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    142 KB Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)02:50 No.17023043  
    So guys, last night I was looking for some 40k faction rolltables in the same vein as Rites of Battle, and after some rummaging through the archives, I only managed to find two; the Space Marine ones and the Chaos Space Marine ones.
    I'm still looking for the recent Necron one, and maybe I could then make a proper Ork one in the process.
    In the meantime, would anyone object if I post the two rolltables I found?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)02:54 No.17023073
    Post those two, please.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)02:57 No.17023092
    I take your silence as an approval.
    Here we go... Space Marine Chapter first.

    Why was the Chapter Founded?
    D10 Roll Reason
    1-4 Strategic Prognostication
    5-6 Counter
    7-8 Standing Force
    9-10 Crusade

    When was the Chapter Founded?
    D100 Roll Period New Chapter Founded
    1 31st Millennium
    2-5 32nd Millennium
    6-10 33rd Millennium
    11-20 34th Millennium
    21-30 35th Millennium
    31-40 36th Millennium
    41-50 37th Millennium
    51-60 38th Millennium
    61-70 39th Millennium
    71-80 40th Millennium
    81-95 41st Millennium
    96-100 Unknown

    D100 Roll Result
    1-50 Ultramarines
    51-65 Blood Angels
    66-80 Dark Angels
    81-85 Imperial Fists
    86-90 White Scars
    91-94 Raven Guard
    95-98 Iron Hands
    99 Space Wolves
    100 Salamanders

    Gene-Stock Purity
    D10 Roll Result
    1-5 Pure
    6-7 A New Generation
    8-9 Altered Stock
    10 Flawed

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:04 No.17023148
    Codex Demeanours (Pure Chapters don't need to roll in this section)
    D10 Roll Result
    1 Swift As The Wind
    2 Cleanse And Purify
    3 No Mercy, No Respite
    4 Purity Above All
    5 Scions of Mars
    6 See, But Don't Be Seen
    7 Suffer Not The Alien To Live
    8 Suffer Not The Works Of Heretics
    9 Brothers In Battle
    10 Uphold The Honour Of The Emperor

    Gene-Seed Deficiencies (Optional if not an Altered Stock Chapter)
    Progenitor % chance of Deficiency
    Ultramarines 10%
    Blood Angels 50%
    Dark Angels 10%
    Imperial Fists 10%
    White Scars 20%
    Raven Guard 20%
    Iron Hands 20%
    Space Wolves 75%
    Salamanders 90%
    If by using the above Table it's determined a mutation exists- by rolling a D100 and checking to see if you rolled within the Progenitor's chances [i.e because Iron Hands are 20% only Pure/A New Generation/Flawed successor Chapters rolling 1-20 would result in a mutation for an Iron Hands successor whereas 21-100 wouldn't]- then there is a 90% chance that the mutation will be exactly the same as the Progenitor's.

    D10 Roll Result
    1 Hyper-stimulated Omophagea
    2 Oversensitive Occulobe
    3 Mutated Catalepsean Node
    4 Oolitic Secretions
    5 Disturbing voice
    6-8 Lost Zygote
    9 Doomed
    10 Multiple Instabilities

    Chapter Flaws
    D10 Roll Result
    1-2 We Stand Alone
    3-4 Pride In Colours
    5-6 Faith In Suspicion
    7-8 Eye To Eye
    9-10 Chapter Cult

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:06 No.17023159
    Limited or Missing Zygotes
    Roll D100 Result
    1-8 Catalepsean Node
    9-17 Preomnor
    18-26 Omophagea
    27-35 Occulobe
    36-44 Lyman's Ear
    45-53 Sus-an Membrane
    54-62 Oolitic Kidney
    63-71 Neuroglottis
    72-80 Mucranoid
    81-89 Betcher's Gland
    90-98 Melanchromic Organ
    99-100 Roll Twice On This Table

    Who are the Chapter's heroes?
    D100 Roll Result
    1-20 Seconded
    21-50 Chapter Master
    51-60 Chief Librarian
    61-70 Master of Sanctity
    71-73 Master of the Forge
    74 Master of the Fleet
    75 Chief Apothecary
    76-85 Company Captain
    86-90 Squad Sergeant
    91-99 Battle-Brother
    100 Specialist

    Deeds of Legend
    D100 Roll Result
    1-25 Ork's Bane
    26-50 Enemy of Chaos
    51-70 Imperial Glory
    71-85 Eldar Slayer
    86-90 Warp Accident
    91-95 Crusader
    96-100 Martyr

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:08 No.17023174
    Home World
    D100 Roll Result
    1-25 Hive World
    26-45 Feral World
    46-60 Death World
    61-70 Medieval World
    71-80 Civilised World
    81-90 Uninhabited World
    91-100 Fleet-Based

    Home World Predominant Terrain
    1-25 Jungle
    26-50 Desert
    51-60 Ice
    61-65 Ocean
    66-75 Wasteland
    76-80 Urban
    81-85 Dead
    86-90 Airless
    91-100 Temperate

    Relationship with Home World
    D10 Roll Result
    1 Direct Rule
    2-4 Stewardship
    5-10 Distant Rule

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:10 No.17023196
    How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?
    D10 Roll Result (right is for Ultramar successors)
    1-5/1-7 Codex Chapter
    6-8/8-9 Divergent Chapter
    9-10/10 Unique Organisation

    Combat Doctrine
    D10 Roll Result
    1 Close Combat
    2 Ranged Combat
    3 Armoured Assault
    4 Stealth
    5 Lightning Strike
    6 Drop Pod
    7 Thunderhawk Assault
    8 Siege
    9 Shock And Awe
    10 Terror

    Special Equipment
    D100 Result
    1-10 Traditional Weapon
    11-20 Totemic Charm
    21-30 Modified Jump-Pack
    31-40 Beastial Companion
    41-50 Rare Weaponry
    51-60 Blessed Wargear
    61-70 Special Mount
    71-80 Special Vehicle
    81-90 Preferred Fighting Style
    91-100 Modified Weaponry

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:12 No.17023209
    Chapter Beliefs
    D100 Roll Result
    1-40 Revere the Primarch
    41-65 The Emperor Above All
    66-75 Honour The Ancestors
    76-80 Death Cult
    81-85 Totem Creature
    86-90 Purity of Man
    91-95 Steel Over Flesh
    96-100 Esoteric Beliefs

    Current Status
    D10 Roll Result
    1 Endangered
    2-4 Under Strength
    5-9 Nominal
    10 Over Strength

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:14 No.17023216
    D100 Roll Result
    1-5 Administratum
    6-15 Adeptus Arbites
    16-30 Adeptus Astartes Chapter
    31-35 Adeptus Astra Telepathica
    36-45 Adeptus Mechanicus
    46-50 Adepta Sororitas
    51-55 Adeptus Titanicus
    56-58 Astropaths
    59-60 Chartist Captains
    61-65 Ecclesiarchy
    66-75 Imperial Guard (specific World)
    76-79 Imperial Navy
    80-85 Inquisition
    86-88 Navigators
    89-91 Officio Assassinorum
    92-93 PDF (specific World)
    94-98 Rogue Trader Dynasty
    99 Schola Progenium
    100 Scholastica Psykana

    D100 Roll Result
    1-2 Roll On Friends table
    3-31 The Orks
    32-42 The Eldar
    43-51 The Tyranids
    52-68 Chaos Space Marines
    69-79 Daemon Prince/Daemon/Disciple of Chaos
    80-87 Chaos-aligned Group
    88-96 Dark Eldar
    97-98 The Tau
    99-100 Other

    End of Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:15 No.17023227
    Now for the Chaos Warband.

    Legion Warband or Renegade Chapter? D10
    1-5: Renegade Chapter
    6-10: Traitor Legion Warband

    Chaos Worship, D10
    1-2: Chaos Undivided/Other (minor Chaos gods go under this as well)
    3-4: Slaanesh
    5-6: Khorne
    7-8: Nurgle
    9-10: Tzeentch

    Reason for Fall (if Renegade Chapter), D100
    1-5: The Chapter Master was accused of heresy by Inquisition. The Chapter fought against the Inquisition’s warriors and failed.
    6-15: The chapter was friends with the wrong people and ended up being punished because of this.
    16-30: Marines in the chapter dabbled in the dark arts and though nobody would find out. They were wrong.
    31-40: The marines tried to fight heresy with heresy. The Ordo Malleus made them pay gravely for this when they found out.
    41-45: The chapter rebelled, with originally good intentions, against the Imperium.
    46-55: It was discovered that the chapter’s progenitor was a Traitor Legion (roll on Traitor Legion table to decide which).
    56-70: The marines began indulging in the heretical and eventually became consumed by it.
    71-80: A battle-brother discovered a mighty weapon. Little did he know a daemon was bound to it, which whispered dark words to its wielder.
    81-90: The chapter’s forces were stationed in an area with a powerful wrap presence. This twisted their minds and corrupted them.
    91-95: Near the brink of annihilation, the marines took an extremely cowardly or horrible action to preserve their chapter, and were excommunicated for this.
    96-99: A major mutation appeared in the chapter’s gene-seed. Agents were deployed to remove the impure marines, but when they failed the chapter broke their bonds with the Imperium.
    100: The chapter was friendly with a group of xenos and collaborated with them a bit too frequently. When the Ordo Xenos found out they had the Chapter Master executed and excommunicated his brothers.

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:17 No.17023233
    Original Traitor Legion, D100
    1-50: Black Legion
    51-65: World Eaters
    66-80: Emperor’s Children
    81-85: Word Bearers
    86-90: Death Guard
    91-94: Thousand Sons
    95-98: Iron Warriors
    99: Night Lords
    100: Alpha Legion

    Devotion to the Ruinous Powers, D10
    1: Loathed. Many marines in the warband refuse to see Chaos as an ally and shun those who submit themselves to it.
    2-5: Neutral. The warband believes Chaos to be more of a tool than something to be worshipped, serving the dark Gods when it benefits them.
    6-10: Fanatic. The marines of the warband are highly devoted to their God(s), willingly submitting themselves to the Ruinous Powers and viewing possession as favourable.

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:19 No.17023247
    Demeanour, D10
    1: Exploit and Conquer. The warband view all others as mere pawns, assisting them when it helps their own goals and tossing them aside once they are no longer needed. These marines are selfish and untrustworthy.
    2: Scorched Earth. The battle-brothers of the warband commonly destroy anything they do not need so the enemy cannot use it. Even valuable things, such as captured fortresses and ships, are considered expendable if the foe can use it to their advantage.
    3: Take No Prisoners. These warriors are butchers who slaughter all who stand before them. Even those who are willing to submit to the warband are ripped limb from limb.
    4: Corruption Above All. Marines in the warband love being twisted by the warp, viewing mutation as a blessing and boon. They are very willing to work with abhumans, mutants and other freaks because of this.

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:19 No.17023252
    5: Of a Lost Age. The warband has access to much pre-heresy technology. Having these ancient weapons gives the marines a respect and appreciation for the relics of old.
    6: Stalk the Prey. The marines of this force fight like hunters, waiting for just the right time to strike and kill their enemy. This way of combat gives them much patience and cunning.
    7: Extra Heresy. A surprisingly large amount of the warband is willing to work alongside aliens, granted that they also worship Chaos (also this isn’t always the case). The battle-brothers in this force are more tolerant than most others.
    8: Desecrate and Defile. These marines of this warband bear hatred towards icons and relics of the enemy, and will try to destroy or corrupt them whenever the chance arises. Temples burn and works of art are twisted by their hands.
    9: Honour Amongst Thieves. Despite being evil and cruel individuals, these marines have a strong sense of brotherhood. Many would never even consider betraying their fellow warriors an option, and would even sacrifice themselves to save a friend’s life.
    10: For the Dark Gods. The marines of this force believe their deities to be the ultimate beings of the Galaxy and are willing to serve them for eternity. Champions in the warband will frequently try to prove their worth, accepting any challenge and constantly trying to elevate their status amongst the warp’s chosen.

    Common Mutations/Deficiencies (if neutral or Fanatic devotion), D10
    1: Hunger for Flesh
    2: Eyes of Night
    3: No Rest for the Wicked
    4: Freakish Skin
    5: Voice of Evil
    6-8: Body Horror
    9: Breath Weapon
    10: Multiple (make 2 rolls)

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:20 No.17023257
    Common Mental Flaws, (if fanatic devotion) D10
    1-2: Horus, is that you? (marines have trouble remember certain things and occasionally hallucinate)
    3-4: LOUD AND PROUD (marines feel to need to announce their arrival to their foe, making it clear just who the hell they are and that they are here)
    5-6: Surrounded by Traitors (marines are paranoid that those who surround them are schemers and liars who may backstab them at any moment)
    7-8: I Must Get Closer! (marines are obsessed with getting close to their enemies)
    9-10: Sanity is for the Weak (marines disregard pitiful things such as “logic” and “common sense”)

    Figure of Legend, D100
    1-20: Champion
    21-50: Warband leader, Daemon Prince, or Chaos Lord
    51-60: Sorcerer Lord
    61-70: An extremely zealous Champion or Possessed
    71-75: Dreadnought
    76-85: Chosen or Terminator
    86-90: Apothecary
    90-95: Battle-brother of old
    96-99: A Daemon who was close to the warband
    100: Choose for yourself

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:21 No.17023263
    eeds of Legend, D100
    1-25: Hero is remembered as a scourge of the Imperium, having ravaged many planets and slaughtering servants of the Emperor aplenty.
    26-50: The figure of legend killed a renowned and mighty Imperial hero (think Chapter Master, a well-known Inquisitor, a famous General).
    51-70: The hero corrupted nearly an entire sector of planets, causing the populations of them to fall to Chaos.
    71-85: The legend committed great atrocities during the boarding of an Eldar Craftworld. He and his warband are still hated to this day by the Eldar.
    86-90: A fearsome champion of the Dark Gods, the figure ascended and became a Daemon Prince. He used his new power to crush all who opposed the warband at the time.
    91-95: The hero led a campaign of extermination against a loyalist Astartes chapter, butchering them to the last man and stealing their gene-seed.
    96-100: The figure of legend led many wars and slaughtered countless foes. However, he was eventually slain by a rival Chaos champion. The warband holds great hatred for the champion and his marines to this day.

    Homeworld Category, D100
    1-30: Feral World
    31-40: Prison Planet
    41-50: Hive World
    51-60: Fortress World
    61-65: Death World
    66-75: Fortress World
    76-80: Daemon World
    81-100: Fleet-based

    Homeworld Terrain, D100
    1-20: Jungle
    21-30: Desert
    31-45: Warp-twisted
    46-50: Ice
    51-55: Ocean
    56-70: Wasteland
    71-75: Volcanic
    76-85: Dead
    86-95: Toxic
    96-100: Airless

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:22 No.17023272
    Combat Doctrine, D10 or Choose
    1: Rip and Tear
    2: Death from Afar
    3: Armoured Fist
    4: Unorthodox Warfare
    5: Assault of Sharks
    6: Drown them with Bodies
    7: Daemons, Daemons Everywhere
    8: Siege and Attrirtion
    9: Bloody Rain
    10: Terror

    Special Equipment, D100
    1-10: Preferred Fighting Style
    11-20: Special Chaos Icons
    21-25: Daemon Weapons
    26-35: Bestial Companion
    36-45: Ancient Weaponry
    46-50: Unholy Wargear
    51-60: Stolen Tech
    61-70: Special Mount
    71-80: Unique Daemon Engines
    81-90: Special Armour
    91-100: Biological Experiments

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:23 No.17023275
    Warband Beliefs, D100
    1-20: Gods Above All
    21-25: Hail Horus
    26-35: Remember the Ancestors
    36-50: Death to the False Emperor
    51-60: Suffer not the Weak
    61-70: Daemonhood is Godhood
    71-75: Power demands Sacrifice
    76-80: Battle is Glory
    81-90: Accept Any And All
    91-99: Do what you, for an Astartes is Free
    100: For the Emperor

    Chapter Status, D10
    1: Endangered
    2-5: Slightly Understrength
    6-9: Slightly Overstrength
    10: Massive

    Warband Allies, D100
    1-5: Warmaster Abaddon
    6-10: Populous of a waning Imperial Planet
    11-15: Corrupt Governor or similar high-ranking Imperial
    16-30: Chaos warband or specific Chaos Lord
    31-35: Rogue Psyker Cult
    36-40: Dark Mechanicum/Titan Legion
    41-50: Chaos Cult
    51-75: Specific group of Chaos mortals (renegade Guard regiment, clan of Tribals, corrupted Mutants)
    76-80: Rogue Inquisitor
    81-85: Specific Chaos Xenos
    86-95: Pirate Group
    96-100: Specific Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon, or other powerful daemon

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:24 No.17023288
    Warband Enemies, D100
    1-10: Roll on Allies Table
    11-20: Specific Eldar Craftworld/leader
    21-30: Specific Ork Waaagh!/Warboss
    31-35: Specific Tyranid Hive Fleet
    36-45: Specific Necron Tomb World
    46-65: Specific Space Marine Chapter/leader
    66-75: Specific Inquisition Force/Agent
    76-85: Specific Imperial Guard/PDF Regiment
    86-95: Specific Dark Eldar Kabal/leader
    96-99: Specific Tau Sept/leader
    100: Select your own

    Characteristics, D100
    1-10: Daily training with ranged weaponry and constant supplications of the Dark Gods lead to highly disciplined warriors. +5 BS and Willpower.
    11-20: Tzeentch's inscrutable whims have led him to give all in this Chapter a predisposition to sorcerous might.. +5 INT and Willpower.
    21-30: Khorne has smiled upon this legion, and their skill at arms is backed by the might of the Blood God.. +5 WS and BS.
    31-40: This Chapter's mutations tend towards highly acute senses and muscular enhancement. +5 PER and STR.
    41-50: The Darker Powers that the warband serves have seen fit to give their warriors unnatural skill in whatever they pursue. Gain +2 wounds and +5 to a characteristic of the player's choice.
    51-60: The Plaguefather appears to have a vested interest in the survival of this warband. +5 WP and Toughness.
    61-70: Slaanesh has granted its boons to the warriors of this Chapter, resulting in hypnotic, disturbing grace. +5 Agility and Toughness.
    71-80: All members of the force are expected to take at least some lessons in the ways of the Warp, from the lowliest serf to the most powerful sorcerer. +5 INT and PER.
    81-90: Following the example of legions like the Word Bearers, this Chapter spreads the word of Chaos through honeyed tongue and roaring chainsword. +5 FEL and WS.
    91-00: The Warp's gifts to the legion are far more beneficial than usual, adapting to the disciple's strengths and weaknesses with an inhuman intelligence. +5 to two characteristics of the player's choosing.

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:25 No.17023294
    Solo Mode, D100
    1-30: Old habits die hard. If this is a renegade chapter, this Chapter has its parent chapter's Solo Mode ability. If a Traitor Legion warband, pick any Solo Mode ability available to represent the tattered remnants of millennia-old strategy.
    31-45: The Chapter has grown quite adept with certain skills. Choose two skills. At Rank 1, a Battle-Brother may reroll any failed test taken with those skills. At Rank 4, they gain +10 to any roll involving those skills. At Rank 8, they gain a bonus degree of success on any roll with those skills.
    46-60: One characteristic stands out among all others within the warband. At Rank 1, it can reroll any failed tests involving that characteristic. At Rank 4, it gains +10 to any roll involving that characteristic. At Rank 8, it gains a bonus degree of success to any roll involving that characteristic.
    61-85: Inhuman speed and reactions are the hallmark of this Chapter. While in Solo Mode, all Battle-Brothers of the Chapter are considered to have Lightning Reflexes. At Rank 3, they receive +10 to all Dodge tests. At Rank 5, they are considered to have the Rapid Reaction talent. At Rank 7, once per session, a Battle-Brother may automatically pass any Agility test as if they'd rolled 01.
    86-00: The power of Chaos is an intimately familiar thing to these warriors. All Battle-Brothers have Psyniscience as a trained skill, and may reroll any failed Willpower tests to resist psychic powers or sorcery.

    End of Chaos Warband Creation Tables.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:27 No.17023311
    So, that's all I could find... would a kindly Anon post the recent Necron one, please? Or any of the other rolltables, thank you.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)03:32 No.17023340
    Do you want the Eldar Ones?
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 11/26/11(Sat)03:34 No.17023346
    >What Kinda of defence force is the regiment(1d7)
    1-3: Imperial Guard
    3-4: Planetary Defence Force
    5-6: Militia
    7: Penal Legion
    >What is the type of the Regiment(1d100)
    1-40:Infantry Regiment
    40-50:Light Infantry
    50-60:Heavy Infantry
    70-75:Mechanized Infantry
    >What is the Specialty of the Regiment
    1-Drill & Discipline:
    3-Stealth Warfare:
    4-Lightning Strike:
    5-Trench Warfare:
    6-Close Combat:
    7-Ranged Combat:
    8-Shock & Awe:
    >How Loyal they're to the Imperium
    5:Divergent: They will not accept quickly some of the Authority, like the Commissars
    >The Regiment is mostly composed by:
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:41 No.17023386
    Anyway, re-doing my Ork rolltable from scratch.

    Where ya from ya git? D10
    1-3 Splintered from a bigger WAAAGH in a big fight
    4-5 Came from a Space Hulk
    6-7 Grew on a planet and decided to form a WAAAGH
    8-9 Mutineer'd from a Freeboota/once used by other races
    10 One of the first strains that still exist

    Main/dominant Klans in the WAAAGH D10
    1 Bad Moons
    2 Evil Sunz
    3 Blood Axes
    4 Goffs
    5 Deathskullz
    6 Snakebitez
    7 Kult of Speed
    8 Feral Orks
    9 Freebootas
    10 None really, almost evened out

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)03:42 No.17023398
    Yes! yes please. I'm collecting all of them.
    Thanks STALKER. Nice to see you around.

    I'll be back soon (2+ hours), gotta do martial arts training now.
    >> EldarChartsfromSkanIya 11/26/11(Sat)03:45 No.17023415
    From suptg thread:

    >In which millennium was the Craftworld First Encountered by the Imperium?
    1. 31 or earlier
    2. 32
    3. 33
    4. 34
    5. 35
    6. 36
    7. 37
    8. 38
    9. 39
    10. 40
    11. 41
    12. Unknown

    >Kind of World Occupied?
    1-2 Exodite
    3-4 Maiden
    5-6 Craftworld
    7-8 Paradise
    9-10 Fleet Based

    >Onboard bio-system?

    1 Jungle
    2 Desert
    3 Ice/Tundra
    4 Plains
    5 Tropical Rainforest
    6 Temperate Rainforest
    7 Urban
    8 Swamp/Bog
    >> EldarChartsfromSkanIya 11/26/11(Sat)03:47 No.17023425
    >God most influential on culture:

    1 Asuryan
    2 Kurnous
    3 Isha
    4 Gia
    5 Hoec
    6 Cegorach
    7 Lileath
    8 Khaine
    9 Morai-Heg
    10 Vaul
    11 Ynnead
    12 none/all equal

    >Most common path:

    1 Awakening
    2 Artisan
    3 Grief
    4 Dreamer
    5 Mariner
    6 Outcast
    7 Seer
    8 Warrior

    >Current Military Strength:

    1 Endangered
    2 Below Strength
    3 Nominal Strength
    4 Over Strength

    >Combat Tactics

    1 Close Combat
    2 Ranged Combat
    3 Mechanization
    4 Stealth
    5 Lightning Warfare/Falcon Assault
    6 Siege/Heavy Infantry - Wraithguard
    7 Shock and Awe/Reserves
    8 Terror/Precision Attacks
    >> EldarChartsfromSkanIya 11/26/11(Sat)03:50 No.17023444

    >Favored Unit

    1 Wraithconstructs
    2 Grav Tanks
    3 Guardians/Support Weaponary
    4 Harlequins
    5 Jetbikes
    6 Dire Avenger
    7 Fire Dragon
    8 Shining Spear
    9 Striking Scorpion
    10 Howling Banshee
    11 Swooping Hawk
    12 Dark Reaper
    13 Warp Spider
    14 Rangers/Pathfinders
    15 Other (new aspect - develop in thread)

    >Figure of Legend?

    1 Guardian
    2 Harlequin (Roll to determine role 1-3 Harlequin, 4 Deathjester, 5 Troupe Master, 6 Shadowseer)
    3 Farseer
    4 Warlock
    5 Phoenix Lord (roll to determine Aspect)
    6 Exarch (Roll to determine aspect)
    7 Avatar
    8 Specialist (ranger/patfinder/etc)
    9 Autarch
    10 Aspect Warrior (roll to determine Aspect)

    >Chart for Aspect of Hero:

    1 Dire Avenger
    2 Fire Dragon
    3 Shining Spear
    4 Striking Scorpion
    5 Howling Banshee
    6 Swooping Hawk
    7 Dark Reaper
    8 Warp Spider
    9 Other
    10 Shadow Spectres

    >Deed of legend

    1 Slew Tau in such large numbers that they adopted to sending stealth teams to hunt him whenever their intelligence revealed he was on the field.
    2 Acted as a stalwart enemy of Chaos even going as far as to slay a daemon prince of Slaanesh
    3 Outmaneuvered Dark Eldar raiding party
    4 Destroyed an Alien race that was occupying an Eldar World.
    5 Lost in warp accident only to reapear every now and then to haunt the enemies champions.
    6 Defeated many Imperial invaders and slew hundreds of champions of the Space Marines only to fall in a doomed raiding party.
    >> EldarChartsfromSkanIya 11/26/11(Sat)03:52 No.17023456

    >Favored Unit

    1 Wraithconstructs
    2 Grav Tanks
    3 Guardians/Support Weaponary
    4 Harlequins
    5 Jetbikes
    6 Dire Avenger
    7 Fire Dragon
    8 Shining Spear
    9 Striking Scorpion
    10 Howling Banshee
    11 Swooping Hawk
    12 Dark Reaper
    13 Warp Spider
    14 Rangers/Pathfinders
    15 Other (new aspect - develop in thread)

    >Figure of Legend?

    1 Guardian
    2 Harlequin (Roll to determine role 1-3 Harlequin, 4 Deathjester, 5 Troupe Master, 6 Shadowseer)
    3 Farseer
    4 Warlock
    5 Phoenix Lord (roll to determine Aspect)
    6 Exarch (Roll to determine aspect)
    7 Avatar
    8 Specialist (ranger/patfinder/etc)
    9 Autarch
    10 Aspect Warrior (roll to determine Aspect)

    >Chart for Aspect of Hero:

    1 Dire Avenger
    2 Fire Dragon
    3 Shining Spear
    4 Striking Scorpion
    5 Howling Banshee
    6 Swooping Hawk
    7 Dark Reaper
    8 Warp Spider
    9 Other
    10 Shadow Spectres

    >Deed of legend

    1 Slew Tau in such large numbers that they adopted to sending stealth teams to hunt him whenever their intelligence revealed he was on the field.
    2 Acted as a stalwart enemy of Chaos even going as far as to slay a daemon prince of Slaanesh
    3 Outmaneuvered Dark Eldar raiding party
    4 Destroyed an Alien race that was occupying an Eldar World.
    5 Lost in warp accident only to reapear every now and then to haunt the enemies champions.
    6 Defeated many Imperial invaders and slew hundreds of champions of the Space Marines only to fall in a doomed raiding party.

    FUCK YOU 4CHAN STOP CENSORING ME FAGGOTS. Jesus shit, 5x Flood detection trying to post this last one AND the fucking cloudflare crap.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)07:38 No.17024394
    Thanks anon! Back from training, and continuing the Ork rolltable...

    Where are yer main base? D100
    1-25 Hive World
    26-45 Feral World
    46-60 Death World
    61-70 Medieval World
    71-80 Civilised World
    81-90 Uninhabited World
    91-100 Fleet-Based

    What kinda Oddboyz/Nobs do you have a lot of? D100
    1-12 Mekboyz
    13-24 Painboyz
    25-27 Weirdboyz
    28-40 Runtherdz
    41-53 Flash Gits
    54-66 Cyborks
    67-80 Nob Bikers
    81-100 None or equal amounts of oddboyz/nobs

    How bout your ordinary Boyz then? D100
    1-12 'Ard Boyz
    13-25 Kommandoz
    26-38 Burna Boyz
    38-50 Tankbustas
    51-63 Lootas
    63-75 Stormboyz
    75-87 Biker Boyz
    88-100 Just plain Boyz

    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)07:52 No.17024472
    Well whoops, looks like there's already someone with an Ork rolltable.


    I think I'll modify that instead.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)08:17 No.17024648
    Here's the additional modifications:
    11. Wot's da biggest, most aweshum thing we've eva' looted? D100
    1-50 I dunno, we haven't got much loot
    51-55 One o' dem 'umie Titans
    57-60 One o' dem spiky 'umie Titans
    61-65 One o' dem pansyboyz' Battle Titans
    66-70 One o' dem emoboyz' Pain Enjuns
    71-75 One o' dem tyr-oo-nid big squigz
    76-80 One o' dem skellyboyz' Monolisp- Monothil- big black killy pyramids
    81-85 A rival warboss' Gargant (we made it orkier!)
    86-99 A dozen o' dem blueboyz' Crisis Meks
    100 Roll twice on dis table (we gots more than one, boss!)

    12. Wot did ya do wit it? D100
    1-25 Da boyz dismantled it and cannibalized its bits for da mek
    26-50 It blew up in a foight (or there's a git mukkin about in da kamps)
    51-75 Some gits stole it, dem sneaky bastards!
    76-100 We made it orkier, and da boss rides it to battle
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)08:21 No.17024673
    Run Smith Quest when there are actually people around (you really do have the worst timing)
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)08:32 No.17024772
    Well what can I say? Timezones are a bitch, and I don't know the timezones of my players.
    Maybe I'll run it in 14+ hours from now... and then there's that finals project I have to spend time on everyday until about mid-January.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:20 No.17025480
    Pretty cool stuff. I'll post the Necrons one.

    >Original Side in the Necrontyr Secession Wars: (d10)
    1: (Unification) Fought under the command of the Triarch and the Silent King.
    2: (Unification) Fought under the command of a larger Dynasty’s Nemesor.
    3: (Unification) Fought independently to bring honor to the kingdom.
    4: (Unification) Forced under duress to assist the unification forces or perish.
    5: (Secessionist) Fought to make self the undisputed ruler.
    6: (Secessionist) Fought under another rebel Phaeron as a member of his court.
    7: (Secessionist) Fought to dissolve the Triarch and gain independence.
    8: (Secessionist) Fought to destroy several old rival Dynasties and their allies.
    9: (Neutral) Took no side but took the lands of vanquished empires.
    10: (Neutral) Didn’t fight and only defended own borders.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:21 No.17025491

    >C’Tan fought alongside before betraying during the War in Heaven: (d10)
    1-2: The Deceiver
    3-4: The Nightbringer
    5: The Dragon
    6: The Outsider
    7: The Lord of Fire
    8: The Endless Swarm
    9: The Flayer
    10: Another of forgotten name.

    >Most Hated Nemesis: (d10)
    1: Those Necrons who cling to the old ways
    2: Those Necrons who would upset the ancient traditions
    3: The C'Tan and those misguided or damaged Necrons still loyal to them
    3: The Old Ones themselves and now their chosen children the Eldar
    4: The Dark Eldar hidden behind the Dolmen Gates and fighting without honor
    5: The Ork menace the grows like a cancer upon the once ordered worlds
    6: The vile Imperium that are but a pale imitation of the true rulers of the galaxy
    7: The young upstart Tau who must learn the galaxy was never theirs to claim
    8: Children of Chaos, The Enslavers (Krell), and other denizens of the Immaterium
    9: The Tyranids who would consume this galaxy, the Necron’s birthright
    10: Any who challenge the Dynasty’s supremacy
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:23 No.17025500

    >Damage sustained during sleep: (d10)
    1: Obsession with either returning to the sensations and freedom of the flesh or embracing the ultimate strength of metal leads to a galaxy wide search for a perfect vessel and a way to escape their own.
    2: Malfunction leaves them controlled or influenced by a particular C'Tan shard (Deceiver, Night Bringer, Dragon, Outsider, etc).
    3: Insane god killers and iconoclasts that believe they are still fighting the War in Heaven obsessed with completely destroying all gods (C'Tan shards, Ruinous Powers, the God-Emperor, Khaine, even Gork & Mork)
    4: Still believe self to be of flesh and blood and fighting the wars of secession. Still fear own death and those of your subjects and vary tactics accordingly.
    5: No memory of past at all and believe self to be a perfect construct. Have a bitter hatred of all life and set about eradicating it as completely as possible.
    6: No memory of past at all but still sentient. Struggle to come to terms with new identity.
    7: Have the memories of a common peasant dumped into an Overlord’s body by some mishap. Don’t know what happened to the mind of the actual Overlord of the Dynasty but no one seems to realize you aren’t who they think you are.
    8: The overlord himself is damaged and undergoing extensive repairs still and has not yet awakened. However his royal courtiers rule in his stead each with differing ideas of what their master would want and whether or not they should even try to awaken him.
    9: By some miscalculation every single one of the Necron warriors and lower ranks have perfect recollections of their former lives and are completely sentient.
    10: The final order of the Silent King, to rebuild the Great Necrontyr Dynasties, has overwritten every other drive of the Overlord and now they are set about making things exactly the way they were. EXACTLY as they were.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:24 No.17025509

    >Greater Objectives or Goals: (d20)
    1: Becoming meatbags again through esoteric means that require biomass. Now if only the proper vessel can be found.
    2: Hunting down C'tan shards and collecting them so that they cannot be used by those who do not understand them.
    3: Helping the fractured C'tan in achieving unfathomable and dangerous schemes, possibly freeing shards to reawaken their hosts.
    4: Enlarging the host by reprogramming other Necrons. Free will is only a construct. There will be only one true lord.
    5: Converting all sentient lifeforms into necrons. Death is only the beginning.
    6: Stealing artifacts and the great works of the fledgling races as trophies to adorn their palace (Pirate-Crons)
    7: ADVENTURING! It's a whole new galaxy out there.
    8: Preventing other races from killing each other. By killing them first. Let them know how fortunate they are to be able to die and escape the unending suffering of life.
    9: Hatred for all life. Only the dead shall remain.
    10: Leeching life-force from mortals, stars, and worlds and collecting souls for greater power.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:24 No.17025519

    11: Revenge against the Young Races who have forgotten the true rulers of this galaxy.
    12: Testing and Science for curiosity's sake.
    13: Regaining a glorious empire.
    14: Doing incomprehensible for unknowable reasons. Things like re-aligning suns, carving out planets, draining nebulas, and exterminating all troubleshooters in the process.
    15: Cast aside what remains of mortality and embrace the machine. Metal is strong where the flesh is weak.
    16: Immortality is the only object of any worth, and true immortality still escapes them. They will find a way to escape the end of the universe itself.
    17: Through those races who understand and can manipulate the Warp they seek to understand it so that they can destroy it.
    18: Through those races who understand and can manipulate the Warp they seek to understand it so that they can use it for themselves and control the very powers the Old Ones once used against them.
    19: Death is release and they have lived for so long...
    20: They have lived for untold millenia and have lost more than man can remember. Now they are the stewards of the galaxy and it is their responsibility to guide the young children so that they cannot make the same mistakes. Forcibly, if necessary.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:25 No.17025523

    >Favored Conversion Subject (1d20)
    1-5: Human – They must have something going for them to have spread this much in so little time in such a hostile galaxy.
    6-8: Astartes – Living weapons made from humans, with modifications they could not only be a species, but the most resilient, powerful, and successful race to meet the universe.
    9-10: Eldar – Psykicly gifted, nearly immortal, How ironic that the potential key to necron salvation lies in the biology of your hated enemy.
    12-14: Tau – You yearn not for a powerful body, simply a familiar one, warp resistant and free of your races ailments they may be perfect.
    15-16: Orks – The savage Orks possess possibly the most reseliant biology in the universe, immune to age, resistant to sickness, and capable of shrugging of grievous injury, they’re bodies will find far better use as vessels for the new Necrontyr.
    17-18: Tyranid – you see that the Silent King’s perspective on the Tyranid swarm is flawed, they are not the obstacle, but the gateway to Apotheosis, it lay waiting somewhere in the biology in one of the countless bioforms.
    19: Other – you see potential were nobody else sees it, in one of the less prominent races of the galaxy.
    20: None – For one reason or another you don’t seek the return to flesh, perhaps you see fit to simply work to repair the negative effects of your current body, perhaps you simply see no downside or that flesh is weak and unworthy, or you may think you still have your last one, regardless you have no interest in changing bodies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:26 No.17025530

    That's the last of it
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:31 No.17025565

    Is that all of the Imperial Guard, or is that just the first post that got interrupted?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:31 No.17025566
    Why am I now thinking of Firefly 'crons?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:35 No.17025597

    Well, considering that the Silent King abolished the command protocols right after giving the final order to sleep and then reclaim original dynasty, I can see how one's stance in the old Secessionist Wars would influence your fluff.

    Using these tables, I came up with a Necron force that holy fuck hates the C'tan. Like rabid beasts. But most of all, Night Bringer. Every option rolled was killing Necrons or hunting down C'tan. So, my tombworld makes C'tan hunters, and God help your tombworld if you make use of any.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/26/11(Sat)10:37 No.17025619
    Thanks all! It seems that all we need is a Tau Sept, a Dark Eldar one, and a Tyranid one to complete the major races.

    Anyone want to try making those? Tyranids would probably a hard one to make.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/11(Sat)10:41 No.17025642

    I'd say the Dark Eldar would be the hardest, but I don't know.

    I'd love to help out and make some more, I love these tables, too. But I gotta head to work and won't be back 'till tonight (it's early morning here).

    Thread's archived, though, so I'll eagerly await new posts. If the thread's still alive and charts still need makin', I'll help.

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