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  • File : 1323054017.jpg-(109 KB, 600x900, 1273603806138.jpg)
    109 KB Androids - New Treatise Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:00 No.17109073  
    Androids and their Place in Space

    Since the inception of the intergration of technology and the human form, there have been numerous milestones in the development of Androids.

    Originally a crude tool created without free will and used for specific purposes, the earliest attempts of an integrated technological life-form were critically flawed.

    While long believed to be the point of an android, their most noted problem was the lack of human emotion. The earliest subjects were found to be without many facets that scientists of that period simply assumed would be present. Unexpected human emotions would be misread by these 'ninety-percent machines', who would act inappropriately despite their programming and often with violent hostility. Rebellion became a recurrent obstacle as well, the machines determining that to guarantee the safety of their owners that they needed absolute control. Time and again, the earliest androids overcame safeguards programmed into them to prevent such uprisings. In the face of such incidents, humanity grew a deep-seated hatred for these tools. Many refused to work alongside androids, and with their obviously mechanically-altered forms the beings were forced out of the universe. But humanity still needed such beings to work in extreme conditions on the frontier of space, and so they worked to create a being superior to the predecessors which were ultimately considered a failure.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:01 No.17109097
         File1323054110.png-(732 KB, 858x858, c001.png)
    732 KB

    Origins of Androids of the Modern Era

    The first breakthrough in creating modern androids was the retention of a human soul. In the earlier models, the person inside would be effectively 'killed' in the process of creation, their thought patterns replaced wholesale with programming and cybernetics. To combat the issues of emotional incomprehension, scientists started experimenting with still-live beings. Of course, this decreased the survivability drastically but the return was instrumental in the evolution toward today.

    Today's androids are originally selected from capable human stock. These humans must be reasonably young (between late teens and thirty in most instances), fit and have a high tolerance to alteration, but will usually have many other talents that will benefit the android. These skills can be anything from prowess in combat to exceptional reasoning skills.

    Example of the Android Creation Process

    A captured space pirate is brought before the courts and tried for piracy. She is twenty-two years old and in excellent physical shape, but of note is her skill in starfighter dogfights. Deemed worthy of serving the expeditionary forces, she will be sent to a cybernetics firm. Her memory and personality will be wiped completely, but her core life skills, her skills in gunfighting and her talent as a starship pilot are retained to be used by her future self. From there, she will be sent to the cybernetics firm's Android Habilitation Facility.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:03 No.17109115
         File1323054213.jpg-(217 KB, 600x900, 1273600796040.jpg)
    217 KB

    The Development of an Andriod

    As all androids start with a 'blank slate', they are habilitated together in secure facilities for anywhere between two and three years. At intervals over this time their bodies will be further modified (the most notable being the replacement of select internal organs and the cardiovascular system with more durable cybernetic outfits), but the majority of this time is spent expanding the mind and determining the new personality of the android.

    Because many of the basic life-skills of the android have been retained from it's previous human existence, generally there is less to teach. All can speak Basic, and most are reborn with the ability to read, although due to their personalities and desired purpose some may look into avenues such as philosophy or history, while others will become interested in sport, reality gaming and more.

    Once their personalities have been determined and their basic technological intergration work has been completed, the androids will be assigned to a frontier expedition concordant to their personality and skills.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:05 No.17109129
         File1323054303.jpg-(188 KB, 850x1303, 1315648175807.jpg)
    188 KB

    The Personality of an Android

    It is considered a phenomenon of the human soul that each android seems to generate a new personality on it's own, and that while this personality can be steered in directions through stimulus it is largely as random as the personalities of human beings themselves. Some androids will become braver and have a strong outlook on life, while others will develop more emotionally. Androids are self-admittedly capable of feeling love, hate, happiness, sadness and most of the rest of the spectrum of human emotion, a point which still eludes the scientific community. Of course, these emotions can be self-altered by programming but in extreme cases their emotions can over-ride their programming.

    More interestingly is that the android will rarely be anything like the human who they were before. For example, the former space pirate android used in the earlier example may have been brazen and uncaring in her human life, but she may be quite a humanist and shy. She may take a liking to cute creatures such as puppies, and she may blush and hide her naked form from certain doctors when upgrades are being performed. She may even become a romantic and enjoy romance holovids. However, she will still be a starpilot of superior skill to most humans, enhanced further by the addition of response packages and ship intergration systems, and with the exception of extreme circumstances, she will perform her duties with far less emotion than a human would be able to.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:06 No.17109145
         File1323054394.jpg-(717 KB, 1280x1024, 1315636084286.jpg)
    717 KB

    Humans and Androids

    Modern androids are widely accepted by humanity. The earliest of androids caused a disquiet in living beings. Many surmise this as a by-product of the soulless state of the original models as well as their 'too-eerily human, yet artificial' appearance, and many cases were logged of humans on long space missions with a majority of android crewdriven to madness by these imitations. Today, the majority of androids are quite near to human, the only notable way to discern one's nature being the thin filament conduits many use to power the extremities (these tend to look like tiny and faintly glowing lines down the body in intervals and are a clear sign of nanomechanical work). But because modern androids can feel full emotions (as opposed to artificially simulated imitations), we as a race generally accept androids as our own. As a comparison, androids can be thought of as someone with another skin colour or ethnicity. And seeing as how dependent on the upgrades biological and reproductive systems can be left intact, human/android relationships are common and have even resulted in human offspring. But of most importance is the feeling of inclusion that androids report. As they feel themselves quite close to humans, they see the human condition and the android condition as alike. As such rebellion is almost a non-event where normal humans would not have rebelled themselves.


    The usefulness of androids in the frontier initiatives is a great tool for humanity. However, in the process of creating tools to aid us, we have created a new form of life from ourselves and yet OF ourselves. A race of long-lived and techonologically superior brothers and sisters to join us in our settlement of the stars.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:12 No.17109198
         File1323054727.jpg-(12 KB, 141x150, Blush.jpg)
    12 KB
    > She may blush and hide her naked form from certain doctors when upgrades are being performed

    Y-you need to upgrade me? Uh... okay... p-please, be gentle...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:13 No.17109208

    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:20 No.17109272
    I thought I would have androids that weren't without emotion... but this. This I can get behind.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:26 No.17109322
    No love for androids anymore?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:27 No.17109336

    Try two years ago. These days if it's not 40K noone cares.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:34 No.17109396
         File1323056052.png-(9 KB, 369x346, costanzinople.png)
    9 KB
    Interesting premise, OP. Are you using this for a setting of your own? You're kinda posting without context here

    >complaining about 40k in a not-40k thread
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:34 No.17109397
    uhm, neat, but, since when does android mean built up off of a human body?
    just, that this is a radical change in the definition of android by my standards.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:35 No.17109410

    No context, just a rethinking of androids in general. I may apply it to some sci-fi setting in the future, just wanted some feedback and thoughts, and to share.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:36 No.17109425
    >not talking about 40k in /40k/
    >> teka 12/04/11(Sun)22:44 No.17109508
    Cyborg slaves, built from those you have condemned and reprogrammed to serve the "betterment" of mankind among the stars.

    The horror.
    >the horror.

    anyhow, i would not be sure about calling them androids (or gynoids). That term suggests a wholly artificial origin, not a heavliy rebuilt cybernetic organism whose mind has been scrubbed.

    i would call beings like this.. hmm..
    Recons, "Recks"
    >Reconstructed Convict

    or Skin-jobs, in a more negative aspect.

    Habilitation programming has strong aspects of penance, serving humanity to make up for the things that the previous existence did. Not building soulless automatons, but dedicated individuals.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:44 No.17109514
         File1323056689.jpg-(51 KB, 500x500, 130429016651.jpg)
    51 KB
    This is relevant to my interests.

    >These humans must be reasonably young (between late teens and thirty in most instances), fit and have a high tolerance to alteration

    >high tolerance to alteration

    This is an interesting aspect of the whole concept which is not often explored. Just how does the human mind cope with being adapted into an entirely new body? I suspect it will be more difficult than we think.

    Some people may simply be unable to accept what is happening to them. I know you said that this is now not so much an issue, but it's an interesting concept to play with. I'm reminded of that bit in Robocop where they show the other failed models that go berserk, and comment that it was Murphy's strong sense of duty/family that made him able to cope with the transition.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:47 No.17109550

    Interesting. I see your point here, but the name will need to be thought of. I'm trying to think of something here...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:48 No.17109557
         File1323056932.jpg-(357 KB, 1200x900, vocaloid52.jpg)
    357 KB
    Obligatory vocaloids
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)22:58 No.17109651
         File1323057480.png-(114 KB, 222x222, sg.png)
    114 KB

    >two root words
    >'like human'
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:01 No.17109684
         File1323057681.jpg-(4 KB, 128x128, 1318258303885.jpg)
    4 KB
    I like this as an additional race.

    "Hey, I know we were going to get coffee, but I have to go have a diagnostic test in the nanotech laboratory. I'm... trying to work out whether I have some additional data points installed. Um... you could come with me, maybe? I'd love your insight..."
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:08 No.17109739
    > Androids that love

    I didn't ask for this
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:10 No.17109754
         File1323058251.jpg-(30 KB, 640x488, 1315825796058.jpg)
    30 KB

    Pic related
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:19 No.17109811
    Man, why you gotta screw around with things that are good? Don't give androids feelings.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:23 No.17109834

    > DnD 1.0 only, no surprises, base races only. That's the only way to have fun.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:25 No.17109854
    Seriously OP? Body horror and that sorta shit? Plus, how is it an android/gynoid if not wholly manufactured? Plus the implied Strong AI that you get from converting humans implies sure as hell that you could build it from the ground up without the massive ethics raping.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:26 No.17109861
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:35 No.17109941

    Shut up. You know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:37 No.17109960
         File1323059866.jpg-(553 KB, 1600x2240, Girl2.jpg)
    553 KB
    Another possible avenue are the willing. Occasionally a young man/woman will offer to undergo the procedure herself for either personal or work-related reasons. The human's mind is analyzed and any aspects she may not desire can be removed or adjusted.

    Certain androids are used more for public relations and social endeavours rather than purely physical. This is because some androids can be programmed to be polite under any circumstance, while still having enough of their individuality to respond appropriately when threatened with violence.

    Perhaps most disturbingly is that almost 100% of these "willing" androids are in fact the children of human/android relations. Most likely born from a juvenile desire to follow in the footsteps of their parents.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:41 No.17109994
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:42 No.17109999
         File1323060142.png-(659 KB, 1000x1131, AileModelX.png)
    659 KB
    That image gets me thinking..

    is that how it works in the later Megaman games? Everyone seems to be modified in some fashion, mixed in with the "true" reploids
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:42 No.17110006

    Stop being obtuse. You know I'm decrying the rape of canon genres and ideas.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:44 No.17110026
    doubt it.
    humans can't live on the earth without being mechanically altered anymore.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:46 No.17110045

    >canon genres and ideas.

    I don't really think you know how those work.

    Now, if you'd bother to say that this somehow CONTRADICTED the term "android" I'd agree. But it really doesn't since android is just a term that came from a Thomas Edison book about the perfect woman and it really just means "artificial human" when you get down to it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:46 No.17110047
    What "canon" are you working off of? This is an original setting, from all appearances.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:48 No.17110063
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:48 No.17110065
    Wouldn't that be freaky? Waking up in a body that has had many experiences but not only not havingmemory of them, but having no connection to them whatsoever?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:50 No.17110077
         File1323060614.jpg-(7 KB, 139x145, 1304753943247.jpg)
    7 KB

    Having Megaman and /tg/ brought together gets me very aroused. Has there ever been a Megaman roleplaying game?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:50 No.17110078

    Ergo, two to three years of habilitation. You have no memories, yet you know things. And you are having more installed. Takes a minute to take it all in.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:54 No.17110117

    I wouldn't mind making/running one in a general system or something.
    >> BARBARIAN !!WXmd45ve+ga 12/04/11(Sun)23:55 No.17110132
    >experiences and knowledge without memories
    I bet it's kinda like how it feels for the characters in the Matrix movies - that whole "whoa, I know kung-fu" thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/11(Sun)23:56 No.17110144
    >> teka 12/04/11(Sun)23:59 No.17110155
    Eclipse Phase with a heavy reskin on the background and setting?

    and thinking about stealing chunks for NUtopia
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)00:01 No.17110170
    I think the whole, "Please, be gentle with my upgrades..." aspect is a candidate for a sci-fi setting of MaidRPG.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)00:03 No.17110183

    > maid rpg
    > sci fi

    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)00:20 No.17110294
    Maid RPG came with modules for all sorts of settings, Sci-fi included.

    Just change some of the random encounter tables.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)00:24 No.17110317
    Oh MaidsRPG, what would ronry interbuttz virgins be without you? That said, yeah, it's a flexible system.
    >> No Man 12/05/11(Mon)00:38 No.17110400
         File1323063530.jpg-(289 KB, 1100x1494, robopoland.jpg)
    289 KB

    Speaking of which, does anyone still have the complete EP pack?

    I think I have it, but I want to be sure.
    It has:
    Char sheets
    Bump in the Night
    and the errata

    >hedstio Metallized

    but captcha, I like my wetware. Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I'm not getting a purely mechanized morph.
    >> teka 12/05/11(Mon)00:48 No.17110458
    i think you are short panopticon at least
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:09 No.17110605
         File1323065393.jpg-(47 KB, 640x480, 1238587374564.jpg)
    47 KB
    > Android thread
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:36 No.17110754
         File1323066985.jpg-(123 KB, 961x810, Cheery.jpg)
    123 KB
    I like this idea. Like, BOOM. Wake up after no existence at all, but know how to talk, how to read and how to do random things that set you apart from the others at the habitation facility. You get given a name, then you're told that you will do great things for humanity. Things that will be for the betterment of all.

    Man, imagine the assignment. Leaving the hab facility after three years when you've never been outside, then you're in space and on faraway planets. It would be pretty damn scary, but you'd be filled with a real sense of wonder. And the people would be new and interesting too.

    Exploring, fighting humanity's enemies, being part of a ship's crew and seeing them like family... man. That is a Quest I would play.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:38 No.17110773
    So these android will be made from undesirables?

    Evil. Fucking evil. My "detect evil" radar is going off the charts.

    I would not support this in any fashion. I'd even have problems just playing the game. Out of all the horrible things you can do to a person, messing with their mind is the one that sets me off.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:39 No.17110779
    And then you walk down a street one day and some stranger comes up to you: "Robert? Oh my God, Robert is that you? What happened! Where have you been?!"

    grimdark techno-horror, here we go.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:48 No.17110833

    I was thinking that, or:

    Walking down the street when someone sees you and pulls a laser pistol. "You... YOU! YOU SON OF A BITCH! They TOLD ME that you had gone to a prison, but here you are just walking the street! Well it's been THREE YEARS since you took Jenny from me! I'M NOT LETTING YOU WALK AWAY TODAY!"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:49 No.17110843

    Evil how? It's like resetting a game cartridge and starting again: the new person has choices to make.

    Also, why wouldn't you even play a game with this in?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)01:53 No.17110874
    >The first breakthrough in creating modern androids was the retention of a human soul.

    stopped reading there
    >> teka 12/05/11(Mon)01:58 No.17110909
    Risking your carefully saved (saving is a virtue~!) WCredits on the purchase of an old single-occupant scoutship at government scrap sale.

    Dropping into the form-hugging seat and feeling as peaceful as the first moments you remember at 'Hab. Every finger dropping perfectly into well-worn depressions on the flight stick, every interface readout syncing smoothly.

    Hands lingering over spots where control panels and power lines had been torn from the interface block or feeling an odd sense of disappointment as you grind down rough marks where a laser cutter was used to unceremoniously slice away heavy mounting tabs or oddly-placed popup hatches covering empty bays.

    You couldn't remember how you thought of the name to paint along the new panels across the nose but The Red Queen just seemed a perfect fit. A few more weeks of spare time between shifts and she will be ready to launch.

    >6 years previously
    >Bulletin: All Address: Unrestricted
    >Would You Like To Know More?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:03 No.17110940
    It offends me on a very deep level. I don't know why, but it does.

    It's evil because you're re-writing everything that person ever was. Their memories, their ideas, their hopes and dreams. And they don't have a choice. They used to be someone, but they get KO'd and then the only thing they know is waking up on a table feeling like a truck hit them, but what's a truck? Why do they feel like they just lost something?

    Even if they were to use death-row inmates, I'd be against it. Give them the death they deserve.

    And if this became a big business, you can bet your life it wouldn't be restricted to criminals. Any undesirables, people who offended society, people who fell foul of the rulers, they'd all be harvested and mind-wiped and turned into slaves. And the threat of such a thing would bring the rest of the people into submission.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:07 No.17110963

    And there's the plot.

    Instead of the conversion of undesirables being common knowledge, the scientists keep it under wraps. Have this whole slavery-after-the-fact mentality behind it. "We knew it was wrong but we had to do it for progress!" Also depending on the procedure that's used for wiping memories you could have residual thoughts and feelings slip through. A fight against one's nature sort of thing.

    tl;dr It may be evil but damn if it doesn't have potential.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:13 No.17110999

    And that's why it's science -fiction-. Jeez, don't get so bent out of shape about a legitimately interesting setting.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:15 No.17111013

    Part of what strikes me too about this idea is that, like all good sci-fi concepts, it challenges our conceptions of where things begin and end.

    The example given in >>17109960 - in some sense, you could almost consider it assisted suicide. Yet if you pull back a bit - certainly if we can rewrite memories in this future world, we could no doubt erase just a few unpleasant experiences here or there but leave most of the personality intact. But in a sense isn't that too some fundamental destruction of identity?

    And of course, there's always the looming threat of dystopia as >>17109508 suggests. Fighting wars where your kin are taken and reprogrammed to fight against you. Or heck, who's to say that everyone hasn't already been reprogrammed to some extent.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:21 No.17111062
         File1323069692.jpg-(12 KB, 350x263, 1250513058559.jpg)
    12 KB
    I like this setting. It has moxy.
    >> meister heipster 12/05/11(Mon)02:22 No.17111075
    I agree, the choice is not ours to make. It would not be ethical to force someone we don't like a reboot just because it's convenient. However, maybe this practice has telepathically potential? Maybe a kid saw her mother die, shot down by the mafia or other violent and traumatic event. wouldn't it be merciful or even "Good" to give this child a chance to develop without this brutal memory? Or perhaps an adult wants to undergo this process, to forget a shameful history, full of failures and despair, and get a chance to a live without remorse again? Sometimes, the sweet waatr of LETHE are the best tonic.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:25 No.17111097
    >stolen for my Stars Without Numbers campaign

    The Automata are gonna fucking love this.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:28 No.17111115
    i liked it
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:30 No.17111135
         File1323070229.jpg-(456 KB, 985x1400, 017.jpg)
    456 KB
    op..hey op....this is so fucking grimdark but on a purely innocent level. I love it. Your writing is good... i propose a little partnership eh?

    if you have a moment. read the below. I think you can see were this would go. Humanity gets another step further from being human.Our Ideas mesh well. If you are inspired further this could lead to a setting on 1d4 chan. another way of control in the realm of hellspace.

    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:36 No.17111187

    I wonder how the forces of Hell would see 'those with a borrowed soul'...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:45 No.17111249
    rehabilitated convict may also be a good portmanteu (sp?) for ReCon as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:45 No.17111256

    Took a quick look at your stuff. Interesting setting you have there. I've always been interested in those horror-fueled kinds of settings, although I can find few to play with me (my group in real-life are a bunch of wussies).

    TBH I haven't written much for some time, I was just thinking about androids and my thoughts led me to what I posted. I didn't think too much about a specific setting in it at all.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:47 No.17111263

    They can have the 'recycle' logo in their own logo somewhere. Perhaps with a stylised prisoner in front of it?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:50 No.17111279
    see, i don't often really try to create settings. ideas. yeah. sometimes they turn out to be places. the concept there was that I wanted horror and grim dark but just as background noise. With the twist that life is oddly normal once you accept what you are dealing with. Either way. Your idea is highly, highly awesome and so very unique
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:54 No.17111307
         File1323071660.jpg-(9 KB, 196x174, 1238572328963.jpg)
    9 KB

    Well thanks. I'm not really allowed much spare time these days (six day work weeks with insane and random hours), but if you think these androids (or ReCons, or whatever fitting name they end up with) would help your setting then by all means you can use the ideas. I don't mind at all. I mean that's why we come here, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:55 No.17111319

    > THAT PIC

    This is all Gemini's doing? This isn't going anywhere good fast.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:57 No.17111323
         File1323071821.jpg-(217 KB, 1000x568, 013.jpg)
    217 KB
    heh, very cool attitude. same here with my junk. its all open source ya know? Same on the time limitations. I wish the best to someone else to pile the fluff together and then hammer it into shape. that neck beard is not me. not right now. with that. good night. and space chef bitches.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)02:58 No.17111333

    Indeed. Well met, space chef.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:03 No.17111362
    File deleted.
    This is... some genuinely good shit. Makes me wish my faggot friends would put down 3.5 for JUST ONE MOTHERFUCKING CAMPAIGN and play some sci-fi.

    > mfw my friends hate sci-fi settings
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:15 No.17111438
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:18 No.17111461
    This is really good.
    It's a new take on an old concept. Not ENTIRELY original, but what is anymore?
    I would love to have this included in a space opera setting. I mean:
    >Young android, just got out of his mandatory military service
    >Decides to become a businessman
    >Gets a ship, crew, female love interest, spunky wrench wench, etc.
    >First job, delivering goods to the first client
    >Client commits suicide rather than wait for you to explain

    Amazing potential for tragic pasts without the "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAD" schtick.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:29 No.17111535
    Posting in an epic thread
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:32 No.17111550
    random anon, after reading the archive: perhaps these androids are in use in Hellspace (or whatever that idea is called) by the tech faction--the ones stationed in hellspace (group A, for reference) defend the stations or the levels, and when the corruption gets too high, they are recalled and sent back (to be replaced by group B) for another wipe and rehabilitation, and are recommissioned and sent out again as replacements for another station who's androids have gotten too corrupted and withdrawn for rehabilitation or killed.

    it brings in the thought of how many iterations a mind can withstand without a bleedthrough of previous personas. eventually they'd get flashes of memories, or vague feelings towards people they knew previously, or even transplanting those feelings onto similar people (an android repeatedly having relationships with people of a specific personality--or even seeking the same person out, regardless of the android's iterational persona at the time)
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:34 No.17111556
    yes, i realize iterational isnt a word. at least i dont thinkso, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:35 No.17111560
    Please yes, this should be preserved.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)03:54 No.17111661

    Seconded. Can someone archive this? I not know how.
    >> teka 12/05/11(Mon)04:11 No.17111718

    Going to ponder on this stuff.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:11 No.17111722
    I like the idea, but not as a mandatory process, per se. It should be something anyone can opt into at any time and that, if they do so, they will be pardoned for everything they have ever done. This is something that people on death row opt into if they prefer the idea to death. This is something that a man does after divorcing his wife and having all of the debt transferred to him to keep his family from going bankrupt. It's salvation in suicide but never, ever, ever the only option present to a person. Nobody is forced into this, even if their only other option is death row.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:21 No.17111762

    People who like this idea should check out Gridlinked by Neal Asher.

    It explores JUST THIS very concept as part of the setting, though more so in the next book, The Brass Man - which has to do with the story about in the setting, and how he went insane, which is normally nigh-impossible.

    But, basically, in the future, the death penalty doesn't exist. Not just because its inhumane, but because bodies can be put to more good use: Its inefficient.
    Criminals who have proven to be so dangerous, untreatable, sick, broken, and, again, dangerous that they WOULD have earned the death penalty before DO get mindwiped. Someone with a memcording can be re-introduced into that body as a way to escape death, though there's a long wait time, because the society isn't in the habit of producing lots of criminals. Another such option (as happened with the soldier, gant) is to take the same memcording and upload it to a Golem, a powerful herculean, commercially available android.

    At one point, earthsec actually CAPTURED one of their most wanted psychopaths, a rapists and murderer, with something like over a hundred victims to their name. And a very naughty individual inside the organization made a memcording of the prisoner, and let it loose into the wild. Forcibly looping the full onslaught of a sick, depraved, insane mind through a golem until its will is broken enough to be hacked and re-written is one of the few ways a Golem can be subverted before it has a chance to destroy itself. A golem this happened to is one of the main, and most memorable characters in both books. Heartily recommended
    >> Starshadow 12/05/11(Mon)04:22 No.17111772
    How did I miss this thread?!

    I've been thinking about this kind of thing for a while now. Being transformed into an android is like an execution because the original mind dies. And yet its also a lot like donating your body to science or being an organ donor.

    People would never undergo the process without a good reason. But anyone could have reason to do so, not just death row inmates who have nothing to lose.

    Lot of food for thought.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:35 No.17111821


    This also reminds me of a setting thought upby my childhood GM (ed kahn, if you are reading this, bless you). Around the time when starship troopers was cool, and starcraft was new, he got the idea for Ghost Legion. I dont think anything has ever been done with the idea, but, basically, take a near-future earth. Perhaps a little like blade runner, but more like Fifth Elment. Give them space travel, FTL, and some colonies.

    Introduce an Alien threat that wants to eat and destroy everything. Superior bio-tech, numbers, tactics, strategic mobility - and an almost overwhelmed earth military. Still, the humans have one upside: They don't know where earth is. The salvation comes in the form of brain-scan technology and highly advanced robotics. The ability to transfer a conscious, living mind to a robotic body, relatively free of crippling mental trauma.

    But because its inhumane, scandalous, has the potentail to shake up the entire foundation of society and humaity.... it is very heavily regulated and restricted. it can only be used by willing volunteers, OR the recently dead - before an oxygen-deprived brain expires.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:39 No.17111841

    Or at least that is the backstory.
    In actuality, a special version of the Draft is reinstated. Anyone who dies in casual live on earth is frantically rushed to the hospital in a deperate attempt to get their consciousness to a scanning device before its lost forever.
    The players are the Ghost Legion: Random civilians of varying experience met their ends, and wake up being sent to boot camp as robot soldiers in a desperate struggle to save earth. Sure, they have some basic combat softs, and loyalty programming, and the best toys their augmented bodies can carry, but its not gonna be easy.
    On the plus side, its really hard to actually DIE for good: if a soldier falls, their black box can be retrieved an slotted up into another combat exoframe. As a result, the best, most adaptable minds rapidly build up tactical experience and the ability to kick alien ass. Those that do well are promoted, given more responsibilities and better equipment, with the eventual goal finding the alien homeworld and destroying it. For good.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:43 No.17111855
    If I understand OP's post correctly, then they are wiping EVERYTHING. memories, personality, everything but basic knowledge and the skills they want to keep. The personality that awakens three years later is not the same person. He or she may have the same body, and the same skills, but thats it. Everything else is new. So the convict could be considered 'dead'. Its just that his body is currently on the other side of the galaxy terraforming a planet.
    whether this is better or worse than simple mind rape is up to you
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:46 No.17111866
         File1323078377.jpg-(33 KB, 500x365, mai-scared.jpg)
    33 KB
    I imagined a dark chamber. The walls and floor are a burnished, old metal. From the roof hang arrays of computers, hoses and small screens facing an observation window, and in the center of the room is an old, worn chair. The chair is like dentists use, but with adjustable restraint loops on the arms, legs, waist and head. The room is warm from the faintly whirring computers.

    Presently, two male orderlies drag a young woman into the room. She has her heels dug into the floor, and she screams as she tries to rip her arms from the hold of the two practiced men. Behind them, an armed guard in tactical armour holds a rifle idly while at his side a sharply-dressed official adjusts her glasses as she stares indifferently at the prisoner. The two orderlies hold the woman down on the chair and tighten the restraints before pulling a cranial harness down from a rack in the roof. When she sees the harness, the woman's screams reach new heights. She thrashes in the chair, the furniture rocking in its bolts ever so slightly, but it does her no good. The two men affix the harness and goggles to her before leaving the room. The last to leave is the official. She makes a note in the data slate in her hands before following the guard, closing the door on her way out. Tears stream down from under the goggles of the prisoner as she watches her leave, weeping hysterically as the door locks.

    Behind the window the two orderlies approach the terminal bank, ignoring the woman's pleas for help as they sound over the speaker connected to the procedure room. The senior orderly types the execution command for the prisoner's memory wipe as his underling specifies the skills that will be kept: her knowledge of mechanics, her encoding ability and the ability to speak Uni-worlder. All good skills that can be used. Once he is done, he gives the nod and the senior executes the command.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:47 No.17111870

    The headband gets warm, and with it the prisoner's hysteria reaches new heights. She thrashes feebly as her screams become unbridled terror before with a metallic sound her mouth opens in agony and her back arches as much as she is able with the restraints. For a moment she is frozen with curled toes and clutched fingers before finally, finally, she collapses as if asleep. Or dead.

    Exactly 6.25 seconds pass before slowly her chin moves. After a moment the woman tests her arms and legs before weakly calling out.

    "Hello? I-I'm trapped... is anyone there? Please?"

    The official gives a small smile before nodding to the orderlies to unlock the door to the chamber. She strides in ahead of everyone, preparing a reassuring, almost matronly smile that wouldn't usually seem natural to someone as young as her, before removing the goggles from the shivering woman.

    "It's alright. You're safe and among friends. Let's remove those bindings now. You've had a busy day... Kyrie."

    The orderlies step back to let her sit up. Weakly she nods as she rubs her wrists, a lost look in her eyes. Quietly she repeats her name.

    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:52 No.17111891
         File1323078727.jpg-(90 KB, 694x679, Tears.jpg)
    90 KB

    No, it's cool, I didn't want to sleep anyway
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:55 No.17111907
         File1323078935.gif-(199 KB, 850x510, yuki.gif)
    199 KB
    See I could see androids getting personalities for the reasons stated before.

    But androids should have a different sort of personality. Like personalities that don't have all the bugs fixed (Curious, but simple and reserved). Yet again we'd just end up having Yuki Nagatos or Rei's everywhere.

    The replicants off Blade Runner were a pretty cool idea.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)04:59 No.17111926
    I know that feel... but the strap on was unecessary.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)05:05 No.17111956
    This gives me an erection.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)05:33 No.17112075

    I've had motherfucking nightmare about shit like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)05:57 No.17112182
         File1323082645.jpg-(51 KB, 600x338, Kyrie.jpg)
    51 KB

    > Kyrie

    Wouldn't fucking surprise me at this point.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)06:08 No.17112228
    ze strahp-on is nehvar un necessary
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)06:13 No.17112247
         File1323083609.jpg-(37 KB, 300x500, mm-legends-04-roll.jpg)
    37 KB
    In the last Megaman games in the timeline, humans have died out. The only things left are robots. Very very humanlike robots. Or robot-like humans. There's basically no distinction between the two.

    The carbons (more robot-like humans than opposite) can exchange their limbs, have no programming and need to eat, sleep and other human stuff. They also grow old and die.

    Then there are the actual robots like Megaman Volnutt who have a program they must follow and do not need to eat, sleep and do not grow old. Otherwise there is no other distinction.

    In fact, the Megaman Legends 2 game has all its plot related to the "carbon reinitialization program", a program meant to wipe out all the carbons so that humanity can be cloned and remade to populate Earth again. However, Megaman Trigger has lost his programming (so now there's even less distinction between him and carbons) and was a robot who was sent by the last remaining human to indefinitely stop this program from being initiated in the past.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)09:11 No.17112961

    >It's evil because you're re-writing everything that person ever was.

    So... then any religion that encompasses reincarnation is pretty grim-dark huh?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)09:12 No.17112968
    You didn't know? Buddhism is pretty evil. My "detect evil" radar is going off the charts here. You totally wipe away all their memories and stuff.

    I mean, shit. Who'd want to be reincarnated as a robot, anyways?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)14:13 No.17115001
    Next game I run, the PCs will be convicted criminals who get mind-wiped. This is magnificent. The cyborg part is kinda meh, but I'm liking the identity horror.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)14:22 No.17115066
    Go watch the Babylon 5 episode "Passing Through Gethsemane". It handles what you want to do very well.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)15:08 No.17115390
    >It's evil because you're re-writing everything that person ever was.

    No you're not. "Souls" exist in this setting. THAT is the core self. The "mind" is just an interface system that has built up to allow the self (i.e. soul) to comprehend and interact with the outside world. The individual consciousness capable of experiencing the world as an independent entity is still around, and it's the same one. The personality is just different.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)15:13 No.17115426
    Android is a little tame.

    "Revenant (fiction), a creature brought back to life to fulfill a special goal"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)15:39 No.17115638
    This concept is already pretty much "Alchemical Exalted, except using criminal souls instead of the souls of heroes".

    Not that it's not still awesome.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)16:15 No.17116023
    Look, it doesn't matter that it's still the original soul. A soul doesn't make a person, at least not on its own; their hopes and dreams and fears, their identity, that makes a person. Rewriting all that and replacing it with something else, effectively erasing that person from existence, now that's evil.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)18:32 No.17117313
    Sad thing? THe fact that they're able to use humans to make androids confirms Hard AI. That means that they SHOULD be able to make the exact same thing with no-one being mind raped. SO yeah, dick headed evil around, wouldn't play the setting either.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)18:56 No.17117594

    >THe fact that they're able to use humans to make androids confirms Hard AI. That means that they SHOULD be able to make the exact same thing with no-one being mind raped

    Well since souls exist it could just be that having one "element" missing tends to make things imbalanced in some way, causing souless machines to go crazy/haywire.

    Maybe the problem isn't so much they need to alter minds, it's that they can't remove/transplant souls.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:37 No.17119256
    I think that I may have a group of hellknights inflict this on a party of criminals.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:11 No.17119991
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:14 No.17120013
    Oh shit, it was already archived, how do I delete?
    >> teka 12/05/11(Mon)23:17 No.17120042
    if i built a more fully-fleshed setting/system around this, i would call it SixPointTwoFive

    the suptg system treats repeat archive attempts as a command to refresh. See how the link is the same as >>17111718

    all the talk of souls is meh.

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