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  • File : 1323131448.jpg-(269 KB, 500x676, thehorrorsofTGQuest.jpg)
    269 KB TG Quest 32: WHAT IS TG QUEST?!?! MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)19:30 No.17117963  
    A miserable pile of posts. But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!

    Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17095963/

    Short Summary: After a horribly, bloody battle you managed to overcome the defenses of Raccoon City and slay Vampire Wesker, but not before inadvertently freeing Azalin Rex from his prison.

    With the mists receding from the continental Americas, you now have to deal with Transylvania...
    >> Xenogenitor 12/05/11(Mon)19:34 No.17118005
    Wow, I actually am here for the beginning of a TGquest thread.

    As I recall, we had Darius and his KI team in Transylvania chatting up the locals. What have they learned? Are any of the Belmonts and/or Alucard around?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)19:39 No.17118047
    You discussed it, but so far the only asset you have in the area is the single probe droid.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)19:40 No.17118053
    Hell yeah, /tg/ quest.

    btw, planning thread is here, in case anyone needs to catchup, >>17109365 I suggest everyone migrates to the main thread, though (keep that for reference) now the quest proper is running.
    >> Xenogenitor 12/05/11(Mon)19:44 No.17118097

    Okay then. I say we try to gather information from the locals before anything else. Most importantly, we need to learn if the two vampire lords are allies, or competitors.

    I suggest sending the Aurors, Knights Inductor (with Darius), SCP, and Tosh. We make planetfall in the forest near a town or village, and have Darius, Tosh, and the aurors go in in plainclothes to establish dialogue with the natives.

    And keep that drone circling overhead.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)19:46 No.17118122
    Aurors cannot be deployed because they were used by us in Raccoon City.

    Send down 1 KI squad with Darius, 3 White Mages, 3 Psions, 3 Abjurers, Tosh, Mobile Infantry, and Delta Green squad in the Al'Kesh.
    All other available forces to be on standby in the Overlord.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)19:52 No.17118180
    Also others in the planning thread wanted to send down Finalon with whatever advanced meta-material bow and anti-vampire and anti-werewolf arrows we can scrap together.

    Though I doubt that anything like that is in the Indefatigable's database of replicable items.
    We will likely have to make do with just what he was picked up with, and the Black Arrow.

    He can ride down in the Al'Kesh with the others.
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)19:56 No.17118236
    Seconding this, with these playing as we head down to boost morale / srs up.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)19:56 No.17118238
    You can make some silver arrows and some wooden arrows easily enough, though he prefers his elven bow for now. He states he will not go into battle with an untried weapon.

    Your Al'Kesh successfully lands a good distance away from the village, a change of clothes made available for whomever you choose to send to interact with the villagers.

    Whom are you sending? Or are you sending everybody?
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:01 No.17118310
    Probably going with everybody mentioned in
    if that's alright with the collective.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:05 No.17118360
    Ah, you're asking which people from the Al'Kesh group are going, right?

    Okay, Darius and the Knights Inductor Squad go to the village to start getting information about which lord these peasants serve, and what's going on between Strahd and Dracula.

    Tosh, Finalon, and the Delta Greens to meet up with the probe droid and try to get better visuals on the two castles. Avoid conflict, get recon data. See if monsters or other things are inside the castles.
    Do not enter the castle grounds under any circumstances.

    All others to stay in the cloaked Al'Kesh for now.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:08 No.17118392
    Oh hey, probably should tell the planning thread you're here..
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:09 No.17118415
    1. Provide Mages with Armor.
    2. Provide Elf with Armor.
    3. Provide Elf with best bow we can make, arrows of Sci-fi construction, wooden arrows, and silvered arrows. Also the Black Arrow, don't expect to use it, but who else would we give it to.
    4. Load Darius, Tosh, Elf, White Mages, and however many Knights Inductor we can fit into the Al'kesh transport.
    5. Load MI, rest of KI, and Delta Green into the Leopard and hold for reinforcement drop.
    6. Keep mecha units loaded on Overload, in case we get crazy.
    7. Send down Al'kesh, under cloak, to village.
    8. Unload Darius, Elf (wear headband Spock-style to hide elfness), Tosh, a White Mage, and a small force of KI.
    9. This group goes to chat with the village.
    10. Collect information.
    11. ???
    12. Profit.

    Can't plan much farther in detail until we get some more intel. May involve a polite calling upon the local Dread Lords.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:11 No.17118432
    Also been suggested that 11 is 'spend a fair amount of time being Reasonable at the villagers and learning all they know, as well as using the cloaked ship, elf, and observer to get a detailed scouting of the area.'
    (Which would allow our timeline to smooth out winkwinknudgenudge)
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:12 No.17118437
    This. With gusto.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:13 No.17118444
    Was the plan that got agreement in the planning thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:15 No.17118468
    >1. Provide Mages with Armor.
    Cannot, because of spell failure chance.
    >1, 2 and 3.
    Cannot, because no such patterns are in the Indefatigable's matter replicator database, the replicators are not big enough to create something of that size (the only replicators aboard the Indefatigable are the food replicators in each officer's quarters).
    Finalon also said no thanks, he's not going to use untested and unproven tech when he's got an Elven longbow.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:15 No.17118470
    thirding this plan
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:16 No.17118486
    This is now Day 2 of 7 of our time here on the planet.
    Remember that we ARE on a timer here, and that we need to wrap this up before the week is out.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:17 No.17118487
    OH YEAH.

    We realized in the planning thread that we can't actually fit that many in one transport.
    The Overload is overkill.
    We have a second Leopard though.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:17 No.17118490

    This sounds like a good outline of what we need to do until we get more information.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:17 No.17118495
    What? We've been on planet less than 6 hours.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:18 No.17118503
    And we have two weeks, not one.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:19 No.17118514
    No,we spent a day after finishing Silent Hill in order to prepare the anti-zombie vaccine for Raccoon City.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:21 No.17118534
    Wrong. We've already done this with the mages that went to Raccoon city. Light flexible ME armor. Also armor check doesn't apply to White Mages or psions.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:23 No.17118574
    Has listed the problems.

    But the rest is A-OK!

    You send your force towards the village. A few outlying farmers run inside their houses at your approach, fearful of the giants in armor and the robed men accompanying them. When you near the town proper, the reaction is more subdued, with people maintaining a healthy distance from the Knights and their companions. Many strange looks they receive from the peasants and occasional merchant or guardsman in chain mail.

    The town proper is a cluster of wooden buildings, some with thatched roofs, some with shingled roofs, but none of them over two stories tall. The mist is heavy here, the air chilling, and the smoke curling from the many chimneys of the town indicate just how they deal with it.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:25 No.17118594
    I seem to have lost track, where are you getting the ME armor?
    >> Probe Droid !gga2RGANNc 12/05/11(Mon)20:26 No.17118605
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:29 No.17118629
    White Mages can only wear clothes and robes. Even if they could wear armor, where are we going to get it from?
    As said before, the replicators on the Inde physically can't because they're not big enough to create the parts of the armor, even if they had the necessary patterns.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:31 No.17118659
    Except that >>17118468
    is wrong, and makes erroneous assumptions.
    Replicators were never mentioned, though even a basic replicator could produce boring arrows made of modern materials and silver and wood.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:33 No.17118684

    So, how do we go about gathering information from the townspeople?

    While adventurers of all shapes and sizes seemed to find their way into Ravenloft easily enough, they may not be able to just hang out at the local tavern and soak in the local color and rumormill.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:33 No.17118688
    The OP posted the Waiting for OP skeleton.
    My head. It's full of fuck

    Seems reasonable.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:33 No.17118689
    Let the Marines do what they have learned. Be reasonable and open a dialogue with the weary townsfolk.

    Have Darius do it, being an "Echo of the First Age" should play in his favour. Literally being a shining paragon of virtue and epic heroism should warm up relations just fine.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:34 No.17118693
    UNIT and SCP, I believe.
    Same as before.

    You can wear plate armor and cast white magic, just depends on what they know how to wear.
    In this case, we're talking about stuff that wears as easily as clothes.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:38 No.17118718
    If not the replicators, then where are we going to get the armor from?
    Same thing with the bow. Where are we going to get the materials, and how do we actually make it?

    UNIT and SCP have Fallout Powered Armor, not Mass Effect armor. Several days of training is required to be able to operate in them.
    You are the one who has mistaken assumptions.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:39 No.17118724

    Agreed. Let's turn on the charm.

    But should we state our intent for being here? Or are we just doing this as more of an ice-breaker so the townsfolk won't be so distrustful of our group?

    And what do we say if some town official demands to know what we're doing here? Or someone who could possibly be a spy/informant for Strahd or Dracula is listening?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:39 No.17118725
    Indeed, this is Reasonable Marine time if there ever was one.
    Darius, engage in conversation with the townsfolk as you see fit, you're on point for this one.
    Tosh, advise Darius and us on any impressions you get as he works the crowd.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:40 No.17118740
    rolled 2 = 2

    But they never had Hardsuits, just the kinetic barriers attached to their armor, I thought? Well it doesn't matter in the long run, a simple gear requisition will fix up the confusion once you're done here.

    Darius begins to approach a townsperson at random...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:41 No.17118742
    To clear matters up, we've deployed to the planet:
    Darius, the KI, Tosh, the White mages, that one elf dude.
    On backup in another transport, we have:
    The other 3 Psions and Abjurers, the Delta Greens, and the MI.
    What should the Aurors be doing at this time, if anything?

    Also, that Mass effect shield stuff seems useful - but with the losses taken in Raccoon City, I'm wondering exactly what we'll be be able to afford.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:42 No.17118752

    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:42 No.17118754
    Echoes of the First Age, don't fail us now-
    You best put some hero-powah into that before you get a pitchfork to the knees.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:42 No.17118758
    And the /tg/ dice set the tone nicely for the remainder of the mission.
    The "Townsperson at random" is Dracula in disguise, and Darius just said "Hi, do you know how we can kill Dracula?".
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:44 No.17118779
    rolled 48, 74, 22, 28, 65, 76, 73, 25, 6, 21 = 438

    10d100 SHOULD come out to somewhere around 505. Let's see how broken the /tg/ dice are.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:44 No.17118786
         File1323135894.jpg-(12 KB, 214x236, bloodypeasant..jpg)
    12 KB

    Darius approaches what looks to be a simple farmer, carrying a sack of turnips.

    "Excuse me, I," he begins to say.

    "I've got no money, leave me alooooooooooooooooooooooone!" the peasant shrieks, dropping his sack of turnips, which spill everywhere and running off into the mists. Several nearby townsfolk turn to view the hulking Knight with suspicion. A few guardsmen grasp their weapons tighter and glare, but take no further action.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:45 No.17118789
    We've been gathering them from somewhere.
    >searches through old threads
    Fuck, I see were it went sideways, lots of people were saying to get them armor and such and suggesting trading around between troops to balance it out. But opt never actually acknowledged those requests.
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:45 No.17118794
    rolled 76, 85, 43, 24, 73, 22, 37, 31, 12, 51 = 454

    That's a 13.27% variation from expected.
    Performing additional testing...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:46 No.17118797
    No, we're using this deployment: >>17118122
    So it's 1 KI squad with Darius, 3 White Mages, 3 Psions, 3 Abjurers, Tosh, Mobile Infantry, Finalon, and Delta Green squad in the Al'Kesh
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:46 No.17118800
    Alright Darius, time to go full 'FOR THE EMPRAH!' mode.

    If they are too scared to listen, then let us use that fear against them! LET THE LIGHT OF THE EMPEROR SHOW THEM THEIR TRUE LORDS!
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:47 No.17118807
    D'oh. Skittish lot.
    Er, try another? Maybe a guard.
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:48 No.17118808
    rolled 63, 69, 78, 14, 63, 98, 60, 43, 66, 38 = 592

    10.1% deficit. One last test...
    NAW, just use 'Echoes of the First Age' and do a heroic inquiry.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:48 No.17118809
    Ask a Guard where we could bullshit with the locals. Guards always tell you useful stuff.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:48 No.17118811
    We're using the deployment here: >>17118415
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:49 No.17118819
    Darius, try the guardsmen. Say you're travelers from distant Londinium and were tasked by your lord to learn more of this country.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:49 No.17118823

    Maybe we should speak to someone who isn't liable to FLIP THE FUCK OUT when approached by an adventurer-type.

    The Town Guard probably handle a lot of visitors to the village. Talking to them may also reveal if we're dealing with a Realistic Medieval Transylvania, or if we're dealing with more of a fantastical one.

    Also, have Darius appear as nonthreatening and benevolent as he can.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:50 No.17118837
    rolled 66 = 66


    Darius approaches the guardsman...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:52 No.17118844
    If 'the best bow' we can provide is his elven one, then so be it. Arrows are a small matter to put together-
    Also, didn't he get him 'nice arrows' way back when we got back to base with him? Which was when he said he was happy with just using his bow, if I recall correctly.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:52 No.17118852
    Clearly, we need to talk to some higher-class people.
    Same we didn't bring the Aurors, they're good at this shit
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:52 No.17118857
    holy shit, a roll above fifty!?

    quick, somebody wish for world peace before it wears off!

    >buena lsourcM

    yes, it is bueno.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:53 No.17118863
    But we didn't use Aurors in Raccoon City.
    Ah. So Darius, Tosh, Elf, 3 White mages, and some of the KI are planetside.
    the MI, the rest of the KI, and the Delta Greens are holding position to reinforce if need be.

    What should the other 3 Abjurers, Psions, and our Aurors be doing at this time?
    IMO, they should be ready to reinforce.
    We're fighting Ravenloft; the Abjurers and Psions would be well within their element there.
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:53 No.17118864
    Experimental probability purification has its benefits, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:54 No.17118871
    rolled 97 = 97

    I wish for World P-
    Wait. No. This dice is rigged to roll low.
    I wish for Eternal War.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:54 No.17118880
    "My apologies for the disturbance, I did mean to cause trouble, merely inquire about the town. I forget my appearance sometimes," Darius says. "We are travelers from distant Londinum, on a quest to learn more of this land that is strange to us. Have you a place where we may do so?"

    "Foreigners, aye. Knew it had t'be foreigners," the guards says. He points to a building larger than the ones surrounding it. A wooden sign with a picture of a beer stein hangs over its door. "Tavern be your only real choice, then. Most of us don't take kindly to your type around here."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:54 No.17118882
    >But we didn't use Aurors in Raccoon City.
    Yes we did. We put them to work on the Storm researching a spell using Azalin's True Name and the spirit of his dead son.
    >> Fireman Prime 12/05/11(Mon)20:55 No.17118889
         File1323136518.jpg-(142 KB, 1024x768, warhammer-40k-eternal-battle.jpg)
    142 KB
    We were heading out there eventually.
    Wish granted, you greedy bastard.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:55 No.17118890
    Don't make a speech, Darius. Try to be casual, you can always pull out THE FURY OF THE EMPEROR if reasonable conversation doesn't work.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:55 No.17118891
    Oh, you're right. Sorry, my bad. I was derpin' the derps.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)20:55 No.17118895
    SO BE IT.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:56 No.17118899
         File1323136575.jpg-(58 KB, 320x240, 1284954966794.jpg)
    58 KB
    >Wish for Eternal War
    You dumb shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:56 No.17118904
    maybe it should go over in the planning thread?

    and besides, may as well get him an archer maiden's bow and arrows from Red Alert 3. Those are good against vehicles, aircraft and infantry. Just send an acquisition agent to loot one from a battlefield somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:57 No.17118909
         File1323136642.jpg-(87 KB, 400x889, EmperorsWisdom.jpg)
    87 KB
    >I wish for Eternal War.
    >SO BE IT.

    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:57 No.17118912
    >Forces of Korne +2 Power
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:57 No.17118914
    Sorry OP, think we've just managed to mix ourselves up between the ME Suits, the Kinetic Barriers, and the Fallout gear. I know I've seen more than just myself make similar statements, seems that helped reinforce certain misunderstandings.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)20:59 No.17118929
    A tavern?
    Neat. Send Darius, Tosh, Elf, and the White Mages into the tavern. the other KI probably won't fit in the tavern and should just chill around outside. Maybe play marbles or something.

    What's Tosh's take on this matter? He's way out of his element, but you don't survive spectre training without an instinct for danger.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:03 No.17118961
    Have Darius, Tosh, Finalon, and the White Mages enter the tavern.
    Well, Darius is to TRY to enter the tavern. It's not exactly suited for Space Marines.
    The Knights Inductors should only enter if there's room, otherwise stay outside.

    Finally, has the probe droid been able to get any closer to Dracula's castle? We need to know how occupied it is, and how much resistance we will be facing.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)21:03 No.17118962
    "I need a drink, mon."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:04 No.17118974
    Well, time to grab a drink. Let's roll.
    Doors and Stairs: The eternal enemy of Space Marines.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:06 No.17118989
    We DID remember to replicate some gold coins and a some diamonds and sapphires, right? We don't have the local currency, so we need some equivalents.

    Then order a round of drinks and start plying the barkeep for information.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:07 No.17119006
    well, let's get diplomatic!

    May I suggest we give Azelin Rex's true name over to Straedhe? If we get a chance to negotiate with the guy. It might smooth things over (as well as help tie up Rex's escape attempt, if straed has some magic lined up to dick over his rival)

    also: did we find Rex's phylactery in Raccoon? If not, can we send a team to check the ruins, and destroy it if it survived.

    Maybe we should consult our farseers again, if the hands of fate are kind to us once more...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:07 No.17119010

    Have Darius thank the guardsman politely.

    Seconding having Tosh get a feel for the general psyche of the people around here, and also that of the general atmosphere as well.

    Perhaps some of the KI could also tell us things about the general populace too. They've likely been to a gamut of worlds populated with an equally diverse range of people; they may be able to tell if the people are being oppressed, maltreated/malnourished, living in constant fear, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:07 No.17119015
    Aye, still had some let from when we sent Spike into Ravendell, as I recall.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:09 No.17119024
    Medieval peasants are a standard feature on the feudal worlds.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:09 No.17119028
    >when we sent Spike into Rivendell

    and there's something I never thought I'd read on /tg/.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)21:10 No.17119034
    rolled 42 = 42

    Curiously, you did not find his phylactery despite a very thorough search.

    Since you caught it just in time, we'll say you scraped together some gold coins.

    You enter the tavern...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:10 No.17119042
    We ended up never needing to distract the locals from nearby fighting, so he spent all his time collecting fantasy booze.
    Holtz was very happy with that.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:11 No.17119048
    We don't know what coins the locals use, but everyone likes gold bricks. ... Typical bloody adventurers, ruining the economy.
    A Phylactery dies pretty easily. If it was in Raccoon, it's dead. Unless Bella is the Phylactery, but a lich forming with no spells prepared, in our own ship, will very promptly get purged.

    I suspect the Phylactery is either back in Ravenloft (or its ruins), or destroyed in Raccoon.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:11 No.17119051
    Should we ask if anyone carrying a whip has come by recently?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:12 No.17119054
    So, a White mage, a Space marine, an Elven ranger and a Terran ghost walk into a bar...
    The barman says "Is this some kind of joke?"
    >> Xenogenitor 12/05/11(Mon)21:13 No.17119070

    Get a hard cider. Try to chat the locals up. When they refuse to speak to us, buy everyone a round and try again.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:15 No.17119087
         File1323137747.jpg-(41 KB, 618x384, ramming speed.jpg)
    41 KB
    I feel like I'm playing Rogue Trader, about to ravage another unsuspecting feral world's populace!
    Which guys get what labels?
    Thew KI are oviously our token Space Marine Retinue, as dictated by RT authority.
    >> Xenogenitor 12/05/11(Mon)21:15 No.17119088

    Yes, do this.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:16 No.17119091

    and by 'collecting', you also mean drinking. It's also when we decided 'Spike and the Sandmen' was a pretty good name for a band, as i recall.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)21:20 No.17119120
    The interior of the tavern is warm and inviting compared to the outside. A fire roars in the hearth, banishing the chill from within the building. The odor of roasted meats drifts through the air. The sound of liquid being poured into mugs and light chatter is heard... and promptly stops when your team enters. The few customers within cease talking and stare, obviously uncomfortable with the newcomers entering their establishment.

    Darius bumps the tip of his head on the frame as the group tromps into the tavern, but doesn't even flinch of course. The proprietor looks at him with an air of affected nonchalance, cleaning a clay mug. His expression softens a bit when Tosh produces a sack from beneath his cloak and begins to pluck gold coins from it.

    "Come in, come in, sirs," he says, gesturing. "A spot of ale after a long journey, aye? Or maybe you be famished an' looking for some of our roasted boar?"

    Darius nods and moves forward, but Tosh speaks first.

    "I think some ale be in orda," he says, putting three gold coins on the counter. He puts a fourth down. "Some of that boar, too."

    The innkeeper nods, looking at the money with a big smile as he turns to bark orders to the kitchen. Tosh whispers something to Darius and the Knight nods, turning to his fellows and issuing an order. Most of the Knights shuffle over to a series of unoccupied tables and...

    Stop suddenly, as they realize to sit would be to break the seats. Instead they stand around the tables, waiting. Darius, Tosh, and the rest wait at the bar. The bartender returns shortly with a tray of mugs filled with somewhat weak ale.

    "Glad to see you I am," he murmurs as he puts a mug down in front of each of the bar-present. "It's been years since we had travelers through here, and serving my loyal locals only gets me so much coin."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:22 No.17119144
    >"It's been years since we had travelers through here, and serving my loyal locals only gets me so much coin."
    "Has the local lord not seen it fit to permit trade with your neighbors?
    This will tell us immediately who is in charge of these guys.
    >> Probe Droid !gga2RGANNc 12/05/11(Mon)21:23 No.17119153
    I'll admit, I've been doing some sightseeing.
    I'll get back to you on what I've found later.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:24 No.17119162
    >It's been years since we had travelers through here, and serving my loyal locals only gets me so much coin.
    "Ask if the local lord is not permitting trade or merchant caravans through his lands."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:26 No.17119168
         File1323138373.png-(59 KB, 935x481, father son rage.png)
    59 KB
    >Stop copying me!
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)21:28 No.17119183
    "We... have not had word from the Count... but no one has traveled through here in quite some time," the tavernkeeper says, uneasily. "I suppose perhaps he could've made some edict to his knights to keep them away without telling us..."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:28 No.17119186
    Your ideas are neither unique, nor all that great on average.
    Deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:28 No.17119189
    So, no other travelers lately? Not a single one?
    We heard something strange was going on with the two castles near here. In fact, I could've swore there was only ONE castle near this town, not two.
    If we're the first travelers here, maybe someone has some work for us. Who might have work for men with arms and armor?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:31 No.17119216
    "Ask which castle the Count of this land lives in. Say that your information about this land only indicated a single castle."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:32 No.17119224
    Sure, just figured that was a particularly opportune moment to nip the 'hivemind' in the nub with a bit of childish acting.

    "Count? Who is this Count?"

    >maybe someone has some work for us
    This isn't WoW, and we are not poor-as-shit psychopathic adventurers. NO GRINDING QUESTS.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:34 No.17119234
    Damnit, they're both counts. THIS TELLS US NOTHING.

    We need to find some way of getting more detail without making him suspicious.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:35 No.17119240
    >This isn't WoW, and we are not poor-as-shit psychopathic adventurers. NO GRINDING QUESTS.
    You'd be surprised what you can learn about a place by who needs who killed. If you dropped your ass straight into Duskwood and just talked to everyone with an !, you'd figure out a majority of what was going on around the town. That's my justification, anyway.

    >"Count? Who is this Count?"
    There are more subtle ways of finding out who the boss is without overtly revealing you're a dumb-as-fuck traveller. For example, >>17119216.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:37 No.17119260
    "Where would we find the Count's knights, and would they be willing to talk to us?"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:37 No.17119261
    Ask him about the count, if he is a fair ruler. Perhaps their ruling styles are distinct enough that we'll be able to pick up some clues.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:39 No.17119280
    >Ask him about the count, if he is a fair ruler.
    Of course he'll say the Count is a fair ruler.
    Both Strahd and Dracula ruled their lands like Stalin-controlled Soviet Russia.
    This is a terrible question.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)21:39 No.17119281
    The tavernkeeper visibly flinches as Darius inquires about the twin castles.

    "Aye... the Count is at war with another Count! Both have laid claim to this village, and depending who you ask here... well..." the man looks around, then continues in a whisper. "Some people have memories of the town being in Strahd's rule... others under this new Dracula feller... Strangest thing I ever saw... I wager either would hire adventurers to do a little dirty work for 'im, though the new fellow seems to prefer monsters."

    That reminds me, to continue this quest for another month, please send fifteen dollars to my Paypal account at...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:40 No.17119285
    >That's my justification, anyway.
    True. Still, we're still the big giant men with mystical robed companions, not exactly trustworthy enough for much anything besides menial work, i think.

    We COULD ask about if there are any monsters or strange tales about the woods around.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:42 No.17119302
    Might as well.
    We don't need to DO the quests everyone offers, but knowing what quests are offered will give us info on how shit's going down.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:43 No.17119305

    Well, which castle belongs to which count?

    also: get farseers to give us some idea what we're meant to do.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:43 No.17119310
    "Monsters? Mention that we had heard during our travels of a certain monster-hunter that our lord had also been searching for, two of them to be specific. A Belmont, and a van Helsing. Ask if anyone with such names has been through here, possibly hired by Count Strahd.
    "Of course neither would work for him, but the tavernkeep doesn't know that."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:44 No.17119318
    >Well, which castle belongs to which count?
    We already know that.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:44 No.17119321
    >Well, which castle belongs to which count?
    We know which is which simply by looking at their architecture.
    We figured this out when we first sent a probe droid down here and got a visual feed on the two castles.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:46 No.17119339
    What the - people with different memories? Does everyone have a different memory of this town's history, or is it only two conflicting accounts?
    Is it possible that this town literally has TWO histories, that merged recently? If so, then that's the first time I've heard of such a thing, and it certainly warrants further inquiry.
    Castlevania's castle belongs to Dracula and Ravenloft's castle belongs to Strahd, unless something very strange has happened.

    The Farseers will tell you that we're meant to kick Dracula and Strahd in their respective cunts until they fall over.

    >"Of course neither would work for him, but the tavernkeep doesn't know that."
    Don't put it in speech marks.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:47 No.17119345
         File1323139642.png-(2.32 MB, 1920x1200, minecraft ubertree.png)
    2.32 MB
    While not in relation to the current topic, would it be possible to hire Steve ala Minecraft?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:47 No.17119347

    Perhaps we should ask if there have been any other foreigners around these parts.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:47 No.17119348
    >That reminds me, to continue this quest for another month, please send fifteen dollars to my Paypal account at...

    oh you card.

    Anyway, assuming we get facetime with count strudel, give him the intel on Azalin Rex. Granted, he can't actually do anything without causing a PIME TARADOX for our Racoon city team, but you never know. Besides, it would put us in his good graces, giving him information on his hated enemy.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:48 No.17119356
    And depending on his reaction, we may or may not tell him that he's already escaped reality.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:49 No.17119365
    Tavernkeep specifically said that we're the first in months.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:49 No.17119366
    Well, this is interesting. Ask if there's been any spillage into the town of the fighting between the two Counts. Ask if there's been any particular hotspots in the fighting that travellers would need to be aware of.

    Inquire as to whether or not either Count has any representatives in the town we could talk to so we can see about getting into contact with the head honchos around here.

    Also, I said this in the planning thread.. Keep a very sharp eye out for ANY Castlevania protagonists. Anyone who can stand up against Dracula should be able to help us in the inevitable fight to come. Also, recruiting potential!

    >including ocitlin
    Yes, captcha; even him.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:49 No.17119367
    So, who's side are we going to pretend to be on? Strad, or Dracula?
    Also, it's pretty obvious that the townsfolk from both canons have integrated pretty well with each other. Not sure how we could use this to your advantage...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:50 No.17119380
    >Don't put it in speech marks
    This is us, the command crew of the Storm, talking into the earbud communicators for Tosh and Darius.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:50 No.17119382
    >Is it possible that this town literally has TWO histories, that merged recently? If so, then that's the first time I've heard of such a thing

    Wasn't that what happened with Riverside and Raccoon? Hell, Vader Earth was arguably the same thing on a wider scale.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:53 No.17119411
    >So, who's side are we going to pretend to be on? Strad, or Dracula?
    Travellers with Weapons side. AKA Adventurers.

    >Wasn't that what happened with Riverside and Raccoon?
    Also known as "Lying to the Barkeep". We don't need another 'lol we have spaceships from star trek' moment here.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:54 No.17119417
    well, we have tasty info on Azalin Rex, which gives us an in with Strad. Don't know what we can offer to Dracula.

    And still wondering if Farseers can give us any clue if we can a) get away with killing one count (unlikely) b)find any allies here or c) if there's any OCPs like luck stealing vampire wesker, or Bella in the tank.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:55 No.17119424
    d'oh, i'm an idiot. sorry, I got confused between IC and OOC.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:55 No.17119425
    You pic reminded me of the Lifa Tree from Final Fantasy 9. Didnt it cover the whole world in Mist?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)21:58 No.17119452
    >Don't know what we can offer to Dracula.
    He's willing to take on worshippers in SotN. Heck, Belmont kicks in his door, says he's going to kill Dracula, and the first thing Dracula does is talk calmly.

    It's entirely possible that we'll have a civil and lengthy discussion with him on the nature of a Man, and what can change said nature.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:01 No.17119482
    "ANON, can you detect reality distortions in the area of the two castles? Can you refine the resolution on your scan to see if there are two distortion fields? Or more?"
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)22:02 No.17119488
         File1323140551.jpg-(23 KB, 300x470, whopuzzleswell.jpg)
    23 KB
    What can... change the nature of a man?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:03 No.17119495
         File1323140607.jpg-(17 KB, 255x417, PC-NamelessOne.jpg)
    17 KB

    A pity we don't have this guy floating around, then. Although it'd be the shortest debate ever.

    "What can change the nature of a man?"

    "A miserable pile of secrets!"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:03 No.17119498
    Seems reasonable to me.
    Farseers aren't omniscient, but it would be worth a shot, asking them if there are any Heroes here that we could drag with us as we hop from planet to planet.

    I don't think you have any nature of a man. Enjoy your maze.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:08 No.17119527
    Who do you think is more charismatic and more able to convince other people to join him - the Nameless One as pictured, or the Gravemind from Halo?
    Gravemind is canonically able to talk down the most advanced AI the Forerunners built. However, TNO can talk down a fallen angel, a grey hag, and his own mortality.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)22:11 No.17119547
    "Never heard of 'em."

    "No... of course not," the tavernkeeper says suddenly nervous again. "The Count keeps us very safe and would never allow us to come to harm or do anything to endanger us. We all have the utmost faith in him."

    ANON: "Scanning... There is one very large distortion here. It appears like an arc, with one end in either castle."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:14 No.17119575
         File1323141281.jpg-(3 KB, 172x145, doubt.jpg)
    3 KB
    >"No... of course not," the tavernkeeper says suddenly nervous again. "The Count keeps us very safe and would never allow us to come to harm or do anything to endanger us. We all have the utmost faith in him."
    You're lying, Mr. Barkeep. Why don't you tell me what's really been happening over these last few days?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:18 No.17119596
    >"No... of course not," the tavernkeeper says suddenly nervous again.

    ...they're watching us right now, aren't they? (note: this is ooc, don't say it to the bartender under ANY circumstances)

    >It appears like an arc, with one end in either castle.

    fascinating...I wonder if that means we only have to destroy one and the arc collapses, or if it depends on both.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:19 No.17119604
    Interesting, where does the center of the distrubance lie, ANON?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:20 No.17119611
    Or perhaps it's a big summoning portal and we need to destroy both castles before the big beastie comes through.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:20 No.17119612
    "ANON, so the distortion is a hemisphere, covering both castles and the area between them?
    "Darius, try pressing on the barkeep a little more about the incursions. And we still need to find a way to contact the Counts."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:21 No.17119618
         File1323141680.jpg-(11 KB, 303x268, count-von-count-sesame-street.jpg)
    11 KB
    is it a good idea to push him? The counts may well be watching with magic.

    OOC: does all this talk of the count make anyone else think of this guy?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:24 No.17119640
    >Dat image

    Gentlemen, we've found this area's BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:24 No.17119641
    Jesus fucking christ don't scare me like that man.
    We can take down Strahd. We can take down Dracula. We could even take down Caine if we put our minds to it.
    But Count Von Count is like FIFTY TIERS ABOVE all of them put together.
    Do you know how many ways it is possible for a man to lose hope, and live, trapped in his own regrets and fears, until he dies alone with the worst trauma he can imagine?
    Because Von Count does. And he will show them all to you, one at a time. Then he will laugh.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:24 No.17119646
    Yeah, we're probably being watched right now. Probably by Strahd.
    Let's not push him on the incursions.
    Though we should try to ask if the Counts have representatives in the village that we could talk to for an audience.
    We're supposed to be diplomats and envoys, after all.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:27 No.17119665
    There are an infinite number of ways in which all of creation can be unmade. And that man has counted them. Twice. Let's not piss off Von Count if we can help it.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:28 No.17119671
         File1323142094.jpg-(109 KB, 725x215, schlock20070715d.jpg)
    109 KB
    Hm. We might consider trying to pull a 'Fist Full of Dollars'/'Last Man Standing' on our rival Counts here.
    Offer to work for Strahd, then Dracula, play their forces off each other, etc.
    And we get paid.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:30 No.17119684
    Nah, too convoluted, with disastrous consequences if we're found out. They're ALREADY at war, so we just need to get them to commit all their forces, then we simultaneously kick them both in the pants.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:33 No.17119697
    Aye. Let's keep asking about the forces around here, but do it from the prospective of a group interested in the barkeep's mention of the Counts probably looking to hire adventurers.
    Barkeep is from Stradh's, and he's also the best bet for one that would be most likely to hire, so lets press the conversation that direction.
    Tosh, you have a bit more, erm, experience appealing to the mercenary side of things, feel free to nudge the conversation as yours senses and experience dictate.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)22:34 No.17119707
    "Above the village."

    "Incorrect. The distortion is taking the form of an arc, with either end in either castle."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:40 No.17119742

    So that means that the reality distortion may be caused the turf war that Strahd and Dracula are having.

    So we either kill one of them or convince one or more of them to leave. Or at least to not fight.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:40 No.17119743
    > The distortion is taking the form of an arc, with either end in either castle.
    Ah, I see now. The distortion is an arch.
    A double rainbow of terror, all across the sky.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:41 No.17119746
         File1323142893.jpg-(57 KB, 800x600, DoubleRainbow(800x600).jpg)
    57 KB
    Forgot image..
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:41 No.17119747

    Or that the village is significant to one or both of them in some way.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:44 No.17119766
    This is why I want to ask the Farseers! Maybe they can clear things up.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:44 No.17119768
    Just the way that Ebon Night arranged them puts them at odds.

    ANON: Do you have any similar cases or arrangements of reality distortion in your databanks?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:46 No.17119788
    Wait, above the same village we have a cloaked ship and teams with reality stabilizers over?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)22:48 No.17119811
         File1323143339.jpg-(26 KB, 602x452, AI1.jpg)
    26 KB
    "Searching... Found.

    This sort of reality distortion has been logged twice before. It is highly unusual, but seems to form when two entities not native to a canon enter and interact with one another. The two distortions merge, with each entity acting as an anchor-point. The large distortion, if left unattended, may begin to spawn additional changes to local space-time due to the interaction between anomalies."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:50 No.17119819
    ANON, what methods were used previously to disrupt the distortion field and to neutralize the entities?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:50 No.17119822
    you're kidding, right? Convincing a Vampire to back down over something, in the face of a rival no less, are you INSANE?

    Although I can't help wondering what, if anything, has been stopping the two of them from throwing down the old fashioned way.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:50 No.17119823

    Well, Ebon Night may have actually given us an opportunity here. Dracula can be fairly reasonable and willing to at least talk... Strahd may be as well, especially if we give him info on Rex. This is a crazy thought here, but if we can get the two in one place and explain some about Ebon Night's plans (DO NOT GIVE META-AWARENESS-RELATED INFO) we might be able to get at least a temporary alliance between the two and our forces going.

    If by working together they beat the distortion, then FUCK YEAH. If not, at least perhaps we can get them aimed at trying to stab Ebon Night to death with their fangs. I personally would *love* to have these two not pissed at us, and we just night be able to gain some potent fucking allies out of this.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:52 No.17119838
    so what happens if we take one anchor point away?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)22:53 No.17119850
    "Removal of the two anchor-points, either by destruction or by sending them to another plane general dispels the distortion. However, both must be dealt with, it is not enough to neutralize one anchor-point. It is possible there are other ways, but those were how the previous two incidents were resolved."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:53 No.17119851

    Part of me wants to consider make an attempt at both at the same time, but I don't see a smart way to do that other than trying to play their forces off one another first, then close in for the kills.
    That or find some way to break their anchor status.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:58 No.17119886
    That sounds monumentally stupid.
    You want two vampire lords to work together, with a human no less, against a force that neither is aware of without giving them meta-knowledge, and you expect this to actually work?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)22:58 No.17119887
    >break their anchor status

    ..Bahahaha. When we meet up with them, we should make a point of asking if they received any gifts, trinkets, artifacts, servants, or such recently. There's nothing saying that Strahd and Dracula themselves are the distortions yet. Maybe it's some other element that's making them hesitate.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:01 No.17119903
    >sending to another plane
    part of me wonders if we could send Strad chasing after Rex, but the other part remembers that would probably make things worse.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:09 No.17119973
         File1323144557.jpg-(108 KB, 552x453, strahd.jpg)
    108 KB
    Gentlemen, our required reading:

    "Tosh, hate to make you play the less moral of the party, but I want you to ask the barkeep if any of the women here are 'particularly friendly' then segue into asking if there are any you should avoid because one of the local lords have an eye on for themselves.

    See if the Tatyana-cycle is in play.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:14 No.17120018
    Even if the Tatyana cycle is in play, what are we going to do about it?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:14 No.17120019
    >Strahd is perhaps the most difficult of all darklords to face. His mastery of necromancy is so great he has produced a kind of "super-zombie," one that is capable of seeing invisible, regenerating like a troll and whose appendages continue to fight on when severed.

    well, shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:15 No.17120022
    Do our sensors detect any sign of Strahd's poison mists around the area?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)23:16 No.17120030
    "'ey mon. A mon's got needs. Where might I find... companionship? An' who might I stay far away from, lest ah bring down da wrath of da Count?" Tosh asks. The tavernkeeper fixes him with a glare.

    "None of that in this town, sir. I would advise you to... avoid any female that says otherwise," he states, looking at Tosh oddly.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)23:17 No.17120045
    "Our sensors can't pierce the mists," the comm/scan officer reports. "Well, our S-T sensors can, but nothing else. Sorry sir, can't say!"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:20 No.17120062
    Nothing from the Al'kesh or the Probe Droid?

    Then we consider breaking the cycle. Though most solutions are morally ambiguous, it would fuck with Ebon Night's favorite chew toy of misery.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:21 No.17120074
    Well, that was thoroughly uninformative.

    And more recon data from the Probe Droid?
    And was Darius able to ask about how we could go about gaining an audience with the Count (either one, or both)?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:22 No.17120084
         File1323145348.jpg-(31 KB, 375x500, hitch-poster02.jpg)
    31 KB
    >yfw we go from 'Last Man Standing' to 'Hitch' for operational inspiration.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)23:25 No.17120109
    rolled 47 = 47

    The probe droid reports in...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:26 No.17120116
    Hey guys, I'm back. Did anyone do anything stupid in the last hour?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)23:28 No.17120128
    The probe droid has compiled a complete map of the environs around the town and leading up to both castles, but nothing much else aside from a few encounters with monsters when it got too close to either.

    "How might we gain an audience with either Count?" Darius asks. The barkeep shudders.

    "You don't. He'll... send someone to bring you to him, or he won't see you at all."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:28 No.17120130
    People are suggesting we play matchmaker to Strahd, and a few other ideas.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:34 No.17120180
    Alright, I suggest we present ourselves as a mercenary/adventurer outfit. Hang around a bit, see who contacts us first. Go, talk, gain information. Provide little info ourselves.
    From here we can decide whether we want to play on on the other, keep Tatyana from dying if an option, surprise attack, or what.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:34 No.17120183
    We could attempt to storm the castles by bringing down the Overlord. But that creates a lot of risk, and the environment itself may move against us, because we're 'not playing the game' as it were.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:35 No.17120189
         File1323146111.jpg-(19 KB, 210x230, hardboiled reaction.jpg)
    19 KB
    > The distortion is taking the form of an arc, with either end in either castle.
    Well that's easy.

    "ANON, calculate the rough center of that arc, and how much Reality Emission we would need to break the link."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:36 No.17120199
    That or march a formation up to one castle or the other (suggest Strahd's) and politely inquire about employment opportunities.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:36 No.17120203
         File1323146204.png-(65 KB, 1083x530, count von count.png)
    65 KB
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/05/11(Mon)23:38 No.17120212
    "Calculating... It would require multiple capital-ship grade emitters."
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:39 No.17120223
         File1323146357.jpg-(60 KB, 750x600, Suitability.jpg)
    60 KB
    No, the big mechs are out for this fight. Castles just don't have room for them.
    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:39 No.17120224
    I want to read the barkeep's mind, but Will resists and warns of the attempt, and we'd need to send a Psion down, since their range is extremely limited.
    Can we drop this setting's equivalent of $200 on the Barkeep and see if the spills the beans?

    At the moment, the "Ask people for info" route seems to be either we interrogate the Barkeep - who may be under surveilance, we find a minion of Strahd/Dracula that can talk to us, or we do something else that I haven't thought of.

    Regardless, Plan A for the moment is Talking to the big guys. We'll probably need to kill both, but talking to Dracula might net us wacky magical bullshit and/or a somewhat easier backstab opportunity, and talking to Strahd might tell us where Azalin is headed.

    Half of SotN's castle is in the Chaotic realm. While I know /tg/ at one point had a plan to Ram Chaos, we don't have a battle barge with every square nanometer engraved with hexagrammatic wards and staffed by nulls here yet.

    If we don't have enough reality emitter to dispel fog, we don't have enough reality emitter to stop the arcs.

    Sending one person to each to inquire about employment opportunities MIGHT work, but the door guards at Castlevania are giant fucking dogs that breathe fire, and the door guards at Ravenloft ... I know nothing about, so that might be a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:42 No.17120246
    >Castles just don't have room for them.
    So we destroy the castles. We have MLRS vehicles, and the PPC's on the Hellstars can destroy a structure as well as another mech.
    And this crossover is such that we don't have to worry about cross-contamination.

    But, we should try to keep this as a last resort.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:43 No.17120260
    I'd say let the group that is there chat with the first count to call on them, or call upon Strahd.
    Then, if we start making moves as hired guns to one, we bring in the reinforcement shuttle and have those guys offer their services to the other.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:44 No.17120270
    >So we destroy the castles.
    And release two more BBEG's unto the Meta?

    If you destroy their castles, you destroy their Canon, which frees them from their personal Plot Continuum.

    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:45 No.17120275
    Blasting the site from orbit is always a possibility, but that won't kill the Chaos realm attached to Sotn's castle, and I have no idea how dimensionally fucked Ravenloft is.
    Of course, with enough nukes flying into enough portals, we can turn all to ash, but that might not be the best option when Great Cthulhu is sleeping.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:47 No.17120300
    Two reasons not to:
    1) Loot. We are getting little in the way of resources on this run, and either place has nice stuff.
    2) Blowing up the castles will more likely result is dealing with most of the monsters crawling out of the ruins and have to face them all at once as a big angry mob. At least in the castles we can limit our engagements a bit.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:48 No.17120310
         File1323146938.png-(141 KB, 350x295, LelouchFacepalm.png)
    141 KB
    >keep Tatyana from dying
    >SOTN Dracula
    >Alucard's human mother that Dracula loved

    Guys, I think I figured out why they're not going batshit crazy super-vampire duel at one another. Lisa and Tatyana probably merged into a single person, and they're worried about the fight over her killing her.

    This sounds like something Ebon Night would do to up the Despair factor and forment tension and delicious vampire tears...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:50 No.17120319
    Alright so are we using this small team of 1 KI squad and White Mages, or are we calling for reinforcements?
    Are we going to go in like a Belmont, or are we going to use a strike force?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:53 No.17120346
    rolled 43, 49 = 92

    Step 1: Talk.
    Step 2: Make a plan after talking.
    Step 3: Shit dice rolls
    Step 4: Profit!
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:54 No.17120358

    This man is a genius. Listen to him.
    >> Ranger 12/05/11(Mon)23:55 No.17120366
         File1323147340.jpg-(29 KB, 275x262, 138214m.jpg)
    29 KB
    But isn't that just to take out his contact, not a facepalm?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/11(Mon)23:58 No.17120384
    Ok, seems I need to beef up on SOTN.
    I know the Strahd stuff, but that.. would be an interesting wrench in everyone's works.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:01 No.17120410

    You know what other kinds of mages aren't affected by armor check?

    Disgaea(multi)verse mages.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:04 No.17120426
    Okay, that gives us either a hostage or someone who we can use as a mediator.

    But how do we find her?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:06 No.17120443
    >But how do we find her?
    Hell if I know.
    But for the love of god we do NOT kidnap her or anything.
    Best bet, give her a give of a Reality Emitter to carry around a sort of relic or pendant thing try to screw over the current mess with a taste of our brand of medicine.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:07 No.17120451

    Maybe we could subtly ask on how we get noticed. In a good way, that is.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:08 No.17120465
    You DO have Tosh. Sitting. Right there.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:10 No.17120472
    Can Tosh read minds?
    If so, have Tosh read barkeep's mind.
    If Tosh can't read minds, then
    Seems to be our best plan.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:10 No.17120477

    Someone needs to 'get sick' or 'feel like I'm coming down with something from all this traveling'. Ask for a woman who knows about medicines. If there's any Lisa in the theoretical merged person, then we can most likely find her this way.

    >coupsiti erode
    Sounds painful, captcha
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:11 No.17120479
    Alright, we haven't gotten anything done in the past hour or so, and no new information.

    Have Darius tell the barkeep that we are going to be in the area for a few days, and if any of the Counts' men come asking, that we wish to meet with them to have an audience with the Counts.

    Also, have the Al'Kesh test its transporter to see if it works at these short ranges. This will be important if we need to escape.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:12 No.17120496
    "Tosh, see if the barkeep knows more about the monster incursions. Also do a quick sweep of the other customers, see if they're all human, or if any of them is an agent for one of the Counts."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:14 No.17120520
    Good point. Tosh can detect whether people's thoughts aren't entirely human, which he did with the Sand Mans.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:20 No.17120576
    rolled 66 = 66

    "Gimme a minute, mon."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:21 No.17120584
    Aye, which is why I advised Tosh to report anything he sensed early on.
    There's reason he's good smooth talker, he hears your thoughts and plays of them.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:21 No.17120592
    Heh, 666. At least we know something's working.
    Also, our bad luck seems to have gone away. I wonder whether Azalin put a bad luck curse on us or something.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:21 No.17120593
    "Dey all be human... but dey all be scared. If you let me sit 'ere for an hour, I can sift through everytin' an' pick out the best parts."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:24 No.17120633
    "That's fine, Tosh. Take the time you need.
    "And don't worry, you can expense the entire meal."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:28 No.17120660
    Roger that. Do that, Tosh.

    /tg/, should we interrogate any of the people here further? We could threaten, browbeat, or even literally beat information out of people, but that's a pretty evil act.

    We should at least bribe the Barman to tell us where someone knowledgeable and talkative would be. It's either that, or make peasants spill turnips for an hour.

    For instance: Does this town have a library, or a chronicles, or an annals, or something that records its history? We could, if nothing else, view that for an hour and chat with anyone present about the "So wtf with the 2 histories man" issue.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:30 No.17120679
    Pretty much this.

    Al'kesh, getting any thing interesting just visually watching the two castles? If you notice any activity, don't hesitate to use the zoom for more detail.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:31 No.17120689
    Let Tosh do his thing, meanwhile let the Reasonable Marines do their thing and chat politely with locals when they can.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:31 No.17120691
    Pay particular attention to thoughts about a woman who's highly skilled with medicine or has attracted an unusual amount of attention from either or both Counts.

    Have the probe droid move with great care closer to the two castles. Try and get a sense of what is patrolling around them, how thick it is, etc. I do NOT want to go in there blind. Pull back at the first real sign of danger.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:31 No.17120692
    After an hour, Tosh reports back in.

    "Nice dubs, mon, but che-"


    "Da people here are all terrified of da two Counts. Da struggles of da two DO occasionally spill ovah into da town, killin' and wreckin'. But if ya say anytin' 'bout it, imply dat Strahd not be doin' his job... Well, you ain't be seen no more. Dere's rumors of dark riders searchin' for somethin', but dese folk don't know nuttin' else."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:33 No.17120710
    > dark riders
    Not having played Ravenloft, I'm going to say LOTR.
    WHich makes absolutely no fucking sense, but hey, the riders WERE a major horror element in that universe, it wouldn't be hard for them to have gotten pulled in alone.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:34 No.17120713
    >dark riders searchin' for somethin
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:34 No.17120720
    "Dere... HAVE been rumors offa mysterious woman. She doesn't live in th' town, but occasionally someone really sick will be visited by 'er. And dey say she cures 'em right up. Rumor has 'er wandering the town doin' good deeds and th' like. But if someone is healed by 'er and one of da counts finds out? Dey both try to take dem to dere castles, fighting each other sometimes ta do so. Dey neva come back. So she ain't exactly a welcome sight."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:34 No.17120721
    You know, if we really wanted to through a stick in things, we could bring down the reinforcements and claim the town is under our protection and see if we can't get the Counts to bring the battle to us instead.
    Not saying we should, just adding the idea to the pot.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:35 No.17120728
    Anything on these 'dark riders' from the Al'Kesh's vantage point and sensors?

    The villagers don't appear like they're going to be of much more help.
    We may need to start moving about the village, see if we can see these dark riders.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:37 No.17120744
    I think you called it.

    Can someone shed a bit more light on SOTN Drac or provide a good info link?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:37 No.17120751
    We need to find this woman.
    Probably look around the town.
    "Tosh, do you have a description of this woman?"
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:41 No.17120793
    You know, after >>17120720
    I think we might actually want to consider that.
    Fortify the town, try to be a haven the woman in question can come to, then survive assaults from the monstrous armies of two incredibly powerful vampires.
    Might be better than facing them inside the castles.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:47 No.17120858
    We're not going to fortify the town. That's considered part of Strahd's domain and offers absolutely no protection.

    We would need to bring down all of our pre-fab defense structures and the Overlord, and put them together in a mini-fort. We would also need all of our available teams on the ground.

    Even if we're able to find this woman and bring her back to the fort, we'd still be facing the entirety of the two opposing vampire lords' armies, and we can't provide orbital support.

    Also consider that these will be magical monsters and our regular weapons may not be effective. And since it would be a siege, the monsters will be able to use their numbers to their advantage.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)00:47 No.17120863
         File1323150450.jpg-(7 KB, 189x267, Toshpointoh..jpg)
    7 KB
    "A lot of da few details seem ta change from person ta person, but she's always young, pretty, blond, and kind. Not a lot ta go on, but it's all I got."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:50 No.17120892
    "It's not much, but it'll have to do. Finish up boys, it's time to start looking for this woman."

    Alright, so we have some semblance of a plan to find her. But what do we say to her and how do we get her to bring the two Counts together?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:51 No.17120904
    They worked in Aria. Just need silver bullets.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)00:52 No.17120914
    Are the details different enough on a regular basis for it to be two different, but similar women?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)01:00 No.17120977
    "I dunno, mon."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:03 No.17121010
    Tosh and Elf guy, take some aurors and go towards Dracula's castle.

    Darius and co. take the rest of the Aurors and head toward Stradh's place.

    We'll try to leave a message on their doors via arrow, the Aurors will maintain protego shields and be ready to side-apparate you guys out.

    Hey, got any Portkeys ready?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:05 No.17121026
    Alright, we're wasting time here.

    Are we going with the fortress idea and trying to get the Lisa/Tatyana to come to our fort in order to lure the two vampire lords to us, even though it's far more likely that the two will call a truce and proceed to kick our shit in to get the woman back?

    Are we even going to try to find this woman? Any plans other than to just walk around town and try to find her?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:06 No.17121031
    Looks like our best thought in the meantime is to have the Probe Droid and the Al'kesh float around and see if they sight the woman.

    While they are at that, what do we want to do with our people on the ground? Ask for a room (on the ground floor if there is more), or actively seek an audience?

    I'd say sit tight and see what this way comes.
    Possibly send out Tosh and Elf (who recalls the elf's name?) to join the search on foot.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:06 No.17121037
    We have 3 Aurors, and none of them are available.
    Your plan is a bad one.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:07 No.17121042
    There are no Aurors here.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:07 No.17121044
    so who are the robed guys we brought?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:09 No.17121058
    >Looks like our best thought in the meantime is to have the Probe Droid and the Al'kesh float around and see if they sight the woman.
    Not really sure what else to do but siezing control of the town seems like a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:09 No.17121063
    The White Mages.

    I get the feeling you haven't been reading the thread very well.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:10 No.17121071
    No, I am just bad at logistics.
    I am terrible at the Civ and C&C and TA games.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:12 No.17121099
    >have the Probe Droid and the Al'kesh float around and see if they sight the woman.

    As for our ground troops, have the KI and the White Mages rent some rooms, and have Tosh and Finalon go out searching on foot. Stay in constant communication, and keep a live feed from Tosh's camera.
    Have the two stay together, don't want either of the Counts nabbing them.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:13 No.17121108
    Abjurers vs Aurors. I always get em mixed up too.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:13 No.17121114
         File1323152031.jpg-(407 KB, 1084x3774, stairs marines.jpg)
    407 KB
    The KI can't sleep on the beds.
    They also have no need to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:14 No.17121125
         File1323152093.jpg-(571 KB, 2676x1741, FFT classes sexahfied.jpg)
    571 KB
    Alright, we seem to agree no to fortifying the town.
    Yes to having some forces look around for her. The Al'kesh, the Probe Droid, and probably Tosh and our elven hero.
    Undecided on how best to approach the Counts, which we could default to waiting a bit while the search pokes around to see if any of the Counts contact them.
    Perhaps let the White Mage with them offer some healing as well.

    Out of morbid curiosity are any of the White Mages we brought along a blonde woman as well?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:15 No.17121132
    Have them offer to guard the tavern or town for the night.
    If things go bump in the dark, and we bump them back successfully, the Townsfolk may become more trustworthy, or worse.

    we might be able to ask around if there are things for them to do. The KI love to be helpful.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:17 No.17121153
    Actually, that's a good idea.
    Add the KI offering their services to the town to the list. >>17121125
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)01:18 No.17121166
    Regrettably I must leave early tonight, but this seems a good stopping point as people don't seem to be exactly sure what step next to take. I'll try to pop on tomorrow and get a little more done. Otherwise Wed at the normal time.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:19 No.17121173
         File1323152363.jpg-(253 KB, 1600x1200, whaleman.jpg)
    253 KB
    I have an Idea.

    have the KI chaplain begin preaching the Imperial Truth in the town chapel.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:20 No.17121186
    Yes, they don't need to sleep, but the locals don't need to know that. Also, we need to appear like what we say we are, and not arouse more suspicion by not getting a room in the only place in town.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:22 No.17121209
         File1323152570.png-(88 KB, 1072x686, Pauldronius.png)
    88 KB
    >Also, we need to appear like what we say we are

    >pic related
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:24 No.17121220
    G'night OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:25 No.17121227
    Yes, and we're also diplomats from Londinium sent by Duke Pratchett of Westminster to properly edit his atlas.

    These people have seen undead skeletons, fishmen, werewolves, and other monsters working for Count Dracula. Giant men probably aren't going to be too unbelievable.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:25 No.17121233
    Hey, this isn't a bad idea at all.

    One of the White Mage girls can even become a named hero eventually!

    And then we multiclass her into dancer =3=
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:27 No.17121245
    Can we hire on Whaleman for the next cluster-fucked canon?

    Imagine a being the size of Godzilla, but with the martial arts skills of real black belt and giant-fucking skateboard.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:28 No.17121250
    >And then we multiclass her into dancer =3=
    OH GOD.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:30 No.17121271
    What can we say, she's got some killer dance moves.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/06/11(Tue)01:31 No.17121277
    Good thing I checked this thread one more time. Yes, two of them in fact.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:33 No.17121293
         File1323153195.png-(85 KB, 379x298, activate-it.png)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:41 No.17121346

    Nonono, wait.

    Get Agrias.

    Multiclass and main her as a dancer.

    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:45 No.17121371
    Alright then. We can dress up one of them, or maybe even both of them, as a decoy.

    How do we prevent the two from being simply whisked away by the Counts and their minions?

    Also, can't go into Dancer until you have L5 Geomancer and L5 Dragoon.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:45 No.17121372
    If anonymous magica were writing /tg/quest we would be having drama and stuff among our army.

    Outtakes like Char hitting on White Mages and anything with a vag between their legs.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:46 No.17121381
         File1323153999.jpg-(16 KB, 469x320, Bison YES.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:48 No.17121390
    > anonymous magica
    If you can give me a key word or something to search for I'll look at the foolz and suptg archives.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:55 No.17121433
    While they tend to be slender, I don't think they're short enough for Char's tastes.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:56 No.17121443
    It's not at suptg.

    Try, "Magia Revolution" and "Magia Rebuild".
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)01:59 No.17121469
    >Magia Revolution
    I remember that now.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:01 No.17121473
         File1323154865.jpg-(145 KB, 494x1921, Char at first I was like.jpg)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:01 No.17121475
    Alright, so are we seriously going to dress up one or both of the White Mages into becoming Lisa/Tatyana decoys?
    And how are we going to protect them from being kidnapped by a creepy stalker vampire lord?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:02 No.17121484
    Starfleet combadge + Reality emitter + teleport beacon?
    What else can we put on her?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:04 No.17121496
    How about a DnD antimagic artifact, a Ysalimiri (we have a few onboard the storm still), and have her guarded by a KI silencer.
    Also, give her ALL the emitters. And personal shields.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:08 No.17121520
    >Starfleet combadge + Reality emitter + teleport beacon?
    No confirmation yet that our Asgard teleporters still work, as we're in the mist, or their maximum range.

    We don't have an anti-magic rod, and any ship we use to send down the ysalimir will not be coming back up until this entire scenario is over. Besides, they create an anti-Force field, not anti-magic. And wearing a ysalimir harness would be conspicuous as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:11 No.17121545
    >ysalimir = useless
    I know, but I fucking love the concept of turtling.

    >using ships to send down supplies
    What? No, dude, we use ammo droppods.
    Think Halo, where all supplies just got launched down wherever they expected their guys to b going as resupply points.
    If the Storm doesn't have those, I am ahhamed of the Transpace Guard.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:11 No.17121547
    Not necessarily, but a beautiful healing blonde girl is likely to catch their attentions. It gives us some chips to work with, or distractions from the real thing we seek to contact. Neither would likely work in the long-run since they want a particular woman.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:13 No.17121556
    Ammo drop pods are not rated to transport living beings, especially the fragile ysalimir.
    Try again.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:17 No.17121587
    Fair point.
    However, we DO have such droppods, yes? For future use I mean.

    I can't stop giggling at the idea of a KI pointing a laserpointer at Dracula, then having an easily replaced droppod break through the roof to smush him.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:17 No.17121588
    Go ahead and be ashamed. Lots of little things we'd think we'd have or be able to do we haven't been.
    Some jackass always tries to argue that the standard replicator can't do this or that, or otherwise that we can't make something.
    We skeleton crew skate things too, with the loss of the EMH, we don't have any medical staff of note. We really need to fill some gaps.
    We can argue about how to fill them over in the planning thread, it's still live.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:19 No.17121601
    >Some jackass always tries to argue that the standard replicator can't do this or that, or otherwise that we can't make something.
    That's because we can't, you idiot. Just because you want it to be so, doesn't make it so. That's the same line of thinking that a S.U.E. uses.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:22 No.17121632
    Except for when we _can_ make something.
    Like no effort, easy as pie, kind of can.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:23 No.17121640
         File1323156201.jpg-(14 KB, 325x396, delete.jpg)
    14 KB
    >Just because you want it to be so, doesn't make it so.

    Every starfleet captain would like to have a word with you.
    >"Make it so."
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:24 No.17121646
    We don't have Geordi or any actual engineers on our staff.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:26 No.17121659
    Some people have been trying to make it sound like that between the resources of the Oncoming Storm, the Relentless, and the Indefatigable that we somehow have no ability to tinker anything together.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:28 No.17121681
         File1323156526.gif-(31 KB, 224x211, data.gif)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:28 No.17121682
    Like what?
    What objects have been requested that could be created from the replicators on the Indefatigable, but we didn't create?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:29 No.17121685
    Lets add some more engineering staff to our reserve list then. Wait, wait, whre the helll is Data atm? I know he was getting fixed up after the whole silent hill thing but he has more experience than anyone we have when it comes to using the replicators.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:29 No.17121689
         File1323156594.png-(937 KB, 678x563, what is this old tyme faggotry.png)
    937 KB
    >We don't have any actual engineers on our staff.
    You're buttfucking with me, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:32 No.17121703
    How about the drop-pods being suggested?
    Even ignoring the Oncoming Storm and the Relentless (which is a stupid to continually ignore), the Indefatigable could put those together. Even if you assume only the smallest replicators the parts can still be assembled.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:39 No.17121758
    While the Victory-II is not as well documented, it's direct successor is known to have machine shops and fabrication facilities to provide for repairs and spare both for itself and it's complement of spacecraft, ground troops, and walkers.

    Those Star Wars capital ships are all flying cities worth of crew and workers.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:46 No.17121816
    We have drop pods. The point was that the ysalamiri would not survive the drop.

    Also the size of the replicators would mean that you would be putting together dinner plate sized parts of the outer re-entry armor together, welding them into one piece. That would result in the material being weaker than if it was a single sheet.

    It would be better to use the facilities onboard the Relentless and hope they have the right materials.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:48 No.17121835
    Or get a single ammo droppod, use the trek teleporter on it, then teleporter trace to clone it ad infinitum.

    The only difference between the Transporter and the Replicators is size and ability. Replicators are cheaper to make and sote lots of info, Teleporters are larger, more expensive, and only store a little info at a time, but they are made for commercial use.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:49 No.17121837
    The only limiter on Replicators is programming and power supply.

    You don't need engineers, you need any idiot who can figure out the internet and a script tool.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:50 No.17121840
    >You don't need engineers, you need any idiot who can figure out the internet and a script tool.
    Which are rare in the Trekverse.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)02:55 No.17121878
         File1323158125.jpg-(42 KB, 892x727, Ezri_dax_tr116.jpg)
    42 KB
    For a known example of something out of a standard replicator, have the TR-116 rifle and the micro-transporter.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:00 No.17121911
    Technically, in the entire history of the series only one size has ever been seen.
    Only once has 'Industrial' Replicators been mentioned, and 6 of those were considered enough to rebuild an advanced planet.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:04 No.17121937
    So it looks to me that we've pretty much come to the conclusion that, in the face of insurmountable reality breaking odds, it's high time we took the kiddie gloves off and used our Trek Technology to it's full potential?

    Transporters = really big replicators.

    Industrial Replicators = Culture

    The only thing we need to keep in mind is that any non-physical attributes can't be replicated.
    Still, at least this means we can do shit like making an army of Datas equipped with Mass Effect armor and Singularity Rifles.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:05 No.17121941
    Was that out of the standard replicator, or the industrial replicator on level 17?
    Because it couldn't have fit in one of the standard food replicator receptacles.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:07 No.17121955
    Why the fuck were there not cloaked shuttles with TR-116 sniper rifles strafing close on every Gem-Hadard ship during the war?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:11 No.17121983
    Shields block teleporters.
    And if their shield were down they could just one shot them with a torpedo.

    As for why we haven't got those for the Delta Greens and doing similar tricks, I imagine because no one thought of it until now.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:12 No.17121987
    Because STAR TREK.

    I am pretty damn convinced that when HUmanity reached Culture level technology, a few engineers said "Fuck this bullshit, we aren't letting the rest of humanity fuck up the universe!" and so they released a Selectively Active Retrovirus to dumb down humanity before they fucked over the galaxy with war.

    That's why almost everyone is a tree-hugging retard.
    Now the Engineers run everything and live happy lives knowing that humanity isn't about to kill itself anytime soon.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:22 No.17122043
    Nah, replicators and teleporters have a few things in common, but have successfully copied or created anything on purpose. They went over that extensively with Moriarty.
    Also, Culture still laughs at all of it.

    I think you forget how large the overall space is on those.
    However, I also believe the TR-116 could be broken down, and thus could be made in parts as well.

    Which does remind me that I've never seen them really ever make something wholesale out from a replicator. The whole series you see them inserting parts, aligning things, and running widgets over them, despite many mentions of items, parts, compounds, and materials being replicated for it. I think Starfleet just had a quirky safetech society and just used their replicators like an Ikea.

    You get down to it and actually use stuff they have to their potential, you can do some truly scare shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:23 No.17122054
    *HAVEN'T successfully.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:26 No.17122075
    >but have NOT successfully copied or created anything on purpose.
    Is that what you meant?

    And BTW, this is only the case because of the software programming limiting the technology.

    >You get down to it and actually use stuff they have to their potential, you can do some truly scare shit.
    which is why I believe someone purposefully dumbed down humanity in the past, installed limiting software into all networks to infect all such technology, and then insured that only the best and most disciplined engineers learned the secrets of Trek technology.

    Someone is out there, who wakes up every morning and goes to bed every evening, with a permanent genuine smile on his face.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:32 No.17122109
    The suggestion was that he replicated it in his quarters with his access to the replication pattern.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:39 No.17122172
    Correct, I mean't that in the negative, as noted directly after.

    Limits on Replicators is programming, limits on Teleporters are actual limitations.

    I think it is less a dumbing down and more a societal thing. That human society took some drastic turns over the course of their terrible wars.
    Seems like hippism took strong hold. I mean, they don't even have money, and they see the urge to escape death as silly and foolish, and outside of the original series I haven't even seen a human from their time express _greed_. It ain't natural.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:48 No.17122214
    >limits on Teleporters are actual limitations.
    The only limitations I know of are the firmware limitations: it doesn't have the 'memory' to hold much data at once, as a trade-off for accuracy and the ability to manipulate things at a quantum level, specifically using Heisenberg Compensators (wtf) to allow for safe transport of living beings and their conciousness.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)03:48 No.17122218
    If we get an industrial replicator, Schlock-verse military fabber, or the Antaeus Creation Engine then we can create copies of our equipment. But not until then.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:06 No.17122292
    if we manage to get the women the counts are fighting over, we might be able to do something like a transporter dupe or some such, we can explain it that the ebon night had merged there souls and we were able to separate them. this would give us two strong allies who would very much like to murder the fuck out of the ebon night.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:21 No.17122351
    Transporter duplicates can't be created by Asgard beaming technology.
    Also they require very unique circumstances in order to come about.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:23 No.17122361
    We were talking about Star Trek transporters.

    Although Asgard transporters are a level above Trek transporters in terms of reliability.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:26 No.17122366
    The transporters can't get a lock through the mist.
    How do you propose to get the Federation transporters to a place where they can get a lock? As well as recreate the situation that allowed for a transporter duplicate to be created.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:28 No.17122378
    I wasn't the one supporting this.

    And you are right, it is currently impossible.

    On the other hand I wonder what would happen if we kidnapped what-her-face in an Al-Kesh and fly her over to the area we cleared in America, it would only take a few minutes what wiht how fast those things are.

    I'd be interested in the result, if nothing else.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:33 No.17122404
    The problem, again, is that the Al'Kesh is within the mist, and can't leave it.
    How do you propose to get them to safety, then?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:43 No.17122442
    Well, you can't escape the mist, yeah.
    I wsas thinking the mist is mostly like a cloud cover, and like any sotrm system you can get out of it just by going sideways until you find it's edge.
    Unless you think the mist has gone and made a wall at it's new edges where the clearings are?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:52 No.17122478
    That's exactly how it works.
    You can't go to the side to get out, or breach atmosphere to escape.
    Try to escape the mists and you'll only end up come out of them where you started, or just not being able to get through.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)04:55 No.17122492
    Well with any luck we'll get confirmation from the OP in a couple days.

    ANON should be able to easily scan the dissaffected areas to confirm or deny.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)05:00 No.17122509
    Also, and this is just a thought, we could run a nice, thick cable across the ground from the clear side to the other side of the mist wall (if it exists) and try to see if we can'tpull people out.
    Although I'm betting we'll just end up pulling more 'mist' across.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)05:07 No.17122538
    I thought we'd been over this transporter cloning business in earlier threads? I'd be glad to see the back of it to be honest, if only because it's pretty gamebreaking and more than a little silly.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)05:09 No.17122545
    A portkey would have been useful as an energency exit. Shame we didn't set one up. Remember that for next time.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)05:11 No.17122556
    We did? I remember a slight hubbub, but nothing came of it since we got distracted by the main event of fighting.
    When we get out of this period of timeline manipulations and no longer running like mad ducks, we can look into this.

    A portkey wouldn't have worked to escape the myst, but I think it would have been effective as transportation to a fallback point.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)13:09 No.17124965
    Yeah, we really haven't established whether the edges are escapable yet, so can't say either way.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)13:12 No.17124994
    Teleporter duping pretty much doesn't work.
    Gatekeepers have great duping tech, but I wouldn't let us have it. Even all the reasons that it would be hard to get and harder to power aside, that might be too much.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/11(Tue)13:16 No.17125015
    I suppose you're right.
    Now that I think about it, Replicators work by using already present omnimatter in their internal reservoirs to make things, and teleporters have no such reservoirs; they just disassemble the targeted matter and reassemble it elsewhere, usually.
    However, if we can get the research done, we can duplicate the transmission signal, loop it in the feedback buffer, then copy that signal each time we need to make another copy of the device.

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