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  • File : 1324596489.jpg-(52 KB, 500x500, 1-1 Black Spire City.jpg)
    52 KB For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:28 No.17303960  
    It's the year 4023 and civilization stretches across the stars. Various multi-species alliances called the Factions vie for control of territory, power and wealth. Or at least that's how things used to be. The Factions haven’t been at open war for centuries, preferring the stability of trade and the status quo.
    The last few decades haven’t been quiet though, pirate groups have been growing in strength and number. Now they are so numerous that they might become a new Faction, radically altering the balance of power. A turning point is coming and the Factions have begun gearing up for war.

    That's where you come in.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:29 No.17303972
         File1324596541.jpg-(190 KB, 810x838, 1-2 1284069393397.jpg)
    190 KB
    You've just signed up to join the space Naval forces belonging to one of the many Houses that make up the glorious Dominion. House Jarik-Dremine is old but not as powerful as one might expect. This is probably because it's a Human house and as such lacks a certain level of legitimacy. Anyone from any species can become the leader of a House in the Dominion provided they are of Noble blood. Only Humans and the Dro'all take any stock in such things though meaning only those two species are of any note. Each of the Houses fight for control of worlds, resources and political influence in the hope of becoming one of the seven Great Houses, subservient only to the Ruling House. It is considered a great game by the nobility and Minor Houses are routinely being lost or created.

    All of this makes the Dominion the least stable Faction but one that can rapidly bring overwhelming numbers to bear against outsiders. Something the other factions know all too well from attempts at meddling with the affairs of the Houses.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:30 No.17303992
         File1324596634.jpg-(53 KB, 800x600, 1-3 Militia vs Walker.jpg)
    53 KB
    These are perilous times and all able bodied Humans and Dro'all are being called up as the respective Houses begin to rearm. This is being taken as something of a joke by many, 'as though the houses have ever stopped fighting among each other long enough to demobilize.' With only days left until you were to be drafted into the infantry you joined the Navy, the only place where you might actually last longer than it takes to pull a trigger.
    You still remember your father's stories about facing walkers with nothing but a rifle.

    >What is your name and sex?

    >Choose your background
    [_] Noble born. Your family might have money and power but you are just one of many children clawing for inheritance. You need to make a name for yourself to prove you're worth it. Bloodline means nothing if you cant back it up.
    [_] Middle class. Child of a trader you haven’t had to live in poverty like many. Military service is mandatory these days though so you signed up to do your part.
    [_] Low class. Born into poverty and surviving despite the odds and gangs. Some might say you've lived the thug life but what do they know? With a draft on the military will take anyone, even you.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:32 No.17304008
    Middle class. Might as well join up, maybe see the stars and get off this rock. Beats joining the Poor Bloody Infantry
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:35 No.17304031
    >Father was a piss-poor trader, but I never went hungry. `Course, now I have to make sure that trend continues itself.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:36 No.17304034

    sucks being the eighteenth son in line, if we succeed, we'll be first!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:39 No.17304055
    Low class. I got somethin' to prove and you're obstructing my course rockhead.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:39 No.17304057
    our name:

    Alexander Palaiologos (Logos for short)
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:47 No.17304121
    Female. Sonia Bethany Reynard.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)18:52 No.17304173
    ...So how the smeg are we choosing? Will the OP just pop back in?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:53 No.17304177
    Just going to wait a little longer for votes.

    The Factions you are likely to encounter are well know to any child regardless of their background.

    Dominion of Royal Houses / Dominion of Aligned Houses AKA The Dominion
    Specialty: Manpower, Rapid Mobilization

    Pirate Warlords
    Specialty: Experienced crews, Fleet mobility

    Terran Alliance of Confederated Systems AKA Terran Alliance
    Specialty: Technology / R&D

    Kavarian Imperium
    Specialty: Industrial output

    Specialty: Energy weapons, Armor

    Shallan Federation
    Specialty: Fast ships

    Specialty: Mass fire tactics, Starfighters
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:56 No.17304205
    Middle class seems to be the most popular.

    Names so far:
    Alexander Palaiologos
    Sonia Bethany Reynard

    Any other suggestions or preference?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)18:59 No.17304221
    rolled 3 = 3

    Going to roll for name just to keep things moving along.
    High roll is Alexander, Low is Sonia

    I swear captcha just loves eating my posts.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:00 No.17304235
    Mike Kickass
    The Kickass's are a long and storied family, though in recent generations much diminished
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:00 No.17304238
         File1324598456.jpg-(160 KB, 1000x371, Zealot_Light_Cruiser_by_Karana(...).jpg)
    160 KB
    Woot! Sonia it is.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:01 No.17304244
    Name: Orister Blaze
    Faction: Terran Alliance
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:02 No.17304251
         File1324598548.jpg-(413 KB, 1600x1042, Starcraft2 human_space_station.jpg)
    413 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    >Name can still be changed if there's overwhelming number of votes.

    While your father is a small bit dissapointed you havent learned the sort of discipline he got in the military he's glad you wont die in the mud.
    Unless your ship crash lands as pointed out by your younger sister, much to your Mother's annoyance.

    Shipping out for the training centers you start to hear about what's causing all of the trouble. Pirate activity is on the rise everywhere. Supposedly there are large scale raids every 4 years when the biggest pirate bands come out of hiding and threaten entire star systems. They're usually joined by smaller local pirate bands who've set the groundwork for later attacks. Mostly by scattering regional police forces so they can be hunted down by larger forces, or stealing useful weapon stockpiles.
    The other Factions have had enough and have begun mobilizing their starfleets. The Emperor has decreed that all Houses under the Dominion are to begin preparations for war. If the other factions use the pirate menace as an excuse to bulk up their military in preparation for an attack on the Houses we will be ready.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:03 No.17304263
    we are already part of a faction, The Dominion

    thats just a list of one we will probably encounter
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:06 No.17304293
    rolled 3 = 3

    Your training is brief and in under a month you are assigned to one of the Corvette training squadrons of House Jarik-Dremine. As a minor House it lacks the orbital infrastructure for the sort of in-field prep traning the Major houses get. It could ver well be straight into combat for you.

    As a new recruit (and a Human) your options for advancement are somewhat limited. For the moment you've been assigned to the pilot Corps and are going to be saddled with flying a Corvette class ship. Most Corvettes are simple blocky affairs with a couple of fusion drives and little else. They practically fly themselves making them ideal training ships. The only good news so far is that one of the other new pilots assigned to your squadron is late. You now have your choice of two Corvettes to chose from.

    Dagger class (AKA Whipping boy, Torpedo boat): The Dagger class Corvette is an old Terran multi-role design. It is armed with a pair of light Phased beam cannon turrets, one on either side of the ship, giving it 360 degree coverage. The Admiralty considered them flying coffins but they could be upgraded with a torpedo launcher. The launcher on this craft is damaged and there are currently no spare munitions available. However they may be available later, along with other minor upgrades.

    Standard House Attack Corvette (AKA- Violet, Pawn, Peasant): This warhorse is the oldest ship design in the Dominion and it shows. Armed with two phase cannon in their forward arc they have no weaponry covering their aft. They are cheap to produce and repair and are normally deployed in squadrons of three to twelve. They are slightly faster and more maneuverable than the Dagger.
    Each of these ships are painted a deep Violet colour upon completion making it easy to identify them. Commanders will sometimes have more advanced designs painted the same colour to fool enemy forces into underestimating them.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:07 No.17304305
    So as a middle class volunteer, what kind of rank and role are we going into?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:08 No.17304315
    Er... ignore the rolls.

    So, current ship choices!
    [_] Daggar Class Corvette

    [_] Standard House Attack Corvette
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:10 No.17304332
    Dagger Class. Flying coffin or not, we won't be targeted as a major threat right off the bat... and one can always arrange for upgrades (and/or endless streams of refitting to stay out of the way...)
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:11 No.17304342

    Standard House Attack Corvette - allows for better maneuverability and since it's considered a 'poor' design the glory from winning with it will be greater.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:13 No.17304357
    standard house Corvette
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:14 No.17304371
    Dagger. It's newer (slightly) and being multi-role gives us more opportunities.
    Plus, nothing more glorious than pulling off a torpedo run on a bigger ship
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:15 No.17304378
    The standard corvette. An average, middle of the road craft for an average middle classer like us.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:15 No.17304379
    2-1 for the Standard. I'll wait 5 more minutes for more votes.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:19 No.17304415
    ...You know we're just going to make ourselves a target, right? The fact that commanders use the violet paint scheme to mask more advanced craft...

    Oh, buggeritall.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:20 No.17304429
         File1324599658.jpg-(180 KB, 566x700, Xavier_Light_Cruiser_by_Karana(...).jpg)
    180 KB
    Bump for more votes.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:23 No.17304453
    We're going to be cannon fodder. But we'll also be small and used in groups.
    Plus, what threat could a bunch of pirates show a real navy? It'll all be over by Xmas
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:24 No.17304467
    Sun Wukong DAMMIT, man! Are you TRYING to jinx it?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:25 No.17304478
    Daggar one. Manueveres won't really help for now.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:26 No.17304483
    I'm beginning to doubt your patriotism.
    You a draftee by any chance?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:27 No.17304495
    You Choose the Standard. Nothing quite like blending in with the crowd you guess.
    You step through the docking umbilical onto the boxy looking Corvette. Honestly if it wasnt for the weapon placement and paint you wouldnt be able to tell the two types of ship appart.

    A large bored looking Dro'all with the orange tinted skin of a male is waiting for you.

    "You must be our new pilot, welcome aboard. I am Chief Kavos Lva, I'm in charge of keeping the crew in line. I trust you've been briefed?"
    "Not really." You admit."
    "You'll be fine. Let's see you name was Alexander... no, no that must be the other pilot, Sonia Bethany Reynard. Yes. Come with me."

    The NCO leads you a short distance onto the bridge of the Corvette. The interior is mastly made up of bare metals, handrails and occasionally crash padding. The Bridge is not much better. There are stations for either of your gunners, navigator, the Chief and a sensors operator.

    The pilots station is ded center in the middle of a wide wraparound monitor.

    "Well what do you think?" asks the Chief.
    >Stalling while I try to write more? Nope.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:29 No.17304508
    "I think it'll do nicely, sir."
    >...not as bad as I anticipated...
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:29 No.17304511
    Cosy. Are the rest of the crew trainees too?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:29 No.17304517
    Seems comfy!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:29 No.17304519
    "it's... Distinctive."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:32 No.17304555
    "I think... it's a bit naked without the rest of the crew, sir."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:36 No.17304573
    I just hope none of them are particularly large.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:37 No.17304587
         File1324600652.jpg-(12 KB, 293x214, hiimdaisy MGS3 Ops.jpg)
    12 KB
    "Dont worry these seats are much nicer than they look. The crew has been fully drilled and have passed inspection so just a tiny bit below average training. None of them have been drawn from Penal regiments this time so that's good."
    You take your seat and the monitor lights up showing the station in front of you.
    "You'll be taking orders from the Knight Lt in charge of our squadron and will fly the ship where it's needed. Leave the micromanagement of the ship to me, though I'm always open to suggestions. Be aware that if I suspect you may betray the House I have full authorization to summarily execute you."

    He leans back and laughs.
    "Oh the look on your face! That always works so well on Humans! But seriously I've only had to do that once. Please take your station and we'll get ready to cast off. The Lt will be blad to hear we're ready. Much longer and we may be late for our patrol."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:38 No.17304592
    Why? More meat in the bridge means more things to absorb shrapnel that aren't you. Not that it should be an issue, but... tactics, man. There's advantages in nearly everything.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:41 No.17304634
    so is the House armies going full Imperial Guard
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:43 No.17304642
    >No penal regiments
    Oh thank my various gods...

    Take our station and prep for takeoff with a snappy salute, I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:43 No.17304646
    >Be aware that if I suspect you may betray the House I have full authorization to summarily execute you."

    "Don't you sit with your back to me? Still, I respect your honesty."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:46 No.17304667
    "This is the Chief, all crew to stations and prepare for undocking. This is your last chance to decide to desert. Oh I'm sorry the docking hatches have already closed. Engineering why are your Fusion reactors not at 100% yet?"
    You block out the rest of the conversation and put on your a headset, activating it's HUD projectors. You'll be able to pick up objects that are beyond the edges of the monitor with it and see more tac data. A voice immediately issues over the headset.
    "This is Knight Lt Dayton to all ships. Check in as soon as you're ready to depart. I am NOT leaving minus 2 ships from my squadron."
    You quickly check in with him.
    "Good to have you pilot."
    A minute later the other missing man reports in.

    "Okay squadron. I'm sending you data on our outbound vector. We'll be forming up then jumping to a system 25 LY from here for patrol work."
    You initiate the undocking sequence and slowly reverse thrust out of your ship berth.

    Roll to maneuver 1d20 linking this post.
    Stealth rolls don’t count.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:46 No.17304669
    If it's got to the point where shrapnel is flying, a fattie on the bridge won't save us. But if we're in a tin can for months at a time, I'd rather it not be too crowded
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:48 No.17304684
    rolled 15 = 15

    "Aye, sir."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:48 No.17304686
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:49 No.17304696
    rolled 2 = 2

    Bring up the engine power and pull into formation.
    give the Lt a little wing waggle as a salute when we get there
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:51 No.17304712
    rolled 12 = 12

    We're flying!
    We've crashed into another ship
    Our escape pod crashes into yet another ship but only damages it heavily.

    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:51 No.17304716
    You voice your concerns to the Chief which only serves to amuse him more.
    "Oh dont be rediculous pilot Sonia, dedicated commisars are a massive waste of resources. They're more worried new recruits with unproven loyalties will take their ship to another House. Ships like these may be cheap to build but they are not worthless."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:55 No.17304744
    rolled 8 = 8

    Hm. Wouldn't think anyone was suicidal enough to try stealing from one of the houses. Interesting.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)19:57 No.17304758
    You start off strongly, safely pulling away from the station and skillfully avoiding some of the smaller docking pylons.
    Once you're clear though things do not go as well. You and another ship from your unit collide, grazing shields and sending both of you farther off course. The station tractor beams apply pressure to prevent either ship from getting any closer to it.

    Despite the bad start you get into formation with the others in the indicated lane.
    >give the Lt a little wing waggle as a salute when we get there
    After what just happened you decide against this.

    "Everyone still alive back there?" The Knight jokingly asks from his Light Cruiser leading the group.
    "Transmitting Jump data. This is the first jump for some of you so uh... remember that your eyes cant physically implode. Also you wont go blind."

    Roll for jump accuracy 1d20 linking this post.
    No stealth rolls.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:58 No.17304777
    rolled 11 = 11

    I don't see what the big deal is. It's just tearing the living fuck out of the space-time continuum...
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)19:58 No.17304778
    rolled 14 = 14

    >Roll for jump accuracy 1d20 linking this post.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:03 No.17304819
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:05 No.17304827
    rolled 4 = 4

    I was expecting another nat 1.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:06 No.17304842
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:10 No.17304882
    Your navigator looks over to you. "Just lock in the course and bring us to a steady 6 Gravity acceleration. We're only going to use Jump level one this time. I'll take care of the rest."

    You nod and do as told.
    "Core active."
    Reports the Chief as you accelerate. A light hum travels through the ship. Once you reach the indicated engine power level you notice what looks like static worming on the monitor.
    "What the-"
    The patch of static tears itself open like a million rainbow claws tearing at the fabric of reality. Through that oppening is what seems like every colour you're ever seen and none of them at the same time.
    "Engaging drive plates." Reports the navigator.
    With a tug of gravity pushing you into your seat the ship is yanked through the opening, a blue green light suffusing the bridge despite the monitor seeming to show... everything.
    >Should have said roll for san loss, whoops
    "Look are your HUD displays showing distance tracks!" Shouts the Chief.
    You then notice that you can see the ghostly points of light that had to be stars hurtling past you.

    "Reverting to realspace!" Shouted the Navigator. You pop out in your destination system, everything seeming fine. Almost. You and two others are 90,000km away from the Knight. You detect the slight sparking corvette shields hitting one another.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:12 No.17304903
    rolled 12 = 12


    Establish communications with the other two, then see if we can warp to the Knight.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:13 No.17304917
    rolled 4 = 4

    Oh, smeg on a stick...
    I'm guessing the cap's gonna open comms. We need to get back to the knight, PRONTO.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:18 No.17304966
    The Knights voice poped up over coms
    "Well all told that was a pritty good first jump. Nobody died and only one rookie ran into me this time. Everyone that's off course just catch up using sublight. way easier that way since we're pritty close by. I'm contacting the system PDF to get our patrol routes."

    >San loss
    >rolled 12 = 12
    You're shaken up but you think you'll get over it with time. Or with drugs.
    "Did you notice the glow when we were in FTL Pilot Sonia? That's the true colour of subspace. If you ever, EVER see that colour while you're in realspace it means somebody is charging a Veckron Torpedo. Run away or jump to FTL if you can when you see that."
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:20 No.17304980
    rolled 5 = 5


    Okay, not THAT bad. Also...

    "Dare I ask what a Veckron Torpedo is capable of, sir?" Idle curiosity, really. Never want to find out firsthand.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:25 No.17305037
    "On your toes people, we have a system to patrol. This is the Loran system by the way. We've gotten word that pirates may try to seize the weapon stockpiles in this system. We haven’t been told what they are other than we cant screw this up. We're being rotated in to replace another squadron that was on station."

    What patrol group do you wish to accompany?

    [_] mid-low orbit of main planet
    [_] asteroid belt
    [_] Moons of system gas giants
    [_] suggest something else to the Knight
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:27 No.17305058
    rolled 17 = 17

    Moons are the most likely to have pirates there. Regular orbits mean that they're less likely to have asteroid-to-asteroid collisions.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:27 No.17305064
    rolled 15 = 15

    >[X] Moons of system gas giants

    There aren't as many things to bump into as in the other choices.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:30 No.17305091
    Go for the Belt.

    also, is this Space opera styl asteroid thicket or more lke our own belt?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:30 No.17305092
    "I fought at the battle of Tichinde. When a Middle House went rogue and tried to attack the main shipyard of the Ruling House. I dont know how they got hold of one but the loyal forces deployed an ancient Terran Torpedo cruiser.
    With but one shot it ripped a super heavy cruiser in half. Never do I want to see one of those again."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:33 No.17305111
         File1324604010.jpg-(1.42 MB, 1340x1086, Asteroid_Belt.jpg)
    1.42 MB
    Sort of in between? IRL Asteroid belts are just so boring. Little chance of dying horribly in a collision unless you hit one of those little black fuckers that the telescopes cant pick up well.

    I'm seeing a lot of support for moons so far.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)20:56 No.17305198
    definitely go for moons
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:57 No.17305214
    >Posting attempt number 10
    The Knight sorts out the squad orders.
    "Pilot Sonia, this is your first time out so take it easy. That goes for all of you. Report in if you see any pirates or anything else suspicious. I'll send additional ships out to help you if you're up against a superior force.
    Don’t do anything stupid like get yourselves killed."

    The navigator plots a quick microjump to the system's largest gas giant, using it's gravity well to yank you back into real space. Fuel refineries dont make use of it because of the higher radiation levels and gravity well.

    Roll for jump accuracy 1d20 linking this post.
    No stealth rolls.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)20:59 No.17305241
    That was supposed to be 1d20 for scanning. God damn this posting trouble. Must have copied the wrong line over.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:00 No.17305266
    rolled 15 = 15


    Captain, I am detecting large amounts of DEPENDSONROLL in this sector
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:01 No.17305275
    rolled 9 = 9

    rollan attempt 7
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)21:05 No.17305306

    >DEPENDSONROLL in this sector
    Meh, I mainly use it as a luck modifier but since you're still a rookie pilot you have less skill to depend on.

    "Detecting what looks to be a starship... maybe frigate class or a bit bigger. It's running dark and using the magnetic field from the gas giant to mask it."

    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:06 No.17305315
    Are we the pilot or the captain? I'm a bit confused here.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)21:10 No.17305343
    Sorry, looking back I was a bit unclear. I'll try to work on that. You've been sent out to the Gas giant as part of a 3 ship Corvette squad. The other ships of the Squadron are patroling the rest of the system. The Knight is hanging back somewhere quiet to see what everyone finds.

    >Contact the Knight?
    >Convince the others in your squad to engage the target on your own initiative?
    >Do more scans?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:11 No.17305356
    rolled 3 = 3

    I say radio the cntact back, ask our boss what we should do?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:12 No.17305360
    >>Do more scans?

    Let's find out if they're actually dangerous pirates or just smugglers or something equally harmless before we engage them or bother our superiors.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:13 No.17305370
    rolled 13 = 13

    In case you want to have a roll to go with that.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:22 No.17305448
    rolled 14 = 14

    do both
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)21:27 No.17305490
    Down to 2 people? Cant say I'm really that surprised.

    You contact the Knight with what you've found and ask if you should try to make contact with the ship.
    "Hmm.. while unlikely its possible the ship could be civilian. We're getting contacts in other area. I want you three to close with the vessel and challenge it's ID. Dont lock weapons unless they prove hostile. Some people like to shoot their way out of trouble if it looks like you might shoot first."
    You turn your vessel towards the location of the mystery ship and ask your sensor operator to increase power and keep scanning.
    As you start to close the distance you start to get a better picture of the ship
    "I don’t think it's a Frigate..." Comments the Chief.
    "Vengeance type Attack Cruiser. They've spotted us and are powering up."
    Although you havent locked weapons it turns to face your group, engines flaring to life.
    You attept to contact it but there is no response.
    It has not lit up its IFF.

    >Your orders? (Contact Knight again, fight it, runaway, other?)

    >In case you want to have a roll to go with that.
    I loled.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:30 No.17305518
    rolled 8 = 8

    >Down to 2 people? Cant say I'm really that surprised.

    It's 2:30am here and I'm off to bed. Fun thread though, I hope you'll continue the quest after today's installment.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:34 No.17305561
    rolled 4 = 4

    >radio Knight while maneuvering to attack, stay out of the cruiser's field of fire as much as possible
    "Hostile contact! Break and engage... unless someone else wants to take point?"
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)21:44 No.17305675
    rolled 1 = 1

    "Sir our contact looks like its hostile, it's a Vengence type attack cruiser."
    "Damn. We're picking up minor contacts all over the place. I've sent Squad 4 in system, I'll be at your position shorty, try to disable its engines. Most Vengance types only have weapons in their forward arc so break and evade like hell!"

    Now its time to roll!
    Roll evasion 3d20
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)21:53 No.17305746
    rolled 5, 3, 9 = 17

    Do a barrel roll!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)22:00 No.17305794
    rolled 17 = 17

    What is a Vengeance class ship capable of? Is it an anti-corvette deathmachine, a small but capable line combatant, an anti-capital fast attack boat?
    It's kind of important to know, so we can decide what a sane choice would be
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/22/11(Thu)22:09 No.17305875
    rolled 2 = 2

    The three of you increase speed to close the distance as the enemy Vengance powers up its weapons and attempts target locks.
    "Oh shit, he's locking me." reports Alexander. "Four light phase cannon, two Pulse, torpedo lock and something else!"
    The three of you break formation as the larger ship opens fire. You take a couple of light phase cannon hits that your shield shrugs off, but your wingman despite his best efforts is hit by a burst of pulse cannon fire. Then a torpedo that drops his shield below half.
    "Get him off me!"

    By then though you're in knife fighting range, you and the other wingman also in a standard attempting to swing in behind to get shot at the enemies engines. Alex piloting the Dagger is able to keep up a steady stream of weapon fire despite his somewhat terrible maneuvering. You dont remain unscathed however, as it turns out the Cruiser has a pair of point defense guns that can swivel to cover the rear. Your shields are holding for the moment.

    Roll again!
    You know I was actually wondering if someone was going to ask that.
    *Evil laughter here*
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)22:10 No.17305888
         File1324609830.png-(817 KB, 1582x935, Myrmidon.png)
    817 KB
    Bumping with a picture of a spaceship, to try and keep this alive
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)22:10 No.17305891
    rolled 11, 7, 15 = 33

    Well, let's hope I don't roll as bad as that!

    Barrel Roll 2.0!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/11(Thu)22:29 No.17306047
    you mean a 'snap roll'
    >A family of rapid autorotational or "horizontal spins," not unlike spins. Rotation is induced by a rapid pitch input followed by rapid yaw input, thus stalling one wing further than the other. This imbalance in lift causes the high speed roll.

    barrel rolls are something a bit slower and more graceful than a frantic dogfighting maneuver
    >The barrel roll is so named because an aircraft executing this maneuver looks as though it were flying with its wheels running along the inside edge of a barrel. A more common modern visualization is to imagine an airplane trying to fly in a horizontal corkscrew around the line of the direction of travel.

    I'll say nothing of pulling aerodynamic maneuvers in a vacuum because I'm not quite that autistic.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/23/11(Fri)00:10 No.17306834
         File1324617038.jpg-(62 KB, 590x376, Wordfilter Banned Post.jpg)
    62 KB
    >Banned for linking to referral sites
    Okay. Forgot about that little problem with the wordfilter where it bans you if you use the letter s after the word ship in a possessive form. Only... 2 hours wasted. Not the worst.
    >> Anonymous 12/23/11(Fri)00:15 No.17306884
    i was wondering where you went...

    Pursuit! let the glory be ours!
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 12/23/11(Fri)00:31 No.17307025
    rolled 8, 2, 12, 10 = 32

    I write slow but not that slow.

    >Pursuit! let the glory be ours!
    Sure might as well.

    You and Mike stick close behind the larger ship despite it's attempts to shake you. Alex is headed away toward the Knight obviously hoping to take cover. While the Vengance may not match you in maneuvering it will soon outpace you once it gets past the multiple gravity wells of the moons.
    "Concentrate fire again like before!" Yells Mike.
    You do as he suggests but it isnt as easy as before with the enemy putting all shields aft.
    "Pilot Sonia, you may want to switch all our shield power forward now." Comments the Chief. "Those point defense beams are going to eat our shield eventually, it just takes awhile."

    Rolling to help finish this off.
    >> Anonymous 12/23/11(Fri)05:10 No.17309310
         File1324635045.png-(19 KB, 423x495, dagger_color.png)
    19 KB

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