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  • File : 1316831229.jpg-(418 KB, 1152x1020, 1300942237677.jpg)
    418 KB Gargoyle Quest 28 VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/23/11(Fri)22:27 No.16403794  
    You stand in a dusty, brick room. The lights, now seeming even brighter than those you had seen months ago, shed light down on a disparate scene. Your allies, and a gargoyle who claims to be your father, look about in confusion as the man who has tormented you for so long disappears. His voice echoes throughout the sealed room.

    "Even now, you and your kind pique my curiosity. Even now, I can wonder how you'd react to any number of things."

    You can smell his cigar smoke, almost as though he were right next to you. "Just now, I'm wondering how you'll act when the fine owner of this place is roused from her coma, and starts to fight for real. Aren't you interested too?"

    You see Fredrick, now in the form of a massive, monstrous beast, turn to the wall where the owner was knocked through solid brick. You see the chain-linked mesh beneath his feet start to bend, and then finally snap, spiralling around his neck in a sort of noose as he falls through it.

    The older woman, her boisterous performer's outfit bent, her hair bedraggled and her brow bloodied, floats out from the hole in the wall with a murderous look on her face, the wiring moving to catch her like a kind of metal throne. "You dare to strike me? Have you any idea who I am? The things I have endured to bring me to this point? How many useless imbecile's lives I have spared?" She looks down at Fredrick, who is choking with loud, painful coughs as the wire tightens around his throat. She gestures down to him calmly, in a way that would elicit temptation in other circumstance. "Come, mon bĂȘte, Madame la Guerre will teach you the horrors of war."

    Renee and Godfried seem to be in shock. You have a clear line of movement to her, but can feel the chain mounted to your section of the room starting to move. What will you do?
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/23/11(Fri)23:07 No.16404216

    (Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16162318/ )

    "In flight..." You say to Hugh, taking off and skipping along the wall. You can see the chain links start to twist beneath both Godfried and Renee's feet. You see some of the chains off of one of the hallway's walls turn off, and appear in front of you. Impacting them is like hitting a row of tiny metal poles, and a second later they are tightening around you, leaving you suspended in the air and unable to fight back.

    "So, I hear you have a number of museums in France." Hugh says, from where he sits up on the wall. "But, do you have any places where they put rock on a wall?" He shouts, as he drags his stone claws across the brick, producing a screeching sound that leaves the woman clutching at her ears.
    >> Anonymous 09/23/11(Fri)23:18 No.16404310
    Take this opportunity to throw something at her. If Fredrick can plow her into a wall without much damage, I doubt a brick to the face would be too horrible. Also, if her chains slackened from the noise, we'll know what to do next...
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/23/11(Fri)23:20 No.16404327
    Will be away for a bit, getting quick dinner. Don't let that stop you from posting, though!

    And as for what Michael's doing, he appears to be a bit shocked by the woman getting back up.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)00:22 No.16404964

    You twist out of the chains, hitting the ground within half a second and snatching up a brick. You fling it at the woman's face, just as Hugh is flung off of the wall by a few bricks suddenly thrusting outwards.

    The brick hits, and disintegrates into a fine dust in the air around the woman's head upon impact.

    You swiftly spring, clawing down at her as she brings her arm up to block the attack. Her thin fan cuts into your hand like iron, and you fly past her as the chain throne carries her out of the way.

    "Cute tricks. But boys should play in school, not on the battlefield." She taunts you, and you notice from the corner of your eye Renee and Godfried retreating back to the stable floor of the hallway.

    "Hey." Renee says, and the woman turns just as he raises his gun and fires in one smooth motion. You see her boa move, but she remains unharmed, though she does flinch at the shot. You see a flattened bullet fall from out of her boa, down between the chain links.

    "I believe she's a transmuter and enchanter! She can control and alter the properties of objects at a whim!" Godfried shouts as he takes his aim.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)00:32 No.16405046
    A transmuter? This'll be difficult. Since our forte is strength and mercy, we'll need to rely on mind scrambling tactics so she can't concentrate on using her powers.

    "Fredrick, I know you'll hate me, but..."

    And then screech. Screech into the audible range. Hugh should pick up on the clue and go for a blow.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)00:47 No.16405180

    "Fredrick, I know you'll hate me, but..." You scream, and Madame Guerre clutches her ears, shrieking in pain. You keep it up for a time, the room starkly visible to you even as you close your eyes. You see Hugh's form blur, a kick smashing into the woman's midsection and bowling her off of her throne. She spins once in the air before landing on the hard concrete not ten feet away.

    "Bastard!" She coughs from the ground a short distance away, her hand making a twisting motion, and the bare ends of the metal wires strike like snakes, several going through Hugh's neck, and a few through his wings.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)00:59 No.16405266
    She touched Hugh! Scream even louder to break those chain's source of power.

    Slowly approach her while we're doing this.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)01:08 No.16405337

    You scream again, and she recoils, the ground moving her away as you do so. A bit of the stone rises up in front of her, pinning her in place as you approach, the woman glaring at you hatefully as she slices at you with her fan. You step back away, your breath breaking for a moment as she regains her balance.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)01:11 No.16405363
    "Rah...Just go away! Leave us be!"

    Look to see if Hugh managed to get out of the chains ok.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)01:22 No.16405476

    "Rah... Just go away! Leave us be!" You shout at her. She steps back, seeming to consider your offer. You take a quick glance back to Hugh, seeing him look over at you stunned.

    "What? I'm fine. It's not like we breathe to live." He says, pulling one of the metal strands out from his neck. Hugh's eyes widen as he points past you. "Watch out!"

    The woman rushes towards you in that moment as you turn, and her fan blade slices halfway through one of your horns. The rage-filled slap you deliver to her sends her tumbling backwards across the room, the chain binding Fredrick in the air releasing him to fall down to the floor below, and you hear him coughing a few moments after his terrific impact.

    "Well done, well done. And still preserving the sanctity of life." Malone's voice permeates the room.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)01:29 No.16405520
    Growl at Malone.

    "Don't mock me..."

    Then, turn to the madame.

    "Care to come at me again?"
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)01:38 No.16405580

    "Don't mock me..." You growl at Malone's voice.

    The Madame wavers as she reaches for the floor, steadying herself as she gets to her knees.

    "Care to come at me again?" You say to her, your hand open and claws bared.

    A section of stone springs up like some kind of mucky pseudopod, slapping the Madame across the side of her skull. The woman crumples over to one side, writhing slightly before losing consciousness.

    "I'm sorry." Michael says to the room. "It took me a while to find any clay in this area."

    "Useless bitch." Malone's voice rings out, and you hear him start to laugh, before he stops himself. "Well, Gabe? You still sure you want to take me on? It's not like I can fight back against you. Means I'd have to use any means necessary to win."
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)01:45 No.16405631
    Turn to everyone. We can't very well kill him, but we can't just let him go either.

    "Malone...get out here..."
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)01:57 No.16405741

    "Malone... Get out here..." You hiss at him.

    "Then again, what was that I heard about punishing the wicked?" He chuckles, the mocking laughter seeming to come from a great many mouths. "Would you not consider me wicked, Gabriel? I have killed, lied, cheat, and stolen my way to the top of this city."

    "Malone! Leave as Gabriel asked and you can have your life!" Michael shouts out at him.

    "My life is nothing without my reputation, in both the underworld and the magical world." Malone responds. "How would it look if I was overthrown by my own men?"
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)02:04 No.16405784
    "How petty of you, Malone."

    Take center-stage.

    "You've lost so much to your greed. Why do you not see the writing on the wall?"
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)02:25 No.16405975

    "How petty of you, Malone." You walk over next to the hole where Fredrick had fallen through, and look around at the room. "You've lost so much to your greed. Why do you not see the writing on the wall?"

    Malone's voice rings out loud, off of the walls. "I have lost nothing but my patience! The madame may have been an old friend, but we were hardly close." You hear his voice split again, into a great many voices. "You, on the other hand, have disappointed me. This rotten world will chew you up and spit you out! Your own father has killed nearly a country's worth! And yet you still persist." His voice hangs in the air for a moment. "No, Gabriel. YOU leave."
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)02:44 No.16406078
    Nod slightly.

    "Very well, Malone..."

    Gather everyone up.

    Start gesturing around to the mannequins, the madame, and the rubble. "Sit there with your /friends/, Malone. We'll leave. You can have your pride and your games, but we're /sick/ of it." Point to the rafters. "If I ever hear of you again...If anyone of us sees you, or you cause grief..." Clench our fists. "I won't hesitate."

    Begin walking out.

    "Have a good life, Malone."
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)03:07 No.16406162

    You nod to him. "Very well, Malone..."

    You motion to the others to begin walking out, and Renee calls down to Fredrick. "You alright, big guy?"

    Fredrick gags, but puts up one of his huge thumbs.

    You gesture around to the mannequins, the madame, and the rubble. "Sit there with your /friends/, Malone. We'll leave. You can have your pride and your games, but we're /sick/ of it." You point at the ceiling "If I ever hear of you again... If anyone of us sees you, or you cause grief..." You clench your fists. "I won't hesitate."

    You begin walking out.

    "Have a good life, Malone."

    You hear his chuckle, once again. "Still not willing to sacrifice that twinkle of human morality? Very good. I wonder if you'll still let me go if I show you just how cruel this world can really be."

    You hear the cocking of a firearm, almost next to your head. "I could shoot you right now, and you'd not even have a chance to know it was coming. Knowing I still have the will to kill, you'd rather let those who are innocent keep on dying by my hand?"
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)04:00 No.16406326
    Take a deep breath (even though we don't breath). Gently reach up for the gun and crush it. If he moves/teleports away, don't even waiver our gaze.

    "For someone who's only been truly living for a few weeks, I'm probably not the best to comment, but you're like a child, Malone." Turn our gaze to him if he's still there, and laugh. If he tries anything tough by threatening us with a gun, spell, or what-have-you, laugh again. "I'm done playing games, Malone."

    "You try prodding me like some physician with a limb; well, I'm tired of it. I just want peace. I want to wake-up at sun-set and...not think about you, really."

    Sorry I haven't responded yet, OP. Between finishing up my radio show, getting dunking donuts, and walking to and from said locations, it pretty much explains my absence. It may be late, but I don't have anything to do tomorrow, so yeah.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)04:31 No.16406475

    It's alright. I was just finishing up some homework myself. This next one will be my last for tonight, as I do have to wake up tomorrow for work.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)04:44 No.16406534

    You take a deep breath, and reach up for the gun. Your hand passes through air, and you furrow your brow.

    "For someone who's only been truly living for a few weeks, I'm probably not the best to comment, but you're like a child, Malone." You look around the room, trying to find him. "I'm done playing your games. You try prodding me like some physician with a stick; well, I'm tired of it. I just want peace. I want to wake-up at sun-set and... Not think about you, really."

    "I'm afraid it's too late for that, my stony friend." You hear his voice ring out, and the door out by the hallway slams shut.

    "Malone! You son of a bitch, let us walk!" Michael shouts out at him.

    "I'm afraid I have to see your reaction as well. You remember our bet, right?" The voice starts to laugh, almost uncontrolably. It sounds like the cackling of a hyena. "What- What is it that will crack first? You, or your sons, once I start to pull things apart?" Malone's voice drops an octave, and his laugh becomes a low rumble. "No. You WILL remember me, Gabriel. As the man who taught you how dim, hopeless, and cruel the world could be. When you close your eyes, you will remember the blindness I gave you. When you dream, you will see me, haunting the corner of your vision."

    You hear a pop, and you feel a bullet enter your left knee. You groan, falling down to the ground, and swipe at where you felt the bullet come from, contacting nothing.

    "You will remember me as the man who took from you everything you hold dear."
    >> Anonymous 09/24/11(Sat)04:48 No.16406548
         File1316854131.jpg-(274 KB, 1215x717, Galio chinese art.jpg)
    274 KB
    If that's indeed the last one for the night, then sweet dreams, OP.

    Once again, thanks for keeping this quest alive.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 09/24/11(Sat)04:51 No.16406558

    np. Hopefully we can get more done next time.

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