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  • File : 1320375160.jpg-(42 KB, 500x421, Mainthreadturnon.jpg)
    42 KB TG Quest 11: Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb. OP 11/03/11(Thu)22:52 No.16832805  
    Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16821463/

    Sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties.


    Our brave crew managed to engage and destroy the S.U.E.-led Space Navy and slay President Vader, while simultaneously setting up defenses around the Rewriter Bomb deployed to Tokyo. MechaGodzilla rampages in Kyoto as a distraction while an army of SUEs mass to oppose him, and the counter finally begins to this world's destiny!

    COUNTDOWN: 30:00
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)22:55 No.16832832
    Ground Forces:
    Enough Cap-grade Emitters to protect your team.
    Shield Generator.
    B.L.U. team.
    One Adaptive Antaeus Cruiser.
    12 Arclite Siege Tanks.
    12 T-280 SCVs.
    3 Reasonable Marine Tactical Squads.
    1 Reasonable Marine Devastator Squad.
    2 Atlas Battlemechs.
    2 Mad Cat Battlemechs.
    NOD M.C.V.
    GDI M.C.V.
    X-COM Veteran Squad
    2 Hellstar Battlemechs.
    3 Rifleman Battlemechs.
    1 Overlord Dropship.
    2 Leopard Dropships.
    4 M270 MLRS
    1 squad (12/12) of SCP troopers with Tiberium enhanced lasers, Phaser Rifles, and Advanced Power Armor mk 2
    1 squad (12/12) of Delta Greens with Chinese Stealth Armor, Mass Rifles, and A280 Blaster Rifles
    1 Emergency Medical Hologram with mobile emitter.
    1 Auror team with prototype NOD armor and AK-47 backup weapons
    Egon Spengler
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)23:02 No.16832899
    In addition, you manage to take over the bridge of the Executor with clever use of the Sandmen. (Dunno how I forgot to mention that.)

    Ground Forces (cont.) : 6 Tomahawk Destroids

    Forces in Orbit:
    TGS Cruiser with Sensor, Containment Bay, and Weapons upgrades, The Oncoming Storm.
    1 Victory-II Star Destroyer, the Relentless
    1 Defiant-class Starship, the Indefatigable.
    4 Al'Kesh Goauld ships.
    Crowe and his Brasta.
    Shin Getter Robo.
    Amuro Ray in the Hi-Nu Gundam
    Kamille Bidan in Zeta
    Char Aznable in Hyaku Shiki.
    3 R-9DH Grace Notes with Defensive Force modules.

    Aboard the Victory-II you have 1 squadron of VF-25s, and 1 squadon of TIE-Defenders, as well as 1 Gunstar

    You are currently attempting to capture the Executor with 12 Sandmen, Mouse, RED team, Gabriel Tosh, Spike Spiegal, and 12 UNIT soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:14 No.16833007
    Fuck yeah!
    Okay, so here's the plan, now that we've begun the Final Countdown:
    1. Indefatigable hunts down and mission-kills the last remnants of the US Space Navy (by beaming photon torpedoes onto their bridges), then rescues survivors from the Mercury.
    2. All squadrons cycle through the Relentless to recharge and rearm, and keep up a Combat Air Patrol for now.
    3. Mouse and the Sandmen currently have control of the Executor. To make our job easier, have Grand Admiral Pellaeon, in his Grand Admiral uniform, order all Imperial personnel on the Executor to stand down. At best, we take full control of the Executor, at worst we force the fools stupid enough to continue resisting us to fight Loyalist Imperials and make it easier to take the Executor with us.
    4. The Oncoming Storm takes position over Kyoto and provides orbital support to Mechagodzilla, targeting the large mass of SUE's who have collected to take on the mecha-kaiju.
    5. Other sensors will continue scanning the area around Tokyo Tower for any military movements and SUE's attempting to track down and interfere with the Rewriter Bomb.

    All ground forces are currently in position and ready, so further orders are currently unnecessary.

    6. One Al'Kesh transport bomber is to cloak, and break off from its overwatch position to form up with the fleet. We will use it to get the other away teams down to the Bomb Site if it looks like Star-Lord needs reinforcements.

    When the Bomb is about to go off, Mechagodzilla is to blast off and form up with the rest of the fleet in order to escape the Rewriter Bomb's effects. We should be able to catch it within our transit drive envelope.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:16 No.16833029
    OP, we hand some discussions while waiting for you to get the new thread ready.
    Here it is if you want to read:
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)23:21 No.16833081
    ...you guys made another thread waiting for me?

    Wow. I'm feeling simultaneously enthused this seems to be going well, and worse that I got delayed trying to get my internet working. Reading now.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:27 No.16833145

    As an alternative to Mechagodzilla blasting off, we could have the single Protoss Arbiter we have use its Recall ability to whisk it to a safe zone (either near our fleet or wherever).
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:29 No.16833168

    Assuming that it's functional and still alive and hasn't been destroyed. I didn't see it on the list before typing up the reply.

    OP, what is the status on the Arbiter we have?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:29 No.16833170
    I suppose that would make things easier.

    I'm only afraid that if we cut it too close by depending on the Arbiter, something else might go wrong.
    But I suppose that's a baseless fear.
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)23:35 No.16833230
    Yeah, since it didn't get archived, let's scrub the orbital bombardment.

    You guys going with this, then?

    Also, you have a small amount of time to shuffle your troops around if you want to do that.
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)23:36 No.16833241
    Mechagodzilla is being repaired and is off on its own being a distraction and the Arbiter is in orbit with the rest of the fleet.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:37 No.16833256
    Maybe we should send some of our forces aboard the Executor to Tokyo, seeing as the ship is ours?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:41 No.16833289
    Not yet.
    The Executor's bridge, main computer, engines, navigation, and environmental controls are ours.

    There's still the problem of the 280,000 or so crew, and the possibility of an additional 38,000 stormtroopers.

    Besides, the defenses are all ready at the Bomb site, and we have Al'Kesh transports that can move additional teams down to the surface if needed later.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:42 No.16833293
    Also send the Arbiter to Tokyo?
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/03/11(Thu)23:43 No.16833299
    Have it prep Recall then. It'll be a lot faster then simply waiting for Mechagodzilla to boost on its own.

    We could wait until the last possible moment to keep pressure off the bomb.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:44 No.16833307
    Oh yeah, I forgot that we're trying not to kill everyone and thus aren't venting most of the oxygen.
    Yeah keep them where they are.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:44 No.16833308
    The Arbiter is needed in space so that if anything goes wrong, we can pull forces out to the safety of orbit. It also needs to be there to evac Mechagodzilla when the Rewriter Bomb is about to go off.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:46 No.16833328
    Oh okay, I didn't know how that ability worked. Like I thought it was the Arbiter (and whatever he's touching) teleports to a set location of his choosing, but you're saying it's the Arbiter teleporting one object of his choosing to his location?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:48 No.16833352

    Recall essentially grabs friendly units around the Recalled location, and warps them to the Arbiter's location (or an area nearby the Arbiter, otherwise ground units would all go splat on the ground whenever it was used).
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:51 No.16833371
    Here's the link to the article on Arbiters.

    has covered the basics.

    You've got to look a lot of this stuff up on your own if you don't know it, man. We've got so much stuff coming in from so many different places, you could seriously screw us up if you don't keep up to date on the units that are requested and the things we fight against.

    Case in point: the Mulder Building and the fiasco that happened there, because most of us were unfamiliar with the Dark Matter setting and didn't read up on it enough.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/03/11(Thu)23:53 No.16833382
    Plus, Arbiters kind of suck in direct combat. Unless it has a way to turn it off, all it'll accomplish by going down there is cloaking everything we've already deployed. That'll just turn it into a gigantic fire magnet, and it probably can't Stasis everything.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:54 No.16833394
    Just got in myself, so I'm glad you're late.

    Looks like a good plan they've been putting together.
    I would suggest positioning us near and/or tractoring in closer, some of those ships were decapitating with bridge-bombs, so that they transit out with us.

    What can I say, I'm a loot whore, and coming back with more than we left with can't look too bad to HQ.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)23:58 No.16833424
    It messes with my sense of scale when I realize that Babylon 5 is smaller than the Executor.

    The IGE just loved really big stuff.
    >> OP 11/03/11(Thu)23:59 No.16833428
    rolled 50 = 50

    COUNTDOWN: 28:00

    The Oncoming Storm begins to move into a good firing position to support MechaGodzilla as Admiral Pellaeon gives a speech to the crew of the Executor.

    The SUEs continue to mass near the reptilian titan, while the Indefatigable manages to pursue and destroy the remaining space vessels in orbit.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:02 No.16833453
    Alright, so far so good.

    The combined tractors from the Relentless and the Indefatigable should be able to move some of those decapitated battleships and Star Destroyers into position.
    But we should wait for the the Inde to first have finished rescuing survivors from the Battlestar, and the squadrons and MS teams recharging and rearming at the Relentless.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:03 No.16833464
    Hey, not that I want to give us more problems, but I recall the Rewrite Bomb being mentioned as a world-scale solution. We might need to swing back through and make sure no SUEs escape into deep space.. though admittedly they all seem too dumb for that, having quite the space fleet without even surveying Mars.
    Haha, I mean, we made Flag-Tie Vader think we were an invasion from Mars, geeze, Dark Disco I can forgive, but not plain out wasteful use of resources.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:05 No.16833475
    Actually the Rewriter Bomb is timeline-scale.
    That's why the entire fleet has to transit out to the Meta in order to be safe.
    Anything left in that universe that is not within the 400m exclusion zone is going to get Rewritten.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:09 No.16833498
    I got the impression that anything within the zone when it went off would be rewritten as well, but if something alive was in there it could throw off the rewrite horribly. Dire consequences, and all that.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:15 No.16833544
    No, the 400m exclusion zone around the Bomb is the safe zone.
    However, if any people from the local Canon enter, it will throw off the Bomb's readings and will lead to dire consequences.

    So our people will be fine, we just need to make sure that nothing from this Canon enters that zone.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:16 No.16833550
    If we have full control of space, we should send the Gundams to the ground team.
    Keep up orbital support of the Mecha-Godzilla.
    Keep scanning Tokyo for possible incoming forces.
    Our Space-to-Atmos fighters should be ready to go to Tokyo at the first sign of serious resistance, but don't start swarming like bees yet; that might tip people off.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)00:17 No.16833566
    rolled 75 = 75

    The Relentless and the Storm can drag one ship each along with it.

    Pellaeon's speech doesn't seem to work, and then you notice something at about the same time Tosh speaks.

    "Half of dem be mindless, mon!"

    It's true. Though scattered throughout the Executor are U.S. servicemen and 'normal' people, a little over half the crew consist of men in uniform that appear normal at first glance, but act as drones do. They perform their assigned tasks quietly, without notice, and never do anything but. And while they seem to ignore the fact their ship is being captured and their leader slain, they do not appear to listen to you.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:18 No.16833572
    Did we broadcast our "The following cities are gon' get their shit stomped" message yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:21 No.16833604
    Well, we can take the ship once the important battles are over. For now, just hold the Bridge.
    Watch communications - both within the ship, and between other forces on Earth. If we intercept details of Earth's troop movements, let us know. If the crew still aboard the Executor detects plans to self-destruct the ship, get them out.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:22 No.16833610
    Long ago, mon.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:22 No.16833611
         File1320380532.png-(22 KB, 744x694, tcpdump.png)
    22 KB
    See If we can hack the deathstar
    >pic related
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:22 No.16833618
         File1320380576.jpg-(34 KB, 350x401, 1285887684228.jpg)
    34 KB
    We already did that at the very beginning, right after the Death Star was sabotaged.

    And we already discussed how such a threat is absolutely meaningless.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:23 No.16833623
    I'm getting kind of tense. I wonder what the next thing to ram its boot up our ass is going to be. OP, has there been any noticeable change in reality distortions around the planet since we started operations?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:25 No.16833640
    We're already hacking the Executor.
    As for the Death Star, it's been mission-killed, so we don't need to do anything with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:25 No.16833643
    Yeah, SW computer tech is on a different metric than reality's. Anything smarter than stupid has to be a droid with personality. So you end up with thin security against physical access and drone signals controlling things you don't want to have a mind of their own (ie World Devastators).
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:26 No.16833657
    Where are the S.U.E.s and other forces from earth's military?
    Hope OP doesn't roll a 1.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:26 No.16833661
    We got a fair amount of assboot last time, the die were REALLY hating on us for awhile before it turned around.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:27 No.16833669
    "Damn the S.U.E.'s! They've reduced good, talented Imperial Navy personnel to droids; no, worse than droids!
    "Tac, are we in range of the main concentration of S.U.E.'s facing off against Mechagodzilla?"

    We don't have the time to secure the crew of the Executor, we just need to hold the bridge.

    Was the Indefatigable able to save anyone from the Mercury?
    If that's been done, have the Inde and the Relentless tractor the ships in best condition into position.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:29 No.16833683
    Oh my God, /tg/ a bomb
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:33 No.16833724
    >send down the Gundams
    Send down machines that are piloted by people who are very dependent on mobility for their fighting style, when they have to remain within a very crowded 400m in diameter sphere?

    No, that's just stupid.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)00:38 No.16833770
    rolled 21 = 21

    COUNTDOWN: 27:00

    A few escape pods were collected, yes.

    A veritable army of S.U.E.s has formed and they begin to advance on MechaGodzilla. Immediately the Storm begins bombarding, firing its long-range singularity and laser weapons at the S.U.E. horde from the safety of orbit while MechaGodzilla opens up with its formidable arsenal of energy weapons. The air is filled with screams and battlecries as the weaker S.U.E.s die by the score, the stronger pushing past their slain brethren towards the target of their blood and glory.

    A Leopard departs from the bomb site to pick up the Gundams.
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)00:39 No.16833783
    Have the TF2 Engineers beam down and set up some turrets.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:44 No.16833809
    Remember that the Gundams are free to move out of the bubble, they just need to be back inside it at 00:00.
    That goes for all of our forces, really - they can move out of the bubble to engage enemies. Some of them will have to owing to their shorter ranges.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:44 No.16833820
    Set up turrets ON Mecha-Godzilla!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:45 No.16833823
    BLU Team is already on-site and have already dug in.

    Goddammit, with the bunkers, turrets, Overlord, MCV's, field generators, and power generators, as well as the 9 battlemechs and 12 siege tanks, where the Hell are the Gundams supposed to deploy? In the air? When they need to stay within the 400m radius bubble?
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)00:47 No.16833843
    I agree. Hampering the mobility of MS isn't very helpful. Unlike the VFs, they can't fly (except for Zeta), and both the Shiki and Hi-Nu are deprived of their most effective weapons when on terra firma.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:51 No.16833878
    Yes, they can move out of the 400m bubble. That also means they move out of the cloaking field.
    And it leaves a chance that they won't be able to make it back into the safety zone by the time the Bomb goes off.

    Finally, you sent 2 space-optimized Mobile Suits down to Earth, where they can't use their best weapons inside of a gravity well.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)00:57 No.16833927

    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)00:59 No.16833950
    rolled 94 = 94

    A storm of missiles and energy beams strikes MechaGodzilla as a team of Decepticons advance on him, led by Strike Freedom and two EVA units. MechaGodzilla immediately opts to eliminate the weaker units first, two Decepticons made to look like WWII era planes blowing apart as a stream of energy tears into them. The other mechs continue to fire, advancing to melee range as Mecha-Godzilla's space titanium frame absorbs yet more punishment.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:03 No.16833983
    Burn them Evas son.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:03 No.16833984
    OP said that anything within the 400m zone of the Bomb is safe.
    OP, could you set this guy straight?

    Have the Oncoming Storm provide close orbital strike support to Mechagodzilla. Pinpoint singularity laser strikes only.

    The Scarab with the nanorobot repair module should be able to continue repairing Mechagodzilla even as it fights, replenishing its raw material stores by breaking down battle debris with disassembler beams.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:04 No.16833988
    Go, go Mecha-Godzilla action!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:05 No.16833998
    I've never seen it described as anything other than the exclusion zone, never a safe zone. We have to warp everyone out before it goes off.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:06 No.16834007

    400m is the zone we need to keep natives of this universe out of, or their presence will fuck up the bomb!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:11 No.16834047
    And the response was in the context that there is no safe zone for OUR troops.
    Absolutely no mention was made that it was safe for locals to enter, and in fact I specifically stated that locals must be kept out in >>16833544

    Here is the specific post where OP says our troops will be safe within 400m of the Bomb.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:13 No.16834071
    So, lets send every Gundam that can maintain full operation on the ground to back up MechaG.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)01:13 No.16834075
    The fact remains that our entire defense has centered around camping the fuck out of that radius. Most mobile suits are simply not built for that, especially the models we brought with us. Deploying them down there would at best add a few paltry beams and bazookas and at worst make them priority targets for SUEs looking to prove themselves.

    Come to think of it, we never deployed the Tomahawk team down there, did we? Replace the MS with them, they're made for that shit.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)01:14 No.16834095
    rolled 35 = 35

    There is a 400m safety zone around the bomb.

    You cancel the order and the Leopard turns around to return to the bomb site.

    If any of the S.U.E.s were tactically minded, they might've stopped to think that charging a robot made to melee Godzilla was a hilariously stupid idea. They may have also noticed how BIG it was. As it is, M-G allows the Strike to slash into it with its beam saber, and then diverts its hand to smash it against its hull. Sparks fly from the machine as it falls to the ground, M-G's beam eyes catching it before it can get away. The mech explodes even as Mecha-Godzilla's chest cannon fires on EVA-02, piercing its AT field to tear open a large rent in its front armor. EVA-00 attempts to slash at M-G with its progressive knife, but the giant robot ducks under the blow and uses its tail to knock the biomechanical robot off its feet. The Decepticons continue to fire their weapons, but the beams just bounce off the space titanium.

    COUNTDOWN: 26:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:16 No.16834123
    >we never deployed the Tomahawk team down there, did we?
    No, we did.
    It just got cut off in the ground forces listing at the top. It shows up as the first line of the post that has the space forces listing.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:17 No.16834136
    How much of Kyoto has been damaged in the attack so far?
    How long until we have full control of the Executor's systems (especially the Warp system)?
    What are we picking up on enemy Comm chatter (if anything)?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:19 No.16834156
    "Star-Lord, please confirm a final readiness check of all ground forces. Remember that for a minute before the Bomb goes off, we have transit out with Mechagodzilla. We won't be able to provide you with orbital support when that happens."

    Stick to the plan.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:22 No.16834175
    Are we picking up any troop movements from the JSDF? Also, if they've got EVA's, then they might have a Nerv base set up somewhere.
    Have the Oncoming Storm's sensors sweep the hemisphere to make sure that no bombers with N2 mines are on their way to Mechagodzilla.

    Also, now that the countdown is underway, what's the energy signal from the Bomb looking like? Is it detectable by the locals yet?
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)01:23 No.16834187
    rolled 54 = 54

    Mecha-Godzilla lets out a hissing roar as it sweeps the remaining Decepticons with its eyebeams, blasting apart a full half of them before the others turn to flee. EVA-00 scrambles out of the way, retreating from melee range as EVA-02 starts firing a pair of bazookas that impact on Mecha-Godzilla and dent his armor. A stream of blaster bolts strikes Mecha-Godzilla as a group of AT-ATs appears from behind a row of buildings, but they are not there for long as the Storm opens up with its bombardment again.

    The Oncoming Storm now detects a quartet of very small objects approaching it from the direction of Kyoto.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:28 No.16834228
    "ANON, focus sensors on those blips!"
    Just to make sure, those blips are heading towards the Oncoming Storm, and not Mechagodzilla?

    This could potentially mean a tactically-minded S.U.E., for whatever that oxymoron is worth.

    Have all of our squadrons and MS teams finished their rearming? They will need to be ready to intercept those incoming targets.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:29 No.16834240
    Like... person small?
    Replace the air surrounding these targets with laser.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:30 No.16834247
    >The Oncoming Storm now detects a quartet of very small objects approaching it from the direction of Kyoto.
    If they're not ours, blast 'em.
    Since they're in space, the danger of collateral damage is much lessened. Have the rest of the space fleet open fire from range on those objects.
    Get the fighters and gundams ready for intercept.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:33 No.16834267
    That reminds me, I'm pretty sure this music is appropriate for MechaGodzilla vs the world, final round.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:33 No.16834268
    Wonder who it is.
    Why haven't those EVAs been fucked from orbit?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:38 No.16834297
    Even with upgraded sensors, our accuracy has limits when trying to fire on something in melee.
    One unexpected wrestling kaiju move and we could end up hitting Mechagodzilla instead or our target.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)01:51 No.16834390
    rolled 45 = 45

    "All troops and armor report green," Star-Lord states.

    The comm chatter is panicked and chaotic. You listen in, but the world is still reeling from your earlier actions.

    The Rewriter Bomb's emanations will begin to pierce cloaking at about 8 minutes in.

    You have control of propulsion, life support, and power on the Executor, but it is impossible to gain full access from the computer systems.

    The JSDF seems to be letting the SUEs handle this.

    Mecha-Godzilla vaporizes a flight of TIEs and F-22s as they streak overhead.

    Countdown: 25:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:57 No.16834425
    What would we need to do, to ensure it can warp out, but PREVENT it from firing on our forces at Tokyo? Whatever is required to do that, we should do it.

    Now we wait to see if our fleets and fighters can kill the 4 incoming targets, wait to see how Godzilla fares, wait to see if we can get enough control on the Executor to loot it, and wait to see what happens at Tokyo.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)01:59 No.16834434
    Okay, still waiting on the sensor readings from ANON on those 4 approaching contacts.

    Prepare all plasma batteries and point-defense lasers for time-on-target intercept of the contacts.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:01 No.16834454
    We already did do that to the Executor.
    Since we control the power systems, we simply cut all power to weapons; it's just a sitting hunk of metal right now.
    It was already accounted for and dealt with last thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:01 No.16834458
    It doesn't warp, it jumps.
    Not that it matters, since we are transiting it out to the Meta with us so it isn't Rewritten.

    We knew going in that we would have whole control over it, just a reasonable amount of command.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:07 No.16834492
    rolled 31 = 31

    Sensors identify them as humanoids, generating large reality distortions and heading straight for the Storm.

    Immediately your gunnery stations begin firing at them instead of the ground targets, but they dance and weave around like flies, difficult to hit even for the Storm.

    EVA-02 leaps into the air and kicks MechaGodzilla in the face, causing it to stumble back. The EVA unit follows up by extending its AT-Field like a weapon, slicing through part of Mecha-Godzilla's armor. M-G hisses before returning fire at close range with another beam barrage that sends EVA-02 reeling back
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:12 No.16834521
    We won't be able to hit them until they enter our Reality field, it seems.
    Ask Pellaeon for the best fleet formation to intercept these fuckers as they enter the ship's reality field.
    Meanwhile, might as well keep supporting Mecha Godzilla while we wait for these goddamn laser dodging pieces of shit to move to where we can kill them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:12 No.16834524
    Large reality distortions?
    Then they need to get ready to feel what it's like to fight within our capital ship-grade Reality Emitter Field.

    If they're human-size targets, most of our fighters, and even the Gundams and Getter, might have problems hitting them.

    Oh, what I wouldn't give for a farmboy from Tattooine right about now. Especially now that we could make an analogy between shooting down these annoyances and varmint hunting in a T-16 back home.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:14 No.16834531
    rolled 15 = 15

    Even as EVA-02 takes a moment to steady itself, EVA-00 produces a giant spiraled crimson spear of some sort and hurls it at MechaGodzilla. The spear transforms itself in mid hurl to a more streamlined shape. The spear impacts MechaGodzilla's side and transform again into a drill-like shape before driving itself through its target. MechaGodzilla lets out a hissing roar as sparks and fire erupt from the hole drilled into it. But not even the Lance of Longinus is enough by itself to take down one made to fight Godzilla. MechaGodzilla regains its footing and directs another stream of destructive energy against EVA-00.

    The 4 SUEs still manage to evade weapons fire and are halfway to reaching orbit.
    COUNTDOWN: 25:30
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:16 No.16834541
    MechaGodzilla: Take to the skies and begin an aerial laser and missile barrage.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:18 No.16834553
    rolled 13 = 13

    Interceptors and the mechs array themselves around the Storm as the ship ceases firing on the SUEs and redirects towards the planet below.

    The two EVA-units charge Mecha-Godzilla as one, progressive knifes out. They overbear the giant robot and begin stabbing into it over and over again, to the tune of M-G's hissing shrieks. Once again, MechaGodzilla's armor begins to take severe damage. A team of Patlabors and tanks move in to support the EVAs, but the Storm easily blasts them apart.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:21 No.16834569
    rolled 93 = 93

    MechaGodzilla activates its flight rockets, blasting out of the vicious melee even as EVA-02 manages to score a vicious slash against the machine's right-side armor, exposing more machinery. Mecha Godzilla flies up and then around, firing a beam barrage that the EVAs evade.

    "S.U.E.s have entered reality field!" a bridge officer reports. Immediately one of the signals is lost as whatever power was allowing him to survive in space is shut off. The S.U.E.'s blood simultaneously boils and freezes as decompression causes various organs to rupture. The remaining three continue on course for the Storm.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:23 No.16834579
    Get the Scarab we sent earlier into position to direct its nanorobot repair module at M-G.
    Have the Pegasus Transport Chopper crash itself into the back of one of the EVA's to create an opening.
    They're Soulchipped crewmembers, the Antaeus 01 will just manufacture new chips for their minds to be downloaded to.

    In space, get ready to intercept the S.U.E.'s as soon as they pass the threshold of the Reality Field. They will likely experience a moment of disorientation, which our gunners should take advantage of.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:24 No.16834585
         File1320387894.jpg-(46 KB, 1278x540, Fire EVERYTHING!.jpg)
    46 KB
    All guns, fire on the SUE's!

    Get the Scarab we sent earlier into position to direct its nanorobot repair module at M-G.
    Have the Pegasus Transport Chopper crash itself into the back of one of the EVA's to create an opening.
    They're Soulchipped crewmembers, the Antaeus 01 will just manufacture new chips for their minds to be downloaded to.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:28 No.16834612
    Alright, now MechaGodzilla, fly above an EVA and abruptly cut the jets, stomping on an EVA while opening fire on another.
    Lets see how they like 40,000 (metric?) tons of Space Titanium landing on them.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:31 No.16834629
         File1320388314.jpg-(31 KB, 273x435, Couldtotallyblowupthedragonzor(...).jpg)
    31 KB
    rolled 26 = 26

    The Scarab begins field repairs as the chopper kamikazes Unit 2. The EVA stumbles for a moment and MechaGodzilla takes this opportunity to fire its eye-beams in a continuous burst while flying right at her. The giant robot reptile tackles EVA 002 into and through a building, still firing its eyebeams at point blank against before angling itself up and landing to grab the EVA's arms and press itself against it. The reason why is soon obvious as M-G's chest cannon beam blasts through the EVA's back a moment later. Mechagodzilla pivots on its feet to slice through the rest of the EVA, then throws the upper half of the monster at Unit 00. Rei's unit is hit by the upper torso of her partner, and still falls to the ground.

    The Storm opens up, incinerating another two of the S.U.E.s. But the last keeps coming.

    "It's some kinda humanoid robot!" the bridge officer yells. "Looks real pretty too! Look at that long blue hair..."
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)02:34 No.16834642
    >humanoid robot
    >blue hair

    ...shit. It's KOS-MOS, isn't it? Stasis Field if we can. She can tear our fleet to pieces.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:36 No.16834651
    Someone slap that officer immediately.
    ...Wait is that one of them vocaloids? Miku or whatever?
    Eh, it doesn't matter.
    As much as it pains me to do this, I am going to have to order the Storm to rapidly retreat.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:36 No.16834654
    "Get ahold of yourself!
    "All defense batteries, fire at will!
    "Relentless and Indefatigable, track that damnable thing with your tractor beams!
    "When it gets under 200 meters, all batteries cease fire, Mobile Suit Teams, Getter Robo, and Crowe engage in close combat!"
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:37 No.16834658
    rolled 51 = 51

    Mecha-Godzilla complies, flying over and onto the prone form of EVA 00. However, the EVA unit doesn't stay prone, stabbing its progressive knife into M-G's leg before pushing the machine off. The manuever succeeds in freeing the bio-machine, through from the cracks in its armor it is clear not without cost.

    The Scarab drone suddenly explodes under handgun fire from a tall man in a long red coat and hat. Enormous pistols are gripped in both hands as he steps forward, smiling ferally.

    The robot S.U.E. stops in mid flight. It appears to attempting to open up its stomach region. It continues to dodge fire from the ships as it is doing so.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:37 No.16834660
    Fuck. She's pretty much a literal Deus Ex Machina, isn't she?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:42 No.16834685
    Fucking fuck fuck fuck, I should have been expecting Alucard. Even his default state is pretty much a shoggoth that likes to call itself a vampire, only somehow even worse, and now he's a SUE?
    MechaGodzilla: Retreat to the air again.

    Also, can MechaGodzilla wield the dropped EVA weaponry?
    I forget how big an Evangelion is.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)02:44 No.16834696
    Alucard too. I don't know what they're doing here but apparently they're pulling out the big guns.

    Nothing on the ground can stop Alucard, but fortunately I doubt there's enough time left for him to do much damage to that much ordnance. If we barrage him into the dirt, maybe we can force him into cycling regeneration. If KOS-MOS has the TWS equipped, we can probably kiss most of the fleet goodbye here and now. Best throw Shin Getter at her and hope for the best.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:44 No.16834700
    What time is it?
    Also, as much as it pains me to have our giant robot and super-advanced battleship retreat from a couple overpowered jackasses, I suppose it can't be helped.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)02:44 No.16834701
    rolled 89 = 89

    Your Protoss Arbiter works fast and the robot is encased in a field of shimmering energy, unable to move or act for the time being.

    Mecha-Godzilla finishes off EVA-00 with another full barrage of beams that pierce its AT-Field. Though not as spectacular a win as with 002, it gets the job done and the Eva Unit slumps down dead.

    COUNTDOWN: 24:30
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:47 No.16834716
    Send our robot heroes to smash her before it's too late.
    Also MechaGodzilla: Endeavor to transform the area within an at minimum twenty meter radius of Alucard with explosions.
    Do this whilst being in the air.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:48 No.16834723
    Will attacking the robot break the stasis?
    Immediate priority is to get all ships out of her line of sight.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:52 No.16834741
    That Stasis Field only bought us 40 seconds, let's make the most of it.

    Time-on-target with the anti-matter missiles on the Oncoming Storm, all of its point-defense batteries, plasma turrets, and singularity lasers to coincide with the exact instant that the stasis field goes down.
    Same with the Relentless and the Indefatigable.
    All weapons, fired to coincide with the field going down.
    Let's see KOS-MOS take that.

    As for Mechagodzilla, have it stay in the air and fire what it's got left at Alucard on the ground.

    I wish we could get more Scarabs with Repair Modules to it in time, but the distance from Tokyo to Kyoto is just too great.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:53 No.16834748
    KOS-MOS cannot be harmed while in stasis, but she cannot act, either.

    And 40 seconds is not enough to be able to move ships as large as ours far enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:56 No.16834769
    Is it at least enough time to lock all weapons on her location?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)02:59 No.16834786
    With an >89
    I think so.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)03:04 No.16834826
         File1320390292.jpg-(15 KB, 443x190, tastetherainbowbitch.jpg)
    15 KB
    rolled 52 = 52


    Mecha-Godzilla lifts off and begins bombarding Alucard and the area around him. The single vampire is lost to sight as smoke and fire surround him. Then M-G is forced to cease its run as Gundam Epyon, repainted with U.S.A.F. colors and insignias leaps up from behind a building, its beam sword held high. MechaGodzilla banks to avoid the strike, but crashes into a building all the same.

    Forty seconds almost seems like too much time to wait for the plan to work. It only takes ten to get everything ready, and thirty to endure the agonizing wait. Then the moment comes just as the first crack in the stasis field appears.

    "VX Ranged SPIGOT!!!"

    "Fin Funnel!"



    The space around KOS-MOS is enveloped by explosions and distorted space for a full six seconds. When it recedes, only shredded debris and a whisper in the void of space remains.

    "Shion... Will I feel pain?"

    Countdown: 23:50
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)03:13 No.16834883
    "Redirect singularity laser and long-range laser banks to provide orbital fire support to Mechagodzilla.
    "Inde, move into position to do a site-to-site transport.
    "Antaeus 01, construct 2 Scarabs with Recycler Modules and 1 Behemoth with a Repair Module, dual Scalpel machine guns, and an extra layer of armor. Use the Magpie and a Pegasus transport to move them out of the interdiction field.
    "Inde, once you see them leave the interdiction field, beam them over to Kyoto.
    "The two Scarabs are to suck up battlefield debris so that the Behemoth has the raw materials to repair M-G."
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)03:28 No.16834959
    rolled 41 = 41

    The Antaneus begins its work as Mecha-Godzilla continues to fight. The Gundam Epyon lunges at it with its beam sword, striking a section with damaged armor and piercing the robot there. Mecha Godzilla lets out another hissing roar as it fires on Epyon. The beams hit home and drive the Gundam back for a moment, its armor streaming in rivulets down its massive form. Then it charges again, slashing with its blade, inflicting another cut on M-G. It nimbly dodges to the side to avoid M-G's return fire... right before being blown to pieces by the Storm's long range support guns. Mecha-Godzilla is soon set upon again though, but a quartet of brightly colored power-armored females that clamber onto his massive form. They fly off a minute later as a series of explosions rattle M-G, bombs having gone off planted directly in chinks in his armor. Eye beams vaporize one of the power armored women, but the rest evade.

    A fleet of heavy dropships begin to approach MechaGodzilla's battle zone.

    Countdown: 23:00
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)03:29 No.16834966
    Calling it here for the night folks. See you tomorrow!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)03:30 No.16834973
    >A fleet of heavy dropships begin to approach MechaGodzilla's battle zone.
    Have they not learned? Have they not seen?

    Obliterate those dropships before they even enter engagement range. Directed fire from the Oncoming Storm and the Relentless.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)03:59 No.16835156
    So whoever those chicks are, that's something they're 'supposed' to be able to do, hence the Reality Field was ineffective?
    Maybe MechaGodzilla can just use its force field until the repair ship arrives?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)10:46 No.16836930
    That might work, but I don't remember if there was an upper limit on the force field.
    I do recall that it didn't do anything while the force field is up, including flying, which could mean that it needs to divert power from all other systems while the field is up, which could prove problematic.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)12:26 No.16837399
    Our R-Types are still on the orbital end. We can snipe anything and everything on the ground with them.

    We can even use them to keep Alucard pinned down if we have their Wave Cannons fire in rotation.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)14:52 No.16838457
    Yes, but we also need to make sure that those dropships are destroyed before they can release whatever or whoever they're carrying.

    The R-Types can keep Alucard pinned down with their Wave Cannons.
    A.N.O.N. will use the Storm's superior sensors to provide firing solutions to the R-Types and the Relentless for orbital strikes against forces approaching Mechagodzilla.

    With us dedicating this much attention and firepower to the battle in Kyoto, the SUE's won't realize it's all just a distraction till it's too late.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)16:35 No.16839470
    Oh for fuck's sake!

    Who's the fucking idiot that archived this thread with the wrong tags?

    You fucking moron, we've already been trying to get sup/tg/'s admins to correct the tags from thread 10, and you fucked things up again!
    TG Quest is a tag already taken by some herp derp thread with /x/-tan from back in May, and none of the earlier threads for this quest are tagged with it.

    You fucking idiot, why can't you do something so simple as archiving a thread correctly?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)16:56 No.16839675
    Considering no one archives until we're all falling down from lack of sleep, it isn't that surprising.
    Chill out.
    If you care that much, archive it yourself when new threads are made. You know the old saw 'If you want something done right..' etc etc.

    On a more TG Quest related note, man we only made it through 7 minutes of the countdown so far. People are making smart moves that are helping keep our big SUE magnet up and running.
    Whoever first suggested bringing in Mecha-Godzilla: You are a fucking genius. Grats to you.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)17:03 No.16839740
    I have been archiving them, and that's why threads 4 through 9 have consistent tags.

    I've only missed thread 10 and this one.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)17:55 No.16840233
    "Bomb crew here. Bomb's power supply now at 100%. Primary power charging complete. Beginning calibration sequence."

    Between the R-Types and the Relentless and Storm, the dropships are put down without any problems. The withering rain of orbital bombardment combined with Mecha-Godzilla's own inherent firepower manages to ensure the destruction or retreat of every S.U.E., mecha, and military unit summoned to fight against M-G for the next five minutes. A huge swath of Kyoto is turned into an urban wasteland as the battle rages.

    Then a gigantic monster bursts forth from the rubble, an amorphous mass of thousands of unblinking eyes and vaguely canine maws. The creature swells in size, the innumerable bodies of the fallen around Mecha Godzilla being absorbed into it as blood flows from wherever it was spilled to feed the abomination as well.

    Countdown: 18:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)17:59 No.16840263
    It was kind of funny how that came about. Like I requested MechaGodzilla for little reason other than MechaGodzilla being awesome, and someone was pretty much like 'you want to bring a giant robot that will attract every SUE to it? I don't think you thought this through' and evidently someone in the next thread went '...attract every SUE to it? I can make this work for us.'

    Also, I watched the original Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla and I'd recommend it, if only to see how gloriously smug the alien commander is. Like he's telling MechaGodzilla what to do while leaning back in his chair and smoking a cigar.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:03 No.16840292
    Fuck. Did we leave Egon behind?
    Because I have a (probably futile) plan.

    Like the reason Alucard is so strong is because he's chock full of souls. Souls and ghosts are,,, more or less the same thing. So what if we take Alucard's souls away from him?
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)18:13 No.16840372
    I think Egon is still on board the Indefatigable with the X-COM scientists. I don't recall you guys deploying him to the bomb zone.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:18 No.16840415
    Well... put them on that task stat.
    Even the mighty MechaGodzilla is no match for Alucard gone Kaiju, only SCIENCE! can get us out of this.

    ...But in the meantime, continue the whole 'orbital bombardment' thing. Alucard should be big enough to be more or less accurately targeted.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:32 No.16840557
    Egon had, at one point in the animated series, used the ghost trap circuitry and modified a number of garbage trucks into massive ghost traps.

    Ask him if the same could be done with the circuitry and systems of an Al'Kesh transport bomber.
    They're in orbit with the rest of the fleet, so we should be able to do this.
    If he can, with the help of the X-COM scientists, then we now have an FTL and Cloak capable giant ghost trap in which to trap Alucard, or at least the source of his power.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)18:39 No.16840625
    rolled 68 = 68

    "I'll get to work right away, but we'll still need something to get him subdued near the trap. My proton pack is a little small."

    Mecha Godzilla launches its full arsenal at the mass of fangs and eyes, splattering huge amounts of blood over the surrounding buildings, but the monster just rolls forward towards the gigantic robot.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:43 No.16840661

    Do we have a good enough angle to start shooting our lasers at Alucard?

    Perhaps Mecha-Godzilla could share targeting telemetry with our ships to enhance accuracy.

    I don't know much about Alucard, but getting hit by lasers that can disintegrate large swaths of starships can't be good for him.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:46 No.16840680
    Can Egon modify the phaser arrays on the Indefatigable to produce the same effect as his proton pack?
    There are a number of other energy weapons within our fleet, if the Inde is insufficient, he should check the others as well.
    The beam rifles from the Gundams come to mind as alternatives.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:48 No.16840701
    While I hate to repeat strategies, I'm going to have to recommend MechaGodzilla take to the skies again, while remaining aware of tentacles or other pseudopods Alucard can probably extend.
    Because I'm pretty sure Alucard is not something we want to melee with.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:49 No.16840718
    Is it worth the risk to bring the Arbiter down to Earth and place Alucard under stasis once the omega ghost trap is ready?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:53 No.16840755
    Until we can get a containment system ready to fight Alucard, we should have Mechagodzilla take to the skies and slowly fall back to the west.

    1. It'll make the SUE's think they're winning, and so they'll redouble their efforts, again taking attention away from Tokyo.
    2. We need time for the repair module to get to M-G and repair critical systems and major damage.

    As long as M-G stays on the radar, he'll keep everyone's attention.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)18:55 No.16840771
    I don't think so.
    While in the Stasis Field, Alucard will be immune to the trap.
    And as soon as the field breaks, he'll still be at full power and not weakened enough for the trap to work.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)18:56 No.16840782
    rolled 41 = 41

    Treknobabble emitted by the Defiant's engineering team indicates such a use might be possible. They get to work on it while Egon works on the Al'Kesh.

    Mecha-Godzilla takes to the sky, narrowing dodging a storm of pseudopods that lash out at him with incredible speed from Alucard. Alucard himself is bombarding with a storm of destructive energy that he really, really, really should not be able to survive, but his form writhes around the beams, parting before the strikes hit like a sentient ooze. Occasionally he will be too slow and a beam will hit him, vaporizing part of his being.

    The beams that hit the planet leave huge craters and rents in the earth, transforming this area of the barren city into a series of canyons and crags.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:03 No.16840840
    MechaGodzilla: Retreat until its above the ocean.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)19:06 No.16840869
    "Rewriter Bomb time-space emanations rising from minor to moderate," one of the bomb crew reports.

    "Turret number seventeen sensor array reporting incoming bogeys," a SCP team member states. "We've been spotted."

    Mecha-Godzilla turns to retreat, a large maw in the Alucard-monstrosity opening to expel a horde of arms holding huge weapons of various kinds. They fire a salvo of missiles, beams, and bullets that strike M-G in the back, doing further damage to its armor. Then the arms withdraw and Alucard streams after M-G.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:08 No.16840880
    Alright, the plan seems to be working so far. While the Inde's engineering crew modify their phaser arrays, see if the Antaeus 01 has finished creating the Scarabs and Behemoth.
    We need to set up a rally point for M-G where it can get necessary repairs and activate it's self-repair function.

    We can then buy time for Egon and the Inde's engineers to finish their modifications. Then we can counter-attack Alucard, M-G expanding its Reality Field so that the proton blasts can weaken Alucard for the Al'Kesh Trap to work.

    Above all, we need to keep their attention for the next 16 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:11 No.16840906
    Use the plan from >>16840880

    As for the bomb site:
    Have the Oncoming Storm's sensors concentrate on the area and identify all incoming hostile forces. Send that information to Star-Lord who will coordinate the defenses at his discretion.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:11 No.16840910

    Get the Battlemechs ready to shoot down incoming aircraft. Between the Hellstar's (C)ER-PPCs, the Mad Cat's lasers/LRMs, the Atlas' LRMs, and the Riflemen-IICs LPLS, we should be able to get a few good shots in before they come into range of the missile turrets.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)19:14 No.16840936
    The units are complete, but M-G cannot be repaired while in flight.

    It appears to be a platoon of stormtroopers and those wierd sabertroopers. Two AT-STs are with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:14 No.16840941
    If possible, MechaGodzilla is to force Alucard to assume either an aerial or aquatic form.
    I'm pretty sure that will at least slightly reduce Alucard's effectiveness, because he will have to devote some energy/concentration to flying/not being broken apart by saltwater.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:18 No.16840977


    Starlord's probably pre-empted this order, but get the Battlemechs ready to tear those AT-STs apart.

    The Mad Cats should stand by to use their machine guns on the infantry when they get into range.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:18 No.16840989
    So Mecha-Godzilla can't be repaired while flying... MechaGodzilla is to briefly bring its jets to full capacity (Mach 5) and attempt to leave Alucard in the dust by several kilometers, and wait for repairs.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:19 No.16841001
    That's only if he's caught within a Reality Field. He's a SUE, remember?

    Have Mechagodzilla retreat by air to a place where it can land and receive repairs. Make sure to outpace Alucard, who is probably going to take his time and give M-G a chance to get some repairs.

    As for the enemy platoon approaching our Bomb site, we should still be safe with the cloaking field up.
    Prepare to ambush them and kill them all once they penetrate the cloaking field and are then caught by the reality field de-powering those sabertroopers and the Firestorm field burning them away.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:22 No.16841028


    We probably shouldn't attack them unless we're certain that they know that shit is going down at the bomb location.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)19:34 No.16841133
    rolled 86 = 86

    Mecha-Godzilla kicks in the afterburners and starts jetting off towards Nagasaki.

    The platoon of storm and sabertroopers prowls at the perimeter of the bomb area, clearly searching for something. Finally one of the sabertroopers breaches the anti-muggle wards and seems to lock on to the cloaking generator. The platoon opens fire, but they barely get a few shots off before your defenses wipe them out.

    Countdown: 15:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:38 No.16841175
    Beam those repair vehicles to a rally point with M-G when Alucard is estimated to be 10 minutes away.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:41 No.16841195
    Is Alucard pursuing MechaGodzilla?
    If it looks like he's losing interest, MechaGodzilla is to (slightly) slow down.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:42 No.16841203
    Okay, now we camp the Bomb like we've been planning. Play defensive there.

    If we make a big to-do about repairing Mecha-Godzilla for a second attack, that should keep the majority of the SUE's and Alucard distracted long enough for Egon and his team to finish their work.
    But above all, it will keep the enemy's attention divided between M-G and the readings from the Bomb.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)19:48 No.16841244
    rolled 59 = 59

    Mecha Godzilla slows down, eventually stopping and landing a little ahead of schedule in order to maintain Alucard's interest.

    The repair drones are teleported to him in short order and begin their work.

    No enemies approach the bomb area since the platoon you destroyed.

    Alucard is traveling a bit faster than you expected and is within 4 minutes of the repair site.

    Countdown: 12:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)19:50 No.16841256
    How's Egon and the science team doing on making that soul trap?
    Also, remember when we were bombarding Alucard from orbit?
    Let's keep doing that.
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)19:58 No.16841329
    Does MG still have those mininuke launchers? If so, now would be an appropriate time to use them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:00 No.16841345
    Pretty sure it used all the mini nukes a while ago. Like back when it was facing the Sailor Senshi.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)20:01 No.16841358
    rolled 60 = 60

    "Almost done. The replicators made it surprisingly easy... Another two minutes..." Egon reports.

    You begin to unleash another rain of death on Alucard as a familiar loud roar breaks the sky as a huge form bursts from the water nearby. One of the Storm comm/scan officers looks to you.

    "It's Godzilla!!!!"

    Countdown: 11:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:03 No.16841370
    ...In all honesty, I'm surprised he didn't show up sooner.
    What Godzilla are we talking about here?
    The Showa Godzilla? Heisei? Millenium? Ghost?
    Also is the Big G emitting reality distortions?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:04 No.16841375
    We need to slow Alucard down so Mecha-Godzilla is well-repaired. It's too much to hope we'll managed full repairs, so the drones will have to make the best of the time they'll get. Critical systems, armour, etc.

    Maintain the guard force around the bomb at maximum readiness. If possible boost up the anti-muggle wards to whatever "Merlin, was it supposed to do that to that poor Muggle?" levels they can reach, it should buy us a little more time.

    Situation on the Executor?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:05 No.16841385
         File1320451500.jpg-(146 KB, 700x466, mechrexsquirrel.jpg)
    146 KB

    This could either be very good or very bad.

    Did anyone catch a Godzilla reference/appearance in the fanfic that this is based in?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:07 No.16841402

    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)20:08 No.16841408
    For our sake we had better hope it's the Showa, though given the SUEs' disposition for things from the 90s or later it seems unlikely.

    Would it be possible to beam Godzilla into high orbit? It probably won't kill him, but it'll slow him down considerably.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:09 No.16841417
    >"It's Godzilla!!!!"

    Damnit, that's almost as bad as saying "It's a Gundam!"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:23 No.16841521
    Depending on how we work it, this could be good for us. Big G is prone to team-ups against threats, even teaming up with monsters he has fought in the past.
    Let's see if we can emote a desire to team up against this terrible tentacled monster coming our way.

    Hey, it's worth a shot.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:26 No.16841555
    ...MechaGodzilla: begin operation 'charades'.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:29 No.16841580
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:32 No.16841602
    Normally I would be against this idea, but you have a point that Godzilla does have a tendency to like team-ups.

    The big question is: is he already teamed up with...

    Of fuck's sake! I can't believe I forgot this!
    Have Tosh peek into Godzilla's mind and see if he's friend, foe, or neutral and can be turned to friend!
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)20:34 No.16841622
         File1320453251.jpg-(46 KB, 386x373, zil02.jpg)
    46 KB
    rolled 16 = 16

    It appears to be Millenium, but altered in slightly different ways. It is emitting reality distortions.

    It makes no response as it trudges towards Alucard and M-G. Alucard's progress is being hampered by the repeated orbital blasts.

    A magical mandala suddenly appears around the NOD MCV and the cloaking generator. It surges with power and the two structures explode with sudden force, disabling the stealth defenses of the bomb site.

    "Sir!" one of the Storm comm/scan officers reports. "We're beginning to detect new starships in orbit. They're appearing out of thin air, sir! Every sort of space ship on record!"

    Countdown: 10:00
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)20:35 No.16841629
    rolled 47 = 47

    Are you transferring Tosh planetside?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:35 No.16841636
    Hey, in MG's last appearance he and Big G went off to sleep peacefully under the ocean. Plus, Big G is generally a Bro-tier Kaiju, hopefully we can pull this off.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:38 No.16841655
    No, have him attempt a psionic reading from orbit. He showed that he could detect psychic readings from that distance before.

    What's the status of the Reality Emitter Generator? Is it undamaged?
    Have the Aurors check into where that magical attack came from.

    We'll have to stop orbital support of Mechagodzilla; have the fleet re-position against the newcomers.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:39 No.16841670
    Dammit, this just got personal. Do we have any ships in the vicinity that we can spare? We cannot let Mechagodzilla and Godzilla fight one on one, M-G will get it's ass kicked..

    You know, unless it's 'Zilla.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:40 No.16841673
    ohshitohshitohshit. What are the chances of overcharging the reality stabilizers to keep them at bay? I suspect SUE shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:41 No.16841685
    Fuck on every level.
    Well it goes without saying that Godzilla won't want to talk.
    And that the fleet has bigger priorities than providing orbital support.
    Identify the source of the spell and destroy it with extreme prejudice.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:43 No.16841702
    "Thin air?!? Somebody explain this shit, and I don't care if it is magic, you still have to!
    Realign our forces to hold off this new fleet- Admiral we'll leave that in your capable hands, with assistance from that tactical pakage they installed on ANON before we headed out.
    Try and get some stealth back online fore the bomb site, failing that, let's get everyone's attention and keep the hat off them.
    Egon, how are those modifications looking?"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:43 No.16841707
    How did they... No matter. Prepare for engagement against enemy reinforcements. Admiral Pellaeon, you have command!

    Star-Lord, your cloaking field is gone. It is likely that the enemy now knows your there. We will inform you as able of enemy movement towards your position. Be advised, enemy reinforcements have appeared in orbit. We may not be able to provide orbital support.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:43 No.16841709

    Exactly how many ships are we talking about here?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:45 No.16841722
         File1320453942.jpg-(466 KB, 2000x1440, 1288205391154.jpg)
    466 KB
    Are they for us or against us, though?
    Every type of ship on record makes it seem like they might be our "backup" to ensure we don't fuck up this mission. What's their IFF readings say?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:46 No.16841733
    And Alucard is generally not very bro-like and creepy on all levels, hopefully that will turn Big G's opinion in our favor.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:47 No.16841741
    We cannot allow Alucard and Godzilla to double-team MechaGodzilla.
    Being double-teamed is how it lost the first time.
    At the same time, it can't keep running can it?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:48 No.16841747
    *keep the heat off them.
    RED and BLU can have all the hats they want.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:49 No.16841757
    It can; it's flight systems seem fully operational.
    That said, if we keep only running, then it'll become obvious even to the SUE's that it's just a distraction.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:51 No.16841794
    I'd say angling for a Mechagodzilla x Godzilla team-up is our best bet here, particularly with the new fleet in orbit.
    Just because they're SUEs, it certainly doesn't mean they have to get along. Alucard is playing at Kaiju-level now, and every new Kaiju has to be beaten down by Godzilla at least once. It is practically carved in stone.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:53 No.16841810
    >Yes, OP, yes! Make us work for it!
    Shit. Identify those ships, then let Palleon take command. We'll have to hope that M-G can hold off Godzilla and Alucard, and that our forces around the bomb hold out long enough.
    Thing is, are we sure that bomb site is clear of any enemies, civilian or otherwise? We don't need any John McClane heroics from the locals.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:53 No.16841811
         File1320454391.jpg-(55 KB, 640x360, doctorelevencomeatme.jpg)
    55 KB

    Every ship type on record...

    Sweet mother of mercy.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:54 No.16841819
    That's what I meant. I mean, it -can- but it probably shouldn't.
    But I don't think it could stand against either of these foes one on one, and certainly not against both.

    ...Maybe we can make Alucard read about the Orz?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:56 No.16841844
    It's exactly because they are SUEs that this universe's Godzilla is not going to attack other kaiju-sized characters. Just MG.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)20:56 No.16841853
    It's not much, but it's probably the best plan we have.
    Maybe MechaGodzilla can make a symbolic gesture of submissiveness in an attempt to placate Godzilla?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:02 No.16841918
    If it is really SUEness that prevents the team-up, perhaps the Emitter can help with that..
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:03 No.16841930
    That has bad idea written all over it. MG just needs to get the fuck out of there, we are not going to lose equipment that valuable.
    Besides, how else are we going to pay off the massive debt we incurred from loaning out this much equipment and manpower? Remember?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:03 No.16841933
    And we don't have the Doctor to pull off a miracle. Then again, Pellaeon might just be the Admiral that can save the day.

    Let's not put too much faith in a team up with the Big G. The reality distortions could be bad news. Hopefully, that's his natural state, hopefully, and he'll be "sane" enough to accept the team up with Mecha-Godzilla.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:03 No.16841937
    The other idea is to keep running.
    Egon only needs 2 more minutes, then we can the Indefatigable and the Al'Kesh Trap seal away Alucard.

    Some parting shots from the Inde at Godzilla while he's caught within Mechagodzilla's Reality Field, and the Inde can rejoin the space fight and M-G will be fighting Godzilla on an equal footing again.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:04 No.16841944
    You mean it might be one of those 'friend of humanity' things?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:05 No.16841968
    Millennium is the Godzilla that the last MG went to sleep under the sea with, so this could work, and there are no bones in our MG to innately raise the ire of the Big G.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:06 No.16841972
    So, every ship on record, huh? None that are not on record? What's the chance that they're on our side?

    Godzilla is there, and we have Mecha-Godzilla. We have no word of god regarding a team up or not. Let's go for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:06 No.16841980
    ...Yeah lets go with that. That seems to be the best plan.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:10 No.16842014
    Considering how twisted each of the Canon characters have become due to their SUE contamination, we can't depend on anyone's personality being intact.
    Look at Vader, for instance. And the fact that more than half of the crew of the Executor are just mindless drones now, lobotomized by this universe.

    Unless Tosh's long-range psychic reading of Godzilla indicates otherwise, your appraisal of him cannot be relied upon.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)21:10 No.16842021
         File1320455448.jpg-(5 KB, 150x141, canigetthegameonthis..jpg)
    5 KB
    rolled 66 = 66

    "We're having trouble tracking the source of the spell! The new fleet is NOT friendly, but they appear to still be forming up."

    ANON: "Judging from the readings, it seems likely this new fleet was partially created on the spot to fight us using reality-bending level powers. Some of the ships appear to have been teleported into place, suggesting they were elsewhere when we arrived."

    "Star Lord here. Those SCVs of yours built four bunkers, one on every compass point. Who do you want in them?"

    Another magical mandala appears around the Rewrite Bomb, but it sputters and fails as the Bomb's inherent defenses combine with the Auror wards to fend off the assault.

    The Reality Emitter planetside is undamaged.

    "I sense 'im mon. He's... being controlled somehow. I might be able ta shatter it if I can get a liddle closa," Tosh reports.

    Alucard is almost in weapons range of Mecha Godzilla as Godzilla just reaches shore.

    "Ghost trap Omega ready for deployment!" Egon reports, breathlessly.

    Countdown: 9:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:12 No.16842040
    You do realize this is Godzilla we're talking about? Not Manilla or G Jr, I mean the big fucking G man himself. That atomic breath isn't for hugging. Godzilla is NOT a peace and love kinda guy in his natural state. He will, at best, fuck our shit up.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)21:13 No.16842058
    I wouldn't. This entire plan hinges on whether or not Godzilla is indulgent, or even sapient enough to recognize a gesture of friendship. He hasn't done that since the 70s. The Heisei and Millennium breeds are at best highly territorial monsters. Plus, no incarnation of Mechagodzilla was ever on good terms with their base. He may take Mechagodzilla's similar profile as a direct challenge.

    Plus, the reality distortions imply he is under SUE control. Tosh thinks he can do something about it, shove him in a shuttle and get him down there ASAP.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:14 No.16842063
    Supercharge one of the orbital reality stabilizers! Let's see if we can stabilize reality sufficiently for the ships that were created on the spot to vanish into vacuum.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:15 No.16842076

    Rev up that ghost trap and pray it works. As for the big G, you guys think it's worth it to try and use Tosh to break this reality's hold on him? This is Godzilla we're talking about here, so it's a crapshoot if he's friendly.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:15 No.16842080
    Remember, Millennium Godzilla was intelligent enough to back down from Don Frye's BALLS OF STEEL.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:18 No.16842108
    I'm pretty sure breaking Godzilla's mind control is better than the alternative.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:18 No.16842117
    Bring that motherfucker down. Die, Dracula, your kind does not belong in this world.
    Please tell me that we verified that there are no subways, tunnels, etc UNDERNEATH of our area and if so we cleared them and have them cleared. This is Tokyo we're talking here.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:20 No.16842138
    Ring Tosh onto one of the Al'Kesh transports, which will cloak and then take him closer to Godzilla, preferably staying out of his breath range, and attempt to break the hold on the lizard's mind.

    The Indefatigable and the Omega Trap, with Egon directing, are to go down and, with Mechagodzilla's help and Reality Field, subdue and trap Alucard before Godzilla joins the fray.

    As for the enemy fleet, Grand Admiral Pellaeon is in charge. Open fire when ready.
    We have control of the computers on the Executor; and while a little under a half of the crew are still hostile, what about the drone crew? Will they man the turbolaser batteries if given orders from the bridge? Their will appears to be sapped and we may be able to order them around.

    Finally, Star-Lord.
    Get the Delta Greens, SCP, and 2 of the Reasonable Marines into those bunkers. Keep a few SCV's around each one to do repairs on the bunkers as they're damaged.
    All siege tanks, transform and prepare for artillery targets to be painted.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:21 No.16842151
    >"I sense 'im mon. He's... being controlled somehow. I might be able ta shatter it if I can get a liddle closa," Tosh reports.
    You know, I've been doing some reading. While the Shōwa model never specifically showed it, most other have been shown to have internal space where someone can safely survive to guide and/or repair MG, do we have a spot _in_ MG that we could get Tosh? and maybe a TF2 Engie?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:23 No.16842170
    Doubt it. The original MechaGodzilla has a rudimentary AI supplemented by being given commands from a remote location.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:24 No.16842183
    Yeah, but if we do that and shit fucks up, we lose Tosh.
    >but no one cares because no one on /tg/ is familiar with any of these characters, which is why no one cared when Gaunt died, and why no one will care if Tosh dies.
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)21:25 No.16842194
    Question. Hypotheticaly, Would Alucard survive being beamed into the sun?

    >topenses Levitated indeed, CAPTCHA
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:26 No.16842202

    While Tosh riding in MG would be all sorts of awesome, I'm not sure if we can risk getting into the melee with one of our transports to do so.

    And I'm not sure if Tosh could do much to help out MG even if he was riding inside it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:26 No.16842203
    I care mon.
    Those folks survived inside MG pretty well.
    Besides, we want MG to survive too.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:29 No.16842228
    Getting an Engineer inside might still help though.
    I guess doing a fly by mind-control break + reality emitter should be enough to break whatever might be controlling Godzilla.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:29 No.16842231
    Alright, I just watched the MechaGodzilla vs Godzilla & King Caesar fight, and have a strategy if we actually need to engage Godzilla in combat.
    That strategy is: pick a spot on Godzilla's body, the original picked Godzilla's neck, but I'd say target his secondary brain if he has one, and just keep hitting it over and over again.

    Like skip to about a minute in in this video, MechaGodzilla actually causes Godzilla to lose a lot of blood.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)21:29 No.16842236
    They were also pretty banged up when they came out, and they weren't facing full Shoggoth Alucard at the time either. The space titanium is full of holes at this point, there's nothing stopping him from seeping in and ripping Tosh to shreds. Plus, there's no way he'd be able to concentrate enough to free Godzilla's mind while being bounced around in there. Better to use a cloaked Al'kesh.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:30 No.16842240
    >Please tell me that we verified that there are no subways, tunnels, etc UNDERNEATH of our area
    I've done a check of the Tokyo subway system and of Tokyo Tower via Google Earth and Google Maps.
    Unless this world is different in terms of rail lines, there are no subway tracks within a 500m radius.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:31 No.16842252

    We already have the repair drones doing repairs. Although, we could try to beam a TF2 engie down to do internal field repairs on the spot as MG is fighting.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:31 No.16842253

    Have the Grace Notes turn 180 and start sniping the enemy ships from maximum range.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:32 No.16842262
    Given all the 40K threads, I'm pretty sure a lot of people here know who Gaunt is.
    And yeah I'm going to have to agree with >>16842236 for why Tosh riding MechaGodzilla might not be a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:37 No.16842301
    No, we need the RED Engineer on the bridge of the Executor to maintain our control of it, and we need the BLU Engineer to stay at the Bomb site in order to continue setting up sentries and repairing damage to our vehicles there.

    The MLRS should get ready to launch their missiles as soon as we feed them targeting data.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)21:43 No.16842338
    rolled 67 = 67

    The Oncoming Storm and the Grace Notes begin sniping enemy ships from well outside their weapons range as the cloaked Al'Kesh, alongside the Indefatigable, begins to head planetside with Egon and Tosh in tow.

    Several ships detonate under the R-Type fire while the agile ships continue to evade the retaliation. The Storm merely uses its superior range and speed to make sure it is always dancing ahead of their weapons.

    ANON: "This idea has some merit when they close to range, but they are not close enough to attempt this yet."

    Godzilla approaches MechaGodzilla and breaths atomic fire on the left side of the robot, sparks flying as Alucard comes within weapons range and M-G opens up with everything he has on the monster. More of Alucard's mass is blown apart, but the No Life King continues its charge. It will be on top of M-G within moments.

    "Sir... We're getting some weird background readings all around the planet. We can't make out what they are, yet, though."

    "Star-Lord here. Our interdict generator just had a massive energy surge. Something just tried to teleport a LOT of stuff onto our position."

    Countdown: 8:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:45 No.16842356
    Have Shin Getter Robo fire its Getter Beams to graze Alucard enough to distract him.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:48 No.16842378
    >Something just tried to teleport a LOT of stuff onto our position
    Fuck, I am so glad we had the foresight to get an interdiction field generator.

    "Star-Lord, it looks like this world knows that we're trying to Rewrite it, and it's fighting back. We'll try to give as much sensor support as we can."

    Has any of the enemy communications changed?
    The Executor should still be patched into the enemy comm-net, and they're probably too stupid to have cut it out.
    It could give Pellaeon useful intel on what the enemy space fleet will attempt to do.

    Can Mechagodzilla escape further, until the Inde, the Omega Trap, and Tosh are in range?
    Or should we have it use its force field and reality emitter to try to hold out?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:49 No.16842389
    We need Ryoma and the Shin Getter in space, fighting against the fleet arrayed against us. M-G will have to hold out until the Inde and the Omega Trap arrive.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:51 No.16842404
    What's our alternative to distracting Alucard?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:54 No.16842422
    Have Mechagodzilla fly away. Alucard and Godzilla are now focused on M-G and we can keep running until our backup arrives.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:55 No.16842432
    MechaGodzilla charging towards Godzilla and throwing him at Alucard.
    Good idea or bad idea?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:57 No.16842449

    If Alucard can dodge lasers coming in from orbit, he can probably dodge a Godzilla being thrown at him. Besides, entering in a melee with Godzilla with Alucard there for backup may be a very bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)21:59 No.16842464
    Yeah probably.
    Should we keep doing the thing where MechaGodzilla runs away?
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)22:02 No.16842481
    A Schrödinger paradox should take care of Alucard.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:04 No.16842491
    I thought it makes him omnipresent?
    Plus it's a moot point, because we don't have Schrodinger at our disposal.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:10 No.16842539

    That may be the best way to delay them.

    At this point, the SUEs engaging MG are probably going "HAHAHA TIME TO DIE" and may relish a chase after an obviously wounded enemy.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)22:14 No.16842566
         File1320459299.jpg-(40 KB, 427x640, satellite-dish.jpg)
    40 KB
    rolled 21 = 21

    Through the Executor's comm net, you learn that the enemy's fleet is being produced by the various anime and game studios planetside, whose creative minds are working overdrive to create replacement vessels under threat of execution by the U.S. Inquisition. However, due to the nature of how fictional things become real in this world, they are going to run out of juice very, very soon. To augment this, a large number of magic users has been hired to recall ships from their spaceborne exploration/conquest to defend Earth.

    The fleet was still preparing when the R-Types attacked, now the call is coming through to press the attack NOW instead of waiting for more ships. The TG fleet will be in range of their guns within 2 minutes.

    MechaGodzilla launches itself into the air, attempting to put distance between it and Alucard.

    Countdown: 7:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:18 No.16842587
    >relish a chase after an obviously wounded enemy
    That's it!

    When Mechagodzilla is running away, have it stream out smoke and have it's jet engines cut out every few seconds.
    Make it look like it's suffered critical damage and it's trying to run away.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:19 No.16842591
    Crap we should have been targeting those locations from the beginning.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)22:20 No.16842602
         File1320459642.jpg-(33 KB, 443x646, Ineverthoughtthisimagewouldber(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    Alucard surges forward, lashing out and wrapping maw-tendrils around Mecha Godzilla's lower legs as Godzilla charges in bellowing his famous roar to claw at the mech's torso.

    The space around the 400m safe zone flares as an entire army materializes outside of the interdict zone. Stormtroopers, sabertroopers, U.S. Army, tanks, AT-STs, clonetroopers, ninjas, samurais, mages, heroes, villains, and countless S.U.E.s appear around the zone defenses. At their head is George Bush with a red lightsaber.

    "Darth Thermonucleus is here to KICK SOME ASS!" he roars as the enemy charges.
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)22:22 No.16842617
    ...We do still have like what- 8 fallout-verse nukes left right?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:24 No.16842629
    Have M-G do this as it runs >>16842587

    I'm still working on a viable space tactic. Does Pellaeon have any suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:25 No.16842632
    ...The Arbiter can still use his stasis ability can't he? How much is a 'range of 9' and a '3x3 area' in non-Starcraft terms?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.16842659
    Clawing at MechaGodzilla's torso?
    Silly Godzilla, that's where MechaGodzilla keeps its most powerful weapon.
    Even the big G himself should be knocked back by a point blank blast.
    Also, full power to boosters and fire the toe missiles.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.16842661
         File1320460123.jpg-(38 KB, 350x218, 1286774901933.jpg)
    38 KB
    rolled 24 = 24

    >"Darth Thermonucleus is here to KICK SOME ASS!"
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.16842663
         File1320460137.jpg-(28 KB, 250x379, 250px-GiladPellaeon.jpg)
    28 KB
    "Against a force of that size we would be best served to attempt to scatter them somehow, face only a few at a time. Barring that, keep them moving, keep us moving. We cannot prevail in a large scale confrontation with only a few ships. We must simply stay alive long enough for your mission to be completed."
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:32 No.16842684
    "ANON, feed targeting data to the siege tanks and MLRS on the ground! All units fire at will.
    "Antaeus 01, produce 2 Scarabs with Recyclers and piloted by Soulchips to break down battle debris from the enemy. Begin continuous production of Hornet attack helicopters armed with Scalpel machine guns and piloted by Soulchips.
    "Star-Lord, all weapons free. You have full authorization to use Blaster Bombs and request orbital nuclear bombardment by the Nod ICBM as a final protective fire."

    As for the fleet:
    Have the Oncoming Storm and the R-Types continue firing at extreme range, everyone get ready for contact.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:34 No.16842703
    Give them all a healthy taste of our artillery.

    Also is it just that no enemy forces can be within the area when the bomb goes off, or can they not be within the area at all without a catastrophic meltdown
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:35 No.16842711
         File1320460538.gif-(34 KB, 650x450, POSEASATEAM.gif)
    34 KB

    Shit just got real.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)22:35 No.16842715
    ...Beam in bombs all around the intradiction zone, where these enemies showed up, then fill it up with a minefield.

    Do our Alkesh have stargates?

    If so, we can also set up that as a distraction, a supernova....
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.16842719
    ANON, how much stress can the Storm's transit drives take?

    We can attempt a series of micro-jumps, each lasting only long enough to fire all of our weapons and calculate the next jump, in order to prevent the enemy from being able to target us.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.16842721
    Well, looks like we have to assassinate the President again.
    How is the team around the bomb? Have we lost any troops?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.16842722
    Alright Admiral, you have permission to begin evasive and defensive maneuvers immediately. It's time to wait out the clock.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:38 No.16842744
    Pretty sure we only accounted a small scouting force a short time ago.
    MechaGodzilla was super-effective at being a diversion.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)22:39 No.16842750
    Wish we had thought to bring a portal gun...
    Ah well, next time.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:39 No.16842752
    >If so, we can also set up that as a distraction, a supernova....
    No, even better. If we have 2 Stargates, then it's possible to send one into the corona of the Sun with it's onboard shield activated, and then released the other in the middle of the enemy fleet, and remote-dial to connect the two, resulting in a solar flare emerging right in the middle of the enemy fleet and making them disperse.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)22:41 No.16842761
    ....You tactical bastard, though how would we stop the Naquedah from blowing up so close to the sun, thus causing the nova anyways?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:44 No.16842789
    We don't.
    A nova is still limited by the speed of light.
    It takes 8 minutes for the nova to hit Earth.
    Everything in this universe will get Rewritten in 7.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)22:45 No.16842794
    AH, very good. Do the SUE's know that? and do we care to waste a stargate?
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)22:46 No.16842815
         File1320461213.jpg-(13 KB, 320x240, robotchicken-georgewjedi.jpg)
    13 KB
    George bush as a sith? bah- everybody knows he's a lawful stupid Jedi.
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)22:49 No.16842832
    The SUEs have shown an astounding lack of strategic knowledge so far, there's no reason they'd expect something so roundabout. The real problem is getting a Stargate from Earth to Sol in that time period. Do we have anything that can send it that far?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:49 No.16842834
    Do we even have Stargates, should be your first question.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:50 No.16842838
         File1320461409.jpg-(80 KB, 416x405, Thrawn Advice - Get an Art Deg(...).jpg)
    80 KB
    >Do the SUE's know that?
    I doubt that very much.

    >do we care to waste a stargate?
    This would be kind of Just As Planned unorthodox idea that Grand Admiral Thrawn would have been proud of, and that Pellaeon would appreciate.

    Of course, this all depends on us have 2 Stargates in the cargo hold of one of the remaining Al'Kesh transports.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:52 No.16842849
    Is Alucard fast enough to reach Tokyo before the bomb goes off?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:52 No.16842850
         File1320461532.gif-(11 KB, 223x223, 1318576566461.gif)
    11 KB
    Where's Darth Cheney, though?
    He's the real power behind Bush anyway.

    Anyway don't forget to have the reality emitters target Dorth Thearammammornuckleawhatiz for pure stratergy power.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:52 No.16842853
    The Al'Kesh is an FTL capable troop transport and has a hyperdrive rated at 32,000 times the speed of light.
    A short hyperspace jump to the Sun would be well within its capabilities.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:55 No.16842871
    We have the capital ship-grade Reality Emitter at the Bomb site; as soon as he steps through, most of his powers are going to be wiped away.
    Paradoxically, the greatest threat will be the regular US Army, since their weapons will pass straight through the Reality Field without any problems.

    Of course, we also includes a dreadnought-class shield generator as well, and they're able to take quite a beating before going down.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:57 No.16842886

    Luckily for us, we have Battlemechs and other troops/fortifications that use armor that was designed to withstand weaponry five times as powerful as 20th century munitions.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:57 No.16842887
    Can we beam down some Ysalimir just in case?
    Our troops on the Executor no longer need them.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)22:58 No.16842895
    ...We should put one Ysalmir into each mech, and then disperse the rest in other armor.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:59 No.16842901
    Not a terrible idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)22:59 No.16842904
    Yes, but why?
    It would take 8 minutes for the light to reach Earth.
    The bomb goes off in 7 min.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:00 No.16842911
    Okay, here's what we've got so far:
    Ground Team:
    is so far the best we've got, with Mechagodzilla firing its chest weapons and toe missiles in order to get free of Godzilla and Alucard, then flying away to wait for reinforcements to arrive in the form of Tosh, Egon, the Inde, and the Omega Trap.

    If we have Stargates:
    We give the enemy fleet a sunburn they will not soon forget. Actually, no, they'll forget it in exactly 7 minutes.

    If we don't have Stargates, we attempt ANON calculated micro-jumps in order to jump around the enemy fleet and blast them apart and jump away before they can respond.

    Does this all sound right?
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)23:00 No.16842916
    The idea was to have a flare warp through the Stargate in the middle of their fleet, or at least expose them to a massive dose of solar radiation at its apex. The nova is irrelevant.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)23:02 No.16842932
    The nova is our doomsday device if our reset button doesn't go off.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:02 No.16842933
    The question I was answering was in regards to whether we would even be able to get a Stargate to the Sun in time for this plan to work.
    I pointed out that the Al'Kesh has a hyperdrive and can therefore get to the Sun in about 0.01 seconds.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:02 No.16842938
    We're stargating the flare are our opponents. The 7/8 time difference is a good thing, considering we're kinda causing the sun to go nova.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)23:04 No.16842951
         File1320462287.jpg-(27 KB, 335x256, SAMex.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 77 = 77

    Antaeus 01: "Working..."

    They do not, unless I'm wrong and they're standard issue to all Al'Kesh ships.

    The Siege Tanks and MLRS open up, cracking the sky with a thunderous barrage of rockets and gauss accelerated tungsten rounds. Huge holes are blasted in the enemy lines as they charge your defenses.

    "Wait for it... NOW!" Starlord orders. The Firestorm wall crackles to life, incinerating the first wave of enemies to approach and stopping cold the wave of projectiles the rest sent, giving your troops valuable seconds to orient themselves. Unfortunate the Firestorm doesn't last that long and too soon, it fades, allowing the enemy to charge forth once more.

    The X-COM squad takes to the air, firing blaster bombs at concentrations of enemy troops and attempting to mind control enemy SUEs. A platoon of sabertroopers is startled as their leader, the samurai Kyo suddenly begins slashing them apart.

    The Leopards begin strafing runs as the Overlord sits in place, a massive fortress of guns and armor sending PPC bolts, autocannon rounds, and missiles into the enemy ranks. The battlemechs and destroids strafe both ground and air, as the missile turrets spring to life, launching missile after missile into the evening sky. They bring down fighter after fighter as they scream overhead, attempting to support their infantry with ground strikes.

    Your Devastator Squad fires its heavy weapons, bringing down two of the AT-STs as one of their number falls to massed blaster fire.

    The rest of the troops open fire from within the safety of their bunkers.

    "Sir, those distortion readings are beginning to spike!"

    Countdown: 6:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:05 No.16842953
    The repair team is still intact as well, seems our foes have been too distracted by MG to pay them mind, might want to re-position them somewhere for Mechagodzilla to meet-up with again.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)23:10 No.16842988
    Damn, we got Al'kesh intstead of Hatak

    Bombers vs capital class...
    Ah well.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:10 No.16842990

    >Those distortions readings are beginning to spike!

    OP, are you referring to the Distortions from the possibly mind-controlled Godzilla?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:15 No.16843024
    I think he's referring to
    >"Sir... We're getting some weird background readings all around the planet. We can't make out what they are, yet, though."

    I don't know what it could mean though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:15 No.16843028
    Those Al'Kesh, did we get ones equipped with teleportation rings, or Asgard teleporter?
    Depends which side they were acquired from, I would suppose.

    Those Asgard 'porters are up there with Trek for usefulness, though the rings ain't too bad neither,
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)23:17 No.16843037
         File1320463022.jpg-(40 KB, 704x676, gotchabitch.jpg)
    40 KB
    rolled 40 = 40

    Mechagodzilla fires its chest cannon, knocking Godzilla away as the Al'Kesh ship finally enters range.

    "Now!" Egon shouts as the Al'Kesh opens up as the Indefatigable fires on Alucard with modified proton rays. Alucard's amorphous form shudders and struggles as it is slowly ripped from the ground and off of Mecha Godzilla. Inexorably the vampire king float towards the Al'Kesh, struggling all the while, losing mass until finally Alucard reverts to his human form and emits an unearthly scream before he is pulled within the transport and its doors click shut.

    Tosh narrows his eyes and begins to focus on Godzilla, who stops moving and begins to stand in place.

    "It's tough mon... Gimme some more time..."

    Meanwhile, as the chaos of the battle envelops the bomb site, a trio of gorgeous women with three markings on their face and halberds fly towards the bomb itself.

    "We are members of the Asgard Combat Division and we-" one haughtily states. Three beams of blue energy catch them all as they slowly begin to grow transparent.

    "...never existed," A Chrono Legionnaire finishes for them.

    Suddenly a barechested man with long flowing white hair jumps towards a Hellstar. His seven-foot long katana rips deeply into the mechs' armor, though from his icy frown as he returns to the ground it is clear he expected far more. The mech explodes anyway as he waves a hand and a giant meteor materializes and strikes the war-machine.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:19 No.16843055
         File1320463199.png-(2.95 MB, 1280x1000, fractal gallows.png)
    2.95 MB
    Wel that's ONE concern out of the way, but now we need to do something about those reality distortions.
    Remember the idea about Supercharging one of those orbital Reality Emitters at the enemy fleet, but they were out of range?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:21 No.16843068
    Oh fuck me, it's Sephiroth.
    >> Research Fag 11/04/11(Fri)23:23 No.16843078
         File1320463389.jpg-(84 KB, 500x310, 1313868143751.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:23 No.16843080

    That may just be crazy enough to work.

    A high dose of reality would even out the odds considerably down there.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:24 No.16843091
    Let Tosh continue trying to break Godzilla of the control while the Inde goes into orbit over the Bomb site and provides orbital strikes for enemy forces still outside the shield radius.
    Mechagodzilla should fall back and link up with the repair team we had sent in order to do repairs.

    As for Sephiroth, have the Aurors handle him. They can knock his sword out of his hands, paralyze him, and then hit him with Avada Kedavra.
    Make sure they meet up with the EMH and get doses of RED-2 before entering battle.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)23:25 No.16843095
    I like it.
    ...If we had more ships, I would totally be yelling to stick a star destroyer into his face and see what he thinks about meteors, but no, that would just be silly.

    fun, but silly.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:25 No.16843099

    Sephiroth, meet transporter zeroed into the middle of a singularity laser beam in hard vacuum within the range of reality generator.

    Singularity laser beam within hard vacuum, meet Sephiroth.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:26 No.16843109
    That might be a good idea, if we can spare one.
    We have small FTL ships- who says the fleet is out of range? Load on into a cloaked Al'Kesh, or other craft, and overload it where that fleet is mostly going to blink out of existence under its effects.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:27 No.16843115
         File1320463634.jpg-(264 KB, 1146x849, 1284536298050.jpg)
    264 KB
    Fucking Sephoroth
    Reality emitters and now it's time for the snipers to do their thing. BLU Sniper is down by one head shot compared to RED's
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:27 No.16843116
    That...just might work.
    ANON, can we supercharge one of the reality emitters to cover the planet? It only needs to last 6 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:27 No.16843121
    But the problem is, there are reality distortions all around the ENTIRE PLANET, and they are SPIKING!
    This abomination of a Canon is fighting back, and we need to stop it at it's root!
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/04/11(Fri)23:28 No.16843126
    I like this too.

    I never liked seperoth, do eet,
    For chaos

    Now that I have had my sillyness, lets get Real.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:29 No.16843137
    Not even 6 minutes, even a very short burst will cause some problems to just fizzle out.
    Though a larger, sustained, burst around the bomb site would also be most useful.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:30 No.16843140
         File1320463808.jpg-(46 KB, 463x500, woodys penultimafinal form OH (...).jpg)
    46 KB
    This picture goes with yours.

    >It only needs to last 6 minutes.
    On the contrary, all it needs to be is interupted JUST ONCE and they'll have to restart everything, if their SUE processes don't just blow up!

    It's like shoving the fuel rods all the way into a reactor: only takes a second and it kills the whole process!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:31 No.16843147
    I vote for this.
    Still, doesn't this seem a little easy? I mean, at this point, our victory is pretty much guaranteed. Seems a bit suspicious...
    Oh yeah, Dubya's still out there.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:33 No.16843161
         File1320464022.png-(63 KB, 600x601, oh my gosh.png)
    63 KB
    >Oh yeah, Dubya's still out there.
    Broadcast this:
    "We come from the future, and get this: YOU GOT OUTVOTED BY A BLACK PRESIDENT!"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:33 No.16843163
         File1320464034.png-(62 KB, 1223x552, 1285933323199.png)
    62 KB
    Sentient planet....
    Fuck, let's just hope we don't run into Captain Planet at the last second.
    Or Goku. Fucking instant transmission faggot. I say Goku because of all the Sailor Moon ships with him, though I'm sure he would have turned up by now.

    Can we teleport a bag of pretzels into G Dub's hands? If so, do it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:34 No.16843167
    While I like the plan, I'm fairly certain transporters don't work like that.
    The TR-116 with micro-transporter was only able to do what it did because it used bullets that could be beamed out.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)23:34 No.16843172
         File1320464093.gif-(73 KB, 485x213, orz.gif)
    73 KB
    rolled 99 = 99


    The Capital Grade R.E.s you have are all ship mounted, except for the one installed at the bomb site.

    Godzilla emits a feral roar as he begins to smash apart the buildings around him. Tosh shakes his head.

    "E's not controlled anymore, but 'e still ain't happy, mon. Best to be leavin', I think."

    ANON: "Mecha-Godzilla and those in the Kyoto region must begin traveling towards either the Storm or the safe zone within the next minute if they are to escape the detonation."

    The battle intensifies, several Space Marines charging Sephiroth, keeping him at bay with chainswords and bolters as the long haired villain seems to relish the combat. The gunnery crews report that they cannot fire into the chaos of the battle without possibly hitting our own, not to mention an orbital strike within the 400m zone has the possibility of causing collateral to the Bomb.

    The reality distortions reach a peak as people over the globe begin to vanish into thin air, or be ripped to pieces. Simultaneously, some of the ships in the enemy fleet begin to suffer inexplicable damage. A message suddenly appears on every communications device the world over.


    Countdown: 5:00
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:35 No.16843175
    Wait, distortions around the entire planet.. or the distortions are coming FROM the planet?
    Gaia SUE.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:36 No.16843188
    Hey guys, you know what we forgot?

    R-Type ships are capable of time-travel via Dimension 26.
    >> OP 11/04/11(Fri)23:38 No.16843217
    rolled 19 = 19

    I'll let you in on a secret. I decided that every time I rolled dice during this mission, a roll of 1-5 results in Goku finally showing up.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:38 No.16843219
    Let's just play along and hope they get wiped out with the bomb, okay?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:39 No.16843233
    >Orz are here to *pull* the *silly cows*
    OH. FUCK.

    Mechagodzilla is to get its shiny metal ass to the Bomb site NOW!

    The Inde, the Omega Trap, Tosh and Egon are to hightail back to the fleet. We all form up for an emergency transit and activate all of our reality emitters at full. With the overlapping fields, hopefully we'll be safe and can protect the Executor and the two other ships we looted.

    Are we detecting any reality distortions near the Bomb site?

    And guys, should we talk with the Orz?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:39 No.16843235
         File1320464397.gif-(1.25 MB, 232x191, catmindblown.gif)
    1.25 MB

    Should we have Tosh & Egon & the rest travel to the safezone, or fly up toward us so they can warp?

    Or do you guys think we should have our Arbiter recall MG & the rest of our guys that are in the Kyoto region to a safe place on one of our ships in orbit (i.e. the huge cargo bays on one of our starships in orbit)?

    Also, HOLY SHIT!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:40 No.16843240
    >R-Type ships are capable of time-travel via Dimension 26.
    If they can use that to chronoport, then that would be wonderful, otherwise time travelling in a fucked universe is a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:42 No.16843253
    "ANON, if we can pulse the planet with a Reality Field and still have the power to escape within the last minute, DO IT!"
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/04/11(Fri)23:43 No.16843261
    Recall is instant, so we should wait until they have less then a minute left to detonation. The less time the SUEs have to get to the bomb the better. Mechagodzilla should either fall back to orbit now or head to support the defense, depending on how badly damaged it is. Personally I think it's done enough already.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:43 No.16843267
    Before I would have said to Recall M-G, but there still too many locals near the Bomb site for us to feel safe. I think it's needed there in order to help keep the zone clear of locals before the Bomb goes off.
    We should keep the Recall in reserve in case some of our units look like they won't make it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:45 No.16843290
    Wait a minute, guy.

    The Orz are here. If we pulse the fleet's reality emitters, it might be construed by the Orz as an attack against them.
    That's not something we want to do.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:46 No.16843297
    Yeah, I was about to contact them to send their marines to the site to help bolster defenses, but as they don't have their ships in this space right now, better to keep silent. I don't feel like fighting the Orz at this point, even if we do have to deal with them eventually. Fighting on two fronts is a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:46 No.16843301
         File1320464791.png-(137 KB, 293x282, 1320344220257.png)
    137 KB



    Nono. No. No. No.

    We are leaving. We fought the good fight, gained a few good bar stories in the process, but we are leaving. We're done. Begin pulling everyone out, and tell the Orz we warmed 'em up for them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:46 No.16843306
    Hello fellow *campers*!
    While it's always a pleasure to see you, we're kind of busy playing a big *time joke*, the biggest you've ever seen.
    You're welcome to stay around in the designated safety zone, but you probably don't want to be in this universe in the next five minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:47 No.16843313
    Yeah, have MG meet up with the fleet, he isn't precise enough to be a big help at the bomb site.

    Can overlapping reality fields protect us from Orz? If so, we might want to consider bringing the fleet as near the site as we can, providing cover and cranking up the fields as high as we can while having them last till Transit.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:47 No.16843320
    Ah, i see. I thought it might be worth it to try to preserve the people, in case it fucks of the rewriting process.
    >Begin pulling everyone out, and tell the Orz we warmed 'em up for them.
    You know what? Why not.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:48 No.16843323

    We might have to resort to that if they declare hostile intentions. We should prep a planet-wide pulse just in case.

    However, we may want to talk with the Orz and convince them to help out, but ultimately not interfere with the Rewriter Bomb's detonation.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:49 No.16843334
    >You're welcome to stay around in the designated safety zone, but you probably don't want to be in this universe in the next five minutes.
    No, we don't tell them this.
    I like the idea of letting them get fucked over.

    Unless you think it will make enemies of them?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:50 No.16843343
    > a roll of 1-5 results in Goku finally showing up.
    And getting caught in a reality field as soon as he attempts to instant transmission toward the bomb or the Storm?
    I'm okay with that.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:51 No.16843351
    Remember that all Orz are akin to individual cells of some great cosmic horror.
    It is unlikely to the point of being impossible that every Orz in existence is stationed here, and I don't want all the ones who are still alive to see us as enemies.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:51 No.16843361
    >>Dimension 26


    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:52 No.16843370
    Mecha-Godzilla has been credit to team
    We should keep him.
    Like I said in the last thread, if worst comes to worst, just attach him to a ship. He's made of space titanium; his body can take it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:53 No.16843375
    Did you forget that we were allied with them and specifically asked them to pull this fucked up continuity apart in order to enforce order, before we went and got the Rewriter Bomb?

    The only way we're getting out of this, is either having the Rewriter Bomb wipe them out and hope that it also reached back into their home dimension and eliminated one of the Orz from the Star Control Canons,
    We tell them that we've been fighting, and that we have a big bomb about to go off and they should skedaddle.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:53 No.16843376
    I'd say it's time for MechaGodzilla to be Recalled.
    It has proved useful beyond our wildest dreams.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:53 No.16843382
         File1320465225.jpg-(100 KB, 672x800, 1187871094.jpg)
    100 KB
    Yes, it will make enemies, and they know where our base is at because WE LED THEM THERE.
    Let's not fuck up anymore with the Orz, mmm'kay?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:55 No.16843397
    >Let's not fuck up anymore with the Orz, mmm'kay?
    Sounds good. You win.

    I suppose it's only fair to warn them then.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:55 No.16843404
    We don't need the Orz as enemies. Tell them about the bomb.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:57 No.16843418

    We should probably mention that we want this bomb to go off. But since they're our friends and have sacrificed so much for us, it would be a -very- good idea for them to pull out before it detonates, or help out in defending the bomb site.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/11(Fri)23:58 No.16843423
    >follows some links..
    >B-Fnmt Bloom Cruiser -Speed Fortress-
    >A mobile cruiser which rams enemies with its durable shell. Can convert the enemy's remains into resources.

    We should get one of those some time.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:00 No.16843448
    We need some climatic music for this shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:01 No.16843452
    What if we can cut a deal with the Orz?

    Tell them about the bomb and how it's got five minutes left on the clock. Tell them what it does and that we'd like the bomb to go off. Ask them to help us defend the bomb and in exchange, they can pull as many *campers* as they can in five minutes.

    In short, let's try and deal. If they don't want to, say kthxbai and get the hell out of dodge, leaving the planet to the Orz.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:01 No.16843453
    Just a reminder from thread 9:
    >"Properly programmed, the Bomb could also lock out the Orz, sparing the planet."
    So the Orz aren't going to be coming back here afterward. No idea how they'll feel about this though.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:02 No.16843454
    Okay, seems we're all agreed on telling the Orz that they can *dance* a little longer, but we've got a big bomb about to go off and that they should leave while the getting's good.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:04 No.16843474
    You know, after the Rewrite, we should move our base HERE, so we have a place safe from Orz.
    Considering, you know, us showing them our base for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:04 No.16843475
    What's the best way to explain this to the Orz...
    As you are already aware, the *silly cows* in this universe make us *frumple*. They make us *frumple* hard. And they make the structure of this universe *frumple* as well, and would eventually make it be *dissolving*.
    And so we *danced* with these *silly cows* and now with the aid of our Reality bomb, we will play a *time joke* which will *change* this place's *color* making it a *happy town*.
    Although it will be very dangerous, so unless you wish to stay in the designated safety zone, it would probably be best for you to *slide*.
    These words are very, very *fat*.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:05 No.16843486
    What if they "help" us by stopping the bomb?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:09 No.16843515
    We might want to say that the Bomb will make this *town* *sticky* and that the Orz should *slide* now.

    The threat of being trapped in a single dimension might get the Orz to leave.
    >> OP 11/05/11(Sat)00:09 No.16843518
         File1320466157.png-(46 KB, 300x314, wavegoodybetoyourheadwanker.png)
    46 KB
    rolled 13 = 13

    ANON: "We do not have time to recover all of our troops at the Bomb site before it activates."

    MechaGodzilla takes flight towards the Bomb site as you transmit your message. The problem is with no ships, you don't know if they can actually receive the message.

    In orbit you begin to have your ships form up into a transit formation, tractoring along two ImpStarDeuces for salvage.

    Several bolts strike Sephiroth, but his flesh regenerates even as it blown apart. His sword flares with energy and he slices through one of the Reasonable Marines while another brings a chainsword on his back, causing a horrific wound. At this point, Sephiroth is engaged most of a Tactical Squad, but is losing.

    The Orz do not appear to be manifesting within the areas protected by reality emitters. They do, however, seem to be causing utter chaos around most of the globe, especially centered on military laboratories.

    The X-COM squads continue to wreak havoc from the air as an AT-AT falls smoking against a building, hulled by the PPCs of a Hellstar. An F-15 Strike Eagle crashes in the distance as a Rifleman burns its wings off. One of the Mad Cats falls, sabertroopers slashing through its legs with concentrated strikes even though a score of them die in the process.

    Darth Thermonucleus slashes through BLU's soldier with glee.

    "Heheheheh! Awesome! This war-leader stuff is for me! This-"

    A bullet blows through his head as Sniper works the action on his rifle.

    "Wonder if that counts as fulfillment of that contract from Russia..." he murmurs.

    "Calibrations finished. Beginning primary activation sequence!"

    Countdown: 4:00
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:10 No.16843527

    That's why we make it explicitly clear that we want the bomb to go off.

    If they object, we may be able to sway them by mentioning that there are many, MANY more worlds that have much tastier foes to munch on. Which is completely true, as we will eventually come across WH40K Chaos troopers and however the G-man is working for.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:11 No.16843542
    Wait, 13 is a good roll now?
    you dun goofed op
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:11 No.16843545
    Why would we need to recall them? Shouldn't they be protected from the Bomb's effects, so long as Sephiroth is killed in the next four minutes?
    >> OP 11/05/11(Sat)00:12 No.16843552
    rolled 62 = 62

    You transmit this message, but you do not know if they receive it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:13 No.16843561
    Last roll was a 99.
    Pay attention.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:14 No.16843569
         File1320466447.jpg-(212 KB, 796x567, oh my god nope.jpg)
    212 KB
    >MFW I try to imagine the Orz attempting to *pull* a Chaos Battlebarge.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:14 No.16843571

    You want a BYDO ship? That thing will infest us all!
    >> Zeta Zaku 11/05/11(Sat)00:18 No.16843622
    Might want to have the Arbiter prep Recall immediately. Have everyone fall back into the DropShips so they can survive the transit.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:20 No.16843636
    "Star-Lord, 4 minutes and counting!"

    We can't provide much more help for them now.

    Make sure that the Executor is going to be within our transit field.

    Were the Aurors administered the requested doses of RED-2?
    They can magically paralyze Sephiroth and make him an easy target for the Marines.

    Also, have the EMH administer the last remaining dose of RED-2 to Star-Lord, because he will likely be needed on the front lines.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:21 No.16843654
    Haven't you been paying attention? Staying within the 400 meter radius will keep all forces safe, and is also the same area that no forces native to this reality can be allowed to be alive in when the bomb goes off.
    Since there are still people native to this reality in the blast zone, we can't afford to retreat.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:22 No.16843660
    Everyone at the Bomb site should be within the 400m safety zone, and they'll need to stay at their positions and keep fighting in order to keep the zone clear of locals.

    So they should stay at their locations and need to clear the zone of the locals.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:22 No.16843667
    FUCK NO, do you know what the BYDO are?
    They are humanity incarnate on a nanomolecular and spiritual level, they infest entire alternate universes, turning galaxies into giagantic organs of BYDO biomatter!
    Watch this viedo:
    >> The Plan Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:23 No.16843673
    Got to keep the exclusion zone clear.
    4 minutes left on the clock, I say we focus all fleet fire on clearing out what we can around that area without undue risk to our people. Crank up bomb site Emitter as high as we can risk without it completely burning out before time is up.
    Lay down fire, get all our people and machines either within the zone or up with the fleet.
    Kick off the recall at the last moment and get the hell out as the rewrite goes off.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/05/11(Sat)00:23 No.16843683
    If we time bombs right, and teleport them in and set to go off so that everything within that 400m zone is destroyed, yet timed so that the blastwaves don't reach our major reality bomb in that time, it should clear the zone of any hostiles and ensure a smooth repair...
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:27 No.16843708
    Good plan in case everything goes to hell and the zone is overrun.
    Let's just hope we won't need it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:27 No.16843709
    What? No.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:27 No.16843721
    That's probably our best hope. Wait. Make them Talaron bombs, you know, from Star Trek Nemesis! That'll get them and leave the Reality Bomb intact!

    We're getting our people out! LET'S DO THIS!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:27 No.16843723
    While we are on the topic of R-Type ships, what do you think of investing in the atmospheric/urban combat-oriented models?
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/05/11(Sat)00:29 No.16843742
    IN autosage, new thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:30 No.16843752
    That would be cutting things too close, and doesn't ensure that we would have been able to clear the zone effectively.

    If the enemy space fleet is occupied with the Orz, and our ships are all in position around the Executor and the Storm, then the only assistance we can provide is orbital strikes outside the safe zone, in order to eliminate enemy reinforcements before they enter the zone.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:31 No.16843766
    Geeze, didn't realize R-Type had gotten so grim.
    You realize this also means it is likely that they are another threat, much like the Orz, for the TG to deal with.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:31 No.16843768
    We don't have any thalaron weapons so your plan is useless.
    >> Lord Kobald !1jPEJ87kV. 11/05/11(Sat)00:32 No.16843778
    or beaming anvils over our enemies heads, and if they are Jedi, strap a Ysarmi onto the top.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:32 No.16843785
    Indeed, this.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:33 No.16843794
    You don't defeat the Bydo.


    That being said I hope we only have to fight enemies like Gaioh or The Edel Bernal instead.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)00:33 No.16843798
    This is why it's essential to research any suggestions you make before posting them.

    Do you remember how many people asked for Culture ships and Agents without thinking of the consequences?
    Those weren't even the unforeseen consequences that the G-Man talked about, they were all easily predicted results of the Culture's profile.
    >> OP 11/05/11(Sat)00:36 No.16843829

    New thread.

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