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  • File : 1317250920.jpg-(838 KB, 900x1175, Red_by_kerembeyit.jpg)
    838 KB Dragon Quest LV Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:02 No.16457297  
    When traveling to the Astral plane, location is often a difficult problem. There are others- It can be quite disorienting and unpleasant to change your plane of existence, but event then, even when transmitting in a deliberate and controlled manner, it can be difficult to place yourself where you intended. When being sucked through a hole in reality created by a world-rending paradox, while titanic wards attempt to make your transit all the less pleasant... Well. Things become significantly less controlled.

    What wards they possess are inferior to your own skills, and upon your return and Azyra's fearful explanation of what occurred, you find it relatively easy to locate the adventurers who have wronged you. They drift helpless on the Astral plane, unable to wake their mage who was rendered unconscious by their crash-transition. Unprepared for a prolonged stay, or anything more than a few seconds, they were easy prey for one of the inhabitants of the plane- A dozen-strong githyanki party happened upon them shortly after their arrival, while half were still incapacitated.. Though nice to see the universe taking your side on the matter, it may make your task more complicated. Besides, it does little to slake your seething rage.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:02 No.16457303
         File1317250968.jpg-(81 KB, 454x649, red3.jpg)
    81 KB
    Which, though under the tightest of control, your dissembling is insufficient. You did a very thorough reading of Azyra's mind to extract every last detail from it, and while not necessarily harmful, she obviously sensed some trace amount of your temper, and is currently standing to one side, utterly terrified, attempting to look as insignificant as possible. She was unable to contact you while they were present- And incapacitated prior to their departure- and she was originally hoping to serve you, to win your approval, by delaying or distracting them long enough for you to return. But not only did she end up failing miserably, something she is well aware of, but she was not as capable of hiding certain other thoughts as she might have wished.

    She was terrified, but she did end up... charmed by the intruders. To her credit, she is acutely embarrassed by it and her failure, but not enough for her to discard her... infatuation. She currently is almost certain you noticed her thoughts, but still clings to that last shred of hope. You have not yet decided whether to disabuse her of that notion, or pretend ignorance.

    Scinnari, of course, hardly blames her for anything- instead, always a firm believer in hierarchies, she located the superior of the slain guards and killed him quite painfully. Judging by her steely calm, yet still infuriated demeanor, she may be wishing she had not killed him quite so quickly. She seems to have taken exception to the theft of Cygnariassis, and stands to one side as she reviews what information you have on the group.

    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:03 No.16457313
         File1317251019.jpg-(373 KB, 1422x964, 1287111508456.jpg)
    373 KB
    Your guard on the island have their own commander, but your internal spies are lead by another individual. Wizard Nephrane Thanness is resentful of being employed by a sorcerer, but has yet to get over his euphoria at finding someone who will not only pay him to know everything about everyone, but will also provide excellent benefits, as well. Like all of those high in your service, he is allowed significant liberties, as long as it does not significantly undermine your authority or resources. He makes full use of them, but realizes he owes his position to you. In this instance, you are gratified to have him on your payroll. Almost instantly upon sending your request, he has information on all of the adventurers you described, rapidly compiling files on the three Azyra saw, as well as three others.

    Paladin Alyvia Lionel, once of St. Cuthbert, more recently of Pelor. According to Azyra's memories, the one responsible for stealing Cygnariassis from your possession, as well as one who delivered a holier-than-thou lecture to Azyra. Along with that, she's also the leader and 'moral compass' of the group. Middle-aged, a fairly capable individual, and bearer of three minor nobility titles, all awarded for various deeds she was involved in, she's almost certainly the 'veteran' of the group, perhaps the most dangerous, though you find it hard to take a paladin seriously. Then again, she's just demonstrated her competence, and exacting satisfactory vengeance will require that you do not underestimate her.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:06 No.16457344
         File1317251163.jpg-(475 KB, 1024x768, 1287776612049.jpg)
    475 KB
    Tybran Valerius, in his case, a dispossessed noble from northern Aquitaine. He has certainly earned no new nobility, mostly being a... well, an adventurer. A thieving, murdering bandit who purports to do noble deeds, and boasts about the results... in essence, that's what they all are. In his case, he literally boasts about the results, being a moderately well-known bard. A better performer than author, according to your data, but an adequate one none the less. His popularity with people is inverse to their respectability. A competent swordsman, a well traveled individual, and relatively well educated for a mercenary. Rumored to a be an excellent thief, but without proof. There are, however, a suspicious amount of accusations, and he has occasionally served time.

    Mephis Pasa, a sorcerer of decent power, whom Nephrame believes to be of aasimar blood. Reassuring; you hadn't found it terribly likely, but had been worried that he might be something more than human. Nephrame isn't certain, but he rarely records guesses he doesn't have information to support. Presumably the one responsible for the how completely eluded all a few of your minions, as well as for disabling your daughter... He doesn't seem to have anything in the way of family or relations, meaning leverage may be difficult to come by. Or not. Aasimar are often noted for being extremely soft-of-heart.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:06 No.16457351
         File1317251215.jpg-(185 KB, 400x520, 1286850615916.jpg)
    185 KB
    Kotri Bera'dvakan, a dwarven eccentric and scholar, obsessed with, among other things, ancient languages and cataloging beasts. You, you suppose. Undoubtedly why she was brought with the group, their source of knowledge. Adventurers are seldom academically inclined. Not a caster, though, so likely not a threat, aside from her knowledge, though being a dwarf and an adventurer, you cannot believe she would be totally unarmed. Presumably she was with the group, but Azyra never had a chance to see her. Nephrame notes that he thinks she may be related to the clan of dwarves on your island. He points out with haste, though, that he isn't certain.

    Tereva'senthasen, an elven mercenary attached to the group- What Nephrame has been able to determine on such short notice suggests that she is a convict, a prisoner serving time as the paladin's ward. Dangerous, but apparently manageable as long as she's pointed in the right direction. Nephrame can't determine the reason behind this, but suspects it was a attempted theft or assassination against the church of Pelor- Though he can determine the date and sentencing, they were not willing to part with the initial crime.

    Finally, a sixth member to the band- One that apparently remained on the island and your guards have in custody at the moment. According to Thanness' interrogation, he apparently was an ex-soldier and adventurer, and refused to take part in the raiding of your lair. Apparently intimidated by the rumors of your power and cruelty, not to mention with living family on the island, he was unwilling to continue to work with them, and they split up shortly after arriving on Mza. You are assured that he is still being held, pending your judgment or further instructions.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:14 No.16457434
    Fuck yeah Dragon Quest!

    But, seriously, come on guys. It'd DQ. Where are all the DQers?

    >rdseur Pinckney

    I dunno captcha, they could be having a picnic.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:24 No.16457534
    noticed that this quest, at least in the past, was busiest around 7ish Pacific time... and we do enjoy picnics....
    sounds like we'll want to stomp down on the Paladin first, as she is the biggest obvious threat, followed closely by killing that sorceror. the rest of the group is a secondary concern
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:25 No.16457537
         File1317252318.png-(16 KB, 300x300, 3ff2007a9c6118a3b781d96c429f5a(...).png)
    16 KB
    Not their fault. The last time I tried this, the thread died, and I've been gone for quite a while. 's why I'm giving it a few tries.

    Planning on putting an epilogue up on the 1d4chan page if this is truly dead, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:28 No.16457572
    Stalker quest has also started up
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:34 No.16457636
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:37 No.16457658
         File1317253020.jpg-(201 KB, 640x832, 1287280509920.jpg)
    201 KB
    Is that a wednesdays thing? I'd far prefer to be running this on Saturdays, but my previous few Saturdays keep having events crop up. Running it today because I utterly failed the most recent Saturdays, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:40 No.16457700
    im unsure if it is, probably... ill just ask if it is
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:42 No.16457711
    Stalker what? Why do I care?

    There are dragons over here. DRAAAAAGONS.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:45 No.16457750
    Fuck yeah dragon quest! Sorry I can't participate, need to sleep, have school in the morning, and it's late here
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:45 No.16457753
    Perhaps we should go meet with this 6th man.

    Of course, he could be some sort of trick, a nasty surprise they left behind to fuck us up. So do so cautiously. Perhaps through an image of some kind.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:45 No.16457758
    awwww yeaaaaah
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:45 No.16457760
    But, in all seriousness, thoughts on what to do?

    <corner Irelembe

    WD, is there a nation/empire in this world known as Irelembe? Because if possible, I'd like to corner it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:45 No.16457761
    sleep is for the weak, you can rest when you're dead
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)19:49 No.16457792
         File1317253787.jpg-(149 KB, 640x332, 3.jpg)
    149 KB
    Not yet, certainly.

    I'm afraid I know the feeling all too well.

    Noted. Do we have a second, and if so, are there any questions you want answered?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:50 No.16457796
    Hey hey! Dragonquest!

    Get on IRC, WD.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:53 No.16457824
    Alright, action!

    Well, priority is to get Cygnis back. Chastising our daughter can wait. And we should handle this personally.

    What can you tell us about these githyanki fellows? Could we, for instance, barter with them? (Not that I'm planning to)
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:53 No.16457825
    We will find them, skin them alive, make them wear the skins of their party members, and then get back every fucking item those assholes lost, whether we have to rip it from their family members or not.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:54 No.16457846

    To do:

    1. Have a talk with Azyra. Yes, adventurers can be charming. Yes, that is how we met your mother. Yes, we know that you want to go out and see the world. But these adventurers are working for our enemies, and would be totally comfortable with killing her, or her mother, or us, for the money. Or simply for the bragging rights. Or simply to see if they could.

    2. Recover Cygnis. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of what ended up happening to her, but ultimately we need to get her back. That silver great wyrm she has for a godfather is looking for her, and if he finds out what we did, we're fucked.

    3. Find out where said adventurers are. Figure out what they know, who they're working for, all of that. Then kill them. We can't afford to have (accurate) information about us freely circulating.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:56 No.16457861
    If the paladin thought what we'd done to Cygnis was harsh, just WAIT until she finds out what's going to happen to HER.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:57 No.16457869

    Ask him who pointed them in our direction.

    Also, if we want to be serious about interrogating him, bring Watcher along.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)19:58 No.16457885
    Hey, I have an idea. If we can find a source of regeneration, we can force the adventurers to wear their own skin.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:01 No.16457907
    but that's not as fun as skinning them, healing them, and forcing them to wear their party members skins as clothing instead.

    we could always use more test subjects for the aging device.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:09 No.16458002
    I may as well post this now...PRESENTING THE DRAGONQUEST WEBSITE!!


    'World' isn't finished, nor is all the stories from 'Character' (or pictures, but that's unlikely to be finished)

    Also, use firefox to view it. Chrome works for the map, but not the character pages.

    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:10 No.16458018
    Hey WD, welcome back again.

    Also, any news on the elusive Vedibere? Here's hoping WD can lure him here, and we can get a solid date for the next thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:11 No.16458033

    Most'll do for that, but I want that leader of theirs to be more fittingly punished...a stress toy for Scinnari, perhaps...
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:11 No.16458036
    Seconded. However, unless something really important is going to happen in that conversation with Azyra, I think it should be dealt with off screen.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:13 No.16458046
    Website under review.
    Which makes me a sad panda.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:15 No.16458061

    It chooses the BITCHIEST times to do these fucking reviews...

    Well, save the link and look at it a day from now, I guess.

    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:22 No.16458117
    All right, well, highest priority is hunting down those adventurers ASAP- if they are good enough to break into our lair, menace our daughter, and steal Cygnis, there's no way that the githyanki will be able to hold them for long. Better to hunt them down, retrieve Cygnis, and ensure that they're all killed. Fortunately, the githyanki have historically good relations with red dragons, so diplomacy should not pose a major problem. We can probably just give them a few thousand gold as a thank you for their cooperation, write that off as adventurer losses, and avoid any unnecessary disagreements or conflict while leaving them pleased with their encounter with us.

    The important thing is to move on this QUICKLY. This is still a very time-sensitive issue, and it will get worse if we delay. Even holding off long enough to get all the information we have already may have been too long, although it was prudent. Bring a small escort of minions- a cadre of skilled sorcerer assassin types should do it, traveling concealed in our company- and plane shift/teleport to meet with the githyanki immediately.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:24 No.16458136

    Sounds good. Lets take Scinnari with us too; its been a while since we've done some joint activity and I think she'd want to be there.

    Besides, she's all armoured up now and pretty safe for it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:31 No.16458201
    As painful as it is to part with gold, the Astral is not a place to be mucking about. We'll just haggle the price that they ask down to semi-reasonable.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:31 No.16458203
    Wonder what we can do to the paladin. Here's my take on the matter:

    We torture her party members, and trap their minds in a state of permanent suffering and pain. In this state, we turn them into a set of (cursed) magic clothes that store said pain and suffering, then blast the mind of whomever wears them with that pain and suffering, whenever a code phrase is uttered.
    The code phrase will be an evil laugh.
    We then equip Mrs. Do-goody paladin with these cursed items, and we laugh evilly.
    As the final moments of her friends' pathetic lives tear into her mind, causing her untold pain, we will continue to laugh.
    We chain her up in our bedroom, or another place we visit at least once per day.
    Whenever we see her, we laugh evilly at her situation.
    Sometimes, we just stand there smirking.
    And she will know fear.
    Then, we will laugh.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:39 No.16458287

    10,000 points to this man.

    Also, considering how much distaste she apparently had for the Sympathy charms, lets add some of those in as well, so she takes unwilling pleasure in her own and her friends mental destruction.

    And I'm sure there's still plenty of imaginative things our wife can think of doing.

    Moving on, but not to think *too* far ahead, I think this whole venture could be a good point to have a wander off and solve a mystery by ourselves, like in ye olde times.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)20:41 No.16458325
         File1317256914.jpg-(51 KB, 584x585, Star artifact.jpg)
    51 KB
    Conversation with the prisoner is hardly necessary. Shrouded from sight, you walk past his cell carrying Watcher, and have everything he knew- not quite what you hoped for, but some. He does not know who hired them, usually allowing the paladin to organize jobs. He can't tell you quite where they were even hired as they passed through half the southern coast, finally heading towards Mza from the Ivory Gates. Lionel kept the job a secret right up until they arrived upon the island where he, arriving with them, was tagged as part of the group by your agents and apprehended when you issued your demand. According to his mind, they'd gone to ground, argued for a few days, finally agreeing to separate as he refused to take any part in their efforts.

    What you can learn from him suggest that the group was at least hired somewhere south of you. Azar, or sadly, your own twin cities are the likeliest locales, but you can't even rule out intermediaries. More solidly, though, he has information on his peers, and their capabilities.

    “He believes the bard to be ludicrously 'lucky'.” Watcher chimes, “I am inclined to view such superstition skeptically, but his memories are most clear on that. A duelist on occasion. Given to avoiding being hit, and one who prefers to fight a single opponent. Also prone to various... tricks. Illusion magic, most probably, though perhaps simply feats of trickery.”

    “And the others?”

    “He knows little about the elf or dwarf, having ignored them after initial attempts to befriend the elf out of carnal desire. The simply existed. The elf is an archer, the dwarf primarily a loremaster, though also capable of administering first aid. I would suspect that- going off of his lackluster information- she may have other skills.” Watcher says, giving a slight pause as if to sift through the information it plundered from the human's mind.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)20:43 No.16458343
         File1317257032.png-(470 KB, 649x800, Scinnari.png)
    470 KB
    “The paladin... he has little new information on. Obvious divine favor... He suspects the sorcerer may have a more subtle version of it. He is certain the sorcerer is touched by the upper planes, and knows him to have a predilection to fire- Holy, as well as simply hot. Be warned.”

    “Of course...” you rumble, still containing your fury.

    “As for flight, their plan of escape called for a mundane exit, if at all possible. That they are planeshifted suggests that something startled them... Perhaps your more subtle wards unsettled them, or they were worried after encountering your daughter. That is, I gather, what happened?” Watcher says in it's usual disinterested tone.

    “Regardless, my lord, we should pursue immediately.” Scinnari says, completely ignoring the crystal. “Cygnis is too... pleasant a foible to give up so readily, even aside from what a threat she represents.”

    “Worried about your toys drawing too much attention?” Watcher asks nastily. Scinnari again ignores her.

    “I... do not wish to presume, but I believe that your kind has had historically... 'warm' relations with the Githyanki- Do you think it possible to purchase the adventurers back from them?” Scinnari offers. “If you are willing to part with such a price, of course, I would be happy to serve as a messenger on your behalf.”
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:49 No.16458411

    Heh, Scinnari, you know how to curb our anger- I enjoy the image of her going to conduct our business.

    It is still too risky for her to do alone, I imagine, we should accompany. This might ALSO be a good time to perhaps foster another business relation- if such a thing were possible with them. This starting trade could be the beginning of many more, if it goes well.

    I suggest, to test them, after we send our initial dragon-form messages, we accompany Scinnari to clinch the deal polymorphed into the form of a retainer, and see how they treat the 'other' higher-up in our little kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)20:56 No.16458514
    I'll second that. Though I think we should definitely go in prepared for a fight. Just in case.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:01 No.16458560
    We need to move quickly. Look, there are only a few outcomes here:
    -The adventurers wake up and free themselves from the githyanki; very bad
    -The githyanki successfully bring the adventurers back to their fortress imprisoned; mildly bad as the difficulty of retrieving them will go way up
    -We intercept the githyanki before they manage to get the adventurers back to their fortress; good since it would let us deal with them from a position of relative power

    But the only way we get outcome three is if we don't dick around gathering information and discussing things. We have already wasted too much time- minutes, at least; hours if WD is unkind- that we could have used to pursue them. Adventurer profiles only matter if we actually fight the adventures- which we don't need to do as long as we don't give them time to recover, since the githyanki have disabled them for now. So grab a posse and move our ass, in force.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:02 No.16458579

    Yeah, we should keep our dragon-strength and tat ourselves out. Lets not get caught wrongfooted here.

    As for Scin, I'm pretty sure that even if there IS surprise ambush, the spell resistances, wards and immunities in the armour we gave her should protect her- and she's got a badass magic sword. Not that I'm expecting her to need to do this, if a trade is feasible.

    Ah, for that sword idea...I had an idea that she could have a magic scabbard with gems embedded in it, and touching one and whispering a word (or keyed to gems on her gauntlet) would summon a different kind of sword into it to be drawn for different situations. Five different ones in total. Approval?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:07 No.16458648

    You're right, but I still think some other gains could be made here.

    Could we not intercept them quickly, right now, negociate for the immediate release of Cygnis (the biggest liability) then and there, and then discuss offers for the rest of them back at their fort? They way we've got them under-eye for the trip too.

    I guess we could also send word ahead as was go, if word is sent via crystal balls or such.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:11 No.16458688
    >I suggest, to test them, after we send our initial dragon-form messages, we accompany Scinnari to clinch the deal polymorphed into the form of a retainer, and see how they treat the 'other' higher-up in our little kingdom.
    This is just dicking around. The test of whether it's worth opening relations with them or not will be if we can successfully get back Cygnis and the have adventurers killed (and preferably their souls/minds destroyed/imprisoned to prevent what they know getting out) with a minimum of expense and fuss; it doesn't matter how they treat Scinnari. All that matters are results, and we don't have any need to "test" the githyanki when what we really need is to get the current situation dealt with. Besides, why go into their place of power in a weak form in order to give them things when we're dealing with them as a red dragon? If we go there we should go there with the strength that we have, as someone worthy of respect.

    >I had an idea that she could have a magic scabbard with gems embedded in it, and touching one and whispering a word (or keyed to gems on her gauntlet) would summon a different kind of sword into it to be drawn for different situations. Five different ones in total. Approval?
    That sounds to me like a flagrant waste of money. If one high-quality magic sword will not suffice in a given situation, it's far more likely that turning to magic is the answer, rather than a differently enchanted sword.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:15 No.16458740

    I'd hardly say it's a waste of money based on the way antiques work alone, and I'm sure there are plenty of circumstances where you'd want a magical sword instead of magic.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:25 No.16458847
    Creating 5 different artifacts (the word you're looking for) would be an incredible investment. Seriously, one magical sword is enough. We could work it into an artifact blade if we feel the need is high enough, but Scinnari is a distance-fighter, and relies more on magic and trickery than swordwork.

    I think the best idea would be to contact the Githyanki and attempt to buy the prisoners off them. All I know about Githyanki is from BG2. They're paranoid and xenophobic, and hate people getting in their business. We should be entirely polite while conducting business.

    If they refuse to sell, BURNINATE.

    Retrieving Cygnis is top priority. She knows too many dragons to let her go free. If we cannot recover her, we should kill her.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:28 No.16458887
    Looks like consensus is to intercept the Gith with peaceful intentions, and get violent if things go sour.

    We should bring a cadre of lizardmen with us just in case. Keep them hidden if possible, we don't want to frighten the Gith any more than they will be when confronted by an Erinyes, or a Red if we go personally.

    We should also educate our daughter on why she shouldn't get involved with Aasamir. She's probably just hitting that age where she wants male attention. Let's try to find a suitable partner for her. Maybe another half-blood or an elf.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:29 No.16458899

    Harsh, but fair. Cygnis IS top priority- we certainly can't let a disjunct or such be cast on her.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:33 No.16458948

    I think the problem might be more tricky than that- like because they were from outside the little bubble we made for her but were still nice and complimentary to her.

    We'll get a better idea of what to do after we've concluded this business.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:35 No.16458961
    We've done a lot of mental re-working on her during her long stay with us. She has psychological bonds as well as magical ones keeping her to us. I think they'll hold for a little longer, as long as they don't get her to any kind of temple or psion or something.

    Are there any provisions for psychological trauma in D&D?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:35 No.16458971
    Educating Azyra can wait. Let her stew in her failure until we've cleaned up her mess. If all goes well, we can capture the adventurer who charmed her and bring him back so that she can mind-probe him under our guidance and discover that it was all a lie and he was really totally disgusted.

    Of course we bring minions, though. Lizardmen, death cultists, whichever; there is no reason to travel alone when we can bring an entourage with ease.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:39 No.16459009
    By the time Writer-Dude posts the update, the Githyanki will have gotten away.
    Update faster, Writer-Dude!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)21:48 No.16459087

    True, I think she's almost 'complete' in the training sense; maybe a few more months to go, but provided they don't dik around with her (and they have no reason to) then we're cool.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)22:07 No.16459358
         File1317262043.jpg-(188 KB, 640x400, githyanki.jpg)
    188 KB
    Your transition is much smoother than the adventurer's own must have been. A mild roil of unreality, and a fleeting sense of infinity, but the planar barrier poses neither you nor Scinnari much hindrance. Scinnari and you arrive a polite distance from the githyanki raiding party, and you, disguised, fall into 'step' behind and to one side of her. She pauses to get her bearings in the aether, and signals her desire to approach. You can't help but feel mildly worried, but in all honestly, she's literally been serving as an emissary for various powers for longer than you've existed.

    “Greetings, descendants of the noble Gith.” Scinnari says telepathically. She is oriented along the directions of the group, but as she approaches to within approximately fifty feet, several of the githyanki drift out, orienting deliberately to a different plane. Presumably they are more skilled at combat within this endless space than those who are used to having gravity and ground to work with. Ideally, of course, it will not need to come to that...

    “Greetings, devil of the hells.” the leader replies vocally. “You intrude upon our patrol. Who do you serve, and what do they desire?” Behind him, there seem to be four standing guard over the adventurers specifically. You cannot tell who is awake, but they all seem to be chained and held with at least four feet of separation. Ah. The paladin is awake, and listening. As is the bard. And Cygnariassis, though she seems to be frozen- numb, perhaps- in shock. Good. Still, you find the attention the adventurers are paying the conversation slightly worrisome.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)22:08 No.16459377
         File1317262120.png-(970 KB, 800x1157, Scinnari Armoured.png)
    970 KB
    “I an erinyes of the sixth hell, but currently the emissary of a mortal. On behalf of that mortal- one of the Red children of Tiamat-” You are pleasantly satisfied to note that at least one of the gith seems to have been startled by the name-drop. “I entreat you to entertain a request for commerce. My master” -another smaller but infinitely more satisfying start from one of the gith- “desires the Prime-dwellers you have recently taken as prisoners. Though he would obviously view it most favorably if you were to simply remand them to his care as the one they have wronged most significantly. If you desire compensation for the rendering of this service, though, I am certain my master would be willing to pay a reasonable price for them.”

    “Which does he desire?” the gith asks, and you are mildly impressed to see that her offer of, in all honesty, a bribe does not seem to have had any effect on them. Or.. perhaps not. One of the guards seems to have closed his eyes, and you get the distinct feeling he is one of their psions- Gish, or mindslicers, whatever they call them- acting as a sort of psychic intermediary between them. Perhaps that one even is their leader. No other clues are forthcoming, though you do your best to keep observant of the group as a whole.

    “All. However, only one is immediately important to him. The... fifth one in the group. Golden hair, dress, and slave bands.” Scinnari informs with a gesture. “My master was most upset to find that they stole a prized... trinket from him.” The paladin and the bard are whispering furiously back and forth between each other, infuriatingly, just too quiet for you to discern. Scinnari notices, though, and interjects on your behalf. “If you could keep them from communicating, I believe this negotiation may proceed more smoothly.”
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/28/11(Wed)22:09 No.16459390
         File1317262163.jpg-(122 KB, 400x255, 1300239139850.jpg)
    122 KB
    The gith seems to agree, and nods at one of the guards. The guard issues a command for silence, then strikes the bard upside the head when he doesn't immediately quiet. “Were I to yield her out of respect for your master's understandable rage... What would his interest in the remainder amount to?”

    “While most desirable, that would placate none of his wrath. /That/ is what he desires your other prisoners for... draconic hatred for thieves is legendary. He would view you most favorably, though, and I feel certain he would take that into account when negotiating for the others.” A brief pause as Scinnari finishes speaking, and you can half-sense another flurry of psychic communication amongst the githyanki.

    “I wish to know how much his favor counts for.” the gith spokesman answers. Carefully polite, but with an undercurrent of distrust and skepticism. He allows a momentary pause, then adds, “Proof of your master may allow me know myself on this issue.” Again, superficially polite, but you feel certain you detect an undercurrent of contempt, or disrespect.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:23 No.16459597
    Nicely conducted by our lass there- and it seems that amicable business may be undertaken with them...though that leader needs to mind his tone.

    Still, proof of his existence is easy enough to account, given we're there and just need to unveil ourselves. How much is our favour worth, gentlemen? I'm inclined to deal well with them if they simply relinquish Cygnis to our care.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:25 No.16459619
    Tch. Accompanying Scinnari while disguised was a silly plan; we could have sent competent actual retainers with her and observed perfectly well magically without debasing ourselves so. Little to be done about it now, though. Fortunately we have telepathic communication with her and have no need whatsoever to communicate out loud, so she can do all the talking. Hopefully we won't ever have cause to tip our hand.

    Of course he's not willing to buy that Scinnari just happens to work for a red dragon; devils frequently lie. That said, I believe Scinnari has several visible and very expensive markers of her allegiance on her that she can point out- we worked several of the various gift items that we gave her into draconic form and almost certainly made them recognizably red. She can point those out as evidence. A skeptic might say that she could still be a liar, but if so she's one who has ridiculously good resources, to come up with such a specialized disguise on short notice. They can also act as proof of our wealth, and therefore the value of our favor; if we can equip an emissary in such a thorough fashion, surely we can afford to provide substantial rewards to those who merit it.

    If that does not suffice, I suppose she can inquire as to what they would accept as proof- or is there a standard method for doing so, in interplanar politics? I don't know. We certainly have little reason to conceal our identity at this point, since the prisoners know it already and it would likely only make the githyanki view us more favorably.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:27 No.16459650

    I say we make them pay, and make an example of them. Whoever sent them probably has agents monitoring their progress. Hanging the mutilated bodies of their mooks over the city gates should send a message worth its price in gold. After all, there's always more gold. Reputation on the other hand can't be bought, merely earned.

    (apologies if that isnt very coherent- its past 3am here)
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:29 No.16459669
    >We certainly have little reason to conceal our identity at this point
    Clarification: I do not mean that we should un-polymorph into our true form. Having shown up looking like a humanoid in the first place was a mistake, but since we did it, revealing that choice is distasteful- doing so would mean that we wanted to conceal ourselves, but were too incompetent to hold to the deception. If we do want to show up in our true form, having Scinnari "send off her retainer" who then plane shifts out, followed by our plane shifting in using our true form would be a more face-saving way to do it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:32 No.16459708

    I dunno, maybe the fact that we're so arrogant we didn't arrive in person to collect on them might work in our favor here. If we turned up ourselves then though suitably awed they might have guessed their cargo to be more worthwile than they actually think it to be now, and thus be a little more bitter to part with it.

    Still, it is indeed evident that Scinnari carries with her several trinkets and tokens of our service, and if push comes to shove, we could either reveal ourselves as what we are or set up an illusion channel to us. I doubt it'd be necessary though, given Scinnari's apparent skill when dealing with other races.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:33 No.16459725

    What do the githyankis like other than killing Mind flayers and githzerais?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:34 No.16459737

    Woah woah woah, if there's a psion/psychic guy in the group chances are he's already relayed the cargo info back to HQ, likely including any info it could get out of the party's minds- including where they were la-


    Actually, that'd be good proof of our claim, come to think of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:35 No.16459744
    Transform into a Dragon, drop 10,000 gold on the Gith to buy the rest.
    Port out with Cygnis, get her locked up, port in with Watcher and some soul-trapping equipment, scan the minds of the thieves, kill and soul trap all except the paladin, port back with the souls and the paladin, destroy the souls, chain the paladin up next to Cygnis.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:36 No.16459760
    Aren't erinyes herald-devils? I'd guess that's her primary function.

    Good question.

    Adventurers might be warded against that. Anyway,how much are we willing to let them know about us?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:42 No.16459822

    Mmm, point. All the more reason to get the givin' while the givin's get-good I guess.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:44 No.16459848
    >Adventurers might be warded against that. Anyway,how much are we willing to let them know about us?
    The githyanki? I'm pretty much willing to let them know that we're a red dragon ruling Mza under the guise of a sorcerer-king. It's not like they're going to run around the Material telling people about it, and anyone with the resources and inclination to ask them could probably just ask Tiamat straight-up or otherwise discover the truth. The basic facts don't really need to be hidden here; they're not going to hurt us. Now, giving them our life story- like the details of all the traps that those adventurers bypassed- would be excessive, so a full mind probe of the adventurers would be... bad. But it would also take a while, so as long as we're quick here it shouldn't be a problem.

    We can almost certainly accomplish all this without the "transform into dragon" step.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:45 No.16459861

    >Adventurers might be warded against that. Anyway,how much are we willing to let them know about us?

    They had a good poke around our lair. They probably already know the worst of it, and likely able to guess the rest.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:48 No.16459885

    Didn't we have a Mind flayer problem a few years back?

    Offer him a good monetary compensation open to negotiation for his prisoners. As well to keeping his name in mind went we move for more close relations with his people taking advantage of this encounter to the benefit of both.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)22:50 No.16459902

    Ahhh common ground, we have! Always good when discussing stuff past this present arrangement.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:01 No.16460013
    Anti-mindflayer alliance?

    Beyond financial support, we could locate Illithid lairs on the prime, and either eliminate them or relay the locations to the Gith. They'd love that.

    And fighting psions would be great training for resisting the mental influences of the Binder. I think this would be a great idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:04 No.16460040

    Indeed- and learning stuff about psychic abilities could prove beneficial for the development of our own Binderish spells and pacts.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:10 No.16460096
    I like this idea. Not to mention the commercial possibilities of having contacts on the astral plane, Mze could become even a more important commerce hub and give the neighbor nations second thoughts of disturbing us and with the new produces and market we could be bringing, not to mention our new trade partners.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:12 No.16460130
    Don't bother hiding shit from the Gith, anyone who would ask them about our identity already knows. Our priority is collecting what was ours and ending this exercise.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:13 No.16460136
    If it exists in this universe, we could have a permanent portal to Sigil open. Open market for the multiverse.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:16 No.16460176
    If there is an opportunity for profit and more power we should exploit it within reason. But yes let us buy our Gold with gold quick and simple.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:18 No.16460194

    Okay. The offer:

    Gith return Cygnis as a token of trust/respect. We buy the rest of the adventurers off them.

    We hunt down and eliminate (through whatever means) Illithid lairs on the Prime.

    Gith trade with Mza for the duration of the cooperation. (I dunno if they'd like to set up a permanent shop or just dump stuff off.)
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:20 No.16460211
    What do they have that we want?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:21 No.16460221
    All of those are fine individually, and do not need to be tied together as parts of a larger offer. Just get the adventurers and Cygnis back for now, and express a willingness to consider the rest as part of future positive relations.

    Speaking of, when we get our hands on those adventurers, hit them all with like four enervations each. Nothing resists those and we want them weak as kittens when we handle them.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:21 No.16460227

    I don't think we can jump strait to trade right now, but make it clear that we are interested in it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:22 No.16460235

    Trade's good, but I was thinking a more...'joint' effort on the Illithid front. Or at least a 'point them out and let them get to it' one.

    We don't need to discuss fineries right now. What's important is we get these people back so we can start torturing the paladin already.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:25 No.16460272
    A maximised enervation drains 4 levels. I don't know what level these pricks are, but they can't be much more than 6th-7th. Hitting them with two will kill them.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:27 No.16460286
    They bypassed epic wards with some kind of reality-destroying artifact.

    They've got to be fairly high level. I'd say 10-12.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:29 No.16460304
    Um, they are way better than 6th-7th. They carved through dozens of our elite lizardmen guards, bypassed dozens of traps, and treat plane shifting and teleportation as useful tools. They're mid/high level.

    And who said maximized? Besides, if a couple kill the first one we'll use less on the next one.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:29 No.16460305
    Two bags of holding.

    Artifacts my ass.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:29 No.16460314
    I have a plan.
    We arrange the adventurers from Least Experienced to Most Experienced (Paladin being Most Experienced).
    We go down the line draining each one in turn, until one of them dies. Then we interrogate the other ones. Yay!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:32 No.16460339

    I was partial to the tormented soul clothes for the Paladin, actually.

    Though I guess we DO still need to interrogate people...
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:32 No.16460342
    A bag of holding and a portable hole.
    Or, to be more precise, a bag of holding and an EPIC portable hole that somehow still works when you bring it into a warded area.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:35 No.16460383
    Come to think of it, Githyanki are the descendants of illithid slaves. What's their opinion on slavery? If they remember their ancestor's slavery unpleasantly enough they may not want to return Cyg like us or not.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:37 No.16460400
    You're confusing the Githzerai and the Githyanki.
    The Githzerai hate slavery.
    the Githyanki make everyone their bitches.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:40 No.16460428
    It was a regular portable hole they were just very clever on how use it in conjunction with the bag of holding to bypass our wards against teleportation, nothing epic on this.


    The only one important is the paladin the rest are just an extra. BUt yes hit them hard with the enervation to safe us some trouble.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:41 No.16460443
    Tormented Soul Clothes that have "I really want to wear this" enchantments.
    Is it a bit too fetish-y to have the clothes look nice, too? That way we can have a nice-looking ornament for our horde.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:41 No.16460447
    Githzerai are the hippies.

    Githyanki are the "kill fucking everything, but kill Illithids even more" types.

    Instead of just level draining them, we could sap their life force using the stuff we learned from experimenting on the black dragon we've got.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:44 No.16460488

    No, they can look nice. Tasteful nice, or Conan the Barbarian nice?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:48 No.16460532
         File1317268083.jpg-(175 KB, 715x962, Conan.jpg)
    175 KB

    We shall make it so.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:48 No.16460533
    Has to be tasteful nice since the Paladin's gonna be wearing AT LEAST 4 pieces of tortured soul clothing.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:52 No.16460592

    I think you will be surprised at how skimpy tortured soul clothing can be.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:56 No.16460634
    Maybe we should set up a Tortured Soul Clothing fashion house that offers a range of Tortured Soul Clothing fashions?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/11(Wed)23:59 No.16460665

    And Tortured Soul Accessories.

    Like a kettle you can't help but watch, and it never boils.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:09 No.16460767
    Ok guys, let's think for a moment.

    Do we really need a room full of broken slaves? Cygnis was fun and is a useful servant, but having too many, especially if they're capable, could be dangerous. What if one of them broke free, or an infiltrator/invader broke their bonds? We'd suddenly have a small squad of capable, very angry people who have an intimate knowledge of our castle's layout.

    I think we should keep living additions to our hoard at a minimum, and only of creatures who are intrinsically valuable. Other dragons, immortals, etc.

    Scinnari would love it, I think, if we got a daeva of Heironius (or whoever her god was before she fell) shackled here for her to torment.

    Of course, we'd probably draw the ire of the big H himself...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:12 No.16460793

    The dude who quit before invading, we should reward him or something for being so forthcoming.

    Give him enough cash to get off the island and tell him to spread rumors of how even the most well-prepared group of infiltrators was deflected by the masterful defenses of the Sorcerer-Lord of Mza.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)00:12 No.16460800
         File1317269552.jpg-(58 KB, 480x318, Choker.jpg)
    58 KB
    “Easily done. I must request it's return when you are satisfied, however.” Scinnari says with a nod, unfastening the choker from around her neck. She gives it a gentle push in the gith's direction, and it drifts slowly towards him. Scinnari waits until he catches it, and passes it to one of his subordinates to resume speaking. The faint blue glow suggests that it is being magically inspected. “As for a measure of my lord's favor... Hmm. He's willing to offer you three thousand gold... And a thousand to each of your patrol. All out of gratitude for your eminently reasonable attitude, of course. Perhaps we could use that as a basis for future negotiations. Alternately- My lord has faced your eternal foe on occasion. The location of an illithid lair, and perhaps even his assistance in scouring it.”

    That, too seems to garner some interest. The spokesperson is quick to silence it, though. “There are few of the great enemy's vile nests that we are not aware of. Your offer is known.” Another pause, almost ten seconds, enough to make you certain that they are communicating telepathically amongst themselves. Abruptly, Scinnari's choker is tossed back- The linear drifting of the object is slightly unsettling, but it is shortly enough back in Scinnari's hands, where she immediately replaces it around her neck.“Githyanki cannot abide theft either. We return your seal and your... 'trinket' to you. Let your master know it is done.” the gith states, evidently accompanied by a command of sorts. One of the guards begins manipulating the chains binding Cygnariassis. Though you try to avoid focusing on any one thing, you can't help but notice the bard and the paladin giving each other quite expressive looks. The paladin seems to win, and the bard speaks up.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:14 No.16460814

    Well, I don't think we're interested in keeping this particular one 'capable'.

    At least I'm not. She's no lovely Cygnis, she's a dirty thief and has it coming. If it makes you feel better, just think that Scinnari won't take her anger out on the men as much when she has this paladin waiting for her.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)00:15 No.16460820
         File1317269700.jpg-(173 KB, 571x813, githyanki2.jpg)
    173 KB
    “Honorable Githyanki- perhaps you should reconsider. We are... Not thieves. In fact- In fact-” the bard is not immediately silenced, and he seems to gain some confidence from the fact. “We stole nothing from her master's- /husband's/ lair, nothing-”

    “Lies.” Scinnari states coolly. “Why must I listen to these?”

    “-but this slave. /Slave/, noble gith, as truly enslaved by her cruel master as your ancestors were by the vile illithid. Would you return her to bondage as readily as this?” A slight susurrus of motion suggests a flurry of silent discussion amongst the githyanki.

    “You were ordered to keep them silent.” the speaker declares, shooting one of the guards a hard look, probably more for your benefit than as actual communication. No... Also a declaration of sorts. 'The prisoner did not communicate. He said nothing.' sort of thing. It pleases you enough that you allow yourself a faint approving smile, hidden by your disguises' cultist robes. As promised, Cygnariassis is unchained, and guided towards the front. She drifts like an inanimate object, presumably overwhelmed and having retreated inwards. Scinnari gives you an contemptuous signal, and you produce a decorated and fairly magical coffer. Willing yourself slowly forward, you bow and hand over the coffer, sparing Cygnariassis not even a glance. As a 'servant', you would hardly know or concern yourself with her.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)00:16 No.16460833
         File1317269803.jpg-(558 KB, 755x576, 1317151274834.jpg)
    558 KB
    “Your master prepares well.” the gith says shortly, briefly opening the casket, then handing it off to one of his subordinates. The other gith is obviously tempted to open it and investigate, but manages to force herself to merely hold it at her side. “What value do the next two hold to him?” the gith says, gesturing at the dwarf and bard.

    “Two thousand each.” Scinnari says. Another pause, and presumably discussion, before the gith nods.

    “Acceptable. The next?”

    “Five thousand for the leader. Two thousand for the talkative one.” Scinnari says. You can't see her face, but her voice suggests that she's suppressing pure sadistic glee. The paladin is stoic, but the bard certainly seems upset.

    “Perhaps you should consider that without quantifiable value- Information! That slave especially, but we as well are sources of positively /priceless/ information! Found nowhere else in the Planes- after all, we are the first to escape warrens of Mt. Mza alive- We have seen-” The githyankin take a vexing moment to react, but reward the bard with another solid blow, drawing blood. It fails to silence him. “He has many foes among the kingdoms of the prime- Powerful ones! Imagine being able to threaten with the might of the Githyanki, and cajole with intimate knowledge of their greatest foe! Im-” he begins again, but is soundly beaten into submission this time. He has, however, achieved his goal.

    “Five thousand is insufficient for the leader- I thought your master's vengeance ranked higher than that.” the gith says. ”Of the remaining three, you... may not have the talkative one. A thousand will be acceptable for your preference of the remainder.”
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:22 No.16460886
    Well, if you feel so strongly about working to pay for the damage you caused - "Slavery" as you call it - I'll just kill you. Okay, Valerius?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:26 No.16460928
    Tssh. The bard is making this more difficult than it needed to be...

    It seems unlikely that he will escape to fulfil his mission on his own...(but he probably will) and he doesn't possess any actual, useful knowledge that adversely affects us, other than what the gith could pass on...and they have no reason to do so.

    Ooooo but we need the leader!

    Send a message to Scinnari to speak 'You are quite correct about the extent of my Master's ire regarding their leader. He offers fifteen thousand gold. The rest is acceptable. However...he would ask that you keep an eye on your remaining prisoner, as he will offer to purchase again, once the man proves his lack of worth.'

    Basically, I don't think it's worth a domestic over.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:27 No.16460932
    Oh come on, we're not letting these thieves get away. We're going to punish the everloving shit out of all of them.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:32 No.16460988
    Going to vote that we snag the sorcerer as he A, messed around with our daughter (okay, not really, but it's still an insult,), and jB, seems more valuable than a mere archer. Plus she sounds kind of worthless, a sort of hired-gun rather than one of the inner circle.

    Beyond, you know, revenge. We'd threaten our relations with our pals the githyanki, though, if we pushed to hard, so let's just leave them with the bard and the elf.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:32 No.16460990
    Oh, and make sure Cygnis' slave bands are still on and functioning. Just to be safe.
    >> Taffer 09/29/11(Thu)00:36 No.16461031
    I feel we should inform them that the friendship of Mza is much rarer and more dear than gold. Then increase the price for the leader to 6000.

    I gotta agree with this guy's tactical assessment of the situation. But offering 15k straight out is quite high don't you think. Let's see if Scinarri can haggle it down.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:39 No.16461061

    Well, we *do* only need two for a two-piece...but I think it'd be worth taking as many as we can get. It's more a matter of pride at this point.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:41 No.16461078
    Oh, her master's vengeance ranks exceptionally high indeed, but it is already ongoing- Scinnari has no doubt that forces will shortly be dispatched to sack the leader's holdings and enslave the populace in retribution for the theft of her lord's possessions and the slaughter of those servants who were attempting to guard them, as well as the theft of those troops' assigned equipment. Possession of the leader herself would be the keystone to taking vengeance, it is true, but ultimately it is only a part. Eight thousand gold.

    Take the sorcerer.

    As for Valerius... it would have been very nice to bring him back so that we could have Azyra torture him to death. Offer considerations should they reconsider their decision regarding him and the elf- a proportionate favor owed. Such a thing could prove much more valuable than gold, should the githyanki need something done on the Material.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:42 No.16461096
    Agree. Make sure that the prisoners are ready to be transported back to the prime before taking them. Their equipment confiscated, their life force heavily drain. And their sorcerer is to be kill at the 1st sign of trouble. And make sure the paladin knows that the well being of his companions including the guy that they left back at Mza is depends on their good behavior.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:44 No.16461109

    This...but I say go for 10, the happy medium. It's still a *lot*.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)00:46 No.16461120
         File1317271562.jpg-(216 KB, 687x984, 1308133823573.jpg)
    216 KB
    >dwarf and the bard
    Should be
    >dwarf and the elf.
    Seem to have gotten confuse while writing. Apparently I really can't count.

    While I'm posting a non-update, the IRC is IRCHighway, and the channel is #dragonquest.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:49 No.16461153
    Yeah, take the sorc out of the others.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:52 No.16461190
    In this vein, if we're not able to get Valerius, Scinnari should telepathically call him by his actual name and inform him that if he shares such information which Mza does not wish released and we get wind of it, we will systematically hunt down and slaughter anyone whom he has shown affection for as long as any of the other adventurers we hold have known him, all of his family that we can locate- and our ability to locate people is rather extensive- and anyone else he might be fond of as far as any of those people are capable of revealing under the most painful tortures that she personally can devise.

    Then smile a charming smile, and mention that since we are certain the githyanki are quite capable of extracting anything they wish to know from him, we will assume that he has shared everything he knows with them unless he is safely in our custody within twenty-four hours. If he should surrender himself, by the way, we guarantee his life.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:54 No.16461202

    Yes, his life...

    ...as fashionable clothing.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:55 No.16461224
    There are really a myriad of ways that we can keep him alive. A life's not much to guarantee.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:57 No.16461253
    I think we could have used the bard to teach our daughter a lesson about charming adventurers. Secretly hit him with something that lets Azyra read his thoughts and then let him try and charm her into letting him go when she can hear what he's really thinking. Course that could backfire if he turned out to actually be sincere... Ah well, doesn't matter now.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:58 No.16461260
    Their mage, get their caster without him any plan they could have to get out of this situation will not happen.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)00:58 No.16461263
    Do it with the sorcerer, perhaps.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:00 No.16461282
    Should we really be talking about enslaving while negotiating with Gith?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:00 No.16461289
    Doesn't give a damn. Otherwise he wouldn't have given Cyg back.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:03 No.16461316
    Enslaving? Oh no I don't think they have that kind of future, in fact apart from the paladin they dont have much of a future at all, they will not last to the end of the week.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:04 No.16461324

    This. But it's a fate worse than slavery that awaits these poor trollops- paladin especially. Devils just loooooove to tormet holy types, ya know...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:19 No.16461477
    Wait, idea...

    This paladin is middle aged, right? Kind of comely, but a bit too old to be truly beautiful?

    Let's suck the age out of her peers to make her younger. That way she'd be a better prize to display in our lair. Plus, we ensure that even the mercy of death of old age isn't guaranteed to her.

    What do you think?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:23 No.16461523
    i say we just let scinnari have the paladin, then, for stealing our slave, we send her to the hells, alive....
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:26 No.16461549
    i think she's waaay too dangerous to keep around as a slave. she seems the type to have a really strong will, not too mention all her training and magic abilities makes her a really nasty customer....
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:28 No.16461565
    You have a point, but I think a dragon would probably be more dangerous than a paladin. Especially if she doesn't have her gear. But, I'll get it if no one else wants to keep her.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:28 No.16461578
    I just can't follow this quest anymore.

    It's just wank
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:30 No.16461589

    I'm not too fussed about how presentable she is, at least not now. What we're going to do with her is best left behind closed doors for the most part.

    As for the others...we soul-gemming them or do any have a use?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:31 No.16461612
    Aren;t all quest threads one form of wank or another? Primarily mind wanking, but that's still wanking.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:32 No.16461623
    we could use the elf as a hoard ornament, to polish our gold coins for the next 500 years or so
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:37 No.16461696
    I prefer this. Dragging out revenge is a mistake that usually gets villains killed, and we're too awesome for that. Send her straight to the hells.

    8 thousand for the leader, and offer our assistance in place of the bard's. Explain that the bard is lying to save his skin, and that Mza has only piddling enemy nations that will be of no service to the Gith, and is in fact in good relations with the most powerful empire in the region (Tashz).
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:38 No.16461697

    Ooosh. I guess we could, but I'm not having her sapient for that; just wap some Slave Bands on her with Mental Dominance on them and let her crack on.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:42 No.16461739

    Being a PC (or as-close-as) I wouldn't entrust her fate to forces I couldn't see and check up on.

    No, Id rather destroy her mind right where I can see her.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:44 No.16461757
    >Explain that the bard is lying to save his skin

    We sure about that? We do have a lot of enemies. And some of our allies aren't really all that happy with us right now.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:46 No.16461774
    Ok, so:

    Consensus is to destroy the paladin's mind and turn her into a servitor, basically.

    The others are subject to an interrogation (Who the hell hired them? If it's that bitch from Morinth...)

    Then kill them. Let Scinnari do her damnation thing if she wants.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:50 No.16461822

    Pretty much. Though we might use the others to torment the paladin more, or to servitize her.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:51 No.16461826
    Enemies: Lady from Morinth, Binder(?), United Cities, Avariel rebels (if there's any left), Freeport (in no condition to do anything)

    Allies: Tashz (good favor), Firelady (long-term investment), the Blues (hired them once, might be willing to do so again), Seffestranias (wants our empire, but she'll still help us)

    And we're a fairly respectable power in our own right.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:57 No.16461888

    You forget our servant-ally Nehmeska. he's irritating, or tries to be, but she gets the job done.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)01:57 No.16461893
    Personally, I really don't care about the whole torture thing. Revenge takes a back seat to plugging this leak. Kill them, have Scinnari damn them, or imprison their souls, or whatever. Just make sure they're not going to be telling people what they learned.

    Though remember to give them a once over with watcher first.

    Then we should have a chat with Azyra about adventurers. Also, maybe The Talk.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:00 No.16461927
    oh god, the dreaded "talk"
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:09 No.16462005
    This this this.

    Let's not go stupid evil please. We've come this far by being savvy and intelligent. We can't fall into "it made me mad, torture/enslave it!"

    We're going to be above this. Handle it professionally and move on.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:14 No.16462029
    We've been verging a bit towards stupid-evil for a while now, just check the thread where these guys raided us and its fairly obvious.

    Honestly I'd be happy if we decided to neutral it up and sort out this Binder business, but after this adventurer thing its not likely.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:16 No.16462043
         File1317276982.png-(9 KB, 197x162, universal answer - yes you are.png)
    9 KB
    >we're going to continue to not have any serious opposition and go on facing constant minor inconveniences.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:16 No.16462045

    This isn't five nations, and we've done plenty of evil thing that could have been construed as stupid, but have worked out alright.

    Basically, if the Paladin doesn't have a mind she could possibly regain anymore, she's not a threat. And I, at the least, find that an acceptable admonishment. We can set her body up to clean the horde she tried to get to until she expires. Or something similar. Perhaps a sentry. Perhaps she'll just always be a stress toy for Scin or the Lizardmen. Quick and easy is safe but boring, and ultimately unsatisfying when the person who's dying still thinks they're in the right and doesn't regret what they did.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:18 No.16462060
    If they're dead, it won't matter if they think they're right. They're still dead. And personally, I think we've done the whole "torture this person into a mindless servant" thing enough for a while. As a routine it's getting a bit stale.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:19 No.16462063
    I think thats what Writer-Dude was trying to change with the breakout, but then everyone cried foul. All the hivemind wants is to endlessly fortify our position until we get killed by the Binder for being boring.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)02:20 No.16462073
         File1317277220.jpg-(99 KB, 890x600, 117671_CN_GL.jpg)
    99 KB
    “My master is displeased at such... extortionate tactics. But... He cannot disagree. Revenge is a privilege beyond value. Ten thousand gold.”

    “Twenty.” the gith replies coldly.

    “Fifteen. Your greed threatens to exceed my masters'... And his good will.” Scinnari says with equal frost. “Do consider that favors can be worth far more than mere money...”

    “Fifteen thousand. Agreed.” the gith answers. At his signal, the paladin and still unconscious sorcerer are unchained from the others and guided towards you. “Return the shackles once you return to the Prime.”

    “I suspect I can persuade my master to do so, but do not promise it.” Scinnari replies, returning to cordiality. Again, you move forward, passing the drifting bundle of captives. Delivering a second casket to the gith, one containing somewhat more than fifteen thousand as a good-will gesture you are feeling mildly regretful about. But perhaps it will convince him to sell you the last one... You fold your arms and bow once more, then return to Scinnari's side.

    “Very well. I am pleased that this exchange has been so profitable.” Scinnari says, nodding respectfully at the gith. “I hope you enjoy the proceeds as much as my master will.”

    “From what I know, I doubt that very much. The sentiment is appreciated.” the gith says. Scinnari answers with a bright smile. Scinnari's haughty gesture, you move forward to take the prisoners' chain, stopping them from drifting past you. Considering that they haven't attempted to run or flee, you would assume that the shackles the gith mentioned prevent them from moving under their own will, and probably prevent them from utilizing their magic as well. You aren't certain, though, and would hardly wish to bet your new possessions on it.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:20 No.16462079

    Oh seriously where the fuck have you guys come from? Why are you here? You're talking as if OP isn't going to read you posts when you cuntishly know he is, and you aren't even contributing to the current event. Is complaining so enjoyable? Is ruing other people's enjoyment that much fun? There's a load of ways the story could go past this point and you're already writing it off. Well if you're writing it off, LEAVE then for crissakes!!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:20 No.16462080
    Dude, calm down.

    This was a group of adventurers who managed to skitz by our wards, that's all.

    The real challenge is going to be ferreting out their employer, and removing them.

    Of course we're not going to be challenged by a plucky band of goons. We're an exceptional dragon with the blood of a god-level sorceress in us. Eventually we'll draw the attention of the larger players, and those will be the tough fights.

    Remember fighting Dead One? That was chancy.

    This is just something to get us warmed up again.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:21 No.16462084
    > we've done plenty of evil thing that could have been construed as stupid, but have worked out alright.

    It's unclear as to whether or not kidnapping and breaking Cygnis is going to bite us in the ass. It has the potential to in a big way, pissing off a silver great wyrm is essentially rocks fall, everyone dies. Doing that once was enough, I think. We should just make sure that these adventurers are dead, gone, and stay that way.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)02:21 No.16462087
         File1317277269.jpg-(57 KB, 461x640, She's wearing the pants.jpg)
    57 KB
    “By the way, Tybran Valerius...” Scinnari's telepathic 'voice' rings in your head as she allows you to hear it too, “You have succeeded in causing minor inconvenience. Should you breathe a word of anything I would not wish you to... that my lord or Mza would not wish you to speak of... I will drive all of your comrades to insanity to extract every last detail about everyone they have ever seen you express affection towards. I will find your family. I will proceed to gleefully torture them all to death, and sell their souls into the deepest Pits... And seeing as the Githyanki can undoubtedly get everything out of you eventually, I'll assume you've talked if you remain in their possession for more than a day. Should you return, though, I can at least promise you your life...”

    The sheer telepathic venom seems to startle the human, but whatever fear or intimidation it carried seems to melt off of him. “Oh that's... that's great. First of all, I wish you luck, as it you'll certainly need it to get anywhere...“ he begins, but breaks down into outright laughter. Scinnari doesn't react at all, even to slow down her stately departure, but you can sense a roil of hatred from her. And shame- to have her threat laughed at, not only in her face, but in front of you as well. She clamps down on the feeling immediately, as if she knows you're observing, but traces of it are noticeable anyway. Despite the sound of the githyanki beating the bard back into a pained silence, you

    “That's hysterical. And perfect, I'm telling you- Such a classic threat from a villain- I'm not- Oh, I'd get laughed at if I wrote down such a perfect cliché-” he gasps out, voice tinged with pain, “Oh that's rich...”
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)02:22 No.16462096
         File1317277336.png-(392 KB, 393x495, Erinyes1.png)
    392 KB
    A suitable distance from the githyanki party, Scinnari pauses, sending you an emotionless telepathic request for return home. Hands shrouded by the sleeves, you perform the gestures for a return-Planeshift, making sure to include your new prisoners in the transition. Just before completion, you notice faint golden glow around the prisoner's shackles, but are unable to halt the spell to investigate.


    You return to your lair, bypassing your wards this time by dint of the fact that /you/ are the one engineering the transfer. You revert to your true form instantly, suddenly towering above the prisoners.

    The now-free prisoners.

    Everyone reacts quickly- Very quickly, especially for the prisoners, you must concede. The sorcerer- unconscious, begins to collapse onto your hoard. The dwarf moves faster than you'd have expected such a creature to move, failing to catch him, but slowing his fall enough that he doesn't crack his skull on the metallic carpet. Alyvia shoves Cygnariassis behind her and pulls a sword from floor in the same motion. Tereva'senthasen reveals herself as awake as well, casting about for a weapon but coming up only with an elaborately-stylized dagger, reminiscent of a kraken's tentacle. Immediately she moves Alyvia's side, where Scinnari and the paladin are already crossing blades.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:22 No.16462106

    (We haven't actually done that yet, they always end up being useful.)
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)02:23 No.16462109
         File1317277382.jpg-(220 KB, 1238x1500, Dragons of the Deeps.jpg)
    220 KB
    “Not fast enough.” the paladin snarls. “By Pelor's light! Back, Fallen One!” As she invokes her deity, a translucent golden hemisphere brightens into existence between Scinnari and the paladin. There's smell like burning feathers, and Scinnari retreats, looking angered and slightly alarmed. Your follower set back, Lionel turns her attention to you. “Your powers may avail you, but mine have not abandoned me. If you want us, come and claim us, wyrm.”

    “Azyra. Depart now.” Scinnari commands, paying no heed to the paladin's posturing. Azyra, who remained in your lair obeying your unsympathetic command to await your return, continues to retreat from the site of your spontaneous arrival and sudden combat. Though obviously terrified, she seems to be fighting the urge to leave the room, perhaps out of misplaced desire to remain to see what happens, or to try and make up for earlier failings. Her flight slows to a halt a hundred feet from the site of your arrival, easily out of range of the combat unless someone were to find something with longer range than a sword.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)02:28 No.16462166
         File1317277725.jpg-(252 KB, 390x510, 15e3f7a262a9150883b0ead85baf8f(...).jpg)
    252 KB
    >pained silence, you
    should be something more like,
    >pained silence, you sense that she takes only minimal satisfaction from his pain, especially as he continues.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:31 No.16462178
    Huh. Okay.

    "Brave. Futile....but brave. Here is the mercy I will give you: kill yourselves now. You will not like the alternatives."

    This should be good.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:32 No.16462187
    Kill them quickly. They've proven relatively resourceful in the past, we don't want to give them a chance to regain their footing.

    Also, guards guards guards.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:33 No.16462190
    We don't need to engage. Scinnari can fly, we're a dragon, and they won't hurt Cygnariassis. Let us stare at them pitifully a moment, then laugh. LOUDLY.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:35 No.16462203
    > we're a dragon

    They're relatively high level adventurers. They kill dragons. Don't wait to laugh at them, just summon up some guards and kill them. If we do anything aside from that, it should just be giving watcher a moment to scan them, but that's all.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:36 No.16462221

    We still need information from them, like who sent them, etc. etc. we are in no immediate danger.

    Lets sit back and hold their friend who we have hostage. Refer to them all by name.

    Guards would just get killed if we sent them in, wait for the magic users and keep the door sealed.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:40 No.16462251

    Tch, where's the fun in that? Anti-magic field, pin Paladin under claw.

    It's nice that you're rating these as god-killers, but there isn't even our dragon sword sitting nearby for them to use. Sure it's surprising, but lets calm down here. They've lost. There's no way they can leave, they just want to go down fighting. Don't give them what they want.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:49 No.16462318
    We have one party member already hostage.

    Force Cage over the Dwarf and Unconscious Sorc, that's two more- maaaaybe cast some knock-out spell in there as well.

    Offer surrender. If a refusal, go anti-magic and just plain pin the Paladin. Scinnari can toe-to-toe with the Elf if she's worth her salt.

    Cleanly done. Ensure there's no fancy bow for the elf to get to either.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:51 No.16462335
    I don't think the sixth man will be a useful hostage considering they left him behind. The other two, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:53 No.16462353

    Actually, I know from Five Nations that people tend to use the pause of 'Want to surrender?' to fuck you over, so ask that and make our hostage arguments etc. WHILE we're doing all of this.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:57 No.16462395
    rolled 75 = 75

    The sorcerer is still KO'd. He'll have the information if we have to kill the paladin.

    We're a near-epic level sorcerer, right?

    First, we telekinesis them up high and then into the ground, hard. While they're stunned, drop some buffs on Scinnari and ourselves. Cold resistance, protection against good, that sort of thing. Strength buffs on Scinnari, and maybe turn her invisible so she can get a good strike in.

    Use our magic-fire breath on the dwarf. He's worthless, kill him instantly. Give Terev a good slap with our tail.

    Rolling 1d100 for combat, i assume.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)02:59 No.16462417
    Oh yes, and before I forgot, 'port/get Cygnis out of there quickly- I imagine the elf might have laxer morals than the paladin, lets keep them apart, mm?

    That telekinesis idea sounds nice too.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:13 No.16462535
    Both Scinnari and ourselves are fire-immune.

    Turn this place into an inferno. Not just our breath weapon, but with magical fire as well. Also, negative energy spells might be more effective given the history of this castle.

    (We are able to cast inside our own wards, aren't we?)
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:14 No.16462543

    I'd hope so, considering the Paladin just god-smited Scinnari a little.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:20 No.16462578
    I dunno if our wards keep out divine powers. We'd probably need a blanket cover like silence for that.

    In any case, maximized Incendiary Cloud.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:25 No.16462600

    Cygnis is still here....
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:27 No.16462613
    Isn't she immune to fire as well? She is in fact, a godamn gold dragon.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:27 No.16462615
    She's a gold dragon. She ought to be able to take that, no sweat.

    Hell, if she's as broken as she seems to be, we might even be able to get her back simply by demanding it. Ideally, she's reflexively obedient.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:31 No.16462645
         File1317281487.png-(668 KB, 900x514, Cygnariassis.png)
    668 KB
    Wearing gold dragon armor! Double immune! (Okay, actually it's a dress, but still...)
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:31 No.16462648

    Well I think she *is*, but she's understandably in shock/dazed by whats been happening. Basically, she needs more discipline- I dobt she'd be terrifically responsive for the battle.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:33 No.16462665

    You know what I see happening?

    Use fire cloud. Everyone's injured...but Cygnis. Paladin puts two and two together. Somehow gets a disjunct on Cygnis. Cygnis turns into a dragon. Things go downhill.

    That's how I see that plan going, sadly.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:42 No.16462739
    >Cygnis gets caught in it
    >suddenly very angry, very bitter dragon without any restraints or impairment
    >good game, guys
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:44 No.16462752
    Poooooooint. Now let's just hope WD didn;t run with this idea.

    >effsis 24,099

    Wow captcha, that's a lot of effsis.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:45 No.16462759


    Lets not go anti-magic field then.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:45 No.16462764
    We're hoping the psychological holds on her are still valid.

    And really, she's going to be a broken mess even if she did regain her own mind. she's been captured twice, betrayed by the person she loved, forced to wear her brother's skin and like it, and so on.

    She won't be doing anything.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:46 No.16462765

    At least not until Cygnis is out of dodge, I add. A couple of teleports from Scin, mayhaps.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:47 No.16462777

    Even if she somehow gets free of our enchantments, comes out of decades of psychological abuse and control, and decides to fight us instead of fleeing, we have grown up and become a powerful sorcerer and capable fighter.

    I think we can handle Cygnis in a fight.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:53 No.16462802

    Naturally, but lets play it cautious anyway, yeah? Mainly because she would be a hysterical wreck, and the paladin'd still be around.

    And the elf. Fucking elf. And the dwarf. And I bet that sorc is going to wake up if we don't conk him out again.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)03:55 No.16462816
    Good point. Hit the sorc with a sleep spell while he's out. We need to keep them low on the magic so that we don't have to AM everything.

    Holler to Azyra to get the lizardmen up here.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)04:12 No.16462894
    Dammit, WD, we said to enervate the prisoners. We were explicitly clear on it, even if we thought it might kill them, because we needed exactly this to not happen.

    Having a problem that we explicitly predicted and outlined steps to avoid come to pass is annoying as hell.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)04:15 No.16462917
    I thought we specifically said we didn't want to reveal to the gith that we were the bossman? How would we cast a dozen enervations and pretend to be anything but?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)04:49 No.16463025
    We're at home now, and the idea was to not reveal who we were to the Gith.

    But NOW we can cast ennervations, if there's time to do so. We might as well just get into the actual combat though.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)04:49 No.16463031
         File1317286158.jpg-(30 KB, 263x450, Erinyes2.jpg)
    30 KB
    Startling events, certainly- Judging by her reactions, you mentally shift the blame for the disappearing shackles from the Githyanki to the Pelor Himself, but that's hardly relevant right now. What is relevant is that you have armed adventurers standing upon your hoard- and, among other things, your daughter is watching. You draw yourself up to your full and fairly impressive height, emitting a low, rumbling laugh.

    “Your options are limited. You have no hope of escape. I have a myriad of ways I could destroy at whim. And you think to /threaten/ me? You mortals are /most/ amusing.” you purr. It echoes and rebounds off the walls of your lair, almost refusing to die. Alyvia doesn't seem fazed, and the elf doesn't even seem to care, but the dwarf slows in her hasty aid to the unconscious sorcerer to glance about, as if to reassure herself that you're still where you were.

    “Shall I call up your sixth comrade from Mza? Perhaps torture him to death in front of you? Perhaps call in my servants to assail you until you tire, or they get lucky. Maybe simply wall up this chamber, allow you my hoard until you are too weak to move, let alone defend yourselves- unlike myself, I do not believe you can eat gold. Perhaps I should nullify your feeble god's protection, eliminate all magic and reduce it to the physical? I assure you that will still be a dragon, whereas you will be a human too old for this with a sharpened piece of metal. My options are near limitless. Yours, sadly not.”

    “And yet here I stand, defiant still.” the paladin replies calmly, sword on guard. “If you are righteous, then you will be victorious. Put it to the test.”

    “Perhaps you are under the illusion that righteousness has anything to do with who will be the victor.” Scinnari snarls, her voice leveling out into a sinister purr that promises agony. “Allow me to relieve you of it. Slave!” Scinnari shouts, tapping her foot on the obsidian dais. “/Kneel/.”
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)04:53 No.16463080
         File1317286397.jpg-(190 KB, 1280x893, 9d9df0e589e266ceb261937f400858(...).jpg)
    190 KB
    Scinnari's voice seems to be enough to bring Cygnariassis, reluctantly, back to reality. On reflex, she steps forward, walking towards her mistress. Enough to make your heart warm.

    “Don't.” the paladin's voice rings clearly in your lair, barely echoing at all. Cygnariassis doesn't even seem to notice. As the trapped gold dragon moves to pass her, Alyvia shifts her sword to her left hand, grabbing Cygnariassis' arm in her right gauntlet. She doesn't take her eyes off of Scinnari, who bears a very cruel smile, or yourself. Despite this, she says quietly but very clearly to Cygnariassis. “Don't. She has no claim over you.”

    To her- or perhaps Scinnari's- titanic credit, Cygnariassis seems confused. “She.. But... My mistress...” she pleads, weakly attempting to pull her hand away. She is not succesful.

    “You were not always a slave.” Alyvia states, her words not seeming to echo, but to hang unchanged in the air long after she speaks. “You had a name once.”

    “My mistress...” Cygnariassis whines, trying to shy away from Alyvia's armored grip but unable to do so. “This slave...”

    “You had a name once!” Alyvia roars with a ferocity even you find mildly impressive. “Her daughter called you Cygnis- Was that it?” You tire of allowing the paladin her efforts, and move to begin casting a spell. Scinnari pleads with you silently, halting you.

    “Please my lord- /Please/ wait. I.. /implore/ you, my lord- Allow me to at least... Master, at least find out if I have failed you.” she begs you telepathically. Heartfelt enough that even though you are inclined not to allow this charade to continue, nor the risk to increase, you change your motions merely into a sleep spell to keep the sorcerer from getting involved.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)04:54 No.16463091
         File1317286461.jpg-(97 KB, 321x450, 1295946449981.jpg)
    97 KB
    “Cygna... -is.” Cygnariassis mutters to herself, her confusion sounding almost painful.

    “You were a person. Who were you? Your name. What was your name? How did you gain Azaladon's ire?” the paladin repeats, more kindly. As she says your name, Cygnariassis's panicked eyes flash to wards you, then down, refusing to meet yours. Lionel releases Cygnariassis' arm, gesturing for her to make her choice.

    “Slave.” Scinnari repeats in a honeyed voice that drips with poison. “You are not here, slave. I am finding you wanting.” Cygnariassis' eyes seem to lock on the floor before Scinnari, and she slowly moves to continue forward, as if in a tortured dream.

    “You do not have to obey!” Alyvia shouts. Again, Cygnariassis pauses. Scinnari's expression turns downright wrathful.

    “Though if you do not, I will seal you completely in solid rock for a year, slave. A year of darkness and oblivion. I find you /lacking/, slave!” Scinnari shouts, just shy of an enraged scream. Despite the near-lack of control, it seems to do it. Cygnariassis gives Alyvia a miserable and shamed glance, but proceeds forward, kneeling and crawling to abase herself at Scinnari's feet. Scinnari's expression is the epitome of ecstatic vindication.

    “Your hold on her is strong, but not invincible.” Alyvia states, visibly unhappy, but apparently unshaken. “Out of morbid curiosity, what /did/ she do to earn such a fate from you?”

    “My lord once /loved/ her.” Scinnari boasts, slowly advancing, longsword raised to guard, “Imagine what fate awaits yourself.”
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)04:56 No.16463107
         File1317286573.jpg-(467 KB, 1273x1620, 91a14d2fb1560b03cef400942ec6a9(...).jpg)
    467 KB
    “A pity he didn't love /you/...” Alyvia replies blandly. A pause then a flurry of blows. You use the distraction to swing your tail around, swatting at the elf. She seems to notice at the last moment, diving into a roll with it, reducing the impact from 'bone shattering' to 'sickening'. Somewhere in the chaos of the collision, she somehow gets an excellent cut with her knife in, carving a deep, almost foot-long wound into your tail. The knife is rent from her hand as she is hurled into the air, then skipped along the piles of gold and loot, coming to a halt nearly four dozen feet away. Though not unconscious, when she attempts to rise, she collapses a quarter of the way, much more wisely choosing not to move.

    Meanwhile, the paladin again trades blows with Scinnari, a frantic feint-thrust-parry-and-counterthrust, so close you dare not physically intervene yourself. As you boasted to the paladin, though, you have other options. You pull back to unleash a blue-white blast of flame. Alyvia's divine protection chooses that moment to make itself felt again, as she wards off another flurry of blows from Scinnari, the golden hemisphere diverting and blocking your flame. Around them, though, gold and silver melt on the spot, some of it even vaporizing in the blast, glowing almost as bright as your flames themselves. Scinnari's blade cuts through the gaseous residue unhindered, catching the paladin a glancing blow to her shoulder, shaving her pauldron nearly off, but failing to do crippling damage. A trickle of blood is visible through the sundered plate armor, and a scraping sound is audible as Alyvia engages in a desperate counter attack. Through blind luck- literally, as she must be blinded by the glow of molten gold- she scores a very solid, perhaps even lethal blow on Scinnari. At least, what might have been, if it was not stopped short by the dragon scale armor your consort wears.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:01 No.16463131
         File1317286860.jpg-(103 KB, 669x236, UnholyMatrimony.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)05:05 No.16463163
         File1317287130.jpg-(33 KB, 400x340, AncientGreatWyrm_Red.jpg)
    33 KB

    And, I hate to suggest it, but perhaps this is a decent place to resume later. (Say, saturday.) It's getting far too early on my end.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:07 No.16463178

    Sounds reasonable. Saturday it is then.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:10 No.16463203
    You know, I like Alyvia. She's got balls.

    I think that once Watcher gets what we want from her, we should give her a nice, quick death.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:12 No.16463222
    Right in the middle of a fight too.

    But yeah. See you Saturday. Great to have you back, and I love that Scinnari is a capable mind-breaker.

    We should also go through our hoard and remove all weapons capable of harming us. That's just sloppy.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:13 No.16463229
    I'm all for sending her to the hells, like we did with Azdukashen.

    Dunno if a paladin's soul is as valuable as a gold dragon's, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:15 No.16463244
    Fuck yeah, Dragon Quest!

    Though I'm a bit late to the party. Readan.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 09/29/11(Thu)05:16 No.16463250
         File1317287811.jpg-(171 KB, 800x600, And Then There Was Silence.jpg)
    171 KB
    Wow. Something other than frothing hatred? That was not what I expected.

    Alright, Continue on Saturday. I can't promise this one- (Though I can promise to try for it, and that if I miss, I'll feel terrible about it-) but from now on, basically all DQs will be Saturday nights. Literally every other evening of the week is pretty bad for me.

    As you should know, I do go back and check the end of threads. If you have any last minute recommendations, ideas, or things you want to see adressed, by all means mention them.

    But those are the most valuable ones! (I do feel pretty shitty about cutting off in the middle, to be honest.)

    Less rare, less jerkass, and more noble. I don't suppose it's a conciliation, but at least you have time to decide?

    Nice to see you. Enjoy. (Don'thatemedon'thatemedon'thateme.)
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:20 No.16463274

    I like her well enough to immolate her subordinates as a gesture of respect, but as the head honcho, she's gotta pay.

    How? Maybe we should leave that to Scinnari...but overall, we should make clear we're not looking for another servant.

    So! Next battle! Who's in the running? Dwarf and Elf still? I think a change of dance partners is in order- Scinnari should switch to go for the Elf and we should go for the paladin - it's a better match-up.

    Lets cast magic missle on her too. That'd tick her off.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:32 No.16463349

    Eh, could have gone worse. Saturday it is.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:37 No.16463374
    We could just breathe smoke all over the place, making it impossible for the lesser creatures to breathe. They'll pass out and we can chain them up again.

    Pelor is dicking with us, if he really did remove those bonds. Does Tiamat dole out any kind of blessings, or is she just a bitch-goddess after all?

    Let's slam the dwarf down, then go finish off the one we tail-slapped (It's super-effective!) No sense in letting them get their healing potions out. Then we return to the dwarf and kill him in any number of quick ways.

    The only people we should save are the paladin and the sorc., and he's asleep anyways. DO NOT LET AZYRA NEAR HIM AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON.

    After we squelch this, we interrogate the FUCK out of them. Mind rape at full-throttle. Then we get the location of the paladin's church and burn it.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)05:54 No.16463483
    Tiamat doesn't "give" anything. She just takes. Yeah, she's a bitch like that.

    And we don't need to mind rape them. Just give Watcher a minute with them and we'll have what we need.

    In the mean time, once we have them subdued, we should totally start up some small talk. With Watcher brain draining in the background, we can just have some fun with them. Maybe ask for some advice on how to curb Scinnari's obsession with eliminating (perceived) competition. Tips on how to reassure her, and all that. It'd be hilarious.
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 09/29/11(Thu)06:40 No.16463682
    All of my yes! :D
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)09:54 No.16464841
    >“You had a name once!”
    I find it amusing that we left Cygnariassis with her actual name specifically so that this line would be totally useless on her, and now the paladin is trying to use it. Why it's generating some confusion from Cygnis, I don't know. Our whole brainwashing thing wasn't based around erasing her past, it was based around warping her perception of it and convincing her that she's more herself than she's ever been now that she has nothing in her life but serving us.

    If Cygnis' mindset isn't in line with that, then even though she obeys Scinnari has indeed failed- by creating a slave who can be given pause and sent into confusion by a few lines of rhetoric from a paladin. Nothing that Alyvia has said is something that should have fazed Cygnis for an instant, because they're all things that we came up with logic to account for; the fact that Scinnari had to resort to threats to get her to obey is evidence that Scinnari's fucked up the brainwashing process.

    Disappointing. We'll have to speak with Scinnari about it afterward.

    We have sorcerer cultist minions who could pull that off, you know. Enervation is only a mid-level spell.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/11(Thu)10:24 No.16465063
    I think that might be because she was less interested in actually brainwashing Cygnis and more interested in the gloating and satisfaction of being the one who "won" in the end. She let the whole thing get very personal, and really we should have totally seen that one coming.

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