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  • File : 1308798383.jpg-(13 KB, 226x226, 1306867021834.jpg)
    13 KB Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:06 No.15356986  
    > DM: Okay, so Sean is playing a nobleman, Kit is playing his bastard son, Emma's some dragon lady, Nick is playing a member of a rival house, and Maisie wants to be an eight-year-old ninja. Pete, what did you roll up?
    > Pete: I'm a dwarf.
    > DM: Uh... I *did* tell you that this was a fairly realistic campaign.
    > Pete: I want to be a dwarf.
    > DM: But you *always* play dwarves. It's getting -
    > Pete: Alright, I'll be a human. A very *short* human. Oh, and I've maxed out my INT and CHA.
    > DM: Ugh. Whatever. Just pick a house.
    > Pete: Okay, I'll be part of Nick's. They're the richest.
    > Nick: Small world.
    > Pete: ...

    Game of Thrones general.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:07 No.15357003
    When I was a kid, we called that game musical chairs
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:08 No.15357016
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:12 No.15357041
    >Sean: Does an 18 beat your AC?
    >Nick: Nope. My turn.
    >DM: Seriously, you guys are fighting in the middle of the goddamn street? Do you seriously think there won't be repercussions?
    >Nick: 19.
    >Sean: Nope, no hit. Okay, I circle around and full attack.
    >Nick: My hireling stabs you in the leg. He got a 23 on his to-hit.
    >Sean: The fuck?
    >Nick: Leadership feat, bitch.
    >Sean: Fuck you, Nick.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:14 No.15357063
         File1308798867.jpg-(4 KB, 201x129, lolface..jpg)
    4 KB
    > Nick: Small world.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:15 No.15357080
         File1308798956.jpg-(37 KB, 600x564, proceed_display.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:16 No.15357089
         File1308799010.jpg-(119 KB, 480x360, right meow.jpg)
    119 KB
    >mfw GOT as a campaign
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:17 No.15357097
         File1308799028.jpg-(71 KB, 500x469, tumblr_llf63rlgri1qzr6heo1_500.jpg)
    71 KB

    > DM: Okay, Nick, you're at King's Landing. Your sister, Queen Cersei, greets you warmly. As twins, you've been close since childhood, and if you trust anyone in this Byzantine city, it's her.
    > Nick: I start talking shit about her vagina.
    > DM: Goddamn it, Nick, I am NOT going to roleplay your creepy incest fetish!
    > Nick: That's not what you said during the session in Winterfell.
    > DM: I was drunk.
    > Kit: Uh, hello? Aren't we all supposed to be up north, near the wall?
    > Nick: Fuck you, I want to fuck Cersei.
    > Sean: She's your *sister.*
    > Nick: That's not a no.
    > DM: (Sigh) Alright, you start mocking your twin sister. Justifiably upset, she slaps you.
    > Nick: I roll to seduce.
    > Pete: Jesus fucking Christ.
    > DM: Whatever, just roll for it.
    > Nick: ...
    > Pete: What the fuck, Nick?
    > Nick: Natural fucking twenty!
    >> target Dan 06/22/11(Wed)23:17 No.15357101
    then the executioner chops off sean beans head!!
    didn't see that coming huh
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:20 No.15357126
    hope sean knows he dies about 3 episodes from now
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:21 No.15357132
    There's also a pokemon version of game of thrones in the works.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:22 No.15357143
    I'm pretty sure there is a song of ice and fire rpg
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:22 No.15357145
    the new thread is on the front page right now
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/22/11(Wed)23:22 No.15357146
    rolled 1289 = 1289


    >As in pokemon, Dragons beat everything...
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:26 No.15357182

    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:27 No.15357194
    There is, but it's not that great. You'd be better off using Riddle of Steel or Burning Wheel.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:29 No.15357206
    >Emma: Guys? Is it time for my session yet?
    >DM: Hmm? Oh, yeah, your asshole brother just married you to some mongol dude. Now back to King's landing, where...
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:30 No.15357214
    Forgetting that rule where a player can skip a scene to earn a fate point is really going to end up biting the GM in the ass.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:33 No.15357232
         File1308799987.jpg-(16 KB, 216x270, tumblr_lmpor0rvIZ1qlsk4co1_250.jpg)
    16 KB

    > Sean: Guys, this has been really fun -
    > Emma: Hey, look, I'm fucking this Mongolian guy!
    > Sean: But I -
    > Emma: He's got all these braids and shit -
    > Sean: - really need to -
    > Emma: - and he's hung like a horse, and the Dothraki -
    > Sean: Alright, STOP.
    > Emma: I don't see why you need to yell.
    > Sean: George, Emma's been here for the last twelve sessions, and she hasn't done anything except tell us how wonderful the Dothraki are, and how hot her Mongol boyfriend is, and how she's the lost princess of the super secret dragon people. For the last twelve sessions, all you've done is lavish her character with gifts, when she's done fuck all to deserve them. I'm waist high in pig shit and begging for my life, and the worst thing Emma's had to deal with so far is a bad batch of wine that your DMPC CONVENIENTLY managed to save her from. I'm fucking tired of it. Fuck you, George. Just because you're fucking Emma doesn't mean you have to fuck us, too.
    > DM: Okay.
    > Sean: ... what?
    > DM: At the last second, King Joffrey changes his mind. "Ser Ilyn," he says, "Bring me his head!"
    > Sean: Fuck you, George. I'm leaving.
    > Emma: Well that was rude.
    > Nick: He shouldn't have lost his head.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:36 No.15357264
    I love everything about this thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/22/11(Wed)23:38 No.15357280
    >DM:Well Sean, glad to see you've gotten over that little incident.
    >Sean: Whatever
    >DM: So let's see your character...your old character's son, with the same stats and personality as your last character...
    >Sean: Also, I'm going to declare myself King in the North and attack Nick's family.
    >DM: Goddammit Sean
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)01:49 No.15357837
    best thread evar!
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)01:52 No.15357852
         File1308808326.jpg-(39 KB, 562x437, HAHAHA_OHWOW.jpg)
    39 KB
    > Nick: He shouldn't have lost his head.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)01:56 No.15357892
    I don't even know what's going on, but I'm loling like crazy
    >> Waffles 06/23/11(Thu)01:57 No.15357903
         File1308808677.png-(13 KB, 679x427, 1307158861426.png)
    13 KB
    My interest. You have it.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)01:59 No.15357920
    You could think of it like a game of WFRP if you wanted. Everyone gets a certain amount of character points, ergo, they will, on average, make it through a determinate amount of shit. And then at some point, the don't.

    Good old Ned ran out. He might have had no more than about 2 or 3 at the start of the campaign, and just generally used up his luck.

    Likewise, certain other characters like the aforementioned 8 year old ninja, have rather a lot, and have not used anything like all of them.

    One can also get more, but you don't really get them all the time.

    Clearly, Danny's shenanigans, while foolish, where foolish in the right way to earn her a steady supply, and generally keep her moving against all logic.

    If you prefer, I believe Riddle of Steel has something involving spiritual virtues that aide you in doing unlikely things for being in character. That could reasonably explain the narrative logic in game rules too.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)02:04 No.15357963
    Robert and Ned used up all their saves fighting in the war.
    >> Richard Motion 06/23/11(Thu)02:09 No.15357996
    I'm currently in the planning stages of running a 'Delta Green' style game in a high lethality system that we use that covers the Greyjoy rebellions. We're going to be taking the Cthulhu references in house Greyjoy and just running with them. But we won't tell the PC's beforehand, just that it's a Westeros game. Then it'll be 'suddenly, Deep Ones!'
    >> ADS !!e+8zUcRNhDk 06/23/11(Thu)02:09 No.15357997
    oh god thats great
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)02:10 No.15358005
    >Sean: Okay, since my characters unfortunate death, I'm going to be running this next adventure. George, you can play the Mongol boyfriend.
    >George: Okay, I guess that's cool. Just try not to mess u..
    >Sean: Roll a fortitude save.
    >George: Natural 20, and my +9 bonu..
    >Sean: Your character dies.
    >Emma: No! You can't kill my Mongol Boyfriend! I love him so much and he gave me a white horse and killed my evil brother without breaking his own strange code of honor and he's going to march on Kings Landing just like George said he would and kill all your characters and give me the throne!
    >Sean: Okay, okay. The witch lady can save him. You just have to go against everything he stands for. Oh, and you're going into labor.
    >Pete: Sean, I think you may be going too far.
    >Sean: Fuck you, Pete. Stay out of this.
    >Sean: No reason to get short with me.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)02:17 No.15358051
         File1308809861.jpg-(94 KB, 298x453, a thread of trolls.jpg)
    94 KB
    pic unrelated
    >> Snapper Carr 06/23/11(Thu)02:18 No.15358054
    This is hilarious. DO ONE WITH THOROS AND BERIC LATER.
    >> The Troll-In-The-North 06/23/11(Thu)02:49 No.15358274
    By the Gods of the First Men, I will bump this thread as my fathers and their fathers did since the time of Bran the Bumper.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:08 No.15358968
    So is this the part where we need to wait 6 more years for the next post?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:24 No.15359042
    By the gods... THIS IS EPIC
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:28 No.15359056
    >Sean: No reason to get short with me.

    Two can play at that game, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:31 No.15359068
         File1308821461.png-(3 KB, 203x212, aaa01.png)
    3 KB
    >dragon lady
    >realistic campaign
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:42 No.15359108
         File1308822165.jpg-(27 KB, 400x392, pwease.jpg)
    27 KB
    More of this glorious mockery!
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:43 No.15359114
    maybe he meant draconic, as a metaphor of having strong temperament, ambition, and other features related to the dragon behavior
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:44 No.15359125
    I love you OP
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:46 No.15359139
    Am I the only one that thinks OP should do a frame comic about this, like DM of the Rings or Darth and Droids?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:52 No.15359163
    sorry just read the whole thread, disregard my posts and resume your activities
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:54 No.15359170
    No. No, you are not.

    When i woke up this morning, i did not expect the day to bring such unadulterated win.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:55 No.15359176
    It would work too well.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)05:58 No.15359195
    >Sean: All right, so your mongol boyfriend is dead and the witch is reviving him.
    >Emma: Yay! Now we can conquer the world together. He's unbeatable, you know, and he's got an entire horde of mongols! We're going to win back the throne I lost as a child! I can't wait to see him. I'm going to go see how it's going.
    >Sean: Right, right. Make me a fortitude save as you enter.
    >Emma: Why?
    >Sean: No worries. Seems you fail. You go into labor. The witch comes over and helps you deliver. The child is stillborn.
    >Emma:What? No! Me and my mongol boyfriend had such plans for him and I totally ate a horse heart and everything--
    >Sean: The witch informs you that you had to trade a life for a life. Your Mongol Boyfriend is alive. Would you like to speak to him?
    >Emma: Of course. We've lost our child but--
    >Sean: He drools on you. He can't speak. You see, the witch rolled a natural one on her heal check---
    >George: That's not how that works!
    >Sean: And I just lost two characters. Look? See. I rolled. 1.
    >George: You're making her cry!
    >Sean: You know what can't cry? My character's severed head. Rocks fall, everyone dies.
    >Emma: I'm going to run into my Mongol Boyfriend's funeral pyre! I can't live without him!
    >George:....with your possessions, right?
    >Sean: What does it matter? She wants to die, let her die. You and everything on your sheet start to burn.
    >George: Her dragon eggs hatch.
    >Sean: What?
    >George: It's right there on page 420 of the Draconomicon. It's how you hatch them. Extreme heat.
    >Sean: -flips table- THAT'S IT, CAMPAIGN OVER.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:00 No.15359205
    I'm actually sympathizing with Sean here.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:05 No.15359217
         File1308823509.jpg-(23 KB, 450x338, 65.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:06 No.15359229
    I vouch for that.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:08 No.15359235
    Meh, doesn't matter.
    She should still burn to death. Then the charred remains are eaten by baby dragons.
    The Dothraki then kill the dragons, because fuck you, lady.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:09 No.15359239
    You missed the part with the guy who wanted to play a little kid with prophetic powers, then the DM told him that his character fell off a tower and was crippled. Then the player took the leadership feat so he could have a retard to ride around on.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:11 No.15359253
         File1308823896.jpg-(38 KB, 296x417, 1307863950807.jpg)
    38 KB
    >Mfw I found the tvshow disapointing and /tv/s incoherent ramblings even more disapointing

    At least A dance with dragosn is soon out, as well as the new Dresden Files book.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:14 No.15359268
    cool story bro
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:15 No.15359276
         File1308824158.jpg-(50 KB, 328x480, nope.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:17 No.15359286
         File1308824269.jpg-(300 KB, 900x900, 1308206201569.jpg)
    300 KB
    >Three weeks
    >Not soon
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:26 No.15359329
    We waited like 5 years, 3 weeks is nothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:32 No.15359357
    I demand moar
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:37 No.15359375
    Shit, seriously? I thought he was just being naive.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)06:41 No.15359400

    You haven't heard of it?

    Slowpoke. It comes out July.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)07:13 No.15359539
         File1308827592.jpg-(93 KB, 584x438, 1304006429076.jpg)
    93 KB
    Win thread is winsome.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)07:31 No.15359635
    Six years.
    And I can't wait.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)08:30 No.15359955

    Aww, that's nothing. Do you know how long I've waited for Tolkien to write ANYTHING new? Even a fucking short story?
    Talk about resting on your laurels...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)08:38 No.15359985

    he was busy with his involvement in the movies.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)08:43 No.15360010

    Oh. I guess I can forgive him then.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)08:49 No.15360034
         File1308833380.png-(45 KB, 200x200, 1307106841987.png)
    45 KB
    >This thread
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)09:49 No.15360251
    >Nick: He shouldn't have lost his head.

    Oh, Jaime and his underhanded humour.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)11:06 No.15360742

    He gets the shit-talking from his father.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)12:33 No.15361310
    >mfw I have no face to describe my reaction to this thread
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)12:44 No.15361373

    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)12:49 No.15361415

    New Darth and Droids. Fund this shit. NOW.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)12:49 No.15361418
         File1308847785.jpg-(72 KB, 446x400, laughing aussie girls.jpg)
    72 KB
    >he thinks we have to use the 4chanarchive!

    Lrn2suptg, newbro.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:08 No.15361550
    >GM: So, we're all cool with kicking this off again?
    >Sean: Yea, yea, we're good.
    >GM: What's your new character, Sean?
    >Sean: I rolled up a former pirate turned knight.
    >GM: Wait, what? How does a pirate become a knight?
    >Sean: It's all in the character sheet, man.
    >GM: Let me read that....Son of a bitch. Okay, Nick?
    >Nick: Well, since my character's currently in a dungeon, until he gets out of there, I'm going to be playing the Viking prince that Sean's character was holding hostage.
    >GM: You just...none of you ever want to actually be in the same place, do you?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:15 No.15361583
         File1308849323.jpg-(20 KB, 378x480, 1306125877371.jpg)
    20 KB

    OP, here. Wow, I didn't think this thread would stay up.

    Anyway, I'd LOVE to do a DM of the Rings-style comic, but I have the photoshopping and artistic abilities of a dry slug. If I were to do it, it would have to be a joint effort with someone who can capture the screens, do the lettering and formatting and stuff. I could do the script though.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:18 No.15361603

    Alas, I wish my photoshop skills were up to this. I'd love to help, but I'm afraid I don't have the chops.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:19 No.15361610
    Capture the Screens, and I can do it.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)13:23 No.15361631

    (OP here, tripfagging so I don't have to keep linking to my previous posts)

    Great. If I write the scripts, and someone captures the screens, then we're set.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:26 No.15361653

    And I shall read them whilst making harsh criticisms that are rude and entirerly uncalled for.
    I believe we have a plan.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)13:28 No.15361671

    Excellent plan! I'll get working on the first script. I'll post it later on.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:29 No.15361678
    Youshould probably write a few pages, just so the eople who can capture the scenes have something to work with.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:31 No.15361689

    If you would like someone to edit scripts, I'd be happy to do so. I've edited a few books before, and I'd be happy to do this.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:33 No.15361703
    >Sean not busting his leg by failing a riding check

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:41 No.15361762

    He got stabbed in the show since they actually gave the guy an on-screen sword fight.

    Was anyone else pissed as all hell that they skipped out on Tyrion's first battle?
    We can only hope their damn budget is large enough next season to give epic where epic is due.
    >> A crappy beginning Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)13:42 No.15361766

    [Screen of opening title sequence. Speech bubbles, marked either white for a PC or yellow for the DM, appear over the image.]
    DM: Is everyone here?
    Other PC: Yeah.
    Other PC: Yep.
    Other PC: Ready.
    [Screen of map of Winterfell.]
    DM: Did you all read the email I sent to you?
    PC: …
    DM: Please tell me you did. I'm not going to explain everything to you just because you didn't read the background material. I know it was lengthy, but -
    PC: George, that attachment was SIXTY PAGES LONG.
    DM: Alright, forget the background material. Pretend you know nothing.
    [Screen of map of King's Landing.]
    PC: What's Dungeons and Dragons?
    PC: Why does this dice have twenty sides?
    PC: What's my name?
    DM: QUIET! Jesus. This is going to be a low fantasy game, really brutal and grim. You all play nobles or their bannermen in a setting inspired by medieval politics. I have to warn you, though, it's going to be really dark. Oh, and no casters.
    [Screen of map of the Wall.]
    PC: WHAT THE -
    PC: BUT YOU -
    DM: NO CASTERS. There's no magic at the beginning of the campaign.
    [Screen of title.]
    DM: Now let me see your character sheets, and let's begin.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:46 No.15361795
    (makes excited squealing noise)

    sorry. I fully support this.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:47 No.15361808
    Your PCs need to have more distinct personalities than that. You should establish their differences and key traits in the opening scene, if possible, as well as their relationship to the GM. They all sound essentially interchangeable here; there's not a lot of opportunity to play off one another if they're not distinct enough.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:48 No.15361815

    First of all, I giggled. This sort of reminds me of when I tried to run D&D in high school.

    So do you want to write it where everyone is oblivious and just causing frustration, or do you want to include one or two characters who might be actually have read that sixty page monstrosity?
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:50 No.15361830

    Precisely. One of the reasons that Darth and Droids works so well as a comic is that you have some very different personalities. Jim and Ben start off as power-gaming PCs, but they quickly branch off. Ben starts getting into roleplaying, Pete takes the idea of the grognard, Sally's just there because she's dragged along, and Annie is there for all the deep roleplaying.

    Characterization outside of the characters is essential.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:52 No.15361859
         File1308851568.jpg-(244 KB, 1280x960, I-came.jpg)
    244 KB
    First of all, pic related.

    Second, when it comes to Sean cutting the guy's head off, he has to be really gung ho about it. In fact, he has the power to pardon the guy (knows something about the WWalkers? temporary insanity?), and his kids each give good arguments as to why the guy should be allowed to live.

    Then he beheads the dude anyway (for the xp?), which will come and bite him in the ass later when Joff has HIM beheaded for much the same reason and under similar circumstances.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:53 No.15361863
    >George (With a smug grin): Okay, there's going to be a lot of mystery here. Some things that you guys won't know until the very end. I'll hint at it, unless you play right, you'll never find out. It's all background stuff, really, nothing game changing.
    Three Games Later
    >Sean: So what, the Kings son has blond hair, but the King and his bastard son have black. I roll my Knowledge: Genetics.
    >George: No! This is a FANTASY setting. There's no advanced science in it!
    >Sean: Listen, George. I handed you my character sheet on the first day and you said everything was fine. I meant, I could have spent those points on Sense Motive, but you said I was good to go.
    >George: Fine. Roll it.
    >Sean: Natural 20.
    >George: FUCK.
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)13:53 No.15361868
    rolled 35987 = 35987


    So the PCs are Peter (Tyrion/ Theon) Sean ( Ned/ Robb/ Jon Snow?), Emma (Dany/ Dany/ Dany ... Brienne?)
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:54 No.15361877
    Ok so we have to figure out how to differentiate our characters a bit.

    Ned should be the straight man, probably not all that into the game or the system

    Jamie is That Guy. Fetishy powerplayer. He built the most effective fighter he could and fucks his sister.

    Tyrion is the roleplayer, but he's also a dick with no respect for the setting. He purposely made a bad character but pulls it off with pure panache.

    Lets have Viceryis be the PC, not the sister. He can switch to her after the DM gets fed up with his shit and he blows a Diplomacy roll with the Dothraki. He's a powerplayer as well, but an ineffective one. He skimmed the background and immediately tried to get into the "most powerful" house, not realizing that they were overthrown in the last few pages.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:54 No.15361880

    Oh, Emma'd also play Sansa. A character who takes nothing useful.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)13:56 No.15361901

    Remember at this point, the reader hasn't seen the characters' faces, so they don't need to be distinct yet.

    [Screenshot of Eddard Stark grinning.]
    DM: Okay, Sean made a noble. “Eddard Stark.” Looks okay, although you've got “Lawful Good” as your alignment.
    Sean: Is that a problem?
    DM: … No.
    Sean: What was that pause for?
    DM: Nothing.
    [Screenshot of Jon Snow, looking slack-jawed as always.]
    Kit: I'll be Sean's son. Are fighters alright?
    DM: Yes, but it says here your INT is 6.
    Kit: It IS my dump stat. Oh, and I took the [Flaw: Bastard] thing you made, so I could take Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword. Because I'm a bastard.
    DM: … In retrospect, INT 6 is perfect for you.
    [Screenshot of Jaime Lannister, looking smug.]
    DM: Nick, it looks like you're playing another nobleman. Lawful Evil? Perfect.
    Nick: I'm a part of House Lannister.
    DM: Oh, you read the background?
    Nick: They're the richest.
    [Screenshot of Tyrion]
    DM: Okay, so Sean is playing a nobleman, Kit is playing his bastard son, and Nick is playing a member of a rival house. Pete, what did you roll up?
    Pete: I'm a dwarf.
    DM: Uh... Pete, I said this was going to be a REALISTIC campaign, remember?
    Pete: I want to be a dwarf.
    DM: But you ALWAYS play dwarves. It's getting -
    Pete: Alright, I'll be a human. A really short human. Oh, and I've maxed out my INT and CHA.
    DM: Ugh. Whatever. Just pick a house.
    Pete: I'll be a part of Nick's.
    [Screenshot of Jaime.]
    Nick: Small world.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:56 No.15361904
    Peter needs to constantly make vague "small" or "short" related jokes.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:57 No.15361907
    I think if you are going to make this, rather than following the show scene by scene, what if you cut out all the Dothraki segments and did them all together, and the same for the King's Landing segments, and Jon Snow on the Wall segments. Or at least put them together into larger chunks to move between.

    That way you aren't jumping around so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)13:58 No.15361914

    This can even be a running gag, have his decree against the Gregor Clegane go the same way (he was helmed and had no banner, thus a posotive identification was not reached), that kind of thing.

    Also, some inspiration:
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)13:58 No.15361915
    rolled 31599 = 31599


    >Nick: Small world.

    Fuck you I choked on my drink.

    Bravo sir.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)13:59 No.15361925

    I was actually thinking about completely neglecting the Wall and Vaes Dothrak, with Kit complaining about how he doesn't get enough roleplay time and Emilia making aside comments.

    Kit's the roleplayer, Emilia's the DM's girlfriend, Pete is the munchkin, Nick is THAT GUY and Sean is the one who just wants to play the game. Maisie can be the newb.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)13:59 No.15361927

    Okay, I can see that. Please, whoever takes these screencaps, please, please please, use some of those glorious reaction images that GoT gave us.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:00 No.15361931
    I've had a change of heart. There only need to be two PCs, Tyrion and Braun. The entire comic will be following their shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:01 No.15361944
         File1308852094.jpg-(54 KB, 688x636, homer and bart sharing a slice(...).jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:02 No.15361949
    >Int and Cha maxed
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:02 No.15361952
    Whatever I can't remember how to spell his name so I guessed.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:02 No.15361953
    maybe someone here could explain to me why the guards sworn to protect the throne and the king do jack squat while the queen commits high treason...

    She just takes the order from the late king, reads it and rips it, and the incompetent royal guard just fucking stand there and doesn't question it until after she's gone through with her little revolution. WTF is going on here?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:02 No.15361954
    >bad character
    Who are you kidding?
    The Dwarf is probably one of the best characters in the entire series.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:03 No.15361959
    eh, i dont think GOT would work as a DM of the rings kinda deal, first off theres like what, 20 important characters? (almost all of them would have to be PCs). Theres never more than like 4 of them in any one place at one time. Some characters will never meet each other, ect.

    It COULD be done, but it would be ambitious as fuck tho.

    On the other hand you could just have people play the more awesome characters, Ned, Tyrion, Bronn, Littlfinger, the spider, Arya, and Syrio Forel. Wouldnt be a long campagin, but due to death rates everyone would end up with like four characters anyway...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:03 No.15361963
    He made a CONCEPTUALLY bad character, but then is fucking awesome with it.

    Please don't tell me that you could sit down to a gritty semi-fantasy game with a sarcastic little person for your character and no one would bat an eye.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:04 No.15361965

    He was going to play a caster, remember?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:04 No.15361972
    They were bribed
    No one in Game of Thrones has any honor or integrity except maybe Ned, and we all saw where that got him.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:05 No.15361980
    >Everyone in House Stark
    >No honor/integrity
    >Late Jamie
    >Late Bloodhound
    You, son, are a retard.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:06 No.15361988
    They are only loyalty to whoever signs their checks. Littlefinger pays them. He specifically paid them to betray Ned.

    Hence his whole, "I told you not to trust me" comment.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:06 No.15361989
    She is the person of highest authority in the room.
    Her son is the current heir to the throne.
    The former Hand walks in and claims the throne.
    Between the Hand and the Queen, shit's just an arguement, no one has real authority.
    The person who pays them all said side with the queen.
    They side with the queen.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:06 No.15361991
    >gritty semi-fantasy and no one would bat an eye
    But they don't.
    They treat him like shit.
    >> Renly H Baratheon !wy5bwztoJM 06/23/11(Thu)14:06 No.15361996
    I like that but there should be at least one character who likes the setting. also I'm not sure if the majority of the group should be powergamers.
    I do like jaime being a powergamer and slowly learning to be a better person in character and out.

    All of this should be superseded by ops wishes of course. Our involvement is purely superficially unless he states otherwise.Also I figured that op was just opening the game up and defining the characters in the next couple of pages since they would describe their characters.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:07 No.15362002

    You have to find out who the main character in every situation is. Jaime, Eddard, Dany, Jon, Tyrion and Arya are pretty much all at the center of the action in every situation, except when one is incapacitated somehow - and then another character (like Catelyn or Robb) becomes the focus.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:08 No.15362004
    >That Guy
    You have only seen the TV Show haven't you?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:08 No.15362006
    bad statistically. not bad character wise.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:08 No.15362011
    Darths and Droids started with two powergamers as the entire party.

    A lot of the interplay between the characters comes from the DM trying to maintain his setting and his players being jerks.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:09 No.15362023
    Actually you are right.

    Joffery would be That Guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:10 No.15362024
    Are you that Braun guy?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:10 No.15362026
    Even in the books, until the third book he's pure That Guy. It's not until then that he starts to become something more than an egotistical prick.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:10 No.15362029

    I'm actually a huge fan of the books. But since the show is the basis for the comic, and Jaime is portrayed as an asshole in the show, he'll be THAT GUY for now. Later, he can get better as the show goes on.


    I think that Sean and Kit would be the ones most interested in the setting. They're the ones who consistently try to make things better or move the plot along, when everyone else is just having whore and gold parties or seeking revenge for personal slights.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:10 No.15362032
    Okay, if you ARE going with Sean being the real role player, it has to be a in-joke that his characters ALWAYS die.

    >Somebody: Remember that modern spy campaign where you turned evil? (Goldeneye)
    >Sean: yeah but-
    >Somebody Else: Remember the last fantasy game we did? (LotR)
    >Sean: well that one was totally-
    >Somebody Else Else: The posts apocalyptic mix of the Matrix and the Giver? (Equilibrium)
    >Somebody: God, he died in the first session in that one, didn't he?
    >Sean: now that's not even fa-
    >Somebody Else: 5 bucks says he doesn't last 3 sessions
    >Somebody Else Else: you're on!
    >Sean: oh you guys are assholes...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:11 No.15362035
    but sir Barriston questions her afterwards so obviously he's not in on it
    that was the militia and the townguard, not the royal guard
    person with the highest authority was the king, the kings orders were very clear
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:11 No.15362042
    Wait, Sean Bean was in Equilibrium?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:12 No.15362048

    Tyrion's debatable. He's perfectly respectable when it comes to women, excepting his sister, but he does many questionable things. He executes a bard for knowing he sleeps with a whore, he doesn't tell anyone that he suspects one of his own family crippled Bran, he knowingly besets a horde of mountain bandits in Tully lands, etc.

    I'm more than willing to say that he has MORE integrity and honor than most in the Game of Thrones, but I would stop short of actually calling him honorable.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:12 No.15362056
    yeah, for five minutes or so
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:13 No.15362060
    >but I would stop short
    Argument invalidated.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:13 No.15362064

    Hey, Jaime is an asshole.

    Just because you get into his head a bit doesn't make him less of an asshole.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:14 No.15362073
    Okay, I bet you are the Braun / Joffery guy. Please die.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:14 No.15362074
    Yeah, for all of the first five minutes before taking a bullet to the face. Blink and you miss him.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:14 No.15362080

    Good idea.


    Joffrey is clearly an NPC. He's never at the center of any action (even though his fate is struggled with) and he doesn't go on adventures.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:15 No.15362086

    He was Batman's partner, the one that had emotions and got blammed 5min in to show what kind of guy Bale started as.

    Come to think of it, all of those times his characters have died since they have gone against what they are supposed to:
    Goldeneye: double '0' agent gone rogue
    Equilibrium: "Cleric" gone emotional
    LotR: sworn to protect Frodo, tried to take the ring anyway
    GoT: honour is everything, sacrifices honour to save his daughter

    I see a trend here...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:15 No.15362088
    he tried once, then he got beaten up by an 8 year old rogue and attacked by her dire wolf
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)14:15 No.15362090
    rolled 20785 = 20785


    >Someone Else: Well, there was that one time you got mad and left us for dead in that modern treasure hunting game awhile back... you didn't die then.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:15 No.15362091

    What? He is! You just don't think so because he spends all his time being a dick to people you hate.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:15 No.15362094
    He didn't die in Silent Hill. OTOH he did spend the whole movie trying to catch up to the rest of the characters.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:16 No.15362098
    ... holy shit. If they ever let him play an immutable paladin, he would be fucking unstopable!
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:17 No.15362104
    The only time he became the center of attention was at his wedding [spoiler]where he gets assassinated by Littlefinger and then saves Sansa.[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:17 No.15362105
    >Remember at this point, the reader hasn't seen the characters' faces, so they don't need to be distinct yet.
    This is bad design logic. Every player should have enough personality that, if a reader who has finished the work reads the first comic, they should be immediately able to identify who said what line based purely upon what each player would be most likely to say. Consistent, strong personalities throughout are what drive a comic like this to be worth reading, not cheap gags and the movie gimmick.
    >> Renly H Baratheon !wy5bwztoJM 06/23/11(Thu)14:17 No.15362107
    and that worked for darth and droids. op is referencing with this whole project but not copying their characters.
    I approve. I had hoped that their would be at least one or two we can sympathize with besides the dm.I like the idea of all the characters besides them being petty and vengeance filled. it fits in game and out. The dm must being smiling to himself on occasion.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:17 No.15362108

    That joke does need to be there. Seriously.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:18 No.15362112
    Sorry, never saw it. But if he spent the whole time just looking for the other people, then "somebody else" should just say that he did nothing and so was as good as dead anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:21 No.15362135
    for fucks sake his name is Bron
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:21 No.15362144

    I think it would be funniest if the entire succession crisis comes up entirely because of Nick's being THAT GUY, and the DM being unprepared to deal with his asshattery.

    I mean, think about it: the succession crisis has jack shit to do with the coming war with the Others. It's precisely the kind of snowballing derail that bad roleplayers do.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:22 No.15362152
    What about Sharpe?
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)14:22 No.15362156
         File1308853348.jpg-(42 KB, 328x398, HBO A game of thrones bronn so(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    rolled 29660 = 29660

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:22 No.15362160
    I'm pretty sure that >>15362073 knows it's "Bron".
    He pointed out the "Braun", "Joffery" and "Jaime".
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:23 No.15362165
    Also, it's Bronn.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:24 No.15362172
    Thats because Sir Barristan was from the "Old" Kingsguard. They took their job extremely seriously.

    Secondly Littlefinger bribed the Goldcloaks. As a group they are the town watch, but the best of the best also make up the Royal guard.

    Thirdly the king was dead. and as is pointed out, loyalty to a dead man is often quite handily trumped by gold from a live one. The only person not bribed was Sir Barristan, simply because they knew he would not take it, which is also why they get rid of him later, because he is no longer completely trustworthy.
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)14:24 No.15362174
         File1308853494.jpg-(203 KB, 1280x720, HBO a game of thrones bron tyr(...).jpg)
    203 KB
    rolled 3583 = 3583


    His first time DMing, where he makes a DMPC?
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:25 No.15362184
    I vote that Bronn be a TV Troper. Why? Just because you need one of those. Bronn is highly aware of the setting he's in, and he's a fucking badass. There must be an explanation...
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:27 No.15362197

    I was thinking of having Tyrion take the Leadership feat, and having Bronn be one of his hirelings. Barring that, the guy playing him could be one of Pete's friends.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:27 No.15362199
    Also, how does one work the Kinglsayer fact into Nick's backstory? Did he take at character creation, or was it through some random chart shennanigans?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:28 No.15362212
    He just randomly killed off a major plot NPC because he's THAT GUY. I mean, honestly, I've done the same.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:30 No.15362223
         File1308853825.png-(359 KB, 432x700, Best Summer Ever.png)
    359 KB
    SoIaF/GoT almost has too many potential Player Characters.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:30 No.15362226

    I had two ideas:

    1. Nick wrote a really long backstory, detailing every awesome thing he's ever done, and the DM only just noticed that "killed King Aerys" was one of them.
    2. It's the DM's hamfisted attempt to keep Nick's CHA bonus manageable. If everyone already knows and distrusts Nick's character, then it'll be harder for him to seduce, bluff and intimidate his way through the game.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:31 No.15362233

    For the Dothraki part of the campaign, Sean's character is Ser Jorah?

    ASoIaF has way too many PC possibilities, jeez.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:31 No.15362234
         File1308853891.jpg-(90 KB, 497x584, Stark in Winterfell.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:32 No.15362243
    I approve.
    leadership would work but it's more brotastic if it's an actual player. Either way could work honestly.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:32 No.15362244
         File1308853940.jpg-(21 KB, 368x369, 1244499315710.jpg)
    21 KB
    TV Troper? Badass? For serious?
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:32 No.15362249

    If I did some rewriting of the first two comics, we could say that this current game is a continuation of a previous one, and mention how Nick killed the main quest giver (King Aerys, who's actually a really nice guy) as a running joke.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:32 No.15362253

    I don't get it
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:33 No.15362256

    Not all tropes be scum of the earth. In moderate doses, it can lead to a sane amount of genre awareness.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:33 No.15362257
    Is the first season over? I might want to watch it now that it's all done.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:33 No.15362263
    Nathan Stark from Eureka (on the slight offchance you're just stupid and not trolling)
    I'd approve of this.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:33 No.15362265

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:33 No.15362267
         File1308854024.jpg-(128 KB, 1420x469, THAT GUY.jpg)
    128 KB

    Works for me!

    Oh, I have an idea: have Jaime be like the That Guy in this story.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:34 No.15362274
         File1308854044.jpg-(91 KB, 600x450, Queen_Cersei.jpg)
    91 KB
    Indeed it is.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:34 No.15362276

    Ooh, I like that. It would explain a bit of the ridiculous backstory.
    >> Renly H baratheon !wy5bwztoJM 06/23/11(Thu)14:34 No.15362280
    I personally approve of the second one. It seems like a good way to keep the power gamer under wraps.
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)14:34 No.15362285
         File1308854093.jpg-(15 KB, 246x249, HBO a game of thrones arya is (...).jpg)
    15 KB
    rolled 21635 = 21635


    >My Face When.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:35 No.15362293
    ow.... ow...

    my brain... ow...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:37 No.15362313

    No... I think I like your first idea better. It has to be a new campaign with all new characters/players, otherwise it all gets too messy.
    The DM trying to dumb-down Jaime's charisma is just too perfect.

    Oh, and the DM should be named Martin.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:37 No.15362320
    His name is already George you retard
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:39 No.15362331

    Okay, then. Jaime killed the questgiver in the previous campaign, and the DM is punishing him by inflicting penalties to his Charisma. We could also have Maisie (Arya) play Lyanna (explaining why they're so similar - she didn't want to roll up a new character) and have Kit play Rhaegar.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:41 No.15362348

    I'm using the actors' first names for the players' names. Sean Bean is Sean, Kit Harrington is Kit, etc., etc.

    Besides, every time I read about someone bedding a whore or a thirteen-year-old Dany getting screwed by a Mongol, all I wanted to do was bang my head against a wall and say "Oh, George, no."
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)14:44 No.15362376
         File1308854646.jpg-(223 KB, 609x1365, HBO a game of thrones brotherl(...).jpg)
    223 KB
    rolled 23585 = 23585

    Another way to go about it is by having all the PCs everyone that dies in the books.

    And the GM is a railroading bastard....?

    But that might be difficult.
    >> Mishka 06/23/11(Thu)14:45 No.15362386
    They should be playing A Song of Ice and Fire... Just sayin'...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:45 No.15362390


    Oh, I just thought of something: playing off the fact that different people directed different episodes, let's have two DMs, one for Westeros and one for... whatever that other continent was called. George is the main one, but his younger brother Martin does the Dothraki part. Since he's new to DMing, he let's Emma walk all over him and get whatever she wants (it also doesn't help that he has a crush on her). Maybe Jorah is Sean or another veteran player that's trying to keep everything over there in control.

    The lack of other players is due to the other's paying more attention to the more intense Westeros game. How about they all play minor characters (like the rich guy or Dany's bloodrider), but they never really do much since they care more about their other, 'real' characters.

    In fact, most of this stuff could be told as occasional recaps, with Sean or whoever giving George the scoop on what's happening in the other campaign (ie, Jorah being a spy) so he can give pointers and compensate in his game.

    Then, once the whole dragon thing happens and Martin's campaign gets awesome, the other players start to pay more attention to it.

    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:45 No.15362392
         File1308854738.jpg-(231 KB, 624x1760, dancewithdra.jpg)
    231 KB
    Just thought I'd toss this here...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:46 No.15362396
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)14:46 No.15362398

    The railroading bit is fine. I'd like Tyrion and Jaime to be PCs, though.

    Some of the plot points (the zombie apocalypse, the Red Wedding, etc.) could be the DM's way of trying to force the players to go North, but no one other than Kit wants to.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:48 No.15362425
         File1308854907.jpg-(28 KB, 331x319, 1305847745974.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Renly H baratheon !wy5bwztoJM 06/23/11(Thu)14:53 No.15362468
    that's possible. maybe , if the op is going to do mch at the wall. kit plays ser jorahand trys to keep things together. the rest should can be npcs and the rest of the group looks down on that game. but dragons are born shit gets real.

    Another reason I think that you should do the wall and/or stuff across the narrow sea is because it wil pad out the story and keep it going for almost three times as long. it can tide you over until the next season comes out.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:54 No.15362487
    You should do dwarf's trial scene, loads of potential funny to be found there.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:55 No.15362489

    And the recaps are told at the beginning of each Westeros session. Emma also plays Sansa, and tries to play her like Dany (marrying the prince, being a mary sue), but the more experienced George won't let her get away with it and keeps blocking her. The result of this is that 'Sansa' mopes the whole time and is bored out of her mind in the main game sessions (complaining about how her Dany character is soooo much better and more interesting). It would also explain why she jumps for the Lanniser's bait so quickly, she thinks she's getting a chance to mary sue, but is really just being tricked into (hopefully) helping George railroad the characters north.
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)14:56 No.15362511

    Trial scenes are always gold in RPGs. If any PC has watched any sort of legal drama, it gets hilarious.

    Even better when they watch Boston Legal.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)14:58 No.15362523

    And guess what happens to be Pete's favorite show...
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:04 No.15362572
         File1308855855.jpg-(18 KB, 253x274, 1262751701081.jpg)
    18 KB
    Alright, great ideas, everyone. I've got to go, but I'm going to send David Morgan-Mar an email and see if he's got any advice.
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)15:05 No.15362582
         File1308855958.jpg-(278 KB, 621x2084, HBO a game of thrones laxative.jpg)
    278 KB
    rolled 23296 = 23296


    >Peter: "... and I brought a donkey, and a Honeycomb into a brothel..."
    >George: I can't believe you actually used that to get out of a speeding ticket...
    >Emilia: ... then what happened?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:06 No.15362591
    Is no one going to screencap?

    I only have a low res version of the first 3 episodes...

    Se we either require a good download link of all episodes so far, or someone who could screencap for us (preferably the former for me, methinks).
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)15:07 No.15362598
    rolled 33612 = 33612


    The biggest issue I think is not having enough scenes...?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:08 No.15362608

    Can't you watch the episodes on HBO's website, or something?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:10 No.15362632
         File1308856253.jpg-(784 KB, 624x2112, 1308063823350.jpg)
    784 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:12 No.15362648
    Nope, because I don't happen to live in any of the 50 states of america.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:13 No.15362655
    Wait /tg/ just listen to me.
    Maybe we should play something other than D&D this time?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:13 No.15362659
    Ok, that one did make me laugh a little.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:15 No.15362671
    >people hating on dany because she's a mary sue
    >people sucking on tyrion's dick even though he's just as big of a mary sue, because the character is author insert and author is a neckbeard like most of the people here
    >but durrr he doesn't count as a mary sue because he also "loses" a lot
    >implying dany and other "mary sues" out there also don't suffer various kinds of defeats, but just like tyrion, they somehow manage to prevail in the end
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:16 No.15362672
    >Wait /tg/ just listen to me!
    >Maybe we should give 4e a chance before saying it sucks?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:16 No.15362676
    I have some stream links. Not sure if you can download from them, the stream's been good enough for my purposes. Will they do?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:17 No.15362687
    >"I'm the fucking dragonborne, follow me you bitch. Also, I'd be dead since Episode 1 if it weren't for Jorah, but sssshhh. Don't mind me, just conquering the entire place."

    >"Man, I sure am a fucking gnome. What's this, all I have is Int and Cha? Well, guess I'll make the best of it."
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:17 No.15362688
    >Hating Danny
    >Hate Tyrion

    What bullshit is this? The only hateful characters are the characters that are supposed to be hated (like Joffrey for example) and of course Sansa .
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:18 No.15362693

    > Tyrion
    > Mary Sue

    You mean the hideous, universally despised dwarf whose plans always backfire and is horrifically scarred as of the last book?

    I think you're referring to the elf from Warhammer.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:19 No.15362706
         File1308856781.jpg-(6 KB, 189x251, AREYOUAWIZARD.jpg)
    6 KB


    Here you go. It's got all the episodes of GoT so far, with multiple links for each episode. I think there's an option to download too, but all I've ever done is stream.

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:20 No.15362715

    I have HBO Go, so I can screencap for people. However, I don't have the photoshopping skills to do anything with them.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:20 No.15362716
    Eh, I suppose I could see them, if only to see if I can download them.

    But using streams means I can't nitpick the video and choose carefully which expressions/shots I want to screencap.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:23 No.15362735
    I could link you to a german site hosting streams and DDLs. While being German, they provide the English version and the English version with German subs for you to choose from. Most of it is explained by pictures, so you should do fine. If you want the link tell me.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:23 No.15362738
    I'm the anon who said I would photoshop it, so no problem on that matter.

    If you take any good expressions/shots related to the scprit, post them!
    That can save lots and lots of time.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:24 No.15362740
    So, Baelish is like the ultimate DMPC, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:25 No.15362753
    I don't think Babyish plays by Player rules.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:27 No.15362776
    Tyrion is a total Mary Sue. Author intentionally made the character to be the most sympathetic character in the series to all the neckbeards out there. He's ugly, so that draws appeal from the neckbeard crowd because they automatically hate on everything beautiful, and they can easily see themselves in Tyrion's shoes because they also think themselves as ugly. At the very start of the first book, when it's pretty much evident that Starks are the main character, he's the only Lannister not shown to be a total dick, by acting all sympathetic towards Stark children, helping them out with advice and whatnot. Later, the character goes into conflict with other characters we the readers dislike. He sacks that corrupt city guard that betrayed Ned, he fucks over Pycelle, he fights with his sister for no apparent reason but to have the character endeared to the audience, since she's obviously the evil one. And by fighting with her, it makes it clearly appear he's the good one.

    Yes, not all of his plans work. But a very large portion of plans do work, mostly because of his personal genius. He manages to free himself from the Vale, gets an army of his own, wins the fucking battle at King's Landing almost single-handedly, and yet he gets no respect at all for that from his family. It's like author is trying to shove the words LOOK HOW POOR THIS GUY IS HE ALWAYS DOES THE BEST BUT EVIL ENVIRONMENT KEEPS FUCKING WITH HIM, DON'T YOU FEEL SAD ABOUT HIM, HE'S SO GREAT HE'S SUCH A NICE FELLA SURROUNDED BY CUNTS, PITY AND LOVE THIS CHARACTER PLEASE.

    Tyrion is a shitty, non-sensical author insert that shouldn't even exist because he fucks up the books, just like Dany and Jon do. If you like Tyrion, you're no better than Twilight fangirls. In fact, you're worse. Twilight fangirls are fourteen year old teenage girls. You, on the other hand, should know better.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:29 No.15362789
    The other link is full of ads and the what not... If yours is any easier, be free to share.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:30 No.15362796
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:30 No.15362797
         File1308857408.jpg-(106 KB, 576x720, 1308634172409.jpg)
    106 KB
    Here ya go, sounds like you need this.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:33 No.15362821
    >damn i cant refute this what do i do oh yeah i know, im going to post a hilarious reaction image xD

    should have just spared yourself the effort of looking for that file and typed "u mad" instead
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)15:33 No.15362828
         File1308857634.jpg-(34 KB, 710x364, HBO a game of thrones aww poor(...).jpg)
    34 KB
    rolled 27617 = 27617

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:33 No.15362831
         File1308857639.jpg-(12 KB, 374x233, 1298738217375.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:34 No.15362833
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:34 No.15362837
    well, that saved me some effort.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:35 No.15362840

    Ding ding! Here comes the fun police!

    A sympathetic character (and everyone, including professional reviewers, sympathizes with him) is not a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is a badly written character with few or no flaws, doesn't suffer consequences for her actions and is a wish-fulfillment fantasy.

    Tyrion is:
    - Well developed, with detailed and believable motivations
    - Flawed
    - Loses often
    - Someone I really wouldn't want to be.

    Tyrion isn't a Mary Sue.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:35 No.15362841
    I've never actually read these books and actually misclicked on this thread, but

    He mad
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:35 No.15362845
         File1308857752.jpg-(77 KB, 448x473, no fun allowed.jpg)
    77 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:36 No.15362848
    >- Well developed, with detailed and believable motivations

    lol nope
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:36 No.15362853
         File1308857798.jpg-(108 KB, 640x960, 1306669324353.jpg)
    108 KB
    He mad
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:36 No.15362856
    >he fights with his sister for no apparent reason
    It's stated several times that they loathe each other.

    The rest is mostly just you going "he's a total Mary Sue/Author Insert/Scrappy, look at me sling bullshit around by revising a bunch of plot points into a different light which totally can't be done for every character in the fucking books. Supporting my claims with well-thought out arguments is for suckers."
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:36 No.15362857
    [citation needed]

    If you're going to refute someone's claim, at least offer a single bit of evidence to the contrary.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:37 No.15362859
    >sympathetic character
    Doesn't work like this man.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:38 No.15362871
    Spoilers ahead. Non-bookfags don't read.
    >My brother bought a whore for me because these are probably the only women who'd go for me. My father also watched me have my only love fucked by his entire guard. While my brother helped me escape from prison and confessed this was untrue, he's still a dick for doing this and keeping it secret. My father, however, is soon to be a dead man.
    >Not believable and detailed
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:38 No.15362873
    >I can't actually refute your claim, so I'll just say that you're wrong without giving any evidence of the fact.
    You should have just typed "umad" and saved yourself four letters.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:39 No.15362874
         File1308857954.jpg-(61 KB, 360x270, NOT-SURE-IF-TROLLING-OR-STUPID.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:40 No.15362880
    >tell a bunch of neckbeards their wish fulfillment character is a shitty character
    >they all start spamming UMAD UMAD UMAD
    >implying they're all not mad as hell

    Yeah, I pretty much made my point. I know from the past that none of you fanboys will actually bother to refute anything, so I'll be leaving this shitty /v/ lite thread now. If you insist on enjoying shitty characters like Edward and Tyrion, guess there's no way for me to stop you from doing that, so have fun with that. But please, at least in the future avoid trying to sound elitist by hating on other Mary Sues when you're worshipping the biggest Mary Sue in the setting.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:41 No.15362894
    Thing is, you haven't made your point. You just don't like Tyrion, and are trying to desperately convince everyone else that he is a mary sue, yet offer no evidence to the contrary.

    I mean, by your logic, every remotely likable character is a mary sue.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:41 No.15362900
    10/10 would read again

    Make this a DM of the rings kind of deal please. This needs to be serialized.
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)15:42 No.15362905
         File1308858168.gif-(486 KB, 400x226, Oh little finger.gif)
    486 KB
    rolled 19105 = 19105

    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:43 No.15362912
    >Mary Sue
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Making a likeable character, doesn't make him a Mary Sue.
    He is an extremely well developed character, have you read the same books as the rest of us?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:44 No.15362915

    Until the troll showed up, we were actually having a lengthy conversation to that end.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:44 No.15362919

    Bye. And while you're gone, try to learn the difference between "character who people like" and "Mary Sue."
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:44 No.15362921
    Maybe he's from some kind of alternate world where A Game of Thrones was as well written as Twilight and is only read by whiny teenage fangirls.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:46 No.15362931

    I sent an email to David Morgan-Mar, the guy who does Darths and Droids. I have no idea if he'll read it.

    He seems pretty brotacular, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:47 No.15362935
    Do you even know what a Mary Sue is? How are they wish fulfillment? I suppose if all you've done is watched the first season you might think Tyrion is, but not knowing the character's story really hurts your point. And Eddard? Troll elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)15:49 No.15362944
         File1308858546.jpg-(47 KB, 512x512, 1297627820874.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Guybrarian 06/23/11(Thu)15:49 No.15362952

    He is, and I have to say, one of the funnier webcomic writers out there. Also, he makes the prequel trilogy make sense now.
    >> Dantalaeon !!2TQS185pmIh 06/23/11(Thu)15:56 No.15363003

    I mentioned that.

    Dear Mr. Morgan-Mar,

    I'm a big fan of your comics. I've been reading Darths and Droids since it came out, and by far my favorite part of it - aside from the jokes, the frequent references to TV Tropes, the players and everything else - is that you've somehow managed to turn the Prequel Trilogy of Star Wars into something that actually makes sense.

    In addition to being a fan of your comics, I'm also a big fan of George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire," and the HBO series based on his books. A few guys over on /tg/ (who are also huge fans of your work) and I decided that the show was perfect for a DM of the Rings/Darths and Droids-style comic, and despite having no experience in the field of writing for comics, I've decided to try my hand at it.

    I really have no idea what I'm doing, so I turn to the expert. On the off chance that you accept - let alone reply to - fan mail, do you have any advice to give?

    Thank you for your time.



    PS: If you're curious, here's the thread where we discussed the topic: http://chanarchive.org/4chan/tg/12361
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:03 No.15363062
    Littledinger is the recurring MAGNIFICENT BASTARD villain. Seriously, with the exception of tossing Bran off the highrise, EVERYTHING in the books is his fault.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:05 No.15363083
    So, uh, why don't you simply ignore the troll?
    >> An0n !AuP9KU2rHM 06/23/11(Thu)16:09 No.15363132
         File1308859797.jpg-(297 KB, 1280x720, HBO a game of thrones sandor c(...).jpg)
    297 KB
    rolled 31933 = 31933


    >Chan Archive
    >Not using /tg/'s own suptg archive
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:10 No.15363136
    > /tg/ ignore the troll
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:11 No.15363143
         File1308859878.jpg-(884 KB, 675x4500, and then john was a wyvern.jpg)
    884 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:19 No.15363215
         File1308860397.jpg-(58 KB, 409x720, fullstarkinwinterfell.jpg)
    58 KB
    Oh, at least post the full version...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:21 No.15363231
    How far is Darths and Droids now, anyway? I stopped reading when I caught up to were he was (shortly after landing on Geonosis at the time) to let him build it up again as I prefer long stints of reading over regular updates. Then I forgot about it for awhile...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:24 No.15363257
    That volcano planet in Revenge of the Sith. Although, they changed it so that the planet is actually Naboo in the process of being forged/terraformed into a Death Star.

    Which is actually more interesting than anything the prequels actually did.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:24 No.15363258
    Lava planet from the end of episode 3. Which is now a bombed-out, devastated version of Naboo. He has confirmed that he's continuing on to the original trilogy, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)16:57 No.15363528

    >He has confirmed that he's continuing on to the original trilogy, though.

    Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:02 No.15363570
         File1308862969.jpg-(560 KB, 719x1000, Animal_lg.jpg)
    560 KB
    You know what? Time for some Muppets.

    Shut up and look at the Muppets. They're awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:03 No.15363580
         File1308863038.jpg-(534 KB, 719x1000, Janice_lg.jpg)
    534 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:05 No.15363593
         File1308863122.jpg-(460 KB, 719x1000, Kermit_lg.jpg)
    460 KB
    You would watch this.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:06 No.15363600
         File1308863185.jpg-(503 KB, 719x1000, Link_lg.jpg)
    503 KB
    Fucking flood detection.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:07 No.15363612
         File1308863238.jpg-(484 KB, 719x1000, Piggy_lg.jpg)
    484 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:08 No.15363624
         File1308863300.jpg-(466 KB, 719x1000, Rizzo_lg.jpg)
    466 KB
    I don't even read AGoT; I just thought you-all needed a distraction from the argument.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:08 No.15363631
         File1308863333.jpg-(513 KB, 719x1000, Rolf_lg.jpg)
    513 KB
    Aaand that's all.

    Hope you liked it, folks.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)17:19 No.15363714
    Archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15356986/
    >> Anonymous 06/23/11(Thu)20:41 No.15365224
    Worth a bump, I think.
    >> Snapper Carr 06/23/11(Thu)20:43 No.15365243
    Thoros of Myr and Beric are totally characters in George's other group who occasionally pop into the main group and do some bullshit stuff.

    George apparently forgot that the Red Priest class can raise people from the dead.

    "This is bullshit, he can raise people from the dead and I can't play a dwarf?!"
    >> Anonymous 06/24/11(Fri)01:24 No.15367774
    Hey OP any idea what you're going to call your webcomic?

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