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  • File : 1321540011.png-(1.73 MB, 2048x1088, norsemen_by_yorgmeister-d3jaef2.png)
    1.73 MB Tribe To Empire Quest Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)09:26 No.16947528  
    You stand in your own personal quarters. Before you stands the armour of your grandfather. Forged for him by the dwarven smiths. İts enormous. You remember him. A giant clad in iron. He was ruthless. Always at the point where fighting was thickest. His martial prowess was second to no one. He was a genius at tactics and planning. His armour bears scars of a lifetime spent in battle and struggle. He was the one who thought you how the fight, he was the one taught you how to lead. For him you were like a son.

    -You know, behind that armour i sense a life spent with struggles, not only physical but mental too.

    You turn back and see Cyrillia. She looks at you, curiousity shinning in her eyes.

    -But i do wonder, just how well you knew him?

    -İ dont know Cyrillia. İ dont know. Though he was always confident and proud, there was more to it.

    Cyrillia nods. You leave your room.

    İt have been a 3 days since your battle with Aville. Prisoners are gathered in a makeshift camp where they are constantly being watched.

    Total prisoners

    141 archers (including jonas.)
    1 knight
    237 militia

    Your remaining forces
    115 chosen=3 Chosen warbands
    268 berkserker=6 Berseker Warbands
    300 ranger=6 Ranger warbands.
    180 swordsmen=4 Swordmen warband
    145 raiders=3 Raiders warbands
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)09:27 No.16947532
    What now?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)09:31 No.16947550
    Damn i forgot my nick...

    Anyway, gather up guys.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)09:34 No.16947568
    Well, I was off playing Skyrim, what happened? The last post I read was in the aftermath of the battle vs aville.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)09:42 No.16947605

    We won and returned to Ravenhold.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)09:46 No.16947621
    Well, In that case make a feast, no?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)09:47 No.16947624
    Bump. Guys get in here and lets get started.

    (We have a couple of days to make up as i missed the sunday thanks to 4 chan server maintenance.)
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)09:49 No.16947633
    previous threads


    IRC channel

    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)09:54 No.16947649

    Again you realize that Bjorn beats you to it. As you look around the great hall your notice preparations for a feast are underway. Though you had to assign 400 of your warriors for guard duty over prisoners still remaining ones are around, helping with preparations.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)10:33 No.16947852
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)10:59 No.16947975
    Shameless self bump. Come on tg. Get over here.
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)11:00 No.16947982
    is there anything else we must do?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)11:02 No.16947994

    -We still need coal.

    -Also expect Ilythia to send someone to investigate.

    -We need to get more soldiers.

    -We havent interrogated prisoners or havent decided what to do with them.

    -Your advisor reminds you havent picked a wife yet.
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)11:09 No.16948038
    if we have time then we should probably interrogate the prisoners before the feast
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)11:14 No.16948068

    We have time. Who you want to interrogate first?
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)11:15 No.16948078
    we interrogate the lower ranked ones first then we work our way up to the higher ranked
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)11:22 No.16948110

    With Bjorn on your side you enter the prisoner camp. Camp is a group of tents and fireplaces circled by your warriors. Prisoners have been stripped of their weapons and most of their armour. You signal one of your chosen. They bring a low ranked soldier before you first. One of the archers.

    What now?
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)11:39 No.16948198
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)11:50 No.16948245
    first we ask them of their homeland then we ask them of their homeland's conditions. And if they want to save their homeland then they should join us in overthrowing the pope/priestking/prophet/thing
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)11:51 No.16948250
    Start with simple things like

    -What is your name? Your rank? Your home town? so on and so forth

    Then we ask him if he knows anything about what they had planned to do to our nation.

    Also, always remind him that co-operation leads to good things like living and not being tortured. But really that is an empty threat, as there is no point doing that. Only use that against higher ranked individuals who do not wish to talk.
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)11:55 No.16948273
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)11:55 No.16948277

    -My name is Jonas my lord. İ was a farmer before i joined the army. İ come from a small village near the borders. We were told that barbarians would plan to invade our lands.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)12:02 No.16948291
    And what were you doing just hours before, hmm? Invading our lands like a barbarian? I give you one last chance to tell me everyting thing you know before I become "uncivilised"

    If he doesn't know anything, which is extremely likely. just say something like "well you have told me enough to buy your life" and toss him out. Then get a slightly higher ranking guy and do the same to him. The last guy to be interrogated will be the knight.
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)12:37 No.16948381

    -We did as we ordered.

    You sign your chosen. They let Jonas go and bring another soldier to your presence. This time a milita sergant.

    What now?
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)13:29 No.16948504
    we ask the same questions we asked the archer
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)15:48 No.16949247
    >> Advisor Anon 11/17/11(Thu)15:51 No.16949259

    -My name is Tevlin. İ am sergeant of the 4th squad. And we came here to eliminate barbarian presence before you get a chance to attack us.

    He says. He is angry at the deaths of his comrades but somehow gratefull for the medical care given to survivors.
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)15:54 No.16949273
    it seems he cares more about his troops than about his country
    >> Huxley 11/17/11(Thu)16:00 No.16949310
    How about we try to win over the prisoners with a rousing speech about forging ones own destiny and stuff. Then we can say that any man who wishes to join our fledgling nation can do so subject to 6 months of military training followed by 2 years of active service. Then they can become a full citizen and having voting rights and whatever, which we can implement in the 2 years we have until people start asking for citizenship.
    >> mick824 11/17/11(Thu)16:01 No.16949316
    "barbarian? the way your nobles threw you and your men at us, it would seem that they are more barbaric than we are"

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