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  • File : 1312735966.jpg-(34 KB, 223x310, Wild Evocation.jpg)
    34 KB Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:52 No.15852524  
    So, I want to build an EDH deck around doing silly, silly shit.

    For example, I want to include these three cards.

    Any other cards you can suggest that have strange effects like this?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:53 No.15852532
         File1312736001.jpg-(40 KB, 223x310, Warp World.jpg)
    40 KB
    I'm not just sticking to red either, these are just the ones I saw randomly searching.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:54 No.15852548
         File1312736070.jpg-(39 KB, 223x310, Scrambleverse.jpg)
    39 KB
    Extremely effective ways on getting these cards played quickly would also be welcome.

    As would a suitable general.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:56 No.15852582
    You, sir, are a cock-ass.

    Don't forget Manabarbs and Citadel of Pain. With both of those out, every player will take damage for tapping or leaving untapped any land they control. Then add some self-land removal cards like Landslide or Zuran Orb and sit back while people rage.

    Also don't expect to win any games against serious EDH decks. They will end you swiftly and painfully.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:58 No.15852592
    This deck will be mostly for multiplayer EDH.

    Or for when I think someone deserves something mean.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:58 No.15852597
         File1312736307.jpg-(28 KB, 223x310, gripofchaos.jpg)
    28 KB
    No mention of this?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)12:59 No.15852616
    And it's not totally about being a dick. It's more about just fucking with their deck and strategy. All of this just makes their deck go absolutely wild.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:00 No.15852623
    Put in Chaos Warp. It fits the theme, AND it's great removal!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:00 No.15852624
    See, that's what I'm looking for.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:03 No.15852652
         File1312736636.jpg-(59 KB, 312x445, 66.jpg)
    59 KB
    for copying silly spells:
    hive mind, twincast, reverberate, isochron scepter, panoptic mirror

    silly spells:
    temporal extortion, choice of damnation, forced fruition, trade secrets, illicit auction
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:04 No.15852655
         File1312736652.jpg-(46 KB, 620x404, zedruu.jpg)
    46 KB
    Zedruu qould be a good commander for a deck like this.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:05 No.15852667
         File1312736737.jpg-(93 KB, 312x445, thieves.jpg)
    93 KB
    You can't pass up Thieves' Auction.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:06 No.15852676
    Omen Machine!
    Confusion In The Ranks!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:10 No.15852692
    These are all very good.

    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:10 No.15852698
         File1312737053.jpg-(29 KB, 290x413, Ruhan_of_the_Fomori..jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:13 No.15852714
         File1312737187.jpg-(33 KB, 223x310, cap.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:16 No.15852729
         File1312737364.jpg-(43 KB, 312x445, Goblin Game.jpg)
    43 KB
    Why hello thar
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:18 No.15852742
    Zedruu OP. Holy shit. I made a Zedruu deck and there are no words to describe how crazy shit gets. Granted I changed up the theme where I give tokens and take their heavy hitters and sacrifice them or other crazy shit but if you want a deck that just does silly shit Zedruu is that option. Most people don't know how to deal with it. What you want to do is include a lot of cards like confiscate, copy artifact, clone, treachery and the red cards that gain control until end of turn. You will also want white cards that get rid of threats like Swords to Plowshares. Also Evangelize, seriously that card will save your ass when someone waits a while to rush one retarded big creature. Include knowledge pool, and other cards mentioned. Nobody will understand what the hell happened during the game OP, but it will be fun.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:20 No.15852763
         File1312737648.jpg-(32 KB, 223x310, insurrection.jpg)
    32 KB
    This would be fun as shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:21 No.15852769
         File1312737713.jpg-(27 KB, 223x310, iskymove.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:22 No.15852774
    The best part about this whole thing is by the end of it, you're all playing with everyone's deck.

    Now, I just need to work on putting out the mana to cast all this shit. And some crazy blue and white cards
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:24 No.15852792
         File1312737851.jpg-(37 KB, 223x310, twist.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:26 No.15852810
         File1312737960.jpg-(30 KB, 223x310, sharedfate.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:26 No.15852815
    Teferi's Puzzle Box! That's always worth a laugh.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:28 No.15852827

    There's another card like this right? Blue and came in the Zedruu precon..I almost got wiped out by it (but I had a counter in hand).

    If they haven't said it yet, OP, get the RWB Commander Precon. It's awesome and the cards'll help you.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:28 No.15852832
    So, how do we smooth the mana curve? Because, in case you haven't noticed, all of these cards are 6+ (well, and Zedruu and Ruhan).

    Also, is it possible to lose control of a Commander in EDH?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:30 No.15852845
    Yes, it is. I fyou lose control of your commander, you can return it to the command zone at any time, but you don't have to.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:30 No.15852851
    Ah, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:30 No.15852853
         File1312738259.jpg-(20 KB, 200x285, Rainbow Vale.jpg)
    20 KB
    Signets, Myrs, Petal, Ring, Felwar Stone and while we are going with the crazy shit theme Rainbow Vale. Rainbow Vale is perfect. It is a land nobody would destroy because they have a chance to get it. Another is a priest of urabrask which can be depending on the situation useful. Dual type lands are also your friend.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:31 No.15852859
    Ok, so Cowardice + Eye of the Storm + Grip of Chaos = hilarious.

    You're just randomly shotgunning creatures back to their owners hands all over the place.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:33 No.15852865
         File1312738384.jpg-(76 KB, 480x680, kaboom.jpg)
    76 KB
    That's a lot of expensive cards we got here, gentlemen.

    Let's say we set it all ablaze.

    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:34 No.15852871
    There's ways to drop a lot of land fast as well, aren't there?

    Or is that green?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:34 No.15852877
    Include all the red Eldrazi Drones. They help you ramp up to the big wacky spells, or they give you worthless creatures to give away.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:35 No.15852880
    You need Radiate, OP.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:36 No.15852888
    Tithe + Stick (Isochron Scepter) and Land Tax are the only ways you can access without green. Another way is Crucible of Worlds and Zuran Orb plus search lands.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:38 No.15852902

    You can basically use Gatherer to search for color, card type and use Visual Spoiler mode to see them all at once.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:42 No.15852936
    Also OP, almost forgot this. You are going to need Boseju Who Shelters all and Hallow Ground. That way BWSA stays alive. Because paying 2 life to insure the madness gets out is well worth it. I have it in all my EDH decks.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:46 No.15852962
         File1312739183.jpg-(36 KB, 223x310, Goblin_Bomb.jpg)
    36 KB
    Be sure to cackle and twirl your mustache with each counter you add.

    God, I fucking LOVE goblins.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:48 No.15852985
         File1312739309.jpg-(32 KB, 223x310, Enduring Ideal.jpg)
    32 KB
    Use this to fetch Wild Evocation, and then shit gets crazy.

    And when you start passing shit around at random, you can choose to keep it if it'll continue to help you, or try and pass it off to your opponent to cripple him.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:51 No.15853013
    How does a player reveal a card at random if they know what cards they have?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:51 No.15853016
    Not to mention you can get stuff like Confiscate, Followed Footsteps and hell Dovescape with that shit just to mess with everyone.

    Seriously, while /tg/ may not be the best at competitive decks it is the best at building decks to fuck with people.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:51 No.15853018
    no. Command Zone is only an option when the commander is exiled or sent to the graveyard.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:52 No.15853022
    Turn cards facedown so opponent AND you can't see them, shuffle them properly and pick one.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:52 No.15853029
    Reins of power
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:56 No.15853060
    You can only send it to the command zone if it would be put into your graveyard or exiled. Bounced, shuffled in, or stolen are all fair game.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:56 No.15853064
         File1312739819.jpg-(32 KB, 223x310, Mirror_Sheen.jpg)
    32 KB
    Red and Blue are perfect for fucking with your opponent. I'll post Reality Twist next, it's my FAVORITE!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:57 No.15853071
    Oh god, playing this deck would be hilarious as all fuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)13:58 No.15853076
         File1312739935.jpg-(100 KB, 312x445, reality_twist.jpg)
    100 KB
    I played with this monoblue/artifact, along with a "Skip your upkeep" artifact.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:01 No.15853090
         File1312740072.jpg-(36 KB, 223x310, Planar_Chaos.jpg)
    36 KB
    Just call yourself Two-Face.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:01 No.15853094
    Yep, that's going in.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:05 No.15853133
    Ixidron. Give people all your tokens, pump of everything and play good braids. Then put out Ixidron. And laugh like mad scientist when all their cool shit is face down critters.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:05 No.15853137
         File1312740340.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, Chance_Encounter.jpg)
    31 KB
    Winning with coin flips: If it ever happens, your opponent will hate you for it.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:08 No.15853160
    and with scrambleverse, who knows who's going to win!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:08 No.15853164
         File1312740531.jpg-(32 KB, 223x310, Impulsive_Maneuvers.jpg)
    32 KB
    Better known as 'Poor Impulse Control' or 'Goddamnit Harold's suffering from his ADHD again'.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:11 No.15853192
    Alright /tg/ lets turn this into a deck list for OP. I think we have enough cards. We should be able to do it without any problem.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:12 No.15853204
         File1312740750.jpg-(32 KB, 223x310, singularity.jpg)
    32 KB
    and this thing
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:12 No.15853210
    Wasn't this part of a cycle of cards?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:13 No.15853214
    hold the phone, what if both of these cards are in play at once? what happens?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:14 No.15853233
    you need game of chaos for coin flip decks
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:15 No.15853235
         File1312740909.jpg-(37 KB, 223x310, Mindmoil.jpg)
    37 KB
    Mindmoil. If YOU don't know what cards you'll get, your opponents won't be able to plan for it either!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:17 No.15853256
         File1312741023.jpg-(27 KB, 223x310, Krark.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:17 No.15853263
         File1312741053.jpg-(40 KB, 223x310, Tide_Of_War.jpg)
    40 KB
    You are now the closest thing to an Ecaflip in Magic.
    >> Xorbos 08/07/11(Sun)14:17 No.15853265
         File1312741067.jpg-(20 KB, 471x258, wtfmate.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:17 No.15853267
    I would play the shit out of this.

    Although I could see it getting really annoying when you have too many effects going at once.
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 08/07/11(Sun)14:19 No.15853288
    There wasn't a minotaur which upkeep was flip a coin?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:20 No.15853291
         File1312741213.jpg-(206 KB, 1218x814, mettle_hazmat.jpg)
    206 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:21 No.15853303
    It wouldn't be annoying.

    It would be FUN.

    Just think about the looks on everyone's face when they start up an 8 player game and you drop this deck on them.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:24 No.15853327
    blue cards you say?

    Eye of the storm, hive mind, dissipation field, bribery, , reality twist, illusions of grandeur, blatant thievery, radiate is fucking hilarious. All of those cards would be great in a do hilarious shit deck. Illusions of grandeur is obviously only if you use zedruu, though.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:24 No.15853332
    Karplusan Minotaur.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:25 No.15853337
    That is the whole point. If you have multiple effects in play with this deck, or hell get all the effects out, well congrats. You win Magic. Forever. Richard Garfield will hear the sounds of the distant screams of "GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" People at WOTC will hesitate whenever they think of chaos cards for red and you will forever be known as the Troll God of Magic. If anyone built and played this EDH deck and understood what they were doing it would be the most lulzy thing to happen in card gaming.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:27 No.15853352
         File1312741663.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, ReverseTheSands.jpg)
    31 KB
    If you're going Zedruu, try out Mages's Contest for a wierd red counterspell involving bidding, and Reverse the Sands, which I find is perfect if your opponents start trying to kill you.

    That said, if you can go 5-colour, I reccomend you do, just so you can use all of black and green's wierd stuff as well.

    >suppori change
    Yeah, I think that's kind of the idea, Captcha.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:28 No.15853360
    Thought lash is really brutal.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:28 No.15853364
         File1312741729.jpg-(35 KB, 223x310, Dovescape.jpg)
    35 KB
    Just to show Dovescape.

    "Look at me, what am I holding. It's the spell you wanted to cast. Your spell is now DOVES."
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:30 No.15853383
         File1312741835.jpg-(70 KB, 312x445, Eye of the Storm.jpg)
    70 KB
    Oh, and here's pictures of some of those

    Eye of the storm is the best out of the list. You need to have a few burn, removal, and that type of thing. Hell, wrath of god in the eye and everyone will either be laughing so hard, or they will want to murder you.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:32 No.15853413
    If they are using Enduring Ideal, then Dovescape needs to be in. The whole point of this deck is to have something so insane that when it hits the board that OP will be able to just wear an epic troll grin and nobody would be able to see what happens next.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:33 No.15853420
    Is there a Bunnyscape?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:34 No.15853440
         File1312742087.jpg-(37 KB, 226x311, 12126_1.jpg)
    37 KB
    This alone could probably kill off an opponent.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:35 No.15853448
         File1312742116.jpg-(36 KB, 223x310, Hive_Mind.jpg)
    36 KB
    Someone gets to play a funky spell? EVERYONE gets to play a funky spell.
    Nope. Plenty of squirrel token cards though.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:35 No.15853454
         File1312742140.jpg-(76 KB, 312x445, Radiate.jpg)
    76 KB
    And now your StP is a wrath of god, and your lightning bolt is a slagstorm with both of it's choices. And when combined with eye of the storm, shenanigans will ensue! And of course, you should have an enlightened tutor in the deck to run two copies of whatever enchantment you want at that particular time.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:36 No.15853463
    Using the Evolution instant from Onslaught (Something Evolution) You could replace Doves with bunnies. They would still fly but yeah.

    I think we should call this deck trollscape. Because seriously if this deck ever got it's insanity on the board that's what it would look like.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:37 No.15853476
         File1312742237.jpg-(102 KB, 312x445, Illusions of Grandeur.jpg)
    102 KB
    Of course, this isn't the insta kill that it is in normal magic, but it's a perfect target for zedruu, and you gain 20 life!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:38 No.15853489
    Alright I think we have enough cards for a deck. What does the OP think?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:38 No.15853495
    >oh fuck doves everywhere
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:40 No.15853518
    Just be sure to fish out Mioshin Mind cage so the doves don't over take you.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:40 No.15853519
    Is there anything white that will return your graveyard to your library?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:41 No.15853530
         File1312742513.jpg-(34 KB, 223x310, BeastWithin.jpg)
    34 KB

    Use Beast Within on this to turn the entire board into beasts!

    Alternatively, use it on Pongify to turn all the creatures on the board into MONKEYS!

    >esinaut exortem
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:42 No.15853535
    I think I need to write all these cards down.

    As for commanders, I'm stuck between the three color Zedruu for his hijinks, Cromat for being five color and absolutely random, and the False God because then my commander isn't even on my side half the game.

    I'm honestly thinking false god.
    >> BROTOMAN !XdV5o13EfA 08/07/11(Sun)14:42 No.15853537
         File1312742540.jpg-(36 KB, 223x310, hurlyburly.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:42 No.15853541
    No but there are artifacts and Time Spiral to do it since it is Red White Blue. There is a white sorcery that returns all enchantments in your graveyard to play... Oh fuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:42 No.15853542
         File1312742563.jpg-(30 KB, 223x310, Parallel_Thoughts.jpg)
    30 KB
    Use this baby to fish out your seven most wanted!
    But we haven't even touched the artifacts yet! Or the blue wizard bitch that forces people to skip a part of their turn!
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:45 No.15853591
    I think we are pretty close to 70-65 main deck card range. I will start making the list. Also lets Archive this shit so we can have /tg/s first insane commander deck recorded in case anyone else wants to make this maddness.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:47 No.15853625
         File1312742863.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, Feldon'sCane.jpg)
    31 KB

    Feldon's Cane can be useful for that, but it exiles itself and is likely a bit more expensive money-wise.
    Elixir of Immortality is probably easier to find, but asks for more mana, although it also gives you 5 life and shuffles itself away, allowing for easy reuse.
    Jotun Grunt is a 4/4 for 1W that asks you to put 2 things in a graveyard back into their owner's library as a cumulative upkeep cost. Meaning graves will empty fast, for better or worse with the grunt out.
    From Coldsnap, so he'll probably be fairly easy to find, although I would think the Elixir will be, despite its flavor the easier one of the three to get a copy of.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:48 No.15853638
    And don't forget grip of chaos.

    Now there's 10 copies of lightning bolt in play, and god only knows who's going to get hit by them.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)14:51 No.15853684
    rolled 17 = 17

    Cane was in TS. Super easy to find. Not as easy as Exilir, which is better.
    Jotun Grunts are harder to find than either because they are played in legacy and in a set no one purchased until it became proper to horde it. But they were in the Commander box sets.

    Kozilek and Ulamog are both fine ways to shuffle your graveyard back into your deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:01 No.15853844
    For the love of god make a list of the deck and put it here. I may want to get it...
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:01 No.15853849
    Only 50 cards. We need 15 more to make this more fun.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:02 No.15853860
    are there any really stupid lands?
    >> Partial List Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:02 No.15853870
    Crazy Goat Deck


    Red Blue White Multicolor
    Warp World Hive Mind Evangilize Ruhan of The Formori
    Wild Evocation TWin Cast STP Dovescape
    Scrambleverse Forced Fruition Tithe Mirror Sheen
    Chaos Warp Trade Secrets Land Tax
    Reverberate Treachery Enduring Ideal
    Thieves Auction Copy Artifact Reverse The Sands
    Omen Machine Clone
    Confusion in the Ranks Shared Fate
    Capricious Efreet Eye of the storm
    Goblin Game Cowardice
    Insurrection Confiscate
    Risky Move Followed Footsteps
    TWist Allegience illusions of Granduer
    Grip of Chaos Reality Twist
    Radiate Blatant thievery
    Goblin Bomb Bribery
    Planar Chaos Thought Lash
    Chance Encounter Parallel Thoughts
    Impulsive Manuvers
    Tides of War
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:04 No.15853899
    Rainbow Vale and Undiscovered Paradise
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:04 No.15853901
    Well, from the looks of it, we might want to stick to 3 colors, there's enough crazy ass shit going on already. Especially once we start rooting through artifacts for more crazy shit.

    Z is a good commander for it, from the looks of it, so we'll stick with him. Not only can he give away some of the fun stuff, but his ability even works with all the random shit. After a casting of scrambleverse, your opponents are likely to have plenty of your cards.

    It just needs a way to find the mana to cast itself.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:06 No.15853928
    Signets, Rings, Myrs, Mana Flare
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:08 No.15853958
    You can only play this in a 5 color deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:09 No.15853983
    You'd only lose white mana yourself.

    And I think you fail to understand what's going on with this deck. Yes, you cripple yourself a bit. But half this deck does that to you.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:10 No.15853992
    Let's just take the mana confusion cards out for now until we make a five color variant.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:11 No.15854001
    Reality Twist works though, because it doesn't switch blue (if you're playing URW).
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:12 No.15854015
    confusion in the ranks+ twilights call is rediculous in edh.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:12 No.15854016
    I mean, three forths of this deck can turn horribly, horribly against you. And half the combos have moments where your opponent all of a sudden can do very powerful things before the entire combo is out.

    No, this deck is about shit getting fucking weird, and hoping to god it gets weird in your favor.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:14 No.15854039
    You seem to be thinking these decks are for one-on-one. They're not. They exist for the singular purpose of spicing up large multiplayer games.

    In games like that you don't care about winning, you care about having fun dicking with everyone.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:14 No.15854041
    No, I mean literally, you can't play it.

    It's got all 5 color symbols in its textbox. Unless the oracle text drops them, you can't play it unless your general's color identity is all 5 colors.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:14 No.15854048
    This deck is like attaching a saddle to a rocket, only the rocket has lasers that fire everywhere and the rocket goes in random directions. And you are trying to use that rocket to attack your foe who is in a plane composed entirely of a reflective surface.

    We should put an element of control in.
    Top and Counterbalance.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:15 No.15854063
    Anon is right. Can't play those cards. It's okay though, it leaves room for more tom foolery.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:16 No.15854080
    I thought the rule in EDH was that you couldn't have any cards with activated abilities or costs that were outside the colors of your commander?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:19 No.15854109
    Nope, it's mana symbols on the card. You can't play Elves of Deep Shadow in a mono green deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:20 No.15854132
    Here are some Lands

    Undiscovered Paradise, Rainbow Vale, r/w bounce, u/r bounce, u/w bounce, Blue Man Land, Red Man Land, White Man land, Kher Keep, Urza tron, Mishra Factory.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:21 No.15854156
    What does OP think of Deck?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:24 No.15854197
    Oh, I'm getting it, I know that.

    High Tide is something to throw in by the way. Might get you the mana you need to throw something out.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:26 No.15854244
    but if you shoot enough lasers, eventually one will hit your target. And besides, we aren't trying to hit the target, we just want a pretty lightshow of all the lasers bouncing around. If one lands on the enemy, cool, bonus. But that isn't our main objective.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:27 No.15854267
    Oh no, no control needed.

    No, the point is for shit to get REAL. And for no one to know what the fuck is going on.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:28 No.15854284
    Get homeward path. Use it to troll people after you play one of the 'creatures go everywhere' cards.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:28 No.15854285
         File1312745333.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, ContestedWarZone.jpg)
    31 KB

    Don't for get this little gem for maximum chaos.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:29 No.15854292
    of course, on the other hand, counterbalance could be fun, just randomly countering shit every once in a while.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:31 No.15854322
    Counterbalance is never fun.

    Neither is Planar Chaos for that matter. I had it in my EDH deck but took it out because it was boring to play with.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:36 No.15854380
         File1312745760.jpg-(63 KB, 312x445, Time Warp.jpg)
    63 KB
    and you may as well put time warp in there, what with all the ridiculous effect doubling going on. hell, if you get it on eye of the storm you can lock the game down if you can keep playing instants/sorceries. or if you are feeling nice, you can hive mind it.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:39 No.15854414
    This is an excellent way to make sure no one ever plays you ever again.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:39 No.15854417
    Archiving this in order for others to make this deck in the future. Also for a reference point.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:41 No.15854442
    This is the kind of deck that would've loved it if Power Struggle was a real printed card... You are all evil bastards.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)15:42 No.15854456
    Why thank you.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)16:04 No.15854699
         File1312747449.jpg-(37 KB, 223x310, Dream Halls.full.jpg)
    37 KB
    To drop those high cmc bombs.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)16:22 No.15854891
    I don't think Elkin lair
    or mana clash
    or Burning Inquiry
    have been mentioned yet
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)16:31 No.15855008
    Also, Fiery Gambit would be good in here.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)16:37 No.15855068
         File1312749452.jpg-(35 KB, 223x310, Aladdin's Lamp.jpg)
    35 KB
    Aladdin's Lamp fit's the theme
    Gamble too
    Infectious Rage could give weeny/token decks nightmares
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)16:51 No.15855237
    Planeswalker's Mischief has to be included
    also standardise sp? can have a flurry of awesome in multiplayer

    has wheel of fortune been suggested?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)17:00 No.15855331
         File1312750810.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, Wild Research.jpg)
    31 KB
    Wild Research
    is a must
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)17:07 No.15855394
    Planeswalker's Mirth and Fury could also work.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)17:41 No.15855782
         File1312753310.jpg-(29 KB, 223x310, Image.ashx..jpg)
    29 KB
    Based on all the upkeep triggers (And because Zedruu)...
    Might I suggest Paradox Haze?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)18:00 No.15855997
    No Proteus Staff? No Arcum Dagson?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)18:03 No.15856033
    Plenty of empty slots for that reason, so decks can be custom.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)18:04 No.15856047
    That card is PERFECT for this deck, my god
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)18:15 No.15856178
         File1312755314.jpg-(162 KB, 300x432, Confusion-in-the-Ranks.jpg)
    162 KB
    Confusion in the ranks, one of the most trolltastic cards, especially with grip of chaos or Norrin the Wary.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)19:20 No.15856823
    I can't decide if people will love or hate you for playing this deck.

    Just think about bringing it to some kind of tourney, and actually getting it going. Jesus.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)19:39 No.15857056
    It lacks creatures.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)19:50 No.15857157
    All spells cost more than 6 mana, are there any cheap spells that do silly stuff?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:00 No.15857239

    It can steal the opponent's creatures, it can distribute creatures absolutely randomly, and it can let you use all your opponent's creatures for a while. Will it work? It's all chaos, so who knows.

    Not really, that's the problem. You just kind of have to pray for luck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:18 No.15857382
    Zedruu's a start...
    Some rits, maybe? Mana artifacts?
    Squadron hawk, for the hell of it?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:33 No.15857480
    Braid of Fire. Mana Flare. Heartbeat of Spring and Awakening Zone if you're in green. Not really random, but helpful to get the mana you need.

    Replenish is good for cheating some high-cost enchantments into play.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:38 No.15857515
    Oh and Serra's Sanctum. Because eventually you'll have enough enchantments to get a shitload of mana. Might as well combine with March of the Machines, Enchanted Evening, Opalescence, and Humility for the classic trolling.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:42 No.15857547
         File1312764169.jpg-(182 KB, 480x680, Hive%2BMind.full[1].jpg)
    182 KB
    This + Eye of the Storm. People stop wanting to play spells. Then play Warp World.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:54 No.15857644
    And again, one can't forget grip of chaos.

    Shit, You'd need some kind of random number generator to make this work.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)20:57 No.15857678
         File1312765053.jpg-(33 KB, 226x311, LibraryOfLeng.jpg)
    33 KB

    Combo with this. Not only will our Library let us keep a huge hand when we're mana-screwed, should that come up, it also lets us freely use stuff like Gamble, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate, and not having to fear losing important cards to the graveyard.
    Of course, the cards that would normally get discarded will probably end up on top of our library, so it might slow down the deck a bit, but, EDH is a slow format anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:23 No.15857957
    So I'm more into casual, but I want to make this into a 60 card deck. Should I just go all red? Any suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:25 No.15857979
    Red/Blue is probably the best way to go in that case.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:29 No.15858020
         File1312766943.jpg-(38 KB, 223x310, CoatofArms.jpg)
    38 KB
    Just thought I'd drop this gem in here, bit late for the party but after seeing the potential for hundreds of doves I thought it might help.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:35 No.15858085
    That's one way to get punched...if that's your aim...
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:39 No.15858127
    these with Rhys the Redeemed.

    Bant-wedge token deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:46 No.15858188
    I had bought the deck that came with this card. I cant believe I traded it, was such a noob back then.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)21:52 No.15858228
    This has been archived, so it can be modified. Red White and Blue is one of the best ways to do this deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)22:47 No.15858758
    's a very risky card, especially in EDH.
    Attracts Naturalize like nobody's business, and then you've lost a five-mana investment AND seven cards worth tutoring for.
    The concept and execution still enthrall me, though.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)23:09 No.15859029
    Xenograft and Sigil Tracer for even more hilarity.
    >> Anonymous 08/07/11(Sun)23:15 No.15859073
    Scrapheap/Magnetic Mine and Precursor Golem with Rite of Replication
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)04:28 No.15862052
    Sure, that would worOH WAIT THAT ALSO TURNS INTO DOVES
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)11:06 No.15864473
         File1312815983.jpg-(28 KB, 223x310, replenish.jpg)
    28 KB
    thank you.May I also suggest...

    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)11:12 No.15864512
         File1312816360.jpg-(393 KB, 936x445, WU enchanted evening-glorious (...).jpg)
    393 KB
    >>15857056 then I suggest Opalescence, Attunement, and Parallax Wave/Tide for your critter version

    >>15854891 these are cheap
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)11:25 No.15864602
         File1312817137.jpg-(1.46 MB, 1562x1244, deck daru en-kor life-fling id(...).jpg)
    1.46 MB
    You could always play non-threatening white weenie life gain
    <pic related

    until suddenly CHAOS
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)11:46 No.15864723
         File1312818411.jpg-(27 KB, 223x310, Evacuation.jpg)
    27 KB
    Evacuation boing weeee !!!111one!

    If playin green i.e karona then
    Tempting worm could be fun esp. if Confusion in the Ranks is in play
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:02 No.15864826
         File1312819356.jpg-(29 KB, 223x310, Limited Resources.jpg)
    29 KB
    Limited Resources
    10-player game? 1st turn this or followed by Armageddon
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:12 No.15864897
    Holy shit I want to get that deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:22 No.15864957
    Tsabo Tavoc says nice legendary general you have there
    also Squee makes a great troll critter
    oh and Shoving Match
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:42 No.15865091
    >this has been archived

    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:01 No.15865240
    Just made this completely retarded deck in Cockatrice:

    4x dovescape
    4x enchanted evening
    4x eye of the storm
    4x glorious anthem
    4x hive mind
    4x opalescence
    4x wild evocation

    4x enduring ideal
    4x insurrection

    4x plateau
    4x rainbow vale
    4x tundra
    4x undiscovered paradise
    4x volcanic island

    I don't even.
    >> Sarvesh Mossbeard 08/08/11(Mon)13:29 No.15865492
         File1312824576.jpg-(37 KB, 223x310, Goblin Flecto.jpg)
    37 KB
    You should consider adding a swerve or a goblin flectomancer.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:49 No.15865649
    This deck has so much trolling potential
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:54 No.15865704
         File1312826080.jpg-(28 KB, 200x285, NE203.jpg)
    28 KB
    If you're going with random crap, this first turn spell is FTW! Did 22 damage in first turn (14 of it to me though...)
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:59 No.15865739

    Oh god. Hive Mind and this. Because fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)15:05 No.15866479
    Ancient Runes -tho may get you hated more than pure chaos
    Angel's Trumpet(artifact 3cmc)
    Arcane Laboratory
    Balancing Act
    check gatherer "each player" 625 results NOPE.jpg
    add"sacrifices" 67 results excellent
    blanket of night (do EDH rules force players to sac basics not in generals colour?)
    Destructive Flow
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)15:30 No.15866726
         File1312831805.jpg-(28 KB, 223x310, Mana Vortex.jpg)
    28 KB
    Mana Vortex "This card reeks of douchery"
    World Queller
    Possessed Portal
    Goblin Assassin
    Akki Blizzard-Herder
    Stoneshaker Shaman
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)16:47 No.15867456
    Eternal Dominion (this and hive=epic)
    Aven Mindcensor
    Boldwyr Heavyweights
    Land Tax
    Oath of Lieges
    Weathered Wayfarer
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)16:56 No.15867561
    I... I want to play this deck very much.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)17:02 No.15867620
         File1312837328.jpg-(32 KB, 234x334, Fatespinner.jpg)
    32 KB
    Why has this not been posted?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)17:11 No.15867734
    What about the Leylines of Punishment/Anticipation?

    Opponents turn is going normally when suddenly...SCRAMBLEVERSE
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)17:16 No.15867778
    Is there finally a use for Time Reversal?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)18:06 No.15868273
    Time Stop
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)18:23 No.15868429


    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)18:41 No.15868582
    bump for trolltastic glory
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)18:49 No.15868654
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)18:57 No.15868745
    Thanks for the link fix.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)19:27 No.15869054
    Divine Intervention & Celestial Compass for more trolling.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)19:44 No.15869269
    >celestial convergence
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:09 No.15869521
    Added Intervention, not Convergence because this will almost guarantee I will be the loser.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:19 No.15869614
    You know what the ultimate troll would be?

    Running Splinter Twin in this deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:21 No.15869632
    I looked at it, but you lose white spells, and quite a few of what's going on in here is best with white.

    Like dove scape.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:48 No.15869929
    Shahrazad+Eye of the Storm=Everyone ragequits
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:49 No.15869941
    Knowledge Pool + Wild Evocation

    Shit becomes a party

    Then nobody wants to play with you any more.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:52 No.15869984
    Three forths of this deck is "no one wants to play with you anymore".
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:54 No.15869997
    Then throw in Omen Machine with those.

    Once a turn, they're forced to automatically play two cards from the pool of at least six.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:58 No.15870052
    I mean shit, in the course of one game of this, you're basically going to rearrange the board's cards at least once, make everyone play all their spells right away, possibly generate half a dozen copies of any spell cast, make all those spells target a person totally at random, and then rearrange the whole board again.

    And then all your spells might end up being doves.

    Also, Omen Machine's already in here.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)21:10 No.15870189
    Added Lost Auramancers to nab some enchantments (Wild Evocation, Eye of the Storm, Hive Mind, etc.) and Serra Ascendant to both keep us alive but also for rules trolling.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)21:18 No.15870277
    Dovescape+Hive Mind+Eye of the Storm starts to give everyone quite a few doves.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)21:55 No.15870791
    This is the best thread on 4chan. Holy shit you fa/tg/uys just got me into magic again.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)22:04 No.15870907
    This deck needs moar counterspells. There nothing more annoying than these. Also Armaggedon.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)22:36 No.15871268

    For maximum trolling, Winds of Change (or any card that lets you discard your hand and get a new one) + megrim.

    Not sure what editions are allowed in EDH, but I loved me some Planar Chaos + Chance Encounter+krark's thumb+hall of mirrors.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)22:55 No.15871517

    Isn't there an enchantment(or possibly a creature), much like Megrim, that damages opponents when they draw cards?

    I KNOW i've seen one recently.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)23:07 No.15871653

    Precursor Golem.

    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:09 No.15873724
    I'd buy this deck.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)09:36 No.15876780
         File1312896979.jpg-(29 KB, 234x334, Quicksilver_Fountain.jpg)
    29 KB
    Quicksilver Fountain
    just want to add to the multi-player troll list

    dis iz fun weeee
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:29 No.15877412

    Banned in EDH.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:39 No.15877734
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:59 No.15877818
         File1312909175.jpg-(35 KB, 223x310, Underworld Dreams.jpg)
    35 KB
    pretty sure you mean
    underworld dreams
    hmm search dream find 46 mostly blue
    trolltasticly thread related

    Dream Halls
    Orb of Dreams(trololo)
    Dream Tides(troll)
    Dreamborn Muse(troll)
    Dream Thrush(fix your mana or mess with individuals)
    Dreamscape Artist(get Replenish target in yard,fix/accelerate mana & thin deck)
    Field of Dreams(troll)
    Theft of Dreams(card draw)
    Rasputin Dreamweaver(U/W possible general)
    Reduce to Dreams(boing troll)
    Insidious Dreams(black fill yard AND tutor up replenish)
    Restless Dreams(B yard)
    Sickening Dreams(yard troll damage/wrath)
    Mannichi, the Fevered Dream(red troll)
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:09 No.15877869
         File1312909753.jpg-(593 KB, 1116x622, BR fire whip-Viridian Longbow-(...).jpg)
    593 KB
    >>15855237 wheel of fortune hive is obscene :)

    shocker & fire whip(timer) is fun
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:25 No.15877967
         File1312910729.jpg-(29 KB, 223x310, PestilenceDemon.jpg)
    29 KB

    Well, if you want a creature that keeps doves (and most other pesky weenies) in check, I think I know the guy for the job....
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:50 No.15878095
    That card is broken.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)16:34 No.15879452
         File1312922049.jpg-(141 KB, 624x445, WB plague spitter-soul link.jpg)
    141 KB
    wow you will really hate this list then also -lifelink
    damage to each creature and each player(crypt rats i.e. lifelink,Basilisk Collar targets)
    extended legal 29/5/10
    Pestilence Demon B
    Lightning Reaver RB
    Jaya Ballard, Task Mage R
    Hammerfist Giant R
    Ashling the Pilgrim R
    Bloodfire Colossus R
    Magma Phoenix R
    (player only)
    Lavaborn Muse R , Coalhauler Swine R , Heartless Hidetsugu R, Hellfire Mongrel R , Karplusan Minotaur R(coin flip also combo chance encounter -frenetic efreet) , , Rumbling Slum GR ,
    (creature only)
    Rage Forger R ,Ronin Cliffrider ,
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)16:48 No.15879603
         File1312922893.jpg-(57 KB, 679x318, WRA stuffy doll-paria-repercus(...).jpg)
    57 KB
    MONGER chaos
    Sailmonger 3Blue (4)
    Creature — Human Monger (3/3)

    2: Target creature gains flying until end of turn. Any player may activate this ability.

    Mercadian Masques (Uncommon)

    Scandalmonger 3Black (4)
    Creature — Boar Monger (3/3)

    2: Target player discards a card. Any player may activate this ability but only any time he or she could cast a sorcery.

    Mercadian Masques (Uncommon)

    Spiritmonger 3BlackGreen (5)
    Creature — Beast (6/6)

    Whenever Spiritmonger deals damage to a creature, put a +1/+1 counter on Spiritmonger.

    Black: Regenerate Spiritmonger.

    Green: Spiritmonger becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.

    Apocalypse (Rare)

    Squallmonger 3Green (4)
    Creature — Monger (3/3)

    2: Squallmonger deals 1 damage to each creature with flying and each player. Any player may activate this ability.

    Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Uncommon)
    Other Versions
    Mercadian Masques (Uncommon)

    Warmonger 3Red (4)
    Creature — Minotaur Monger (3/3)

    2: Warmonger deals 1 damage to each creature without flying and each player. Any player may activate this ability.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)17:23 No.15880002
         File1312925030.jpg-(213 KB, 446x620, W Darksteel Myr -Coalition Fla(...).jpg)
    213 KB
    any flagbearer with protection is fun
    Standard Bearer 1White (2)
    Creature — Human Flagbearer (1/1)

    While choosing targets as part of casting a spell or activating an ability, your opponents must choose at least one Flagbearer on the battlefield if able.

    Coalition Honor Guard 3White (4)
    Creature — Human Flagbearer (2/4)

    W Darksteel Myr -Coalition Flag-Inviolability-Wall of Glare.jpg
    oh and Quicksilver Dragon+Coalition Flag
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)18:43 No.15880716
    Nah, I was just doing some low level trolling. Wanted to see more cards.
    >> Hammerknife !7ITukp3Pj2 08/09/11(Tue)23:56 No.15884411
         File1312948616.png-(278 KB, 1366x675, edh.png)
    278 KB
    I compiled a list a while back and put it into a EDH. Grixis colors.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)05:20 No.15887242
         File1312968005.jpg-(694 KB, 1561x620, A Mycosynth Lattice.jpg)
    694 KB
    a bunch of possible troll cards
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)05:27 No.15887282
         File1312968470.jpg-(35 KB, 223x310, BA Dingus Staff-grave pact-car(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    BA Dingus Staff-grave pact-carrion feeder.jpg

    MORE TROLLING MOOOORREEEEE!!!!!1111one1one!!
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)10:09 No.15888556
    What happens if I cast Control Magic on the opponent's Commander?
    >> galvanicAutogenitor !!lh2+0hXHAN0 08/10/11(Wed)10:11 No.15888565
    You control it. It is still a Commander, and thus if you have it deal 21 points of combat damage to any one opponent, they will lose. Any previous damage it dealt while controlled by its owner still counts [so if he hit Player C for 10, you only have to hit Player C for 11 with the Commander to kill him].

    However, if the Commander would be put into the graveyard or exiled, the OWNER [not you] can choose to put it into the Command Zone instead.
    >> galvanicAutogenitor !!lh2+0hXHAN0 08/10/11(Wed)10:13 No.15888578
    Flagbearers and protection/shroud/hexproof is actually pretty jank. If they cast Doom Blade and your Flagbearer has pro-black, they can't legally pick it as a target, so they don't have to. Making it indestructible is great, but the other three? Not so much.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)11:02 No.15888830
         File1312988562.jpg-(122 KB, 446x310, BA Dark Suspicions-Bottled Clo(...).jpg)
    122 KB
    new deck idea "keeping up with the jones's" trollolololo
    search for +[each]+[player]+[upkeep] 155 woot jackpot at first glance mostly B/R/A
    switch to each opponent's upkeep 28 found
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)11:24 No.15888991
         File1312989852.jpg-(33 KB, 223x310, Varchild's War-Riders.jpg)
    33 KB
    so only give it protection in response for ex. Mother of Runes
    also counterspell :p

    I humbley suggest Varchild's War-Riders for op deck
    >> Fool who bears the Name of Freedom 08/10/11(Wed)11:28 No.15889006
    This wins. I didn't think you could possibly get more annoying than Shaharazad + Twin Cast.

    but my GOD.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)14:31 No.15890565
         File1313001092.jpg-(31 KB, 223x310, Indentured Djinn.jpg)
    31 KB
    this suggestion may be better as it's own thread but...>>15888991

    you could always be raymond as in "everybody loves" or "couldn't we all just get along"
    cards like
    Reward the faithful
    martyr's cause with token generator
    fog effects helping all people who get attacked
    equal treatment
    pacifism or contaminated bond(mummy says NO)
    crumbling sanctuary (TROLL)
    wish monger
    wall of vipers
    Endbringer's revel(TROLL)
    flailing soldier or whip sergent
    hired giant ,Indentured djinn or "prosperity" cards for everybody
    voltaic key and aura's helping others critters
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)14:56 No.15890838
    nullmage advocate fits that theme

    op. Hall of Gemstone and almost all other world(type) enchantments are chaotic
    >> WeeabooPete !!KadDxk6fnqZ 08/10/11(Wed)15:11 No.15890970
         File1313003518.jpg-(145 KB, 360x500, Winter Orb.jpg)
    145 KB
    Holy shit, this is still trucking?

    I might recommend another good piss-em-off card would be Winter Orb. This thing + Mana artifacts + Icy Manipulator is bound to be a piss-off in 1 on 1 matches. For Multiplayer, it won't be perfect, (more people = more chances for folks to get the lucky draw & nuke shit), but it's still a great way to piss folks off
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)19:31 No.15893114
    how about Infernal Genesis
    creatures for everyone yae!

    >>15890970 this thread will continue till auto sage
    "AS IT IS WRITTEN SO SHALL IT BE DONE" Ascetic the troll.

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