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  • File : 1306407377.jpg-(73 KB, 454x340, everyonebutmarines.jpg)
    73 KB Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)06:56 No.15057410  
    Sup you elegen/tg/entlemen and ladies,

    As you may all be aware there are way too many "LETS MAKE A MARINE CHAPTER" threads going on in our /tg/ then can be healthy. I personally do enjoy the fact that the Emperors Nightmares took off like they did and the Abyssal Jaws are interesting too but now everyday a new make a Chapter thread is appear. Now I am an Emperor loving citizen but sometimes we need to cut the Space Marines with some other races, because we all know /tg/ is home to just as many Elfdar (sorry Eldar), Chaos and Orky fanboys/girls/boyz as it is to loyalists. So /tg/ lets make a new /tg/ army/faction/group with out marines. Roll me 1d10 to decide what race we start with.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)06:57 No.15057425
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:00 No.15057446
    rolled 8 = 8

    Rolling for Chaos!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:00 No.15057448
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:01 No.15057450
         File1306407697.png-(29 KB, 564x450, Necron face.png)
    29 KB
    My face when...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:03 No.15057459
    OP here
    MFW Necrons were listed on my dice sheet as
    >1 Necrons
    You actually called the race AND rolled the number. However to be fair I was honestly going to wait for 6-10 posts and roll my own dice to decide who wins just so it isn't a first come first served game. But consider your self occupying 2 of my 6-10 available slots you crafty motherfucker you.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)07:03 No.15057462
    we should write up a Mongolian chaos space marine chapter to counter the shitty rising sons weaboofest.

    But with all due seriousness and on topic, I am monitoring this thread, looks promising :3

    Go for Guardsmen!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:04 No.15057466
         File1306407850.jpg-(9 KB, 130x130, 51316a944276243b17896105l.jpg)
    9 KB
    OP again. I forgot my face.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:05 No.15057476
    rolled 1 = 1

    ORKS !!!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:05 No.15057480
         File1306407941.jpg-(166 KB, 832x543, 1300755007921.jpg)
    166 KB
    My new face when.
    >> Duskull !!uYPXHGg2gyl 05/26/11(Thu)07:07 No.15057490
         File1306408069.jpg-(684 KB, 1008x1272, blackorc-concept-06.jpg)
    684 KB
    >> Duskull !!uYPXHGg2gyl 05/26/11(Thu)07:08 No.15057496
    rolled 6 = 6

    forgot my roll
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:10 No.15057516
    rolled 1 = 1

    Eldar Corsairs!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:11 No.15057517
    rolled 4 = 4

    Motherfucking orks.

    I want me some clever ork faction or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:11 No.15057519
         File1306408275.jpg-(31 KB, 480x600, son i am dissapoint.jpg)
    31 KB
    >fails to roll
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:11 No.15057523
    rolled 8 = 8

    Craftworld Eldar!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:12 No.15057528
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:12 No.15057531
    OP here. Roll a few more dice people, this is looking increasingly one sided. I won't say for who though.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:12 No.15057533
         File1306408339.jpg-(177 KB, 1030x806, Tau propaganda 1.jpg)
    177 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    In the name of the glorious service of the t'au'va!
    >> !iN.MY.aRMs 05/26/11(Thu)07:13 No.15057540
    Tau need some love
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:13 No.15057541
    rolled 9 = 9

    Orks, please.
    >> dice+1d10 dice+1d10 05/26/11(Thu)07:13 No.15057545
    rolled 4 = 4

    ffff... can't remember which field, I am fail.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:13 No.15057551
    rolled 2 = 2

    Forgot your roll, brah. Let me help you with that.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:14 No.15057552
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:14 No.15057557
         File1306408493.jpg-(44 KB, 250x298, 0205fb_1.jpg)
    44 KB
    OP again. I need a namefag.
    There much better.
    Also MFW despite all the available possible things I have listed on my 1d10 list. /tg/ has managed to make most of them THREE choices. Still got 2 more dice rolls before I roll my d10 to make the final decision. Maybe I should up it to a d12.....
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:15 No.15057559
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:15 No.15057566
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:16 No.15057573
    rolled 2 = 2

    Rolling for delicious renegade necrons looking like statues
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:16 No.15057578
    FUCK IT ILL DO A d20
    This is waaaay too one sided to be fair on everyones wishes. (I know what I want but I'm not telling I have anon made a roll too somewhere)
    Keep rolling guys.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:16 No.15057580
    rolled 6 = 6

    DO EET
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:18 No.15057592
    I feel bad for those guys saying slogans and battlecries but not rolling a 5 or a 7. You know who you are.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:18 No.15057596
    rolled 1, 1 = 2

    Thirding tau.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:18 No.15057599
         File1306408709.png-(167 KB, 700x549, 1293298808740.png)
    167 KB
    rolled 7 = 7


    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:18 No.15057605
    rolled 8 = 8

    I already counted three Tau rolls in the thread
    have another
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:19 No.15057612
    Our first 7! A 1/20 chance isn't that bad is it?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:20 No.15057616
    How does I rolled a 1d10?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:20 No.15057622
    rolled 3 = 3


    dice+1d10 on E-mail fiel.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:21 No.15057628
    5 more rolls that are not re-roll listed guys. Yes some numbers are re-roll.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:21 No.15057631
    rolled 7 = 7

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:22 No.15057637
    rolled 19 = 19

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:23 No.15057651
    rolled 7 = 7

    are we rolling d20 now?

    Witch Hunters
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:23 No.15057653
    Thats a d20. Taking first digit.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:24 No.15057657
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:24 No.15057663
    I'll be honest with you brother. I didn't put SoB on the list I forgot. Shall I put them on the list as one of the re rolls?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:25 No.15057674
    you can do whatever you like bro i am confused already
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:26 No.15057680
    rolled 2 = 2


    Fuck, I read your other post as "ALL DO A D20". Whoops.

    Re-rolling for orks.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:26 No.15057681
    Dude, you should have just had first roll choose. All you're doing right now is wasting time and letting people get bored with your thread before it even started.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:26 No.15057684
    Never mind we have hit 20 votes.

    Here are the results they will be randomly distributed on a d20 to decide on final race.

    >5 Necron Tombworld
    >4 'Nid Tendril
    >3 Chaos Warband
    >3 Guard regiment
    >1 DE Kabal
    >1 (Craftworld rulebook) Eldar

    Man 'Crons did well.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:27 No.15057690
         File1306409257.jpg-(389 KB, 600x846, 1294324132540.jpg)
    389 KB
    rolled 9 = 9

    Come on Tau
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:27 No.15057691


    I don't know what the fuck is going on.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:28 No.15057696

    Delicious Necrons are delicious.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:28 No.15057698
    You don't have to just roll dice for now.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:28 No.15057702

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:28 No.15057703

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:30 No.15057710
         File1306409433.jpg-(126 KB, 700x489, pancakes.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:30 No.15057712
    It means, considering 'Crons were most popular using my rather backwards method that I am sure will have many people mad at me, that we are now all in charge of our very own Tomb World.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:30 No.15057713
         File1306409450.png-(341 KB, 800x600, what-the-fuck[1].png)
    341 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:31 No.15057720
    What the FUCK there were at least 4 Tau votes don't be a dick OP
    nobody even voted tyranid are you mental
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:32 No.15057723

    Nothing, welcome to the Tomb World of Apocalypta, grab the nearest coffin and enjoy your nap.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:32 No.15057726
    I thought there were lots of votes for orks and one for tyranids?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:32 No.15057729
    Except the only thing that differentiates one tomb world from another is the C'tan they serve and their colour scheme. Your fucking retarded selection scheme ended up with the least customizeable 40k faction there is.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:33 No.15057734
    Can you show us your tables bro?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:33 No.15057736
         File1306409624.png-(737 KB, 1188x842, The_Diversity_of_Allotaurs___2(...).png)
    737 KB
    I think we should have a Snaiad race instead.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:34 No.15057743
         File1306409675.jpg-(267 KB, 595x986, Pescidonts_of_Snaiad_by_nemo_r(...).jpg)
    267 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:34 No.15057744
    We should make up our own C'tan now that you mention it.
    >> !iN.MY.aRMs 05/26/11(Thu)07:34 No.15057749
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:35 No.15057754
         File1306409747.png-(851 KB, 1238x877, The_Diversity_of_Titaniformes_(...).png)
    851 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:35 No.15057756

    Get up with the times faggot, not all Necron Lords follow the C'tan.

    And there's been White dwarf articles with pages and pages on how to customize your necrons. You just don't have any imagination, go make more marines.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:36 No.15057760
    The fuck is wrong with you. What is this, I don't even
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:37 No.15057766
    We're followers of The Outsider.

    Our weapons are confusion, mind-fuckery and breakdance.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:37 No.15057767
    Why yeeeeeees.

    1 Necrons
    2 Guard
    3 Craftworld rules elfdar
    4 Chaos Warband
    5 DE Kabal
    7 Waaagh Something
    8 Nids
    10 Tau Expansion

    DE Kabal vote was my own. Only one that got in for them.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:37 No.15057772
         File1306409855.png-(676 KB, 1188x842, The_Diversity_of_Allotaurs_by_(...).png)
    676 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:38 No.15057776
    Should I have a boner right now?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:38 No.15057777

    >Dickface, the ecosystem
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:38 No.15057778
    Can Necrons have Gauss guns that are not green and stuff ?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:38 No.15057779
    No. No you should not. Seek mental help now before it is too late and the /b/ overtakes you.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:38 No.15057780
    As I mentioned I did miss out SoB but only 1 other guy really asked for them so I didn't bother to add them back onto the list. Sorry to that one guy whos dreams will require another thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:39 No.15057781
    I've seen blue and red, so yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:39 No.15057783
         File1306409948.png-(12 KB, 300x300, 1268271575313.png)
    12 KB

    The fuck?


    Fuck you, our Necrons don't follow the C'tan and our Platinum Lord is drunk on gauss energy and never does anything, which means the Gold Lords are the ones who go "yeah man, we should start another crusade over here" with others going "how about we take another nap?"
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:39 No.15057786
    Nice quads.

    I can feel the /b/ overtaking me...it is a -gooood- pain....
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:39 No.15057787
         File1306409966.png-(560 KB, 1714x884, Snaiadi___Vertebrate___Anatomy(...).png)
    560 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:39 No.15057794

    Yes. In fact there's >rumors that the new Necrons will ship with different colors for their gauss stuff.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:40 No.15057799
    The fuck are those weird things you are posting bro?
    Should be purged for heresy.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:40 No.15057801
    rolled 7 = 7

    Jokaero on 10
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)07:41 No.15057809

    Thats some wierd ass penis fetish right there,

    DLFG is that you?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:41 No.15057811
         File1306410103.jpg-(166 KB, 1502x531, Know_Your_Fuckers_by_nemo_ramj(...).jpg)
    166 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:41 No.15057813

    By the way, one of the gold lords should have a tentacle beard and necron warriors should be faceless.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:43 No.15057825
         File1306410206.png-(1001 KB, 1754x1240, The_Diversity_of_Magnopsids_by(...).png)
    1001 KB

    Nope. Just a guy that enjoys posting the Snaiads to view people's reactions.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:44 No.15057833
         File1306410262.jpg-(483 KB, 1188x842, The_Diversity_of_Turtiformes_b(...).jpg)
    483 KB

    One of the lords should ride a Snaiad.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:44 No.15057835
    If you want to know what those abominations are look at this: http://speculativebiology.wikia.com/wiki/Snaiad
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:44 No.15057837
    Easy I wrote out 1 thought 10 on a sheet of paper, wrote the names of races next to numbers, told /tg/ to roll dice for a bit. Waited for 20 rolls that aligned with numbers with a name next to it. Wrote out 1 though 20 on paper, wrote names next to those. Rolled my own dice. Winning number picked the race.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:47 No.15057854
         File1306410465.png-(64 KB, 251x189, 1293337805803.png)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:48 No.15057858
         File1306410516.jpg-(22 KB, 400x266, sonic_derp.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:48 No.15057859
         File1306410521.jpg-(251 KB, 800x600, Snaiadi_Picotheres_Size_Counts(...).jpg)
    251 KB

    You're not right in the head.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:48 No.15057860
         File1306410530.jpg-(136 KB, 300x425, wormfang+turtle.jpg)
    136 KB
    >off topic

    >On topic
    Ok considering my weird system of numbering shit and making you roll we will go back to the old highest roll in X time wins.
    X time will be 5 to whatevertimeitiswhereyoulive.

    So tell me guys,
    Who do we follow C'Tan? A special Necron Lord? Something else?
    d20's please.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:49 No.15057867
         File1306410572.jpg-(52 KB, 184x184, 1269144829043.jpg)
    52 KB

    There's something wrong with you.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:50 No.15057869
    rolled 13 = 13


    We follow a glorious Platinum Lord, who doesn't follow the C'tan, because the C'tan are babby tier.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:51 No.15057870
    >something wrong me me/not right in the head

    If I was right in the head I wouldn't be trying to run a thread on /tg/. I would be studying for exams instead of making overly elaborate pointless randomization systems.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:52 No.15057877
         File1306410774.jpg-(298 KB, 520x1050, The_Diversity_of_Kahydronts_by(...).jpg)
    298 KB

    And he rides a snaiad.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:53 No.15057883

    We follow only our Own.

    Our own Platinum lord that is. The C'tan have fallen out of favor with us, we think it prudent to set out on our own.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:54 No.15057884
    rolled 14 = 14


    Only if it's mechanical, has multiple limbs, gauss cannons, scythes, tattered robes, egyptian like symbols, skulls, eyes, claws, and shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:54 No.15057887
    rolled 18 = 18


    Adding my vote to these two

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:55 No.15057890
    rolled 20 = 20

    By the way, the platinum lord should have eight eyes and tentacles, also, six arms.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:56 No.15057897
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:57 No.15057903
    rolled 8 = 8


    Well fuck...
    That actually could be awesome, if done correctly. He would have to be basically a tomb spyder. But it would fucking rock, and the dice Gods endorse you.

    My vote goes to no C'tan platinum lord/Tomb spyder hybrid with 8 eyes and 6 arms
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:58 No.15057907
         File1306411080.jpg-(434 KB, 1188x842, The_Diversity_of_Blumbomen_by_(...).jpg)
    434 KB

    Okay, I like that idea. He rides a steed that is the mechanical embodiment of a strange and long forgotten beast.

    And it also shoots lasers from it's penis/face.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)07:58 No.15057909
    rolled 11 = 11



    The mechanical undead bastard lovechild of Vishnu, Cthulhu and a Spider.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)07:59 No.15057912
    OK so apparently we are going with we follow the Platinum Lord, who I am going to assume is a rather powerful Necron Lord who may or may not be Platinum in appearance.

    Why are we breaking free then /tg/?
    d20's and no he is not made of tentacles however YES he can have spider legs instead of normal ones, lots of arms and even 8 eyes.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:00 No.15057915
    rolled 20 = 20



    And instead of Egyptian, we're Chinese.

    The theme is a terracotta army.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:01 No.15057924
    Well shit. This is a mighty interesting necron army. Are we still spiders?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:02 No.15057929
    rolled 11 = 11


    We were an Honor guard. Mostly Lower lord, destroyers and Immortals, and a whole we have been able to retain a much larger portions of our minds than is usual. We have decided to spilt away from the C'tan but continue our goal to exterminate all life, But to establish our own empire rather than for our gods.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:03 No.15057932
    am looking for spiders
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:03 No.15057935

    Fuck that shit. The Necrons don't use numbers, we use overwhelming strength. Chinese don't fit.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:04 No.15057939
    You and me both pal.
    Oh man Terracotta Necrons, I have no idea what do at this stage really did not see this coming.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:05 No.15057946
         File1306411536.jpg-(186 KB, 1000x625, VishnuLord.jpg)
    186 KB
    rolled 8 = 8

    >my face when this thread
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:07 No.15057952

    We are breaking free because some weaboo marines with Katanas disturbed our slumber.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:07 No.15057954
    rolled 2 = 2


    Platinum Lords are the highest ranking Necron lords in Necron "society", that's 5th edition fluff.

    >Why are we breaking free then /tg/?

    Well, rumors of the next codex say that the C'tan died, but assuming they're not dead, because they don't do jackshit and our Platinum Lord who i will now call Vishnu Lord is tired of serving under the C'tan not doing anything, and he likes killing Eldar.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:08 No.15057955
    I lol'd.
    Also kinda fits China considering their past history.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:10 No.15057967
    +Mission Log No. 145+
    +Thought for the day: Reason is the First step towards Doubt+

    Success! we have finally breached the main gate, and though it cost us grievous amounts of lives to a stunning number of cunning and deadly traps, made our way into the First chamber.

    And Emperor is it a glory to behold, Ranks about ranks of silent figures, no doubt some ageless testament to Humanities glorious golden past, standing stiff and watchful, just ready to be awakened!

    I will have more wealth than all of the High lords themselves if what we believe to be true is confirmed and our scout teams come back bearing news of the other chambers containing bounties such as this.

    Rogue trader Arlmod Gertlend
    +End Mission Log+
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:10 No.15057969

    For more information on the fucknuts that disturbed us see "The Rising Sons" chapter.

    If you like the idea of this Necrons vs Weaboos id be willing to drawfag for this Tomb world :)
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:10 No.15057970
    rolled 13 = 13


    How about:

    Eldar and some Samurai marines stormed our Tomb World and stole some of our possessions, Platinum Lord got mad and since the C'tan are nowhere to be seen he decided to be proactive, mounts his giant snaiad scorpion tarantula monster and goes on a crusade to kill as many Eldar and Samurai Marines as possible and anything in between.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:11 No.15057974
    rolled 2 = 2


    Stirred from their slumber after somehow getting knowledge of the Rising Suns (or whatever it is they're called). With their new, more powerful bodies, they aim to settle a score.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:12 No.15057979
    OP here playing a quick game of HoN however it is 5v5 with a team of drunks so we are going to get raped. Be back in 15. Anyone get it? No. Ok keep discussing ideas while I lose at games. Personally I quite like the idea of Terracota china cons taking on those jap marines.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:14 No.15057986
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:14 No.15057987



    I am drawfaggin for this Tombworld as soon as I am done with my painting / commisions.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:17 No.15057998
         File1306412231.jpg-(175 KB, 1000x625, Spidercrons.jpg)
    175 KB
    rolled 16 = 16

    Spider Statue Necrons. How the 40k universe shit anything more terrifying?
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:19 No.15058009
    The army of our yet to be named Platinum Lord (who is actually more terracotta looking then anything else) was disturbed and awoken from their slumber by some rather annoying space marines using katana's during a fight with some Ork Freebooters who were using part of our planet as a staging grounds for raids. The Platinum Lord is not pleased. After fully awakening we cleaned up the last of the Orks not long after the Marines decided to piss off our planet back to theirs to eat raw fish or something. So what is our name again? We can't remember our old one.... And what the fuck is the name of this planet? In fact what the fuck dose it even look like?!

    >hon servers were being dicky
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:19 No.15058011

    Writefag here, starting writefaggign before that glorious idea regarding the Rising sons came about.

    Lets say that this tomb world was originally found by our rouge trader here, and the Rising sons were sent in to deal with the problem. Where the promptly failed epically and suffered huge losses to the awakening necron horde.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:21 No.15058014
    Actually this is better them my idea.
    We still kicked their butts off our planet back to their raw-fish-eating ones.
    Writefag, you are hired.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:21 No.15058018
         File1306412506.jpg-(90 KB, 900x1050, necron_by_obrotowy-d31fmqs.jpg)
    90 KB
    Awaken. Awaken. Devour weaboos.

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:22 No.15058027

    I like this idea.

    Them sending in the Rising Sons just happened to be the worst possible chapter to send in.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:24 No.15058029
         File1306412651.png-(239 KB, 400x344, China_Pyramid_Xianyang_6.png)
    239 KB
    >Chinese pyramids are ancient mausoleums and burial mounds built to house the remains of several early emperors of China and their imperial relatives.
    >They have flat tops

    Well, it seems we have our Monoliths
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:25 No.15058033
         File1306412728.jpg-(63 KB, 674x850, IMG_0014.jpg)
    63 KB

    Okay. Okay! Awesome! Start me off with the Necron Lord, what does he look like, Im dying to draw it!

    Pic is what im working on atm, its 20% ish complete id say, gotta finish this sketch before I lay it on canvas and start painting it...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:26 No.15058035
    So we're going with a Chinese-biome planet? Jungles, mountains, pyramids? Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:26 No.15058037


    This also Really fits one of the original Ideas that the Necrons buried here were a heavily Armed Elite of "Destroyers, Immortals and Lesser lords."

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:28 No.15058050

    I'm Imaging (And please kick me if you think this is Terrible) the Body of General Grevious grafted onto a Tomb Spyder, his torso appearing where the Spiders head would usually be, Wielding a staff of light of warsythe in his top two hands and glowing green Gauss weaponry taking up the forearms and hands of his lower two limbs.

    Awesome y/n?

    in my own head? y.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:29 No.15058052

    it does, now feed me information about our Necron Lord.

    We also need a name for this Tombworld.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:30 No.15058058
         File1306413033.jpg-(382 KB, 1680x1050, ImmortalTerracotaSpiderCron.jpg)
    382 KB
    How the fuck do you draw a Terracotta necron?

    Does not compute.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:31 No.15058059

    As only writefag in this thread so far you have my utter support. That sounds fucking awesome, you can just see him coming in and facerolling the Rising sons whilst his Immortal Bodyguard strips their flesh fro m bone through the flimsy protection of their ceramite power armour.

    I would like to put forward of not only the Lord himself having eight eyes, but also his higher ranking Necron guards, I.e Immortals and perhaps a few destroyers.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:31 No.15058061

    I'd still go with 6 arms and multiple eyes Lord riding a giant mechanical monstrosity.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:31 No.15058062
    I'm with you, but the Spyder should actually crawl instead of float. I find that to be much more creepy.

    I also always dreamed of a Necron Lord standing on a modified Tomb Spyder, riding it like a blazing chariot through a storm of death and decay. Just food for thought.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:31 No.15058063
    Pretty awesome. TBH I am not sure if it fits the Terracotta Army theme we are running but it is still awesome and we can use it if everyone likes it that much.


    Post suggestions (rolling is for indecisiveness)
    a) Name of our Tombworld
    b) Name of our Lord
    c) What our lord looks like.

    We have a writefag and drawfag on board so you know this shit is hot.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:32 No.15058067
         File1306413155.jpg-(45 KB, 800x600, 62383_md-Necron Lord with Dest(...).jpg)
    45 KB

    They are still made of Necrodermys, just the color is brass / Terracotta style, id figure.


    Your ideea sounds good , but in for the sake of argument, wouldnt that lord be a BIT fragile?

    I was thinking of something more elegant and slick, serpentine Lord.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:33 No.15058069
    >I'd still go with 6 arms and multiple eyes Lord riding a giant mechanical monstrosity
    >riding a giant mechanical mostrosity

    Well, here you go: >>15058062
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:34 No.15058076

    Some play on Qin Shihuan Di perhaps?
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:34 No.15058079

    Support of crawling rather than hovering. It just lends it a much more... gruesome tone.

    +1 for physical movement
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:36 No.15058086

    What about my slithering Lord >>15058067


    Most Necron Lords dont have names, they are named after their Tombworld "Necron Lord of Kaurava"
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:37 No.15058087
    Neconise it and we have a winner, the first emperor of a unified China... good call bro.

    Still need a planet name and description of planet and description of lord.

    Writefag and drawfag are standing by to get ideas flowing (time permitting) they will likely have the final call on things, I am just an administrator to help the flow of ideas.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:37 No.15058089
    The first Emperor: Tyrant who unified China

    The terracotta army that guards his tomb is world famous. But what about Qin Shi Huangdi himself? Clifford Coonan investigates the legend of one of the most extraordinary men who ever lived

    His ruthlessness was legendary. His armies went in fast on horseback, running rings around their cumbersome opponents, firing arrows from the saddle and causing deadly mayhem. Then, when the defeated enemy was still trying to work out what had happened, the infantry moved in and slaughtered the survivors in their thousands.

    >The terracotta army that guards his tomb is world famous.
    >Tomb is world
    >Tomb World

    Our Necron lord is to entirely based off the First emperor of China.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:38 No.15058097
    Most Necron are slaves to the C'Tan and no free-thinking angry terracotta machines of awesome. I think they deserve a name for their leader don't you? Even if it is more of a title then a true name.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:39 No.15058099

    Great minds think alike
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:39 No.15058100

    I actually remembered about him because the Terracota army is in *his* tomb.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:40 No.15058103

    Set up a 1d4chan page meanwhile.

    as for the location / planet / tomb name

    lets try to fix it around the weaboo sector.

    Just so we can rape rape rape them and their fluff.

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:40 No.15058106
         File1306413637.jpg-(280 KB, 932x1050, PlatinumLord.jpg)
    280 KB

    Wrong, get up with the times. all the Necron Lords on the Fall of Damnos have names or tittles.

    Like "The Enfleshed" or whatever the Flayed one Lord was called.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:40 No.15058107
         File1306413646.png-(19 KB, 800x600, no i can not draw.png)
    19 KB
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:41 No.15058108
    >The first Emperor: Tyrant who unified China
    Our lord

    >The terracotta army that guards his tomb is world famous.
    Tomb World indeed. And they are pretty fucking awesome.

    >But what about Qin Shi Huangdi himself? Clifford Coonan investigates the legend of one of the most extraordinary men who ever lived

    >His ruthlessness was legendary. His armies went in fast on horseback, running rings around their cumbersome opponents, firing arrows from the saddle and causing deadly mayhem.

    >Then, when the defeated enemy was still trying to work out what had happened, the infantry moved in and slaughtered the survivors in their thousands.
    Not destroyers.

    We have found our battle tactics too.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:43 No.15058119

    Heavy use of Destroyers and Flayed Ones? Shit man, our army is crazy.

    Flayed ones and Destroyers should be spidery too.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:43 No.15058120
         File1306413789.jpg-(629 KB, 3264x2448, necron-lords-012.jpg)
    629 KB

    From what the other guy said I was thinking (Pic related) but with more arms, more eyes and not floating. But that's is just me, feel free to overwrite of you think he's to flimsy/does not fir the theme
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:43 No.15058121

    Also I heard
    >rumors implying
    that necrons would get jetbike analogues in their next codex.

    Not really a 40k tabletop player here, so I may have derped.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:44 No.15058130


    the moment we have some more concrete stuff I am writefagging the hell out of this. This is turning out very, very nicely Indeed.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:44 No.15058131

    In your greed for replies, OP, you have turned this into a dickmonster shitfest covering your whack ass rules. Congratulations on making another completely forgetable /tg/ thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:45 No.15058132

    The reason i'd go with the Necron Lord riding a spider monster is because well first:


    >His ruthlessness was legendary. His armies went in fast on horseback

    And i think the Chinese liked chariots too.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:45 No.15058133
    Also random idea.

    Wuxia style special (destroyer? HQ?) character?
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:47 No.15058144

    We can always have the flayed ones displaying much more grace and finesse than a usual Necron. Make it seem more oriental without going to full martial arts route.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:48 No.15058151

    eh. Was just a throwaway idea.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:49 No.15058154
    I'm so used to quality art on /tg/, this hit me like a slap in the face.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:52 No.15058163
         File1306414326.jpg-(230 KB, 1000x625, PlatinumLordbeast.jpg)
    230 KB
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)08:52 No.15058168
    I just envisioned drunken master style flayed ones. (From the weird animations in DoW 1) AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

    U mad JapMarine fan? China 'Cons are coming to kick your ass.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:53 No.15058169
    >His horseback soldiers were famed for their ability to fight on horseback and particularly for their skills with a bow and arrow while in the saddle.

    Screaming Destroyers at me so, so hard.

    >Their archers could fire three arrows at a time. They were lined up in rows to ensure a constant downpour of arrows on their opponents.

    Immortals all up in this Bitch
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:54 No.15058173
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:55 No.15058182

    China's first emperors official color was black too.

    Jesus, its like his whole life was there just to inspire Necrons off of.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)08:55 No.15058183

    weren't immortals an actual historical unit in the Chinese army of the period?
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:55 No.15058184


    They got a 4 barrel gaus gattling energy gun.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:57 No.15058191
    Name suggestion for the Lord/army: The Shining Hand of Unity.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:57 No.15058193

    There was a group of Mythological figures each with great power called the "Eight Immortals"

    Perhaps this will translate into "Lucky 8" to fit in with both this and Chinese belief. Squad numbers perhaps?
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)08:57 No.15058196

    FUND IT!
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)08:58 No.15058198

    Tomb symbol. An infinity thing branded on their heads.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:58 No.15058202
         File1306414719.jpg-(380 KB, 1680x1050, PlatinumLordSpider.jpg)
    380 KB
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:00 No.15058207

    Oh I am so sticking with this Idea. It has far too much potential for it to go unexplored.

    Awesome my good sir. Awesome
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:00 No.15058211

    remove the tail. and we have a winner.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:02 No.15058219
    Spiders don't have tails...
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:03 No.15058229
         File1306415034.jpg-(112 KB, 873x627, m400658_99060110015_NecronFlay(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    These guys + Zui Quan = GLORY!

    Seriously. Jizzed in my pants. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zui_Quan
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:03 No.15058231

    Yeah we want spiders not scorpids. :P
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:04 No.15058234
         File1306415053.jpg-(129 KB, 1000x625, PlatinumLordSnake.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:05 No.15058242
         File1306415133.jpg-(49 KB, 432x457, bagua4.jpg)
    49 KB

    or a bagua?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:05 No.15058245
    I like the first ones design better, but the second one seems to be more practical.

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:06 No.15058246
         File1306415168.jpg-(95 KB, 875x894, ChineseNecronSpiderIcon.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:07 No.15058257

    Awesome drawbro.


    Now do one with Infinity symbol.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:07 No.15058258

    8 Immortals

    Some of the moves from drunken boxing were derived from the legend of 8 gods or immortals. Each immortal had their own style and exaggerated movements. **The gods were said to be drunken with power instead of literally drunk. **
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:08 No.15058262

    Mhmn, that fits rather nicely Indeed.

    Now all we need are names.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:09 No.15058270
    Hell yeah. Only just noticed that was in there my self.

    So lets have a quick laugh

    >8 Limbed spider Lord
    >8 "Immortals"

    I see 8 being a theme as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:09 No.15058273
    So let's see, we have thus far:

    Emphasis on Destroyers and Flayed Ones.
    Destroyers and Flayed ones are spidery.
    Immortals are statuesque to be more Terracotta like and have Gatling Gauss Flayers(Oh god why)
    Flayed ones are martial artists
    Icon or Logo is an 8 or has an 8 or looks like an 8 or something

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:11 No.15058281

    >A Necron Lord with 6 arms, 8 legs, riding a giant mechanical tarantula serpent monster
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:11 No.15058286
    Archived it.


    Hey, I have a new concept in mind for a special unit of our chapter.

    A Necron Golem.

    Think about it. A Dreadnought equivalent of sorts.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:12 No.15058289
    Pretty much.

    Entire army's paint job should be terracotta too or just the more basic troops? Imo entire army should be terracotta in colour as it keeps the theme going.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:12 No.15058290
         File1306415555.gif-(26 KB, 350x350, 766448646-1.jpg.gif)
    26 KB
    >8 theme
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:13 No.15058294

    Chinacrons vs Khornate Chaos Marines?

    Also, I embellished the *drunk on power* part because it really reminded me of the C'tan and their star-eating/life-eating habits.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:13 No.15058297
         File1306415621.jpg-(28 KB, 290x410, terra-cotta-b.jpg)
    28 KB
    so they are terracota necrons? bent on destroying the rising sun?
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:14 No.15058303

    No! We have been disturbed by Weaboo Space marines. Invaders must die.

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:15 No.15058308
         File1306415725.jpg-(82 KB, 1680x1050, ChineseNecronSpiderIcon2.jpg)
    82 KB

    Chinese Terracotta Spider Necrons, yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:15 No.15058311
    Op do you have all the charts for that?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:16 No.15058319

    Yes, but imo Lords and Immortals should be black because:

    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:16 No.15058320

    disturbed, yes. Met after awakening?

    Also, three-sided battles are not uncommon.

    A Khornate battleship could have even been flung out of the warp by a freak occurrence in that place.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:18 No.15058328
    This has been an Excellent First thread.

    If we can just get a plant and possibly Lord name out of this we will be more than Set. Currently I'm trying to make something out of Chinese names, thinking of a theme of either hyphenated (XXX'XXX) or go with the Apoc books and Have XXX Lord of XXX

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:18 No.15058329

    Khornates and Weaboo Marines engage in space battle over a Tomb World, mutual ship destruction, the remnants resume the battle on the ground, where they awaken the TeracottaCrons?
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:19 No.15058337
         File1306415993.gif-(62 KB, 640x379, stabby.gif)
    62 KB
    We will likely see this in the upcoming codex. Yay!

    Official Theme song? Also isn't that the song from Duke Nukem Forever trailers? I LIIIIKE IT.

    Successful thread is successful.
    Pic awesome but unrelated.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:21 No.15058347
    Charts for what?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:22 No.15058356

    I think i have no idea on chinese names so your ideas are automatically better than mine.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:24 No.15058370

    The 8 Great Tombs. Where 8 immesurably ancient armies dwell. The Lord of the Eight Tombs, the Hand of Unity directs these armies as one.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:25 No.15058380

    Id suggest this as our themesong, or at least the theme for the awakening, it feels Cron-ish to me.


    Invaders must die is for the Weaboos.

    To the dude that mentioned Khornates, I like the idea but I dont want them taking any part in our awakening. It has to be done purely by the weaboos so we can hold a grudge against them. AND ONLY THEM.

    Khornates will be a bonus to fuck shit up.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:29 No.15058400

    So we can have 8 different Gold Lords subservient to our Platinum Emperor, 1 running each tomb like the 8 Immortals of Zui Quan.
    From wiki:
    >The immortals include: Immortal Woman He, Royal Uncle Cao, Iron-Crutch Li, Lan Caihe, Lü Dongbin, Philosopher Han Xiang, Elder Zhang Guo, Han Zhongli.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:29 No.15058405
    I'm happy with how this thread turned out. Now there will be something other then marines on /tg/ and it will be better for it.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:31 No.15058418

    I was going to post my crappy Ideas, but decided to first refreshing and see if I had missed anything before I did.

    This, 1000 Times this. This is awesome and provides many, many epic Opportunities.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:32 No.15058423

    So we have nine HQ choices already? awesome.

    >To the dude that mentioned Khornates, I like the idea but I dont want them taking any part in our awakening. It has to be done purely by the weaboos so we can hold a grudge against them. AND ONLY THEM.

    I said Chinacrons can meet Khornates later. And mutually hate for sullying the sacred 8.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:34 No.15058437

    Another vote by me to having this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaevU02zVn0

    As our Theme song, fits the Crons in so many ways, and I shall have it in the background when I write Fluff for The Lord of the Eight Tombs, the Hand of Unity, Emperor of ???
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:37 No.15058455

    Emperor of All Under The Heavens.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:38 No.15058464

    Sounds suitably Chinese feel to it, and the full title rolls together very nicely.

    I'd give it a go.

    Have we made a 1d4chan page yet? Of not what are we going to call it? If so where can I find it?
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:40 No.15058467


    The Hand of Unity. The Lord of Eight Tombs.

    Sounds perfect imo.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:42 No.15058490
    For C'tan Necron Lord and shit
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:43 No.15058499

    The Hand of Unity: Lord of the Eight Tombs is great for Colloquial, but I think it also works to have a "Full" Title as well, keep with the chinese theme that way.

    Although I don't think we would be using it in regular conversation, the shortened one will work fine for that.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:43 No.15058500
         File1306417415.jpg-(445 KB, 1680x1050, TerracottaImmortal.jpg)
    445 KB
    Gattling Immortals all up on this bitch.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:44 No.15058509

    Kaar. necronized from Khan.

    The Necron Lord's name.
    >> Coordinator 05/26/11(Thu)09:45 No.15058516

    >Sounds suitably Chinese feel to it

    Actually, "Tianxia" ("All Under The Heavens" or "Our Land") was (is?) a name for China.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:48 No.15058537

    Well... that looks... Dangerous.

    I had imagined it as having a slower rotation, sort of a Rotate, Fire, Rotate, Fire. feel to it, But the picture is still great, I would hate to be the person on the receiving end of it.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:50 No.15058551
    Good thread?
    Good thread.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:51 No.15058553

    Kaar, The Hand of Unity, Lord of the Eight Tombs , Emperor of Ti'anxia.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)09:54 No.15058577

    Aaand we are Done.

    Well, the very basics anyway, I'm about to go make the 1d4chan page, Or at least a placeholder for it.

    Excellent first thread gents.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:57 No.15058593
    How about making the 8 Immortals be represented by special character versions of regular Necron units? These would be generals or heroes of the Necrontyr peoples that later became the 8 tombs. One hero Destroyer, one FLayed one, one Warrior and so on.
    >> Ultramarines? More like Overmarines 05/26/11(Thu)09:57 No.15058595
    post the link here when you are done?
    >> Plastic Addict 05/26/11(Thu)09:58 No.15058601
    rolled 1 = 1

    time for Guard from a prosperous world
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)09:59 No.15058608

    Too late :D. Read the thread buddy.


    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:00 No.15058615
         File1306418433.jpg-(309 KB, 1680x1050, PlatinumLord2.jpg)
    309 KB
    Platinum Lord round 2. Wip.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:04 No.15058641

    Just saiyan, but there might be a bit of danger of heading into Aspect Warrior territory with that(Aspects, Exarches, Phoenix Lords etc), but then again it's a very different scale too...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:08 No.15058673

    I agree with this.
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)10:15 No.15058717
    Gah, my internet is fucking with me so I think I'll leave the creation of the page for the Next thread, when I'm not half asleep.

    Any Idea when we shall come back together and start discussing fluff ect...?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:16 No.15058726

    Drawfag here

    >Any Idea when we shall come back together and start discussing fluff ect...?

    No. But i'm always around.
    >> The God-Emperor of Mankind 05/26/11(Thu)10:19 No.15058741
         File1306419554.jpg-(379 KB, 1200x1600, DSC00045.jpg)
    379 KB

    I have to go for now, I will be back in 2 hours or so. Fully armed to draw / writefag on this awesome Tombworld.

    I just have to mail this painting :P
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)10:24 No.15058777
    Whilst we wait, anyone have the skills required to start of the 1d4chan Page?

    If we are going for a proper name "Warriors of the eight Tombs" seems appropriate when Referring to them as a whole
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:37 No.15058895
    Fuck, I missed it.

    Anyone here still around to Start off a new thread? Perhaps get some fresh blood In?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:40 No.15058918
         File1306420804.jpg-(594 KB, 1680x1050, PlatinumLord2.jpg)
    594 KB

    >implying this thread would go anywhere

    Anyway, here's an update before i leave.


    I approve of the name.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:48 No.15058991

    New Thread
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)11:03 No.15059105

    I think its a bit late dude. Could be best to wat for "Emperor" to get back from the post office and continue then, unless the new thread picks up a bunch, which it seems not to be.
    >> Magi 05/26/11(Thu)11:05 No.15059114
    I'm having a go at the lords
    >> X 05/26/11(Thu)11:06 No.15059122

    Awesome, we might want to move to the new thread. I have at its much much less cluttered.

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