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    6 KB TG Quest: The Extended Cut Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:36 No.17325929  
    Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17316446/

    Last thread autosaged to death, and OP might be gone until January 4th.

    If we don't see you before then: Have a happy holiday Meta OP!

    Meanwhile, we'll argue amongst ourselves. Viciously and without mercy to our brothers. Whee!
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:38 No.17325944

    We should take the thing with the Persona kids slowly, unlike acting hastily with the whole Japan scenario and we got our asses kicked hard.

    That being said, anything else?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:40 No.17325955
    Hastily? The plan-spam for Japan was like 5 'thread too long's long, hammered out over the course of this whole past week.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:43 No.17325963
    This text and the one saying that we will discuss the matter of what happens next after we recover all of our equipment, currently have the most support:

    For now, Japan is relatively safe. The rest of the UN will likely move in and assist the local government in re-asserting itself, and hopefully begin the customary motions of gleaning donations for humanitarian support here.

    However, there is still much to be done. You know that huge, menacing baritone voice that echoed in your consciousness after we killed that huge abomination? We think that it may be the cause of the strange mists that enshrouded the major population centers of this world, as well as the source of the horrors that ravaged those areas. Until we deal with that entity, it will continue to assert its influence on this world, very possibly bringing worse things than that Ideal Evil to this planet. It may even be able to breathe life into the entities that we have already killed here, if left to its own devices for too long.

    After a brief rest, we are likely going to follow more leads on how to deal with this entity on a more permanent basis. Merely reacting to the increasingly dangerous situations it creates around the world is not a viable option by any stretch.

    As such, we could really use you guys' help in ensuring that this world stays safe. For some of you (I.E. Guts), we can promise significant aid in getting you back to where you belong.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:44 No.17325965
    So, we've got two suggestions regarding the Persona folk right now:
    We've got two paths here:
    A) Oh fuck they're still here, we are going to have to take them with us. >Let's lie to them and stall for awhile. >Still have to tell them in the end. Let's hope they didn't take offense or escape while we were holding them without telling them anything.
    B) Oh fuck they're still here, we are going to have to take them with us. >Tell them a partial truth, leaving out the Meta, so that they come along and work with us peacefully.

    I gotta admit, plan A doesn't sound like a good idea.
    Only plan C I can think of is drugging them and keeping them in a medical coma in the Oncoming Storm's containment bay. Which might not earn any points with them if it turns out they are doubles with no home to return to that we could recruit.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:45 No.17325974
    Treat them well for the time being. A and C are supersimplified approaches that have no subtleties in how they are executed in a social dimension.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:47 No.17325979
    B is actually two different plans.
    One poster wants to feed them a story about multiple worlds.
    The other plan is to not tell them anything about the Meta, or try to feed them a false story, and instead get them to focus on fighting the being responsible for this whole mess, after which we will get them home.
    The former has no support beyond the poster who came up with it. The latter has some support from others.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:47 No.17325982
    >As such, we could really use you guys' help in ensuring that this world stays safe. For some of you (I.E. Guts), we can promise significant aid in getting you back to where you belong.
    The problem is the Persona kids also need to be gotten back to where they belong, which is not here.

    And if someone suggests letting the Persona kids help in Japan, the answer is a firm NO. We can't afford more contamination.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:50 No.17325998
    I think we should stall first and treat them well.

    Meanwhile we need to overclock on checking if they indeed are copies.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:50 No.17325999
    Why not just take them home?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:51 No.17326004
    Well B has at least two people on it.

    We might have a plan D with >>17325963
    but despite being well written, tells them too much and lies to them, and suggests they do something we can't let them do.
    And we can't let them fight any more until we confirm whether they are doubles.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:53 No.17326016
    We can't stall on that. We have to take them up to the ship now along with everything else and keep them there until they can be brought home and Oblivated or discovered to the doubles and recruited.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:54 No.17326019
    Take them up, treat them nicely, stall for time.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:55 No.17326023
    Because we can't leave to take them to their home Canon without catastrophic results as seen by the Farseers.

    The latter plan for B IS >>17325963
    The general outline of telling them something was written by two different posters, but one version got no seconds while the other did. And the one that got seconded was >>17325963
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:55 No.17326025
    How do we explain 'up' to them without resorting to some proper BS about multiple worlds?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:56 No.17326032
    Considering I'm seconding it, I would say no one.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:57 No.17326033

    As I mentioned before in the post that got nuked before suptg could archive it, this is just the first draft of the spiel we're giving them. Revise it and redact it as you guys see fit.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)01:57 No.17326036
    There's a point there.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:00 No.17326058
    I think we're arguing about the revisions.
    We've got some people arguing to stall for time with no end game, and a couple arguing for telling them a tale now.

    It seems the main argument is over stalling, which confuses me.
    And someone in the last thread suggested letting them help out in Japan, which we just can't allow.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:05 No.17326087
    Ok, so, when we do tell them, what do we tell them?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:08 No.17326107

    It's kinda underhanded, but we didn't explicitly say anything in that post that is a lie.

    The UN will indeed move in sooner or later to help out Japan. The as-of-unnamed Ebon Night is responsible for all the shit that's going on, and stopping him is a good start to putting this world on the road to normalcy. We can also really use their help.

    Also, our loss in fighting power suffered can at least be partially recouped by recruiting Guts and the Persona cast, if only as long as it takes for us to deal with Ebon Night.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:10 No.17326114
    Just tell them that we know there's a controlling entity behind the mist, and that we're working on defeating it. Their help would be appreciated, but they can sit it out if they want. Also that either way, it will take us a few days to arrange transport back home for them.

    No need to get into any story involving other worlds. If they're smart, they would have already figured it out by now. And if they haven't, then there's no need to tell them.

    If they start asking questions, then we'll either tell them the truth and Obliviate them later, or give them some other story.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:15 No.17326140
    "It seems we'll need to come clean with all of you. As we've been cleaning up this mess, generally everything went back to normal, everything that shouldn't be here was gone, presumed returned.."
    Turn to the Persona cast.
    "..Remember when we asked you if anything seemed odd to you in particular before?
    As you might guess, our friend Guts here is a bit out of place here, as was his enemy Griffith and the Idea of Evil.. which was merged with Erebus, an enemy from your world.. both of which aren't native to _this_ Earth."
    "And neither are you."
    Let them respond stick with a many worlds theory excuse.
    "We had thought that you would all be returned to your worlds as well when the Evils were defeated. Now it seems we need to return you ourselves."
    "Guts, we were dishonest with you when we said we were this world's force for order. [Protag and co from Persona] when they said the defense forces were working with the UN and others.. well, we're the 'others'. We can't tell you everything about us, but we want to stop what has caused this chaos and get you all home."
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:18 No.17326156
    Your post confuses me, how exactly are you getting them onto a spaceship for weeks without telling them anything at all?
    And if we return anyone there is no 'maybe' about it, they are definitely getting Obliviated before being returned, no matter what we tell them.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:19 No.17326169
    This is as good an explanation as any.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:20 No.17326175
    We have to finish here, deal with Antarctica, return to base, and have the Scout service help us locate their world and confirm whether or not they are still there.
    That's a lot of time and traveling to just be saying 'oh we will drop you off in just a bit'.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:21 No.17326180
    Weeks? We have less than 7 days maximum here, probably only 2 or 3 days, and perhaps a few hours back at HQ to find the coordinates for the Persona and Berserk Canons, and then transiting to their home Canons.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:24 No.17326195
    And at some point, we'll have to run this past them, so if softens the blow if it turns out to be true:
    Deep breath.
    "However, in complete honesty, we must warn you that there is a possibility that, when we find the right world.. there might be a version of you that never left and is still living out your normal life. That the quantum event occurring split off without disrupting where you were meant to come from.."
    At this point I'm more afraid of how Guts will take that idea than the Persona kids.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)02:56 No.17326335
    Ok, now that we have that settled, how do we want to go about dealing with Antarctica?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)03:05 No.17326369
    Well, in theory we are getting the force field emitters we had the Inde making on Day 8 to the antarctic team to provide barriers in the tunnels as they make their way for the Elder Lab. If they need more, I suppose we can strip them from the Indefatigable and replace them later. It's going to be sitting around in a hanger undergoing repairs for a bit anyway.

    So, using the screens to block connecting tunnels, they make their way along the path charted by the Observer. Set transmitters on them so we know if a field is breached too.

    Tricky part will be dealing with the Great Shoggoth near the lab without causing damage. I'd like to kite it into the tunnels and have traps laid out for it. But I'm not sure what traps we have the resources to set that can hurt them. Might need to settle for a running fight through the tunnels where it can't avoid the fire, electrical, and phaser attacks.
    Any other suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)03:34 No.17326507
    Couldn't we ask Egon to borrow his old gear? He had experience with Shoggoths before.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)04:42 No.17326822
    OP has already stated that the proton pack takes some training to operate, and only Egon could use his pack at this time.
    ...Though we have established that he can produce a proton-like beam from a ship's phaser. Prehaps the same could be applied to the group's phaser rifles, if that would do better than the settings they already have.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)08:10 No.17327463
    This assumes that the reinforcements that the Great Shoggoth summons are stopped by the security fields and they don't flank us.

    There's no need to fight the Great Shoggoth since it's not in the World Pillar chamber, and the Observer can get past it into the primary research building.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)09:27 No.17327713
    Bumping thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)12:50 No.17328550
    What? The Observer can't reach the intact version without disturbing the bigass shoggoth.
    We tried and were lucky the drone escaped.
    Even if it could, that doesn't get us the eldar lab gear or any information that isn't on a wall.

    Also, Merry Christmas to all of the Command Crew and MetaOP!
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)14:06 No.17329090
    And how exactly would we communicate with any elder thing? My Lovecraftian lore is limited but from what I know, the Elder things would be more interested in cutting us open than opening dialogue.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)14:52 No.17329455
    The language of MORE DAKKA.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)15:06 No.17329583
    And all we've seen is Shoggoths, and they are even less talkitive than the Elder Things.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)18:44 No.17331804
    I'm figuring, after we capture the contents of the Elder Lab and read their research notes, that we send all of our psychic personnel down along with Cheryl, and have them work as a team to interact with the Pillar with Cheryl in the lead. Except maybe Char, part of me is concerned about him in the mix.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)19:29 No.17332291
    It's possible for the Observer to slip past the Great Shoggoth, just difficult. It's also possible to wait for the Great Shoggoth to get up and go somewhere, such as to eat, and use that opportunity to sneak the Observer into the building.

    Also, we haven't tested our transporters to see if they are able to beam anything up from the city now that Tokyo has been cleared and the mists further weakened.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:40 No.17332992
    How about this then? We have two separate teams. One made of the psionics, and Cheryl, and maybe an auror escort (I'm pretty sure wand fire burns as good as regular fire), and another team made up of KI and prawn mechs. I think one of the prawn weapons basically shot a ton of energy into its target until it exploded, that may be useful against the Shoggoth.

    Anyway, team 2 distracts the Shoggoth, not so much as destroy it(still at least try), as to lead it away from team 1 which will analyze everything from the pillar to the Old Ones' Old Crap. Probably the Tg recruits in case an Old One shows up. Then once we got everything, lure the Shoggoth outside, and nuke that thing the destoyer's guns.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:42 No.17333019
    How about this then? We have two separate teams. One made of the psionics, and Cheryl, and maybe an auror escort (I'm pretty sure wand fire burns as good as regular fire), and another team made up of KI and prawn mechs. I think one of the prawn weapons basically shot a ton of energy into its target until it exploded, that may be useful against the Shoggoth.

    Anyway, team 2 distracts the Shoggoth, not so much as destroy it(still at least try), as to lead it away from team 1 which will analyze everything from the pillar to the Old Ones' Old Crap. Probably the Tg recruits in case an Old One shows up. During all that, team 2 lures the Shoggoth outside, andthen we nuke that thing the destoyer's guns.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:42 No.17333024
    It was pretty clear that nearing the intact portion caused it to stir. These things have been sitting down here for millions of years, I don't think waiting on it to move somewhere else is an option, particularly with a time limit on our heads. And we'll still need to spend a day or two translating what we find there before we do anything else after that.
    We need to send the antarctic team after that lab while here on Day 7 while the other teams are still pulling out of Japan. Then we may have something workable by Day 5, and get the preparations in place by Day 4 and pray it doesn't take more than 4 Days to try and battle a Dark Power of unbelievably obscene power with a handful of psychics and a World Pillar.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:46 No.17333057
    Looks like there are two /tg/ quest planning threads. Which one should we focus on?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:51 No.17333096
    I'm _still_ trying to figure out what crossover is going to blindside us down there.
    Everywhere we've been, except for the native Silent Hill, has had at least three layers of crossover involved, and the ones in Japan really blindsided us hard. We completely failed to see them coming, though the clues were obvious in hindsight.

    Perhaps Ebon Night is crossing itself with an unleashed Unknown God beyond the moutains, including itself in the crossover. I fear there is still something deeper afoot here, though we are likely getting close to it. Ebon Night is bidding us as free to go, so it has reached whatever point it wanted to reach.. but what is it? Perhaps it was sacrificing the Dark Lords to distract us and wear us down, make us _want_ to leave this place, so that we could open a hole into the Meta for it.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:54 No.17333131
    I'd say this one, it's older and has us finishing up our suggestions for what to say to the Persona kids, since it picked up right after the old thread autosaged out.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:55 No.17333143
    It's linked in the Editors Setting discussion thread too.
    Please feel free to contribute:
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)20:57 No.17333162
    I expect we'll need to search more, and find Elder things, or Old research notes, at Antarctica. That will necessitate a bossfight, but it's a bossfight we're fully prepared for (Big shoggoth = get a stack of napalm or thermite = burninate).
    Full SCIENCE! on researching World pillars, Psionics, and whatever we recover from the lower labs.

    As for what type of darklord we'll find here, or what crossover will happen, I honestly don't know. There's not much you CAN cross over with Shoggothim. Maybe we'll find Xom or Orcus or Nurgle or something.
    >> Potential Writefag 12/25/11(Sun)21:11 No.17333307
    The first thing we should try to figure out is the tying element to this pillar. What is binding the mists and shit to Antarctica that is inside/of this pillar? I honestly have no idea unless there's someone trapped inside the thing that's the focus of sorrow and despair. Are there any Darklord concepts or such that would be good candidates to take over a Cthulu Mythos construct and be tied into the world's fabric?

    For that matter, are we sure the World Pillar is tied into *this* world? There might be an element to approach there. What happens if we disrupt the flow of stuff to/from the Pillar without destroying the Pillar itself?

    After this is all done, we're gonna have to find/draw in Ebon Night and figure out a way of slaying him. I vote Guts and his sword lead the charge, backed up by Darius and Echo Of The First Age. After all, his sword is specifically stated to be a spiritual creature in it's own right. Yeah, the Dragon Slayer's killed so much stuff that it's *evolved* into a ghost touch weapon. Perhaps an application of the synthetic stuff we are able to make based on that stuff from Silent Hill (can't be arsed to look up the names lol) can be applied to swords and weapons used to attack EN and function like a poison to it? If not, maybe a drop or two of the real thing, or do we have to use it all or none at all?

    I'm concerned that once Japan's dealt with we're gonna be facing Ebon Night taking a direct hand in stopping us. Maybe controlling the Shoggoths to come after us? I personally think Ebon Night's tied itself into the World Pillar to feed of despair and shit resonating through the world. It makes sense, since it can just go "lol kill me and they all die anyways! Catch-22 motherfuckers!"

    >My own copypasta is delicious! nomnom
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)22:03 No.17333829
    My theory has been that we need Cheryl's control over reality distorting powers to tap into the Pillar for us to have a chance against Ebon Night.
    There is no physical way for us to face this threat. Just facing down the combination that it _made_ in Japan taxed our combat ability to the limit.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)22:09 No.17333885
    Man, there's no physical way for us to face a Carpenter. Just facing down the door he _made_ in Japan taxed my punching power to the limit.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)22:14 No.17333924
    Amusing. But the fact remains that we are dealing with a being of cosmic power with no recorded physical form with the power to make and bend reality, and that was before the STOB and probable SUEnhancement of it's powers.
    Plus, Cheryl is supposed to be the key to victory here, and that Pillar has hax powers written all over it.
    Or more accurately, written all around it.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)22:28 No.17334051
    Economizers and/or Ethers
    Nethack Holy Water
    Some Aura items from Warcraft 3
    Staff of Negation (spammable AoE dispel)
    More Nannybags
    another EMH
    Spellbook of Identify

    X-com engineers
    More White Mages
    Replenishment of killed troops
    More very useful and expendable droids

    A Getter Robo
    The Gotengo (aquatic, drill, freezes things, basically utility mech)
    More Dropships, preferably Leopards.

    Agrias Oaks (I honestly don't see the point in her, but she seems popular for some reason)
    Warcraft III Paladin lvl6 +
    A Speech or Negotiations or Diplomacy-type person

    Engineering Workshops
    Schlockverse Fabricator
    Large-scale teleporter

    List of items that's been posted a few times. For the Luck problem, do you think we can convince MetaOP to slightly alter a specific ability?
    A cleric of Desna from Pathfinder at the 6th level can reroll bad rolls once per day. If we were to get a set of these like we did with the Abjurers, we'll be able to say "OH SHIT! REROLL DAMNIT" 6 times a day.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:24 No.17334622
    If you think a roboticizer is a good idea, you've obviously not read the comic as well as you should have. If you use the Roboticizer on non organic material, it explodes.

    If we were to shoot a ship with it, the ship would EXPLODE.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:25 No.17334637
    The plan is to use the roboticizer on things like monsters, demons, Chaos Space Marines, orks, and zombies and various undead.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:35 No.17334726
    >According to the SatAM series, although the roboticizer robs its victims of their free will, people who have been put through the process maintain their overall awareness of everything that is going on around them. They simply aren't in control of their actions. The "slave mind" effect can be fought, however. Sonic was able to help his Uncle Chuck regain his free will on multiple occasions, most notably through the use of emotion; Sonic finally managed to use his Uncle's emotional attachments and loyalties against his programming. However, if a subject is still roboticized, he or she can be plugged into a device that renders them subservient even after they have regained their free will.

    >The "slave mind" effect can be fought, however.

    >can be fought

    Great, now we turned Godzilla into a nearly undefeatable Robo-Godzilla.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:38 No.17334744
    The funny part is that Robo-Godzilla might be easier to blow up than the organic version.

    Also, the look on Starscream when you fire the de-Roboticizer on him.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:40 No.17334766
    Not really, considering when the BEM did a test of it on Sonic, they made him even stronger.

    Picture all the advantages, with near infinite stamina, and a far stronger hide.

    Something like that would just screw us over.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:45 No.17334794
    I was talking about the outdated, old school Roboticizer tech in Sonic #39-40.
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:47 No.17334808
    >mfw this is one of the worst quest threads but the OP consistently runs it almost every night

    God damn why the fuck can't good quest threads have GM's like that?
    >> Anonymous 12/25/11(Sun)23:59 No.17334887
    Pretty good list overall.
    Certain things I think aren't going to work out though, the Nethack holy water is just too broken to function outside its home canon. And trying to get anything that affects our top-level rolls is just a little too Meta-Meta.

    Once the exector-class is up and running we won't need to worry about conventional Engineering workshops, it has substantial engineering workshops for repairing and maintaining the fleet and army it would normally travel with and itself. Plus, once we have a faber then that eclipses most lesser workshops.

    As far as the heroes, I'll acknowledge that Agrias is a popular choice, even if she isn't a key addition to the team.
    Disagree with the paladin selection, we're taking on more white mages to fill our healing quota. Also we don't need a talking-centric hero, Darius has served well in that respect, and the Spy surprised us with his negotiations with Guts as well.
    Heroes we are lacking in other key areas:
    Magic knowledge.
    Magic/Anti-magic combat.
    There's also been the suggestion of taking on a more Engineering-centric hero. Personally, I think Data does well on the Hero end to work over that department, we need a group of people to man it- I'm suggesting we take on a team of Gavs to oversee our building, modifying, and repairs. Plus they can work with the Science team as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:03 No.17334909
         File1324875812.jpg-(19 KB, 300x271, Happy-2-Mr.-Happy.jpg)
    19 KB
    >mfw it is one of the best quests on /tg/ these days.
    I still think Blood Quest was one of the best we ever had though.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:05 No.17334928
    >>White Mages
    >>Make Agrias do double duty as a White Mage via multiclassing
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:08 No.17334956
    Well, the main reasoning on Agrias is due to the fact that we get a major discount on her due to our white mages, and she comes pretrained in many of the FFT classes.

    The Paladins are because they can resurrect 6 people at once, and they're decent front line warriors. They can bubble to save themselves in an emergency or simply to protect themselves while fighting an overpowering enemy. They also have an aura that makes nearby allies harder to kill.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:10 No.17334974
    Actually, I think we are approaching those paladins the wrong way.
    They aren't a hero selection any more that nameless white mages and psions.
    They're a troop selection. Add them to the troop list and you'll get no complaints.
    >> Potential Writefag 12/26/11(Mon)00:21 No.17335075
    And how is MetaQuest a bad quest thread? That sounds like Firemen talk to me, son. That's a BLAMming. Someone go find my bolter, please.

    Who would we have as a Medical Hero? Medic is kinda there already with his Medigun. Magical knowledge may be where we need to focus our recruiting efforts. Egon and our various casters are good in as far as their specialties, but we need someone who can look at a spell and go "Aha! Strike the left rune while sticking a quarter-inch of tongue out at the upper right one and that'll stop the horrible rape portal!"

    I honestly can't think of anyone who isn't a fairly high-tier recruitment and canon-important like Dr. Strange or Elminster or something.. To get someone like this, we.. We may have to cross the Mahou Curtain and see if the TSAB is willing to lend us a radical (by their standards, but aligned to ours) member or two who are versed in magic shenanigans. Or promote someone in our own ranks somehow.. I dunno. Ideas?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:40 No.17335246
    Um is it possible to have items that could directly affect the outcome of dice rolls? I mean not like "gift of luck" or some such shit, but I mean like equipment modifiers, like a weapon that modifies its own aim so that the user gets a +5 effect to any roll that involves him firing it.

    Cuz I was wondering if we could give the tg recruits some snipers from 'Darkest of Days', since the way it works is basically you make the target in your scope, and the gun then calculates distance, wind resistance, planet's rotation, etc, and projects a circle you should center in on to score a headshot. I figure this could translate to a +10 roll for them, to compensate for /tg/'s usual crap rolls.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)00:41 No.17335257
    Only caster I can think of that fits would be An'desha from the Heralds of Valdemar series.

    He ended the series going off to teach magic. He had an ancient mage take over his body, and when they "killed" it, the knowledge it had stayed.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)01:15 No.17335530
    I've come to think that acquiring the data and holo matrix from the Shlockverse's so-called Magic Cryokit would be in our best interest. Combined with a federation EMH's knowledge our medical Science!-fu would be unmatched.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)01:37 No.17335678
         File1324881437.jpg-(51 KB, 400x251, kurogane.jpg)
    51 KB
    In a couple of earlier threads, some people have mentioned that we need something that will help us drill through shit.

    Might I suggest the Kurogane from Super Robot Wars? It's Titanic Drill fits the bill perfectly, and we could always use another battleship. It can also function perfectly while underwater (Although any space vessel could conceivable do the same)
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:25 No.17335990
         File1324884342.jpg-(129 KB, 1024x704, Neo Gotengo.jpg)
    129 KB
    If we get something in that vein, it should be the Neo Gotengo. Heavily armed, flies though air and space, drills, and submersible.
    And upgrade from a version that _defeated_ Godzilla in the arctic, and survives tangling with several other high-level kaiju and an alien mothership.
    Though given the story around it the only way we'd get one is for Acquisitions to acquire the blueprints and build one for us. Though that would still be cheaper on the requisition points than recruiting a ship-load of heroes. Fortunately it is also the one version of the craft actually built by a military, rather than a one-off design by a mad genius that dies with all designs.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:33 No.17336030
    What about some sorta modifier? So say like a roll that woulda been 35 becomes 40. It would certainly negate those damn 1 rolls...
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:39 No.17336069
    We basically seem to have this already, behind the scenes. If our plans are good, our response to a problem is spot on, or our equipment certifies a certain level of success, it takes a lot of the sting off a bad roll. There have been a few times where our heavy planning has paid off and equipment has saved our people's asses.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:42 No.17336082
         File1324885364.jpg-(213 KB, 1400x575, Metaverse Obliterator.jpg)
    213 KB
    Of course, we will be facing down something like this somepoint in the future
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:44 No.17336092
    Maybe we're thinking to narrowly, looking for a hero to help with magic knowledge/research.
    Maybe we should hire on a team of Techno-wizards to serve as a magic complement to our Scientists and Engineers. Magic users that would work well with our more technological style.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)02:49 No.17336105
         File1324885752.jpg-(15 KB, 618x407, facepalm.jpg)
    15 KB
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    >pic related
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)03:06 No.17336184
    "No! I must fix teh distorshun!"

    "No TG, you are the distorshun..."

    "And then TG was SUE"
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)07:31 No.17337309
    The TSAB has an iron grip over most mages that approach magic as science.
    I know that MetaOP has been leery of going too Meta and allowing recruitment from /tg/ quests, especially since, by the definitions of the Editors setting, such stories aren't considered stable.

    However, if we can, a group of Dreamwood mages from the end of Frost Giantess Quest may meet our requirements.
    They have had the scientific method drilled into them, and approach magic as a science.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)07:52 No.17337381
    Yeah, I know I'm bumping this thread. Sue me.

    This list is out-of-date somewhat. It may be good idea to update it intermittently, else we'll lose some people's suggestions. On the whole, it looks good though.

    Well, for medical, we keep getting Dr. Todd 'Lazarus' Lazcowicz coming up, and since he created most of the medical tech we currently use, he seems like something of a no-brainer. Of course, we may need to keep him on a tight leash.

    For magical research, may I suggest Giles from Buffy? We have a point to recruit him from relatively painlessly, and his actions dealing with Glory show his is willing and able to do what is necessary.

    An engineering hero is also a worthy idea, if only to help keep our ship and droids working.

    Might I suggest we attempt to sort any future Heroes into one of 3 subcategories when we consider recruiting:
    1. Direct Combat. This one is a no-brainer.
    2. Combat Support. Able to fight, but possessing abilities to support our people on the ground.
    3. Pure Support. These guys stay on the ship, providing intelligence and upgrading our gear.

    Any thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)09:35 No.17337760
    While I'd like an Engineering Hero, I think we have to keep that on the backburner, at least until we have the personnel and equipment to take full advantage of such a person.

    Magical research has been a problem, since most of the best are usually powerful enough to refuse our offer, or are not the type we want to deal with.
    Egon has fortunately been flexible enough to handle double-duty of both science and magic, and getting him was a great investment.

    But should we get a Magic Researcher Hero, or a Magic Researcher Troop choice, the magic equivalent of our X-COM Scientists?
    And should we invest in a magic-equivalent for X-COM Engineers? I know I have a lot of magic items that I'd like to have fabricated for our troops, such as Rods of Silence for our Delta Greens, and Ethers and Elixirs for our White Mages.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)10:10 No.17337862
    Regarding magic research, this is why I suggest Giles. He's powerful, and he has plenty of experience in this sort of thing. I don't see any reason why he'd turn down the possibility. Granted, he would be loath to dabble in magic for magic's sake, but we could always use a full-time magic expert.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)11:34 No.17338337
    Are we taking him from the TV series or the comic books? It may be difficult to find the specific branch that has the TV series but isn't connected to the Comic Book Branch. Then there's also the problem of the delayed spin-off series that has him in it; there may be problems with trying to recruit characters that have superposition like that, where their creative waveform hasn't stabilized.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)11:42 No.17338389
    Well, he's dead in the Comics, so that makes it easy to recruit him there.

    I'm not sure what the actual difference is between the two of them, so that makes things easier.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)12:06 No.17338514

    This guy makes a good point on recruitment policy, although somewhat needlessly antagonistic in his attitude to other peoples' proposals.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)12:11 No.17338539
    Newer version

    Economizers and/or Ethers
    Nethack Holy Water
    Some Aura items from Warcraft 3
    Staff of Negation (spammable AoE dispel)
    More Nannybags
    another EMH
    Spellbook of Identify

    X-com engineers
    More White Mages
    Replenishment of killed troops
    More very useful and expendable droids
    Warcraft III Paladin lvl6 +
    Team of Gavs>>17338514

    A Getter Robo
    The Gotengo (aquatic, drill, freezes things, basically utility mech)
    More Dropships, preferably Leopards.

    Agrias Oaks (Cheap due to White Mages)
    Dr. Todd 'Lazarus' Lazcowicz
    Magic knowledge.
    Magic/Anti-magic combat.

    Engineering Workshops
    Schlockverse Fabricator
    Large-scale teleporter

    Only problem with his "Mechs are useless" stance. We know that this all started because of the Super Robot Wars. We need to be armed to defend ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)12:42 No.17338736
    Add Giles for Magic knowledge.

    And I'd contest his attitude to Zero, at least, and I'm not saying that just because I nominated the guy.

    OK, maybe I am, but I did explain my reasoning in a previous thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)12:52 No.17338818
    The Gavs probably supercede the X-Com Engineers.

    The Gotengo is a ship, a bit larger than the Defiant, and the Neo Gotengo is the spaceship variant that we should acquire a copy of.

    I originally suggested Dr. Lazcowicz, but I think snagging the Magic Cryokit's EMH and data would be even better. And an easier operation than getting a viable copy of the real doctor that EMH is based on, IE cheaper for us, and still bringing three thousand years of suppressed medical knowledge to the table.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:05 No.17338921
    Personally I'm still against Zero because he is Main Character and tied into the core of three different series he may yet appear in again if Capcom feels like making more. The creator of those series considers him the core character over even X, so that gives you an idea of his importance in the Meta scheme of things. And it is well established that reploid-like minds can't be backed up or duplicated. Transferred, yes, but that doesn't really help us.
    We can find other close-combat specialists that are not as plot important.
    Not that we actually need a close-combat specialist more than other heroes right now.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:05 No.17338930
    Do we really need to add 'replenishment of of troops' to the list? I thought that was something we did automatically, unless we said otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:14 No.17338975
    You make a very valid point, and I respect your concerns. OP has spoken on this:
    >I'm still thinking about it, but if it happens it won't be for a while. You have a few other high levels due to pop up before then. But I'm not ruling out Zero (with a slash through the center) showing up at some point.

    It's his quest, so let's wait it out. I'm willing to shut up about Zero till OP makes the final call, let's focus on people we can recruit at present.

    What do you think of Giles as a Magic expert? I suppose we need to balance it out with a dedicated science guy, though.

    I'm willing to back up the decision on a medical expert, eithe Doc Lazarus or the magic cryokit. my only concern re: the cryokit is that it may well recur in its native canon, wheras Doctor Lazarus is dead and probably buried.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:23 No.17339023
    Well, look at it this way. If we get the Doc, he can MAKE us a magic cryokit.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:35 No.17339120
         File1324924510.jpg-(17 KB, 209x213, Dr. Todd 'Lazarus' Lazkowicz.jpg)
    17 KB
    That's why a said a copy of its EMH and data. We don't need the cryokit itself, just slip in and have the matrix duplicated. Ironically enough, we could do it while the doc is being killed, since we know everyone is on the bridge while that is going on.

    I thought about that, I'm not sure if he's as knowledgeable as the cryokit that is reportedly based on his personality. 3,000 years of suppressed medical knowledge is a lot for one guy to remember. If we go for Dr. Lazcowicz, then we should go ahead and grab the the cryokit data as well, he may need it.
    I do have a plan for getting the doc, considering the nature of his death, he needs to be slipped a dose of RED sometime beforehand, then swap his body out when no one is looking after his brains are blown out.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:39 No.17339170
         File1324924798.jpg-(132 KB, 1280x720, macross-quarter.jpg)
    132 KB
    We've also had a push for adding a Macross Quarter to our roster. A versatile smaller craft that is very well armed for a ship it's sized.
    And there is a hope that getting that would net a discount on more/replacement VF-25s and some VB-6s, since they are the standard compliment of the craft.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:40 No.17339180
    We do, because if a unit is reduced to a certain small size, or they're very expensive individually, then it takes a requisition to fill them back up.

    It took a Troop Requisition to fill the KI and X-COM squads back up after the LotR world.
    Considering how many we've lost to this world, we'll need at least another Troop Requisition, probably two.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:42 No.17339205
         File1324924968.jpg-(140 KB, 1200x415, macross-quarter-carrier.jpg)
    140 KB
    As in smaller than the Relentless, bigger than the Defiant and Neo Gotengo, but it can break into smaller craft as well. Fills the mid-size ship category on its own.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:47 No.17339248
    Maybe if we get a Ship Requisition.
    But I'd rather be spending requisition points on Ship Upgrade Requisitions to get an Engineering Bay on the Oncoming Storm, and upgrading the Relentless with personnel and cargo transporters, upgrading its fire control computers, and upgrading its weapons with University of Planet Singularity Laser banks.

    I'd rather increase the quality of our task force, rather than its quantity.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:50 No.17339283
    Which is smart. Some people think 5 ships can beat one. Smarter people think 5 lvl 20s will get their ass handed to them by a lvl 80.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:51 No.17339287
    Shame to hear he died, that's what I get for not keeping up with the comic. Rather enjoyed the idea of Giles and Faith traveling around.
    The real question is, how certain is this death?
    I fully support his recruitment if we can be certain he isn't tied into things or serving as a spirit guide or something.
    He's a tad technophobic though, we may need someone to help him integrate into our very tech-focused team. I might actually suggest Jenny Calendar, the one person that ever softened his stance on technology.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:58 No.17339357
    Well, when saying 'very well armed for it's size', that's kinda like saying a defiant-class is very well armed for a runabout.
    Damn thing has a full-power macross cannon and more missiles than a god of missiles.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)13:58 No.17339363
    While Jenny Calendar did die, and it would be possible to pull a body-switch like we did with Pellaeon, that's too expensive for just one person's comfort. Giles will just have to work with his new co-workers.
    >> Forever ST/GM Guy 12/26/11(Mon)14:03 No.17339415
    >Macross Frontier
    >Macross Quarter
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)14:04 No.17339418
    Considering that Giles is also a body-switch from the same timeline, it shouldn't be any harder to make one more stop.
    Besides, she's a techno-pagan gypsy, considering some of the tricks Willow pulled with some networking, it might not be a bad idea. Plus, gypsy magic.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)14:08 No.17339462
    Agreed, otherwise with have to bring back Julia, and everyone else's love interests, and that goes into Fixer territory.

    I fear ever confronting a sister ship that's gone rogue.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)14:10 No.17339491
    The difficulty isn't in making the stop, it's in making the switch.

    Pellaeon, when he died, was in a place where we could beam out him out without anyone seeing.

    Jenny, Angelus is with her body for a considerable (in the context of how long a person can be dead before they become information dead and we can't reboot their brain) amount of time, making a beam-out impossible.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)14:17 No.17339551
    Hah, we could turn requisitioning Hero characters into a mini-game where we play as TG Requisitions.
    In order to successfully requisition a Hero or Ship (or ship-sized piece of equipment), not only do you have to come up with reasons why we should spend valuable requisition points on them, but also come up with the plan that TG Requisitions is going to use to get the target.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)14:18 No.17339567
    OK, that would actually be pretty fun.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)15:44 No.17340303
    bumping for the Meta!

    you could practically make this a quest unto itself.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)16:09 No.17340505
    Indeed, we''ve even got an initial team line up..
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)18:23 No.17340586
    Oh god yes. YES!

    I'm thinking that this is a truly awesome idea.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)18:55 No.17340750
    bumping, cause I can.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)19:41 No.17340842
    Ah well, guess Egon will just have to bring him around.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)21:28 No.17341619
    >More very useful and expendable droids
    I object to calling droids 'expendable'.
    Drones are expendable, droids are actual thinking units. Which makes them even more useful in the field.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)21:44 No.17341754
    This list is outdated as fuck. Enough with the samefagging trying to push getter robo.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)21:54 No.17341834
    I don't think it's samefagging, just a collection of the various suggestions. We can't get all of that.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:32 No.17343658
         File1324967539.jpg-(384 KB, 980x570, orcsfeatured.jpg)
    384 KB
    As far as magic and direct combat, I suggest the Mentor from Orcs Must Die!, he's well experienced in magical and mundane combat and can bring in a variety of traps.
    Just get him some good non-slip shoes and he should integrate well into our teams.

    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)09:56 No.17345499
    Bumping for great justice.
    This might work out, but I can see some friction with BLU team. They might think he's a new RED class. I'm not sure if we'll find ourselves in a situation where traps will be useful-we tend to be going on the offensive. Of course, having the option for when we're dealing with being on defense is valuable.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)10:23 No.17345654

    I disapprove.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)11:05 No.17345882
    Any reason why?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)11:37 No.17346019
    We need less combat heroes and more tech/med/support heroes.

    We should focus more on troop acquisitions than heroes.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)12:04 No.17346188
    Well, we've got suggestions for most of the categories we were concerned with, except for anti-magic combat.
    Do you have any additional or alternate suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)12:20 No.17346291
    >We need less combat heroes and more tech/med/support heroes.

    I agree with this.

    >We should focus more on troop acquisitions than heroes.
    I disagree with this. We get a set amount of hero slots and troops slots, it's not either/or. We have to reach a balance.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)19:13 No.17349689
    Get Maya from Frost Giant Quest, I remember someone mentioning her in an earlier thread.
    She's an all-rounder in terms of magic and can do healing. That and SCIENCE!
    A bit big though, might need to work on some size reduction magic to be usable in non-combat situations.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)19:37 No.17349949

    I don't know, quest characters may be an issue.

    You never know, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)19:49 No.17350089
    I'm concerned about the stability of such characters, since they come from extremely volatile Meta-realities. Their Canon structure is ephemeral at best, and could destabilize unexpectedly.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)20:31 No.17350466
    It would be worth looking into then if only to find out what bad things might happen if we cant recruit them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)20:40 No.17350561
    Next time we're back at Sector HQ, we could make an information request of TG Archives and TG R&D regarding para-stable Canons.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:02 No.17350790
    Well, let's see, this is what all we managed to earn in the wake of the last linchpin world:
    >2 Reasonable Marine Tactical Squads OR 1 Reasonable Marine Devastator Squad.
    >2 Atlas Battlemechs OR 4 Hellstar Battlemechs
    >4 Rifleman Battlemechs OR 2 Mad Cats
    >9 Arclite Siege Tanks OR Char in Hyaku Shiki
    >4 M270 MLRS OR Amuro in Hi Nu Gundam OR Kamille in Zeta Gundam
    >1 Overlord-class Dropship
    >2 Leopard-class Dropships.
    >X-COM Veteran Squad.
    >All casualties replaced.
    >Crowe in Brasta.
    >We'll need Pellaeon to stay here for crew picking, but you'll get him back.
    >You retain BLU team.
    >You get a ship upgrade.
    >You can get another 10 nanny bags and six recon tanks to be installed in the Medbay.
    >You also get one Al'Kesh transport.

    Some of our resources went into the retrofit work on our captures, but our replacement expenses weren't high that time, unlike this time. We did a damn fine job of not getting the loaners killed that time, so that counted in our favor.
    That should give us a very rough idea of how much we could requisition. Remember, not all things are equal in requisition costs. Left the 'OR's in place to get an idea of some of the exchange rates.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:56 No.17351341
    Don't forget, we're also owed last mission's requisition. Our boss was sleeping and all we got was a single set of troops.

    We're also owed our two brand new ships that are being retrofited, which we should get at the end of the mission.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:56 No.17351977
         File1325044580.jpg-(22 KB, 461x241, Von_Luckner.jpg)
    22 KB
    Well those ships aren't counting against our requisitions, those were captures and we put resources toward their retrofitting previously.

    As far as troop choices, I'm putting in a vote for tanks.
    Ones that could seem fairly conventional, thus easier to deploy on some worlds without additional disruption, but pack a serious wallop.
    Like the Von Luckner heavy tank.
    A 'mech' unit that wouldn't stand out as much as a walker unit in some canons, plus it could fit through the Al'kesh's doors.
    Good to have an option like that when we can't use the VF-25s and VB-6s to their fullest.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:33 No.17352419
    Just thought of an upgrade for our mechs: Power fields. Specifically ones that could protect the cockpits.
    We saw attacks on the cockpits of out mechs on two occasions and there wasnt much we could do to save them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:47 No.17352554
    Well, we can't do much against magic-voodoo getting to our pilots. At least not until we figure out something that can protect them.

    As for the Tomahawk.. that thing tore through the heaviest sections of armor on a fairly heavily armored mech to reach him, not much more we could have done for the lad.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:57 No.17352679
    Why not a WH40k tank?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)00:19 No.17352952
         File1325049568.png-(918 KB, 1394x1000, shadowsword detail.png)
    918 KB
    I'm going to go as far as to say that, generally speaking, Battletech tanks are superior.

    Though a Shadowsword could be nice, they aren't very versatile, and the Volcano Cannon is kinda slow to aim and fire.. plus it is reliant on line of sight and harder to pass off as 'normal' in some canons.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)00:21 No.17352974
    >high profile
    >mass produced
    >not designed to be advanced
    >average armament
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)00:31 No.17353073
    We could get that MLRS equivalent from 40k, the Manticore and replace our normal helpless MLRS with them. We need to tweak the launchers to hold more stuff though, and to make it so that the ordinance is protected like on the HIMARS.

    We also need to make sure to equip the steel rain missiles on the M270 MLRS, and think of what other kinds of ordiance we want the modified Manticores to fire as well.

    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)01:01 No.17353310
         File1325052096.jpg-(22 KB, 469x304, Not sure if serious.jpg)
    22 KB
    >Reads >>17353073
    >Reads http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Manticore
    >Reads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M270_Multiple_Launch_Rocket_System

    >pic related
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)01:20 No.17353511
         File1325053243.jpg-(112 KB, 800x680, prae3.jpg)
    112 KB
    You mean the Praetor right?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)01:58 No.17353920
    >M270 MLRS
    >in service since 1983

    >not Stalin's Organ
    >comrade, I'm disappoint
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)02:02 No.17353952
    Yaeh, Praetor is more like it.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)03:14 No.17354528
    It certainly looks more like a proper MLRS.
    Though if is it as temperamental as the Manticore, I'm not sure we'd ever want to work with it.
    But, more to the point, why are we discussing a MLRS when we already have some, and we were talking about tanks?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)09:34 No.17356653
    Because the Manticore is supposed to be more durable than the M270, and has point defenses?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)13:09 No.17357804
    Expending resource points on getting Manticores is not a use of resources that I can support, when the MLRS will always be deployed either far enough away that point defenses will be unnecessary, or in the center of a mass of troops and will already have sufficient close-in protection.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)13:44 No.17358086
    I find myself question the necessity of armoured support. we're supposed to keep a low profile, not rock up in a full battle formation. Even the mechs don't get out much. Surely it's better to prioritise infantry?

    Still, if we're going to be getting vehicles, it might be a good idea to get more dropships, either instead of or in conjunction with armoured support. Perhaps vehicles along the lines of Halo Pelicans or LAATs from Star Wars, for smaller units (or equivalent units from other canons that would do the job better)? Putting all of our troops in one metaphorical basket when it comes to dropship insertions may prove disastrous in future. It'll also allow us to deploy units in a more concealable manner.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)13:54 No.17358160
    In that case, upgrading our current dropship selection might be in order, rather than getting new ships.
    For example, the Al'Kesh Troop Transport/Bomber is an excellent workhorse for our needs, since it comes with an Asgard beam transporter array and an onboard cloaking device. It has proven time and again that it is an excellent troop transport for covert insertions.
    It, however, needs upgraded shields, armor, and weapons so that it can function in a close-air support role.

    As for the Leopard and Overlord, transporter upgrades and cloaking devices, as well as upgraded gravity drive systems might help.
    By using inertia-less drive systems, they could fly and do orbital entry without traveling at such massive speeds that their aerodynamics would require, making cloaking a viable feature. Also, by having onboard transporters, they can beam out crew, and then have bulk transporters beam vehicles back into their holding bays.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)15:41 No.17358991
    We've agreed a few times that getting more Al'kesh is on our planning board.
    I've suggested working on upgrades before, nice to see some support for that finally.
    We're trying to maintain a strong mech force for when we run into the SRW stuff we are all expecting.

    As for infantry, at this point I think what we should focus on upgrading our current force. Better armor, better gear, more stealth options, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)15:58 No.17359133
    I'm actually more concerned with the Chaos daemons and corrupted armor that they might field. It's not guaranteed that we'll only fight them in space (which is when we'll need Char and Crowe, as well as our fighter squadrons, equipped with minimum Mk II Reality Emitters), and might have to fight them on the ground. Locals will be unlikely to have the technological or magical expertise required to fight against Chaos, and they will not be amenable to negotiation; a stealthy approach is unlikely to be available, and we will need to wipe them out.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)16:00 No.17359153
    >We've agreed a few times that getting more Al'kesh is on our planning board.
    I meant that we shouldn't try to get more new types of dropships, when I said that we should consider upgrading our current ones rather than getting new dropships.

    Another Al'Kesh or two would be welcome, even if they aren't upgraded.
    Though we should see if we can acquire a pair of Stargates for cheap. They're very useful, those Stargates.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)17:45 No.17359488
    We'll probably need to get up to MkIII to deal with New Chaos. Meta-grade Chaos reflections is scary to even contemplate, let alone face.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:14 No.17360013
    Yeah Mk III is preferable, but Mk II is a must.
    The problem with these kinds of Meta technologies is that we may require TG base facilities in order to fabricate.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:36 No.17360146
    Well once the SSD has completed it's refit, it pretty much will be a mobile HQ-Facility.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:36 No.17360147
    This reminds me that we need to upgrade the mechs we do have with shields, and maybe active thermoptic camo. Before getting new troops and vehicles we should upgrade what we have.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:39 No.17360173
    Aye, upgrades. Don't forget we were looking to upgrade the MI gear to ACS as well. There was some call for trading in the Prawns for ACS as well, but let's see how the buggers fare in Shoggothland before we make a final call.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:44 No.17360220
    Getting HQ-level fab facilities may be expensive, even if TG Main clearance for that kind of equipment. I mean, that is very valuable and probably very classified equipment. I'm sure that Main considers things such as the danger of such fab facilities falling into the hands of the Void Engineers or Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)19:49 No.17360269
    Upgrading the MI to ACS may be preferable to getting an ACS squad. That way the squad may get to Hero stAtus faster.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/28/11(Wed)19:50 No.17360282

    >During the 1991 Gulf War, the Iraqis referred to the small M77 submunitions rockets as the "Steel Rain."

    >Steel Rain

    You guys aren't putting Boreale in command of your artillery are you?

    Anyway, back from hell-weekend, but won't be up for resuming the quest for a few days at least. If you guys have questions, I might answer a few though.

    Concerning the SSD, when you get it back, it will have been retrofitted with the upgraded Reality Emitters, and enough automation to cut its crew requirements by 70% (which was the main thing). Further upgrades to the SSD are certainly possible, though, especially with all the space it has on board.

    You will be receiving the Antaneus with the upgraded Reality Emitter, plus upgrades to its engines and hull that will allow it to travel in space, underwater, and in the air.

    You'll be receiving a significant increase in your fighting power thanks to the bases you saved being able to contribute more material to the war effort. If you had not succeeded in saving the bases/decided not to save them, these bonus units would not have been available, save one which was automatic. I won't reveal what they are until you get there though. I do think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Any questions before I slink back into the night?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)20:03 No.17360390
    Thanks for the clarification on the SSD, imagine the same goes for the ISD.
    Can't think of questions off hand, we've figured out what we want to say to the Persona folk and a general outline for antarctica, so we should be sent to go when you return. A final tally of survivors and salvageable materials from our 2nd Battle of Tokyo would be nice, but that can wait.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)20:08 No.17360445
    >>center of a mass of troops

    >> The weapon can fire guided and unguided projectiles up to 42 km (26 mi). Firing ballistic missiles, (such as the U.S. Army Tactical Missile System—ATACMS), it can hit targets 300 km (190 mi) away; the warhead in such shots reaches an altitude of about 50 km (164,000 ft). The M270 can be used in shoot-and-scoot tactics, firing its rockets rapidly, then moving away to avoid counter-battery fire.

    Really now /tg/, really. Stop using a sniping artillery piece in close-up situations.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)20:14 No.17360481
         File1325121274.jpg-(1.15 MB, 1425x1038, VonLuckner.jpg)
    1.15 MB
    What would you give Requisitions chances of getting us some Von Luckners? Say, in the VNL-K75N configuration? Though the Royal and standard are nice too.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)20:23 No.17360566
    Anyway guys, do you know what we avoided when the mists cleared in Africa as a side-effect? Well, we avoided having to deal with The Mummy 1 or 2 enemies, and we avoided Kishin Taido Demonbane enemies.

    The catch: We have no Demonbane to work with.

    I'm bracing for Antarctica. We might have to deal with Cthulutech shit as well, or SRW D's big bad (ie, Cheryl turns into his host), or like, we release Walpurgisnacht and have to fight like, every witch ever from the Madokaverse.

    >> we're supposed to keep a low profile

    Every time we hit a high-intensity, lynchpin world, we end up having to ditch a low profile due to escalation and other complications.

    Low-intensity works with low-intensity worlds like those green worlds on the sector map.

    Anyway guys, what sort of mods are we looking at for a trio of VB-6's? I was thinking of trying to be efficient with swapping out equipment by trying to focus on using the railgun area and arms as sort of hardpoints; swap out the default arms for modular arm ports to put in stuff as necessary.

    In any case, we might want to consider Roboticizers so we can avoid having to deploy mass troop formations when our troops are better needed elsewhere.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/28/11(Wed)20:25 No.17360581
    Very high. Requisitions from Battletech are usually easy because of the general chaos ongoing there at any given time, and the relative ease of purchasing things with no questions asked if you have the C-Bills.

    As a side note Von Luckners are possibly my favorite Battlemech unit tied with the Atlas. I prefer the VNL-K100 configuration though. Dual AC20s have served me well.

    Yes, the ISDs underwent the same refits.

    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)21:05 No.17360907
    I'm with everyone else that has said Roboticizer is a bad idea.
    As for the VB-6s, I'm pretty happy with the armament they have, actually. Most we might ever consider is developing additional warhead options. Maybe a couple more weapons it could use in shuttle mode, but honestly the thing is pretty massively armed already.

    You're welcome! Hope the holidays are going well.
    Though I thought the K100 was the one with a single AC20 and the upgraded targeting, which is nice too. Goes to show how good the class is when you can point to all the variants and say "That's good too.".
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:13 No.17361574
    Roboticizer is loads safer than Safeguard darts. At least, when we roboticize targets with a beam, the ship can immediately sieze control of the roboticized.

    If I recall correctly, the ghetto roboticizer they have from Sonic #39-40 + Mecha madness was never used again, so we can steal it and no one will care.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:21 No.17361676
    If a bunch of fuckall teenagers can fuck around with roboticizer (and de-roboticizer) tech safely, with one-twentieth the resources and manpower that the TG has, then we should be good. We have loads and loads and loads more brainpower and resources than Sally/Nicole + Rotor.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:33 No.17361812
    Rather than a roboticizer, wouldn't it be more efficient for us to requisition an Al'Kesh or another Defiant-class ship equipped with a large-area photonic holo-emitter capable of creating multiple independent hard holograms?
    That way we have an instantly spawning fighting force without bothering with converting enemy units. It also allows us to tailor the look, weaponry, and tactics of our fighting force to emulate any native groups to minimize Meta-contamination.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:42 No.17361895
    >Stop using a sniping artillery piece in close-up situations.
    I would have liked to, however the area of the mist-enclosed portion of Tokyo that we fought within did not allow for that luxury.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:44 No.17361921
    Converting enemy units in a flash is horrifying on a morale aspect.

    Roboticizer cons:
    You need the Al'kesh/Inde to be around to control/coordinate the bots.

    Hard Hologram cons:
    You need the Al'kesh/Inde to sustain the holograms and maintain control/coordination.

    You need functional, holographic guns.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)22:47 No.17361958
    Holtz had mentioned that the Antaeus 01's Creation Engine was also getting an upgrade. Is that still correct?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)23:04 No.17362113
    >You need functional, holographic guns.
    Which would be created alongside the holographic troops.

    Yes, it shares the same drawback as the roboticizer (that the ship with the roboticizer/holo-emitter needs to be close by on the battlefield), however it has the benefit of creating expendable soldiers that can be tailored to a specific situation (to minimize Meta-contamination), and that they will leave behind no Meta-contaminants such as bodies or spent shell casings.
    If we're going to have expendable, replaceable, respawning troops, then I think that the holo-emitter ship gives us the best return on our investment.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)23:12 No.17362191
    "close by" won't be a problem if you already roboticized the targets. The control transmission ought to be pretty far-reaching and effective.

    If you mount a roboticizer array on our SDs, then we can roboticize from orbit!
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)23:16 No.17362228
    But what if the control wave is jammed or worse, hijacked?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)23:26 No.17362315
    The sheer canon contamination is horrific.
    No. Just, no.
    I like SatAM, but there is no way in hell I'll support tinkering around with or employing a roboticizer. Particularly not a beam to use openly on groups of anyone.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)23:31 No.17362363
    Not even orcs, zombies, or demons of Chaos? or even chaos space marines?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/29/11(Thu)01:16 No.17363373
    Yes, but I'll still deciding to what extent. At the very least, it will be enabled to accept upgrades to the units it can produce over time. Feel free to make suggestions.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)01:37 No.17363528
    That felt a bit, weirdly phrased. Could you rephrase the part about upgrades?
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)01:38 No.17363540
    Some ideas were the ability to manufacture items that it has scanned into its database, given certain restrictions.
    For example, no neutronium or other super-dense materials that require powerful gravitic systems (unless we acquire a military-grade Schlockverse fabber unit and we attach it to the Antaeus).

    It can build vehicles, so it can manufacture, say, replacement parts for battlemechs (though not a full battlemech at once, due to size restrictions), its Canon range of vehicles, and anything that the Federation replicators can replicate.

    I don't know if you want it to be able to fabricate droids, but droid bodies that can be controlled via Soulchip should be possible. Also early 21st Century UAVs and UCAVs should be easy enough to do.

    Given its capability to construct vehicles via nanomachines, it should be able to construct VF-25's and TIE Defenders, though components for the fold systems and hyperdrives might not be replicable.
    Of course, without pilots, these would be useless, so they would have to be modified to be Soulchip compatible.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)02:12 No.17363751
    So we can't fabricate tons and tons of MDE ammo for the VF-25's?

    In that case, should we try to make mech-scaled mass rifles instead? Or at least make some sort of gatling mass cannon?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/29/11(Thu)02:17 No.17363800
    Basically, you can research upgrades to it, making it stronger as you go.

    Making spare parts and ammunition is definitely doable. I think I might simply have each 'additional' blueprint in the Creation Engine be a research topic.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)02:29 No.17363866
    Will we be able to make Federation and standard Star Wars tech (phasers, holo-emitters, shield emitters, tricorders, blaster rifles, thermal detonators) off the bat, or will they need to be researched?
    Will we be able to make entire VF-25's and TIE Defenders, or will they need to be researched first?
    And what about droids?
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)02:58 No.17364053
    Probably a minor amount of research, but we're planning on hiring on a team of Gavs, and they are experienced with creating blueprints and designs usable by similar fabber technology, so they should be able to work out some design templates for us.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)03:08 No.17364103
    We still might need to partner it with a regular replicator to help with unusual bits of treknium and other trace elements though.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)09:28 No.17365059
    Team of Gavs or a team of X-COM Engineers?
    We'll probably need both in the long run, since the Gavs have more experience with fabber technology, and especially Schlockverse fabbers, which we still want to get; the X-COM Engineers, however, have much more experience actually manufacturing advanced tech designs in workshops, and the synergy between the two halves of X-COM R&D is not to be underestimated.
    I am, however, going to say that I think the X-COM Engineers should come first, and then if we have the Resource Points or Troop Requisition to spare, we can get a group of Gavs.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)10:47 No.17365523
    I would think the Gavs would supercede the X-Com Engineers, and they wouldn't have issue using more conventional manufacturing technology as well, considering that he's worked with 20th century equipment as well as 31st.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)11:10 No.17365662
    However the Engineers have worked with the Scientists before, and have experience working on projects together.

    We should even be able to have the Antaeus construct Laser Tank HWP's for us at minimum.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)11:29 No.17365787
    Can we put up a shopping list of stuff we want fabricated?

    Also, nobody has objected to the last argument for Roboticizers.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)11:40 No.17365860
    I said no, I wasn't planning on repeating it every time it came up.
    Besides the usual contamination worries, I don't want to use it against hordes of minions for fear of suggesting the _idea_ of such a device to other villains of the local canon.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)11:45 No.17365883
    Don't forget that the programming is often overcome with nothing more than willpower as well. Not exactly a good idea for use against strong enemies, and weak ones aren't exactly an issue.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)11:52 No.17365912
    Roboticizers leave behind Meta-contaminants and require extensive cleanup.
    Their control can be broken by the roboticized, and unlikely to work against strong-willed targets.
    There are a host of problems with it that are not present with a holo-emitter.

    No one posted an argument against the last comment about roboticizers, because the rest of us considered it a dead-end idea and that it wasn't worth responding to.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)13:10 No.17366330

    Agreed. We need to make sure that we keep the possibility of contamination to the canons minimized at all costs. This includes not only technology, viruses and diseases (biological or otherwise), but also ideas.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)14:07 No.17366723
    This is why I believe that a cloaked holo-ship would be a useful investment. They can be made to look like natives and they can 'die' in a convincing manner. Also nothing needs to be cleaned up afterwards.
    >> Starshadow 12/29/11(Thu)14:38 No.17366936
    I keep seeing talk of tanks and mechs. Since BOLOs are way out of our paygrade. Why not get some Hammer's Slammer's hovertanks?

    - The main cannon of each tank shoots copper plasma beams that can hit anything within line of sight instantly. (including in orbit). They can also shoot as fast as the operator can tap the pedal with his foot. Just one of these would make any mechwarrior or 40k tank commander shit his pants.
    - Each tank has a smaller pintle mounted secondary gun that works on the same principle as the main gun. Rapid fire, can hit small targets like infantry and shoot down aircraft and artillery shells the moment they come over the horizon. In the Hammerverse, military aircraft are essentially obsolete.
    - As mercenaries Slammers would be easy to hire. And all of their equipment is available commercially (just really expensive, so few people have it).
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)15:02 No.17367132
    Well, part of the idea of fielding tanks is to have a mech unit that wouldn't seem as out of place in some canons where the walkers would be unusual. Those hovertanks, while great, wouldn't help as much with contamination.
    We may still want to consider them if we end up with requisition points to spare, though the Slammers themselves seem like an ongoing series, so probably need to bring in our own people to pilot them.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)15:15 No.17367231
    We could use holo-emitters and Full Metal Panic! ECS active camo systems on the hovertanks, however.
    It would give us the ability to cloak the tanks for deployment, and making them look like those of the natives when in use.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)15:58 No.17367693
    The plasma beams might still be a giveaway.
    >> Starshadow 12/29/11(Thu)16:00 No.17367716
    They are not anti-gravity tanks. They are literally hovertanks, like a hovercraft. They float on air with a plenum chamber and everything. But you do raise a point. They might be a little hard to disguise as "normal" tanks what with the searing plasma beam of eye-doom. But then again, the other runner up was a Battletech Von Luckner. I have no idea how you would disguise one of those to "look like the natives".

    The other point you mentioned was that we might need to staff the tanks ourselves. This shouldn't be as hard as it sounds. Even the hardest of veterans in that company started life as hick farmers. This would also be a LOT easier than actually hiring a whole merc tank company.

    I still think we should have them, I can't think of anything else that would better fit the role of line of sight anti-armour/anti-air in a situation where the gloves come off and firepower is what matters. (like Tokyo).
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)16:14 No.17367874
    Yes, the plasma would still be a problem to explain away, however, it might get accepted as a new type of tank shell.

    The active camo and stealth systems, however, would be very important to letting our forces get into position without the enemy knowing, especially if we upgrade our dropships appropriately so that a stealth insertion is possible.

    Even in cases where firepower is the only answer (Chaos and New Chaos incursions on the surface of a planet), being able to get into position without the enemy finding out would give us an edge.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)17:02 No.17368431
         File1325196166.jpg-(182 KB, 1145x742, slammertank.jpg)
    182 KB
    Well the Van Luckner looks like: >>17351977
    Which, while heavily armed, doesn't look that unusual compared to 'regular' tanks, and it fires autocannon rounds, which, while heavy hitting and fairly fast firing, will seem relatively conventional.
    Plus they are among the best tanks in their home canon, facing down a variety of heavy battlemechs and winning. Including notable ambushes and rapid counter attacks.

    For our money, we can get more of them than the hovertanks, but those hovertanks are good machines, I'd put a couple of those down further on our list and can drop them as heavy support for insertion teams. Though I wonder if we might be able to turn up an even stealthier unit for that task.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)17:34 No.17368743
    >>strong willpower

    >>only happened once and only lasted for 3 minutes

    >>they needed neural override chips in every other case, ever.

    Non-essential canon inhabitants like nameless civilians are acceptably expendable, remember? Also remember to wipe evidence when we're done.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)17:50 No.17368874
    >Non-essential canon inhabitants like nameless civilians are acceptably expendable, remember?
    Not true, while usually less damaging, mass murder tends to be disruptive to canon, and why are you suggesting slaughtering civilians anyway?
    >Also remember to wipe evidence when we're done.
    Ah, I see why, you're expecting us to murder everyone that might have seen us operating, but that could go as far as canon persons as well.
    Why not just nuke everyone?

    Btw, this is a terrible idea, and you should feel bad.
    We try to be a _low_ impact operation. Even when operating somewhat openly, we concoct stories, schemes, and alibis to help cover our tracks and make it easier for the locals to gloss over events.
    >> Starshadow 12/29/11(Thu)17:53 No.17368900
    While looking for more info I stumbled across a website run by someone named Kitsune. This guy has a really neat website, and one sectionis about converting various sci-fi vehicles for use in Rifts. There is stuff for Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and most helpfully for us, the Hammerverse.


    Go down to the index and find the Hammers section. He has stats for the tanks, the combat cars, rocket howitzers and the hoverjeep. In no particular order here are some quoted tank stats from Kitsune's website:

    >Hover Speed: Can hover at ground level at from a hover to up to 74.6 mph (120 kph) over paved surfaces / level roads and up to 37.3 mph (60 kph) over level ground and 18.6 mph (30 kph) over rough terrain. The hover tank cannot hover over open water. The hover tank has a maximum hover altitude of 0.32 feet (0.1 meter), but can clear obstacles up to 3 feet (0.9 meter) in height to deal with rough terrain.
    >Maximum Range: Effectively unlimited (Fusion reactor with a 10 year duration)
    >Height: 9.2 feet (2.8 meters) to top of turret.
    >Width: 22.8 feet (6.95 meters) for hull
    >Length: 36.7 feet (11.2 meters) for hull
    These are not small tanks. I retract what I said about the Von Luckners being hard to disguise, these might be even bigger.

    >Weight: Standard: 187.4 tons (170 metric tons) fully loaded. Up-Armored: 198.4 tons (180 metric tons)
    The up-armoured version weighs as much as TWO Atlas mechs minus some ammunition!

    >Maximum Effective Range: 248.4 miles (400 km), Restricted by the tank's line of sight, usually less than 12.4 miles (20 km) and often much less.
    Who needs air superiority?
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)18:10 No.17369049
    >>suggesting the _idea_ of such a device to other villains of the local canon.

    We just need to make sure we can corner our target villain so we can wantonly use the roboticizer beams on his armies to subvert.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)18:15 No.17369103
    There are plenty of villains that are canonical that we want no part in damaging or encouraging.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)18:30 No.17369265
    Of course, warpdickery might render conventional attempts at stealth moot.

    Just FYI: The thread doesn't seem to be updating on sup/tg/. It hasn't since 4pm on Wednesday. I hope that we'd don't lose the discussion since then.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)18:43 No.17369408
         File1325202225.jpg-(152 KB, 652x365, CNC4_Stealth_Tank.jpg)
    152 KB
    >we might be able to turn up an even stealthier unit for that task
    Why hello there.

    Meet the Nod AT-5:
    Cloaks nearby friendlies.
    Fires under partial cloak.
    Fires in volleys and regenerates ammo.
    Fires on both air and ground targets.
    And we have access to NOD tech already..
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)18:46 No.17369440
    Might have stopped when 4chan went down for a bit.
    Anyone know how to go about politely bumping the suptg folk about this?
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)19:10 No.17369676
    Ah ha:
    >To refresh an existing archived thread, simply attempt to add it again, and it will be immediately refreshed.
    Problem status: Sorted.

    Now someone needs to do it for the Editors Setting thread, looks like it stopped updating on suptg around the same time, and it won't let one person hammer the request interface.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)20:41 No.17370523
    My question concerning the AT-5 is, can the crew be replaced by Soulchips, or even better, X-COM HWP AI cores? Is this a unit design that is not dependent on Tiberium or other non-replicable materials?
    What is the range of the missile launchers?

    We need more in-depth information before this can be a viable competitor to other heavy weapon systems, such as X-COM Laser Tanks with holo-emitters.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)20:49 No.17370598
         File1325209743.jpg-(5 KB, 252x326, Naruni-Enterprises-T-Shirt.jpg)
    5 KB
    Speaking of which, we should have Requisitions stop off in the Three Galaxies setting and swing by Phase World.
    You can buy anything there with enough credits. The Naruni have a whole level leased to sell their wares.
    Pick up some goods to upgrade our troops. Stealth power armor and personal force fields being high on the list.
    Then do some business with the local Promethean markets to purchase some Phase Beamers. Preferably heavy beamers, and if we can afford ship mounted I will sell future offspring and grandmothers for it. Not necessarily my own, but still. For reference, phase weaponry damages living things and force fields, while ignoring everything else. Note, that is 'living things' not 'organics': People, Demons, funky incorporeal death phantoms, cyborgs, and rock monsters all equally have to fear damage from those weapons. Animated dead, not so much. True undead may need to worry, but that will vary from canon to canon. The most important thing is that it kills things without damaging the loot. As you may guess, they are expensive and only the phase-masters can build them.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:09 No.17370804
    It is feasible, though the we want survivability not disposable mass produced units.
    Tiberium is not specifically mentioned as a component of the unit, though the generic pick-up item for offensive upgrades in C&C4 is 'Blue Tiberium Core', though the range of the various upgrades seem to suggest that it pays for or provides material for the construction of the upgrades. I do note, however, that we have personal access to Tiberium and extensive research on it.
    Holo-emitters can't do straight-up undetectability though.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:11 No.17370816
    What exactly are credits in the setting? Can they be replicated? Would TG need to set up traders and outposts in order to trade resources and minerals for credits?
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:15 No.17370857
    Like in most settings where Requisitions can simply buy the requested goods, they'll have to trade in generic valuable materials for money. Which was why things like Smaug's waistcoat are so valuable when we turn them in at HQ. Gold, gems, and raw materials are the life blood of trading for local currency and barter.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:16 No.17370862
    But it has been shown that having expendable recon and support units is important for us to have.
    Of course the survivability of each expendable HWP should be increased, but only as a means of making the unit be able to take more damage before becoming combat-ineffective.

    We are looking for two types of armor support:
    1. Crewed vehicles that will be used in direct confrontations with Canon forces that cannot be negotiated with.
    2. Expendable resources which can be used to provide forward recon, fire support, and to attract enemy attention so that less fire is directed at our more valuable armor units.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:20 No.17370912
    We'd prefer the encrypted chits with set amounts on them.
    But direct transfers from bank accounts are common as well.
    In either case, faking it would more difficult than simply trading in some junk. As a inter-galactic and inter-dimensional market hub, you could sell piles of things there without making any waves.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)21:30 No.17371027
         File1325212202.png-(249 KB, 644x715, NE-020 Combat Drone.png)
    249 KB
    Well, 'expendable' says 'less expensive drone' to me, not 'advanced stealth tank'.
    Hm. That reminds me that Naruni sells a whole line of drone craft, from combat to recon.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)22:27 No.17371654
         File1325215638.jpg-(99 KB, 600x358, sc2_observer.jpg)
    99 KB
    Observer is still the superior recon unit.
    >> Anonymous 12/29/11(Thu)23:32 No.17372308
    So let's see, things we are interested in:

    Von Luckner tanks.
    ACS suits as upgrade to MI, possibly additional squad or trade-in of prawn suits.
    NOD AT-5 Stealth Tanks.
    Replacement/Additional VF-25s, plus VB-6s.
    Slammerverse Hovertank.

    More White Mages
    Upgrades. Better armor, more stealth, possibly other gear. Generally agreed on, but little detail settled. Suggestion of Naruni stealth armor and forcefields. Mass Effect has nice gear as well.
    Engineers and/or Gavs.
    Techno-Wizards (spell casting, research, 'bridging technology and magic'), Rifts Earth.
    Warcraft 3 Paladins at level 6 or above, has an area rez of some sort.

    Neo Gotengo 'class' ship.
    Macross Quarter (possibly with discount on VF-25s and VB-6s)
    Additional Al'kesh craft.
    Otherwise we're leaning toward ship upgrades. Shields for those without, weapon upgrades, Engineering upgrades.

    Hero suggestions:
    Rupert Giles, from the Buffyverse. (List maker suggests including a library of reference material with that)
    Dr. Todd 'Lazarus' Lazkowicz and/or a copy of his Magic Cryokit's EMH, Schlockverse.
    The Mentor, from 'Orcs Must Die!'.
    Agrias Oaks, Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Tech/item interests:
    Fabbers, or fabber upgrades to Creation Engine.
    Incursion tech for faking out locals.
    Economizers for White Mage.
    Ethers or means to make them.
    Mobile Emitters for dueling Federation and Schlock EMHs, I mean for them to provide on-scene medical attention.

    Looks like about it for recent suggestions. Getter hasn't gotten any support in this thread, if I missed anything else it hasn't been discussed much.
    >> Anonymous 12/30/11(Fri)00:29 No.17372844
    We also need "training modules", upgrades/fabrication tasks on our shopping list.

    ie, train White mages in Time Mage skills, research on making equipment packs for VF-25's, etc etc.

    On that note, what if we get the TIE Defender pilots to be trained to fly R-Type ships and eventually transition them over? However since we now have additional manpower from other TG bases we should re-calcualate what to do about that.
    >> Anonymous 12/30/11(Fri)01:06 No.17373162
    The TIE/Defender is actually a really good fighter. If anything, I think we should consider upgrading them.

    At this point I get lost in rereading a lot about TIEs and end up reading up on Star Wars cloaking tech, cause cloaking the Defenders would be awesome.

    But my train of thought get derailed as I read this little gem:
    >Several weeks before the Battle of Endor, a Rebel task force led by Rogue Squadron destroyed a cloaking device project to be implemented on an Executor-class Star Dreadnought at Fondor.
    Call Requisitions. We've got to do some looting and leave dummy units in place for Wedge to blow up.
    Really, we'd be needing that anyway. Can't park that baby in orbit without someone noticing.
    >> Anonymous 12/30/11(Fri)01:22 No.17373299
    I was wondering if this was covered or not, but is it possible to hook up BLU's respawn to other people?

    I was thinking maybe get a legion of Clone Troopers, and have hooked up to BLU's respawn for an endless wall of cannon fodder.

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