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  • File : 1306950912.jpg-(307 KB, 306x662, Angron.jpg)
    307 KB Ask a GW Manager Anything Part 3 Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)13:55 No.15125681  
    Okay so I did this a while back on holiday, I'm still with the company and I guess it's time to do this again.

    Lets call it part 3 of your introduction to the workings of GW and part 3 of my therapy getting all this crap off my chest to people.

    Here's the link to the archive of my last thread (thanks to whoever did that btw)


    So hit me with it, what you want to know /tg/?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)13:56 No.15125690
    How many Finecasts have you been given back for being defective
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)13:56 No.15125692
    What's your net margin?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)13:56 No.15125696
    ...forgot the tripcode
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)13:57 No.15125705
         File1306951044.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, ogre4.jpg)
    42 KB
    What is your first reaction when a black man enters your fine establishment?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)13:57 No.15125713
    Which Warmachine faction should I play?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)13:57 No.15125715
    So far I believe it's 6 or 7

    Not that many compaired to the number we've sold, but a hell of a lot more than we've had with any product.

    Less than forgeworld's ratio though, I even checked that today
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:00 No.15125739
    What are your thoughts on FFG?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:00 No.15125744
    Not going to go into the specifics of the money the store takes as that'll be a fairly good identifier as to who the hell I am.

    Warmachine, meh never tried it, don't like the background and that's the reason I do 40k. Infinity looks like an interesting game and the background is fairly okay.

    Black man enters my store? Well depending on if it's Michael I'd probably say 'hey michael' otherwise something along the lines of 'hello'
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:01 No.15125756
    What do you think about finecasting?
    >> !iN.MY.aRMs 06/01/11(Wed)14:02 No.15125767
    >Not going to go into the specifics of the money the store takes as that'll be a fairly good identifier as to who the hell I am.
    Why would it?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:03 No.15125772
    FFG? Yeah i love them, their products everything tbh, bought a lot of stuff i've only ever found the time to use once or twice, but their products are great and I'm impressed with their use of GW's IP.

    Okay, so I'm happy to answer lame questions all you want, well that is untill I get bored, but anyone with something more interesting? Or have all the /tg/ members had most of their intelligence removed today?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:04 No.15125779
    Do you believe there's any realistic competition to GW in the market?
    >> H+ 06/01/11(Wed)14:05 No.15125782

    What is your opinion on the move to Finecast over metal, the constant yearly price increases on GW stock, and the recent GW decision to fuck over international distributors?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:05 No.15125787
         File1306951541.jpg-(896 KB, 2272x1704, 1296679591006.jpg)
    896 KB
    Why was Robin Cruddace moved out of 40k and into Fantasy? He wrote the best 40k codex of 5th...
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:06 No.15125796
    1. What do you think Satan is going to do with your soul, since you've sold it?

    2. Is it true that GW forces anyone that works for them to be aggressive salesmen?

    3.What's the deal with being able to get GW products cheaper at third party online places than at GW itself?

    4. What are your feelings about the recent 9001% price hikes?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:06 No.15125798
    What's the average margin in your region/country/continent, if you're that paranoid.

    Interesting question: have you ever had sex with any of your female employees or regular store visitors?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:06 No.15125799
    Our brains are gone just like our pocket books
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:06 No.15125802
    GW pay attention to the internet, quite a fair bit more than most think. That isn't to say that pay attention to anything to write, to them you're oppinions mean even less than that of their lower level employees (which is virtually nothing).

    But they pay attention to what information is leaked and then they find that leak and fire the living shit out of it. There just over 130 stores in the UK and as stated in the previous threads I'm a UK manager, even if giving you some information of the store I manage leads to reducing the possible leaks from 130 to 75 I'm not quite ready to get fired. I'm looking for another job, but with a morgage and a wife I can't quite afford to risk being without income for any period of time.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:08 No.15125819
    I doubt that managers are high enough on the food chain to know anything actually interesting about GW - if there's anything interesting at all.

    But if you know anything about the new Necrons I'd be happy to listen.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:08 No.15125821
    How much do you have to know about/play warhammer games to work for GW?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:09 No.15125827
    Okay, we all know GW is really just a group of elite businessmen, but I'm curious- are any of these guys, higher-ups or redshirts actually convinced that half the sugar-coated shit that comes out of their marketing department is true?

    And along that vein, have you ever seen anything that strikes you as being utterly insane? I'm friends with a guy who runs most of the dealings with GW at our FLGS, and he's told me quite a few stories about them where he can't figure out if they're displaying genuine incompetence or some sleazy tactics.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:11 No.15125843
    "This product yields the highest profit, move them" "and these will be outdated in 4 months so move them asap"
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:14 No.15125876
    Firstly, let me just explain something, clearly none of you were here for my previous threads, I'm not a tow the line company member, there is a reason I'm posting this on /tg/. If you want someone to vent your anger on, go somewhere else, becuase I'm also quite happy to simply just shut up and not tell a damn thing.

    Yes and No. I do realise that is a fair bullshit answer, but let me try and expand. At the moment, no, nothing in sight, simply because there isn't anything near GW's profit level. Could there be in 10 years time if the company starts to slide due to poor management, then yes I could see PP getting there, Mantic don't have the quality to come anywhere close.

    Finecast, well personally I think it's a good idea, I've always hated working with metal. The way it's been handled? Fucking hate it, but this is GW after all and they've never known how to run a business so it's not like we can expect any different.

    The fact is, in 10 years time we'll have seen the last of new minitures coming out in metal, it's just too damn expensive. Look at other smaller companies, most are resin now.

    There are a lot of teething issues, but GW has always been great with customer service, so just walk back in, and demand an exchange or a refund and we'll do just that.

    The whole trade embargo thing, tbh I don't know, i understand it in some ways, the internet has been killing independant retailers off in those countries and of course GW stores, but clearly the pricing is retarded. Unfortunatly I don't know the figuers and reasoning behind it all, therefore my oppinion is 'fuck thats shit, go to wayland games as they've found a way/finding a way around it.'
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:15 No.15125886
    mortgage & wife lowers the odds right down
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:16 No.15125892
    I've got a question or two written for you, Managerman:

    1) Anything on the Craftworld Eldar? (Whom are also the superior eldar)

    2) How can I get replacement pieces from Games Workshop for faulty-cast items. I bought two Tau Hammerheads years ago (They've been sitting in my closet while I was dealing with military and the likes) and now that I opened em, I noticed the hatches were faulty. One of them was missing and the other was broken.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:17 No.15125901
    >clearly none of you were here for my previous threads

    Clearly we didn't miss anything, since you haven't said a damn word that isn't public knowledge so far, so I'll just be hiding this thread now so I don't have to read any more inane, content-less opinions.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:18 No.15125909

    What would you say the most powerful army in 40k is?

    Will melee based armies continue to become more dominant?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:21 No.15125939
    Sorry mate, not a clue, name doesn't even ring a bell tbh.

    First off, either you're 12 or your social skills are at the level of a 12 yearold. Fuck /tg/ where are the people who posted in these threads a few months ago.

    Okay you want answers? Fine
    1. Move out of your parents house and come talk to me about what you'll do to pay the rent. I took this job to pay the rent and to do something i loved, 3 months in i realised that the company are full of whores, but i had a paycheck and a chance to become a manager if i stuck it. Now i've been a manager for little over 2 years and I feel i can move on with something useful on my C.V

    2. Yes and no, actually this part of GW is mostly fine, the customer service i see in other places shocks the crap out of me, some managers are jerks and put the fear of god into their employees to get sales and therefore you the customer get a pushy salesman, but mostly it's actually you the customer that's at fault. Walk into my store, you fucking say hello to me if I say hello, otherwise fuck off and spend your cash somewhere else. That part is just me though.

    3. It's called the business, we legally have to sell it at a set rate lower than the recommended retail price, everything is like that. Again grow up and pay attention to the world.

    4. The price rise? Oh man that one hurts, I used to be able to explain it to others and myself, now. Not a clue, there isn't a valid reason for it at all, they're smoking some fucking crazy shit up in Lenton
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:21 No.15125940
    >That post.

    Huh? Am I being trolled?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:29 No.15125998
         File1306952974.gif-(1.66 MB, 300x161, owl.gif)
    1.66 MB

    Here, have an owl who's scouring this thread for unanswered questions.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:29 No.15125999
    In terms of profit margins for our indivdual stores? That stuff oddly we're not informed of, you can work it out, but it vastly depends. Interestingly I was talking to some of the london team at the national a few weeks back and found out that the Brent Cross store's rent is like 3 times that of the Plaza store, which oddly actually makes close on 5 times more money than brent cross does.

    Nope, no sex with customers or staff, not that many female staff members anyway and most look liike they've been beated with the ugly stick. Also the wife tends to look down on that.

    Most managers know NOTHING, some accidently find out a hell of a lot, I'm lucky enough to be in the latter group.

    Necrons? Necrons will be either November or October. Huge range revival, everything is already done and just waiting for the release day. Anything more specific I'm clueless about. I can tell you approx what will be out running up to November, but nothing with 100% detail.

    When I was hired you needed to know a fair bit, now? Christ, next to nothing, there are horror strories of managers being sent new staff to find that not only is this their first job, but they've got bugger all idea about it, i mean everyone's mostly had some experiance, but that experiance can be "oh I collected these for a year when I was 10"

    But they do expect to pick up everything very quickly, after the first 3 months you should know rules/backgrounds/paintint tips etc.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:32 No.15126032
    Do you know if GW will ever explore more of the Imperium as a whole?

    I've seen those maps of the whole empire of man and it seems like GW is completely ignoring a bunch of it.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:37 No.15126074
    Married managers are a hell of a lot more common, also that sort of information the higher ups don't know about, money wise you bet they know everything. Also excuse me for being a little reluctant to inform you who i am...

    Craftworld Eldar? Nothing, but I can promise you you'll never get a craftworld eldar codex, it'll be a part of the new Eldar one probably from special characters like the current SM codex. When you'll get a new Eldar codex, not in a years time probably after 6th edition. Tbh rules wise, you're doing fine anyway, Eldar are still very competitive, obviously the competitive lists aren't as varied as other armies, but hell at least you#re not the tau.

    Wrong parts? Bought a box that you wanted the head only for? Walk into the store, and say sorry this was missing or this part is miscast and we'll give you a brand new one straight away. Thats the same for ALL GW stores, like I said, our customer service is actually pretty damn good. Shame head office pisses everyone off with price rises etc.

    Well seeing as how you're hiding this thread and can't see what I'm writing, I guess I'll use this post to tell you all that GW are release a new version fo Blood Bowl in september as well as new teams. Haven't seen the models myself, but aparantly very very cool. It doesn't look like it'll be limited edition though as there would be little point in making new teams. Not confirmed is the rumour of an actual plastic pitch. You can now kindly suck a cock
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:37 No.15126075
    How do I shoplift from a GW without getting caught?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:38 No.15126087
         File1306953500.jpg-(115 KB, 1024x768, meow.jpg)
    115 KB
    When will Orcs and Goblins get the Mangler Squig???
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:38 No.15126090

    >First off, either you're 12 or your social skills are at the level of a 12 yearold. Fuck /tg/ where are the people who posted in these threads a few months ago.

    Summer 4chan is often stupid 4chan. Sorry about that, your previous threads were pretty interesting.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:38 No.15126094
    > I can tell you approx what will be out running up to November

    Yes please.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:46 No.15126161
    In all honesty, not a clue, I don't play the game anywhere near as often as I would like and i certainly don't play it enough to make that kind of judgement. Only thing I can say is that from what I've seen Space Wolves look the hardest to beat and Tau should be placed back in their case until their codex comes out.

    In terms of how will melee continue to rule, well that will be the case till 6th edition when it comes out July 2012, they might change it, they might not. Can't help you more than that.

    I think you'll find there isn't a question I haven't answered... if there is point it out and I'll answer it as best I can.

    That kind of information is very hard to get a hold of, the design team really keep their secrets under lock and key. In fact head office is really just that, everything under lock and key. I've heard a lot of people refer to it as Nazi Disneyland, lots of cool ass toys but an undercurrent of 'say or do something wrong and you'll be gassed.' There are litteraly, no joke, posters using the template from WW2 saying careless conversations cost lives. i.e. be careful where you talk or shit will get out.

    There is talk, and so far everything, litteraly everything he told me has been spot on so now I'm quite inclined to believe him (previously I'd have trusted his word less than ...i don't know someone untrustworthy)

    He said that 6th will push the timeline really far forward. Ultramar gets cut off due to the shadow of the warp and becomes a mini empire, 14th black crusade (could just be the 13th redone again) primarchs returning etc.

    As for the wider imperium, they expand that slowly with new editions and with new races, there really isn;'t any point in expanding the background a great deal without having product to push.

    I hope that's answered your question, if not I can try and expland on it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:54 No.15126223
         File1306954453.jpg-(167 KB, 1024x768, i want to believe.jpg)
    167 KB
    GW pushing the storyline forward ? Primarchs returning ?
    Holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:55 No.15126238

    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)14:56 No.15126244
    Easy as fuck, go to a one man store, is manager crazy big guy? If not steal, walk out of store, run off.

    We've actually been told not to do anything, if I remember correctly it says, watch them, when they leave ask them to come back, confront them, tell them to stay in the store, call the police. Thats it...

    Or scam them, it's soooooo easy, there are sooo many loopholes. For example, the head on that lord looks cool, i want 4, but i don't want to buy 4. Buy one, take head, go back to store, tell them head was missing, get new box. Take head, go to different store. Rinse and repeat.

    Thanks, I mean i don't want people to be like 'OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU' but not being treated like a cunt would be nice you know?


    Okay so Clearly June is DE with the TK finecast and possibly another finecast small release (sicarus, the Black templar lord dude some dwarves, changeling)
    July again, obviously is storm of magic, big moster kits, WD rule set. Bascially the battlemission book bombed so they decided not more expansion books, just WD supllements.
    August I'm still holding out for summer of fliers, there has been a lot of rejigging due to finecast etc so that could be changed, but I'm still hopping for summer of fliers with a hydra flak cannon tank, a harpy and maybe an ork bomber.

    September, like I said, Blood Bowl, new box set, new teams, i'm unhappy as i never liked BB and i wanted warhammer quest.

    October Necrons

    November Ogres
    Ogres get a large stegadon type kit, but a mammoth instead and rynox cav as well as some other shit i don't know about
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:56 No.15126245

    Timeline advancement in 40k? I must be dreaming.

    Thanks for the information!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)14:56 No.15126246
         File1306954587.jpg-(430 KB, 1003x726, Re-surfacing on the coast of G(...).jpg)
    430 KB
    Well, fuck Games Workshop then. Craftworld Eldar being shafted because so many hobbyist are such homophobics they can't take something that is not unbelievable masculine.

    I won't go into the problems the codex has, most notable being able to have fun and fair games without resorting to shit... but I digress.

    I'll pay a visit to Nottingham for explanation...
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:00 No.15126283

    See when I heard this my reaction was, fuck off you've always been a full of shit type person, but I'll pretend to believe you, he then added these next few gems.

    Necrons for UK games day, blood bowl, 6th edition in summer 2012. Again I thought bullshit, but then slowly all these things he talked about have been confirmed from different sources.

    So...yeah i guess, i mean god I want primarchs to return, when I heard about Andy Chambers plans for the eye of terror campaign that got scraped and caused him to rage quit the company I was like, man fuck me that would have been cool, but i guess they'll never do primarchs...untill now apparantly.

    Right I need to have a quick fag break *thats a cig break for you non brits*, i'll brb.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:00 No.15126291
    > In fact head office is really just that, everything under lock and key. I've heard a lot of people refer to it as Nazi Disneyland, lots of cool ass toys but an undercurrent of 'say or do something wrong and you'll be gassed.'
    I'll back this up

    friend of mine got a trip to GW HQ and was allowed to visit the design studio (he headed up the "read to succeed" program and they got to visit) Saw the Beastmen, Realm of Battle, Stompas and loads of other things years before they were announced, or even rumored

    They used to show new toys at the yearly manager's conference, but I'm not sure if that's going to stay this year due to the even more strict policy on keeping everything a big secret
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:00 No.15126293
    Can I return a GW product to any GW store or does it have to be the one I bought it from?

    Also, I assembled and primed a Finecast model then found something fucked up on it. Am I shit outta luck?
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/01/11(Wed)15:01 No.15126305

    I want to believe, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    If they genuinely do that, then I'll gladly reverse everything mean I said about Mark Wells' bitchtits.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:02 No.15126314
         File1306954953.jpg-(32 KB, 175x166, 1301350574176.jpg)
    32 KB
    >Ultramar gets cut off due to the shadow of the warp and becomes a mini empire
    Fucking Ward...
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:03 No.15126319
    Please tell me something about next Codex:CSM having rules for the traitor legions and not the hurrdurrImevil actual fluff. Dates?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:05 No.15126340
    >not liking elves
    >homophobic having anything to do with femininity
    Being gay generally does not involve finding feminine traits endearing.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:06 No.15126350
         File1306955199.jpg-(246 KB, 675x560, ultraguard.jpg)
    246 KB
    >Ultramar gets cut off due to the shadow of the warp and becomes a mini empire.


    You and/or your friend best not be trollin
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:07 No.15126353
    Timeline actually advance?

    Hah, I'll believe it only when I see it, I've been hearing shit like that since the end of 2nd edition and it's still never been true.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:08 No.15126359
         File1306955284.jpg-(55 KB, 566x512, 1302531532383.jpg)
    55 KB
    >plot moving
    That's awesome.
    >Ultramar getting more and more mary sue
    I want them retconned so hard nothing will be left beyond their colour scheme and roman aesthetics.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:08 No.15126360

    Wait- someone had wrtten sometin glike that in a forum in a thread about 40K after Empra disappearing form the golden throne.
    GW you are ripping shit off
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:09 No.15126371
    the implications have always been there

    GW is just following a string that the older designers left hanging
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:10 No.15126373
    As an 18 year old with no work experience, but tonnes of GW experience, what's the likelihood of me being able to land a summer job in GW?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:11 No.15126387
    pretty low; but it really depends on the local manager
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:12 No.15126392
    Y'know, this lines up with what a dude months back said about the Alpha Legion fucking over the Ultras by killing Rowboat and them breaking off into a mini empire, the Astronimican dying out, the Primarches, loyal and traitor, returning to battle, Ghazkull assembling the biggest WAAAGH yet....
    Was that fucker RIGHT????
    OP, please, do you know anything else? We all laughed at the guy, but if he is right in the end, I won't know what to believe in anymore....
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:15 No.15126416
    I don't see how killing the basically dead guy in statis would fuck over the Ultras.

    They'd be pissed off at you, but that's about it.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:15 No.15126417
    The thing you have to understand is that GW is reactionary, so 3rd was full of ooh thats cool lets make a codex for that or lets make a list in WD which actually pissed a lot of people because it became 'oh you don't have WD 287, well bascially there is a list in there where I can take titans for 30points and they're a troop choice' so then you got 4th edition where the codexs had that in them, then people bitched (i.e. the SM codex) and you got blandness (i.e. the eldar and CSM codex) and people bitched so they went back to the way the first 4th edition codexs were but a bit toned down (i.e. the current SM codex).

    They stopped showing us all that sort of thing after the planetstrike stuff was showed to full timers and then went on warseer the next day. See again they're reactionary, they don't think things through so they just jump from one to the other without thinking. They're also now stopping the information coming you guys so early, no more 3 weeks before release advance orders, The way it will work now is WD saturday, advance orders come out, few days later black box arrives at store followed quickly by the actual release. No more incoming e-mails for you guys.

    Not a clue, maybe in a year or so?
    No problem, just go to the store and explain, we've been told to be very very customer servicy with finecast. If there are any issues from the manager, call head office infront of them, complain about his attitude, that'll shit him right up.

    Oh Mark Wells can fuck off and die. So can Tom Kirby, I'll explain a little later why that is, just let me get through some more questions
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:18 No.15126448
         File1306955923.jpg-(250 KB, 1024x768, warhammer-40k-ultramarine_1024(...).jpg)
    250 KB
    Whelp, it's about time we truly earn the title of Spiritual Liege.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:19 No.15126452
    This has nothing to do with Ward, it's always been an idea, there are hints all through the fluff, fuck just read the age of darkness BL book.
    Sorry mate, no information on this...seriously nothing. Again I rekon that'll be a 6th edition codex.

    Almost nothing if you tell them you're looking for a summer job. If you forget to tell them that, maybe. We're always needing full timers as we're loosing staff constantly due to the fact that GW treat their staff like crap
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:20 No.15126464
    What are your views on Matt Ward, OP?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:20 No.15126465
    I hear you. I want to believe, but damn... I guess it's easy to predict the whole Ultramar thing, given the Tyranid situation. Another Black Crusade? Why not... 13 was a nice number to leave off on though. Primarchs Returning? PFFFFT that's the hardest point to believe.

    The only primarchs that can return are Lion, Jaghatai, Russ, Maybe Roboute, Vulkan and Corax. That's 6 for the Imperium (Don't start with that Alpharius bullshit). Matt Ward will have a field day if Roboute comes back.

    How does GW feel about Matt Ward? I'd imagine you guys don't care too much and that he's actually doing a good job. I actually think that the hate is unwarranted and that he's not that bad at writing fluff (some of it is silly, yeah, but it's not like he's outright ruining 40K).
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:21 No.15126471
    Yup I said the same thing (well in my head, i'm not a dick to my mates) but clearly it's on the cards at the very least.
    Killing the emp or he dying fucks everyone over, no emp no astronomican, no astronimican warp travel becomes fucking difficult and dangerous as hell.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:21 No.15126474
    >we've been told to be very very customer servicy with finecast

    See, I think this is what the price hike is about. They know the process throws out a lot more duds, so they're premptively passing the cost of replacements onto the customer.
    >> Inquisitor 06/01/11(Wed)15:22 No.15126479
    >Fucking Ward...


    On this Fluff thing, as much as I'd love to see the Fluff finally get recognized by GW again - I don't see them advancing it.

    I mean, look at Fantasy and the Storm of Chaos. This MASSIVE Event which was to determine the fate of the Old World and 'WHOOPS, WE COULD LOSE, WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS? HURRDURR' and retconned the thing back to Oblivion.

    So, Mr. Manager, what's to stop them pulling the same shit once more? Don't mean to sound the Prick, but I am a disbelieving bastard with GW lately.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:22 No.15126481
    > Ultramar gets cut off due to the shadow of the warp and becomes a mini empire

    What do you mean by mini-empire? Because I remember reading that each chapter has to be self sustained and some chapters such as the Black Templars are spread all over the place anyway, are they the new government of this whole system? Or will they have well over a thousand members so will have more than one planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:23 No.15126489
    Well if Rowboat comes back it wouldn't be hard to see who'd be leading them.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:24 No.15126495
    Is matt ward really writing Necrons, please say no
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:24 No.15126496
    No real oppinion, I still haven't read what he wrote about the GK, so we'll see if i get the hate virus for him.
    Again that exactly how I feel mate, but then again when you all heard about the move to finecast everyone was like naaaa, but then oh wait, yup.

    As for matt ward again, same answer as above.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:24 No.15126502
    the key difference between the proposed change and the 13th black crusade is that the fluff isn't based on player input

    which solves a whole lot of problems.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:25 No.15126510
    The Ultras have always been the government of Ultramar as a whole, it's just that if mister manager man's friend is making shit up then they'd be on their own due to the shadow.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:26 No.15126522
    Remember that the Ultramarines have a very VERY loyal and well trained PDF force on almost every planet in their system as well as several other chapters near by who I think are second founding so quite loyal and close to the Ultras
    Actually I have no idea about that...I should probably go find out.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:26 No.15126524

    Price hike happens every damn year, pretty much. It's not connected to Finecast, GW were just stupid enough to match up the Finecast release with the price increase.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:27 No.15126534
    do you ever get people wanting to play one of the specialist games? BFG, Epic, Warmaster etc.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:28 No.15126545
    We have some specialist players at the memphis bunker. mostly bfg and bloodbowl, though there are epic and warmaster players in the area. they just usually play on their own turf.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:28 No.15126546
    >I still haven't read what he wrote about the GK, so we'll see if i get the hate virus for him.

    Do you masturbate furiously to the SoB and then cry afterwards when you realise that you're not being held by their well muscled space nun arms?
    Do you suck on Gav's cock?

    If yes to either then you gonna be mad.
    If no then you'll probably be fine with most of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:31 No.15126568
    Reading this makes me feel like disappointed for playing stuff from GW...

    No, I am not switching to another system. Thanks to /tg/'s shitty fanboy flamewars.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:32 No.15126582
    Do you know about what timeframe GW is shooting for with 6th Edition's release?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:34 No.15126612
    What's with GW's strange attitude towards specialist games? Seems unsupported, even through the website, and not many stores let you play them.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:34 No.15126616
    Okay, so seeing as the questions for the moment have dried up I'll throw some stuff out there.

    Tom Kirby is a hustler, has been and always will be one. He has no love or attachement to GW or the IP.

    Now some of this could easily be not quite exactly how I explain but not so far off to be wrong. I hope that makes sense.

    Okay, so the way GW was taken over and become the company we know is when Tom Kirby and another (i forget) went to the bank to convince them to give them a loan to buy out the company. They did this by showing the bank what GW could do if under them and to rpove that they showed the month or so they had direct control which also happened to be the month they had a fucking massive sale accross the UK (buy 2 get one free).

    Hustle 1

    He then sold the company before the LOTR bubble burst and then bought it again after the bubble burst for less than he sold it for.

    Hustle 2

    He is now in the process of fudging the companies profit and loss accounts buy reducing costs, price rising etc so that it goes up and up untill I guess he sells it and it crashes down?

    That last part, comes from a share holder, remember that kirby has the most shares, and this guy said, that all the major holders know that the profits their posted are due to staff reductions etc and that they'll keep their money in untill Kirby takes his out.

    House of cards comes falling the fuck down.

    Now I'm not saying that when this happens it'll be be game over, no It'll be just like when the LOTR bubble burst, stores will close, release will be smaller and the company will just rebuilt from there.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:36 No.15126637
    Do you suck on Mat Ward's cock, hate everything non-marine, and lurve giant gay god-mode sues in power armor?

    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:37 No.15126650
    Shit, I want this to happen.

    Sadly, I live in a different country, so no more GW stuff for me.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:37 No.15126655
    Do you have any idea as to the contents of the 6th edition starter?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:38 No.15126661

    Given the dogmatic fanboy-loyalism could you ever imagine some combination of the John Lewis model (i.e. employees own the store) and fanboy share companies (like Arsenal Supporters Trust) creating a GW owned by people actually interested in the fluff?

    If not, why not?
    >> sage 06/01/11(Wed)15:39 No.15126680
    Ok i'll shoot, what the hell ever happened to Warmaster? GW brought it out then seemed to drop it almost straight away.

    Do they have any long term plans to redo it or is it effectively dead?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:40 No.15126685
    >Do you suck on Mat Ward's cock, hate everything non-marine, and lurve giant gay god-mode sues in power armor?

    If yes then you'll probably hate it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:40 No.15126686

    Thatll never happen. They wont even let people use symbols they didnt even invent. CONTROL. OBEY. OBEY.OBEY
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:40 No.15126691
    Old games are old and already sold, no new money.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:43 No.15126709
    the rule system got nabbed and improved for the historicals version
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:43 No.15126710
    Like the others have said, price hike is every year, they always do this. the price increase on the finecast models compaired to the metal is down to that...which is well...obvious.
    The storm of chaos and 13 black crusade stuff was miss managed, i guess there isn't anything to stop them doing it again, but i imagine that if they put it in a core game rule book then they'll probably have thought it through.
    Yes, and unfortunatly my answer is no you can't play, i'd love you to be able to as I would love to able to learn and play BFG, but i'd rather keep my job. You see GW don;'t like specialist games as they tend to involve smaller amounts of money invested in them as the 3 main games and people playing them in the store moves focus from the core games to the specialist games.
    No i don't, only cock I suck is ADB, man is a fucking fluff god.
    The thing is, as a customer, except for the price increase, I'm happy as larry, love the models, enjoy the game and the background in my oppinion is the best fucking thing since...well ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:43 No.15126718
    That's a circular argument...couldn't they make money by selling a new version of the game? especially if they brought the tyranids back, added necrons, dark eldar even though they don't thematically fit..
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:44 No.15126733
    What are GW's plans for the Lotr franchises, are they basically hoping the hobbit movies will breathe fresh live into them?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:44 No.15126737

    >Remember that the Ultramarines have a very VERY loyal and well trained PDF force on almost every planet in their system as well as several other chapters near by who I think are second founding so quite loyal and close to the Ultras


    I pretty much assume that the Ultramarines are still pretty much a Legion, and their successors/descendants who are closest to them are chapters in name only, and would effectively return to being companies of Ultramarines of Calgar asked.

    Age of Darkness pretty strongly hinted at Guilliman leaning towards separating Ultramar from the Imperium. I wouldn't be surprised if the Codex Astartes limit was put in place so it would be harder to challenge the Ultramarines if and when they re-Legion'd.
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)15:45 No.15126744

    >The thing is, as a customer, except for the price increase, I'm happy as larry

    Fairly sure the 50% employee discount greases the rails.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:45 No.15126747
    Also, don't ever ever ever give mantic your money, you think GW are arrogant wank stains? They're worse, they are actually all ex gw head office who were too annoying even for them. Met them at Salute and fucking hated them ever since. Also the models are really shit, seriously, they're aren't good at all
    Summer 2012, July rule book, September core game.
    See previous post.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:46 No.15126751
    so long as LotR stays; specialists will never get focus
    >> Inquisitor 06/01/11(Wed)15:46 No.15126763
    >The storm of chaos and 13 black crusade stuff was miss managed, i guess there isn't anything to stop them doing it again, but i imagine that if they put it in a core game rule book then they'll probably have thought it through.

    Yeah, I don't see them pulling through on this, but whatever.

    All right then... Beyond the Ultramar mini-empire and such, what else do you know about the potential Lore? Anything interesting for the Races?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:47 No.15126766
    >God of fluff
    >Doesn't like Zho Shahaal

    NOPE. But I respect your opinion.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:48 No.15126778
    But that taker EEEEfort, and it's HAAArd, and it only involves small amounts of units, and they don't involve SPAAAcemarines.

    And who'd want to waste time trying to appeal to critical consumers, better to chuck out shit so fast people wont see it's bad until next edition is out.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:48 No.15126788
    Maintain stranglehold to deny competition as long as possible.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:49 No.15126793

    >No i don't, only cock I suck is ADB, man is a fucking fluff god.

    he's probably in this thread too.

    sup ADB? Blood Reaver was dope yo.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:50 No.15126809
    Nope, other than obviously it containing Space Marines.
    Nope, the people at the top have been there since basically the beggining, to do the john lewis thing would mean that they have to loose some control. I think it would work...really really well, but bugger all chance.
    It's a specialist game, it's not being touched again, the rule set has been used in historical and rick priestly is using it in his historical stuff outside of GW (clearly as he doesnt work for us)
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:50 No.15126816
    Ok, so, after reading the stuff this "GW Manager" has posted, and taking it with a large dose of salt -

    Why is Warhammer 40.000 being turned into a game about humans fighting humans because humans? I want to match blades with the swift and deadly Eldar, brawl with the brutish Orks, exchange volleys of fire with the upstart Tau, purge and cleanse the heretical Chaos, exterminate Tyranids by the swarms.

    Instead, I'm already forced to play BLOOD/ IRON/ GOLD/ MARY of ANGELS/ CRUSADERS/ GODS/ SUES against more BLOOD/ IRON/ GOLD/ MARY of ANGELS/ CRUSADERS/ GODS/ SUES with some special snowflake incorruptible tasked-by-god superman army that is for some strange reason killing it's own brethren just because WAR ERRYWEAR.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:52 No.15126826
         File1306957929.jpg-(131 KB, 712x345, I see.jpg)
    131 KB
    >He said that 6th will push the timeline really far forward. Ultramar gets cut off due to the shadow of the warp and becomes a mini empire, 14th black crusade (could just be the 13th redone again) primarchs returning etc.
    >He said that 6th will push the timeline really far forward
    >timeline really far forward
    Confirmed for troll.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:52 No.15126828
    Marines make the most money.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:52 No.15126831
    Bloody hell there's effort. they already have the tyranid molds laying around, as well as most of the chaos stuff. Hell, the net's balanced most of the lists for them. and there are space marines in Epic...even if the only thing good about them is terminators jumping out of a thunderhawk.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:52 No.15126837

    Space Marines account for like 90% of GW sales. I'm surprised they even bother making anything else.
    >> That paint guy. 06/01/11(Wed)15:53 No.15126842
    I'll bite, I quite like these threads as they're generally far more relaxed and far less automated response then talking to my local managers.

    Do you know if we'll be seeing the trend continue with a single plastic kit making several options for an army? It feels like they've been toying with this since the plastic conversion kits for Dark Angels and Black Templars, had success with the Space Wolves but settled on the 5-man but more options setup of Blood Angels and Grey Knights. Think Sisters and any other marine-like army will have a similar setup of 5 models to a box but nearly all options?

    Think we'll see more cross-army releases? I know when they brought the Stormraven out with Blood Angels they already had it planned out for Grey Knights, but think they'll put this kit in books for other marine armies? Think we'll see other vehicle kits aimed at multiple codex's?

    Do you know if GW will ever do much more in the way of basing? Tons of companies are doing resin bases now, I hear people are being asked not to play in GW stores with bases from other companies, but never EVER see the staff push the GW basing kits as an option. Did they flop? I like the brass etch and most of the resin stuff.

    With the way the last few expansion books have gone, people are saying that more expansion books or things will be making their way into White Dwarf. Think this will be a growing trend and the magazine will start to make a return to gaming options?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the current White Dwarf setup? I'm unhappy as all the modelling/painting (if they bother to put it in) seems to aimed at the intro-gamer, feels like yonks since we've seen an actual Model Masterclass.

    Also, 'sup from Australia! We don't hate your company, we just feel really shafted with local pricing.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)15:54 No.15126862
    They could make more money from re selling it, but again its the destraction from core game sales. Never say never, like I said, Blood Bowl is coming out again in September.
    Litterally this, they are waiting for the Hobbit...dear please don't let me still be working for GW when this happens. I hate the LOTR, fucking thing was like reading the bible.
    Hence I said, except the price increase...did you miss that part?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:55 No.15126873
    But re-relasing old models means you can't instantly recognize and bother people using the old sets, needs new models and new rules, planned obsolete man, it's profilicious
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:56 No.15126884
    >I want to play as space marine against a variety of opponents
    the problem is.. so does everyone else

    the easiest way is to play a xeno race yourself. I've got Nids, Tau, and Eldar to complement my shooty marines and choppy chaos marines. Granted, this is mainly possible because I've been playing for a long time, but it's not too hard to start some xenos as your second faction if you truly enjoy the game/lore
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:56 No.15126887

    today's What's New Today feature has the usual "send in pictures of your stuff", with this attached:

    >We're especially after figures from The Lord of the Rings at the moment, and any Warhammer Monsters you've got lurking around certainly wouldn't go amiss.

    Warhammer Monsters obviously would tie in with the Storm of Magic. If they want to see LOTR shit that probably means The Hobbit-related stuff is coming.

    Except I don't even know what Hobbit tie-ins they could do, since they already put out Battle of the Five Armies.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:57 No.15126888
    > BLOOD/ IRON/ GOLD/ MARY of ANGELS/ CRUSADERS/ GODS/ SUES against more BLOOD/ IRON/ GOLD/ MARY of ANGELS/ CRUSADERS/ GODS/ SUES with some special snowflake incorruptible tasked-by-god superman army that is for some strange reason killing it's own brethren just because WAR ERRYWEAR.

    I think you just mad because marines be stylin on you.

    Also marines make GW lots of money, probably more than all the other races you listed combined.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:57 No.15126889
    Do you know when the next run of Finecast will come out? I'd love to see a jetbike Master if the Ravenwing model in resin.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:58 No.15126905

    It's called marketing. It's easy to see why Marine generate more money than any other army, when over 50% of the release schedule is bogged down with marines, newcomers are pretty much pushed into playing marines (because "they're easy to learn"), the rules themselves are biased towards marines, and every fucking store is required to have marines in the display case as well as marine artwork everywhere.

    It's a vicious circle.
    Push Marines, emphasize marines -> Marines sell more.
    Marines sell more -> push marines, emphasize marines.
    Marines get pushed and emphasized -> players of other armies quit and move to better game systems -> marines sell more

    >>15126816, basically you're best bet is to just fucking quit 40k if you're getting tired of marines vs marines vs marines, etc. There are better (non-GW) game systems, that are more balanced and nowhere near as blatantly biased in both marketing and development.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:58 No.15126906
    Hey, at least specialist games never make the price increase lists lol.

    At the Memphis Bunker they're glad to order you in BFG and Dave'll show you how to play if he's around. I think they see it as a way of catching the guys who are getting burnt out on 40k/fantasy and giving them a new twist to keep them there until something shiny comes out and brings them back into the main fold.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)15:59 No.15126930
         File1306958393.jpg-(887 KB, 713x1023, Celestine The Living Saint.jpg)
    887 KB
    Will there ever be a new SoB codex?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:00 No.15126938
    forgot to mention there was an organized blood bowl league for a while too. don't know if it's still going.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:00 No.15126939

    >Hey, at least specialist games never make the price increase lists lol.

    Yeah they do. Space Marine Strike Cruiser went from $16 (same price as a Dauntless) to $19.75 last year.


    >I hate the LOTR, fucking thing was like reading the bible.

    Fucking A. I gave up somewhere in the second book. Only made it through two of the movies. Seriously tedious shit.

    >A bunch of guys in robes with beards walk around
    >A bunch of hairy midgets walk around
    >Every once in a while they hide from scary guys in black cloaks
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:00 No.15126941
    Any news on sisters would be great
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:01 No.15126944
    I could do that, trade or sell off the Black Templars and buy some xenos, but... if xeno armies have a hard time playing against marines because of poor books, why should I go through the headache?

    Like this manager dude said, Eldar that I might consider worth trying aren't getting updated and can only play with one or two lists.

    Not mad, just a upset that I've got fourteen differently coloured space marine chapters including me playing at my story and only a single person who plays xenos, and they're Necrons.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:01 No.15126949
    No idea, I want them to do something with the race they described as 'hyper violent' it's in the big rule book and also the ghost race thing...again can't remember what they're called. But that is ALL wish listing.
    Thanks, P.S i LOVED Lord of Night as well, but ADB is human, he clearly has to have his faults :P
    I love the 'with a dash of salt..' Go check out the link in my first post I'm fairly sure I talk about the upcoming TK release with very very acurate comments. Although i did think there were 2 sphynx kits.

    Anyway, umm in answer to your question...i think it's a question. Don't know :P Sorry yeah umm I actually totally disagree with your observations.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:02 No.15126955
    No. Stop asking.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:02 No.15126957
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:02 No.15126960
    There are more Marine Codex's & models on the market than all the other armies combined.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:02 No.15126964

    What's your opinion of Dan Abnett? I personally love his books and think his fluff can fit in the greater IP, but others disagree.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:02 No.15126966
    Anything new happening for the Tau?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:03 No.15126971
    >hurr this game system is far more better than W40k
    Fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:04 No.15126978

    >if xeno armies have a hard time playing against marines because of poor books, why should I go through the headache?

    Dark Eldar just got updated, are decent. Necron update later this year.

    Personally, I'm getting into Dark Eldar just because they're fucking fun to paint. And I dig their sadism. I've got some Orks just because leftover parts become Orky when I'm bored, so I've got some Nobz hanging around. My CSM/Daemons would get more attention if they had a better codex.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:04 No.15126985
    Play DE if you want good Xenos, Nids should have also been in that list but Cruddace sucks at 40k.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:04 No.15126986
    Of course you would disagree. You've probably got a maryne-sue army yourself, push kids into starting them, and probably couldn't recite 50% of the rules from any non-mehreen army in the game (like the vast majority of GW managers).
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:06 No.15126997
         File1306958788.jpg-(201 KB, 1280x800, THIS.jpg)
    201 KB
    >I want to match blades with the swift and deadly Eldar, brawl with the brutish Orks, exchange volleys of fire with the upstart Tau, purge and cleanse the heretical Chaos, exterminate Tyranids by the swarms.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:07 No.15127005
    And that only happened because they sold better than everything else in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:08 No.15127015
         File1306958880.jpg-(36 KB, 500x375, abatap.jpg)
    36 KB

    The butthurt is strong with this one.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:08 No.15127019
    >ADB is human, he clearly has to have his faults

    Indeed, his shit is good and he can be forgiven his flaws.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:09 No.15127030
    >Hurr I'm assuming someone's trying to promote some system, but don't know

    40k fucking sucks ass, it's not hard to make a system that's better
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:11 No.15127055
    Look, I'm pretty much /tg/'s Si Spurrier fanboy and I don't have a beef with how the new NL books have viewed Zso.

    All of the Night Lords commanders were tremendous arrogant pricks - Zso included, Malcharion, the Exalted, Acerbus, the list goes on. Hell, Talos is an apothecary or sergeant or something and one of the terminators tells him to "sit the fuck down, you weren't that special".

    So Zso goes off to retrieve the Corona because of some cryptic statement from Curze/Haunter about how he needed him to lead when we all know that said Primarch was a mood-swinging bi-polar madman.

    And all because they went after the Haunter's toys (taken by M'Shen) that were supposed to justify their right to rule in his place. Remember, Talos is an egotistical fuckwit too.

    One arrogant asshole looking down on another is hardly out of character.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:11 No.15127057

    Yes, you can see the one box for ... lots of stuff trend a fair amount. I mean check out the tomb king sphyx kit, fairly sure the sisters will have the same set up (hoping for 10 man not 5 man though). I've been told they;re having issued with the plastic molds for the sisters, i beleive its the overhang of their hair causing problems.

    Cross army kits? Not too sure, probably not, tbh the SM kits are unique, i mean eldar you could group things with the dark eldar, but they haven't done that so far.

    Resin bases from GW? Maybe? There are a lot of things I'm surprised we don't do, as for the basing kits not being pushed, thats just your GW staff not being particularly good / having to remember to push other things. I love the kits and always talk to customers about them.

    I've already tlaked about the explansions into WD, battlmissions flopped, hence spear head was in WD and im fairly sure so will winds of magic or wahtever its called.

    WD a year and a half a go was getting pretty good, I was quite happy with it actually, now? Back to how it used to be which is fairly crap, they changed from one head of WD to another just before spearhead and from then on things started to slip back down the slope into shitness.

    Finally, hello to Australia, sorry my company is fucking with you, go to wayland games they have a section called 'rest of the world' in the GW section, Its empty for now, but they'll be adding things and I believe it's there way of getting around GW's new trade contract
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:12 No.15127076
    They sold *somewhat* better. They were not over-emphasized. Now they sell far better, because they're so fucking over-emphasized. It's a vicious circle-jerk of fail, and if the loss of non-marine players doesn't turn it into marine-hammer, the constant marine-wankfest from GW's employees will.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:12 No.15127078
    What is your opinion on specialist games. Is it practical for a retail outlet to do a big push for one of GW's old properties, like, say, mordheim or battlefleet gothic? What level of support would GW have to throw behind it for you to want to put up a battlefleet gothic table in the store? Do you think specialist games are ever going to come back to GW owned retail?

    Also: how much does a guy who comes to game night once a week, say, for 2-3 hours, need to buy for you to want to see him next week? from a business standpoint, not a personality. What is the purchasing level that makes game nights really make business sense?

    How many of your employees do you think have geniune enthusiasm for the core GW games? how many are mostly just faking it for sales purposes?

    Are GW sales people commission based? Or is it just a quota system or a part of performance reviews?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:13 No.15127085
         File1306959227.jpg-(43 KB, 240x240, 1306775423254.jpg)
    43 KB
    It is, if everything is fucking ripped off from Warhammer and the grimderp is replaced with tryhard grimdark lore.

    Every system sucks shit and tries their best to be unique without getting sued by GW.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:15 No.15127099
    Oh, alright, so you can't answer my question.

    I'll just agree that Space Marines and Imperial Guard have become bland.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:17 No.15127119
    Hey OP. Sorry if you've answered this, but how do you like your job? Do you get benefits, 401k etc?

    I ask because I'm looking for something else. I make $16.75 but find my job boring. Working at GW would be rad. Also, do you get a discount for working there?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:18 No.15127126
    They're being quite coy with the exact mechanics behind this. Basically when they sell out of the metal, they make it in resin? Honestly anything I tell you is just speculation. We tried to ask them during the managers meeting, but got fuck all back.
    Yes, see my comment about them having issues with the plastic casting of the sister's hair.
    Love Dan, fucking LOVE him, more than ADB but not a whole lot more. If you haven't read ADB's books, do so.
    Nothing really, they need to be redone, they've recieved almost nothing in finecast so that could hint at a relativly near release.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:18 No.15127127
    >>What is your opinion on specialist games.
    GW stores do not like specialist-games, because they say it kills sales due to not requiring as many models to play.

    >Also: how much does a guy who comes to game night once a week, say, for 2-3 hours, need to buy for you to want to see him next week?
    They don't really care, so long as you do buy stuff and don't leech off their supplies.

    >How many of your employees do you think have geniune enthusiasm for the core GW games?
    You only get hired for having enthusiasm. Without it, you tend to get let go very quickly. GW has an extremely high turnover rate, no matter what they pretend to think.

    >Are GW sales people commission based? Or is it just a quota system or a part of performance reviews?

    None. It's a 'target' system. The store needs to make -x- amount of growth each month. The employees get to keep their jobs if the store is on the right track. With the 'trimming down' to 1-man stores, this makes the overhead a lot lower for the company, increasing profits. GW just cares about profits. They're not going to give an employee a bonus for selling a fuck-tonne of stuff (anymore).
    >> That paint guy. 06/01/11(Wed)16:18 No.15127128
    Thanks for the answers! Already have an eye out with Weyland, but hoping we can see some local change so I don't have to wait weeks between buying a model and being able to paint it.

    I too enjoy the basing kits you guys do, not as easily to just glue a model to like others I've used but they certainly give an average model some professional flair.

    I was hearing rumors that the Dark Eldar flyer was going to double up for Craftworld as well, and was pretty surprised it ended up being 1-army only. Whilst it's not exactly common for a single kit to be used by more then 1 group, it would certainly double the audience for the box if it went this way.

    I'm all for the plastic kits being more all-encompassing, I've been tempted to go for the latest releases just for the ease of bits and conversions, have high hopes for sisters and looking forward a TON to seeing some new Necron stuff.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:18 No.15127130
    Have you ever met the design staff of GW? the guys who actually write the rules? what level do you feel they understand the game at? Are you confident in their abilities to design a good, balanced rules system that allows for fun games?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:19 No.15127134

    >he doesn't know about the 50% discount
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:19 No.15127142
    They sold better because they're the coolest faction to the majority, everyone I've ever shown my models to - young or old - always gravitate towards the marines, they ignore my Eldar, my Crons (besides maybe making some kind of Ahnold joke) and my Guard. They just have much more appeal.

    Any time they try to push something else it always comes back to marines to be their big money maker.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:21 No.15127160
    Everyone wants to be the big and burly ME AM HERO AND ME AM DEFEAT THE EVILS!

    Effort, intrigue, imagination, what are those?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:21 No.15127161
         File1306959696.jpg-(15 KB, 244x324, vg58091_Sam is happy.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:23 No.15127173
         File1306959781.jpg-(20 KB, 400x400, iron hand.jpg)
    20 KB
    I'm still mad about how GW apparently hates the fuck out of my favorite Legion/First Founding Chapter.

    I'm also surprised they haven't retconned them to have been completely wiped out at Istvaan.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:23 No.15127179
    How did space hulk go in your store? Did most people who wanted one get one?

    I wasn't in the hobby when space hulk was rereleased, I was just curious as to how limited the print run was.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:23 No.15127181
    your question was already answered

    you want to play space marines against aliens

    EVERYONE wants to play space marines against aliens

    Play some Alien armies yourself if you want to bring in some variety. It might rub off on some of your players. Dark Eldar are an especially good choice, as they have a decent book and a solid model line
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:24 No.15127185
    SERIOUSLZY????? I'm getting a job there.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:25 No.15127191
    >flip open old WD issue
    >Salamanders Tactical Squad: $22.99

    god fucking damn it GW
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:26 No.15127200
    Then your other armies must look like ass.

    I get the opposite. My heavily converted (and well-painted) ork warbike army turns heads and draws attention when I bring it out in a LGS. But no one cares about *yet another* mehreen army unless it's immaculate.

    The level of interest goes a lot farther than simply a 'catch-all' "Hurr Marines are just liked more". That kind of attitude portrays large amounts of 'entitlement' and arrogance amongst the players who believe that. Especially since most non-gaming people I've ever seen (young and old) have been drawn to IG MORE than to marines, unless they're in the middle of an intro game (which are set up to favor marines).
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:27 No.15127210

    Well I'm assuming same person here, firstly...wow you've managed to get others to hate on you in this thread, well done.

    Yes i have a SM army, as well as a tyranid one and an ork one....

    Want to know why they sell so well, because they're fucking super heroes you dumb bastard. Seriously, they're a fucking superhero is massive fucking armor with a huge fucking gun...how do you not understand that that is something people go 'fuck me thats cool'. I'm not saying that GW haven't pushed them, but like someone else said, that was only because they sold so well back in the Rogue Trader days and if you had half a brain/went back that far you would realise that.

    I'm not going to retype everything I've said on specialist games, read previous posts. I'm not saying that to be rude, but i really don;'t want to retype it. TLDR no support gw hq hate specialist games played in store.

    We want to see all our customers back, not matter what, a paint point here and paint pot there always helps. Although if you're spending that amount I'm going to spend the same amount of time with you as well. It's give take. I'm not sure that really answers your question.
    Like i said before, I;m in the UK, so how much this information helps i don;t know.

    I hate it, we're paid low, I'm on just under 18k a year, no benefits, Higher ups shit all over you. You do a fuck ton of extra hours and you don;t get paid. You don;t always get time off when you want it and then at the end of every finacial year they tell you to fuck off if you have any unused holiday days. They take the piss every second of the day because 90% of their staff are so up GW's arse that they'd happily sell their faimly if GW asked them to.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:28 No.15127214
    >Everyone wants to be the big and burly ME AM HERO AND ME AM DEFEAT THE EVILS!

    And there is nothing wrong with that at the end of the day. People will be people.

    >Effort, intrigue, imagination, what are those?

    Something that's not really necessary for a wargame beyond being able to imagine what kind of sound a model's gun makes when it shoots it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:28 No.15127221
    I bet the crowd will be more interested in space marines if they shoot water guns, wear pink armor and have fabulous hair.

    Of course, the GW employes get mad in your local store, but it's worth it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:28 No.15127222

    If you want to buy bulk miniatures, 50% off is great, but you can already get 30% off just by mail order, without switching careers.

    If you make 16 bucks an hour, I don't know what a GW employee makes, but I suspect you would be, all in, taking a pay cut, even if you were, say, a professional painter who just wanted to work there for long enough to buy 5 or so armies worth of models to paint and resell.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:29 No.15127228
    It doesn't. There simply aren't any 'non-marine' armies worth playing right now, aside from IG or fetish-goth eldar.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:33 No.15127266
    Can we have a few more ways to scam stores?

    also if you know about the store in Solihull have you ever heard anything about 2 kids stealing about 1500 pounds worth of miniatures in the space of a few weeks?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:34 No.15127269
    >play 40k WAAC style
    >complaining about how no one else plays xeno armies
    >refuse to play them yourself because they have bad books
    >ignore decent xeno book "because you don't like the aesthetic"
    You wanted a good book, I told you a good book. If you're playing for fun, go for a slightly worse book and ask your friends to tone it down a little

    shit, if you really don't like the look of dark eldar, just use craftworld models. You do realize their model kits are entirely interchangeable, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:34 No.15127273

    Yeah, it didn't, really. I was more asking about the economics of a game night, hoping it would move some insight into how non GW stores decide wether or not to have them: what does it actually cost a retail outlet to staff a Game night, and what sort of sales do they want to see to justify it, wether that be D and D encounters, or Warhammer night (I am not from the UK, and local stores really don't do a lot of tabletop gaming... it's mostly comics, with a little bit of RPG support on the side).

    and on specialist games, sorry, but the obvious way most people handle these threads is to post immediately, and then read the thread while waiting for a reply, so they don't have to keep the tab open afterwards when they are no longer on 4chan. I did read the rest... though I always thought that GW made most of it's money from starter sets, not army sales. Must be wrong on that count, if they don't want to rerelease any of their other IP's again because it would move focus off of the two core games.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:35 No.15127284
    Everything this dude has said is 100% spot on
    Never really met anyone tbh, although I do know that the BL have had problems with artists and writers trying to do shit that just doesn't fit with the IP. I heard Ben Counter wanted to make Angron all smooth talking and intelligent and that one artist just kept drawing boltguns as lasguns.
    I wish i understood what that face is meant to inform me of and what it's in reference to
    Hate your founding chapter? Okay, Salamanders do you have a metal shoulder pad? No? Iron hands how about you? Yes? Salamanders do you have a box set to make your tactical marines look more salamandery? No? Iron hands how about you? Yes?

    ....thats all I'm going to say on that.

    Space Hulk went fast and well, not everyone who wanted one got one, but that was more down to, fuck don't have the money for that this month or mum won't buy it for me.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:36 No.15127291
    >Then your other armies must look like ass.


    >My heavily converted (and well-painted) ork warbike army turns heads and draws attention when I bring it out in a LGS. But no one cares about *yet another* mehreen army unless it's immaculate.

    I'm not talking about bitter people who have seen marines time and time again, I'm talking about people who have never even heard of warhammer before.

    >The level of interest goes a lot farther than simply a 'catch-all' "Hurr Marines are just liked more".

    Really? Look at shit like Halo and Gears, people love to play the super armor guy.

    >That kind of attitude portrays large amounts of 'entitlement' and arrogance amongst the players who believe that.

    Not really, some of us just get pissed off at the constant call of marine sue when we want to play with marines.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)16:36 No.15127296

    >Salamanders do you have a ----- shoulder pad?
    >Salamanders do you have a box set to make your tactical marines look more salamandery?

    God save Forge World.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:39 No.15127326
    Then chill and wait for the Crons.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:40 No.15127336

    I personally play Orks because they're fucking hilarious. Seriously. When I first started out I was like "Hmm, do I wanna play Space Marines, Necrons, or Orks..." then I saw a Dreadnought (back when they still called them Dreadnoughts) painting article and a sub-article was called "Shooty 'n Smashy Bitz". I was sold right there.
    Now I've got over 500 models worth of the sunzabitches including FOUR STOMPAS thanks to a friend who just up and quit 40K for a while.

    >Are GW sales people commission based? Or is it just a quota system or a part of performance reviews?

    From what I hear it's because of GW's bullshit store system. Wanna start a store that sells GW merchandise on the shelf? $5000 up front. And you HAVE to buy $2000 of GW every month. It's why the last 2 or 3 stores have made GW stuff special-order only, which is a pain but at least you get around paying for shipping costs.

    Also, question for OP:
    Do you think they bungled the Ork codex, especially with updating it for 4th JUST before the release of 5th? There's options that don't even really work anymore (ie Grot Riggers on vehicle squads; when a vehicle is immobilised in a squad it just becomes wrecked right there).
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:40 No.15127339

    Wait, Forge World released Salamander stuff?
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:41 No.15127348
    Nids? they aren't worth playing because...Eldar? They aren't worth playing because? Necrons in a few months time... Okay yes sure, keep complaining. Everyone is clearly backing you up on this.
    No not really to both things, haven't heard anything about that store. Like i said, stores are really easy to steal from and if you're after parts just take them from the box and say, sorry weren't there when i opened it.

    It depends on the store, mate, it costs the wages of the staff to stay open late. To have a game night, you need to have at least a fair amount of people to turn up, then it's worth it. People in the store is always good for business. I pretty tired, so again I hope that goes some way to answer your question.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:41 No.15127351
    >Do you have a special character? Iron Hands? No. Salamanders? Yes.

    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)16:42 No.15127355
         File1306960931.jpg-(81 KB, 800x680, salamanderssp.jpg)
    81 KB

    Indeed. Next up is a dread that can be a standin for Ashmantle.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:42 No.15127362
    >when a vehicle is immobilised in a squad it just becomes wrecked right there
    not true;

    When a vehicle is immobilized in a squad it's wrecked /if you choose to move with the squadron/

    If you stay put, it's not wrecked
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:43 No.15127366
    LOL, you're excessively butt-hurt fucktarded about supposed 'herp-derp mehreen hate'. Herpadurp, I iz manager who sells super-heroes to little kids.

    Goddamn I hope your shitty carcass isn't anywhere near me. You're a fag, and make me glad I quit 40k.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:43 No.15127371
    >I wish i understood what that face is meant to inform me of and what it's in reference to

    shock joy and euphoria

    also be careful OP, the guy who fed you this information may be part of a greater plan by GW executives to root out leaks. Basically, all managers get told different information. GW executives can then trace leaks by what information was leaked.

    So if you're the only one who was told the primarches coming back and fucking faggot wells is on this thread, then he'll know it was you that was releasing information.

    so thanks for taking the risk by telling us and posting on /tg/, I cannot into expressing such a high level of gratitude over the internet.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)16:44 No.15127381

    Salamanders get 4.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:46 No.15127408
    Where do you see the company in ten years? Do you think Privateer Press could rise to become a major competitor with Warmahordes?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:46 No.15127414
    >LOL, you're excessively butt-hurt fucktarded about supposed 'herp-derp mehreen hate'
    >Herpadurp, I iz manager who sells super-heroes to little kids.

    You seem to be the butthurt one my friend.

    >glad I quit 40k.

    Then why are you in this thread shitting things up?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:47 No.15127423
    He already said earlier in the thread if GW keeps on their current path of dumb, PP will probably be the best bet for dethroning in a decade's time.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:48 No.15127440
    ...yeah did actually forget that they've brought that out, but still they're a hell of a lot more expensive than the metal ones. Also fuck yes to salamander shoulder pads and have you seen the salamander ven dread? Looks SOOOO sweet. Might have to make my second marine army (oh no I'm doing exactly what that dude was saying, i am a bad person pushing marines on poor little kids)

    Wanted to just add this. The commision thing, there is a sort of commision system, but only for managers. You see at the end of the finacial year, managers get 20% of the excess of total sales the store has made over it's yearly target. So if a store has a target of £100,000 a year and does £120,000, then the store manager gets a bonus of £5000.

    I think that it's bullshit as most of the time it's the fulltimers who make that impact and it should be split between the entire stores staff,
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:48 No.15127441
    Hurray for the new jew overlords!
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)16:50 No.15127468

    >Eldar? They aren't worth playing because?

    Oldest in-distrobution models? 50% of the units in the codex are practically useless? The faction in fluff recently has been the go-to whipping boy?
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)16:51 No.15127477


    I have herped. Distribution.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:51 No.15127482
    inb4 "hurp-aderp not a super-hero" bullshit excuses.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:52 No.15127491
    Also a fair point, but come on to say they hate your chapter...please.
    Hahahaha, internet hard man for the win. I bow down to your clear and logical points that you've made.
    Thank you so much, that really means a lot mate. I'm happy to help and thanks for the heads up, I'm aware that they do this actually :)
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:53 No.15127498
    Bro, weren't you the person who was asking about what army to start with a few weeks back?

    Are you going on again about what /tg/ has told you?

    Have you even tried proxies for the units you're calling "useless"? Hell, have you even tried the "few good ones"?

    Play the fucking game before making balance comments.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:53 No.15127499
    I'm pretty sure he was talking about Dark Eldar

    Codex Eldar can be competitive, which is what the guy who was bitching was aiming for; but they need to focus on a few units
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:53 No.15127501

    I read the rules section on that, it says they scuttle the vehicle just to keep the squad moving. It makes no mention of wether or not they squad moves, it just says they're wrecked. I've seen no other mention of any other interpretation/revision/etc. for 5th edition in any of the FAQs, so since the FAQ doesn't have it, it's not official to anyone I play against so my Kanz are basically REQUIRED to take my Big Mek w/KFF as an escort for any chance of survivability.
    To quote the condensed rulebook (AoBR), page 64m "Damage results against squadrons":
    >The mutual support of vehicles in squadrons makes them resilient to damage results affecting the crew. On the other hand, the crews are under strict orders to abandon immobilised vehicles and disable them, not to leave them as spoils of war for the enemy.
    >To represent this, treat all immobilised results as destroyed (wrecked) and all stunned results as shaken. If a squadron consists of a single vehicle when an enemy unit fires at it, it reverts to the normal rules for vehicle damage results.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:54 No.15127509

    Well, I think eldar are not really worth playing at the moment largely because of the ABSURD pricing of their heavy weapons. I really don't understand why bright lances are 30 points each, and shuriken cannons are 5. It just seems prohibitive to get any real anti vehicle on the field, because none of your main units really some with any default weapons that can penetrate armor, and the costing of upgrades is just stupid. I really don't understand it. The only viable ranged AT in the list is the units that just happen to have a default weapon that can penetrate armor, like the pulse laser. If you could actually buy the pulse laser seperately, it would probably be costed at about 50 points, going by the rest of the list. And the falcon would be worth 75 points plus 50 if you want it to actually have any anti tank. I don't really understand why bright lances are worth double the price of the lascannon, or 5 points more than the BS4 dark lance, which is often given to dark eldar vehicles free of charge anyways.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:54 No.15127515
    40k would be a lot cooler, if it took a fucking clue from PP and took a year to release every fucking faction book at once, and then just took the rest of the edition to make cool models.

    Nobody likes waiting 5+ years, and possibly 2+ editions, for rule updates that are nullified on the next edition switch.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:55 No.15127517
    That would be an excuse as to why they are not as popular, and their unpopularity would explain why their dex is so old, and the fact that it's basically a shitty reprint of their previous codex with the addition of the Autarch would go into explaing with most of the shit in it is useless.
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)16:56 No.15127522

    In it's defence (am I actually DEFENDING that god-damn book?!), the lance rule used to push costs up a lot. Until Dark Eldar were updated. Now they look fucking absurd.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:56 No.15127525
    oh, huh...

    Maybe it's a rule from an older edition that a bunch of locals and me have not bothered looking up
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:56 No.15127528
    because the eldar cannot into effective fighting which means they are designed to lose more often that not.

    which is perfectly fine because they are a dying race whereas the dark eldar are not restricted by a stupid quest for survival and are actually competent.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:58 No.15127542
    Then here's the bitter truth of it, without any excuses:

    'Company gives no support for an out-dated army with rules from a previous edition;
    army doesn't sell.'
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:58 No.15127543

    >Iron Hands having shit

    From like 10 years ago. Yeah, I know we're going to get stuff when your wife lets you do anal, that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.


    >Salamanders get 4.

    Vulkan He'stan, the two from the Badab War and who else? I don't think Chaplain Xavier has any current rules.

    Oh wait, the Dread.

    Still, fuck Ward for "half the special characters are Ultramarines, everybody but Iron Hands gets one." Where's Xavier? Where's that Crimson Fists Captain?

    Or just fuck Ward. Period.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)16:58 No.15127544
    Dethrone GW? No i didn't quite say that. They'd be competitors, but competitors the way Tottenham are for Manchester United. In all seriousness, GW have 3 things going for them which means that it'll be nigh on impossible for another company to top them. (it's actually the main issue that cause GW to be so fucking lame, they know this and thus they don't care as much as they should)

    1- IP, hands done better than anything else out there, people are fucking in love with the IP. Can you say the same for Warmachine? Nope

    2 - Brick and Mortor stores, you into wargaming and under the age of 30? They 99% of the time you got into it by walking into a GW store or having a mate/relative who got into it by walking into a GW store.

    3 - Wealth, which in turn means, level of technology, quality of product, ability to license of your IP. Dawn of War, Space Marine, Space Marine the Movie etc.

    Seriously, nothing else comes close and I'll eat a hat if it does.

    I'm not saying I don't want there to be realy competition for GW, if there was they've be a much better company for it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:58 No.15127547

    That sucks? Try paying 15 points for a rokkit launcher that's guaranteed to hit Jack and shit, or 25 points for a power fist when other armies get the same thing for 15.
    Orks only have two RELIABLE anti-armor weapons: Tank 'Ammerz and Power Klawz, and BOTH require you to try and dodge the pie-plate storm to run the Boyz to their target.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)16:58 No.15127553
    >In it's defence (am I actually DEFENDING that god-damn book?!), the lance rule used to push costs up a lot. Until Dark Eldar were updated. Now they look fucking absurd.
    >Implying that lances were not twenty times more spammable in the old Dark Eldar book, and the new DE codex's pricing made Brightlance overcosting more obvious
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:00 No.15127568
    Warmachines will always be for poor hipsters anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:01 No.15127578
    >I'm not saying I don't want there to be realy competition for GW, if there was they've be a much better company for it.

    They certainly have competition in my area. FoW, Warmahordes, Malifaux, etc. have all taken off. the (several) GW stores in my area just have kids and the occasional older player with his marines.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:01 No.15127579

    And it makes Killa Kanz a slight pain in the ass to take, but damned if I don't want to be able to take 9 of them at once anyway (and two Deff Dreads, that "take a Dread as a troops choice per-Big Mek is one of the few AWESOME things the new Ork codex has given us).
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:02 No.15127581
    Wait, which army gets fists for 15 pts? I've got so fucking many powerfist chaos champions who are 55+ points for a single W1 model.

    If it's IG I don't really care.
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)17:02 No.15127588

    Well, it wasn't as obvious in the old book, because it wasn't Tankhammer 40k.

    At least we have scatter lasers and EMLs to cling to like a dying man.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)17:03 No.15127597
    All these, i'm not going to touch, you don;t need me to answer rule questions and I'm not going to wade into Eldar suck, Eldar are fine. You've heard my thoughts on it once and fuck if I actually care what you think.
    I'd also like my wife to dress up like a school girl and let me fuck her over a desk whilest talking shit about her latin coursework

    Not going to happen, not even fucking realistic. Sorry I'm happy with the way GW does it's releases, they dropped the ball with 40k after 3rd editon, but they're working hard to fix that. By 6th edition there won't be any 3rd edition books left and all that will be left of 4th is the odd codex that still works perfectly fine with 5th (thats assuming tau get sorted as well before 6th).
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:03 No.15127599
    But you must ask yourself why the army has so little support. It's because Eldar releases just don't do as well. This makes them put lots of marines stuff inbetween because marine stuf does do well, both due to their inherent appeal and because they are marketed more.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:04 No.15127606
    There's also something to say about GW being fuck-tarded back in late 4th, and dropping Orks to 6pts a model. Then adding shit like No Retreat!.
    "You like Horde armies? Now we're going to force you to buy shit tonnes of dudes who get removed from the table for stupid reasons!!!"

    GK codex made me stop playing altogether, thanks to their 'auto-win vs hordes' psychic-power unit. Shit's not even fun to play against.
    >> Castanbro !PvbPCZijL. 06/01/11(Wed)17:04 No.15127607

    what kind of percentage of stores outside the UK are GW stores?

    I feel a tiny bit bitter that I never realised there was wargames other than GW stuff because of the utter chokehold GW has on the UK wargames market.

    >best IP

    Uh- opinions for the opinion god, subjectivity for the subjectivity throne. ANYWAY.

    Has it seemed to you that GW sales have remained stable despite the steady price increases? what have been the biggest boosts to GW sales you've seen (i.e. release od DoW, LoTr movies etc)

    putting IP aside, if you were to start up a company (in a similar position to mantic for example) what would you do differently to GW when running things?
    more interestingly, what practices of theirs would you consider retaining?

    What would be the best thing to happen to GW in the long term?
    >> LaBambaMan 06/01/11(Wed)17:04 No.15127608
    >IP, hands down better than anything else out there
    More popular perhaps, but that doesn't automatically make it the best.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:04 No.15127609
    "At least we have scatter lasers and EMLs to cling to like a dying man."

    Wait so you have an army now?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:05 No.15127616
    You must be like, 13 years old right?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:05 No.15127617
    DE would like to disagree with you.

    Of course CE are sucking... they're an old codex. GW needs to update them, then they'll actually sell again. Nobody wants to play an army that sucks in the game.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:05 No.15127619

    Yeah, I don't know much about orks. But comparing them to, say, dark eldar, IG, and Space marines, the comparison between buying a 15-35 point lascannon for a bs4 space marine squad that may even be twin linked half the time, or just using the free multi-meltas, or buying IG lascannons at 15 a pop, 30 points for the ONLY ranged AT eldar even have is absurd, at BS3.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:07 No.15127631
    >GK 'auto-win vs hordes' psychic-power unit

    oh god what
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:08 No.15127634
    >EMLs are not AT weapons.

    Won't count Fusion Guns because 12" is barely "ranged".
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:08 No.15127636
    So where can I get GW models for cheaper? The prices on the site are too fucking expensive.

    Also, since I'm about to start 40k for the first time, what would be some good recommendations for Dark Eldar? So far I'm thinking about buying the following:

    - Urien Rakarth OR Dark Eldar Haemonculus
    - 1or 2 squads of Wracks
    - 1 Grotesque
    - Maybe 3 to 4 squads of Kabalite Warriors or 3 warriors and a squad of Wyches
    - 2 Raiders, 1 for the Wracks, 1 for the Grotesque
    - 1 to 2 squads of Scourges

    I was thinking about maybe getting Urien AND a Haemonculus or 2 Haemonculi so I can have 1 for the wracks and 1 for the grotesque, but if it won't matter I'd just get 1 of them.

    Anyway, suggestions?
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)17:08 No.15127639

    Working on it. Bit by bit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:09 No.15127642
    The power is useful but I like it, elite infantry usually just get their shit stomped by hordes because even with 2+ or 3+ high volume of attacks are king.

    And it's only one one unit.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)17:10 No.15127651
    Dethkopters with twin linked rokkit launchers are the shit for anti tank. Seriously, even just 4 in a unit normally means death for anything with AV12.
    First off, i don't count FOW as a competitor as it's a different market, historical wargaming is very very different than scifi fantasy. Different people all together. Although they're still small fry to GW

    Secondly, think scale, just because in your area those guys are doing well doesn't mean that they have an actual impact.

    Like i said before I'm not saying this like, HA in your face GW beats you all, i'm saying. Sorry guys, you can dream but GW are too established and wealthy to let that happen, sure when/if Kirby fucks off and things fall tp peices again those companies might be able to dart in and push their market share up.

    But they don;t have the wealth to take actual advatage of any chink in GW's business model.

    They'd litterally have to dart in and throw down a fuck ton of PP brand retail stores for that to happen.

    GW retail makes very little money due to the fixed costs of having a store, but they're basically the marketing department. They are what pumps the life blood through GW into it's other sections, namely trade accounts and the web.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:11 No.15127666
    Use the "I am missing a head from a model" tactic.

    Get shit for free.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:12 No.15127670
    Have you ever dealt with a new customer who was convinced you guys had rip-offed Starcraft?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:13 No.15127675
    Of course GW isn't going to do something smart with it's release schedule. They're more than happy to bait along the band-wagoners who can drop several thousand on a new army every 6 months to a year.

    You know what IS realistic, though? Simple PDFs / WD articles that have variant army list setups. You know, for the Legions, Clans, Craftworlds, Regiments, etc. That IMO is the saddest thing of all... You see all these 'unique snowflake' marine armies (let's not get into "hurr sells more arguments, please),, but everyone else is quite literally told to go suck a dick. Alpha Legion? Not even possible unless you go count-as IG. Deathskulls? Long dead, and need IA8 at the least to get a decent theme out of. Gaunt's Ghost themed army? Runs identical to Cadian Melta-Vets.

    A lot of the fun of having these unique variations in the game is gone. Now they're just color-schemes. Even a "shitty PDF" on par with the old BA one would welcome.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:13 No.15127679
    Honestly, I really don't see why you are so vehement about kvetching about Eldar balance when you've played a handful of games at most. If I was like you, I'd never have improved with Dark Eldar when I started 3rd edition - my first few games were against battleforce Black Templar, games I LITERALLY could not win as I could not down a Landspeeder with the included warriors.

    Guess what? I learned to play.

    Good Eldar players still do quite well in objective games (2/3 of the missions played), although I'd love for my friend to actually be able to play a straight Annihilation game against me some day.
    >> GW Manager !6tccu/ViRM 06/01/11(Wed)17:16 No.15127695
    Okay, so the wife is home from her girls night out and I plan on taking full advantage of her slightly drunken state. So I'm out.

    I'm going to add two things quickly

    Yes fucking clearly me saying best ip is an oppinion not a fact, but personally I can't find another SciFi franchise out there that has the grittyness, the realism, the class of science and religion, the magnitude and the fucking badass sweetness that 40k has. And clearly I'm not unique in that, anyone care to notice the Horus Heresy novels getting into the best sellers section in the New York times. No not the sci fi and fantasy section, but the actually straight up normal best sellers. That says a lot about the passion people have for 40k and there just isn't the same passion for anything else out there (wargaming wise).

    Secondly, can't afford GW prices? From england? Go to DarkSphere (google it) 25% off GW retail price, best discount out there and good people as well.

    Peace out /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:17 No.15127707
    >Dethkopters with twin linked rokkit launchers are the shit for anti tank. Seriously, even just 4 in a unit normally means death for anything with AV12.

    You're a shitty Ork player. Let me guess, you enjoy fielding Wyrdboyz, too?

    2-3 in a unit is optimal for Deathkoptas. If you field 4, you want them in two separate units due to Morale issues. Deathkoptas are also stupidly fragile.

    Also, Orks don't need any more help against AV 12. It's the higher values like 13+ that they have issues with. Rokkits aren't 'fuck-awesome'... they're a fragile anti light-vehicle unit.

    You know what's REALLY the shit for anti-tank? Soopa-Kannons from IA8, put on Battlewagons. Give them 'Ard Cases, and now the Orks have an actual battle-tank that can go toe to toe with AV 14. Add KFF and you've got yourself a mean little unit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:17 No.15127709
         File1306963049.png-(3 KB, 199x176, trollface.png)
    3 KB
    >let's not get into "hurr sells more arguments, please

    Is it because you know that you would lose?
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)17:18 No.15127717

    Hell, that's one of my reasons for starting Eldar. I've been playing Space Marines and I've just been feeling like I'm not actually learning how to play, just how to stonewall opponents. I'd rather learn about positioning, and application of force.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:18 No.15127721

    Due to the nature of your trips, I am compelled to try this
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)17:19 No.15127723

    Supa-Kannons are a basilisk-equivalent, not quite a battlekannon equivalent.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:19 No.15127731
    make her dress up as a schoolgirl and fuck her on the kitchen bench while she bitches about her latin homework

    fucking do it
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:20 No.15127734

    >Also a fair point, but come on to say they hate your chapter...please.

    Okay, hate is a strong word. But definitely not well-liked by the current development staff/writers.

    I'd also put some of the blame on the mono-flavor codices (all CSM are Black Legion or Red Corsairs, all IG are Cadians, etc), but there's got to be a "Iron Hand, Primarch of the Iron Hands, who has Iron Hands is silly. Fuck these guys." mentality. Kind of like how they were embarassed of Squats. (Which is bullshit. I'd have been like "Yeah we got biker dwarfs. Come at me bro.")

    And the point you made both last time and somewhere upthread about the Chapter Approved type things going away. That kills variety.

    >brb fapping to my 3.5 CSM codex while crying.
    >Daemons... you could take actual daemons... not generic ones!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:21 No.15127748


    For the good of the Craftworlds, the Iron Hands, and the Chaos Legions. Schoolgirl outfit buttsex.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:23 No.15127759

    This doesn't help US based players since it looks like they can't ship to the US
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:23 No.15127760
         File1306963413.png-(31 KB, 500x461, i_hug_that_feel.png)
    31 KB
    >fapping to my 3.5 CSM codex while crying.
    >Daemons... you could take actual daemons... not generic ones!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:24 No.15127770
    They're direct fire. Put one on a Battlewagon, and you've actually got something that resembles a main-battletank.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:25 No.15127771

    try eBay. even though macpac51 is gone, I know there are other sellers. a year ago I got a terminator squad for $40 with free shipping.

    or Amazon, I've seen some sweet-ass deals on there.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:26 No.15127782
    When can we expect the tau update?
    >> Castanbro !PvbPCZijL. 06/01/11(Wed)17:26 No.15127783

    >Okay, so the wife is home from her girls night out and I plan on taking full advantage of her slightly drunken state.

    >okay internet, I'm too busy to answer your neckbeard questions because imma date-rape my wife.

    stay classy

    thanks for the thread anyway- and the recommendations-

    though because I'm a sucker for trolling-

    >OMG of course my assertations are subjective opinions ALSO horus heresy sold lots of books so ergo good setting

    uh- how many books did twilight sell?

    >prepare your anus

    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:26 No.15127788
    Next year.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:28 No.15127803
    Warhammer will always be popular.

    Warmachines and other systems are obscene as fuck and only hipster or butthurt GW poorfags know about them.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 06/01/11(Wed)17:28 No.15127807

    Hmm, true. Cheap skorcha-junkas w/ deff rollas are also good.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:29 No.15127815

    >And clearly I'm not unique in that, anyone care to notice the Horus Heresy novels getting into the best sellers section in the New York times. No not the sci fi and fantasy section, but the actually straight up normal best sellers.

    You mean paperback originals. Not strictly sci-fi, but they're beating Harlequin Romance novels and movie novelizations.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:30 No.15127816
    I still fucking laugh at the 'hipster' insults. Hey I enjoy FoW. Great game. Lots of fun. And 40k players call me a 'hipster' for liking it. Yeah, ok...
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:31 No.15127826

    Seriously. I remember shipping some bitz off to the UK, comically enough, from an eBay sale. since you have to fill in the customs form for what's in the box, I put down "Warhammer 40k parts" or whatever, and the lady at the post office was like "Oh, I know about that! My son's got a bunch of that stuff."
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:34 No.15127845

    >I still fucking laugh at the 'hipster' insults. Hey I enjoy FoW. Great game. Lots of fun. And 40k players call me a 'hipster' for liking it. Yeah, ok...

    Man, anyone calling anyone a hipster for playing anything /tg/ plays... I don't think hipster means what they think it means.

    The most /tg/ related I can imagine a hipster getting is maybe wearing a Dungeons and Dragons T-shirt. Or listening to power metal. Ironically, of course.
    >> Bogan !!3ae9euVHrys 06/01/11(Wed)17:37 No.15127876
    GW Manager, here' are a couple of questions I hope you might be able to answer:

    1. FFG is doing an awesome job, do you think GW will let them continue releasing Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader / Deathwatch material or is there a chance that it might migrate to another company or be shut down?

    2. On the off chance that you know a thing or two about the dutch GW shops, do you have any tips when it comes to applying for a job? the Breda one opened up recently and I've considered applying, any specific tips you can give when it comes to making a good first impression?

    3. Are there any lighter sides to the story? I've read the previous threads and some of it made me wonder why you hadn't resigned yet. So I wonder, are there moments that make it worth it?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:38 No.15127888
    Hell, I got called hipster for buying trade paperbacks.

    Sorry I'd rather spend 15 on 8-10 issues rather than $4 per issue for an ad-ridden comic book.

    It's lost its meaning.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:39 No.15127891
    He gone bro.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:40 No.15127903
    >1. FFG is doing an awesome job, do you think GW will let them continue releasing Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader / Deathwatch material or is there a chance that it might migrate to another company or be shut down?

    They're releasing black crusade. I think the 40kRPG series will be in FFG's hands for a while.

    FFG needs to fucking proofread more though.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:44 No.15127943
    i am a deathwatch rpg player, and i've been looking into making a model for my character, do you think the best way to get a single model that i can work with would be to get it through a store or online?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:46 No.15127957
         File1306964790.jpg-(64 KB, 480x631, gavthorpe.jpg)
    64 KB

    Pete gave, and Gav hath taken away
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:46 No.15127962
    Go into GW

    Ask about trying out something to paint to "see if I like it"

    Receive free snapfit Marine and access to store paints
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 06/01/11(Wed)17:50 No.15127993

    Yep, go in, ask to test out a paint scheme, they have tons of the little snap-together marines primed up, paint as you see fit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:51 No.15127996
    This. My local GW has a tubful of pre-primed minis (usually spess mehrens, orks or something else from the starter sets) for newbies to paint. The first mini I painted, ever, was from there.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:51 No.15128012
    jesus christ only read the first fifty posts but op is a huge faggot
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:56 No.15128049
         File1306965360.jpg-(92 KB, 1004x493, Angry Marine (2).jpg)
    92 KB
    Troll harder next time
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:57 No.15128058
    We gonna archive this thread, guys?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)17:57 No.15128064

    what is he? superman? he can't be banging the wife the entire time, he has to run out of stamina sometime.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:00 No.15128081
    The vast majority of this thread is full of faggotry.

    From the OP and his 'GW IS ONLY WAY', to Marine-haters, to the self-entitlement issues of mehreen fan-wankers.

    This thread is deserving of virus-bombing by the janitors.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:11 No.15128164
    Okay, so I'm reading through this thread so far, I'm half way done, but I can't see anything in this thread where the OP is 'GW IS ONLY THE WAY"

    So either you're just a very odd troll or you're english needs brushing up on.

    TLDR QQ more Troll, QQ more.

    To the OP, if he's still here, thanks for this, after I finish reading this I'm going to follow the link and read that. Is there a link to Part 1 though? Or am I just blind?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:14 No.15128191
    New to the hobby, but I was just wondering when an Ork codex would be comming out for 40k? I want to start collecting them, but don't want something that'll be obsolete soon.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:19 No.15128226
    Their codex isn't too old, there are plenty of others who need to come first.

    Also you can never go wrong with boyz.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:21 No.15128245
    How do we archive this? Seriously we should keep a record of this, simply just to be able to look back and check out if what he said actually comes true.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:25 No.15128278
    So long as their shoota-boyz, you can never go wrong with them. Choppa/Sluggas are just 2-dimensional and get rofl-stomped by way too much these days. Shootas are versatile and brutal if played right.

    As for their codex, it's still a 4th ed codex. There are certainly other who need updates first (Tau, Necron, Eldar, Chaos), but they are far from 'well off'. Written with "5th in mind" does not = a 5th edition codex, and they certainly have a lot of fucking issues. Morale being one of them, oddly enough. Fuck even IG have less morale-problems than the Orks... that's just not right.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:27 No.15128296
    Keep going. It gets to the point where he gets pissed and proclaims GW to have no competitors and how other games aren't even coming close to denting GW's market. Maybe not in the UK, but GW stores in my area have lost the majority of their market.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:32 No.15128331
    >Maybe not in the UK, but GW stores in my area have lost the majority of their market.
    I'm sure you're privy to the third-party sales data for your entire country

    GW's revenue is surprisingly stable. They manage this through cost-cutting and price rises, with a dash of hyper-aggressive sales tactics. It's not a healthy way to maintain a business, but in comparison to the other "major" companies, they are well ahead in terms of model production and release capacity.

    What you see in a local shop (or even on the internet!) is not indicative of the health of an entire company.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:34 No.15128355
    Vote it up so that it remains available to /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:36 No.15128368
    fail troll is fail
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:39 No.15128409
    Sorry, previous guy again (must remember to use tripcode)

    I can't see a section where he suddenly gets pissed and rants that GW doesn't have any competitors, I can see where he says that they aren't big enough to topple them, but thats it. To be honest, it makes sense what he is saying.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)18:40 No.15128418
    GW's revenue (and stock) has done well lately due to cutting out a majority of their overhead. Switching to 1-man stores allowed them to fire over half their sales-staff. Price-Hikes are only a short-term boost, and overall a long-term negative impact. By increasing prices, it mostly appeases the share-holders and generates short-term gains.

    That said, I am admitting that they are a larger company. But in this region of the world, they're stores are tanking hard. They've lost a substantial amount of their business to other game systems.

    And no, I'm not at liberty to proclaim to you how I know this.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/11(Wed)19:03 No.15128593
    fair enough, it's not like our opinions are that far apart

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