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    6 KB Dark Heresy Story-Time 5th Installment Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)05:39 No.15598929  
    Part 1 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15494324/

    Part 2 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15503442/

    Part 3 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15520509/

    Part 4 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15546106/

    Part 5: Below

    Good day fine gentlemen, It is that time again as I have not found the need to sleep this evening so far and I realized I did NOT have the chance to elaborate upon the goings on of the Dark Heresy saga in some time. If you all will bear with, I shall have the story at you directly in manageable chunks.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)05:44 No.15598956
    As the next session began I recall us asking the DM concerning the likely response of the Inquisitor. We were curious as to what we could do for him now that we were in effect in the very heart of the organization we were sent to infiltrate, all in little time at all to say the very least. The DM was one of those fellows that would just say "We shall see" when he meant he didn't really know or have a plan to that degree. The game continued a short time after we left off. Devi was running the cathouse upstairs, making certain that people's belongings were locked up in the safe-room per policy, and certain items - documents, so on were occasionally copied or stolen in the process (Devi had taken some skill directly related to forgery I believe, though I may be mistaken). Mordeci was running the neighborhood thugs and turning them into an effective street-fighting force. It took some doing to say the least, we were not working with high grade people here. Then again the sort of people in our line of work are no exactly of high moral standards.
    >> Action Hank 07/16/11(Sat)05:45 No.15598965
    Good evening Dave. How are you this fine evening?
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)05:48 No.15598975
    Now, Silon was put in charge of something that even he, dressed as he was now in the Pimp's Hat with the ridiculous Zoot-Suit clothing and a sense of having masterfully blended into 'street hooliganery', was given the task of upgrading and tending to the machinery that refined our product. The DM let us know that we were basically making some form of Designer drug that was new on the streets, and that Mr. Thule had sent over the raw materials.

    Now, friends, I will tell you Silon did not know the slightest thing about narcotics, having lived his life for the Omnissah as well as one could up to that point. However, he did understand well the word efficient and set out to make the machines as efficient as he could. I used my fate-points for the session to get a chance at rolling spectacularly, and after a few tests Mr. Silon, Enginseer in a Zoot Suit, had turned the machinery into something far more effective, efficient and wonderful than had originally been designed. Naturally, this meant less waste and more product. However, it also meant that the product was much much more refined and as such powerful.

    This would come into play shortly.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)05:52 No.15598996
    Busy, fellow gentleman, busy.

    Continuing, Mr Silon wanted to test the potency of the newly created product after seeing the machine produce a staggering sum of lethal little tablets. He asked one of the workers under his direct supervision to taste test and soon enough, the worker decided that if his boss wanted him to get high on the job that was just fine. The worker took the tablet, the DM rolled the dice, the man smiled, there was a liquid pop, the man emptied his bowels and fell on his face without losing the goofy smile. He had gone catatonic from ecstacy and was smelling up the workspace. We had him removed to an alley-way as he lost all control of his functions and realized that we had a very, very potent product. With this we could sell one pill for twice the price, and we certainly had plenty of pills.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)05:54 No.15599007
    Now, Silon was eager to show the rest of the party what he had created and up the stairs he went, excitedly yammering about the incredibly powerful narcotic he had developed using the Omnissah's will and holy oils. The party was horrified of course to have this follower of the machine cult excitedly talking about the man who was more or less somewhat brain-dead from the first test but, kept seeing 'great potential' in that line of work. Mordeci reminded Silon of the larger picture, in that we were to play along and not actually cause active harm to our fellow man if we could help it. Silon went Chaotic-Von-Braun (The term I use for when someone sees science as a goal regardless of morality) and let Mordeci that he couldn't help but be excellent at all he tried his hand at.
    >> Action Hank 07/16/11(Sat)05:58 No.15599023
    It is excellent seeing you on here again. Your stories are awesome.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:00 No.15599029
    Mordeci informed Silon, who had been largely aloof of the outside world thanks to his own goings-on in the basement, that the group had two letters. One from Thule, which was hand-carried, read and then burned by the courier and one from the . . other Employer. Naturally we went to a side room to discuss business, out of earshot and certainly dark corners of the earth were needed for discussions of magnitude. We found one and the information was shared that the Inquisitor wanted us to "Sit tight and wait for further communication, find out if you can what Thule is doing..." At this point I shot the DM one of those "Really?" faces. The Dm shrugged and Silon took these orders to heart. As the Omnissah willed through his imperfect temporary instrument, this Inquisitor. The other letter from Thule stated that we had to try to expand our operations without attracting the attention of the local magistratum. The Local police, as Mordeci had found out, mainly kept out of the worker's district of the Mid-Hive, where we were centered, but did come quickly if any unpleasantness spilled over into surrounding districts.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:04 No.15599044
    There was a concern as to what sort of 'business' we could involve ourselves in. I asked if we could by some means contact Thule and ask his permission, naturally, as this was his turf, to proceed in further criminal entanglements in order to, pardon the use of the phrase here, shuck some side-corn. We needed our own money, as the organization had theirs and we had not seen a cut as of yet - we had expenses, being the high class of hoodlum we were. A courier was dispatched and some time later (5 seconds DM time, mind you) we received word that we were MOST welcome to any criminal enterprise so long as we did not attract unwanted attention that would return to the THULE syndicate in due time. With this being said and free license gained, we set ourselves to the purpose of becoming proper criminals.

    We each had an idea as to how to break into 'business'.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:11 No.15599065
    Mordeci was going to try to enterprise on protection rackets, but would provide actual protection from lousy cops and other ne'er do wells. In a way he was setting up a neighborhood watch, at least in his own mind, but in this Neighborhood watch people got hurt and often. Mordeci played his part and lead a gang of really poor foot-soldiers through the streets, stopping at businesses and fighting (non-lethally at least) with other gangs to assert dominance.

    Now, Devi had the idea as to begin in earnest recruiting a better walk of product (the women, in this case) and escorting them to middle class businessmen, wealthy merchants and so on for discrete affairs at pre-arranged places. This escort service required her to speak to some rather unsavory people but Devi smiled all the same. It was business.

    Now, Silon being himself didn't understand business, so Mordeci took him aside and said "like the machine, make something useful." Half an hour later when Mordeci checked in, SIlon was jabbering excitedly about " Project Killdozer Brutalitops: The Distructionator" in what essentially was converted construction equipment for nefarious (awesome) purposes. Mordeci said "Firstly, that isn't even business related, secondly, how is it going to keep us a low profile, and thirdly, you aren't allowed to build anything at all without checking in with me."

    Silon, through myself, his humble mouthpiece, took offense to that. So Silon set up something else. What should someone with insane mathematics gifts do with their spare time?

    Become a bookie and operate an illegal underground casino.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:17 No.15599096
    Setting up 'Book' Required Silon only to remember his training in statistics (Intelligence tests ahoy) and further (numerology) skills in order to predict, accurately, the outcome of various events. Now, Silon being alone, save for the harlots and the miscellaneous thugs milling around our building, didn't quite understand how one would clandestinely make 'book' (A few failed intelligence tests on that subject, having no experience in street-smarts there were penalties) he sat around until a patron (having finished with his lady for the evening) asked if the zoot-suited man with large cybernetic accessories could direct him to the bookie.

    Apparently there was a bookie in the area. Silon would not stand for competition.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:25 No.15599139
    Silon gathered from a few other patrons, including some that he interrupted mid, well, enjoyment of their purchased product, and found soon enough the location of this bookie - a block away. Silon marched over, with the power of the Omnissah beating in his proud heart, with only the ZEAL that a man so chosen to hold a holy tire iron could certainly possess. He found the bookie's place, a basement beneath an automotive repair and bashed the door down with his servo arm. He then pointed to the frightened man behind the desk and asked if he was "The man who took bets." The bookie nodded, Silon said "Your business is mine, Consider this a buyout." and proceeded to destroy the man's office, Manipulator arm crushing things Silon wasn't stomping on. With no real understanding of business proceedings, this is how Silon assumed that all great economic giants started.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:30 No.15599176
    Silon informed the Bookie (while his head was fully nestled in the Vice-like grip of the Manipulator arm) That his business was now acquired and that Silon would do all of the behind-the-scenes book-making, and would communicate statistical odds of success without fault.Silon then took the bookie's ledger as 'sufficient leverage' and walked home.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:35 No.15599224
    In this book of many numbers, Silon found the directions to other bookies. Silon visited those nearest to him, and threatened those he could into coercion whereas the others with actual bodyguards took a bit of talking to get over onto Silon's side and join forces as it were. See, the idea was to wire all of these bookies directly into silon's book-making decision and betting pools in order to guarantee a steady rate of marginal income by taking all bets in the worker's quarters on sporting events, planetary elections, prize fighting and so on. It is with this empire of Calculation, Silon assumed, that he would contribute to the party.

    Upon meeting up with the Party again (and the DM moving things forward a few 'weeks' ) that we found ourselves at odds with the local police because someone, and I'm not pointing fingers here because that's not how I was raised, but someone developed an incredibly potent and super-addictive drug that was causing all sorts of problems already, what with people in dazes walking into traffic, others overdosing from small amounts and such. I considered this a victory but apparently the Arbites were getting involved as our drug had, in short time, become rather popular as it was cheap and powerful. It also was bringing us money.
    >> Peg-Leg Dave 07/16/11(Sat)06:36 No.15599231
    It is, regrettably here, friends that our game ended earlier than we wanted and as such I will end it here as I do believe I must be getting to bed. Pardon the shorter story-time but I will continue this as I am able.

    Certainly all the best.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)06:56 No.15599329
    How does I request archive for the people that missed this part?

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