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  • File : 1322450536.jpg-(412 KB, 1489x885, fwqtitle.jpg)
    412 KB Fairy Warband Quest 10 - Entire Quest Recap Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/27/11(Sun)22:22 No.17041689  
    You are Trixie Buttercup, fairy warband leader. Fairies are made of magic and immune to harm from all sources but magic and magnets. Upon their deaths, fairies burst into sparkles that other fairies can use to increase their own power.

    Your warband has evicted an opposing group from their tree, which generates fairies. After moving in, you researched putting fairy sparkles into beetles, a queen bee, and a drone (rendering them magical and obedient, and causing minor physical changes). You also began to dig straight down, after suspecting that the source of the tree's magic was underground. Eventually, you discovered a shiny, brittle, rock-like object of indeterminate size, which you believe to at least relate to the magic's source. Aside from certain setbacks (a giant, murderous worm, several cave ins, and swarms of blobs streaming forth from a crack in the shiny thing) the magic hole has led to some important resources (a medium sized magic mushroom farm, a great deal of magic giant worm leather, and shiny thing shards).

    Your latest accomplishment is setting up a series of relay towers to quickly report activities in range. Additionally, the queen and drone have produced three bees. You also have some decorations done.
    >> Votes Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/27/11(Sun)22:27 No.17041723
         File1322450826.jpg-(266 KB, 1595x2277, 1321867871462..jpg)
    266 KB
    Last thread involved discussion on masks, other costumes/clothes, and also decorations and furniture.

    If it effects anything, right now the tree has an outer camouflaged gazebo filled with rocks and wood blocks that are roughly chair and table sized, a hollowed out wooden room within the tree containing three pretty rocks and pillows, a second, adjacent hollowed out room containing a large wooden chair and more pillows, and an unspecified number of dirt floored, root ceilinged rooms at ground level. Also, here is some stuff a nice drawfag made that you might want to build/wear.

    There's also the whole "what do we do" thing.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/27/11(Sun)23:25 No.17042247
         File1322454310.jpg-(142 KB, 360x700, bestiary.jpg)
    142 KB
    Finally updated this. Excuse the queen and the drone having the same icon.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)00:10 No.17042655
    any fairies out tonight?
    >> LEoor 11/28/11(Mon)00:13 No.17042675
    Im here i guess.
    As for the symbol i like the fist surrounded by flames.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)00:16 No.17042700
    i also like it, though i think a fist surrounded by glittery sparkles would be more appropriate
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)00:23 No.17042766
    Want to do something with this?

    I'm still here, in case anyone is wondering.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)00:25 No.17042785
    Make it into our flag, put it on the Shields of our Girlz, for it is our GLORIOUS SYMBOL and deserves to be treated as such.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)00:37 No.17042871
    Adding emblems to your new wooden shields adds a bit of wait time, but the first few look nice. Soon, you have enough shields for anyone who wants one.

    The finished flag is made from dyed spider silk, woven into the appropriate shapes. It's as tall as two fairies, and looks quite nice, at least from a distance.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)00:39 No.17042891
    We could put the symbol on to a piece of cloth or leather and use it as a battle standard or flag.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:10 No.17043141
    We should send out another small scouting party in the direction of Freeport or The Ethereal City.
    Wibble and 8 or so gurlz sounds like an adequite. We could go to if anyone else thinks we should.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:19 No.17043214
    No on the city checking.

    Are the bees that were born magical in any ways? (Otherwise, it seems a bust to implant bees.)

    Is the Spider useful or not? What about the bees?

    Otherwise we should restrict ourselves to more Beetle conversion. Sparkles are a rare resource. Oh, did our digging screw with the ability to have more fairies born via the normal method?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:19 No.17043216
    I'm pretty sure Ethereal City treats us as kill on sight, no exceptions, but Freeport will sell us a week pass for a sparkle.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)01:26 No.17043261
    >Are the bees that were born magical in any ways?

    They're shinier and smarter than regular bees. (Also they have stats in bestiary.jpg).

    >Is the Spider useful or not?
    It mostly hangs out by itself, but it produces silk when asked, and is cooperative otherwise.

    >Oh, did our digging screw with the ability to have more fairies born via the normal method?
    That reminds you. The pod growing from the flower should be nearly complete!

    You head down to the upper area of the magic hole. Sure enough, one of the flowers is having some trouble remaining upright, due to the weight of the undersized pod near its peak.

    The shape of a fully grown fairy is clearly visible inside. You hop up, pull the pod to the ground, and tear it loose.

    Inside the pod is an unrelated collection of limbs. They spill out onto the ground and tumble in all directions. A few of them waver and warp. Within seconds, all have vanished.

    >Sparkles gained: 1
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:40 No.17043346
    So you're saying our fairy bubbles are now producing spatterings of fairy gore?

    This can't be good.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)01:41 No.17043352
    Maybe. This is the first time you've made a pod come out of a flower, though. Maybe this always happens.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:44 No.17043373
    No more pods coming out of flowers.

    Oh, and can we get for fething armor for our troops?

    Also we need to set up a large area with a round circle on the ground. Then use it as a battle training area. Stanard 'first blood' rules with standard 'out of ring' rules.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)01:51 No.17043421
    Well shit.
    Alright, next pod experiment: feed one a sparkle early in development.
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)01:56 No.17043457
    >can we get for fething armor
    I don't know what this means.

    >Also we need to set up a large area with a round circle on the ground.
    There's plenty of space for a makeshift ring on the ground floor. Your mark one off. Without much more than an explanation of what the ring is for, a good third of the random scuffles that take place throughout the day occur in the ring.

    Seats accumulate nearby, encircling the ring at a safe distance.

    >feed one a sparkle early in development.
    You try feeding a pod a sparkle. It does not work. Since sparkling objects and animals has proven tricky, you keep at it, eventually picking random spots on the flower. Nothing works.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:01 No.17043495
    Well, as grand as fucking around with magic is, we've been doing it for a while, and we're not really getting appreciably stronger anymore.

    Let's go to Freeport in some fashion, to find new challenges which we will punch to death.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:03 No.17043511
    Set aside times where the ring is used for educational purposes, rather than just fightin' for fightin's sake.
    Also, is there anything we can think of that might, conceivably, improve pod production rates or the fairies that result?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:14 No.17043566
    I meant - Can we get some fething armor for our troops? Anything is better than nothing. Remember, the Persians used to make armor from reeds. It would at least be decent armor.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:18 No.17043578
    I think this is the confusing part. Not even Google knows what that is.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:20 No.17043587
    A polite term for fucking?
    >> Narrator !!0z97bVlxXCQ 11/28/11(Mon)02:23 No.17043594
    >Also, is there anything we can think of that might, conceivably, improve pod production rates or the fairies that result?
    Aside from getting more trees or more shiny things, nothing is immediately obvious.

    >Anything is better than nothing.
    Unfortunately, anything short of walking around in mobile cover is insufficient to protect you from magical attacks. Wooden shields are the best you can do, aside from summoned or enchanted items.

    I'm sorry, but I think between my own mysterious tiredness and the confusion over which threads were canceled, I don't think there's much point to continuing. We're still on for next Saturday. The noble experiment that was Unrelated Battle Thread is canceled until further notice for time reasons. Thanks for playing.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:24 No.17043605
    We do this every week. At this rate, the opening post should have a comment on armor.

    Hokay, in the past we've established that, owing the the fact that we're actually fighting with Magic, and thus, we do not actually have to explain shit about how anything actually works, armor made out of mundane materials won't work. Anything light enough to be worn won't stop a hit, as the only hits we're worried about are Magic.

    We have, however, designed a suit of Lamellar using our Shapecraft magic. It should be very cool, but it will take up nearly our entire pool of shapes.

    It's a "fuck" stand-in from some 40k book.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:25 No.17043610
    We could restart some time.

    Drop by BROB on SB.com if you want to put the thread somewhere more permanent.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:27 No.17043615
    Awwww. Sleep well!
    Don't forget to archive.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)02:28 No.17043622

    I like to think that it's an expletive equivalent to "fuck" derived from the word "fetid."

    But that's just me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/11(Mon)04:19 No.17044143
    anyone going to archive?

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