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  • File : 1317675834.png-(175 KB, 510x973, Con-Quest 2.png)
    175 KB Monster Waifu Quest Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)17:03 No.16508799  
    Con-Quest: Thread the fourth, will be delayed until around 7 PM, EST, today. I apologize, but work sort of got dragged home.

    In the mean-time, the old threads.

    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:05 No.16508819
    rolled 9 = 9

    >Monster Waifu Quest

    Oh god stop encouraging them. I'd kind of like us to be able to spend at least a little time on aspects of con-quest other than where Clifford wants to stick his dick.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:07 No.16508842
    Agreed. While it is amusing, I would like to take some of the other aspects of the world a little more seriously.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:08 No.16508853
    Nice of you to give word, OP.

    Agreed. Any ideas how to solve the problem with the shapeshifters skin colour?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:23 No.16508974
    rolled 1 = 1

    I'd suggest something with dyes added to the clay, and possibly if we could secure something so exotic, the corpse of a chameleon. This is probably something we should have done whilst still building it. I guess we'll have to wait for Wormwood's ruling on modifying Cons after creation.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:28 No.16509020
    The nature of that con probably lends itself to modifications even after creation.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:46 No.16509184
    The question is, what can we give it to enable it to colour itself?
    While the skin of an animal might be changing colour, we need it to change texture as well.
    Or it just takes on the bodily shape of a person and tones the skin by moving pigments within the first few millimeters of the clay.
    Hair can be emulated be dark- or light- colored clay. Just the clothes would need to be taken terminator-style.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:47 No.16509199
    rolled 10 = 10

    I'd try our luck with the pigment.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:48 No.16509212
    Do you have a plan for the clothes?
    We can't get a sewing-workshop in there now, can we?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:51 No.16509247
    rolled 9 = 9

    Depends, did it manage to copy Bella's clothing last time?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:54 No.16509271
    If he did, I would ask myself how?
    Clothes woves from clay? Or just clay looking remotely like her attire?
    I would think it was more like the latter, so we could only fool people at a distance when we would need to get really close.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)17:59 No.16509320
    rolled 8 = 8

    I'd guess it might kinda work for close fitting clothes.

    Although, I have no idea how much control it has over its form. Does the clay need to stay clay? Has it turned into something entirely different that just kinda works like clay?

    I guess we'll spend quite a bit of today's session testing and researching.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:28 No.16509541
    rolled 5 = 5

    I suspect that something which is at least in part made up of symbolism probably isn't too tethered to natural laws, and it is effectively a kind of magic. I guess we'll have to wait for Wormwood to return to get an answer though.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:31 No.16509568
    In the meantime, can anybody explainto me why we are hitting on the scary, monstrous maid-thing?
    Is it just because it is vaguely female?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:34 No.16509582
    Well, I tried to talk to it a bit more as it is our only coworker. And I think it's kinda d'aaaaw, teaching it to read and all that jazz.

    Although I should have known that the waifu curse would take its toll. Did we actually get a description of that thing beyond "Teeth, lots of them"?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:36 No.16509601
    rolled 9 = 9

    I seem to recall something about her being "not entirely unattractive", but that is literally the limit of the description of her beyond an unhinging jaw and lots of teeth.

    /tg/ sure does love turning anything even remotely female into a waifu though...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:40 No.16509631
         File1317681621.jpg-(693 KB, 859x1214, I'll be back.jpg)
    693 KB
    Not to forget genderless undead robotic things of genocidal nature without personality.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:44 No.16509657
    I'm okay with the waifu thing as long as we're getting some engineering done.

    Con-maid is also the only character we get to interact with regularly, and as I said - I think it's adoreable. Exploring her backstory might be interesting and that thing is a lot more approachable than either Mr or Mlle Serkei.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:48 No.16509687
    rolled 10 = 10

    She's a con-maid, she was built by Mr Serkei, probably not too long ago considering he seems to replace his Cons as they become outdated compared to his current abilities. I doubt she has a particularly thrilling backstory beyond "I spent the past 4 years serving meals to the Serkei family, and also occasionally I eat people."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:50 No.16509705
    Serkei specialises in assassins and diplomats, maybe there's more to con-maid than just her housekeeping?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)18:50 No.16509708
    She said she's six years old.

    > realize you're hitting on a six y.o. you are just teaching how to read and write
    brb, shooting myself.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:10 No.16509871
         File1317683418.png-(206 KB, 800x800, CON QUEST.png)
    206 KB
    I return, and if anyone is here, we can begin shortly. I'll only be available for 4 hours today, I apologize, but a combination of

    >Being locked out of my own house
    >First Gym Appointment
    >Work being brought home

    It's a miracle I was able to set aside time for this.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:11 No.16509885
    At least one person still around.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:12 No.16509895
    Make that two.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:12 No.16509903
    Still around.

    >>First Gym Appointment
    Had that one two weeks ago. Protip: Eat a banana. Or anything rich in magnesium.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:14 No.16509918
    rolled 5 = 5

    I'm still here
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:15 No.16509931
         File1317683738.png-(14 KB, 607x494, I Ship It.png)
    14 KB
    Oh jesus the amount of squats and lunges the trainer had me do. My legs are about to pop out of their fucking sockets.

    But without further ado, I'm going to go back and read over what we did again, write up the intro, and...while I'm doing that, feel free to ask questions about the quest and such.

    Also, as a side note: While funny at first, the relentless attempts at dicking are beginning to get old.

    I mean, I understand people wanting that to happen, but when the thread is NOTHING but "I grab her tits and honk wheezily"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:17 No.16509949
    Dude, the trick is taking painkillers before you start and keep it up before they wear off.
    That surely worked for my job.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:18 No.16509968
    I wouldn't mix painkillers and any kind of extended physical activity.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:19 No.16509977
    I have to agree. It was amusing at first but it might need to go on the back burner for a bit and we should take things a little more seriously. Hopefully we can get back on track today.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:22 No.16510006
    rolled 5 = 5

    Agreed, all I want is to create some sins against nature,but half of /tg/ is too busy trying to force you to write fapfiction.

    Going back to earlier questions:
    1) How easy is it to modify an already build Con,
    2) How realistic does our shapeshifting Con look in terms of texture for things like clothes and hair.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:22 No.16510008
    why she mweh head
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:23 No.16510022
    Well, how successfull was our newest creation in taking on the maid's form?
    We had been curious about that earlier this thread.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:29 No.16510090
    Hopefully. Also, I'd like to start being a biiiiiit more descriptive with things because reading through, I feel like I'm not giving you guys a good image of things beyond hintings and suggestions. For example, the Con-Maid. You've been talking to her for a few days and the only thing I've said is "Unhinging jaw, way too many teeth, not too unattractive"

    Right, getting back to the quest.

    The clay con you had dubbed "Henry", after letting you down, crudely assumed the form of the Con-Maid, who you have yet to re-name to your service. Without pigment or training, the lines and form are crude and colourless, and would only fool someone at a distance in the dark. However, it seems to possess prodigious strength, and follows your orders without question.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:32 No.16510124
    >Prodigious Strength
    >Made of Clay

    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:34 No.16510144
    Can you comment on the possibilities of modifying it more? If it's possible and how difficult it'll be? If we can't, that'll limit some of what we can do with it.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:35 No.16510160
    rolled 1 = 1

    It's going to need a lot more practice before it's good enough to be effective, we should give it the opportunity to study a wide range of people. Though taking it out in public to do so might be a problem...
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:35 No.16510168
    Post-Creation modification takes considerable time and effort, as one must keep the living portions of the con alive. It's like doing reconstructive surgery as opposed to woodshop working.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:36 No.16510176
    rolled 10 = 10

    >who you have yet to re-name to your service.
    Elizabeth or Victoria, if we're keeping with our theme.

    Very interesting, things might improve with training. Let's see how much he can compress his mass. Order him to make himself as small as possible.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:37 No.16510185
    rolled 10 = 10

    There might be some anatomy books in the library. For both, human and animal.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:37 No.16510195
    Hmm. That makes things a little more difficult then on working on it's pigment. Only idea that wouldn't be too hard that I can think of is adding different colour clay to it.

    For now, let's get it practicing on it's ability to shapeshift. For now, have it practice on the maid-con, our first con and ourselves.

    If we can't adjust it's colour too well, we might have to resort to it looking like furniture rather than people. And I wonder if it can match size as well as looks.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:39 No.16510221
    We could ask it to simply shift different layers of clay onto its surface and paint them.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:40 No.16510236
    "Miss?" You say to the Con-Maid. She walks over to you, and you press your still-bleeding thumb to her forehead, brushing her bleached-white hair out of the way, shivering slightly at the touch of cold but oddly flexible porcelain.

    "You need a name, don't you? How about...Victoria."

    She smiles, and nods her head.

    You turn your attentions to the clay con, still assuming the shape of Victoria.

    "Henry, I would like you to make yourself as small as possible." You say imperiously.

    Looking down at itself, it begins to scrunch up and change size, eventually becoming a lump of hard rock the size of a mans torso, writhing with constrained, rippling muscle. It seems to be taxing it considerably.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:41 No.16510239
    But that is what we need to do.

    In the meantime, we may try and make a version of Henry with a mure refined physique to master the production of clay-cons.
    This time with all kinds of pigments built into it's epidermis.
    Also give it a core of harder clay to make it more stable-
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:43 No.16510273
    rolled 2 = 2

    "Great, that's enough of that for now. I'm very proud of you Henry. You're doing incredibly well for somebody so young."

    Let's test what it eats next. Clay? Minerals? Meat?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:44 No.16510286
    "Excellent. Now let us see how large you can become." Take several large steps backwards.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:46 No.16510313
    Releasing itself to it's large, crude, masculine form, it shivers slightly, muscles spasming from the effort.

    "Now, I'd like you to become as large as possible."

    As you ask, he looks around, and starts rearranging furniture. Taking the hint, you step back. FAR back.

    He breathes in and out, and then begins to slowly but surely expand, until eventually he has to hunch over as he brushes against the ceiling, kneeling on one knee as he does so.

    He's a giant, but this taxes him as well. Before long, he collapses on to the ground, reverting to his original size.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:46 No.16510315
    Next try make the frame from hard clay or rock, incorporate it into the con?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:49 No.16510340
    How would we go about putting pigment in it?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:49 No.16510345
    rolled 10 = 10

    "Tell me, Henry, how does changing your form feel? Is at a strange? Unpleasant? Nice?"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:50 No.16510355
    Here, Henry.
    Have some of these. It them, if it suits you.
    >Give him some pigments to see whether he can just devour them.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:52 No.16510374
    Though now living, it's still largely comprised of clay. it would be a simple task to simply slather on paints and extra clay to change it's size and composition.


    "It feels...right." He says, beginning to get the hang of this whole "Talking" thing.

    You reach into a bin and retrieve a jar of blue pigment, tossing it to Henry. As he catches it surprisedly, you say to him.

    "Try those out."

    He empties it out into his "Mouth" and you can instantly see the change as his skin ripples and flexes, taking on a bright blue tone.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:53 No.16510386
    Tell him to see if he can go back to his original colour now. If so, we can give him more pigments and he can use them for colour and that'd help solve some problems.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:54 No.16510397
    ask him to test changing his color from blue to before and how much control he has over it.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)19:54 No.16510405
    With a further rippling of his blue flesh, he returns to his slab-grey tone rather easily.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:55 No.16510412
    rolled 4 = 4

    "Magnificent. You're truly magnificent Henry! Could you try to change back to your original colour without losing that pigment?"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:56 No.16510419
    Well done, Henry.
    Now how about we give you some more colours to play with?
    > Hand him red, yellow, black and white pigment
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:57 No.16510424
    rolled 1 = 1

    Can we get him a mirror? It might help it practice its skills and it might want to know how it looks.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)19:59 No.16510446
    rolled 7 = 7

    I agree, we need to see if he can different pigments next.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:00 No.16510455
    He devours this pigment readily as well, and as you fetch a mirror, he begins to play with his tone and shape, until he achieves a more humanlike approximation of human shape and skin colour. Still not fooling anyone close than a rooms length, but much better than before.

    He also needs...clothes.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:00 No.16510458
    Idea: Make Henry the accesory to a later, larger con-man, like the lure on an angler fish. This larger con-man would be able to paint extremely quickly, carry a supply of extra clay in case more mass is needed, and attach to Henry by a sturdy tube (for clay redistribution). I figure we could also make it invisible somehow.

    Why? It's coooool.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:03 No.16510491
    rolled 5 = 5

    "Very good. You're a natural." Turn to Victoria. "Say, could you see if there is some kind of anatomy book in the library? It might help Henry if he gets to see how a human works on the inside. Without needing to open one up, of course."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:03 No.16510497
    oop, my bad. The angler thing should just carry the necessary pigments. Henry can just color himself.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:04 No.16510503
    rolled 5 = 5

    Interesting idea, though I think we'll need a lot more practice before we're good enough to be messing with things like invisibility.

    In the meantime, if Henry can't convincingly mimic clothing, let's see if we can get him a few basic suits, he seems to be able to store things internally, so he could probably keep a few outfits for general use.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:04 No.16510504
    Hmmm. Is he similar in size to our teacher? Or are there spare clothes around? Perhaps Victoria knows how to make clothing if not...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:05 No.16510520
    rolled 4 = 4

    Send Victoria to fetch some clothes for him. Or at least a bed sheet if we don't have anything his size.

    "Say, what are you thinking right now Henry?"
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:08 No.16510552
    Victoria goes upstairs to retrieve some clothing. As she does so, you turn to Henry and ask him what's on his mind.

    "Wanted to know what you want me to do."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:09 No.16510561
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:10 No.16510574
    That's the spirit!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:12 No.16510593
    rolled 4 = 4

    "I'd like you to train your skills and ask me anything if something catches your fancy."

    Introduce him to our other cons and tell him about Mr and Mlle Serkei. Give him a tour of the rest of the house.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:13 No.16510598
    rolled 5 = 5

    I think we can conclude that Henry is not a deep and emotional being, which is fine, last thing we need for a Con designed to infiltrate and murder is for him to suddenly get all weepy on us and start lamenting his existence.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:15 No.16510620
    rolled 9 = 9

    He needs some intelligence if he's supposed to function in a social environment while conduction infiltrations. But he doesn't seem stupid, so I guess we'll get there.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:15 No.16510626
    also picture the angler as a large, agile, spidery thing, which could clamber across rooftops and hide in alleys, greatly enhancing Henry's mobility. Also, claws and sharp things, 'cause hell yeah.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:17 No.16510640
    rolled 5 = 5

    He doesn't need to be emotional for that, he just needs to be smart enough to know how to fake it. We'll probably need to teach him how to read and write too so he can learn on his own, since a wide general knowledge is pretty essential for good mimicry.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:18 No.16510645
    rolled 8 = 8

    We should probably ask Henry to imitate animals next.
    Any spiders in the workshop, or is con-maid keeping it THAT clean?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:18 No.16510653
    Do we have the brain of a psychopath?
    That should do the trick.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:21 No.16510682
    That might backfire. I think training it ourselves might be enough for the start.

    We should also ask con-maid if Mr Serkei added some features from his assassins to her, once she's back. Or if she's always worked as a maid for him.
    >> MR RAGE !!B6SUQCd6a8w 10/03/11(Mon)20:24 No.16510714
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:25 No.16510726
         File1317687938.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, AnimalHouseBelushi.jpg)
    46 KB

    It's not an orgy, it's a toga party!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:27 No.16510745
         File1317688034.jpg-(86 KB, 375x335, 1317602380519.jpg)
    86 KB
    rolled 8 = 8

    Have you guys cmpletely forgotten how to roleplay? Why the hell would we have the brain of a psychopath? Wormwood, I think the amount of materials we have is too great! We're just barely learning the basics of Con-making, and yet we're already whipping up shapeshifting assassins for no reason. I mean, considering that we're 14 YEARS OLD, doesn't it seem a tad....unrealistic?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:28 No.16510772
    rolled 7 = 7

    It's still far from perfect, and we've yet to see how it measures up next to the creations of other more experienced Con-makers.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:29 No.16510780
    I really don't want to RP 5 years of drudgery until we can make our first con, 2 more years of mastering that skill, and 4 more years of going to con-construction-college before we can get anything proper done. Would you?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:31 No.16510801
    maybe we are a prodigy?
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:31 No.16510806
    Don't worry. Your cons simply don't even come CLOSE to comparing to the works of others. Mr Serkei for example. While you are clearly capable of creating something with force, you lack sublety, grace, and quite a few other things!
    Being proud of Henry is exactly like being proud of that lumpy clay pot you made in 4th grade art class.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:33 No.16510828
    And maybe I should Smack My Bitch Up?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:33 No.16510833
    We jumped from kindergarden to 4th grade within a few days. I'd say that's okay.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:34 No.16510842
    someones butthurt
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:35 No.16510852
    Proposal: Cliffords new themesong


    We get a con to play this at all times and follow us around.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:38 No.16510882
    And someone doesn't listen to The Prodigy.

    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:40 No.16510931
    Victoria returns after a while with clothing for Henry, and he dresses in a fine vest and blazer, taking the shape of a tall and grizzled old sailor.

    The day is still young, and Mr. Serkei does not return for two more days.

    What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:41 No.16510942
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:41 No.16510946
    rolled 7 = 7

    With several months at least of training Henry, we'll have a passable shapechanger and assassin. He has no other special abilities or particular skills, he's most likely pretty clumsy, judging by his unstable clay body, and while if (a big if) he's lucky he could impersonate someone well enough to get close to a target and crush their skull, that's pretty much the limit of his usefulness.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:43 No.16510970
    Go about inproving henry!!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:44 No.16510983
    rolled 1 = 1

    Grab something to eat. That way we can see what Henry needs to sustain himself.

    Spend the time after that teaching Victoria and Henry how to read. Have Victoria teach Henry in turn, there's no better way to learn than to teach.

    Spend some time reading books on con design and animal anatomy. We could find some inspiration.

    >Re: Victoria
    >We should also ask con-maid if Mr Serkei added some features from his assassins to her, once she's back. Or if she's always worked as a maid for him.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:46 No.16511013
    Sure, with some training,he will...

    BE A MAN!
    He must be swift as a coursing river
    BE A MAN
    With all the force of a great typhoon
    BE A MAN
    With all the strength of a raging fire
    Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:48 No.16511037
    I think our first mistake was not drawing a blueprint. If TV has taught me one thing, then that the most important scientific breakthroughs always have blueprints.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:49 No.16511058
    Yeah, sure. It's not the hundreds of test-runs, the years of tedious work and lots of money...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:51 No.16511083
    Thats where you get the blue prints!
    But seriously we're mad scientists.
    No plans, no prototypes, no backups!
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:52 No.16511105
         File1317689573.jpg-(59 KB, 640x480, IMG_3835.jpg)
    59 KB
    Henry gravitates towards more of the same type of clay you used to craft on him, and as he chews thoughtfully on a small hunk of clay, you ask Victoria politely if she would aid him in learning his letters. She nods her head firmly and accepts, a resolute look on her chalk-white face as she does so.

    Before she can run off to grab a pornographic novel, paper, and pen, you cough slightly before asking, "So...did Mr. Serkei build you as an uhm, assassin, or a maid?"

    She smiles at you, and pokes a finger at her cheek.

    "Do you think a maid would be made to eat people?"

    is her only answer
    >> dice 1d10 Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:54 No.16511122
    "Yes. Helps disposing of evidence from the Master's... exploits."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)20:56 No.16511149
    "Depends on the type of guest you expect, I guess." Look in Henry's direction. "So, what do you make of him?"
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)20:59 No.16511182
    She gives you a sly look, and punches you playfully in the shoulder. It hurts.

    "Oh, we've had to deal with guests..." She says, patting her midsection happily.

    As you point to him, she shrugs. "He's not too well made. To be honest, you over-extended your reach too early. Mr. Serkei will be delighted that you're, in way, following in his footsteps...but don't expect Henry to last long. We need to teach you to use potives..." She says thoughtfully.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:01 No.16511212
    Ask her what the hell potives are. TEACH US ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER, WE MUST KEEP OUR SON ALIVE.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:03 No.16511231
    *Slaps head* Damnit. If she was the guys maid, that means she probably has some knowledge on making Cons from watching. She must teach us.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:04 No.16511248
    "Well, they're various alchemical concoctions for various uses. Preservation, strengthening, healing salves, explosive potions, the like. I know a fair hand of making them, just from watching Mr. Serkei."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:05 No.16511262
    Why you no tell me earlier?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:07 No.16511275
    rolled 5 = 5

    "You can cook, you're obviously good at killing, and enjoy it which is a tiny bit unsetteling, you're knowledable about creating cons... I should be careful with teaching you writing and mathematics, or you will replace me one day." Give her a playful hug.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:09 No.16511306
    What other things does she think she could teach us?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:10 No.16511315
    And remember, Seras, they are not human.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:13 No.16511356
    She returns the hug, laughing.

    "Well, I can't make Cons."

    Upon your asking of what else she could teach you, she replies simply

    "Let me think...I could teach you to fight, to brew, and to clean."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:14 No.16511364
    rolled 10 = 10

    No, cut that shit out.

    Ask her for more information on potives, and if she could teach us some basic recipes for them since our project is pretty much done.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:14 No.16511378
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:15 No.16511389
    Ask if she could teach these skills to a Con.
    And inquire about learning brewing for ourselves.
    Always useful.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:17 No.16511408
    rolled 3 = 3

    "All of those are important talents, but judging by the fact that my shoulder still hurts, I'd prefer to focus on combat. At least for today."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:19 No.16511438
         File1317691146.jpg-(8 KB, 300x196, Kristeva.jpg)
    8 KB
    mai waifu~

    Seriously though, exploring this character a little is fun Wormwood. Good job rolling with us as we pester what was likely an NPC meant only to be mentioned in passing.

    Also can you explain more completely what she looks like? So far she sounds like this (pic related) with snake teeth/jaw.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:24 No.16511502
    "Well, first we'll have to train your body. You are quite out of shape, Clifford." She says, relinquishing the hug and standing back, hands on her hips.

    Victoria resembles a young woman, 5 feet 6 inches in height. She dresses plainly in a dress short enough to not interfere in her work but still give her modesty. She wears a bleached wig, still blonde in spots, but obviously at times used as a rag to clean. Her face and skin is crafted from a smooth, porcelain like material and resembles that of a woman. There are two lines stretching from the sides of her red-painted lips to under her hair where ears should be, and her mouth is full of small, sharp fangs. In terms of build, she is rather slender.

    A drawfriend of mine might draw something for her later.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:26 No.16511523
    rolled 7 = 7

    "At least I now know you weren't built to be a diplomat."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:30 No.16511560
    rolled 9 = 9

    I guess training is okay if we don't have anything better to do at the moment.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:31 No.16511578
    She laughs, and grabs a few glass bottles and ingredients from the shelves. "Well, if it's not too sudden, I could show you my room. It's where I keep all of my equipment."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:32 No.16511594
    rolled 9 = 9

    Erm, what should we do with Henry in the meantime?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:32 No.16511595
    I'd like to get a feel for what a real master-crafted con is capable of. How fast can she move? How much damage can she take? Can she self-repair? How was she meant to assassinate people while obviously being a con? Can she demonstrate these methods to us presently (non-damagingly, mind)?

    Also she's been here as a maid for six years. Since she's ours now I suggest asking her:
    1. What are Mr. Serkei and Lady Serkei like in general?
    2. Is Lady Serkei really Mr. Serkei's daughter?
    3. Who is this mother Lady Serkei mentioned?
    4. How often do people assault or intrude into Mr. Serkei's business and need "dealing with" roughly? (trying to get a feel for how dangeorus it is to be a conmaker)
    5. How busy is Mr. Serkei? Is he in the prime of his con-making? Semi-retired? An artist who produces a few magnificent works over a long period? An industrial man who mass-produces cons in short periods?
    6. How good a con-maker is he, roughly, compared to others?
    7. How many con-makers are in the city?
    8. Is there any sort of con-maker guild or fraternity? It seems like as dangerous as being one is there might well be some sort of secretive shadow organizations like the mason's guilds or trader's guilds in the middle ages. For preserving and exchanging knowledge secretly and keeping their secrets out of the hands of nobles and shit.
    9. Get her a better wig.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:33 No.16511602
    "Equipment?" Smile with interest and follow her.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:48 No.16511796
    While you walk up the stairs to her room, you ask her a few questions, that she answers promptly.

    "Mr. and Lady Serkei are quite amiable to each other, and are patrons of several orphanariums. They're charitable people, as your presence here illustrates. As far as I can know, she is. I am told that, before my existence, the Lady spent her time at a private school with little contact towards her father. I have never met Lady Serkeis mother, and know nothing of her. People invade our premises on a weekly basis, and it is a wonder that I have not grown fat. Con-Makers are quite despised. Mr. Serkei...is retired, mostly. He finds the business far too dangerous nowadays, but still crafts more as a hobby now than anything. It is still his life, but it is no longer his job. He is quite a good con-maker, as they go, but he is no where near the "Big Leagues" as they say. There are 10 of them, last time there was a census. You would have to ask Mr. Serkei about any guilds."

    As she answers the last, you reach her room, which...appears to be a closet. She opens it up to reveal a small room, filled to the brim with small metal objects.

    "Now...I'd like to see you do a squat."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:50 No.16511835
    rolled 9 = 9

    Do a manly squat
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:52 No.16511855
         File1317693121.png-(1 KB, 159x58, 18731576c78c347ff4ff109c0b456f(...).png)
    1 KB
    rolled 8 = 8

    >"Now...I'd like to see you do a squat."

    "Of course. Should I do it with the method proposed by Tuck?"
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:53 No.16511881
    You strain and struggle and bend your knees forward, toppling on to your face.
    "Clifford...please tell me I didn't just see that." She helps you back up on your feet, and gives you further instruction. "Alright, try again. Don't push your knees forward, bend your posterior back, go down...good, good!" She says, as you are rewarded by a burst of PAIN from your legs.

    "Now do ten more."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:55 No.16511893
    rolled 9 = 9

    "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count." We should remember that we actually asked for this.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:55 No.16511904
    rolled 1 = 1

    >Grit: 1
    Oh boy. I'm surprised we're actually able to carry a book.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:56 No.16511910
    Why didn't you post quicker?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:56 No.16511917
    rolled 53 = 53

    MAN THE FUCK UP AND SQUAT. BOY TIME? FUCK NO, THIS IS MAN TIME! Lady serkei will be so impressed by our manly muscles and poetry that she will swoon in seconds!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:57 No.16511926
    When we present our clay-assassin to Mr. Serkei I think we should have him flatten himself against a wall of the lab and use pigments to make himself the proper color ant texture to match it. Then when Mr. Serkei comes in and is like "where is it?" we have the con resume normal form and say right behind you!

    Assassin-con and all. He will be so proud!

    Really it could be more of a sentinel or guard con now that I think of it... it doesn't have a heartbeat or anything to give away it's alive and it can take the form of some inanimate object and just sit there waiting and watching. And then it can double as an assassin.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:57 No.16511931
    rolled 6 = 6

    1d10, please.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)21:58 No.16511951
    rolled 1 = 1

    perhaps.. perhaps a mite more gentlemanly, with proper dice.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)21:59 No.16511959
    You manage to belt out 10 squats in amazing form! And by amazing, you mean, in passable form. She then has you do lunges across the room.
    And then she makes you do pushups. And situps. And pullups. And then she makes you run and exercise until your entire body feels like so much painful, painful jelly.

    You have gained: A SINGLE POINT OF GRIT to be gained when you recover.

    However, you did have to be carried back to your room by Victoria.

    Will you do anything before you go to bed? Keep in mind that your body feels like shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:01 No.16511980
    Order her to find a better wig and stop using it as a rag. Con she may be, but she needs to take care of herself.

    Then collapse into bed.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:02 No.16511987
    rolled 6 = 6

    Grab a glass of water and a book to take our mind off the pain.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:03 No.16511992
    rolled 5 = 5

    Thank Victoria, collapse on bed. Sleep.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:03 No.16511995
    rolled 5 = 5

    Do what every 14 year old boy does after a testosterone pumping workout.

    Masturbate, then go to bed.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:05 No.16512015
    She nods at your request, and disappears somewhere.

    As you read up on the anatomy of con-men and a book on brewing potives, you drift off to sleep...

    Quick break everyone, I have yet to eat dinner and it's getting late. I'll answer any questions when I get back, and then we can wrap things up for tonight.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:15 No.16512113
    I'm back. No questions whatsoever?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:17 No.16512133
    Well I have one but in theory we should figure it out IC. What kinds of things can be added to cons to make them?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:17 No.16512134
    rolled 9 = 9

    -ETA for the next session? :P
    -Can we explore the city, or are we supposed to remain in the house?
    -Can we take our cons out into the public?
    -Do we have any money?
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:20 No.16512163
    ETA would be this Friday at 4 PM, POSSIBLY again on Wednesday at around 4 PM.
    You can explore the city.
    You can take your cons out into the public.
    You do not have any money.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:23 No.16512183
    rolled 7 = 7

    Do we have any friends our age? What orphanarium did we stay at?
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:25 No.16512209
    You did not have any friends your age, and were unfortunate enough to not be accepted by an orphanarium. You began this quest living in a cardboard box, remember that.

    Oh, I was wondering if I should give you guys some contact info so I could send out e-mail alerts whenever I'm running the quest and such.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:28 No.16512235
    rolled 1 = 1

    A quest email address is always nifty. Y...you actually care about your players. *Sniff*

    By the way, did we bring the box with us?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:28 No.16512237
    Contact info would be cool. I missed it last week since I actually forgot about this sadly.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:37 No.16512323
    How deadly is the world for the average person?
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:39 No.16512341
         File1317695978.png-(418 KB, 600x450, IMG_4139.png)
    418 KB
    Right, e-mail address is in the field. Anyone who sends shit with con-quest related shit, I'll send you an e-mail about an hour before I start anything if I'm doing shit randomly, and I'll give you 2 days notice for scheduled threads. Sound good?


    The average lifespan is 50 years. It's more the fact that those seen as "Useless" by society are snapped up and nobody gives a shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:40 No.16512357
    >Sound good?
    Sounds great. Except that you didn't include your email.
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:42 No.16512375
         File1317696172.jpg-(45 KB, 338x219, IMG_5337.jpg)
    45 KB
    Son of a bitch I despise the captcha.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:44 No.16512392
         File1317696293.jpg-(5 KB, 126x126, touhou catface stare.jpg)
    5 KB
    >Will you do anything before you go to bed? Keep in mind that your body feels like shit.

    Trying to keep us from sexually molesting the maids, eh?
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:46 No.16512407
         File1317696398.jpg-(118 KB, 750x1086, IMG_3854.jpg)
    118 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:47 No.16512416
         File1317696462.jpg-(12 KB, 271x234, okay.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Wormwood !!2+7gWdDw/nh 10/03/11(Mon)22:49 No.16512437
         File1317696556.png-(387 KB, 696x400, IMG_4085.png)
    387 KB
    Maybe you just need a better maid.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:49 No.16512438
    Another reason not to teach her too much about love and all that. Then she'll potentially just exhaust Clifford so she can molest him if it gets bad enough.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:51 No.16512465
    >Will you do anything before bed?
    >Do anything before bed?


    I think I've found the core interest in Con-Quest.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)22:56 No.16512522
    As Heresy Quest is probably dead, maybe we should make "Slightly molesting" things our shtick?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:01 No.16512565
    What, no "rape the maids" reference?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:01 No.16512569
    As the guy who suggested the initial slight molesting of those tech priests, I just want to say it gives me great mirth to see such an interest spring up for the act.

    Also, I like the way you think. That meido is ripe for the molestation while we chitchat about things!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:03 No.16512592
    Is it even possible to molest something that is more or less a thing?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:03 No.16512598
    Watch and learn!~

    I'll be here for the next thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:03 No.16512599
    Let's not and save Wormwood some sadness at making this a screw/molest whoever we can quest.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:09 No.16512658
    I do actually enjoy the interactions with Victoria.

    I'd even say its understandable that our character might be grasping for every straw in that department. Mlle Serkei doesn't really see him as an equal, and Mr Serkei is his teacher.

    Victoria is good at things he isn't, and both can learn a lot from the other. And even in a world without James Bond movies, it must be every man's dream to have a deadly female assistant.
    Although the teeth probably still creep him out.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:16 No.16512737
    I enjoy interacting with her as well but there's a difference between interacting with her and planning to molest her whenever we can.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:17 No.16512752
    I think we managed to behave in that regard in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/11(Mon)23:48 No.16513168
    You do have to remember that every teenage con-maker probably makes at LEAST one sexbot.

    Hell, I imagine Pygamilion Syndrome is so common that con-maker families have to do arranged marriages and shit most likely. It's very likely that a con-maker's outlook on life is completely different from you or I. They can create loyal-to-death life at the drop of a hat in any form they wish. A harem of beautiful sex-cons who you send out to try and kill your political rivals when you get tired of them. Sure they will all die because they're hardly meant for combat, but maybe one will get through... and you were done with them anyway.

    Forget con-men. Con-makers are very likely the real monsters of this setting. ESPECIALLY if they can create things like potions or elixers that let them live for hundreds or thousands of years via their craft. It's entirely possible that the oldest and most skilled/elite conmakers are horrific amoral mad scientists that are one part the artist Pygamilion, one part the mad doctor Mengele, and one part the immortal and separated-from-the-world Dracula.

    Their perspectives on everything would be radically different. It will be very interesting to see what route we take when slipping down that slope, because it is inevitable provided we survive... power changes people, after all. Always, without exception. Even moreso the level of power we're playing with here.

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