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    60 KB Shed a Tear MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)00:39 No.14953507  
    Have you ever shed a tear for a fallen PC (maybe an NPC)? Or at least gotten very close?

    Moving game moments thread?
    >> The Bearded Bear 05/17/11(Tue)00:46 No.14953556
    Lately (on the spam of the last two years or so) two or three times, which is rather a lot.

    Last time I got close when we were putting an A.I. to rest. It was a machine that fought through a lot of wars, was somewhat mistreated and really banged up. It just wanted to finally rest... ;_;
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)00:48 No.14953573
    >Lately (on the spam of the last two years or so)

    And how!
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)00:54 No.14953628
         File1305608070.jpg-(238 KB, 1024x1448, Ecanus_by_BrotherOstavia.jpg)
    238 KB
    I actually have a few times in our DH game. I will scatter them about the thread as people reply but:

    One was when our tech-priest underwent the Rite of Pure thought.

    Even though before it he tried to hide his emotions there would sometimes be a slight smile or a frown of deep thought. After that... he was very machine... it was sad.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)00:56 No.14953643
    Semi-related. I shed grief-striken tears of manliness when Sheppard gave his life to save the crew of the SSV Normandy. I shed another as I watched the vessel of the same name go down in flames.
    >> The Bearded Bear 05/17/11(Tue)00:59 No.14953664
    Lately is a subjective term.
    Especially when decent games can run for months, upwards to a year or more.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:03 No.14953691
    I tried to shed a tear for every person that died in x-com. I ran out of tears...
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:06 No.14953716
    is that a pysker walken?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:11 No.14953767
    Our party was overwhelmed last night, and the knight decided that he was going to hold the line while we all retreated. Before he did, he handed his shield (an item of amazing significance to the character) to the cleric.

    Was very touching.
    >> LaBambaMan 05/17/11(Tue)01:11 No.14953773
    Not me, but two players in a game some time ago.

    Guy and a girl, didn't know each other before playing(girl was a classmate of mine, guy was DM's buddy), but during the game their characters began to have a real connection. Eventually, in the name of roleplaying, their characters fell in love and got married while still continuing to adventure together(because settling down and raising a family simply wasn't something they knew how to do). So it's nearing the end of the campaign we've been playing for the better part of a year now and we're in this big temple and there's an alter in the middle(very Aztec). We're trying to find a way to stop a very pissed off god from coming down and wrecking everyone's shit, and that's when the girl figures it out: the god had been kept in check via human sacrifice. Well we had proceeded to already slaughter all the priests and other people we found in the temple and time was running short. So she walks over to her husband, without saying a word, gives him a kiss on the check, and then she passes a folded note to the player saying she whispered something in his ear. At that point she lays down on the alter with her husband only a step behind. She looks over at us, smiles, and then he drives his sword right through her. We all stop for a moment, tear up a little, and when the DM announces she's dead the dude playing her husband just sort of lost it. Those two had become that attached to their characters that him having to kill his in game wife was just brutal. When we asked what she had said to him he replied only with "I'm ready, but don't forget I love you."

    The DM had planned for us to sacrifice someone from the temple, but when we couldn't find anyone she took it upon herself to save the whole damn world.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:14 No.14953797
    i would have killed some other party member : /
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:18 No.14953829
    Yeah, frankly those two were kinda derp.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:18 No.14953830
    My Lamenters Apothecary. The GM had us fighting 'nids on a dying world and we were supposed to link up with the remains of the Imperial Fists that were on this world and aid them in a counter attack. We got split up and Zorael (the Apothecary) encountered this squad of Cadian guardsmen, holding a position, even though the line had crumbled and they were deep in enemy territory. Zorael checked his vox, it was down. He then checked his auspex and it was flooded with nid bio signs. He knew the guardsmen would die, and told them of the coming storm. They sat their, some killed themselves others looked to him for guidance. He then patched up those who could fight and led the survivors to the extraction point. He managed to get 15 men back alive, but the EVac point was about to be overrun and the transport couldn't lift everyone. Either the guard stayed, or one of the kill team members. Zorael (Acting Sergent after the Librarian was rendered unconcious and unable to fight) order them off planetside and stayed behind. He gave the guardsmen his blood pendant and made ready to die.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:20 No.14953843
    An NPC in my Dark Heresy game got a few quiet DM tears from me. No-one's found out yet why.. The group were sent to investigate a kidnapped Battle Sister (hard, I know, but someone did).
    After much shennanigans, they had to assume she was dead. Found a few...bits where the ship compartment she'd been in was holed in battle.
    However. The entire thing was a setup to hide that she'd been taken away elsewhere, and been the guinea pig for some fairly horrendous experimentation (an Apostatic Matrix, specifically. It's a piece of kit in the Radical's handbook. Gradually erodes faith and certainty. And, obviously, sanity).
    At some point they'll find the logs for the research. It's pretty harrowing. Never before or since have I wanted to stop writing a data log because I can hardly stand what I'm seeing.
    Oh, and they'll probably realise that one of the Arco-flagellants in a local Inquisitor's retinue looks...familiar.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:21 No.14953847
    saw this on a thread last night

    Me (thief), paladin, wizard running from a horde of goblins. They are catching up to us as I turn around and fire a bolt from my crossbow at the paladin's leg. "I am sorry." I throw a healing potion at him and catch up with the wizard, telling her he decided to stay and buy us some time. Later I played at the temple to his gods.

    >>the paladin said to me as I ran from him "You are too kind, I could never do the same for you."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:26 No.14953887

    I don't know, crazy stuff like that's what makes some games.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)01:27 No.14953895
    I teared up a little just reading that!!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:28 No.14953909

    >"You are too kind, I could never do the same for you."

    I don't get it.
    >> LaBambaMan 05/17/11(Tue)01:28 No.14953910
    She wasn't willing to sacrifice someone else, she considered us her friends and was not going to watch us die. That was the whole point of her giving up her life.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:28 No.14953912
    Out of curiosity, what was special about the shield?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:30 No.14953924
    I was informed that burning a fate point could save me from instant death and that I'd be allowed to fight my way to a secondary objective. So that's what Zorael did. As the transport left he got a patchy vox reading that a transport was under attack and needed help in order to get off the planet. So he headed off in that direction and made his way to the last Imperial defence on the planet. There were storm-troopers and Imperial fists holding out while they were attacked by shrikes who kept them from getting off the planet. Zorael engaged them with his boltgun and managed to get the survivors to the thunderhawks. The hawks are about to leave, when a trygon and several other large critters burst out and swarmed the defenses. He ordered the ships to get off the ground while they could and distracted the beasts with an emplaced heavy bolter. I asked if I could burn another fate to survive and the GM said that if I do, and manage to slay at least ONE monster then the last hawk would be able to drop a repelling line but that'd put them at risk. I said no, Zorael wouldn't want them coming back for him. So he sat in a turret and held the line for 5 rounds, before his right arm was ripped off and he managed to stagger, Boltgun firing as he did, into one of the bunkers.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:31 No.14953931

    Kill another party member? That is when you reveal you were lawful evil all the time and slaughter the 10000 slaves you held in your extradimensional space!

    As always, evil saves the world! Also, the seal is now strong enough for the next 10 generations.

    Fucking do'gooders. When will they learn...
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:33 No.14953948
    The GM asked if I wanted to keep playing him, and when I said hell yes, the GM gave the remaining party members a mission to retrieve Zorael after the fleet recieved a desperate transmission. It was great, but I played Zorael differently after that. He was more aloof and I asked if I could change my demeanor from gregacious to something more grim, to reflect the Brother Apothecary's new outlook. He was never the same happy guy after that.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:36 No.14953970
    the hell what she thinks, im cool with her hating me if she gets to live. But of course thats me. I play neutral
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)01:36 No.14953978
    Playing neutral is awesome because irregardless of the situation you can say "I care not" and just not act.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:38 No.14953984

    Hell yes neutral!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:38 No.14953987
    FUCKING NEUTRAL. Neutral means you wont risk your life for other people, but any halfway decent person of a PC properly roleplaying would not shoot their goddamn party member in the leg! Herp detected. People like you are why being a DM is such a pain
    >> LaBambaMan 05/17/11(Tue)01:38 No.14953989
    She wouldn't have hated you, it was simply that she couldn't stand to watch her friends die. Sacrificing one of us meant watching a friend die, and doing nothing meant watching us all die. She did what she believe to be the most noble thing. Honestly none of us stopped her because we were all utterly taken aback by the whole damn thing.
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)01:40 No.14954001
         File1305610821.png-(71 KB, 400x350, 1262882896796.png)
    71 KB
    While a feat of badassery that deserves praise... what was so upsetting about it? I guess even a marine could be going through some PTSD after accepting death then being saved twice, if that's what you're going for.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:41 No.14954012

    I personally prefer lawful evil and lawful neutral.

    Also, chaotic evil is a lot of fun. I try to avoid chaotic good, chaotic neutral. Don't really like those, they just feel like "Yeah, whatever I want to".

    I like character with guidelines, as in even my neutral mages have as a main force "themselfs and their ideals". Lawful neutral is nice because it is just an alignment rarely played and tricky to do right.

    Lawful evil is all that planned evil, the long-term goals - and often it does good because it follows laws or a codex that will allow him and other characters to get along.

    Chaotic evil I play when I play a character that's possessed by their own power, and boy, is it ever so much fun. Be that warmage, frenzy berserk, or w/e.

    But all in all, lawful evil/neutral are still my favourite. I AM - THE LAAAAHHHHHH
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)01:43 No.14954036
    The only time I've completely lost is was at the end of a HUGE crusade plot.

    >The crusade leader had a quiet relationship with her former Inquisitor (30 years after leaving his service)

    >So we finally get to the big huge battle, against all odds all of the PCs rolled well enough to survive DAYS of battle.

    Just as we are down to the final daemon, the Inquisitor gets GUTTED by the daemon and uses the very last of his will to strike the final blow on the beast before he was thrown to the ground.

    In the distance, the cheers of victory were rolling across the battlefield, but all those nearby hear were the screams of denial and sobs of grief from the crusade leader as she cradled the broken form of her lover.

    >I don't know how long I cried, he had been a PC for a year and a half.
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)01:43 No.14954042
         File1305611024.jpg-(212 KB, 440x600, omar-little-the-wire.jpg)
    212 KB
    I like Lawful Evil as "criminal with a code"

    for example

    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:44 No.14954049
    I had a game that went on for about a year, probably 30-40 sessions. we met almost every week.

    We started at Level 1, and We were restricted in no way by race, class, gender, etc. But, not haing access to terribly many errata books, I decided I wanted to play a Gnoll barbarian. Now, our GM was pretty cool, and gave us all a piece of gear that went with our backstories. I crafted an interesting and detailed backstory about my life up to the point i was captured, and placed into some arena games. I described the arena games and the changes they had wrought upon my gnoll, Vekk, in his formative years, and I always roleplayed him true to that gruff " I kill you first" Mindset.

    Five sessions in we've all gotten along pretty well, done the prerequisite meet and greet, slayed some kobolds, gotten some dollars and are now embroiled int a little bit of plot, suitable for 3rd level characters. We're in the basement/sewer of some nobleman's mansion, searching for clues to a necromantic cult. By this time I'd gotten used to the rest of the party, in character, and was starting to look at them as less like food and more like actual companions. Like a pack. And this is where shit started to sour.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:44 No.14954058
    If I remember the story right, it belonged to a semi-recent ancestor who was a famous adventurer who died doing something amazing and I want to say it was defeating a dragon who threatened to destroy the town.

    I'm fuzzy on the details, to be truthful. But what I do remember is that it meant the world to the player, enough so that he would DEMAND to keep his shield on his person where-ever he went.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:45 No.14954064
    He spent a week alone amoungst the dead. It's not so much Post traumatic stress, it's more he couldn't really save everyone he had tried to. Up to that point he had saved a ton of random NPCs. He was a charming guy and still kind of is. (Got a 50 in fellowship) Now he's less 'naive' as he was. I mean yeah, he was a space Marine, but he hadn't fought nids up till this point. It was a very disturbing event for him. Shook him to the core but he's still the kind of guy to save people first. When they brought him back to the ship, The guardsmen that he'd saved gave him back his blood drop pendant.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:47 No.14954072

    I've had a Lawful Evil character before now that ended up that way because he was just so...cold.
    Didn't really have much left by way of emotional responses, and was helping out the bad guys because he didn't have any other option.

    He started off True Neutral, chilly as he was, and gradually slid into LE as he failed to realise exactly how horrific his actions were getting.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:48 No.14954078

    My latest character was a LE warrior that aspired to become king. He made pacts with devils, but had a strict set of 7 guidelines - one for every close person he lost when the war raided his village.

    All in all, become king, crush everyone, never let such a thing happen again - by all means nessessary. Including devils, poisons, dark magic, assassins, mercenaries, etc.

    Rule no.1 was, to the demise of the warlock: Never let treachery go unpunished.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:49 No.14954085
    I forgot to detail the party in the last post. I was a gnoll barbarian, we had a gnome paladin of Ironhand, a Elf Ranger, a Half-elf druid, and a Human rogue.

    Anyhow, we're gettign our sneak on through this mansion plugging away at minor undead minions when the ranger says something that moderately annoyed me.

    " If these things touch us we could get sick. I'll put you guys down myself if i have to." I growled at him to shut his fucking trap and continued on. And then we come upon the dungeon "Boss" Encounter. Three undead gnolls, a wight and a horde of zombies. I was geared for natural weapon combat (Improved unarmed strike, large size, high str, lots of grapple) and immediately raged and went balls first into the horde of zombies, cackling madly all the while whilst i rended little 6hp zombies into nothing.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:49 No.14954087
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that.
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)01:50 No.14954094
    yeah, nids are a special kind of fucked up. You can hate chaos and traitors and aliens because they all WANT to kill you.
    Nids just are. They just eat and eat and eat.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:52 No.14954109

    It's because they are bugs. In space.

    Which magically develop anti-tank weaponary.

    I'm just saying, either ALL of them are hate-able because they have a guiding mind capable of emotion/logical thought, or they are the most ridiculous thing ever. EVER.

    >We evolved to rip tanks apart.
    Yeah, I'll start hitting that tank and in 3 generations I'm positive my children will be able to shoot plasma out of their lungs.
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)01:54 No.14954124
    >Nids Versus Tau
    >Tau pulse rifles rip up nids
    >Nids evolve to be resistant to guns that are, statwise, stronger than a fully auto armor piercing gyrojet bolter
    >Darwin sheds a single, bitter tear.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:54 No.14954125

    Now, the rest of the party is hot on my heels. I've taken a few licks, the rogue is sneaking around trying to flank the wight with a silver dagger to put some oomph in him, the paladin is smiting evil, and the ranger is plinking away at zombies uselessly. The druid cat-forms and gets up in it. And in the first round she's in combat, gets critted hard, and drops to negatives. Seeing this, my rage addled brain remembers that she is pack. Must save pack. And i interpose myself between her and the swooping horde coming down to finish her off. The paladin is moving towards her to stabilize and lay on hands, and i am cutting up with the FUCKING FURY, tearing apart zombies, mashing things to bits. At one point i believe i improvised a trip attack by throwing a zombie into the crod and knocked a few prone. anyway, this is where the ranger FUCKS UP. Him, trying to be all angsty badass goes.

    " I wouldn't want her to become one of those things."

    And while the paladin is still closing, Called shots the downed druid. In the head. And criticals, knocking her to like -20, and killing her fucking dead. The whole table stops. Everybody is staring at the ranger's player, especially the druid player who is in the process of beginning to tear up. I looked at him and said. " You dun goofed."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:54 No.14954126
    I started crying when my character's NPC lover got sent away by their mutual employer. He's a laconic, noble savage type of ranger who easily weathered some very messed up stuff in campaign, and she was already hurting when he told her that he was leaving.

    Needed to happen, though. She liked him too much to be effective at her job, much less excel. She's using his absence to improve, and it seems to be going very well.
    >> :stopmusic: 05/17/11(Tue)01:54 No.14954130
    >>We evolved to rip tanks apart.
    You're missing the whole "genetically engineered to be able to do these things" bit. They didn't evolve over time, they were designed with that specific purpose in mind.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:56 No.14954136
         File1305611771.jpg-(103 KB, 445x534, 1of2.jpg)
    103 KB
    I like the way you think
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:57 No.14954142

    Awww, shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:58 No.14954154
    Don't post 2of2, that shit's retarded.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)01:59 No.14954165
    Yup... Basically he'd read and heard about them but never actually fought them. He took hatred Nids after that. And got a sweet robotic arm for his actions that apparently allowed the Imperial fists and the fleet time to redouble their attacks and effectively spare the planet. Killing a hive tyrant apparently does that.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:00 No.14954172
    o yea THAT file name. there was never a 2
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)02:01 No.14954177
         File1305612064.jpg-(735 KB, 1024x728, 1298314444937.jpg)
    735 KB
    oh... right...

    >Captcha Briefly Weences

    I did briefly wince at my fluff failure, Brazilian captcha
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:01 No.14954183

    so We proceed to finish the combat, The rogue murders the wight, i finish taking out the zombie horde, and the paladin is smiting the undead gnolls to death. Ranger proceeds to not participate in the rest of combat. We clean up, and everyone else gets to looting. I take the time to pull some cleaning stuff out of my bag, pull the arrow out of the druid's skull, and then wrap her in a sheet and pick her up. The ranger starts asking who gets her gear, and In character, i kicked him in the gut for minimal damage, growling all the way back to the inn. The druid player is feeling a little better, and hoping she can be revived, and the DM says it'll cost a few thousand GP to get her back. We all agree to pitch in, and she declines, because she's already got an idea for a new character, and touched by the kindness, she wants us to give her a proper funeral. So we leave town, carrying her body in a makeshift bier, having had her cleaned up and blessed by the local cleric so that she didn't start rotting. We trekked all the way through three of the previous towns we'd been through. The trek back took around 2 sessions. We got in a few scraps on the way, and the ranger generally kept being an ass. But finally we got back to her home forest, and the druidic order she belonged to found us. We told them of our intention and they showed us the way through some crazy mystical druid path to a dirt floor clearing in the center of the woods, a thin layer of ash spread across it.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:07 No.14954231

    >genetically engineered to evolve rapidly without any guiding mind and become _RESISTANT_ to, let's say, railguns, tank size weapon. Also evolve rapidly to counter abilities of the enemy that do not directly influence them in a physical way, but they "see" it and think "huh, well, THAT would be handy".

    There is a limit to what you can push that whole "biological supersoldier" thing. Space Marines have dozens of pages based on actual anatomy and implant list, using logically constructed weapons (mostly).

    Tyranids kick all that out of the window with your excuse of "we're just that adaptable" and mutate plasma cannons, acid blood, anti-tank weaponary, giant creatures that by rights of their anatomy should not be able to survive a shot to the kneecap (or all of them) and lack any vital organs whatsoever. They have no discernable metabolism because all biomass is used for "new creations" and ultimatly re-absorbed by the swarm with _nothing_ left behind.

    They are hurr durr perpeto mobile.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:09 No.14954255
         File1305612598.jpg-(153 KB, 1015x787, 1304902832603.jpg)
    153 KB
    I damn near wept at the table when my DH group lost our Land Raider.

    It was a serial number for a name forge world, and our mission was to extract 2 STC fragments from a world under siege by the Red Corsairs.
    Our Gunship insertion went to shit immediately and we crash landed in an area know as the junk wastes. There we found the Landraider "Fires of Purgatory".
    It was a defective landraider with a quirky Machine spirit and it had run instead of allow itself to be reduced to base materials for its imperfections. it ran out into the wastes and ran until it ceased to function.
    Our tech priests poured their hearts and souls into getting it up and running.
    It's Machine spirit was like an abused animal ready to prove itself to this new group of masters who found it useful. Later that same mission "Purgy" earned our respect by running on auto pilot an crushing a group of cultist infantry that had us pinned down. When all was said and done we had the Landraider air extracted into orbit with us where we all poured our hard earned thrones into its restoration and rearming (when we found it it had been looted of all weapons, when we were done she had a hurricane bolter in each sponson, and flamer up front.)

    "Purgy" met her end Charging a chaos Warhound titan that was stomping its way into an armored parking structure we had taken refuge in.
    The landraider emptied its bolters into the titans knee joint and attempted to ram its legs flamer wide open. The Titan kicked it across the street and emptied its assault cannons into its upturned belly.
    I burnt every fate point I had to Run screaming in incoherent rage off the roof of the parking structure to cleave my way into the cockpit with my power axe and tear the withered husk of a princepts to shreds.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:10 No.14954262

    I'm just saying, the first thing the nids must've destroyed in their universe is thermodynamics, shortly followed by logic and any need for anatomy and metabolism.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:11 No.14954271

    We hunt for a few days to get all the things the head druid said we needed for a proper funeral pyre. Some special kind of wood, some crazy oil made from a specific tree, that kinda stuff. The ranger was minimally useful, and kept spouting off at the mouth. And finally, once we'd finished gathering up the stuff and built her funeral pyre, Jim said somethign else stupid. " I hope we get a lot of XP for this quest. This last two weeks has been kinda bullshit." And then proceeds to relegate the same shit In character. This makes Vekk the Gnoll barbarian extremely angry.
    " You. You weak. You spineless, stupid coward. It's your fault she died. It's YOUR fault a member of your pack fell in battle. It's YOUR fault that she will never laugh, smile, or feast again." All of this was said calmly, and i hoped the guilt would sink in, but he said. " She would've died anyway! Zombie bites are fatal!"

    I passed the DM a note. it said " I roll initiative." I got a natural 20. Gm ruled that i get a surprise round. So I clocked him. I knocked off a chunk of his HP in subdual damage, and then immediately hit rage mode. As a free action in between attacks I railed at him, in broken flind and common. " YOU KILLED HER! SHE WOULD'VE BEEN FINE! YOU! STUPID! F'RAAAGH! I SHOULD BEAT YOU UNCONSCIOUS AND SMASH YOUR BONES! I SHOULD BREAK EVERY FINGER IN YOUR HANDS AND EVERY BONE IN YOUR LEGS! I SHOULD CRIPPLE YOU!" I explained to him, in fluent barbarian, that he had broken the law of pack and pride by killing one of our own, no matter the reason. I was pissed, and he had 1 HP left when i said to him "You deserve that every lasting moment of your life be filled with fleeting pain, and finally darkness. you are F'raaghi. And you are no longer welcome in MY pack." I then punched him in the head and drove him into the negatives, causing him to black out.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:12 No.14954286
    Well, from what I know, it's more along the lines of "They eat everything, we don't know where they come from, and are guided by a gestalt/hive mind of a sort." So it's a pretty deliberate modification, with a massive, if alien intellect behind every change, everything made to further their purpose in one way or the other, which is, as said before, to FUCKING EAT EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:13 No.14954295
    One would expect that you would put those away whenever entering the world of 40k.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 05/17/11(Tue)02:14 No.14954303
         File1305612863.gif-(1.97 MB, 400x226, 126331_o.gif)
    1.97 MB

    I weep for you, for you have no tears left to shed.

    In my campaign, the Fires of Purgatory shall burn once more.
    >> Glassberg Never 05/17/11(Tue)02:14 No.14954309
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    machinely tears.
    My Tabletop Land Raider- Waltzing Matilda- is my big metal baby, I never like seeing it get hurt.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:16 No.14954325
    Well, there are the Necrons, which have almost complete and total mastery of the physical world. However, yeah, it doesn't make much sense, and is one of the many reasons I do not care much for the Nids.
    >> :stopmusic: 05/17/11(Tue)02:16 No.14954329
    Again, there's a difference between "evolving these things over time" and "controlling mind changing designs to overcome specific challenges". Space Marines have all these lists of implants because they start as normal humans and are then changed into these walking tanks. Nids are grown as is, and then thrown into battle. They don't need very many internal organs because frankly, they're not going to last long enough to NEED them. Why would you give something that's only going to last an hour the biological processes to eat or drink?

    The Tyranids are not some rabble of mindless bugs. They have the guiding inelegance of the Hive Mind behind them, and that Hive Mind has the synapses of a thousand million creatures to work with. They don't evolve because they want to. They change because they are ordered to.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:16 No.14954330

    I.. I second that.

    I will avenge purgy in our upcoming RT round! I will spread the tale of the defective land raider that found it's way back into th emperors light!


    ...sad dog-raider story is sad...
    >> That Guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 05/17/11(Tue)02:18 No.14954341
    I'd have Baww'ed if it turns out that the two players started dating soon after.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:19 No.14954354

    Thermodynamics. Go read about them. Now.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:21 No.14954377

    Man, one of my characters ended up getting married IC, quiet little affair, to another PC.
    Never occurred to me that I'd end up long-term relationing with the player. Good times. Best times.
    >> That Guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 05/17/11(Tue)02:22 No.14954390
    >> :stopmusic: 05/17/11(Tue)02:23 No.14954403
    We're talking about a universe where thoughts create physical gods, walking fungi conquer entire planets, space elves fucked each other so hard it ripped open a hole in time and space, giant mecha-while not commonplace-are used regularly, and the god of most the galaxy is a withered corpse, housing hundreds of souls inside a dying body.

    I think our universes' physical laws went out the window a long time ago.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:27 No.14954442

    Well at least you are finally admitting that neither the tyranids nor what you tried to point out made any sense.

    But don't get me wrong. Tyranid are still the top-shit tier in regards to actual possible connection to reality. Their very concept of existance is not compatible with our reality. That is all.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:27 No.14954443
    Now, my alignment had been leaning towards nuetral, but the events hereafter inevitably stained my soul evil. The paladin put up with me simply because there was no chance for her to kill me. I had almost twice her HP and if i bothered to use the axe that i never used, would probably kill her in a couple rounds. That and she agreed with my brand of justice.

    When the ranger got up, it was already the next morning. We had laid out the druid's corpse on the funeral pyre, dressed in pristine white robe. A sprig of some rare herb crossed her chest, and her forehead had been drawn with some kind of marking important to her druidic cult. Now, at this point, we were all saying some nice things about her. the senior druid was holding the torch, and the paladin gae her speech about the druid being a loyal friend and stalwart companion. The rogue snarked while tearing up a bit, saying he missed her funny laugh. I remarked to the assemblage that she had been a member of my pack, and deserved a place by the side of her god, and hoped the blessings of yeenoghu went with her. the ranger declined to comment. The Head druid dropped the torch and the sweet smelling oil ignited, the pyre consumed in a white hot flame. Our friend would be burned to ashes and feed the earth, nourishing the land in death as she had in life. We turned around, to walk away and the ranger said the last words he would ever say. " This was a waste of fucking time. We could have just buried her in that crypt."
    >> :stopmusic: 05/17/11(Tue)02:29 No.14954459
    Oh, of course they don't make sense in our universe. Almost NOTHING in the 40k verse does.
    It does, however, make pretty good sense in this fictional verse. That was what I was trying to argue, my apologies for not making that clear.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:29 No.14954460
    I flipped my shit. The gnoll threw his pack off, dropped his gambeson and challenged the ranger to a combat to the death, RIGHT THERE. He disrespected her death even now. He pulled his bow. I closed the distance as he whiffed two arrows by me, and even with my reduced AC he never landed a blow. I grappled him, and i hurt him so bad in that one round of grappling that it would have reduced him to -12 some hp. The DM looked at me, and said. " Describe Jim's death, please."

    I smiled and said. " The gnoll picks up the ranger by his chain shirt, hooking his claws through the flesh behind. a feral grin alights his mouth, showing the fool ranger a wide array of sharpened teeth. A flash of white, and he can no longer speak. His throat is a ruined mass of pulped flesh, and blood drips from the gnoll's teeth as he looks into the ranger's eyes, and curses at him in low flind. " Even in death, you have no honor." The gnoll shakes the ranger in fury and flings his body into the white hot pyre. So intently does the blaze burn that you can see the horrifying screams echoing in the ranger's eyes, even as they boil from his eye sockets, and his flesh catches flame. In mere seconds he is a charred skeleton, who does not deserve to be on the same pyre as such a noble soul."

    I grabbed the paladin's water skin and rinsed his blood from my mouth, and spat on his gear that had fallen on the ground. And for good measure, i snapped his bow in half, and threw it in the pyre as well. We left after that.

    The ranger's player never came back after that session. but the druid came back as a fighter and good times were had by all.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:30 No.14954474
    Gerr Stormclaw the loyal Gnoll fighter/Tactical soldier/Knight Defender would agree with your brand of justice. No one kills a pack brother or sister, and should a member of the pack dare too... They're not worth the skin they wear. Also, Manly tears were shed.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:31 No.14954485

    Damn straight, bro. That shit is what it's about. Pack is forever.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:33 No.14954499

    Some sessions later i veered away from barb and multiclassed into sorc. I had like 16 cha and figured it'd be sweet. I eventually found out that i could take the lich template, and in a "Solo adventure" arc, completed the lich template. After that i spent a few game months getting my entire body turned into a set of adamantium armor. I no longer had a con score, all my hit die were retroactively d12's, and so i starter to dip myself in liquid adamantium, haing raised some intelligent zombie craftsmen to artifice the stuff into real armor as it melded with my corrupted flesh. By the end of it, i was an adamantium clad barb/5 sorc/11 lich/4 with DR 10/adamantium or magic.

    And i had a ring of gentle repose so i neer started to rot. but my eyes glowed.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:35 No.14954521

    I apologize as well. It is hard to not be insulting in an internet argument.

    I shall explain that it is hard for me to accept a fictional universe that tries to imitate ours so closely. I have troubles with the point where conventional logic stops, and fantastic thought sets in.

    They work with molecules, with toxins, they work with radiation and it's effects, and with space and how it affects the normal human body, they tied it in so it would look like our solar system is in there, playing a main role - it just does not plainly say: but in this world, there's no thermodynamics. Nids CAN do that shit.

    For me, who likes to look at blueprints for weapons and actual probability of something like that existing, who likes to use logic to deduct (as far as I am able to), a "that is just that way even thought it can't be!" feels like a cold splash of water to the face that enrages me.

    It was the same as I first read about the warp, slaneshs birth to be exact. "Yet in the subtile waves of the warp, slanesh has always yet never existed, and still was born that very moment".

    I understand the concept of non-linear time, but what they are doing is just one big magic show, and the magician tries to explain everything with "it's MAGIC kids!".
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:35 No.14954522

    d'awww. That's so damn awesome.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)02:37 No.14954538
         File1305614245.jpg-(59 KB, 591x482, daww.jpg)
    59 KB
    I feel you, Bro.

    I fell in love with my GM rather than a fellow player, though.

    >Pic was a candid from a con, not completely in costume, but mostly.
    >> Vekk !Un6J8npnl. 05/17/11(Tue)02:38 No.14954552
    any other awesome stories?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:38 No.14954554

    .....Wait, what happened there? I totally responded to your first post of that post.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)02:39 No.14954562
    Sorry, I had to redo it. I had botched my spell-check to shameful levels.

    ^ Re-done
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:39 No.14954565


    d'awww. That's so damn awesome.
    >> Vekk !Un6J8npnl. 05/17/11(Tue)02:43 No.14954592
    Noone else plays the noble gnolls? I kinda wish my bro hung out on /tg/

    He's got some Wild D&D stories about his gnoll warblade who became king of a continent, invented black powder, and turned a desert oasis into a thriving empire full of civilized gnolls who then invented steam power and motherfucking trains.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:44 No.14954606
    Let me regail you with the tale of Guardsman Constantine of the Cadian 125th regiment, inducted into the Service of Inquisitor Maria Raynum or the Ordo Hereticus. Constantine had been a segeant in the Imperial Guard and had served on the front line of several wars before being taken into Raynum's service. Raynum sent the group of Acolytes that Constantine belonged to on a mission to take down a particularly strong cult. He was sent in alongside a techpriest, a sister of battle, an assassin and a psyker. The five of them rode in with two squads of arbites to this big cult head quarters. They busted in with grenades and rifles firing at will. Hundreds of cultists had filled this massive building and it was up to Constantine and the small group to cut their way through. Now Constantine uses an auto-shotgun, the same one he's used since conscript-hood and for this particular mission he brought along a melta bomb because the mansion was supposed to be heavily fortified. cont
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)02:45 No.14954612
    Well, one night I decided to GM for a change a little something and one of my random NPCs pulled at Forever-GM's heart strings.

    >Me says:
    Her red mask hid her slender face as she gazed out the window.
    >He says:
    Behind his mask, Thrask's expression was slightly surprised, but he hid it well.
    "Apologies if I am intruding, milady, but you sound rather somber given the occasion."
    >Me says:
    She touched the window with a gloved hand. "I will be fine. My son was supposed to be with me tonight, but he got in a coach wreck yesterday and could not make it. He made me promise to go anyways and have fun. But I fear I have only kept half of my promise." she smirked ruefully. "He will be fine... I'm just worrysome mother is all."
    >He says:
    The inquisitor gave her a sympathetic look, but realized it was lost behind his mask. "It was kind of him to insist, though. Is he a member of the joyous choir, by chance?"
    >Me says:
    "He is." she said with a nod. "He was on his way to a meeting yesterday when he got in the accident."
    >He says:
    "I see." Thrask looked around to be sure that no one else was paying them undue attention, and then lifted his mask to reveal his face to her. The inquisitor lightly brushed his mind against hers to reassure her. "If you need anything, just let me know."
    >Me says:
    She smiled slightly. "How kind of you. You have shown your face but kept your name from me."
    >He says:
    He smiled lightly. "To give away too much would be to violate the spirit of this Festival, of course..."
    Thrask placed a light kiss upon her gloved hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:46 No.14954617

    Never been in a game where I had the chance. Most recent D and D's been a fairly standard one, race-wise. Also, I've never Paladinned before. Didn't realise it'd be so much fun.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:52 No.14954666
    They fought their way to the inner sanctum of this huge mansion and were low on ammo and most of the fancy shells and ammo they brought had been used up, though the team still had Constantine's Melta bomb and a bunch of manstopper shells for autoguns. They pushed into what they thought was the last room and found a dying cult leader. He had a massive hole in his chest and the group was confused. The last thing he said was, "M-My life for the dark gods..." in his dying rapsy voice. Then without warning a bunch of bolt shells burst around the group and the real big bad guy bust through a wall. A fucking Night Lords chaos marine. With the most twisted grin on his face he charged us and just unloaded his bolter into our squad. The sister went down first, heavily wounded already. The psyker tried to flay his mind, and OH SHIT HE'S A SORCEROR. So he countered and fought back, then almost tore our psyker in two with his mind. The assassin and Constantine tried to hold him back while the tech priest tried to fire his plasma gun but it missed and he was disabled with a boltshell to the arm. The assassin kept him locked for a minute or two before finally being shredded. Constantine stood alone with his puny shotgun against the Night Lords Sorceror. Cont
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)02:59 No.14954709
    One of the two PC's in my long-term online dnd game was an incurable philanderer, and had wooed two of the girls in the bardic academy where he and his comrade began their game. Eventually, the allure of the fiery tomboy Miran won his heart, and when the rogue left town with a gypsy caravan he decided to come back for her and save her from her engagement to a minor nobleman named Count Haldane Trelling. In doing so, he had gotten far behind the caravan and required a horse to catch up with the entertaining troupe. The rogue snuck into the stables and mounted a horse, which he tried to jump over the fence in the pasture behind the stable. -con't
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:03 No.14954740
    When the horse refused, he turned about and rode through the stable out the front entrance. In the path of his horse was his other love, Nell, a skilled equestrian who was stunned to see him stealing one of the horses, especially with another girl's arms around him. The rogue had a choice to try and ride past her or stop, and he attempted a ride check to get past. The check was a failure, and the horse trampled the girl's leg as it overran her, leaving her mangled and heartbroken. In his panic, he kept on riding, thinking only to discard his purse of coins as recompense. He was quiet for a good long while OOC, and his character was obviously stunned by the turn of events. Later, as it turns out, the Count tracked him down following a trail of people he had robbed and wronged. As it turns out, Trelling had sympathized for the girl and paid for her healing, eventually taking her as his wife and vowing to kill the man who had hurt them both.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)03:05 No.14954753
    I found the record.
    >Note: Viktoria is using PureFaith Powers

    Thrask/GM says:
    "I.... I am the Emperor's Left Hand," he croaked, blood spilling from his lips.
    "I am Steel." He raised his blade.
    "I am Doom." He drove the blade into the Daemon's face.
    "AND I KNOW NO FEAR!" With a final effort, he smashed his power fist into the daemon, crushing it beneath his holy might.
    >GM says:
    The daemon roared in pain, the vaporized. Thrask fell to the floor, landing with enough force to crack his power armour and his spine.
    >Reatreum says:
    Viktoria threw her helm and her gauntlets into the sand as she ran for Thrask. Her knees slammed into the sand and pulled him into her lap. “STOP DOING THIS TO ME!!!” she yelled at him her hands already glowing to absorb his wounds.
    >GM says:
    Unfortunately, by the time she reached him, Thrask's soul was already gone from his body.
    >Reatreum says:
    She took his hand and prayed with all of her might to bring him back, her hands now glowing white.
    “We JUST MADE IT!” she sobbed. “I was the one who was going to die here! NOT YOU!!”
    Viktoria shook him, as the life blood of her mentor, her lover, pooled around her knees for the third time.
    But he was never this far gone. “MARTELLUS!!”
    “EMPEROR SAVE HIM!” She wailed at the top of her lungs, her hands burning from the intensity of the powers she continued trying to use.
    >Thrask says:
    A psychic presence, weak and less than a whisper brushed against Viktoria's mind. //I love you, Viktoria... ...I deny the end...//
    With the last word, it faded away, leaving her to wonder if it had been real at all.
    >Reatreum says:
    Viktoria trembled and pulled him closer, putting his forehead against hers. “I love you too.... don’t.... leave me.”
    >Stark says:
    "So it ends as it begins," Stark said quietly
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:05 No.14954758
    Constantine tried to fire for full effect and even with righteous fury couldn't pierce that marines armour. So in typical BBEG fasion he toyed with Constantine. Grabbing him by the throat and tossing him across the room. Constantine's trusty shotgun falling far from his grip. He staggered to his feet as the marine barreled down on him and so Constantine dove out of the way and rolled to the doorway. The marine fired two bolt shells, one connecting with Constantine's right arm, blowing it off at the shoulder. I sat there gaping mouthed, before asking if I could burn a fate point to live, the GM said you'd still probably die... I asked if I could burn two and remain conceious. He said "yeah, sure. Not much you can do." So Constantine now with no fate left, took his melta bomb out, rolled to see if he bled to death, and passed. The Marine was gloating and about to execute the downed assassin when he was tackled from behind, Constantine climbing onto his backpack and barely able to hold on. The Marine staggered back and forth, out of range of the others unknowingly. Constantine then smiled and looked at his enemy, who now had him in a grip with a bolter pointed at his head. "Any last words?" He said. Constantine just curled his scarred lips into a devilish grin. "Yeah, I'll see you in hell." And then, calmly as can be, he activated the melta bomb and was incinerated along the the traitor marine. It was awesome but at the same time I was really sad to see the grizzled old bugger die.
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:07 No.14954768
    My first reaction to that picture was 'DAYUM I LIKE THAT ARMOR'... then it disappeared.

    Back in the olden days (05-07) of Gmod RP I played on an HL2 RP server as a German immigrant by the name of Hans Joedl. Mr Joedl was a seaman by trade, but was thrust into City 18 where it was quite... landlocked. Having no way to do the profession he actually knew, he decided to look for work in the slums. A shady fellow in a trenchcoat and fedora approached him from an alley and inquired if he needed a job. Fast forward to the other side of town and Mr Joedl has used a loaned .38 snub to kill a rather important off duty Civil Protection officer for the petty sum of 200 creds. Fastforward 2 OOC years and Mr Joedl owns a pair of ships, both registered under the import/export business he joined back in City 18, that is now based in City 19 (md_venetien). Other than the legal goods he frequently hauled into the city, including food and medical equipment. Through circumstantial and just plain luck he came to be part of a rather secretive organization by the name of Diamenta Import/Export, which was a front for a mafia-esque gun and drug running ring. Fast forward another 2 OOC months and Mr Joedl is one of two surviving members of Diamenta and privy to a rather large weapons cache in the city. By large, it was somewhere in the range of 200 firearms and dozens of bricks of C4 and breaching charges. Dealing guns on the street and at sea was quite profitable until one day a deal at the local lighthouse, a normal meeting point, went awry. A half dozen dead Civil Protection units and an injured Overwatch unit later, Mr Joedl is taken into custody with an FN Fal and three blocks of C4 on his person at time of capture. After a 5 hour (OOC hours.) interrogation by the Overwatch, Mr Joedl is turned over to the local puppetmaster, a very mean bitch. After losing both ears to her teeth and betraying the last remaining member of Diamenta (who was a twat) to them-
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:09 No.14954789
         File1305616164.png-(91 KB, 1323x686, Epic tale.png)
    91 KB
    Can't believe this isn't in here yet. Sad end is sad.
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:10 No.14954797
    cont- Mr Joedl, who the bitch in charge came to like through his constant insults and swearing and general rage, was given the gift of being sliced quite a bit and turned into a Stalker unit.

    tl;dr: I played one character in an HL2 rp for almost 2.5 years and he got turned into a stalker.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)03:10 No.14954802
         File1305616256.jpg-(287 KB, 681x1024, 4971695854_5f03c679b6_b.jpg)
    287 KB
    I did put it back!

    But to make amends, here have a better pic of the armor.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:12 No.14954816

    This. I approve of this.
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:13 No.14954824
    You look familiar.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)03:15 No.14954836
    I've been lurking and posting for months now. I finally chose a name since my costume got more popular.
    >> !.Sam.Maezs 05/17/11(Tue)03:16 No.14954846
    wait are you the sister?
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:17 No.14954852
    That's what I figured.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)03:20 No.14954882
         File1305616851.jpg-(127 KB, 767x1024, DCon 2010 018.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:22 No.14954900
    Damn... bet the player felt like shit.
    >> !.Sam.Maezs 05/17/11(Tue)03:22 No.14954901
    pretty awesome.

    im working on an eldar ranger costume at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:23 No.14954907
    Our resident Rogue Trader got rather choked up while he watched helplessly from the shuttle as his ship was brutalized by the Spear of Destiny, its stalwart hull holding out long enough for him to escape as crackling bolts of energy blazed into the vessel. Once they were out on the surface of Mara, he looked up into the sky and saw a star burn brightly for a moment as the plasma reactor from a starship took it to oblivion with all hands.
    >> MostlyPuritan Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:24 No.14954917
    I am working on an Inquisitor and hopefully an Eldar Farseer
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:25 No.14954934
    Damn Elfdar!!
    I jest.
    I'm planning a cogboy suit. Probably a Magos Militant type deal.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:27 No.14954946
    In addition to the Captain's fear for his vessel, I have to admit that I shed a manly GM tear when their characters witnessed the deaths of Erasmus Haarlock's daughter and wife.
    >> !.Sam.Maezs 05/17/11(Tue)03:27 No.14954950
    does the farseer have any type of armour?
    also what are you useing for your cape/robes?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:27 No.14954953
    Oh Throne... I remember that... I got teared up too! That ship kept our party going for quite some time!!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:28 No.14954960
    Still playing with the design, so I haven't actually started it yet. But soon I hope.
    >> MostlyPuritan Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:30 No.14954976
    That was me.
    >> Mostly Puritan Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:37 No.14955015
    In one of my D&D games my character's father got kidnapped. They sent her his arm... with his signant ring still on his finger.

    It sounds pft now, but in the game is was very moving. It was the first word she had gotten in MONTHS.
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:47 No.14955060
    As I suspected, you're putting your name in the subject field instead of the name field.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:47 No.14955065
    Had an Air Elementalist character at one point.
    He was pretty straight-laced NG, but ended up having his life saved by a CN swashbuckler-type fella. They partied together for a bit, and kicked some ass. Then the Rogue vanished off the face of the planet for a few months, having, well, gotten into tings he shouldn't have, and having been working with the Big Bads all along. Callis (the Elementalist) was pretty busted up over his disappearance. The swashbuckler guy put in one appearance before he vanished completely, and that was the time I saw him *eating the eyes* out of some murdered servants we'd found in a mansion. He escaped, quite easily, and chose *not* to horribly fuck me over by taking me along.
    Bromance to the end, man.
    Unfortunately it never got properly resolved, game not being on anymore and all, but there was some serious angst on my part. His too, I think. He was evil and crazy, but he hated having to reveal it to a bro that thought so much of him.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)03:48 No.14955070
    Yeah.... I figured it out....
    I realized that I SUPER herped and derped away the post.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)03:54 No.14955109
    I played a really caring and loving cleric once. His name was Corrol. He was basically glass. His only purpose to the party was to patch them up when they were hurt and he did so with a smile. It was Pelor's work, and he would do it no matter the danger. The pary was pretty solid and balanced otherwise. One fateful encounter saw me on the verge of tears tho. We ran into this dragon and like a bunch of derps we tried to fight it. It was a red and it was big. The thing just started destroying us and Corrol just kept running back and forth trying to heal his buddies. It was typical dragon fighting style, lure it to the ground, beat it with attacks and magic dps but the dragon wouldn't play fair. See Corrol had been super nice to everyone, like stupidly so. I played the most naive and nice guy you can think of. He took less party loot. Only bought items that helped the group and made everyone the better. He couldn't fight so he made others better at it. Hell he'd done everything he could for everyone he'd ever met. He was the plot fisher. -continued-
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)03:57 No.14955129
    It happens.

    Another Gmod rp story. This one super summarized since my memory is hazy.

    >Join random post apoc server, play a char that doesnt speak english
    >Run into secretive group, almost killed immediately
    >Group decides to use me as a guard and teach me english
    >ICly love interest with female member that decided not to kill me
    >3 irl years and 2 servers later I co-lead group
    >Love interest leaves for new guy who doesn't speak english lolirony
    >Both of them get killed in a faction dispute
    >Die in gunfight with "good guy" faction who were going to do serious damage to "bad guy" faction that my group is buddy buddy with
    >Revived by insane science of group
    >Slain again by "good guy" faction in cold blood

    I put a lot into my Gmod rp chars back in the day. I was quite sad when that fellow died. I had pages of backstory on top of hundreds of IC contacts and allies.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)04:00 No.14955156
    So we're fighting this dragon and the fighter get's bit hard. Leaving him near death so Corrol rushed over to help. He heals the fighter back to full and smiles. The Wizard is next to need help, when the dragon burns him with fire. Corrol rushes over and tries to get him on his feet, doing so with skilled pelorian ease. Everything is going better than expected until the dragon starts hitting everyone with spells and attacks. Soon Corrol's the only one still at high health. Fleeing is the plan it seems but the dragon has other ideas. As the party goes to flee the dragon grabs Corrol with a bite and tosses him to the ground, dropping him to 1 HP. Corrol's crying out in pain as this thing is about to destroy him and the party just stares at him. It's a total PKO if they try to fight but Corrol's just dying there. The one person who took care of every scrape, bruse, gut wound... -continued-
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)04:04 No.14955183
    Corrol has taken care of the party. Been there for every near death and always helped and carried his weight. Now the party stands there and just looks at each other before running. Looking back, yeah I get it. They didn't want to die. But at the time I was on a near break down. Corrols turn. I use a free action, cause I cannot hope to win a grapple check, to make a final goodbye. As I'm starting to break down I manage to choke out this. "I-I understand guys! I-I-I'm sorry I couldn't do better in this fight... I should've been stronger." And then I passed. And let the dragon devour me. The party escaped and everyone felt like shit. They had just left the nicest guy they'd ever had die in cold blood.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)04:22 No.14955285
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)04:56 No.14955480
         File1305622587.png-(116 KB, 300x378, 987.png)
    116 KB
    Well, me and my friends play a homebrew Bioshock system. And if you played the games, you might know who Mark Meltzer is (He basically went down into Rapture to rescue his daughter who was kidnapped and turned into a little sister). We found Mark Meltzer and his daughter in the campaign and Mark was a Big Daddy and his daughter was a little sister, they were both paired together, but we knew that Mark would've wanted his daughter to be normal again, even if it meant his death, so we had to kill Mark and take his daughter, we were planning on rescuing her, but there was a horrible chain of events and it ended up that a Splicer harvest Mark's daughter and we couldn't save her and all that was left of her was the drained sea slug and a tiny locket that said
    "Daddy will always protect you."

    I'm so sorry, Mark. We tried.

    So many tears.
    >> Colt 05/17/11(Tue)04:58 No.14955492
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)05:07 No.14955542
    Mutants and Masterminds.

    A supervillain's loli daughter has a terminal illness. He builds a gynoid body with a fusion power plant and transfers her consciousness into it – just in time for a team of superheroes to assault his fortress. She survived the devastation but her father disappeared.

    Years later Ember is a superhero but her artificial body hasn't aged. She's in college, and constantly getting harassed. She looks human, but she looks 13. Everyone thinks she's a kid, except Merlin, who thought she was a golem. Even in costume (TRON legacy bodysuit) and on missions with her team its a problem. Her room back at the base looks like it belongs to a 30-year old. There is nothing pink, or purple, or cute, or fluffy. She's compensating, and angry.

    There is a fa/tg/uy who actually has magical powers. Unfortunately, he also has schizophrenia. He believes himself to be a 3.5 wizard in the Forgotten Realms. He's not a bad kid, he's just off his pills, because someone else switched them out. The team can't deal with the real bad guy, they have to deal with the mage...
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)05:08 No.14955550
    ...After the druid and the technical boy can't find him through scrying and google-fu, Ember hatches a plan: Play into his delusion. They craft or acquire costumes, props, and use illusion magic. The technical boy floats over the city dressed and acting the part of a demon prince, challenging the heroic wizard to stop him from marrying the princess and using her secret power to take over the world. The wizard agrees! He appears in the throne room (really a penthouse) of the dark tower (really a skyscraper) that we have arrayed with props and illusion magic. Ember has the Attractive x2 feat (literally golden hair, eyes like diamonds because they are), and is in a princess costume, tied to a chair. She does a magnificent job acting the part of the damsel in distress, begging him to free her. He engages the rest of the team. She is their main source of ranged DPS, but she has to sit out the fight, or he'll see through their plan. Instead of melting her bonds and blasting him, she cries out for him to help her, and she genuinely means it. He's not a bad guy at heart, he's trying to save her, and for once she can put aside her anger and feel affection for another person. She is genuinely upset when her team finally has him knocked out with drugs.

    The team gets back into their regular costumes and delivers him, unconscious, to the hospital. Ember sees to it he's injected with his meds, and before she goes, kisses him on the cheek, then flies back to base on a ribbon of fire.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)09:23 No.14956666
    >Dark Heresy
    >Dude has character who's a Psyker who hates psykers
    >Psyker believes Inquisitor knows how to "cure" her
    >Gets sent to some world where a marine platform stopped responding, with Commissar and Sororita (me)
    >Upon arriving, Psyker senses the Warp no more
    >Turns out world has a Null-Field à la Cadia
    >Instead of freaking out OHGODIMBLIND, Psyker thinks "Oh yes I *am* free now."
    >... later in the plant, Commissar critfails Lore test and goes "GET AWAY FROM HERETEK DEVICE", Psyker still goes plug dataslate in, gets BLAM'd, burn Fate to survive, says "and I die free as he promised", slits own throat with psykana suicide blade
    >Most moving PC death ever
    >Sororita later dies
    >Had been marked by two daemons for omnom'ing, once by Slaanesh and then Nurgle
    >Planet-scale Null Field, soul trapped on world forever, FUCK YOU WARP GODS
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)11:34 No.14957441
         File1305646492.jpg-(35 KB, 320x223, Sephiroth-killing-Aeris-Final-(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    >browsing through /tg/ threads
    see >>14953773
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:02 No.14957627
    My group and I were in a raging battle against our shadow group (the dm designed each person specifically to counter our specific PCs) and my friend went down. I ended up throwing my counterpart off a cliff and sprinted to help my friend. The next couple turns I completely eviscerated his counterpart and tried to help him...

    Turns out that the entire time, he had wanted his guy to die spectacularly so he could create a new character (which he ended up hating and wished he could take it back). The bad guy did some DM rise of the phoenix shit and burn him to death in my arms.

    I was so pissed that I couldn't save him even though I technically did. It was out of my control. Only PC to ever die on my watch.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:08 No.14957668
         File1305648499.jpg-(20 KB, 450x297, quads.jpg)
    20 KB
    Cute quads bro.
    >> MostlyPuritan 05/17/11(Tue)12:30 No.14957831
    A planet wide null field? Tell me more. Sounds interesting!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:53 No.14957990


    mfw when I have no face
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:54 No.14958005
    I was DM'ing a campaign where a PC had to leave the country for a year and a half. His character was a Hobgoblin Fighter, and a radass. He sacrificed himself to save the other players during a ridiculous event. I actually blogged their adventures as a story each week. Lemme see if I can find it...

    Ah. Here we go.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:55 No.14958013
    "Kill it! Kill it quickly!" Vulcan shouted as he brought his mace into the flailing creature, breaking its beak in a bloody display.

    Ashpaw yanked hard as the monster reeled from the blow, exposing its neck. Immediately, Minas drove his spear into the creature's jaw and pulled its head low to the waiting attacks of Torym, Mahog, Vulcan, and Ramfell.

    It had barely breathed its last before Ashpaw clambered up its twitching body and tore its eyes from its head. Ramfell and Minas prodded at the corpse until gravity took its hold and claimed the cartwheeling monster.

    As Ashpaw jammed the beast's eyes into the two remaining holes in the mechanism, they heard a shout from below. Gunjir had nearly completed his ascent, alone, and called to his companions to be careful with their leavings. He surmounted the broken stairs with huge leaps and had only just gained his footing when the topmost plane of the tower began to click and turn like a clockwork device.

    From this distance, the cloud of dragons could not be mistaken for anything else. The beam's color began to shift wildly as it folded upon itself and began to spiral and descend, causing an uproar among the approaching dragons. Within moments, it became clear that the light was forming a transparent dome of blue energy.

    At the outmost edge of the tower's pinnacle as the flying nation set upon the tower, Gunjir turned to his companions. "To the center, brothers! Fight from the center!"
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:55 No.14958018
    Before he could turn again to face the attackers, a claw hit him laterally, taking him from his feet and the tower entirely. The grasping creature fought to bite the Hobgoblin as Gunjir's axe smashed into its scaly face repeatedly before it fell unconscious, dropping him into the mouth of an ascending attacker. The victorious creature rose above the six remaining and reeled its head back, preparing to strike before its eyes bulged, and its wings failed, driving it like a hammer to the earth thousands of feet below.

    Fighting off swipes and the occasional acidic spray from the dragons' throats, the warriors held fast as the dome completed, shutting them off from the attacks entirely. The construction complete, the ambition of the dragons changed entirely as they fought direly to change direction and flee from the tower, beating their wings faster than the air could support. Some began to fight harshly against the wind created by their brothers, only losing altitude moments before the dome around the warriors erupted with a silent shockwave, lighting the sky in a bright arc before shredding the thousands of dragons into a blizzard of moist confetti.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)12:56 No.14958020
    As a thick rain of red and black fell upon the dome, it became very clear that the warriors had begun to move. The dust that carpeted the crater began to roil southward as they were pulled to the North. After what seemed like several minutes of this invisible travel, it abruptly ended, sending the warriors cascading against one another in the dome. Pushing against each other to see what had changed, their gaze was fixed to the mile-high wall of dust that hit them like a hammer.

    The tower buckled as the metal shards which peppered its surroundings bounced unevenly through its city before breaking the obsidian monument with their incredible momentum. The warriors fell earthward in their dome, rocked from the forces destroying the tower. Before the fall could kill them, however, the dome erupted again, bouncing them in the air and sending a clean sphere of air into the tumult of the dust. After this eruption, the dome failed, and the group fell the remaining five yards to the ground in an exhausted and battered heap.

    They arose as one, grimacing at the extreme pain of surviving such a fall as they watched the billowing canyon of dust leave them for the North, rising as it traveled.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)13:08 No.14958119
    Purity seal the size of a continent.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)14:01 No.14958548
    I read this as "It just wanted to test"
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)15:50 No.14959473
         File1305661822.jpg-(69 KB, 500x400, 3609975518_86287a380f.jpg)
    69 KB

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