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  • File : 1318873216.jpg-(32 KB, 400x500, kaankas.jpg)
    32 KB Chapter Master Quest (Cont) The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)13:40 No.16655751  
    We are Kaankas.... Or as in imperial records Crimson Spectres..... A Raven Guard successor chapter....

    We control the Sub-Sector of Archais which consists of three planets

    Tarren is an agriworld which provides food for the sub-sector and some more........
    Pyrax is a fledling forge-world. Though it supplies our chapter and sub-sectors defense force it factories arent advanced yet.....
    Rhanda is the final world in the sub-sector. She is our secret homeworld which's existence is known only to us..... She is a shadow planet. Her atmosphere surrounded by black gas clouds which absorb all light instead of reflecting it or letting it reach the surface thus making Rhanda invisible from outside. And by this reason, on Rhanda its always night...

    Now as a fledling chapter we now field three companies... And under our command we have

    300 marines
    consisting of

    60 terminator
    120 assault marine(40 veteran)
    80 tactical marine(30 veteran)
    40 devastator marine(10 veteran)

    Also we have

    1 land raider(we have yet to name)
    2 predator tanks
    2 land speeders
    12 bikes
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)13:42 No.16655778
    LET'S GO
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)13:44 No.16655792
    Previus Thread


    -Sent Azakniel with 20 tactical and 10 termi (2 veteran) plus Fenix to Tarren for recruitment sweep and dealing with some conflict between local tribes.

    -Took 20 tacticak 10 termi(2 veteran), 10 assault, 10 devas plus techmarine Argath with us and went to Pyrax to deal with an disobedient Magos.

    -Other captains are tasked with preparing our new induction system.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)13:46 No.16655802

    İf you can find it......
    But seriously you should go ahead and open a warboss quest and maybe we can croos the quests somewhere making TG play multiplayer quests!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)13:49 No.16655828
         File1318873760.jpg-(68 KB, 400x500, ADAMANTINE BROTHERHOOD.jpg)
    68 KB


    Also your marines look like something a five year old would think was "badass". Lern2heraldry and colorwheel
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)14:01 No.16655936
         File1318874500.jpg-(46 KB, 400x500, kaaankas veteran.jpg)
    46 KB

    Ummmm its done by my players and not by me..... Also dont get so cocky...

    İ still dont know what SO MANY ELİPSES means though?

    Also its not that hard to use a space marine creator....
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)14:31 No.16656170
    self bump....
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)14:37 No.16656230

    >İ still dont know what SO MANY ELİPSES means though?


    Guess they mean...all the ... ... you use in your...post and even your...bump
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)14:44 No.16656293
    Heeey ..... İ like them.... Anyways i hoped that someone showed interest in this quest. Fuck my luck.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)14:52 No.16656355
    self bump. Will make two more bumps. İf still no interest. Go back to sleeping.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)15:14 No.16656533
    Well, now that I know the new thread, I'll keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, found it just as I needed to get off.

    But, hey, Emprah of Ellipses, what's going on with the Magos council? Last I saw shit was about to go down, but I don't know if it's been concluded or not.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)15:17 No.16656553

    You realize it's just a tweak of a colour scheme already there, right?

    Raven Guard veterans wear a lot of white on their black, and they're Codex so their trim is color coded by company, one of which is red.

    If the only thing you can think of upon seeing it is "that's a five year old's idea of cool," then you have a five year old mentality.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)15:27 No.16656617
    Thank you for defending me good annon sir. Anyways players decided colours close to raven guard colour scheme would be awesome. So they made the scheme you see at the first post and i made some schemes for veterans and commanders.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)15:29 No.16656632

    Well Magos was about to went berserk on us but it was sleep time before that. İ am waiting for players to gather before advancing this.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)15:46 No.16656754
    Well okay guys... İ postpone this for now then see ya tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)15:47 No.16656763

    Heh. Now that you know what people meant by ellipses, there's suddenly a complete lack of them.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/17/11(Mon)16:09 No.16656883

    They will be back.

    Roll a 1d6.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)16:13 No.16656922
    rolled 2 = 2

    Coup d'etat, hooooo!
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)17:51 No.16657709
    Hey, Emprah of Ellipses, whenever you get back:

    How do you feel about taking this to IRC or a PbP site?

    Because as it is, I'm only noticing maybe two people coming back for more, with a few here and there coming and going, but never on at the same time.

    If you want this to continue, maybe it should be in a more stable environment that doesn't undergo constant pruning, like 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)17:57 No.16657744
    >Successor chapter of raven guard......
    >300 Marines.....
    >No Scouts......

    As a Raven Guard player I can tell you one thing. Your doing it wrong.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)18:02 No.16657783

    It's a Chapter just created. Literally, just created.

    A scout force is in the planning.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)18:04 No.16657806
    Umm... dude. Raven Guard and successor chapters use scouts extensively well past initiate stage. And almost as many termmies as tacs... no
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)18:08 No.16657841

    Yes. And the Crimson Spectres will also use them extensively, as a Raven Guard successor rightfully should.

    But we've only just been created. We don't even have initiates yet, we're only just now consolidating our claim on our worlds.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)18:09 No.16657851
    Missed the point entirely.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)18:17 No.16657919

    Or you're not making it sufficiently clear or rational.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)23:03 No.16660487
    I can't believe this is an argument.

    We were _just_ founded, so we have no Neophytes. Since Codex divergent organizations should be decided by the thread, no Neophytes meant no Scouts.

    Pretty much the very first thing we did was reorganize to put Veterans in the Scout Squads, and fast track Neophytes into power armor.

    It's covered, man.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)23:17 No.16660644
         File1318907838.jpg-(40 KB, 400x358, 1300989280990.jpg)
    40 KB
    >new fighting force
    >"that's why we don't have any new guys"
    >> Anonymous 10/17/11(Mon)23:35 No.16660850
    . >She is our secret homeworld which's existence is known only to us..... She is a shadow planet. Her atmosphere surrounded by black gas clouds which absorb all light instead of reflecting it or letting it reach the surface thus making Rhanda invisible from outside

    Bitches don't know about my gravity and influence on orbits of both sun and other planets in the system...
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)00:15 No.16661181
    Well good morning tg
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)00:37 No.16661325

    New Chapters are founded using veterans and assorted specialty marines from a founding Chapter. This Chapter then goes on to recruit more Marines until they can conceivably survive without the founding core. The founding core then gets to decide to remain with the new Chapter or return to their old Chapter.

    That's Steps 1, 2, and 3.
    We have only gotten through Step 1, and we are currently working on Step 2. Step 2 is where scouts, neophytes, initiates, etc. come in. We have made plans to tweak the roster in such a way as to provide a veteran scouting force as quickly as possible, but the planning stage is still where we are at. We have a possible revolting recruiting world and a belligerent Forge World as well. Since we can only do things one at a time, quest-wise, we're starting with the Forge World. When that's finished, we'll recieve notifications from those we sent to deal with the other world, as well as the initial reports on our training regimens designed specifically to get more scouts and battle-brothers as well as give green PDFs some needed experience.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)00:39 No.16661331

    I should also note that while that is not necessarily the only, or right, way to go about it, it is the way we will be, and are, going to go about it.

    Other than that, good morning, Emprah Ellipses! Even though it's almost 10 pm for me.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)00:56 No.16661457
         File1318913786.jpg-(62 KB, 594x428, Kaanka Alternative.jpg)
    62 KB
    Also, even though I've provided a color scheme already, I decided to look up what the fuck a Kaanka was in the first place. I thought I'd heard that it had a red chest and wings or something, so that's why I went for that trim. Looking them up, they actually are fully black except for a white chest. Since they're the "Crimson" Spectres, red should still be there, but I redid the color scheme to be more thematically correct to the bird we are based off of. Pic related is both color schemes side by side, whichever is most wanted is there.

    For the Chapter Symbol, I was thinking of your basic Raven Guard raven, just recolored with a human skull inside. If we go with the bone colored pauldrons, maybe a red raven with a bone colored skull, but if we go with the crimson pauldrons we can do a black raven with a bone colored skull.

    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)04:35 No.16663075
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)12:50 No.16665454
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)14:04 No.16665811
    *Manly tears*

    You kept this alive!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)14:05 No.16665821

    Damn right I did. I'm invested, god damn it!
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)14:06 No.16665832

    Well what you did is closer to mine.....

    So lets use that as normal tactical. Also you may want to think about painting one pauldron compeletly white.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)14:08 No.16665851

    Well then you shall decide that if we are going to start a new thread for this evening or continue on this you MAGNİFİCENT ANON!!!

    (no offense meant!)
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)14:12 No.16665883
    Well, we can always consider the squad and Company markings to be bone colored. That'll allow the left pauldron to be both red and bone colored, while the right is red with the Chapter Symbol. That is, if we go for the red pauldrons. Also forgot the kneepad, but I can fix it up later.

    Of course we can continue it in this thread. But I would also like to bring your attention to this >>16657709 post.

    But either way, you're here now, so what options are before us? Let's get some advancement going!
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)14:17 No.16665922

    Well if you guys help me at carrying this to IRC or PdP why the hell not? Other than that our optionts are coming but first let me advance this. Last time we literraly pissed a magos. Now give me 2 mins.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)14:28 No.16666041
    Awesome. Just so you know, I have about half an hour left before I need to jet, but drop me an e-mail at some point and we'll come up with a way to transition to PbP or IRC. Or decide not to at all, whatever the case may be.

    Anyways, updated picture with wargear to show how there'll be some additional bleached bone markings. Meet the Captain of the Third Company!
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)14:30 No.16666071
         File1318962649.jpg-(57 KB, 400x500, Crimson Spectre Captain.jpg)
    57 KB

    Gorraming feth it all.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)14:41 No.16666175

    Well i opened a chaptermasterQUEST channel at suptg IRC that we can talk details from? (İts temporary for now. Also will drop you an email but it would be great knowing your timzone.)

    BTW at IRC chat my nick is loyalist......
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)14:49 No.16666269

    California, so -8 GMT. To put it in perspective, 4chan time is -5 GMT, three hours ahead. I'll get on IRC real quicklike.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)15:09 No.16666477
    Bump before I leave, for those who want to get onto the Channel, DO SO.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)15:50 No.16666842
    Well...... Quest will start if anyone shows up. Jut for NOW advancing it......

    Magos Xarthon looks at you with hate. His confidence seems to have increased somewhat.

    -You space marine dont know what you have gotten yourself into. İ am Magos Primus of Pyrax. İ am the hand of the mechanicus. And i only take orders from Mars.

    Magos raises his hands as from the side entrances comes battalions of Skittari with hotshot lasguns. Also some of the Logia's own personal guard steps forward. Magos Mylthia and remaining Logia seems confused. Mylthia turns Xarthon.

    -What are you doing Xarthon? ARE YOU İNSANE?


    He looks at you, expecting you to back down and beg. You stay calm unnerving him more.

    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)15:57 No.16666885
    You say shocking everyone in the room. Your two veteran terminators charges at Magos as your remaining 8 terminators open fire with their assault cannons and storm bolters cutting down the skitaari surrounding your forces. Magos own elite skitaari guard numbering around 25 each wielding a twinlinked heavy melta or lascanons quickly raise their weapons and aim at two veteran terminators. Magos lets out a mechanic voice which passes for a chuckle because he knows that even tactical dreadnought armour cant stop massed firepower of meltas and lascanons but then he notices a metal sphere shaped device no bigger than a humans hand bounce from the ground and stop right next to his elite guard.... Too late..... Quickly realizing what it is and unable to do anything to prevent whats coming Magos looks at techmarine Argath with hatefull eyes.... Then sphere explodes as a wave of electricy surges forward gripping all of elite skitaari guard, overloading their circuitry, frying their sensors, damaging their weapons and optics causing them to fall to ground with agony. Such was the power of the orb of omnissiah. A special kind of EMP grenade which was deadly against machinery. 15 of the elite skitaari manages to get on their feet again. Their ranged weapons are now useless they all draw their chainblades and get ready to meet veteran terminators in melee.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)16:05 No.16666957
    While your terminators open fire on the other skitaari... Picking the ones carrying heavy weapons first you terminators manage to gun down the most the heavy weapon wielding skiitari. Also Mylthia's own 18 skitaari and another 15 skitaari of Pyrax planetary force who recognizes your authority open fire on the hostile skiitari's. Still having number advantage and having more firepower enemy skitaari's quickly guns down 22 of your allied skitaari. Your terminators shrugging lasgun shots of and some heavier weaponary proves to be more than match for the remaining hostile skitaari though.

    You scan your surroundings.
    8 termi
    2 vet termi
    techmarine argath
    11 allied skitaari still stands fighting

    Enemy has
    45 skitaari remaining.
    15 elite skitaari remaining.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:02 No.16667460
    Your 2 vet. terminator clashes into the elite skitaari ranks bringing down their two handed black power swords they start their bloody work while your remaining terminators proceed to lay down supressing fire while you and Argath and rush forward to grab the loyalist logia and magos to drag them inside the defensive circle made by your 8 terminators. You quickly grab Mylthia as Argath grabs two of the logia as on of your terminators advances to cover your retreat. Quickly bringing magos and logia to the safety you then turn your attention to the battle. You realize that you 2 vet. terminators have cut down 9 of the elite skitaari and only 15 normal skitaari remains of 45 but now you have only your terminators as all of the allied skitaari are dead and also one of your terminators is injured.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:14 No.16667608
    You forces quickly gun down the remaining forces. Your vet. terminators cut down the last elite skitaari. Now to deal with Magos. But as you turn to him he laughs in his mechanic voice again.

    -Really? You think this makes a difference? İ have many more skitaari battalions under my command. As we talk now they are coming here. YOUR DEATH IS COMİNG!! SPACE MARİNE!!!

    He says then gates at the rightside of the chamber opens. But instead of more skitaari squads, your own tactical squads who made planetfall after you rush into the room their bolters ready. Seeing them Magos finnaly understands that he lost. You walk up to the Magos. What shall be his fate?
    >> Questfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:21 No.16667674
    Pick him up, keep at level with our head. LOOK THE FUCKER RIGHT INTO HIS EYES. Say in the most dreadfilled, deepest, manliest tone we can muster, "You, you think you could have won. You honestly believe that you would win against us, the Space Marines. You fool, you waste, you piece of filth."

    Throw him across the room. Walk over and pick him up again. Slap him but don't kill him. Then say again in our "serious" tone, "LISTEN MAGOS! EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE! EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER THOUGHT OF DOING! I'M THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO INVENTED IT!"

    Smash him into the ground. If he's not dead, stomp him.
    >> Questfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:27 No.16667733
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:34 No.16667803
    You start walking up to cornered Magos. He sees you and tries to keep the distance between you and him.

    -You were born a man. A member of humanity. Thre greatest race in all the galaxy. The Emperor's own. You entire existence was a holy blessing from the start, and choices were given to you with what to do with those blessings.

    As Magos tries to back away, he stumbles and falls down on his back. You stop right infront of him.

    -Mercy. Have mercy.

    You look at him with cold, unfliching eyes.

    -But you choose wrong.

    Then you turn back and walk away. You notice Mylthia and turn to her.

    -Magos Mylthia. From now on you hold the rank of primus. Pyrax is now under your command. You have my chapters support. But i also expects reports about the situation of the planet. To see what we are lacking so we can improve this forge world and turn it into one of the mightiest of the imperium. Also deal with this traitor as you wish. Emperor be with you.

    -Thank you my lord. May Omnissiah be with you.

    Nodding at her you turn to your marines. Gathering your men you head back to the thunderhawks.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:36 No.16667833

    Didnt see your post there.... Sorry about that...

    Well you should come the IRC channel my friend......

    We play this quest from there when we have less than three players at a time.

    Channel name is ChapterMasterQUEST
    >> Questfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:38 No.16667841
    >What shall his fate be?


    >Competely ignore me

    Fuck this quest I'm out of here
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:39 No.16667844
    BTW this all for tonight folks. See you tomorrow.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/18/11(Tue)17:40 No.16667854

    Two of the other players at IRC wanted him alive. Thats why. İ didnt ignore you.....
    >> Questfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:41 No.16667864
    Then they should have posted that!

    What is the point of running this on /tg/! Really!
    >> Starshadow 10/18/11(Tue)17:50 No.16667942
    Since you guys seem to have missed the first thread lemme explain. The chapter is a parody of the Blood Ravens. The colour scheme uses the same colours (red/bone/black) but changes them up a bit.

    Instead of Bloody Magpies, we are the Crimson Cuckoos. Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. Instead of constantly acquiring "gifts" like the magpies our chapter gives away gifts that turn out to be useless or dangerous (or explosive!).

    Hence the way we wage war amounts to "let the enemy do all the work, then strike while he is weak". Retreat and let the enemy take over fortifications (which are trapped). Beat the enemy to their objective, steal and then replace it. etc
    >> Starshadow 10/18/11(Tue)17:51 No.16667957
    Its okay to link up with players and discuss stuff on IRC. But make sure important decisions and relevant information are actually posted here.

    Its a concept called "thread food".

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