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  • File : 1318713802.jpg-(23 KB, 203x300, Red with hoard.jpg)
    23 KB Dragon Quest LVIII Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)17:23 No.16635054  
    Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16562313/
    PSA: As I made a bold, declarative statement last week, and run the risk of actually being reliable about something, I must now inform all that DQ is changing to Fridays rather than Saturdays. Whatever your timezone, just consider it about 24 hours earlier. Maybe only 22. Again, Fridays are the go-to day- Might not be every week, but when it is, it'll be Friday.


    Your family congregates in your lair to either assist or observe the finishing touches for your first golem. You really do adore the design, from an aesthetic as well as thaumaturgical point of view; The golem, along with being made of pure gold, and malleable, is designed to draw it's power from the occupant, a parasitic trick to keep the golem in good health and operational as long as it's victim remains alive. Beyond the initial ritual, it costs you nothing to keep alive until the occupant dies. Compared to your knowledge of other golems, which require a genuine investment of the creator's 'self' into them. And you believe you will be able to prolong dear Alyvia's normal lifespan, when the need arises. The beauty of the design intrinsically appeals to you.

    The final touches of the golem are more painstaking, but less energy intensive than the rest. To detail the golem into something suitable to be a part of your hoard- A simple block of gold hardly holds sufficient appeal. A symbol of wakefulness within the head, the enchantments for obedience, to make sure that the paladin's health will not decay while entombed... As you add the enchantments, you keep up an ongoing dialogue with Azyra between spells, explaining your actions and asking her opinion. She is interested in the process, and you are pleased to detect some satisfaction in her mind that one who threatened her is being punished. You doubt she fully realizes the magnitude of the punishment, but that hardly matters.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)17:24 No.16635059
         File1318713842.jpg-(281 KB, 566x800, PalemColour.jpg)
    281 KB
    As the functionality of the golem is assured, you hand control over to Scinnari- She begins to direct the small pool of molten gold beneath to rise and integrate with the golem, detailing the figure beneath it, creating a form that mimics armor, and finally consulting with you as inscribe a few words or passages upon the golden statue. To your surprise, Scinnari consults with Azyra on the decoration as well, accepting her assistance. Apparently Azyra's experience at manipulating fires and flames has left her with some talent for magical 'art' like this, and their finished product is an appealing golden statue, a faceless armored warrior standing within your lair.

    Though you could order it to move, you decide to lift and magically place the golem towards the back of your hoard, where it can await a purpose. You'd like to save the paladin's horror at realizing what she has become for something more.. moving. Perhaps you can order the golem to kill the remaining adventurers, for instance... or you can have Azyra do so. Though the elf might have some use remaining in her- who knows.

    Of course, though pleasant, your family time must eventually end. You have matters to attend to, after all- the Brass remains trapped deep within your volcano, as you did not deign to pronounce a verdict, requiring more time to decide and consult. He is prevented from teleporting or escaping otherwise, but currently busy melting his way out of the vault you left him in with his breath weapon. Your interdiction spells have been extended to cover the areas he has reached or will reach, though if you take more than a few days, he may well escape. Displeasing- you did warn him before you left him that not attempting to escape would reflect favorably upon him, but that doesn't seem to have slowed him. Not unexpected, you wouldn't have let it stop you either, but... Yet another minor deadline...
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)17:24 No.16635068
         File1318713885.jpg-(131 KB, 864x864, 1292039067615.jpg)
    131 KB
    Your enjoyable family-time is interrupted by the usual proceedings as well as the unique ones; reports from the vicinity of your empire, and so on. Your minions from the south are meeting with your local ones, negotiating and producing estimates on the empire's progress and projected growth for the Ivory Gates. Trade in the future is an unknown, though you have left instructions to expect continued good relations with Tashz- Tashz trade, through the straight has been most invaluable and fueled the cities' development marvelously. Reports from your spies suggest that Seffestranias and her empire have taken an interest in Morinth, entering the influence-war to acquire the services of as many of the mages as possible. Offering quite generous terms, she's doing quite well for such new party, though for every one she has successfully acquired, your spies suspect others have refused out of fear of working for a dragon, a Red in particular. Enough to amuse you, but still important news; you wonder what designs Seffestranias has that require more magical power.

    Rhasver does not seem concerned, focused more on rebuilding since the war and maintaining good relations with Aquitaine. Aquitaine is quite alright with that, dealing with raids into their northern territories by the frost-giant clans from the frozen wastes. More than that, though, both Aquitaine and Seffestrainais seem preoccupied by the the threat of Mikulec; The warlord who carved out the region north of Seffestranias and east of Aquitaine has somehow earned exemption from the frost-giant's vicious raids, sparking suspicion and fear regarding his methods and intentions. Your spies are sadly unable to determine the reason for this immunity, though you are somewhat comforted that no one else seems aware either.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)17:25 No.16635073
         File1318713930.png-(363 KB, 516x800, NehmaskaKnight.png)
    363 KB
    To the east, the Rakshasas-mages who rule their various city-states have begun squaring off against a truly massive orcish horde. Being almost as chaotic and treacherous to each other as drow, you have no doubt that though a concerted effort by the wizard-kings could bring a decisive end to the orcish threat, they will inevitably undermine and betray each. You anticipate a prolonged war, the loss of many of their cities and peers, and a costly victory that those surviving find perfectly satisfactory. In other words, business as usual, for every century or so; A dozen cities in the Urgash wastelands sacked, several dozen thousand orcish deaths, and all will return to normal.

    And from the south, the slowly-civilizing region west of the Ivory Gates, Nehmeska reports having located a fairly massive illithid network. She continues to investigate, attempting to discern it's full magnitude, and decide whether she feels capable of doing anything about it on her own. You are reluctant to let her risk herself and worse, her knowledge, but she seems cognizant enough of the fact, and assures you she has no interest in becoming an illithid's dominated toy.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)17:35 No.16635157
    Wooooo, Dragon Queeeessttt!! Lets get this party started!!

    Alrighty, so lets tackle what we’ve got to deal with- the prisoners, the elf and the sorc, and the Brass.

    Now I’ve been thinking a fair amount about this elf recently, and may have come up with something for her. See, we already have traditional assassins out the wazoo, so we don’t need another one of those. Also, and sadly, if all she’s good at is being an assassin, or that’s her ‘job’, thn she won’t actually be good at much else other than physical tasks. So, I propose we do the following: Train her as a dancer.

    There are a few benefits to this- her assassination skills can be married with them to let her gain access to high-class parties or harems without undue suspicion- I doubt our assassins are tained in something like this. Also, it gives us a good bit of entertainment on-call for whenever we hold parties or feasts for dignitaries or during cultural festivals that would demand a performance in-palace. It also serves as something of a punitive measure, as I imagine that she would take the offer of dancing lessons if it’s between that and death, but feel embarrassed that an assassin like her is reducing to performing for another’s pleasure (even if such skills could perhaps prove more useful in the long run- good dancing probably pays the big bucks, and is safer to boot).
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)17:35 No.16635166

    I would suggest, to secure co-operation, we pay her for her performances and otherwise let her go free with proper precaution- except instead of slave bands we use something like a circlet, one that allows us to read her mind, talk through telepathy, plant suggestions, traces her and allows us to teleport her to us whenever we desire use of her skills. It’s still a much better deal than she had when under her geas and she gets new skills to add to her set, and it beats us having to pay for her board and minimizes any retribution on her part- some non-disclosure contract may need to be signed of course, but I think it is feasible to secure.

    As for the KIND of dancing, I imagine she would be trained in traditional Indian and Middle Eastern dance styles like so:



    Something to give foreign emissaries a taste of their homeland, or local ones something exotic- and it gives us a choice between something more technical and something more risqué, or nice blendings of the two.

    The alternative idea for keeping her alive, the hoard-polisher, I’ve also put some thought to- namely that to prevent any future problems from arising, we’d need to burn out her mind, as I doubt she’d undertake this job willingly unless we did something like befuddle her into thinking it’s /her/ hoard that she’s cleaning or something. This might be a good time to test out ways an enslavement ritual could work, or a cruder one where the person’s own ability to make choices gets removed- perhaps via a tattoo of control being burned into their forehead or such. Ideally though, I’d like to ask her if she’d be willing to go for my first idea; it just seems more useful /less wasteful to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)17:36 No.16635171
    The Sorcerer I’m not opposed to having Azyra murder, however I would ask that we have Azyra order our new Golem to do it, as I imagine the horror the paladin would feel at such an act would be most delicious, particularly if she could feel her own muscles moving to break his neck, particularly if it’s a first order...

    The Brass...my position is as-before; work with him, and perhaps find a way to ecure at least some trust-worthiness on his part, something I don’t think slavebands could do. Fact is, he’s either deceiving us or he isn’t. If he *is*, then it’s likely just him doing it on his own and there’s no massive good-dragon conspiracy to depose us or otherwise ruin and sack a city, and what little info he knows about us would just spread a little further- he doesn’t know how to get past our traps, so it’s a moot point. If he *isn’t* fooling us, then either we, he, or both of us are being used, and it has much more worrying consequences toward who has designs on our empire. It strikes me as sensible to act as if the larger threat is the more real one, an to obtain any legitimate aid we can in combating it. For me, that would include an honest alliance with this Brass.

    We’ll need to stress carefulness with Nehmeska and maybe talk with her in more detail about what she’s found and whether to bring the Githyanki in at this point...but that can wait until we’ve dealt with all of this business.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)17:57 No.16635387

    Wow, sounds like you thought this all out, didn't you? But you still don't know we can trust her, or if she'll go along with it.

    Nothing a chat with Watcher or something can't fix I guess...I've no issue with the idea itself. I'm more interested in what Seffy's up to and just want to get this prisoner stuff out of the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)17:59 No.16635412
    Getting a bit ahead of ourselves.
    First, figure out if she has any interest in working for us. Pays well, good benefits, nice place to lounge around when not on assignment, the works. If she doesn't, magma. If she does, have her do some good old fashioned murdering for us, less important missions, preferably, and monitor her during those assignments. Get a feel for her capabilities, loyalties, personality, that sort of thing. Then maybe talk about branching out.

    But remember, she's an assassin. She kills people for money. That's the job that she's used to. Being treated like a run of the mill servant and told to dance for our amusement and that of other big wigs, is probably not going to endear us to her. Starting with the familiar stuff would be better, I think.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:01 No.16635433

    Well if she doesn't go along with it, there's always hoard polishing. I think if she's made aware of her options she'd be okay with it.

    Besides; break into a Red's fort and get free dance lessons? Sounds great! Though I guess I'd be awfully paranoid were one to make that offer to me...
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:04 No.16635458

    Well, I'm just interested in giving her better employment than she previously enjoyed, not so much getting her to love us. Speaking of- I'm not sure giving her a place to stay with us would be good for that; she probably wants more freedom and not to be cooped up with her employer like with her paladin guard.

    Hence the teleportation idea- we can let her go wherever but still be able to use her when we've need of her.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:06 No.16635479
    Can we talk less about the latest addition to our collection of potential waifus and more about the fact that seffy is trying to muscle her way into morinth? Or maybe what to do with the brass?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:08 No.16635491

    Fine fine whatever, talk and see how it goes.

    Now what about Azyra? I don't think we should be putting this kind of pressure on her for a first crush. I mean, it's more evil and cruel than it is educational, she's still a kid and something like this would be liable to fuck up a kid.

    I don't know what else to do, but not that.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:10 No.16635513
    I think we should off the sorcerer ourselves and not mention it to Azyra until later. Make it clear that it shouldn't be an issue, and hint that the only reason it's an issue is because she made it one by letting some adventurer get to her. Him being dead and gone adds a certain amount of finality to the whole thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:12 No.16635535
    We should be starting to try to get in on Morinth too. It's the only city along the coast between Mza and the United Cities that isn't under our control. It's the only thing between us and a monopoly on shipping along the northern coast.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:13 No.16635543

    Well with the Sorcerer I don' think there's any goo way to end it, I just want to throw in a vote for 'kill him with the Golem' if we end up killing him. It feels poetic or something.


    Certainly! I had all that typed up prepared so sorry about the amount of it. Anyway, you know my position on the Brass, but as for Seffy...I guess we could pay her a visit soon? We've still that Northern Warlord to discuss afterall.

    It might be nice to get in on this Monrinth game too; they seemed rather responsive to us when last we talked. And maybe get Azyra some overseas education? We should talk with her and see what she wants.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:14 No.16635559

    Oh yeah, and a dancer wouldn't be a waifu. I'd like to keep it professional.

    Speaking of our waifu collection though, I'm hoping to see Cygnis corrected soon- that was too much of a liability, that slip.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:28 No.16635666
    Oh! And apparently, we can only figure out a tiny bit of Scinnari's boss' True Name with our knowledge, so I thought of a quick, good way to get it.

    Basically, we've a Water Genie under our command. That means we get a wish, so lets just wish for that boss' name, tell Scinnari it (because we love her and she knows devil dealings) and let the fun commence!

    But not until she's fixed Cygnis, though. And yes I realize Wishes are big things, but finding a True Name is no easy task, and True Names in and of themselves, are big things. If it can prevent further uncertainty down the line in regards to betrayals, I think it would be worth it, seeing as we already have expended a wish for a similar purpose.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:40 No.16635738
    I would vote for: Learn Scinnari's boss and Scinnari's true name with Wishes. We've got two left, and they're sufficiently worthwhile. Maybe we can even get some sort of economy pack.

    I'm indifferent to the assassin-dancer idea; go ahead, I guess. Indifferent to having Azyra kill or order killed her bf too. It's evil and productive, but probably too hard on her.

    Perhaps we should finally get to killing the brass before it gets out?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:44 No.16635761

    It's only a minor Water Genie, so only one Wish. And personally, I'd find it rather distasteful to learn of Scinnari's. What how satisfying is a love earned so cheaply?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:50 No.16635795
    I don't think we should spend all our wishes right now. Spending one to learn the true name of Scinnari's superior might be a good use, though I think we should stick to just wishing for one thing for now. It'd be good to have a wish in the bank for emergencies.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)18:53 No.16635826

    Well we should definitely reach a conclusion on the Brass.

    I vote so: Buddy up with Brass for previous reasons stated.

    As for the Sorcerer...christ he's giving me a headache. But just killing him and informing Azyra after-the-fact won't be enough. I say we sit down with Azyra and explain that we're going to kill him and state why, and offer her the choice of being there...and maybe, if she wants to, to be the one to order the Golem to kill him- if she thinks it'll help.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)19:02 No.16635882
    screw final fantasy d6. Just play simple d6 - it is much easier, better, broader, fast and simple.

    Also, no fucking math. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Simple_D6_-_Second_Edition
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)19:12 No.16635956
    I don't think we can trust the brass to be a buddy. He's a brass. They can't keep a secret to save their lives.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)19:59 No.16636329
         File1318723198.jpg-(99 KB, 569x721, 1313731149415.jpg)
    99 KB
    The assassin... You are of mixed feelings about. She literally had no choice but to assist the paladin and company in invading and despoiling your lair, but she hardly seems grateful for you for lifting the curse. And yet she could be useful... You end up, between Scinnari's and Watcher's counsel, inducting her on a probationary basis into your cabal of assassins- After, of course, taking a minor precautions or three. As Scinnari draws the mark on the underside of the assassin's wrist, you conversationally inform her that it is in no way a geas or similar compel, merely a tool to allow you to monitor her. She shows no emotion one way or the other, though Watcher reports boundless paranoia and suspicion, as well as mild revulsion. You don't actually need it to monitor her, though it certainly makes it easier. She, of course, need not know that.

    Her progress on her first mission- granted the same day- is interesting enough. Her first stop is at a clerics, where she hovers outside, obviously weighing the risks of getting your spell removed versus not. In the end, she doesn't. Her next action; to choose a random citizen, pull him down a dark alley, and proceed to tell everything she knows about you and your lair. Though temped to intervene, she is only informing one person, who becomes even more terrified at having Lord Prestor's secrets spilled out to him than being held at knife point. When she is finished, she releases him, and kills him the moment he turns to leave. Probing the limits of your spell with a certain ruthless efficiency, you suppose. Once that is all done, she pauses to meditate on the issue again, finally deciding to follow through- the minor assassination is pulled off without difficulty, as is a second and third that you have your city guards place in her hands. She is evidently competent and willing to work, though perhaps... too interested in knowing her limits
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)20:01 No.16636340
         File1318723260.png-(393 KB, 333x567, Erinyes.png)
    393 KB
    The next matter you turn you mind to is the marid you have control of. You summon the water genie who takes the form of a twelve-foot tall blue-skinned woman, naked skin covered in barnacles and seaweed for hair. She smells strongly of salt water, and does not dry, the entire time looking as if she was just pulled from the sea- By the time you conclude the wish-business and possess Zevaana's True Name, there are a few inches of water invisibly walled in by your summoning circle. Entirely aside from that, she seems to be most insulted at being summoned twice within a week, screams at you initially, swears eternal enmity to you, your children, parents, wife and friends, and grudgingly grants the knowledge you seek. Her power is not sufficient for you to consider that a particularly significant threat, and you do possess most of her True Name- Simply ordering her to shut up is well within your power, though you manage to simply scare her into silence with the threat of publishing her True Name, or handing it out to the various people she just swore vengeance upon.

    The True-Name of Zevaana, Scinnari's superior, is longer than you had expected, but fits with the fragments you had predicted. You resist the urge to test it, resolving to give it to Scinnari when a suitably important occasion comes around- It would, after all, be a shame to tip your hand and allow Zevaana to know her fate beforehand. The gravity of a True Name seems something to save for a special occasion- Utter control over a powerful, high-ranking devil, in the court of one of the Rulers of the Nine. Body, mind, and soul all completely within your power... You are under the impression that such situations are rare in the Hells, but tend to be what many strive for. How pleasant, then, that you will be able to gift this to your consort.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)20:02 No.16636353
         File1318723325.jpg-(172 KB, 800x1035, f.jpg)
    172 KB
    Scinnari, for her part, is spending much of her time with Cygnariassis, attempting to correct her error. A worthy task, and one that you would be more pleased at if Cygnariassis hadn't become so flawed by letting Scinnari spend time with her. In truth, she seems dedicated and devoted to making right where she failed. She and Cygnariassis spend significant amounts of time in your lair, or in Scinnari's personal suite, going over the errors you identified.

    Azyra, sadly, does not seem to be enjoying herself as much- Though interested in the golem-creation, and with some enduring interest in the paladin’s prison, as well as the paladin, she has gone to lurking in her room. And keeping it sweltering hot, your minions report, having been detailed to feed the fires of half a dozen braziers she has arrayed around the room. She entertains herself by shaping the flames of the fires, creating fleeting murals and elaborate tapestries in the roiling flames, an activity she apparently takes some solace in, or is able to center herself with- She has given no other signs of interest in the sorcerer, and though she has not forgotten him, she seems to be choosing to refrain from thinking of the matter at all. A crude, but evidently effective method of dealing with the matter on her part.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:11 No.16636432

    We should give Scinnari her boss' name as a present for when she's demonstrated Cygnis has been fixed to our satisfaction. Tempting as it is to use for ourself, we did get the name to help Scinnari as well as ourselves, so I think the first use of her boss should be reserved for her.

    The assassin seems willing to keep a secret so long as we deal somewhat fairly with her. I've no issue with that level of loyalty. Provided we always have a way to monitor her to make sure she isn't tortured (I imagine all our assassin peeps are monitored anyway on-mission) I don't see a problem with making her a dancer.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:14 No.16636464
    Or we could give her the name on some other special occasion. An anniversary, perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:18 No.16636510
    Azyra's condition is a bit...reclusive. Lets deal with that Sorcerer. I'll personally put a vote behind deciding to golem-execute him and telling Azyra about it. The longer he lingers the worse this is going to be. Let her watch for closure's sake.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:20 No.16636521

    I suppose there's no rush, sure. More romantic that way too.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:21 No.16636530

    Ah, but we would need a slight timeskip to get around to using this plotpoint soon if we did this, otherwise it'll start burning a hole in our pocket.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:25 No.16636552
    Depends on when our anniversary is, but yeah, might want to do it once the immediate issues are sorted out so that Scinnari can get to work on her superior.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:29 No.16636583

    I kind of like thoroughness. I can only imagine how much more paranoid she's going to be when she learns we'll be adding dancing to her skillset! She'll probably be checking everything we give her.

    I find this kind of suffering rather fitting; even if she were an unwilling sort of accomplice.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:32 No.16636604
    What's with the sudden dancing obsession? Is this some thing that's going on in the IRC?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:34 No.16636621

    Particularly if we're keeping her on mainly *as* said dancer.

    Anyway enough of that. The Sorcerer. Azyra needs to learn how to deal with these problems rather than stuffing them away. So are we going to tell her this straight, that rulers should make decisions fast, or are we going to grab Scinnari and sit down as a family to discuss her issues or whatever before reaching a conclusion?

    We can all at least agree he's going to die, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:42 No.16636710

    I don't think so, it's just that it was an idea right up there near the start and it's inoffensive and undivisive enough to go through with. I mean, having the cover as a dancer WOULD be a good tool for an assassin to have anyway, and there are ancillary benefits for parties.

    I guess there's not enough wrong with it for it to be more than 'meh' on the unappealing scale.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)20:58 No.16636859
    >How pleasant, then, that you will be able to gift this to your consort.
    why would you give away such a powerful resource?
    Why would you let her know that you can acquire True Names?

    Holy shit, you insufferable faggots, will you stop showering your imagined waifu with gifts and endless forgiveness?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)21:01 No.16636891

    We're doing this for her anyway, so she's going to find out sooner or later. Better to show it as the gift of goodwill that it is than manipulate her boss on the sly and leave it for Scinnari to figure out we know true names without even telling her ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)21:01 No.16636892
    We should probably just sit her down and explain that while said dude may be very nice, and prettier than a pony wearing makeup, dude still wanted to kill us. Which makes him not such a great guy. The end result will probably be her being still unhappy with us killing him, but understanding that life isn't all sparkles and sunshine.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)21:03 No.16636900
    All right, this crap with Azyra is getting us nowhere. As our heir, it is important for her to identify and act to overcome problems, not avoid them. The sorcerer's fate is far less important than trying to shift her to being raised to be more competent than this.

    So go talk to her. Explain that as we believe the matter of the sorcerer's fate to be rather close to her, we would prefer that she suggest an appropriate solution to us, and the rationale behind it. The sorcerer attacked us of his own will and our displeasure must be demonstrated; he knows a great deal about us and that risk must be eliminated. We also find the ease with which he manipulated her and Cygnis distasteful and would like to see him properly chastised for that. That said, we can think of several potential solutions which accomplish all those, and if she has a preference she can present it to us freely and we will give her our support if possible, or our thoughts otherwise.

    Remind her that as our heir she will doubtless face many thousands of difficult decisions throughout her immortal lifetime, and how she faces those problems is a measure of her strength. As heir of Mza, and more importantly daughter of Azaladon, sitting in her room and waiting for others to handle things is not appropriate- she must always take an active approach to issues before her.

    Than see what she comes up with.
    >> Cegorach 10/15/11(Sat)21:03 No.16636910
    Because she'll be far more useful to us if she's more powerful and has insurance against her superior trying anything, for one thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)21:12 No.16636981
    >>16636621 here, I'm going with >>16636892 or a variation thereof. So long as she understands why we're doing it, then that's alright.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)21:53 No.16637395
    I think we could work with the Brass, his position in the Ivory Gates could work for us if he continues to keep the place economical and political healthy as he was doing before as advisory to the local governor. His position could be now official one granted directly by us thereby making it easy to keep an eye on him. We gain an excellent agent/business partner on the Ivory Gates, he guards against other dragons moving on "his"(our) territory and have another pair of capable eyes against whoever is after us. Better have him there and know what he is doing than wait for the next asshole to move in act like he owns the place.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:00 No.16637458
    Effectively make him our baron or duke in the region.

    I'm actually okay with that- It's not like he should be able to muster the resources to defy us, and he'd be making nearly as much delicious hoard-stuff off the deal as we would.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:02 No.16637482

    He's not like Nehmeska, he's not a reliable sort of dragon. He's liable to blab that we're a red dragon just to make conversation. At least with the blues they'll keep that card in their hand until it benefits them to play it. With a brass, he'll be telling the whole world about us before afternoon tea.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:06 No.16637509


    Um, why exactly would the brass have ANY interest in working with us? The moment he's free he's going to run for the hills. And telling all his fellow metallics about us. That's what a weaker metallic does when confronted with a powerful chromatic, after all. Nemmy only works for us because we got her in a contract that she feels morally obligated to uphold. A brass would feel no such obligation.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:08 No.16637532

    We don't know that. And maybe we could convince him to sign a contract about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:11 No.16637563
    Why would a contract matter at all? He's a brass, they do what they want, and say far more than just that. Nehmeska is bound by contract because she's the sort of dragon that respects that sort of thing. A brass won't, anymore than we would honor something we pinky swore on.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:16 No.16637608

    Well his soul would be forfeit if he didn't, whereas Nehmeska didn't even need the contract to bind her, just her word. We were simply...paranoid.

    >treachery rrityak

    I agree, Captcha.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:22 No.16637675
    He already knew about us being a dragon, it isn't a well keep secret about the local dragons as with human and other lesser species. Is not a "you now serve me" is more a "this deal works out fine for the both of us but if you break it you lose everything you invested".
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:27 No.16637722
    > He already knew about us being a dragon
    The rumors going around were, however, incredibly unclear as to the variety of dragon. Especially considering that we had metallics on our side in the war with Rhasver.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)22:29 No.16637746
    Why would we let the brass go though? What do we have to gain? He's not going to work with us, and even if he wanted to, I doubt he could keep from blabbing even if he wanted to. He's a brass, they literally cannot be quiet to save their lives.

    On the other hand, he could serve as potential fodder for our experiments alongside that black dragon we've got locked away.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)22:57 No.16638024
         File1318733873.png-(386 KB, 637x864, Dragon_Half_lady_by_Qvi.png)
    386 KB
    “Azyra, please come to my lair.” you telepathically send. Her response is monsyllabic, but not impolite. What you read of her mind is apathy and a virtual symphony of recognizable shapes and creatures writhing in the flames of her boiling room. You do briefly wonder whether her familiar shares her immunity to the heat in some manner, or is suffering in silence on her shoulder.

    When she arrives, Scinnari and you are quite ready. A pair of your guards stand by the sorcerer, himself a dozen feet from the golem. The significance is not lost on Azyra, though she dissembles quite well; her eyes barely flash in his direction, returning to center upon your consort and yourself immediately. She walks towards you, stopping before the two of you.

    “Yes, father?” she asks without emotion.

    “You are aware of our captive audience.” you begin without preamble. “Storing him forever is not feasible. Something must be done to deal with him. Your mother and I thought perhaps we should allow you do decide.” Azyra looks up at you almost suspiciously, evidently unconvinced that you would simply leave it at that. “He seemed to have an effect on you, and your interests are obviously involved in this matter. It seemed only natural to get you involved in this decision-making... process.” you explain, adding as she looks momentarily taken aback. “You are, after all, my near-immortal heir. You may enjoy many thousands of years of rule- but that will not last if you cannot make decisions, swiftly and well. We have noticed you have withdrawn yourself, spent time focusing on distractions and so on. Hoping the problem will go away is hardly a valid solution.” you state. Azyra offers no expression, processing the information.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)22:59 No.16638039
         File1318733973.png-(470 KB, 649x800, Scinnari.png)
    470 KB
    “As far as I understood, I had no say in the matter. It was you they wronged and your home they were being punished for invading. I don't see why I had anything to do with this.” Azyra states with tightly controlled resentment. “First you inform me that I am flawed and inadequate for daring to... enjoy meeting someone who doesn't abhor me; then you tell me I'm childish and inadequate for not speaking up over this issue?” she adds, her control slipping.

    “Azyra, dear, that is certainly not the case.” Scinnari cuts her off, though you aren't certain she would have continued. “You father- quite reasonably- disagreed with you on the matter as they were actively trying to kill him. I hope you can understand his initial disappointment to find that he could not simply destroy them?”

    “Couldn't he?” Azyra asks her mother skeptically. You are content to let Scinnari continue.

    “Of course not- He doesn't agree with you, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't take your opinion into consideration. He's been putting the sorcerer off because he can't simply ignore the fact that you care about this matter.” Scinnari says, presenting the case reasonably.

    “Ah... I see.” Azyra says at length, with a hint of contrition.

    “I would think an apology is in order, then, Azyra.” Scinnari adds, with a tone of moderation, “Your father did not deserve such address, nor did I.”

    “Ah, of course, father, mother.” Azyra says, nodding her head, “I apologize for my behavior.” Looking back up, she pauses, then asks, as if making sure she understood what she was told, “So you will allow me to decide in this matter?”

    “Within reason. It obviously must be a functional solution, but should your idea be solid, I am happy to allow it.” you explain. Azyra's expression is blank as she nods.

    “Very well. I assume that allowing me a slave as m- You have Cygnis is unacceptable.” Azyra states without emotion. Scinnari nods sympathetically.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)23:00 No.16638055
         File1318734044.png-(392 KB, 393x495, Erinyes1.png)
    392 KB
    “I... Suppose you may not have noticed it, but there is a significant amount of work that goes into imparting the proper... mindset to a slave.” Scinnari explains kindly. “Further, for the very reasons you mentioned beforehand- that he was kind and polite of his own free will- A slave, obviously would lose that feature.”

    “True.” Azyra mutters. She pauses to think again, and you read from her thoughts a methodical analysis of what yo would consider to be an adequate solution. Beneath her resentment for the situation, her repressed feelings for the sorcerer, and the other things clouding her mind, there is an earnest desire to prove herself in your eyes, to not fail you again. “Killing him seems simplest.”

    “Really?” you say with feigned surprise. “I can't say I disapprove, but I am curious as to your reasoning, daughter.”

    “He's powerful enough that he's dangerous. He loses value if enslaved, and I don't have anything as interesting as golem off the top of my head, father. Nor does his crime quite match with hers-” Azyra says with a hint of question and a flick of her tail towards the golem. You confirm with a brief inclination of your head. “-so such punishment would not fit anyway. In that case, seeing as this matter cannot be resolved in a manner that keeps him alive and remains satisfactory, the obvious solution is his death. Ruling out half the solutions, that would leave his manner of death as the issue.

    “I can't see any particular methods to benefit off of it- Perhaps something can be done with his soul, but if he is... If he is an aasimar, and his extraplanar ancestor watches over him, that may attract the personal enmity of his ancestor. Therefore, the simplest thing seems to be to kill him.”

    “Most thorough. Excellent reasoning.” you congratulate her, “Well done.”. Scinnari does likewise, and Azyra cracks the barest of smiles, acknowledgment that she enjoys the approval.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)23:01 No.16638068
         File1318734103.jpg-(54 KB, 400x542, 1285655641911.jpg)
    54 KB
    “Very well, then. Do you wish to issue the order?” you ask conversationally. Azyra gives a slight start, and you continue. “It's your idea, your solution. Do you wish to implement it? Or perhaps do it yourself?”

    “Uh...” she says, and brief pause. “Ah, of course, father. And... may I use the golem?” she asks quietly.

    “I think that would be excellent.” Scinnari answers approvingly. Azyra does not respond until you confirm with a nod though.

    “Very well... Golem.” She calls. “Kill the sorcerer. Cleanly, please.” A brief probe of her mind reveals that surprisingly, the last command was simply because she assumed you would not care for unnecessary blood in your lair or on your hoard. At the same time, before you miss any of it, you conjure an empathic bond with your captive paladin, and one for you consort. The paladin, who had been paying attention to the proceedings but unable to hear your quiet discussion, is quite startled to hear the command to a golem, and she realizes it refers to her just as the statue suddenly begins moving.

    Movement, as it happens, is not pleasant for the entombed Alyvia either. A golem of such a frail build, as well as being hollow, cannot allow resistance from it's occupant- The paladin finds herself bewilderingly moving along with her metal shell, minute electric shocks sparking her muscles into cooperative movement. The startling impulses are enough to keep her totally unable to compose herself right up until she stops behind the sorcerer. Though unable to view the affair as intimately as you, he seems quite aware what is going on, along with the fact that there is nothing he can do. If anything, he looks unhappy but... at peace with his fate.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/15/11(Sat)23:02 No.16638076
         File1318734148.jpg-(73 KB, 408x477, 1285433281060.jpg)
    73 KB
    Not so the paladin, unable to fight her own muscles. The golem reaches out to close it's articulated fingers around the sorcerer's neck, closing with irresistible pressure. The aasimar begins struggling for breath, then thrashing weakly in the construct's grip as it stops tightening its grip, merely maintaining. The halt allows Alyvia to steady herself, desperately attempting to fight the construct's overwhelming strength. Naturally, she cannot succeed. The sorcerer is unable to even move his bound hands, cannot even claw futiley at the golden hands on his throat, and his struggles grow weaker rapidly, not even gasping for air, simply unable to breathe. For her part, Alyvia finally believes herself to have realized the depths of your sadism, and struggles futilely against her shell, a cold and bitter hatred smoldering in her mind for you. Beneath it, however, is a delicious core of impotence, her inability to do anything about her hatred. Scinnari at you side seems to feel it even more, flushing slightly and, you suspect, struggling to maintain her composure.

    Azyra for her part, merely watches her handiwork impassively, as the sorcerer's body finally goes limp.

    “Correct dear.” Scinnari says, presumably in answer to a telepathic question from you daughter, “he isn't quite dead yet- just unconscious. Such damage to his throat is fatal, though.” Her voice is distracted, and slightly breathy; if her voice shows such enjoyment of the mental and visual spectacle, it might explain why she didn't respond telepathically.

    The golem, too, seems to know know the answer to the question, or have exceptional senses of it's own. After another few minutes, it simply drops the body, reverting stoic attention. Stoic is the term to describe it's prisoner, as well- a steel rage in her mind, and fully cognizant that she can't do anything about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)23:22 No.16638258
    Well...that was...nice. I liked the golem description.

    So...Brass? The vote on IRC was 3-2 in favour of letting him live, so we've been working out how much leeway to give him in regards to his life. I guess we'll need to have a natter with him to see what we can get.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)23:25 No.16638287
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)23:29 No.16638313

    See if he'd be willing to help in trying to draw out whoever set him up. His neck was on the line just as much as ours.

    If he disagrees, mind-wipe him.

    Either way, killing him would likely be detrimental to us. Whoever sent those adventurers after us will likely be watching to see if he returns, in which case sending him back will throw a curve ball.

    We should try to figure out a way to put him back into his advisor position without compromising our own security or safety.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/11(Sat)23:54 No.16638519
    Well, chat with Brass about setting him back up where he was with mindful eye and careful control, on the lookout for fucks messin' wit' us.

    Meet Nehmeska and talk about what she's found in greater depth and see how she is.

    I think that's it. Seems the assassin is fine enough, start her up on that training, And the golem is boss as hell.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:02 No.16638590
    All right, we need to talk to Azyra about this. Preferably with Scinnari elsewhere, since apparently she's getting off on this and Azyra doesn't need that right now.

    So once the aasimar is dead, let's go walking with her. Tell her that we're proud of her willingness to make that decision, and explain that there was a grain of truth to the accusations she was making earlier; we do have high expectations for her- perhaps higher than is reasonable. As our heir, she'll eventually be expected to run things in our absence, which demands an exceptional amount of power, initiative, and competence. We know that it will take her time to build up to these things- but we are occasionally impatient.

    Still, today was good. She reasoned well, made a difficult and rational decision in spite of personal feelings interfering, and carried out her chosen course of action without hesitation.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:03 No.16638604
    In the future, she should remember this- and while obviously we're in charge, she shouldn't forget that as our heir her opinions matter a great deal to us. If she thinks matters should go a certain way- or merely wants them to go a certain way- she should not hesitate to step forward and see if she can make decisions, so long as she does so in a respectful manner. She is destined to rule- and that means making a decisions, choosing the outcome of events that she wishes and bending all her abilities and resources to making it real. She can accompany us as we make decisions, telepathically ask questions, and offer opinions when she wishes, because it's time that she get some real training on how to be a proper ruler and adult.

    In five or ten years, we'll be sending her out to the various organizations that hold our empire together- the army, the navy, the governors, the merchants, the secret police- and attaching her to them for a couple years each, so that she can get a real sense for how and why our empire works. She has until then to grow into someone we can trust to stand on her own not just in power and in combat, but also in decisiveness, will, and competent decision-making.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:13 No.16638691

    You sure we should be laying all of this down on her right now? How we're planning her own future?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:19 No.16638740
    She's known that we're planning her future since before she was born. And I think this is an excellent time to tell her that she did a good job, so we're treating her as more of an adult, which includes knowing our plans for her.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:22 No.16638767

    And if she has her own plans?
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 10/16/11(Sun)00:23 No.16638776
    It's my opinion that this quest needs more dicerolls.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:25 No.16638800
    Then she'd best work those into ours. But really, there are precious few things that trump "Imperial Heir" as a job description. Heirs have been successfully and willingly inheriting for thousands of years; I seriously doubt she'll be a morale case over this.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:27 No.16638812
    What if she abdicates?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:30 No.16638844
    she won't, as that's basically saying "fuck you" to everything she knows, including all the aspects she likes about her life, not too mention how much it'd piss off her parents, which are rather powerful individuals.....
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:30 No.16638845

    We make more possible heirs to get her motivated.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:30 No.16638846

    I do miss the dicerolls...but I can see why they were droppe. Now we're rewarded or punished based on the smartness of our choices, rather than the randomness of the die.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:31 No.16638850
    Dicerolls are generally for determining performance in spur of the moment tasks. Since we're now commanding an empire of sorts, we tend not to do spur of the moment tasks.

    Also, the /tg/ dicebot in inherently flawed. Or so I am told.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:34 No.16638879
    >Scinnari at you side seems to feel it even more, flushing slightly and, you suspect, struggling to maintain her composure.
    >Her voice is distracted, and slightly breathy; if her voice shows such enjoyment of the mental and visual spectacle

    Is it just me, or did she just, well, get off on that all the way?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:35 No.16638882
    rolled 27, 47, 13, 22, 20, 74, 35, 18, 1, 11, 95, 8, 56, 95, 94, 4, 37, 15, 59, 78, 18, 60, 1, 62, 47 = 997


    Lets see!
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:35 No.16638889
    Basically, it doesn't seem to actually be as random as it should be.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:37 No.16638912
    it's a known fact. /tg/'s dicebot tends to go low.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:41 No.16638952
    So what happened to the Azaladon that took his daughter out on flights around the island just for the fun of it?

    Remember those times, guys? Remember what being a family feels like?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:45 No.16638987
    Kids grow up. We replaced "flights" with "helping daddy in his experiments" (case in point, Azyra helping us drop lava balls on Morinth, I think it was).
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)00:52 No.16639069
    It was Liergrad, we haven't actually fought Morinth openly in a long time.
    >> Laurentius 10/16/11(Sun)01:21 No.16639366
    I had the same thought
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)01:25 No.16639406

    I guess she's several leels more sadistic than we thought. That Paladin thinks sh has the measure of ours, but even then it seems like a puddle to an ocean in relation to our wife...
    >> Laurentius 10/16/11(Sun)01:26 No.16639415
    seconding this, also we might want to consider encouraging her to find someone her age to... date. I know, odd for a father to do, but it's better that she get that out of her system with someone local than with some random adventurer.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)01:41 No.16639579
    I can't think of a better way to horrify a citizen of Mza.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)01:47 No.16639641
    "Here, random civilian, take this blade and stab me, Lord Prestor, in the kidneys a few times, I need an excuse to soul-blight someone."
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)01:54 No.16639713
         File1318744491.jpg-(150 KB, 800x1142, 7d3444473ea7febe7564643a6ce0fb(...).jpg)
    150 KB
    I remain skeptical of that.


    “Azyra, may I discuss this with you?” you say, signaling idly for the body to be carried over to the edge of the shutter covering the magma below. You'll dispose of the body when you return- They certainly can't open the heavy door. “Ah, love, perhaps you have something you wish to attend to? I believe I'll meet up with you in a few minutes.” you add, addressing Scinnari over Azyra's head.

    Scinnari nods in acknowledgment, moving to head off towards your shared chambers. Azyra nods mutely as well, falling into step beside you, and you lead her down the tunnel of your lair.

    “Azyra, my dear... I'm quite proud of how well you handled that situation. I hope you know that already, though.” you begin. “What I really wanted to tell you was that, yes, there was a grain of truth in your accusations earlier.” you tell her. That seems to generate some surprise in her. “It's true. I do have high standards. You are, after all, my heir- As well as swordplay and magical skill, I need you to have exceptional initiative, decision-making, rationality... You'll be carrying out decisions in my absence, after all. Things I would trust no one else to do- I can't expect any less of you! Of course, it's wrong of me to expect it all of you know. I realize it will take you some time to reach such a... level of ability in these categories, but... I am imperfect, what can I say? I occasionally get impatient.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)01:55 No.16639720
         File1318744538.jpg-(109 KB, 653x787, 1308153990203.jpg)
    109 KB
    Azyra gives only moderately more reaction than a brick wall would, but she nods mutely in acceptance. “In the future, do remember this- I expect you to be my heir! And because of that, among other reasons, I value your opinion highly- Even aside from all that, you are my only daughter, after all.” you point out. “If you have an opinion- or even desire- bring it to my attention. I am happy to give you the opportunity to practice your abilities, or show them off, my dear. In fact, in ten years, or even five, perhaps, I was thinking you could... tour the services in Mza. How would you like to visit the Navy, the police, the administration offices?”

    “I... I've been there before, father.” Azyra replies, slightly confused.

    “I meant working. I think you ought to spend a year or two in every branch of the Mza government- After all, you're going to have to run it, so you'll need to know how it works. Anyway, you ought to find it interesting.” you are mildly amused to see her face, expression totally aghast, as you say this. Her mind is filled with a startled anger, upset that you are planning out her life for her, but also feeling quite guilty about being upset with her father. Luckily, you do well concealing your knowledge and amusement. “Think it over, Azyra. I suspect the idea will grow on you- And anyway, you'll meet people that way.”

    “Ah... Father? Regarding your... your whole speech... I'd far prefer to go off to school somewhere instead- Morinth, or Exheln, or something, father. I... would like to travel somewhat, rather than just stay within the Empire.” Her mind is in turmoil, conflicting over being upset that her life is being planned out for her, and a few undercurrents of resentment that you can't follow closely, but mostly it is full of tentative hope, and guilt over the former emotions.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)01:56 No.16639725
    Problem, the only people brave/stupid enough to date her are probably adventurers.

    "You want to date my daughter? You're obviously an adventurer, a threat to my family, and must die!"

    "You don't want to date my daughter? What, are you insinuating that she's not good enough for you? Impudent wretch, die!"
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:02 No.16639774
    As important as it is for her to know how our government works, she should also be well versed in other governments. So, I think some schooling and spending time in another country should be in order at some point, when she's a bit older and more capable of defending herself.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:04 No.16639792

    "Morinth is dangerous...but I have business to attend to there in order to make it less so. Perhaps you would like to accompany me there again, and we can discuss this further on the trip?"

    Personally, I'm all for it. Girl's got something she wants to do, and it's a parents job to encourage their interests. If we can make it safe enough, I think we can make it work.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:07 No.16639829
    I think we should let her go aboard. Perhaps not Morinth, but somewhere.

    Acknowledge that we know she had always wanted to travel outside of Mza, and that she can accompany us on visits to various other nations, to help her decide where she wants to study abroad.

    Add that her spending time learning the ins and outs of our empire, while non-negotiable, can be put off until after some time studying abroad.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:15 No.16639885
    Of course she can go traveling abroad.... but only after she has a firm grounding from schooling in Mza. Graduate school as opposed to undergrad, as it were. Ultimately, given that Mza is where our power base lies it's essential that she build a firm base of connections here before focusing on other areas. The Empire is sizable enough to contain a significant variety of locations and peoples; there is no lack of traveling to be done here. And if she's worried that we'll constantly be looking over her shoulder whenever she's in the Empire- it would be rather pointless for us to have her study elsewhere if we were going to interfere all the time.

    And after a few years, when she's truly grown, then she can take some time to travel the world wherever she wishes, doing as she pleases with our full support. She has hundreds and thousands of years ahead of her; a couple decades of patience before a few more of pleasant youth is not so long to wait.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:15 No.16639886
    I'd say have her start with Mza. Then spend some time overseas once she knows how our government works.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:17 No.16639901

    I guess we can let her study abroad. We should take her on a grand tour of the major states, give her the chance to pick which one she likes best for studying abroad. But after that, she needs to spend some time getting some hands on experience in running Mza.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:20 No.16639920
    In the short term, for our immediate conversation with her, we should be as sympathetic as possible to the fact that a) she wants to travel, see the world, experience life outside of Mza, and all that, and b) really doesn't like the idea of us forcing her to learn to run Mza.

    However, say that while we're fine with letter her do the first, she also needs to do the second.
    >> Laurentius 10/16/11(Sun)02:31 No.16640015
    I think we should do a variation of this: instead of having her do her schooling in Mza as herself, we should see how she feels about going to school with an alter ego similar to what she used to mingle with kids in her age group a few threads ago
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:34 No.16640039
    I think we should also allow herself to establish an outlet whilst working in Mza. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:36 No.16640055
    She's going to get kidnapped and/or assassinated. Calling it now, folks, this is a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:54 No.16640177
    If all else fails, we still have a wish in the bank.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)02:54 No.16640180

    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)03:25 No.16640376
         File1318749903.jpg-(55 KB, 400x257, Brass.jpg)
    55 KB
    “Perhaps, Azyra. I think it entirely possible. In fact, if you wish to travel, perhaps you can accompany me when I am out on business- See them beforehand, and maybe even decide which one you want to go to school in?” you offer. That does cheer her up, totally surprise her, even. She is excited at the prospect, and it's enough to take her mind off of the sorcerer you just had her kill.

    “Yes! Thank you, father!” she says, and some eagerness is audible in her voice. She seems to want to say more, but lieu of that, stops to hug you. You briefly return it, before telling her that that was all, and that you're grateful for the talk with her. She thanks you again, and departs. Leaving you with things to do, and people to see...


    The Brass has made surprising progress. Over two hundred yards of slagged tunnel lead upward and outward- Not direclty outward, but he can hardly know. The proper direction- Another four hundred, say, and he'd be free. The tunnel is barely wide enough for him, rough and unpleasant looking, but he's made significant progress. About every fifty meters there's a widened out section that looks like it was made so he can turn around. And apparently he's a competent spellcaster- Though you arrive silently, teleporting into the main chamber, by the time you approach his tunnel, he's backed up to the nearest turnabout, and is facing you down the narrow corridor. On the bright side, if he's been using his breath weapon that much, it ought not to be much of a threat in combat, not that fire would harm you anyway.

    “A verdict, I presume? So what shall it be, oh glorious Red? Shall you come down here into my pitiful warren and finish me? Perhaps demand my eternal faith? Servitude? Say, where's your talkative artifact? The crystal?” the Brass says, approaching slowly, wincing briefly as the narrow tunnel grazes his injuries.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)03:26 No.16640384
         File1318749999.jpg-(82 KB, 543x700, bronze2.jpg)
    82 KB
    You simply respond, “Perhaps. Perhaps, should we be unable to come to an agreement, I may have to kill you. Perhaps we can find some.. mutually acceptable arangment. We shall see. First of all... My obvious interests; I do not wish you running off to tell your... peers, fellow metallic dragons, family and friends.”

    “That is acceptable. Quite reasonable, even- If you're willing enough to let me go, I'm happy enough to concede to that-”

    “I should hope so, but is there any way I can /know/ this?” you reply shortly. “Brass hardly have a reputation as anything but... gossips.” you finish with contempt.

    “I think it obvious that I have a vested self-interest in keeping quiet on this- among other things, along with being laughingstock with all the nice females my age, I'd obviously end up pissing you off. As has been demonstrated, I hardly want to end up on the wrong side of you. Self-interest is a wonderful thing, you kno-”

    “I'm don't believe you could keep your mouth shut to save your life.” you reply blandly. “Feel free to persuade me otherwise.”

    “Fine. Let's move on to another issue. What else did you want?” the Brass asks. “If I can't answer it now, perhaps something else will resolve or complicate it anyway-

    “Fine. The Ivory Gates- I want you to stay there. Maintain your current position, or possibly even slightly above it- You have opportunities to acquire more wealth- the hoard you were undoubtedly after- and continue to provide advice to my governors, who, while skilled and well intentioned, do not share your long-term view, nor your breadth of experience. I will be able to keep an eye on you- know where you remain, know what you do. You will keep other dragons from interfering, and remain a... baron of mine, in the region.”
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)03:27 No.16640388
         File1318750031.jpg-(118 KB, 665x832, brass1.jpg)
    118 KB
    “An interesting proposal. This time-, I must dissent- While an excellent offer, I do not wish to take on this role for the rest of my life and existence. I'm entirely okay with doing this for say, twenty years, maybe half a century- But eventually I will not wish to, and I doubt you would take such a confession very well, let alone me simply up-and-quitting. I am happy to accept such a position while I remain within your territory, though.”

    “I doubt that will be sufficient.” you reply coldly. “Finally, I desire your assistance in identifying and apprehending the individual who framed you.”

    “You have to ask about that?” he asks, literally speechless for a few moments. “No, you don't. Of course I am interested in that- You will have my complete cooperation, provided I do not believe you are... taking unfair advantage of me. I am happy to share my resources to this end, but I will hardly provide unconditional cooperation with anything, and you would hardly be pleased if I sprung such information on you after the fact.

    “Only one do we concur on, and that is weakened by qualifying...” you growl with displeasure. “I thought, perhaps, we could work something out here. Yet you don't seem to be cooperating, even with your life on the line...”

    “Cooperating takes two. I would hardly agree to either move or remain as your subordinate were our positions equal.” the Brass replies. “If you wish to negotiate, I am happy to do so- I don't wish to fight this out. On the other hand, you evidently seem to think that unless I roll belly-up and let you gut me, I'm not being sufficiently... /submissive/. There is a line, I will draw it.” the Brass says, glaring at you. “I am aware that I will almost certainly die if I do so, but there it is.” he seems to tense slightly, but gives no further action. “Such a pity... And I was hoping you actually might be willing to talk this out.”
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:29 No.16640402
    In my opinion:
    Chatty dragon knows too goddamn much.
    He knows we're a red dragon, he knows (or at least suspects) that Watcher was a brass dragon, and if he gets free, he's going to run off and tell everyone.
    Kill him.

    But, we do have useful information from him: The knowledge that he was set up by someone. I'd say it's time to send an information-gathering agent to the Ivory Gates. Who should that be?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:33 No.16640421

    "Oh I'll talk it out WITH YOUR TRACHEA!!"

    Then we tear him a new one.

    ...However, I'd be fine with him just being in our territory for only a short time- the only things I really, REALLY want for him to do is to be able to SHUT THE HELL UP about us being Red, and to help regarding this framing. That's it. If he can do those two things, then I'm happy enough to let him live.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:36 No.16640438
    I'd rather not kill him, myself. He'd make a much better experiment. And, hey, when we eventually work out binding... We're going to need test subjects.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:38 No.16640451
    A perfectly valid point! I was >>16640402, and I change my opinion to agree with yours.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:39 No.16640460

    Where are you even getting that Watcher bit from? I've seen nothing to indicate it. Though that he knows we have such a bauble...

    Hmm. No, I'd still like him to work with us on this investigation. I see no good reason to kill him in light of what benefits he may give us for co-operation- other than if we WERE to kill him, that now would be a good time. But in that case, there's plenty of people we could and should have killed.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:41 No.16640482
    Whilst I agree he knows too much to be let out on his word alone, a competent peon is a rare thing indeed. If there is some way to make a binding oath that he is incapable of breaking I would be all for using him to aid our search for our unknown opponent however should such a thing not exist in this setting I agree he cannot be allowed to leave here alive.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:46 No.16640523
    Me again, note that 'not leaving here alive' does not exclude containing him and using him for our lifsucking spells.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)03:48 No.16640542
    I don't think we have an adamantium pen ready to hold him just yet if it comes to it...but maybe we can throw him in with the Black. I'm sure they'll get along fine.

    Meanwhile, we do at least need a binding oath or word about him not nattering about our Redness or the gem. Get that, and we got a deal. Don't get that, and unfortunate things happen for everyone.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:00 No.16640632
    Well, I've put in my 2 cents. See you guys in another hour or two when Writer-Dude posts.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)04:10 No.16640701
         File1318752609.jpg-(752 KB, 1280x916, Brass clutch.jpg)
    752 KB
    “Perhaps I am willing to talk it out. I am attempting. But we return to point one; what assurance do I have that you won't take any release as an opportunity to tell everyone you encounter about the /grand secrets/ that only you are privy to?” you demand irritably. He gives a remarkably expressive shrug for one almost immobile within the tight tunnel.

    “I can swear in Bahamut's or Taimat's name. I can promise, I can point out that I have no reason to do so, and every reason to avoid doing so... But what assurances can I give you if you don't trust me?” the Brass replies. “Perhaps some grand spell, O Sorcerer King? Though I confess, I would prefer to avoid that.”

    “Perhaps. Would you swear upon your soul? Would you put some form of.. collateral on the line?” you counter. “Give me something to work with.”

    “I suppose you have been... attempting to cooperate. Very well. I would not swear upon my soul- I wouldn't offer to swear upon the Platinum Dragon if I didn't intend to keep it, but I confess that I feel he would understand if I was found myself in a situation where I could not help but break it. I do not feel that a soulpact would offer such... latitude.” he pauses. “I could give it to you in writing- But if you don't trust my spoken word, I see no reason my written word would hold any more weight than the ink and paper that composed it. I would accept a geas, but unless your spies are downright excellent, you would not know whether or not I might have had the spell nullified.”
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:14 No.16640726

    Not necessarily true, if the geas were paired with some other enchantment or an item so that if one broke off, the other did, and thus so alerted us. A daily check could also be performed or agreed upon.

    We go for the swear and the geas, and an item that would so its removal.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:16 No.16640736

    *signal its
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:30 No.16640820

    "Those sound like reasonable alternatives. Lets do them all."

    Plus the idea in >>16640726
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:34 No.16640830
    We're archived.


    Don't forget to vote.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:41 No.16640871
    >“Perhaps some grand spell, O Sorcerer King? Though I confess, I would prefer to avoid that.”

    What if we made an agreement that we would use Mind Rape to change any sensitive details of our encounter out of his memory, and we provided some form of proof we would only change that?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:42 No.16640876
    His perception of what a geas can do is smalltime. We can put a geas, then a spell to monitor the geas, then a couple other spells woven into that, like a contingency or two that triggers automatically if it's broken. Spells like teleporting him right back into our lovely prison here.

    Still thinking that we should just kill him- he's in a tiny tunnel we could just smack with a couple Earthquake spells- but if we're leaving him alive for some damn reason we might as well do it right.
    >> Cegorach 10/16/11(Sun)04:46 No.16640900
    That rather depends on how the geas is broken, now doesn't it... A Disjunct/Remove Curse tag-team, say?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:49 No.16640919

    So what you're saying is...we need several geas' on him, each for a particular part of the deal, each booby-trapped, and that give off a traceable magical 'on' signal that's keyed to one of the gems on our rings?

    Genius, Cegorach!
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)04:49 No.16640922
    We could potentially write a contingent spell set to go off in the event that it's about to be hit by a disjunction, I guess.

    But we should really just kill him. He's said "I won't share your secrets, but you'll have to trust in my discretion on that. I'll work for you, but only until I get bored. And I'll fight our mutual enemies, but only as long as I don't think you're taking advantage of me. And no serious enforcement on these promises!" Fuck that. Fuck him. Drop the cave on his head for being an arrogant little stretch of piss who thought he could set the terms of an agreement with his betters.
    >> Cegorach 10/16/11(Sun)04:59 No.16640986
    No, the problem is that the Disjunct will nullify the booby-trap spells, allowing the Geas' to be safely Remove Curse-d (pretty sure Disjunct doesn't work on Geas).

    I'd agree, if we can't get him to agree to >>16640871 we should deal with him more harshly, though I'd say capture rather than kill. Pinning him with an earthfall/rocks shouldn't be too difficult, after all we have that dao (shouldn't need a wish for this), and with that and a prepared-and-ready-to-go-off-once-rockfall antimagic zone, we should have nullified all his options for fighting back (pinned so can't attack directly, no magic from the antimagic zone, lol weakened fire breath on Red)
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:02 No.16641007

    But we know from Cygnis we can be alerted to items that we can track when they switch off, and the same can be for spells.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:12 No.16641080

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to turn this dragon into another golem, like the paladin.

    We should also look at Rhasver, they need to rebuild, we could approach them with favourable terms and ask that payment simply be a seat in their government, nothing terribly fancy, just an honourary position, but enough to give us "citizenship". We could then slowly subvert their economy and essentially annex them economically.

    Finally, I think that perhaps it is time to turn our attentions back to freeport. I think that we should approach them once more as Cibach and demand our position as sealord. if they refuse, we should invade. never forget a slight.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:15 No.16641091
    Who are you and why are you so stupid?

    >You forgot to type in the verification.
    For that matter, why am I so stupid...
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:17 No.16641104
    Coming in late.

    I doubt the Brass will be much help in an investigation. He had no idea he'd been set up, and has only ideas of where to start.

    Mind-rape for all the info (actually, Watcher has that) and then kill. Dragon scales make such nice additions to the hoard. And it's been a while since we ate dragon as well. I wonder if his flesh tastes as good as Azdukashen's did.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:19 No.16641112
    >leader of a nation that just fought a war with us
    >"I'll help rebuild, but I want a seat on your government"

    Exactly WHAT part of this sounded like a rational offer that they might accept?

    People have an internal censor to stop stupid ideas. You need to use yours.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)05:19 No.16641117
         File1318756793.jpg-(122 KB, 400x255, 1300239139850.jpg)
    122 KB
    “Perhaps... that will be sufficient.” you declare. “I believe I need to go enchant something. Please await my return.” you declare. “This time, I think I am going to have to insist that do not try to escape- Perhaps as a show of good faith.” you add before leaving. The Brass makes a polite noise of disbelief, but does not respond otherwise.

    It takes almost an hour to create the magic items you believe you require, as well as to test and finalize the spells you intend to use. Once prepared, you return to the pit. This time he has obeyed your request, and you do not find him attempting to mine a way out.

    Your discussion brings you both down to the central pit, where you find he has cleared out or re-set a few of the traps you left behind- He warns you against a few of the ice and lightning glyphs he re-enchanted, and you sit down to a tense palaver. You toss him the amulet you prepared, and wait as he analyzes it's function and purpose. He makes a few changes -very mildly impressive for one without tools or equipment, altering another's work- and tosses it back. You analyze, and modify as you require. The ritual continues until you find something you can both agree upon.

    The final result you arrive at is unremovable- Something he agrees to willingly enough- and, if queried, informs you of his location. A variety of minor geases- All bent towards preventing him from revealing any knowledge this particular misadventure has earned him- and watch-spells to warn you if the amulet is disjuncted, or if any of the geases are removed. Given the skill he demonstrated himself in altering the amulet, you are somewhat paranoid, but all of the above, along with a rather heartfelt oath in the Platinum Dragon's name do allay them significantly. By the end, you're reluctant, but have been satisfied as you demanded, and should have no trouble re-locating him if you need to. As he dons you the amulet, your pact is sealed.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:20 No.16641119

    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)05:21 No.16641126
         File1318756860.jpg-(298 KB, 716x899, Red [haters gonna hate].jpg)
    298 KB
    Sighing, you begin casting to return him to the Ivory gates- Your spell succeeds in pulling the two of you from the depths of the mountain to the far away jungle cities, and you arrive high on the mountain of the west bank, where the presence of two dragons, however momentary, does not cause a commotion.

    “I do confess; Right up until now, I hadn't the slightest faith that you wanted anything other than for me to give myself up for some reason. I'm /still/ waiting for the other claw to show, but for the moment you seem to have been honest. My apologies, 'Lord Prestor'. I was far more skeptical than perhaps I should have.” He says, actually giving you a momentary bow. You aren't sure whether to value the deliberate silence or the actual bow more. “I had not expected one of Tiamat's brood to be so... forthright. I do hope you are not dissatisfied with this arrangement.”

    “As well you had better.” you reply- You suspect he's being genuinely honest here, but only because he'd have to be downright crazy to be mocking you at this point.

    “Indeed. Thank you. I do hope I shall have something for you in the near future.” he replies, altering form to assume that of a humanoid, then to make himself invisible, obviously preparing for his descent. “I shall be within contact within the day. Do you have any times you prefer?”

    “Try noon.” you reply, preparing to depart yourself. You leave him on the white outcropping, and return to Mza, where your consort has been long awaiting your return. Not to mention your remaining prisoner, the assassin, and Nehmeska, who both wait on your attention....
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:31 No.16641165


    Okay then, great! Well all we need to do for the assassin is give the go ahead for her further training as a dancer, unless anyone is dissatisfied with her performance so far? She tests her boundaries, but likely finds the current arrangement passable. And a little embarrassment and self-destructive paranoia is a small price to pay compared to those her friends paid.

    Then lets go visit Nehmeska! Where're we meeting her? Ah doesn't matter. We basically want an exacting update on what she's found, and we'll decide what to do from there.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:33 No.16641171
    Get the report from nehmaska first.

    I assume you mean she's telepathically contacted us, since we're still kind of hiding our identity from her, right?

    It'll likely be info on an Illithid lair. Create us a ring of Chaotic Commands before we try anything there. Fucking psions are a pain in the ass.

    Also, we should be sure we actually want to attack them. They are, after all, the race that nearly conquered everything everywhere, then went back in time to do it again.
    >> Cegorach 10/16/11(Sun)05:36 No.16641178

    You ain't seen nothin' yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)05:38 No.16641181

    I think we can tackle both, but...I suppose ending the thread on the assassin would be good, like ending on a light note after an episode of tough sloggin'.
    >> Writer-Dude !!cxzh3hxzuC1 10/16/11(Sun)05:40 No.16641188
         File1318758039.jpg-(171 KB, 800x600, And Then There Was Silence.jpg)
    171 KB
    Point of order, since it seemed to cause some contention, and as it's late and it made some waves in the IRC, it seems to need addresssing: You can modify magical items when you aren't wearing them. If you are, theoretically, it might be possible, but is pretty risky, considering that you can accidentally petrify, kill, or otherwise horrifically alter yourself. Therefore, the fact that he can modify an item isn't terribly scary, or at least, shouldn't be.

    (Yes, I realize we're sure to get plenty of bitching and whining. If it happens, it happens, all I can do is live with it.)

    Further: I really do appreciate posts at the end of threads to give me material for the next ones. Feel free.

    Also: Remember, /Fridays/ from now on, not Saturdays. I'm not saying it will be next Friday, but if it will be, it will be on a Friday.

    SK.Mockery@yahoo.com to contact me. Write me and fill that gaping void in my life as I drift in a purposeless and directionless fugue between DQ threads. ('cause what else am I going to do?)

    Night all. As usual, I'll hang around for a bit afterwards, but this is my last official-like post. (Or at least, it's supposed to be.)
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)06:20 No.16641372
    Poke around with Nehmeska. Let's see what she's up to, but 'ware dem brainsquids. They're bad juju.

    Let's get back into correspondence with Seffy- I think we may have severed ties at some point in the past, and that's a cryin' shame. Azyra needs to tour some places with us so she can decide where she wants to go, and we need to keep an eye on brass. (did we ever get his name?)

    All I can remember for now.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/11(Sun)06:30 No.16641437
    Could any of the kind anons direct me towards the very first thread of this magnificent quest? I seem unable to find it as the search on suptg only leads me to the second one from the start.
    >> Cegorach 10/16/11(Sun)09:05 No.16642089
    It's not archived on sup/tg/, but I'm pretty sure there's a link to the easymodo archive somewhere in the last couple of threads.
    There wasn't a lot that happened, though, just finding out we were a dragon that had no memory of our past, and the introduction to some characters that are long dead.

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