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    611 KB Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)01:07 No.15043904  
    A few weeks ago, I heard mention of someone on /tg/ who was trying to work out a table-top version of Homeworld that would be workable and entertaining. I've checked the usual archives, but found nothing on this to date, and decided to carry on the project myself.

    Hence, for your gentlemanly pleasure, I now present my version of Homeworld: Galactic War.

    The rules and gameplay are fairly standard. Get a bunch of index cards, a couple of pens & pencils (you should have both, but just pencils will do), some tokens to indicate Fleets (you can cut out circles from a cereal box or tagboard for nice thick tokens) and several D6's (even just two should suffice)...and an opponent to play against.

    Each ship (or group of ships) has four essential characteristics; Movement (which determines the speed and turning capacity of the vessel), Size (which determines how hard it is to hit), Armor (how much damage it can absorb before inevitable destruction), and Defense (An amount of damage reduction that incoming attacks must overcome). On your index cards, write out the number of ships (as well as their movement, size, defense, and any weapons they possess) on the front, and on the back a number of check-boxes equal to the armor for each ship, separated out.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)01:19 No.15044030
         File1306300759.jpg-(131 KB, 766x552, 1260857333390.jpg)
    131 KB
    MULTI-TASKING: Sometimes, fleet command can only allocate so much micromanagement to the current fleet engagement. At the start of EACH turn, both players roll D6 to see who goes first, with ties going to the player with the smallest force (in number of Fleets).

    MOVEMENT/TURNING: Fleets may move any distance up to their total Movement in inches, and may make sleight turns within their frontal 90degree arc without penalty. A turn of greater than 45* in either direction costs 2 inches of Movement, and greater than 135* (or further than their side arc) costs 4 inches of Movement. Ships may only make one rotation per turn.

    ATTACKING: When a ship fires its weapons (or attempts a Kamikaze maneuver), roll 2d6. Fighter class ships require a To-Hit of 9+, Corvettes require a To-Hit of 8+. Frigates require a To-Hit of 7+, Capitol Ships require a To-Hit of 6+, and Super-Capitol Ships require a To-Hit of only 5+. This roll can be modified by different formations and tactics.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)01:25 No.15044084
    Kharak burns because you took too long to post.

    I'd recommand a number for the to hit be based off of skill and adjusted for both the attacker and target speed.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)01:30 No.15044122
         File1306301407.jpg-(182 KB, 827x1169, 1271701485851.jpg)
    182 KB
    EVASION: Smaller craft benefit from high agility, allowing them to move faster than the tracking speed of most weapons, taking grazing hits rather than full blows. Fighter and Corvette class ships have an evasion save equal to Half their total Movement. On a roll of 2d6 equal or under their Evasion save, any damage from that attack (after Defense) is reduced to 1.

    TACTICS: Changing combat priorities in the field is necessary when your adversaries could be highly durable, or extremely agile. Most ships start in Neutral. A fleet can also be set to Evasive (granting +2 Movement, but -1 Attack), or Aggressive (+1 Attack, but -2 Movement), or back to Neutral afterwards. A Fleet can only change tactics once per turn.

    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)01:40 No.15044229
         File1306302000.jpg-(275 KB, 700x470, 1271702453419.jpg)
    275 KB
    SPECIALS: Certain ships have additional special effects that they can contribute, once per game (such as the Scouts' "Boost" power, the Heavy Corvette's "Burst Fire" power, or the Missile Destroyer's "Barrage" power). See the unit entries for the specifics on these units.

    WEAPON SPECIALS: Certain weapons have added effects that modify their capacities. These are as follow:
    =Autofire= This weapon unloads a continuous stream of fire, making it ideal for countering fast-moving craft. You may roll an extra die when rolling To-Hit, and keep two of the die rolled.
    =Chain X= This weapon has multiple firing points, allowing it to trace fire across multiple targets, or just pour hits into a single target continuously. On a successful hit, roll an additional attack (up to X additional attacks with this weapon).
    =Inaccurate= While effective against slower-moving capitol ships, this weapon is not as effective against faster craft. Your opponent may force you to re-roll one of the To-Hit die on this attack
    =Seeking= This weapon homes in on it's targets, guaranteeing their destruction. You may re-roll the To-Hit dice for this attack.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)01:52 No.15044369
         File1306302724.jpg-(212 KB, 1800x1200, 1271701645250.jpg)
    212 KB
    Mass Driver: D3 Damage, Range 4, Autofire
    Dual Mass Driver: D3 Damage, Range 4, Chain 1, Autofire
    Triple Mass Driver: D3 Damage, Range 4, Chain 2, Autofire
    Plasma Cannon: 2D6 Damage, Range 6, Inaccurate
    Medium Turret: D6 Damage, Range 6, Chain 1, Autofire
    Space Mine: 2D6 Damage, Range (Special), Seeking
    Flak Cannon: 3D3 Damage, Range 8
    Ion Cannon: 2D6 Damage, Range 10, Inaccurate, Autofire, Chain 2
    Missile: 2D3 Damage, Range 12, Seeking
    Heavy Mass Driver: 4D6 Damage, Range 10, Inaccurate
    Heavy Ion Cannon: 3D6 Damage, Range 12, Inaccurate, Autofire, Chain 2

    Special note: Seeking on the previous page should also say "Can not reduced with an Evasion save."


    I've considered it, but that would be too much information for each ship. It was far simpler (both in rules, and in playtesting) for the to-hit to be based on the ship class. That's what the evasion save is for.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)01:53 No.15044395
    This looks like way too much work.

    Plus, you need to use 3d movement to some extent, otherwise it just isn't Homeworld. That, of course, is more work.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)02:06 No.15044501
         File1306303595.png-(1.25 MB, 3927x2930, 1271699536989.png)
    1.25 MB
    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 12
    Armor: 2
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 5 scouts per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Boost: Once per game, the scouts may gain +6 Movement for that turn only.
    Scouts are the fast response and support ship of choice for a small fleet. Mobile, and able to evade most shots, scouts are best used to harrass the enemy while bigger guns are brought to bear.

    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 10
    Armor: 3
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 5 interceptors per fleet.
    Whereas the scout is the agile gazelle, the Interceptor is the workhorse of the fighter class. With impressive mobility, it's higher armor and firepower allow it to engage targets in much higher numbers and hold their own.

    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 6
    Armor: 5
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 5 scouts per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Rotational Thrusters: Defenders may always fire at any target in range, regardless of whether they are in their frontal arc. When independant, a fleet of Defenders never has to pay movement costs to rotate.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)02:21 No.15044618
    And again, my horrible copy-paste work. Should read "1-3 groups of 5 Defenders per fleet" under the defender unit size entry.

    ===Attack Bomber
    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 8
    Armor: 6
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 3 Attack Bombers per fleet.
    Dedicated anti-capitol ship fighters, Attack Bombers excel at penetrating the heavy armor covering those vessels, blasting them away with withering fire.

    ===Cloaked Fighter
    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 10
    Armor: 3
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 3 Cloaked Fighters per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Cloaking: Cloaked fighters are adept at hiding from enemy forces. They ignore auto-fire and seeking effects, and if they evade they take no damage whatsoever.

    ===Defense Fighter
    Size: Fighter
    Movement: 12
    Armor: 6
    Defense: 0
    Unit size: 1-3 groups of 3 Defense Fighters per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Defensive Field: Defense fighters, while lacking offensive weaponry, provide powerful defensive protection to all ships nearby, deflecting attacks with its laser system. A fleet with Defense fighters in it gets +1 Defense, plus an additional 1 if there are at least 6 Defense fighters in the fleet.

    Right. 3D movement. On a tabletop surface.
    >>Perhaps I'll make a 3D computer generated version of this at some point. Then, I can actually use 3D models, and maybe even make it real-time rather than turn based.
    You're complaining about it being too much work, when you don't need to do any.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)02:30 No.15044697
    The larger ships I've tried to base as much off of their in-game stats as possible. So far, it rounds out pretty well in terms of cost-versus-"rate of attrition" when fighters and corvettes go up against larger ships. Before I throw that out, though; What do you think the Formation orders should be? Thus far, my concepts have been:

    Delta: Agile formation due to angle of ships. Halves turning costs (1/4 turns costs 1 inch, 1/2 turn costs 2 inches)

    X Formation: Pick your targets. Attacking player may allocate hits on the target fleet (Following normal rules of 1 hit per ship, before any ship gets two, etc.)

    Claw Formation: Concentrate Fire. Attacks are applied to one ship in the target fleet until it is destroyed, before allocating them to the next.

    Wall Formation: The Iron Curtain. All attacks in the formation get +1 damage.

    Sphere Formation: Halves the range of the attacks, but gives a +1 to the attack.
    >> monotreeme 05/25/11(Wed)02:34 No.15044721
    rolled 98 = 98

    there are tabletop games that model 3D combat if they can do it so can you,
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:40 No.15044771
         File1306305604.jpg-(22 KB, 312x635, KMS Finshed 2.jpg)
    22 KB
    This actually looks good. Rest easy OP you have done well this day. All you need now is a nice pdf version
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)02:51 No.15044869

    ===Light Corvette
    Size: Corvette
    Movement: 8
    Armor: 9
    Defense: 1
    Unit size: 1-5 Light Corvettes per fleet.

    ===Heavy Corvettes
    Size: Corvette
    Movement: 6
    Armor: 17
    Defense: 1
    Unit size: 1-5 Heavy Corvettes per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Burst Fire: In a spectacular display, the space around their target is rocked with explosions. The Heavy Corvettes get +1 Damage and increase their Chain 1 to a Chain 3 for this turn only.

    ===Multi-Gun Corvette
    Size: Corvette
    Movement: 8
    Armor: 14
    Defense: 1
    Unit size: 1-5 Multi-Gun Corvettes per fleet.

    ===Minelayer Corvette
    Size: Corvette
    Movement: 6
    Armor: 18
    Defense: 1
    Unit size: 1-4 Minelayer Corvettes per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Lay Minefield: Rather than attacking directly, the minelayer corvettes may hold their position and begin spreading a minefield. Once per game you may place a die or other counter against the base of the Minelayer's fleet as long as it doesn't move this turn. After the start of the next turn, any enemy ship passing within 6 inches of the counter takes an automatic attack from a Space Mine at the end of the turn.

    I loled. There's a big difference between "Can" and "Am willing to put the effort into it." Like you said, more work than it's worth for the sake of a game, and it wouldn't contribute much to the gameplay at all (other than requiring a graphing calculator to do the range-finding in three dimensions). If you think it's necessary, then by all means illuminate me on how to do it.
    >> monotreeme 05/25/11(Wed)02:55 No.15044889
    rolled 63 = 63

    eh, they have the charts all run up already.

    dungeons the dragoning ripped shit out of everywhere so can you.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)03:08 No.15044958
    Thanks, anon. Once I get this out of my notebook and onto computer, it'll get condensed down (with sample "unit cards" for the different ships) and properly organized. Any criticisms?

    ===Assault Frigate
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 32
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1-4 Assault Frigates per fleet.

    ===Ion Cannon Frigates
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 30
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1-3 Ion Cannon Frigates per fleet.

    ===Drone Frigate
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 32
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1 Drone Frigate per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Drone Field: Due to the number of drones surrounding the ship, each of it's 6 Mass drivers has Chain 4, and the ship has a special +1 Defense (for a total of 3). However, each time the ship take a hit, it's Chain rating is reduced by 1. If the chain rating drops to 0, it returns to it's natural defense of 2.

    ===Defense Field Frigate
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 35
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1 Defense Field Frigate per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Defense Field: As long as the Defense Field Frigate is intact, all ship in it's fleet gain +2 Defense. This bonus overrides any bonus from Defense fighters (the two do not stack).
    >> ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)03:22 No.15045041
    Here are the big nasties.

    Size: Capitol Ship
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 44
    Defense: 3
    Unit size: 1-2 Destroyers per fleet.

    ===Missile Destroyer
    Size: Capitol Ship
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 42
    Defense: 3
    Unit size: 1 Missile Destroyer per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Barrage: Once per game, the missile destroyer can dump all tubes, devastating fighters and capitol ships alike. For this turn, it's missiles become a Chain 6 Weapon, but next turn it may not fire at all.

    ===Heavy Cruiser
    Size: Super-Capitol Ship
    Movement: 2
    Armor: 60
    Defense: 4
    Unit size: 1 Heavy Cruiser per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Floating Fortress: The heavy cruiser can fire on any target within it's frontal or side arcs, with any number of it's weapons. It may split fire among several different target fleets, as it wishes.

    If I can do it, so can you. We can do this all day, it doesn't change the fact that I'm contributing and you're not. If you want it to happen, and it's so damn easy, do the work yourself.
    >> Homeworld Tabletop Strategy ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)03:36 No.15045131

    ===Repair Corvette
    Size: Corvette
    Movement: 8
    Armor: 12
    Defense: 1
    Unit size: 1-3 Repair Corvettes per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Repair: Repair corvettes can forgo shooting to remove D3 damage from one ship in the fleet per corvette, or from a ship in another fleet within 2 inches.

    ===Support Frigates
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 6
    Armor: 24
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1-2 Support Frigates per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Repair and Refuel: If the Support Frigate forgoes shooting it can remove D6 damage from one ship in it's fleet, or from a ship in another fleet within 3 inches. Additionally, once per game any fighters and/or corvettes in the unit may forgo their shooting to remove D3 damage per ship.

    ===Cloak Generator
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 12
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1 Cloak Generator per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Cloaking Field: As long as the Cloak Generator is intact, all ships in the fleet ignore autofire and seeking effects.

    ===Gravity Well Generator
    Size: Frigate
    Movement: 4
    Armor: 16
    Defense: 2
    Unit size: 1 Gravity Well Generator per fleet.
    SPECIAL: Gravity Well Active: Whenever any fighter (friend or foe) comes within 6 inches of the Gravity Well Generator, it's movement becomes 0 and it cannot shoot. However, at the end of each turn roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the Generator automatically Scuttles!
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:38 No.15045139
    I'm really looking forward to try this game.
    >implying I'll field anything but salvage corvettes.
    >> ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)03:50 No.15045204
         File1306309806.jpg-(685 KB, 1680x1050, 1298522089284.jpg)
    685 KB

    5 scouts = 17 RU Mass Driver
    5 interceptors = 27 RU Dual Mass Driver
    5 defenders = 32 RU 25 Tri-Mass Driver
    3 Atack bombers =22 RU Plasma Cannon
    3 Cloacked Fighter = 22 RU Mass Driver
    3 Defense Fighter = 22 RU

    Light Corvette = 13 RU each Large Mass Driver
    Heavy Corvette = 24 RU each Large Mass Driver (x2)
    Repair Corvette = 15 RU each Dual Mass Driver
    Salvage corvette = 22 RU each
    Minelayer Corvette = 27 RU each Mine Field
    Multi-gun Corvette = 22 RU each Tri-Mass Driver (x2)

    Assault Frigate = 57 RU each
    Support Frigate = 42 RU each
    Ion Cannon Frigate = 65 RU each
    Drone Frigate = 80 RU each 32
    Defense Field Frigate = 800 RU each

    Destroyer = 135 RU each
    Missile Destroyer = 150 each

    Heavy Cruiser = 370 RU each
    Carrier = 200 RU each

    Resource Collector= 65 RU each
    Resource Controller = 68 RU each

    Proximity Sensor= 5 RU each
    Cloak Generator = 50 RU each
    Gravity Well Generator = 80 RU each

    I'm figuring there will be additional costs to add higher tech units like corvettes, frigates, and what not; essentially "unlocking" the tech tree with RU points. The total RU points determines the size of each army.

    Other than that, I'm pretty burnt out, so I'm gonna call it for tonight. Feel free to discuss this, if it's still up in six hours I'll add some more content. G'night, /tg/. May Hiigara find you all.
    >> ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)04:00 No.15045269
    Shoot! Thank you for reminding me:

    ===Salvage Corvette
    Size: Corvette
    Move: 6
    Armor: 15
    Defense: 1
    Unit Size: 1-5 Salvage Corvettes per fleet
    SPECIAL: Salvage/Lockdown: If the Salvage Corvettes are in base-contact with target fleet, they can attempt to disrupt the systems of enemy vessels, and potentially capture them. Roll To-Hit for each salvage corvette, assigning targets as the attacker wishes (Evasion saves apply). If it hits, the targets Move is reduced to 0, and the corvette gains control of the other ships weapons (The controlled ship can be dragged at the corvette's speed, or it's own, whichever is lowest)! Frigate require one extra corvette to control, Capitol Ships require two extra corvettes, and Super-Capitol Ships require 3 extra corvettes to control
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)04:16 No.15045350
    What about special faction ships? Use them as mercenaries?

    Like the Turanic Raider Ion Array Frigate and the Attack Carrier. With their assorted strike-craft, nicely gift-wrapped.

    Kadeshi and their mushroom ships, barrel roll frigates and FUEL FUEL FUEL FUEL needy fighters.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)04:18 No.15045362
    >You're complaining about it being too much work, when you don't need to do any.
    Am I supposed to feel bad about that? This system is overly complicated.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)04:26 No.15045397
    Non-contributing troll is non-contributing.

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully, we'll be able to make a great TT game out of this.

    Also the thread is now in sup/tg/ archive.
    >> ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)13:34 No.15048294
    Hey gang, I'm back. Just giving some additional content before I run off to work.

    For the battle scale, I tested out levels of 100 RU at a time, in a geometrically increasing scale, and it works out pretty well.

    A 100 RU battle is a minor skirmish; usually fighters or Corvettes, duking it out over a sector of space. 300 RU battles focus around a few reliable Frigates (Or even a Capitol ship) supported by fighters, engaging enemy attack waves on route to each other's mothership. 600 RU battles are nasty, large-scale conflicts where Fleet Command is desperately rushing to coordinate all elements. A 1000 RU battle is an all out war, and I'm going to have to stat up the motherships just so they can have an additional objective.

    So far, I've been using a 4 foot by 4 foot playing area for the 100 RU and 300 RU, and a 6 foot by 4 foot area for the 600 RU and 1000 RU battles, with opposing forces starting in a triangular area 1 foot by 1 foot in each corner. (2 by 2 for the 6' board)

    Fleets can be composed of any combination of ships, up to the limits mentioned in their Unit Size, but always uses the lowest Move of the entire unit when travelling and turning. They can only target a single enemy fleet when they attack, so putting all your eggs in one basket may let you pour a lot of firepower into a single target, but doesn't allow the separate elements to prioritize targets (unless you're using an X-Formation, but even then that's one hit per ship, before evasion saves and whatnot).
    >> ThatAnimaGuy !Bmn./sC95Q 05/25/11(Wed)13:40 No.15048323
    That's something that I think I'll add at some point, once I can go back through the game (or the game code, at least) and pick out their stats. For right now, I'm just going to stick with the playable factions from the original, and hopefully Cataclysm once I get my hands on it.

    Thanks, Chief.

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