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  • File : 1320028245.png-(369 KB, 1489x885, title.png)
    369 KB Fairy Warband Quest 4 Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)22:30 No.16791040  
    You are Trixie Buttercup, undisputed ruler of a hollowed out log and a tree that generates fairy pods. At your command are six lesser fairies, most of which are wild hatchlings you have either adopted or beaten senseless and then adopted. One of them, Moonbubble, is the last member of the previous owners of your tree, who are now dead, broken into their component magical sparkles, and absorbed for their power.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)22:31 No.16791047
         File1320028295.jpg-(189 KB, 800x800, worldmap.jpg)
    189 KB
    OP is minimal and slightly later than I would like due to my preparation time all being spent on this.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)22:33 No.16791070
         File1320028437.jpg-(226 KB, 360x942, codex.jpg)
    226 KB
    Here are the previous threads.

    3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16779753/
    2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16720170/
    1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16710567/

    And here are some stats.

    So, the beginning of this session is going to be recap, goal setting, and getting /tg/'s universe knowledge caught up with Trixie Buttercup's. Then we'll see.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:01 No.16791345
    sweet, Fairy quest.

    yeah, i'd like to get my knowledge of this Universe up to speed please
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:05 No.16791387
    Okay then.

    What's Freeport, and what're those Forts?

    And are faeries harmed by just touching magnets, or does 'cold' iron simply count as something that breaks the innate resistance to nonmagical damage.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:08 No.16791409
    The main new pile of information is the world map, which represents the sum of your group's collective knowledge of the world's geography and political boundaries.

    Freeport is a neutral city that sells week passes for a sparkle each. Freeport does not tolerate attacks on fairies carrying passes.

    The two forts on the opposite side of the Queen's lands are rumored to have their own hatching grounds.

    Neither group can win a conflict against the Queen, but the Queen cannot attack either group in force without allowing her lands to be annexed by the other.

    Heavy dotted lines represent proper, occupied territory. Light dotted lines represent patrolled area/hunting grounds.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:09 No.16791415
    >'cold' iron simply count as something that breaks the innate resistance to nonmagical damage.
    This one.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:11 No.16791433
    Hell yes! Feeling sick and stuck working alone all night.

    OP you just made me feel a bit better.

    How many sparkles do we have from out last ambush?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:14 No.16791462
    Seems I am a thread behind so I will catch up on number 3.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:15 No.16791473
    It is the day after your successful conquest of the hatching tree, and the fairies are just finishing the process of moving in. Rolling the pretty rocks back from the log takes several trips, and tidying up any leftover mess sucks up most of the afternoon, but the fairies take plenty of breaks to chase each other around, and the work has an immediate, obvious benefit, so spirits are high.

    None left, levelups happened in the last thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:16 No.16791477
    would "cold" iron disrupt magical abilities? like, for example, if we were trapped in a box lined with it, would our teleporting work?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:18 No.16791489
    That's never happened to you, but it seems likely.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:27 No.16791555
    So wow long is a fry willing to stand guard for at a stretch for a long time (like say a month). because I think that 24/ that number*4*(the number of fairies needed to watch all approaches to the tree {?3?}) is the amount of troops we should aim to have at the level of the things for before making any big moves. I say the 4 thing is so each guard post can have 2 fairies and the other 2 are "off rotation" ether on "vacation" scouting or doing some support thing like trap laying or item crafting or mining iron if we find some.
    >> Taffer 10/30/11(Sun)23:29 No.16791567
    Have any of the hatchlings hatched? Might as well build up our horde of galz/ get more recruits into the fairy mafia. also, Put Wibble and the Things on short scouting missions.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:30 No.16791570
    hmm, Humans must be terrifying in this setting...

    we should get the other to start setting up a bunch of traps around the tree and wait for a few pods to start growing fairies.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:33 No.16791589

    oh hey, fairy quest

    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:34 No.16791594
    Nope. You can expect a pod in two to three days, and probably about one every week after that, provided none of them get damaged.

    >So wow long is a fry willing to stand guard for at a stretch for a long time
    You'd guess about three hours in a row. It's an attention span issue, though. As long as you rotate fairies frequently you'll be fine.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:37 No.16791612
    OKAY SO, first order of priority seems to be sending scouts to investigate the areas on the outside of the hunting grounds of these factions, and decide which of them has the highest rate of unowned fae

    and then we RAID THEM
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:37 No.16791616
    >geopolitical map
    Fuck yea, OP, now we're talking. In time, all shall follow the shiny cape of Trixie Buttercup!

    Now, we're going to need to do some heavy scouting of our immediate territory. We do not want to make the same mistake as Arcanella and be forced on the defensive because we don't know where our enemy is.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:38 No.16791624

    I suggest we keep our fast guys together in a scooting party, and our slow guys as guards.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:41 No.16791637
    So getting 6 hours a day is doable but not in one go or would 3 shifts a a day be bad for moral?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:43 No.16791646
    I meant to say 2 shifts
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:47 No.16791666
    >Humans must be terrifying

    Only ones that actually know how to kill us. And want to.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:47 No.16791670
    We should focus on doing more then just killing/looting
    I can't see that working forever. Eventually we're going to get squished by someone we can't handle.
    Develop something worthwhile, technologically or magically, something novel that would be useful.
    I'm not certain what. Do faeries need to eat? Or do they subsist entirely on sparkles?
    What's our tech level currently? It seems to be mostly things made from sticks. Maybe we could develop some manufacturing capabilities, do some trading.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:47 No.16791673
    You assign yourself and Wibble to scouting duty, and keep the rest of the fairies at the base, rotating between quick shifts of guard duty, trap duty, and sitting around duty. You make sure that they stay within each other's view as much as possible.

    You spend the next few days continuing the exploration you started during the conflict. You confirm what you know, and add to the list of places that contain nothing of interest. You're fairly certain that nobody is living nearby, not even a tiny group.

    It can't hurt to keep it up, though. Small groups of fairies wander. Fairies spontaneously generate.

    In between sessions of exploring, you find yourself able to smell the magic on the developing fairy pods. This isn't really helpful. You already knew they were magic. They're fairy pods.

    What you can't quite explain is why the rooms inside the tree on the ground level have a similar smell. The pods aren't anywhere nearby at all.

    6 hours is easy. 9 is fine, but pushing it. 12 will lead to complaints, outside of an emergency.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:48 No.16791683
    Animal domestication?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:48 No.16791684
    i believe fairies eat nectar and honeydew
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/30/11(Sun)23:50 No.16791692
    >Do faeries need to eat?
    Much less than an animal of the same size/activity, but yes.

    >What's our tech level currently? It seems to be mostly things made from sticks. Maybe we could develop some manufacturing capabilities, do some trading.
    Fairy technology isn't very good, but that just means the competition isn't very good either.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:50 No.16791696
    those are probably the only kind of Humans who would actively seek us out
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:52 No.16791703
    Animal taming would be very useful. I think it's something we should investigate. Domesticated beasts of burden are nothing to sneeze over.

    We also have a fairy who can create magical items. Maybe we should experiment with that, see the limits of what we can create. Can she make something that gives off constant heat? Cold?
    >> Taffer 10/30/11(Sun)23:52 No.16791706
    Trixie, with her magic sniffers, should investigate the rooms. Wibble can scout alone. Those on sitting around duty can join Trixie on her detectoring and help by knocking on suspected hollow panels and accidentally discoverying secret levers.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:54 No.16791721
    Is metal used at all?

    If so, is it found metal, like, I don't know, shields beat from dimes, or is there actual forging/smelting/mining going on?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:56 No.16791729
    would an electro magnet weaken a fary like an iron one what abut a rare earth magnet?
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:56 No.16791730
    I suggest we dig down, and find what the tree is rooted into.

    I bet it's some kind of FUCKING AMAZING magical river made of sparkles
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:56 No.16791732
    I suggest that we start establishing a long-term base at the tree, with the log as a hidden backup. What we need is:

    A reliable nearby food source. What streams/edible plants are growing nearby?

    What defenses can we think up? Traps are good for slowing fairies but won't kill them. Are those rocks magical? Could we prepare them to be dropped on attackers?

    We need to organise ourselves so we don't need to be present for shit to get done. How about we get 2-3 lieutenants each leading a squad of 2-3 fairies, each with a different function (eg. scouting, trapping, kidnapping/assassination)?
    >> noko 10/30/11(Sun)23:57 No.16791745
    we all start wearing striped stocking and taking nudes then photoshop them so we have penises.
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)23:59 No.16791757
    Not magic rocks.

    I'm recommending we invest in armor/weaponry
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:00 No.16791767
    Moonbubble is our investment in weaponry.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:00 No.16791772
    >Is metal used at all?
    If a fairy has a metal item, it's probably stolen, and if it isn't stolen it's traded. Fairies don't have the technology to mine their own metal or smith it.

    >electro magnet
    This isn't an idea that has any meaning to you.

    >What streams

    >/edible plants are growing nearby?
    Flowers contain delicious sugar water. There are also some blackberries.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:02 No.16791779


    we can stab fairies with spears made out of this tree!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:03 No.16791790
    The rest of the tree doesn't. It's only when you're on the ground floor that you can even faintly pick up the smell.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:05 No.16791800
    So there might be something magic UNDER the tree. Probably the reason why it generates fairies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:05 No.16791804
    aww. well then, let's dig a hole downwards VERY CAREFULLY until we get to the source of the smell.

    don't hurt any roots.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:06 No.16791808
    Well we do have MAGIC

    Let's see if our artificer can make something that can burn hot enough to make metal pliable. Or turn dirt into something useable. Or at the very least help us tan the hides of woodland creatures. Bone armor and leather jerkins
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:09 No.16791829

    divide into four groups. One for scouting, one for training local beetles to let us RIDE THEM, one for digging down into the earth to investigate the magic, and one to trapping/guarding.

    sound good?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:09 No.16791837
    Let's do some literal digging, then!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:10 No.16791843
    then i guess we need to dig down and not hurt the roots
    while we are at it we can make the entrance to the tunnel we did hidden and thus have a good hiding place we could even dig out a room and the n seal the entrance off so that you can only get in/ out by teleporting.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:10 No.16791844
    This is sort of not needed. The only things that can hurt us are magnets and magic, and those are going to hurt us whether or not we're wearing a paper-thin flake of leather.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:14 No.16791868
    th thin flake of leather would likely help against a sword by slowing it down just like a sturdy twig could block it plus i think the cushion would stop some of the damage of a punch.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:15 No.16791877
    actually, I bet some wood chips would stop a faeries punch.

    just because they're immune to being DAMAGED by nonmagic things doesn't mean they have a BONUS to nonmagic things. what are they going to do, punch THROUGH the wood?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:15 No.16791880
    Well while it won't defend against magic, it will still deflect physical blows, and so far most of the fairies seem to be fighting with their bare hands rather then through magical attacks.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:17 No.16791888
    This is something we should test. Have Moonbubble craft a sword and see how it interacts with wood.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:19 No.16791908
    Sounds good.

    Make sure to craft some spades before they start digging. Minecraft up in this bitch.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:22 No.16791921
    You give Bloomstar a list of various things to research, and assign Moonbubble to her as an underling until further notice. The list is very long. Then you go back to scouting.

    Still no other fairies. You're getting to the point where you won't be able to make larger circles and come back in one day.

    When you return, Bloomstar has a lot to report. Constant heat and cold items were ruled out as too complicated at the moment, but she captured a beetle and trained it to waddle away slowly, wave its antenna, bite her, pick her up, and waddle away quickly. Also, she lost the beetle.

    She has a proposal, though. "So, you know how, when you give a fairy a sparkle, that fairy becomes more magic?"

    You do.

    "What happens when you give a sparkle to something that ISN'T magic?"

    One of the pods is ripe.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:25 No.16791945
    Experiment report: Moonbubble's sword can chop nearly through a twig the size of a fairy's wrist with a bit of effort. It can also leave deep cuts in a heavier piece of wood.

    It's probably not practical to make bucklers out of wood because of the weight, but you could make a pavise. Or, you know, other things, since you have tools harder than wood now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:25 No.16791947
    Neat! Enchanting! Gotta be worth a shot. Let's try enchanting something inanimate first before we try something as complicated as a beetle.

    Like a shovel, or some armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:26 No.16791951
    oh man.

    oh man bloomstar


    let's allow all of the hatchlings from the fresh pod survive, but slay a newer, less developed one for experiment sparkles.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:27 No.16791956
    Digging report: Digging takes a long time and is hard. The fairies have picked a corner and have a hole big enough to stand in.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:28 No.16791960
    Tools like what? Stone?

    Also, be on hand to great the new arrivals. Try and see if they have special talents, and then welcome them to the galz.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:28 No.16791962
    >but slay a newer, less developed one for experiment sparkles

    Fairies that aren't ready to hatch don't produce useable sparkles.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:29 No.16791970
    >Tools like what? Stone?
    Moonbubble can make a useable axe head or carving tool out of magic.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:33 No.16792006

    "Hi! I wanna say hi! because you're new. The newest new people who are currently new. You're new because you were just born which is weird because teknickaly you weren't just a bunch of seed up until a few minutes ago but now you're not and now you're new!

    Anyway, it'll take a little bit for you to get not new and used to the way the world works. I've been here for a long time, and so have my friends. We work together to keep each other safe, and have adventures, and find sparkles and ride beetles and find rocks and also find sparkles!

    My name is Trixie Buttercup- don't worry about names, those are something ou'll get when we find out what you're good at after you haven't died for a while. Welcome to our family!"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:34 No.16792014
    How long will that persist? The swords disappeared after a relatively short amount of time.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:34 No.16792022
    well, darn.

    Who all is for minorly altering the plan and slaying ONE of the new hatchlings for some sparkles?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:35 No.16792029
    Oh. The swords you stole melted because Moonbubble un-summoned them. She can keep things stable for as long as she wants.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:35 No.16792030
    That is a remarkably bubbly speech for a brutal despot.

    At least when the hatchlings are up and about we can have them do all the digging.

    >Digging report: Digging takes a long time and is hard. The fairies have picked a corner and have a hole big enough to stand in.
    Hmm. Any change in the level of magic smell there?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:35 No.16792032
    we should make some wood shovels and buckets for the diggers maybe even a sled or wheel barale.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:37 No.16792041
    Eh, let's keep one full batch as cannonfodder and security guards. We've got time, for now, we can test things out once we have enough bodies to do a proper 24-7 watch
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:37 No.16792047
    Oh, alright. Let's see what else she can magic up then as far as tools go. What are the tools we're currently using, and what are they made of? How many things are made of magic?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:37 No.16792049
    >Hmm. Any change in the level of magic smell there?
    You start to think that the answer is yes, but it's probably just the answer you want to give yourself. It's too soon to tell.

    It looks like there's a disagreement between giving a polite speech to the hatchlings, and giving a polite speech to all but one of the hatchlings, who gets squished and fed to a beetle.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:37 No.16792051
    yeah, we don't need MAGIC to make DIGGING tools. they're not for killing fairies, they're for digging.

    Make together some wooden scraping utensils, get bloomstar to help with the lashing-together of them. she knows how to do that.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:38 No.16792053
    How hard is it to kill a beetle? how thick is their shell?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:38 No.16792055
    we are a bubaly lovable despot
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:39 No.16792065
    Keep all the hatchlings from this batch. We can do more experiments later, when we're killing entire pods of hatchlings.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:39 No.16792069
    You know, it might hurt loyalty if we give a polite speech to all of them but one, and kill that last one.

    but it would ALSO show them how things work around here.

    I have a hard time deciding
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:39 No.16792070
    Save this batch. We can wait for the next pod to ripen before squishing
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:41 No.16792080
    Agreed. Let's see what this batch is like before doing anything.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:43 No.16792087
    You and several helpers hoist the ripe pod up onto the branch of the tree and crack it open. You deliver your speech (>>16792006) to the hatchlings.

    They're confused, having trouble adjusting to the bright light, and a little unsteady on their feet, but between your confidence and the other fairies' obedience, they have no trouble figuring out who is in charge.

    Girlz count: 5

    Bloomstar and Moonbubble cooperate to make some shovels out of wood, lashed together with spider silk. They make a couple of scrapers too, and some buckets. You have enough for the number of fairies that can fit in the hole.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:44 No.16792094
    Hehe, yeah, it's not like we're being mean! Nobody would say we're mean. It's just that being a faerie means playing games like poke the roly poly, and also feasting on the corpses of your enemies
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:45 No.16792102
    >Nobody would say we're mean.
    Of course not. Particularly not where there's any chance that we might be lurking invisibly in the area, hear them, and demonstrate our displeasure.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:49 No.16792130
    or be lurking invisibly in a DIFFERENT area, and then teleport there to announce our displeasure

    or be lurking in one of our ambushes which have shown to be quite deadly thrice in a row now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:49 No.16792132
    We should probably teach the gurlz how to defend themselves.
    Encourage brawling and horse play, along with competition to see who can make the cleverest trap, or think up the most useful thingy.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:52 No.16792154
    Do any of them have any special talents?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:53 No.16792164
    Bloomstar and Twinkle, after testing the waters a bit, spend their next few sitting around shifts tormenting the hatchlings. The hatchlings fight back, uselessly.

    The hatchlings learn by example and start to pick on each other in their spare time. They aren't actually very good at it, but they quickly figure out the value of double teaming and ambushes by trial and error.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:53 No.16792169
    Have thing one and thing two picked names for themselves yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:54 No.16792172
    They're all expendable?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:54 No.16792178
    Agriculture is what seperates the civilized from the barbarian hunter gatherer. After we find this magic at the bottom of the tree, we should provide a stable food source to attract immigrants. Perhaps moonbubble can make magic gardening implements?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:55 No.16792180
    None whatsoever.

    You've kind of forgotten how pitiful newly hatched fairies are.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:55 No.16792183
    Once they learn the value of dirty fighting, we should graduate them up to quarterstaves.
    Wait. Do we know how to use quarterstaves?
    Okay, learn how to use staves to defend and attack, and then move onto teaching the gurlz and the rest of the crew.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:56 No.16792195
    naw man, we eat nectar.

    you know what gathers nectar at a rate FAR GREATER than fairies?


    you know what can be farmed like bees but much easier?


    we will dine well on the sweetest of magical honey!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)00:57 No.16792199
    I don't know if agriculture is necessary though, since the faeries don't really need a surplus. They seem to subsist handily on whatever's around them.
    Is there winter here? When the earth becomes barren and available food dries up?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)00:58 No.16792207
    You named them Thing 1 and Thing 2, and they haven't argued. Last thread there was controversy over whether to name them, let them pick names, or leave them as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    >Do we know how to use quarterstaves?
    No, because they're less effective than punches.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:00 No.16792220
    Really? How hard can a fairy punch?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:00 No.16792225
    Yes. Fairies naturally store energy during the months when food is plentiful. Agriculture and a surplus food store isn't necessary.

    This, however, would be enjoyable. Just not necessary.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:00 No.16792229

    unless they were magic quarterstaves
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:01 No.16792234
    Fairies are made of magic, and so are their punches. Fairies are immune to injury from everything except magic and magnets.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:03 No.16792248
    Well okay, but the fairies should still learn to train with weapons. Prop swords and the like, so when we start to produce magical weapons they'll be able to use them effectively, rather then just wave them around
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:04 No.16792254
    Ok, I see long term plan discussion, but immediate things to argue over seem to be Thing 1/2 names. After they get assigned/keep their old/pick names, I'll timeskip.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:04 No.16792257
    Well, I assume the new fairies are making the digging work easier. We can also have them watch from on top of the tree, have them be guards.

    BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PUT THEM ON PATROL DUTY. they will die the INSTANT an enemy attacks, and they're too useless to get the word to us that we're under attack.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:04 No.16792259
    Magical arrowheads would probably be a more efficient use of magical resources. Well, if we can make bows. And train fairies to fire with accuracy.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:04 No.16792263
    anyone have good names for thing1/2? I'm all for letting them pick, if we don't have any good ones.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:05 No.16792268
    Didn't mean to cut off discussion. These things can be in the time skip if people want.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:05 No.16792270
    Let thing one and two pick their own names if they want. They could be happy just going by the ones they have now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:06 No.16792275
    no man, no.

    we make magical punching knuckles. she can make three "fist sized objects" worth of material, and that's three to five knuckles. knuckles can also punch a sword out of the way, if we need it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:07 No.16792283
    last thread, i believe i suggested Onesy and Twosy, so i will suggest them again if no one has any more creative ideas
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:10 No.16792303
    Okay, in their free time:
    Trixie should teach gurlz on how to be sneaky and awesome but not as awesome as her because they can't turn invisible and teleport but if they try really hard maybe they can almost be as good! And Maybe trixie can help too teaching stuff about fighting.
    Bloomstar should teach and/or learn about helping fairies heal
    Moonbubble should work with Bloomstar to try and refine her crafting, and teach the other fairies on why it's neat to make stuff
    Also, drawing things are neat, we should draw stuff on our home!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:14 No.16792334
    Items for timeskip:
    -Keep digging under the tree.
    -Attempt to locate beehive for bee plans.
    -Teach all hatchlings the fine art of trapmaking. Hone all fairies' trapmaking skills; we should be riddling the whole surrounding area with traps and teaching our people to make awesome ones and spot existing ones easily.
    -Thing 1/2 pick their own names.
    -All fairies with magic or talents should try to hone their skills in those areas.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:14 No.16792336
    Unas and Two..as?

    If they don't like it they can pick something else
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:16 No.16792352
    No not bees, bees sting! Do you want a magic stingy bee that stings you with magic?
    Stick with Beetles at the moment for domestication, until we have the whole magical enchantment down pat.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:17 No.16792362


    can you IMAGINE a swarm of stinging magical bees? that would be the greatest thing ever! we -have- to do it!

    maybe a dry run with a beetle first though, but we should still be looking for a beehive. they might be hard to find.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:18 No.16792377
    I'm all for Bees eventually, but we should really try to figure out how to enchant things starting with beetles first.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:19 No.16792388
    I suggested Chilli (1) and Milli (2) and I stand by that.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:20 No.16792390
    All I said to do was find some beehives, not actually get the bees yet. Important to lay the groundwork, you know.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:22 No.16792401
    You rotate the fairies through their various duties, and promote Thing 1 and 2 to having actual names. They have to think about this.

    You declare the bottom floor open for decoration. Being able to work with wood is turning out to have lots of uses, and the fairies don't need much encouragement to decorate the place. Most of the art consists of depictions of the artist, either frolicking, sitting, or chasing away terrified enemies, but there are a couple of pictures of you standing on crying fairies, kicking sad fairies, standing proudly while your cape flutters, and standing behind confused fairies and laughing.

    Bloomstar makes a bow and arrows, mostly out of curiosity. She can't put Moonbubble's arrowheads on arrows fast enough to fire more than three shots in combat, though.

    Days later, you have another pod.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:24 No.16792410
    >ranged weapons
    Hey, can Moonbubble just make a bow out of magic and then make new arrows as she fires them? Could be good.

    This pod is also to be earmarked for minions. Let them hatch and learn their place in the world- I'm confident that the first batch of hatchlings will abuse them sufficiently.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:25 No.16792414
    Timeskip fix:
    You already found a beehive on one of your earlier scouting trips. You wrote it off as irrelevant. Oh well, free bees.

    After days of digging, the hole is deep enough that it takes a knotted silk rope ladder to get in and out. You investigate the bottom of the hole. It's like rubbing your nose on a fairy pod. This hole is definitely going to uncover something, but you aren't sure what, or when.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:25 No.16792415
    okay, can we use THIS one to test on beetles? well, we give some for beetles, and then eat the rest. because DELICIOUS SPARKLES.

    it really depends on how many sparkles.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:25 No.16792416
    How's the excavation going?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:26 No.16792419
    As far as arrows goes, we should get good with regular stone heads before we start using magical arrows.
    Why not give the bow to the fairy formerly known as Thing 2. She's not good at anything so far, but she's gotta be good at something, so maybe she's good at this?
    Doesn't hurt to try!
    Practice with prop swords too and spears too.
    Also, new pod. Should we squish? When we squish, do the fairies come out fully formed AND THEN squish, or can we squish before that?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:27 No.16792429
    >make new arrows as she fires them?
    She can't make arrows that are big enough for a bow that isn't toy sized. This could work later. For now, it's wooden arrow shafts or nothing.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:28 No.16792434
    More minions!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:28 No.16792440
    >it really depends on how many sparkles.
    You can see five fairy shapes in the pod. You've never seen a hatchling that breaks into multiple sparkles.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:30 No.16792453
    >do the fairies come out fully formed AND THEN squish
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:30 No.16792457
    Let's use this pod, two for testing on enchanting bugs or swords and stuff, and three for powering up the crafter so she can make more constructs.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:30 No.16792458
    Doesn't seem worth squishing. I say we keep these, and redouble our efforts to finding the magic source beneath the tree.
    Also, let's start making underground caverns and rooms and stuff because that kind of stuff is neat! Maybe make pit traps too.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:31 No.16792464
    "Hello Little ones! Welcome to the World! i've got good news and bad news for you:

    the bad news is that one of you has to die.

    the Good news is that i'll let you decide who i kill, or if one of you is noble enough to volunteer?....."

    "oh, by the way, if you don't decide, i kill you all"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:31 No.16792466
    Okay, I suggest we earmark two for beetle testing and three for sparkle longevity testing.

    We keep a sparkle on its lonesome and keep two sparkles together and see which dissipates first, the lone or the grouped sparkle.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:34 No.16792489
    Maybe we should keep the one that volunteers?

    "Don't worry! You won't go away when you get squished, you just become sparkles! And then we eat the sparkles, and then you become part of us! So it's like you never got squished, except now instead of being small and puny you're part of someone being and strong!"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:38 No.16792526
    the chance of one volunteering is slim, but it wouldn't be right if i didn't suggest for one to sacrifice herself for her podmates....

    they'll probably shove one out for you to snap her neck or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:39 No.16792528
    *Big and strong

    Also, if we do squish, make sure to check for talents first, and then make the process as normal as possible.

    "Don't worry, you'll barely feel a thing, I promise! And then you'll be part of the gurlz forever, no matter what happens."
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:39 No.16792529
    I like how you catch the "it's not evil because we don't even know what evil is"-thing
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:42 No.16792554
    Trixie isn't evil, she's just Amoral with a sadistic streak. Fairy life is Hard, Brutal, Short, and Violently Magical. Girl's gotta Vent her frustration occaisionally, ya' know?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:44 No.16792565
    It's just the way the world works for them.

    I'm kind of hoping that if we discover a magic source, we won't need to squish hatchlings anymore. Move past the state of anarchy where the strong prey upon the weak, and start setting up a system where you don't have to be the strongest to not worry about being stabbed in the back.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:44 No.16792570
    After some thought, you decide that more minions outranks more power sources for the moment.

    You address the fairies. (>>16792464)

    They look at each other, horrified. Then, one of them speaks. "If we all kill that one, none of the rest of us die." The one marked to die objects, but has no counter to this highly reasonable argument. The hatchlings grab her limbs and pull. The instant before it would be gross, bells chime and she disintigrates shinily.

    Girlz count: 9
    Sparkles count: 1
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:44 No.16792573


    We can be so strong NO ONE can stab us in the back.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:45 No.16792576
    If any volunteer, keep them and squish the rest because they're some special kind of crazy. If they have to pick one out, then it's probably the weakest, so we squish it.

    SCIENCE prevails, either way!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:45 No.16792577

    Ooh, we got us a clever one.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:47 No.16792585
    Note the one that pointed out a victim. She's got initiative. May be worth promoting later.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:47 No.16792586
    promote the one that gave that suggestion immediately. she is a SHMOTT ONE. actually, no promotions, but tell the old hands to help groom her for leadership like them.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:48 No.16792595
    She should probably tell her crew something along the lines of
    "Sometimes gurlz are going to be hurt or squished to make sure everybody else does okay. It's not always sparkly or pretty, but at least we can be happy our smooshing helps our sisters."
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:50 No.16792610
    Better keep an eye on her. She could be help. Or trouble.

    Or helpful trouble!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:52 No.16792618
    ANYway, set the new girlz into their work groups, and see about sparkling up a beetle.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:52 No.16792619
    Okay. What do we do with the shiny?

    Feed to beetle? Give to Moonbubble to either make something or use magic on beetle?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:53 No.16792624
    Beetle experiments!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:53 No.16792632
    Can we start digging underground warrens? It'd be helpful if we're ever attacked that we would be able to withdraw into a place that is strictly ours, and maybe give the gurlz some private space to play in?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:53 No.16792634
    ask Bloomstar what we should use it on, she is the one who suggested the idea after all.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:54 No.16792644
    I say the beetle, and I hope bloomstar agrees
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:54 No.16792645
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)01:59 No.16792674
    I don't think we should feed valuable resources to creatures we clearly haven't domesticated with any success. I appear to be in the minority, however.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)01:59 No.16792675
    You remind yourself to keep track of the clever fairy.

    Now that you have fifteen underlings, having multiple treetop spotters, guards, and diggers on duty at one time isn't very hard. You leave the tree with Bloomstar and find a beetle after wandering around for a bit.

    You're not really sure how this works. First you try to feed the beetle the sparkle, but you can't get it to cooperate. It raises its legs at you, then starts to fall over, then puts its legs back down. The cycle repeats.

    Finally you run up to the beetle and smash the sparkle into its back repeatedly. It bounces off the beetle's shell. The first two times. The third time it vanishes.

    The beetle doesn't look different. It does ACT differently. It doesn't try to scare you, or run away. It stares at you, then turns to Bloomstar, as if it isn't sure who to address.

    Wait. No. It has a layer of glitter.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:00 No.16792681
    You have a network of rooms in the tree roots, with one entrance. Do you mean something bigger?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:02 No.16792696
    What does the beetle smell like?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:02 No.16792699
    Bloomstar is better with magic. Maybe we should let her handle it?

    "Um. Hi! Can we ride on you?"

    Yes! Deeper! BIGGER!
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted White Knight) 10/31/11(Mon)02:02 No.16792701
         File1320040975.jpg-(417 KB, 1600x1200, IMG00022-20111031-1303.jpg)
    417 KB
    +having lunch at the office+
    +following FWQ+
    +bored of hearing intra-office politics+
    +have an interpretation of Trixie I just pencilled+
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:03 No.16792707
    Take charge. Pat the beetle immediately, and attempt to mount it. Also, give it some grass. bitches love grass.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:03 No.16792711
    This. We're the boss of everything around here.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:04 No.16792713

    You get closer and sniff the beetle. It tries to rotate its body around and turn its head towards you. It smells like magic, very faintly. You'd miss it if you didn't get close.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:05 No.16792716
    That's fucking awesome, dude.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:05 No.16792720
    i like it!

    though i believe her skin is Purple colored...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:05 No.16792723
    I'm colorblind. It looks purple to me.
    >> Taffer 10/31/11(Mon)02:05 No.16792724
    I agree that Bloomstar should handle it but we need to tell the beetle that Trixie is the Boss. So Trixie talks to the beetle first, then passes it on to Bloomstar.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:06 No.16792728
    That's why we're team purple. Because purple is best.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:07 No.16792736
    Pat the beetle that may possibly be the gurl who just got squished on the head. "Welcome back! Wanna gimme a ride?"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:07 No.16792737
    i am Color blind too! but i can't see shades of green......
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:07 No.16792741
    You ask the beetle if you can ride it. The beetle doesn't say anything. It stares at you unwaveringly.

    You hunt around for some grass to use as a bribe and jump on its back as non-threateningly as you can manage. The beetle straightens up a bit.

    You ride the beetle home, feeding it grass. Halfway home you run out of grass. It doesn't lost interest.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:09 No.16792753
    Also: shiiiiiiiiiit
    No that's pretty perfect, seriously. I didn't depict the ears because 32x32 pixels.
    >cape included
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:11 No.16792767

    Mwah ha ha! Fear us other fairies, we have mastered domestication!

    ...now to test it on the bees...

    Wasps would be better though, wasps don't die after one sting.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:12 No.16792774
    okay, so now we have a magic beetle.

    How does it respond to us talking at it? us riding it?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:12 No.16792776
    Great success! Soon all the forest shall come to fear the Trixie's Beetleriders!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:13 No.16792787
    no no, we do it on bees. the bees can get our nectar FOR US.

    no more having our nectar groups ambushed by leaders who think like we do!

    the hardest part is moving the queen from the beesnest to our place without it dying. maybe we can just use a queen larvae. they're the ones who eat lots of royal jelly.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:14 No.16792791
    But bees make honey and reproduce at a far greater rate.and they are much easier to domesticate , those dumb humans tame them without even using magic.
    Also, they make the flowers grow big and strong, and we eat nectar.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:15 No.16792795
    Experiment report:
    You can steer the beetle unreliably by talking to it.

    You can, after some practice, steer the beetle reliably by giving it a whack on the appropriate side of its head. Pointing seems to help.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:16 No.16792801

    Yes, get a queen larvae and lots of royal jelly. Feed it sparks and royal jelly...create a beehive that listens to us!

    Now the main question: Will the bees the queen lays have sparkles of their own?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:16 No.16792804
    Yay! She is the best beetle and henceforth she will be known as Viceroy Casey Von Beetlemancer
    but wouldn't that require worker bees to take care of it?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:16 No.16792806
    That's excellent. Easily intelligent enough to ride into battle. Now to master beetleback archery!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:17 No.16792811

    Good point. Maybe Wasps Later, if we want something to sting our enemies away.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:18 No.16792817
    I sincerely doubt that feeding sparkles to a queen will also make her offspring magic. The magic will probably just run out and we'll have wasted it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:18 No.16792818
         File1320041899.jpg-(782 KB, 945x1250, img021.jpg)
    782 KB
    Wait a second, don't we fly? Why do we want to ride a big slow lumbering ugly beetle?
    Are we gonna use him like a tractor or something?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:19 No.16792823
    No wings. Powerful fairies have wings, iirc.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:19 No.16792828
    we can't fly yet.

    only really strong fairies can make wings.

    and I bet the beetle can fly.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:19 No.16792829
    Probably, she'll be used for hauling around heavy stuff faeries can't carry.
    Also, thick armor plating!
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted White Knight) 10/31/11(Mon)02:20 No.16792835
    Now that we have domesticated it with a sparkle... Tell one of the more tuff' gurlz to be ready to receive a spank by the bettle.
    . . .
    What? We gotta test out if the sparkle allows it to kill a fairy.

    Tell the one that managed to keep standing after one hit by the bettle gets as much sparkles from the next batch of popped hatchlings. If the volunteer burst in sparkles though, we feed a third of her sparkles to the bettle and share the rest.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:20 No.16792836

    Digging. Many beetles dig and a lot better than faeries.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:20 No.16792841
    >Why do we want to ride a big slow lumbering ugly beetle?

    This is a good point. Trixie is supernaturally fast, and even the hatchlings can outrun this beetle, because it's ten times their weight and covered in armor.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:21 No.16792846
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:22 No.16792848

    >because it's ten times their weight and covered in armor.

    This part though, this is good. Maybe if we feed it more it will get faster.

    Anyway, it can help dig for now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:22 No.16792853
    I'd rather not waste gurlz. I also doubt we'll be using him in battle, since he's so damn slow.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:22 No.16792855
    That should be our new objective, by the way. We have a sparkly cape, now we need sparkly wings to be the sparkliest fairy.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:24 No.16792864
    Gosh, i think this is a really good idea. he can do all the icky digging!
    So are we gonna be mean to all the other fairys around us, or are we gonna make friends with any of em?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:25 No.16792872
    How can we into wings? is it like evolving or something? do we just get wings at a certain amount of spakarul?
    Can we steal someone else's wings?
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted White Knight) 10/31/11(Mon)02:25 No.16792873
    -as much sparkles as the damage dealt by the beetle's hit.

    Beeeeetle. One T... Fuck me sideways.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:26 No.16792875
    We're not mean! We're very nice and lets them get a bigger share of loot than most others would!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:26 No.16792878
    Suspicous but Friendly!

    Fairies stab other fairies in the back all the time, but maybe we can work out something that will be profitable for everyone.

    And if anyone gets uppity we spank them hard.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:26 No.16792882
    You've seen lots of beetles. Beetles have wings. They're hidden most of the time, but the back end opens up and the wings come out and the beetle flies. Right there, at th...

    Oh. Hmm.

    The bits of armor that you know open up are actually one solid piece. There are lines running along what should be the divisions. They're entirely decorative.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:27 No.16792891
    Did we get a fake beetle? i bet a gnome made him.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:28 No.16792894

    ...that is unusual...
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:29 No.16792906
         File1320042575.jpg-(342 KB, 768x1024, 4604577818_af58345feb_b..jpg)
    342 KB
    >Did we get a fake beetle?
    You're almost entirely sure it was a real beetle. In fact, you're FAIRLY sure that its armor wasn't like this when you found it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:29 No.16792908
    Ask Moonbubble and Blossom! They'll know!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:30 No.16792909
    I believe OP's words in thread 1 was that powerful fairies conjure their wings.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:30 No.16792911
    maybe magic fused it's shell together?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:32 No.16792923
    well, we just earned ourselves an excavation beetle, and a guard dog.

    also, we can use it to drag like 3-4 pods of fairies when we go a-thievin'
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted White Knight) 10/31/11(Mon)02:33 No.16792929
    While it might sound like a waste, this is an important experiment: whether or not sparkled non-fairies can kill fairies.

    Think about that. If a swarm of sparkled bees can kill fairies... And then what happens when those sparkled got a taste for sparkles? Can we kill it normally, or will it have a fairy's special constitution?

    And if we kill one, will the sparkles return?

    These are big questions. For me, at least. Damned pessimist-mind.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:35 No.16792937
    You arrive back at the tree.

    Moonbubble and Bloomstar can't solve the mystery of the fused armor. Bloomstar points out that having a fluttery beetle would be dumb and you shouldn't care.

    Within an hour Bloomstar has a harness on the beetle, attached to a leaf piled high with dirt. The beetle starts hauling out excess dirt from the hole, which was starting to pile up, faster than a group of four fairies could do it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:35 No.16792940
    I think those are questions we'll answer when we fight someone.

    Right now let's just be happy and have beetle rides!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:36 No.16792947



    do we get all the benefits of a sparkle, but now it is DELICIOUS? could we, instead of divvying the cuts as pure sparkles, divvy the cuts as a MASSIVE FEAST?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:36 No.16792948
    Yes! I can taste the delicious sparkles already. The freed up diggerz can go about expanding the warrens.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:38 No.16792951
    Are you going for more space? Or something more complicated?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:38 No.16792952
    Why would you want half of a sparkle? that's stupid. You're stupid.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:39 No.16792957
    Well more space, with other complicated things like traps and stuff. Pitfalls and things! And trapdoors! AND STUFF
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:39 No.16792958
    CAN we split a sparkle? And if so, can we produce excess energy through fission power?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:40 No.16792962
    Well, right now we're just trying to get closer to DELICIOUS MAGIC SMELL.

    anyone have any good ideas what the warrens should be like? why not a barbell shape, with the tunnel leading to the surface being in the middle and having two large rooms on either side?

    I pick this shape entirely arbitrarily.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:40 No.16792964
    If we really want to fortify, maybe we could blockade all ground-level entrances to the tree. Then we can rig some sort of bridge up in the branches to the upper level entrance. It'll reduce the number of lookouts needed, and help disguise our home.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:42 No.16792973
    but then we would have to rig up a nearby tree for climbing
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:43 No.16792976
    Yes that is a good idea!

    Hey, flockdraw you guys! Help design the BEST FORT EVER

    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:43 No.16792978
    iirc, fairies are extremely adept climbers, and there shouldn't need to be any alterations to the tree for it to be climbable.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:43 No.16792981
    ignore him sir, I believe we are digging down to see if the "smell" of magic increases and possibly discover what new source of magic wonder/death we can harness
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:45 No.16792988
    This. We climbed this tree with no problems whatsoever when it wasn't ours.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:49 No.16793004
         File1320043745.jpg-(60 KB, 600x600, groundfloor.jpg)
    60 KB
    The current layout is something like this. If you expand and trap the expansions, they will just be dead ends filled with traps.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:51 No.16793016
    this warren pleases me.

    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:51 No.16793019
         File1320043899.jpg-(63 KB, 600x600, groundfloor.jpg)
    63 KB
    Update with magic hole and ladder.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:53 No.16793030
    but.. Tree bridges are cool!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:54 No.16793033
    obviously we need to dig into that hole.

    also, someone find some mushrooms and plant it in this MAGIC AS FUCK SMELLING DIRT. something cool will happen.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:55 No.16793044
    Okay, expand deeper and outwards. Upper level expansions are to be trapped, deeper expansions to be converted into living quarters, storage, and Beetle stable. Beetle stable should be near magic hole
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:57 No.16793050
    beetle stable AND fairy living quarters should be as deep and close to the magic hole as possible. we want to be sucking in that radiant magic.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)02:57 No.16793055
    And mushroom farms should be incorporated too. We're going to get MAGIC MUSHROOMS
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)02:58 No.16793067
    >deeper expansions to be converted into living quarters

    Fairies are going to like sleeping in the upstairs room more than they'll like sleeping on underground dirt. In fact, everyone actually prefers sleeping outside, they just know better.

    If you say so, they'll sleep in dirt and like it, but you'll have to say so.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:00 No.16793077
    Aw. Well, I guess they don't have to sleep downstairs if they don't want to. Maybe we should incorporate a rotation? Faeries tending Beetles/digging/tending mushroom farm sleep downstairs, near their charges, and when they switch jobs with guards and artisans and stuff, they sleep outside?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:01 No.16793082
    oh wait, fairies like sleeping in trees.

    EVERYONE GETS TO SLEEP IN THE TREE! in fact, we should set up a nice nest somewhere near the top. not at the very top, though, since they'll get blown off by wind.

    but at least the mushrooms and maybe the beetles if that works out down there
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:03 No.16793091
    You know where to find ordinary brown mushrooms. Not having any skill in mushroom cultivation, you yank one out of the dirt, drag it home, and stuff the stalk into the dirt near the magic hole.

    A couple of days later they're red. With spots.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:03 No.16793092
    we dont need to sleep in the dirt yet. but when we have to we should let the current guards sleep in the tree and rotate them out when thay are no longer on duty there basically you get a room you sleep in and probably share and when you work guard duty you sleep in the tree.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:03 No.16793094
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:03 No.16793095
    ... I wonder if fairies can be killed via poison?

    It could be MAGIC Poison now.

    We didn't really think this one through did we?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:04 No.16793096
    oh, neat, it became poisonous
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:06 No.16793107

    Neat, test the mushroom on one of the new fairies.
    Document result for science!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:06 No.16793110
    Can everyone go to http://flockdraw.com/910t5i and post their opinion on what is good and what is retarded? For example, someone put the beetle in the hole with no way to get out, despite the fact that it is currently hauling dirt from the top of the hole to the entrance. I assume this is a mistake.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:07 No.16793112
    no one should sleep outside also i think we should try sleeping near the pit or in it if no one works on it at night to see if that makes us stronger if not we go back to sleeping in the tree like everyone else. I wonder what our mushroom dose? Lets ask for a newbie to volunteer to eat it
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:07 No.16793113
    Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly Amanita , is a poisonous and psychoactive basidiomycete fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita.
    The quintessential toadstool, it is a large white-gilled, white-spotted, usually deep red mushroom, one of the most recognizable and widely encountered in popular culture.

    Although it is generally considered poisonous, deaths are extremely rare, and it is consumed as a food in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America after parboiling. Amanita muscaria is now primarily famed for its hallucinogenic properties, with its main psychoactive constituent being the compound muscimol.

    So not deadly!

    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:07 No.16793114
    yeah, offer the mushroom to one of the new fairies out of the pod. see what happens. it COULD be cool! and if it's not, well, we thought it would be cool!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:07 No.16793116
    enthusiastic mistake, obviously
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:12 No.16793150
    You play up the importance of leaving your mushroom alone, then pick a hatchling at random to receive a reward for working so hard. She chews and swallows. For the next half hour, she's fine.

    She spends the rest of the day trying to pick fireflies out of the air, wobbling, and staring at things.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:15 No.16793166
    Neat! The volunteer should get rewarded for her enthusiasm and firefly chasing ability!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:15 No.16793170
    heyy, they're the fun kind of mushroom!

    only for eating during your fucking-off hours.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:22 No.16793221
    I say we addle the minds of our enemies with hallucinogenic poisons. It's the only reasonable use of this resource.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:22 No.16793224
    Your diggers extend their efforts to expanding the warren, and your trap crew adds some security features. You also get a rope ladder for the outside of the tree that you can use to pull fairies up quickly. The more complicated ideas like secret entrances will take a little bit more planning.

    The fairy who ate the mushrooms recovers just fine.

    You have a four fairy/sparkle pod approaching ripeness.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:25 No.16793242
    we have 9 girlz right now, right?

    Hatch two more pods as minions, and the rest as sparklez. do we want to have them fight each other for the right to life?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:25 No.16793245
    Okay, so now that the silliness with the tunnels is concluded for the moment, what do we do with the fairy pod?

    Another call for volunteers? Or do we just add to the girlz?

    Also, how is combat training going? Anyone show an affinity for the bow?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:25 No.16793247
    what is our total o girlz
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:25 No.16793248
    harvest all four
    spend two on domesticating another two beetles of burden, and spend two on moonbubble
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:27 No.16793255

    >Anyone show an affinity for the bow?
    Thing 2 can shoot decently with it. Nobody else has picked it up more than once.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:27 No.16793258

    Two beetles, one queen bee and give the last to moonbubble.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:29 No.16793266
    Nine gurlz, plus eight crew members, making seventeen fairies in total.

    Each pod has five fairies right? I think we should only designate one pod for squashing.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:29 No.16793271
    how can moonbubble make swords an not arrows i am confused
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:29 No.16793273
    We have no way of knowing whether enchanting a queen bee will make magical honey, or if it will produce magical bees. In either case our food needs arent really limiting right now, so theres no need to pursue an agricultural project.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:30 No.16793275
    Okay, she's our huntress then. She'll have the quiver of magical arrows on hand, along with non magic ones.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)03:30 No.16793280
    No you fool!

    Have one pod fight the other to the death! Then squash those fairies! SCIENCE! Herm, I mean, MAGIC!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:31 No.16793283
    She can only make so many arrowheads. It takes alot of practice to hit things in one shot. Making shaft and arrowhead out of magic would be wasteful
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:31 No.16793285
    Four or five. This one that's nearly ready has four.

    Since it might not be clear, it's been two and a half weeks since you moved in, and five days since you got the beetle. Not sure if people know that time is passing.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:31 No.16793287
    it's more of a loyalty project than an agricultural project.

    It would provide a luxury they can get here that they can't get elsewhere, which will make our goons even more happy to stay.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:31 No.16793289
    lets make arrows that are tipped with the juices from the mushroom that made the fairy act funny. We could poison other fairies like that right?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:32 No.16793293
    oh, it's only ONE pod.

    let's keep all of 'em. any pods after this we get to squish.

    also, how has that scouting been going? have we run into another soul?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:32 No.16793296
    each pod is diferant the next pod is a 4 fary pod that means 4 minions or sparkles

    I say we kill them all and give 2 to moonbubble 1 to the current beetle and 1 to a bee preferably a queen
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:33 No.16793297
    Wasn't aware of the full specifics.

    I suppose the first pod should be inducted into the girls, if each pod bursts separately just ask for a volunteer from each, and two from the last one. If two hatch at the same time though maybe we should go with the battle?
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)03:33 No.16793301
    Everyone! Get on suptg! Channel name is:


    If you don't have a IRC client, then use the Java browser client. Don't worry about all the pop-ups, I use the Java client nothing happens.
    >I'm hoping this helps us converse more effectively.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:34 No.16793304
    ok, i agree to that i guess. Social cohesion isn't something that can be underestimated in these circumstances. We go invisible, sneak into a beehive, steal a larval queen, steal some royal jelly, and haul it all back to the tree.

    Should we also carve out a special place for a beehive to grow inside the tree?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:34 No.16793307
    Okay. No squashing this pod then. Four more gurlz added to the horde.

    how close are we to striking magic?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:34 No.16793308
    Also we might end up with magical bees to defend our tree.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:34 No.16793309
    I'm for finding bees.

    We should do the "one volunteer" thing for every pod.

    If we don't, the fairies from pods that DID have to pick will lose morale and therefore loyalty.

    Either that, or they'll grow into our hardass "Elite" forces.

    Hmmm. That sounds cool actually. Homicidal fairy Marines.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:35 No.16793316
    if we adopt bees we need to carve out somewhere for them to live.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:36 No.16793320
    I agree, we make every pod squish one of its hatchlings. That lets us pick out the ones with initiative early on, prevents us from looking inconsistent, and gives the new girls a nice introduction to how life works around here.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:37 No.16793323
    If we find tree-dwelling bees, they can just make their own hive in our tree.

    That might make them magical without us having to use sparkles.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:37 No.16793326
    I don't think bees can survive without their hive....
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:38 No.16793331
    ok so we're agreed on making one of the newbies get squished, carving out a bee-hive and stealing a queen bee.

    Sounds perfect to me
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:39 No.16793334
    No, we ask for a volunteer. if someone actually does Volunteer, and isn't just forced out by the group, they get to live and the group gets squished, because someone that loyal and caring is a rare find indeed.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)03:40 No.16793341
    Seconding this.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:40 No.16793342
    do we want caring, self-sacrificing individuals? I thought we wanted badass warrior fairies who don't take shit from anyone. If we want these fairies to be warriors we need to start them on killing the second they're born.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:41 No.16793345
    I guess this is going to be a tradition for a while until we have "enough" fairies for now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:41 No.16793348
    i say we put it on the table, but they still have to choose.

    it encourages teamwork right from the beginning!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:42 No.16793349
    Self sacrifice and charity are very very rare qualities among fairies. They could be useful in the future.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:43 No.16793358
    Wait. They'd be volunteering to save their companions.

    If we crush all their companions, we just completely undermined their sacrifice.

    No, if one volunteers, everyone lives.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:43 No.16793359
    and if for some reason one dose it to save another they both live or they all live or something
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:43 No.16793360
    We're essentially putting all of these fairies through a horrifying moral dilemma the moment they're born. I like it, I think it builds character.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)03:44 No.16793366
    I like this a lot better.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:44 No.16793369
    You give the hatchlings the usual speech. The instant the speech ends, one of them grabs her neighbor by the head and twists. Ok.

    You're beginning to think that fairies smell like the magic hole, rather than the other way around. It's getting pretty deep.

    Girlz count: 12
    Sparkles count: 1
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:44 No.16793370

    this is anathema to fairies. sorry, we don't give handouts to freeloaders. sparkles are earned, not given
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:45 No.16793377
    okay, insert that sparkle into the queen larvae we are going to/have stolen.

    be sure to steal one of the hexagons of honey/royal jelly to feed the thing with. maybe bring another hexagon to store it in.

    what're the bees going to do, non-magically sting us? hah!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:46 No.16793380
    that teaches them nothing and in the end has no net effect on demographic characteristics. If we're trying to force a noticeable change on the moral makeup of society we have to kill those hatchlings who possess the characteristics we deem to be undesirable.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:46 No.16793381
    We could have a battle royale with all the new fairies, the fairy which manages to kill all their rivals gets to live.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:46 No.16793382
    it won't kill us, but it'll probably hurt
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:47 No.16793384
    Yes, this!

    Seconding this!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:49 No.16793394
    Beetle or queen bee?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:49 No.16793398
    this is the way to do it bring a sword maid by moonbubble to cut the comb bits out
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:49 No.16793402
    Yes but we want fairies that are willing to lay down their lives, for the good of the gurlz.

    And more importantly, ourselves
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:49 No.16793403
    queen bee, we already have a beetle. we won't need another for a while. once we find some OTHER fairies, we'll want two or three beetles so we can do a caravan/moving fort deal for our emmisaries
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:50 No.16793406
    i think we should only do that if we want to make a new lieutenant, and allow the fairy that wins to eat all of the sparkles of the other fairies from the pod. That way the pod would give us one battle-hardened warrior instead of five useless weaklings.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:51 No.16793409
    It's not about changing moral makeup.

    Any fairy with sheer sparkles to do that is damn near unique and therefore interesting.

    They also likely have some sort of hero complex and willpower up the wazoo (an actual part of the fairy anatomy, no doubt), and THAT will likely translate into good fightin' for us. If we undermine her sacrifice, we lose that, and might have some BS "hero of justice" guerilla war against us.

    Basically, a fairy hero steps forward, we raise her up the ranks.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:52 No.16793413
    My vote for bee.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:53 No.16793422
    as a fairy, i think we should always look at all other fairies as a number of sparkles to be harvested rather than as a person. Those individual hatchlings aren't valuable to us for their personality, they're valuable to us for the powers they develop when we give them sparkles.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:55 No.16793429
    these sparkles have a will of their own, and we need to manage them through a tricky combination of fear, awe, guilt, and profit.

    your view simplifies things a bit too much.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:55 No.16793431
    if she volunteers to sacrifice herself for the good of her podmates i think we should kill her podmates and allow her to feed on their sparkles. That certainly sends more of a message than letting them all live.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:55 No.16793434
    But we're not just your average fairy. We're Trixie Buttercup!

    Also, question- do we have the resources to raise a queen bee, and have her produce a hive?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:55 No.16793437
    but fairies don't have heroes, they have tryants who rule with an iron fist. pluse, we gotta keep the others satisfied by killing some each time we need/want to, in order to keep the flow of sparkles going, and keeping our llieutenants happy (along with us)
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:56 No.16793447
    Can we please keep the philosophy to a minimum? I want a beetleride!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:57 No.16793449
    as long as we keep it fed, and keep its kids fed, and keep them from freezing long enough for them to build their hive, they'll be able to survive.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)03:57 No.16793450
    You head to the bee hive with a short sword, a sparkle, and a coil of rope, just in case. When you arrive, you fade away.

    Climbing inside is easy. The bees don't seem interested in you, even when one gets near. One nearly walks into you and then bumbles around, trying to find a clear path, but that's the closest you get to a reaction.

    You don't know where to find larvae, so you poke around until you stumble on some. They're white, blobby, ribbed things, each one tucked neatly into its hexagon of wax. You cut one free and strap it to your back. Then, to increase your free hands by one, you rub the sparkle on the larva until it absorbs.

    Then you pick up some goo, which you're pretty sure is the right goo for making queens.

    You leave without any trouble. You'd think the bees would object to your stealing a baby.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:58 No.16793456
    yes, lets!

    >plus anyway, the chance of one volunteering is infinitesimal
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:59 No.16793460
    Well we're not just anyone! We're TRIXIE BUTTERCUP

    Fuckyeah, time to raise that Bee!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)03:59 No.16793461
    yeah, I agree with this. we'll deal with the eventual "noble" fairy when we come to it. it's probably never going to come up in the first place

    well, awesome. be sure to get a lot of the various goos, we want to be sure we don't run out.

    let's store this thing somewhere three fourths up our tree, nearish to the top. that'll be a good spot for the eventual delicious hive.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)04:00 No.16793464
    You have fairies who can collect nectar. Bees can make their own wax. It should work.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:00 No.16793468
    But, doesn't it need to mate to produce offspring?

    Where we gonna find a malebee?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:01 No.16793471

    We should also give it more and more sparkles as they arrive. That way we'll make it more powerful, which we want AND get to see the effects of sparkles on non-fairies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:01 No.16793472
    this we are going to need more food than one hexagon.
    of course e can get more later.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:02 No.16793478
    you're right, we'll need to mate it once it matures.

    but this won't be a problem for a few days. Male bees, if I remember correctly, look a BIT DIFFERENT than female bees. like, the stripes are a bit more spaced apart, and they have a bigger black area. from the one I'm familiar with.

    so, to find a male bee, we go back to the hive we got this one and find a bee that's different from the other bees, and isn't much larger. that should be a male. right? right. right?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:03 No.16793489
    Im pretty sure that anon is right
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:04 No.16793490

    Agreed. The Sparkles did weird things to the beetle, it will be interesting to see what they do here.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:06 No.16793498
    Wait a little bit before sparkles. I want to see how one sparkle affects development.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)04:08 No.16793509
    We need to figure out how to get a better flow of sparkles. Or, how to gain more sparkles. I suggest finding a new group out here.

    Maybe our girlz can prove themselves in combat!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:09 No.16793510
    Alright, I can accept that.
    Agreed for the hive too.

    I like that as a catchphrase. Very ANIME HERO.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:09 No.16793511
    If our scouting doesn't find anything after two months, I think we should send a beetle caravan to freeport, and investigate. make them carry enough sparkles for a week pass for everyone, including the beetles. sound like a good if-we-don't-find-anything-first plan?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)04:11 No.16793522
    >I want to see how one sparkle affects development.

    It's shiny.

    And it has a little mouth now, with pincers. And lots of eyes, arranged as if someone threw them at one side of the thing's face, let them stick, and then held up a mirror for bilateral symmetry. When you feed it you're pretty sure it makes eye contact with you.

    Why does it need pincers? It's going to rebuild itself when it becomes an adult, and it only eats goo and sugar water.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:11 No.16793529
    aw crap, maybe it's stuck in larval form?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:12 No.16793533


    go have your girlz hunt you down a caterpillar or pillbug and see if the thing will eat some their meaty bitz.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)04:13 No.16793537
    Well, um. That is not good.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:14 No.16793542
    that that would be bad
    I like this plan
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:14 No.16793545
    it COULD be good. these things take like a week before they go from larvae to pupae anyway. and then like another week or two before they emerge from that to a bee.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:18 No.16793567
    Get Blossom and Bubble to look at it. We should be taking notes as it develops.

    ...goddamnit, we're the power puff girls.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)04:18 No.16793570
    I see your logic.

    But it also could have just cost us a sparkle. For something that can't fly, which is what we wanted at the very least.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:19 No.16793579
    all I'm saying is give it a few weeks, at least long enough to finish its normal growth cycle. we've induced magic at a very early stage here, and the mutations are bound to be interesting as it matures.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:20 No.16793580
    It's only a sparkle. We can get more later. Right now trial and error is a big thing, we'll see how it develops and play it by ear.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:21 No.16793582
    Holy shit.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)04:21 No.16793588
    The girlz knock over a pillbug and poke it to death with sticks.

    The larva isn't interested. Larvae love sugar water.

    You hear a tiny scream from the basement, followed by confusion and shouting.

    /thread for this week, Fairy Warband Quest will continue between 22 and 23:00 board time on Saturday.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:22 No.16793595
    Close but no cigar.

    We don't have a Blossom, but we do have a Bloomstar.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:23 No.16793600
    You bastard! Cliffhangers!

    I'm guessing our girls found something.
    Someone get swept away in a river of sparkles? Eaten by THE THING IN THE DEEP?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:24 No.16793604


    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)04:24 No.16793606
    My vote is on the latter.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:30 No.16793631
    Nooooooo cliffhanger gah
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:30 No.16793633
    Since the OP has vacated, this is now a fairy quest discussion thread.

    >> Questor the Magnificent 10/31/11(Mon)04:31 No.16793638
    You do know this thread is autosaging right?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:32 No.16793646
    no, no I do not
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:35 No.16793659
    Remember to vote for this thread on http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:35 No.16793661
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)04:36 No.16793668
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)04:42 No.16793712
    I'm still here I'm just done making updates
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)05:26 No.16793879
    ah, well

    how are YOU doin'
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)05:27 No.16793882
    eh, fine

    Oh boy. Next week. Let me tell you. Some events.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)05:28 No.16793889
    Oh, actual question. Anybody know where I should throw together a continually updated plot summary and setting information thing? 1d4chan? A wikia?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)05:41 No.16793931
    man I'm looking forward to it

    no idea. check /tg/chan, they might have archival resources for quests
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 10/31/11(Mon)05:47 No.16793966
    I don't want an archive, I want a (small) wiki, so new people can read a couple of pages and be ready to vote, instead of having to plow through all of the archive threads, each of which involves plowing through a bunch of votes for things that didn't happen.

    ...I'll probably just do a wikia.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted White Knight) 10/31/11(Mon)06:43 No.16794232
    This disorganized piece of bullcrap of a company...
    Sorry, gotta vent.

    Anyway, aside from totally unfairylike of us building a warren, we need to start squishing pods for sparkles. Soon. We have to many low-sparkle gurlz. They are just easy prey for any fairy raiding parties that come soon.

    Also, I suspect cunning comes with extra sparkles, unlike Trixie, who is hearing voices of the tg hivemind under that pinkish-purple mop of a hair of hers.

    1. Can we train ourselves in order to pick what powers we get next level up?
    2. Mobz are nice, but if there aren't any Waaagh-system in place, maybe we ought to supplement our grotz- I mean, bratz with save-or-suck techs, like archery (hallucinogen shroom), traps (sapped nets, pits, big rocks, springed branch, etc.), fortress-building, also some games like hide-and-seek (improve personal stealth/spot), tag and wrasslin' (stamina), etc.
    3. Nominating Bloomstar as waifu so that Twinkle got jealous and Backstab us!!! What tragedy! What drama! What fun!
    4. Ignore number 3
    5. Farm hallucinogen mushroom as commodity in exchange for sparkles
    6. In the same vein, try other stuffs like keeping Beetle and Larvae near magic source
    7. Waitaminute, investigate screams first, then farm
    8. IS MAH DRAWINK' GUD? Trixie was made in cute-mode, not alien-fae image. Should I do the others?
    9. Continue the thought that sparkles are yourself, that you-part-of-me 'philosophistry'; it fits
    10. I need more sugar

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