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  • File : 1307619583.jpg-(572 KB, 1440x900, 1289177236985.jpg)
    572 KB Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:39 No.15207274  
    So /tg/ you know what I think would be an interesting niche for humanity in a sci-fi setting? Space Las Vegas.

    Fuck being the warrior race or the diplomat race or the standard race. Let's be the hedonistic, gluttonous party race. Turns out most races are a lot more conservative than us, less recreational activities and time devoted to pleasure in activities such as food in their history. As a reactionary movement this led to humanity becoming the extreme of hedonism and partying in the galaxy, galactic tourist revenue is good. Cultures in our history associated with hedonism (Romans, vikings, etc) are glorified further. Giant space casinos. Chocolate and alcohol are fucking amazing, exported galactically and humanity is associated with having a sleazy but good time. As a consequence though there's also a lot of crime life in human domain.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:44 No.15207300
    >Space Las Vegas
    Hookers everywhere?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:45 No.15207308
    SPACE Hookers everywhere
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:50 No.15207335
    I approve of this.

    Immediately had the image of an enormous, human space ship covered in neon, holographic displays and ads.

    Also a fashion for 'neo-romanesque' would be hilarous, captains with those little Caesar leaf things and space togas that are designed to wave dramatically behind you.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:53 No.15207346
    I imagine something similar to the themed casinos of Las Vegas.

    But scaled up into huge cities. Welcome to New Rome, here for the orgy?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)07:58 No.15207375
    ...Can we also be the Space Mafia?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:02 No.15207389
    Aliens coming from all over the galaxy to experience the illicit pleasures only found in the Sol System. Maybe a special police force to make sure the partying doesn't get too out of control. Sounds pretty cool, OP.
    >> crappy writefaggotry go! 06/09/11(Thu)08:03 No.15207402
    The human looked at me with her little eyes. "You gotta relax sometimes, Arker." Xalnetath, do they do anything but 'relax'? "Fine. We'll go into the planet and have some respite. The crew can probably do with a short break, anyway. Two planet days only."

    The rest of the crew seems to enjoy the prospect of taking a short break, even Sakkan seems vaguely interested, although that may be because it's never been to a Human planet. From the last one, I can see why some people look at them as hives of scum and villainy.

    Earth. What a strange little planet it is. A simulacrum of what I believe is a historical figure is waving at me, welcoming me in. Romba gave me a smile as we enter atmosphere. "This is going to be great, boss."

    The bright lights of the earth cities are enticing. I sigh in defeat. "Maybe it is good to have a break." After all, their main export is hedonism.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:04 No.15207405
    Humanity: Fuck? Yeah!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:05 No.15207412
    >"Teach me more of this thing you humans call... gin."

    I could live with that.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:05 No.15207413
    Makes sense. We're one of how few species that fuck for pleasure and recreation rather than for practical reproduction? And we'll sleep with just about anything.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:05 No.15207414

    Seriously though, I like it. We're the sensory-obsessed fucks. Let's whore ourselves to the universe. If we understand anything, it's the psychology of addiction.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:08 No.15207425
    I too approve of this. Partly because in the space game a bro and I are writing, my faction is exactly that, but with more cybernetics. His faction is the "humans as the dominant political power" theme we see, mine is hedonistic space cyborgs, and the third one is genetically modified corn.

    In addition to other things, I would like to add. He wanted to play aliens, despite being told humans were the only spacefaring race. Still wanted to, so we offered him genetically modified things that look like aliens, but are humans. He replied "Genetically modified? What, like corn?". To this day, the piss is still being taken.

    Back to the point. It does make sense, considering how we naturally produce adrenaline and silly amounts of hormones - there's no guarantee that alien races will also do so. In fact, there's nothing saying that aliens have to have a pleasure centre or drives like us, so they'd see our culture as a novelty. Those with those centers would probably be akin to us, so they'd appreciate quite how easy it was to drink, smoke, take drugs, and get laid in human culture.

    The possibility of become intergalactic space dealers and hookers seems possible - once we have alien neighbors, a lot of scientific research is available, meaning that many have no relevant skills. We'd have a surplus of resources, given how fast humanity spreads, and little to do with it. We're also incredibly social, as a species, so having our culture seen as THE place to be for aliens would appeal to most people.

    Now, there's got to be someone on Earth with every fetish, the internet makes that pretty clear (see /d/), so once word got round that our people were fucking every type of non-human sentient to cross our borders, they're going to see us all like that. It's how stereotyping happens. So even if most of us just wanted to get on with life, we'd still be seen as the slut race.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:08 No.15207427
    We have entire channels DEDICATED TO COOKING. And do you see how we present some of it? We film puddings like it's sex!

    Chefs from throughout the galaxy go to Earth in the hope of being appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:17 No.15207465
    "Ah, so your culture has a trinity of powerful figures too, eh? Tell me what are they called? And how do they compare to the Ohmix, the Shir and the Vhas?"

    "They're called Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll and if you want to know more about them..."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:17 No.15207467
    With Space Las Vegas comes the Space Mafia!

    Each Casino is ran by a crime family. So you want your illegal drugs, or w/e you just come down to the Local Cluster and pick a planet of your choice chances are you'll be able to score some in no more than 5 galactic minutes flat.

    Galactic Police? They don't bother the place because they know not to mess with it. Like Las Vegas back in the 70's.
    >> Rear Admiral Asshole 06/09/11(Thu)08:22 No.15207483
         File1307622133.jpg-(142 KB, 463x486, ironchef.jpg)
    142 KB

    And take part in one of the galaxy's greatest and hardest cook-off shows to boot.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:24 No.15207490
    So, a "fun" police?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:28 No.15207508
    >Space Mafia
    >Planet Casinos

    Time to get Frank Sinatra out of his fucking tomb!!
    Connect the clon machine!!
    A goddammed Frank Sinatra in every human planet!!
    Fuck that!! The entire Rat-pack!!

    We'll need also some kind of indian casinos.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:30 No.15207518
    >>15207490 I was thinking something more like Miami Vice in SPAAAAAAAAAACE!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:31 No.15207522
    >Frank Sinatra

    Cloning Frank Sinatra was the best move the Moon's PR department ever made.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/09/11(Thu)08:31 No.15207524
    The only thing I can think of when I hear the name Vegas now is Big Iron.
    Also Humanity, What the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:33 No.15207531
    >Native Americans notice alien interest in gambling culture early on
    >Cash in on it
    >Become major economic powers
    >Manipulate government

    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:37 No.15207552
    With all the gambling you'd think a lot of people might end up in debt. Maybe they'd have their limbs/cybernetics/organs harvested, their ships confiscated (countless grounded aliens stuck panhandling around casinos because their captain gambled away their ship).

    Also, along the decadent Roman theme: gladiatorial combat!

    Countless aliens, debtors, and criminals forced to fight and die for the viewers amusement. Gambling on the events would of course be encouraged.
    >> Siralus !KiG049bqpM 06/09/11(Thu)08:39 No.15207560
    "But the human culture is so unique! They know how to have fun!.."

    Fucking Sapienboos.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:40 No.15207578
    Go churn some butter you traditionalist nutter.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:44 No.15207594
         File1307623459.jpg-(8 KB, 188x266, ed deline.jpg)
    8 KB
    "Look, punk, I want you out of my planet now. I don't care if you cannot afford it. Sell your 12 eyes, rent your ass in the street, but you better put your tentacles out of my casino right now before I get angry. Capisci?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:44 No.15207597
         File1307623491.jpg-(56 KB, 640x480, thcock4.jpg)
    56 KB
    The idea of all human scientific development becoming focused on creating drugs that effect alien nervous systems and games that excite beings that may not have evolved from hunter-gatherers would be hilarios.
    >> Siralus !KiG049bqpM 06/09/11(Thu)08:45 No.15207601

    I'm just fed up of these so called specialist sites trying to sell things we already have but made on earth as if they're special. I mean, interstellar navigation computers in the voice of one of their archaic actors? Who the fuck is B.A. Baracus anyway? Isn't that one of their stupid instruments?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:53 No.15207625
    Don't ask me, bro. I don't study their history, I just study their culture if you catch my drift.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)08:59 No.15207649
    Earth. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy
    >> Mr T's Artificially Reconstructed Personality 06/09/11(Thu)09:00 No.15207658




    >This advert has been paid for by TomTom. Keeping you on the right track for five centuries.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:02 No.15207663
         File1307624552.jpg-(12 KB, 390x293, 06gray.jpg)
    12 KB
    Hit me.
    >> Hive Fleet Nidhoggr !!1rirzLttJkv 06/09/11(Thu)09:04 No.15207669
    This thread is epic.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:05 No.15207675
    Humanity! Fuck you!

    For a price..... :)
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:06 No.15207679
         File1307624805.png-(498 KB, 500x477, tumblr_lmh9u8A9Hm1qziwcjo1_500.png)
    498 KB
    Humans preparing for an aggressive ad campaign
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:08 No.15207686
    Sounds good. I mean, we ARE inherently masochistic.

    I mean, look at spicy peppers. Birds are the best way for them to spread their seeds. But how do they discourage mammals eating their fruit instead? By putting in their fruit chemicals that birds can't detect, but in mammals causes pain.

    Spiciness is PAIN. AND WE EAT IT FOR FUN.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:16 No.15207721
    What would the military or any other sort of institution be in this hedonistic space empire? Just there to protect the casinos or would it be aggressive, maybe opening up trade with other planets by force if need be, getting rid of any cultural elements that might be against drinking until you vomit and spending all your wages at the Pleasure Dome.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:17 No.15207727
    Noise Marines!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:17 No.15207728
    Sure, its all fun and games until some space pope declares crusade on Earth because his planet's leader go caught sending holos of his reproductive parts to a call girl on Mars.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:17 No.15207731
    Think Cyberpunk PMCs, that are corporate owned.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:18 No.15207733
    Oh man. I can just picture it. Wild raiding marauding human armies. Like space vikings, but they reverse-pilage - Instead of taking all the supplies, they just replace them with booze and vidya
    >> Rear Admiral Asshole 06/09/11(Thu)09:19 No.15207742

    And we retaliate by exposing his paedophilic tendencies in extremely rude form, tuned to a nice little song.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:20 No.15207748
    Yep, and when that happens Earth just reveals what that planets officials have been up to behind the scenes.

    And also calls in its debts.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:21 No.15207751
    I don't think space vegas would need any armed forces do defend itself. Not with the other cultures' guys in charge being regular customers.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:22 No.15207756
    I imagine the government is now very cyberpunk-esque. Big gambling businesses and crime syndicates heavily affecting governmental results.

    No glorious Future Democracy here!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:23 No.15207764
    I've always wanted to play a sci-fi game where I had a cargo ship that was re purposed into being a space-faring grow-op.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:28 No.15207784
    That's when you A.) Call in a debt owed, B.) Give out some dirty secret about said nation, C.) Prepare the PMC just in case.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:36 No.15207826
    A big part of this setting would be weird space drugs.

    Some made to affect humans (though it'd be interesting if the human ethos often involved people abstaining from drugs, as you're not supposed to get high on your own supply...), but mostly to affect aliens.

    Somehow I think of District 9 a little bit with this, if only because it involves humans exploiting alien's vices.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:36 No.15207829
    "Good evening, gentlemen. Would you like to order?"
    "Sure, human... What would you recommend?"
    "You're Xlonthi, a class B2 lifeform with left-handed amino acids, I presume? Then I'd recommend a traditional Solarian delicacy, the 'pizza', made from the finest and freshest ingredients. We'll give you a 50% discount for having a regular biochemistry."
    "Pizza? That's a new one. What's it like?"
    "Oh, nothing special. It's an oven-baked flour disc with tomato sauce. Today's special toppings include fatty flesh from the bellies of swines..."
    "Oh god what"
    "...the aborted fetuses of chicken..."
    "Holy Zarquon, I'm going to flr'drong all over the floor"
    "...and little colorful vegetables that hold the pure essence of pain."
    "All this will be served with a thin crust of the fermented excrement from bovids."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:37 No.15207835
         File1307626668.png-(97 KB, 291x272, Obama after a swim.png)
    97 KB

    Damn it, I'm hungry now.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:39 No.15207847
    "I don't get you humans."
    "What's to get? We drink, sleep, fuck, eat and do things we're not meant to do and told not to do."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:41 No.15207856
         File1307626884.jpg-(29 KB, 485x323, Newt.jpg)
    29 KB
    They mostly come for the $1.99 All You Can Eat Steak and Egg Breakfast.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:41 No.15207857

    If you think about it, many of the things we eat and drink are rotten or fermented in some way.

    Time for a new delicacy from the north:

    Inuit raw seal!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:41 No.15207860
    The cat food addiction effect taken to the extreme:
    MacDonalds cargo cults.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:42 No.15207863

    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:42 No.15207864
    >"All this will be served with a thin crust of the fermented excrement from bovids."
    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:42 No.15207867
    Bacon, Egg and Peppers pizza?

    Also, I can imagine a whole cluster of Hedonism Planets, named after vices. It's prime holiday destination for anyone who wants to let go and indulge themselves in anything and everything.

    There's a package tour where you go to each of the planets and spend 7 planet days in each.
    >> Torian !JX8y/9f8Fg 06/09/11(Thu)09:43 No.15207870
    Oh yeah, pepperoni is made with pig intestines, forgot about that.

    Pizza w/ Pepperoni, hardboiled egg, and peppers. I'd like 2
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:43 No.15207876
         File1307627011.png-(321 KB, 1024x768, 442717-tachyon-the-fringe-wind(...).png)
    321 KB
    There's a PC game released by Novalogic about a decade ago called Tachyon The Fringe.

    It features the voice of Bruce Cambell. He voices the main character.

    There's a Space Vegas in this game. Have some pictures.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:44 No.15207884
    Milk is a kind of excrement... sort of.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:46 No.15207899
    Cargo cults are boring. Besides, we already did the Coca Colanians vs Pepsites war once.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:47 No.15207912
    Colanism forever.

    Pepsites have no taste buds.
    >> Rhys !!KoYExmAhQ6f 06/09/11(Thu)09:48 No.15207916

    Stay classy, /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:48 No.15207918
    Oh, right.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:49 No.15207925
    >Pizza with hardboiled egg.

    What would they think of an egg curry?
    "You.. You take the aborted fetuses of an animal and then you have these little red and green vegetables, which developed a defense mechanism to inflict mammals pain. But you crush them, which.. actually makes the pain stronger sometimes and turn it into a sauce which you slather over..
    Okay, you humans are fucking weird.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:51 No.15207940
    eggs aren't aborted fetuses, they where never fertilized in the first place. its just a big cell.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:52 No.15207946
    >Pizza with hardboiled egg.
    because its delicious thats why
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:53 No.15207951
    Whoops, my bad. I wasn't aware that in non-biological lingo 'excrement' only refers to feces, and not other forms of secretion. That was supposed to be cheese, as >>15207884 noticed.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:54 No.15207960
    I'm well aware of that but took some artistic liberty for shock value.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:55 No.15207967
         File1307627750.png-(614 KB, 1024x768, 442718-tachyon-the-fringe-wind(...).png)
    614 KB
    And here is another image of New Vegas from Tachyon the Fringe.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:57 No.15207981
    We're feeding the xenos Balut.
    You happy?
    Is that fertilised enough for you?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:58 No.15207985
    Interesting. Is the game any good?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)09:58 No.15207989
    Try to imagine the description of sausages:
    >Various "trash" products of swine, ground to a paste and stored within the creature's own intestines

    Now I'm hungry, damn it!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:00 No.15208000
    really, if it doesn't bother us it probably wouldn't bother other omnivorous/carnivorous aliens. after all they would have eaten equivalent things for eons on their own planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:00 No.15208004
    Humanity: Dude, we are so fucked up!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:01 No.15208007
    >Let's be the hedonistic, gluttonous party race. Turns out most races are a lot more conservative than us

    Honestly speaking? This is the default sci-fi setting assumption, right on the heels of "upstart newcomers" and >diplomat race

    It is, in fact, exactly the sort of tired and played out characterisation that HFY was spawned to get away from.

    HFY might have lost it's appeal, but I don't see how falling back on this is an improvement.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:02 No.15208009
    Compared to a galaxy full of aliens who can't party and enjoy themselves, it's not much of a stretch.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:03 No.15208014
    "beep boop i am mars man i will win"
    "no you will never defeat the human spirit, also feelings"
    "oh no my lasers but how"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:05 No.15208022

    Holy fucking shit I love that game.

    I mean, I was 10 when I played and I sucked hard at it, but I remember it being so fucking cool.

    I still remember a bunch of the ship designs.

    And now that I remember it, I remember a really shitty mission about flying through space-fog.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:06 No.15208026
         File1307628366.jpg-(25 KB, 300x300, SDGG1027a.jpg)
    25 KB

    Yes, it is a very good game. I've played it a number of times and I still own my original disc.

    It is one of the few space combat simulators (the only one to my knowledge) that spun the classic hero epic story arc with a great injection of comedy.

    It's one of Novalogic's (creator of Delta Force) lesser known games and I really wish they had done a sequel for it.

    It's also one of Bruce Cambell's lesser known roles. I wish it would have gotten more attention than for that reason because he did a great job voicing Jake Logan, the game's protagonist.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:07 No.15208032
    Because we're not a heroic race that's out to save away, either by gritty determination or being special.

    We're not good. We're not very evil. We're fun, we're hedonistic and gluttonous but not truly evil. We're a balance, we're interesting but not ultra special.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:07 No.15208035
         File1307628479.jpg-(40 KB, 360x270, tachyon-the-fringe_2.jpg)
    40 KB

    There were three missions that had you fly through a nebula. The first was a mission assault on a science lab built by a mad scientist inside a nebula that screws around with your sensors.

    The other two were the Haephestus Assault/Defend missions.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:13 No.15208055
    The glorious anthem of our glorious future nation:


    Bright light plasma gonna set my soul
    Gonna set my soul on fire
    Got a whole lot of credits thats ready to burn,
    So get those stakes up higher
    Theres a thousand pretty aliens waitin out there
    And theyre all livin martians may care
    And Im just a xeno with love to spare
    Viva la Terra, viva la Terra

    How I wish that there were more
    Than the 100 hours in a cicle
    cause even if there were forty more
    I wouldnt hibernate a minute away
    Oh, theres blackhole and poker and the gladiator ring
    A galaxy won and lost on evry deal
    All you needs a strong heart and a nerve of plasteel
    Viva la Terra, viva la Terra
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:14 No.15208057
         File1307628868.gif-(1.3 MB, 320x214, Brograb.gif)
    1.3 MB
    Are you me OP? I've tooled around with this idea alot, even posted ideas in threads on /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:15 No.15208060
    It kinda makes sense.
    If we're not technologically more advanced, then all we'd have to trade is our resources and our culture.

    Which is hedonistic.

    >Slaanesh is pleased
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:17 No.15208068
         File1307629063.jpg-(101 KB, 800x450, screen1.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:18 No.15208070
    Just keep it as Viva Las Vegas. It's classier, and just because aliens don't know some of the terms doesn't mean it shouldn't be used.

    Maybe in the future, Las Vegas becomes a phrase as well as a name? Meaning something like 'The Good Times'. So Viva Las Vegas would mean 'Long live the good times'!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:22 No.15208095
    Okay I know it wasn't quite in-period

    But why wasn't this song in New Vegas? Fucking seriously?

    My money's on licensing fees.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:29 No.15208138
    Has anyone actually noticed just how much recreational drugs we take?
    Alcohol, Caffeine, Taurine, Nicotine.

    In our daily life, we continually consume things and do things to up our endorphins and adrenaline levels or just to have some sensory experience.
    We masturbate for endorphins, A few of us go to the gym for endorphins. Many of us live to eat, not eat to live. We intoxicate ourselves in a regular basis, even though it's bad for our own physiology.

    Hell, it's even part of our religious practices to feed us drugs! In fact, the drug is symbolises the blood of a religious figure, so the religious figure is in fact MADE OUT OF DRUGS.
    and really dry wafers.

    What is wrong with us?
    >> Hive Fleet Nidhoggr !!1rirzLttJkv 06/09/11(Thu)10:30 No.15208145
    Slaanesh and Tzeentch are one.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:33 No.15208164
    >what is wrong with us?

    Nothing, Apart from that little buzz/kick that helps us get through the working day.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:33 No.15208166
    We're floating in space on the edge of time
    In a universe that we can't define
    Billions of stars in the endless night
    Try and find purpose for our lives
    Yet we still take the time

    to masturbate.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:33 No.15208168
    These things are easily triggered so we learn to abuse them. As we abuse them more and more we become desensitised and have to develop our pleasurecraft further.

    Eventually we get to a point where our pleasure centres have reached the tolerances of other aliens but we are far more adept at triggering these sensations than they are. While they have found other things to amuse themselves than individualistic nerve stimulations, they are a major part of our culture. We develop ways for them to feel what we feel and they become addicted to it. We are steeped in hedonism and every alien cannot resist the temptation.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:33 No.15208170
    What's wrong with us? You mean, what's wrong with THEM!

    Other species survive, but only humans truly LIVE!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:34 No.15208174

    Millennium-long kegger thread?
    Millennium-long kegger thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:36 No.15208190
    You know /tg/ with all these ideas we could probably make a setting out of this.

    How's "Pleasure Earth" sound?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:37 No.15208192
    I'm guessing a big export of Earth is Party People.

    Or perhaps the better term would be Party Planners. You hire them, they spend some time researching your planet, culture, etc, and they make that party you want. The best party. The best food, the best music, effects, whatever the clients species and intended party going audience think is best.

    Any party made by human Party People is fondly remembered.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:38 No.15208194
         File1307630305.jpg-(164 KB, 700x615, 1224503462878.jpg)
    164 KB
    This thread pleases me so so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:39 No.15208199
         File1307630352.jpg-(80 KB, 655x428, YEAH.jpg)
    80 KB
    Blood sport is legal on mercury if everyone signs the proper documents.

    Speaking of sport, we've have every popular sport from Earth's culture, plus stuff that aliens thought up. WITH BETS OPEN ON EVERY GAME.

    Many a fortune has been won and lost on a single race, game, or match.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:40 No.15208207

    There are roughly 130 ESPN channels to cover them all, now.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:41 No.15208219
    I think we could make industries out of it rather than hired planners. Every time a new alien comes onto the scene our corporations work with them to develop drugs, learn about their culture, create a portfolio for them so that every event they want is easily organised from known resources.

    Scientific cultures have mind sharpening drugs, warlike cultures have gladiators and firing ranges, trading cultures bring in all our best hookers and drugs from all of our organisations resources. It would be amazing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:42 No.15208226
    >every popular sport from Earth's culture
    >stuff that aliens thought up
    and everything in between.

    Extreme Xglorgar-Frisbee.

    Oh, fuck. Space Olympics.
    Betting is one of the sport.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:43 No.15208233

    Movies too, man. Out of all the races in all the galaxy, only humans took cinema from 'novelty' status to major 'entertainment source.' This isn't to say that aliens didn't have their own flicks, but they were mostly dry tech manuals and newsreels and stuff like that.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:46 No.15208252
    The most used artform of the other races are visual forms such as paintings and sculptures as well as literature.

    Humanity was all abound the audio and blending the audio with visuals. TV, music, films are all bigger with humanity.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:47 No.15208271
    Think of the body mods and plastic surgery people are having now, wait until we get proper genetic engineering.

    Whorehouses filled with genetically engineered clones of every fetish you can imagine! Even aliens can get their turn, all we need is a list of that species' fetishes, a sample of genetic material and a few years research. Who else would experiment so on their own people just for sexual gratification?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:47 No.15208273
    >"Sorry, you're a great actress, but the script calls for a Streka, not for Lorrix."
    >"I'll do anything!"
    >Insert sex here.

    This will happen.
    on a galactic scale.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:49 No.15208279
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:51 No.15208286
    My parents used to listen to this song all the time when I was a kid. Hearing it in New Vegas had me nostalgia-ing so hard it's unberievable.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:54 No.15208301
    We'll probably make something even better.
    It won't be just audio-visual, but it'll include kinesthetic, olfactory and perhaps even gustatory sensations. A 'film' that you can see, hear, feel, smell even taste.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:56 No.15208313
    A cultural piece is a matter of delivering the idea without the impairment of the medium. Humans got around that by making greater mediums, and removing the idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:56 No.15208319
    >As a consequence though there's also a lot of crime life in human domain.
    Wait, wouldn't the rest of the galaxy have an increased crime rate and not us? After all the mob only came about during prohibition, and once prohibition they collapsed because they got undercut by legitimate sources?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:57 No.15208324
    wait . . . . wait
    I mean I see it, the Sol system as a galactic-size Las Vegas

    But I don't think we're thinking big enough here. I mean, there are plenty of aliens out there who have cash in their pockets. Maybe not enough to pay for a star liner ticket and an all-expense-paid 7 cycle vacation, but cash nonetheless.

    For all those billions who can't bring themselves across the vast galaxy, we need to bring the glory of our culture to them!

    I'm talking cityships. I'm talking about the great star cruiser Galacto Bellagio. It's sister ships the Luxor, the Carnival, the Venetian

    All making cyclical trips through the most populated swaths of the galaxy, bringing a different flavor of entertainment so the aliens never shake their desire. They would operate like the spanish treasure ships of old, plying the trade routes and filling their moon-sized holds with the gold of the galaxy!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:59 No.15208335
    Probably. Things that are illegal in alien space is legal in human space and the so-called crime gangs are legitimate businessmen here. Obviously we would need to be careful lest the xenos see us as a cancer to be purged, but I think we could manage. We are very good liars after all.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)10:59 No.15208337
    Holy shit.

    A travelling casino, enticing aliens from each planet with new sensations, with gambling. Every planet in the world will know of Earth and will know of Fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:00 No.15208340
    Petty crime rates are low, since the big players don't want competition.

    Human Pleasure Ships, that come in Party, Celebration, Gala, Festival and Jubilee classes. (and Surprise Party stealth ships) Cruising through the galaxy covered in holographic neon signs, billboards and miscellaneous glowing lights to be as obvious as possible.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:01 No.15208348
    Awww shit, humans in town.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:01 No.15208350
         File1307631706.jpg-(116 KB, 400x536, deargod.jpg)
    116 KB
    >I'm talking cityships. I'm talking about the great star cruiser Galacto Bellagio. It's sister ships the Luxor, the Carnival, the Venetian
    Oh how I love the human constructs we envelop ourselves in, there is no better.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:02 No.15208354
    I think humanity will find ready allies if the more puritan races get fed up.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:03 No.15208362
    Oh great, we're the Space Circus.

    That sounds about right, actually. Especially when we uplift our fellow primates.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:04 No.15208372
    "Sir, there's a ship coming our way."
    "What is it saying?"
    "That.. there is a party happening.. and.. we.. are invited? That.. there's two thousand different races to suit your taste and.. fifteen thousand different drugs to suit your physiology.. Come dock in our station?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:05 No.15208376
    For this setting, I think PCs could either work for the mob, run scams to try to get serious cash from casinos, or play as SPACE INTERPOL, chasing after galactic scum that uses the bustling chaos and bright lights and seedy underbelly of the Sol system to hide.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:06 No.15208386
    The security forces found on every human party planet or ship are commonly known as 'Buzzkillers' and most commonly use shock batons. These batons also have a unique attribute of removing any drug-related effect with a single hit (so drunks are sobered up immediately, for example)

    Settings on these shock batons range from 'Light nap', to 'Sleep in and several coffees' and can even reach a setting labelled 'knurd', although this one is forbidden expect in special circumstances.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:06 No.15208389
    >PCs inherit a Party Class Cruiser.
    >Get a crew.
    >Let's fucking spread some fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:08 No.15208397
    >my next Rogue Trader campaign
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:09 No.15208406
    Humans are so good at making drugs they made anti-drugs.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:10 No.15208416
    Well they're sort of a necessity aren't they? You NEED to make drugs that detoxify you instantly, otherwise how can you get ANYTHING done in-between the parties?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:11 No.15208420
    jesus is my anti-drug
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:11 No.15208427
    Aah yes, the Jesus brand is fantastic value for money!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:12 No.15208430

    These cityships would answer only to Earth's central government, and would legally be extensions of terran soil as they are human colonies.

    Of course, these ships operate on the far side of the galaxy, and only have to send in reports on schedule. Which means the ships are almost all run by some form of organized crime, a mafia that doesn't have to "deal" with federal investigation or oversight. A mafia that has never-ending amounts of tourist, tax, gambling, and sex trade revenue. A mafia that is technically illegal, and therefore not representative of humanity or the human government. A mafia turned loose on the galaxy to extort, blackmail, addict, and murder entire alien star systems.

    Why, it is said among some aliens that after those great cityships completed their maiden voyages, there wasn't a single alien in the universe that didn't owe some human some where a . . . "favor"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:12 No.15208433
    After the Jubilee class ship leaves planet, another ship comes along.

    It's called the Detox.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:14 No.15208450
    And then there'd be the humans on the other extreme, the ones which advocates not using drugs at all, the Aesthetics.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:14 No.15208454
    Welcome inhabitants of the ARD Xhanti, to the United Earth Pleasure ship, the Luxor. Here on the UEP Luxor we have a wide variety of entertainments to satisfy any need you can think of, and many you cannot. Here on the main deck we have Blackjack, Rossian Gin Rummy, Slot-Car Roulette, and Slot Machines.

    On Deck 2 you will find the Perpetual Party Room, presently in "Luau" mode. For more information on Luaus, please consult a PartyHelp informational stand located in the fore and aft sections of each deck.

    On the Upper Deck you will find more card games as well as a full wet bar, containing libations from over 8,000 star systems including Rossa, Tamos, and Laka.

    On Deck 3 we have over 20,000 different restaurants containing fine cuisine from all 4 quadrants of the galaxy as well as Inner Core delicacies.

    Decks 4-6 are the guest rooms. Room service is available as well as free Television service with over a million channels to choose from in over 340 languages. Please do not be frightened by the mint on the pillow, it contains a scant 0.01% cacao bean, not enough to alarm the immune systems of any chocolate-weak species.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:16 No.15208472
    4chan becomes a major galactic power controlling a large amount of communication in it.

    And thus begins the rain of Overlord M00T
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:23 No.15208514
    >Party Class Cruiser.

    I am running this as a Rogue Trader game.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:25 No.15208531
    I can actually see independent groups claiming control over communications systems and the eventual progression into a hybrid governmental/vigilante system of justice in these virtual worlds.

    They have more eyes than anyone else can manage and mob rule allows it to flow with the culture. An agreement between the owners of these systems and the users is made for each others benefit. It is lawless, but it is just.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:36 No.15208625
    This thread has been requested for archival on SUPTG

    Beware of the Inquisition. Fucking buzzkills, man!

    Slaanesh is gonna be your secret patron, or is the Emrbrah all about having a Good Time responsibly?
    >> Excerpt from Humans and hedonism, by xorthovlat et al. Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:38 No.15208637
    Humans are generally considered to be hedonists by the rest of the galaxy, but the truth of the matter is far more complex than most are aware of. [...]
    Although most species derive pleasure from mating, most species have banned the use of all contraceptive instruments, as the ensuing sexual orgies tended to cause a total collapse of the civilization in question. This is most visible in the recent example of the keklekli. But how have humans, living with contraceptives for millennia, managed to cope without intercourse ad oblivion?
    If we examine the history of human culture, we find a surprising answer: because they already had.
    Humans are all familiar with the empire they call Rome, which collapsed due to hedonism thousands of years before the advent of space travel. This culture gave rise to a human religion known as Christianity, which taught against hedonism and believed that procreation was bad. After centuries this culture gave rise to the attitude that pleasure was ultimately ruinous and to be avoided. The culture eventually fell after the development of space travel, but their teachings were so deeply ingrained in their culture that the humans had created a schism within their own lives where pleasure and business never interacted. In this way, no matter how much hedonism the average human experiences, he can always remain productive.
    This attitude also caused a widespread association of productivity with displeasure, which caused them to avoid Seyrvoth (rough translation: production nirvana), which is why they are not a galactic power despite their prolific breeding.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:39 No.15208645
    while it sounds like a lot of fun to run in Rogue Trader, I'm pretty sure this whole concept is extra double heretical
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:42 No.15208674
    Considering just how decadent some Imperial Governors are WITHOUT turning to Slaanesh, I'm fairly sure more than half of the stuff on this thread wouldn't even have the Inquisition looking twice.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)11:51 No.15208740
    This thread is why I love /tg/. Just letting you guys know that.

    I am curious about one thing, do the planet casinos have mass furnaces/space burials (ejections) for the inevitable overdoses, or are the drugs all safe? Safety would kinda take away the excitement in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:01 No.15208850
    What happens if humans come across another party race?

    Space if fucking big, so odds are, if one party race could have developed, more could have also.

    Do both party races decide to work together, form a professional rivalry, go to war, something else?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:04 No.15208871

    FACT: The eighth largest export of Earth by freighter volume is the remains of visitors who have died there. Earth is specifically targeted for "Black Bag Cruises" where the elderly from all over the galaxy flock for one last roll of the dice.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:04 No.15208877
    All of the above, which somehow ends in sexings.

    >espospos tight
    I'm sure the Espospos' reproductive orifices are very tight, captcha.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:23 No.15209013
    >Best thread on /tg/ right now wizard emblem.png

    I wonder what the average persons life would be like on Earth.

    If most of the major cities were converted into pleasure city entertainment hubs, would the middle class joes live on the moon?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:25 No.15209034

    Probably the other way around. The entrenched venues would be against turning the earth and other major planets into something like that, due to history and whatnot, while all the moons, asteroids, and newer space stations are going to be the extreme pleasure palaces.
    Aliens don't even visit Earth unless they want a historical tour.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:34 No.15209091
         File1307637248.jpg-(108 KB, 900x300, PBF209-Now_Showing.jpg)
    108 KB
    by which point our view of history is going to be so blurred its going to look like the idiocracy take on history

    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:34 No.15209094
    We'd also be extremely environmental wouldn't we? I mean, safaris are a form of entertainment right? Plus documentaries and such.

    Space is full of places we can build, we don't need to ruin natural - and therefore profitable - environments to do so.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:38 No.15209115
    That would only happen if society had a total collapse at some point.

    We already have people who obsessively look for evidence and details so we know exactly what happened for ancient events, i'm sure modern wars and current events will eventually get the same treatment.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:42 No.15209142
    earth would probably be a paradise world and houes the government.

    So the blue collar jobs would be park rangers, janitors, and government staff jobs.
    Iconic cities like Rome, London, Moscow, Paris, New York and Tokyo would be preserved for posterity historical/cultural education, but 90% of the human race would live on various colony casinos and the city ships.
    I imagine Earth would also be the religious center of human culture, with the more puritan religious sects allotted specific geographical areas to live in seclusion, much like the Amish and such.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:42 No.15209148
         File1307637771.jpg-(360 KB, 1262x932, space.jpg)
    360 KB
    pic related
    >> Button 06/09/11(Thu)12:48 No.15209191
    Imagine, PartyHabitats all over the galaxy running an uplift programme for underdeveloped lifeforms. It is under the guise of inviting more sentients to the party, but the species are secretly genetically augmented to be the perfect fetish-fulfiller.

    And they love it.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:51 No.15209218
    That is the best description of WW2 I've ever seen.
    How about vidya?
    Let's see, nowadays, it's one of the main causes of PC improvement, we just do better microchips so we can play Crysis in Ultrahigh.
    They would see it as a waste of technology, but fuck it, it looks great.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:52 No.15209225
    Especially considering the sheer amount of information produced about them.

    I both pity and envy the historians of the future. But I pity the Grad Students.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:54 No.15209243
    Fuck, we'd make some of those things a reality.
    We'd create robots so we can actually make Mortal Kombat a reality.
    We'd probably end up making E-Sports a massive thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:56 No.15209257
    >Space las Vegas
    >Cirque du Soleil would be one of the main powers

    Can you imagine it?
    Chapiteus larger than cities, troupes bigger than armies, a never ending "OHHHHH" from guys doing orbital insertion as a show, dressed in color changing suits.

    It's beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:57 No.15209264
    >There is no image macro for the intense awe that I am feeling right now
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)12:59 No.15209278

    You assume that the person who made this movie gives a shit about history. He could very well be just another Uwe Boll, and the movie in question is the product of a short lived "ww2 retro" fad.
    The common folk, not bothering with historical details, get things very wrong as well, while the historians will probably produce a historically accurate documentary with maybe 1% of the audience.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)13:00 No.15209287
    How about universe apocalypse survivors. Humanity survived the death of its home universe...just barely and now floats around in junkships barely held together by advanced technology and duck tape.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)13:06 No.15209350
    Duck tape is the only thing that could survive the Big Freeze, Crunch, whataver it will end with the Universe.
    >> Rear Admiral Asshole 06/09/11(Thu)13:12 No.15209389

    Well it's made of duck.

    There's nothing more crazy awesome than tape made of duck.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)13:12 No.15209390

    Pretty much. But you have all these new races encountering humans clinging to life just barely. The humans wandering about looking for resources and suitable worlds to settle but by some bastard quirk of fate none of them are due to things just turning out different.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)13:28 No.15209503
    The fuck does this have to do with the original concept?

    Go start another thread for this if you really want to.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)13:56 No.15209723
         File1307642172.jpg-(99 KB, 500x380, The_Untouchables.jpg)
    99 KB
    >Surprise Party stealth ships
    "Captain, we're picking up a neutrino surge off the port bow!"
    "Less than 500km, visual in 5."
    "Raise shields, arm torpedoes and prepare...aw guys! You shouldn't have!"
    "And you thought we forgot, sir."

    I love this idea so much. Humans as the hedonist race. Also, in keeping with the way you reliably see the single vulcan psychopath, or self-restrained klingon, (or the one CG drow rebel,) there should be an interplanetary Terran Vice Squad, a sci-fi version of the Untouchables with hats, suits and absolutely no sense of humor.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)14:26 No.15209976
    Robo-Elvis? Robo-Elvis.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)14:45 No.15210112
    >future SPACE untouchables

    Shutting down drug labs that make the illegal shit that can kill with one wrong dose.

    Breaking up scam rings that target tourists.

    Hunting down galactic fugitives.

    Investigating major casino corporations for fraud.

    When you need a cop that cant be bribed, that wont look the other way, and will never stop, you call in the untouchables.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)14:59 No.15210210
    One big thing would be going after supposed party vessels that have gone rogue. Mercenaries and assassins posing as entertainment

    In the example >>15209723 imagine if it suddenly opened fire or took a more subtle approach by luring their targets to their ship or snuck a bomb onto their ship. That kind of thing would do terrible damage, PR and otherwise to humanity as a whole and so would be a major crime and harshly dealt with.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:07 No.15210279
    I'm personally ify on the whole partyship concept, seems too over the top 40K to me.

    But the idea of these guys going after criminals not just because of the law, but because of the bad PR they cause is great.

    "There was another Mob shooting in New York today, in broad god damn daylight no less. Reservations are being cancelled left and right over this shit, we need to hit them before another public incident."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:19 No.15210402
    Have the party ships, but they are questionable in the setting itself. A reputable business is one based on a planet or moon or at least a sizable space station, whereas some "fly by night" (whats a good spacefaring equivalent for that?) entertainment ship is just risky. They mostly exist to skirt around taxes laws and regulations and are of unknown quality and content. Of course those things can also be a selling point for those wanting even more than hedonistic humanity allows or who are simply criminals.

    There are a few unique and legitimate niches for such business which is why they aren't outright illegal. But it is a shady line of work overall.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:27 No.15210491
    I'll back that idea. Why would humanity need a large fleet? It's not as if we're not welcome on everyone else's ships. Maybe the Xx'i'trask don't have holodecks, they have humandecks with expanded life support and reactor connectivity to support the luxuriant lifestyle of whichever band of entertainers they picked up for this leg of their perpetual galaxy-spanning migratory cycle.

    That said, there would be a few human ships, and they would be Space Las Vegas. They would be legendary. Planetary governments would offer up fortunes to try to re-arrange a pleasure ship's course.

    The big races on the Galactic Senate think they're more powerful than us. They have the fleets, they set the laws, they own the currency and we just trade with it. But when they get rich taxing a planet, they spend the money hiring us, and they'd never risk repulsing a pleasure ship by taxing us, or trying to force us to go somewhere. So let them act like emperors, we'll content ourselves with living like emperors.

    Has someone archived this thread yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:33 No.15210553
    >whats a good spacefaring equivalent for (fly by night)?
    Tricky. "Under the radar" doesn't really work either. "Running dark" does, though.. At long range, spaceships would be really hard to spot unless they were advertising their presence.

    Also, anyone who's read the extra material in Mass Effect knows that the Normandy is a stealth ship because it doesn't vent radiation and heat into space, it stores it until it can vent subtly or over a planet. "running cold" would describe a ship trying to be stealthy.
    "There could be a smuggling ring running cold under our noses right now."
    Sounds about right.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:34 No.15210559
    /tg/ getting the shit done.
    Yep, we need to achieve this.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:38 No.15210608
    That is a good phrase for that, but "fly by night" has less to be with being unseen as it is businesses that are transient and untrustworthy. Not that there wouldn't be overlap but it isn't quite the right fit.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)15:38 No.15210611
    It's already archived on suptg.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)16:32 No.15211090
    what about under the table?

    As in, "sailing under the table"?
    Table being a metaphor for both jobs that are not paying taxes on revenue (and therefore less legal/shady), and the gambling tables of the casino cityships which are supposed to be regulated. Also has to do with cheating, which is usually done under the table, with these illicit gambling ships cheating the system of government regulation.

    Sounds a little odd at first, but it really ties into both being shady and gambling
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)17:24 No.15211584

    Barring the super sized party ships (Space Las Vegas et al) I'd imagine some of the smaller ships would have gotten their hands on some kind of permit ("License to Thrill"?) to basically party in the far corners of the universe, similar to Warrants of Trade from RT. Makes sense to have some ships partying in the farthest reaches of space, if just for PR purposes.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)17:53 No.15211946

    It doesn't seem that over the top to me.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)19:26 No.15212810
    So, what would any form of government work on a party ship? Or between party ships? A conglomerations of casino bosses and mafia?

    Also slightly amusing, but if we had blood sports, wouldn't that mean we'd have a pretty good 'military' if the NO FUN ZONE robots attack?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)21:15 No.15213674
    bump for the night crowd
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)21:20 No.15213705
    >Christians believed that procreation was bad. >After centuries this culture gave rise to the attitude that pleasure was ultimately ruinous and to be avoided.

    Say what?

    I'll give this guy a pass because its several thousand years into the future and he's an alien, but the teaching on sex and pleasure is a bit more nuanced than that.

    That being said, would there be sects of humans who try to live more ascetically and look down on the rest of their kind for this hedonism? Sort of like Space Amish or Space Monks
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)21:25 No.15213741
    Well of course, the concept of human history from an alien in the future is not going to be all that solid. I mean it's bad enough with us now.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)21:28 No.15213772

    Yeah, that's why I said I won't read too much into it.

    I can definitely see this version of human culture in sci-fi working though. So much of our global industry is dedicated to just simple, mindless entertainment and decadence and conspicuous consumption. I have little doubt that it will pretty much encompass us once we get to the technological standpoint that would enable us to interact with aliens and travel between their worlds.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)22:48 No.15214330
    Gotta have something to stop all of the heist attempts.
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)00:43 No.15215168
         File1307681012.jpg-(153 KB, 480x546, considerthefollowing.jpg)
    153 KB
    So guys, what about the internet?
    It's literally almost every single goddamn pleasure in the world crammed into one, so there'd definitely be a large amount of interest in that.
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)01:22 No.15215553
    There would probably be a bunch of virtual reality stuff on the internet to be used/experienced or whatever. However I imagine there would be a group of people who can only really get the thrills when its the real deal.
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)01:24 No.15215572
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:26 No.15218218
    You think we should only have threads on brand new original content, huh?
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)10:01 No.15218738
    bump for the morning crowd
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)10:13 No.15218803

    Earth would harbor a small percentage of the human population, and offer religious sanctuary for whatever sects chose it, upon the condition that they live low-tech lives. Like the Amish today (technology-wise).

    I really like the dichotomy of the human race being a hedonistic, nothing is taboo culture, but the seat of government is very serene, heavily invested in "green" technology and sustainable habitat, focused on natural beauty.
    Sort of like . . . all the casino cityships and space stations are like taverns, and the Earth is like a giant Zen Garden, where alien diplomats can be awed by a more "high-brow", ascetic, spartan beauty.
    Then after they sign the trade agreements and open their borders, we send in the casino ships and intergalactic mafia and drown them in sin and vice
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)10:55 No.15218992
    I imagine there's still some morally ambiguous stuff on Earth, though. Like Safari. The shoot and kill kind, with a breeding program to make sure the animals don't go extinct of course. Don't want to lose the merchandise.
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)10:56 No.15218995
    >license to thrill
    Yes. There's a whole load of paper work you have to fill in.
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)13:05 No.15219797
    Well its a ship, I dont think a "Government" is the issue. I imagine captains would be given mostly free reign on what they did so long as it didnt kill anyone.

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