly enough, Ferdnia's borders have been pushed inwards another few miles. Those damned Picardwall soldiers just refuse to fight a straight fight. But let's not spoil the games with such talk. I'm going to go and place a few bets."
    Brushing a few bits of food off his suit, Blackmoor leaves the VIP box, followed by three of his guards. The other three, your own guards, stay behind to protect you and the mayor.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)00:55 No.14941734
    The next half hour goes by quickly. Hedging your bets, you carefully work the system so as to pocket most of the money, no matter the outcome. With the mayor and Blackmoor discussing the future events at the arena, you take the time to begin drafting a contract for the adventurers. As the games are called back on, the pair walk onto the field through opposing sides of the arena. People yell the two names at each other, the audience picking favorites and calling out for more violence. With the axe hefting Orc barbarian anxious for a fight, and the sword wielding Drow spellsword measuring up her opponent, Fat and Ugly count down in unison. And the crowd counts with them. At zero, the fight is off again.

    The Drow goes left, and the Orc charges forward. The arena floor shifts as the Orc slices at the spellsword in a bloodrage, and the many sections of the arena floor rise and fall as the Drow flips behind him. Stabbing at his neck, the Orc turns and hits her with the flat of his blade, and the Drow, sliding across the floor, spins to her feet. The uneven floor halting its movement, the spellsword throws lightning from the high ground, blocked by the Orc's axe. The axe flies across the arena floor, a chain attached its hilt, and cuts into the ground near the Drow's feet. The crowd boos and cheers at once, wanting more, and it is granted to them. With the sun past the midday point, it casts shadows over the magically illuminated arena floor, and makes the gladiators seem larger than life.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)00:56 No.14941737
    More and more blows are traded. The Drow ducks low and swings to the side, and the Orc counters with his own attacks. The Drow withdraws, and the Orc pushes forward. The Drow seems to be losing, but then she strikes again. Firing off a bolt of ice at point blank range, it distracts the Orc as she cuts into his ribcage. But the Orc is not deterred. Slamming against her with his axe, her sword goes flying as she falls from the raised ground. Hitting the ground below, the spellsword rolls to her feet and runs after her sword. The Orc running downhill, he gathers more momentum, and leaping to the ground, grabs the sword as she nears. Getting to his feet, he points the sword in her direction. The Drow retreats, and jumping from platform to platform, climbs to the central spire of the arena.

    With the Orc in pursuit, she fires what little magic she has left, as the Orc comes upon her. Swinging wildly, he hits the ground beside her and receives a blow to the head. With the Drow rearmed with her stolen sword, she swings at the Orc, and hits his axe. Pushing at each other, the Orc begins to rise from the ground, and slowly the Drow slides towards the edge of the platform. Stepping backwards, she falls, the crowd still cheering. With her hand on the ledge, she swings to the side, and spins through the air. With a kick to the face, the Orc topples backwards, a sword to his throat. Raising her fist into the air, afire with magic, she yells out to the crowd, and looks towards the mayor, watching from the balcony, along with Blackmoor. Shall she kill the Orc?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:01 No.14941766
    Shake our head at the mayor. We want him alive, right?

    The Drow is probably sexist, so she won't work with us.
    >> New Babylon !Q0AjRU4Ugo 05/16/11(Mon)01:05 No.14941803
    Keep the orc, he will owe us his life.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:06 No.14941806
    Oh those goddamn Drow. So sexist, and so annoyingly good at fighting.

    God I hate elves.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:07 No.14941814
    Declare that for her victory, she gets to choose whether to kill the orc- or to add him to her prize. Magically binding contract for him to serve her until death.

    Then we secretly magically bind her to serve us, and it'll be like two for one! Only all the abuse that we heap on the drow can flow downhill to the orc.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:08 No.14941826
    rolled 92 = 92

    *Shrug shoulders*
    sure, what do we care?
    >> Taffer 05/16/11(Mon)01:09 No.14941833
    Drow are traditionally lovers of spiders (and not in THAT way), but if she kills the orc then, we can't take the orc for medical "treatment". But the drow probably won't like taking orders from us. So its six on one side and half a dozen on the other.

    I'll roll 1d100 for it then. Evens is orc lives. Odds is orc dies

    >> Taffer 05/16/11(Mon)01:11 No.14941843
    rolled 39 = 39

    Whoops, trying it again
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:11 No.14941849

    "That she hesitated shows a lack of initiative, or perhaps the will to kill needlessly? In either case, I do believe the land has been fed enough blood today. Let the Orc live, I think, if not for an epic rematch for next year's games."

    "The crowd won't be too happy, I'm sure, until we tell them of an intended rematch. No doubt the Orc's honor would promise his desire for one, no? And to die without a weapon in his hand - an unfitting end to our valiant Orc, I think. Shame today, for tomorrow's glory."

    Hopefully, this would help feed our image of being a wise and noble benefactor of sorts. The Orc's rage at having lost would make him an easy target for a quick soul-binding, or perhaps some magical experiments that will transform him into some hulking abomination.

    The Drow will be trouble. Let her meet the Mayor, however being a Drow, she will not take kindly to us. We need to make our position seem as if WE are servant to Lliara, not the reverse.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:15 No.14941869
    rolled 33 = 33

    If we are to make a shadow contract we need a soul to sacrifice.
    I am against having that soul be the Orcs as he would be more useful as another shadow bound.
    No, we need to find 2 no-lifes and sacrifice them for the contracts (make them deliciously unfair as the one we made with the witch)
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:23 No.14941932
         File1305523382.jpg-(84 KB, 407x405, 1304131076889.jpg)
    84 KB
    rolled 2451 = 2451

    Guys, to fulfill the narrative role of a Dark Overlord WE MUST have a henchmen that is all Brawn and no Brains, a Brute easy to control and easy to please(not like that assassin...damn!), a psychopath bastard manchild that everyone loves because of their cutesy and pure malevolence, in other words, we need a Thog.

    So, we shoul- no ,we MUST keep the Orc alive and make him forfeit his life to us to become the true Dark Overlord we've always beed destined to. Pic Related. Pic Very Related.
    >> New Babylon !Q0AjRU4Ugo 05/16/11(Mon)01:27 No.14941966

    You fool! You want bring the adventurers down on us!? We start playing the "Evil Overlord" checklist and we'll be deader than Sauron after he played tag with hobbits!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:36 No.14942035
    rolled 465 = 465

    -Some additional notes regarding the Drow and the Orc:
    >The Drow uses a combination of Sorcery&Sword. This combination makes her extremely adaptable though maybe not the best when fighting against higher leveled fighters(who, if they can get close would crush her in less than 3 rounds) She seems a bit of a glass cannon.
    >The Drow is a Demon hunter, which hints at a good or goodish alignment.
    >The Orc is built like a ton of bricks. Dependable, resistant and hard to kill, he'd make the perfect bait for various ongoing effects. Stock him up with some magical resistances and we have a fine mage-killing brute.
    >The Orc hunts werewolves, this suggest powerful tracking and survival skills, favored enemy(ranger?) and possible bigotry towards furries. Said racism may make him easier to control or make him a timebomb when around the ArachnoCorps.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:39 No.14942053

    A Drow? Of good alignment?

    God damn, the only way it'd be better was if she was a bloody paladin.

    Either way, life for the Orc, so that we have a muscle-headed follower!

    >Watch as he's fucking brilliant and enjoys writing poetry while staring at the stars and drinking tea.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:49 No.14942117

    Spare the orc, talk to him privately about hiring him.

    Let the sword go to the drow, and interview her too with Lliara. We need to learn more about both these pawns. They both seem very useful, we shouldn't squander them.

    Also, discretely find out who among the nobles has the best claim to the throne should the current king be unseated. Time to start planning for taking over the country.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)01:52 No.14942138
    rolled 8697 = 8697

    Of course she could as well hunt Demons because the Diabolical forces told her to, or might hunt particular rogue Demons who couldn't buy in in EvilCorp Assurances Unlimited. Or be clawing her way to the top, enslaving small spirits first, then Devil Advocates, Wallstreet CEOs, and then going for big honchos like Mephistopheles or Bhaal. Or could be all rumors.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)02:22 No.14942372
    The mayor nods at your speech, and Blackmoor laughs. Walking back into the box and sitting down, he chuckles some more.
    "Ah, methinks you had money on the Orc, eh?"
    Laughing at your perceived bad luck, the lord watches the Drow carefully as the mayor shouts out to the Drow with a smile on her face. Using such phrases as 'Brave Gladiator" and "rematch", she manages to convince the crowd that the Orc is worth far more alive than dead. The Drow, seemingly pleased with the mayor being able to command such commoners, pushes her sword into the ground by the Orc's head and bows.
    "For you, my lady."
    Hmph. Elves.

    The arena floor slowly begins to return to normal, and the crowd cheers the Drow on. As it becomes even again, the Drow holds her hands on high, and closes her eyes as she receives a roar of applause. With the crowd still chanting her name, she looks towards the ground, as the floor begins to open. Light shining from on high, the rest of the arena dramatically darkens, and the sword, set in stone, rises from the ground. Striding forth, the Drow slowly grasps the hilt, and pulls. The sword comes free with a slash, sparks coming off the cold metal as she begins to swing it. The sword, glowing with blue tint, finds its way above her head, and the crowd goes wild.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)02:22 No.14942377
    The Orc slowly limps off the field, unseen, as the Drow continues to receive praise. He looks angry. But the people don't care about the loser. They want the victor, the one and only Arena Champion. And they have her. Swinging her prize, she continues to get applause and chanting for the next half hour, until finally, she leaves the arena. The lights return to normal, and the people continue to chant the Drow's name.

    An hour passes. You and the mayor are alone in the box, Blackmoor having left to collect his winnings. Discussing the event with her, you are more than surprised when the Drow enters, accompanied by your guards. Bowing to the mayor and smiling, she angrily shakes off the guards' hands, and addresses the witch.
    "Hello, my lady. Did you enjoy my performance?"
    Peering around the witch's dress, you see her glare at you for a moment, before returning her gaze to the mayor.
    "I did. That Orc didn't seem to though."
    The Drow chuckles at the mayor's joke.
    "No, I don't doubt the beast was rather disappointed with the outcome."
    You get up to introduce yourself, but the Drow stares daggers at you.
    "I don't care who you are, MAN. I was speaking with your mistress."
    What? How dare she speak to you in such a way?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:25 No.14942392

    Ok, just play it cool. Let her think we work for the witch. We can torture her for her rudeness once we've got her in a contract.

    Also, let's go see about the Orc, and leave the two ladies to chat.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:26 No.14942403
    rolled 28 = 28

    this is funny

    let them speak then
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:28 No.14942414
    Bitchslap her for being a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:31 No.14942440
    rolled 5043 = 5043

    Reflex save to grab the witch's orb and tell her to play it smooth.
    "I am sorry o' great warrior from yonder hills, I am but a humble servant to this town, and to the mayor. I promise you this; I will not speak a word unless addressed first."
    Keep silent, but use the orb to conference with the witch if there's anyway we can manipulate this situation. I weep for our lost alpha points here but we need to play it cool, For now,
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:33 No.14942468

    Seconded. Let us bite our tongue, for now.

    Or perhaps, we will appear flustered and angry (shouldn't be too hard to do), only to have Lliara "scold" us before our guest to reinforce the false power relationship. Having been told off by our "mistress" we will excuse ourselves in seeking out the Orc, which we can actually say, seeing as keeping track of him is something that we would do according to our position.

    We need to communicate quickly with Lliara if we want this to work. Do we have the orb nearby? If not, we may have to make it look like we loose our cool for a bit, only to apologize excessively to "Lady Mooncrown for our shameful display and behavior unbefitting of her follower," where we then excuse ourselves (presumably to save additional face).

    On that note, we need to find a way to shrink Lliara's orb, or take a chunk off it and set it into a ring or amulet. That way, we can always communicate with her (and possibly send romantic images into her mind so we can build our harem thing).

    Of course, later, presumably at the after-party (the Grand Champion is obviously going to be invited), we can apologize and offer her pie.

    Yes, THAT pie. For the soul to be sacrificed, we can order our spider-men to grab one of the monsters that didn't die, or just some random hoodlum that is bound to show up due to festivities and excessive alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:34 No.14942471
    Well, that's pretty hilarious. Laugh about it. A lot.

    Anyway, our witch knows the plan and is pretty suave, she can handle the social aspects of this. Don't fight the drow until she's under your control, at which point you can torture and rape her for a few weeks just to show her who's boss. Be sure to add a few lines to her contract so that she's only allowed to speak of you in terms of the most slavishly groveling respect and must submit to any man who cares to give her orders, unless she has contrary orders from a man higher up in her command chain. That ought to be an amusing lesson for the bitch.
    >> Taffer 05/16/11(Mon)02:35 No.14942476
    rolled 62 = 62

    I second this. But I think we Lliara is gonna get angry about the insult. As long as she doesn't reveal anything about our domination of the town or herself, and just call us the games' sponsor, we are golden.

    On how to get back at the drow, lets get the assassin with a bunch of spidermen to ambush and capture the drow outside of town. Then we can make our own drider with MAGICSCIENCE! Haha, whose the spider monarch now, Lolth?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:35 No.14942477
    The champion's prize was already laced with pie.

    Actually, don't we have her under mind control already because of that? We can just have her shut up and sign the contract now.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:36 No.14942482
    Ungentlemanly, my dear Anon.

    But your evilness makes up for it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:37 No.14942499
    I think you have to use a command word or something.

    >With a command word, a small hibernating spider can inject the unfortunate victim with a small amount of apple pie, thus rendering him or her under your control.

    Yep, there it is.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:38 No.14942505
    rolled 85 = 85

    I find this funny actually
    this is how ot looks like from outside, we are a mere subordinate to the beautiful mayor. And I like it.

    Play along for now, I would suggest
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:39 No.14942509

    Instruct the witch to gently chide the drow, something like, "Ah, but I care that you know his name. The area was his idea. So was the invitation to a private dinner for the winner, to discuss a spokeswoman contract for armor made primarily of spider silk."

    "And, he is a most excellent host. His dinner parties are always fun."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:39 No.14942517
         File1305527989.png-(171 KB, 512x386, fuuu.png)
    171 KB
    rolled 2134 = 2134

    >Implying monsters have souls.
    How else would Adventurers be justified in hunting dire badgers for whores&profit? Otherwise go with this plan. Better thought out than mine for sure. Maybe look Liara briefly and subtly with some sort of plotting eyes, as if stating this is a cue for our character to perform, then fake RAEG and then conference telepathically with her. Is Liara bi? Guess we'll soon find out!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:40 No.14942519

    We're still in the arena, surrounded by people milling around. Let's get the drow in the tower before we snare her.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:41 No.14942527

    Angry or not, she can lie about how she feels about it. And she's smart enough to do so.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:41 No.14942533
    rolled 5304 = 5304

    Rather, look smart at Lliara, as if the cue for our performance just showed up. Hope we got the orb at hand!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:49 No.14942580
    rolled 99 = 99

    How to get back to drow?
    Oh man, I already envisioned unneceseraly dramatic reveal which suits our Evilness.

    We will have the witch and drow have a good time togwther, become friends if you will ... maybe even close ones.

    Then on one day the witch will ask the drow to meet her and give her directions to our tower.

    She will enter it, find it empty... she will find her way to our throne room. It will be very dark, some light will outline the witch standing at the end of the room (at the base of our throne)

    As the drow will get near, she will notice that somwthing is off. When she finally realises that witch is clad in clothes typically reserved for slaves and has a collar with a chain, we will lit the room suddenly revealing that she is surroinded by hundreds of masterfully crafted spiders, spidermen and whatever else.
    At last she will see the chain from witchs collar leading to the thore, to thw hand.... OUR hand!

    We will laugh manically whe she realises whats what.

    Like I said, completely unmesecary drama
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:54 No.14942612

    Naw, there's not enough hope in that for our evil to shine.

    First, we gotta kidnap the Drow - use the apple pie, or brute force (Orc might help, along with spider army of ours). Chain her up in the dungeon, torture her for a bit, let her see our face so she can curse and threaten us with her newfound friendship with the good mayor.

    And when she finally says something along the lines of, "when I get out, I am going to inform Mayor Mooncrown of your betrayal and insolence, and it will be YOU who will suffer!" we go all, "oh, you mean, Lliara?"

    At which point, Lliara strolls in, walks to our side, and does the whole lover pose thing (kiss, hand on our chest, and slightly revealed leg arched around ours).

    Cue maniacal laughter and the breaking of hope, and we soul-bind the little whore's ass.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)02:58 No.14942639
    rolled 3416 = 3416

    >"I don't care who you are, MAN. I was speaking with YOUR mistress."

    She seems to think we are married to her! What does she pretend, to seduce Lliara and run off in a crazy 80's sugar adventure with intense lesbian overtones? How cute! Wonder if this affection could changfe the way Llara thinks about us; i.e. her infatuation with us stems from the fact we kindacare about her(healing her, treating her like a princess, having power over her). Could this love, or at least lust, without the actual power to mold her life, change Lliara? We can't be too careful though, we should poison her mind against the Drow. Subtle psychological bombs, like early in the morning, she's just awoke and the frontier between theOniric and the Real is blurred, instill upon her a simple though "Lust without love is passion without strength, a mere illusion foolish dramaqueen's and jocks-too-eager-to-prove-their-manliness(perhaps because they have none of it?) revel in. True love is bittersweet, not just some random hormonal cocktail" Or "Lesbians hate men for they have been treated poorly by them and their love for women is not true love but simply a desperate attempt to fulfill a Natural need through artificial means. Pity the lesbian for she does not know the joy of a keeper." Or more simply "DRICREE IS FAT LOLZ"
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:05 No.14942681
    rolled 28 = 28

    Gotta love how we dealt with adventurer problem

    dont worry, there is no way witch can even remotely do something that would go against our wishes. We made the most insane foolproof contract, it is like a onion, layers after layers of loyality and submission.
    She doesn't love us because we were kind to her, her will has been completely subdued by the contract, that is why she loves us and if we do the same to the drow she will too
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:06 No.14942689

    It really is a goddamn beautiful contract.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)03:07 No.14942697
    Managing to retain your self control by thinking of all the awful, terrible things you plan on doing to the Drow, you think on your feet in less than a second. With the witch's orb behind you back, you fell your way into her mind and swiftly relay your plan. Pretending to sputter and lash out, you angrily insult the Drow, before feeling a sting against your face. The witch slapped you!

    Furious for but a moment, you see her wince with pain, ever so slightly, and look remorseful. Understanding instantly, you allow her to scold you with some level of resentment. The Drow seems pleased with her angry response to your insult, but seems to wink at you, as if hinted at some other punishment for later she has yet to decide upon. The mayor finished scolding you, she turns back to the Drow and tells you to ask for her forgiveness.

    Apologizing profusely, and feeling rather disgusted the whole thing, you barely manage to suppress a grin as the Drow orders you to leave, that she and the mayor might speak in private. Mockingly bowing, you exit the box and begin walking down the staircase, hearing a comment of 'nice ass though' as you leave. Scratching your nails against the wall as you move downward, it bursts into flames where you touch it, as you continue to imagine the wonderfully horrible things you're going to do to the Drow. Oh, they shall tell tales of her suffering for years to come, I'm sure, sire.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)03:09 No.14942706
    Ceasing your attempts to burn through the wall as you near the end of the staircase, you calming walk past the guards and look around. Spotting Blackmoor through the throngs of people, you turn and begin to move towards the gladiator pits. Spotting your spidermen in the crowd, you wave them away as they begin to stare at you, no doubt eyeing the mark the witch left on your face. You don't have time for your servants to fight, you must acquire more. Jogging down the stairs into the darkness, you pull your arena key from your robes and unlock the door. Inside, where once there were many adventurers, there is only abandoned gear. Pausing to consider taking some of the dead gladiators' things, you shake the thought from your mind and continue down the hall. Eventually spotting the Orc sitting on a barrel, you wave at him as he looks at your angrily. Approaching, he ceases shaving and sets his axe on his side.
    "So. Come to mock the loser, have you? Go ahead, insult me. That Drow will feel the force of your insults upon her flesh soon enough."
    You shake your head and smile. You are not here to mock the Orc, you are here to offer him a job.
    "I'm sure you are. And what kind of job do you offer someone who just lost a fight to a girl in front of over a thousand people?"
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:10 No.14942715
    >Nah, the witch can't do anything to us
    >The witch slaps us in the face
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:12 No.14942731

    With full permission to do so, yes. It's for the greater goal of snaring the drow, and we ordered her to do it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:14 No.14942747
    rolled 30 = 30

    because we asked her to?
    reading comprehension much?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:19 No.14942781

    To be fair, we'll make up for it when we spank her ass later tonight.

    Well, honor-bound Orc warrior. Excellent.

    First, we need to cheer him up - tell him it's not just any girl, it's a Drow, who are known to be on par with men of other races (lying through our fucking noses, difficult to do, but a necessity).

    Anyway, we need to remind him that while yes, he did lose, he was a finalist in a situation where his survival was barely expected. And as such, we are considering hiring him to be our "on-call battle expert." Someone to handle the jobs that the guards can't, who isn't afraid to do some REAL work for a change.

    We also need to tell him it would make setting up the rematch for next year much easier, as we would provide housing and a "modest allowance" that would mean he could focus on training and any odd jobs that might find their way to him.

    Not sure he'll drop really low for revenge, seeing as he's very likely an honorable warrior, so we can't immediately ask how far he's willing to go for revenge without becoming suspicious.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:27 No.14942837
    Lets give the orc the position of main bodyguard and offer him when the time comes the ability to rule over and control the drow bitch, after all the head of security needs guys under him to do the stuff he can't like wash their underware, clean their dishes, do their paperwork, sweep the floors. The list goes on and on.

    And do we really have to let the drow keep the sword, wouldn't it be an even greater punishment for her to have the grand prize stripped from her hands "while" she is serving not only an orc male, but some one she beat without cheating against.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:27 No.14942839
    rolled 80 = 80

    He is more likely to be insulted if you say that you are going to set up the rematch to be easier for him.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:29 No.14942846

    "The sort of job that's profitable and plays to your strengths."

    "You put on an incredibly impressive show, and as near as I could tell you only lost because your equipment wasn't quite as good as you.

    "I'm a businessman, and a mage. I like making exceptional equipment, and I can spot someone who knows how to use it.

    "The trouble is, quality gear takes quality parts. Your job would be to collect them for me. I'd pay in custom equipment and money, and would lend you helpers. Depending on the difficult of the job, I'd lend you men from my bodyguard (as much for their benefit in field experience as for yours), magical constructs, members of the town guard, or even hired freelancers. In short, you would have as much manpower as you felt you needed to accomplish a goal, and you have the very best personal gear I could provide."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:31 No.14942860
    rolled 45 = 45

    I dont see the reason having such a valuable adventurer just given away to somebody.
    No, we will shadow-bind her like we did the witch and she will become a valuable addition to our personnel.

    frankly, at this point we can offer the ork pretty much anything and he would probably agree
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:36 No.14942891

    What? No. If things go according to plan, there never WILL be a rematch.

    I'm just saying it would be easier on his end, since he wouldn't have to go anywhere. Everything will be taken care of- food, housing, accommodation, etc. We won't be fixing a fight that won't ever occur.

    In any case, we'll let him have his vengeance when we ask him to sneak attack the Drow bitch later. Hell, we can set him and the Drow up - we work him on his end and Lliara works the Drow.

    We work it like this: we hire the Orc to be our guard and "physical consultant," or something like that. Naturally, the Drow will likely stick close to Lliara, which we'll allow. At a certain point, we have Lliara ask the Drow (by now her friend) to help her "discover evidence that we are trying to subvert her authority." At the same time, we tell the Orc to stand guard in a certain area/room because "we have received information detailing an assassination attempt by a rival merchant/noble." Of course, Lliara tells the Drow to go to the same room that the Orc will be in.

    The two square off, the Orc wins, and we soul-bind the Drow, perhaps using the soul of the other elf from before (or some person who got locked up for unruly behavior - some ruffian that won't be missed).

    Hell, we can stage this whole thing within the week - the fact that they are adventurers means we're much more likely to "trust" them, as they are a third party to the pretend political war.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:40 No.14942931
    Let us not forget to make our bombardier spiders. Just a reminder.
    >> New Babylon !Q0AjRU4Ugo 05/16/11(Mon)03:44 No.14942956

    I kinda like the idea of making the orc our fetch-man for artifacts, let's get him bound so we can get that train rolling
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:45 No.14942963
    rolled 2694 = 2694

    Brilliant! Good way of getting him under our payroll and forget the drow stuff! +1.

    Add something about: "In return, I expect the impeccable performance you have shown yourself capable of, and discretion. There are far too many...competitors in this line of business; pesky no-good imitators who would readily make off with MY PROFIT, immoral prestidigitator who make a living off the ingenuity of people, and worse... thieves who would use my capes to rob an orphanage blind, warlords who would take our beloved town by the force of our arms, warlocks who would pass torment so terrible and so jarring upon your soul just to learn whatever meager secrets...or parts thereof.... which you may have meekly discovered. I ask this for both your and my safety; as long as you are employed by me you shall seek no other patron. And neither will you need to given the sweet profits involved. I am sure a man of honor such as yourself cannot betray his word, and I am willing to trust you(no I'm not. Gonna scry on your ass as soon as you take off!). As such, I will give you complete freedom of action...as long as you are able to meet my deadlines. i am sure you will. Of course, I'm not expecting you to answer immediately, give it a thought and meet me at my office at the arena tomorrow. Treat these wounds; there's no shame in defeat as long as the spirit remains unconquered(StarcraftFTW!). Go to a local medic or... perhaps you would be willing to accept my courtesy? I happen to have some proficiency in the healing arts, and if you'd let me treat you..." /heal him, remove a bit of hair/ "Don't forget, tomorrow, my office".
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:45 No.14942966
    rolled 89 = 89

    Well thats a weird andcomplicated way to get back at the drow wothout tje benefit of having personal satiafaction of revealing our true self and extracting vengance on her.

    Still dont see why we must play so nice with the Orc.
    Nothing stops us from binding him too (I am sure we will find some useless hobos which will no one miss)
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:46 No.14942971

    We don't even need him bound, all we need to do is waggle a good deal of gold in his face and sell it to him as a chance to better his strength and challenge himself.

    And of course, over time, we can slowly pollute his mind to the point that soul-binding won't be necessary. Just need to convince him that it's more beneficial to be on our side than not.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)03:52 No.14943029

    We could always step in right before he finishes her, you know, so we can "interrogate her."

    We can also use that fact to stick her in one of those pillory things and parade her around town. Shame her, label her as a thief, and restore the honor of the Orc.

    At which point, he may come to us and tell us that he's forever in our debt, at which point WHAM - we get him in a contract.

    And of course, the Drow will still be alive throughout the whole thing. Lliara could, up until the big reveal outlined earlier, keep dropping in and telling her that it's all necessary to expose us. You know, keep her hope alive for so long only to have it all come crashing down.
    >> New Babylon !Q0AjRU4Ugo 05/16/11(Mon)03:54 No.14943037

    Fair enough, just so long as we keep it simple. Lliara seduces the Drow, we trick the half-orc. gg.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)03:58 No.14943068
    Shaking your head, you reassure him of his usefulness, lying about the Drow's prowess in an attempt to ketchup him up.
    No, you shut up, I'm telling the story. Go bring the Dark One more wine.

    The Orc, however, doesn't buy it. Even as you attempt to raise his confidence, he refutes your attempts. He lost, and she won, and he feels he must accept that until the rematch. You nod at this, and exclaim that you can help him with that as well. Reminding him of the Drow's better equipment, you inform him that not only do you think that he could have won had their gear been equally matched, but you're willing to put your business behind that belief. The Orc doesn't seem to believe you at first, but when you unveil unto him your magical prowess, he begins to come over to your side. As a show of good faith, you heal what wounds he has with Divine magic, and continue.

    Describing what work he'll be doing, and the degree to which he'll be expected to report to you, he stays silent, not interrupting or commenting on your proposal. You and he spend an hour going over the details, yourself doing most of talking, and him responding to your occasional question. As you come to an understanding, he nods his head and agrees readily.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)04:00 No.14943085
    The Orc holds his axe once more, as he rises to his feet. With his honor somehow restored, he bows slightly to you and moves to leave. You follow him out, and find yourself suddenly forced backwards against the wall as he exits the stairway door. Wielding his axe menacingly, he backs into the pits, pulling you back in with him. A spiderman walks in, followed by several others. All armed with swords pointed at the Orc. He grunts and puts himself between you and them, as you hear a familiar voice.
    "Relax Groshnak. We're with him."
    Glancing around the Orc, you spot your favorite assassin walking through the crowd of spidermen. The Orc steps back further.
    "Shaiara? But you're supposed to be dead?"
    "Yes, Groshnak, I know. But you're an educated ronin, you should know that people like me enjoy being considered such things as dead. I didn't exactly expect to see you here though. Small world."
    "But our master, he-"
    The assassin seems to become angered at the mention of her former employer.
    "He BETRAYED us, Groshnak. He sent us to die and then cut us loose when his friends found out about all those little murders he forced us to commit."
    "But you couldn't have told me your were alive?"
    "I got sold you moron. The bastard sold me as a slave to some fucking witch."
    You begin to move around the wall of green skin, and stare at the two in turn. Hmm. Raising your hand, you ask how they know each other.
    "Remember that dragon I told you about? Or rather, didn't tell you about."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:01 No.14943088
    Also have the witch bring the drow to our castle. Oh yes, she will pay dearly. An eternity in violent rape pits in hell kind of dearly.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:03 No.14943105
    >The Orc is a ronin
    Ah, that sort of explains it. But mostly just raises more questions. Lots more questions.

    I guess he doesn't use a sword because he feels dishonored?

    So, if he works for us, does he get is honor back?

    Shaiara is a Ninja?
    >> New Babylon !Q0AjRU4Ugo 05/16/11(Mon)04:07 No.14943127

    Time to turn the charm back on for our little assassin.

    As to the Orc, if it's an honor thing, let's set ourselves up as the "Good Lord". We won't betray him, or make him go against his codes of honor, whatever those may be. We just have limit his range of use more than before is all.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:09 No.14943147

    "Yes, I see. I don't really want to press a friend on a sore topic, but I get the picture."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:11 No.14943162

    We need to get him a Katana. Then he can cut through slabs of solid Drow, and medieval Europe will never bothered conquering us.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:15 No.14943193
    >implying we'd give him a weapon of such awesome power
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:16 No.14943199
    You know, even some Samurai were loyal to Oda Nobunaga...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:17 No.14943206

    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:19 No.14943219
    We are NOT uniting Japan. We need them off guard, so we can conquer them. With our Katanas.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:20 No.14943222
    If they come from not-Japan I don't think Shiara and Grommush are their real names, more of adopted ones...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:22 No.14943228
    Another reminder on the Dragon Blood/Mage Water outfited Spider drones.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:32 No.14943278

    sucess to the op for derailing his own thread.

    but we really should leave these two to their reunion, lets not pry into this old lord thing(unless this old lord happens to one day be our old man that abandoned us and our mother)

    lets scry how things are going between the drow and the witch.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:36 No.14943291
    rolled 27 = 27

    Tell the spidermen to go back to their duties
    it is getting crowded here
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:47 No.14943343

    Couldn't say I saw this coming at all.

    Okay, so we get the picture - good thing we decided to off that dragon back then, eh gents?

    We should play this off as gentlemanly as possible. Cough, then offer to vacate the premises, with the spider-guards in tow (and in shadows).

    "Oh. I see. Well, would you prefer that I leave you two to your reunion? I'm sure the both of you have some catching up to do, and I do believe these fine gents will be able to look after my safety adequately while the two of you have your discussion."

    At which point, based off her response, we wave the spidermen with us and leave. After all, the festivities won't be celebrated by themselves, and I'm sure that there are some nobles of all sorts that we should be meeting/kissing up to. Do a little recon of our own in the political sphere.

    And if the Orc asks, we tell him that the spidermen were "men, damned by illness, cured by magical intervention on my part." Would totally reinforce our "good lord" image to Groshnak.

    Oh, and we also need to end with a good, "See you at X O'clock (date), sharp."
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)04:53 No.14943377
    Explaining to Shaiara that she doesn't have to explain herself, she nods. Leaving the two alone, you tell the Orc to be at your tower at dusk, to which he bows and replies in his own language. Sadly sire, I'm quite sure what he said. It sounded like 'high die-moe', or something. The pair continue to speak as you move out of range.

    Passing your loyal spidermen, who you pause to order back to their duties, you climb the stairs and reach around for the witch's orb. Activating it with a slight touch, you feel through her thoughts into her active senses. The mayor and the Drow are still talking, sitting on the couch behind the box seats. The Drow is laughing, and the mayor looking out into the arena. It seems to be going well. Continue to watch the mayor speak with the Drow, you listen in to her discussing the idea of dinner. Say, your tower, tonight? Chuckling to your self evilly at the Drow's acceptance of the witch's speech, you send her the message of 'good work'. Exiting the arena, through the hundreds of people all crowding the betting booths, you whistle for your spiders. The constructs arrive in short order, and, with a small step, you mount their wave and begin your journey home.

    Passing through the mountain pass once again, and smiling at the thanks of the commoners for the dragon slaying, you follow the road to your tower as the sun begins to lower out of the sky. Moving through your refurnished cavern entrance, you pass into the Dark Mountain central chamber, and enter your grand tower. Feeling your way upwards from the bottom level, your spiders leave from below you to the laboratory. And you follow them. Climbing upwards ever further, you make your way through the throne room, passed the study, and towards your lab.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)04:55 No.14943384
    Entering your laboratory, you remove your heavy robes in favor of your vest underneath. Pulling instruments from their drawers, and attaching small devices to your spiders, you begin your work. Installing small liquid jets into their tiny bodies, you wire them to pressurized containers, as well as vials of Dragon blood and Magewater. As you work, the spiders twitch and click, but otherwise do nothing. Much time passes in the dimly lit glow of your laboratory, working with your spiders. But the results, oh overlord, are worth the time. Closing one spider up, it leaps to its feet, and at your word, sprays a jet of flaming liquid out the window. The contents mixing in mid air, the liquid heats almost instantly, and slowly begins to heat the sides of the window as you order the spider to cease fire.

    Finishing your work on the other spiders, you leave them to their own studies, ordering them to resist their urges to use their newfound ability. Can't have your tower dissolving, can we? Redressing in your robes, you move past the library, the modified spiders entering it as you pass. Pausing to check on the witch, you find her eating dinner in your dining hall with the Drow. And the assassin, it seems, is in your throne room talking with the Orc, now armed with what seems to be a sword, and some kind of plate armor. Interesting.

    Brushing the bits of metal shaving from your robes, you look both ways up and down the hall. One way, the Drow. The other, the Orc. Hmm.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)04:56 No.14943391
    Oh dear, should be NOT quite sure. I don't speak any language save your own, Dark One. I'm sorry.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:59 No.14943402
    >Our spiders can now spit Thermite at people
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)04:59 No.14943405

    We do have a soul we can sacrifice for the dark contract right? Because if we do this is the perfect chance to turn the drow.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:01 No.14943415
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:02 No.14943417
    We can use one of the spidermen if we need a soul i guess
    >> Blackheart !!d+z47tvchVl 05/16/11(Mon)05:04 No.14943434
         File1305536685.png-(147 KB, 412x439, lol.png)
    147 KB
    Oh I really like where this Quest is going~
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:06 No.14943443

    That would be such a waste. We've been planning on doing this, we should have thought ahead.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:07 No.14943450

    I say we get to work setting up the Drow.

    First, we should go address the Orc. Some light conversation, maybe a tour of the tower, perhaps an introduction to our small spider army, telling him what is and isn't permissible, where he can and can't go, that whole thing.

    So for starters, he probably won't be allowed into our chambers unless we call for him - same for our study/laboratory. We should also ask him about housing - would he prefer to stay here, within the castle, or in a home, perhaps near Shaira?

    We should also set him up with a light job - simply an overview of surface security, identification of potential weak points, etc. Something to help get him used to the area, as well as a show of trust.

    On that note, we should ask Shaira to accompany him as well - she's an assassin, so security is something that she'd know well.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:08 No.14943453
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:11 No.14943463

    We can't soul bind the bitch just yet! We need to torture her, slowly, and break her completely. A la >>14942612

    We soul bind her after we thoroughly brainwash/destroy her mind.

    Not sure how we'll get that past the Orc, but if he believes her to be a no-good enemy of his master (us), then he probably won't have any problems.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:13 No.14943474
    this can only end well for us.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:15 No.14943485
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:22 No.14943510
    I suggest we take her to our lab for some experiments.

    Like turning her into a mechano drider, Drow upper body, spider drone lower body.

    It will be a thing of beauty.

    Use as little anesthetics as possible, just enough to keep her from passing out from the pain, but see enough so she can feel and still be aware of whats happening to her.

    After her transformation is complete THEN WE SOUL BIND HER
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:30 No.14943543
    Go see the Orc first. Orb the witch to keep the Drow busy.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:30 No.14943548
    Just think about it, she is already a powerful spellsword, augment that so she can climb on any surface and implant our new Dragon Blood/Mage Water spitters (need to think of a name for those) and she will become a glorious weapon indeed, very befitting of us.

    Plus I cant think of any better insult to her by not only being dominated by a male, but to also be turned into a twisted metal form of the Drows most sacred creatures that is tottally under our control.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)05:35 No.14943565
    Can we at least beat her a little?
    Or, you know, more than a little?
    Well, actually, a lot.

    I just got the idea of having the spider legs shock her. But still, she must be tortured until she begs for the sweet mercy of death before we grace her with experimentation.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:04 No.14943752
    She's more useful as a normal-looking drow for now. The dark contracts are really most useful on people who we want to look normal.

    If we're going to mess with her appearance we might as well make her a hybrid.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:07 No.14943777
    Lets just put some sleeping pills/ paralytics in her food and decide what we are gonna do with her when she chained up ans stripped of any equipment in the dungeon
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:11 No.14943807
    I'd like to slowly cut off her extremities piece by piece. Then her nose and ears and eyelids because that's my fetish.
    >I'M SAD
    >I'M SAD
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)06:13 No.14943815
    Spitefully thinking of the Drow's impending doom, you gaze down the long and dark hallway to the dining hall. Your Orb finds its way to your hand, and with a forceful command, tell the witch to subdue and bind the spellsword. Cackling madly, you stride down the hall, your footsteps echoing like the screams of the damned. Savoring each step towards the dining hall, you slowly open the wood and gold doors, peering into the room. Your witch smiles warmly at you, and approaches. The Drow is nowhere to be seen, but then you hear a muffled cry for help coming from what would normally be your chair. The witch, turning her head to look at the chair, turns it slowly towards you. The Drow, tied and bound, glares at you and tries to speak what you can only assume to be a vile curse in Undercommon. Laughing, you enter the room, and approach the Drow. With a light touch to her forehead, you send a small seed of magic into her body, and all attempts to escape her bonds, along with any other movement save breathing. Spinning the chair around for a moment, savoring the taste of success, you untie they Drow, and with a kiss from your witch, call your tower spiders forth. Several of them enter from the kitchen, and ordering the Drow to be brought to the dungeon, they obey, dragging her by her legs out of the room. Still screaming, with her voice muffled by the cloth stuffed in her mouth, the Drow passes out of sight.

    The witch, taking a drink from her wine glass, smiles sadly at you. Her voice practically aches with sadness. Bleh.
    "I'm sorry for hitting you, master."

    What, that's it? No 'oh please don't kill me'? Ah well.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)06:14 No.14943822
    Leaving the room, she begins to move in the direction the Drow was headed, as you light the Drow's plate on fire with your mind. As it burns, the scent of fire makes you think to follow the witch. Exiting the room, your footsteps leave a small fire burning brightly on the floor. While you didn't intend to, it seems to set the mood quite nicely. Going down stairs and through hallways, you follow the path the witch had taken, down into the deepest part of your tower. Down, down, down, into the earth below.

    You arrive in the dungeon soon enough, your trail ceasing to burn as you stop. Looking for the witch, you follow the sound of screaming, passing the many empty cells. Some are occupied, with prisoners who attempted to rob the gold mine. But these people are not important enough to torture. No, only the VIPs in your dungeon get the honor of feeling pain as they slowly waste away to nothing. Firing off a lightning bolt at a steel door, the prisoner grasping the bars and begging for release shouts at the burning off of the flesh on his hands.

    As you continue down into the dungeon, out of the main cell block, you enter the VIP area. Empty, of course, save the cell at the end of the hall, from which the drow's screaming comes. Grinning, you pass the tower spiders guarding the room, and enter. Your witch, it seems, has begun the torture without you. Laughing at the Drow as she works, she turns and meekly greets you. Apologizing for starting without you, the witch offers you the torture device in her hands.

    Declining, you chose instead to watch the witch work, using what she learned from the assassin's torture.
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)06:15 No.14943827
    It seems she has had time to improve upon the assassin's methods, sire. Indeed, the Drow begins to beg for mercy far earlier than she or you expect. I would think a Drow would have a far higher pain tolerance, but that seems to not be the case with this one. The beatings and burns have gotten to her in record time. Your witch turning the table towards you, the Drow coughs out speech and blood through her shattered jaw.

    "Please... no more..."

    The witch gives the Drow a punch to the side of her skull for good measure, wiping the blood off her gloved hand with the Drow's long hair.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:17 No.14943835
    "I shall expect you to make it up somehow, witch."
    Give the orc the grand tour so we can leave the drow to stew. It's an old Spanish Inquisition trick, let her torture herself before you start.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:20 No.14943851
    /tg/, we are all sons-of-bitches.

    And it's wonderful. It feels so GOOD to be EVIL.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:20 No.14943852
    Not good enough. Torture her until she genuinely is remorseful and willing to agree to anything and genuinely thanks us.
    Think Nineteen Eighty-Four.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:21 No.14943857

    We need a Room 101.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:21 No.14943862
    Is it time for some SCIENCE yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:21 No.14943864

    "I have something for you to eat."

    Feed her the pie. Use a prisoner's soul to power the contract. Use the same terms we used for the witch's contract.

    Then heal the drow up (what's her name anyway?) and get her entire life story. Be sure to make a viewing orb.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:22 No.14943866
    Or we could do what >>14942781 said
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:23 No.14943875

    That would be several cycles of torture and healing at least, and drow are supposed to be resistant to that.

    In fact I'm pretty sure her begging now is just a ploy to buy some time.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:24 No.14943876
    We have enough 'face' servants.

    We should go with the mechano drider plan.

    Every good evil overlord needs horrible twisted unnatural monstrosities in his employ.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:26 No.14943884

    She's marvelous with blades, it would be a waste to turn this one into a monster. We can use her for when we start taking over the Underdark (and we will! but we'll need a face down there that the drow will be able to respect).

    Think for the long-term.

    If you want a drider thing we should experiment on some prisoner later. This drow we can use in the long game.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:26 No.14943887
    I don't care how long it takes. It's worth it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:27 No.14943889
    Then we'll do it. And brand her on the face with our mark.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:27 No.14943890
    I mean we already have the whole spider theme. Now we have a drow we can do whatever we want with, its too perfect to pass up.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:27 No.14943893
    We should reward Lliara for doing a good job, a nice slow long dicking perhaps
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:28 No.14943895
    Do we even have a 'mark'?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:29 No.14943909

    Well let's make a viewing orb for her anyway, that will help speed it along. We should find out when she is expected to go, and who is waiting for her, and things like that so that if it drags on and on we don't have people showing up looking for her.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:30 No.14943911
    We need one if we are to be a proper overlord.
    Maybe a clawed hand holding a spider.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:32 No.14943920

    Spider theme and drow is cool, but we should not make a monster of this one until we've secured a supply of other drow to turn into drider-things. This one is our ticket into the underdark, if we don't screw it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:33 No.14943929
    Hence the mind breaking. We will not have this one in a dark pact. This one will be broken to our will the old-fashioned way.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:33 No.14943933
    She can still use her blades, we are leaving her upper body untouched. She can still use her magic too.

    The spider lower body just makes her better in everyway.

    8 bladed legs for high mobility and killing power. Not to mention the psychological effects

    And add in our dragon blood spitter for even more destrution and utility.

    And if you really want we can make her a pair of normal legs for all the stuff you suggest.

    Best of both worlds.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:38 No.14943956
    First she must be broken and branded (literally) as our property. Now that is humiliating for a drow.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:42 No.14943976

    Do you realize how much of swordplay is actually footwork? If you do that to her she will need to-relearn most of her sword skills.

    It's a good idea of a nobody drow, but this one is useful already.


    I'm all for torturing the shit out of her, but if we're going to use her as anything but a torture victim, we are going to /need/ to get her into a dark pact. Drow are simply not trustworthy, she's a complete liability without a lombotomy or a dark pact.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:43 No.14943987
    Then a lobotomy it is. I wouldn't waste the soul of the lowest peasant on her.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:47 No.14944004
         File1305542829.jpg-(16 KB, 291x313, spiderhand.jpg)
    16 KB
    Like this? (only y'know, not crappy)
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:47 No.14944009
    Maybe we could put a spiderling "brain" in there, or maybe we could come up with a way of cloning our brain and spreading ourselves out over two bodies!
    >> Beginner's Guide to Evil !y15cQl1vv6 05/16/11(Mon)06:49 No.14944018
    Oh those smarmy bastards.

    Dark One, something of dire importance has come up, and I must away to deal with the problem.

    I shall continue this on the morrow, if that is acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:49 No.14944023
    Needs to be more curled around it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:54 No.14944049

    Yeah, that's fine. Right now we're looking at a deadlock of ideas on how exactly to deal with her.

    So far it's:
    1) Dark Pact, use her in the long game as the Underdark administrator
    2) Turn her into a mechanical drider thing so that we have another theme-appropriate monster
    3) Torture her until her mind is completely broken and use her for the long game then (seems risky to me)
    3)a) Torture her until we're bored of that, and then lombotomize her because we're pretty sure Drow can't be trusted, and someone doesn't want to use a Dark Pact on a drow.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:57 No.14944069
    Dark Pact is too good for her.
    She insulted us to our face and implied we were a servant. Plus she's an elf.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)06:59 No.14944092

    Hellloooo? Witch tried to KILL us, remember? If you're going to let emotions get the better of you we're going to have a rough time as an Evil Overlord.

    Be rational, we want to get the most value out of her as we can. Logically, that means Dark Pact and take over the Underdark.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:01 No.14944109
    So? We gave her a damn good reason. Wasn't exactly personal.
    We vowed to visit on her a fate demon mothers would tell to scare their children.
    Mind control and setting her up as ruler of the Underdark is not that.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:03 No.14944117
    I'd like a mixture of 1 and 2. Cut off her legs so she's in enough pain to say yes to the pact, then fit her with mecha drider legs. She can practice in the parctice dungeon the spidermen use.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:05 No.14944128
    She is a surface drow. That means she was either kicked out or left willingly, either way she wont be of much use for us in that persuit.

    And why would we want to take over the Underdark anyway? I much prefer the surface to some crappy, smelly old caves.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:05 No.14944133
    Making her puppet ruler of the Underdark is not vengeance. Break her, use her as a warrior.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:07 No.14944145

    It's part of the world, and we want the entire world.

    If she was raised up here, yeah, she's only of use as a face, but if she's from there she'll know the politics and even if she's been exiled things get shaken up enough in drow politics for entire houses to re-align around successful exiles. It'd be plausible.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:12 No.14944179
    I sure as fuck don't. Drow are a single part of the Underdark, and I'd prefer to purge them. Then you have MIND FLAYERS AND BEHOLDERS AND SHIT. DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT FUCKING ABOLETHS?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:14 No.14944186

    Vengeance is nice but it shouldn't take more than a decade or two. We want her as an administrator much later, when we're ready to take over the Underdark.

    Ten years is plenty of time to torment her and make her fully regret being a huge bitch.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:19 No.14944206

    We're going to have to eventually, otherwise they'll form a nucleus of opposition against us (the beholders, anyway)
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:21 No.14944217
    Physical pain is nothing compared to the mental anguish a person can suffer.

    she is good as she is now, what we need to do is to break, bend and twist her psyche so much that she will feel pleasure and pain at the same time when she follows our commands.
    Our influence over her mind needs to be be like a hardest of drugs. She will be suffering and resisting with all her reason and hatred towards men, but her broken and twisted base desire will be to serve her master as best as she can.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)07:25 No.14944239
    I'm fine with that. When we are done, our very name should make her flinch and at the same time feel a surge of love and remorse.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)08:02 No.14944415
    hey butthead are you still posting?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)08:53 No.14944687
    rolled 32 = 32

    Listen, lets just soul-bind her with one of the prisoners from the tower as sacrifice and be over with it!
    Shit, lets focus on bigger stuff and let this drama be over!

    How long do we need to lament over this bullshit?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)09:05 No.14944775
    nope. see


    someone archive this.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)09:54 No.14945108
    how will we work around the rematch between the drow and the orc if we turn her into a Mechadrider?

    maybe starve her for a few days then bring her a slice of pie, making sure she can't go around and kill herself, tell her what will happen if she were to eat the pie and if the torture/starvation have paid off watch how she sobbingly eats the precious food. then gloat heavily and dark pact the bitch.

    that way we can always rebuild her into a drider after the orc satisfied his honor.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)09:57 No.14945135
    rolled 10 = 10

    Why the hell does everything need to be so complicated?

    Just shove it down her throat.

    Heck, we can INJECT pie. Remember that all of our spider-weaved clothes that we sell have that feature?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/11(Mon)14:14 No.14946962
    A shame that we couldn't set her up a bit more - I personally think it's much more fun to play everyone, as opposed to taking the straight-up "IM EVIL" route.

    But yes, we need to break her a bit more - have her beg for forgiveness and release. Eventually, maybe we can create our little rematch for our Orc? You know, do the whole "thief" setup so that the Orc can beat her ass and be thoroughly satisfied about it.

    We can play it like was mentioned before, with telling him about a rival merchant trying to spy on us. This would give us the excuse of parading the Drow around in public for humiliation points.

    Alternatively, we can go the Aperture route and use the Drow to test our security system in our dungeon. Maybe have the Orc be the final boss.

    And no, she won't get to keep her sweet sword.

    And of course, with sufficient torture, I'd bet that she'd be willing to go with the deal of, "you win, you live." Not that we're planning to let her win, anyway. Hell, we can sneak a pie to her in the event that she does.

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