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  • File : 1320547176.jpg-(409 KB, 1489x885, fwqtitle.jpg)
    409 KB Fairy Warband Quest 5 Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:39 No.16853094  
    You slide down the ladder, following the faint screams and shouts from your tree's lower level.

    Even though you reach the ground in seconds, things have calmed down considerably. Most of the fairies, aside from those on sentry duty and a few who have wandered off, are clustered around the magic hole -- a hole that you gave orders to dig after a combination of picking up a faint smell of magic on the ground floor, and guessing that the magic that spawns fairies had to come from somewhere. You push your way through the crowd.

    The magic hole is much deeper than it was when you last checked, just an hour ago. At the bottom of the hole lie two fairies and two wooden shovels. The fairies are in one piece, and as you watch one sits up and starts to shake the other. There must have been a cave in. It seems that the open area the fairies have fallen into is wider than the magic hole itself, but your view of any surrounding area that there might be is blocked by the deep magic hole.

    Some of the nearby fairies have dug up some more rope, which they are trying to attach the rope ladder that used to stretch to the bottom of the hole. The rest of them have wandered off again, now that the crisis is over.

    At the bottom of the hole, the two fairies are laughing and making explosion noises, surveying their surroundings and waving up at you. Then, one of them points to the area outside your field of view and screams in terror.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:40 No.16853100
         File1320547210.jpg-(233 KB, 360x976, codex.jpg)
    233 KB
    You are a fairy. You are immune to all harm from everything except magic and magnets. You and other fairies are magic. Fairies are made of sparkles, which they release on death. Sparkles are power. You have some underlings as listed in the codex and the bestiary. They have fought tooth and nail for control of a tree that makes more fairies. Also you can ask questions regarding in character knowledge and previous events, but that's the short version.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:44 No.16853135
    >screams in terror at something
    >in the dark
    >in the highly magic cavern
    >fairies are hurt by magic

    go get a fucking branch or rope or something and dump it in there to get our goylz out, we can't lose sparkles to an unprepared exploratory party like this.

    also, be sure to watch what is happening in the hole, because chances are they'll get mauled anyway regardless what we do, and we could learn something.

    also fuck yes fairy quest
    >> Meta Updates (Also, previous title was supposed to be Summary Thus Far) Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:44 No.16853138
         File1320547470.jpg-(51 KB, 360x244, bestiary.jpg)
    51 KB
    Grapple attempts with multiple attackers pool their dice now.

    Large prevents all movement through the character's hex, and gives it an automatic one point attack when entering another character's hex. Mount lets the character be ridden and (for now, unless I figure out a more clever or fun way to handle it) gives the rider one DR.

    4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16791040/
    3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16779753/
    2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16720170/
    1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16710567/
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:46 No.16853157
    >go get a fucking branch or rope or something
    Some of the others have already started doing this without being prompted. They have to haul the first rope up and tie the new rope to it first, though. Also, you aren't certain the new rope is long enough. It's very close, if it is.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:47 No.16853169
    Too bad we aren't badass enough to carry two fairies in one hand and teleport them out.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)22:49 No.16853174
    Join the suptg channel:

    /join FairyQuest

    Also, tell the others good job in taking the initiative. Let's go see what happened now.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:49 No.16853185
    oh yeah we can teleport can't we

    let's port on down there and kick that piece of shit horror right in the face. actually, let's wait until it's ABOUT to maul our girlz, and THEN port in to kick it in the face, because that will make us the hero.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:50 No.16853186
    Can we teleport in, grab one of them and teleport out? And then repeat the whole ordeal?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:50 No.16853190
    are they just hatchlings?
    If so, I vote we order some of the fairies to band together getting the rope ladder extended but just watch what happens in the meantime.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:52 No.16853214
    >are they just hatchlings?

    >Can we teleport in, grab one of them and teleport out? And then repeat the whole ordeal?
    They're too big to carry with you on a teleport. Also, you can only teleport about ten inches, and they're over two feet down.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:53 No.16853222
    Okay. Let's teleport down there.

    Can we teleport someone with us? If so do one after the other.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:53 No.16853224
    >over two feet down

    fuck, looks like THEY are out of luck. wait to see what kind of horror is attacking them, and if it's a wuss jump down and deal with it.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)22:53 No.16853229
    Is it possible for us to climb down there?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:55 No.16853245
    Okay. where's the beetle? If it's in the pit can the other fairies down there start ordering it around? Let's get to climbing then.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)22:56 No.16853250
    Yes, very slowly. You can also jump, probably. If you do, you're stuck until someone else hauls you out (or you tunnel out or find a climbing surface).

    I'm going to say proper voting starts after this post, since it looks like there's some confusion on how teleporting works.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)22:56 No.16853251
    I suggest this.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:58 No.16853267
    I say we wait until we see the horror, and then either jump down or drop the beetle on it.

    by the way, prep the beetle to be precision dropped on whatever horror is coming. also, get some of those stickynets we made, they might help.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)22:59 No.16853275
    Okay, so start climbing down to the other fairies, and yell at them to use the construction beetle. Hide behind it if they can't get it to move.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:01 No.16853301
    Guys, guys, should we really be risking our asses for to hatchlings?
    Is the bottom of the climable section of the pit close enough to where the airies are that we could teleport climb back up if we went down?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:03 No.16853312
    yeah, can I re-iterate we should just be getting ready to drop the BEETLE down there? the beetle is expendable, it is worth one sparkle, and it's probably a ROCK BOXING fighter.

    and, if we DROP it on our foe, it will probably be destroyed utterly.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:04 No.16853318
    >Is the bottom of the climable section of the pit close enough to where the airies are that we could teleport climb back up if we went down?
    No, but if there were even a few inches more rope (and there will be in moments), you could teleport to that.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:06 No.16853335
    Wait can we teleport to the rope, grab it, and then teleport back?

    Would that be quicker then waiting?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:06 No.16853341
    I say wait for the inevitable doom monster to show itself and then throw the beetle ontop of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:07 No.16853345
    I don't think that's how it works bra

    besides, we're not leaving the pit because we want to see the HELLA SWEET mauling. also, I want to see the beetle fight something.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:07 No.16853347
    Is the beetle in the pit or not? I thought it was doing digging?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:07 No.16853350
    I slide down the rope to save my people. Their belief shall fuel my faerie powah.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:09 No.16853364
    the beetle was doing the HAULING, so it's probably not in the pit.

    I think the plan revolves largely around whether the beetle is already down there or not. if it's not, we drop it on our foe. if it is, we let it tangle with our foe and jump down if necessary. sound about right with everyone?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:11 No.16853382
    Two votes for waiting it is!

    The fairies start to run, then decide against charging into the unexplored darkness unless they absolutely have to. A moment later, you can see what startled them.

    If it wasn't three inches in diameter, you would probably be much more able to identify it as an earthworm. It might have a proportionate length, or it might be shorter or longer. The rest of its body extends beyond your field of view.

    The worm scrunches itself up and scoots its front end forward. It's moving towards the hatchlings at the bottom, who are ready to bolt.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:12 No.16853388
    Forgot to mention, beetle and nets are prepped.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:13 No.16853397
    Dude, we could fucking take that.

    get moonbubble to make us a couple magic swords or, better yet, magic meatcleavers and let's go to town. let's drop down, riding the beetle, onto the beast's back, axe in each hand and cape a-fluttering.

    also, make sure that rope is being lowered so we have an escape plan
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:13 No.16853401
         File1320549210.jpg-(798 KB, 1378x2060, scankodt47_01.jpg)
    798 KB
    I wonder if we can recruit a pixie.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:14 No.16853410
    This, but no rope. There can be no retreat.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:14 No.16853414
    Does the worm smell magic-y?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:16 No.16853421
    Too far to tell. Worms are usually a tenth the size of this one, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:16 No.16853424
    darn, I don't think the nets are going to do anything this time.

    I hope the nets don't run out of stickyness by the time we actually start capturing fairies
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:17 No.16853435
    Drop the beetle on the worm, and then go in there and rip and tear
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:18 No.16853440
    rolled 2 = 2

    Doing this.

    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:18 No.16853450
    So, throw nets on that thing already! And drop the beetle!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:19 No.16853455
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:20 No.16853465
    but I don't think the nets will do anything... will they?
    too small and all that? they're for fairy sized things, I thought.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)23:29 No.16853563
    Why are there no other fairies in Peter Pan? Because Tinker Bell killed all the others that's why.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:30 No.16853573
         File1320550233.jpg-(579 KB, 917x751, 5-1.jpg)
    579 KB
    The beetle is nearby, unconcerned. You hop onto its back and signal for it to walk into the hole. It makes it as far as the edge, then stops, waving its antennae and looking back and forth, poking the cliff with its foot.

    You signal for the closest fairies to give it a shove.

    The first instant of flying goes very well.

    Then you realize that beetles aren't very aerodynamic. End over end over end you go.

    By sheer luck, you land right way up, between the girlz and the worm.

    You have two short swords, and two nets prepped. Flitter (formerly Thing 2) has one shot with her bow. At the top of the magic hole, work continues on getting the ladder in place.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:32 No.16853594
    Oh, minor note. While riding the beetle you have 3 movement and an extra DR. Girlz have 3 movement and 1 attack/health. Nets target one hex and their adjacent hexes, and arrive one turn after you tell them to shoot.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:33 No.16853604
    Make the beetle charge the worm, wait until the last second, then tele RIGHT ON THE DAMNED BEAST'S HEAD, SLAMMING THE SHORT SWORDS INTO IT'S DECCENTRALIZED NERVOUS SYSTEM!
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)23:34 No.16853616
    Tell the hatchlings to get out of here. We will cover them. Order the beetle to attack the worm while pointing at the worm.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:36 No.16853633
    9d6 for attacks, please.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:37 No.16853639
    what do we see down there besides the worm?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:37 No.16853640
    This and this.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:38 No.16853647
    rolled 4, 5, 6, 3, 6, 4, 4, 4, 2 = 38

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/05/11(Sat)23:38 No.16853650
    rolled 4, 1, 4, 6, 6, 4, 2, 6, 5 = 38

    Allow QUESTOR THE MAGNIFICENT, to roll for damage.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:39 No.16853661
    rolled 2, 6, 2, 5, 1, 6, 4, 4, 2 = 32

    damnit we were supposed to land on TOP of the worm

    oh well

    Have the worm attack the front, making it rear up, then port on top of it and start hacking somewhere. anywhere really, just always in the same place.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:39 No.16853662
    Guess 38 was our fate.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:42 No.16853708
    rolled 1, 5, 2, 6 = 14

    Worm roll. Update nearly done.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:43 No.16853719
    Does the worm smell magick-y now? I am worried that we may be attempting to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:44 No.16853738
    If it has golden eggs, we shall cut them out of its body, that's how we gonna roll.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:44 No.16853739
         File1320551091.jpg-(582 KB, 917x751, 5-2.jpg)
    582 KB
    Not that there was ever much doubt, but the worm that is ten times the size of an ordinary worm is magic, confirmed by your nose, even in the intense background noise that is this cave.

    The beetle trundles forward enthusiastically and grabs the worm by the face in its mouth. It latches on and waves its head back and forth. For now, the front end of the worm is stuck. Judging by its movement, the back is fine.

    You stab the worm twice. It's squishy.

    Dirt. The cavern is sort of bell shaped. It's not actually that big. It's dark, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:46 No.16853758
    Does the worm have HUGE GUTS?
    If so then RIP AND TEAR!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:50 No.16853798
    Continue to stab. Encourage the other fairies to join in, but to be wary of the tail, cause that's wear it eats.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:51 No.16853814
    11d6 for Trixie (because fuck it, you're on its back, you are stabbing), 3 for beetle.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:51 No.16853816


    WE SAW

    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:52 No.16853825
    rolled 2, 2, 6, 5, 1, 4, 1, 3, 1, 4, 5, 6, 2, 5 = 47

    we SAW the beetle. in the back. and here are 14 dice, 11 for us and 3 for beetle.
    >> dice+14d6 Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:55 No.16853850
    rollan for damage
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/05/11(Sat)23:57 No.16853865
    rolled 1, 1, 5, 6, 6, 6, 1, 6 = 32

    >> Anonymous 11/05/11(Sat)23:59 No.16853890
    rolled 6, 1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 3, 6, 4, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3 = 45

    son of a bitch
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:01 No.16853897
         File1320552070.jpg-(584 KB, 917x751, 5-3.jpg)
    584 KB
    rolled 5, 6, 5, 5, 3, 3, 5, 5 = 37

    You saw the worm. You are in danger of falling into it.

    Luckily, the beetle chooses this moment to step back, tearing the worm, leaving a piece dangling from its jaws. The beetle drops the worm chunk. Thankfully, it doesn't grow a new end and continue fighting.

    The worm thrashes around, and slams a coil against you from the side. It's kind of miraculous that you aren't crushed, really.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:03 No.16853921
    Vague idea that sawing it over will result in two worms.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:03 No.16853924
    okay, this might take a while. geez.

    try tossing a few nets on its rear to get it to hold still while the beetle holds its front. after that, try sawing near the middle.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:03 No.16853927
    "Hi! I'm Trixie Buttercup!" She said, still sawing the beast in half, "You attacked my friends, you really shouldn't have done that. It scares them. So I'm going to teach you lesson."
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:06 No.16853949
    11 and 3 again.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)00:07 No.16853957
    rolled 2, 6, 4, 5, 3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 1, 5, 4, 1, 2 = 47

    Questor gonna quest.

    Rolling for damage.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:10 No.16853970
    Killing a giant worm on our own is great publicity, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:10 No.16853974
    Alright, now that it's in more workable chunks, throw the nets at it.

    The other girls are free to jump in whenever.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:11 No.16853984
    Can we backstab the worm by flanking with the beetle?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:11 No.16853986
    Once the worm is dead we eat it and gain it's delicious magic.

    Do worms have hearts?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:12 No.16853990
    rolled 3, 1, 1, 1, 6, 2, 4, 5 = 23

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:13 No.16854008
    Several I think!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:13 No.16854009


    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:16 No.16854036
         File1320553001.jpg-(587 KB, 917x751, 5-4.jpg)
    587 KB
    You switch targets and start sawing away. The beetle toddles forward and grabs hold of the worm, barely maintaining a grip on its flesh. You yell for the nets. The fairies throw the nets.

    The worm twists, slamming you into the ground and trying to roll over you. It nearly works.

    METANOTE: I fucked up. You took one damage last turn. Also, one damage this turn. So, you have one health of three left.

    Approximate net targets marked in green. Each net is seven hexes.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:17 No.16854046
    >oh yeah and you guys are at one health


    Can we 'port back and take a breather for a round while we let the nets land? maybe recover one of them HP, if that's how it works?
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)00:18 No.16854053
    Shit, shit shit shit shit.

    Yell for the all fairies to get down here. Move away from the worm, we need to move away. Tell the beetle to really mess it up this time. Tell the hatchlings to go join in the fight while the others get here.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:19 No.16854059


    we have so much speed

    we should back off and let it chase us or run

    if it chases us, we can make it tie itself in a knot
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:19 No.16854064
    Teleport perforate the worm- don't remain in a single place long enough to roll over you
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:19 No.16854067
    yeah... I think we should probably retreat and "manage" the battle from a more "objective" distance.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:19 No.16854069
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:20 No.16854074

    Let the worm chase us.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:20 No.16854081
    rolled 3, 4, 5, 3, 1, 5, 6, 4, 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 5, 2, 3, 1, 6, 4, 6 = 69

    Worm and some scatter dice. 3 for beetle, please.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:21 No.16854091
    rolled 2, 1, 5 = 8

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:21 No.16854092
    teliport to the hatch lings give them one of the swords then tell them to charge the worm
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:21 No.16854093
    rolled 4, 4, 3 = 11

    alas poor beetle, you will be missed

    and by missed I mean we will dig you out of the ground that you were pressed into by a giant worm, because your shell is much harder than the ground most likely.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:22 No.16854096
    For people to know, that means this thing has been doing five damage consistently. Five damage. Frankly, only we and Twinkle should go against this thing, if we want to minimize damage. Sending any hatchlings against this thing won't weaken it, it will flatten them like crazy. Probably has high DR too.

    So... We need to tele out, tell Flitter to take a shot at it. Doesn't matter where, just needs to distract/pin it down.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:24 No.16854122
    Okay, so don't send the hatchlings against it.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)00:25 No.16854135
    Yeah I'm against it as well. I changed my mind.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:25 No.16854139
    Have Flitter take a shot at the beast

    Lead it in a merry chase while teleporting and stabbing it
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:28 No.16854168
         File1320553727.jpg-(600 KB, 917x751, 5-5.jpg)
    600 KB
    You harass the worm until the instant before the nets arrive, and then teleport out. The nets cover its back. Scrunched up as it is, the worm is having difficulty getting free.

    There's a shout from the upper level, and the rope ladder falls down. It's about four inches too short.

    Beetle is fine.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:30 No.16854184
    Also lots of people are saying lots of stuff, which needs to be said again after the update for me to count it. Shooting at the worm and attempting to knot it is fine.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:31 No.16854200
    I uh



    did we just win? I think we won. all we have to do now is figure out how to kill it without the death flails hurting us. I wish we had a spear. any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:31 No.16854201
    You know, this is where healing magic would be awesome to have. We need to look into that later. Anyway, we should really stay back from it, or do hit and runs. We don't want to be right next to this thing.

    So, run up to it, attack the hell out of it, tele back before it can hit us back. We can do that right?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:31 No.16854203
    rolled 5, 2, 2 = 9

    I say let the beetle continue the fight alone. It seems to be the only one of us capable of not being instagibbed by this monstrosity.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:32 No.16854212
    Have flitter take a shot at it with the bow. Might do something, or hopefully pin it further. Anything to hurt it more really.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:33 No.16854223
    Probably because it has a DR of five, and the thing so far has only done five damage to us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:34 No.16854235
    shoot the worm and attempt to tie it in a knot
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:35 No.16854245
    yes, we need to hit and run. No more sawwing, that takes too much time, we'll just stab it over and over until it leaks to death.

    but whatever you do, PORT AWAY THE INSTANT IT LOOKS BAD jesus christ. is there a way to fight defensively in this ruleset?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:36 No.16854255
    Continue to attack using teleports maybe going from end to end.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:39 No.16854293
    Sorry about that, and I'm going to take another short break immediately, but: Beetle gets 3, Flitter gets 2.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:41 No.16854306
    rolled 5, 3 = 8


    By the way, I never figured out which was better for this quest; do we want to roll high, or low?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:42 No.16854317
    rolled 6, 6, 4 = 16

    beetle time
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:42 No.16854318
    I think we aren't supposed to know
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:43 No.16854325
    Then that's either REALLY good or REALLY bad
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:43 No.16854327
    3+ is a success. For attacks, that means one damage.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:44 No.16854333
    rolled 6, 2, 6, 3, 2, 5, 3, 4, 5, 4, 6, 6, 3, 5, 3, 3, 2, 5, 4, 2, 3, 5, 5, 6, 3 = 101

    I don't actually know how many dice the worm will need so here's a bunch.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:47 No.16854354
    ... This scares me. So many successes.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:48 No.16854362
         File1320554939.jpg-(599 KB, 917x751, 5-6.jpg)
    599 KB
    You taunt the worm. It's too busy attempting to constrict the beetle to follow you.

    The beetle stands its ground, but one of its legs is bent at an unhealthy angle.

    Flitter's arrow flies true. It is embedded in the worm.

    The girlz cluster around the rope*, but it's barely out of reach.

    *now marked
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:49 No.16854366

    calling it again

    beetle pressed right into the ground
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:50 No.16854376
         File1320555057.jpg-(596 KB, 917x751, 5-6real.jpg)
    596 KB
    Revision: The worm thrashes its tail back and forth, tearing through the nets.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:51 No.16854383
    *the parts of the nets on its tail
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:51 No.16854388
    first thing's first, help the two hatchlings up into reach of the rope. give them a quick biggyback or some shit. The beetle should distract the worm for a bit more.

    also FIRE ALL VOLLEYS, READY MORE NETS, PREPARE WOODEN SPEARS! tell the fairies you are loading onto the rope to relay these orders.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)00:53 No.16854400
    Help the girlz up the rope. Cry a manly-but-still-girly tear for the beetle's heroic sacrifice.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:54 No.16854409
    looks like we'll need more firepower before we enter worm country.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:55 No.16854412
    as an experiment, I declare operation sparklebeetle to be a success. Loyal, strong, willing to die, we should have a couple around.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:55 No.16854416
    We need some backup. Good ones. Send in Twinkle, Bloomstar only has two DR and will lose health quickly if she attempted to actually do anything against this beast. We need to take this thing down, fast.

    Telestab! By that, I mean hitting it and teleporting away.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:56 No.16854423

    this is important!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)00:57 No.16854435
    If you have enough moves to get out of the way (you effectively have 19 if I remember right, that is a lot)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)00:59 No.16854448
    oh. well then, dart in, stab, and dart out. let's get to it, that beetle isn't going to perforate itself.

    and for the love of god don't stand near it long enough for it to hurt you. It doesn't have a centralized nervous system, it's reactions are slower than yours.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:00 No.16854455
    11 for Trixie, 3 for beetle.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:01 No.16854459
    rolled 4, 1, 3, 5, 6, 6, 1, 1, 5, 1, 4, 1, 1, 2 = 41

    awesome, we have a plan. and the beetle is distracting the worm but good either way.

    Wonder how the others are doin'
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:01 No.16854460
    rolled 5, 1, 5, 5, 4, 1, 4, 4, 1, 4, 6 = 40

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:02 No.16854466
    rolled 3, 1, 3, 3, 3, 6, 6, 3, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 5 = 57

    Questor's got this guys.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:02 No.16854472
    rolled 1, 2, 2 = 5


    Can Twinkle use non-magic arrowheads? We should have asked the bratz to roll a pretty rock on top of the worm. They are just sitting there looking pretty like sesame gallery.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:04 No.16854481
    rolled 3, 3, 3, 2, 6, 2, 5, 4, 5, 1, 3, 5, 1, 6, 1, 5, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 1, 5, 4, 6 = 81

    Worm+as needed dice.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:06 No.16854499
    Or at least rain some fist-sized rocks at it. Dunno if it got DR/magic or fairy, but let's try anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:07 No.16854510
    yeah, call up to the fairies to start dropping shit. and curses. curse the worm damn you.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:07 No.16854516
         File1320556061.jpg-(594 KB, 917x751, 5-7.jpg)
    594 KB
    The girlz stand on your shoulders and hop up to the rope, where they start to climb.

    You make two nice big holes in the front of the worm, then teleport out of the way as one of its coils flops towards you.

    The beetle, already injured, is crushed, and disappears underneath the worm's bulk.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:10 No.16854542
    Oh, there goes the beetle.

    is it dead? or just stuck in the ground? Have any of the legs broken off? Or the mandible?

    We can totally use one of those as a spear if they've broken off.

    If there are no broken legs to use as spears, I say we stab the worm once more(while darting back out of combat range of course) and then hang back, to catch out breath. maybe let the worm bleed out a little. We'll start attacking again once it stops bleeding, so it tears its wounds.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:11 No.16854553
    It's dead Jim.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:12 No.16854556
    I don't know... all it would take is ONE more hit and POOF quest over.
    I say we bravely run away.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:12 No.16854557
    well, we'll either start attacking again or decide to run, depending on how fiesty the worm is looking by that time. Taking a break has the effect of being able to gather more information by watching.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:12 No.16854560
    We need to run. Climb up the ladder. Tell everyone what happened in detail.

    The beetle will not be forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:13 No.16854566
    okay, I'll change my vote. let's run off for now. we did the saving we wanted, and the beetle was expendable enough anyhoo. Lost one sparkle, saved two, net profit one.

    Once we get up to the top, throw more nets and spears on the worm. have everyone help. just because we're running doesn't mean we lose.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:14 No.16854573
    lets try and gauge the worm's speed before we decide to bugger off. If we can hit-and-run with impunity, then we should go for the kill.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:15 No.16854581
    You teleport up a few inches, grab the ladder, and climb out of the hole.

    The worm, after absorbing a few more arrows, exits, dragging the beetle's corpse with it. Presumably, it tunneled out, but you can't be sure.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:17 No.16854592
    We shall have our vengeance. One day. For now, we've got a heroic tale for the two hatchlings to tell.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16854596
    PS: So it has been proven that magicked/sparkled critterz natural attacks are magic, like fairies (tempted to put a z there) and can harm each other?

    Moonbubble should make a buckler, a cleaver (chopping is better than stabbing in this case), and perhaps a helm or breastplate. And supply/remake arrowheads for Twinkle.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16854602

    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:19 No.16854609
    The worm hurt you, and the beetle hurt the worm. You'd need to experiment with a sparkled animal and a fairy to be completely certain, but this is the very strong working hypothesis.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:21 No.16854624
    we need a POLEAXE. get a cleaver and tie it to a stick.

    so that we can chop from far away!

    Also, talk to the two girlz. are they all right?
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:22 No.16854633
    Grab one fairy, a random girl. Tell her that she will sing of our deeds and of this day. Then go make a lute out of bark, grass, and whatever available. Hand it to her and tell her to practice in using it. Her new name shall be Bard for here on out.

    Then tell everyone what happened.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:24 No.16854656
    Nonono. The HATCHLINGS need to tell the story. Otherwise we're just boasting.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:26 No.16854670
    But that's a yes to the Bard right?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:26 No.16854674
    Oh yes.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:27 No.16854683
    Girlz are physically fine. Fairies are either fine, basically fine, or dead.

    A minute ago they thought they were going to die, which isn't the sort of thing you recover from in two minutes.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:30 No.16854709
    Ah, it's gone.

    "Run, coward! We'll get you next time... We'll have another go at it, sooner or later. We'll get that one back from ya!"

    Moonbubble's stock has just risen, IMO. Properly fed with enough sparkles, she can arm/armor enough bratz to be a problem, even against girlz. To specify, bratz=unproven hatchlings, girlz=fairies with at least one skill.

    PS: Bucklers and knives, or helmets and spearheads. :D
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:35 No.16854766
    You take Moonbubble and Bloomstar aside, and quietly tell them to research lutes. Also, things that kill worms. They nod.

    You have a magic hole that definitely has a hostile worm in it, on top of your usual organization problems, the pods, and the bee larva, which may or may not turn out to be useful.

    What do you want to do immediately?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:38 No.16854793

    as of right this second?

    Declare it not-allowed to shove someone into the pit, even if it's REALLY funny, until we kill that worm.

    And then get to having people make wooden spears. We can put cleaver tips or spear tips on there once we decide which will be best against worms.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:39 No.16854799
    Worm traps? Maybe get a whole bunch of sticky netting to cover the entire thing, so that way if it comes back we can cover it.

    ...and if you walk without rhythm then you won't attract a worm

    Also, new beetle. Also also, that one fairy, the one who suggested that her hatchlings kill one for the good of all- she seems loquacious enough to be made a bard.

    Also also also: new beetle, check on larva
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:40 No.16854810
    Though, it seems like Bloomstar is the egghead of our warband for some reason. Suborn Moonbubble to her, while wibble and the Things (what did they name themselves again?) are to be suborned to Twinkle.
    Each girlz should have at least three bratz apprenticed to them. We'll see if we can regulate skill-leveling somehow.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:41 No.16854821
    actually, all the newlyborns are girlz.

    Our liutenants are the ones with actual powers and abilities, and they go on our codex.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:41 No.16854822
    I say post a lookout at the hole, research spears, train either more beetles or one super special awesome beetle.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:42 No.16854828
    Bloomstar can regenerate right? Maybe she has healing magic?

    Experiment on that
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:48 No.16854873
    we could have Moon Bubble make Spear-tips and just attach them to sticks (something to order hatchlings to do), in the meantime, we obviously need a foot rub after all that hustle and bustle with the worm...
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:48 No.16854875
    You gather everyone together and make a speech. The magic hole is off limits until further notice. Also, you are going to personally chop the worm into little bits. This will involve research and tactics and strategy.

    Halberds are easy. Moonbubble can shape a blade around a wooden pole without needing any knots or glue. You now have three to distribute.

    Getting some new beetles will take some time, as will the larva. After a few days, the larva seals itself into its hexagon. A few days later, one of the pods is nearly ready to hatch. It contains five fairies, or five potential beetles.

    No sign of the worm for all of this. That could be good news.

    Nope. Healing magic exists, but nobody has manifested a talent for it.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:49 No.16854882
    Revision: a lute is also easy.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:51 No.16854896
    >larva seals itself into hexagon


    I say we make three beetles, so the three halbrediers can RIDE.

    though, that leaves the question. what do we do with the remaining fairies? suggestions?
    >> Taffer 11/06/11(Sun)01:53 No.16854921
    Give the two remaining sparkles to the two hatchlings trapped with us in the hole. This should be their reward in confronting such a challenge.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:54 No.16854929
    I vote more beetles, 5 is awesome, 3 is acceptable. One of Trixie, Boomstar, or Twinkle should be in the hole during any operations, along with at least 2 of the beetles for guards, while one beetle can remain on the surface to haul dirt if digging continues. Trixie needs to get down there with her Lieutenants and Beetles ready to kick ass, while she sniffs around and investigates the magic.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:54 No.16854930
    Same speech as before, except instead of one being smushed, there need to be two. Extend volunteer offer.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:54 No.16854934
    crack em all open, 3 new beetles, two with one sparkle, one with 3 sparkles.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:01 No.16854972
    After some internal argument, you decide that the best course of action is to stomp on the pod before it opens up and pour the sparkles out once you finish. You do this.

    Finding more beetles is easy. There seem to be a lot of them in the area, and you're unlikely to run out. The first three you run into get the sparkle treatment.

    After that, you hit an obstacle. The second sparkle won't stick. It's like trying to push a rock through a sponge. After a few minutes of trying, you give up on having an elite beetle and try to figure out what to do with your spare sparkles.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:04 No.16855003
    Hm... So beetles can only carry one sparkle. You know, I bet larger, stronger, or better things can carry more sparkles. So if we find something better than a beetle, I bet it can hold more sparkles.

    For the two remaining? Give them both to Moonbubble. If she can make more halberds, all the better. Remember, she is our weapon maker so far since we can't make them. So if we give her more sparkles, she might be able to make more.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:06 No.16855021
    Give the remaining to moonbubble, let her do with them as she pleases.

    Encourage her to experiment, and push the limits of what she can do.

    As long as one of the things she makes is a lute.

    Also, check on the disposition of the gurlz
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:06 No.16855023
    okay, well, we have two spare sparkles.

    We can't split them up amongst everyone. Can we store sparkles? How long do those last?

    I would say eat them ourselves, but it's only two sparkles, that won't make a dent in our stats.

    Might as well give them to the ones who survived. though, maybe we should come up with a contest to decide who gets spare sparkles. for future sparkle distribution.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:06 No.16855027
    I suggest this.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:07 No.16855033
    Well, I do know that we are calling them that as of right now. Just that with the ork references, I couldn't help to make the comparison of our new hatchlings to grotz.

    Bloomstar is kind of a genius tank, eh?

    Also, maybe I am wrong. Maybe Moonbubble should be in our careful watch, instead. She's rather... Easy-going, so might be easily influenced. Let her supply arrowheads for Flitter, armor for Bloomstar, and a knife for Twinkle...

    Huh, a thought. Make a two-handed blade, or any big edged or pointed weapon with wood or other things, and just sparklecraft the edge/point. Blunt weapons don't work well, since, well, those are mass and momentum.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:09 No.16855051
    We have 3 good options Imo
    take the two ourself
    give the two to Moonbubble take one one to Moonbubble
    1 each to the two that helped us in the pit.
    I say 2 to moon bubble though
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:13 No.16855079
         File1320560027.jpg-(233 KB, 360x976, codex.jpg)
    233 KB
    You give the two sparkles to Moonbubble. With some effort, she squeezes out an extra halberd, giving you a total of four.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:14 No.16855085
    >now have enough sparkles to equip one more beetle rider
    >not enough sparkles to make one more beetle

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:15 No.16855089
    that sounds awesome also if moon bubble can make the spearhead appear on the spears why cant she attach arrow heads automatically?
    when we go worm hunting i think it should be
    Trixie Bloomstar and Twinkle because we all have so much DR with Flitter shooting down and other girz ready with nets. Also can Twiter hit the worm from the top of teh hole or is she out of range if so she should be on the ladder in range ready to clime away in.retreat.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16855106
    Voting no to giving too much sparkles to Moonbubble. Careful of those, sparkles mean lives and powers around here.

    Also, the speech should have been: "Congratz! You, you, you get to be beetles! While you and you get to be weapons/whatever we're planning to do with their sparkles!"
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16855110
    >Also can Twiter hit the worm from the top of teh hole
    She did it last time. The worm was pretty big.

    Four halberds means absolutely no material left for arrowheads. You could bring moonbubble along to supply a continual stream of replacements, but that would occupy all of her attention.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16855113
    let's use that last halbred for arrowheads for flutter.

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:18 No.16855115
    now she can put heads on Flitters arrows making sure to only unsumin the head after it hits or has missed so maybe only some of them have heads.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:21 No.16855130
    I dont remember Twither cursing the worm Fliter hit it with arrows though.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:22 No.16855138
    I'm going to go eat a bagel and then make a new thread, which I will link. It SOUNDS like people want to go worm hunting. Please check y/n and if y, loadouts and who you are sending. You have either four halberds or three halberds and an arrowhead.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:24 No.16855153
    Y, 3 halbreds and a sack of arrows, bloomstar, twinkle and trixie on beetles with moonstar and flitter walking behind, ready with arrows.

    also, 2-4 girlz with sacks of torches, so that if one or two or three die we still have light.
    >> Player 9 11/06/11(Sun)01:25 No.16855166
    Gah, missed the beginning of this, but now I am here.

    I say no on the worm hunting. Not until we get our health back, at least.

    I do have an idea though... when our beetles die, we should try to salvage their horns. If the beetle is magic and can hurt magic, then the horns should still contain magic; they could totally be used as weapons.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:26 No.16855172
    Actually, fire would be really useful.

    Can you kill something magical with fire?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:26 No.16855176
    oh, we totally have our health back. It just sort of returns.

    at least that is how I think it works.

    and I WANTED to salvage our last dead beetle, but the darn worm got to it first.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:27 No.16855179
    >the entire setting is a forest

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:27 No.16855180
    No, wait until we're healed up before we start thinking about that
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:29 No.16855194
    Everyone, jump in our chat, You won't regret it. It's on suptg.

    /join FairyQuest
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:29 No.16855195

    I made the new archive

    but I forgot to number it

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:29 No.16855196
    I thought we were waiting a couple of days for teh pod so we healed.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:29 No.16855202
    You are healed up. You heal once you're out of danger, you're really in a binary state of fine or dead.

    There are no bagels so this might take a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:31 No.16855215
    I agree, underground warband assault.
    But we should totally prepare for skirmish only fighting.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:34 No.16855231
    Only Trixie, Bloomstar and Twinkle are to engage, staying mounted to gain that delicious DR. Bloomstar can dismount and disengage to recover health, but if Twinkle becomes injured she should retreat to the surface. The primary purpose is an armed expedition so Trixie can sniff for magic and see whats up, not to fight worms. If digging is to continue then we will need the beetles and one of the aforementioned to always be on duty to buy time for the others to come in and support a worm-repulsion effort.

    Can we see if a mundane stone/stick can break a hair on a beetle's leg or chip the edge of its carapace, to see if such implements are capable of harming them, without actually doing real damage? (I also want to have someone try stabbing the worm with a mundane weapon, but not in a life-or-death situation, maybe Flitter can try using a wooden arrow)
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:38 No.16855261
    The curse is rather close ranged. She wouldn't survive going toe-to-toe.

    Also, remember if we want the bratz or girlz to develop powers, sparkles are needed.

    And actually, we were doing it wrong just now.
    It should have been Bloomstar on the beetle and a weapon while Trixie just 'ports and hits the worm. Or we could do Portal-like kicks at it.

    Bloomstar needs to practice using a wooden tower shield and a halberd. Then give Twinkle a weapon, or two. Fliiter get her arrowhead and Moonbubble to resupply her.
    We get a rapier. Or a lance. And let's do Portal-strikes Dragoon-style, with a lance!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:40 No.16855279
    Sounds like a good idea
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:41 No.16855296
    Hmm, mounted we have enough DR to be invulnerable, but unmounted we can do more damage.

    I say we take the fourth halberd and stay unmounted.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:43 No.16855315
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)01:54 No.16855443
    Y to hunt.
    Bloomstar with halberd on beetle, she shouldn't lose her Regen riding. And neither should Twinkle, so she could ride too, and use halberd.

    Twitter and Wibble should be on foot, casting nets and curses.

    Flitter and Moonbubble can ride the last beetle, firing and resupplying arrows, and dismounting to send the beetle into combat if needed.

    Trixie is scout, with a spear. Is a spear easier on the sparkles than halberd? Maybe we can give a buckler to someone.

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