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  • File : 1313205763.jpg-(418 KB, 1152x1020, 1300942237677.jpg)
    418 KB Gargoyle Quest 25 VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/12/11(Fri)23:22 No.15918520  
    You remain perched with your hand half-embedded in a wall. Another stone flying creature is here as well, just having been cut off from his otherworldly home.

    "In the meantime for finding a way back, you may roost at our home. The prey here is much more docile, but I hope it will suffice. And, if you so choose, come with us to hunt bigger prey..." You offer to him.

    The stone raptor looks back over at you, sadly. "I suppose I shan't have any choice." He steps up until he is clinging to the ceiling, then with an impressive flip, dismounts and lands on the doorframe at the exit of the room.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/11(Fri)23:26 No.15918555
    This would appear to be a quest thread on page 1, not page 0, with no replies.

    >> Hopefull 08/12/11(Fri)23:27 No.15918570
    We huntin' Demona?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/11(Fri)23:55 No.15918770
         File1313207710.jpg-(199 KB, 1215x717, Galio.jpg)
    199 KB
    It's been so long, OP. I can't even remember really what we were doing.

    I know Mrs. McGregor is (now) safe. However, what about that one warehouse we were set to raid in search of our brethren's remains.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)00:31 No.15919101
         File1313209892.jpg-(58 KB, 450x266, galio commando.jpg)
    58 KB
    Bumping for OP to return.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)00:34 No.15919133
    And then I did.

    You had just cleared out the house of some strange otherworldly creatures, talked to this weird stone bird thing, and...

    Well, here's the old thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15673295/

    And hey, you can always ask your good buddies what your overall goal is. I remember something about a wax museum.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)00:39 No.15919178
         File1313210379.jpg-(54 KB, 704x480, gargoyle.jpg)
    54 KB

    You could. But unfortunately you have no idea who she is.

    That, and you're in Philly, so it might be a while.

    Long story short, you're some kind of animate statue whose past before a few months ago was filled with idle chit-chat with your stony brothers, rule-less games, and various other antics.

    Then, one day, a good friend of yours who you had named Jerry fell to the ground and broke into many pieces. He stopped moving. That day, you learned what death was.

    (Thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14084032/)
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)00:48 No.15919272
         File1313210918.jpg-(6 KB, 218x150, going my way barry fitzgerald.jpg)
    6 KB

    You killed the man who caused Jerry's death, saving an old priest who taught you a few things about the world and losing an eye in the process. You realized that you were no better than the man who you had killed, and decided to avoid killing again.

    You made peace with a man named Don Malone, who threatened the priest and whose son you had killed. He offered to let the old man go if you would do some work for him.

    That was where you met Renee, Godfried and Fredrick. They were in a similar position, though you found it difficult to trust them. Each of them possessed some kind of super-normal power.


    You decided this was too much for you, and re-negotiated with the Don. As alternative payment, he took your sight.

    For a time, you were blind. Then, with the help of Hugh, your surviving friend, you went into a cave and learned to see as a bat would. After a brief encounter with some of the Don't men and leading a little girl back to safety, you returned to the city.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)00:57 No.15919355
    Let's begin planning our next course of action. I think Renee mentioned something about a particular warehouse that could store the other gargoyle's remains.

    "Renee, now that McGregor is safe, I need your expertise in getting to this warehouse."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)01:00 No.15919381
         File1313211605.jpg-(204 KB, 578x432, Gargoyle_by_EJP2007.jpg)
    204 KB

    Months passed as you mastered your new form of vision. You had a strange dream, and had memories resurface of times long past. You saw another of your kind, and a woman, who both embraced you. A shot rang out, the woman fell, and the dream ended.

    The three others who have been under Don Malone's thumb are seeking to break out, and they want your help. You want to find what happened to Jerry's body. They say their true destiny is a wax museum where strange things go, but they want to rescue the old woman you had first intimidated before they free themselves.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)01:14 No.15919506

    "Renee, now that McGregor is safe, I need your expertise in getting to this warehouse." You say, swooping down to meet your friends.

    Renee shrugs. "I suppose that's best. As soon as we find a safe place to drop off Mrs. McGregor we can get going."

    You file out of the house, with Silence leaving off into the night sky. You drive carefully, and within a few hours Mrs. McGregor is in a small, out of the way house that is well stocked with food and water.

    "Nice to be giving, for once." Fredrick grumbles as he gets back in the car.

    "Now then, to the Madame's Wax Museum." Renee says, pointing to his watch. "Wouldn't do to be late for the 2 AM show."
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)01:30 No.15919651

    When we get there, let's do a quick loop of the grounds, looking for any signs of security or entrances.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)01:31 No.15919657
    You pull up to a screeching halt in a park somewhere in Philadelphia. The lot of you get out of the car, the city around you quiet save the small building opposite the park, with a few strange humanoid figures that stand motionless in the doorway.

    Renee points towards it. "There it is."
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)01:38 No.15919706
         File1313213898.jpg-(274 KB, 1215x717, Galio chinese art.jpg)
    274 KB
    Here we go.

    Scout the perimeter for any signs of life and other entrances short of the front door. Being discrete is key here, so only Gab and Hugh should be in action, considering how Silence may be a tad unaware on how discrete we need to be.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)01:49 No.15919798

    You shush Silence, who lands nearby, and you and Hugh scout the surroundings.

    There are a lot of cars parked around the back. Several moving vans. A number of guards seem to be waiting back there. There is a double door you figure is a way into the basement of the wax museum in an alleyway not far from that parking lot.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)01:52 No.15919827
    Are there any special guards there? Like say the previous iron men we've fought? If not, a light tap on the head should be enough.

    Cause a small out-of-sight commotion in the alley way with some garbage. When one or more break off to investigate: boop, light's out.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)02:03 No.15919911

    None of them appear to be of special construction.

    You land in a nearby alleyway, clanging a few trash cans together as you take off.

    A few of them glower, drawing their weapons and coming after you.

    Minutes later, you and Hugh exchange the world's quietest high five and drag off the unconscious guards.

    It takes a few minutes for the remaining three guards to get into the right position for you and Hugh to take them down in one swoop, but you do so flawlessly.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)02:10 No.15919978
    Like a boss.

    With the guards disposed of, let's alert Renee and the others that we're going inside.

    "The guards have been dealt with; watch out for signs of reinforcements."

    Have Hugh give his theatrical charm to the situation. "We've got 15 minutes before the whole place goes up. If we don't make this one out alive, I want you to go on without us...and tell Elizabeth that I love her..."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)02:40 No.15920207

    You swoop down to speak with your allies. "The guards have been dealt with; watch out for signs of reinforcements."

    "Right, a hopefully covert rear entrance then." Renee says.

    "I'll keep an eye out for wards, you do the same for electronic alarms." Godfried says, checking his gun.

    Hugh pats Fredrick on the thigh. "We've got 15 minutes before the whole place goes up. If we don't make this one out alive, I want you to go on without us... and tell Elizabeth that I love her..."

    "Feh." Fredrick snorts, ignoring Hugh and walking towards the back entrance.

    "Geez. Well, when Elizabeth cries, I'm glad I won't be around." Hugh calls after him.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)02:47 No.15920264
    Let's have Fredrick and Godfried lead the march while Gab and Hugh hide. If there are any other guards inside, they may recognize Fredrick and Godfried as fellow thugs since their resignation hasn't exactly been announced.. In that moment, we'll knock 'em out.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)03:31 No.15920558

    The two men in darker clothing go in first, Fredrick lighting up a cigarette before heading inside.

    You hear a voice from around the corner. "Hey! The madame doesn't want anyone-" Before the voice is cut off by a loud smack against the wall.

    Fredrick waves the remainder of the group inside before shutting the door. Hugh has Silence perched on his shoulder.

    "Alright, I can smell a ton of 'em in here." Fredrick whispers. "You, Gabe?"

    "I can sense five more, deeper." You point down the staircase, indicating the twisting hallways below.

    "Hmm, we need some sort of plan to avoid making any more noise." Renee says.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)03:40 No.15920624
    Perhaps Godfried or Silence knows of a way? Godfried may use his magic mumbo-jumbo to help although Silence may know something passed on through his cavern songs. Walking stone isn't exactly the quietest thing ever.

    "We need something that will allow us to move undetected..."

    "Yeah; suction cups! And latex suits! Those always set the mood."

    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)03:55 No.15920712

    "We need something that will allow us to move undetected..." You say, looking over the group.

    Hugh puts a fist down into his open palm. "Yeah; suction cups! And latex suits! Those always set the mood."

    Everyone's expressions of surprise and in some cases, of intrigue, do little to help focus the situation.

    "Can't you do some kinda magic, Godfried?" Fredrick asks him.

    "I specialize mainly in blessings," Godfried says, raising an eyebrow. "I'm not some sort of stage magician who can make people invisible, or make them disappear."

    "Well, that's no good." Fredrick sneers.

    "I can make us all more adept at being quiet. But it won't last long and it will drain a great deal of my energy." Fredrick raises an eyebrow as he suddenly has... something... change about him. An ephemeral feeling that you've felt once before comes over you.

    "Now then, without further delay." Godfried says, leading the lot of you down the passages like an animate shadow.

    You head further and further, and several times you think you might be caught, but plainly the guards are as much strangers to this place. Through arched passages full of wooden palettes and crates, along with costumes like those you've seen near Halloween, you finally reach the inner sanctum, through a heavy steel door.

    The other side is amazingly loud, full of pounding lounge music and what Hugh says are bright lights. You can see a huge cage-like network throughout it with numerous tables and chairs, and everyone seems to have their eyes set on the center stage, where you note a strange wave surrounds the chain linkings.

    A few of the men on guard here look alright, but something about the way they move makes you think they may have something in common with the iron warrior.

    Your group slips in, hiding behind large brick walls as you softly infiltrate this strange display.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)04:13 No.15920858
    Begin looking for the remains of Jerry. Also, keep an eye out for the guards since fighting may prove difficult with so many around. If the lights focus on whatever is going to happen center-stage, that'll be our cue to start searching like crazy.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)04:44 No.15921078

    You communicate your concerns to the others. You look up to the center stage, where you see a large sarcophagus, and an older woman dressed in finery from days gone by makes an announcement in a thick French accent.

    "Mes friends, this sarcophagus behind me contains the body of an Egyptian Mystic known only as Ru-on Akham." She smiles, looking out in each direction. "The first bid starts at 50 million dollars, from Mr. Malone." She gestures over to the top right of the cube-like room, where you can see the Don sitting, a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other.

    You know you can't see, but you can almost imagine his eyes, shining grimly with mystic power.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)04:51 No.15921128
         File1313225460.jpg-(20 KB, 666x472, d colon.jpg)
    20 KB

    Whisper over to either Fredrick or Godfried.

    "...I thought you said that this place was low-key..."

    How many people can we see are here, in total? And how many of them appear to be wealthy (and probably supernatural) persons like the Don?
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)05:07 No.15921242

    "...I thought you said that this place was low-key..." You whisper to Renee.

    "It was six months ago." Renee says, grimacing. "Figures he'd be right there. The Madame must have gotten in a big shipment. Valuable."

    You can see about forty people total in this room. Only about four others in similar seating to the Don. One seems to be a darkly cloaked figure in a number of asian robed garments, with little guard.

    "Sixty million!" One of them calls out.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)05:14 No.15921290
    Decision time: do we call it quits and get out with our ass intact, try to maneuver around this auction, or make a grand proclamation that justice is here?

    ...Half of me wants to flee, but I think we need to do what we came here for. If we're found out, then we can go with option #3.

    "Where would they keep said auctions between sales? There seems like a good place to start."

    Also, I'm going to bed, OP. However, I may be up early (in about 7-8 hours) if you're still around.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)05:32 No.15921422

    I am too. I'll probably call it for now. Maybe in the morning.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)13:47 No.15924363
         File1313257639.png-(520 KB, 500x700, shadow teddy holy shit.png)
    520 KB
    Ghost bump from the grave.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)20:40 No.15926705

    "Where would they keep said auctions between sales? There seems like a good place to start." You ask Renee.

    "Well, it could be anywhere considering how they rearranged this place." Renee says, just as the sarcophagus is sold to a thunderous applause. He points up to a door where a few men, some the oddly still ones, wheel out a small wooden box and wheel back the coffin. "But that's what a little observation is for."

    "Enough luck to clean out Vegas isn't going to get us past all these prying eyes." Godfried's brow descends. "And staying here too long means the chance of being discovered is higher."

    "I'm normally the last one to suggest this." Fredrick says, adjusting his sunglasses. "But we could always go back and see if there's another way where that warehouse is."
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)21:09 No.15927076
    Oh wow, you're back.

    Let's duck out and look for a way into that warehouse.

    "But how?"

    "Oh! We could use the vent system! That always works!"
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)21:32 No.15927335
    (Sorry about the long delay, I had some connection problems and was doing work)

    The box in the center of the room is unsealed while you contemplate your next decision. Inside of it is a small jeweled amulet.

    "And this piece, from the same collection, is known as Ammut's Tear. Found deep beneath the earth, only a few Egyptologists know of its existence." The Madame explains.

    There is a nod from the heavily cloaked figure. "Seventy five thousand." One of the figure's overlarge guards says.


    "But how?" You ask the lot of them as you slip back outside. The confident feeling disappears.

    "Oh! We could use the vent system! That always works!" Hugh says.

    "I'm pretty sure you'd fall through it." Fredrick chuckles. "Don't feel bad: I would too."

    Renee sighs. "Well, if you give me a minute to meditate, I may just be able to map this place out."

    "Wait, like some kind of Buddhist monk?" Hugh inquires. "Are you a kung-fu guy?"

    "Mainly jujitsu, actually." Renee smiles as he has a seat on the floor. "My grandfather insisted. But, at any rate, just give me a minute, watch for someone approaching through the door, and remain quiet."

    "Be quiet then, as men should be," Silence says softly, in iambic pentameter. "Till he hath pass'd necessity."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)21:51 No.15927552
    You feel an odd sense from the room you had left behind, as the silence stretches on. Almost as though something beyond the door, beyond the bidding war, was looking straight at you. The seconds seem to stretch on, and the feeling intensifies, until you can feel it like twin candle flames cutting through the darkness of your vision.

    "There." Renee says, pointing down the corridor to the right, suddenly. "About 400 feet, I'd estimate, there's a ladder with some men at the top, then a lighting complex."

    "I thought you could only sense the electrical auras around people." Godfried notes, helping him to his feet.

    "Well, you never really know until you try, do you?" Renee smirks. "That aside, there seems to be a few insulation problems in this place, so I had an easier time of it."
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:03 No.15927705
    The Don is playing games with our minds! Let's not go back.

    "Alright Hugh, just like always: light taps."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)22:22 No.15927907

    "Alright Hugh, just like always: light taps." You say to him, as the two of you proceed through the tunnels ahead of the rest of the group.

    The two men, before you and Hugh give them each a nice pat on the head, manage to pull swords, and try using them to block. You now know what the human equivalent of a paper cut is for you.

    "Ah! That stings!" Hugh says, pointing down at the oddly dressed men. "Bad human! No walkies!"

    As the rest fo your group gets up the ladder, they explain what the two of you have been wondering.

    "Why are these guys wearing samurai stuff?" Fredrick asks.

    "It's like what you'd see in a kendo dojo." Renee says, looking over at the door. "Maybe it was a long shipment?"

    As he steps over towards the door, presumably to disable the electronic lock, one of the two men suddenly begins to rise, his blade sweeping through the air as though he hadn't even been struck. Renee seems to pay it no heed.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:23 No.15927924
    "No; stay down." Then hit him again and crunch his sword.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)22:36 No.15928063

    "No; stay down." You say, acting quickly to grab the hand holding the sword and then grabbing the blade.

    You find the arm unusual in texture, and absent of the warmth usually attributed to a living human. The blade is unusually brittle, and snaps with a quick twist of your wrist.

    The other figure rises as well, and Renee turns, his back against the wall as he puts a foot on the man's shoulder and kicks him to the ladder-way. The man falls loudly, his sword clanging on the ladder as he loses his grip on it, and Hugh reaches after him to try grabbing him, stopping his fall. He is apparently unsuccessful, as you hear him impact the ladder and then finally the ground.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:45 No.15928164
    Take a close look at these guys. If they look undead, follow a hint from this song:

    If not, find a way to detain them. There's bound to be some empty boxes or some rope lying around.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:47 No.15928178
    Oops; forgot the second part of my response.

    Check on the guy that fell.

    "Oops...butter fingers..."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)22:52 No.15928231

    The man reaches out with his other hand, trying to gouge at one of your eyes.

    If he wasn't remarkably strong, you'd almost have a quick laugh. That, and if it didn't hurt so damn much.

    You swing him bodily over your head, and he flies down the ladder as well. As you do, he flies in a strange arc, hitting first the wall of the chute and then falling down it.

    "Oops...butter fingers..." You say. You were aiming to have him hit the ground up here.

    "Well, I've gotta hand it to you, you did a good job watching my back." Renee says, with a chuckle.

    You realize you are holding a life-size human arm in your hand, made out of some strange, light material.

    "Too bad you didn't catch him." Godfried says to Hugh.

    Hugh, smirking, looks back up at him. "But, I did." He raises up his hand, a foot still in a cloth sock and a sandal in his grip.

    Down at the bottom of the ladder, the two wax manikins seem to be in too many pieces to provide any more distraction, though the way they undulate despite their serious injuries is disturbing.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:56 No.15928259
         File1313290573.jpg-(24 KB, 285x413, RedArremer.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)22:56 No.15928261

    Anyway, now that the guards are out of the way, let's check inside the main storage area.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)23:03 No.15928329
         File1313290994.jpg-(56 KB, 352x500, 1299732659953.jpg)
    56 KB

    Ah yep yep yep yep yep!
    (No one I have met yet is my match!)
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)23:10 No.15928404
    I have the first Gargoyle's Quest game, does that count for something?
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)23:11 No.15928414

    After a rather fortunate display by Godfried, the door is opened.

    On the inside is a large room with a ceiling no more than fifteen feet high. It seems mostly empty, save a large number of wax statues and crates.

    "These look to be organized by country of origin." Renee says, holding up a tag that reads "Argentina" attached to a small stone statue of a cat. "Which means the US of A is..."

    "All the way at the back." Fredrick snorts. "I hate wax statues."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)23:13 No.15928442

    Only if you let me play it.

    But yeah, suffice to say there's a decent backlog of reading, but I have summed it up here: >>15919178

    The only one in the series I've played is Demon's Crest.

    And holy shit, that true final boss is a dick.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)23:17 No.15928482
    Protect the squishy people! Have Gab in front keeping his feelers out for any other manikins like the guards with Godfried flanked by Hugh/Silence and Fredrick.

    "I think it's in our best interest to not touch anything..." say this as we glance over to Hugh.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/13/11(Sat)23:48 No.15928811

    "I think it's in our best interest to not touch anything..." You say, looking over at Hugh.

    "What do you think I am, the Abu to your Aladdin?" Hugh whispers back, looking hurt. "I'm in no hurry to find anything but the remains of our brother."

    You head through the dusty environ, looking through boxes quickly and sensing over the wax statues to see if any will spring to life and attack you. Most seem to be of a particular period of French history, with many women wearing spacious skirts and bonnets.

    You head slowly but surely, until at last both you and Renee perk up as you hear a door opening at the other side of the room, along with some idle chatter.

    "-of this stuff I can't even identify. What are they doing throwing out millions? That necklace-"

    "Yeah. That necklace alone would've bought me a new house."
    >> Anonymous 08/13/11(Sat)23:59 No.15928925
    Try to get a peek inside without causing too much commotion. If we have to crack the door, let's do that.

    If they're at the door (or we think they are), consult Renee and Godfried; they're the more suave ones of our lot.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)00:06 No.15929004

    You misunderstand.

    They are in the room, just out of view.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)00:08 No.15929035
    Oh; woops.

    Well then, hide!

    Try to get Renee, Godfried, and Fredrick a good hiding placing behind some fabric or something while Gab, Hugh, and Silence sit out in plain sit and strike a pose!
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)00:57 No.15929643

    You get the others behind tarps, and the three of your who are made from stone enter some free spaces in the array of objects on the sides of your path, and freeze.

    Two of the men you saw moving things outside walk in, neither paying any attention to where you and the others had been walking, and no more than 30 feet away.

    "What's this one? Hey, it's from Philly!" One of them says.

    "Well, it's next up, so have it come on out." The other says.

    The first one lifts one of the boxes, straining his back. "Uhh! This thing is heavy! And rattly!" He grunts as he waddles towards the door.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)01:08 No.15929786
    Do they have their back turned to us? If they do, rush in for the silent take-down.

    If not, wait for them to waddle by with the box in tow and give them a good surprise scare.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)01:11 No.15929828

    You are about thirty feet away from them, and you feel Renee's hand on your shoulder. He mouths several words to you.

    "Wait. After that is bought, they will bring it back in here." He says silently. "We can grab it then."

    "Then where is the thing they're talking about?" Hugh mouths back, quickly.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)01:22 No.15929957

    Renee thinks for a moment, before nodding back to you.

    While the two's backs are turned, you and Hugh rush down the corridor silently, or as best you can. The two are halfway through the door as you get to the end of the hall, and you can see a ramp beyond them with a pair of guards beyond it. Taking them down now would be no problem, but it would be impossible to hide its happening from the others in the corridor. You can hear the music from here: The auctioning floor is just beyond this one.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)01:25 No.15930008

    We'll put our trust in Renee's sense and wait this one out. When they take the box away, then we'll keep scouting, giving ourself enough time to get back in position whenever they return.

    And, if possible, can we try to hear what's inside the box?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)01:26 No.15930017
    And by "hear", I mean keep an ear out for the auction stage to see if they announce what it is.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)02:05 No.15930500

    You slink back, hiding your movement from the light as the door swings closed.

    "Damn." Renee whispers, some time after. "I'm sorry, Gabriel, I should've-"

    "Don't worry about it." Hugh says. "It is more important that we're not discovered right?"

    "Damn straight! My freedom's not worth anything if I'm dead, and same goes for you!" Fredrick hisses, glaring at the lot of you. "Don't do anything stupid!"

    You get to the door, and motion back to them. The rest continue looking through the area for something you all know is already in the other room, but refuse to admit.

    "This is the remnants of a statue that fell spontaneously off of the roof of a local church. Saint..." The woman says, trailing off. "It doesn't matter. At any rate, those who have kept up with the news will know-"

    "Fifty thousand." A deep, pervasive voice says, almost sounding like a final proclamation.

    "-its significance." The woman finishes. "I see we are already anxious to start the bidding."

    The group shares a laugh, though you cannot hear that deeper voice among them.

    "Fifty five thousand." Don Malone's voice rings out, calm and scratchy.

    "Sixty five thousand." The voice answers the moment Malone's finishes.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)02:09 No.15930548
    Call Hugh over to listen as well. This is important for the both of us.

    "He's out there...Jerry..."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)02:21 No.15930663

    "He's out there...Jerry..." You say, your voice ringing hollow. Hugh walks over without a word, his face unexpressive as the other statues had been on the roof that same night.

    "Seventy thou-" Malone starts.

    "Seventy five."

    "Eighty five."

    "One hundred thousand." The voice proclaims, sounding as though the last words in a story yet unwritten.

    "One hundred and ten." Malone answers, with a practiced calm.

    "Well, well, what a fascinating altercation." The madame says. "Will anyone else enter?"

    "One hundred and fifteen." Another voice calls out.

    "One hundred and fifty thousand." The first voice calls out over it. Silence hangs in the air as the room absorbs the sudden jump.

    (Back in a few)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)02:41 No.15930842
    Can we see anything? Is there anything we can discern about the current bidders from our position?
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)02:48 No.15930916

    You can see the barest things from where you are. as the door is very nearly proofed against sound, and likely everything else the natural world has to offer as well.

    Malone still sits confidently, alone, save a few of his confidants. The other bidder is the strange man from earlier, seated and dressed in layered robes with various triangular markings, and ending in a covering hood over the face.

    "One hundred sixty." Malone answers, after a moment's consideration.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)02:53 No.15930958
    "Hugh...we'll get him soon."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)03:48 No.15931430

    "Hugh...we'll get him soon." You say to him.

    "One hundred seventy five." The voice answers.

    Malone leans back, a smile on his face. "Done. All yours, Michael."

    The woman seems satisfied at this. "Going once, twice..."

    "I would like the artifact up here, please." The voice says.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)03:56 No.15931497
         File1313308605.png-(5 KB, 64x64, Galio Resolute Smite.png)
    5 KB
    ....God damn it...

    We're about two steps from unleashing swift justice on his ass.

    New plan: Hide from the guys that are no doubt about to return.

    "...the Don knows...He knows we're here."

    "Why else would you request the statue be brought immediately to him?"

    Then, more things to say to the group.

    "You don't have to come with us, but Hugh and I are going to confront the Don after this is over. We need our brother back..."

    "I don't blame you if you don't want to cross that man again...I just thought I should let you know our intention."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)04:07 No.15931592

    "...the Don knows... He knows we're here." You say, backing away from the door.

    "Why else would he request the statue be brought immediately to that man?" Hugh asks, looking back at the group, who slowly assembles. The two of you, brothers of stone, look at each other a moment, and then exchange a knowing nod.

    "You don't have to come with us, but Hugh and I are going to confront the Don after this is over. We need our brother back..." You say, looking over the group.

    "You son of a..." Fredrick hisses, his eyes seeming to glow with an almost bestial rage.

    "I don't blame you if you don't want to cross that man again... I just thought I should let you know our intention." You say to them.

    "He'll know something's up. We- we can't-" Fredrick spits.

    Renee pats you on the shoulder. "We'll do our best to help. Although... Will you have a chance to get to your brother's remains after this is over?"
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)04:16 No.15931653
    "I don't know. We'll find a way, though..."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)04:27 No.15931717

    "I don't know. We'll find a way, though..." You say to them.

    "Sold! To Master Michael Schiefer!" The woman asks him. "Is that to go with the other?" Her voice carries her obvious smile.

    "It is." The robed man states simply. You now notice that he has another crate up by him.

    "Could she be talking about... Our other..." Hugh asks, almost warily.

    "You cannot alert him right after! We have to get out of here!" Fredrick hisses under his breath.

    "With the Don dealt with, our flight would be made easier." Godfried says, adjusting his scarf. "It's well worth our while. You can't tell me you wouldn't rather see the man dead."

    "I'd rather not pay the price!" Fredrick whispers low. "I'd rather we three flee and leave alive!"
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)04:38 No.15931805
         File1313311125.jpg-(266 KB, 1215x717, Galio Enchanted Chinese Art.jpg)
    266 KB
    "Fredrick...I know life has been hard for you. You can leave this city and go wherever you please. But we can't; this is our home. It hurts us to see it like this, so we can't just walk away." Look him in the eye. "I don't blame you for wanting to leave..."

    "Hugh, we have to get ready."

    Then, we should give the low-down to Silence. Basically, tell him our deal and why we have to do this: for justice and all that jazz.

    "I know our time together has been short, but you may wish to remove yourself with Fredrick. He may be coarse, but he will protect you."

    "If we don't make it out, I want to apologize for not finding you a way back home..."

    Final save point before the boss. No magic. Insane difficulty. FINAL DESTINATION.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)05:39 No.15932178

    "Fredrick...I know life has been hard for you. You can leave this city and go wherever you please. But we can't; this is our home. It hurts us to see it like this, so we can't just walk away." You look him in the eye. "I don't blame you for wanting to leave..."

    "God damn it." Fredrick snarls. He puts his face in his hand.

    "Hugh, we have to get ready." You say to him. As you do, you notice Silence. He has little to do with this, but you feel he needs to be attended to.

    "I know our time together has been short, but you may wish to remove yourself with Fredrick. He may be coarse, but he will protect you." You say to him.

    "And what, then, of your promise?" The hawk asks you.

    "If we don't make it out, I want to apologize for not finding you a way back home..."

    "Then don't. Assure we will all make it out alive." Silence says, tilting his head to one side. "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)05:46 No.15932226
    "You guys..." Fredrick says, looking around at the lot of you. "Look, I'm not good at this mushy stuff. But I don't know any others willing to put up with my crap." He puts a hand on Godfried's shoulder. "You're kind of a dick sometimes, and you don't talk enough, but you help when you can, and you're reliable."

    "Thank you." Godfried nods.

    "And you!" Fredrick put his other hand on Renee's shoulder. "You almost got me to quit smoking."

    "That's it?" Renee chuckles.

    "You know it ain't. You and him... You keep me from losing it. And if I knew you'd gone and died and I could've helped, I don't know I'd think I was human at all anymore, not even in my head." Fredrick gives him a hearty pat.

    "Anyway, enough weepy shit out of me. If you're going in, you need someone to soak up some bullets, right?" He looks down at you. "No offense, Gabe, but you're kinda small. Not so attention-drawy. Plus I dunno how well you'd fly in there."

    "You sure?" Renee asks Fred, just as the bald man takes his sunglasses off.

    "Long as we get going before I reconsider." Fredrick's fangs show as his body begins to bulge.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)05:56 No.15932283
         File1313315762.jpg-(17 KB, 649x383, galio enchanted.jpg)
    17 KB
    Now, we wait. When the majority of the events are over, then we'll strike. Of course, I have a feeling that the Don is well aware of our presence and may send for us before then...either way, we're putting on our war face.

    All those good times we had: playing cards, watching movies, throwing stones at pedestrians; that's what life used to be like. We may not be able to return to that level of bliss, but the least we can do is fight for our new home: freedom; to be free from these mobsters who muscle anyone with any semblance of power or uniqueness, who wield it with impudence above any degree of sanctity, rights, or laws. That is why we must fight. For ourselves, for Jerry's memory, for Father O'Malley, for Silence, for Mrs. McGregor, for Fredrick and Renee, and Godfried, and anyone else who may have been pulled within their sick games!

    Yup, that's my dramatic speech/self-psych-up
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)06:00 No.15932312
         File1313316013.jpg-(88 KB, 1024x768, gendo extreme.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)06:04 No.15932332

    Not bad anon.

    Your memories of the last few months rush through your head, as you realize that any one of you who goes through that door might have it become their final resting place. Along with Jerry's.

    "So." You can almost hear him say, as the faintest scent of cigar smoke drifts into your nostrils. "I mean enough to you that your friends have to die too?"

    His stony face twists in an expression of degradation as he puts out the cigar in his own eye.

    "You tried to teach me so much, but you're not much of a learner, are ya?"
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)06:05 No.15932340

    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)06:09 No.15932365
    "Hmph; that's just like you Jerry. You always asked the right questions.."

    "We're here to make a stand and say: no. No to being exploited, bartered, and treated like some tool. I'm just sad that it took you dying for us to see that..."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)06:29 No.15932471

    "Hmph; that's just like you Jerry. You always asked the right questions.." You say to him, now sure that he's some sort of apparition.

    "We're here to make a stand and say: no. No to being exploited, bartered, and treated like some tool. I'm just sad that it took you dying for us to see that..." You say to him.

    He stands stoic, looking you over. "You always did see a whole lot more than me." Jerry's eyes seem to almost cloud over. "Well, if you have more to do than just live, I suppose I can get that." He turns his back on you, walking further back into the warehouse. "Well, then I guess I'll be seeing you. How soon is up to you."

    Within moments he is gone, though the scent of his cigar still lingers in the air.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/11(Sun)06:33 No.15932497
         File1313318029.jpg-(21 KB, 244x320, manly tears.jpg)
    21 KB

    We'll wait out the auction, let people start heading out, then strike. We're going to be obviously outgunned and outmatched, so we need as many odds in our favor as we can.

    Also OP, I'm heading to bed now. Given how long this thread has been going on for, I'd understand if you wanted to call this chapter to a close for now. If not, I'll be up early again as well (like 7 hours~ish) if you're up to see this through.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 08/14/11(Sun)08:03 No.15933074
    Yeah, i am going to, as I am tired as well.

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