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  • File : 1313024207.gif-(13 KB, 60x56, HK.gif)
    13 KB Zerg Quest LIII Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)20:56 No.15894021  

    We have liberated the fragment of a Xel'Naga worldship from the UED, and brought it back to our home. It may have required blowing a hole in space through a crowded tourist attraction, and so doing murdering upwards of a million vacationing families, but we did it.

    Labbrate has restored power to the fragment, and convinced the computers to freak out less about the astronomical amount of structural damage the ship has suffered (note: they are still freaking out, just less).
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)21:06 No.15894171
    (So, I bought a Duke Nukem comic book because...well, because Duke Nukem had a comic book, what do you want from me? Anyway, I'm pretty sure the plot is that Duke Nukem is about to travel back in time to 1945 to fight a mixed army of aliens and Nazis. In short, it's awesome and you should go find a copy)
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)21:34 No.15894521

    Give Nargil a pass of the infested Terrans that we acquired, see if any of them have any interesting mutations (i.e. psionic abilities) or otherwise noteworthy characteristics that he could possibly use for our home-grown infested terrans in the future. Also, see if any of the vacationing families were military personnel or undercover UED agents, and if so, see if we can sift through their memories for any useful information.

    Have the Zerg science corp. go over the world fragment along with Cyberbrate. See if they can puzzle out anything from this potentially huge discovery.

    Also, send out dropbservers in the systems that bordered where the tourist trap formerly was. We need to know if the UED considered the Worldship a mere scientific novelty or a stepping stone to galactic domination.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)21:47 No.15894675
    Nargil looks over the two UED Terrans that survived the Recall. It finds that there are more cybernetic enhancements to their biology than we are used to from Confederate Terrans. One of them has had some sort of metallic structure interwoven into its rib cage. It might be strong enough to repel a bullet.

    (Concerning the computer systems, a quote from last thread:)
    >A bit of digging shows data intact in folders for operations, design, ship's logs, and bio-diversity.

    We have no dropservers in UED space, but we do have a cloaked overlord in the system already. It shows a fairly standard recovery operation. Emergency response vehicles are securing what breaches they can to protect the living, and automated drones are collecting bodies for identification and burial in space.
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)21:59 No.15894834
    Now I'm confused. Why would the UED have more cybernetics than the Korpul sector? The whole reason there are terrans in the Korpul sector is because Earth banished all the undesirables: psychics and cyborgs. Regardless tear out that rib cage and give it to intermbrate to figure out. In the mean time, lets poke into the bio-diversity more.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:01 No.15894866

    Seconding the Bio-diversity folder exploration.

    Perhaps we can cook up some terrifying new breeds of Zerg to unleash upon our enemies (eventually). Or perhaps unlock the secrets of Protoss physiology.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)22:16 No.15895046
    (The US was colonized originally by people who thought the UK was too decadent and had too many graven images of false idols. Shit changes, maybe.)

    Somebody roll a d20.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:20 No.15895114
    rolled 17 = 17

    Here we go!
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)22:22 No.15895145
    Yes and no. While that holds true for New England, the rest of pre-revolutionary US was settles by people who wanted to make money.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:26 No.15895199

    Also, could we somehow back up the data before we start investigating it?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:33 No.15895278
    You guys think we should notify Kerrigan about our recent discovery?

    She's likely to find out sooner or later. Better to be open about it, I think.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)22:33 No.15895289
    (Either way, they've had the entire history of the Confederacy to grow and change, even if that entire history is only a canonical 240 years)

    Nargil is intrigued by a species that the Xel'Naga attempted to annihilate. They were not just psionically inactive, which is relatively common, but they were actually invisible to psionic probing. The Xel'Naga appear to have considered this some sort of absolute evil, corruption of spirit or something. The Xel'Naga destroyed 75% of the surface of their world to prevent them from breeding, but were called away by probes that had discovered a tribal society of some note. Nargil is dejected that the astronomical charts are mostly destroyed. If we knew what some of the reference points were, we could find the world...
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)22:35 No.15895306
    Throw the full weight of cyberbrate behind calculating that location
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:42 No.15895394
    Have Cyberbrate scale back on its Electronic Warfare projects in the Confederacy in order to focus more processing cycles on recreating the reference points to find that planet.

    Actually, how much of the Dagobah planetary computer has been repaired?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)22:46 No.15895443
    There's simply not enough data for that. None of the planets in the chart are recognizable. Some of them, like Far'Dchan en Halla, are full profiles of planets we've never seen. Others, like the tribal world the log references, are just coordinates.

    (wink, wink)

    Physically, Cyberbrate estimates that it is running at 43.6667% efficiency, with a probable cap in efficiency at approximately 79.9999%, due to inherent bio-digital interface limitations.

    It still has not explored its data cores.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:49 No.15895471
    Perhaps, if we sent Overlords to the coordinates, we could use them to help identify other positions and locations.
    Let's spawn more Overlords and send them out.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)22:50 No.15895490
    ...Cerebrate Anon, is this a riddle?
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)22:52 No.15895519
    Are there any planets ion there that have coordinates that we actually know of. Assuming that the tribal world is Aiur, and if we have at least one more we should be able to get a vague idea as to the coordinate system used.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)22:59 No.15895615
    Hell yes. Time to Work. My vote is for shooting a dozen or so overlords to the coordinates.
    Then once they are there and get their bearings they can form squads and check the other planets in the data base while still leaving a healthy amount behind to check this psionic proofed race.

    Also I want to know where our sister is. Seeing as she ahs completely failed in her mission top destroy the toss we should ask dapperlord if she w>>15895443
    ants to come help us in our exciting work. I fear for our little sis. With how important the overmind made us think she was I don't feel right leaving her within any distance of protoss annihilation.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)22:59 No.15895625
    Yes. Yes it is.

    We have Cyberbrate run the map with Aiur as the tribal world. After a few minutes, it has picked two stars out of Aiur's sky that could be two shown on the map. If that's the case, the psionic nulls' devastated homeworld would orbit VNG-47299, an unexplored star system at the very edge of the Koprulu Sector.
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:01 No.15895646
    Lets check VNG-47299 out then.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)23:01 No.15895648
    Quite sorry about that bizarre Link location. Its still tottaly legible though.

    Also, is Cyberbrate actively working to decode the Databanks? That stuff is pretty much the last legacy of VoidGate. He should be spending all his spare time cracking the vaults rather than moving to reach greater efficiency.

    Results over skill
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:10 No.15895773
    Send out a wing of Overlords, and an escort wing of Mutalisks to check out that star system.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:13 No.15895819
    Send cloaked overlords to all of the co-ordinates we have, and start infiltrating UED space with a similar spread to the one when we were still operating away from the Overmind.

    See if we can adapt that metalic coating to exoskeletal aspects, and if we can use diffrent matierials, such as stronger metals, nano-weaved metals/carbons. See if we can manufacture a 'bullet' strain which can be shot from our zerg, and uses this type of coating as a shell to breach armor.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:15 No.15895860
    Skill would be good. If we can start replicating void-gates planet structure, and then form a second cyberbrate to help with both analytics and research, we should be golden.

    (Quantity+Quality+superior hardware)*Zerg*redundency
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:18 No.15895895
    The databanks would require most, if not all, of Cyberbrate's processing power to work on. We have been keeping its efforts focused on keeping up with the Terran encryptions, rather than dabbling with the databanks.

    The overlord arrives in VNG-47299 after a few hours in transit. There is a single world in orbit. It appears twisted, as if somebody had pulled its northern hemisphere one direction, and its southern hemisphere the other. Its equator is one giant faultline between the two. It even looks as if part of the core may have been exposed at one point, but the damage is old. Very old.

    The world is minimally habitable by most standards. The event that tried to tear this world in half is still causing earthquakes with great frequency, and alternating massive cliffs and deep canyons effectively block the two hemispheres from one another.

    There is a small forest on the southern side, but we don't detect any notable animal life. There is a larger swampland on the northern side, with a modest population of what appears to be a loose feudal society of manta ray-like beings.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:19 No.15895908
    (For the Cyberbrate part: Of course, we can change our minds and go after the data cores, if we desire. Should go without saying, but I still like saying it)
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:22 No.15895942
    For the Swarm!

    Catch them, see if we can infest them, and use them.

    THey seem to be fuedal, so lets rock em.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)23:22 No.15895946
    We wouldnt be able to detect what it is we are after. It is best if we just drop the overlord into the atmosphere and have it use its eyes over its other senses.

    Also I still say we should invite sister back home. Anons may be content to ignore that the toss are up to date on her tricks but I refuse. We should open up talks through dapperlord again. Tell her they know about her and that she is tottaly welcome to come chill on our humble little moon with the rest of the brates and to operate in closer association with us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:27 No.15896001
    Let's get us some manta ray: 1
    Investigate closer, first: 1 (Please specify if you want to investigate the forest or swamp, first, or if you've got another place you want to look)
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:28 No.15896013

    Investigate the swamp
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:28 No.15896022
    The forest, unless we're seeing those manta-rays with our overlord physical eyes, but not its third eye.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)23:29 No.15896037
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:33 No.15896080

    Investigate the forest.

    Perhaps we can create a horrible mutation from a humble insect or rodent that resides there.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:39 No.15896148
    Despite the strange urge to immediately and ultimately infest the strange swamp mantas, we turn our overlord to the southern hemisphere's only forest. As we clear the atmosphere, we continue to detect nothing in the way of animal life.

    However, when we get closer, we can visually spot movement in the trees. We focus our senses closer, and try to pick out something. Anything. At this range, we should be able to get a feel for any animal, but we still come back with nothing.

    We're not sure why, but this is incredibly unnerving.
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:41 No.15896175
    Hunt the phantom creature.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:41 No.15896177
    We cannot detect them with anything! Assume they are the dudes form startrek, and gas the area with sleeping gas of any and every kind.

    Or, move in and use scanning tech, non-biological based. tranquilize them, and see if we can use them in some manner or another.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)23:42 No.15896190
    Well acording to the xel naga records this is exactly what we are looking for! Well done! Have the overlord snatch up one of them for playing with and closer inspection.

    I wonder, would we be destroying the natural psionic darkspot of the species by adding them to the swarm? To control them they have to at least have some way of picking up the energy but they seem to be naturally immune to it in their normal state. Maybe we could have Nargul work on making them more of a psionic sponge, that eats up signals and then spits it back out? Great for anti toss support but among our own ranks it could be deadly.
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:45 No.15896224
    Even if we don't use them in the swarm, it might give us insight into how the DTs hide, so we'd be able to hunt them all down properly.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:46 No.15896241
    Or it could be exactly what we need to disrupt the protoss completely, while making us undetectable from them.

    Or we should blow them up. Im still for nabbing the mantisis, cause, they are awesome.

    Red Herrings dudes.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:50 No.15896302
    >the dudes from star trek

    ...I watch a lot of Star Trek. Which dudes are you talking about?

    Upon closer inspection, we see several types of animal that we cannot detect psionically. There are at least two breeds of bird, a few itinerant treedwellers, and we think we catch sight of a simian creature. We have no experience in hunting things we cannot feel, though. The overlord bumbles around for a few minutes, until it becomes obvious that we need something else to do this.

    Should we send something else? What?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:52 No.15896319

    >Undetectable to our senses

    Does that mean we can't psionically sense a presence there, but our Overlord can still see/hear/smell it?

    If that is the case, ask Nargil for advice on how to proceed. He was the Old Swarm's master tracker for new species to infest, after all.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:53 No.15896337
    Hydralisks maybe? They'd need good eyesight to shoot those spines.

    Or maybe a queen. Tag them with parasites and we can trace them.
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:53 No.15896339
         File1313034789.jpg-(7 KB, 149x178, Morgan.jpg)
    7 KB
    Of course we'll bundle our ZergNet genetics with the new everything on the planet; our enemies expect no less of us. We have never sought to become a galactic power. Our forces are simply so good that no one feels the need to compete with us.
    -- Cerebrate Anon,
    Zerg Genetic Research press release
    >> TUCAMP 08/10/11(Wed)23:53 No.15896353
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:54 No.15896359
    Would we even be able to control them? We control our minions psionically. If they have no psychic signal, would infesting them give us anything at all?
    >> Elesh Norn !pecYLPvAGA 08/10/11(Wed)23:54 No.15896364
    We should have Bernie warp in and rape a straggling UED with a group of triple endowed cockalisks?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:55 No.15896368
    mass invasion let nothing on the planet go un-infested
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:55 No.15896374
    ...crap. I meant stargate. I do the same thing in regards to starcraft.

    And can we send in a few zerglings and the like? or infested Terran?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/10/11(Wed)23:55 No.15896376
    (Sorry. Yes. Mundane senses are go. Brainy space magic senses are no. Hey, don't look at me like that. "Psionic energy" in StarCraft is "Space Magic" and you know it)

    Nargil admits to being very disconcerted by these creatures. It thinks we could catch them by using infested Terrans, but tells us it would almost prefer that we just burned down the forest.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:57 No.15896397

    That's why we need to nab those monkeys(?) and infest them.

    We can mess around with that ability and see if we can still control our Zerg forces with our minds. If so, then we've effectively "researched" a type of stealth-psionics. This would undoubtedly be invaluable in future conflicts with the Protoss or other psionic races.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/10/11(Wed)23:57 No.15896408
    Send a couple drones and enough minerals to start a small encampment. We should not only bring all our options to bear but we should not allow anyone else to have the choice of learning of this race

    After we capture enough of them to learn their secrets the entire world needs to be properly devoured.

    I quess the new swarm really is about love and diversity. Damnit. Might as well grab the mantas while we are there eh?
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/10/11(Wed)23:59 No.15896424
    and burned.

    And yes, let us fetch mantis
    >> Anonymous 08/10/11(Wed)23:59 No.15896428
    Question: If we incorporate psi blocking into the swarm, will we even still be able to control them? If we can't even sense them, seems counterproductive.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:01 No.15896451

    Let's get some infested Terrans down there, then, and have ourselves a Safari.

    If possible, outfit those infested terrans with nonlethal ordnance (tranquilizers or something).
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)00:01 No.15896457
    cyberbrate: technological mind-control.

    Your anti-psionics is fixed sir.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:02 No.15896466
    For tracking: Send in the queens, land parasites on them. Instant sight.

    For assimilation: We can't do much with them, but we CAN mechanically assimilate them.

    Slap some slave-collars (or equivalent) on them and give them to Cyberbrate. Or another cerebrate who can interface with tech. Maybe toaster.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:02 No.15896472
    If it only took our Overlord a few hours, then load up a dropship with some infested Terrans to go and get us some samples of these psi-stealth life forms.

    Also, we really should try to reprogram the Terminators so they will be loyal to us.
    Able to operate independently and intelligently, no life signs, no psionic signature, and our enemies will not expect a completely mechanical agent to be working with the Zerg (well....except maybe Kingston. He know we like our shiny metal toys).
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:03 No.15896488
    Just because we have a genetic sequence in the swarm does not mean we have to use it. There are hundreds for strains in the swarm that have been mothballed. Knowing how they're able to not show up is more important then actual usefulness.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:04 No.15896498

    Best-case scenario: the monkeys' undetectability combined with our psionic control works similarly to the human body's kinesthenic/proprioceptic sense. We still know where our forces are and what they're doing, but other psionic entities can't do the same unless they explicitly observe our forces doing so using technology or mundane senses.
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:06 No.15896518
    Reshape the terminators so they have the general shape of the protoss instead of terrans, that should confuse Kingston. OMG killer Protoss Robots!
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:07 No.15896529
    Well, if we're to have a safari, then make sure that our Infested Terrans are wearing pith helmets and khakis.

    Oh! And record record this and other capture missions for Artisanlord to be used on ZergTV for the hit new show, Zerg Hunter, with its zany host, Stev Zergwin.
    Of course, we'll edit out the parts about how this species is psionically invisible.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:09 No.15896550
    Put in some glowy blue crystals inside of the Terminator chassis underneath the skin, and the deception will be complete!
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:09 No.15896554

    It probably wouldn't hurt to send a few queens outfitted with cloaking harnesses over to assist our Infested Terran hunting group.

    Besides, we're going to infest those manta-ray people anyhow, might as well have a few queens around to start working on that after we're finished with the monkeys.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)00:09 No.15896556
    Was that a corporate speech with Zerg words pasted in over the corporate-speak?


    Hours later, after another long trip, a shipment of drones and infested Terrans arrives. We make camp outside of the forest, on a small rocky wasteland. While the drones build up a small Hive, the Terrans set into the forest, looking for prey.

    After a few minutes of tracking, we come upon two of the simian creatures, their golden fur shining in the diffused sunlight. The infested Terran that discovered them readies its tranquilizer rifle just as they notice her. She manages to get off one shot and hit one of the creatures before the other charges her, climbs her like a shrub, and begins tearing at her face. The eyes are the first to go, and after thirty seconds of struggle, the Terran's mind fades from the Swarm.

    By the time another unit has arrived on the scene, both of the creatures are gone, and the dead Terran's face is covered in what appears to be urine.

    Gorn suggests showing this forest who's boss. With napalm.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)00:12 No.15896587


    Zergtv needs new material and this is just what the network execs needed to hear! Get some Cameras rolling down there immediately!
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:13 No.15896594

    >Gorn suggestion

    That's... not actually a bad idea.

    But instead of napalm, let's use Zerg infestation spores. Is this viable, Cerebrate Anon?
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)00:13 No.15896596
    I agree with Gorm.

    Also, lets replace the napalm with the might of the swarm, an invasion. Of pure badassery.
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:15 No.15896619
    It was the Network Backbone secret project blurb from SMAC, with Zerg terms pasted over the corporate ones. Tranqa-goliaths anyone?
    You'd also have to flip the knees around and replace the feet, but basically yes.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)00:16 No.15896634
    For just the forest, or the whole planet?

    Either way, it will take time.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:18 No.15896653

    Psyonic cloak?


    >>otettak concern

    Otettak's concerned? Well, we'll get to his concerns later.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)00:18 No.15896654
    >>15896634 Whole planet makes more sense, if were sporing it up.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)00:20 No.15896683
    Lets show these pandoran sunsabitches whos boss. Pop out 2 ultralisks from the nearest hatchery and have them begin paving down the forest on one side. Then have all out infested terrans on the other side of the forest sweeping inward. It will be just like a cattle drive, and there will be no way in hell we dont get quite a few of both of those things forms.

    Also, seriously ship in some overminddamned cameras and get rolling in time for the forest stomp. This is prime ratings material!
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:20 No.15896685
    Let's do the forest for now, we still know how to make the infestor-spore-towers from way back in the early parts of the quest.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:24 No.15896732

    The forest infestation thing will probably happen sooner or later if we're dead-set on harvesting this entire planet for all of its native life's genetic worth.

    But first, let's see if we can't locate that ape that was tagged with the tranq. first. Send in a handful of Zerglings and Hydralisks along with other infested Terrans to search the ground while a few queens watch from above. Have the queens tag any of the monkey species with parasites if possible.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)00:32 No.15896808

    Are we infesting the forest, or fucking up its shit with ultralisks?
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)00:33 No.15896821
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)00:36 No.15896852
    Yea both is good. Where one plan is good, a good plan with backup is great.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:36 No.15896854

    Fuck its shit up with ultralisks, have various Zerg standing by to accost & apprehend various fleeing monkeys.
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:36 No.15896856
    Yes, both.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:41 No.15896915
    Ultralisks at one end, other Zerg at the other to catch the fleeing apes.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)00:44 No.15896953
    (I love you guys)

    For the first time in a long time, our Creep hosts an infection spore producer, which begins pumping its payload into the sky.

    Meanwhile, we line up a group of overlords. They snort and scratch at the ground as they prepare to assault the forest.

    (Roll a d20. Easy peasy)
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:46 No.15896972
    rolled 16 = 16


    Go forth my minions!
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:46 No.15896974
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)00:47 No.15896986
    Added together it's 20.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:48 No.15896996
    rolled 18 = 18

    fuck shit up
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)00:49 No.15897002
    rolled 7 = 7

    first time ever using /tg/ dice. Lets see how she fares!

    Captcha: Situation Hnivis
    Shits about to get real Hnivis in here.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)00:57 No.15897110
    (Not how it works, but that's ok. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn't botch)

    The ultralisks begin slashing at trees, uprooting the smaller ones and cutting through the trunks of the larger ones. In a sight that would cause irrepressible harm to any environmentalist, a thousand trees die in minutes. Behind the ultralisks, infested Terrans tranq and cage wildlife that stumbles, dazed, from the destroyed flora.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)00:59 No.15897128
    take THAT you goddamn hippies.
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)01:00 No.15897138
    Piss us off, and we will either a) Wreck shit, or b) Rape your shit with Bernie. Neither is a good choice, and so far, we haven't lost.
    >> 風林火山 08/11/11(Thu)01:06 No.15897186

    Have our infested terrans piss on them.

    Fairs fair.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)01:06 No.15897191
    rolled 6 = 6

    Ship nargul off to this bumfuck nowhere planet

    tell him he cant come back until he has understood the natural functions of these beasts completely.

    Also! TALK TO KERRIGAN. SHE IS IN DANGER. THE TOSS KNOWS WHAT SHE IS UPTO! Besides, we could use her stealth skills in the ongoing battle to annihilate Kingston.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)01:10 No.15897227
         File1313039419.jpg-(24 KB, 324x380, captain_planet.jpg)
    24 KB

    Also, remember kids!

    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)01:12 No.15897242
         File1313039539.jpg-(632 KB, 400x3466, GrimDark Captain Planet.jpg)
    632 KB
    God, that's gratifying.

    Fuck that guy. See pic.
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)01:15 No.15897275
    Why would we ship him off to some bumfuck backwater when we can ship the creatures from said bumfuck to him? He wasn't to keen on moving from Char.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)01:16 No.15897288

    Alright. Let's start looking over the caged animals and see which ones we can't pick up with our special psionic sense. For those that we cannot detect, infest them one at a time and have a heavy Zerg guard around them. We must see if we can control those undetectable creatures, first.

    Also, have the Zerg Science Corp. go over the ones we CAN sense and see if he thinks he can work with any of them to benefit the Swarm.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)01:22 No.15897335
    rolled 3 = 3

    Because that child hasnt been getting enough sun. He just sits on the homeworld all day soaking up creep and contributing nothing. I say he needs excercise damnit. Make him do his own field tests!
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)01:27 No.15897380
    Lurkers, hatchworms, psi-lash, general improvement in physical abilities. Right, he does nothing.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)01:27 No.15897382
    While deforestation is still in progress, we have several samples of things we genuinely can't feel with our minds.

    We consider that tearing down the rest of the forest and infesting the ruins is a bit of overkill, at this point.

    Should we continue anyway?
    >> lordhighlander !PYLYD6G9rU 08/11/11(Thu)01:29 No.15897392
    Because we are finishing what the xel'naga started.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/11(Thu)01:30 No.15897401
    yes we will find out why they are like this or at least have a base on the edge for extra exploration beyond this galaxy
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)01:33 No.15897428
    Yes, they killed one of our safari members... plus the Xel'Naga thing. But, we need to find out how they are psionic nulls.
    >> EnthusiasmBrate 08/11/11(Thu)01:33 No.15897430
    Of course.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)01:48 No.15897547
         File1313041707.jpg-(62 KB, 800x341, ss4ne3.jpg)
    62 KB
    Despite protestations of Accountantbrate, we press forward with our wasteful spite-induced industrial desolation.

    Trees are no match for the might of the Swarm! See as their deciduous resistance is crushed beneath the claws of the mighty Zerg!

    The animals attempt to retaliate or defend themselves, and even manage to claw out the eyes of one ultralisk before support tranqs all the creatures involved. It is worthless effort, though. Even if we stopped destroying the forest now, and stopped producing spores to infect the forest's inhabitants, the damage we have done to this small and fragile ecosystem is irreparable. Its survival was uncertain already, faced merely with the continued ramifications of the Xel'Naga's aborted attempt to destroy the planet.

    Now, there is no hope. We have finished what the Xel'Naga began, in the southern hemisphere. Next week, we may decide to finish it in the north, as well.


    (That was fun. You definitely took the /tg/ option on that monkey problem. I didn't really expect you to listen to Gorn, of all...blob...people...monsters)
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)01:54 No.15897595
    Based on the tags it's clear what we do with the manta-rays, we have an army of infested terrans in full plate riding zerglings. And we siege their defenses with catapults and "dragon" support.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)01:57 No.15897615
    >Medieval Zerg
    That's such an odd combination.
    >> TUCAMP 08/11/11(Thu)02:00 No.15897637
    Medieval Zerg Quest, not it's not nearly as odd.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 08/11/11(Thu)02:04 No.15897658
    Alas, poor Fenix! I knew him.

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