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    607 KB Ork Heresy OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:41 No.15767555  
    Guy who started work on the Ork Heresy project a few weeks (months?) back. I've been working on it a bit tonight, after completely stopping for ages due to, well, laziness. Currently what I've got done is this.

    -Career path "tree" is done, more or less, although there's always room for improvement.
    -Character generation rules are done, albiet they're mostly copypasta from Into The Storm, with some modification
    -Work on the standard Ork-Nob career path advances has begun and is about half done (three ranks)

    I'll post up some stuff momentarily
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:42 No.15767559
         File1312116168.png-(69 KB, 1139x598, orkz.png)
    69 KB
    Here's the career tree, as worked out last thread. The psykers don't really intergrate with the main tree as much as I'd like, but I can't really think of how else to handle them.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:47 No.15767581
         File1312116434.png-(232 KB, 1812x844, winnin.png)
    232 KB
    Here's the character generation rules, kindly lifted and modified from the Into the Storm supplement for Rogue Trader.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:48 No.15767587
         File1312116533.png-(249 KB, 1212x850, talents.png)
    249 KB
    A list of talents, which stands to grow a LOT. Most of them are, again, lifted from Into The storm.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:51 No.15767603
         File1312116671.png-(119 KB, 1227x861, advancez.png)
    119 KB
    Some advances for main-line Ork characters.

    That's all I have to dump right now, and none of it is finalised at all. Feel free to post ideas, changes, bitching or whatever you like, that's pretty much why I made the thread.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)08:52 No.15767611
    no career path for speed freeks?
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)08:55 No.15767624
    I was considering having them as a branch off of Mek Boyz or something, but I can't think of what talents and skills they'd have over a normal Ork, other than upgrades to Drive (Ground Vehicle), obviosuly Suggestions welcome.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)08:58 No.15767639
    They're extremely overpowered, which is appropriate.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:00 No.15767646
    Yeah pretty much. Their power level is a lot higher than an Acolyte, which the GM needs to take into account.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:09 No.15767700
    Prerequisites: Ork, Tech-Use +10, Willpower 30+
    The Ork has an innate and instinctive skill with machinery, allowing him to perform feats of engineering that defy logic, cobbling together random lumps of wrecked technology and scrap metal into something bizarre and startlingly effective. Orks with this talent gain the following benefits:
    An Ork with this talent counts all Ork-made weapons as Reliable—his greater understanding of them allows him to use the weapons more effectively than other Orks.
    An Ork with this talent may attempt a Tech-Use Test to quickly “kustomise” any device he comes across, whether it needs it or not. With weapons, this takes a number of minutes equal to the number of half actions the gun normally takes to reload. If the test is successful, then the gun’s craftsmanship improves by one step until the next time it needs to be reloaded, at which point it breaks and will need to be repaired. If the Ork “kustomises” another hand-held device or piece of gear, all tests to use the object gain a +5 bonus for a number of hours equal to the Ork’s Willpower Bonus, at which point it will cease functioning. The GM can devise alternative effects for a Mekboy’s “kustomisations.” In all cases, if the test is failed, then the device breaks and will not work until repaired fully.

    This is a talent from Into the Storm. Interesting, I might work in a modified version for Meks. A similar thing might be to be able to scrap one weapon to upgrade another in random ways, by rolling on a table of potential results.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:26 No.15767786
    No discussion? Unusual. I suppose I'll get to work on the advances.

    Oh, and to potentially spark some discussion; I want some distinctive, useful abilities exclusive to each significant rank. As an example, Nobz get the Unleash da WAAGH!! and Champion of da WAAGH!! talents seen here. >>15767587

    Any ideas for what other classes can get are welcome, and wanted
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)09:32 No.15767808



    So do they have some form of Perils or is it just free and easy magics?
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:35 No.15767818
    I'd imagine they'd have perils but with entirely different results. Instead of being posessed by a Daemon, 'Eadbanger happens and your head explodes. I'm thinking the more minor failures could be stuff like mistargeting spells onto you and your teammates, stuff like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)09:38 No.15767832
    goddamn, i was going to do something like this. oh well
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:42 No.15767845
    Feel free to contribute any ideas you had, I'd love any input. I'll be releasing this publicly on 1d4chan when it's done, compiled into a proper PDF and all that.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)09:44 No.15767859
    basically, i was aiming for a gorkamorka remake.
    it was necromunda, except you had a much more in depth ork creation system, like you have in DH, with job trees and talents and stuff for every ork in your little warband. stremalined rules for combat and driving stuff, and you fought other player's ork warbands for loot, maybe as part of a campaign
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:46 No.15767868
    Well that sounds a fair bit different to what I'm approaching (basically DH/RT but with a band of Orks, usually freebootas), might still be worth going through with.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)09:58 No.15767923
    I'm thinking Orks will naturally have a penatly to using non-Orky guns (made for smaller hands and they "ain't got enuff Dakka"), and Lootaz get an ability which lets them make a Tech-Use test to kustomize 'em to remove the penalty. Maybe they could use the same ability on their own Orky gunz to make them Reliable?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)10:20 No.15768024
    sounds cool man. but maybe make it meks?
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)10:25 No.15768045
    Originally I had it that Lootaz could branch off into Mekz but I completely forgot I'd changed that. So yeah it'd be Meks, somewhere early on the path.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)10:30 No.15768070

    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)10:41 No.15768121
    Some very rough concepts for Mek talents (position in tree and costs undecided).

    Make it Orky
    The character may take any piece of non-Ork weaponary and customise it to remove the penalty. This involves changing the sizes of trigger guards, handles and generally strapping on lots of useless gizmos and bitz to give it "more dakka". To do this, make a Tech-Use test with a +20 modifier (may be changed on a case to case basis by the GM). This process takes 5 minus Intelligence Bonus hours to complete, at a minimum of one hour.

    Give it more Dakka!
    The Mek can take one firearm and use it to upgrade another, although they really have no idea what they're doing, and may actually decrease the quality of the weapon. To do this, you require two firearms, which may not be primitive. The weapon to be upgraded must be of Ork build.
    Roll 1d100 on the following table once for each point of Intelligence Bonus you have. This test may only be performed once on any given weapon, and results are final (althoguh fate points may be used)

    [Insert table here, which would basically be stuff like adding scopes, increasing damage, or doing jack shit. Some negative qualities for really shitty rolls too.]

    Make it fit!
    The Mek has learned to modify armour made for other races to fit an Ork. Make a Tech-Use test. On success, the armour is modified to fit an Ork, allowing it to be equipped by Ork characters, at a -2 AP penalty to the armour. Each degree of success decreases this penalty by one, two degrees of success reducing it to zero. If the tech-use test is failed, the armour is ireevocably damaged, making it useless to anyone.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)10:49 No.15768174

    I'd say make these talents available to Lootaz, but later on, so a Mek could pick them up at Spanna Boy or possibly Mek Boy rank, whereas the Loota would have to wait until Pillaga or even Flashgit rank.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)11:10 No.15768296
    +3 really isn't all that much. Did you mean +30, or...?
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)11:12 No.15768305
    It's supposed to be minor. Although Goffs will need another bonus to make them a worthwhile choice, I'll work that out later.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/11(Sun)11:15 No.15768327
    OP this is something i did a good couple of years back but did not finish.

    If it can be of use plaguries to hell

    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)11:30 No.15768437
    Thanks, I'll give it a read and might end up using some of it.
    >> OP !!OOjX0y0Wvcz 07/31/11(Sun)11:44 No.15768535
    Okay, I'm off. I'll probably post up a new thread tomorrow. Feel free to keep posting stuff, I'll read it when I wake up.

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