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  • File : 1313922339.jpg-(91 KB, 497x1200, faery.jpg)
    91 KB Muju 08/21/11(Sun)06:25 No.16011920  
    Lets have a theme drawthread again,

    todays theme is faeries and demons
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:27 No.16011926
    who is drawing?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:28 No.16011930
    May I get a picture of a female balrog? Just a demonness, wearing only shadows and with a flaming whip.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)06:28 No.16011935

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:29 No.16011942
    The Agents of Sul on creation. Naturally they are towering monsters, usually red, blue or black of skin, with eyes of fire and massive horns. They are usually larger than a man, eight or ten feet tall, and clad in elaborate black armor. When they walk Aedaeion though, they are mostly separated from the bulk of their power and exist as very raejin looking men. Normally six feet tall, blonde and wear black armor similar to their giant natural state, which is a black breastplate with intricate silver detailings and a leather skirt. Importantly though they have completely black eyes and small horn sprouts on their foreheads. But with their powerful magic they often conceal these revealing features.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:30 No.16011945
    Muju I assume.

    I'll forgo the obvious smut and request an angel warrior with dark hair and black wings fighting a sinister demon with blond hair and white wings. The good angel is swinging a scimitar, the bad one is using a trident. The demon is sneering at the angel, who is scowling back. Gender is up to you, but female is preferable.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:30 No.16011947
    Wonderful, thank you!

    The balrog's one of my all time favorite demons, because you could argue so long as to what one looks like... people still argue about whether they have wings. Of course, I'd favor a sexy take on it, but any way you do it is great.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:30 No.16011949

    I just got that cold deep in my stomach knot of concentrated dread and sickness. The /d/ is festering in this thread. And there is nothing you can do to stop 'her' advance.

    Sooner or later.... she always comes
    >> Fabricator-General Scriptarius 08/21/11(Sun)06:32 No.16011960
    A demon with the appearance of a shirtless, slightly out of shape man.
    He has long horns on his head, hollow eyes that look torn out, and a large fanged mouth.
    He wields two large rock scimitars and wears dark pants and a belt over his shoulder.

    And for future reference, what are your policies with commissions?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:33 No.16011963

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:33 No.16011967
    A zombie pixie (the two apples tall kind) with half her face missing and torn wings, trying to eat a confused orc's brain.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:34 No.16011975

    I challenge you to draw a Lamassu that does not look ridiculous.. but actually scary, mighty, and intimidating

    Failing that... a Dullahan riding through the gates of a city (which have thrown themselves open at his coming) and whipping out at a guy with his human spine whip
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:36 No.16011987
    aren't all drawfag threads about requesting:
    Your super special snowflake character.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)06:36 No.16011991
         File1313922975.jpg-(144 KB, 1020x1506, monk13.jpg)
    144 KB
    I'd like a fictional setting where demons are a day of everyday life.

    The picture would be a skeptical or annoyed human woman and a pretty smug demon hitting on her at a mall of something.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:37 No.16011997
    really, did you really just emote in text? Whole new levels of sad.

    Anyways, my suggestion: how about combining two concepts that don't tend to get tossed together: A swashbuckling demon. Still evil, by all means. But evil with style and finesse. A manic grin that says you're probably going to end up dying from slow blood loss rather than being outright stabbed, etc.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:37 No.16011999
    Hm... well, they can be all 3, like the time I had my girlfriend's special snowflake character done as a 40k char, which has in turn had lots of (mostly terrifying) porn done of her...
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:37 No.16012000
         File1313923066.png-(141 KB, 730x369, 1313715765557.png)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:38 No.16012005
    Khorne getting all his rage. on tzeentch's face
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:40 No.16012010
    In the PC game Quest for Glory you would inevitably encounter a group of faeries dancing around inside their stone circle.

    To get them to help you you had to accept their offer to dance, but if you kept accepting or at any point stepped within their circle.. they would constantly swirl around you and force you to dance until you died.

    /r/ing a group of mischievous faeries dancing some hapless adventurer to his death.. the adventurer himself looking emaciated but his eyes remaining wide with wonder at the beauty of the faeries
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:41 No.16012018
    A corpulent demon with a skull-like face, sunken in eyes, no ears. Jaws unhinged and his tongue is a huge segmented maggot with mandibles which he's stretching out towards a crying fae whose head he's holding in between his hands.

    Preferably seen from a sideways angle.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:42 No.16012021
    I always like that kind of concept.

    I'm amused by the idea of a Christian fiend... not a fallen angel type demon (the sort created by God, but who decided that worshiping God was too mainstream and decided to go underground), but the ones, like in D&D, which are just basically weird spirit creatures from wicked realms. Like, the typical bat-winged-person doesn't really have Biblical support, so you could argue they're totally different sorts of creatures.

    Just one, minding his or her business, with a cross on. Possibly getting held at bay by a hunter with a Richard Dawkins T-shirt and a wooden 0 sign.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:44 No.16012033
    Duke Eligos from the Ars Goetia:

    "He is depicted in the form of a goodly knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a sceptre (a serpent to Aleister Crowley).
    Alternatively he is depicted as a ghostly spectre, sometimes riding a semi-skeletal (sometimes winged) horse, or the Steed of Abigor. This is a minion of Hell itself, and was a gift from Beelzebub. It was created from the remains of one of the horses of The Garden of Eden."

    So spectral knight with lance and banner on skeletal horse/nightmare?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:45 No.16012039

    The problem with doing that is you'd have to humanise the demons enough so that they'd be able to exist in a stable setting

    In other words.. de-demonise them
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:45 No.16012040
    You'd like Ugly Americans if you haven't seen it already methinks
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:47 No.16012059

    Well, what would be in D&D terms a devil instead of a demon, could interact normally in a typical D&D setting, or simply a regular that was hit with geassae and marks of justice or planar binding to make them behave.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:47 No.16012060
         File1313923654.jpg-(34 KB, 500x374, 1312510900269.jpg)
    34 KB
    Awww yeah, Muju time
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:47 No.16012061
    Ugly Americans
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:48 No.16012064
    I have a relatively simple request that I think you'd pull off very, very well:

    Some sort of eldrich dark dragon construct, made out of circuitry, wires, dark, fire, and nope.

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:48 No.16012066
    A business demon smirking holding several contracts and an open pen.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:49 No.16012070
    An angel and a demon walk into a bar... and just sit, smoke and get plastered. Draw the two of them boozing it up and just not giving a fuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:49 No.16012076
    I was doing a work on it,(not samefag) for a comic(neither drawfag) they were all halfblooded(semi-humans) with a "few" demonic powers which where regulated by law(Fly, fire inmunity, where the most common ones), there was only 1 pure blood demon, which where like a super drunk-ass punk with super powers.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:49 No.16012077

    You a Good Omens fan?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:53 No.16012094
    Can't say I know of it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:53 No.16012096
    Better yet, a bunch of faeries trying to make MC Hammer do the hammer time until death, only they are very frustrated and sweaty and one faerie asking another one if they should just let him go already so they can go grab a beer.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:55 No.16012110

    It's a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman about an Angel and a Demon both stationed on Earth to try to defeat the other, Heaven and Hell being set in a sort of cold war.

    Because they're the only two immortals in the world, they've gotten to know each other, and by the year 2000 or so, they're the best of friends. Only problem is, Heaven and Hell want to start the apocalypse, which means no more getting drunk, feeding ducks, used bookshops, etc. So they try and put a stop to it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:57 No.16012121
    This Good Omens talk has me thinking of the battle in American Gods.

    You know, the one where he describes all the gods and monsters of the modern age? Particularly the car spirits, 'sacrificed to on a grander scale than the Aztecs ever were' or something like that. Suited and booted, with knuckledusters and grilled metal teeth, bright eyes and blood dripping from their hands and mouths?

    I would like a picture of one of them if at all possible. A demon of cars. Preferably a female one.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)06:59 No.16012131
    Nice. I can see why you asked, sounds just like what I described. Might pick that up sometime.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:12 No.16012185

    I havent read it, but isnt the anti-christ simply a boy who doesnt really want to destroy the world (because in reality, 'evilness' is not a hereditary condition.. the idea that kids inevitably cut of the same cloth of their parents is an ancient and primitive superstition)
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)07:13 No.16012190
         File1313925203.jpg-(209 KB, 1060x1500, balrog copy.jpg)
    209 KB

    heres the sketch.

    i won't render and tone it now i'll sketch the other requests then choose later which to polish. I think thats alot faster and more reqs will get done


    doing this now
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:13 No.16012196


    The Antichrist gets raised in this totally ordinary English village, so when the apocalypse comes all he really wants is for his life and friends and everything to go on like normal.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:15 No.16012207
         File1313925329.png-(190 KB, 848x783, 3453636345.png)
    190 KB
    >dat wizard
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:18 No.16012222
    Oh wow, wasn't expecting something that awesome.

    Or funny. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:18 No.16012223
         File1313925522.jpg-(272 KB, 2048x1365, 1313307514409.jpg)
    272 KB

    great work. poster of that second request. thanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:26 No.16012267
         File1313926003.png-(128 KB, 594x455, Lamassu01a.png)
    128 KB

    Unfortunately I can't spend all morning on this. I need to get to bed... Hope it works for you. I always liked the whole floating burning crown thing. Mignola's work sold me on em.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)07:33 No.16012319
    Don't die on us Muju, we love you.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:36 No.16012327

    thanks man, that looks great
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:41 No.16012357
    How about a muscular black dude wearing a breastplate and carrying a one-handed but long axe?

    I'm trying to make you mix it up.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)07:47 No.16012396
         File1313927226.jpg-(227 KB, 1212x1100, superqunari.jpg)
    227 KB

    heres the sketch
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:47 No.16012399

    *cough* Uhh... I'll see about tightening part of it up if this thread's still around when I wake up... sorry!
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)07:48 No.16012403

    doing this one
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:50 No.16012419
    Aw jeah.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:50 No.16012422

    great amazing work. thank you.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)07:58 No.16012451
    I really shouldn't right now but I'd like to join in, themed drawthread are always better than regular ones, because this >>16011987
    usually doesn't get requested in them.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)08:02 No.16012476
    /tg/'s culture is deeply rooted in porn, who are you to oppose our traditions.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:05 No.16012488
    I've got nothing against porn, on the very contrary, and it's not so often requested.

    but when I fancy drawing something a bit more ambitious, regular drawthreads are kinda disappointing, which I try not to be.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:05 No.16012490
         File1313928356.png-(23 KB, 960x330, TechnomancerFuckYou.png)
    23 KB
    Alternatively, you could fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:06 No.16012492

    I suppose offering requesters a limited range of core subject matter forces them to be more imaginative with their requests eh?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:06 No.16012495
    Not? Baaaw!
    I was about to request a naked Sororitas Seraphim descending with the sun in her back and six trains on her jump pack floating around her like wings while she wields an energy sword.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)08:08 No.16012506
    Thats some messed up shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:08 No.16012507
    Also that's how I DH.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:10 No.16012512
    you realize that unless muju asks me to leave the thread, I won't, right?
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:10 No.16012513
    okay i'm fucking off
    your momma zkullzx
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)08:11 No.16012519
    then fuck off faggot.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:12 No.16012525
    I said Muju, not a samefag.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:13 No.16012528
         File1313928794.jpg-(17 KB, 209x244, 1313663140884.jpg)
    17 KB
    Techno got told!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:13 No.16012531
         File1313928821.png-(24 KB, 944x408, TechnomancerFuckYou2.png)
    24 KB
    That's probably because Technomancer is an idiot fuckup.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:13 No.16012534
    A pale and bony female figure dressed in a tattered peasant woman's dress.
    It has two very small slits for eyes from which tears constantly pours. No nose or mouth or otherwise facial characteristics. It's hair is wild and unkempt.

    It is stretching an extremely long and bony finger into a craddle, a baby's hand is seen grabbing the finger but it's hand and a bit of the arm is turning skeletal from touching the demon.

    It's a demon of crib death, manifested from women who took their lives after losing their own babies, now they walk the land and taking the souls of babies in rural villages.

    Sorry for the bad english, tertiary language.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:14 No.16012539

    That looks like Muju to me.

    >Called Muju
    >Poor use of capital letters

    Yep, it's Muju.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)08:14 No.16012540
    Ain't samefag troll, i'm Muju see my name.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:15 No.16012548
    Muju's a chick, I would hardly be surprised if she told you to fuck off.

    Still, whatever. Just pointing out you're a terrible person who bandwagons practically every drawthread I see - probably because your own ones get ignored or trolled due to the aforementioned being a terrible person.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:15 No.16012549
    I'd like to see a sketch of what you're working on, if you really are her, or I won't fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:16 No.16012555
    There can only be one clarification!
    The next sketch!

    Thus we need deliverance!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:16 No.16012556
    Guys please go to irc or something if you want to squabble instead of trying to destroy a potentially nice drawthread.
    You don't have to like drawthreads, but neither do we flame threads whose subjects we do not like, right?
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:17 No.16012558
    yes, that's why. I'm a terrible person. Am I such a bad drawfag as to be ignored for a stupid reason like "being a bad person"?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:17 No.16012559
    I'm sorry I just got here

    Why is it bad if a drawfag comes into another drawfag's thread?

    Is it really that important?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:17 No.16012560
    >This is neither gay nor sick, unless you consider having equal relationships with women healthy and sane.
    You bitter fucking virgin, honestly.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:17 No.16012562
    While apparently technomancer is indeed seriously fucked up since he didn't deny the accuracy of that screencap, can we please not clutter this previously happy thread with this ridiculous bitchfight? Why don't you two just fuck already, geez.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:18 No.16012569
    It's like a cat fight
    >> Mr. Manly. !.9Up4Nq9lk 08/21/11(Sun)08:18 No.16012570
         File1313929094.jpg-(14 KB, 83x87, 1290331851714.jpg)
    14 KB
    Seems like a decent guy to me.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:19 No.16012577
    Not really, but it's nice to ask permission and doing it all the time without doing so is a bit dodgy.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:20 No.16012582

    1. What is bad about cat fights?

    2. Drawfags trying to best each other is the best thing that can happen to requesters.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:20 No.16012583
    Wanna be my girlfriend?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:20 No.16012586
    Drawfags, like all artists, are temperamental and insane.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)08:21 No.16012590
         File1313929263.jpg-(30 KB, 477x323, wink.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Mr. Manly. !.9Up4Nq9lk 08/21/11(Sun)08:22 No.16012598
         File1313929359.jpg-(15 KB, 83x87, 1290331899373.jpg)
    15 KB
    Sure hon'.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:22 No.16012599
    /r/ing two average /tg/ neckbeards, unwashed, overweight, and repulsive

    they are both fighting to 'prove' which of them is the bigger loser and thereby make themselves supposedly look comparatively better
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:24 No.16012615
    if the other drawfags don't want me in their threads, they can tell me to go away. I will, because I don't want to piss off OC producers. Anons, on the other hand...
    And may I remind you that greenmarine never asks the permission either? In fact, muju doesn't either, only a few new drawfags do it before hopping in other people's threads.

    and I'm not trying to actively compete with other drawfags
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:27 No.16012634
    The diference is that they do AWESOME art and you in the other hand... are a creep and a repulsive artist
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)08:28 No.16012645
         File1313929705.jpg-(96 KB, 848x1200, composition 1.jpg)
    96 KB

    not liking the composition so far.

    going to redo

    will take longer
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:29 No.16012653
    and I also do it to get criticism. I think this might prove useful to me. Tell me what you don't like about the way I draw, I'll try to improve it.

    Not about the content, about the way I draw.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:29 No.16012658

    Did Technomancer slaughter your children or something?

    Jeez so many goddamn chips on shoulders in this thread
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:30 No.16012662
    How about you ignore the screaming idiots and start drawing?
    Otherwise, this will only result in continued derailing.
    So please, Mister French misogynist artist show them you are better than that.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:31 No.16012673
    I think that your drawing would be improved if you punctured your trachea with a pencil before each time you set it to paper. Or stylus, if you use a tablet, but that'll be harder to penetrate with.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:31 No.16012676
    okay, you're still here, you're a requester, just point me out your request so that I'm not drawing in the void.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:34 No.16012696
    Actually this >>16012495.
    But I don't think this is what you are most comfortable with.
    So please leave her intact.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)08:34 No.16012698
    Draw yourself a brain, a heart, and a soul, so it may forever haunt your life.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:35 No.16012705
    an efreet smoking a cigar
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:36 No.16012711
    okay, I need to work on anatomy and light effects. I'll try.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:37 No.16012721

    going to give this a go :3
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)08:37 No.16012727
    Thanks a whole lot.
    From here on with name.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:38 No.16012736
    The fairy of boxing.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:40 No.16012747

    It's amazing really. There seems to be 3 types of people in the world when it comes to online artists

    You have the asskisser.. the brown-nosing faggot who sucks up to the artist at every opportunity, slavering over them and lusting after their them as if they were some kind of internet god who might do them the dignity of glancing momentarily in their direction, this brief moment of attention fulfilling their lifes' purpose

    Then there are the lunatics (you) who have taken a personal disliking to an artist.. and regardless of whether or not they had some small, legitimate grievances, have become so blinded by rage and contempt that every feeling of dislike is amplified to an insane level, to the extent that every insignificant action taken on behalf of that artist is enough to drive them into eye-gouging rage, whereupon they enact shitstorm after annoying shitstorm in some kind of wierd internet crusade for justice.

    And then there are the sane people, who might like or dislike an artist, but dont really go out of their way to be some kind of 'anti-fan' or vice versa.

    Take a chill-pill you retard, I may not be a fan of all of Technomancer's stuff, and even though some of the things he says might be creepy or not... this is 4chan, get over it. It's not your personal entertainment unit designed to bend to your each and every whim, he's got as much right to be here as I do.

    Stop treating 4chan like a super elite club
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:42 No.16012768
    Draw what is essentially a human corpse, incredibly gaunt, muscles worn away almost to nonexistence, flesh and bone burnt to charcoal, yet still standing. The head is aflame but the fire is as black as the skin, as if it's also burning ambient light instead of producing it. No discernible facial features are visible through the fire.

    /r/ing from Muju or Techno, whoever feels like it.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:43 No.16012777
    black fire, heh?

    maybe later, that sounds fun
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:48 No.16012804
    cool cool mr/miss anonymous, I'll keep an eye on the thread
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:49 No.16012811
    Believe me, there's more than one person who dislikes Technomancer. That's not the guy who posted the screencaps, because that's me, but that's all I posted. I don't really give a shit if Technomancer hangs around or not, I just think he's a tool.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)08:52 No.16012830
    you give enough of a shit to go dig up easymodo to find back my posts, though.

    there are at least six guys who dislike me that much. won't make me stop drawing if there are forty of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:55 No.16012851
    Techno, not hating or anything, just for the time being please unplug your keyboard and get drawing. So far, you're not actually drawfagging, just fagging.
    >> Regi 08/21/11(Sun)08:56 No.16012859

    ^^ OK! I'll go by Regi to not be confusing

    /warning I'm nowhere near as brilliant as the other artist(s) in this thread
    >> Regi 08/21/11(Sun)08:57 No.16012864

    Also I need to work out why my tablet is not pressure sensitive in gimp / install a trial of photoshop that I have..
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)09:01 No.16012891
    maybe try SAI paint tool?
    say, I understand that she's supposed to be mostly naked, but, for SFW purposes, and to attack the jump pack, what amount of armor/bling shall I put on her?
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)09:03 No.16012900
         File1313931792.jpg-(129 KB, 1060x1500, composition 4.jpg)
    129 KB

    alternate composition.

    may redo again or stick with this
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:18 No.16012985
    It probably means little to you to have a random stranger tell you this, but I'll still say it.

    I admire your ability to draw a great deal.
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)09:22 No.16013013
    Oh, how about a breast plate with some cleavage, armored panties with a loincloth, and some bracers?
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)09:23 No.16013018
         File1313932985.jpg-(219 KB, 1060x1500, angeldemon.jpg)
    219 KB

    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)09:25 No.16013036
    sounds good, I'll do it if it starts working again.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)09:31 No.16013083
    Awesome tattoo concept
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)09:36 No.16013113

    this one now
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)09:39 No.16013136
    already requested it, but this time it's more on-topic.

    the bonecracker king: three-foot tall ghoul-imp. wide maw filled with teeth, deep-set shiny eyes, large strong hands. No long nose or ears. Messy, dirty mane of hair braided with bones. grotesque armor made of scavenged oversized armor parts, bones and whatnot. Maybe an oversized sword, maybe a crown made out of a jaw, maybe a cloak made of shrouds.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 08/21/11(Sun)09:48 No.16013196
    Don't care who takes it:

    An average-build guy in a black fleece vest over a red t-shirt and blue jeans, 6'-2", looking at a large pile of sand and woodchips, with a very resigned, discontent look about him.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)09:50 No.16013213
         File1313934626.jpg-(197 KB, 1622x1500, chomp.jpg)
    197 KB

    quick one
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:51 No.16013216
    >todays theme is faeries and demons
    That's not very befitting thematically.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)09:52 No.16013222

    this one now
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:53 No.16013229
    Request you with a gun in your mouth and a text that puts "I love doing orals to my gun-girfriend"
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 08/21/11(Sun)09:54 No.16013241
    Oh. Eh....true.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:54 No.16013242
    haha cheers :)
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)09:59 No.16013275
    well, I already fantasize about having sex with my bass.

    I'm halfway done on the sista.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:59 No.16013276
    Don't care who takes it:

    An average-build guy in a black fleece vest over a red t-shirt and blue jeans, 6'-2", big red horns and tail, looking at a large pile of fairy dust and pixie sprinkles, with a very resigned, discontent look about him.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:03 No.16013299
    Weird but... post pics of the bass. also draw.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:10 No.16013338
         File1313935807.jpg-(101 KB, 300x439, hipcultist.jpg)
    101 KB
    Sorry, this is really late. I saw in an archived drawthread that someone wantedthis, and I never saw it answered. It seemed like something I could do.

    I dunno if the text is right, but it's still editable.

    Didn't wanna start my own thread. As you were.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)10:11 No.16013348
    dunno, there's also hipster Taldeer
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:11 No.16013351
    Image w/out text please?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:12 No.16013355

    Hipster cultist; surprisingly adorable.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:15 No.16013375
         File1313936139.jpg-(118 KB, 400x585, hipcultist2.jpg)
    118 KB

    You got it, buddy.
    Also, bigger.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)10:23 No.16013412
         File1313936619.jpg-(186 KB, 1036x1200, gangsta.jpg)
    186 KB

    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)10:25 No.16013417

    damn i forgot the nike hoof shoes
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)10:27 No.16013420
    oh lawdy
    and the douchebag slit glasses
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:29 No.16013429
    That scythe is SO HUGE.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:29 No.16013430
    Neat. The Satyr looks like a total douchebag.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 08/21/11(Sun)10:33 No.16013441
    I chortled.
    >> Fightan Man 08/21/11(Sun)10:33 No.16013442
    Awesome touch, now we need a white version!
    Thanks for the sketch Muju.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)10:38 No.16013455
         File1313937503.jpg-(746 KB, 2000x2505, sssss.jpg)
    746 KB
    progress so far, the shading as a bit harder than expected
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:38 No.16013456
         File1313937504.jpg-(3 KB, 140x190, piccinini_mutant_sculpture..jpg)
    3 KB
    can I get an elf (fae-like folklore elves, not tolkien) with rodent-like features in a pose similar to this sculpture (pic related) but with slightly more human proportions? I don't want a furry, skavenesque ratman, but more like if elves had evolved from rodents.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)10:39 No.16013460
    I have something like this, in a somewhat different pose, and a bit of "clothing".
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)10:43 No.16013472

    doing pirate demon
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)10:43 No.16013474
         File1313937802.jpg-(686 KB, 1700x1700, 1309279699770.jpg)
    686 KB
    So bright!
    Take the light away! It hurts us!

    Looks great.
    inb4 2noblebright4u
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)10:45 No.16013483
    don't worry, I'll grimdark it up. two or three scars, chains on ankles, chastity belt and a few tears. Rather tame for sistas, still.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)10:52 No.16013518

    actually brb. i got invited to play some street fighter
    >> Regi 08/21/11(Sun)10:52 No.16013519

    I gave up trying to make my tablet work, and I've done a pretty messy pencil sketch instead.
    Its been ages since I've drawn anything, so prepare to be underwhelmed while I try and get my scanner to work. :)
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)11:05 No.16013559
    GIMP occasionally ignores pressure sensitivity with my tabled if I don't have it plugged in when I start up the computer.

    Have you reinstalled your drivers? Tried the litanies? Prayed to the Omnissiah?
    >> Regi 08/21/11(Sun)11:30 No.16013699
         File1313940627.jpg-(492 KB, 1750x1275, horrifiying.jpg)
    492 KB

    I think it is my shitty knockoff wacom fucking up.. I last used it like a month ago, and it took a day to get it to work.

    Anyway, I'm better with a good old pencil anyway.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 08/21/11(Sun)11:33 No.16013722
    Once again I am requesting a spear weilding Paladin Succubus in heavy armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)11:33 No.16013723
    >> Regi 08/21/11(Sun)11:38 No.16013752

    I know, rite?
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)11:40 No.16013766

    okay back continuing
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)11:45 No.16013797
    nealy finished on the sista
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)12:13 No.16013968
         File1313943229.jpg-(928 KB, 2000x2505, sssss.jpg)
    928 KB
    here you go.

    I still need to progress a lot on lights and stuff
    also, my first attempt at a vaguely accurate anatomy.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:16 No.16014008
         File1313943412.jpg-(357 KB, 1143x1303, aasimar dragon sorceress.jpg)
    357 KB
    Yo Techno.
    Feel like drawing an alternate version of this picture a very nice drawfriend made?
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)12:17 No.16014024
    not really...
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:19 No.16014041
    That's cool. Just don't make it sound like you think I'm a retard.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:22 No.16014067
         File1313943763.png-(8 KB, 458x395, 1309198013973.png)
    8 KB
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)12:24 No.16014086
    I'm too used to be a douchebag to express myself nicely, and I don't really like it anyway.
    but frankly, I don't see how I could make it look cool while not just copying it.
    Plus, I don't know enough about DnD to find it inspiring.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:26 No.16014095
    long neck is long
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)12:28 No.16014110
    in fucking deed. prolly the habit of drawing my own neck, that is freakishly long. gotta solve that
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:35 No.16014151
    Yo Technomancer, what up.
    You're a fag.
    >> greenmarine !!ynR8ly17cbg 08/21/11(Sun)12:35 No.16014153
    I hereby declare the seventh day of the week as ┬┤Mujuday'
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:35 No.16014156
    not exactly the same problem but most of my drawings involving women have them look like the first girl I had anything serious with. Sorta scary.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:38 No.16014169

    you smell phyrexian.

    ... That said, white phyrexia white "bony" of red exposed flesh is awesome for chaos space marines. (and I am too lazy to repost Technos thing of that)
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:39 No.16014175

    (and of course, the thing you posted is technomancer's if I don't roll low on my detect artist roll.)
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)12:42 No.16014210
    that wasn't the main influence but we could say that
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)12:44 No.16014226
    I request a Baatezu lord. He has black leathery wings, a goatee, two small horns, and a toothy grin. His eyes glow malevolently. His clothing is a mishmash of straps, skulls, and belts, but all over neat tidy clothing. His two clawed hands are wreathed in fire, each holding an ornate rapier. His legs end in polished black boots.

    He looks down at a lone adventurer, smiling in his mocking manner.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)12:55 No.16014301
         File1313945719.jpg-(162 KB, 1183x1500, demonpirate.jpg)
    162 KB


    i went to play street fighter again so delays
    >> Fabricator-General Scriptarius 08/21/11(Sun)12:59 No.16014337
    Muju, my question still stands - do you take commissions, and if so, through what procedure?
    I got a little something I'd like you to draw, provided I can afford it.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:01 No.16014347
    just check out her DA page
    >> Geckilian !fDaniYdbO6 08/21/11(Sun)13:01 No.16014350

    Inspiring work there.

    I second this request please, would love to see one of the car daemons.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:02 No.16014356
    bikes are sexier
    >> Fabricator-General Scriptarius 08/21/11(Sun)13:04 No.16014364
    Well that was... deceptively simple.
    For whatever reason I assumed all drawfags used different names on Deviantart.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:05 No.16014374
         File1313946331.jpg-(1.86 MB, 1600x1745, mlch.jpg)
    1.86 MB
    I guess this would be somewhat fitting, but it's more based off a train.
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)13:07 No.16014384
    Thank you, good Sir.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:08 No.16014390
    well, sometimes, names are already taken. Mine on DA is Technorakel.

    if her tariffs are too high for you, I might be a second option, btw.
    >> Geckilian !fDaniYdbO6 08/21/11(Sun)13:08 No.16014397

    Certainly a train daemon, but the car daemons in American Gods are pretty much creepy bloodstained suited men with metal teeth and glowing eyes.

    Cheers for the picture though, sure I can use it in the next DRYH campaign.
    >> greenmarine !!ynR8ly17cbg 08/21/11(Sun)13:10 No.16014407
         File1313946604.jpg-(158 KB, 780x910, dicks.jpg)
    158 KB
    >>Challenge acce....
    Ok fuck this, lamassu will always be funny bearded lions :(
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:11 No.16014414
    Hey guys, faeries and demons thread!

    >Thread is nothing but mostly naked white chicks with wings
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:13 No.16014431
    request something else, when I got in, the only guys who wanted me to draw something wanted a chick with wings.
    >> Geckilian !fDaniYdbO6 08/21/11(Sun)13:16 No.16014453
    It'd be pretty funky if you could try a daemonic interpretation of a jet ski bombing an innocent cluster of fairy traffic cones who are fleeing for their lives across a sunflower field.
    >> Ted, Wizard of Ur 08/21/11(Sun)13:16 No.16014456
    A disgruntled demon sitting at the bosses desk looking through a resume of a airheaded fairy. The demon is facepalming, the fairy is going off tangent.
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)13:16 No.16014459
         File1313946991.jpg-(209 KB, 1030x1200, demonpirate.jpg)
    209 KB

    mmm coral horns
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)13:16 No.16014462
    > nothing but mostly
    > nothing but
    > mostly
    Pick one.

    Also these were two requests posted with WIPs.
    The number of guys with horns is technically higher.
    And forgive us for not desiring more bearded sumeric lion-guys.
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 08/21/11(Sun)13:17 No.16014466
    A muscled fighter female pixie adventurer.
    Is a old recurrent joke in our group.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:17 No.16014469
    I don't even understand.
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)13:18 No.16014476
    Was that the one with the chestnut-mace?
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:20 No.16014487
    Lamassus are cool, though.

    Technically, this is one too:
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:20 No.16014489

    The background is a sunflower field. There are a bunch of traffic cones with butterfly wings. A jet ski with Spikes of Evil and a barbed tail fires a bazooka at the traffic cones. What is so hard to understand?
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 08/21/11(Sun)13:23 No.16014509
    I don't know what are you talking about. She usually armed with a war hammer made with a fire beetle exoskeleton.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:23 No.16014512
    okay, actually, I did understand, then. You know, I like drawing grotesque things a lot, but this is lolrandumb.
    >> Hodo Astartes 08/21/11(Sun)13:24 No.16014519
         File1313947473.jpg-(21 KB, 292x302, why-would-you-do-that.jpg)
    21 KB
    Easy to comprehend, hard to understand.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:25 No.16014521
    A techno-demon VS a naturalist faery.
    I know you want to do it. and you know it too.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:25 No.16014524
    so, she's like a Piot-Chan, except with mussels.

    I could do that, but expect an ugly little critter dressed in bug corpses, not feminine at all.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:26 No.16014531
    Yes, I want to. I'm gonna do it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:28 No.16014547
         File1313947709.jpg-(24 KB, 275x203, sower of temptation.jpg)
    24 KB
    As much as I appreciate demons, what about some fae?

    Doing something devious no doubt. pic related
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:30 No.16014556
    Futuristic Cyberfairy with a swiss army knife as a sword and some gear and fancy cables...
    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)13:39 No.16014617

    doing spectral knight
    >> greenmarine !!ynR8ly17cbg 08/21/11(Sun)13:39 No.16014621
         File1313948364.jpg-(108 KB, 652x664, nothellboy.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:41 No.16014637
    >nothing but mostly naked chicks
    >but mostly naked chicks

    Hi, my name is English. Please learn to use me.
    >> Geckilian !fDaniYdbO6 08/21/11(Sun)13:42 No.16014641

    Naturally. It could be considered a challenge in fact.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:42 No.16014643
    Next, can we have an image where she's punched in the face so hard her teeth fly out and her glasses break in two?

    Fucking hipsters. Fucking hipsters everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:46 No.16014669
    Irony Warriors, a whole hipster Chaos Space Marine army, who worship Malal because it's ironic. Also, they favor mole mortars and termites, because they're so underground.
    >> Ulmeyda !!PgrlQZXP+D8 08/21/11(Sun)13:47 No.16014675
    If possible, i'd like to request an NPC baddie from a D&D game I played in a while back.

    An Elder, Advanced Erinyes named Azazael. Light Grey skin with long, flowing black hair, and a pair of feathered wings, burning with hellfire.

    She wields a wicked greatsword in one hand and a flaming noose in the other. Unlike other, younger and less powerful Erinyes, though, she doesn't wear unbelievably revealing clothing, probably some sort of long dress. Feel free to add some other Devilish features, if you'd like.

    Not expecting this to get drawn, but thanks anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:47 No.16014676

    Actually, what he wrote is grammatically correct. "Mostly naked chicks" is a single concept, referring to chicks who are mostly naked (that is, scantily dressed). Saying "a thread with nothing but mostly naked chicks" means the same thing as and is grammatically correct as saying "a thread with scantily dressed women to the exclusion of all else".

    Learn English yourself before you criticise others for it.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:50 No.16014703
    sorry, had to fix the other laptop, I haven't started yet.

    say, can I open a stream, so you can suggest ideas as it goes?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:50 No.16014706
    what program do you use for painting?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)13:52 No.16014717
    Yeah why not?
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:52 No.16014721
    IIRC, she uses photoshop.
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)13:53 No.16014732
    >> MonkeyToho 08/21/11(Sun)13:58 No.16014753
    rolled 71 = 71


    And apparently this brush pack.

    >> Muju 08/21/11(Sun)14:29 No.16014960
         File1313951350.jpg-(146 KB, 1110x1100, knight.jpg)
    146 KB

    tired. taking a break

    heres what i have so far
    >> Ulmeyda !!PgrlQZXP+D8 08/21/11(Sun)15:03 No.16015214
    I figured i'd bump the thread and see if there is any chance of my request getting done.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)15:20 No.16015355
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)16:40 No.16015960
         File1313959239.jpg-(807 KB, 2000x2505, schwip.jpg)
    807 KB
    >> Technomancer 08/21/11(Sun)16:41 No.16015965
         File1313959316.jpg-(1.06 MB, 2000x2505, schwips.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)19:49 No.16017602

    insectoid faeries (in more then just wings) and demon machines....

    and they both ... can supply ass.

    .... ....

    There needs to be more sci-fi/fantasy with things that are hot, but still will fucking kill you.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)20:15 No.16017891
    That's fantastic.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)20:19 No.16017937
    May I kindly get a Nymph and Succubus sitting at a table drinking coffee, talking about scientific marvels in the world of Ebberon?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)00:43 No.16020582
    any chance of this happening?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)01:51 No.16021323
         File1313992275.jpg-(80 KB, 500x400, 34 rat elf.jpg)
    80 KB
    Different drawfag, but I gave it a shot
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)04:16 No.16022347
         File1314001012.jpg-(122 KB, 500x506, 1208122702531.jpg)
    122 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)04:22 No.16022388
    Yun as a special flower faerie that can do anything and everything. And give him Genei-jin, too.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:28 No.16023218
         File1314008918.jpg-(166 KB, 832x543, 1300996849793.jpg)
    166 KB
    One more bump. Otherwise, I think it's the end.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)11:57 No.16025231
         File1314028630.jpg-(10 KB, 150x150, thu_4798b58b.jpg)
    10 KB
    Interrupting the theme of this drawthread for a while to ask a question related to the old drawthread. (a year old, in fact)

    Does anyone have a larger picture of this ?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)13:51 No.16026039
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)14:11 No.16026181
         File1314036700.jpg-(163 KB, 612x612, TorgBogard.jpg)
    163 KB
    Here ya go, dude.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)14:43 No.16026347
         File1314038613.gif-(3 KB, 109x128, BROFIST.gif)
    3 KB

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