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  • File : 1320561735.jpg-(417 KB, 1600x1200, 1320040975822..jpg)
    417 KB Fairy Warband Quest 5-2 Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:42 No.16855302  
    You descend into the magic hole.

    Bloomstar has set up what could, if you were feeling generous, be described as a pulley system. Most of the girlz are at the top level, slowly lowering your riding beetle by a loop of silk around its midsection. It's a lot nicer than falling.

    Your beetle flails its legs. Eventually it comes into contact with the ground.

    The worm isn't here. There are a few spots on the walls that might be collapsed tunnels, though.

    You untie your beetle and give the rope a tug, and it disappears up the magic hole. Soon after, the girlz start to lower Bloomstar.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:45 No.16855338
    Rev up those diggers
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:45 No.16855340

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:46 No.16855344
    Wait for the others to descend before doing anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:47 No.16855354
    weight for back up
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:48 No.16855369
    You move away from the landing area.

    Bloomstar and Twinkle make it down safely, and Moonbubble and Flitter descend in one trip, a bit more quickly due to their lighter weight.

    There isn't any obvious way to proceed. You can see the edges of the cavern. The entire thing is only about twice the width of the original magic hole.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:49 No.16855378
    Smell around, which path smells the most magic?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:49 No.16855381
    well, as soon as our torchbearers get down here we can get moving.

    Which way smells the most like magic?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:49 No.16855382
    Explore for openings, or disturbed earth. Sniff around for magic.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:50 No.16855384
    smell around for the direction that seems most magical. Dig that way.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:50 No.16855388
    smell for magic
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:50 No.16855391
    Once things are relatively secure, the beetles can just stay down here, for defense and earth moving (if more digging is on the agenda)
    We should work on getting something built so beetles can climb up from the hole under their own power.

    Get ta sniffin'! What smells most magical?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:51 No.16855400
         File1320562261.gif-(87 KB, 500x329, tacticalgeniushur.gif)
    87 KB

    I say we abandon chasing after this thing, especially if it's gone into its tunnels. We're not underground creatures; we almost ate it, and that was on out terms; open space. If we face what's essentially a tube of muscular, cartligenous stomach the size of a subway train on its own turf, it will fuck us mercilessly.

    We need to lure it out.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:51 No.16855413
    One of the caved in tunnels smells the most magical, and the most gross. It's still solid dirt, at least from your point of view.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:52 No.16855422
    Remember to bring torches. No torch carries though, the girlz would just get smushed.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:52 No.16855423
    we're not chasing, we're just armed for in case it comes back.

    what we're TRYING to do is find the source of magic. and maybe kill the WHITE WORM if we see it again.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:53 No.16855433
    Fairies hate fire.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)01:55 No.16855452
    I say we go down that one.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:55 No.16855455
    dude, if we don't bring some of the gurlz along how will they ever get combat experience? besides, their only job is to stay out of the way and keep the place lit, we shouldn't lose more than two of them. it's like squires.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:56 No.16855460

    okay, can we see in the dark? If not, we might have to call this shit off due to poor planning.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:56 No.16855462
    It's a wall of dirt. Even at its original size, you'd have to duck to fit.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:56 No.16855464
    Oh, OK. Well then keep digging, and keep a lookout for the worm(s)?

    Also, a quick way to escape is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:57 No.16855472
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)01:58 No.16855483
    Bringing in girlz? Dismounting? Not dismounting? These are important distinctions.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:58 No.16855487
    yeah, I bet them beetles can dig well.

    maybe get a few more goilz down here for extra digging power. and a second rope to increase traffic flow.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)01:59 No.16855490
    okay, let me consolodate my post then.

    We should bring in a few extra girlz, however many we had on the digging project earlier, for diggin'. we should also dismount and have the beetles help, while the halbrediers keep watch for any worm activity.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:00 No.16855498
    Trixie should remain dismounted, her speed is her greatest strength. few extra gurlz,not many.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:00 No.16855499
    No! Remember, the worm did five to six damage to us and the beetle. Gurlz have around one health. That won't go very well. Not well at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:00 No.16855504
    that's why the halbrediers are here, to fight the worm. the girlz can run if any shit goes down.

    Hopefully NO shit will go down, and we can steal our magic unscathed.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:02 No.16855514
    Ok, vote cutoff. Going to make a map.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)02:03 No.16855524
    Y to hunt.
    Bloomstar with halberd on beetle, she shouldn't lose her Regen riding. And neither should Twinkle, so she could ride too, and use halberd.

    Twitter and Wibble should be on foot, casting nets and curses.

    Flitter and Moonbubble can ride the last beetle, firing and resupplying arrows, and dismounting to send the beetle into combat if needed.

    Trixie is scout, with a spear. Is a spear easier on the sparkles than halberd? Maybe we can give a buckler to someone.

    PS: Can faeries even learn without sparkles? We're certainly born with the ability to speak, move, dance, and even kill our oodmates for survival.

    PPS: Imma' drawin' Bloomstar, but Twinkle almost got no personality. Admit it, Narrator, you like Bloom for her pixel hair.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:13 No.16855604
    Twinkle could use more fleshing out. We should really consider spending more time with our gurlz just playing
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:16 No.16855628
    yeah, we need to get ourself on the next frolicking rotation. we've been managing pretty hard and not frolicking much at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:20 No.16855658
    obviously not good for our Health

    >a frolic a day keeps the human away
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:22 No.16855678
    we need to frolic more but in teh mean time we need to dig/ smell. and by dig i mean have our minions dig.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:23 No.16855689
    yes. digging and smelling.

    and did we ever decide just how many girlz we are having help us dig?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:25 No.16855701
    Thought we were going to use the Beetles
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:26 No.16855710
         File1320564376.jpg-(551 KB, 917x751, 6-1.jpg)
    551 KB
    Your minions dig. It's fairly easy. The ground has been broken up recently. After they get a few inches in, the surface they're digging into begins to shift and fall apart on its own. One squeaks. They both jump back. This was the correct decision.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:26 No.16855712
    yeah, I thought there was some argument over whether we use girlz too. whatever, I'll just roll with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:27 No.16855720

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)02:28 No.16855728
    Attack! Everyone, attack! Use nets to pin it down. Beetles in front, and halberds behind them striking at the worm. Fall back if it comes to close. Hold the line!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:29 No.16855731
    NON mounted fairies retreat, mounted ready actions to halberd it up, ranged start attacking.

    This too.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:29 No.16855733
    where is the rope?
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)02:29 No.16855734
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:30 No.16855737
    second. step back. everyone get back. Beetle riders, pull the diggers along if they're slower than you are.

    Get back as far as we can. don't fly the arrows yet either, don't want it running too soon.

    also, we can totally make a giant-ass longhouse out of the wormskin when we're done.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:30 No.16855739
    About six hexes below Ranged Squad.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:30 No.16855741
    Everyone back! The worm will pursue and we'll catch it in the open. Girlz should retreat up the ladder- or at least to the other side of the room- and leave this to the professionals.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)02:32 No.16855754
    Let it come out first. More surface area to attack and make flanked attacks from.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:33 No.16855756
    Back it up people, back it up!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:33 No.16855760
    You know, in normal combat Trixie shouldn't be on beetleback. She's a teleporting assassin
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:34 No.16855764
    we're using her to control the beetles into moving back.

    Once they are back enough, we'll set them loose and have the halbrediers dismount to hack while the beetles hold. fork and knife, my friend.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:34 No.16855766
    rolled 6, 1, 4, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 = 31

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:35 No.16855775
    Lure it out, pin it with the cavalry and nets, Trixie will backstab teleport flank.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)02:36 No.16855784
    Trixie totally should use the open space above to make dive-bombing a viable tactic. She isn't going to get hurt from gravity after all. Wibble can try too, if she thinks she is up to it.
    >> LEoor 11/06/11(Sun)02:37 No.16855786
    Fuck y is that wurm so OP?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:37 No.16855788
         File1320565043.jpg-(557 KB, 917x751, 6-2.jpg)
    557 KB
    The worm shoots out of the hole, crashing directly into the beetles, which brace themselves. Even though the impact is shared between two beetles, you still feel it.

    No damage.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:37 No.16855789
    Trixie is on the beetle for the DR so she is "invincible" as it only dose 5 damage against out 4 DR
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:38 No.16855795
    Note. It killed our last beetle. These beetles have the same DR. We have the same DR as a beetle.
    >The more you know!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:39 No.16855800
    this COULD be a different worm you fool

    okay, it's out. TOSS THE NETS AT THE POINT WHERE IT JOINS WITH THE WALL! that will be our first holding point!


    After those are established, jump offa the beetles and start cutting the worm from the side.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:41 No.16855819
    Have one beetle bite the front of the worm, have the other two beetles flank the sides. Have the ones with backstab flank the sides actually, if we can that is.

    That way we can try to immobilize the worm. Nova that sucka.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)02:41 No.16855821
    Adding to this, tell the girlz with the halberds to flank! Stab at it from the sides while we hold it in place.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:42 No.16855829

    that's what I said. but yes, okay. we're doing it!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:42 No.16855830
    Vote cutoff.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:47 No.16855857
    8 for Twinkle, 9 for Bloomstar, 14 for Trixie, 3 for each beetle.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:48 No.16855864
    Did I mention that halberds have a two hex reach, but beetles don't and also grab the fuck out of whatever they attack? If this is relevant, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:48 No.16855865
    rolled 2, 4, 3, 2, 5, 2, 6, 1, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 3, 4, 5, 5, 2, 4, 6, 5 = 103

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:48 No.16855867
    rolled 1, 5, 4, 4, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 4, 6, 3, 6, 5, 1, 5, 4, 1, 4, 1, 6, 1, 2 = 84

    Here is the dice, OP man sir.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)02:49 No.16855868
         File1320565752.png-(402 KB, 640x461, Yo-I-Got-This-e1292545433623.png)
    402 KB
    rolled 5, 1, 4, 3, 1, 3, 5, 5, 2, 2, 6, 4, 5, 6, 2, 6, 4, 4, 3, 1, 3, 6, 2, 4, 4 = 91

    I got this everyone.
    >> Player 9 11/06/11(Sun)02:49 No.16855870
    Beetle 1
    >> Player 9 11/06/11(Sun)02:50 No.16855880
    rolled 4, 6, 6 = 16

    I suck at this dice rolling thing.
    Are we doing it all together, or individually? If individually...
    Beetle 1
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:51 No.16855883

    stop stop stop right now
    >> Player 9 11/06/11(Sun)02:51 No.16855885
    rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10

    And then Beetle 2
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:51 No.16855887
    You can only roll up to 20 dice at once, guys. Watch for that.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:52 No.16855890
    No more dice oh god
    >> LEoor 11/06/11(Sun)02:53 No.16855900
    Does that mean we win?>
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)02:56 No.16855915
         File1320566179.jpg-(559 KB, 917x751, 6-3.jpg)
    559 KB
    You attack the worm.

    The beetles are left with some chunks. The worm begins to withdraw.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:57 No.16855930
    no! what happened to cutting it from the sides after dismounting!

    blast and damnation. oh well. looks like we earned ourselves some extra digging time.

    Next time, we need to draw it out even more, okay?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:58 No.16855933
    After it!

    Only teleporters though, in case the tunnel begins to collapse. Fuck, beams, we need beams to support this thing. The archers should start snipping that thing while it retreats
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)02:59 No.16855943
    there will be more worms. we should just keep digging, and be more smart about the next one.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)02:59 No.16855946
    OP, any way to drag that thing out of the tunnel?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:00 No.16855954
    Hook into it with the halberds, drag the thrice damned thing out of it's hole. If it doesn't work, retreat.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:00 No.16855955
    Beetles grab when they attack, and you can go for deep pokes rather than chops if you want.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:01 No.16855961
    oooh, I'm changing my vote. let's grab the worm and pull it back, not wait for more worms.

    three beetles should be enough muscle
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:01 No.16855962
    rolled 3, 3, 3, 6, 1, 2, 5, 3, 3, 4, 1, 4, 2, 4, 3, 1, 2, 4, 2, 1, 5, 2, 5, 3, 6 = 78

    let's do that.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:01 No.16855965
    Then, we hook if with halberds and stab into it with beetles. Drag that thing into the open. It's not getting away.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:03 No.16855968
    Ok that's what everyone wants, so roll three beetle attacks, and... 21d6 for the fairies combined pin attack.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:03 No.16855969
    drag it out and flay it's hide, inch by inch
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:03 No.16855975
    Ok, someone got ahead of me, so two beetle attacks please.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)03:03 No.16855976
         File1320566635.jpg-(393 KB, 1600x1200, Bloomstar-uncolored.jpg)
    393 KB
    Just in case I ruined it while coloring. I always think she is the sultry one, while Twinkle is the actual slut. Trixie is the molester.

    Then it hit me: faeries probably don't copulate.
    . . . My mind is a cesspool.

    That hair though, she probably got bratz following her around in awe of that lustrous black hair. And the bratz are split in two factions: one that wants to pull and muss them up, and one that wants to comb and care for those tresses.

    I am rambling. Kill da' Worm. For Purple!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:04 No.16855983
    rolled 4, 4, 2, 4, 4, 1, 5, 4, 1, 1, 6, 3, 4, 6, 4, 4, 1, 6, 6, 6, 3 = 79

    Here are the fairies.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:05 No.16855991
    rolled 6, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 27

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:06 No.16855994
    Less is more buddy, but all is forgiven because of that wonderful drawfaggotry you got.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:06 No.16855997
    Hey just because they don't have sexual organs doesn't mean they can't have "special hugs"
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:11 No.16856021
         File1320567084.jpg-(558 KB, 917x751, 6-4-5.jpg)
    558 KB
    You pierce the worm, and your beetles bite. WIth some difficulty, you communicate the idea of walking backwards, and your beetles, leaning back and straining, pull it off.

    The worm tries to thrash away from you, but it is more or less pulled tight.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:12 No.16856028
    okay, keep on pulling. we don't want it to get away.

    and now seems like a good time to dismount the halbrediers, the beetles just have to keep pulling and don't need riders to communicate that.

    we dismount and take positions on the side of the thing, and then wait until it's more pulled out.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:13 No.16856030
    rolled 1, 5, 6, 2, 4, 6 = 24

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:13 No.16856032
    Supporting this.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:14 No.16856037
    Keeping pulling it out. Maybe slit the worm along it's belly as it's forced into the light, so that way it can't use flail when more of it's body is exposed?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:14 No.16856038
    >Then it hit me: faeries probably don't copulate.
    They don't. They don't even have orifices (except for a mouth). Also holy shit look at that. I am really entertained that you interpret my 32x32 recolor blobs into specifics that are good.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:14 No.16856039
    rolled 2, 6, 6, 3, 2, 6, 2, 4, 6, 4, 1, 6, 1, 4, 1, 3, 5, 4, 1, 6, 3 = 76

    Keep pulling! Get our archer to fire off /safe/ shots that won't hit us. Keep attacking, keep pulling!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:16 No.16856052
    rolled 3, 3, 3, 5 = 14

    Vote cutoff. Worm.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:25 No.16856111
         File1320567945.jpg-(566 KB, 917x751, 6-6.jpg)
    566 KB
    The worm is clearly outmatched in sheer pulling power, though it is clearly still struggling. The beetles have a little bit of trouble with the idea of backwards, and start to turn in the proper direction, draggin the worm behind them.

    There's an arrow sticking out of the worm's center.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:27 No.16856118
    Begin the lengthwise cutting! Disembowel the worm without cutting it into segments!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:27 No.16856119
    is this the same worm we fought? CONVENIENT

    Flay along the sides in neat lines with your halbreds. You sort of just have to stick the thing in and walk forwards while the beetles pull backwards, and physics does all the heavy lifting for you.

    Also, this has the advantage of getting the preperation of worm leather under way before the worm even dies
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:28 No.16856122
    Stab it, while the beetles pull. Don't make to big of cuts that it cuts in half. Just stab it, make it feel pain. It will die a slow, and painful death.

    Idea that came out of IRC guys. We use the worms hide as leather. For clothing and weapon purposes.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:29 No.16856127
    Roll to flay. 8 for Twinkle, 9 for Bloomstar, 14 for Trixie.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:30 No.16856134
    rolled 2, 3, 3, 2, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 6, 3, 6, 2, 2 = 49

    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:30 No.16856143
    rolled 4, 5, 3, 3, 1, 3, 5, 1, 5, 3, 4, 5, 4, 1, 2, 2, 5, 2, 5, 5, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2 = 88

    Questor's got this guys.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:31 No.16856148
    rolled 3, 5, 3, 4, 6, 4, 1, 2, 4, 2, 6, 6, 1, 4, 6, 6, 5, 3, 6, 2, 1 = 80

    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:38 No.16856182
    Anyway, worm.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:39 No.16856188
    rolled 2, 5, 1, 2, 5, 2, 5, 6, 6, 2, 6, 4, 3, 4, 1, 6 = 60

    Worm tries again.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:40 No.16856198
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:43 No.16856215
         File1320569018.jpg-(570 KB, 917x751, 6-7.jpg)
    570 KB
    You drag your halberd through the worm's tightened body.

    The worm springs out of the hole. The worm isn't built for this maneuver, and your halberds keep you at a safe distance. Bloomstar takes the worst of it, but she moves in once more to fight.

    Bloomstar is hit for 1. Everyone else is also hit, but is fine.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:45 No.16856225
    worms, keep pulling.

    Fairies, step back a bit, and keep drawing them blades along. If this doesn't work, we might have to bisect the thing. and if that doesn't work, well, shit, I feel bad for this horribly maimed and not dying worm.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:45 No.16856226
    rolled 4, 6, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 5, 2, 5, 6, 6, 2, 3, 3, 6, 1, 5, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3, 5 = 86

    Stab the shit out of that Worm. Keep pulling on it. Don't stop. And scream out our battlecry.

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:46 No.16856228
    rolled 5, 4, 2, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3, 5, 1, 6, 1 = 41

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:46 No.16856230
    rolled 2, 6, 3, 6, 6, 6, 6, 4, 2, 1, 4, 4, 6, 3, 1, 1, 3, 5, 2, 3, 2 = 76

    What'cha waiting for ya gitz? Keep'n usin' ya choppa!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:48 No.16856242
    How many arrows are left? Flitter should keep firing at that thing.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:52 No.16856257
    Gud thinkin', more dakka.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:52 No.16856261
         File1320569561.jpg-(572 KB, 917x751, 6-8.jpg)
    572 KB
    The worm runs, dangling bits of itself behind as it goes.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:53 No.16856265
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)03:53 No.16856270
    After it! Drag it along. Use nets if we can!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:54 No.16856273
    Next time use weighted sticky nets
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)03:54 No.16856275
    rolled 5, 6, 6, 2, 4, 5, 5, 4, 5, 2, 5, 5, 6, 5, 3, 6, 6, 5, 2, 5, 6 = 98

    Oh no you don't. Drag it back out, shot more arrows at it in the tunnel, what ever is needed to finish this thing off once and for all.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)03:59 No.16856296
    The worm doesn't get far. You stab the worm in the guts. It twitches, still scooting away a little bit, and then rolls over and collapses, losing its shape.

    This worm is magic, but it is made out of meat. And blood. Mostly blood, it seems.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:00 No.16856303
    Does it's blood taste... sparkly?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:01 No.16856305
    >mostly blood



    bloomstar! why does it have so much blood!

    Also, get the beetles to drag the corpse over to the pulley. we'll have the girls work on making leather from it.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:01 No.16856306
    Yes, seconding this.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:01 No.16856307
    Vampire time.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:02 No.16856309
    You lick the blood. No. Well, it smells magic, but it isn't sparkles. Lesson learned.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:03 No.16856316
    Fine then. Let's do this.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:03 No.16856319
    Da da da daaaah! We have acquired WORM LEATHER. Since magical, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as: Leather bound clubs, leather bound quarterstaves, leather bound rocks, leather clothing, leather leather bound leather.

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:05 No.16856326
    it's called tribal, not leatherpunk
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:06 No.16856329
    You secure the worm and order it to be pulled up. This fails, so you evacuate the magic hole, have the BEETLES pull the worm up, and then dangle it over the magic hole and wait for all of the blood to fall out.

    Bloomstar can definitely make something out of this.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:06 No.16856332
    Leaden Foot, then a one turn Portal-Divebomb, porting tunnel-wise.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:07 No.16856336
    okay well this has been all neat and good and well, but we really want the magic down there.

    Oh well, we need to wait for the blood to drain. who wants to FROLIC?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:08 No.16856337
    Worms also have a series of circular cartilaginous rings that support the shape of their body. This material could probably be re-purposed for elastic bands, maybe even armor, if cured properly. And since it's a bigger worm than usual, the stuff will probably be thicker/heaver.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:08 No.16856338
    "Weapons Bloomy, think about it. If this things magic, then so is it's hide. Make me tons of good weapons, like a long stick and um, oh a big club wrapped in leather. Think you can do that for me? Old buddy old pal?"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:08 No.16856340
    Frolic in the Blood!
    It relieves stress!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:09 No.16856344
    I vote whips!
    Where's there's a whip, there's a way. It will help with the inevitable slave driving!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:09 No.16856345
    "Wait. But what you're hitting them with is the stick. You aren't hitting them with worm skin, it's just in the way."
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:11 No.16856352
    Damn you, Captcha.

    Also are there more smell of magic? Store blood anyway, it's magic. We probably can use it to fertilize the 'shrooms.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:12 No.16856354

    we don't want to go to war to-day

    but the lord of the lash says nay-nay-nay!

    (the lord of the lash is trixie)
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:12 No.16856356
    "No, if the worms skin is magic, then putting it on a club will hurt a fairy for real. Wrap it around, just try it out somehow ok. Now, who wants to frolic!"
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:15 No.16856374
    "I, uh. I'll try it."

    Everyone wants to frolic.

    You find the largest loose chunk of worm skin you can and set it under the dripping carcass to collect blood before exiting the tree.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:16 No.16856377
    Frolic break for all!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:16 No.16856379
    Yeah for frolicking! Also, let's hang around Twinkle, we need to find out more about her character.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:19 No.16856389
    Get the bard to play this while we frolic.


    Happy day everyone, we killed a worm!
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:20 No.16856395
    That's the problem with blunt weapons. At least they can be made into whips. It'll have range and most hatchlings probably have low DR anyway.

    Also, armors! Though I don't think worm leather is... Fashionable. Imagine the stench of the tannery. I hope the stench isn't magical.

    Maybe someone else needs to be doing the thinking. I think it was mentioned faeries do because they believe they can, and thus they succeed.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:25 No.16856425
    Also, worm steaks for everyone today!

    Is the beetle carcass still around? We might want to check if its chitin can be used as weapons or armor platings.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:25 No.16856429
    Everyone dances in a circle around a rock. Twirling happens. So does skipping.

    Twinkle pretends to be a worm and chases hatchlings, but loses interest when she realizes they don't growl, and she doesn't know what sounds they do make. Bloomstar sits, staring off into space and looking confused, but determined. Aside from these things and the fleeing hatchlings that result, the group is pretty focused.

    Your bard plinks away at the lute and goes "tra la la."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:27 No.16856432
    we should eventually get back to work digging, with as many girlz as we can spare from watches.

    after the frolic break. they're important.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:31 No.16856456
    The frolic break ends on its own. A few fairies leave to carve a record of the event into the ground floor walls. A lot of fairies leave because they get distracted. A few leave to relieve the sentries.

    None of them leave to dig.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:31 No.16856458
    Also, while Bloomstar is busy, go to Twinkle and... Whisper in her ears that you are wanting for a 'special' hug tonight.

    . . .

    Aw, Tink's panties... I think I'll just go back to trying to post the pics and trying to find some more sugar so I'm not so weird.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:31 No.16856464
         File1320571910.jpg-(80 KB, 288x288, korgoth.jpg)
    80 KB
    >Twirling happens. So does skipping.
    >honorable op's face when
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:36 No.16856493
    Round up the warband. Get people to dig. Have sentries stay where they are.

    Let the great digging begin, don't make me sing, "Where there's a whip, there's a way."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:36 No.16856495
    Let's go check on what Bloomstar is doing. Do the general rounds of the place, see if anything needs our attention.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:37 No.16856501
    hey, how is the larva doing. still all sealed up?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:38 No.16856507
    If there are more (hopefully different, since I get the impression we smelled the worm before) magic smells to dig to, we should dig a staircase/ramp into the wall of the cave up to the surface so we don't have to winch the beetles down every time, and it would allow for easier escape for hatchlings on digging duty.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:39 No.16856512
    Seconding this as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:40 No.16856517
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:40 No.16856518
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:41 No.16856526
    Fourthed you mean?
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:41 No.16856528
         File1320572505.jpg-(135 KB, 1072x804, Bloomstar-Sparklehalberd.jpg)
    135 KB
    Trying again. I think the color didn't come out well. It rarely come out well. Mostly paper quality and lighting.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:42 No.16856538
    You pick two fairies who aren't doing anything and glare until they let you lower them into the magic hole. They weren't in any hurry to enter it, but they wanted to say no to you even less.

    Bloomstar is staring at two scraps of worm skin. She spends a few minutes tying the two in various knots, then untying them and trying again. Then she smacks herself on the forearm with one of the scraps several times and sighs.

    The larva is still sealed up, as it has been for a few days. You don't really know how long this is supposed to take.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:43 No.16856539
    Can you try to get more light dude? It's really hard to see it.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:44 No.16856546
    You redeploy the diggers to dig some stairs. It seems to make them a lot happier.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:44 No.16856548
    Continue on.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:45 No.16856555
    keep one beetlerider on guard at all times in the hole, to hold any additional worms.


    I wonder how long we have until we become a mad despot. I mean, fairies, digging? who'dathunk
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:46 No.16856562
    That's good. While they are digging, sniff around for things. Where exactly is the smell coming from?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:50 No.16856580
    When it's your turn to guard the magic hole, you spend some time sniffing things and poking things.

    The magic is in the water.

    It's damp enough that your feet are wet all of the time down here. The water is plentiful enough that you can pick some up and sniff it. It's the water.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)04:51 No.16856597
         File1320573113.jpg-(242 KB, 1600x1200, Bloomstar-colored.jpg)
    242 KB
    A close-up. Still blurry, but the best I got from the BB.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:52 No.16856603
    The water... Perhaps that thought about a magical spring isn't too far off. Try drinking some.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:52 No.16856606
    Drink the water?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:52 No.16856607
    chugalug some of that water.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:52 No.16856612
    hey, guess what we get to drink instead of dew

    I think it has to be processed through a plant first to make fairies and sparkles. but some passive magic water might help.

    Explore for the source of this water.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)04:53 No.16856613
    Did someone say moat? I think someone said moat.

    Also, idea from chat. Ask Bloomstar if she can make a Indiana Jones fedora out of the worm leather.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)04:53 No.16856615
    The water is sort of tingly, even after you swallow it. It doesn't seem to have any effect on you, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:54 No.16856625
    effect or no, I want us drinking this instead of dew from now on.

    the others can drink whichever, but we know this is the good stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:55 No.16856629
    So, the water has little effect on us, but can turn worms magical. Perhaps we can use this to turn things magical instead of sparkles? The question is if they are still unflinchingly loyal.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)04:58 No.16856648
    let us A. find the source of this water

    and B. plant some mushrooms and shrubs near this water, since we have some light now. you know, start fairy-forming the ecosystem.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)05:01 No.16856665
    Seconding this.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:01 No.16856668
    You transplant some of the mushrooms down to the bottom of the magic hole. You also pick up any mushrooms you can find and jam them into the more magical dirt. Then you wait.

    A few days later, you have:
    -mushroom (red, spotted)
    -mushroom (glowy)
    -mushroom (big)

    Shrubs are going to be hard because you are two inches tall if you stretch.

    One of the girlz informs you that the hexagon fell over.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/06/11(Sun)05:03 No.16856679
    Tried it with extra lighting source (read: flashlight). No go. The BB still kills the details.

    Anyway, so what happens when we DRINK the magic in?
    Poor Bloomstar. At any rate, interact with Twinkle. She is our other lieutenant, we have to know her character, her strengths, and her flaws more.

    I swear I won't be asking for more 'special' hugs-
    Okay, I'm probably gonna ask again when I'm crashed or high on sugar...
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:04 No.16856684
    set about righting that hexagon. and making it a bit more stable, since it tends to fall over. prop it up with something, maybe. make sure the prop is on the edges and not the middle, so it doesn't stab.

    Also, should we eat the mushrooms or squeeze the mushrooms or wait and see if more mushrooms happen, or they get bigger? I want to wait-an-see, myself
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:05 No.16856689
    Check on the hexagon! Stat!
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:08 No.16856703
    You right the hexagon. It doesn't want to stay righted. It buzzes and falls over again. Then it gets torn apart from the inside by a sticky, shiny, confused queen bee.

    The bee looks at you, tilts its head, then starts to walk back and forth in front of you, flexing its wings and wiping its head clean with its forelimbs.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:09 No.16856710
    Watch the bee, make non-violent, slow movements.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)05:10 No.16856713
    "Hello! I'm Trixie Buttercup, do you want to be friends?"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:11 No.16856717
    hell yes!

    hell double dog yes!

    Okay, let's have the queen stay here while her wings dry. Tell the queen that we are in charge, and that we will care for it as long as it is under our dominion. we will go and fetch MORE HONEY, and a MALE. the MALES are the ones that look MORE DIFFERENT than the other bees.

    bring a pile of boyz to help carry stuff. Also, have twinkle watch the bee, make sure it's all right, knows where to find the extra honey, that kind of thing.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:17 No.16856751
    You watch the bee. It's not too different from an ordinary bee, aside from its more graceful movements and longer abdomen. It isn't interested in wandering off, but it doesn't stop moving either.

    The bee doesn't answer your question, but it does look at you and tilt its head the other way.

    Twinkle is happy to watch the bee. After some coaxing, the bee takes off. The first time, it only gets airborne for a moment, but after a few tries it buzzes along after Twinkle.

    You'll need a sparkle to get a second bee cooperative.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:19 No.16856757



    how ripe is the next pod? why didn't we save any sparkles? damn my planning ability
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)05:19 No.16856763
    Ask the bee if it wants to live in our tree. Tell it to tilt it's head right for yes, left for no. Also, tell Bloomstar to make a Indiana Jone's fedora out of the worm leather.

    (It's worth a shot)
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:20 No.16856764
    Ready in about two days, containing four fairies.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:21 No.16856773
    oh, well, the bee will still be fertile for that time. We should go start storing honey NOW though, since there's a lot of carrying to be done.

    between carrying honey, mining, leatherworking and watch, I think we have our labor slots filled nicely. more than enough work for our growing tribe.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:22 No.16856776
    The bee, when you interrupt Twinkle to ask it a question, start to tilt its head left, then tilts it right.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:22 No.16856778
    we don't understand dance-a-neese bee. darnit.

    stupid language barriers
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:24 No.16856787
    Any links to the old threads?
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)05:24 No.16856789
    "Make up your mind! No or yes! Seriously, dumb bee."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:25 No.16856793

    and no, we will never understand this bee
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:28 No.16856804
    The bee wanders off after Twinkle.

    Over the next day, it builds a small structure on the outside of the tree, a few inches before the upper level's outer door. There's a flat area to sleep on, an overhang, and two and a half hexagons.

    I'm going to cut it off here, but as usual, sometime between 22 and 23:00 board time tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:32 No.16856821
    night Narator good game see you tomorrow
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:33 No.16856824
    I will see you then.

    also, everything is going swimmingly. we didn't even lose a man to WORM BATTLES!

    we're getting just about big enough to be noticed by other communities though, so that might start being a problem
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:34 No.16856828
    See ya later Narrator.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)05:35 No.16856835
    You implying the beetle wasn't a man down?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:36 No.16856842
    The manliest of men.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:36 No.16856845
    the beetle was an experiment. To see its full capability, we had to test it to the breaking point.

    It wasn't a man down, it was a regrettable necessity of progress.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/06/11(Sun)05:36 No.16856850
    I even made the new beetles red to identify them as new.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)05:36 No.16856851
    spin control: just look at it go!

    I think our dictatorship is going to be juuust fine.
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)06:10 No.16856997
    Just something to say, if your not in chat. Your missing out.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)06:12 No.16857004
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)06:45 No.16857141
    1. Dig some more.
    2. Pool party with the girlz
    3. Fairy pod messing around
    4. Weapon dripping messing around
    5. Frolick.
    6. Find one of those guy bees for the Queen, then give him a sparkle.
    7. Make a whip.
    8. Get a fedora.
    9. Mess around with leather
    10. Mushroom checking
    11. Check if magic animals are also immune to normal damage
    >> Questor the Magnificent 11/06/11(Sun)06:48 No.16857162
    >You are.

    There, happy?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)06:50 No.16857170

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