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  • File : 1324236132.png-(102 KB, 1171x603, nationbuilder.png)
    102 KB Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)14:22 No.17257858  
    Hello and welcome to session Six of Bobskis Nationbuilder game. We still have room for more players so feel free to join in! We'll be starting soon.

    Rules are as follows:
    1. Post the details about your nation
    Government type:
    Ideology and/or Religion:
    Colour on map: Any not chosen (black reserved for npc barbarians)

    2. During your turn,you can roll up to 4d20 dices (write dice+4d20 in your email field) to do whatever you wish to do. For example:
    Egypt this turn spends:
    1. Build pyramids
    2. Train Army
    3. Explore Near East
    4. Build dam in a Nile

    11+ is all you need for success at ANYTHING NORMAL that isn't magic or mad science, 16+ is what will get you a bonus of +1 bonus in something, if your aiming for a specific bonus tell me. 20 remains the "Its magic I don't got to explain shit" target, or failing that nets a reward of a +2 bonus.

    Successful actions might give bonus like +1 wealth or +2 defense and the like so note them down and remind you have them if you do an action that's relevant to it. You can exhaust a bonus, that is to say spend it and reduce it to 0, to double its value on a roll. For example reducing your wealth + 2 to 0 adds +4 to an action. Note it has to be relevant to the action in some way

    Magic, mad science and tech from outside the current time period need natural 20's to get, but once you have them they can be improved with lower rolls. As always role-playing and elaborating gives bonuses. Diplomacy among players doesn’t require actions, but establishing trade routes does.

    War is waged by rolling your number of forces (armies, fleets, planes etc) in d10 + any relevant bonus , e.g. 5d10+2 if you had 3 militia, 1 trained army, 1 cavalry and +2 supply lines.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)14:23 No.17257873
         File1324236229.jpg-(629 KB, 4284x2088, turn_060.jpg)
    629 KB

    It is the dawn of the new Renaissance. Mankind has spread across the globe and now toys with engineering, steam, black powder, chemistry and biology in equal measure as magic of demonic, holy and eldritch means. All the while the nations of the world continue to dig up technologically advanced ruins of anchient nations lost to a war against an unkown foe.

    Meanwhile the plague of undeath continues to stalk the unclaimed wild lands, though for now it is kept in check by war and medical science. And in South America a hive of giant insects have begun to wage war against the Debached empire.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)14:27 No.17257908

    IRC in case the old players forgot
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)14:29 No.17257929
    The mighty land of Germania has returned!
    God I love this game!
    >> Collective !!J5X1luOwrrm 12/18/11(Sun)14:30 No.17257941
    Bonuses: +4 population, +1 wealth, +1 law and order, +1 archeological research
    Armed Forces: 5 Militia, 1 army (+2), 2 Order Regiments(+3)

    1 and 3: Research tech (+7 from all bonuses to #3)
    2 and 4: Recruit soldiers.

    The Collective of Southern states is at a point in it's life that it has quite a vast stretch of land and plenty of people to draw it's forces from. As a result, expansion is no long particularly important to the country to expand. Sure, it'd be nice to take the lands to the north, but the lands to the south are pretty much useless to the Collective at this point. A massive nation lies there, and that's really all they know. After the Yucatan is taken, the focus will be on research and cultural advancement coming into the future, although the recruitment drive continues.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)14:30 No.17257944
    Germania!? You're back Oh god dude I erased you due to inactivity.

    Join the IRC so I can sort this out.
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)14:30 No.17257945
    rolled 11, 15, 9, 3 = 38

    - Research electric tech
    - Expand east and south
    - Research refining
    - Research Runemagic and Shamanism
    >> Collective !!J5X1luOwrrm 12/18/11(Sun)14:31 No.17257948
    rolled 16, 19, 4, 6 = 45

    Forgot rolls.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)14:31 No.17257951
         File1324236680.jpg-(534 KB, 1001x1104, qin-shi-huang-di.jpg)
    534 KB
    Qin Dynasty reporting in etc etc

    1. Train psychic army
    2. Train Psychic army
    3. Decorate the palace and get really good catering food.
    4. Throw vest 16th birthday party for Qin Shi Tianlong, the Dragon Child.

    P.S. Debauchery, Collective, Solomon, Level60Muslim, and Zeve have been invited to the party.

    P.P.S. Bobski, How does using the super psyker baby in combat affect things? does he give a bonus or count as a separate unit or what?
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)14:32 No.17257962
    rolled 5, 2, 14, 7 = 28

    forgot rolls as well.

    9 armies and 2 navies
    Bonuses are as follows: +1 Population, +2 Secret Police, +2 Telepathy, +1 Ship Construction, +1 Naval Combat, +1 Psionics, +4 Telekenieis, +1 Loyalty, +4 Pyrokenisis, +1 Psychic Recruitment
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)14:32 No.17257964
         File1324236777.jpg-(78 KB, 450x600, 450px-Bat_Khan.jpg)
    78 KB
    rolled 4, 1, 20, 11 = 36

    Son of Great Khan of War: Mahmud
    Son of Great Khan of Politics: Negudar
    Son of Great Khan of Culture: Nogai

    Kingdom of Demons

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons

    13 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Loyalty

    The Great Khan is displeased with the lack of research and wonders. He requires his great empire to grow larger and become greater!

    1-2.) Look about the mighty Golden Horde's Empire for any sort of technology or knowledge left by the past.
    3.) Send the most intelligent Mongols to Rome to join learn the ways of Medicine.
    4.) Send some Mongols to former Qin lands to find remnants of their knowledge and technology.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)14:34 No.17257979
    rolled 15, 18, 2, 2 = 37

    1.2. Adapt Ray guns from last game and try to incorporate them in weaponry.
    3.Harvest Gold.
    Fleet build!
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)14:35 No.17257997
    rolled 7 = 7

    Qhun Empire

    Bonuses +3 population +1 soldier quality +1 construction +1 dragon training

    Armies 2 Regulars

    People of Note

    Akh Qhan Berk
    Qhaness Kharen
    Claw leader of 1st Krom
    Champion of Crow Cyron

    Also rolling for a random event.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)14:37 No.17258015
    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Forgehalls: +6 Construction
    Farming: +1 Wealth
    Trading +1 Wealth
    Secret Police: +1 Law & Order
    Enslaved tribes: +1 Population
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    Blood magic: +1 Loyalty
    Angel parts: +1 Angelic Research

    Armies: 10
    Navies: 3

    Me up in this bitch
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)14:39 No.17258032
    rolled 11, 9, 3, 8 = 31

    1-4.Invade Southern Russia.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)14:42 No.17258061
         File1324237342.jpg-(139 KB, 1200x842, the-legend-of-koizumi-1391620.jpg)
    139 KB
    rolled 20, 14, 1, 3 = 38

    Kalmuk reporting in!


    2 soldiering, 2 naval combat, good medicine, 6 magic potion, 1 health, 2 wealth, 2 population, 2 greek fire, 1 against zombies

    4 armies 5 fleets

    1,2 - Recruit more steroid-driven chaps into our ranks!

    3,4 - Master the squats and oats technique!
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)14:44 No.17258075
    rolled 6, 8, 12, 4 = 30

    1.2. We need a new and better secret police force! More jurisdiction! Less restrictions! More police brutality! More dudes! So yeah rolling to make them better.

    3. 4. Research further into using blood magic to control the subjects of the Hakaran empire and read their intentions!
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)14:52 No.17258134
    Ice Breaker expanding on Scandinavia
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)14:52 No.17258138
    rolled 19 = 19

    Forgot roll
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)14:54 No.17258154
         File1324238069.jpg-(23 KB, 170x236, 1323281627588.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)14:54 No.17258155
         File1324238069.jpg-(441 KB, 4284x2088, 1324236229856.jpg)
    441 KB
    where i want from guardsmen
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)14:54 No.17258156
         File1324238075.jpg-(635 KB, 4284x2088, turn_061.jpg)
    635 KB
    GLOBAL EVENT: Germania has restored its self as a nation!
    You have come to understand basic engineering and basic, crude clockwork (+1 research). You recruit 1 new army.
    You expand, but little more is done.
    Its a damn fine party in here (The child counts as a resource, how you explot him is up to you)
    Asonishingly one of your men makes it to ROme and learns advaned medical knowledge (+2 medical research). While exploring you encounter monoliths coverd in arcane runes- They strike your explorers down with bolts of energy! (-1 army)
    Yes, the ray guns can be broken down to base components! They are nothing compared to the origonal but you now have "laser bows" , though they are difficult to produce, fortunatnely the crashed saucer proveds ampule supply of parts. For now. (Energy weapons +1).
    You expand well (+1 population) Into Russia.
    3 mighty legions of muscle bound warriors are rased (3 army). An entire legion dies due to this squat technique causing their muscles TO EXPLODE (-1 army)
    The police force goes through training and are clearly trying, but nothing worthwhile comes from it. Your blood magic improves slightly (+1 mind control)
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)14:56 No.17258172
    rolled 12, 7, 3, 5 = 27

    - Research Steampowered weapons and armour
    - İmprove quality of soldiers
    - Research Refining
    - Research runemagic and shamanism
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)14:56 No.17258175
         File1324238203.jpg-(730 KB, 1920x1200, dragon statue.jpg)
    730 KB
    rolled 8, 12, 12, 17 = 49

    1, 2, 3, 4. Train the Dragon Child for war, teach him to use his abilities to kill our enemies.
    >> Collective !!J5X1luOwrrm 12/18/11(Sun)14:58 No.17258192
    rolled 1, 11, 2, 4 = 18

    Bonuses: +4 population, +1 wealth, +1 law and order, +1 archeological research
    Armed Forces: 6 Militia, 1 army (+2), 2 Order Regiments(+3)

    1 and 3: Research magic (+4 from population to #3; +3 from bonuses to #2)
    2 and 4: Recruit soldiers.

    (I'm going to be pretty much switching off between tech and magic the next few turns, and just gonna keep recruiting, so my last post pretty much still applies.)
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)14:58 No.17258193
    rolled 3, 12, 7, 4 = 26

    "Glorious leader!"
    "The engineers have built on the science of ancsetors, our time of judgement has come!"

    1.2.3.Build some armies with laser bow
    4.Improve ice breakers.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)14:59 No.17258202
         File1324238356.jpg-(127 KB, 800x685, Black_Orcs__Uruk_Hai_by_Skinny(...).jpg)
    127 KB
    rolled 4, 19, 11, 8 = 42

    1. 2. 3. 4. Building and army worthy of Hakaran!
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)14:59 No.17258204
    rolled 19, 7, 1, 5 = 32

    1-2. Expand as far into Russia as possible without enterfering with Ceveria.
    3-4. Cross my giant wolves with humans to create Wolf soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)15:00 No.17258213
    Oh hey it's this game again.

    How's that lack of player interaction working for you?
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)15:06 No.17258266
         File1324238797.jpg-(93 KB, 675x905, Mongols5.jpg)
    93 KB
    rolled 8, 17, 13, 3 = 41

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons

    12 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research

    1-2.) Research the Monoliths and search for more knowledge and artifacts across the Golden Hordes Empire.
    3-4.) Train and build more Steppe Horsemen armies.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)15:07 No.17258277
         File1324238856.jpg-(1021 KB, 811x1028, 1323865117098.jpg)
    1021 KB
    rolled 12, 19, 7, 11 = 49

    The Collegio Medicina, that fine cornerstone of the Empire was to be expanded.

    Meanwhile, the zombies were to be further trained.

    1,2 - Invest in the Collegio Medicina for med bonuses

    3,4 - Train the zombie so that he shall obey commands.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)15:08 No.17258285
    rolled 3 = 3

    Expanding into Scandinavia,
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)15:12 No.17258321
         File1324239158.png-(72 KB, 421x413, Jute Flag.png)
    72 KB
    rolled 10, 19, 13, 15 = 57

    "My Lord Jute, there is stirring amonst the people of our great nation. A Renaissance is upon us!"

    1-2. Music and art become the focus of this decade's celebrations! New innovations, new thinking, new music! New art! All of it!
    3. Construct a major factory for titan and Man-o-War construction
    4. continue work on the Winter Palace Wonder
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)15:13 No.17258323
         File1324239215.png-(17 KB, 698x650, Random events list.png)
    17 KB
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:17 No.17258356
         File1324239447.jpg-(636 KB, 4284x2088, turn_062.jpg)
    636 KB
    You make improvements concerning the horse and cart, and improve your overall mechanical aptitude but...no steam weapons.
    The dragon child is now a man, and he is ready for war (counts as 1 army in his own right)
    Magic is not your calling it seems, for the lizard men of Florida have returned and are raiding your settlements.
    A new regiment is formed, armed with the bow (1 army).
    Two new armies are raised for Hakaran
    You expand well (+1 population.) But your people are now harassed by packs of werewolves, what have your experiments unleashed upon the world!
    The monolith are decorated with strange ruins (+1 occult research), it will take time to decipher them. A new army is raised.
    The collage expands and has multiple sister organizations across the empire (+1 medical bonus). The zombies obey basic menial commands now, but the living are preferable for any job still.
    A new wave of culture occurs across the land (+2 culture), its so popular it spreads into other lands making you the leader in art, music and literature. A factory is constructed capable of replacing and repairing the man wars, but titan construction is beyond you (though repair is still possible). The winter place is at last built.
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)15:20 No.17258384
    rolled 19, 15, 9, 20 = 63

    1-2.Subdue werewolves.
    3-4.Invade Sweden.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)15:20 No.17258386
         File1324239621.jpg-(213 KB, 751x1063, Under_the_eternal_blue_sky_6_b(...).jpg)
    213 KB
    rolled 1, 17, 14, 9 = 41

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    13 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +1 Occult Research

    1-2.) Research the Monoliths and the Occult in the Golden Hordes Empire.
    3.) Raise another Steppe Horsemen army
    4.) Create more siege weapons
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:20 No.17258390
    rolled 4 = 4

    new random even for a new turn
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)15:21 No.17258396
         File1324239665.png-(693 KB, 1600x1066, Qin Flag.png)
    693 KB
    rolled 9, 3, 8, 11 = 31

    The time has come for Qin to return to power.

    1&2. The ring of spies set up in Hakaran's occupied China begin open rebellion (or give some support to the attacking armies or something.
    3. Train another army
    4. Train yet another army

    Attack rolls will follow
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)15:21 No.17258402
    rolled 15, 1, 14, 17 = 47

    - Raise Elite
    - İmprove soldier quality
    - Research steam powered armour and weapons
    - Research shamanism and runemagic
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)15:23 No.17258426
    rolled 3, 18, 19, 9 = 49

    1.2. Use +2 Wealth to build factory to reproduce the energy for laser bows.
    3.Increase research on the "environment shifting"
    4. Moar laser bow troops.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)15:24 No.17258432
    rolled 16, 10, 5, 15 = 46

    1,2 - Research ship technology

    3,4 - Build infrastructure across the Empire
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)15:24 No.17258434
         File1324239869.png-(453 KB, 1280x1024, fire_nation_emblem_wallpaper_b(...).png)
    453 KB
    rolled 5, 10, 1, 8, 7, 10, 2, 9, 1, 5, 3 = 61

    My 9 armies and 1 of my navies, led by Qin Shi Tianlong (Dragon Child) invade Hakaran's China.

    Bonuses:2 Telepathy,+1 Naval Combat, +1 Psionics, +4 Telekenieis, +4 Pyrokenisis
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:24 No.17258436
    Barbarians and pirates are everywhere! Fortunately they are just a rabble and simply raid rather than invade.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)15:26 No.17258449
         File1324239967.jpg-(29 KB, 300x314, Tinted_Mark_of_Slaanesh_by_Koi(...).jpg)
    29 KB
    rolled 9, 9, 11, 4 + 3 = 36

    Debachuria Now! Debachuria Forever!
    12. Summon those daemonettes! apply +2 occult research.
    34. Build 2 fleets apply the +1 industry in construction
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:28 No.17258474
    Hey Debauched http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23Nation&server=irc.mibbit.net
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)15:29 No.17258479
         File1324240144.jpg-(42 KB, 638x272, Goblins_at_the_siege_of_moria.jpg)
    42 KB
    rolled 4, 4, 2, 9, 4, 9, 7, 3, 7, 6, 8, 4, 5, 3, 1 = 76

    Kill all sonsabitches!
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)15:29 No.17258482
         File1324240155.jpg-(264 KB, 1024x617, Versailles_Palace.jpg)
    264 KB
    rolled 13, 20, 9, 17 = 59

    "My lord, our civilization has entered into a true golden age. We are the world's leaders in production, culture, administration, and infrastructure. Our people are among the happiest and our armies are some of the strongest. The Winter Palace is the world's most impressive building and the light of our nation spans the globe!"

    1. Build factories in the Pennsylvania area
    2. Begin recruitment of a counter-espionage force to guard the nation's secrets. The... No Such Agency, or NSA.
    3. Build trade fleets
    4. Construct new universities and areas of learning. Use my administration to allow for every man, woman, and child to attend schooling and grow in knowledge and wisdom.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)15:30 No.17258491
    rolled 8, 2 = 10

    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)15:30 No.17258498
    rolled 10, 2, 13, 17 = 42

    1. 2. 3. 4. More troops!
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)15:32 No.17258511
         File1324240346.jpg-(28 KB, 514x326, aftermath.jpg)
    28 KB
    rolled 2, 2, 4, 1, 6, 2, 1, 6, 8 = 32

    An expeditionary force of 5 fleets and 4 regular legions was sent to aid in Hakaran's defence.

    +2 soldiering
    +6 magic potion
    + 2 naval combat
    +2 greek fire
    >> Collective !!J5X1luOwrrm 12/18/11(Sun)15:32 No.17258514
    rolled 4, 3, 10, 5, 6, 2, 3, 3, 8 + 6 = 50

    Put the lizardmen down with extreme prejudice.
    Rolling to wipe them out, using all bonus except archeological.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)15:33 No.17258524
         File1324240421.jpg-(578 KB, 800x1100, Khublai_Khan_by_bitrix_studio.jpg)
    578 KB
    rolled 1, 1, 10, 4, 8, 1, 5, 3, 4, 7, 1, 9, 9 = 63

    13 Steppe Horsemen armies and 1 army of Dogs of War are sent to assist in the war against the Qin. The siege weapons are sent out as well as artillery pieces.

    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +2 siege weapons
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)15:35 No.17258537
    rolled 3, 4, 1, 1, 10, 10, 3, 1 + 3 = 36

    We shall exterminate these bugs now before they become more of a nuisance! Advance with 8 armies of musket infantry closely supported by steam tank companies and Artillery brigades to shell their hive into oblivion!
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)15:35 No.17258541
    rolled 20, 8, 7, 6 = 41

    I'll use my +1 ship building and +1 wealth bonus to make the trade fleet a success.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)15:36 No.17258546
         File1324240562.jpg-(29 KB, 500x353, Dr Steel smile.jpg)
    29 KB
    The Utopian Playland

    >Government Type

    Technology will bring us into the future. We will be the greatest source of technology through the power of STEAM!

    Location: Finland

    Fluff: With the dawning of the new Rennaissance inventors, engineers, and scientists are scrambling to one-up each other. A league of such individuals had the bright idea to found a nation upon advancement, to let the scientists of the world work and achieve for the sheer purpose of invention. One Dr. Phineas Waldorf stepped forward and astounded the collective with his steam and clockwork powered contraptions. Along with the inventions he spoke of "The Utopian Playland", a literal safe-haven where creativity and innovation rule, sometimes even surpassing worries such as 'safety' and 'protection of the planet's populace from doomsday devices gone hay-wire'.

    You know, fun!

    Color: Copper, if not whatever the map maker feels like.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:41 No.17258606
         File1324240864.jpg-(308 KB, 1600x826, 1241224433050.jpg)
    308 KB
    Though the Qin fought valiently, they were pushed back to their enclave in Japan!
    Qin lost 2 forces
    Hakaran lost 1 force
    Kalmuk los 2 forces
    Golden horde lost 4 forces
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:41 No.17258613
    Added sir, post your actions and join us in the IRC http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23Nation&server=irc.mibbit.net
    >> Stoned Anon !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)15:46 No.17258652
    rolled 11, 17, 11, 18 = 57


    1-4 Begin work on clockwork soldiers to defend our borders.

    Ladies, gentlemen, future innovators of our lands. We are a young country, newly formed and we need to be able to defend ourselves. Need I remind you of the threat of undeath running rampant through the world? Those monstrosities have spoiled your experiments, ruined your engines, SCATTERED YOUR PAPERWORK!

    I have drafted up designs for soldiers that will never tire, nor need food or water. Upon their metallic shoulders we will have peace in our work!
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:52 No.17258707
         File1324241553.jpg-(639 KB, 4284x2088, turn_064.jpg)
    639 KB
    You have subduded the wolves, and thanks you your exclent re-location plan have settled in Sweden (+2 werewolf soldiers bonus)
    Oh god another army is slain by the devices. But you understand more now (+1 occult research), the runes somehow channel raw energy. If placed on items it may have intresting effects. A new army is raised.
    A new army is raised
    A new army is raised, your soldiers are IDIOTS however and several die. You have learned of studies of rune magic in the lands of the golden horde (+1 occult research)
    You manage to construct from the saucer ruins a recharging device, though it may as well be magic to you (+1 energy weapons). You belive the ship may offer techology suitable for shifting (+1 envormental research)
    You improve your ship quality (+1 naval combat). Your new road and postal system has greatly improved the efficiency of the empire.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:53 No.17258715
    "getting warmer" your occult researcher declares (+1 occult research). A new fleet is constructed. The bugs are defeated at the cost of 3 of your armies!
    The NSA is formed (+2 secret police). Your universites are the talk of the world (+1 research). A new trade fleet is established.
    Though soldiers elude you clockwork does not (+2 clockwork research bonus).
    The lizards are slaughters and enslaved (+1 lizard-man slaves)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)15:54 No.17258721

    and his brother ferb?
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)15:54 No.17258722
    You raise 2 more troops
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)15:55 No.17258737
         File1324241716.jpg-(84 KB, 900x638, Mongol Tanks.jpg)
    84 KB
    rolled 8, 5, 8, 1 = 22

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    10 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research

    1-2.) Keep researching these monoliths and how to use this Occult to our advantage. Perhaps some form of Monolith based weaponry?
    3-4.) Create more armies after the initial defence of the allied Demonic Kingdom
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)15:56 No.17258742
    rolled 5, 8, 9, 9, 5, 5, 10, 6, 5, 5, 2 = 69

    1. Send a scientific research envoy group to Lvl60Muslim
    2.Train army
    3. Train army
    4. Have Spies in Hakaran's territory Destroy supply lines/sabotage operations as he prepares to attack me
    >> Level 60 Muslim 12/18/11(Sun)15:56 No.17258748
    rolled 18, 18, 20, 16 = 72


    - İmprove soldier quality
    - Research MOAR shamanism and runemagic
    - Train battle shamans
    - Train runeforgers.
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)15:57 No.17258750
    rolled 18, 3, 4, 8 = 33

    1-4.Educate the empire.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)15:57 No.17258753
    rolled 11, 20, 15, 4 = 50

    1.2.Build more Laser Bow Armies
    3.4.Try to get the ship up and running. (+2 Alien Research, +1 Energy Weapons)
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)15:57 No.17258757
    rolled 3, 11, 8, 17 = 39


    Accidently rolled d10's. Fixing rolls.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)15:57 No.17258764
    rolled 11, 6, 5, 3 = 25

    wrong dice
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)15:59 No.17258776
    rolled 11, 4, 4, 15 = 34

    1,2 - Raise more regular legions to replace the ones fallen fighting the chinks.

    3,4 - Develop zombie menial workers.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)16:00 No.17258786
         File1324242001.jpg-(65 KB, 500x647, Dr+Steel.jpg)
    65 KB

    1-2: Get to work mining our lands, searching for undiscovered and unusual minerals to use in production of our devices.

    3-4: Test and experiment with different clockwork motors, particularly using different metals in the main springs to see which could hold enough energy to power the toy soldiers.

    Alright, alright. I will admit it. I was perhaps a bit too ambitious with the boasting of having an army so quickly. But, as you all know, we must aim for the heavens and be content with where we land.


    Hahaha, I know, it was a good joke. No, in the Playland we are not content with where we land. We strive to claw our way up to Heaven's gates, kick in the doors, and shove that tawdry old fool, God, our of his golden chair!
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:01 No.17258795
         File1324242068.gif-(7 KB, 300x300, jollyroger.gif)
    7 KB
    rolled 13, 11, 20, 2 = 46

    1. 2. 3. 4. Build navies!

    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Forgehalls: +6 Construction
    Farming: +1 Wealth
    Trading +1 Wealth
    Secret Police: +1 Law & Order
    Enslaved tribes: +1 Population
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    Blood magic: +1 Loyalty
    Angel parts: +1 Angelic Research
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:01 No.17258799
         File1324242098.jpg-(39 KB, 600x600, Daemonette_commisssar.jpg)
    39 KB
    rolled 6, 15, 7, 17 + 9 = 54

    1,2,3 Bring forth the Daemonettes of slaanesh into this world. We shall have mad crazy sex with them and breed their demonic blood into the people of Debachuria, also we shall use them as infantry and Commissars! apply +3 occult research.
    4. Build Steel mills in the major the major cities. apply +1 industry and +5 population
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)16:01 No.17258801
    rolled 20, 17, 18, 3 = 58


    Damn, forgot my rolls.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:01 No.17258803
    rolled 9, 15, 8, 3 + 12 = 47

    Anyhow, a Second invasion is launched to establish a beach head in Hakaran's occupied China.

    8 armies, 2 navies, and Dragon Child

    Bonuses, 2 Telepathy,+1 Naval Combat, +1 Psionics, +4 Telekenieis, +4 Pyrokenisis
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:02 No.17258811
    rolled 2, 12, 16, 8 = 38

    This is a solemn day for the Jute nation. The beloved Dominus, Jute Titanicus, has died. In his place steps in his daughter, Domina Constance Titanicus, to lead our nation. May her reign be long and fruitful as her father's was."

    1. Research the laser bows Ceveria sent us in exchange for a kilo of uranium.
    2. Continue to improve the public schooling system
    3. Construct more factories.
    4. Construct farms in the breadbasket. Offer 10 acres to any family willing to move out and set up farms out in the breadbasket.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:02 No.17258812
    rolled 8, 2, 6, 7, 10, 6, 7, 8, 5, 2, 1 + 12 = 74

    wrong dice again
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:03 No.17258819
    rolled 17, 15, 19, 1 = 52

    I'll use my +4 construction bonus on the farms.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:03 No.17258824
    rolled 5, 8 + 3 = 16

    Send our two fleets to establish a colony in the southern island of new zealand. Shell the fuck out of the natives if they resist. Apply +3 artillary.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:04 No.17258830
    rolled 9, 8, 19, 7 = 43

    Armies: 13
    Navies: 3

    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:06 No.17258858
    rolled 5, 7, 9, 5, 2, 1, 4, 7, 7, 8, 7, 4, 9, 2, 2, 2 = 81

    Proper dice
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)16:07 No.17258868
    rolled 4, 10, 4, 9, 7 = 34

    The navy (5 fleets) was sent to protect Hakaran's shores.

    +3 naval combat
    +2 soldiering
    +6 magic potion
    +2 greek fire
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:08 No.17258878
    my current stats and people of note.

    Debauchery stats
    6 armies
    2 fleet
    +5 population
    +3 artillary
    Accesss to steam engines and gunpowder.
    +1 Industry
    +3 wealth
    +3 occult research

    People of note
    High Empress Hajexia
    Minister of War Shebolai
    Minister of security Tanakreg
    High Priest Vasimir
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)16:16 No.17258964
         File1324242966.jpg-(199 KB, 762x1048, __Khublai_Khan___by_bitrix_stu(...).jpg)
    199 KB
    rolled 4, 2, 10, 7, 8, 10, 6, 5, 9, 6, 3 = 70

    11 Steppe Horsemen Armies and 1 "Dogs of War" Elite Heavy Cavalry Unit is sent to assist in the war against the Qin.

    More Siege artillery is sent to batter the Qins units from afar.

    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +2 siege weapons
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:16 No.17258965
         File1324242967.jpg-(496 KB, 1500x1000, 1241224249840.jpg)
    496 KB
    Qin lost 3 forces
    Hakaran lost 2 forces
    Kalmuk lost no forces

    The Qin were pushed back again!
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:16 No.17258972
    Golden horde lost no armies.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:18 No.17258986
    rolled 5 = 5

    The dark age is over.

    Rolling random even for next turn.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)16:18 No.17258991
    rolled 11, 1, 6, 3 = 21

    1,2 - Recruit zombies into an unstoppable force

    3,4 - Improve soldier drill and other such training
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:20 No.17259010
         File1324243230.jpg-(639 KB, 4284x2088, turn_064.jpg)
    639 KB
    GLOBAL EVENT: The cult of the Serpent has formed and is harrasing nations on a daily basis, its mad leader bent on ruling the world!

    You get some headway with the monoliths, but not much. A new army is rasied.
    The envoy is lost at sea. A new army is trained. You manage to sabotage several key locations (+2 to your next military roll vs Hakaran , but only the next one)
    "Its shaman time!" Your people have unlocked the secrets of comuning with the spirits of nature (+2 nature magic). Your soldiers improve (+1 soldier quality)
    'Book learning' becomes popular, even amoung the werewolves (+1 research)
    3 new armies are raised. The ships systems flicker for a while but can not be sustained with your current level of technology.
    A new legion is raised. The zombies may now be used as efficent slaves (+1 undead slaves)
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:21 No.17259018
    You find a abandoned minshaft containing a mysterious metal.... It must be investigated!. You expermient with the clockwork, it has proven benifical to industry (+1 industry)
    4 new navies are raised.
    "-HOT" A portal is opend into a helish realm. A small one. Steel mills are constructed (+1 industry bonus)
    "it goes pew-pew sire", your researchers are clueless. More factories are built (+1 industry). The farms grow well!
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)16:22 No.17259034
    rolled 16, 19, 2, 19 = 56

    1-2.Train druids.
    3-4.More armies.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:22 No.17259039
    rolled 9, 18, 5, 11 = 43

    1. 2. RAISE ARMIES!

    3. 4. BUILD NAVIES!
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:23 No.17259045
    rolled 9, 15, 18, 13 = 55

    1,2,3,4. Train 4 navies. Exhausting +1 ship construction and +1 population.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)16:24 No.17259056
         File1324243460.jpg-(141 KB, 923x687, Mongol7.jpg)
    141 KB
    rolled 16, 9, 8, 12 = 45

    olden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    11 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research

    1-2.) Work on applying Rune Magic into a usable weapon in war. (+2 Occult Research)
    3-4.) Establish a military schooling system and college for the Mongol Army. Establish Officers to lead bands of Mongols. Also, make the Mongol Soldiers smarter. (+2 Medicinal Research, +1 Roman Legate)
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:25 No.17259065
    rolled 11, 18, 8, 3 = 40

    Last Push into Hakaran's China. Death or Beachhead for all forces involved.
    7 armies, 1 navy and Dragon Child.

    2 Telepathy,+1 Naval Combat, +1 Psionics, +4 Telekenieis, +4 Pyrokenisis and +2 for last turns spy shenanigans
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)16:26 No.17259076
         File1324243580.jpg-(350 KB, 1390x1050, mirror ball.jpg)
    350 KB
    rolled 15, 5, 13, 6 = 39


    1-4 Single-minded insanity applied to this mysterious metal. Numerous experiments are performed with it; it's melting point is found, it's put in water, thrown off the rood, the usual stuff. All this in an attempt to find out it's possible applications with...anything.

    Dear tinkerers and innovators, we all know what a magical time it is when we discover something new. He must poke it, prod it, possibly blow it up, all in the search to find out how best we can enforce our will upon the elements. As we speak right now, I believe one of the Grand Tinkerers is preparing to throw the metal off the roof, let's hope something good happens!
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:26 No.17259077
    rolled 3, 10, 3, 2, 4, 8, 3, 10, 9 = 52

    wrong dice again.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:27 No.17259085
         File1324243640.jpg-(20 KB, 292x219, zombie-sg-pic.jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 10, 7, 9, 10, 6, 7 + 5 = 54

    >1 on zombies
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:27 No.17259094
    rolled 19, 6, 15, 18 = 58

    "Domina, there is a treaty with the Debacherous Empire. They wish to exchange our knowledge of architecture and construction for steam engines."

    1. Make a sea trade route to Debauchery
    2. Raise an army of Man-o-Wars
    3. Improve our rifles. I want them to be capable of firing quickly... rapidly even. Yes...
    4. Research the laser bow.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:29 No.17259108
    rolled 6, 4, 1, 4, 2, 5, 7, 3, 5, 7, 6, 8, 10, 7, 9, 7, 1, 9 = 101

    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:29 No.17259113
         File1324243798.jpg-(48 KB, 475x257, man-o-war.jpg)
    48 KB
    rolled 19, 7, 16, 6 = 48

    I'll use my +2 industry, +1 wealth and +2 administration bonus on the army recruitment.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:30 No.17259117
         File1324243812.jpg-(11 KB, 225x225, daemonette tounge.jpg)
    11 KB
    rolled 9, 2, 5, 4 + 3 = 23

    1234. Bring forth Daemonettes through our Warp portal! The Daemonette breeding/Commisar plans must become a reality. We must mate with them for our people to become stronger! Slaanesh demands it! utilize occult +3 research in our effort
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:30 No.17259119
    rolled 7, 3, 5, 6, 6, 1, 6, 8, 2, 6, 9, 3, 9, 10, 5, 10, 1, 9 = 106

    This is of course aimed at Qin, and if the rules allow it, I'll follow him back and take his shit.

    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:32 No.17259131
    rolled 4, 1 + 3 = 8

    Send our 2 fleets to establish a colony in Madagascar. Shell as usual (plus 3 artillary
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:35 No.17259162
         File1324244150.jpg-(110 KB, 1000x565, 1241227302428.jpg)
    110 KB
    The qin fought valiantly, but were outnumbered 2 to 1, and forced to retreat. The Harkan followed hot on their tails, and have made a beachhead in Japan!

    Hakaran lost 2 forces
    Qin lost none
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)16:38 No.17259193
    rolled 4, 2, 10, 2, 2, 6, 9, 6, 5, 6, 8 = 60

    5 fleets
    3 bodybuilder legions
    3 normal legions

    +1 against zombies, 2 soldiering, 3 naval combat, 6 magic potion, 2 greek fire.

    The zombies shall be taught a lesson.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:43 No.17259237
    Correction, the forces of the Qin fought to the bitter end.

    All Qin forces were lost.
    Harkan lost 6 forces and still established a beachead in japan.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:45 No.17259257
    RIght, I'm down to 6 armies and 6 navies.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)16:48 No.17259293
    rolled 18, 10, 11, 20 = 59

    1234 Ship research
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:49 No.17259298
         File1324244947.jpg-(639 KB, 4284x2088, turn_065.jpg)
    639 KB
    The zombies rebelled , but are put down. (-1 zombie slaves!)
    More druids are trained (+1 nature magic), a new army is raised
    1 army and 1 navy is raised
    5 new navies are constructed.
    It works! The runes are carved into a sword and swing with an electic air (+1 rune weapons). A new school of military training is established, but it needs work.
    Hm, its not natural, its going to take more research (+1 metal research)
    You establish a trade route (+1 wealth). A new army is raised. The laser bow inspires your rifle research (+1 guns)
    A small familiar of the dark gods comes forth, eager to do your bidding! (+1 demon minions). A fleet is lost in Madagascar, and no colony established.
    >> Deus Operarius 12/18/11(Sun)16:49 No.17259300
    rolled 12, 20, 14, 13 = 59

    I return!

    1,2) Research Demons, work out if they can be bound in a similar way to souls.(+3 eldritch magic)
    3) construct a new navy (+1 ship construction,+2 industry, +7 general constructions?)
    4) find out what we lost in terms of magic to the demons, and see if we can train some of the acolytes in their skills. (+3 eldritch magic)
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)16:50 No.17259308
    You manage to use the saucer to create a new breed of "hovering" ships. (+1 hover boats)
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)16:51 No.17259331
         File1324245106.jpg-(64 KB, 470x352, Mongols9.jpg)
    64 KB
    rolled 5, 1, 15, 2 = 23

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai

    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    11 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Rune Weapons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research

    1-2.) Work more on the Runic Weaponry and on the Occult Magic from the Monoliths. We require more power for our armies!

    3-4.) Work more on the Military College with the Roman Legate and Generals of the Army. Our Soldiers are borderline retarded. We need to make them better! We need Officers!
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)16:52 No.17259332
         File1324245121.jpg-(139 KB, 800x1139, the-legend-of-koizumi-1391629.jpg)
    139 KB
    rolled 14, 3, 15, 17 = 49

    1,2 - Recruit more bodybuilders for the legions.

    3,4 - Initiate the 'Caesar' leader breeding plan, to be later supplemented by the 'Augustus' plan.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:52 No.17259338
         File1324245149.jpg-(168 KB, 640x515, invadan.jpg)
    168 KB
    rolled 5, 4, 2, 8, 5, 2, 8, 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 7, 8 = 74

    Wipe them out, the whole stinking psychic lot of them!

    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:53 No.17259343
    rolled 7, 15, 12, 20 = 54

    1. Mine for coal
    2. Equip all the factories with steam engines to increase production
    3. Build a string of forts in strategic locations around the Dominion
    4. Continue research into firearms, be they laser bows, howitzers, or machine guns.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:53 No.17259346
    rolled 7, 1, 7, 3 = 18

    1, 2, 3, 4. Recruit armies of psykers

    Exhaust +1 Psychic Recruitment
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:54 No.17259356
    rolled 13, 5, 16, 2 = 36

    Using a +4 worth of various bonuses on the coal mining.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)16:54 No.17259359
         File1324245268.jpg-(17 KB, 390x296, Awwwww yeah Spock.jpg)
    17 KB
    rolled 18, 6, 6, 14 = 44


    1-4 Continue with the single-minded-insanity. All tinkerers in employ of the government are given samples of the metal so that is may be experimented with in all fields of science!

    A message from your kindly, lovable Overseer: Greetings, citizens of the Playland! The council has decreed that this new mineral, which we're calling Utopium, should be tested and thoroughly as possible. Because of this, we are given a sample to whoever wishes to experiment with it. We are also having a contest! Whoever find the best use for the metal will be given a grant of one-hundred-thousand 'fun bucks' to further their research!

    [+1 metal research]
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)16:54 No.17259364
    rolled 1, 7, 15, 8 = 31

    1.2. Improve Bow armies.
    3. Build mo' armies
    4. Build hover boats
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)16:55 No.17259375
    rolled 14, 7, 9, 20 = 50

    I'll also slap a +1 wealth into factory improvements to bump it up to a 16.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)16:56 No.17259383
    rolled 6, 18, 12, 17 = 53

    1. 2. NAVIES!
    3. 4. ARMIES!

    Forgehalls: +6 Construction
    Farming: +1 Wealth
    Trading +1 Wealth
    Secret Police: +1 Law & Order
    Enslaved tribes: +1 Population
    Blood magic: +1 Loyalty
    Angel parts: +1 Angelic Research
    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:57 No.17259388
    rolled 2, 3, 7, 2 = 14

    5 navies, death or glory. Drive back the Demon Hordes.
    Exhaust +1 Naval Combat
    Make use of +2 Telepathy, +1 Psionics, +4 Telekenieis, +1 Loyalty, +4 Pyrokenisis
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)16:57 No.17259391
    rolled 7, 8, 5, 2 = 22

    1-4. Combine the werewolves and druids using nature magic.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)16:57 No.17259394
    rolled 7, 20, 9, 13 + 11 = 60

    123. Send the Familiar back to find Daemonettes. If it doesn't come back with Daemonettes we are sacrificing the little bastard to Slaanesh's glory! Summon the Daemonettes. Apply +1 demon minion and +3 Occult research.

    4. Build lumber mills and create wood and shit. apply +2 industry and +5 population to work the mills
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)16:58 No.17259403
    rolled 6, 8, 11, 6, 20 = 51

    Continue to Conquer scandinavia.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:58 No.17259405
    rolled 4, 19, 1, 5 = 29

    those were d10s, sorry.
    Here's d20s
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)16:59 No.17259415
    rolled 9 = 9

    that was off by 1 dice, here it is.
    >> Qin Shi Huang 12/18/11(Sun)17:01 No.17259438
    I'm also going to exhaust my +1 loyalty on these, might as well.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:07 No.17259499
         File1324246021.jpg-(165 KB, 576x720, 1317661855104.jpg)
    165 KB
    Hakaran lost 1 army
    Qin lost all forces.

    The Qins new home land has been overrun, and the Psychic temples in ruin as the demon-men overrun the land.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:09 No.17259531
         File1324246146.jpg-(640 KB, 4284x2088, turn_065.jpg)
    640 KB
    You discover you can bind the souls of demons to your machines (+1 infernal machines). A new navy is built. New acolytes are trained to make up for the lost knowledge (+1 eldritch magic)
    "The metal lives!" Oh god the swords have taken a life of their own! (-1 army). Training improves (+1 soldiering)
    A new legion is raised. The programe is going well (+1 leadership)
    Coal mining goes well, and a steady supply is avaliable. The steam engines have payed off (+1 industry). You have invented a hand cranked device known as "the gattling cannon." Though too big for a man to crank, your man-o-wars can do it. (+1 guns)
    You now understand the metal, its not of the earth but from space (+1 star metal). The metal is ultra light and ultra strong, and suitable for countless uses in science.
    You lose an army due to an explosion caused by one of the bows power cells! A new army is built to replace if fortunately.
    2 new navies are constructed. 2 new armies raised.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:10 No.17259548
    rolled 7 = 7

    Random event!
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:12 No.17259578
    rolled 17 = 17

    It came back with demonets (+1 demon servants). The lumber mills are constructed.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)17:13 No.17259582
    rolled 10, 18, 11, 20 = 59

    1,2 - Research biological weapons

    3,4 - Initiate the 'Augustus' leadership breeding plan.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)17:13 No.17259586
         File1324246409.jpg-(127 KB, 682x928, Mongols14.jpg)
    127 KB
    rolled 7, 12, 5, 20 = 44

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    10 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +1 Rune Weapons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research
    +1 Soldiering

    1.) Raise a new Army (+1 soldiering, +7 population)
    2.) Make the Military College greater in its teachings of education for the Soldiers. (+1 Soldiering, +1 Roman Legate)
    3-4.) Upgrade the Rune Magic we've developed! (+2 Occult Research)
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:13 No.17259590
    Your efforts do not bare fruit.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)17:15 No.17259607
         File1324246504.jpg-(124 KB, 620x453, feature89_vampireArt.jpg)
    124 KB
    rolled 19, 9, 5, 20 = 53


    1. 2. 3. 4. Secret findan, spoils lootan!

    Forgehalls: +6 Construction
    Farming: +1 Wealth
    Trading +1 Wealth
    Secret Police: +1 Law & Order
    Enslaved tribes: +1 Population
    Blood magic: +1 Loyalty
    Angel parts: +1 Angelic Research
    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)17:15 No.17259609
    rolled 10, 5, 11, 5 = 31

    1-4. Combine druids with werewolves using natural magic.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)17:15 No.17259611
    rolled 4, 10, 1, 10, 1, 1, 6, 3, 10, 7, 2, 2 = 57

    5 fleets
    3 normal legions
    4 bodybuilder legions

    Expand into Africa.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)17:18 No.17259663
         File1324246721.jpg-(392 KB, 821x510, TLD_Intro__Mordor_by_Merlkir.jpg)
    392 KB
    rolled 1, 1, 1, 9, 4, 1, 1, 5, 3, 5, 7, 6, 10, 3, 5, 3, 8, 1 = 74

    Taking the rest of Japan.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)17:18 No.17259665
         File1324246728.jpg-(168 KB, 591x806, steampunk shadow man.jpg)
    168 KB
    rolled 2, 4, 2, 4 = 12


    1-4 Use the star metal to create a clockwork engine.

    Playland Headline: Professor Drosselmeyer has discovered the extra-terrestrial nature of this particular metal. He now sits at the Table of Engineers, overseeing development of the Utopian Playlands new wondrous resource.
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)17:19 No.17259674
         File1324246778.jpg-(142 KB, 900x617, 1324244639376.jpg)
    142 KB
    rolled 19, 15, 13, 18 = 65

    Takka takka takka takka!

    "As you can see, Arch-Domina, Johnathan Gatling has created a marvelous weapon!" The thundering racket of the Gatling gun forced the advisor to shout over the noise. "We will have these produced in masse and sent to our Man-o-Wars. With these our armies will be quickly unstoppable!"

    Takka takka takka takka

    "Excellent work, make sure that Johnathan Gatling is given all the funds he needs to continue with his research." Arch-Domina Constance replied. "The Dominion is a shining light of hope and culture in the world. Let's make sure that it has the strength to stay that way."

    1. Continue to improve the Gatling gun
    2-3. Construct railways across the Dominion. Every city will have a railways in addition to its Highways.
    4. Construct a fleet of cannon-armed ships, First Rate Ships of the Line.
    >> Deus Operarius 12/18/11(Sun)17:19 No.17259677
    rolled 12, 9, 8, 9 = 38

    Right. We now have a way to bind them. Now... Just to capture them...

    1,2) Capture demons. use sacrifices as lures. catch them using the soul steel. (+2 impossible metal, +1 infernal machines)
    3) Create more ships, this time using the demon gears at shift water behind them. (+1 ship construction, +2 industry, +1 infernal machines)
    4) study birds, try and understand how they fly.

    +1 loyalty
    4 size army
    1 navy
    +1 soldier quality
    +3 population
    +4 eldritch Magic - usable in combat and construction
    +2 mutant slaves - usable in combat and construction
    +2 undead slaves - usable in combat and construction
    +1 health
    +2 industry
    +2 to impossible weapons
    +1 infernal machines
    +1 faith
    +1 ship construction
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)17:20 No.17259688
         File1324246848.jpg-(175 KB, 884x903, slaanesh_daemonettes_by_boozek(...).jpg)
    175 KB
    rolled 20, 20, 18, 3 + 8 = 69

    1,2. Have hawt passionate sex with the Daemonettes and begin breeding a new demonically enhanced generation of Debauchurians. apply +occult research and +2 demonic minions.
    3,4. Create a corp of Daemonette Commisars to assist in fighting and motivate the troops with sexual acts. Apply +3 wealth to equip and arm them for the task
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)17:21 No.17259691
    rolled 17, 4, 11, 12 = 44

    "Glorious leader, our upgrading is not going well."
    "Vasily, haven't you dissapointed me enough?"
    "Sir, the ancestor's technology is too much for us to bear, a whole regimen was destroyed!"\
    "We will never gain any progress if we fear it, "

    1234. Build more armies.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)17:21 No.17259697
    thats +3 occult i forgot the number
    >> Deus Operarius 12/18/11(Sun)17:22 No.17259705
    rolled 7 = 7

    send another exploration mission towards the south. this time with a compass!

    1 navy,
    1 army sent with them.
    various priests.

    target - Northeast africa. Possibly canary islands.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:29 No.17259778
         File1324247341.jpg-(648 KB, 4284x2088, turn_066.jpg)
    648 KB
    You research various posions sutible for weaponisation (+1 poisons). You have created the ultimate Ceaser! (+2 leadership). You loose 3 armies to the africa expansion.
    You have masterd the runes! (+2 rune weaponry!)
    Amidst the smouldering ruins you find a crying baby. It is not the same child once raised by the qin, but his only blood child!
    You lost 6 forces, but all of japan is yours.
    The wolves resist druidic teachings, but at least have improved their own self knowledge (+1 werewolf soldiers)
    You make a clock out of the metal, but it does nothing special.
    The rate of fire is improved (+1 guns), transport networks are built. A new fleet is built.
    You capture some demons!. You contruct a fleet, and take the canary islands.
    [censored] happens ,you gain +4 demon blood for use in combat or cultural persuits.
    You raise an army of comissars (+1 secret police)
    3 new armies are raised.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:29 No.17259787
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)17:32 No.17259818
    rolled 9, 5, 13, 14 = 41

    1-4.Combine druids with werewolves using natural magic.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)17:33 No.17259826
         File1324247584.jpg-(35 KB, 200x217, mfw seinfeld.jpg)
    35 KB
    rolled 9, 2, 6, 6 = 23


    1-4 Apply what we learned about making the clock into building a clockwork engine big enough to power a toy soldier.

    Professor Drosselmeyer: "Yes...well...now that we have a clock to keep track of time, we can...time ourselves in building the Toy Soldiers! Yes, that's totally what my first step was!"
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)17:33 No.17259835
    rolled 8, 11, 7, 5 = 31

    1. Hover boat building
    2.3. Research land shifting yet again
    4. Gold harvest is overdue.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)17:33 No.17259837
         File1324247632.jpg-(51 KB, 460x276, Deal with it.jpg)
    51 KB
    rolled 2, 13, 20, 17 = 52

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    10 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +2 siege weapons
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +3 Rune Weapons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research
    +1 Soldiering

    1-2.) Keep working on the system of education for the Military College. Perhaps use breeding learned from the Romans for smarter Officers to be used for leading the Mongol Forces. Also, create better education for the lower class soldier. (+1 soldier, +1 Roman Legate, + Medicinal Research)

    3-4.) We have mastered the Runes but there is more to be learned! We shall mix the Runes with the weapons of Greek Fire, Arrows, Armour, and even Mobile Monolith Artillery Pieces! The Runes shall be a masterpiece for the Golden Horde! (+2 Occult Research)
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)17:35 No.17259857
         File1324247727.jpg-(98 KB, 800x1145, the-legend-of-koizumi-1604180.jpg)
    98 KB
    rolled 1, 7, 10, 5, 2, 2, 1, 5, 9, 6, 9, 9 = 66

    1,2 - Recruit more bodybuilder legions to replace the regular untermensch lost in Africa

    3,4 - Mix zombies and greek fire to develop walking flamethrowers
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)17:36 No.17259863
    rolled 17, 3, 12, 20 = 52


    Wrong dice.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)17:37 No.17259870
    rolled 16, 5, 3, 1, 9, 3 = 37

    Advance into Russia with bow armies.
    Important people:
    Danil Sidorov- Glorious Leader
    Vasily Stepanovich- Head engineer.

    2 ice breaker fleets
    6 Bow Armies.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)17:37 No.17259871
    rolled 10, 1, 13, 18 = 42

    1. 2. Work blood magic on babby to make it as loyal/brain washed/managable as possible.

    3. 4. Take some of it's blood dabble around with it. Include demon blood and angel blood in this process.

    Remember I can clone blood.

    Forgehalls: +6 Construction
    Farming: +1 Wealth
    Trading +1 Wealth
    Secret Police: +1 Law & Order
    Enslaved tribes: +1 Population
    Blood magic: +1 Loyalty
    Angel parts: +1 Angelic Research
    Warrior Caste: +2 Soldiering
    Unholy weapons: +2 Fightan
    Demon blood: +4 Fightan & Workan
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)17:38 No.17259889
    rolled 1, 13, 4, 2 = 20

    "Arch-Domina, Johnathan Gatling has successfully improved on his design. The weapon now fires faster than before."

    "Excellent. This is what I want done to the Dominion this year. I want more factories to continue producing goods, arms, and armor. Also, refurbish the Man-o-War Factory. I also want to expand the borders northward. There is Uranium there and we must acquire it as quickly as possible to continue fueling our army. After that is complete see to the population. Give them something to make them happier."

    "Yes, Arch-Domina."

    1. Improve the factories. Make them better. Mass production is our goal!
    2. Expand north
    3. Increase the loyalty of the people. Make use of the public school system to indoctrinate the children and ensure their loyalty from a very young age.
    4. Improve military drill.
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)17:41 No.17259917
    rolled 13, 11, 19, 10 = 53

    I'll use my Administration, Loyalty, Secret Police and Culture bonuses to make the loyalty increase a success. There's noting I can do about anything else. That one is going to hurt.
    >> Deus Ferrum (formerly Deus Operarius) 12/18/11(Sun)17:41 No.17259923
    rolled 18, 9, 9, 15 = 51

    "well, these so called "piña colada's are very pleasant. But have you actually conquered more than just some holiday homes?"
    "well, It seems the mainland has been conquered by another nation. They call them selves kalmuk, and seem to be friendly. Willing even, to provide come sacrifices. mostly of those they have no need for."
    "Is that so? Very well... Perhaps we should get into more connections with these people..."

    1) Get into diplomatic relations with Kalmuk.
    2) Study the demons we collected. find out if they have any connection to any previously discovered.
    3) lower a demon into the Underverse. study what comes out if it is any different. otherwise, sacrifice.
    4) create some form of armour for the soldiers, using the soul metal to bind them against weariness (And death, by binding the soul within) and infernal machines to grant them furious strength.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)17:42 No.17259930
         File1324248141.jpg-(144 KB, 692x1000, slaanesh_by_zk87-d2z4bpv.jpg)
    144 KB
    rolled 7, 8, 7, 9 + 17 = 48

    Empress Hajexia is pleased by her nations progress and the Debauchurians can truly claim to be children of Slaanesh. It is now time to look inward and build up our nation.
    1. Open up trade with Hakaran since we have a lot in common now. apply +3 wealth to make it worthwhile
    2. Build more factories for industry. Apply industry bonus +2
    3. Invest in magical research at the temple of slaanesh in the Andes Mountains. Find a way to bind the souls of our dead to inanimate objects +4 demon blood and +3 occult research
    4.Build another army and draft people to fill it +5 population.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)17:42 No.17259936
    rolled 4 = 4

    I and my group of religous fanatic rebels demand Independence and sovereignty from the govt. occupying the landmass of Australia.
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)17:45 No.17259963
    rolled 4 = 4

    oh yeah, bonuses.
    2- +4 eldritch magic.
    3- +4 eldritch magic
    4 - +2 soul metal, +1 infernal machine, +2 industry, ?+4 eldritch magic?

    Also, going west with my new navy to svalbard.
    same preparations as previously.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:45 No.17259965
    Oz is afk Im afraid. Sorry.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)17:46 No.17259971
         File1324248360.jpg-(589 KB, 4284x2088, 1324236229856..jpg)
    589 KB
    i have nothing better to do for a while, so i'll join.
    Name: nation of the sword
    Government type: monarchy
    Ideology and/or Religion: pantheonist, reincarnation
    Location: madagascar
    Fluff: once a large natwork of tribes, a great leader united the bickering tribal leaders and they now live in (relative) harmony, occasionally, a noble challenges the monarch for control, but all have been put down so far.
    Colour on map: dark green
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)17:47 No.17259988
    rolled 5 = 5

    make that south america then
    Rerolling if its needed, dont count it if its not
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)17:48 No.17260005
    I will fuck you in half.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)17:51 No.17260041
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)17:54 No.17260065
    Your welcome to try and break away if the GM will let you. But understand if you gain independence I will not rest I will not take a break and I will not stop till you are dead and buried.
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)17:54 No.17260076
    cultist here
    We believe our leader is the incarnation on the mortal plane of our god oyagyu
    I will be going by this name
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)17:55 No.17260087
    well according to that 9 we just convinced a decent chunk of your population to back us up. Lets see if the GM lets this happen
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:57 No.17260101
    I'll let you break away in one of Debaucherys colonies. Post the full details of your nation as per OP rules.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)17:58 No.17260112
    Added, post your actions
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:03 No.17260173
    Name:children of oyagyu
    Govt type: Theocracy, one "divine" leader who can do whatever he pleases, laws based on the religion
    Location:The govt occupying south america
    Religion:we worship the god oyagyu. Oyagyu demands all heretics be purged, but is not at all impatient, as he is immortal. He demands a batch of sacrafices each two years, and he considers narcotics of all kinds sacred. Drugs in general have are considered somewhat holy, narcotics in particular. I can pull more out of my ass if needed. Speaking ill of cociane or heroine is a death punishable by painfull torture, and we hate countries who outlaw drugs with a passion, though we wont just declare war on all of them or refuse to cooperate at all times, reluctantly we wont.
    Fluff:Some junkie got a bunch of other junkies together and formed a cult. Shit grew.
    Color:Light pink
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:05 No.17260191
    Added you to the east coast of africa, one of his colonies.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:06 No.17260202
         File1324249566.jpg-(652 KB, 4284x2088, turn_067.jpg)
    652 KB
    The Werewolves are indeed improving, becoming one with the forest (+1 werewolf soldiers bonus)
    You make an even smaller clock (+1 clockwork research)
    You move several hills! By hand. You loose an army but take more of russia (+1 population)
    Education improves, but not by much. Run use on the otherhand explodes! Litteraly, explosive runs in the form of the "thunder cannon". (+2 artillery)
    The new suicide zomibies prove effective (+1 zombie soldiers). A new legion is raised.
    The baby throws a tantrum , killing one of your armies! Your blood drawing efforts paid off however (+1 psychic blood)
    *BOOM* oh god disaster, a string of faulty parts has destroyed several factories (-1 industry). Loyalty improves however (+1 loyalty)
    An embasy is established (+1 wealth). Your demon studies prove usless for now. A new type of armour is created, but seems to offer little benifit beyond looking menacing.
    Your occult knowledge improves but not by much. You raise a new army.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:07 No.17260212
    rolled 14 = 14

    >> Anonymous 12/18/11(Sun)18:07 No.17260218
    -spread and combine the various tribal deities to expand the pantheon
    -build more shrines across the land
    -research metalsmithing
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:09 No.17260233
    we ask for more cocaine shipments from our mother nation
    and for some army troops to experiment with the combat effects of various drugs on
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)18:09 No.17260241
    rolled 6, 18, 19, 9 = 52

    "Guards! Where is our Glorious Leader?"
    "He has fallen ill, none can see him except the doctor."
    "But I have news!"
    1.2. Attempt to make a border of mountains around Ceveria.
    3.4.Moar Armies.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:10 No.17260249
    http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23Nation&server=irc.mibbit.net join the chat
    >> Nation of the sword 12/18/11(Sun)18:10 No.17260251
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:11 No.17260265
    rolled 16, 10, 3, 14 = 43

    "Arch-Domina, I regret to report that several factories have been ruined by faulty parts. It will take some time to repair the damage."

    1. Get the factories working again
    2. Improve the NSA
    3. Improve the infrastructure in the northern territory we just conquer. Roads, railways, buildings etc.
    4. Mine the new northern territories for useful materials.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)18:11 No.17260275
    rolled 18, 13, 10, 3 = 44

    1,2 - Develop cannons that shall launch the sucide zombies, it shall be called "Gustav".

    3,4 - Develop a trade route with Deusoperarius aka DeiFerrum. Zombies for eldritch tech.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:12 No.17260277
    Its dice+4d20
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)18:12 No.17260278
         File1324249930.jpg-(813 KB, 800x1132, Under_the_eternal_blue_sky_2_b(...).jpg)
    813 KB
    rolled 13, 9, 15, 18 = 55

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    10 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +3 Rune Weapons
    +4 Thunder Cannons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research
    +1 Soldiering

    1-2.) Delve more with the Rune technology! Learn more of this wonder of the world by applying it to other things as well! Create some form of Monoliths of our own to defend our borders! Monolith Towers will be the greatest defense!

    3-4.) We've been at this education thing for years now and we won't let up. Keep reforming and working with the system of education! We have to get it right sometime as the Khans are tired of the stupidity of their armies.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)18:12 No.17260279
         File1324249933.jpg-(70 KB, 835x957, slaanesh_marine_by_maxias-d3cp(...).jpg)
    70 KB
    rolled 12, 7, 13, 20 + 7 = 59

    12. Raise 2 more armies use +4 demon blood
    34. increase arcane knowledge Apply occult research+3
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:13 No.17260289
    rolled 4, 13, 7, 6 = 30

    I'll use my +3 loyalty bonus on making the NSA improve. I'll also use my wealth, administration, population, and industry bonuses to make the infrastructure in the north a success.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)18:14 No.17260301
    No! your a bastard child and I hate you. Go ask the romans or something.
    >> Nation of the sword 12/18/11(Sun)18:16 No.17260325
    Huh? Why isn't dice working for me?
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:16 No.17260334
    can our armies get some kind of bonus due to being fucking insane on drugs?
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)18:16 No.17260336
    rolled 2, 1, 17, 6, 15, 16, 15, 5 = 77

    Sending troops to attack oyagyu.
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)18:17 No.17260343
    rolled 8, 1, 19, 16 = 44

    "Right. I am lead to believe that there are lands to the west of here. "
    "This is true sir, at leas according to these maps."
    Sipping from his half coconut, He wondered whether this really was the time to be drinking. Oh well. He'd sacrificed most of the locals, He deserved a drink.
    "And send back a messenger. Ask them to make some sort of research center. they didn't get anythinf from the demon's before. lets try again."

    1) Put more into infrastructure ( +1 wealth,+2 industry, +8 general construction)

    2) Create universities, in order for research to be better performed. (+8 construction)

    3) Establish trade routes with Kalmuk (+1 wealth, +2 industry)

    4)Recruit more soldiers.(+1 loyalty,+3 population,+1 wealth?)
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:17 No.17260351
    rolled 7, 20, 18, 6 = 51

    no caps and its dice+4d20
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)18:17 No.17260353
         File1324250276.jpg-(55 KB, 604x437, ritual.jpg)
    55 KB
    rolled 3, 1, 6, 20 = 30

    1. Make babby demon blooded
    2. 3. 4. Research into using blood magic to clone more than just blood.
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)18:18 No.17260356
    rolled 12, 3, 9, 12 = 36

    1-4.Combine druids with werewolves using natural magic.
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:20 No.17260386
    rolled 11, 11, 12, 2 = 36

    we devote all our rescources towards chemistry, specifically, creating drugs that will make soldiers better in battle
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)18:20 No.17260391
    rolled 9, 19, 11, 9, 1, 17, 16, 1 = 83

    The magic of love?
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)18:22 No.17260410
    rolled 2, 9 + 1 = 12

    the trade is mutual, I teach him some eldritch stuff in return for zombie slaves.

    also sailing west from the canary islands for the carribean with the first d10, and with the second sailing east from greenland to claim svalbard (the island north of norway)

    2 navies, +1 army quality
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)18:22 No.17260413
    rolled 19, 20, 2, 20 = 61

    Magic of being unsuccesfull, as it would seem.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)18:22 No.17260422
    rolled 6, 19, 13, 3, 4, 15, 9, 4 = 73

    two 20's....
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:27 No.17260473
    rolled 14 = 14

    ...Random event!
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:29 No.17260488
    You make several impressive hill forts around the nation (+1 defence), and raise a new army. You lose an army while conquoring your new african territory.
    The factories are repaired (+1 industry). Veins of cobalt and copper are found.
    You develop an odd catapult that launches the zombies (+1 artillery). A basic trade route is established.
    Rune research continues but bares no fruit for now. You're people are no longer "dumb dumbs", +2 research.
    A new army is raised. Your arcane knowledge increases (+1 arcane magic)
    Now infrastructure is created (+1 stablility). Your university staff have decided they are smarter than you, and stolen the treasury! (-1 wealth). A trade route is established (+1 wealth). A new army is raised.
    Another army is lost as the psychic powers overwealm the test subjects, decimating a small part of japan.
    Your druids keep trying, at least they now have a better understanding of herbs (+1 medial research)
    You make excellent drugs! Then while high are taken over by a foreign power.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:29 No.17260493
         File1324250978.jpg-(652 KB, 4284x2088, turn_067.jpg)
    652 KB
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)18:30 No.17260500
    rolled 13, 1, 11, 12 = 37

    1-4.Combine druids with werewolves using natural magic.
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:32 No.17260526
    having been mostly destroyed, our remaining survivors flee to the romans for refuge. He said in the chat we can have some kind of island in the meddeteranian or something. Our entire surviving population, civilian military and government, comes out to about half an army, maybe a fourth
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)18:32 No.17260533
         File1324251154.jpg-(97 KB, 632x799, Mongols11.jpg)
    97 KB
    rolled 2, 7, 4, 12 = 25

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    10 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +3 Rune Weapons
    +4 Thunder Cannons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research
    +1 Soldiering
    +2 Research

    1-2.) With the creation of the education system it is declared we will mix it with the runes to create some form of magical language! One that with words and knowledge of the Mongol people will cause mighty ways to create and destroy! (+2 Research, +2 Occult Research)
    3-4.) More armies of Steppe Horsemen are to be raised. Our allies are readying for war and so shall we
    >> Nation of the sword 12/18/11(Sun)18:33 No.17260547
    rolled 14, 19, 12, 1 = 46

    Okay, one last try.
    -spread and congregate tribal religions to expand the pantheon
    -build shrines
    -research metalworking
    -research alchemy
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:34 No.17260548
    rolled 7, 7, 4, 15 = 33

    "Arch-Domina, I have reports from the prospectors in the northern territories. They report veins of cobalt and copper."

    "Excellent, have the University at Saratoga study these new minerals, and find out what other secrets the Lost Library has to tell us."

    1-2. Research the library at the ruins we found. Look for new technologies, new ideas!
    3. Construct more factories
    4. Construct a fleet
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)18:34 No.17260553
         File1324251266.png-(1.1 MB, 1366x768, HOLY FUCK.png)
    1.1 MB
    rolled 15, 5, 14, 13 = 47


    1-4: Continue trying to build a clockwork engine for our Toy Soldiers, this time under new management.

    Headline: "Professor Drosselmeyer found dead in horrific main spring accident. Toy Soldier initiative now headed by Dr. Caligori. Good luck, Doc!"
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)18:35 No.17260560
         File1324251313.jpg-(108 KB, 1028x568, fsa_fleetwater.jpg)
    108 KB
    rolled 10, 8, 3, 12 + 7 = 40

    The Navy is piss poor and needs to be rebuilt apply+3 industry to the effort and +4 demon blood.
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)18:35 No.17260566
         File1324251341.png-(19 KB, 502x500, LogoClanTremere.png)
    19 KB
    rolled 16, 18, 12, 7 = 53

    1. 2. 3. 4. Develop offence school of blood magic.
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:36 No.17260568
    rolled 8, 10, 12, 6 = 36

    Using my +1 research and +2 Archeology rolls to bump the total on research up to a 17. I'll use my +1 ship building to bump fleet production up to 16.
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)18:36 No.17260571
    rolled 12, 6, 16, 5 = 39

    Like a toy soldier, don't lose your composure.
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:36 No.17260575
    rolled 3, 8, 16, 8 = 35

    Im putting half my turn towards drug production, the other half towards research
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)18:37 No.17260584
    Apply blood magic +4, angelic research +1, psychic blood +1 and blood magic +1
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)18:39 No.17260600
    rolled 4, 4 + 1 = 9

    "Wait, What!?" Theppe spat out, along with a good quantity of malibu. "The university heads have stolen the treasury?"
    why would they even need to, theppe wondered to himself. I would have given them the grant if they needed the money. perhpas they shall realise the fallicy in their insolence.
    "Perhaps they should become the last experiments they take part in. "

    1,2) Bind the university professors into demons. encase these demons into iron maidens made of infernal metals. Fuck them all. Also useful, as more demon research can be performed on them during the in between time of binding. (+4 eldritch magic, +1 infernal machines, +2 soul metal)

    3) Hire new university staff. Get them to better behaved than the previous ones. via having them punish and experiment on the previous ones. (+1 loyalty, +3 population.

    4)Teach Kalmuk the creation of demon gears. (+2 soul metal)
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)18:40 No.17260613
    rolled 12, 3, 18, 11 = 44

    And now for real rolls.
    Also I'm gonna be exploring svalbard in a moment, and hoping to reach the west indies as well.
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)18:41 No.17260623
         File1324251691.jpg-(120 KB, 800x1146, the-legend-of-koizumi-1391621.jpg)
    120 KB
    rolled 7, 10, 19, 19 = 55

    1,2 - Develop a new battle-wagon powered by the zombies, it shall be called the Mark 1600's Tiger

    3 - Send a select group of zombies to DeiFerrum so they can research it.

    4 - Establish proper links with oyagyu.
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)18:42 No.17260628
    rolled 8, 7, 18, 9 = 42

    1.2.Advancement in arts.
    3.4.MOar Armies.
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:42 No.17260633
    rolled 20, 1, 12, 14 = 47

    Including to this I'm going to use my +4 construction +2 wealth +3 Loyalty +3 Industry bonuses to make that roll for factories a 16 as well.
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)18:43 No.17260647
    rolled 5, 5 + 1 = 11

    First roll is for ships in canaries to attack carribean.
    second is for army on the ship of svalbard boarding regiment to explore and claim locals.

    +1 for army quality
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:45 No.17260683
    rolled 8 = 8

    Rolling for random event before I post the results
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:47 No.17260701
         File1324252039.jpg-(652 KB, 4284x2088, turn_068.jpg)
    652 KB
    One of your werewolf armies rebel-well I say rebel, they went feral again really due to all the getting in tune with nature. (1 army lost).
    A new army is raised. You create a basic language, its nothing spectacular though
    You spread your message across the land and the tribes join your empire as a result. You build a shrine (+1 faith). Your alchemical research pays off horibly, your resarchers have turned into bronze!
    A new fleet is built. You examine the libraries and uncover knowledge of "sa-ti-lites." A factory is constructed (+1 industry)
    You construct some basic mechanical men! they are small though, and only go back and forth, back and forth. But they work! (+1 industry)
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)18:48 No.17260718
    3 new fleets are raised.
    You can now bend blood to your will as a phsyical weapon! (+1 blood magic)
    You improve brewng methods (+1 chemsitry)
    The professors are dealt with. Permenatly. New staff are found at once (+1 research). You send him the knowledge, its up to him to understand it.
    You establish a drug trade with Oyagyu (+1 wealth). DeiFerrum recives the zombies (And gains a +1 necromancy resarch bonus as a result, please tell him.) The tank is a metal box with zombies pushing it, its not very menacing.
    >> Germanic Overlord 12/18/11(Sun)18:49 No.17260732
    rolled 19, 8, 6, 2 = 35

    1-4. Use everything I have to expand into the rest of Russia.
    >> The Golden Horde !gcZCmY.zyo 12/18/11(Sun)18:51 No.17260753
         File1324252273.jpg-(35 KB, 640x360, Mongols12.jpg)
    35 KB
    rolled 7, 12, 4, 19 = 42

    Golden Horde people of Note
    Great Khan: Mahmud Khan
    Son of the Khan: Bortar
    Son of the Khan: Joghun
    Leader of Politics: Negudar
    Leader of Culture: Nogai
    Kingdom of Demons
    Kingdom of Qhun

    Trade and Royal Marriage to Rome
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Demons
    Trade and Royal Marriage to Kingdom of Qhun

    11 armies of steppe horsemen
    1 "Dogs of War" Elite Army of Heavy Mongol Horsemen
    1 Mongol Urban Legionnaire Cohort
    1 Roman Legate
    +7 population
    +1 armour quality
    +1 weapon quality
    +3 Rune Weapons
    +4 Thunder Cannons
    +1 Loyalty
    +2 Medicinal Research
    +2 Occult Research
    +1 Soldiering
    +2 Research

    1-2.) Still work more on the whole Runic Weaponry area of the Golden Horde. Maybe use the Runes to make electricity fields? Maybe mobile Monoliths for defense? (+2 Research, +2 Occult Research)
    3-4.) Raise more Steppe Horsemen armies (+7 population, +1 soldiering)
    >> Hakaran !jyGnrz5r46 12/18/11(Sun)18:51 No.17260759
         File1324252287.jpg-(24 KB, 432x300, orcses.jpg)
    24 KB
    rolled 20, 3, 1, 3 = 27

    1. 2. 3. 4. More armies!

    I'm running low.
    >> Overseer of the Playland !T4VTNxSe0k 12/18/11(Sun)18:51 No.17260763
         File1324252309.jpg-(131 KB, 1280x800, This just DOMO.jpg)
    131 KB
    rolled 15, 6, 3, 13 = 37


    1-3: Use these mechanical men as prototypes! Begin constructing bigger ones, roughly man sized, and throw some swords or something in there.
    4: Build a factory to mass-produce the tiny Toy Soliders, we'll mass-produce them and sell them as toys to fund our nation!

    Personal word from the Overseer: Citizens of our grand Utopia, Dr. Caligori was clearly the man for the job! Look at these little guys. They're adorable and delight children of all ages! I've laid ground for us to be able to mass-produce the little gadgets, so we may fill the world with the wonders of joys of our creations!
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)18:52 No.17260776
    rolled 11, 17, 2, 16 = 46

    Again, half towards production, half towards research, but this time for military purpouses, narcotics to boost soldier effectiveness
    >> Kalmuk !!KKS4s1y/WCF 12/18/11(Sun)18:52 No.17260779
         File1324252363.jpg-(235 KB, 452x402, White Knight.jpg)
    235 KB
    rolled 12, 7, 4, 3 = 26

    1,2 - Improve the tank!!!

    3,4 - Inject the zombie serum into some sample bodybuilders, we shall have some ubermensch yet!
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)18:55 No.17260813
    rolled 8, 6, 12, 18 + 7 = 51

    12. Trade with Deus Perarius for his soul metal recipe and give him Tomes on Demonology in return.
    34. More mindless Daemone tte sex for breeding purposes. +4 demon blood +3 occult research
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:55 No.17260817
    rolled 20, 3, 6, 12 = 41

    "Arch-Domina, I am pleased to announce that the treaty has been formalized. We now have a military alliance with the Germans and Ceverians. In addition, our abundant wealth and natural resources has allowed us to construct even more factories. We are now the world leaders in production. Our researchers have discovered information of Satellites, but we don't know what to make of it yet."

    "Excellent work. continue research into more fruitful areas. While the stars are interesting we have terrestial matters to deal with first." Arch-Domina Constance gazes out the Winter Palace's window at the men lighting the street lamps. Suddenly an idea comes to her. She turns rapidly to her advisor. "That is what I want. We look up at the stars and see their brightness. I want them to look down and see -ours-. Find a way to light my city that does not require men to do it by hand. We are the envy of the world culturally, let us now become a bright light for the moths of the downtrodden as well."

    1-2. Research Electricity and the lightbulb! Light up the Dominion, so it may been see from SPACE!
    3. Continue building factories and workshops.
    4. Improve the Man-o-War suits.
    >> Debauchery !DdElyJ5imk 12/18/11(Sun)18:57 No.17260840
    rolled 8, 9, 6, 2, 4, 9, 9, 7 + 3 = 57

    Advance into Central America and blast away the natives with artillary+3
    >> Jutes !KA/ZGGGdKA 12/18/11(Sun)18:58 No.17260847
    rolled 4, 1, 5, 5 = 15

    Using my +6 titan research into Man-o-war suit improvements. I'm also going to use +4 Construction, +4 Industry, and +2 wealth to make more factories.
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)19:01 No.17260893
    rolled 17, 3, 11, 9 = 40


    Right. Time for diplomacy!

    1)Establish contact with Slaanesh. Begin setting up trade routes.(+1 wealth, +1 health. To avoid catching demon AIDs.)
    2)Perform more studies into the capabilities of the soul metal. (+1 Research, +2 soul metal)
    3)Get the more religious people, along with the lesser temples, to contact the underverse. Find out what has happened to make it become quiet.(+1 faith, +1 loyalty)
    4) Get the engineering cellege to study the infernal devices(+1 infernal devices, +1 research)
    >> Ceveria !!Z+TYj465azr 12/18/11(Sun)19:02 No.17260900
    rolled 4, 3, 1, 19 = 27

    A wave of grief and happiness sweeps the nation. The Germans and Jutes have bonded with the Eternal Glory. BUt the Glorious leader Danil Sidorov has died. Vasily Stepanovich has been appointed to The position of glorious leader and furthers our advancement.
    123. Hoverboat building
    4.Further ART.
    >> Nation of the sword 12/18/11(Sun)19:03 No.17260913
    rolled 6, 8, 5, 18 = 37

    - hail those lost to research as heroes, ask for a more practiced and careful method of research, it's slower, but I do not wish a magic-fearing kingdom.
    -gather the tribal shamans to discuss, share and pool magical knowledge.
    - take a census of the population, take stock of our resources throughout the empire.
    -research better mining techniques
    >> Deus Ferrum 12/18/11(Sun)19:05 No.17260939
    rolled 7, 10 + 1 = 18

    also explore more of svalbard militarywise, as well as claim more of carribeans with navy.
    in that order for d10's
    (Have been forgetting that I sent them with priests for a reason, they have the up to +4 eldritch magic bonus to combat)
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)19:07 No.17260962
         File1324253246.jpg-(652 KB, 4284x2088, turn_068.jpg)
    652 KB
    You expand well! (+1 population)
    The runes can indeed make defensive monoliths (+1 Monolith construction ). A new army is raised.
    3 armies are raised! But 1 army goes bezerk again, I blame the locale qin food personally.
    You build better mechanical men, though they are still very primative (+1 industry)
    You construct several labs (+1 industry) and know how to make basic "enhancment" drugs for soldiers (+1 soldiering)
    The zombies get fat and the tank gets bigger, but not more usefull.
    The trade works, and knowledge is exchanged, but you must both now understand it. More bad things happen , +1 demon blood. You expand
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)19:08 No.17260989
    You have managed to rig one of the dead titans hearts to create "electricity" from its fusion process! No lightbulbs though. The suits improve at last (+1 man o war bonus)
    You establish a trade route (+1 wealth). The underverse remains quiet. The infernal devices become more complex.
    Diaster, one of the fleets floated away into space! (-1 fleet). You have become the second most cultural power on earth (+1 culture).
    You have improved your mining techniques drasticaly (+1 industry)


    NEXT SESSION: Sunday the 1st of January, 2pm board time.
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)19:09 No.17261003
    rolled 2 = 2

    Random event for you all to think about after xmas.
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)19:14 No.17261047
    rolled 17, 15, 16, 4 = 52

    1,2:military drug research
    3,4:Special drugs for the purposes of crippling enemy forces, burn them outside camps and the soldiers are all useless junkies!
    of course we're still churning out military and luxury drugs, but thats just the jobs of all our farmers, who are most of our population. OH, and kalmuk has is own personal army of meth zombies, prisoners given so many drugs their minds are basically completely ruined, leaving them rabid and vicious. our stuff is -very- potent
    >> Bobski !wNZaZ4kg0E 12/18/11(Sun)19:15 No.17261061
         File1324253748.jpg-(658 KB, 4284x2088, turn_070.jpg)
    658 KB
    The oceans split, the earth shakes! Millions die from the resultant tidal waves and quakes!

    In the end though, a new continent is born!...Or was it an old one coming back?
    >> oyagyu 12/18/11(Sun)19:15 No.17261063
    rolled 9, 6, 6, 15 = 36

    AAAND, too late

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