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  • File : 1313615467.jpg-(250 KB, 825x1200, outsider091.jpg)
    250 KB Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)17:11 No.15972165  
    Wait, what?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 08/17/11(Wed)17:14 No.15972183
         File1313615681.jpg-(68 KB, 384x494, You gonna get raped.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH 08/17/11(Wed)17:17 No.15972201

    Ain't you slow...that page has been there for days and days.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 08/17/11(Wed)17:19 No.15972219
    Oh shit it's been updated?
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 08/17/11(Wed)17:23 No.15972249
    Man I simply cannot escape Gurren Lagann even after a 12 hour marathon/.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)17:28 No.15972299
    >25 July 2011: New page: 91
    You're right.
    On the other hand...
    >23 May 2002: New page: 18
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:24 No.15972783
         File1313619876.jpg-(16 KB, 320x240, 1249355547045.jpg)
    16 KB
    Hate to be the guy who asks this, but... sauce?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:34 No.15972880
    Nevermind, found it myself.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:37 No.15972904
         File1313620647.jpg-(101 KB, 491x629, balebleedpsycho.jpg)
    101 KB
    At this rate, it'll finish in less than thirty years! Awesome!

    >nallize hilarity
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:37 No.15972907
    I think that we all know that it's the space elves that destroyed the human scout vesse;
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:40 No.15972933

    My money's on the psilons.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:43 No.15972958
    No shit, they just blew it up with a missile. Signs point to how manipulative and cruel the space elves are-- just look at the diplomatic exchange on the bridge re: the existence of humans for your proof.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:45 No.15972971
    How? I've had no luck.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:50 No.15973018
    >manipulative and cruel
    Erm. They lost one of their ships defending the remains of the human ship. The only reason they didn't just explode it and run was because OC McIforgothisname wanted the bodies for his summoning ritual or whatever.
    So it's kinda his fault their friends died.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:51 No.15973020
    I'm guessing look at filename -> google Outsider Comic -> Profit.

    Here you go though.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:54 No.15973048
    So is this, you know, leading to a threesome? Because that's the vibe I was getting here.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)18:55 No.15973053
    >ally race mentioning they were told by the elves nothing lived out in this region of space
    >absolute disdain for anything not said in telepathic communication
    >giving the other diplomats the equivalent of a middle finger when asked for clarification
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:02 No.15973133
    No one knew humans existed.
    That's why the humans send out those ships, to make first contact.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:09 No.15973206

    Their captain decided not to run so she could search it for loot.
    Roger Wilco only asked to see their weapons fire so he could see if they shot any green beams.
    He saw most of their beam weapons fire, but not all.

    The Tempest is equipped with a beam weapon, I think it's called the Wave Motion Somethingorother. It takes time to charge before it fires, so they didn't use it in the battle scene.

    On the bridge of the human ship, before it was destroyed? They detected a very large charge building in the alien ship that fired on them. It took several seconds for them to detect the charge, and several more for them to identify it as charging a weapon.

    The bugs do not have an equivalent to the Wave Motion Gun. Only the Elves have a beam weapon that takes serious charge-time.

    A weapon they decided not to use when the human survivor, who saw the beam that blew away his ship, was on their bridge.

    And now they're rushing him off the bridge. Maybe they need to use this weapon the next time around, since the Umiak are using superheavies.

    Nothin' suspicious goin' on here at all.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:13 No.15973239

    The Psilons have all the required technology and more, plus a disdainful and suspicious emissary.

    The elves don't even have a proper WMG beam, they have a pulse cannon based on dumbed-down psilon beam. Bugs have a very short ranged beam so they weren't the culprits.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:17 No.15973264

    Yes they do. Hold on a second, lemme look through the tabletop wargame, I'll post the relevant part.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:17 No.15973271
    >using words I've never seen in the comic
    Fucking tech pages.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:20 No.15973292
    Wave Loom, or what was it?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:23 No.15973313

    Wave loom is something bigger than what killed the human scoutship, that weapon did relatively little damage (cut it in half, left survivors and a clean hulk) and would be little use against screened and much larger and more advanced Umiak warships as a superweapon like the Wave Loom. Bellarmine got probably plasma focus'd.

    >The idea behind the plasma focus (or plasma beam) is that you have some mechanism for focusing plasma into a tight beam over very long distances. I imagine some sort of "carrier wave" that accomplishes this long-range cohesion... here we're talking pretty high tech, even for the aliens, so only the Umiak and Historians have really mastered this technique. The advantages of the plasma focus are very high power and very good armor penetration/ablation; the disadvantage is limited range. The Historian version uses a different focusing mechanism than the Umiak version, and has significantly longer range.

    >When the Historians gave the Loroi the plans for a dumbed-down version of their plasma focus, it was still too advanced for the Loroi to copy exactly. They could only get it to work in short bursts. The result was the Loroi pulse cannon, which sends pulses of plasma down the carrier wave to the target; it doesn't do as much damage as the Umiak plasma focus, but does significant damage at much longer ranges.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:24 No.15973319
         File1313623448.jpg-(222 KB, 825x1200, outsider_chapter2.jpg)
    222 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:24 No.15973320
         File1313623449.gif-(110 KB, 711x924, Wave Loom Device.gif)
    110 KB

    Outsider Starship Combat Sim, pages 25 and 26.
    Wave Loom Device, not Wave Motion Gun.
    There you go.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:31 No.15973382

    1. Nobody knew how advanced the human ship might be. It could have been using some sort of supershield with amazing superadvanced armor as far as the attackers knew. Hit it with your best shot.

    2. You don't know what kind of hole the Wave Thing would make. You just know that it would punch through heavy shields and armor. We just know that the beam that hit the Bellarmine blew right through it and that the next shot ignited their fuel.

    3. It took minutes--MINUTES--between the first hit and Alex watching the second hit. Damage Control had to suit up and all that. The Historians would have been able to rapid-fire their plasma focus, and the Umiak would have had many plasma focuses to fire. There would have been a handful of SECONDS between hits. Alex would not have survived.

    Someone hit them with a slow gun.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:34 No.15973403
    Author promised first page of Chapter 2 today.
    Here's to hoping it comes out on time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:35 No.15973412
    Probably those Historian fucks.

    Also, new page should be out today. Chapter two started recently. The author has gotten his shit together, we usually get a page every week or two instead of every month or two.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:36 No.15973417
    >author promised
    October 2001.
    That's when this comic started.
    October 2001.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:38 No.15973427

    He might be slow as fuck, but he's been - and I emphasize - consistently slow as fuck.
    It'll come.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:38 No.15973429

    Historian and probably even Umiak (dunno about Loroi because lolfarsightimmune) would have seen the human ship for what it is.

    And if the Historians wanted to not reveal themselves (and why would they), they could delay between shots. I'm not really convinced by anything shown so far that it was Loroi or Umiak.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:38 No.15973439
    I'm betting on next Monday. I'm just used to the comic updating on Monday when it does.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:43 No.15973478

    More evidence against wave-loom
    >The wave loom is an area-of-effect weapon with enhanced penetration capabilities, which is limited by accuracy and power issues.

    >It's meant to be a long range, area of effect weapon. I think of it in some ways like the German railroad guns of WWI -- fearsome, but with significant practical limitations that hinder its effectiveness.

    The effect on Bellarmine, and the features of the gun (area of effect, inaccurate) make it even less likely to be what hit the humans (from a long range, and accurately with "clean" effect).
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:43 No.15973490
         File1313624636.jpg-(309 KB, 825x1200, outsider063.jpg)
    309 KB
    >And if the Historians wanted to not reveal themselves (and why would they), they could delay between shots.
    Beryl said that the Tempest's sensors detected the shot. So there was no stealthiness or undetectedness to it, and whoever was firing it would know that.

    Beryl also said they could not positively identify it, but that it was consistent with a plasma focus.
    Beryl looked unhappy when she was saying that.
    Was she perhaps upset about lying to the sexy alien?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:46 No.15973502
         File1313624760.jpg-(59 KB, 796x366, x_forrest8.jpg)
    59 KB
    The author is a bro, you can jump on the forums and ask him questions about the universe and he normally gives you a detailed answer unless its plot related.

    Outsider is defiantly one of my favorite 'verse's.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:46 No.15973505

    They identified the shot, but not the source. That's stealthy enough.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:52 No.15973543
         File1313625131.jpg-(279 KB, 1248x908, Outsider 6 and 7.jpg)
    279 KB
    >(from a long range, and accurately with "clean" effect).
    Sixty kilometers.
    Just sixty kilometers.
    And instead of making a single clean hole just through the beam's area of travel, it split the entire ship in half.
    And look at how broad that beam is. Bellarmine is 190 meters long. It's fat and thick and not particularly focused for a focused particle beam from SIXTY KILOMETERS AWAY, especially a beam meant to be fired from like TEN THOUSAND KILOMETERS OR MORE.

    Also, looking through the combat sim, Pulse Cannons, the Tempest's other big offensive weapons? Don't work on targets at less than 3 hexes.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:52 No.15973553

    That's one of the things that keeps me hopeful about this comic.
    The author already has everything (setting, plot, character development) fleshed out, and seems incredibly dedicated to it.
    Even if he stops producing the comic I doubt he'd leave us without a concise picture of the stuff that would've come in the comic.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:56 No.15973583

    > "Size approximately 300 meters..."

    Forgot about that. What in the alien navies is the right size to be that?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:57 No.15973585

    Plasma foci would work though, so maybe...it was not Tempest?

    Also the short range wave loom would eradicate Bellarmine with those multipliers, being described by the author as an "area of effect weapon" in the story, and even pondering about giving it an area of effect in-game (which means MASSIVE AoE9, the damage done to the ship now feels even less likely to be caused by that weapon.

    I'm now just more convinced it was the H's.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)19:59 No.15973606

    Two loroi ships with lasers, blasters and warhead launchers.

    More than five Umiak ships with plasma foci in each.

    Possible third party, no other ships are revealed.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:01 No.15973622
    I'd wager that it was the Historians that led the attack.
    Everything about them revealed in the Insider and Word(s) of God paint them as shifty-eyed fuckers that can't be trusted.
    Maybe they know some big secret about Humanity & the Loroi.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:02 No.15973631
    Shittiest fucking webcomic ever. The slow production amplifies the shittyness, but it's not the cause of the shittyness. Or even because the aliens are unimaginative, or the dialogue is boring... No, it's shitty because:


    This is not shit you pull in chapter fucking one. This is shit you pull in chapter 7. Maybe chapter 4 if its fast paced.
    Why? It begs to be retconned. It NEEDS to be retconned.

    You have a alien /machine /plot device capable of creating a reality that's so real you can not tell the difference between it and actual reality. The Matrix and its simulated reality. Blade Runner and the so-human-machines you can't tell them and actual humans apart; that even the Alien series has... How many StarTrek: Next Generation and Voyager episodes revolved around the holodeck and all the wonderful reality warping horrors it can produce? Don't forget the one TNG episode where an alien produced a psychic hologram within a hologram.

    It's cliche, it's stale, and it's going to get retconned... And it's going to take forever to learn the truth about wether or not it WOULD get that retcon, because its production speed amplifies the shittyness.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:03 No.15973645

    An esoteric couple of destroyers in the Umiak navy, and a "Cutlass" in the Loroi navy.
    But there's actually a pretty clear picture of the ship on the girl's display, if you just look at the panel there.
    It doesn't really look anything like either race's style.

    I'm not betting on Psilons, though.
    The comic's based on Master of Orion 2.
    So I'd bet on Antarans.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:04 No.15973649
         File1313625857.jpg-(57 KB, 544x404, trollingwood.jpg)
    57 KB

    Well now, remember that Alex is a blank before picking your tools of the trade.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:05 No.15973661
    I don't think Psilons exist in Outsider-verse.
    Was there some Word of God that I missed?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:05 No.15973665
    ... Are you delusional? I'm serious, are there anti-psychotics you forgot to take today? How could you possible think that's the direction the plot was going in? I just feel bad reading this post and imagining someone might exist.

    3/10, you at least got a response out of me.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:06 No.15973675
         File1313626001.jpg-(20 KB, 500x375, cutest_bunny_ever.jpg)
    20 KB
    You're getting mad over a webcomic, bro.

    Just relax.

    Here's an unrelated but extremely cute bunny.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:07 No.15973686

    >assume matrix-esque twist
    >never even hinted at
    >raging at made up shit
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:08 No.15973696

    ...the mindrape was an establishing element, necessary to demonstrate to the audience that humans are immune to telepathy.
    Which is something that the Loroi would notice immediately and which would need to be conveyed to the audience pretty fast.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:10 No.15973711
    >>15973631 clarification
    And by this entire post, i mean that just by introducing this kind of "aliens are psychic" element into the material, there is NOTHING that we can trust, or take as a fact, or being real, or actually even happening because the guy in charge basically dropped a fucking NUKE on the plot line with that one character capability.

    It's like giving a character the power to control fire, and making the main antagonist out of fire.
    The dude just fucked his entire story over.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:11 No.15973724
         File1313626294.jpg-(88 KB, 599x724, n_eaters_collage.jpg)
    88 KB

    Humans have Creative, and are thus the real Psilon equivalents.
    ...kinda looks like humans took Creative AND Democracy, and are thus IMPOSSIBROKEN.

    But I think people are talking about the Historians as if they were the Psilon, because the Historians still maintained a working knowledge of most of the Soia's technology.
    Kinda silly, because the Historians mostly look like Gnolam to me in the fanart.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:12 No.15973734
    Uggh, I meant "concept art."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:15 No.15973740

    Yeah, like a filthy Gnolam could ever have the scientific edge!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:16 No.15973749

    Hey, Jews have done some pretty impressive things over the course of their history.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:16 No.15973752

    So... Humanity Fuck Yeah?
    I've never played MoO.
    Can someone explain this creative/democracy thing to me?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:17 No.15973766

    >terrible analogy implying Jews are not creative/cunning
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:18 No.15973774

    Creative allows you to research everything ever.
    Democracy gives you a 50% bonus to research speed.
    Both, individually, are pretty broken.
    That's Mary Sue territory.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:22 No.15973794
         File1313626921.jpg-(57 KB, 563x367, gnolams.jpg)
    57 KB

    Hey, you were the one who implied the Gnolam weren't creative and cunning.
    Gnolams, the race that the Anti-Defamation League got in a tiff over.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:22 No.15973803


    Humans are said to have reached Space Age much, much faster than the Loroi, who took over 200 years between the first satellites to the first manned space-missions.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:23 No.15973805
    My points are valid you fools.
    The only thing the viewer knows is what they are given by the story writer through the point of view of the protagonist; we didn't know Neo was in the matrix until his face started melting. We all suspected he was, though, because we have the benifit of being outside the fourth wall and there wouldn't be a plot otherwise.

    I mean really, would you just throw someone who got knocked unconcious from your psychic touch into a fucking brig cell immediately after? Or would you do the smart thing and KEEP HIM IN MEDBAY?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:25 No.15973821

    I'm a different anon from the one who was talking about the Gnolams, but sure.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:26 No.15973829

    OP's pick is just asking for the speech bubbles to be altered.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:27 No.15973832
         File1313627229.jpg-(151 KB, 626x737, yesitupdatesslow.jpg)
    151 KB

    ...or what if the telepathy does not affect Alex but it affects YOU, the reader, and thus it is that the main character can trust his senses while you are slave to illusion?

    What if it extends to the forum and the Insider?

    Are the Umiak actually WEREWOLVES?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:27 No.15973836

    Alex the first human "Ambassador".
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:27 No.15973838

    They clothed him.
    Obviously they spent some time in the medbay, probably taking turns riding his morning wood until that situation was taken care of, before they verified that he was fine.

    The psychic powers section of Insider indicates that they think of psychic masking as a psychic power; it says something along the lines of "even exceptionally powerful Loroi have trouble masking themselves for long." Meaning that the more powerful you are, the better your mask can be. So Alex should look like fucking Nyarlathotep to them right now.
    You gotta put him in a cell after you figure out that he's psychic-immune, because you don't know what other psychic powers he might have. He could use his superior alien telekinesis to break the restraints.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:30 No.15973871

    In fact, just replace "KTUMMM" in the last panel with "BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW".
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:39 No.15973933
    >implying we won't all have died of old age by the time we reach chapter 7
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:43 No.15973964
    That's actually not too far off. He's planning 7 50-ish page chapters. It has taken him 10 years to write 100 pages, including a prologue.

    Personally? If this wasn't a fun time-waster for him, and if I weren't taking into account that maybe he just likes to draw, i'd say just get an artist partner and just stick to writing. It's not like his stuff is unknown. I'm sure he could get his pick of highly talented artists to help him.

    But again, he's the one with the ball, he gets to make the rules.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:45 No.15973982
    I'll need to remember to pass knowledge of the comic on to my grandchildren.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:45 No.15973983

    Yeah, I bet they want to see his screaming darkness...

    (Seriously, I don't get it about the Loroi. Even otherwise rational, equal-minded people are forced to make sexist jokes about them)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:46 No.15973994
    One word.

    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:51 No.15974026

    They're like the Asari, only with making you make sex jokes instead of making you think they're sexy.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)20:53 No.15974041
    That's what SHE said.

    ...oh god.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:08 No.15974165

    Oh fuck, remember when the author stopped updating for several months because he was too busy playing Mass Effect 2?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:14 No.15974222

    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:35 No.15974440
    This reminds me of an important factoid:
    >parallel course
    Someone was shadowing them before blasting them.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:40 No.15974493
    Too bad our human guy doesn't know that, but if he had been on the bridge he probably would have died just like everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:40 No.15974499
         File1313631637.gif-(6 KB, 412x144, plasma focus.gif)
    6 KB
    You've at least got to admit it helps tell the audience that these are not nice girls.
    They'd just met Alex like ten pages ago and they RAPED him.
    Which was hot, but also sorta a little wrong I guess.

    >with those multipliers,
    20xCharge at 0-10 hexes. Assuming one charge, that's 20 damage.

    The upper-tier Umiak Plasma Focuses cab do 24 damage at 0 hexes, and the Historian Plasma Focus is supposed to do a whole lot more but isn't filled in. Plasma Focuses do additional Armor Ablating damage, I can't see anything saying that the Wave Loom does that, and human ships are only protected by armor and hull points. So the ship is actually less likely to survive a Historian plasma shot than a single-charge Wave Loom shot, by virtue of both damage points and the respective weapons' effects on their defensive systems.

    Area-of-Effect could be a red herring, or it could apply at longer range than 0 hexes (partly because holy suicide Batman, how would you even fire such a beam; also partly because if it fires exotic particles and antiparticles or something they could be contained well enough to not interact to do whatever area of effect thing he has in mind until after the beam's passed the range at which the AoE would harm the ship that fired it, or something). Or it might be that normally the gun would fire multiple beams in a burst at once, simulating AoE without actually doing it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:46 No.15974571
         File1313631985.jpg-(94 KB, 315x392, chibi_tiled1.jpg)
    94 KB
    For anyone who doesn't check up on the Outsider forums.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:57 No.15974691

    I get that 154 is the Bellarmine's registry number, but what does the spade stand for?
    Are the other scouts labeled with hearts, clubs, and diamonds?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)21:59 No.15974704

    The author just changed the time from "Tuesday or Wednesday" to "Wednesday or Thursday".
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:00 No.15974716
    >really like Outsiders concept and everything
    >really excited when I first find it
    >seems like a billion years later
    >oh a single new fucking page

    Well. I guess this wont ever be finished by my life time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:03 No.15974737
    >Loroi are probably the bad guys and Humanity is either going to be some faggots allied with the bug people ,or a 3rd party that suddenly becomes godly because of random mcguffin

    Im going to be upset if that happens.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:09 No.15974804

    Loroi only look like bad guys right now because we've only ever seen them in abusive rapist mode.
    There are six chapters to go, they'll probably soften up eventually.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:12 No.15974830
    It doesn't matter which two days of the year he updates, anon.
    He's still going to take his goddamn time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:12 No.15974832
    So six chapters huh?

    What are we looking at, completion date somewhere around 2020? 2023
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:15 No.15974865
    There were 6 scout ships assigned to the mission, I'm curious as to what happened to them.

    Note that scout ship vaporized on first contact is rather common in MoO2.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:15 No.15974867

    >10 years to get through Chapter 1.
    >Finish 5 more chapters in 10~13 years

    Go finish your math classes, anon.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:18 No.15974894
    Has it....has it really been...theres no way man.

    No fucking way man. You are trolling me right. It hasn't been ten years...right?....RIGHT!?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:19 No.15974908

    Parabolic growth curve.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:23 No.15974935
         File1313634192.jpg-(24 KB, 400x320, TheMostEvilCreature.jpg)
    24 KB
    > implying they have a mode other then abusive rape
    No, sorry, everyone that isn't human or the two alien diplomats we've seen who seemed to be pretty brofist material are all horrble bastards for their interstellar-spanning crimes against both others and themselves.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:23 No.15974943

    This comic began in October 2001.
    Do you remember when 911 happened?
    Outsider is almost as old as that.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:24 No.15974949
    >31 October 2001: New pages: Cover 1 2
    First update.

    >16 May 2002: New pages: 16, 17
    The Prologue is completed!

    >06 June 2002
    No new page this week; the panels are all drawn, but as I feared, the 3D backgrounds still need a lot more work. In other news, Outsider has been nominated for "Best Science Fiction Comic" in the 2002 Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Thanks!

    >1 August 2011: New page: Chapter 2 Cover

    It should take about 80 years for it to actually reach the end.
    We'll all be long dead by then.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:24 No.15974952
    Space Elf babes looking pretty good. Besides im sure we can offer them something.
    If you know what I mean.
    By that I mean
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:25 No.15974961
    >08 December 2001: New page: 6
    >Better late (or so they say) than never. Blame Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Also added a simple guestbook.
    The first of many distractions.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:26 No.15974972
    >outsider started in 2001
    >just got to chapter 2 in 2011

    First of all
    Fuck this gay earth
    What the fuck is this candy ass doing, writing a fucking novel? Its a god damn comic on the internet. Chug out some god damn filler at least christ
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:28 No.15974986
    >blame return to castle wolfenstien

    So what you are telling me is. The nazis are behind this?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:28 No.15974988
    >03 January 2002: New page: 9
    >Well, at 9 pages this is now officially the longest comic I've ever done. Hey, at least I'm excited. :)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:29 No.15974999
    It'll be done around the same time as the third Starcraft expansion.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:31 No.15975010
    A Half-Life 3 joke would have been more appropriate, at least SC2:2 is trucking along.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:31 No.15975019
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:32 No.15975022

    HL3 would be done in a flash once Gaben stops hanging out at the employee food storage room.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:33 No.15975037
    > chapter release time table talk
    The dude should just write a fucking script for each of the comic chapters, release them all at once when they're done, and then go back to taking his sweet ass time drawing the graphics. Seriously, just TELL us the fucking story if you can't SHOW us the fucking story within a reasonable amount of time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:35 No.15975050
         File1313634915.jpg-(91 KB, 389x389, hot-dog-mustard-small.jpg)
    91 KB
    He just can't resist Hot Dog Thursdays...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:35 No.15975053
    Have you guys read any of the bonus fluff he's written up?

    Turns out there used to be a grand space empire that populated the entirety of the Orion Arm.

    Odds are it's >>15974935 's pic related? I'd say high.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:35 No.15975057

    I say he should hire an artist to do the drawing and stick to story.
    Maybe franchise this thing once it gains some internet following (like posters or something).
    That way it wouldn't be a spoilerific drawfag-marathon.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:36 No.15975061
    Humanity has the Creative and Democracy traits.

    In any MoO game, that means we're a ticking timebomb. There are two things that happen: 1) Either we get rushed/contained and die. 2) We wreck everybody's shit and take over the galaxy. Best two long-term traits in the game.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:36 No.15975062
    Creative and democracy are both not +production traits and so therefore suck.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:37 No.15975073
         File1313635049.jpg-(167 KB, 615x819, 3elerians.jpg)
    167 KB
    >Chug out some god damn filler at least christ
    Have you looked at the Insider section?
    It's huge and constantly updating.
    He's put more work into every aspect of this comic that isn't actually in the comic than he has into the comic proper.

    Also, this is what Outsider was apparently originally going to look like... when he was planning it in 1998.

    1998, guys.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:38 No.15975086
         File1313635111.jpg-(126 KB, 1024x768, Battle-Royale..jpg)
    126 KB

    Contradictory statements.
    /tg/ duel is on!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:45 No.15975145

    The speculation I had was thus:
    >The Soia were the alpha telepathic race in existence during their golden age.
    >They discover proto-Humanity, a primitive race with better telepathic potential / powers than the Soia themselves.
    >Soia are divided on the issue of Humanity.
    >Some factions advocate exterminating / psychically blinding humans.
    >Other factions advocate controlling the potential in humans.
    >Secret plots on both sides, with one side working telepathic mute-ness into the human genome (therefore explaining the "old stories" Alex mentioned), while the other creates the Loroi to harness human telepathic power.
    >Two sides discover eachother's handiwork, have civil war.
    >Downfall of Soia Empire.
    >Nascent humans & primitive Loroi isolated, begin individual developments.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:48 No.15975177
    Not really. Production typically just out-expands research places then wins. Long game benefits don't really help if you lose at the start.

    That said, I'm reasonably sure the comic isn't going to be about one of the races zerg rushing us with better empire start conditions. Everyone is in a better position to beat us, but their victories would be boring from a narrative perspective. Human victory would be interesting from a narrative perspective. Hence, I'm using meta knowledge to assume that, if the author wants to make an interesting story, humans will end up broken-good.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:49 No.15975182
    I'm with you except for the "old stories"

    I'm pretty sure that the old stories are, well, us, he was talking about shit /tg/ likes. Wizards and shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:51 No.15975208

    Reseach is King in Moo2.

    you don't need production when you have automated factories and robo miners and core waste dumps and android workers and shit.

    Lithivore + production and unification is, however, hilariously awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:56 No.15975249

    Hm, I somehow doubt that.
    Being on a diplomatic mission with aliens who don't understand human culture, it's a possible avenue for a diplomatic misunderstanding.
    "Old stories" can be chalked up as myth.
    RPG can't.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:58 No.15975267
    The umiak do look like a repulsive production race though. An alliance of combat races could forestall them long enough for research to matter.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)22:59 No.15975281
    Production is even kinger. do a hosteat game with 2 and see how it turns out.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:01 No.15975295
    But if what the Umiak admiral said wasn't a bluff, that they're now able to bypass Loroi positions undetected then it's too late for research.

    Umiak have stealth field/cloaking device tech and are now sending fleets past the picket star systems. It's end game rush so there's no time to develop a counter tech or ship design.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:02 No.15975306
    That'll be 20 chapters from now. By that time we'll have already finished our first real intergalactic war.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:03 No.15975317
    >"Old stories" can be chalked up as myth.
    "Old stories" could also be pulp-era sci-fi.
    Lensmen isn't new even today. "Old magazine-published stories" and "old serials from popular periodicals" wouldn't translate.
    "Old stories" is a decent way of getting that across.

    Maybe Alex is thinking of pulp sci-fi. Maybe he likes Philip K. Dick and H. P. Lovecraft and thus has a passing familiarity with the era.

    By Alex's time, the era of pulps, from 1910-ish to 1980-ish would be more than two hundred years in the past.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:03 No.15975318
    >implying RPGs aren't based off of myth

    >taking me literally

    I was talking about the general cultural background noise of psychics and magic, not specifically Dungeons and Dragons.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:05 No.15975337
    For those wondering, there's no doubt that humans will win this war.
    The Outsider official forum has a thirteen page thread discussing post-war Terran ships talking incorporating tech gleaned off the Umiak and the Loroi, where the author Arioch has been participating.

    I'm pretty sure that he's even mentioned a sequel to the current storyline there.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:10 No.15975380

    The man better become immortal fast or he's going to have to name a successor.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:12 No.15975400

    Ah I see what you guys mean. Just cultural noise people were interested in rather than concrete, fleshed out settings. Got it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:17 No.15975466
    The new Umiak tech doesn't cloak ships, it blocks Loroi farseers from detecting Umaik ships. The only reason that the Loroi have been able to hold the Umiak back is because they can detect where Umiak fleets will strike. The Loroi aren't strong enough to have a fleet defending every border system, so they keep them all at fortresses and send almost everything out to stop Umiak fleets when they're detected. With the new Umiak tech they can hit border systems without warning, destroying the picket force, bombing the planets, then just keep going until the Loroi can get their shit together. It was said by that Umiak commander that they had done just this.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:19 No.15975483
    IIIII don't think so. The best Humanity can do is getting the least fucked over by whoever wins.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:20 No.15975490
    It's been established that nothing anyone says - and especially anything said by a member of a different species - can be trusted, though. Even if it's the truth, it's not the whole truth. Everyone has an agenda.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:23 No.15975515
    I think that's pretty doubtful. The story doesn't appear to be heading in that direction.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:31 No.15975615
         File1313638317.jpg-(143 KB, 637x913, outsider028.jpg)
    143 KB
    >The best Humanity can do is getting the least fucked over by whoever wins.
    Given the rapey tone of Human/Loroi first contact, I can't help but take that sentence literally.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:47 No.15975775
    You want to know the best part about the whole "humans immune to telepathy" bit? He's straight up plagiarizing Alan Dean Foster's "The Damned Trilogy" -- on first contact with humanity, the female scientist on board the scout ship attempted telepathic contact with the guy they picked up. She was in a coma for a few days afterwards if I remember correctly--it's heavily implied that whatever telepathy relies on rides straight through the "reptilian brain," the feral subconscious that holds all of man's baser instincts. It's described as an all-consuming rage, like the fire used in the comic here.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:50 No.15975806
    So, rather than actually write the comic, this guy spends all his time fluffing out the background for it? I'm starting to wonder if excruciating background detail isn't overrated. It's interesting, but then the story never gets told. It's an amazing setting WITH NOTHING GOING ON IN IT.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:53 No.15975835

    What is this outsider starship combat sim?

    Where can one get it?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/11(Wed)23:59 No.15975902
    I think it's Fireblade that's pure rage, not ..Roger Wilco (don't remember his name, don't care).

    And that wasn't humanity's first contact, just the first time one of the telepathic 'enemies' got a hold of one.
    You should reread it anyway, HFY done right.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)00:00 No.15975905
         File1313640022.jpg-(37 KB, 800x439, IKS_Kronos_One.jpg)
    37 KB

    Is that a motherfucking K'tinga class cruiser?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)00:05 No.15975945
    It's the incomplete tabletop wargame the author started making some time in 2005 or so, but still hasn't finished today.
    It's both the reason /tg/ discusses the comic, and, being incomplete after the better part of a decade, an adequate metaphor for the comic as a whole.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:21 No.15976551

    Repulsive means that you can't do alliances or diplomacy or trade with other races.
    >The Morat are still nominally a sovereign power, and Morat fleets continue to fight alongside their Umiak allies when defending their section of the frontier.
    >Despite possession of an independent military, the Morat are now almost wholly dependent on the Umiak for their survival.

    >the Tithric desired to remain neutral in the war, but did not have the political unity to make neutrality work.
    > attacks finally unified the Tithric politically and prompted the formation of a stronger central government (and a formal alliance with the Umiak), but it was too late: the Loroi under Admiral Sunfall razed the entire region.

    >the Tanuki valued their freedom but recognized that their only way of retaining some self-determination would be to aid the Umiak as vigorously as they could.

    Honestly, it sounds almost like the disparate common races of the nearby systems put aside their differences and formed a Last Alliance to overthrow the Dark Lord Sauron and end the dark reign of the Loroi Empire once and for all.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:27 No.15976611
    Just read through this comic. Overall, pretty good. Just wondering, though, am I the only one who thinks that pretty much every alien race except the Loroi come off as total bros? Even the fucking bugs seem pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:34 No.15976669

    Yeah, but you can't go down on them.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:38 No.15976700
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:40 No.15976728

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:41 No.15976734
         File1313646076.jpg-(44 KB, 267x267, umiakface.jpg)
    44 KB

    The bugs are awesome.
    I love commander whatshisname.
    Rambling, but at times, almost oddly poetic.
    >We will derive no gratification from the destruction of [the Respected Enemy]
    >Unnecessary blood boiling in empty space nourishing nothing revered by no one
    >[Kikitik-27] whose promise is binding offers the opportunity to yet live
    Bugs confirmed for Lawful Bro.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:45 No.15976778
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:46 No.15976786

    They're paranoid as all hell though.
    The reason they invade & conquer everything around them is because they believe everyone's out to get them, so they're taking them out preemptively.
    Maybe the "unnecessary blood boiling" could have been avoided if you played nice, Umiak.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:49 No.15976814

    Hey, that ain't his own personal doin'.
    He didn't start no war.
    He's just finishin' one.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:50 No.15976824

    We were doing rhymes?
    Okay then.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:51 No.15976838
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:53 No.15976860
    except that the Umiak have conquered Loroi territory
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:55 No.15976876
         File1313646946.jpg-(33 KB, 400x272, rancor.jpg)
    33 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)01:55 No.15976877

    > each side tells a version of the incident that differs in who initiated the combat.
    But maybe they were just PREPARED is all.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:02 No.15976933
    Hey, guys.
    You wanna know what the most recent page he uploaded is?

    Page 38.
    Check it. Uploaded yesterday.

    He's changing the dialogue around. It says "behavioral differences" now, it used to say "biochemical differences."
    He also re-uploaded pages 35 through 39 today.
    He's apparently fixing his old stuff.
    All the time.

    That's how you can make a webcomic for 10 years and never get anywhere; trying to fiddle with it until it's perfect. Perfection is a trap.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:04 No.15976945
    So he is, in fact, another version of Tarn.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:05 No.15976952
         File1313647524.jpg-(67 KB, 600x750, Motivator_Legendary_Trap.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:06 No.15976965
         File1313647617.png-(163 KB, 321x400, adrian-monk_49116.png)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:09 No.15976988

    What an utter dickhole. I was holding out hope that, one day, magic would happen and he's work on the comic more religiously. Turns out he IS doing that.. he's just doing it with all the stuff that's already out. Which means the comic will NEVER GO ANYWHERE. A guy can always devote more time to something, but spending all that time retweaking instead of anything else is NOT a behavior that goes away.

    Fuck him. Why do assholes like this have to get the decent ideas?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:11 No.15977005
    Delicious hostility.

    You must have plenty of decent ideas of your own. Do something with them.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:17 No.15977048
         File1313648225.png-(133 KB, 361x358, sug4042_butthurt.png)
    133 KB

    He must be tweaking the setting & plot over and over again to get it perfect before making a page (ie. irreplaceable, at least picture-wise).
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:18 No.15977066
    Whatever the case, the comic (when it comes out) will be of a fucking diamond quality.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:22 No.15977100
    No, because the author will die long before it is even close to being done, if he keeps going at his current pace.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:22 No.15977101

    What I want you to do right now is try to understand what sort of fandom he's acquired.

    >A stunning online comic with plenty of hard science. The map is approximately 35 light years in diameter, and is available in both static and rotatable forms (Java required). I also tried making my own map.

    It wasn't enough to post Outsider references on Atomic Rockets proper, oh no.
    Atomic Rockets guy decided to not just fanboy it up for Outsider, but to fanboy it up to such an extreme level that he would attempt to make a STAR CHART for it. A DIFFERENT star chart than the 3D Java star chart that Outsider ALREADY HAS. God knows why. Maybe math is how Atomic Rockets guy has fun.

    This is the sort of thing that Outsider's fans do.

    He probably received obsessive e-mails saying "now wait a minute..." from biochemically-inclined people nitpicking Beryl's use of the term "biochemical differences" instead of "behavioral differences."

    Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a webcomic guy who has to deal with that sort of feedback for his hobby.

    It's really no wonder he draws fantasy stuff so often. Nobody goes "wait a second sir according to my calculations..." for wizard battles.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:23 No.15977108
    Fuckin' /tg/. I love you guys.
    Where else are you going to find a random argument over which set of racial perks are the best in MoO2?

    That said: Unification / Prod+ almost always wins out over silly things like Creative. There's a reason fan-patches increased the cost of Unification.
    Against bots? Creative does win the day but with Humans, its a different story.

    I ran a 3v3 multiplayer game of MoO2 once.
    Can't remember what the other side had, but the Grand Alliance I was in consisted of:
    Researcher Race (Creative, demo, Sci+1): Researched shit. Gave it to the rest of us.
    Production Race (Uni, Prod+2): Built shit.
    Warrior Race (Warlord, Ship Attack/defense++/telepathic?): Took control of some of Prod race's ships via boarding actions to supplement own forces and generally kicked the shit out of everything with supporting fleets.

    God, I miss MoO2.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:24 No.15977120
    No way.

    Then I'd just be an asshole. Only assholes get the good ideas. I remain pure and innocent by thinking nothing at all times.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:25 No.15977132
    A brilliant solution, sir.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:28 No.15977151
    >Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a webcomic guy who has to deal with that sort of feedback for his hobby.

    This is every webcomic ever. They ALL get emails about how they are DOING IT WRONG all the time. The only way any of them gets anything done is ignoring it.

    >It's really no wonder he draws fantasy stuff so often. Nobody goes "wait a second sir according to my calculations..." for wizard battles.

    ...It would be too terrible a thing to shatter your naive view of the internet...
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:30 No.15977165
    >this is every webcomic ever.
    >they ALL get e-mails
    I'm sure there are plenty of foreveralone comics out there.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:40 No.15977230
    I love how you can't tell who fired on the ship. Was it the Elves, or the Bugs? Maybe it was the Historians? Or maybe the story's version of the Antarans.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:40 No.15977232

    Notice this
    "Outsider is self-rated PG-13"

    We ain't ever gonna get a Ma3 or Oglaf out of this.

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:41 No.15977237
    I'm trying to think of a clever, but terribly mean, response involving it not mattering since no one is with them to know they exist anyway if they're forever alone, but I can't think of one.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:41 No.15977238

    That's the big mystery that has everyone hooked on this webcomic.
    I say it's the Historians, the shifty-eyed sneaks.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:42 No.15977245
    That's what the fan art is for
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:46 No.15977266
    It's a simple but brilliant little twist that makes this stand out so strongly. I'd almost say that if the guy could ever just pick up the fucking pace he could easily adapt his story into a screenplay/ series. He's telling a good story so far, if he'd fucking get on with it already.

    I love his devotion to detail and methodical process of organizing his data, but this is almost too much. Yet at the same time if he doesn't do some basic level of this his story doesn't flow as well.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:46 No.15977272
    Yeah, I'm only so religious about checking up on this comic because I want to know if the speehs elves turn out to be the good or the bads. I wanna know who took that damn shot!

    Well, I guess I also like that it's a different take on elves. Not unique, but it's not stock at least. The potentially brewing shitstorm over how humanity compares to them interests me. A whole race of psychic nulls. I bet they are trying their very hardest to not shit their pants in terror right about now.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:50 No.15977297

    We all missed MoO 2, until we discovered DosBox.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:54 No.15977333
         File1313650492.jpg-(10 KB, 150x150, reactionface14.jpg)
    10 KB
    I object to that blatantly misleading speculation, on the following grounds:
    You have no evidence of our eyes being shifty. Beady, perhaps, but not necessarily shifty.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)02:59 No.15977359
    It's a great comic, too bad the creator will probably die of old age before he finishes it.

    It also seems to be bizarrely immune to Rule 34, as I can't seem to find Outsider porn anywhere on the Internet.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)03:09 No.15977407
    To those who are wondering if it's the Loroi or the Umiak who are the bad guys, I have your answer.

    Both of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)03:28 No.15977508
         File1313652508.jpg-(213 KB, 629x924, outsider001.jpg)
    213 KB

    I can see pretty much everyone in-universe being complete asshats.
    The humans' explicit mission wasn't to find out who's less evil, it was to find out who was going to win, and join them to bring an end to this destructive conflict and rule the galaxy as father and son.
    The mission is supposed to give exactly zero fucks about right and wrong.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:12 No.15977746
    O rly?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:32 No.15977855

    Dude, I can play MoO 2 on an Apple computer.
    Or on Linux.
    I could do this RIGHT NOW.
    Saying "I miss MoO 2" while on a computer is like a perfectly healthy guy saying "I miss my left hand." It's RIGHT THERE.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:36 No.15977877
    Arioch, my voice is sexier.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:47 No.15977928

    It was pretty great of Relic to give a fan a shoutout like that, but it's still not quite as amazing as the shoutout to Hamish Sinclair in Marathon Infinity.

    Hats Off To 819 is still the craziest fucking easter egg I've ever heard of in the entire history of video games.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:51 No.15977939
    > Play MoO2
    > On Apple
    > On Linux
    Go on....
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:51 No.15977941
    No no, I mean they made it on DosBox. I didn't know, now I do I'm downloading it now. I have a Mac myself, and had given up on MoO2 until I heard that.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)04:56 No.15977969
    MoO2 runs like shit for me on Dos Box. Is it supposed to be that slow? Is it a cycles issue?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)05:00 No.15977992

    Since you're aware that it could be a cycle issue, you've doubtless already tried raising that, but sometimes it also helps to play in fullscreen for some fucking reason or another.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)05:01 No.15978000
    Just get MOO2 from Good Old Games and it should run flawlessly.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)07:42 No.15978879

    I hereby motion to Invoke Rule 35 on Outsider, requesting drawfag assistance
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)08:17 No.15979039
    So, do the space elves have males or is this an all female species?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)08:19 No.15979050
    The males are basically fuckslaves who go insane if they go an hour without impregnating a female.

    Needless to say, this caused an awkward moment when they assumed the same of humanProtagonist.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)11:49 No.15980347

    There are males. They are smaller and weaker than the females, combining that with their rarity gets them special status where they are more or less sequestered for the most part. They get twitchy if they go for a day or two without sex though that's as much cultural training as biological. One of them will be joining the crew later.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:07 No.15980447
    This reminds me of the male:female numbers imbalance being discussed in the Mithra thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:08 No.15980454
         File1313683713.jpg-(174 KB, 605x916, elfbeard.jpg)
    174 KB

    O rly?

    More info given via the creator talking on the forums or is it in an article somewhere?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:17 No.15980508

    His name is A Welcome Rain and he's a Farseer who's going to replace the Farseer onboard Tempest.

    "Yes, a male Loroi character (Lenara Dozal, "The Welcome Rain") along the lines you mentioned is planned. He is the character depicted in this concept."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:19 No.15980522


    This is what the creator does when he should be drawing the comic.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:19 No.15980524
    >a male Loroi character
    >The Welcome Rain

    I see what he did there.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)12:19 No.15980529
         File1313684399.jpg-(16 KB, 362x231, derp.jpg)
    16 KB

    >A Welcome Rain

    Ran off of memory and didn't even check the name when I grabbed a quote.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)13:27 No.15980917
    Loroi male are all 4th tall midgets (albeit with large members) who have no hair outside what's on the head, which is kept in the form of a mullet.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)14:48 No.15981275
    I bet that Beryl is going to be the one who 'provides accommodation' to the male Loroi, leading Roger Wilco to have some 'Why am I so jealous' moments.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:16 No.15981479
    But Beryl said that Alexander had a comparatively larger member than Loroi males. Either human males have bigger dicks on average (being hearty, earth men and all) or Alex just has a freakishly large dick.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:46 No.15981678

    Pretty sure that she was referring to Alex's body (as in limbs and torso) being freakishly big compared to the Loroi males.
    It was word of author that said the Loroi males have large penises.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:50 No.15981702
    >It was word of author that said the Loroi males have large penises.

    Why does the author even comment on that?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:56 No.15981738
         File1313697380.jpg-(28 KB, 521x557, Londo-Mollari-babylon-5-109370(...).jpg)
    28 KB
    Imagine this comic, but with Alexander Jardin with the personality of Londo Mollari.

    >Captain Stillstorm, we humans are violent, passionate, fecund, and greedy. All you need do is provide us with weapons, blueprints, and several gaian worlds, and I can guarantee victory within ten years.

    >One last thing, do not think to betray us. We will know, you have attempted to lie or conceal the truth from me several times, and have done a terrible job of it. We would see any act of duplicity coming a mile away. If you do, you will find out our capacity for vindictiveness. We are stalwart allies and sensual lovers, but betray us and we will be your most vicious enemies. To the Loroi-Terran Alliance, may the stars be there to conquer.

    >Now where were we my dear, miss... Beryl was it? Once negotiations have been finalized, you will have to do me the honor of allowing me to escort you to one of my people's concerts. Dvorak's New World Symphony, perhaps? As I was about to explain on the elevator, though we can go for extended periods without "mating" as you put it, we are a vital and fecund people nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:57 No.15981758
    People ask. You know, like this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)15:58 No.15981760
    To cut short an ongoing discussion that would otherwise have continued for twenty pages, knowing his forumgoing fans.

    Anyway if I remember this right, by Loroi standards his endowments are disproportionally small, being just as big as one of their own males', but on a larger body frame.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:02 No.15981793

    Well, I once read on 4chan how that the guy doing this anime where the guy becomes a girl if he comes into contact with hot(?) water answered the following question:
    "Can he get pregnant while he is a girl?"
    His answer:
    "I don't think about it and neither should you."

    If some Japanese can come to that conclusion, I think the comic's auther should as well.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:03 No.15981800
         File1313697804.gif-(71 KB, 1141x466, cool interweb stuff.gif)
    71 KB
    You have my yes.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:05 No.15981814
    It was Ranma 1/2 and the creator is a woman.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:15 No.15981917
    Apparently not his style. All the backstory, essays on alien biology and culture, sci-fi tech, and all, he seems to be the kind who'd want to fill in any gap. In his place, I'd go "do you really need to know dick sizes for this race of fictional blue space elves" too but if instead he wants to put in "ehhh let's say human sized" I respect that.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:20 No.15981961
    It's only logical.
    The female Loroi are all human-sized, so the males have to have human-sized penises as well if they're to reproduce (non-compatible genitalia would lead to... complications).
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:22 No.15981979
    Fuck yeah Dvorak!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:34 No.15982059
         File1313699688.jpg-(29 KB, 387x420, loroi_male1.jpg)
    29 KB
    This little guy gets all the poon.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:37 No.15982090
    I am not even jelly if it means that he has to wear that haircut.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:38 No.15982101
    "Okay, here's the deal. You get all the blue space elf poon you want, but your hair has to look like this."


    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)16:46 No.15982153
    I'd be worried about it too if my opponent was Londo Motherfucking Mollari
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:01 No.15982278
    >found out about comic from this thread
    >start reading it

    although to it's credit I'm liking what I'm reading so far.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:04 No.15982305
    When Beryl mentioned Loroi male's limbs were shorter, I imagined that Loroi Males look like dwarves with a beard that extends into a lion-like mane.

    The idea came from the thread that suggested that Elves and Dwarves were one species with the females, Elves, and the males, Dwarves. And the description of the males behavior: one male per lots of women, women primarily due the warmaking/hunting, but men are extremely territorial sounded like lions.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:12 No.15982374
    And I bet the Loroi Male at one point will strike her in front of Roger Wilco, and a fist fight will break out between the two. Followed by legal shenanigans, followed by Beryl exploiting the one (duel/territorial battle for wives) loophole to keep Roger from getting spaced, but as a side effect Beryl and Roger will be considered married because he won her fair and square.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:19 No.15982454

    "Lets have lots of blue kids."
    >> girder 08/18/11(Thu)17:23 No.15982507
         File1313702610.jpg-(280 KB, 825x1200, outsider047.jpg)
    280 KB
    Yeah...that's not gonna work.

    Reproduction for the Loroi is strictly regulated. Loroi females really only get access to a male in order to procreate. After which the baby becomes a ward of the state and neither the father nor the mother take care of it.

    Monogamous long-term relationships are a human thing.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:28 No.15982557
    >Last Panel Expression
    >Wait, what?

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:29 No.15982566

    Beryl's face is fucking hilarious.
    It's says "you disgusting pig" because of the elevator incident just before.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:30 No.15982584
    oh I bet the space elves were responsible for blowing up the human ship. Goddamn elves, ruining everything.

    Also that was an unbelievably good comic.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:32 No.15982604

    Now brace yourself to become a master of being patient.
    This comic is known for its glacial update rate.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:35 No.15982630
    .. yeah I just read most of this thread and realized that.

    oh well, the first half of pleasure is anticipation right?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:38 No.15982659

    Indeed it is. And we're about to get a new page today, if the author keeps his word.
    In the meanwhile you should check out the Insider portio of the website.
    It's filled with background shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:47 No.15982727
    Even better.

    The duel is an ancient custom, back when a stable pool of males was a necessity for any self sufficient tribe, but each tribe could only really sustain a certain number of non-working males. Males needed a way to escape conditions that they considered sub-par, whether their home tribe mistreated them or they felt they weren't given their due.

    It's not a fight for ownership of Beryl, it's a fight for the right to be her concubine, part of her harem.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:55 No.15982802

    Don't you mean Fireblade? The' the red-haired one in the last panel. Beryl is the white-haired one, and her expression is more "distracted with another communication while simultaneously relieved at not having to broach a potentially offensive and charged topic with an alien diplomat."

    But Fireblade? Yeah, she's all "don't you fucking try anything you pink skinned freak."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)17:55 No.15982807
    Someone archive this thread and link it to the author in the forum so he can get some incentive to pick up the pace.

    I'm too lazy to do it myself.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:01 No.15982868
    I feel Fireblade is going to become a more personable character as the comic goes on.

    Her, Alex, Beyrl, and Tempo are all going to be the main cast. Fireblade can't just chill in the background menacingly for 7 chapters. She's already shown signs of lightening up.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:14 No.15982978
    But there are less males, and they are incredibly territorial. Wouldn't it be more likely for the male to have a harem of females, than the other way around. I suspect the traditional family structure of the greyish-blue space elves would be similar to a lion's pride.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:16 No.15982986

    She's a tsundere, right and proper.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:26 No.15983037
    Nah, post-stone-age Loroi were likely in much bigger groups than the 5-20 females of a lion pride, if only for genetic diversity. Self reliant tribe want to make sure that if it has to, it doesn't have to negotiate with the tribe next door - with whom the may or may not be at war with - for access to it's male if their one and only male kicks the bucket unexpectedly.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:31 No.15983084

    Fun fact, Fireblade hasn't had a child. Fate conspired to keep her from having enough time. Given that sex is only for fertilization in Loroi society, you can infer that she's either infertile or potentially dangerous to have close contact with. Not defective enough to cull, and a highly effective warrior, but too dangerous when she's in an emotionally charged state to risk a male with.

    Ultimate tsundere.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:35 No.15983122

    And since males are smaller and weaker, the females can keep them separated if they try something stupid like starting a (tom)catfight.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:35 No.15983128

    She apparently lived her childhood on a Umiak-occupied world that was being put to the sword for not capitulating.
    That's some screwed up childhood alright, enough to make a tsundere.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:39 No.15983164
         File1313707194.jpg-(112 KB, 680x560, dablade.jpg)
    112 KB
    Dammit Fireblade, stop being my waifu. I'm not even supposed to have one of those.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:41 No.15983181
    Do the males have psychic ability on par with females or are they weaker/stronger?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:48 No.15983215

    Where did that picture come from?
    Fireblade looks good.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:51 No.15983250

    About the same, though they usually don't have the opportunity or need to train stuff like combat telekinesis. The next farseer of Tempest is male, that particular talent is so rare that even males with it get put into the front lines.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:52 No.15983256
    I see a worrying lack of female space drow beards.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)18:58 No.15983325
    Read it in his voice.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)19:00 No.15983340

    And fuck me, I also read that in his voice.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)19:07 No.15983403
         File1313708821.jpg-(110 KB, 680x560, bladefixed.jpg)
    110 KB
    Just made it; thanks.

    Of course, I knew I forgot something.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)19:16 No.15983496
    Humans handle betrayal in style.

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)19:44 No.15983719
    Can we have one of beryl being adorable?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:01 No.15983896

    bump for naked Beryl pic.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:11 No.15984000
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:12 No.15984011

    Drawfag anon, are you still here?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:22 No.15984099
         File1313713326.jpg-(79 KB, 576x700, beryldoesitforscience.jpg)
    79 KB
    Wait was that adorable you wanted or creepy as fuck because I keep getting those mixed up.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:24 No.15984121
    Hell I don't care if she's naked. Just her being d'awww is good enough for me. Her just being so happy all the time is so cute. Also, she's the only Loroi we've seen laughing, if I remember correctly. (And I mean really laughing, not 'launching the missiles' laughing.)

    >need everyou

    Well thank you captcha, that's a nice thing for you to say.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:29 No.15984168

    Nice work!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:31 No.15984190
    That is both adorable and creepy.

    And I love you for it anon.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)20:48 No.15984394
         File1313714894.jpg-(472 KB, 1632x1224, ohgodno.jpg)
    472 KB
    oh u
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)22:29 No.15985416
    "Sorry for the delay -- it's been a rough few weeks. I'll try to get the new page finished and posted ASAP."

    New page gonna come out soon.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)22:45 No.15985562
    Shall we use the valve time table?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)22:55 No.15985626

    Update schedule for the last three days:
    >"Tuesday or Wednesday"
    >"Wednesday or Thursday"

    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:01 No.15985692

    "Good news, your fanbase just multiplied!
    Bad news, it's 4chan."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:10 No.15985760
    I can't remember, do the Loroi have an Emperor or and Empress
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:13 No.15985785

    Loroi politics are dominated by the female due to males fucking all the time, so the title (or English translation thereof) makes no gender distinction.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:18 No.15985828
    >Well, I guess it can't be all bad. Who is their favorite character so far?
    Londo Mollari
    >but, wha...
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:25 No.15985906
    How the hell do these interstellar civilizations manage to function with such outdated forms of government.
    >> Necrobrotent 08/18/11(Thu)23:29 No.15985943
    Nowhere near enough facial hair in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:31 No.15985955
    Writer fiat, all day, every day. There are no other possible answers.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:32 No.15985969

    The Loroi don't practice nepotism.
    That might be a factor.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:33 No.15985978
    Well, they did have remnants of the former interstellar civilization's technology to work with.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:35 No.15986003
    Is there an archive of the Bearded-Outsider anywhere?
    I could've sworn there was a thread about making it on /tg/ a while back.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:52 No.15986190

    Does anyone have beard-Outsider?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:56 No.15986221
    Isnt the main dude supposed to shack up with Fireblade?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/11(Thu)23:59 No.15986249


    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:02 No.15986273
    Yep, the elfs chose artifact homeworld + telepathic.
    The humans, on the other hand, chose democracy + creative but their player's little brother did nothing but hit the next turn button for the first 150 rounds.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:08 No.15986320
         File1313726929.jpg-(200 KB, 1680x1133, 1263351248415.jpg)
    200 KB

    They have an 8-to-1 sex ratio. Jardin is going to be passed around like a space doobie.

    The Loroi probably instinctively form 'cabals' of females for the purpose of monopolizing a male among them.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:10 No.15986337

    Outsider beard guy hasn't showed up since March.
    The last thread he posted his beards in:


    I'm sure that you could probably find him on the official Outsider forum. No way someone that dedicated/deranged wouldn't have signed up there.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:27 No.15986493
         File1313728039.jpg-(101 KB, 471x462, are you shitting me.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:29 No.15986507
         File1313728174.jpg-(4 KB, 300x57, veltte obvious..jpg)
    4 KB

    She's a hot redhead with a lustrous beard and a mysterious past. >>15983403
    Of course he's going to end up with her.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:42 No.15986622
         File1313728967.jpg-(38 KB, 422x356, thekiss02.jpg)
    38 KB

    Alex & Beryl love ending.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:45 No.15986634
    ..Speaking of beard..

    What happens when he starts getting stubble? Will the spehss elves flip out? Or is he a mysteriously hairless pretty protagonist?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:47 No.15986650


    I thought about this a while ago, and decided that the details of personal hygene and sanitation would not be brought up as issues (as much as possible) in the comic. We can infer that these things are being taken care of off-camera. Similarly, Alex won't be growing a beard. We can guess that he had some sort of depilatory treatement, or that he has requested and got access to some sort of Loroi apparatus (or maybe he's just not "manly" enough to grow a beard yet).

    The deterioration of Alex's uniform over the course of the adventures to come is, however, something I do plan to address in the comic."

    The Loroi combat knives can double as shaving razors, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:48 No.15986660

    According to the author, Alex isn't manly enough to have a beard.
    Probably a good thing, we want our ambassador to look like a Loroi male, not a proud Loroi warrior.
    We can confuse their sexuality with our male war-beards later, after we get a nice fat treaty.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:53 No.15986702
         File1313729607.png-(161 KB, 480x640, 1302428275279.png)
    161 KB
    >not manly enough to grow a beard

    Well, there goes my fan fiction. I so wanted to write about all the Loroi being enraptured by the manliness none of their males could given them. I'll never be able to write about the lusty blue space elf harem...
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:58 No.15986767
         File1313729909.png-(16 KB, 452x196, chacha outsider.png)
    16 KB
    Sure you can, just set it after contact and with some main character who isn't Alex.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)00:59 No.15986776
         File1313729950.png-(79 KB, 400x365, Trollface.png)
    79 KB

    Male Loroi do not have body hair.
    Alex could enrapture female Loroi through other...pits and bush kind of hairs.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:01 No.15986803
    >Male Loroi do not have body hair.
    So they're like tiny Norwegians?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:09 No.15986878

    With jumped up libidos yes.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:13 No.15986917
         File1313730812.jpg-(24 KB, 497x593, 1301190685225.jpg)
    24 KB
    I was joking about writing anything.

    If I write fap fiction, it's going to be about gender change. I don't mean your pussy hit with futa or guys turning into girls. It's going to be a petite girl turning into a hairy chested man though absurd circumstances. Then fucking everything that moves. Mostly other men. In fact, I'm going to go write it right now. Then come back here and post it. Then you are going to fap to it. I don't care if you don't want to. You WILL fap to it.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:15 No.15986938
    I like the cut of your jib.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:20 No.15986984
         File1313731202.jpg-(68 KB, 630x370, OtoyaReactionFace.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:27 No.15987035
    After that, I'm going to write about bearded space elves. You'll cry as Fireblade rubs her rugged red elf woman beard against Alex's delicate human skin and teaches him the TRUE meaning of being a male in Loroi society.

    You'll cry.

    Then you'll fap.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:32 No.15987075

    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:34 No.15987090
         File1313732068.jpg-(116 KB, 400x536, ManlyTear.jpg)
    116 KB

    Brings a tear to my eye. A masterpiece in the making.
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)01:41 No.15987136
         File1313732491.jpg-(79 KB, 542x501, fuuka WAT.jpg)
    79 KB
    ...Oh merciful Lord.

    What have I gotten myself into?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:51 No.15987197

    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)01:53 No.15987210
         File1313733205.gif-(219 KB, 900x601, alterverse_war_3.gif)
    219 KB

    One of /tg/'s Outsider threads.
    ...they pretty much all end up this way, somehow.

    Hey guys, did you know that the first shots we ever saw Tempest fire in battle weren't even in Outsider, but rather, in Kris Straub's "Starslip Crisis" comic, in an extra called "The Alterverse War"?
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)01:57 No.15987253
         File1313733477.jpg-(143 KB, 924x1042, 1272178001812.jpg)
    143 KB

    If I can manage not to laugh myself to death in the process.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)02:20 No.15987452
         File1313734833.gif-(485 KB, 193x135, 7OMW4.gif)
    485 KB
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)02:21 No.15987461
    No matter how hard she tried, Fireblade couldn't hide it. She could conceal her precise intent, but every excuse she made was tainted by an undeniable tension. Not that it mattered. By the time the other Loroi on the ship realized was she was up to, it would be too late.

    One Alex Jardin wouldn't even acknowledge the fiery Loroi's entrance into his room. He was too accustomed to them buzzing in and out. All eager, all terrified, of this new being. Fireblade was not one to let her fear rule her existence. If she could not rid herself of it.. she would have to conquer it. The distinct sound of the door sliding open went unheeded. Alex continued to categorize the quality of the food he'd been given by his caretakers.

    "Is there something wrong with the food you have been provided?"
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)02:27 No.15987507

    Female gorillas are not much smaller than humans but male gorillas have dicks less than 2 inches long. The "females are the same size so the junk has to be the same size" argument doesn't hold water. That being said the WHY isn't important, Arioch says they're the same size so they're the same size.


    Loroi males are not territorial.


    Roughly the same


    If he's on the forums he hasn't made his presence known.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)02:28 No.15987508
    I thought you left /tg/.
    In fact, I know for a fact that you told me that you weren't posting or reading /tg/ anymore in the LoL chat.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)02:29 No.15987523
         File1313735383.png-(375 KB, 1024x439, By_Celestia's_Beard-(n13034815(...).png)
    375 KB

    >steedAdd Now
    goddamnit captcha
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)02:30 No.15987532

    >Alex about to have the most amazing night of his life.
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)02:48 No.15987701
    Alex didn't need telepathy to figure out she was annoyed. Fireblade's deep voice was more gruff than usual, and a certain edge tainted it. Alex turned slightly to speak to the intruder, "No. I'm just not used to this.. fruit. This one sort of looks like a-" He wasn't allowed to finish his sentence thanks to the boot that collided with his back, but he immediately started to scramble to his feet, "What the hell!"

    Yet he never made it off the floor. Fireblade dove on top of him, holding one hand to Alex's throat and pinning him down on his back. A knee, similarly, forced between his legs in an obvious threat to his manhood. Not that he could resist. He could feel her her superior, highly trained, strength in her grip and her arm. Any Loroi warrior took her training seriously. Fireblade much more so.

    "Quiet! I would prefer to use as few words as possible in dealing with you. We cannot speak mind to mind, but perhaps action will speak loudly enough."

    Fireblade then lightened her grip to allow Alex to breath. Which he only treated as an opportunity.

    "Nng. Sorry, I'm not into bearded ladies. I saw one once at a carnival when I was six.. but it didn't do anything for me."

    Fireblade gripped Alex's jaw tightly, causing a wince of pain from him, "Cute," She didn't know what a carnival was, but she knew an insult when she heard one "I'm already aware of the status of your native women. I find it hard to believe your people could be satisfied." She used her free hand to guide one of Alex's up to her face. Fireblade alone decided to let her beard grow in fully. Other Loroi were content to leave a token attempt, but she was a proud warrior. She forced his fingers to run through the hair covering her jaw. It wasn't as stiff or scratchy as he expected. Somewhat soft and luxurious.. as well taken care of as any other part of Fireblade's body.

    "I'll show you what a real woman is."

    "G.. get off me!" Alex barely managed to say through his teeth.
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)02:49 No.15987713
    I came back.

    I came back to write about bearded space elves.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:01 No.15987848
         File1313737267.jpg-(24 KB, 500x464, 1312558872116.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:01 No.15987854

    Oh my God.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:07 No.15987908

    >Beard woman sex.
    This thread is gold.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:10 No.15987935
         File1313737838.jpg-(15 KB, 300x200, eventhorizon.jpg)
    15 KB

    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:11 No.15987944
    Alex feebly tried to throw off his assailant. Fireblade would grant his request, but gripped the front of his shirt and took the entire front of it up with her as she stood. The ripping sound resounded clearly through the room, and the chunk of cloth was tossed carelessly to the side. Alex's hairless pecks and firm stomach sent a thrill through Fireblade she had not felt since first seeing him as a prisoner. Once she had never felt before then.

    Alex didn't question her dazed expression. He took the moment to sweep the red headed Loroi's legs out from under her and leap on top to restrain her. Yet he didn't even lay a hand on her before he was thrust off by a force he could only feel as it crashed against his body. In the next moment, Fireblade was on top of him again. Her long trail of read hair spilled over her shoulder and pooled beside Alex's head on the floor.

    She didn't look happy.

    "You'll learn to respect me. You're already mine, Alex Jardin. It would be easier if you just accepted this." Before he could question her, she gripped the back of his head and pulled him up into a kiss. The iron grip of the Loroi ensured he would feel her fiery beard caressing him ever so gently as their lips touched. It tickled strangely. When she released him, he dropped to the floor breathlessly. Too confused to say anything even if he could. In truth she didn't want him to accept it. She wanted him to struggle. Without that strength, it was meaningless. Loroi males were so delicate.. so easy to break. Worthless.

    "Crazy bitch!"

    A desperate fist very nearly found her head. Once again she had gotten too lost in thought. If Alex hadn't shouted, he might have hit her.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:12 No.15987965
    Fuuka's back! And on a day-old, 300 post thread about Outsider. /tg/ is finally recovering!
    >> Russ 08/19/11(Fri)03:18 No.15988038
         File1313738322.png-(157 KB, 336x475, 1309728152131.png)
    157 KB
    I think this will soon be applicable to this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:21 No.15988055
         File1313738469.gif-(21 KB, 350x350, besttgthread.gif)
    21 KB
    >> Nurse Verity 08/19/11(Fri)03:23 No.15988080
         File1313738584.jpg-(345 KB, 1000x824, 1252376638226.jpg)
    345 KB
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:27 No.15988116
    "Good!" A low tone purred into Alex's ear. The hair of her chin barely tickled his lobe as Fireblade whispered. "Struggle," she flipped him over and drew one arm around his neck and pulled him back to sit on her lap, "So me your strength. -Then- submit it to me. I'll make you give in! I'll make you be mine."

    A fire was in her veins unlike any she had ever felt before. Her senses forced into a keenness not brought on by any battle she had been in before.

    Fireblade forced herself to focus and took advantage of Alex's confusion to remove the tattered remains of his shirt. Her hand next roamed down and slipped into the waistline of his jumpsuit, and a pleased, if not sadistic, grin formed at what she found, "I thought you didn't like your women with beards, Alex Jardin."

    Alex plied his full strength against her in an instant, nearly wrenching himself from her grasp. There was a moment of struggle where Fireblade desperately tried to keep her hold on him. She regained control by wrapping both legs around his waist and clamping down. Alex could hardly believe such slender legs were so strong! He could hardly breath again.

    "F.. fuck you."

    "Not yet. You have to earn the right to see my other beard."

    Her tone didn't waver, but Alex's attention was drawn to the feeling of heat pressed on his lower back. The heat radiating from between her legs betrayed her as anything but calm. The more he thought about it, the more he swore he could feel the quiver of anticipation in the Loroi's toned body.

    "Ah, there it is again." She taunted.

    "Dammit! Go down! You're not supposed to like this!"

    "Is it customary for human males to talk to their genitalia?"
    >> Nurse Verity 08/19/11(Fri)03:29 No.15988131
         File1313738981.jpg-(36 KB, 354x181, Berylwhaaat.jpg)
    36 KB
    >>15988116 "Not yet. You have to earn the right to see my other beard."
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:30 No.15988141
         File1313739040.jpg-(17 KB, 425x332, amazed.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:31 No.15988144
    >"Is it customary for human males to talk to their genitalia?"
    Oh God I can't stop laughing.
    Yes, Fireblade. Yes it is.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:31 No.15988150

    It's fireBEARD, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:32 No.15988157
    I didn't think you'd actually write bearded Loroi on Alex Jardin porn. Is this really necessary?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:32 No.15988159

    >Other beard
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:33 No.15988164
    >beard sex

    Now I remember why I still come to this terrible place.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:33 No.15988165
    >>15988157 Is this really necessary?

    You need to remember that /tg/ is PACKED full of homosexuals who love nothing but short hairy guys and\or very large bald men.
    >> Nurse Verity 08/19/11(Fri)03:34 No.15988170
         File1313739261.jpg-(97 KB, 882x681, tg.jpg)
    97 KB
    >>15988157 Is this really necessary?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:40 No.15988214
         File1313739600.jpg-(27 KB, 400x400, 1292748061646.jpg)
    27 KB
    We're so gay, the straight people like traps.

    We don't even know what to call people who like women...
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:41 No.15988231
    I love you, /tg/. You complete me.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:43 No.15988242
         File1313739780.jpg-(20 KB, 299x276, ilikewherethisisgoing.jpg)
    20 KB

    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:45 No.15988265
    There was a curious tug at his ear, and the now familiar tickle of red beard on the back of his neck, before he could think of a proper reply. Fireblade's teeth gently nibbled on the edge of Alex's curiously rounded ears. It was a minor difference between them, but it endlessly fascinated her. She continued this activity till she felt Alex relax, and his reward was the withdraw of her legs to allow him to breath. In his weakened state, he wasn't able to make the escape he would like.

    Hands slowly roamed through Alex's hair before Fireblade slipped out from under him. Before long, she stood towering above him, and all his addled mind allowed him to do was stare back up at her in wait for her next move. This came when a foot lifted and pressed her boot against his crotch. A momentary wince followed, but Alex found himself able to relax as the boot slowly rubbed against his hardened manhood. The reddening of his face must have betrayed him because she smirked and started to remove her uniform.

    The miscellaneous bits of armor went first. Just enough removed so she could pull open the front of her suit. Her slender fingers took pleasure in slowly peeling it open to first reveal once smooth blue shoulder. Again Alex marveled at how she could be so strong yet show so little sign of it, but his eyes were soon torn away to her chest. The suit slowly revealing perfectly perky tits, but she stopped just as the edge of her nipple came into view.

    "Are you enjoying yourself, Alex Jardin?"
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:46 No.15988273
    My bluff was called.

    Internet law forced my hand to this. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:49 No.15988294
         File1313740181.png-(221 KB, 990x765, brainbleach.png)
    221 KB

    Five bucks says her nipples are hairy.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:50 No.15988299
    ;~; Is normal Outsider porn too much to ask for?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:51 No.15988309
    I will literally die.

    Die laughing.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:53 No.15988321
    >sex with cartoon 12-14-year-old blue telepathic/telekinetic gynarchial /ss/ enthusiasts
    That'd be no.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:53 No.15988326
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:56 No.15988349
    He only continued to stare up at her slack jawed and dumbstruck as she peeled herself the rest of the way out of her uniform. Smooth blue skin greeted his eager eyes till the sudden appearance of the fire covering of her crotch. Once freed she got to her knees in front of him and forced her way between his legs. She pulled open his own uniform until granted access to his hardened manhood. Fireblade then pushed herself forward.. letting the heat of her arousal press firm against Alex's cock. He tensed at the sensation of her touch, and his cock jumped dangerously against her.

    Fireblade merely smirked again and pulled away. Soon back to her feet and slipping back into her uniform.

    "B.. but.. I.. wha," He couldn't seem to do much besides babble despite every effort.. so he only stared at her cruelly concealed body.

    "You," She grabbed his hand and once again forced the fingers through her thick beard, "I will be waiting in my quarters. You will beg me."

    Alex brought on a slow nod

    "Good," Fireblade moved to the door of his room, which responded with a distinct swish of it opening, "It is there I will teach you what I expect of my males."
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)03:58 No.15988375
    I'm doing something even MORE evil.

    I'm cutting the story off there.

    I'll write another installment sometime, maybe. I'll think of some good tortures to put Alex through for his training to be a proper waifu for Fireblade.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)03:59 No.15988383
    I giggled like a little bitch.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:00 No.15988393
    This is the funniest thing.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:00 No.15988402
         File1313740858.jpg-(15 KB, 313x383, why.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:05 No.15988448
    Aaaaand... archived.


    It is a basic presumption that this is getting emailed to Arioch. Because how could it not?
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)04:06 No.15988455
         File1313741161.jpg-(13 KB, 164x225, 7.jpg)
    13 KB
    ..I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:06 No.15988459

    This thread made a complete loop.
    I love /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:07 No.15988469

    I'm hyped for the sequel. Alex gonna get turned into a sex slave.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:10 No.15988492

    >implying he hasn't already read the thread
    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)04:13 No.15988518
    Yeah, I think I've outdone myself this time.

    Leo and Lilly? Baby stuff. A dwarf fortress dwarf gurran laggan ripoff mining the heavens for dragons? Piffle. Little Girl 40k? Complete with Caiphas and Jurgen having a tea party? PAH.

    ...I don't think I can forgive myself for this one.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:21 No.15988571

    Since I might miss the sequel thread, can you archive the thread at sup/tg/ after you write it?
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:24 No.15988598

    >> Fat-Thighed Whore ! 08/19/11(Fri)04:27 No.15988615
         File1313742421.jpg-(35 KB, 315x315, 10.jpg)
    35 KB
    ..If the internet hitmen don't take me out for this transgression, sure.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:42 No.15988732
    >check the archive
    >see the thread there
    "A Discussion of the unfinished Outsider webcomic and the unfinished Outsider Wargame"
    >no clue or indication as to the horror that lurks inside
    I love you, archive-maker.
    You are a prince of cruelty.
    >> Anonymous 08/19/11(Fri)04:43 No.15988747

    I aim to please.

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