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  • File : 1309971745.png-(256 KB, 726x484, cazaclaw.png)
    256 KB Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:02 No.15492650  
    Stat it, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:02 No.15492658
         File1309971774.jpg-(8 KB, 200x259, ah.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:03 No.15492660
    O dear god
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:04 No.15492673
    That is the most fucking horrifying thing I have ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:04 No.15492675
    Fuck you and fuck your marker.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:05 No.15492688
    My nightmares...
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:05 No.15492689
    We are all going to die.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:06 No.15492698
    Poisons with each attack, ignores DT, and can open doors.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:07 No.15492707
    Oh and they travel in packs.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:09 No.15492736
         File1309972177.gif-(150 KB, 658x500, Tarrasque.gif)
    150 KB
    But can it take on the Tarrasque?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:11 No.15492749
         File1309972271.png-(19 KB, 300x601, whybonerr.png)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:12 No.15492767
    You're walking north of Goodsprings when four Cazaclaws appear. What do?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:13 No.15492771
         File1309972392.jpg-(2 KB, 111x126, OHMY.jpg)
    2 KB
    All aboard the rape train
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:13 No.15492774
    Step 1: Shit pants
    Step 2: Die
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:13 No.15492775
    Can't Fly 3D6
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:14 No.15492787
    using special system

    st 12
    pe 11
    end 14
    ch 1
    in 3
    ag 16
    luck 5

    MD prolly about 15 or so, so per swing it does 3d8+15.
    I give it 16 action points and depending on balance 200 hps, and 10/50 resists on everything.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:14 No.15492788
    Load the armour piercing .308 rounds and hope for the best.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:14 No.15492789
    You're already dead, you just don't know it yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:15 No.15492796
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:16 No.15492809
    well any ways a deathclaw with wings is hardly more terrifying than one without.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:16 No.15492811
         File1309972609.jpg-(16 KB, 255x320, Obama-Smirk.jpg)
    16 KB
    What are you talking about? Cazaclaws and Tarrasques never fight.

    Everyone knows they have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Swarms of Cazaclaws will often travel with Tarrasques and clean their teeth/claws of any leftover adventurers.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:18 No.15492822
         File1309972698.png-(169 KB, 640x480, Scared.png)
    169 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:18 No.15492828
         File1309972724.jpg-(7 KB, 400x300, apocalypse-brando2.jpg)
    7 KB
    The horror...
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:20 No.15492844
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:21 No.15492845
    Welp, I now have a more poetic way of saying "Rocks fall; everyone dies."
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:21 No.15492849
    People. People.

    Legendary Cazaclaw.

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:21 No.15492850
    God fucking damnit I just started a character using the double perks exploit thingy and I feel like a puss because, even though I'm level 40 and have like 18 extra perks, I haven't got the gear to deal with Cazadors, let alone Deathclaws. And now THIS!?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:23 No.15492864
    I was dealing with Cazadors soon after I left Goodsprings, and that's without any exploits.

    You just need to keep your distance and try to engage one at a time.

    Or bombard them from a cliff with the incinerator.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:23 No.15492866
    Oh fuck me sideways, I just faced some Cazadores in the latest expansion.
    >Oh god sneakan is slow. My objective's right over there, I'll just leg it.
    >Dooo pee doopy doo
    >Wait, what's that noise?
    >Turn around
    >shoot it, shoot it, kill it get stung and get antivenom for it's sting
    >Ah well. I'll patch up later, just need to get to the place. Weird that it was alo- wait what's that noise
    >turn around
    >kill it, on low health with poison
    >Put another antivenom on
    >leg it to objective.

    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:28 No.15492897
    >Stat it
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:29 No.15492901
    Why is everyone going nuts. It's not that scary.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:31 No.15492909
         File1309973478.png-(92 KB, 352x333, 1307932790553.png)
    92 KB
    Go play Fallout: New Vegas and say that again.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:32 No.15492915
    both of them eliminate eachother's weaknesses

    cazadors are fast unpredictable and poisonous but weak

    deathclaws are predictable but touch as nails

    combine those and you have horror
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:32 No.15492921
    BS: 0 WS: 5 S: 7 T: 6 W: 3 I: 6 A: 3 Ld: 10 Sv: 4+
    Jump infantry
    Furious Charge. Feel no Pain. Stubborn. Rage.
    Claws of Death: Attacks ignore armor saves.
    Venomous: Roll a d6 when a wound is inflicted, on a 4+ 2 wounds are inflicted instead of 1.
    >> Braith117 07/06/11(Wed)13:33 No.15492927
    Screw single shots, Armor piercing or surplus rounds in the minigun or Avenger.

    Hell, even the regular rounds work wonders on deathclaws, its just not very cost effective though.

    Oh yeah, and try to shoot the wings off first.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:36 No.15492950

    Deathclaws in NV are old school deathclaws. FO3 ones were solitary/pair hunters, NV ones are pack hunters. In some places over a half-dozen individuals may rush you if you're spotted. Add their high natural DT, speed, HP, and brick-shithouse melee attacks, and NV deathclaws are mean, mean motherfuckers.

    Cazadors are fast, erratic, hard to snipe from hiding, and also travel in packs. They also have an annoying tendency to spawn nearby when you reload a saved game. They hit hard, fast, and are lethally posionous.

    Also, both appear not 2 minute's walk from where you start the game if if go the "wrong" direction, so alot of people's first experiences with them are at low levels. People though, because if the Bethesda logo, you could go wherever you want, whenever you want. Wrong. Dead wrong.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:36 No.15492952
         File1309973803.jpg-(27 KB, 475x272, sam_neill_event_horizon.jpg)
    27 KB
    Oh God, I can not unsee it.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:37 No.15492960
    in theory you can sneak past them

    in theory

    game gives you a few warnings though like "WARNING DEATHCLAWS AHEAD"

    btw what would the stats be on an intelligent version of this
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:37 No.15492962
         File1309973877.jpg-(33 KB, 346x347, KaguyaEirinSnerk.jpg)
    33 KB
    > single shots
    > he's not using an Automatic Rifle or This Machine!
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:38 No.15492973
         File1309973934.gif-(170 KB, 658x500, cazarasqueclaw.gif)
    170 KB
    >> Braith117 07/06/11(Wed)13:41 No.15492990
    No hot air balloon for the big guy?
    >> Spawn_More_Synaps 07/06/11(Wed)13:41 No.15492995
         File1309974114.png-(105 KB, 505x367, 1309909463844[1].png)
    105 KB
    ok, I give up, kill me now.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:42 No.15492996
    doesn't need one, the cazaclaws are in big enough numbers to lift it if they wanted to
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:42 No.15493000
    >people running away
    >legs are not already divorced from their bodies by a distance of ten kilometres

    this picture is historically inaccurate
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:42 No.15493004
         File1309974177.png-(25 KB, 315x445, 1229821120789.png)
    25 KB
    Stat it, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:43 No.15493007

    My asshole just imploded with terror.
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 07/06/11(Wed)13:44 No.15493013
    Funny, I just got finished watching the Spawn movie on tv.

    Looks alot like the clown guy's demon form.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:45 No.15493017
    It took me ten tries, but I got past them on my second playtrough. Well, I got past the Deathclaws and killed the Cazadors.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 07/06/11(Wed)13:46 No.15493033
         File1309974417.jpg-(91 KB, 700x1000, Gauss.jpg)
    91 KB
    Meh, dies to Gauss just like everything else.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:47 No.15493037

    When I saw that thumbnail I thought it was a Pyramid Head/Dagoth Ur hybrid..
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:48 No.15493042
    Make a character to specificly fight them
    Find where they are
    Avoid the area like the fucking plague
    Go find Boone
    Find ED-EE
    Give Boone This Machine
    Deck Out in full on Cazaclaw fighting gear
    turn to very easy
    STILL Get Fucking Raped by this shit
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:50 No.15493060
         File1309974627.gif-(19 KB, 630x592, 1263876462742.gif)
    19 KB

    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:51 No.15493069

    Until you run out of ammo.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:52 No.15493072
    WAT. Link nao.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:52 No.15493075
    >> Radical Dreamer !iQu/bbTn7k 07/06/11(Wed)13:53 No.15493077
    No one from Bethesda will see this would they?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:53 No.15493080
         File1309974803.png-(84 KB, 437x412, 1304461977413.png)
    84 KB
    Y U DO DIS, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:53 No.15493084
    >cazaclaw stats:
    GIVE UP.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:54 No.15493086
    bethesda probably not

    Obsidian on the other hand... yes I could totally see them add this to old world blues
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 07/06/11(Wed)13:54 No.15493088

    Gauss Weapon ammunition recharges. You will NEVER run out of ammo.


    Go to New Vegas Nexus and search 40k. You can find Necron guns, Spess Mehreen armory, Guardsman equipment, and Tau guns and Drone Companions.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 07/06/11(Wed)13:56 No.15493102

    I should also say the gauss weapons automatically repair themselves.

    Living metal, bitch.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:58 No.15493110
    I think someone once confirmed on /tg/ that he worked for Bethesda.

    You're now imagining tarrasque + Cazaclaws in Skyrim. Manually.
    >> Radical Dreamer !iQu/bbTn7k 07/06/11(Wed)13:58 No.15493111
    OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Veronica get ready we about to get raped.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:00 No.15493125
    >object distance to max
    >anti-material rifle with incendiary rounds

    yeah no
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:02 No.15493137
         File1309975330.jpg-(45 KB, 640x352, motherofgod.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:03 No.15493142
    >snipe cazadors

    good luck with that
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:03 No.15493145

    >implying all that bullshit matters when they spawn behind you
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:04 No.15493154
    New patch details/fixes!
    And yeah, the PS3 patch is out... wonder if the XBox and PC one are yet... maybe I should reboot and check.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:05 No.15493157
         File1309975503.jpg-(3 KB, 127x86, 1304206847290.jpg)
    3 KB
    Shit is gonna get serious.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:07 No.15493169

    drop enough cazadors during turbo and you can finish off the rest in VATS.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:07 No.15493180

    I'll take two scoops.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:08 No.15493188
    >Mr. New Vegas will only mention failed NCR attack on Powder Gangers if Troopers are dead and Eddie is alive.

    I was waiting for this to be fixed before starting a new game. BRB playing New Vegas.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:09 No.15493193
    >getting damaged by something completely random, disregard, it's probably the game fucking with me
    >seconds later that venom WHOOOSHHH sound
    >turn around
    >motherfucking cazadors
    >> Radical Dreamer !iQu/bbTn7k 07/06/11(Wed)14:09 No.15493194
    No stay away from my power armor waifu bastard!
    Wait companions can't even join in on expansions......
    I'm doomed.
    I'm a science nerd with no social skills what do?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:10 No.15493199
    she's lesbian and she uses a power fist

    you might not want to go there
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:11 No.15493204
    > Fixed XP exploits with MantisForeleg.
    Better make your ubercharacters NOW, before the patch.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:11 No.15493206
    Its a great thing my Courier's too busy having homosex with Arcade then.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:12 No.15493210
    The patch came out about 10 minutes ago.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:12 No.15493213
    From patch notes
    >"Adjusted Deathclaw fatigue to make them less exploitable with certain attacks. Inconsistent health values for Deathclaws were also corrected (in favor of stronger Deathclaws)."

    >> Braith117 07/06/11(Wed)14:13 No.15493215
    Not all that hard to do, really. Unless they think something is out there, they usually follow a set pattern of movement. I sniped a mess of them off with a marksman rifle the other day.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:13 No.15493218
         File1309976027.jpg-(233 KB, 856x1102, Gordonalyx2.jpg)
    233 KB
    Upgrade your crowbar.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:14 No.15493220
    implying my character isn't female

    and totally fine with veronicas and power fists
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:15 No.15493231
    When has it been said she was a lesbian?
    I had a lesbian character I never had the option to hit on her.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:15 No.15493233
         File1309976142.jpg-(44 KB, 256x256, he's got an arm off.jpg)
    44 KB
    fuck fuck fuck fuck run run run run run run run fuck
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:17 No.15493241
         File1309976221.jpg-(77 KB, 644x694, 1302905442893.jpg)
    77 KB
    Why....? What am I gonna do with all these beanbags now?
    >> Radical Dreamer !iQu/bbTn7k 07/06/11(Wed)14:17 No.15493242
    Oh god I did make gordon freeman I'm a science nerd in power armor.
    I even have the short sighted flaw.
    I didn't even plan this.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:18 No.15493249
         File1309976305.jpg-(248 KB, 948x700, YuyukoSweat.jpg)
    248 KB
    > # Adjusted Deathclaw fatigue to make them less exploitable with certain attacks. Inconsistent health values for Deathclaws were also corrected (in favor of stronger Deathclaws).
    > # Cazadores are now properly flagged as fliers, so they won’t set off mines.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:19 No.15493256

    When you talk to her she tells you about how she was in love with another girl and her parents really did not approve.

    And when you tell her to stand close to her she says 'Unless you tun into a long legged blond this is as close as I am getting'.

    Or if you are female she says you have to buy her meal and go on a date first.
    >> Charcoals 07/06/11(Wed)14:21 No.15493269
         File1309976466.png-(555 KB, 1200x963, Legandary_Cazaclaw.png)
    555 KB
    You think that's bad?

    Check out the legendary version.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:23 No.15493282
         File1309976598.jpg-(117 KB, 736x751, fuck yes!!!.jpg)
    117 KB
    >Oh did you get me something? Ooooh is it a dress?!
    >Hear it ten thousand times
    >Just for shits and giggles give her a dress
    >Ohhh yes its so pretty thank you thank thank you!
    I...think I'm in love.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:23 No.15493289
    should turn his claws into cazador stingers, so he can rape while he rapes.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:24 No.15493295
    >she's lesbian and she uses a power fist
    That's, like, half the appeal.
    Rape them right.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:27 No.15493310
    Does the game have a suicide mode?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:28 No.15493328
    The best part is that her way of saying thank you is to give you boxing lessons.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:29 No.15493335
    With this new patch, Cazador venom is deadlier on normal mode.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:32 No.15493348

    I've tried to give her like a million dresses, she just doesn't wear them or acknowledge them.

    What item is this?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:34 No.15493373
    The ones you get at the Ultra Luxe.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:34 No.15493377
    You need to give her one of the stylish ones from the White Glove Society.

    She then laments on how she has nothing to give you in return. But then 'Punching! The gift that keeps on giving'.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:34 No.15493378
    White Glove dress, formal wear, or Vera's Dress from Dead Money.

    Speaking of Dead Money, her ex-girlfriend is Christine. Who you CAN flirt with. (and she totally wants the fem Courier, too. Its adorable)
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:38 No.15493405
    shit now i gotta run with a fem courier
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:45 No.15493467
    Who is your favourite Companion?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:49 No.15493496
         File1309978192.png-(14 KB, 275x279, bang.png)
    14 KB
    I don't really like any of the companions I have used because they make the game laughably easy even on Very Hard Hardcore.
    >person looks at me funny
    >Boone's reaction
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:52 No.15493516

    Guy, I've got it.

    What if the Tarrasque...

    Guys hiold on for a second.

    What if the Tarrasque use swarms of Cazaclaws as a breath weapon?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:53 No.15493526

    It's like I really have a servo skull!
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:54 No.15493532
         File1309978468.jpg-(50 KB, 689x686, 1273167013696.jpg)
    50 KB
    Challenge accepted.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:57 No.15493544
    Guys, what if we merged a Legendary Deathclaw, a Legendary Cazador, and the Tarrasque into one killing machine?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:57 No.15493549
         File1309978659.jpg-(46 KB, 400x400, Reaction 385.jpg)
    46 KB
    I remember when I started an Unarmed specced character on normal. I wanted to go to Jacobstown asap because of the Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit from newvegasnexus so the first thing I do... is head north.
    Fuck me sideways, Cazadores ERRYWHERE! Ok, time to man up, I can't be arsed to go around the whole Mojave to get to Jacobstown so I motherfucking charged!

    I died.

    Reload and up and at em, this time with some chems like buffout and psycho. CHARGE the three cazadords again! Ok, I learned from my mistake last time, backpedal, sidestep, sidestep, PUNCH, backpeda- STING, inventory, stim pack, PUNCH, sidestep. Yes, I killed the cazador with FIST! but I forgot the two younglings.
    Reload, repeat as above, but doesnt forget about the others. Finally kill three cazadors with my fists.
    Stumble upon three more just a few steps down the canyon, fffuuuuu-!
    A few reloads later and I killed them too. And a few more steps down the canyon I spot a few more and I remember I had a stealth boy. Use that bitch because Im out of chems and I cant deal with yet three more cazadors. A mixture of sneaking and running like a little bitch and I pass them safely. But hey, whats that town over there? Viper gang? Huh, can't be too hard after what I've been through. They were sort of a pain in the ass though.
    A few reloads later and they are dead and I loot the bodies.
    Named Unarmed weapon (Love and Hate)

    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:57 No.15493552
    Don't forget the /tg/ mod that gives EDE a hat.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:59 No.15493566
         File1309978779.png-(2 MB, 1600x900, knife.png)
    2 MB
    >Take away Boone's gun and give him a combat knife to make things fairer
    >suddenly Deathclaws, dozens of them
    >Boone is surrounded
    >hits one of the Deathclaws so hard its arms fly off
    >God dammit Boone stop doing this
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)14:59 No.15493567
    Unarmed is the most satisfying class to play through with.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:02 No.15493582
         File1309978946.gif-(183 KB, 480x270, 1305843610595.gif)
    183 KB

    stop it you! i'm already scared...
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:04 No.15493600
         File1309979062.gif-(931 KB, 210x118, 1309649682781.gif)
    931 KB



    Fuck you.

    just fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:07 No.15493621
    I recommend Bingels Monster Thougener
    I use the one with 80% damage reduction and playing on very hard and doing it solo. Also mods that increase monster spawns ALOT. The game starts to get a bit challanging again (seriously, downloaded weapons (running around with MG42 and Barett .50 cal sniper rifle) looks great but there is no balance to speak of).
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:07 No.15493624
         File1309979248.jpg-(44 KB, 458x352, 1308890370351.jpg)
    44 KB
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:25 No.15493747
         File1309980300.gif-(589 KB, 175x170, 1308145533864.gif)
    589 KB
    Don't worry bros, I got dis.

    Bitches got poison, and bitches got claws, but dey ain't got poison claws.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:26 No.15493759
    They do now.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:28 No.15493771

    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:28 No.15493774
    You are now imagining Fallout: Australia
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:31 No.15493795
    Nuclear war would just make the place safer.
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 07/06/11(Wed)15:34 No.15493812
         File1309980883.jpg-(326 KB, 900x1200, Slig.jpg)
    326 KB
    Stat sligs, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:37 No.15493826
         File1309981028.png-(2.88 MB, 1600x1164, The Cuddly Scourge of God.png)
    2.88 MB
    If they made that, and it was even CLOSE to an accurate depiction of Australia after hyper-mutating-nuclear-fallout occurred, NO ONE WOULD BEAT IT. No one would make it through the tutorial intro.

    You would die. You would die SO hard, SO fast, SO often, it would be completely unplayable.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:40 No.15493852
    You could be a supermutant.
    I've always wanted to be one of the mutants that are always the antagonist for no reason in fallout.
    The only place challenging enough for a mutant PC would be fallout australia.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:42 No.15493869
    is this thread archived?

    we can use it too scare children in later years.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:46 No.15493898
    I fucking hate those Deathclaw swarms. Trying to get through the Quarry, started out trying to sneak but that didn't work. Ended up planting a FUCKLOAD of mines and trying to snipe them with an antimaterial rifle, but the little ones just zerged through. Goddamnit.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:46 No.15493901
         File1309981599.jpg-(5 KB, 300x250, Mario-Sun.jpg)
    5 KB
    Eh, probably wouldn't do anything. In the same way that pic related made me shit my pants when I was a kid, and still makes my sphincter quiver a bit just looking at it, it wouldn't really do anything to the youngsters nowadays.

    Same thing with the Cazaclaw. It's scary as fuck to us, but the children of tomorrow will have some other hell-terror to haunt their nightmares.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:49 No.15493924
    How does one "Archive" a thread.

    My ignorance is both lamentable and inexcusable, I am aware of this.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:52 No.15493941
    >replace Ghouls with aboriginals
    >Glowing ones are replaced with Aboriginals who have sniffed so much petrol, they are constantly alight and cause you to be set on fire.

    oh goddamit that's a new low for me in racism
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:52 No.15493950
    You are now hearing the music to Mario 3 in your head, because of this picture.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)15:57 No.15494002
    Just more of the continuing rape of the franchise. The original Super Mutants were created by massive exposure to FEV. In FO2, a lot of remnants of the Master's super mutant army were actually pretty cool folks.
    >> Voge Gandire !!XTu+8ESfHFY 07/06/11(Wed)15:57 No.15494008

    Come on guys.

    I bet you can still hear their walking sound.




    >> Funky Solar/Marine 07/06/11(Wed)16:01 No.15494045
    fuck your shit guys
    I survived barely to a fight with some deathclaws because i went into a deathclaw nest by accident.

    I died 6 fucking times before i could escape with my ass in my hands, I mean jesus christ how horrifying!!!

    and you want to give them wings???
    fuck you! me and veronica are going to the strip to release some stress
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)16:14 No.15494126
         File1309983246.png-(187 KB, 500x649, 1308726933471.png)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)16:46 No.15494413
    Double Legendary Cazaclaw

    with a Stealth Boy
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:02 No.15494609
    the easiest way (that I found) to clear the mine is to max guns, wear powered armor and sneak in while killing the deathclaws one by one (antimaterial rifle and incendiary rounds kill damned near anything with a sneak headshot). Sure it takes a lot of time, but just give boone a sniper rifle and some ammo to speed it up.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:05 No.15494629
    Fuck that.

    I punched everything to death in that damn place. Buffout, Psycho, Med-X; used each only one and plowed through it.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:08 No.15494656
    You don't even need to max out guns, if you have them up around 75 or so you can do it with a hunting rifle, normal rounds, with scope attachment and then sneak + headshot. I went around at 50 guns and did this (sometimes took two shots) clearing out ALL of the deathclaws in the mojave.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:18 No.15494770
    What sins has mankind committed to warrant such punishment as this?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:22 No.15494803
    We'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:23 No.15494811
    Archived for the pants shitting terror induced.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:34 No.15494940
         File1309988082.jpg-(34 KB, 453x420, deathbreath.jpg)
    34 KB
    Like this you mean?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:41 No.15495010
         File1309988513.jpg-(185 KB, 909x835, los tiburon.jpg)
    185 KB
    It's time to bring in the big guns for this one.

    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:46 No.15495064
    Los Tiburon may have met his match, though he'd still have a chance albeit a small one.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:53 No.15495129
         File1309989203.png-(56 KB, 408x1587, 1289584420473.png)
    56 KB
    And if Los Tiburon had also been trained in the secrets of Dwarven Anger Management?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)17:53 No.15495131

    Why would you use 40k shit in fallout?

    No really. It's also not like mods have any sense of balance most of the time either, especially if made by 40k fans....
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)19:19 No.15496002
         File1309994357.png-(176 KB, 428x285, 1300220863157.png)
    176 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)19:30 No.15496096
    Why god

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