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  • File : 1323657562.png-(48 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    48 KB Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)21:39 No.17183100  
    WELCOME! To Empire Builder 5, colonial empire builder.
    All wishing to join read the rules! 15 people will be allowed into the game with more being allowed as I see fit. All wishing to join just read the rules here


    In addition to these rules, all in context dialogue between
    players must be kept in the thread. You can only use skype to ask the GM a direct question, out of context stuff, or to have a secretive conversation. To join the skype conversation friend ethan.crouthamel.

    "I wanna play EB5! How do I join?!"

    Read the rules.
    And then fill out this template:

    Nations name:
    Location of First City and its name:
    Desired color:
    Addition fluff:

    It's important to note that there is heavy RP influence in this game as it makes everything better.

    The time era for this game is the 1600's, the height of the colonial age, all starting technology is appropriate for that era.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)21:40 No.17183124
         File1323657658.jpg-(11 KB, 452x331, Orb of the maker3.jpg)
    11 KB
    The game starts in like 20 minutes, everyone who wishes to join fill out the nation sheet and you will be added before game start.
    >> Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)21:45 No.17183182
         File1323657922.png-(35 KB, 640x480, SwissFlag.png)
    35 KB
    Nations name: Switzerland
    Location of First City and its name: Very far north, called Geneva
    Government: Democratic Monarchy
    Desired color: Red
    Addition fluff: Switzerland is a country previously a Confederacy, until all of the Cantons got together in Geneva and decided upon one ruler and that they would all universally follow his rule.
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)21:46 No.17183189
    Nations name: Atlurarria
    Location of First City and its name: At the southernmost tip of the mainland, on that peninsula. It's name shall be Atlur
    Government: Roman Republic (Senate during peace, Dictator during war.)
    Desired color: Gold
    Addition fluff: A city founded on the basis of trade, with a focus on peaceful expansion, defending the lands already held, and naval triumph.

    It was founded by King Edward Atlur, for whom it is named after. King Edward continues to rule it to this day.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)21:47 No.17183203
         File1323658054.png-(3 KB, 800x543, belkanflag.png)
    3 KB
    Nations name: The Belkan Federation
    Location of First City and its name: Directus, located on the large northeastmost island. Preferably facing outwards from the main continent.
    Government: Functionally one-party Democratic system
    Desired color: BA1D30 (Hex Code)
    Addition fluff: Stern, Strong, and Industrious, the Federation has long stood as a significant power within the northern continental realm. Blessed with harsh winters and moderate summers, its people are hardy and dedicated to the purpose driven way of life that exists within the Federation. A united outlook exists within the populace, to live and die for the state!
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)21:47 No.17183204

    Nations name: Carpathia
    Location of First City and its name: Carpath is located on the island of Carpathia in the northeast of the continent
    Government: Divine Monarchy. The king's line is considered to be blessed by the Brother Gods of the Sun and Sea, Keros and Kamos.
    Desired color: Teal
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)21:50 No.17183240
         File1323658259.png-(992 B, 100x100, belkacolor.png)
    992 B

    In case you can't use Hex Codes.
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)21:52 No.17183254
    >scratches out king
    >writes in Consul
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)21:52 No.17183258
    Name: Free City of Mercanto
    Location: One of the islands, preferably northeastern or sourthern ones
    Gov't: Council-run meritocracy
    Desired Color: Green
    Additional fluff: In a turbulent world, Mercanto wishes to offer the world stability. It does so by offering soldiers and soldier accessories to any nation will to negotiate. No one will fight if everyone has an army, at least that's the council's idea. Contact me via skype if you want to make a purchase.
    >> The Lords Domain !FAIwcQVJw2 12/11/11(Sun)21:53 No.17183278
         File1323658426.jpg-(125 KB, 800x533, 1311708272193.jpg)
    125 KB
    Nations name: The Lords Domain

    Location of First City and its name: Far North West, Highcastle.

    Government: Absolute Monarchy.

    Desired color: Grey or a Dark Green

    Addition fluff: The former lands of various nobles have been conquered by Frederick II of Highcastle, the people of the "Lords Domain" are fiercely militaristic and aggressive.
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)21:55 No.17183293
         File1323658514.jpg-(141 KB, 283x424, frenchman.jpg)
    141 KB
    Nations name: L'empire Français
    Location of First City and its name: Paris.

    Government: Monarchy
    Desired color: Hot pink #FF69B4
    Additional fluff: Fond of art, architecture, and berets, the French are known for their wineries, cheeseries, and complete and utter lack of shame.
    >> Return of Cascadia Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)21:55 No.17183297
         File1323658523.png-(117 KB, 800x421, casacdekingdom.png)
    117 KB
    Nations name: Kingdom of Cascadia
    Location of First City and its name: The capital of the Kingdom of Cascadia is the city of Portland located on that piece of land separating the lake in the western-middle of the map.
    Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    Desired color: Forest Green
    Addition fluff: The Kingdom of Cascadia focuses on its two pillars: Nature and Order. There is a pseudo-religion throughout the mainly un-religious population of the need for the adherence to natural law. The king of Cascadia is seen as the agent of Nature, and his reign begins with a very natural event, the death of the king. At the same time the peoples of Cascadia find themselves with a sense of duty to protect nature as much as possible from forces who may wish to exploit the beauty and power of the natural world around them.
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)21:59 No.17183351
         File1323658740.png-(3 KB, 200x200, hotpink.png)
    3 KB
    Herp derp forgot location and also that you don't do hex codes. :c Can I get on the bottom right of the continent, on the coast?
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)21:59 No.17183363
    The southern half of the continent is mine! En garde!
    >> Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)22:01 No.17183380
    Nations name: Etheria
    Location of First City and its name: The first city of Etheria will be in the middle of the map, on the west coast, named Holroad
    Desired color: Lime green!
    Addition fluff: Etheria is a nation built on the foundation of merchants and trade, supporting a large fleet of merchant ships, Etheria strives to plunder the riches of any new lands on the horizon.
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:01 No.17183394
    Nation: The Southern Freeholdings
    Capitol: Midland (as far south as possible)
    Gov: Fascism
    Desired colour: Gray blue

    Extra Fluff: The disgruntled people of the southern freeholdings often look for easy solutions.
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)22:02 No.17183408

    "That land is... LORDRAN, location of the kiln of the first flame"
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)22:06 No.17183445
         File1323659170.jpg-(33 KB, 983x530, flag.jpg)
    33 KB
    Nations name: The Kingdom of Vorsklund
    Location of First City and its name: As far north as possible. Name: Reirhold
    Government: Monarchy
    Desired color: Dark Blue
    Addition fluff: Forever fighting both the elements and the southern barbarians, the people of Vorslund are a pragmatic people who emphasize practicality over style.This extends into their government, where power is consolidated among the few ruling elite families.
    >> Vorsklund !hNTKYUvHt2 12/11/11(Sun)22:06 No.17183456
    name and trip
    >> Galsburg 12/11/11(Sun)22:07 No.17183462
         File1323659224.jpg-(10 KB, 260x194, Hussar.jpg)
    10 KB
    Nations name: Galbsurg
    Location of First City and its name: Inland, middle portion. Hopkinsol.
    Government: Monarchy
    Desired color: Grey or Greyish Blue
    Addition fluff: Galsburg is a nation of old customs and rich heritage. As craftsmen, they are known for their hunting and woodworking skills. As warriors,
    they are known for their heavy cavalry and reckless charges.
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:07 No.17183469
    Should be starting soon, no?
    >> Azguard / Trooper2142 12/11/11(Sun)22:09 No.17183500
    Nation: Azguardia
    Location of Country and City: South East coast with city being on the coast line.
    Government: Military Oligarchy
    Desired Color: Orange
    A country where the military is held in high regards, surprisingly war is often avoided by these people as they know the sacrifice it entails, but will fiercely defend its beliefs if need be with the might of the people and the country they love.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)22:11 No.17183521
         File1323659461.jpg-(136 KB, 500x508, 1293759640533.jpg)
    136 KB
    I think it might be time for some preliminary peace negotiations.
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:14 No.17183559
         File1323659654.jpg-(4 KB, 302x219, 302px-TheSouthernBanner.jpg)
    4 KB

    The nations of the southern freeholdings offer our hands in friendship. We believe our nations will go on to have many similarities
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)22:14 No.17183567
         File1323659692.png-(6 KB, 658x413, Beldain Flag.png)
    6 KB
    Nations name: Beldain Dominion

    Location of First City and its name: Aldur, located towards the center west of the continent.

    Government: Military Oligarchy

    Desired color: Dark blue

    Addition fluff: Originally a 'free city' with a weak government, Aldur was seized at the hands of a militant organization known as the Beldain. Now they hope to create a sizable empire for themselves. Whether they can do so remains to be seen.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:15 No.17183579
         File1323659742.png-(9 KB, 300x300, 1194984910785474358stop_sign_m(...).png)
    9 KB
    Maximum nations hit, slot 16 is reserved.
    >> Beldain Dominion 12/11/11(Sun)22:16 No.17183584
    Oh and name of course.
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)22:16 No.17183588
         File1323659775.png-(18 KB, 800x582, Flag_of_Svalbard.png)
    18 KB
    Nations name: Spitzbergen
    Location of First City and its name: in the center of the string of medium islands, like it matters because ice.
    Government: Monarchy/Meritocracy- ruled by council of high lords, government is seperated powers
    Desired color: Black. Flags colors Black white and red, it has two boxing polar bears, as opposed to the one on this flag
    Addition fluff: In the bitter north there is only angry polar bears, mountains and fortresses, and in the fortresses there are forests and cities.
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)22:17 No.17183601
    Damn it. I guess I will just go play some SS 13 then. Good luck chaps.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:17 No.17183609
    Spot is Taken.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)22:19 No.17183629

    Neighbor Belka, it is a true and righteous thing to not sully one's space with needless angst and turmoil. As King of Carpath, it is within my purview to offer to you a peace treaty, such as that ours and your forces will not come to blows when otherwise they might.
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)22:19 No.17183632
    And trips.

    Boy am I forgetful.
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:19 No.17183634
         File1323659966.png-(6 KB, 800x600, Nation Flag.png)
    6 KB
    Flag, by the way. Will be altered later, when I have something that'd make a suitable crest.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)22:20 No.17183647

    But you're ever so far away!

    I can hardly see this being of much benefit but I will certainly accept your hand in friendship.

    Old friend~


    It would be an honor~!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)22:20 No.17183649
         File1323660050.png-(7 KB, 490x296, Mercanto.png)
    7 KB
    Posting flag
    >> davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)22:21 No.17183661
         File1323660079.png-(17 KB, 555x348, pirate_flag_of_edward_england-(...).png)
    17 KB
    Nations name:Davirr
    Location of First City and its name: southern islands Broke Tooth Bay
    Government: Monarchy
    Desired color:green
    Addition fluff:really a small monarchy of islands, atolls and bayous the kingdom of Davirr is ruled by the Arch Baron Black Bellamy. Davirr prides itself on the versatility of it's people who are mostly made up of exiles, brigands, pirates, and other such with piracy being seen as acceptable( Basically a nation of pirates)
    >> Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)22:21 No.17183664
         File1323660103.jpg-(51 KB, 345x613, The_gallant_Swiss.jpg)
    51 KB
    Hail and well met, neighbor! The people of Switzerland look forward to a long and healthy relationship with the people of the Belkan Federation! Perhaps we can engage in trading as well?
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)22:22 No.17183670
         File1323660133.jpg-(35 KB, 300x226, Belka and Carpath sign a treat(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:22 No.17183675
         File1323660146.png-(79 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    79 KB
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)22:24 No.17183704
         File1323660258.jpg-(27 KB, 217x320, caped cascadia.jpg)
    27 KB
    The Kingdom of Cascadia opens its borders to all nations. We are not a isolated state and wish to expand our friendships with all. That being said we will not look at any military or economic aggression against our nation or our allies idly. We will also not stand by as the world around us is plundered and pillaged unnecessarily. We are a nation of law and order, not of savages and barbarians.

    So, who will stand with Cascadia openly? We wish to find trading partners soon to create an economy that will benefit all involved!
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:26 No.17183737
    Well met, friend and potential gold mine!

    The citizens of Atlur are always looking for a good trade, be it in gold, iron, weapons, or slaves. If you need it, we've got it. Shall I even mention our mutual distaste for that scourge of war? I think I need not, just say the word and the fleets of Atlur will set sail loaded to the brim with trade goods for your ports!
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)22:26 No.17183740
    Did I make the limit and you forgot to put me in? Or did I miss the limit? I'm only counting 14 cities on the map.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)22:27 No.17183741
         File1323660421.png-(366 KB, 1000x900, knight.png)
    366 KB
    rolled 4, 5, 20, 2 = 31


    It's a new dawn!

    It's a new day!

    It's a new life!

    For me~

    >Expand our industrial capabilities. We must maintain our stranglehold over the northern realm of trade!
    >Recruit a Navy
    >Increase the sophistication of Infrastructure throughout the federation. We must maintain optimal efficiency!
    >Refine the now fledgling technology of Flintlocks! Unmatched in Economics and war!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)22:27 No.17183745
         File1323660439.jpg-(81 KB, 357x500, Doppelsoldner-1.jpg)
    81 KB
    rolled 14, 5 = 19

    1-2. Request trading routes with Midland and Atlur
    3. In order to provide a base for any potential purchases of mercenaries, we must first have soldiers to offer. Institute mandatory military training for all males ages 16-28.
    4. Search for steel ore. Some would say that such a venture is impossible, that steel must be made from refined iron. Those people just haven't looked hard enough.

    Treasury: 110 (+10)
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:28 No.17183761
    Whoops, adding you now.
    >> Monies=100+10=110 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)22:28 No.17183767
    rolled 8, 10, 11, 15 = 44

    Our nation must spread it's wings, and improve the economy, aswell as researching better naval vessels to explore our wonderful world!

    Actions 1-2:Begin improving our economy and attracting merchants to our land.
    Action 3: Begin improving our naval capacities
    Action 4: Begin digging in our home soil for ALL THE RESOURCES!

    Also, ambassadors are sent out to Portland and Hopkinsol, hoping perhaps to secure some form of trade, would you gentlemen be interested?
    >> The Lords Domain !FAIwcQVJw2 12/11/11(Sun)22:29 No.17183776
         File1323660574.jpg-(140 KB, 751x872, File0113.jpg)
    140 KB
    rolled 8, 19, 10, 13 = 50



    1-2.Our Lord and master Frederick II demands that the serfs expand, south and east, expanding our Domain!

    3-4. Begin research on the "Steam Pump", for industrial use.
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:30 No.17183788
    rolled 16, 4, 1, 18 = 39


    Money: 100

    roll1: My people need minerals, I will send prospectors to look for these to improve my economy
    roll2: Have heralds publish my decree to increase public fanatacism
    roll3: Begin research towards rifling to support our troops
    roll4: Build a navy for the glory of midland!
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)22:30 No.17183790
    rolled 5, 17, 7, 18 = 47


    Action 1: Now that we have signed a peace treaty with each other, I see it fit to open up a trade route from Carpath to Directus.
    Action 2: Improve our fishing fleet, we must be able to fill our tables with the delicious bounty of Keros and have excess for our less...enlightened neighbors.
    Action 3: We must search for what metals we may find on this island, the God of Rock Kavos wills it!
    Action 4: Build a pantheonic temple devoted to our three deities of Rock, Sun, and Sea. The people ought to be able to worship as they please, be it the laborers of Kavos, the poets and scribes of Kamos, or the farmers and fishers of Keros!
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)22:30 No.17183791
         File1323660636.jpg-(241 KB, 588x588, 1198_fit588x588.jpg)
    241 KB
    rolled 20, 19, 16, 6 = 61

    And to the actual rolling part...

    The Kingdom of Cascadia believes its first duty is to protect the law that binds nature and with it create order and unity in the entire nation. To do this the Kingdom does a number of things:

    Moneys: 100
    Income: 10/turn

    1. Begin promoting fishing in what is named "Cascadia Lake" off of Portland to invigorate local markets.
    2. Set up a Trade Route with Atlur to build up our economy!
    3. Raise an Army to defend Cascadia and the nature around it!
    4. Promote our agriculture with the focus on creating a self-sustain supply of wheats and soy within Cascadia!
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:32 No.17183804
    rolled 2, 15, 7, 6 = 30

    Monies: 100 (+10 every turn)
    1 and 2: Build a fleet of trade ships.
    3. Recruit a regiment of soldiers.
    4. Attempt to improve the infrastructure of the kingdom, so the common man may benefit.

    Consul Atlur sits in his office, deciding the goals of the Republic in the coming months. First and foremost on the mind of Atlurarria's people must be that principle which the nation was founded on, trade. Great fleets of ships will be needed.

    Next on the agenda must be the city's defenses! A regiment of soldiers is direly needed to protect the walls.

    Then of course the people are important, and they must live comfortable, happy lives to be the most productive they can be, for the good of the Republic.

    Consul Atlur sends these decrees to the senate for approval, who after due consideration stamp it with the seal of approval and send it out to every corner of the Kingdom, though at the moment that's not a great feat.
    >> Vorsklund !hNTKYUvHt2 12/11/11(Sun)22:32 No.17183809
         File1323660737.jpg-(47 KB, 454x255, British%20navy%20at%20the%20en(...).jpg)
    47 KB
    Income: 100+10=110

    1+2: Build Navies to defend the straight to the south from barbarians.
    3: Search for mining resources.
    4: Improve agricultural practices for harsh environments.
    >> Azguard -Trooper2142 12/11/11(Sun)22:32 No.17183811
    rolled 4, 4, 5, 17 = 30

    Roll 1: Mine for needed minerals for economy and infrastructure.
    Roll 2: Research Newfangled projectile weapons
    Roll 3: Build Navy
    Roll 4: Send scouts to search for more fertile lands and rich mining deposits
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)22:33 No.17183824
         File1323660804.jpg-(20 KB, 325x433, let me do the dance of my peop(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 5, 18, 2, 2 = 27

    "Hmmm . . ." Alain stood at the gates to Cascadia, his caravan in tow. He looked to his fellow merchants and gave them a wide grin.

    "Gentlemen, I believe we've made it."

    1-4 Work towards implementing a stable government-controlled economy. Step 1: mint a unified currency.

    100 monies | 10/turn
    >> Vorsklund !hNTKYUvHt2 12/11/11(Sun)22:33 No.17183831
    rolled 3, 6, 1, 7 = 17

    and rolls
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:34 No.17183842
    rolled 9, 10, 20, 17 = 56

    Did I send the friend request to the right Ethan on Skype?
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)22:35 No.17183851
    rolled 12, 16, 17, 12 = 57

    1- The people of the Dominion must not starve. Increase agricultural activity in the area.
    2- Search the surrounding area for iron ore. A ready of supply of iron will help us in the future.
    3- Improve our road system so travel is easier and quicker.
    4- Print out pamphlets to help gain the favor of the average person. We need their support!
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)22:36 No.17183860
    rolled 7, 6, 15, 6 = 34

    And our income is as 110
    >> Davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)22:37 No.17183878
    rolled 1, 16, 7, 2 = 26

    1 research flint lock arms
    2-3 expand
    4 look for natural resources to exploit
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)22:38 No.17183900

    Switzerland, we would be happy to take you up on it next turn~!
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)22:40 No.17183924
         File1323661236.png-(4 KB, 520x318, Galsburg.png)
    4 KB
    "It is time for Galsburg to expand its influence. We shall sweep through the fields and trample the earth under the hooves of our steeds." - Jarl Meolgar

    1-2: Explore surrounding land for resources.
    3-4: Establish agriculture.

    Finances: 100 + 10 = 110
    >> ONE HUNDRED PLUS TEN MAKES ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DOSH Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)22:41 No.17183933
         File1323661273.jpg-(1.99 MB, 2560x1920, YES.jpg)
    1.99 MB
    rolled 4, 2, 9, 12 = 27

    On the steps of the Royal Stronghold in Geneva, a lowly squire read out the Kings decree for the nation. Work was to be done, lest the nation slip behind.

    "Let it be decreed by the King of Switzerland, King Henri Guisan IV the following:

    Firstly that our Navy is inadequate. New ship designs are to be drafted immediately, with an emphasis being made on smaller and faster ships that can be made more easily, and outmaneuver enemy vessels.

    Secondly, continuing with the modernization of the Navy, that troops be trained in inter-ship combat, and are to be kept aboard all Swiss naval vessels. Swiss Marine Defense Troops are to be trained and taught in the following:
    Combat with an emphasis in the usage of the crossbow in ranged combat, taught to have a keen eye for the leaders of the enemy vessel, and pick them off.
    Close combat utilizing the saber, they should make an attempt to break out of close combat as quickly as possible and retreat to a better ranged fighting position. Close combat is, ideally only to be used when boarding an enemy vessel after most resistance has been dispatched.
    The are also to be taught in general sailing abilities so that they do not become useless when combat is not occurring.

    Thirdly, that an improvement to the arquebus be made. By adding a trigger mechanism, we should be able to imboost reliability of the weapon, ensuring that each shot actually gets fired as well as improving the safety of the user. Such weapons are for now, experimental, and we should best stick to the crossbow for general ranged combat troops.

    Fourthly and finally that a new crossbow be developed for frontline troops. It should be fed through a hopper from the top, to produce a higher rate of fire than common crossbows of the day.
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)22:41 No.17183940
    rolled 17, 13, 17, 18 = 65


    The gods laugh on this day.
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:44 No.17183963
         File1323661446.jpg-(62 KB, 520x466, fig2tradeleague.jpg)
    62 KB
    rolled 17, 16, 11, 12 = 56

    Would Freeholdings or Mercanto be interested in setting up trade routes between our great nations?

    I could see it as only being beneficial to all of us, to have such a strong trade league in the southeastern portion of this continent. No one would be able to question our status as the wealthiest nations of the world, and we could exert absolute control over the seas and trade in them!
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:46 No.17183996

    I would happily trade with you, my people desire foreign goods and building relations between our nations is important to national security
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)22:47 No.17184014
    We will gladly accept your offer to trade.
    >> Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)22:47 No.17184018
    Perhaps cascadia would be interested in trading with Etheria as well? Bot our nations economies could benefit from such an agreement!
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)22:47 No.17184019

    How about us, Belka? Your neighbors would be happy to trade in goods for our people to the enrichment of all.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:48 No.17184022
         File1323661689.png-(342 KB, 2594x1322, 1300760941385.png)
    342 KB
    The land is rich in woodland and fish. Your people eat well and there is plenty of wood to burn.
    Lord's Domain:
    Expansion is done by making cities and cost 400 gold. Steampump technology is also a rather vague concept, it could takes centuries to make happen.
    You recruit a navy! -10 to income
    You also find a decent supply of iron on one of your islands.
    The infrastructure of Belka is second to none! Sophisticated building designs and better planned out cities and road networks make for high efficiency trade, and industry. +2 to income
    The mandatory military training is slow to be enacted, further work need to be done on it.
    Fish! Thousands of them! Food recourse icnrease
    A great temple and house of warship is made, people rejoice in the grace of their gods.
    The lake is rich in fresh water fishies. They will prove tasty and helpful.
    You also recruit an army.
    You recruit and army
    You find a large deposit of coal
    The currency of france "frenchies" as it would be called begins circulation.
    Some poor soul dies in a mine collapse
    Road system improve slightly allowing for the quicker and more effective out and input of goods.
    Expanding needs cities. the flintlock blows up in the engineers face
    You find a pack of wild horses and use them to increase your farming efficiency! Food and labor!
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)22:50 No.17184060
         File1323661839.png-(1.43 MB, 3000x2000, belkangovernment.png)
    1.43 MB
    rolled 14, 16, 4, 8 = 42

    120 Currency



    >Establish Trade with the Swiss
    >Establish Trade with His Imperial Majesty
    >Form a Navy!
    >Research continues on Flintlocks!

    The national day was a rather esteemed celebration within the Federation, perhaps below the celebration of Winter's Veil at the Solstice of the season, but still overall significant. Ceremonial Guardsmen were marching in the streets as the bright faces of Belkans young and old came to see the processions. Great displays celebrating the culture of the nation could be seen all around the Federation's territories, but the center of celebrations were located in Directus.

    Fireworks and cheer followed the primary parade route of the Palace Guard, Cabinet, and Chancellors. It was most certainly a good day to live.
    >> monies= 110+10=120 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)22:52 No.17184083
    rolled 18, 12, 14, 10 = 54

    Our timber industry is growing, aswell as our fisheries, huzzah, it is a great day!

    Although many Etherians still gaze toward the western horizon, we are content for now.

    Action 1: improve our cartography, to help for exploration endeavours in the future.
    Action 2: Send a trade caravan to Cascadia
    Actions3-4: Work on improving the glorious capital of Holroad!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)22:52 No.17184090
         File1323661979.jpg-(405 KB, 558x791, 31.jpg)
    405 KB
    rolled 5, 16, 18, 2 = 41

    1-2. Continue military training regime
    3-4. Work to attract the best gunsmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorsmiths in the continent to move to Mercanto. They will receive free board and and can work outside of any guild restrictions to hone their crafts however they see fit.
    >> Vorsklund !hNTKYUvHt2 12/11/11(Sun)22:54 No.17184104
    rolled 6, 4, 8, 2 = 20

    An inauspicious start, to be sure, but it is the core of the Vorsk people to press on through hardships.
    1: Build a Navy
    2: Look for mining sites
    3+4: Improve agriculture for harsh climates
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:55 No.17184108

    1) Have my navy send goods and supplies to be traded in atlur! may our people enjoy the economic benefits (query, do you need a navy for sea trade?)
    2) Begin exploitation of the iron! our people will plunder the earth
    3) Send an archeological expedition to figure out our islands ancient history
    4) Build police stations in midland to keep crime (And rebels) down.

    Perhaps the people of azaguard would like to trade? your coal and my iron would produce grand steel surely
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)22:55 No.17184120
    rolled 12, 4, 4, 8 = 28

    Alain looked over to his fellow merchants and gave them an awkward, uneasy smile. They'd been standing at the gates for ten minutes. "Where do you suppose they are, Jerome?"

    "Fishing, I imagine. Shall we leave a message?"

    Meanwhile, a certain King had finally emerged from his chambers after several weeks' isolation. He looked upon his small country and smiled--soon, they won't be so tiny.

    1-2 Set up vineyards and wineries around the country--one of many finer things in life to come.
    3-4 Build a harbor in Paris.

    110 | +10/turn
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:56 No.17184122

    Forgot rolls (think i will leave my dice on)
    >> The Lords Domain !FAIwcQVJw2 12/11/11(Sun)22:56 No.17184123
    rolled 11, 4, 11, 3 = 29



    1-2.Our Lord and master Frederick II demands that we fill the royal coffers. To this end the serfs are sent out to search for gold and other valuable metals.

    3-4 A trade agreement is offered to both Switzerland and The Kingdom of Vorsklund.
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)22:57 No.17184130
         File1323662230.jpg-(182 KB, 700x393, alan-wake-scenery.jpg)
    182 KB
    rolled 16, 3 = 19

    The first major success of Cascadia! Our people eat plentifully and our local economy grows! Our army has been raised and now defends our borders with justice for both our lands and natural law!

    Dougs: 105
    Income: 5/turn

    1. Set up trade route with the French Empire.
    2. Set up trade route with Etheria.
    3. Use our fishing industry to increase our economy and augment the trade we have with nations (income bonus maybe?)
    4. Begin logging (plant two trees for every one we take) to build homes for all Cascadian and increase our economy.

    (Rolls are just for the last two as I assume you can't fail to make a trade route).
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/11/11(Sun)22:57 No.17184135
    rolled 19, 9, 20, 7 = 55

    Monies:110(+0 every turn) My bad for not updating it to 110 last turn, figured everyone would start at 100 and that was turn 0, or something.
    1 Regiment (-10 every turn)
    1. Establish trade route with Freeholdings.
    2. Search territory for valuable minerals.
    3. Establish trade route with Mercanto.
    4. Research cartridge

    The consul deems the needs of the Republic to still primarily be concerned with trade, however after discovering the lack of money making it difficult to recruit a proper fleet. At least with the trade routes it will bump up the income enough that it will be able to support a navy. Even if it would have a growth of zero.

    A close second on the priorities list is to find something to, well, trade. Valuable minerals would make trade much more lucrative as, hopefully, it would attract more trade partners. Not to mention if it was something useful, the Republic could always hold back some to keep for itself and improve it's own lot in life.

    Then of course it is probably good that every man dedicate some time to exercises of the mind. It is so taxing to measure out gunpowder into a pistol and tamp in the ball and all the rest of it. How nice would it be if it was all contained in a simple cartridge one could load and fire? Everything would be infinitely easier.
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)22:58 No.17184143
    rolled 4, 1, 2, 7 = 14


    My dice came off...
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)22:58 No.17184147
         File1323662315.jpg-(10 KB, 284x177, explosion.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)22:58 No.17184152
    Treasury: 125 (+15)
    >> ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)23:00 No.17184177
    rolled 14, 2, 11, 3 = 30


    Sorry, its 100 i have no income
    >> davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)23:01 No.17184189
    rolled 12, 4, 10, 1 = 27

    1 research better ships
    2 build the city of Bartholomew use 30 income
    3 search again for natural resources
    4 put flintlock weapons on hold and experiment with clock work mechanisms
    >> ONE HUNDRED TEN PLUS TEN MAKES ONE HUNDRED TWENTY Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)23:01 No.17184193
         File1323662485.gif-(1.99 MB, 295x216, 1318183975154.gif)
    1.99 MB
    rolled 15, 7, 3, 11 = 36

    An ambassador arrives on the Belkan border, bearing a note of trade and peace from the Swiss ministry of commerce. The warrant allows relatively unrestricted trade between the two nations.

    A similar looking ambassador arrived after mild hassling from the people he met along the way, to the Kings Court of the Lords Domain, bearing his note of acceptance from King Guisan.

    Third action is going to recruiting a Navy.

    Fourth action is going towards the training specified in my previous post.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)23:02 No.17184210
    rolled 4, 15, 3, 8 = 30


    Gilders: 115

    Action 1: Search our small island for iron to mine out. Metal is a focal point for an advanced society, and we must be as strong as the iron that we search for.
    Action 2: Develop a system of roads between Carpath and its outlying provinces. Can't have our subjects tromping around in the muck whenever they wish to trade or worship.
    Action 3: It is my desire to see my subjects grow wise and productive, and accordingly I am commanding that a great library in Carpath be built, housing books from all across the continent, that any Carpathian may read and better himself with.
    Action 4: I look upon our fields, and I see a system that could be bettered. They lie fallow for part of the year, untouched because the soil needs time to regenerate. I ask our eldest farmers and our most intelligent to think up a system that is less wasteful of time, for while the Rock, Sea and Sun are timeless and ever-present, our own lifespans are short, as but the blink of an eye on this land.
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/11/11(Sun)23:03 No.17184222
    rolled 8, 19, 14, 2 = 43

    Gold: 110

    Roll 1: Utilize newly found fertile lands and begin immediate development
    Roll 2: Begin mining of new deposits to be put to use in manufacturing and trade immediately.
    Roll 3: Build Navy
    Roll 4: Research Projectile Weapons (of any kind Really, we aren't picky)

    It was a brisk morning when the people of Azguard woke up to the letter of the high general posted throughout their villages, the contents of which contained the following:

    ''My fellow Azguardians the time for us to move forward has come! Our country, our home, the thing we love so much has stood unrealized for far too long. Too long has its treasures and resources sat unused and ill attended! Well today that misdeed comes to an end! On this day I declare that we shall rise as one nation and develop this humble nation into one of greatness for our people. We will mine the earth and use its riches for our economy and defense both in application and research! We shall build fleets of wood and steel and explore and colonize the new world! And as for those people that we may find, if they be friends then we shall welcome them to the table of brotherhood so that we may all share in the achievements of man, but if they be foes who threaten our very way of life and existence then we shall crush them, only so that our people will continue to flourish in a world of peace not hatred. So that is why I ask of you now my fellow countrymen,
    Rise and bring glory to our land so that all of this world's people can enjoy the fruits of man's labor and live free and happy as all men should!

    -High General
    >> The Lords Domain !FAIwcQVJw2 12/11/11(Sun)23:04 No.17184225
         File1323662652.jpg-(84 KB, 467x700, 1246593481843.jpg)
    84 KB
    A diplomat from the Lords Domain arrives in Directus, bearing a sealed letter from the Secretary of King Frederick II, offering a trade agreement between the Domain and the "Belkan Federation".
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)23:05 No.17184246
         File1323662745.png-(391 KB, 630x800, 1322440871582.png)
    391 KB

    I'm inclined to accept~

    When I can, of course.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)23:06 No.17184254

    Hail, Switzerlandians! (Switzerlandites?) Nevermind. I wish to sign a trade agreement with you, effective as soon as I have a spare moment!
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)23:06 No.17184261
    rolled 12, 18, 16, 19 = 65

    "You find a pack of wild horses and use them to increase your farming efficiency! Food and labor!"

    "We could use some new horses for our cavalry units. Select the finest of these horses for breeding. I expect our armies to grow, and we will have nothing less than the finest mounts." - Captain Verkar

    1-2: Construct a stud farm for breeding war horses.
    3-4: Build a training school for cavalry.
    >> The Lords Domain !FAIwcQVJw2 12/11/11(Sun)23:07 No.17184263
         File1323662823.png-(288 KB, 350x433, 1323311921404.png)
    288 KB

    Sehr gut.
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)23:08 No.17184273
         File1323662894.jpg-(43 KB, 480x640, shall i pour you some wine.jpg)
    43 KB
    But would you accept . . . the French?
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)23:08 No.17184274
    rolled 12, 10, 20, 2 = 44


    Funds: 110 (+10) = 120

    1- Continue our expansion of agricultural activity. More food means happy people!
    2 + 3- Survey our area for any useful or precious metal. Iron is useful, but gold and silver can make a nation rich!
    4- Try to help increase commerce in our area. More funds are better for everyone.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:08 No.17184278
         File1323662929.png-(80 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    80 KB
    You make a detailed system of tide and current maps to better navigate the oceans.
    The new regime is almost enacted!
    Smiths begin to hear word of your news.
    The vineyard produce nasty wine that is unfit for even the peasants of PAris
    Lord domain:
    Gold be a hard metal to find.
    The increase to exports provides you with +1 to your income
    A gear bounces off and cuts the cheek of the researcher, he dies of lockjaw 2 weeks later.
    Further work must be done on the training
    Better roads lead to quicker transportation of good.
    The circulation of the goods ads +2 to your income.
    A navy is also built
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)23:09 No.17184284
         File1323662957.jpg-(130 KB, 600x425, wildhrses.jpg)
    130 KB

    Picture and currency:

    Finances: 110 + 10 = 120
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:09 No.17184292
         File1323662980.png-(2 KB, 25x25, face_icon_happy.png)
    2 KB
    You find gold!!! +3 to income.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:11 No.17184312
         File1323663068.jpg-(63 KB, 548x448, Game of Thrones S01E01 - HDTVR(...).jpg)
    63 KB
    The horses are trained and breed to a pure breed fineness unmatched by the other nations.
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)23:12 No.17184338
         File1323663171.jpg-(77 KB, 800x642, 1323550166098.jpg)
    77 KB
    rolled 11, 6, 17, 6 = 40

    1-2. Continue training program. Begin to offer specialized schools for various fields (infantry, cavalry, gunnery, etc).
    3. Continue reaching out to the smiths. Let them know that the travel to Mercanto will paid by the council and they will be provided a workshop upon arrival.
    4. Search for mineral wealth in the islands, especially iron and coal.
    >> davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)23:12 No.17184339
    rolled 10, 3, 2, 16 = 31

    1 research better ships
    2 send out fishing ships to fish the seas
    3 survey for any natural metals
    4 continue experimenting with clock work mechanisms
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)23:13 No.17184352
    Treasury: 140 (+25)
    >> ONE HUNDRED TWENTY PLUS TWENTY MAKES ONE HUNDRED FORTY Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)23:13 No.17184359
    rolled 4, 7, 16, 13 = 40

    1. Recruit a dod durn Navy.

    2, Continue work on the naval Marine troop training!

    3. Begin shipborne improvements with the creation of two classes of ship:
    The Frigate, which is to be light, easy to build and operate, and swift to maneuver.

    4. Work on the improvements to crossbows to make them repeating!
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)23:14 No.17184364
         File1323663286.jpg-(32 KB, 312x346, Racette.jpg)
    32 KB
    rolled 10, 17, 12 = 39

    142 C


    Jesus Christ what the hell are you

    Nevermind, sure.

    >Begin the development of Advanced Machinery to further the industrial and military cause!
    >Try to advance the field of Navigation. Our expeditions into the New World will be fruitful!
    >Escalate the exploitation of Iron to fuel Industry.
    >Trade with France
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:15 No.17184380
         File1323663338.png-(8 KB, 300x300, Go.png)
    8 KB
    >> Cash 105. 5PT. ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)23:16 No.17184389
    rolled 14, 10, 15, 9 = 48

    1) send trade ships to azaguard after our secret meeting
    2) Re-attempt the opening of an iron mine
    3) continue the search for our lands past
    4) Begin exploration with my navy


    Our people, we have suffered much in the recent dark age which swept our land! the most crushing burdon has been the loss of our culture and history, this must be reclaimed from the ruins! we will remember our past ways for better or worse! until then we must rebuild our economic strength, and better our minds with knowledge
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)23:16 No.17184393
    The King sniffs at his wine, then wrinkles his nose. " 'ow deplorable."

    1-2 Infrastructure improvements in and around Paris. Make sure the roads all lead somewhere, etc.
    [4] Trade with Belka.
    [4] Trade with Cascadia.

    120 | +10
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)23:18 No.17184402
    rolled 16, 5 = 21

    >> 120+10=130 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)23:18 No.17184408
    rolled 11, 3, 4, 18 = 36

    Excellent! Our maps and calculations shall aid us in the future!

    But, for now we must focus on our lads at home!
    Actions 1-2: Improve the timber industry, making walls and houses for the people!
    Action 4: Continue to improve our navigation, begin using star constalations and mathamatics to pinpoint location!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/11/11(Sun)23:19 No.17184409
    rolled 19, 7, 18, 16 = 60

    Gold: 112

    Roll 1: Research Projectile Weaponry (I will not rest until I can fire something of a longer something)
    Roll 2: Send navy out to find new lands ( To boldly go where no man has gone before!)
    Roll 3: Send trade ships to Midlands
    Roll 4: Build infrastructure to improve economy (roads, factories, ect., whatever improves gold income really)

    The sky was clear, with seagulls chirping and a strong breeze coming from the west.

    ''We are off!'' said the captain as the ship pulled up its anchor and hoisted its sails for the unknown east.

    The crowd cheered as their newly constructed fleet sailed off into the horizon.

    After and hour or two the ships melted into the horizon and the crowd finally died down and dispersed.

    The joy of their achievement was over, for they knew that there was still work to be done ...

    and silently on that cool sunny day the town hummed back into reality ...
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)23:20 No.17184427
    rolled 7, 16, 3, 2 = 28


    Gold! There's gold in those hills!

    Funds: 120 (+13) = 133

    1. Lets see if we can get that gold mine running any more efficiently. Hire of organizers to get the gold mine to bring in more profit.
    2. With the new funds coming in, perhaps its time to recruit an army to defend the Dominion from outside threats.
    3. Continue our agricultural expansion project. We know those fields can produce more food.
    4. Send an envoy north to Etheria to see if we can set up a trade route.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)23:20 No.17184435
    rolled 16, 3, 8, 1 = 28


    Gilders: 130

    Action 1: Continue work on the Great Library, these are projects worth completing.
    Action 2: Keep puzzling out how to get more production out of our fields every year.
    Action 3: Launch a new expedition to document the mineral wealth of the island, expanding the search to look for coal and silver, as well as iron.
    Action 4: We must build a naval force if we are to defend ourself from invasion, as well as projecting our will outside of this inlet.
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)23:22 No.17184446
         File1323663731.jpg-(59 KB, 450x323, War horse.jpg)
    59 KB
    rolled 6, 14, 17, 11 = 48

    "The horses are trained and breed to a pure breed fineness unmatched by the other nations."

    "These horses are fine indeed, Verkar. You have done well in your assessment. We must begin training horsemen to guide these steeds in battle." - Jarl Meolgar

    1-2: Construct a training academy for horsemen.
    3-4: Construct stables.
    >> Atlurarria 12/11/11(Sun)23:24 No.17184475
    rolled 11, 16, 13, 1 = 41

    Monies:120(+10 every turn)
    1-3 Improve soldier quality through strict training.
    2-4 Research cartridges.

    With trade established amongst our closest neighbors, the Republic's fleet sail towards further neighbors and ships dock at the ports of Azaguard and Broke Tooth Bay, loaded with trade goods and with some of Atlurarria's finest citizens.

    In the meantime, research is focused on the cartridge and trainers are collected from the cream of the crop of the military, or rather the single regiment the city contained.
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)23:27 No.17184499
         File1323664025.jpg-(57 KB, 600x400, y1pk6dDiiG_-nZo42XVvb18xe66RhL(...).jpg)
    57 KB
    rolled 12, 18, 15, 18 = 63

    For some reason my other post did not post but the gist of it was that we're awesome and we're going to continue to be awesome.

    1. Make our agriculture better to produce more food with less space as to help the environment.
    2. Attempt to domesticate one of nature's most ferocious and loyal creatures, the bear.
    3. Create a university in Portland that focuses on the sciences including both natural and industrious.
    4. Attempt to create a warship that is both powerful and agile with the ability to carry row upon row of cannon while out maneuvering the competition.
    >> Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)23:28 No.17184522
    We would be happy to trade with you, friend, our trade caravans will be sent out soon, hopefully they can get there!
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)23:31 No.17184557
    Dougs: 121
    Income: 16/turn
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)23:31 No.17184560

    Cascadia! I would invite you to trade with Carpath, our merchants are always looking for new things to please the populace and enrich themselves!
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/11/11(Sun)23:31 No.17184572
         File1323664318.jpg-(110 KB, 640x474, 5591187815_df83902df9_z.jpg)
    110 KB
    Name: Almatár Khmatate
    Location center of the map, preferably near a lake or water source. (aquifer)
    City name: Asshukh
    Government: Monarchy, ruled by the Khmat who must sacrifice himself to the Sun God Arágh after 30 years of rule, allowing his successor to take the throne.

    Desired color: Gold or tan
    Additional fluff: Asshukh was founded by a group of sun-worshippers in the 1400s, the Khmatate system was developed after it was noted that the king would get decrepit and unfit to rule past the age of 50 or so, and so the system kept the monarchy fresh and sane. Meanwhile the King lives in incredible Luxury in the Palace at Asshukh, the Mulugh án Shakhna
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)23:32 No.17184579
    The Kingdom of Cascadian welcome Carpathians in their nation to create a great and powerful economic force!
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)23:33 No.17184582
    Excellent! We'll see to it that our own caravans are sent out and yours have plenty to trade for and feel welcomed.
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/11/11(Sun)23:33 No.17184588
    Off in the distance ships bearing a tan flag slowly approach onto the coast and quickly make anchor among a crowd of curious, but defensive people.

    Quickly however, this defensiveness fades as the men aboard the ships debark carrying goods, gifts, and good will.

    They are welcomed graciously and their proposals and stories are listened to with great interest.

    After days of negotiations and trade, they load back into their ships returning back to their homeland bearing goods and news of their successful trade envoy to the land of Azguard.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:35 No.17184608
         File1323664554.png-(90 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    90 KB
    The training is near to paying off.
    Several famous smiths get into town and begine setting up shop, this will make tehcnolgy upgrades slightly esier.
    little progress is made on clockwork technology
    The blu prints for the frigate are designed! Glorious navy. Crossbows? we have flintlocks sukka.
    Some progress is made in reading the tides and current so the ocean. Further research may prove necessary to truly aid in exploration, however.
    The mines in pretty shit shape, gunna take some work.
    The mathematical prowess of etheria is absolute. By using stars and mental math etherian captains can travel home from even the darkest of voyages.
    some advancements are mad in infestructure but Furhte progress has been made on flintlock rifles making them shoot further. +1 to military rolls.
    you recruit and army.
    The library collection grows!
    A man dies of an infected splinter while building a ship.
    Some large stables are made to facilitate a small armies worth of horses.
    The soldier of Altur are drilled to strict discipline. +1 to military rolls.
    The bear be a fierce animal
    the design for heavy ships come into view.
    >> Ironborn !!Yf0MLGHhqxs 12/11/11(Sun)23:36 No.17184616
         File1323664586.jpg-(83 KB, 480x500, 1320677669254.jpg)
    83 KB
    Nations name: The Ironborn Domains
    Location of First City and its name: New Pyke, anywhere with water.
    Government: Monarchy--Euron Greyjoy leads the Iron fleet.
    Desired color: Gray, black, with yellow highlights.
    Addition fluff: Euron Greyjoy lead the ironborn in a huge exodus from their old homeland, in a search for adventure, wealth and to rebuild a lost cause. They've landed in..whatever land this is, and now they look to expand.
    >> The Metroskya !BWcQGfWgng 12/11/11(Sun)23:37 No.17184630
         File1323664671.jpg-(173 KB, 1600x900, metroquest starter.jpg)
    173 KB
    Nations name: Metroskya

    Location of First City and its name: Veedeehnkay; Somewhere

    Government: Republic; run by an elected council from each of the Burrows.

    Desired color: Dark Yellow

    Addition fluff: A nation of people most comfortable underground, avoiding the light of the sun if at all possible. They see the sun as a spiteful, angry God as their homelands are plagued by drought. When they are not scorched under the blazing sun of their home, they live in underground cities- meticulously constructed- they thrive in darkness and enclosed spaces. By candlelight, they read and go about their daily chores. With a newly found form of bioluminescent fungi, the people of Metroskya are experiencing an expansion in all areas of life. They send robed farmers up to the surface to tend whatever crops they can grow, and many gardens are kept by the denizens of the underground. Teams of men are sent out by night to patrol and keep guard at many checkpoints and towers built on the surface. The surface itself holds no particular fear, rather it is only the blazing Sun that keeps them inside the earth. From a lack of large, open spaces to enjoy and grow in, the Metroskya breeds many scientists and thinkers rather than warriors and travelers. A nation of engineers and scientists lay just below the surface.

    Reports of the bravest of Metroskyan denizens, the Hunters who scout the surface, have shown that there may be others who dwell on the surface. Reports to be analyzed and meticulously combed over, indeed.

    Some begin to fear for the future, as these reports may force the Metroskya out of hiding and into the light of the hated sun and it's inhospitable landscape. But above all, progress. Perhaps meeting these new nations will allow the denizens of the underground to advance?

    Location: Preferably in the middle of the map somewhere.
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/11/11(Sun)23:40 No.17184674
    rolled 15, 17, 11, 1 = 44

    1. Use the names of the smiths already taken in to attract more. Also look into having them taking apprentices.
    2-3. Continue the military training regime. Establish military schools to formalize the system.
    4. Search the islands for deposits of iron and coal for the smiths to work with.
    Treasury: 155 (+15)
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/11/11(Sun)23:42 No.17184692
    rolled 7, 1, 15, 17 = 40

    100 dosh starting
    1. Expand education in the religious and artistic realm, the young ones must learn of the finer parts of life, poetry and paintings are as important as hoes and saws.

    2. Expand seasonal farming along the lakeshore, with the object of manipulating the soil along with the ebb and flow of the lake level to get more delicious sorghum.

    3. Begin a camel husbandry program to have more reliable mounts in the inhospitable desert clime.

    4. Try to develop a system of accounting for the mercantile section of the population, a way to squeeze more profits out of everyday circumstances
    >> 130+10=140 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/11/11(Sun)23:42 No.17184693
    rolled 10, 12, 16, 17 = 55

    Ah, perfect! Our ships shall rule the seas!
    Actions 1-2: Try streamlining ship production to decrease cost while maintaining quality!
    Action 3: Confirm trade with Beldain!
    Action 4: Dig boys, dig! Dig for the rubble that shines when you shovel!
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)23:42 No.17184695
         File1323664943.png-(24 KB, 238x234, m01.png)
    24 KB
    rolled 19, 6, 16, 10 = 51

    The nation grows slowly. This will hardly do.

    >Again attempt to build advanced varieties of machinery. These hands of iron will propel us across the globe!
    >Develop navigational techniques and technologies further. The seas will be ours!
    >Refine Coal Power. Portability is... Somewhat stressed.
    >Form a Navy.
    >> Davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)23:43 No.17184707
    rolled 9, 12, 6, 13 = 40

    1-2 research all the ways clock work technology can be used for war
    3-4 survey the surrounding area for Precious gems diamonds are the big focus though
    >> Cash 115. 10PT. ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/11/11(Sun)23:44 No.17184720
    rolled 15, 1, 15, 7 = 38

    1) we continue to build up on the mine, digging throught the rock and carefully supporting it with thick wooden beams
    2) Our explorers continue to search for our ancient past
    3) Our exploration fleets begin to head south in an effort to prove the earth is atleast a cylinder! our target port, directus.
    4) The stubborn and foolhardy commanders in midland order that a sword be designed for our future armies which could defeat the musket!
    >> Kingdom of Cascadia !.b62dSAIGw 12/11/11(Sun)23:44 No.17184723
         File1323665060.jpg-(23 KB, 474x317, p240423-San_Juan_Islands_WA-Pa(...).jpg)
    23 KB
    rolled 10, 12, 15 = 37

    The slow process of invention goes on! The Kingdom of Cascadia continues its pursuit of bears and ships, as well as continuing its trading network to begin our hopes for Empire!

    Dougs: 137
    Income: 16/turn

    1. Continue training our bear soldiers who will!
    2. Continue to improve our warships to start up what will become Cascadian dominance of the sea.
    3. Look for minerals to be used in industry such as iron to fuel our soon-to-be industries.
    4. Trade route with Caparth
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)23:44 No.17184724

    And my Currency is at 169!
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/11/11(Sun)23:45 No.17184732
    rolled 11, 1, 2, 9 = 23


    A new army to defend the Dominion! Glorious! Though it is a time of peace, one should never be left unprepared for trouble.

    Funds: 133 (+18) (-10) = 141

    1. Perhaps it is not a problem of expanding our crops, but in finding more profitable crops to grow. We shall examine the local flora for possible new crops to grow.
    2. Drill our new army in the ways of war and discipline. We don't want a soft rabble defending our homes!
    3. Continue to search our lands for more metal veins. Even if we can't use it, we could probably still trade it!
    4. Encourage our local fisherman to catch more fish. Perhaps the ocean can give us food and money.
    >> Davirr !VBdA2F3Ubc 12/11/11(Sun)23:45 No.17184733
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/11/11(Sun)23:45 No.17184736
    rolled 10, 2, 20, 1 = 33

    Gold: 124

    Roll 1: Exploration continues off into the east (I will find those Indian spice trade routes!)
    Roll 2: Begin program to bring education to the masses (build schools universities, and technical workshops)
    Roll 3: Continue to expand the mines and infrastructure (We need additional vespean gas dammit!)
    Roll 4: Continue projectile research (Bigger is Better)

    The cities were improving, the infrastructure was growing, war did not exist, and new friends were being made. The people are financially secure and happy.

    But progress much continue and despite the achievements the people continue on to improve just like they set out to do from day 1 ...
    >> L'empire Français !IsxGe9SpDQ 12/11/11(Sun)23:45 No.17184754
    France respectfully resigns from play.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/11/11(Sun)23:46 No.17184760
    rolled 20, 12, 18, 9 = 59

    Gilders: 145

    Open up a trade route to the Cascadians!
    Continue work on the Great Library!
    More on the whole crops thing!
    Try again to build a Navy. Don't die, this time!
    >> Anonymous 12/11/11(Sun)23:48 No.17184785
         File1323665321.png-(11 KB, 250x327, 250px-JaingHead.svg.png)
    11 KB
    Nations name: The Mandalorians

    Location of First City and its name: The Mandalorian capital shall be named Keldabe and it shall be placed nearest the city called Directus.

    Government: Dictatorship

    "For far too long we have remained silent. For far too long we have stood idly by while usurpers sought to take that which has always belonged to us.

    Fellow Mando'ade it is time to take back this world. We must overcome our own personal DEMONS. None shall stand in our path. We are strong, we are relentless, we are Mandalorian."
    >> Atlurarria 12/11/11(Sun)23:49 No.17184806
    rolled 1, 14, 12, 12 = 39

    Acts:135(+15 every turn)
    Regiments: 1 (+1 Bonus)

    The Republic deems it necessary to mint a currency, and they dub it the Act. They would like to be taking in much more Ats than they are at the moment, and as such send out trade Caravans to Aldur, Asshukh, and Hopinskuh. The caravans are the Republic's first attempt at overland trade, and they are accompanied by some small group of soldiers and a band of musicians to herald their arrival at their chosen destinations.

    1-3 Build ships.
    2-4. Look for any valuable resources.

    In the meantime while the Republic waits for it's caravans to return, they focus on finding new resources to exploit and building up a strong naval presence. Hopefully by the end of the year they'll be supporting two well trained navies and one of the best fighting forces in the world.
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/11/11(Sun)23:54 No.17184862
         File1323665695.jpg-(118 KB, 600x398, Stable.jpg)
    118 KB
    rolled 3, 20, 15, 9 = 47

    "Some large stables are made to facilitate a small armies worth of horses."

    "Our preparations are coming along well. Continue the construction of a training facility for horsemen." - Captain Verkar

    1: Send an envoy and retinue to Asshukh on a diplomatic mission.
    2-3: Survey land for resources.
    4: Construct roads.
    >> Switzerland !!1wOyP7pqgJA 12/11/11(Sun)23:55 No.17184865
         File1323665716.jpg-(34 KB, 612x402, SwissNavy.jpg)
    34 KB
    rolled 10, 7, 1, 1 = 19

    1. Set up a clear organizational military structure within the Navy to boost efficiency.
    The ranks shall be split up into the following three structures:
    "Enlisted" ranks, of which there are three.
    "Officer" ranks, of which there also are three.
    Finally, "Commodore" ranks, of which there are three.

    Enlisted ranks are as follows:
    The first rank at which an enlisted man enters the service is Seaman.
    The second is Petty Officer.
    The highest enlisted rank is Warrant Officer.

    Officer ranks work differently. Not just any man can be an Officer. Officers are handpicked by the heads of the particular Canton they are in. Their ranks are as follows:
    Chief Lieutenant

    Finally, Commodore ranks. Commodores control the entire Navy, and there are very few of them. They are handpicked by the King himself. Their ranks are as follows:
    Chief Commodore
    Chief Commodore of the Navy

    2-3. Recruit a Navy.

    3. Continue work on that specialized training!
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/11/11(Sun)23:58 No.17184900
    Aw shit nigga.
    >> Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/11/11(Sun)23:58 No.17184905
    Oh, and because I forgot last time, I have 140 dosh.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/11/11(Sun)23:59 No.17184913
         File1323665966.png-(246 KB, 526x539, 1293510161738.png)
    246 KB

    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/11/11(Sun)23:59 No.17184917
         File1323665998.png-(102 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    102 KB
    The troops are trained and disciplined! +1 to military rolls.
    A makeshift system of accounting is developed. ITs subject to crazy corruption but provide more money to the merchants.
    Gold! You gain 20 monies. This is not an income bonus.
    You develop basic steam technology, look at it smoke!
    The clockwork tech just don't seem to be happening.
    A small deposit of iron is found. You make 10 money off of it. This is not an income bonus.
    The mines and infestructure improve greatly! +2 to income and a 20 monies.
    You develop improved system of crop rotation, the crops bring in some extra monies +10 monies, this is not income
    our canoes! they sink!
    You find iron and gold! You gain 30 monies and +2 your income.
    The projects fail to get off the ground.
    >> Radmire !Ls0QbhK90s 12/12/11(Mon)00:00 No.17184919

    also, love you. Glad you're back.
    >> Radmire !Ls0QbhK90s 12/12/11(Mon)00:01 No.17184927
         File1323666063.jpg-(27 KB, 213x211, 1317069864098.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:01 No.17184933
         File1323666098.png-(118 KB, 396x241, 1294355576399.png)
    118 KB


    >> ONE HUNDRED FORTY PLUS TWENTY MAKES ONE HUNDRED SIXTY Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)00:02 No.17184946
         File1323666146.jpg-(59 KB, 357x500, Luck Be A Lady Tonight.jpg)
    59 KB
    rolled 12, 17, 10, 14 = 53

    1 To get a Navy.
    2 To institute the ranking system.
    3 Accepting the Imperial Highness' trade request.
    4 Continue on the Marine training
    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)00:02 No.17184950
    rolled 3, 18, 4, 11 = 36

    1-2 last ditch effort on clock work tech for war
    3-4 continue the survey for precious gems mainly diamonds
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:04 No.17184969
         File1323666297.png-(119 KB, 373x941, knight2.png)
    119 KB
    rolled 20, 8, 18, 15 = 61

    223 Currency

    >We've waited so long for this day! Incorporate this glorious steam technology into everyday facets of society to increase production quotas!
    >Recruit a fucking Navy, for fucks sake!
    >New and better machines must be devised.
    >Devise schemes for the increased automation of these machines!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)00:05 No.17184972
    rolled 17, 17, 18, 2 = 54

    Gold: 134

    Roll 1: Research Steam Technology (hey everyone else is doing it)
    Roll 2: Train Army
    Roll 3: Continue exploring for new lands in the east
    Roll 4: Research military tactics and training

    As their infrastructure blossoms and their travelers continue east. The people of azguard turn to the new mystical technology known as ''steam'' and hope to one day master its use.

    In addition their military begins recruitment and training their people fearing that their new found success may draw greedy eyes.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:05 No.17184975
         File1323666336.jpg-(141 KB, 500x281, I know your face.jpg)
    141 KB
    except not remind me
    I have been gone from these halls for too long.
    >> 160+10=170-10=160 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/12/11(Mon)00:06 No.17184985
    rolled 6, 10, 8, 3 = 27

    Continue development of navy streamlining, I need more boats!

    Actions 1-2 Trh to reduce costs of navies while keeping quality.
    Action 3: make a navy
    Action 4: Try to improve economy via reusable industries (timber, agriculture etc.)
    >> Sonir !FAIwcQVJw2 12/12/11(Mon)00:06 No.17184986
         File1323666373.jpg-(16 KB, 137x188, 1457.jpg)
    16 KB

    He would sooner make me admin.
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/12/11(Mon)00:06 No.17184990
         File1323666379.jpg-(9 KB, 267x189, gold.jpg)
    9 KB
    rolled 4, 19, 1, 4 = 28

    "You find iron and gold! You gain 30 monies and +2 your income."

    "Iron for our blades and gold for our wives. This is truly a day to celebrate." - Jarl Meolgar

    1: Construct training facility for horsemen. Cost: 150
    2-3: Construct a blacksmith workshop to craft equipment for war.
    4: Construct roads.
    >> Cash 125. 10PT. ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)00:06 No.17184993
    rolled 16, 14, 3, 20 = 53


    1)Recruit ground forces in the name of Lord ARGAIN!
    2)Improve our militarys morale and fanatacism!
    3)Continue research into our peoples past
    4)Improve our mines once more!

    An Ambassador from the southern freeholdings makes its way to azguardia to offer them an alliance!
    Known as The Southern Pact for Friendship and Cooperation or SPFC and will be chaired by Lord Argain of the freeholdings
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)00:08 No.17185000
    rolled 11, 3, 17, 18 = 49

    1-2. Establish dedicated logistics system that will accompany Mercanto forces and keep them supplied.
    3. Work to establish military academies. One for melee combat, one for gunnery, one for cavalry, and one for marksmanship.
    4. Have any cannonsmiths we may have recruited work on developing a new type of artillery, lighter and more mobile than its contemporaries and with the ability to fire payloads directly at the enemy or in high arcs.
    Treasury: 170 (+15)
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:08 No.17185001
    Srsly, anyone care to bring me up to speed?
    Also BELKA good to see you bro!
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/12/11(Mon)00:08 No.17185003
         File1323666509.gif-(42 KB, 155x162, Cataphract.gif)
    42 KB
    rolled 5, 8, 18, 19 = 50

    Dáh(money): 120+10

    1. Again attempt to school the young'uns in the beauty of nature and the importance of spirituality and art.

    2. Camel breeding program. We shall have the fastest caravans in the world~

    3. Send trade envoy to GALSBURG

    4. The people are hungry, reroll for tidewater farming.
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/12/11(Mon)00:08 No.17185007
    rolled 16, 8, 6, 19 = 49


    Finances: 140 + 12 + 30 - 150 = 32
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)00:10 No.17185021
    rolled 1, 13, 13, 19 = 46


    It seems our new recruits aren't very interested in more training. Perhaps we should try some other time when the need is greater. For now they can afford to be sloppy.

    Funds: 141 (+8) = 149

    1. Keep searching for more possible crops to tend.
    2. If we can't get our men to fight better through training, perhaps we can make their weapons more effective. Research better guns.
    3. Look into making better fishing boats for our fishermen. If they can catch more fish, they can help feed and fund the Dominion.
    4. While we are looking into ships, we need to design faster warships for when we need a fleet. Hire some ship builders to get right to that.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:11 No.17185026
         File1323666673.png-(314 KB, 563x415, tn876.png)
    314 KB

    You know me!

    I need Wiki admin powers as soon as possible, friend!
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/12/11(Mon)00:11 No.17185027
         File1323666676.png-(91 KB, 150x257, Winged Hussar.png)
    91 KB

    Winged men on black steeds ride towards your envoy.

    "We come to demand a pact of non-aggression and a trade agreement. What say you?" - Captain Verkar
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:11 No.17185030
    rolled 2, 4, 5, 3 = 14

    Alright time to get in this mother, new nation of Carthage!
    Upper right-most peninsula.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/12/11(Mon)00:11 No.17185031
    rolled 5, 8, 12, 20 = 45


    Gilders: 175

    The initial collection of books is fine, but we require more in-depth texts, on theology and philosophy, mathematics and history! Continue to copy and translate texts that we possess, and search for more!

    There's got to be SOME metal on this island! Keep digging until you hear that nice "chink!" that you hear when you hit metal!

    The crop production increases are very fine indeed, now we must revamp the tax system to accommodate this influx of resources!

    We really must build a Navy!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)00:12 No.17185035
    The people of Azguard receive a humble envoy from the people of the Southern Freeholdings.

    The envoy is kind and humble offering the concept of an alliance between our people.

    Our people caught up in their recent success and fearful of losing what they have gained from greedy countries accepts the alliance and hopes that together true peace and prosperity can be brought to the world.
    >> Acts:140(+5 every turn) Regiments: 1 (+1 Bonus) Navies: 1 Atlurarria 12/12/11(Mon)00:12 No.17185040
    rolled 12, 20, 4, 13 = 49

    With the Caravans evidently not reaching the three cities to the north, it is decided to lay off trade routes for a while in the hopes of bettering the countries infrastructure and finding resources.

    1 and 2: Search for resources.
    3 and 4: Attempt to fish the oceans.

    The Republic is proud to christen it's first navy and it launches into the ocean from the docks. It can be set about to explore or to wage war against other navies but for now, it's main focus shall be sitting at harbor and protecting the fishing vessels being sent out to reap the harvest of the oceans for the Republic. At the same time, surveyors are sent out for a third time to see if there is anything of value in the Republic that can be taken from the Earth's clutches.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:13 No.17185048
    Bout thur.
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/12/11(Mon)00:14 No.17185057
    "Aggression is the path of the nonenlightened, it would be most wise to pursue such a mutually beneficial relationship, the terms are accepted and shall be delivered to the Khmat. Sun warm your path." - Delegate Ekhar fikh Nasshir
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:15 No.17185070
         File1323666947.png-(61 KB, 957x1829, newewrewrw.png)
    61 KB
    >> 100r+10r = 110r The Metroskya !BWcQGfWgng 12/12/11(Mon)00:17 No.17185084
    rolled 6, 8, 5, 5 = 24

    Hello, glorious comrades! We of the Metroskyan nation do bid all those who dwell on the surface good day! Well, as good as a day can be with that accursed sun hanging over us.

    With the new knowledge of others who dwell on the surface, the denizens of Metroskya would like to welcome any who wish to establish diplomatic and economic ties to talk to us!

    x4 - In preparation for our forseeable expansion, renovate and expand agricultural burrows within the nation for an income bonus. Get our engineers and architects working on designing a safe way to expand our tunnels to accomadate the new room for agricultural purposes. This food sill surely fuel expansion and serve as an excellent trade resource.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:17 No.17185086
    Capital be Tunis
    FUCK i am high
    Maker how you's doin'?
    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)00:18 No.17185093
    Yo. Toss me somewhere.

    Nation Name: New Faustia
    Location of First City and It's Name: Anywhere, Name is Haven
    Government: Fascism, it's a quasi-theocratic government united by an asshole strongman.
    Desired Color: Any
    Additional Fluff: New Faustia was formed when several minority peoples were pushed out of their homelands to nomadism. They eventually banded together to form a nation founded on the notion of preventing them from ever being pushed around again. The various losing factions of prehistory banded together to tell the world to fuck off. Technically it's run by religious factions who are supposed to form a voting quorum to decide most issues, but given recent panic due to the rise of strong states in the area and territorial ambitions rising in the state, a the government has been reformed and power has largely been handed to a dictator preaching world spanning ambitions.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:18 No.17185095
         File1323667124.jpg-(61 KB, 720x720, 1293256984123.jpg)
    61 KB

    You need to use the proper template!

    Read the ruurs!
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/12/11(Mon)00:19 No.17185101
    (Forgot my trip)

    Ho, Etheria and Aldur, what say you to a trade agreement?

    Why, if I let my navies sail now they can be there within a fortnight! Think of the riches to be gained, friends! I think all three of us know what you should say to my offer, that is to say, the most enthusiastic yes you can muster!

    Have your people talk to my people and we'll work something out.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:20 No.17185120
    I am but these words are dancing!
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:21 No.17185125
         File1323667296.jpg-(25 KB, 288x288, media_288x288..jpg)
    25 KB
    Fantastic Bro, good to see you.

    Make me and radmire forum admin, disregard belka.
    >> Sonir !FAIwcQVJw2 12/12/11(Mon)00:23 No.17185139
         File1323667424.jpg-(63 KB, 356x500, 1314999932642.jpg)
    63 KB

    Confirming Belka would be a terrible Forum Admin
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:24 No.17185143
         File1323667455.png-(107 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    107 KB
    you build a navy
    The ranking system prove effective as a means of military discipline, +2 to military rolls.
    You develop blue prints for clockwork technology though its us in warfare is yet unclear
    The steam technology of belka paths the way for industrial and production might. +3 to income and 30 monies..
    Machine technology also increases, odd clockwork mechanisms of untold potential.
    Some progress is made on steam tech.
    you gain an army
    you need a navy to explore
    little progress
    the training facilities are made! The finest horsemen in the world bear the banner of Galesburg! +2 to military rolls.
    you recruit an army -10 to income. the mines are improved and they strike iron and gold! +2 to income and 20 monies.
    The military academies begin their training and you gain +! to military cannon technology is also on the verge of a breakthrough.
    The tides are used to better facilitate crop growth! Your people eat like peasents!
    your ship builder improve the designees of you light ships making them faster and more effective in a fleet battle. +1 to navy rolls.
    you make a navy! -10 income
    You find a large supply of coal and iron as well as fine wood! +2 to income and 20 monies.
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)00:26 No.17185162
    We would be very pleased by a trade agreement with your kingdom. We shall make sure your ships have a place at the docks in Aldur. We shall begin organizing our own trade ships immediately.
    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)00:26 No.17185166
    rolled 8, 8, 5, 11 = 32

    1-2 try to create Damascus steel
    3-4 survey for precious gems/metals
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)00:27 No.17185174
    Look at this

    So I do infact have a navy and demand exploration progress
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:28 No.17185191
    MY bad. You need to make further progress though, early game exploration without bonuses is tough as hell.
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)00:29 No.17185195
    rolled 14, 1, 17, 16 = 48

    1-2. Continue development on the new artillery.
    3. Search for iron deposits
    4. Develop a large grenade that can be fired from cannons, improving it's power versus infantry.
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)00:30 No.17185200
    rolled 6, 20, 7, 14 = 47

    Gold: 136

    Roll 1: Research improved battle tactics and training for army
    Roll 2: Continue the mastery of steam technology
    Roll 3: Continue exploration of east
    Roll 4: Continue expansion and upkeep of infrastructure

    Their new alliance forged and their army assembled the Azguardian people stood proud to defend their achievements against all who oppose them for now and into the future.
    >> Directorate of Aquitaine !!41xXAKJ0WJG 12/12/11(Mon)00:31 No.17185212
         File1323667873.png-(47 KB, 650x327, DirectorateFlag.png)
    47 KB
    Nations name: Directorate of Aquitaine
    Location of First City and its name: Somewhere on the north or central coast. Merovingia
    Government: Directorate
    Desired color: Bronze or scarlet
    Additional fluff: Secretive and superstitious might well describe a haven of old ways in the world, or at least how its government sees fit to operate. A ten man council of nobility and priests decide the fate of a nation in crumbling castles more than likely older than the nation they now serve. The people, while still superstitious in their beliefs are otherwise rather festive liking nothing more than to celebrate the feast of the most obscure Gods and spirits, as long as it means a break from their otherwise toilsome work as seagoing merchants, fishermen, or tradesman in the city of Merovingia.

    Hope this works
    >> Cash 147. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)00:31 No.17185216
    rolled 20, 3, 3, 12 = 38


    1) My navy heads to the port of midland to group up with out armies.
    2)i continue to train my troops!
    3)Research continues for as long as it will take to deiscover our ancient past!
    4) roads are built to better service the economy!

    Ambassadors from the city of Midland>>17185101
    Head to the city of Atlur, requesting they join The Freeholds alliance: The SPFC! the southern pact for friendship and cooperation!
    >> 160 MOOOONIES+10-10 Etheria !!dmGAso+Yd52 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185223
    rolled 9, 17, 15, 15 = 56

    We need a navy!
    Action 1 MAKE DAT NAVY
    >> Acts:167(+7 every turn) Regiments: 1 (+1 Bonus) Navies: 1 Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185224
    1. Set up mining operations for Iron and Coal.
    2. Set up timber camps, dictating for every tree they cut they must plant a tree as well.
    3 and 4. Research cartridges for muskets and pistols.

    With the discovery of the most valuable Iron, and coal too. With these materials low grade steel can be produced, either that or high quality Iron. Maybe they'll find some coke while they mine out the Coal? Anything was possible for the Republic, at this point.

    The discovery of truly fine lumber should increase their ship's durability and quality. Alturarria will truly have the greatest navy in the land! If steel is produced, they could even plate the bottoms of ships to make them more durable against cannon fire.

    It is also once again undertaken that the minds of Alturarria come together to find some way to manufacture a cheap and easy to use cartridge for firearms.
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185226
    Treasury: 185 (+15)
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185227
    rolled 15, 8, 10, 15 = 48

    Gold: 110 (100+10)

    Given the large body of water in the center of my country, maritime endeavors will be key to my nation.

    1+2. Improve the quality of shipwrighting in my nation, if we have no talented shipwrights at present we will obtain some.

    3. If our aspirations are to be achieved we need an economy upon which to base our military. We will set up hatcheries and clam farms within both saltwater and freshwater areas in order to increase food production.

    4. Arable farmland around river deltas is identified and government policies are enacted to increase available food production.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185230
         File1323667955.jpg-(442 KB, 1152x605, Electrofisher_Sutezo_by_Hollan(...).jpg)
    442 KB
    rolled 9, 20, 13, 7 = 49

    283 Currency.

    We will raise our hands above us!

    Our pride shining in the sun!

    With these hands work will be done!

    >Further advance our mechanical capabilities!
    >Automation must be perused. These hands of iron must be given a will of their own.
    >Create a Navy!
    >Improve industrial conditions. The worker must be protected and enshrined! Minister Lenin demands it!
    >> Atlurarria !!RH5E4nAtlwh 12/12/11(Mon)00:32 No.17185233
    rolled 16, 5, 20, 16 = 57

    >> 110 + 10 = 120 The Metroskya !BWcQGfWgng 12/12/11(Mon)00:34 No.17185249
    rolled 7, 3, 20, 4 = 34

    Well, that went poorly, but we shan't be held back by a single set of bad luck! We'll keep pushing if it kills us! Back to the drawing boards, my brothers.

    x4 - Continue work of expanding and reinforcing the new agricultural tunnels for the income bonus it will give us.

    We are also willing to receive any who wish to make a tarde with us, using our own turns to set up a trade alliance with them! Any comrades wish to establish ties?
    >> Cash 147. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)00:35 No.17185252
    rolled 10, 7, 2, 17 = 36

    Please consider my offer carefully. the Azguard are aligned with us aswell
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/12/11(Mon)00:35 No.17185258
         File1323668122.jpg-(25 KB, 309x300, bactrian_camel.jpg)
    25 KB
    rolled 7, 1, 14, 5 = 27

    Dáh: 130+10=140

    1. Education, the arts must be woven into our culture to be truly enlightened.

    2. Using the tidewater cultivation, begin cultivating Hemp plants for rope fibers, marijuana, and food.

    3. Spend 100 dosh on the construction of the Sun Temple, or Hashnumakht where priests will be trained.

    4. Use our new camelsteeds to send missionaries to nearby nations, starting with ALDUR
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/12/11(Mon)00:35 No.17185262
    rolled 18, 9, 5, 16 = 48


    Gilders: 180
    Income: +20 (-10)

    It's time to take our experience in improving our fishing fleet and turn it towards improving our naval warfare!

    Keep on improving that library, those books won't copy themselves!

    Continue to refine our new doctrine of crop rotation, I bet we can figure out how to make it work even better.

    Develop a banking system to safely store the peoples riches in!
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/12/11(Mon)00:36 No.17185268
    The training facilities are made! The finest horsemen in the world bear the banner of Galesburg! +2 to military rolls.

    "Our Hussars shall be the greatest cavalry force in the world. Our enemies will tremble before the thunder of hooves." - Jarl Meolgar

    1-2: Construct a blacksmith workshop to create equipment.
    3: Train a unit of Hussars.
    4: Construct roads.

    Finances: 32 + 17 = 49
    >> Galsburg !zlGr76VfAo 12/12/11(Mon)00:37 No.17185275
    rolled 4, 6, 18, 5 = 33


    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)00:38 No.17185284
    rolled 20, 6, 4, 18 = 48


    With the improved ship design, our navies will hopefully have an edge when they need it. And perhaps these designs can bolster our fishing ships as well.

    Funds: 149 (+8) = 157

    1. Attempt to convert our new navy ship designs into better civilian vessels. Hopefully they will help our fishermen.
    2. Though progress is slow, agricultural expansion continues. A proper empire needs a bread basket to feed it.
    3. Look into expanding our timber harvesting. That will perhaps bring in extra money or allow us to build our ships in shorter times.
    4. Also look into increasing our industrial production. We've heard of other kingdoms and empires who are truly pioneers of industry. We can't be left behind!

    -May the Ocean feed us and our fires warm us-
    >> ONE HUNDRED SIXTY PLUS TWENTY MAKES ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)00:39 No.17185289
         File1323668356.jpg-(906 KB, 1443x1039, A New World.jpg)
    906 KB
    rolled 9, 8, 9, 12 = 38

    In a rare public appearance, the King of Switzerland himself appears before the people of Geneva.

    "People of Switzerland! I call, and you answer. While you may be different, separated by age, gender, canton, class and creed, you must not forget that bond which brings you all together. You must not forget that you are Swiss. The Swiss people have an ambition that most others lack. I know. I can see it in your eyes. Truly, a King could ask for no finer subjects. I would sooner die than lead another people.

    However, I fear for this continent. Men such as we do not belong in an area of such potential turmoil, and it is for this reason that I believe we must set sail. I have made arrangements for our fleet to leave in an expedition for uncharted lands. Our crafts are laiden down with supplies and we do not expect to soon see their return. Salute the brave men going to do what we have not the courage to, as our survival truly rests in their hands."

    1-4 going towards finding new lands.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:40 No.17185299
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:44 No.17185324
    Maker is now an Admin.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:47 No.17185339

    Have you forsaken me?
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)00:49 No.17185352

    It likely depends upon how you define forsaken in this context.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:49 No.17185355
    1. I am high as balls right now.
    2. I have a paper to write.
    3. I am still "the founder" of the wiki, so I can make you an admin at a later time.
    7. Chill brah.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:50 No.17185363
         File1323669045.jpg-(30 KB, 352x336, 1322325944854.jpg)
    30 KB

    Please do it later, then~
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:50 No.17185364
         File1323669053.png-(108 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    108 KB
    Little progress
    A canon explodes
    Steam technology is acquired! odd machinery producing billowing smoke and power. +20 monies. What can become of this?!
    Freeholdings :
    Icy roads are slippery
    Some economic reforms prove useful and five you a +2 to income.
    Some notable shipwrights are brought in and put to work.
    Some success is had with food production.
    An odd mechanical sound of steam and iron echoes through belka. A machine of odd gears and steam stands above the tallest citizen and walks as if alive. The world's first automated clockwork man is made.
    You make a navy
    The tunnels prove useful in providing food and monies, +2 to income and 20 monies.
    The temple is made and priests are trained! glory to the gods.
    Ship improvements give you a +1 to naval warfare,
    You also gain 20 monies form banking!
    Fishing fleets rape the bay! +2 to income and 20 monies for all them fishies.
    industrial progress is also made and adds a +1 to your income.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:51 No.17185367
    Also you turned my people to sludge. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN.
    >> Old Ones !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:52 No.17185372
         File1323669151.jpg-(85 KB, 593x409, architect-02.jpg)
    85 KB
    That's just meta, bro.
    >> DieselDictator !UEzOyKRYK. 12/12/11(Mon)00:54 No.17185380
    He totally did though.
    >> Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)00:54 No.17185384
         File1323669268.jpg-(22 KB, 336x450, Picture Three.jpg)
    22 KB
    rolled 8, 8, 12, 7 = 35


    1-4 Send the fleet out to find new lands.
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)00:55 No.17185398
    rolled 8, 5, 2, 8 = 23

    Gold: 138

    Roll 1: Research a concept of steam ''tank'' (why not)
    Roll 2: Regroup fleet from exploration
    Roll 3: Load army onto fleet and send out to Mercanto to assist Southern Freeholdings
    Roll 4: Research military training and discipline
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)00:56 No.17185404
         File1323669381.gif-(1.63 MB, 300x300, 1323070375347.gif)
    1.63 MB
    rolled 17, 8, 5, 15 = 45


    >Refine the mechanisms behind automation. These machines must advance!
    >Further inundate our society with our highly advanced mechanical capabilities. The lives of the citizens must be improved!
    >Refine the mechanisms behind all machinery within the Federation!
    >Set Sail for the North!
    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)00:56 No.17185405
    rolled 8, 16, 5, 14 = 43

    1-4develop Damascus steel
    >> Cash 149. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)00:57 No.17185412
    rolled 7, 19, 17, 19 = 62


    1) My combined navy and land army set sail from midland to assault Mercanto
    2) I continue to look into my nations ancient history
    3) I attempt to build fortifications in midland
    4) I research millitary strategy and fanatacism

    The Southern Pact for Friendship and Cooperation declare war on mercanto! they have been building millitary forces and is a threat to my nations national security and as such ALL SPFC nation's security!
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)00:57 No.17185413
         File1323669424.jpg-(62 KB, 378x266, Valcano1.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)00:57 No.17185420
         File1323669479.jpg-(63 KB, 616x430, 3713375_jpg.jpg)
    63 KB
    rolled 7, 13, 2, 6 = 28

    >a cannon explodes.
    Well, that could have gone better.

    1-3. Continue development of cannon
    4. Continue development of grenade-shot.

    Treasury 200 (+15)
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/12/11(Mon)00:58 No.17185423
    rolled 9, 12, 8, 5 = 34


    Gilders: 200
    Income: +20 (-10)

    Bah! If Kavos will not yield a bounty to us, perhaps Kamos will be more yielding. Send divers out to harvest oysters, in search of beautiful pearls and delicious oyster meat!

    Is the Library done yet? No? Keep on working at it, then.

    I desire a place in Carpath where the children of the elite may be schooled and learn their duties as nobles. Build a university to further their learning!

    Finally, go out hunting in search of fine pelts to trade!
    >> Khmat Almáh fikh Bashkhit !A0FS./VUGY 12/12/11(Mon)00:59 No.17185437
         File1323669579.jpg-(16 KB, 270x203, 270px-Konark_Sub_Temple_Front_(...).jpg)
    16 KB
    rolled 16, 14, 7, 5 = 42

    Glory to the Sun, the Hashnumakht is great indeed.

    1. Send missionaries to ETHERIA and CASCADIA

    2. Cultivatan some hemp, marijuana shall be sent with the missionaries to allow the enlightenment of the nonenlightened.

    3. Using the new Hashnumakht Sun Temple, train priests in the ways of poetry as worship. The grandest poems shall be engraved in stone, but have their original hemp manuscript burned by the sun as a sacrifice.

    4. Expand around the lakeshore to the west, hugging the lake.
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)01:00 No.17185444
         File1323669640.jpg-(26 KB, 492x380, political-pictures-berlusconi-(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    rolled 18, 20, 4, 9 = 51

    Treasury: 120 (110+10)


    Excellent, excellent. We will roll forward from this to pursue some exciting new developments then.

    1+2: Continue food base initiatives.

    3: Continue Shipwrighting, specifically we want a fast, easily constructed vessel that we can loadout as a skirmisher, explorer, or close to shore interceptor.

    4. Thought is put into the production of shot to utilize against personnel: grapeshot is either invented or refined for greater effectiveness against masses of infantry.
    >> 120 Monies The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)01:01 No.17185453
         File1323669680.jpg-(140 KB, 535x550, Mandalore_the_Ultimate_with_fl(...).jpg)
    140 KB
    rolled 19, 12, 8, 19 = 58

    "So it begins, the Mandalorian people will soon reclaim what is rightfully theirs.'

    -Rolling to create Blunderbusses,cutting-edge tech is essential!
    -Go on a Great Hunt; the new Mandalore must prove himself by slaying a great beast!
    -Agricultural Improvements

    Mandalore would also like to extend a invitation of trade to our northern brothers, Belka.

    He would also like it to be known that the Mando'ade forces could be considered mercenaries for hire.
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)01:01 No.17185461
    rolled 17, 15, 10, 3 = 45


    Truly the ocean with provide for us, so long as we have the skills and tools needed to control it!

    Funds: 157 (+16) (+20) = 193

    1. Our ships can move so fast and our fishermen catch much food and profit for the Dominion, but we have no navy to protect our waters! Commission a fleet immediately to protect our valuable ocean area.
    2. Have our fishermen work carefully so as to not over fish a particular spot. We can't have such an important resource run dry on us!
    3. Lets see if we can't improve our guns so our soldiers may fight better.
    4. Our advances in industry seem promising. We should continue on this path for now. Expand our industrial production capability!

    -The Ocean will provide for us so long as we can sail it-
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:04 No.17185477
         File1323669854.png-(213 KB, 440x488, recette-large.png)
    213 KB

    It's about time you showed up.

    I'll certainly take you up on the offer~
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)01:07 No.17185501
         File1323670025.jpg-(19 KB, 250x250, 1310587659686.jpg)
    19 KB
    rolled 17, 1, 1, 8 = 27

    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:07 No.17185507
         File1323670071.gif-(6 KB, 272x271, 1323637429880.gif)
    6 KB

    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)01:13 No.17185557
         File1323670416.png-(113 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    113 KB

    Your ships harldy make it out of port.
    ITs a sad day for azgaurd.
    The sailors are never heard from again.
    The clockwork man is studied intensely as the engineers attempt to copy its design and apply it to thousands of others.
    Damascus doesn't exist bro. Yuo find some shiny steel though and sell it for 20 monies
    The army will arrive next this turn.
    The ancient history of your nation is an odd and taboo thing, written on the backs of men, carved in flesh and in blood. The farther you go into it the grimmer it gets and odd symbols and carvings as well as writing detailing malevolent gods are found. Belka is also mentioned in these odd carvings, a demonic peoples of old selling heir souls for untold power.
    Your army is a well trained fanatical killing machine. +2 to military.
    the library nears completion!
    The missionaries begin enlightening the common people with the new found plants.
    So much food you swear you would never go hungry again. +30 monies and +1 to income.
    The blunderbuss is made, a deadly gun more like a cannon. +1 to military tech
    The fish of the sea are many and bountiful! The food files many a man and you gain 20 monies form the leftovers.
    A navy is made.
    by strategically fishing certain areas and then moving on the recourse is secured.
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)01:15 No.17185575
         File1323670527.jpg-(69 KB, 597x451, charlie-chaplins-great-dictato(...).jpg)
    69 KB
    My countrymen, men and women, Changes of Government have occurred frequently in history, and in the history of our people. It is certain, however, that never was a change of Government attended with such far-reaching results as that eight years ago. At that time the situation of the People was desperate. We were called upon to take over the leadership of the nation at a moment when it did not seem to develop towards a great rise. We were given power in circumstances of the greatest conceivable pressure, the pressure of the knowledge that, by itself, everything was lost, and that, in the eyes of the noblest minds, this represented a last attempt, while in the eyes of evil-wishers it should condemn us to final failure. Unless the Nation could be saved, by a miracle, the situation was bound to end in disaster. On account of its form of government then, this State could certainly not be the cause of the war waged by the democracies against the country as it was then. New Faustia, considered as a political factor in the world, was much more of a cause, for after centuries of disruption and ensuing weakness, the tribes and states had at last combined into a new State which naturally introduced a new element into the so-called Balance of Power, an element which was regarded as an alien body by others
    >> ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY PLUS TEN MAKES ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)01:15 No.17185583
         File1323670556.jpg-(72 KB, 611x404, libya_03.jpg)
    72 KB
    rolled 20, 1, 12, 3 = 36


    IS THE


    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:16 No.17185589
    rolled 1, 10 = 11

    Roll one is for land army, roll two is for navy (I presume they can do something in this, no matter if they cant
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)01:17 No.17185598
         File1323670669.jpg-(34 KB, 640x360, the-black-reaper-rain.jpg)
    34 KB

    Even more potent, perhaps was dislike of the People as an economic factor. After we had tried for centuries to remedy our economic distress by letting people gradually starve or forcing them to emigrate, the increasing consolidation of the, political power of the State gave rise to a development of economic power. We began to export commodities rather than men, thereby securing the necessary markets in the world, a process, natural and just from our point of view, but others regarded it as encroachment into their most sacred domains. We then stand upon the precipice of war. We stand at the precipice of a Holy War. But know this my countryman: we shall not falter, we cannot falter. Never Again! Never again will we be forced from our homelands! Never again will we pay tribute to foreign powers! Never again will we be forced to watch as our women are defiled and our treasuries plundered! We enter a new era, a thousand year era in which our children shall inherit the world and all it's spoils!

    Hail New Faustia!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)01:18 No.17185602
    rolled 14, 2, 16, 6 = 38

    Gold: 140

    Roll 1-2: Army is loaded on navy and sent post haste to support Souther Freeholding's invasion of Mercanto
    Roll 3: Steam Tank Research (Something will happen dammit)
    Roll 4: Military training and discipline researched

    WAR! The people scramble and prepare for the inevitable conflict that will befall upon them. They do not enjoy war, no one does really. But they have an alliance and plan to live up to it.

    The men prepare, load, and debark with the navy to far away lands leaving behind their friends and families. We can only hope for their safe return ...
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:18 No.17185610
         File1323670726.jpg-(146 KB, 450x600, gearheada.jpg)
    146 KB
    rolled 14, 1, 9, 15 = 39



    >More emphasis on machinery! Inundate the very core of society!
    >Increase the sophistication of Automatons. More complex tasks must be within their grasp!
    >Refine navigational equipment.
    >Set sail once more! To the Northeast!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:19 No.17185620
    Why are you attacking me?
    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)01:20 No.17185624
    1-4survay for precious metals/gems
    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:20 No.17185626
    rolled 7, 1 = 8


    1) Train new troops if the ones are lost in battle,
    2) Discover who the people sold their souls to
    3) Improve our troops armour!
    4) continue building fortifications in midland
    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:20 No.17185634
    rolled 16, 13, 14, 4 = 47


    >> Directorate of Aquitaine !!41xXAKJ0WJG 12/12/11(Mon)01:21 No.17185643
         File1323670908.jpg-(42 KB, 383x631, 1310790935579.jpg)
    42 KB
    rolled 2, 17, 14, 18 = 51

    On the piers of Merovingia's pier the city's priests gave blessings to the fisherman as they go prepared to make their voyages out into the blue. Soon these sailors would return, along with the merchants burdened with oddities of far away, to fill the stalls of the city market. As per usual a man in simple soldier's dress watched casually from his perch atop one of the wooden beams supporting the piers. He made notes and ink sketches of this and that as the fishermen went about their business. It all seemed to be of ships in the docks and strange little mechanisms supposedly to tell direction by. He would as always, flip the small pad (Marked #3 on its front cover) closed and empty the small ink bottle he had brought into the ocean. What he was doing the fishermen never knew, if they ever noticed him in the first place, but surely he had some business watching them as he did. But then again he was from the Directorate by that uniform, and every answer you got from that lot was as good as spoiled meat to you. So, back to work it was, and the soldier eventually headed off his own way with the rising sun. The next day routine would repeat itself.

    1-2 Research new tools for more accurate navigation for our sailors and fishermen.
    3-4 Have our sailors head out farther into open waters eastward looking for fertile new fishing grounds

    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)01:22 No.17185648
    rolled 7, 11, 16, 17 = 51

    dice rolls
    also maker Damascus steel is a type of forging technique i want to say here is some info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus_steel
    >> Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)01:22 No.17185652
    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:22 No.17185653
    rolled 7, 6, 18, 17 = 48


    Not only are you researching into millitary but you are a "free" nation, which is the complete antithesis of my own Fascist land. you are a threat, im sorry.
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)01:22 No.17185656
    rolled 17, 11, 16, 11 = 55


    Treasury: 161 (120 +30 +11)

    The heavens have given their blessing to our ambitions!

    1: The development of more effective anti-infantry shot from our canons is pushed.

    2: The populace, our engine of growth, is expanded. People are encouraged to breed like rabbits.

    3. We continue to work on the designs for a fast and easy to produce ship, perhaps initiating a few tests on our great lake in controlled conditions.

    4. We form a corp of scouts trained in tracking, surviving off the land, and surveying. This will serve us in exploration and in planning our campaigns of expansion.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)01:24 No.17185671
    I kill everyone. I win.

    What do I win
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:27 No.17185701
    It seems our neighbors have decided to invade us for no justifiable reason! We must defend the city from this aggressors!

    1-2. Spend 200 currency to succeed in producing the cannons and grenade shot.
    3-4. Rally the militias and recruit an army to defend the homeland.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/12/11(Mon)01:27 No.17185706
    rolled 11, 17, 2, 13 = 43


    Gilders: 220
    Income: +20 (-10)

    Continue work on the library! We're in the home stretch!

    We're definitely not in the home stretch with the university, but keep building that too. They should feed into each other very nicely!

    We've got some good warships, but their onboard technology leaves something to be desired. Develop a better compass, to refine navigation with.

    Finally, we need to develop some better smithing techniques. We can't seem to find iron worth a damn, so we need to make the stuff we do have better and last longer than the average, dullard stuff!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:27 No.17185709
    rolled 4, 9 = 13

    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)01:27 No.17185710
    rolled 14, 20, 19, 1 = 54


    Our navy is truly the pride of the Dominion. It will protect our shores from foreign threats with honor. Now if only the army were so great.

    Funds: 193 (+6) = 199

    1. Lets see if we can't expand our lumber harvesting. If we want a navy that is the envy of the world, we'll need lots of wood!
    2. Train our sailors at ship to ship combat. We want them sharp and ready for a fight!
    3. Attempt to train our current land forces as well. Perhaps our great navy can inspire them to better discipline.
    4. Research better guns for our soldiers. We want reliable weapons for them.

    The war in the south is most troubling though. We hope that this conflict does now spread beyond the two combatants...

    -Our ships will sail the Ocean for all eternity-
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)01:28 No.17185715
         File1323671313.jpg-(30 KB, 323x400, img_bY4tSG.jpg)
    30 KB
    rolled 16, 20, 12, 1 = 49


    -Despite the lack of luck, the Great Hunt must continue!
    -Agricultural Improvements
    -Train an army
    -Search for natural resources
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:30 No.17185731
    rolled 7 + 2 = 9

    rollan for combat. +2 bonus for military training
    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:32 No.17185750
    rolled 20, 11, 3, 3 = 37


    Millitia get no millitary bonus
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:32 No.17185756
    mandatory military training for all males. Maker gave me the okay.
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)01:33 No.17185761
    Currently have 165 Gold at +15 per turn
    >> Cash 151. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:33 No.17185765
    rolled 7, 2, 8, 15 = 32

    fair enough
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)01:38 No.17185815
         File1323671927.png-(113 KB, 957x1829, Start Map.png)
    113 KB

    The freeholding army is lost.

    The armies arrive in mercanto this turn
    With help of the navigation technologies the fishermen go out into deeper water. They begin to wonder just how far out this ocean goes?
    Irons and coals are found and refined specially to make a stronger and better metals.
    You develop the grape shot. +1 to military
    The library and the university are built in unison!
    Glorious culture and learning fills the land and you benefit greatly form it. +3 to income
    Navies now capture enemy navies upon defeating them!
    You also gain +1 to military rolls.,
    your people benefit greatly from the boost to agriculture food poors into the capitol and you gain 20 monies and +1 income for it.
    Freeholdings: the army is trained will not be deployable til next turn.
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)01:40 No.17185828
    rolled 1 = 1

    Rolling for combat in Mercanto
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)01:40 No.17185837
    rolled 15, 18, 9, 14 = 56



    1+2: The development of this new fast and cheap ship is continued.

    3: Population is expanded as the people are encouraged to breed!

    4. The Scout Academy is founded to aid in training scouts for the purposes of trade and military exploration!
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)01:41 No.17185846
         File1323672077.jpg-(20 KB, 614x480, 05.jpg)
    20 KB
    The cannon's are made and improved with grape shots giving a +2 to military!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)01:41 No.17185853
    rolled 4 = 4

    Gold 142

    Roll 1-3: Train Army
    Roll 4: Research Steam Tank
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:42 No.17185856
    rolled 2 + 4 = 6

    Rollan for combat. +2 for training and +2 for artillery
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:42 No.17185858
         File1323672141.jpg-(20 KB, 316x475, clockwork-man-l.jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 19, 6, 2, 7 = 34

    We can't stop here. Stagnation is in the wind.

    >The failures in the field of Automatons must not hold us back!
    >Inundate our society with the Machine!
    >Improve Navigational Technologies!
    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)01:42 No.17185867
    rolled 5, 20, 4, 18 = 47

    Sorry forgot to change dice ...

    Gold 142

    Roll 1-3: Train Army
    Roll 4: Research Steam Tank
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:45 No.17185892

    306 Currency!
    >> 190 currency Switzerland !!weU7jTF06XE 12/12/11(Mon)01:45 No.17185894
         File1323672329.jpg-(121 KB, 474x750, 1319229865040.jpg)
    121 KB
    rolled 4, 6, 17, 11 = 38

    One last attempt. The fleet will be headed East.
    >> Cash 153. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)01:45 No.17185896
    rolled 6, 1, 11, 9 = 27


    1) continue research into who our ancestors sacrificed themselves to
    2) send our fleet back to midland for next turns invasion!
    3) Construct a network of bobsled trade routes after all ice is slippery eh maker?
    4) research into better armour for troops

    The south shall rise again!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:48 No.17185924
         File1323672487.jpg-(65 KB, 622x436, 10.jpg)
    65 KB
    rolled 15, 13, 19, 11 = 58

    The invaders have been beaten back! Now we must prepare for the next attack.
    1. Recruit an army.
    2-4. Begin creating defensive fortifications around the city. We shall create walls of stone and trenches of earth. We shall create killing zones and strongpoints. Above all, we shall defeat them.
    >> His Imperial Majesty !!KXYLStvUAht 12/12/11(Mon)01:48 No.17185930
    rolled 13, 5, 16, 10 = 44

    Total Income: +13
    Gilders: 223

    We have become quite learned as a people! Very good, very prestigious! However it is with a heavy heart that I must decree the necessity that our learnings be devoted to matters of war. Violence has erupted in the south of the continent, and should it spread I will not let my people be defenseless! Develop a system of walls around Carpath such that the people may retreat, should we be attacked!

    We must also forge stronger iron and steel, our smithies have yet to turn out satisfactorily strong stuff! Continue the development of improved forging!

    While I will not mobilize an army in peacetime, I would be an idiot to not guide our thinkers toward improving our battle doctrine. They are to devise a treatise on tactics based on modern military thinking for the perusal of our generals and nobility!

    That all in mind, we need to remember who we fight for. We must improve our production of trade goods. Build a factory to this end!
    >> davirr !irlQ7VhWQE 12/12/11(Mon)01:49 No.17185931
    rolled 8, 15, 2, 7 = 32

    1-4 survey for precious gems/gold,silver,platinum
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)01:49 No.17185937
    >trusting belka

    I lurk a lot of these threads. allying her has only ever worked out for like, 1 person per game, and even then I'm pretty sure she intended to backstab them if the game went long enough.
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)01:50 No.17185945
    30 (+5)
    >> Beldain Dominion !dvE.8UzEd6 12/12/11(Mon)01:50 No.17185948
    rolled 7, 1, 14, 6 = 28


    Our military men are shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. This is good news for Beldain, as the war in the south expands.

    Funds: 199 (+6) = 205

    1. Reorganize our army into a marine corps well-suited for amphibious operations.
    2. Work some more on improving our industry. Better production means a better Dominion.
    3. Expansion of lumber harvesting continues. Zug zug!
    4. Build a temple to the Ocean in Aldur. The Ocean has given much to us. Perhaps we should give the people a place to give thanks and prayers to the Ocean.
    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)01:50 No.17185953

    Almost worked out for me in EB3, except I fucked up my endgame.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)01:51 No.17185958
         File1323672697.png-(23 KB, 214x226, m03.png)
    23 KB

    That's just hurtful.

    And for the record there are two players that I held in high enough regard to not betray.
    >> Directorate of Aquitaine !!41xXAKJ0WJG 12/12/11(Mon)01:51 No.17185960
         File1323672708.png-(116 KB, 1000x600, 1000px-Aquitaine_flag.svg.png)
    116 KB
    rolled 13, 16, 5, 9 = 43

    "This does not auger well. There is no precedent, no proper ceremony way of keeping to the guidance the divines set out for us in the days before we even knew the sea."

    "It may well fall under any prayer for those who find themselves lost Fourth Director. Only, its rather intentional in this particular instance. Prayers and ceremonies the merchants use sailing to ports they know somewhat better could also ease the fears of many, and pay our dues."

    "And what of the feared monsters and wrathful sirens calling men to their deaths in the blue Third Director? I can pray for their protection but we do not know what is beyond those waters."

    "Then we will find out, I already have a willing crew."

    "Gods help you."

    1-3 Outfit an expedition into the eastern blue looking for fishing grounds and what may well be assumed to be mythic lands beyond.
    4 Search the inland for tribes or land suitable for settlement to the west.

    >> 165 Monies The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)01:52 No.17185965
         File1323672733.jpg-(20 KB, 200x216, 200px-MandalorianProtectors-GA(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 11, 3, 16, 6 = 36


    -Great Hunt!
    -Scour my lands for resources
    -Roll to create a calendar
    -Begin fermenting beverages.

    >+6 monies per turn
    >1 army
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:02 No.17186061
         File1323673376.png-(119 KB, 1122x1860, Start Map.png)
    119 KB
    Aquitaine, Your sailors discover a small group of islands! There is land beyond what we know?!
    Name your discovery.

    Further improvements into robots boost the size, sturdiness, and lessens to cost and strain of building these steam powered contraptions.
    The steam tank technology is odd and confusing concept but further work may be beneficial, it will take allot of work though.
    Bobsled transport networks, fuck yeah. 10 monies.
    MErcanto :
    You recruit an army
    Fortress world mercanto is made! with high walls, trenches, and all matters of fortification. +2 to defending the city.
    Some work is mad into better military doctrines.
    A smoke stacks collapses on a man
    The tress are raped for all there worth! +10 monies
    Your sialors discover a small group of islands! There is land beyond what we know?!
    You create a successful calendar, the first step into a organized world. +10 to monies.
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:03 No.17186074
         File1323673435.png-(10 KB, 296x297, 1194984910785474358stop_sign_m(...).png)
    10 KB

    Going to fill out the progress sheet.
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)02:04 No.17186079

    >> Azguard !vYxFZtaipM 12/12/11(Mon)02:04 No.17186081
    rolled 12, 4, 4, 3 = 23

    Gold 142

    Roll 1-2: Load second invasion force onto surviving fleet and send to Mercanto
    Roll 3: Steam Tank Tec
    Roll 4: Military Training
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:06 No.17186095
         File1323673600.jpg-(651 KB, 800x1200, kraken.jpg)
    651 KB
    My bad, your superior light ships give you a +2 bonus to naval warfare
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)02:07 No.17186105

    It's cool, you've got a lot to track.
    >> Cash 165. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)02:08 No.17186114
    rolled 11, 18, 9, 11 = 49


    1) Launch my forces once again to Mercanto! All hail the freeholdings
    2) Keep up with research into who our ancestors sacrificed to
    3) Upgrade our bobsleds to make them faster
    4) Research better armour for troops!

    This will be the battle which shall and the filthy merchants to the north! come my Azguard bretheren! let us purge their stench from this earth!
    >> Free City of Mercanto !IqA0fzbSjM 12/12/11(Mon)02:08 No.17186117
         File1323673715.jpg-(50 KB, 409x326, ihycm-2079[5].jpg)
    50 KB
    rolled 4, 11, 10, 6 = 31

    1-2. Take the most veteran and skilled soldiers from the previous battles and place into their own units to maximize their efficiency. They will be known as the Mercanto Bastions, for no matter what the enemy throws at them they will not break.
    3-4. Begin training the soldiers in urban combat and in city defense.

    35 (+5)
    >> Directorate of Aquitaine !!41xXAKJ0WJG 12/12/11(Mon)02:13 No.17186170
         File1323674005.gif-(302 KB, 294x266, 1277116132724.gif)
    302 KB
    Celebrations will be had next session. If I can still name them before you go I'll go with something simple. How does Oured Islands sound?
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:15 No.17186193
         File1323674144.jpg-(26 KB, 273x234, 1290495394462.jpg)
    26 KB
    Leading nation of the World:

    Size: N/A

    Military Strength: Marcanto

    Naval Dominance: Faustia

    Financial Power: Belka

    Technology: Belka

    Overall: Belka
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:17 No.17186199
         File1323674226.jpg-(113 KB, 640x350, 1293958693525.jpg)
    113 KB

    As expected~!
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)02:17 No.17186203

    Looks like I'm gunning to be this game's Britain/Russia hybrid if I can up my size next time.

    Also, let's RP some more eh ladies and gents?
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:18 No.17186217
    The Oured islands are the first foothold of man outside their god given lands.
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)02:18 No.17186219
         File1323674313.jpg-(22 KB, 337x335, 1309937509033.jpg)
    22 KB
    Agreed. Now that we've had a war things should get better.

    Fuck off.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:19 No.17186233
         File1323674389.jpg-(114 KB, 578x420, 1323453634695.jpg)
    114 KB

    Prrrrroblem, Neighbor~?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)02:24 No.17186273
         File1323674669.png-(1.02 MB, 826x738, distraughtrobot.png)
    1.02 MB
    will there eventually be openings for more countries?
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)02:25 No.17186285
         File1323674727.jpg-(7 KB, 251x201, images.jpg)
    7 KB
    No problem. Just Rush Hour.
    >> Cash 165. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)02:25 No.17186286
    rolled 13, 16, 9, 5 = 43


    I have a feeling a slot may open up *Grin*
    >> Directorate of Aquitaine !!41xXAKJ0WJG 12/12/11(Mon)02:26 No.17186301
    I may be more or less off for the night but I would at least like to offer an open port for trade if anyone would so love to open relations come next session. Otherwise, look forward to seeing my ships sail into the deepest waters the Gods and weather will allow until we reach the edge.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)02:26 No.17186303
    in the theme of exploration, perhaps some alien foreign power of the new world?
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:27 No.17186311
         File1323674841.jpg-(172 KB, 964x979, Gothic-Steampunk-Fest-courtesa(...).jpg)
    172 KB
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:27 No.17186319
         File1323674877.jpg-(65 KB, 400x300, andnowimstupid.jpg)
    65 KB


    Is this some sort of sick foreign humor?
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:29 No.17186335
         File1323674956.jpg-(30 KB, 600x374, naylor1.jpg)
    30 KB
    Yes. I could handle a few more.
    >> New Faustia !gRtD3b5Hak 12/12/11(Mon)02:33 No.17186374
    Meanwhile, in New Faustia...

    The High Lord sits sipping wine at the opera. The wine is a white wine, as His box is quiet as all of his guests are intent upon the performance on stage: a rendition of the flight of the Kurumi people from their homeland is being put on by a director with a completely new take on the whole business. A man comes up outside of the booth and after a few words with the chief of security slips him a note. He promptly slips into the booth and hands it wordlessly to the High Lord. The man quickly scans the paper, then nods wordlessly.

    "If it must be done, do it quickly."

    A nod, and the High Lord turns back to his opera as though he hadn't just ordered the opposition to his government slandered or strong-armed into exile.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)02:33 No.17186380
    would a country of robots be possible like zero-two given the setting? anything but necessary, but still interesting.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:37 No.17186415
         File1323675443.jpg-(39 KB, 400x186, OLDMEN.jpg)
    39 KB

    You're gonna need to wait for me to fuck up and cause a cybernetic revolt before that's likely possible.
    >> Cash 165. 2PT ARGAIN Freeholdings !T9vOz47aZ2 12/12/11(Mon)02:38 No.17186435
    rolled 9, 10, 16, 10 = 45


    Will it be BelkaNet? or Helios?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/11(Mon)02:39 No.17186439
         File1323675551.jpg-(202 KB, 901x459, stonedrobot.jpg)
    202 KB
    >colonial setting
    >belkan colony of robots revolting
    >my face when the Declaration of Independence From Meatbags
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:39 No.17186446
         File1323675584.png-(10 KB, 311x631, The deep scale.png)
    10 KB
    Not anytime soon.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:41 No.17186466
         File1323675680.jpg-(93 KB, 830x365, 830px-A-anim.50.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)02:42 No.17186476

    Out of curiosity, and since I think the question is relevant to everyone, is social technology such as military organization and training easier than, harder than, or only as difficult as tech advancement?

    Also I presume things don't have to go the same way tech wise they did historically, but that route is favored with some quirks?
    >> The Maker !fwEqM5TUkg 12/12/11(Mon)02:44 No.17186501
         File1323675890.jpg-(287 KB, 800x1107, sun-ken-rock-2398075.jpg)
    287 KB
    >Out of curiosity, and since I think the question is relevant to everyone, is social technology such as military organization and training easier than, harder than, or only as difficult as tech advancement?

    Military related tech is generally easier.

    >Also I presume things don't have to go the same way tech wise they did historically, but that route is favored with some quirks?

    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)02:45 No.17186511
         File1323675942.jpg-(52 KB, 506x337, 73729984.jpg)
    52 KB
    Mandalore was not a patient man.

    They had been out hunting mythosaurs for three weeks time; and they had yet to even catch a whiff of the beasts! He lay down among the veshok trees and thought about his people back home in Keldabe, waiting for their leader to return triumphant; the head of a slain beast in tow.

    He sat up and sighed.

    Maybe tomorrow would be the day....
    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)02:47 No.17186532

    Then prepare for a Battle Harem of young adult and teenaged Janissaries wearing plate armor! Mwuhahahahahaha! Complete with anime references.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:51 No.17186573
         File1323676301.png-(520 KB, 839x410, V.png)
    520 KB

    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)02:52 No.17186585

    Takes one to call one.
    >> The Belkan Federation !nkH4yr2niY 12/12/11(Mon)02:55 No.17186609
         File1323676555.png-(130 KB, 410x259, zeroonenuke.png)
    130 KB

    Relinquish your flesh and a new world awaits you.

    We demand it.
    >> Mwu !z5VJUXtDQE 12/12/11(Mon)02:57 No.17186629

    Nah. Do we ever do it the easy way?
    >> The Mandalorians !EPKUmfWUD6 12/12/11(Mon)02:57 No.17186633
         File1323676662.jpg-(212 KB, 960x402, 1323165332187.jpg)
    212 KB

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