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  • File : 1320584251.jpg-(29 KB, 382x716, emissary.jpg)
    29 KB Tribe to Empire Quest for Glory Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)07:57 No.16857518  
    You are a Chieftan. A stern warrior leading his own tribe. Your tribe rules over the northern plains. Having nomadic origins it was hard to settle permanently in a land but you did it. But as you claimed the land for your own a new responsibility is also given to you. Meeting with foreign emissaries.

    You stand tall. A bear pelt is on your broad shoulders. A great sword is hungat your back. Your wear leather boots and gloves which are crafted by best leatherworkers. You also wear a chain shirt and a scarf. You wait for the emissary of İlthya.

    The foreign emissary arrives at your outpost with her full delegation and a small armed escort. Oddly enough, they all seem to be women. Even the escort.

    She sees you approaching with your men and gives you brief nod.

    "Greetings, noble savage." She says warmly, though without shaking your hand or giving any sort of bow. "I take it you've been sent to welcome us." She then seems to eye you up and down with some amusement for a moment before adding, "A little overdressed though," as she turns to her fellow delegates, winking wryly.

    "Now then," she continues, "please take me to the local matriarch."

    She then proceeds to preoccupy herself further with sorting through some documents with her fellow delegates, perhaps not yet realizing that you are yourself the local chieftan.

    Eventually, noticing your lack of movement and apparent confusion, she turns to a fellow dignitary, asking why you're still just standing there and debating whether or not your people even speak Trade Common as was previously assumed...

    Finally she asks with a bewildered smile, "You.... do have a matriach... don't you?" Her speech is noticeably slower and a bit more melodic now, no doubt normally reserved for engaging with small children...

    What now?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:00 No.16857543
    Hey guys. İ though you wanted this?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:02 No.16857552
    You were mistaken, that entire thread was just trolls trolling trolls, and people trying to see how far they could derail the OP.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:02 No.16857555
    Consult my advisor.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:04 No.16857564
    Do we know anything about the emissaries origins?

    if so, what?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:04 No.16857568

    Your advisor is also angry for the insults but he swallows it.

    -They arent warriors my lord but at this point i think a war would only slow our procces of settling in this land. Also a trade agreement could be benefical.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:04 No.16857569
    State we don't have a matriarch, but a chieftan who is us
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:05 No.16857573
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:05 No.16857576
    "I am the Chieftain of the rulers of the northern plains. We've never been ones to strongly adhere to etiquette, but I must say yours shames your tutors. I am Chieftain ****. Speak your business".
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:06 No.16857579
    I don't think you know what this word means.
    If someone says something you don't like that doesn't make him a troll.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:08 No.16857583
    >/tg/ can't handle the idea of women in power
    >create another thread where they can live out their power fantasies
    Wow I didn't expect /tg/ to be THIS sexist
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:08 No.16857586
    What is the current state of our tribe? Do we have any risk of revolts?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:08 No.16857589
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:08 No.16857590
    seems interesting, OP

    How big is our tribe?
    How big is our territory?
    Who are our neighbors?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:09 No.16857595

    Relax. The emissaries probably just cocky. She's probably putting us on the back foot before she starts with the demands.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:09 No.16857596
    Yeah I'm the troll because I don't want to oppress women like most of /tg/ want to apparently
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:11 No.16857606
    You got issues bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:11 No.16857612
    It does if they are saying it just to piss people off.

    Look, they have even taken it into this thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:11 No.16857613
    At least being a sexist isn't one of them, unlike you.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:12 No.16857620
         File1320585149.jpg-(7 KB, 159x140, problem officer.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:12 No.16857623

    She comes from the Empire of İlythia ruled by women. They have extensive trade netowork and advanced in cultural ways. They are also extremely rich.


    You tell her that you rule your people. She frowns upon this. Then turns back to consult her advisors. Leaving you still


    Our tribe is loyal to us. They will follow us as long as we remain strong and determined.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:13 No.16857627
    Whatever you say man. You got some strange issues.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:13 No.16857635
    >oppressing women
    >implying it's not oppression if the gender roles are flipped.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:14 No.16857637
    >Imprison and hold them for ransom
    >Conduct trade embargo on their nation along with my allies
    >Immigration is only open to males from their nation, with full benefits and rights
    >Form plans on colonizing their puny lands
    >Build statues of myself

    Oh, and do I have a cigar? If so, then pull it out and smoke it.
    A lot.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:15 No.16857650
    Forgive them good sir. The lack of ''Elf rape wat do'' threads put them on edge.

    Poor bastards just need a target so they can vent their frustration.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:16 No.16857655
    >Our tribe is loyal to us. They will follow us as long as we remain strong and determined.

    ...But that wasn't the question I asked....

    Anyway, while waiting for the emissary consult with your advisers. Ask them for helpful advice rather than being angry and shit. We need to establish good relationship with powerful nation or at least we shouldn't make them angry with us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:16 No.16857659
    Mentally flip the genders of all involved with this quest, just to see what happens.

    I wait for her reaction.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:18 No.16857675

    Our tribe consists of 5 minor tribes which our grandfather conquered. Thus we rule 6000 norseman. 1000 of them are warriors.

    Our territory consists of plains that lie to the north. To our east stands empire of Ilythia. At the south stands Kingdom of Aville. To our southeast stands the Caliphate of Quiran. At our west lies great forest. To north is windy mountains.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:18 No.16857683
         File1320585517.png-(1.47 MB, 1089x742, half orcs courting.png)
    1.47 MB
    "Hey, you come from a society of powerful women, and I come from a society of powerful men. Let's all hook up in one big powerful orgy and procreate some powerful heirs for ourselves, what do you say?"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:20 No.16857698
    Are all of those nations ruled by Matriarchy?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:20 No.16857701
    Walk away. Refuse to conduct anymore diplomacy with their nation until they apologize for this insult.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:21 No.16857706
    something tells me a kingdom and a caliphate are not matriarchies
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:21 No.16857707

    Sure about this?


    You consult your sole advisor.

    -Well we should be calm and patient. These people are used to have women ruling over them. Maybe as a token of friendship we can hold a feast and some gift would work too.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:23 No.16857719
    Of course I'm sure. Am I not the El Presidente? Or whatever my position is? Either way I rule. And my rule is glorious.
    Now answer my question. Do I have a cigar?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:23 No.16857722

    Stay cool is the best choice of action at this stage. Wait for their reaction, but be proactive where the opportunity exists.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:24 No.16857729

    Kingdom is ruled by a puppet king. Though people seem to be equal Queen secretly rules over her people.

    Caliphate is ruled by a desert king. Men are superior.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:24 No.16857733
         File1320585899.png-(16 KB, 90x116, kingofdragonpassfedaros.png)
    16 KB
    >consult my advisor
    One of our barley fields has begun to whisper forbidden secrets during the night.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:25 No.16857735
    rolled 51 = 51


    Go with the advisor's idea, while politely pointing out to the delegate that she appears ill at ease.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:25 No.16857738
    Does the Kingdom's populace seem content with their monarchs?
    Anyways, we dismiss the emissary for the insult, and we request a compromise once they return to their homeland.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:27 No.16857749
    Seconding this.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:28 No.16857757

    No you dont.


    You patiently wait. Emissary talks with her advisors for a while in their own language then turns back to you.

    -Very well Chieftan. İ am Asha. And i greet you in the name of our queen. Though your ways may be savage and primitive we hope that we can form good relationships between our people.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:28 No.16857758
    rolled 60 = 60

    We'd best start rolling I think.

    Go with these ideas, ignore the retards. And ask some questions when we can- we need to find out all we can about the Ilthyans.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:29 No.16857761
    "You will apologize for that remark, and once you do so we shall hold a feast in the long hall to welcome you."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:31 No.16857771
    rolled 7 = 7


    Rolling for this, also to say it in a calm, measured tone.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:31 No.16857779
         File1320586313.jpg-(26 KB, 480x600, son-disappoint-04.jpg)
    26 KB
    You should've rewritten it into something more sensible and only added the part you've used as an opener after a proper introduction.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:32 No.16857786
    OP, you should trip up, this is too easy to exploit.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:33 No.16857796
    rolled 36 = 36

    Well, compared to other civilisations around we ARE kinda savage and primitive, we let that one slide for now.

    "Indeed, but if you have such wishes it would be wise to keep such judgements to yourself, emissary."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:34 No.16857800
    I lower my head, looking at down at her since she is even less than half my size. I crack my neck once and roll my shoulders.
    "I apologize, for my hearing is not in the finest condition today. What did you remark about our 'ways'?"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:36 No.16857811
    "Tell me, what is wrong with the men of your nation such that I can only count women among your armed forces? Has some curse been placed upon your domain because your ruler insulted a foul sorcerer?"
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:38 No.16857827
    Guys rol for the fucks sake.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:38 No.16857832
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:39 No.16857836
    rolled 29 = 29

    Are our replies put into higher priority if we call all the other posters retards?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:39 No.16857841
    rolled 37 = 37

    what is our name?
    "We welcome you to our lands, Asha. We are a simple people, but we are strong and proud. I should warn you that the people take insults very seriously." Motion to our advisor. "Prepare the feast, prepare our best foods for our 'esteemed' guest."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:39 No.16857842
    rolled 19 = 19

    Right then.
    Is mine. I roll for intimidation.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:40 No.16857843
    rolled 80 = 80

    We tell them of our history, who rules our trbe and how it came to be. We tell them what we have to offer in trade and alliance, and any other questions she has- answering politely but cautiously.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:40 No.16857844

    She seems to get angry at first but after realizing that you stand 2.12 cm tall and have a great sword she lets it pass. You lead her to great hall. Though she thinks of your people savages she seems to like the furs and pelts crafted by your people. You talk to her about her kingdom. Ask questions which she replies with arrogant words. İt seems İlythia Empire is 5 bigger than your tribe. Though their own army is weak, İlythian's have an alliance with Aville. Also they ave auxillaries they recruit from the lands they conquered. She also asks you about your people after she finishes talking.

    What now Chieftan?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:40 No.16857846
    rolled 30 = 30

    Out of what? 10? 20? 100?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:40 No.16857848
    Mine, rolling.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:41 No.16857851
    Tell her about our people then.

    Also, lets see if we can get trade going. You say she likes fur and pelts? Well, that is splendind! Fur and pelts have been historically very valuable commodities.
    Ask our advisor what we should trade for, what we lack and then try to negotiate some trade going.

    Ignore "lets rape them" suggestions, I suspect they are not serious about this.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:41 No.16857853
    rolled 20 = 20

    let's try again
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:41 No.16857855
    >you stand 2.12 cm tall
    wait, are we all fairies or something?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:42 No.16857858
    this goes for >>16857844
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:42 No.16857860
    rolled 61 = 61

    Aaaaaugh why op why. Everyone is getting mixed up and confused now.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:43 No.16857866
    I bet there's a market for burly Northern pleasure-slaves in their Asiatic empire. We should sell the useless but pretty members of our tribe to her.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:44 No.16857869
    Oh God I laughed, I laughed so hard.

    On a related note, do pictures of viking fairies exist?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:44 No.16857873
    rolled 26 = 26

    Since they seem to be an empire of women, show them how our tribe's women live their lives. I'm sure she'd find that "interesting", even if it is pretty much normal.

    Bring on the outrage.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:45 No.16857875
    rolled 16 = 16

    "There is not much to say. We used to wander, but now we have settled. We have always lived off animals, both herded and hunted, and whatever edible plants we found, and we shall continue to do so."

    "Tell me....we have always assigned duties based on competence, and it has always been that far more men are assigned with arms then women. But I count not a man in your ranks. How did this come to pass?"
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:47 No.16857890

    We tell her that how northren people stood divided and how our grandfather conquered five tribes and formed them into one. Our father knowing the price of war led our people to south instead of remaining at north and struggling for the right to rule over northern continent.

    She seems to be disgusted at your grandfather but approves your father.

    You tell them about the things you can trade with them. She shows no interest in most of the goods but she drools over the furs, pelts and animal stock your people produces. She offers spices, raw metals and dyes in return.

    What now Chieftan?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:49 No.16857898
    rolled 15 = 15

    Lets get some trading going on. Rolling to see how good of a deal we get with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:50 No.16857902
    rolled 11 = 11

    Speak to us more of these metals. Shall they make fine weaponry and armor?

    We will show little interest in the spice unless it promises potential as a preservative.

    What color are the dyes?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:50 No.16857903

    We come from fucking north where night is years long and surviving alone in wilderness for one day makes you a badass. Also tribes of the north had tendency to fight between themselves, all day all night.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:50 No.16857905
    >What now Chieftan?

    Put on the robe and wizard hat, of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:51 No.16857910
    OP a small tip, /tg/ loves immersion, so becouse I see potential in this quest I will ask a favour of you.
    Think things through a little, what is our name? whats our tribes name? our god/s? how many of us are there, what are our costums. Not to mention what we own, and what the lands are like etc etc

    This will aid greatly in making the quest last and scare some trolls off.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)08:52 No.16857913

    Metal they offer is low quality, not like the iron you mined from the mountains of north. Spices are spices. Used to add a pleasent taste to your meals. Dyes are in many colours. Mainly red, black, green, white, blue.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:52 No.16857914
    rolled 76 = 76

    Drool over the raw metals, and tell her of our hunters and tanners that make such fine pelts, and the hardy, strong livestock we offer.

    Give her a few of the choice stock as gifts of goodwill, for herself and to take back to her Queen.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:52 No.16857915
    rolled 94 = 94

    Rolling for this. Dat bitch was checkin' us out.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:54 No.16857924
    rolled 48 = 48

    Shit shit shit, low quality? Nuh uh, lets get some haggling going on.
    Rolling again, this time to see if we can get a better deal.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:55 No.16857930
    rolled 80 = 80

    We are offended that they offer us lower quality metal than what we already have. However, we will trade for it, so that we have metal we can make household items out of and leave our good metal for important things like weapons and armor.

    Spices shall be traded at a low value.

    Dyes shall be considered something of fair value, some colors with cultural significance being more expensive than others.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)08:57 No.16857942
    "Do you come here to insult us again and again? Here I stand, offering fine goods of great value and in return you bring me worthless rocks and call them iron, unneeded things like your colours and spices.
    I though you wished to trade.
    Here trade is to richen both parties, return when you have a more honourable offer for me"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:03 No.16857961
    Is this 'inferior woman strawman' the quest? Your misogyny is showing, quest master.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:05 No.16857973
    rolled 86 = 86

    I have faith that this quest can become fuck awesome. Op, put a bit more thought into it, and remember. fa/tg/uys are description/lore whores. Give us more insight into our history, our world. More description of our current situation, such as how many of what resources we have. Anyways.

    "The metal seems of poor quality, I can't see what use we could have for the dyes or spices either. I don't wish to insult you, but is there anything else you can offer in place of these?"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:05 No.16857976
    You aren't clearly thinking like businessmen.

    Are the spices cheap and/or plentiful in our guests' country? If so, clearly we should trade for them and then sell them for a profit further to some other country not directly trading with them, getting loadsamoney and improving our diplomatic relations with both lands.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:06 No.16857979
    rolled 60 = 60

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:07 No.16857986
    That's what is spawned from, but we've essentially said fuck it, we're playing civilization, /tg/ mode.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:07 No.16857988
    No, seriously. These women are terrible. They offer crap and hate force of arms, but they apparently have conquered a much larger area than we have and are confident in their ability to guard and trade. It's inconsistent. You can't give them competence and portray them as incompetent at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:09 No.16857994
    rolled 97 = 97

    Perhaps these particular individuals are incompetent, while those running the empire are quite competent.

    Awaiting OP.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:09 No.16857996
    rolled 94 = 94

    You're taking the quest too seriously.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:17 No.16858035
    Just returned. Advancing in...
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:19 No.16858042
    Why are people rolling for shit when it is not prompted? don't roll if OP doesn't ask for a roll.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:20 No.16858049
    That's just how we determine which post to go along with. Which post is 'best' is subjective, so rolling for it is the only objective way to decide.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:21 No.16858052
    rolled 61 = 61

    Because we're too lazy to take it off.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:22 No.16858064
    he did ask, earlier. And most of use are too lazy to be arsed.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:22 No.16858066

    You even suprise yourself with great bartering skill and make Asha accept your offer giving you advantage in trade. She also seems to have gotten over her disgust for your savagery and you see that she become more comfartable. Also you invite her to the feast which she rejects. She apologises for this.

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:23 No.16858068
    rolled 71 = 71

    May I ask why she refuses our invitation?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:24 No.16858072
    I'm here now, I'm not too late, am I?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:25 No.16858082
    So what did we negotiate for? What are we getting?

    Anyway, I think it would be great to have some sort of a minor cultural exchange going. At least sending ambassadors to their land to learn their ways and shit.

    Well, is she refuses the feast... hmm, I don't know. Is there anything she would like to do?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:25 No.16858083
    rolled 34 = 34

    "Well then, if you do not wish to join the feast, perhaps you would take a gift?" Offer the dignitaries a pelt each, and of course some for their matriarch.

    robe. ricDiro... No captcha, we are not putting on our robe.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:25 No.16858085
         File1320589525.jpg-(110 KB, 616x850, 1e9a16805f290bc5027eeba304a5fb(...).jpg)
    110 KB
    rolled 18 = 18


    "Why, being invited to a feast such as this is the highest honor we could offer to you, short of arranging a marriage between you and someone with great influence over the tribe such as myself! How dare you refuse it! I DEMAND an explanation as to why you cannot attend!"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:27 No.16858095
    rolled 3 = 3

    i think we do the whole jovile and hearty leader. bitches love that
    smile and say i understand. prepare a feast because of successful trading aggrements

    And also a COMBAT TURNEY. tourney during the day and a feast at night!

    my roll demands such!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:27 No.16858105
    rolled 54 = 54

    lower rolls are better right?!?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:27 No.16858106

    She tells you that she is ordered to visit Kingdom of Aville after she comepeletes her deals with you.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:28 No.16858114
    Hush you.
    Don't overreact. Show remorse that they don't want to attend but accept their wishes.

    I always thought that reaching a sort of consensus is the best way to run these things because a single high roller can fuck up a lot of things with LOLRANDUMxD suggestions.

    Also, I was complaining about the fact that people rolled to determine the success of the action, hence why we got such shitty metals out of hte deal.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:28 No.16858116

    Higher rolls are better.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:30 No.16858123
    rolled 94 = 94

    Hey, rolls are rolls.
    But I like what you're saying. Rolls shouldn't determine who's post gets chosen.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:30 No.16858124
    "I am the matriarch." Our tribe has very progressive views on gender identity.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:31 No.16858128
    >Deliberate belittlement to test temperament of leaders.
    >Offering of luxury goods to see what they can use in return.
    So she's essentially a surveyor here to see who will oppose their inevitable conquest. Wonderful.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:31 No.16858133
    rolled 15 = 15

    "Can it not wait one night? This feast is great honor, and I am sure that this King of Aville would understand...."
    Yes, we're getting shitty metals. But that lets us conserve our good metal for the important things.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:32 No.16858136
    I suppose this is a standard Fantasy setting, right? There are no fast ways of traveling (unless they teleport or something). Is she expected to visit several countries in one day?
    Surely their Head does not demand them to so much in one day. (I mean, it must be exhausting and would be better for them to take a rest and continue their mission in the morning when they are fresh.)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:32 No.16858138
    rolled 94 = 94

    i still second my roll of three.
    also maybe do some research. learn nearby rivals the enemies. their enemies, excetera. lets get our advisors and spys rolling.

    i want to know how we stand in the area and how we can expand our control of neighbouring regions via warfare, commerce or diplomacy

    GOD WILLS IT! (Odin or Thor what every)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:32 No.16858141
    rolled 11 = 11

    Rolling for this, offer gifts if refused.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:33 No.16858145
    How much contact have we had with Alville and what is our relation with them?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:34 No.16858149

    She accepts your generous gifts. She mutters herself about something "He is not bad for barbarian...". She thinks that you havent heard her. With that she leaves.


    Kingdom of Aville Neutral
    İlythia Empire Warm (Trading fur and animals for dyes, spices and raw metal(low quality.)
    Caiphate of Quiran Neutral

    Tribe info coming next...
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:36 No.16858162

    Couldnt you roll that before i post. *Sighs.* Okay you ahve on 94 to use.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:36 No.16858163

    Hey, I do not mind when we are made to roll to determine the success of the action. Hell, it is necessary sometimes so that everything doesn't go our way. I just wish we roll when OP asks for it.
    And, yeah, "highest roll decides action" should be abolished completely.

    We must find ways to expand and develop. Ask our advisers for help (hell, we only have one, we should have several of them)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:36 No.16858168
    rolled 96 = 96

    Give them a gift of prettyboys useless for warriors, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:37 No.16858173
    I make a new, non-troll quest thread, with an introduction and picture that aren't shared with a blatant troll thread.

    I make the diplomat less gratingly cheesy and unrealistic while I'm at it.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:39 No.16858185
    Lets not.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:39 No.16858189
    rolled 58 = 58

    Fuck off with your shit posts.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:40 No.16858196
    What? They clearly trade in the objectification of men. It's an advantage we would be naive to neglect - and it potentially gives us a spy in their camp, given how unassuming and fixated on men as sexual objects (and inequal to women) they seem to be.

    Or are you not so comfortable with the objectification of men?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:40 No.16858197
    rolled 40 = 40

    We need Advisors in fields we are not strong in, and respresentives from the villages we control.

    as well as such diplomats to nearby regions to strenghen bonds and or vry for power.

    continue with the fest and get a turney organised, culture up in this mother fucker.

    i dunno which, should we...
    a) strenghen within our realm
    b) expand outwards
    c) .. umm create a trade empire?!? i dunno
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:42 No.16858209
    rolled 36 = 36

    Well, it looks like they couldn't stay the night after all.

    Order the weaponsmiths and fletchers to prepare more weaponry, the mail-smiths to produce more chainmail and the tanner to put studs the leather armor. Now that we have a source of metal that is only good for household items, we can afford to arm up.

    Also, send a few tribesmen with the appropriate skills to shadow the delegates. I want to size up this Aville place.

    Then proceed to feasting and drinking.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:42 No.16858210
    rolled 33 = 33

    Bring on the info, op. Its time we start managing our shit and shit.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:42 No.16858212
    Our army... has basic organization. Our grandfather was one heck of a guy. He ruled with an iron fist. He disciplined his army and trained them very hard. Our father was more of a benevolent king.

    150 Chosen One... (Elite of elite. They wear chainmal shirts under iron breastplates. All of them have bear pelts and each one has a large shield and sword.)
    350 Berserkers... (Dual wielding infantry. Fucks up the moral of enemy. Vicious in close combat. Have little armour.)
    300 Rangers.. (Great at ambushes. Expert archers.)
    200 Swordsmen (Basic heavy infatry with swords and shields.)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:43 No.16858218
    rolled 91 = 91

    >women in power=/=men are objectified
    Also, who else has noticed the diplomat seems to want the cock?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:44 No.16858222
    No, men aren't objectified because women are in power. Men are objectified because the women here CLEARLY OBJECTIFY MEN.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:45 No.16858225
    rolled 40 = 40

    guide dangit, why couldn't I roll 91 when I made my suggestion
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:45 No.16858232
    rolled 20 = 20

    we need info
    also drill discliple into our soldiers. lots of it, so they are more trained soldeirs then raiders. and make xbows, alot easier to train and equip everyone one with the bows
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:45 No.16858233
    rolled 51 = 51

    Do we have a general? If not, then lets see if we have any potential ones. (Maybe recruit one from another kingdom?)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:45 No.16858238
    rolled 29 = 29

    Not necessarily. Men could just be of a lower social/political caste.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:46 No.16858239
    rolled 73 = 73

    Good, good.....But what about our towns? Laws? Systems? How are things managed here?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:46 No.16858242
    Not surprising. I bet their own men are huge pussies. Bitches always love Alpha males, not matter how savage.... actually, the savage part might be the highest factor.

    Eh, anyway.
    I was going to suggest they rest for a while here before setting up. If not huge feast, at least we can offer them a place to stay and bring them food there.
    If they are in a hurry, well, we can't do anything about that.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:47 No.16858244
    rolled 95 = 95

    Work on better arming the swordsmen with our good metals. (All our less important metal items can be lower quality). We may not be in a time of war at the moment, but to have peace one must prepare for war. Recruit more soldiers, don't force it, but make it clear more soldiers are wanted. With the spices and dyes we could trade to other nations to keep our economy strong and our military ready for even the toughest of engagements.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:47 No.16858245
    >Not surprising. I bet their own men are huge pussies. Bitches always love Alpha males, not matter how savage.... actually, the savage part might be the highest factor.
    Christ /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:48 No.16858248

    I imagine that we're the general due to being the chieftan
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:48 No.16858252

    That's great and all but why are we suddenly preparing for war?

    I think it would be better to have civic development.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:49 No.16858254
    We started to create fields and start farming. For now we produce wheat and apple.

    Our animal stocks consists of animal native to Northlands. Strong war horses which dwarf normal horses and able to carry a chosen one on its back. We have Movlu's bull like creatures with horns and a thick pelt. Their milk is very rich in nutrients and their meat is also great. And we have goats and rams.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:49 No.16858257
    Hey, I'm just sayaian what impression I got, I might be completely wrong.
    No need to generalize entire board.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:50 No.16858263

    So our armed forces seem to be very dangerous close in, and have good ambushers. This is good, very good.

    For possible future combats I suggest that we work heavily with ambushing tactics, especially rangers and berserkers. the Chosen are more of a official "look at how scary we are" force and the swordsmen are there to give us more bodies...

    Now, how would one make berserkers hide and ambush and not just charge in like...well...berserkers
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:51 No.16858264
    The emissary and her posse is gone already?

    Also, we had lot of suggestions, OP, you should address them. No one like repeating themselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:51 No.16858266
    OP, how good are we at fighting? Are we the most powerful warrior in the tribe, or is it just right of birth that we're chieftan?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:51 No.16858267
    rolled 30 = 30

    I second arming up, but I don't think we could become trade masters. The Kingdom of Aville and the Caiphate of Quiran probably already get spices and dyes from the İlythia Empire. I seriously doubt the Empress will be pleased if we try to undersell her.

    Then again, perhaps we can use the promise of spices and dyes to lure down our brethren from the North....
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:53 No.16858277
    rolled 6 = 6

    Call our farmers together and introduce them new ideas of selective breeding for animals and crop rotation for our produce.

    Appoint a (Smart) general to our army. Keep it organized, trained, but also educated.

    Tell our traders and hunters to start getting busy. We've got a lot of work to do.

    Also send ambassadors to the other empires.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:54 No.16858284
    rolled 35 = 35

    A) We have just been given the resources to do so
    B) We're the new player, and we're relatively small fish. It is very possible that someone is going to try to dick us over.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:55 No.16858287
    are we a tribal society?
    What do we have in the ways of scholars and whatnot?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:55 No.16858288
    rolled 19 = 19

    well. get some economic factors up man. fuck. ill suggested some militariestic options

    excourage farming and horticulture. i dont know. build school and hosptials in each village at or above a certain size. Create a road network. Encourgae trade routes and or merchants to come to our lands. increase mining for weapons and other purposes.

    utilize peace while we have it, but prepare for the worst.
    so suggest some civiv things man.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:55 No.16858295
    Our culture is mainly based around Crow God. He guides our fallen warriors to their final resting places. He guards the souls of our ancestors. He doesnt expect his followers to worship him and erect great temples in his name. He expects his followers to be strong and stern. İf you put your faith into him, then he will be there to guide your soul when you fall in the battle.

    Our tribes history are recorded by elders. They keep records of our history and teach the new generations about out origins.

    All men and women in our tribe are born warriors. Though our Grandfather likes to employ regular troops which are trained for war, fact still stands that people of the north are born warriors.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:57 No.16858311
    rolled 3 = 3

    Lets try getting some TECHNOLOGY the next time we start some diplomacy and trading.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:57 No.16858312
         File1320591479.jpg-(32 KB, 360x480, 2bebfb21-ef3f-45e2-aefb-679abe(...).jpg)
    32 KB
    rolled 42 = 42

    OP, you need to size up the local wildlife.

    As for the tribe....again, I must emphasize that we must arm up. There are 3 nations much bigger than us out there, and we only trust 1 of them so far.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:58 No.16858315

    Oh, I like that! there are a lot of tribes up there, and those tribes should have alot of good soldiers.

    How much spices and fancy clothing would it take to hire a few more tribes as mercenaries, perhaps to enjoy a wee bit o' plunder?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:59 No.16858317
    rolled 42 = 42

    Appoint missionaries to spread our faith across the land.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)09:59 No.16858318
    rolled 71 = 71

    manditory drill time for everyone over a certain age. maybe afew hours every week. this will give us an advantage if we need soldiers because everyone will already be at a higher standard.

    alas i agree with higher posts. we need to improve our region economically. advisors help, sanitation, education, road networks etc.

    also i would like the diplomatic info as well.

    so i guess more info needed :P
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)09:59 No.16858320

    We are trained in war by our own grandfather who was feared by all. He had no equal.


    Our tribe's has apothecaries and alchemists. Though few in number and ill equipped.


    İm fuckin trying.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:00 No.16858323
    rolled 85 = 85

    It would be a shame to lose the 'born warriors' type deal though, so we should probably encourage physical and mental strength. Perhaps schools with mandatory martial classes? Arenas and such to earn glory in. Offer the greatest arena warriors a chance to try out for our Chosen Ones.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:01 No.16858325
    rolled 20 = 20

    We need maps and we need them NOW
    Do we have maps? If not, then lets get some explorers as well. Tell them to look for places that would be good for settlements, resources, towns, and anything else interesting. Leave nothing out.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:01 No.16858326
    We should better equip our alchemists. We'll need them in case of disease and other hazards. It probably wouldn't hurt to encourage them to spread their knowledge
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:01 No.16858328
    rolled 60 = 60

    Presumably, we already have sanitation and education figured out, we just need to apply it to a less mobile lifestyle.

    As for roads, we need to be cautious. Yes, we want to help our civilians and allied traders get around faster, but our warriors are fine on the open tundra and we don't want to speed up the enemy soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:02 No.16858330
    rolled 31 = 31


    Expand a settlement to the West near the Great Forest. The Caliphate must lack in good lumber in their deserts and it would be wise to diversify our economy.

    Use the low quality of metal from İlthya to free up good iron for weapons and send emissaries to the Caliphate.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:02 No.16858334
    rolled 52 = 52

    Give him a break, bro. Things seem to be running more smoothly.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:03 No.16858337
    rolled 46 = 46

    Ill equipped? This won't do. Get some gatherers and appoint them under our medical bros.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:03 No.16858339
    >İm fuckin trying.
    I'm sorry, didn't mean to sound so annoying.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:04 No.16858343
    rolled 3 = 3

    agreed, a road system will also help our enemies but it will also help us.

    Op its all good, appreciate the quest, we are impatient to throw solutions at you.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:04 No.16858346
    rolled 3 = 3

    I feel sorry for op. We want a lot of shit DONE and he needs to address them all.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:04 No.16858349
    rolled 34 = 34

    To everyone suggesting we send emissaries of our own, it is a bad idea in my opinion. We want these other kingdoms to meet us on our turf. That way, if someone accidentally offends someone else, we won't be the ones with a much bigger army coming down on our asses.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:06 No.16858359

    Well firstly our land has potential for farming and animal herding. Though we are unfamiliar with local animals we brought some animal breeds from north. Also we can search windy mountains for ores and metals. We can also consider expanding into great forest. Lumber would help us and of course we can always do with more land.

    Kingdom of Avellia is weak in military and its economy most based on trade. They are allies with İlythians.

    Caliphate of Quiran is hostile again İlythians but their military might isnt enough to bring them down. Their economy based on trade and animal herding. Also they make great income from spices and some other exotic goods.

    İlythian Empire is ruled by women. All nobilites are made up by women. Their military stength lies in axuilarries. They have many sources of income.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:08 No.16858372
    rolled 15 = 15

    Keep going op. I think we've pretty much said all we wanted to do for now for the posts above me.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:09 No.16858385
    rolled 36 = 36

    >Caliphate of Quiran is hostile again İlythians but their military might isnt enough to bring them down. Their economy based on trade and animal herding. Also they make great income from spices and some other exotic goods.
    If we have to make an enemy, let's make it these guys. There are 2 other domains, one which is neutral with them and one which is their enemy. And they herd animals....they're taking our jerbs! And if worst comes to worst and we conquer them....we can extract spice and exotic stuff from them as tribute and not have to trade spice with the Ilythians.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:09 No.16858388
    rolled 56 = 56

    yeah. keep going bro
    ill add expand mining and lumber cutting to the list though
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:11 No.16858395
    Sorry for us bogging you down OP, but on the upside it means you have the attention of a good deal of people.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:11 No.16858396
    You know, if both of those countries have weak militarizes while we have a good one, we may have something very valuable to trade on our hands...
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:13 No.16858411
    rolled 17 = 17

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Start a mercenary business?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:13 No.16858415
    rolled 21 = 21

    I reiterate the need the need to expand to the forest. Lumber can be a useful trading commodity.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:13 No.16858416

    Stone: abundant (we have a stone querry)
    İron (high quality) : few ( we only have our stocks which we brought with us from north.)
    Wood: Normal (We still have yet to contruct lumbermills.)
    Food: Abundant (Our animal supply us for now)


    Leatherworking: Advanced
    Forging: Advanced
    Stoneworking: primitive
    Carpenting: Normal


    Dyes: Plenty
    Metal sand: (Low quality. Hard to forge.)
    Spices: Plenty

    Animal stock

    Warhorse breeds : large
    Mavlu breeds: large
    Goat and Ram flocks: Huge
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:13 No.16858418
    rolled 75 = 75

    my understanding is that Ilythian army>Quiran army>Avellia army>our army

    But who knows, we might be better than all of them man for man.

    Fuck, I hope the Empress doesn't trick us into being auxiliaries.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:15 No.16858432
    rolled 31 = 31


    construct a Lumber mill then. Begin the process of farming, the animals won't sustain us for long.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:16 No.16858441
    >İron (high quality) : few ( we only have our stocks which we brought with us from north.)
    >Wood: Normal (We still have yet to contruct lumbermills.)

    Lets construct lumber mills and search for new Iron deposits (or any other deposits for that matter)
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:16 No.16858444
    I like the way you think.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:17 No.16858447
    rolled 1 = 1

    Man for man, our warriors are without equal so I'm thinking that we hire out small "Special forces" groups.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:17 No.16858449
    rolled 85 = 85


    Actually, fuck that. We need to get some mining done. Expand to the north and get some decent Iron.

    Pfft, this metal sand is as weak, feminine and frail as the empire that sends it to us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:17 No.16858450
    Agreed. Send parties out to the mountains to find potential mines.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:17 No.16858452
    rolled 45 = 45

    she wont. cause we will be dicking her

    either in diplomacy or in real. what ever
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:19 No.16858462

    We firstly think about improving our education system. Well our plans to our advisor. He tells us that we can also besides the regular troops can enact law that makes it neccessary for our people to serve in army for 7 years. Also he tells us that we can improve our warriors halls and we can try to organize our army into a more flexible and detailed ranks.

    For our apothecaries and alchemists our Advisor tells us that hiring some herbalist from foreign countries and supporting them would be a good coice.

    For economy he has no advice for us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:20 No.16858468
    rolled 7 = 7

    Seconding the farming. We could also use some of our men as mercenaries. It would be great training for real war and serve to increase our resources. But lets try to not bog down the OP too much.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:21 No.16858475
         File1320592912.jpg-(14 KB, 276x300, 1320508400796.jpg)
    14 KB
    rolled 32 = 32

    She's got enough power to wipe us out if she wanted. The trick we're going to have to play is to make ourselves not worth taking out, whether because we're too valuable or because she'd suffer too many casualties for the trouble we cause.

    After we get the lumbermill up, we should built a hill fort.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:22 No.16858480
    rolled 62 = 62


    We can try to get some herbalists from İlthya who I assume since they're weak militarily are pretty advanced in more peaceful arts.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:22 No.16858491
    Which country has the most skilled herbalists?
    I suggest we request trade with that country, teachers for us, and whatever they request of us for them, as long as it's within reason.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:23 No.16858494
    rolled 8 = 8

    7 years might end up pissing a lot of our people off. Pissed off people=civil war=Decimated military=Vulnerable nation. See what the people think of it first.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:23 No.16858497

    We send some searching parties to windy mountains in search for new mine sources. We estimate that it will take 1 month for them to return.

    Also we assign our 500 of our builders and workers to Great forest. They start constructing lumbermills and some master carpenters go with them. We expect them to finish in 3 weeks.

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:23 No.16858498
    rolled 58 = 58


    Get some herbalists and begin exploration for Iron Ore deposits.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:24 No.16858501
    rolled 37 = 37

    It seems to me that Ilythia is like a femdom Rome...strong military, takes whatever it wants from the cultures it concurs. But yeah, they'd have herbalists.

    Wait, how far away are the other kingdoms?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:24 No.16858506
    Okay, improve our warrior halls. Build more of them just in case.

    We need more advisers and shit. Each being responsible for certain task: Economy&Trade, Farming, Military, Diplomacy, Espionage, etc...
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:25 No.16858508
    The army of Ilythia itself is piss-weak. All their military might comes from their domains.
    Which means if we can incite a civil war (covertly, of course), they stand no chance of defending against us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:25 No.16858510
    We could tell them that they must serve in the military, but hold a vote amongst the people for the duration of service.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:25 No.16858512
    OP, we never got what kind of setting this is.
    Is this fantasy setting with magic and mythological beasts and what-not? If so, is this High-magic or Low-magic?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:25 No.16858513
    rolled 4 = 4


    Begin planting farms (if the season is right) and begin the construction of Palisades around our settlement.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:26 No.16858515
         File1320593182.jpg-(154 KB, 596x776, 2eb0f541bd9c7e53969ad8c2603523(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    rolled 82 = 82

    Plan to expand the warriors hall into a great hill fort. Have the builders draw up the necessary drawings.

    Look to the horizon and see if we have any more visitors coming.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:27 No.16858521
    Military might

    İlythia>Our Tribe>Quirans>Avellia

    Our people show great skill for war. Also our people are first taught how to use swords and axes in their childhood. Men or women. Though 7 years is a very long time maybe reducing it to 5 or 3 years could would suffice.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:29 No.16858532
    I say we tell our people of mandatory military service. All people, women included. Our women are strong, right? They must be, we're a proud viking-ish people.
    After revealing the mandatory military service hold a vote to determine the length of service.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:30 No.16858537

    Dont expect to people to shit magic or something like that. Mages are few. Very few and most of them are hunted down in other kingdoms. For myhtological beasts. Well there are some.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:30 No.16858541
    rolled 71 = 71

    I say we meet in the middle with 4, it seems reasonable. But before we actually enact it, we need to see how the people would react to it. A vote seems a bit much considering that we don't seem that organized.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:31 No.16858546
    It would greatly bolster our fledgling country if we allowed mages to come to us without fear of being prosecuted as long as they follow the laws of our people.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:32 No.16858550
    Is there are reason why they are hunted down?
    Perhaps our country could be welcoming them?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:32 No.16858551
    It would also devastate our diplomatic relations, I presume.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:33 No.16858552
    rolled 72 = 72

    How is the health of our people? Do they keep clean?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:33 No.16858554

    You send emissaries to other countries in search for capable herbalists and scholars. You also give order your remaining builders to improve warriors hall. Your all remaining wood will be depleted for this action. Also you enact a law making it necessary for civilians to serve in army for at least 4 years.

    For now you have no visitors but you do have a weird feeling in your gut...

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:34 No.16858558
    I like this idea, a nation of barbarians and mages. But I think we should make the mages spend a few years in the military as a sign of loyalty.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:35 No.16858566
    rolled 48 = 48

    Look over our stocks of leather and fur. If company does arrive, we want to have presents ready.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:36 No.16858572
    What kind of weird gut feeling, leaning good or bad? The gut is a powerful thing capable of clearing rooms in seconds. We should listen to it.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:36 No.16858573

    Well you dont know why they are hunted down as most mages. Maye you should send someone to gatherinformation?


    Our people are healthy because everyone in our tribe lives a spartan life, staying away from luxuries and sloth. But we still lose newborn to sickness and etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:36 No.16858576
    We should draft up some new laws for future magically inclined members of our society. Determine what magic is and is not acceptable. We probably don't want anyone consorting with demons, for instance.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:36 No.16858577
    rolled 2 = 2

    Go to the shamans. Any good or bad omens? Any wise words they wish to say to us? Any needs that must be addressed?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:37 No.16858581
    yes, gather info on mages. I would like this very much.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:38 No.16858588

    You dont fuckin now. Maybe a visit to tribe shaman is needed? And btw your advisor reminds you that you are yet to take a mate for yourself. You left your 22th year behind you.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:39 No.16858590
    rolled 91 = 91


    This reminds me of playing Settlers. I always forgot to build a stonecutter's hut and a woodcutter's hut + sawmill before building anything else, and had to restart constantly.

    W- when I was a kid of course
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:39 No.16858593
    rolled 32 = 32


    lol. lets get our resources up to scrath as well as farming . a strong milityary aint very good if you cant support it
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:39 No.16858595
    rolled 78 = 78


    Don't worry about magic for now. Start using that shitty metal sand to build agriculture implements.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:41 No.16858607

    You go to spirit lodge in order to seek wisdom from the shamans. The archshaman of the tribe greets you, a smile on his face. You shake hands he invites you inside telling you that he was expecting you. You see many young acolytes training under elders. He leads you to circle of tranquility. He ask you why you have come?

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:41 No.16858609
    rolled 19 = 19

    A powerful noble from another empire would make a good "mate".
    We'll work on that later though, heh.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:41 No.16858610
         File1320594098.jpg-(25 KB, 344x281, 1320507858794.jpg)
    25 KB
    rolled 43 = 43

    Visit the shamans and consult the ancestor-spirits. Also, make a note to inquire about her marital status the next time we see that diplomat.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:42 No.16858614
    rolled 10 = 10

    Our mate shall be the one who is strong enough to beat us in battle.

    No other woman shall do!

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:42 No.16858616
    Mate later, visit shaman. We have chieftaning to do. Feels good man, from a misogyny thread to a pretty cool quest thread. I love /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:43 No.16858625
    rolled 66 = 66

    "Weird feeling in my gut. Can't tell if good or bad. Also need to find a mate."
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:43 No.16858628
    rolled 59 = 59

    Marry such a weak harlot? Are you daft? Were you dropped as a wee tot?
    Are you perchance gone over the rainbow, as it were?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:44 No.16858633
    Beat us? No, we need a woman who equals us. No man or woman can beat us. You can only be beaten if you give in, and we will never give in.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:44 No.16858637
    rolled 16 = 16

    Her ESCORT'S marital status. I meant to say her escort.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:44 No.16858639
    A woman who can beat the greatest warrior in the entire world

    A woman.




    We are beyond fucking HUSCARLS and you want a WOMAN to beat us before we can marry her?

    No sir, you are the one who is daft.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:44 No.16858640
    rolled 45 = 45

    Have the fates foretold anything? Does our tribe have promise? Is there any wisdom he could share with us?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:44 No.16858641

    Your advisor learns that thanks to the skill of master carpenters that most of the lumbermills are nearly operational and will son start getting some income. Also the farming tools your smiths make from Metal sand improves farming . Your advisor decides tell these news to you when you return from spirit lodge.


    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:45 No.16858645
    One who subjugates him or herself to a weakling is just as much a weakling
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:45 No.16858650
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:46 No.16858656
    Do we have any natural resources? We should have.

    Scout for stuff near us.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:47 No.16858666
    rolled 99 = 99


    Now we just chill and wait for those guys we sent to find ore. We need to stockpile a lot of shit that we spent.

    Also requesting status of materials. How long till our lumber stocks replenish?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:48 No.16858668
    Fuck yearh, I say we start using a small number of our military as mercenaries. Earn some moar resources with our sweat and blood.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:48 No.16858669
    rolled 88 = 88

    There is submission, and then there is going along with it because you get paid.
    Make plans for palisades around the community. Find something to amuse myself with until the scouts return from the mountains.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:50 No.16858677
    Your words ring true, but we have yet no information of this escort. Whether she is a pawn under the thumb of her liege, or merely a soldier of fortune, is not *known* to us.

    We must *know* her to make better judgements.

    *Know* her in the biblical sense, I mean.
    Or the Dak'kon sense, that works too.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:51 No.16858685
    Satan, I must give my support to you. Even though you loaded the dice (smart not putting it at max, though. Less suspicious that way).
    Let's get some storehouses built so we can stockpile lumber, stone, metals etc.

    And let's get some fucking salt so we can preserve our meat.

    Fine a salt mine! SALT MINES YES!
    Or innovate sea salt
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:52 No.16858687
         File1320594732.jpg-(63 KB, 600x790, KAAAANE.jpg)
    63 KB
    rolled 30 = 30


    99+ epic trips.

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:52 No.16858688
    rolled 38 = 38

    So we invite her to a feast, get her hammered on the strongest booze we got and judge her on how many drinks it takes for her to pass out?

    Sounds legit.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:54 No.16858693

    Archshaman chuckles.

    -So you feel the hand of the Crow God. Crow God rarely brings good omens as he isnt god to promise us falls hopes. He comes to us when we most need him, he warns us against the hardships and blackdays but he never tells us of good days that are yet to come. He is our friend in our time of need yet he only watches in our time of properity. Youn chief, it would be best that you exercise caution because your decisions will either doom us or save us.

    You nod and thank him. He smiles.

    -Could that decisions be about my choice of mate.

    Archshaman laughs, you grin.

    -Well my lord. İt would be very ironic if your doom comes from the hand of a woman. You should choose your mate and only listen to your heart on this matter, no one else.

    You thank him again.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:54 No.16858696
    We get to *know* her, and the first person to get exhausted by all the *know*ing loses. If she has more stamina than us, that means she's worthy, I guess?

    Beer isn't a measure of worth, since you could just drink more by getting fatter. W don't want no fat bitches.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:54 No.16858698
         File1320594897.png-(129 KB, 212x221, 1318585392144.png)
    129 KB
    Perhaps the female dignitary should be sent home with a bastard in her belly...

    As a show of respect from our gods for the fertile friendship between our peoples.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:55 No.16858700
    What now Chieftan?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:55 No.16858701
    rolled 60 = 60

    Well, we could weigh her, then weigh the beer she drunk, then do this with our own women to size her up....
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:56 No.16858703
    rolled 49 = 49

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:56 No.16858704
    "Wait, that doesn't make sense. You just told me to listen to my heart, but my heart would tell me to not listen to it, but instead listen to my reason and honor. If that is so, then you have just influenced me to pick a different mate which means listening to you might doom us all.

    Fuck you, shaman. You suck. Go read a goddamn book you cryptic pissant"

    >nucleated gestsie
    He sure is, captcha, he sure is.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:56 No.16858706
    rolled 42 = 42

    Create stockpile/warehouse, makes plans for palisades, await return of scouts, keep clean in case company arrives.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:57 No.16858708

    You, my good sir really just won internet.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:57 No.16858712
    For what we should do.

    The Beast has spoken!
    >language, hehista
    Pretty sure it's English, captcha.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:57 No.16858713
    rolled 36 = 36

    Walk around and observe the village. A leader should see and be seen.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)10:58 No.16858716

    Advisor Anon it would be best if you did not ignore the advice of the crow god himself.

    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)10:58 No.16858719

    Not sure where this is going?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:00 No.16858725
    rolled 3 = 3

    Just roll on....we terribly miss those guys went sent into the mountains and we're beginning to go crazy.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:00 No.16858726
    ignore it.

    I require information on why mages are hunted in other countries.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:01 No.16858730
    rolled 55 = 55

    Just do what >>16858666 said
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:02 No.16858733
    rolled 10 = 10

    Ignore women folk for now, since we opened trade I'm sure it's only a matter of time before more dignitaries show up. And if we want to become the best, we need to cement our relationships further. Perhaps a visit to our newfound friends.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:02 No.16858734
    rolled 61 = 61

    He didn't say anything you twat.
    >> Crow Priest 11/06/11(Sun)11:02 No.16858736
         File1320595346.jpg-(8 KB, 251x251, 1298571384756s.jpg)
    8 KB
    Heed my words, great Chief.

    Send the female dignitary should be sent home with a bastard in her belly...

    As a show of respect from our gods for the fertile friendship between our peoples.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:03 No.16858740
    rolled 68 = 68

    But wouldn't we...awaken something we'd regret?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:04 No.16858749
    It's not even a raven, ignore it.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:04 No.16858751
    but OP said that the Crow God only brings warnings of hard times. If the Crow Priest is saying to do something, it's a warning of what would lead to said hard times. Therefor we should ignore all suggestions from the Crow Priest.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:05 No.16858752

    I'm pretty sure he said "Let's wait for the ore guys and stockpile stuff"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:05 No.16858754
    I derped, but it's still saying something stupid.
    >> Crow Priest 11/06/11(Sun)11:05 No.16858756
         File1320595558.jpg-(65 KB, 570x480, 285.jpg)
    65 KB
    How, o' chief?

    We would be demonstrating our strength and virility, while showing a respect for her fertility.
    It is a gift from the gods to be blessed with strong seed.

    The only offense is if she does not become heavy with child.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:06 No.16858759

    You leave spirit lodge and return to great hall. You advisor tells you news. You thank him and look for a way to spend your time.


    After 2 weeks of harsh training with chosens you return to your capital which you have yet to name.

    Your advisor greets you at your great hall. He gives you the reports.

    Lumbermills compeleted.
    1 İron source found in windy mountain. (huge. found on the skirts of windy mountain.)
    1 black iron faound in windy mountain. (large. found near the peak.)

    Your scouting party which you sent to the windy mountaint returns with half strength. Seems areas close to peak are dangerous.

    A scout brings you reports about weird sightings which your rangers woodsmen saw deep in the great forest. Also first pile of woods arrive to your capital.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:07 No.16858764
    rolled 56 = 56

    Oh great feathered one, how should we achieve your wish?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:08 No.16858777
    rolled 66 = 66

    Then let us set about mining the iron, and make plans to go for the black iron at the peak when we've broken in the area.

    Inquire more about those strange sights.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:08 No.16858778
    rolled 60 = 60

    Leave the capital unnamed forever.

    It shall be known colloqually as "home", and officially as "the Capital".

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:08 No.16858779
    rolled 39 = 39

    >Your scouting party which you sent to the windy mountaint returns with half strength. Seems areas close to peak are dangerous.

    >A scout brings you reports about weird sightings which your rangers woodsmen saw deep in the great forest. Also first pile of woods arrive to your capital.

    Personally hear their stories. This shit doesn't sound good.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:09 No.16858784
    More about these weird sightings.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:09 No.16858785
    rolled 80 = 80


    Start a mine near the outskirts of the windy mountains. Leave the peak alone for now.

    Send more rangers to the great forest to find out what the fuck is going on over there.

    also, how is our stockpiles and farming doing?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:10 No.16858788
    rolled 94 = 94

    From now on, let the blood of our Chosen Ones be mixed in the iron used to produce their weapons.

    Enchanted by their lifeforce, they shall be indestructible and without par!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:11 No.16858793
    rolled 84 = 84

    What the fuck is black iron?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:11 No.16858794

    Stone: abundant (stone querry)
    İron (high quality) : few ( we only have our stocks which we brought with us from north.)
    Wood: Plenty (lumbermills)
    Food: Abundant (farming+herding)


    Leatherworking: Advanced
    Forging: Advanced
    Stoneworking: primitive
    Carpenting: Normal
    Farming: Basic


    Dyes: Plenty
    Metal sand: (Low quality. Hard to forge.)
    Spices: Plenty

    Animal stock

    Warhorse breeds : large
    Mavlu breeds: large
    Goat and Ram flocks: Huge


    Stone querry : +1 stone
    Lumbermills:+3 timber
    Farms: +3 food
    Animals: +3 food +4 fur and pelt +2 warhorses.
    >> Crow Priest 11/06/11(Sun)11:12 No.16858795
         File1320595928.jpg-(105 KB, 500x325, 125572741_0c012a89b4.jpg)
    105 KB
    Throw a great feast to honor her peoples and the gods.

    Sup her with a meal rich in onions, raspberries, and rich foods basted in valerian and linden.
    When she has become passive, she will be communing with our gods.

    And thus, every man honored with a presence will lay with her, and bless her with the seed of our tribe. As chief, you shall go first, and I follow you.

    The honor will be great, and seal a pact of understanding between our peoples.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:12 No.16858796
    rolled 84 = 84

    Okay, okay...
    Let's get some more stone.

    Stone is great for construction and tools.

    Also, see if we can get some more lumber. We need that.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:12 No.16858798

    A type of iron that can be enchanted. Also more solid than normal iron. Has colour close to obsidian black rahter than dark grey.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:13 No.16858799
    rolled 76 = 76


    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:13 No.16858801
    rolled 36 = 36

    If we have the manpower, let's start working on that quarry. Next time a diplomat shows up, we ask for stonework techniques.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:14 No.16858807
    rolled 76 = 76



    Our Chosen Ones will be equipped in Fey-repelling, magical masterwork weaponry of the utmost quality!

    We need to develop a way to produce steel too, soon.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:14 No.16858809

    You know normally im a pretty laid back guy...

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:14 No.16858814
    rolled 21 = 21


    I support this name fellow anonviking. We leave our capital unnamed as a tribute to our nomadic past.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:15 No.16858823
    rolled 48 = 48

    We should send a diplomatic invitation to someone though.
    No, not for "that" god damnit.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:16 No.16858832
    rolled 25 = 25

    On the other hand, I am all for creating blood bonds. Let's do this, but instead of a gangbang we just pass her off to one of our younger warriors.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:16 No.16858835
    Just ignore him, bro. THAT GUYs gonna THAT GUY.
    >> Crow Priest 11/06/11(Sun)11:17 No.16858836
         File1320596220.jpg-(19 KB, 336x336, ancient aliens have awaken.jpg)
    19 KB
    I shall take that as a "Maybe"
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:17 No.16858838
         File1320596233.jpg-(57 KB, 647x441, 1320428091668.jpg)
    57 KB
    rolled 26 = 26

    If we do this, we should use pic related and inscribe our runes into the weapons and armor.
    Pic 2 coming up too, soon
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:17 No.16858842
    rolled 95 = 95

    Considering we have plenty of stone but poor stoneworking, we should start constructing simple houses and such out of stone to give our stone masons more experience.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:18 No.16858844
         File1320596304.gif-(21 KB, 600x700, 1320428146779.gif)
    21 KB
    rolled 30 = 30

    I am also a resident of the viking lands, so I have a fair knowledge of the culture.

    Vikings were actually mostly merchants and farmers. Only a few were pillaging huscarls of death and devastation.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:18 No.16858847
    rolled 27 = 27

    I say we don't make houses, but some stone henges for this purpose.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:21 No.16858867

    You personnaly listen the reports of your scouts. First scout who was in mountain group steps forward.

    -My Chief. Peak of windy mountaint is home to many dark monsters. We heard whispers at morning and at night howl of wolves accompanied us. Whispers.. they told us about betrayals, treasons and dishonourable acts who were committed by the folk who previously lived there. İt was maddening.

    Second scout who was with forest group steps forward.

    -My lord. Great forest is a paradise and home to many wonderful beasts. From huge bears to elegant deers. But there is something at the heart of it. İt seems something in the forest is watching us and sometimes. We see lights coming from the forest. We tried to investigate but we found nothing.

    You thank them and send them back to their duties.

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:21 No.16858869
    rolled 66 = 66

    Yeah, we should keep on our own turf for now.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:22 No.16858874
    rolled 57 = 57

    second. we are not making this a waifu quest. go back to b crow

    ok. check out the wierd sighting. might have agrivated the forest with lumbering

    ill say it again we need stone, ore and wood constantly to improve our lands.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:23 No.16858879
    rolled 15 = 15

    Alright, so the top of the mountain is haunted. Nothing too dangerous, we'll just steer clear of it in the morning. Perhaps get a shaman to look into it.

    It's time for a little deer hunt.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:23 No.16858880
    rolled 60 = 60

    Investigate the foest yourself. We need some titles!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:24 No.16858890
    rolled 66 = 66

    Aw shit. Send the fist scout to get comforted from the shaman and get the evil away. We'll consult the shaman about this report later.

    For second scout, tell them to keep watch. Maybe we'll ask the shaman about this too.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:24 No.16858893

    İ approve of this. And also. Someone pls archieve this on suptg.


    Look. Change your name to herald and talk more about destruction and death and less about fertility then i will give you a brofist.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:24 No.16858894
    rolled 31 = 31

    If we have towns next to either, fortify them. A military presence would ensure the people of their safety. Also, send out messengers inviting some dignitaries of other nations to a great feast. Get to know our neighbors so to speak.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:24 No.16858896
         File1320596691.jpg-(86 KB, 546x800, nosweden.jpg)
    86 KB
    rolled 91 = 91


    I re-iterate the need to practice stoneworking by building simple structures such as houses or as the kind >>16858847 anon states, stonehenges.

    Send more rangers to find the source of this strange sightings in the forest. It can be a valuable location for a settlement later.

    Begin mining on the outskirts of the Windy Mountains....leave the peak alone for now.
    >> Cat Priest 11/06/11(Sun)11:25 No.16858903
         File1320596746.jpg-(262 KB, 673x660, 1311371190483.jpg)
    262 KB
    Send our finest hunters to bring down a stag, that I may read its entrails and divine your future, Chief.

    I trust not these lights and whispers.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:25 No.16858904
    Now post your actions now. With rolls... pls.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:26 No.16858911

    My action is right here kind advisor anon >>16858896 Sorry I jumped the gun but I really like my strategy here.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:27 No.16858915
    rolled 84 = 84

    Deer hunt, commence mining on edges of mountain, consult with shamans about whispers.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:27 No.16858917
    rolled 17 = 17

    We definitely need that black iron, but it's pretty dangerous.

    Send two dozen swordsmen accompanied by a dozen archers to investigate whether we could possibly make a safe route to the peak.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:28 No.16858920
    rolled 2 = 2

    Seems like we need to investigate those. As a proper chief of our people, we'll of course lead the expedition ourselves.

    >Die decides what we'll investigate first
    1 := Mountain
    2 := Forest
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:28 No.16858922
    rolled 58 = 58

    We need titles. let us slay the beast in the forest!

    as well as that. stone forts and houses everywhere.
    that idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:28 No.16858923
    I still would like to learn why mages are hunted in other countries.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:28 No.16858924

    You have your stoneworkers to invent more effective methods and work on constucting stone buildings. Also you should feel that it would be wiser to appoint some leaders, sergeant if you will then get some organization to your army.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:29 No.16858934
    rolled 83 = 83

    Remember to take a shaman yo!
    They can exorcise the area by painting a Rad rune over the peak.

    >rad rune
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:30 No.16858938
    rolled 8 = 8

    how about we arm all our milita and men with xbows? improve their combat abilities significantly
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:31 No.16858947
    rolled 20 = 20

    A general needn't be a great warrior, rather, he must be a great tactician.

    Organize a hunt. The first team to complete an objective (a hard one) gets to pick who they think is most suitable as the sergeant (even if he's outside the group).
    If others take issue with their group, then they have failed as leaders and are thus unworthy anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:32 No.16858950
    What's black Iron?

    Also, personally interview the scouts about the sightings
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:32 No.16858951
    rolled 79 = 79

    Do all of this. Its time we have AN ADVENTURE
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:33 No.16858958
    Ignore this, forgot to refresh
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:34 No.16858966
         File1320597281.gif-(71 KB, 400x558, tumblr_lbfpd6QUTQ1qzwap9o1_400.gif)
    71 KB
    rolled 74 = 74

    A very strong iron that has the capacity for enchantment.
    Basically we inscribe pic related on them for mega-power, along with mixing in the blood of our elite with the iron to repel the Fae and creating a blood bond between the weapon and the wielder.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:35 No.16858968
    >A general needn't be a great warrior, rather, he must be a great tactician.

    And we're in the lucky situation that all our people are great warriors to begin with.

    But would our warriors accept to be led by somebody who can't match their skill in combat?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:36 No.16858973
    rolled 28 = 28

    If they don't, then they are challenging his authority.

    And the general acts under our authority.

    I think you can see where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:36 No.16858977
    rolled 91 = 91

    Skill in mind is just as valued as skill in body in our tribe?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:37 No.16858989
    rolled 55 = 55


    Conduct a tournament by dividing your chosen into 4 equal teams. Let them choose a leader from amongst them.

    Whoever wins the tournament is your new sergeant.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:38 No.16858994
    Tiem for part two? We should probably archive and get a new thread up.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:38 No.16858995

    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:40 No.16859008
    We hit the bump limit already?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:41 No.16859015
    Yep, 320 posts.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:41 No.16859018
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:42 No.16859024
    rolled 67 = 67

    In my timezone, it's noon.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:44 No.16859039

    No new thread yet?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:45 No.16859044

    One of your emissaries whom you sent to east returns. He tells you about a religion. İt seems that the head of that religion is a priestking. He rules over a kingdom himself, a small one but very rich. This priestking also has influence on most other kingdoms of his own religion. He has power to denounce kings and such. He tells you that all mages are declared heretics and daemon-worshippers according to the priests of this religion. İnquisitors under priestkings command are constantly hunting for mages and witches without rest. Most of mages are tortured to death or burned alive when they are caught by inquisitors.

    Sorry was in the bathroom.back now.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:46 No.16859050
    Now pls someone archieve this. İwill proceed to open new thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:46 No.16859051
    rolled 5 = 5


    Ask him which of our neighbours follow this religion
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:47 No.16859060
    Has already been archived.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:47 No.16859065
    Fuck that shit. Our country is now a safehaven to mages seeking sanctuary. I think we should also look into magic a little, when we meet a mage. Not learn it, but atleast learn what it's about and how it works. If we understand it we'll be able to tell which mages are honest magic users and which ones use black magic and whatnot. Possibly.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:48 No.16859066
    It's archived.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:49 No.16859078
    Barbarians with mages ahoy!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:51 No.16859087
    rolled 91 = 91


    If we don't know any magic, how can we tell the good mages from the bad.

    For all we know, the mages might usurp us when they gather enough of them to summon a greater demon!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)11:54 No.16859107
    Which is why we should learn atleast the basics of magic and how it works. With understanding comes trust.
    The rest well, we'll just have to trust our gut.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/06/11(Sun)11:54 No.16859109

    >> dice+1d100 Anonymous 11/06/11(Sun)12:15 No.16859292
    Well, seems we get some Wood Spirits, send some presents to befriend them. Alas we dosn't have any crop, we can't survive only of meet and fish, we need Mead, beer and stuff to be Good Vikings, so start some plantation supervised be alchemist and Herbalist. Get some foundries and start a prosperous Iron/steel industry. Construct arenas to train in individual combat and festivity around Shield-wall sport to get our men and womans fit to fight in formation. Name the capital Crow-Throne, of course, and instruct our leather-workers to experiment with dyes in they pelts and re-sell them. Sorry my English.

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