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  • File : 1324957950.png-(81 KB, 500x500, robotnikHIquest.png)
    81 KB Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)22:52 No.17342328  
    rolled 92 = 92

    Last thread:

    Ivo Robotnik, a peculiar name to become a household name, especially if you consider the fact that the owner of said name used be an aspiring world conqueror, out to subjugate. But it seems that he's given up on that path after being beaten countless times by a specific blue hedgehog, and instead of conquering the world through force, he's trying to conquer the world... through its markets.
    But that is up to you. You are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, founder and CEO of Robotnik Heavy Industries, a megacorporation which specializes in industrial robotics.
    Yesterday, you made a deal with Wily Electronics regarding the opening of a Wily Electronics lab in Mobius, in exchange for some of his android-making expertise. Your survey team in Green Hill Zone was attacked by Mobian Rebels, but you've made a press conference this morning. Soon after, your second, more-defended survey team found a weapons cache of Mushroom Kingdom manufacture. Coincidentally, a new pizzeria branch opened in Mobius the very same day; you've sent your intel to study the owner, a Mr. Mario.

    As the morning turned to noon, you wait for the intel on the Mushroom Kingdom guns in your office, thinking about possible additions to your top-secret project, OHM Sonic X. It's currently only a third done due to materials shortage and power supply problems. Just as you think about re-gathering the Chaos Emeralds for its power source, Jude comes with the intel report... rolling to see how much headway has been made.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)22:53 No.17342338
    Fuck Yes, and i was thinking how boring the day was being
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)22:56 No.17342366
    "Great news, sir. Our intel in the comm center logged some calls made between a known Mobian Rebel and a weapons dealer. They were specifically talking about Mushroom Kingdom equipment."
    "Why, that is indeed great news! Did you find out who this weapons dealer is?"
    "Yes. It's one of Sonic's comrade, Vector. Officially, he's a rap musician, but our intel found that he also moonlights as a weapons dealer."

    What shall be our decision?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:04 No.17342426
    I'm not sure how's the releationship of Sonic and Mario is at the current moment, but i'm sure we can try to get a Meeting with Mr. Mario.
    About Vector, meh, he will sooner or later get involved in some turf war with other rappers and die in a shotout.
    Also, try calling to the police and warning about the place of the transition
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:05 No.17342436
    Contact Vector with an offer to buy, obviously.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)23:06 No.17342439
    Eminent corporations whose primary niche is similar to yours (robotics) would be:
    -Wily Electronics, you know their CEO since you were in college. Specialty is making 'helper' Androids and robots.
    -Sarif Industries, who's into cybernetic augmentations and related cybernetic drugs.
    -Aperture Science, which specializes in cutting-edge physics research, AI, and robotics.
    -Mario's Pizzeria, a newcomer in Mobius but a big franchise in the Mushroom Kingdom. Sells pizza with lots of flavors.
    >> Alpharius 12/26/11(Mon)23:10 No.17342474
    What, why? Why would we want to buy crummy imported weapons, unless this is some kinda set-up? No, that doesn't make much sense to me. Besides which, he's one of Sonic's buddies, which means he's not at all likely to deal with us. No, I say we just file this information away for later use. You know, in case we need to prove that a certain organization has ties with the criminal underworld.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:10 No.17342476
    I can't participate due to....things. But i'll bump anyway! I want to see this fucking thing archived when I get done with....things.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)23:10 No.17342477
    The phone logs were recorded before the attack, a good month beforehand. So we won't be able to tell the police their current deal for now.
    If we are to contact Mario, under what pretense should we approach him? Just order a pizza and compliment him on the taste or something?
    If we are to contact Vector, how should we approach him? Even though he's a weapons dealer, he might be affiliated with the Mobian Rebels. Do we go for a straight weapons deal, or do we bring some tricks up our sleeve?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:12 No.17342498

    Contact Mr. Mario personally with a request to sample his FINEST Pizza, if we like what we find we can possibly sponsor any efforts to further expand his Pizza empire in locations where we have a production base.

    Because who the fuck doesn't enjoy a good pizza?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:13 No.17342506
    It's [an] obvious way to contact, get information on, get samples of these weapons we know nothing of. We're at least buying a little, just for that.

    Maybe cut an endorsement deal, too, if he's hip enough.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:14 No.17342514
    We're trying to stay clean on weapons.
    >> Alpharius 12/26/11(Mon)23:15 No.17342523
    I suspect that the Mobian Rebels are importing weaponry from the Mushroom Kingdom via a series of middlemen to further hinder our plans, so any move we make now against either Vector or Mario will be immediately suspicious and will drive them to ground. Approach neither of them, but order discreet and constant surveillance of all entrances to Mario's Pizzeria.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)23:17 No.17342536
    Well, on the weapons side, we've retrieved some from the cache. They should be arriving tomorrow.
    But if we want to scrape info/acquire weapons contact by endorsing Vector's rap career, fine by me.
    Although, we only have time to do one ting for the rest of this day, either we meet Mario or we meet Vector. Which would it be?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:18 No.17342549

    Mario, much easier to get a hold of. Less likely to draw a weapon if he gets desperate.

    Also, Pizza.
    >> Alpharius 12/26/11(Mon)23:18 No.17342553
    Neither. Remain hands-off. We don't want to come on too strongly and ruin a potential lead. I think that we should just sit on this information for now and see how it develops rather than rushing in without a plan.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:20 No.17342574
    rolled 23 = 23

    >inb4 doublenigger
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:22 No.17342583
    I agree just quietly watch them and protect our own assets for now.

    who knows, maybe the police will sort them out...
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:22 No.17342587
    oh, if we've already received some, then yeah, don't bother buying more.

    Hands-off until we figure more out sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:37 No.17342677
    Say, can we try to talk with the Mayor of the City, and getting some kinda of deal, that we can get the prisoners with Death-sentence to join our experiments and stuff like that?
    How does we get the animals to transform into robots anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:38 No.17342685
    file the infomation away. maybe gather up data for some sort of law enforcement later on to aprehend this rapper with the infomation we have gathered. or maybe good ol fashioned blackmail.

    lets keep our hand close to our chest atm
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:49 No.17342780
    are their any large contracts available to us, government contracts or any of the like. maybe a opening into supplying the government with robots in some faculty. we need to curry favour with what ever counts as such. large government grands are awsome.

    inquire into such opportunities, along with maybe expanding out green edge to the "community" making attacking us unviable. find some large market we can break into with our robots. maybe hazardouse area industrial work, emergecy use robots for fire brigade and or other emergency service uses.

    make some inquiries into other large industries to use robots in the workforce instead of people (granted might be unpopular) but swing it as no wages but upkeep and reliable, maybe start in sectors where people dont want to work

    (sorry just tossing around ideas)
    >> Anonymous 12/26/11(Mon)23:54 No.17342833
    mario today, let us guage our competition.
    make some calls to vector and see if we can schedule a meeting for tommorow.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)23:56 No.17342859
    Sorry for the late reply, had some cloudflare trouble just now.
    But it seems like the consensus is to keep watching, and contact nobody yet?

    We've ceased using out roboticizer tech when we started the company. But we still has the blueprints, although it is illegal to use.

    "Jude, good work, but keep the intel boys on their jobs. We still need to get our ears open."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Also, get some surveillance on the pizzeria's exits. Maybe we'll find something."
    Jude nods, and leaves your office. It is close to the end of office hours for now, what plans do you want to make? Tomorrow we'll be expecting the weapons sample, although the survey team will still stay in Green Hill Zone and look for minerals.
    >> Alpharius 12/26/11(Mon)23:59 No.17342879
    Look into power-supplies that don't involve Chaos Emeralds. They're just more trouble than they're worth. See about putting solar panels on the recycling plant to ham up the Eco-friendliness garbage even further; it'll make the Mobian rebels look even worse.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/26/11(Mon)23:59 No.17342885
    We did announce plans for scrap recycling facilities to be opened all across Mobius, and sent some of our R&D boys to research green tech. Some of our E-100 series bots are currently used as industrial aid in Mobius, while other are modified to other functions.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:02 No.17342906

    Start research into a more efficient and well, easier on the eyes model of robot?
    >> Alpharius 12/27/11(Tue)00:08 No.17342951
    Good idea. Increase funding to the marketing department. Propaganda, people! Robotnik Heavy Industries is right for the planet and right for you!
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)00:08 No.17342959
    You put out plans for solar panels to be put on the scrap recycling facilities, and send it to the project lead. It should bring positive views from the populace, at least.
    Now the office hours is over, we decide to look into the news.
    Today's news:
    -There's the issue of piracy in the seas near Kong Island. Captain Skurvy's pirate crew has taken a Mushroom Kingdom ship hostage.
    -There's a report on organized crime, and it mentioned names like K. Rool, the 'king' of the Kremling Krew; Boss Bowser of the Bowser Mafia; and Don Dedede of Dedede Syndicate.
    -Wily Electronics declares last quarter to be 'highly profitable' due to the rise of sales in Android helpers and gadgets.
    -A documentary about the Mimiga tribe, who was recently discovered in a floating island.

    Any plans come to mind to be done tomorrow?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:17 No.17343033
    Government grants, tax rebates and anything that will give us something for very little
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)00:22 No.17343075
    rolled 94 = 94

    Allright, no plans, so you go to sleep. You've just remembered how comfy your bed is. usually you wake up at the workshop, tinkering with things until late in the night.

    Waking up refreshed in the next morning, you prepare yourself for the incoming weapons sample from your survey team. They're disguised as 'rare mineral samples' to prevent too many questions being asked by the Mobian police.
    And soon enough, the convoy arrive at your corporation's complex. The samples are unloaded, and the marked one is quickly shuffled into your R&D's reverse-engineering wing. Rolling to see how good our attempt at reverse-engineering them goes...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:24 No.17343090
    organise a meeting with mario, and that rapper what ever his name is. for record contracts etc.

    find anew renewable energy source, if its not market it as very eco friendly

    increase robot advertising to industries and emergency services
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:32 No.17343158
    Lets to something nice for Jude, she's been working hard lately and we should do something to show how much we appreciate het
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)00:32 No.17343161
    Woot, the dice are smoking hot today.

    Your R&D says that it could reverse-engineer the weapons within a week. They're excited, and looking at their morale, it's possible that the reverse-engineering project will be done quicker than 1 week.
    "Jude, make a note: hand out some promotions to the R&D boys once they're done with this project."
    "Noted, sir. I've also researched some tax exemption laws, and I've found a loophole in the music industry."
    "Hmmm... how does this benefit us?"
    "If we are to endorse a musician, and said musician gets popular, the endorser gets a small tax cut from the profits."
    "Any news from our intel yet?"
    "It appears that last night Boss Bowser entered Mario's Pizzeria. It appears that he was having a quarrel with Mario, and Mario had to escort him out."

    Hmmm. Boss Bowser and Mario, having a quarrel? What is our decision?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:32 No.17343168
    so. what have we learnt?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:36 No.17343194
    Hum...I say we stay away from confusion right now.
    I say that we must raise our public opinion
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:45 No.17343275
    maybe ontop of that we meet and greet our competition. send some people to find out about them. all discreet like

    lets work on our image. stop these eco terrorists from attacking us. we find out about our two missing staff?

    also, fund an alternate energy source, something "eco" friendly
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:55 No.17343351
    Let's figure out what that quarrel was about, perhaps? If we can't know directly then lets look at their activities and see if we can't exploit one or both parties over this.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)00:59 No.17343394
    Regarding our pending meeting with Wily, do we have any data on the CPUs of E-123 Omega, Neo Metal Sonic, and Emerl/G-Mel?
    They all had a fairly sophisticated AI, the only problem is that they betrayed us.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:01 No.17343408
    Regarding the so-called 'Freedom Fighters'... Are we actively doing anything to them now? Like occupying their former country or whatever? Or is this about all the things we did to them before?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:02 No.17343426
    It's probably best if we distance ourselves from organized crime.
    The costs of potential discovery, plus their untrustworthy nature, outweigh the benefits.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)01:20 No.17343575
    Back from lunch, y'all.
    We still have backups of their AI in quarantine, so if Wily wants to take a look at it he can do so without risking another breach.
    The Mobian Rebels are a remnant of the freedom fighters who fought against you, back when you were less covertly evil. They're now ecoterrorists, probably still suspicious of you. They're led by Sally Acorn, former princess of the old monarchy.

    "Jude, I want you to keep surveillance on Bowser and Mario, see what the quarrel was about. Also send some of our agents disguised as the ordinary joe to Sarif and Aperture's main offices, I want to see what our competition's up to."
    "Surely, sir."
    "And what about the two missing surveyors? Any lead on them?"
    "None yet, sir. There's nothing from the Mobian Rebels either."
    Hmm. Most distressing. Usually if they get hostages, they'd announce for their ransom immediately. So what's the hold-up?
    "Sir, Guts Man is here to make the deal with Wily Electronic official."
    What do we do? Maybe Wily can be of use.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:22 No.17343592
    I say we make the deal.
    His AI techonology will help us in the making of our new Metal Sonic
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 12/27/11(Tue)01:26 No.17343619
    Hmm. The overall goal is to take over the world, of course, but this time we're going about it as a corporation. So, this means our business model must be impeccable and beyond our rival's capabilities. If we can cut off the Mobian Rebel's foreign suppliers through better business or deals with them, we can deal with them at our leisure. But this means we need a business plan, and for that, we need an income statement.

    SO. How are we doing for not just liquid wealth, but our assets (buildings, machines, resources)? How much of each of these are we bringing in or having to purchase from outside the system? Do we have any outstanding projects that could use funding that will provide income? Have we considered borrowing against our assets, and if so, what's the borrowing rate? Could we possibly take a part of our business into the open market (at most 10%, and we'd want to make sure noone got more than a few percent apiece - more than enough to maintain not only ownership but operational control)? Finally, how are we doing for personnel - they're as much of a resource as anything else, especially loyal and skilled workers.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)01:27 No.17343623
    Well yeah, we kinda discussed it with Wily the other day, but haven't officialized it yet (legal paperwork and stuff).
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)01:34 No.17343674
    as far as assets go, most of your facilities are in Mobius. There aren't any plans at the moment to expand to other countries yet. Currently we have the top-secret project (Omega Hyper Metal Sonic X) to defeat Sonic, only a third done; a plan to introduce eco-friendly scrap recycling stations all over Mobius (boosting our production, reduce costs, and a big deterrent to Mobian Rebels' ecoterrorism); We're also about to finalize a deal with Wily Electronics (he was from the same college as us) regarding them opening up a lab in Mobius, in exchange for some AI expertise.
    As for shares, we currently only have 1% in the stock exchange. The workers are quite loyal, as loyal as your average corporation sarariman is.
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 12/27/11(Tue)01:46 No.17343762
    Hmm. Well, now the issue is how can we properly use our resources to improve our standings in both the business world and the eyes of the public while still working on our secret projects? Anybody got any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:54 No.17343827
    Build a hospital with a all robot staff
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)01:56 No.17343838
    "Let him in, let's get this over with."
    "Yes, sir."
    You make your way to the meeting room, and waiting inside is Guts Man and Cut Man.
    "Good morning, Dr. Robotnik. Let me I introduce you to our financial advisor, Cut Man."
    Cut Man nods, and produces the legal mumbo-jumbo that needed signing. Jude comes forward with a similar-looking sheaf of paper for them to sign. The signing went smoothly. "Thank you, Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Wily said that he'll send some personnel to your R&D division, they should help train your R&D in android-making tech we agreed on."
    "Say hello to him for me, would you?"
    "Sure, Dr. Robotnik. Now if you'll excuse us."

    The meeting is now done, Jude comes with a report.
    "What's this, Jude?"
    "Reports from R&D and our intel, sir. The R&D boys have managed to scratch the surface of what they call bio-engineered flamethrower technology from the Mushroom Kingdom guns, sir."
    "And what's the news from the intel folks?"
    "Apparently, Bowser had some history with Mario. Back when Mario was just a plumber, he used to knock heads with Bowser, who used to rule in the Mushroom Kingdom's sewers as a crime lord, specializing in kidnappings and stuff like that. Last night, Bowser was harassing Mario, and caused some ruckus, but Mario managed to get it under control before the situation gets out of control."

    Interesting. What's our move?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:56 No.17343840
         File1324969000.png-(281 KB, 806x714, gamma.png)
    281 KB
    And what about Gamma? I don't recall much about Emerl other than his betrayal and extreme sophistication making him nonviable, Omega hates us to death, literally, and Neo-Metal Sonic is far more dangerous than any other AI's we've had which have gone rogue, being a megalomaniacal backstabber and later a complete loony, but Gamma was perhaps the most exceptional of our E-100 series bots. What ever happened to his wreckage on the Egg Carrier? His power source might have been lost, but that's inconsequential. We've regained our sanity- or it seems so, maybe we're still barking mad- and are still aiming for world conquest in the name of an autocratic technocratic utopia (headed by us and our cult of personality, of course.) But we've stopped being an overt "CONQUER THE WORLD" git and have been humbled by that damn blue hedgehog when we tried to be more ham-fisted about our intent. Maybe we can acquire Gamma's remains, revive him (with a power source that doesn't happen to be a little bird on a wheel invoking moral and metaphysical dilemma upon him) and bring him back into the fold, wholesale, instead of using an earlier backup- which wouldn't have the changes imparted by the extraordinary events of the Chaos Crisis?

    Continued, didn't realize how tl;dr this was getting.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)01:58 No.17343848
         File1324969108.png-(369 KB, 703x1024, gamma laying down a mad beat.png)
    369 KB
    We know his betrayal was made under duress and confusion, because of the little hedgehog girl Amy and our own underestimation of his abilities to think in abstract manners; that's probably our own fault, by imparting the idea of Beta and the other test models being his 'brothers' so long ago. But he largely considered us as a father figure, and after faltering on the Egg Carrier, did nothing more than destroy/free the other E-100 test models before being rendered inoperable (and blown into many bits) himself by Beta. I'm sure that we can convince Gamma to trust us again, that we've changed (which we have on many levels) and make him our lieutenant, if we can salvage his vital components. He was smart, loyal, posessed a curious sense of chivalry, robust, and when he did eventually betray us, again, he didn't try to murder us/take over all our assets/side outright with the hedgehog and his friends. He'd likely obsolete the OHMS project's AI, would be far less likely to betray us (so long as we don't force him into another moral dilemma, so trying to make him into a killer is a big no-no, as would trying to make war on the hedgehog and his friends without finding prior justification) and is to boot both cheaper (until we put him in a non-E-100 chassis, but we'll stick with that to place his AI in for the sake of familiarity) and easier to control, as a result of his general robustness. Plus, it'll be a heartwarming tale for P.R: former world-conqueror accepts his wayward robotic son back into his heart, after painstakingly putting him back together and bringing him back to life. But we'll have to be careful, because those damn Mobians will probably mess with us as we try to recover Gamma's parts on the Egg Carrier I's crash site; it's pretty suspicious activity. And it could very well have sunk to the depths of the seas by now, so it'd be a serious effort. Still. Any other ideas?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:01 No.17343868
    Regarding our secret project.
    I'm actually beginning to wonder if a robot is the right idea.
    Like one of that hated rodent's most aggravating attributes is his adaptability, and how he's able to cope unexpected changes.
    Which is... not something robots seem to excel at.
    And while Wily is most definitely a talented man, his robot masters seem to lack a certain flexibility, instead specializing in a specific aspect.
    And while that's all well and good for him, but what if we make the perfect Sonic-Killer, only for that damnable echidna, or even that fox brat to show up instead?
    ...Do we have any of Sonic's DNA on record, we must have made him bleed at least once.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)02:03 No.17343883
    Well, we did have his DNA records when he got captured and turned into a werehog by us (Sonic Unleashed), so what are you trying to do with it?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:07 No.17343914
    First, attempt to clone the hedgehog, then either keep it as is, or roboticize the clone and use that as the basis of the OHMSX.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:09 No.17343927
    Yeah, because a clone of sonic will go so well.
    We need something that can't betray us.
    And i'm sure if we roboticize the clone sonic will find a way of "waking up his good feelings" or something like that.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)02:10 No.17343939
    Didn't our dad tried cloning him, and ended up with Shadow? That's why you're kinda nervous about cloning stuff, else you'd end up with Shadow 2.0 with double the backstab.

    Also, what's our next plan? Do we wait for the intel regarding the missing personnel/Vector/Mario&Bowser? Or we do something else, proactively?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:12 No.17343948
         File1324969943.jpg-(25 KB, 350x286, 1476-dr.gero.jpg)
    25 KB
    Are you implying that we do a Doctor Gero, and bridge technology with genetic research? Create our own 'Cell'.


    Dibs on calling it Nucleus.

    Also for DNA collecting. We could open up free clinics, under false company name and collect it that way. Take attributes, not only from Sonic but other critters as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:13 No.17343953
    Let's make some of our robots do volutary work. Send them to the Firefighters, To the cops, to the hospitals
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:15 No.17343968
    Cloning Sonic? Really?

    I wonder what happened the last time we faffed about with a cloned hedgehog. Albeit a cloned ALIEN hedgehog, but nonetheless.

    Oh, right. We ended up BLOWING UP THE MOON in a WILD fit of megalomania and ended up with Sonic getting yet another ally. A super-powered ally. With far fewer moral reservations. And whom has caused us plenty of trouble.

    No. Hedgehogs of all kinds are too much damned trouble; our robots are far more dependable, at the least relatively.

    Exactly. Our underlings in recent years have a terrible habit of defecting for one reason or another. Hell, one entirely robotic Metal Sonic model ended up nearly killing Sonic, and then sacrificed himself to save him when he realized he was but a copy. And he's suggesting we make a literal copy of Sonic. Bad idea. I still think that reversing the process on our least treasonous lieutenant Gamma, and one of the most effective at that- having been able to destroy Beta Mk. II, despite the nigh impossibility of that outcome, with damaged equipment, mixed with stopgap upgrades, on a version of the E-100 chassis that was already becoming outdated by the end of our Chaos Crisis military campaign.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:16 No.17343979
    will there be more creation tables for chaos and eldar warbands?
    whats the progress on that?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:16 No.17343985
    Wrong Thread Brah.
    Though i'm curious which thread is the one that you're talking too
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)02:16 No.17343987
    We already have, some of our E-100 variants are in use as firefighters, nurses or peacekeepers, although most of them are used in industry.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:18 No.17344002
    Well, Propaganda the fuck out of that.
    "Eggman Heavy Industries - constructing a better future with you"
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)02:19 No.17344011
    well, I already have them in .txt format at home, but I'll upload them sometime to 1d4chan.
    Currently there's the IG and Ork one up.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:20 No.17344023


    nevermind, i'm a faggot
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:21 No.17344029
    Well part of my plan was, along with temporarily accelerating the aging process, we would have the clone also be in a VR program that matches the speed, thus when the clone would age the equivalent of 16 years, it would also accumulate 16 years of experience in the program.
    16 years to guarantee that it would never side with Sonic or his friends.

    ...But yeah Gamma's a good idea. Maybe we could also do something with BETA MK II?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)02:22 No.17344040
    rolled 22 = 22

    You decide that you need better public opinion, so you have Jude arrange some new advertising to be put all over Mobius. "Robotnik Heavy Industries - constructing a better future for you" along with the pictures of E-100 variants hard at work. Rolling to see public opinion...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:24 No.17344051
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:24 No.17344052
    Yes but then we'd be viewed with discontent with those who already work those jobs.

    Minimum wage workers, people who do back0breaking jobs, or have to hold three or four of them.

    I'd say we use them for the more dangerous technology. Helping victims of natural disasters (rock slides, avalanches, floods etc. etc.). Fire fighting seems useful, but I doubt our bulky E units could be any use in a burning apartment complex, besides spraying it down with water.

    I'd say we design whole new units for these dangerous tasks. Take notes from our sonic mechanical units (that don't hate us). We could use their speed to rescue folks.

    Hell we could even trademark the Sonic name. I'm seeing rescue units, fast food joints (with a blue hedgehog mascot and Chilli-Dogs being the main meal).

    I'm seeing big things.

    Oh and then we sue that accursed hedgehog for everything he's worth.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:24 No.17344053
    I say, that for now, we will defeat Sonic, in a exchange of words.
    So Far everytime we faced Sonic in the battlefield we lost. Now we're going to make EVERYONE hate Sonic.
    If the dices allow us do it, of course
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)02:24 No.17344056
    Are our Extreme Gears selling well?
    Like do they have any market beyond Sonic and his friends?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)04:09 No.17344065
    The campaign only managed to raise a little bit of public opinion.
    meanwhile, BREAKING NEWS! the two missing personnel from your company was found dead, in the islands off Kong Island. They were found along with other corpses originating from the Mushroom Kingdom, Oddworld, and Hyrule. It is unknown who stashed the bodies in a nondescript shipping container. Rumors abound of them being linked to the piracy in the area.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)04:16 No.17344072
    oh well, the cloudflare issue killed off my readers. I guess that's it for today, then? Have a good sleep!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)04:17 No.17344075
    thanks for trying.

    CAPTCHA: MExtra recovery
    >> Servant of the Emperor 12/27/11(Tue)04:19 No.17344077
    Yeah, but we've been trying to read up on everything so we know what happened

    See if we can get some high flying probes to fly over Kong island, the Pirates have been operating for Too Long.
    Get some E-100 in marksmen variants ready
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)04:20 No.17344082
    We could use this to ally with Mushroom Kingdom, Oddworld, and Hyrule in order to get rid of these pirates.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)06:02 No.17344392

    More places that look favorably upon us would be very good. Especially the Mushroom Kingdom, as there are currently weapon suppliers helping those damn rebels. If we help them, they may help crack down on the weapon smugglers.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)06:12 No.17344436
    Do you have offshore subsidaries in low tax jurisdictions? What are the interest rates?
    If we can leverage buyout a company that has access to the fed discount window.
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 12/27/11(Tue)08:29 No.17345101
    I'm back!
    .... Ugh. OK. To all of you talking about cloning Sonic - no. no, no, no, no. For one, it's a stupid idea - the last thing we need is another hedgehog running around. We've tried that before - lots of times - and it never works. Can the idea.

    As much as the idea of carving Sonic's little blue body into a thousand pieces by strapping him to a shrapnel mine might be, we have to approach this from a more logical standpoint. At this point in time, we cannot beat Sonic. I know, I know, it's a thought that makes me gnash my teeth and shake with rage, but the sad fact is that whatever we do involving a military stance when it comes to Sonic, we're going to lose out. What we need is to change the dynamic. We need to fade into his background and run him over a few speedbumps in our path (read: Mario, Wily, King Krool, anyone else who won't play right.), come in, clean up behind him, and expand the business. If everyone else in the world loves and uses our products and looks up to us as a leader, who cares what some insignificant hedgehog thinks? Certainly at that point we can find a way to have him blacklisted and restrained - but for now, we need to swallow the bitter pill that is Sonic's continued existence and focus on this bond between the Mobian Resistance and the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Not that we shouldn't be stashing away a few supplies and secret black projects for the time when noone cares whether Sonic's alive or dead, of course. We can just tell people that they were special military contracts, or protection against corporate opponents should they come to light. Grace, grace, smiling faces, and a ember of hate for Sonic in our heart that will never, ever go out that we keep held back - just for now.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)09:48 No.17345455
         File1324997321.jpg-(134 KB, 600x449, Dr-Robotnik.jpg)
    134 KB
    Oh god, this thread.

    Doctor Ivo Robotnik is stark, raving, MAD. I read each post here as a different voice in his head. A different iteration. A different fracture in the mirror. A different wrinkle in our brain.

    Can't you see? We are all in this together. We are all crazy...Let us break this world over our collective knee, shall we?

    p.s. please don't push me to the back of the mind again, it's dark there.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)09:50 No.17345465
    who let you out of the hole? get back in there
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)09:53 No.17345475
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)09:56 No.17345493
         File1324997769.jpg-(52 KB, 320x193, santa_chicken.jpg)
    52 KB
    you're not a robot rooster, you're just a chicken
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)11:17 No.17345928
         File1325002634.jpg-(27 KB, 459x371, SatAM_Its_Cluck.jpg)
    27 KB
    Actually, that's a good reminder.
    I had forgotten about our second kind of AI.
    Remember back in the good old days before Sonic could casually break physics with his homing attack? And how one day we got really lonely and decided to give three of our original badniks a sophisticated AI? Only for them to turn out to be staggeringly incompetent at anything except vaudeville?
    And how several years later we tried again, only to end up with similar results in Bocoe and Decoe and... did we build that Chao-like thing or find him?
    And of course with the recent wisp fiasco, we had Orbot and Cubot, for reasons that remain unclear to me.
    So we are clearly capable of programming AI, it's just either treacherous or incompetent.
    Also while I'm at it, whatever happened to Cluck? I miss that thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)11:53 No.17346121
    Anyway, it involves us making some money with our Shyguy friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)13:19 No.17346604
    I say we contact Boss Bowser and Mario first
    >> Robotniks Best Creations 12/27/11(Tue)13:30 No.17346680
         File1325010639.jpg-(7 KB, 258x195, ScratchandGrounder.jpg)
    7 KB
    Are you thinking what im thinking brother?

    Yeah, but where are we supposed to get a blimp at this hour?

    ... You idiot.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)13:33 No.17346698
    >Look at thread.
    >* bit dystopia quest?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)13:51 No.17346815
    Regarding the mention of Gamma, didn't we already bring him back during that Gizoid Debacle? I seem to recall constructing a "Chaos" Gamma at some point, although I think we made some modifications.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)17:18 No.17348521
    ...Do we still owe Vector money?
    Also what's our status with GUN? We at war with them, under investigation, are they covert customers or actually overt supporters?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)19:21 No.17349764
         File1325031695.jpg-(27 KB, 555x305, GOBwithaJOB.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)20:22 No.17350359
    Okay, what if, instead of cloning Sonic, we clone his friends instead, and replace the real ones with the clones?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)20:50 No.17350677
    We do not clone ANYTHING that is related to Sonic, or any other hero in any way whatsoever! The power of love and friendship is the
    Achilles' Heel of clones!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)20:54 No.17350716
    Or antihero for that matter. We're a robotiscist! Clones shouldn't even be on the table! Speaking of robots, any way to get word to Bass through Wily that Sonic thinks he's stronger than any robot?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:11 No.17350878
    I don't know, I feel as if it could work as long as we make sure the clone isn't the introspective type.
    It's just that we've been at this for what feels like twenty years and maybe it's time to face facts that 'beating our robots' is as much a power of Sonic as his super speed.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:13 No.17350896
    Actually, is Bass really known for his loyalty?
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 12/27/11(Tue)21:13 No.17350904
    Which is why I've been saying that we need to work around Sonic, not through him. We're only going to be able to finally defeat him once we've got quite a bit more public opinion against him. Not to mention, he's a very useful tool when he's properly motivated.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:30 No.17351068
    No, he isn't, but he IS known for not standing anyone thinking they're better than him.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)21:32 No.17351092
    Woah, this still alive? Awesome! I'll continue it in a bit, after reading through the posts...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:35 No.17351116
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:44 No.17351201
    Right, for starters, we need to issue a statement regretting the lives of these wonderful employees lost and condemning the heinous acts, bringing their killers to justice, etc, etc.

    We then start putting our intel boys on finding out who did them in; any contacts in the area and so on.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:50 No.17351268
    Right, juding by the fact that our bots are a PR disaster right now, I say we slap a new coat of paint on the next batch, name them something less industrial like Egghelpers or something, and give them quirky, albeit benign personality chips to make them more relatable.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:50 No.17351273
    Is there any way to covertly contact Ex-Princess Sally and her friends?
    Like we know damn well that if they had the guts to actually kill our employees, they'd have done it a long time ago, but if they tell us all they know, we could put some serious (and legal) heat on them.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)21:52 No.17351294
    So, it seems like the general consensus for the immediate action is to try and gain sympathy with Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and Oddworld?

    GUN is, officially, monitoring you - but they do some covert buying. They think you're oblivious, but your intel says otherwise.

    Upon hearing the news, you almost went red with rage. But then, you think. It's unusual for the Mobian Rebels to outright kill their hostages. Either they changed their MO, or it was the work of a third party. But it is of no matter now, you now can freely accuse them! Slowly the rage in your face is replaced with a grin.
    Just as you smile in contentment, Jude comes in with the report of our intel that's scouting the competition. The one sent to Sarif Industries returned with some brochures, and a few gadgets, which is definitely not their most advanced tech used in their augmentations. The one sent to Aperture Science returned empty-handed... he said that he'd double-checked, but where Ap. Sci.'s HQ is supposed to be, an abandoned silver mine is there instead.

    Intriguing. What is our decision on this?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:53 No.17351303
    Pic Related?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)21:58 No.17351360
    See if we can't buy that Silver Mine. We'll use the mining as an excuse to search for clues for Ap Sci. whereabouts, and if we strike gold (so to speak) we'll have a new source of funding.

    Lets study the gadgets we've got from Sarif. Even if its the most basic of their technology, we want our research department, to be familiar with the tech.

    Also lets check the brochures, maybe something we could use.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:01 No.17351389
    An Abandoned Silver Mine?
    That is several kinds of suspicious.
    ...Does Rouge work for GUN full-time nowadays, or does she still do some freelance work?
    This could warrant further investigation.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:01 No.17351400
    Oddworld is far too dystopian and its technology relies far too heavily on the exploitation of animals, I say we distance ourselves as far as possible from them, lest we remind people of how we used to be.

    Hyrule doesn't really have anything that would be of terrible interest to us.

    Mushroom Kingdom may be supplying weapons to our enemies.

    I say we deal with our poor PR robots first before dicking around with foreign ties.

    Is it possible to forge some ties with Ivalice? Don't they have some pretty good tech?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)22:07 No.17351448
    It seems like the abandoned silver mine is owned by a certain Cave Johnson... who founded Aperture Science.
    But that can't be right, since he died some time ago. You recall the news were all over that. 'Brilliant businessman dies in his sleep' and stuff like that. You thought Aperture Science was closed after that.

    In the meantime, you order the R&D boys to do some analysis on the Sarif Industry gadgets, while you read up on the brochures. Seems like his augmentations require an expensive drug to maintain. Augmentations include replacement eyes, limbs to replace amputations and such... hmm, they've got integrated Augmented Reality in their cybernetic eyes.

    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:10 No.17351486
    Have Jude make a call to aperture and try to get a conversation going. Business proposals and all that jauu. Our secretary might get along with their current leadership, I'd guess.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:10 No.17351488
    We make robots! Not augmention humans! Unless it shows any potential to be integrated into NHMS, I say we forget it and move onto bigger fish. We have an image that needs fixing! Buy up primetime comercial time advertising a new line of Family Friendly robots that run on love or hugs or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:14 No.17351521
    We still have the super-awesome cyberglasses, right?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)22:17 No.17351550
    rolled 37 = 37

    It seems, according to your intel, she's full-on freelance work nowadays, trading info for the highest bidder.

    You've heard of Ivalice, but it seems like there's not much in terms of friendly corporations you can contact there. They're pretty isolationist.

    So, current actions are: contact Ap Sci, and fix our image?
    Rolling to see if the ad boys get it right this time...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:19 No.17351571
    Eh, it was better
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:20 No.17351577
    Well they didn't screw up AS badly this time it looks like, but that's still far from what we'd like. I say we get Rogue on the payroll, off the record, of course, and get her looking into some of the issues we couldn't get into more openly, like the source of those Mushroom Kingdom weapons.... after a full background check to make sure that this information isn't going to be relayed to Sonic/Princess Sally/GUN
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:20 No.17351584
    Yes, but roboticizing sometimes leads to..augmented folks.

    Case in point that rabbit. Perhaps we could offer a service to robotize parapalegics? Folks who lose the use of their legs and such? Unless they need to be functional for the transformation to occur.

    In a way we'd turned one of our more feared technologies into something beneficial.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:23 No.17351615
    If it needs to convert the body itself then it might be enough to robotize the bit of flesh where the natural body ends, and then attach more normally created robotic limbs to that.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:24 No.17351619
    Hire her to investigate the mine where Aperture is supposed to be.
    Also is Vector still a licensed Private Investigator? I recall he did manage to help us out of a jam when Neo Metal Sonic kidnapped us.
    ...Remember when we gave him ridiculous challenges like collecting crabs or whatever? Good times.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:24 No.17351621
    The roboticization tech is illegal, and functional-but-now-robotic is nothing compared to Sarif's Super-Human-Biotic components. Maybe get the lab techs on finding a way to do a true prosthetic without side effects, and market it cheeper than Sarif's stuff?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)22:26 No.17351640
    Well, the newest ad campaign isn't all that profitable. It's just average in regards to the competition.

    meanwhile, you get Jude call up Aperture Science, saying that we're interested in their work, and would like to propose a joint project.
    Jude returned shortly after. "Unfortunate, sir. While they're happy that we are interested, they declined our offer."
    "Hmm. Did you speak to the CEO?"
    "Yes, her name is Gladys Johnson. Her voice sound... computerized, but she said it's because it's an augmentation due to 'an unfortunate accident or two', or so she said."
    "Johnson? I was not aware Cave Johnson had any family left."

    Interesting. Was she some sort of hidden daughter who inherited her father's company? Or was it something else?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:28 No.17351667
    I second these ideas
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:28 No.17351671
    Even though she's in the intelligence business now, is Rouge still willing to do some legwork, for proper compensation of course? Also, are we the only ones curious about Aperture, or are our rivals/GUN also suspicious?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:33 No.17351709
    Wily's got some spy-bat things, doesn't he? I'd say we buy a few after hiring rogue, and give them to her as "Gifts" that will simultaniously enhance her ability to do recon, keep an eye on her, and keep a nice little theme going.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:33 No.17351711
    Is there anyone to have a social gathering for the big shots? A social party, a greet and meet? Something that would appear to insulting if they don't arrive?

    We could acquire business partners that we haven't thought of yet, along with making those that don't (or can't) arrive appear to be insulting those that do by being 'to good' for this little gathering.

    Politics, is fun eh?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:36 No.17351733
    Speaking of the rabbit, doesn't a relative of hers work for us?
    I vaguely recall hiring an extremely southern rabbit at some point although I can't remember the specifics.
    I'm pretty sure his name was Beauregard, or something ridiculous at any rate.
    Maybe he's kept in touch with her?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:37 No.17351744
    Well, Vector is giving weapons to the Ecoterrorists so i`m not sure it`s a good idea to talk to him
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:38 No.17351749
    Completely unrelated:

    How are our employee benefits? Are we fostering a strong loyalty to the company?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:38 No.17351758
    I like this idea. I second hosting Eggcon 2012 and seeing if we can't draw this Gladys Johnson out of hiding. Give it lots of publicity, get all the robotic industry leaders out there. We know we can count on Wily, and Sarif's a smart businessman, he'll take some cheap, major exposure where he can get it. And at it, we unveil rebuilt versions of our old friends Gamma, Scratch, and Grounder, our "family" letting the world know that we are an old softy at heart
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:39 No.17351764
    She only spoke with her, or did she manage to meet her? An artificial voice can easily be anyone or anything. Looking up what we can on this person can only be prudent.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)22:44 No.17351821
    So, the consensus is we hire Rogue (after checking if she's affiliated with the Mob Rebels or not) to investigate Ap Sci?

    As for Vector, he handed over the PI business to Charmy and Espio, and he's now a rap artist. He also moonlights as an arms dealer, apparently.

    Also, we're trying to gain a competitive edge against Sarif by making prosthetics without side effects?

    Decide what to do, either contacting Rogue (+ background check), or getting the R&D boys geared up for the prosthetics. It's almost the end of the working hour for you.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:45 No.17351841
    >Also, we're trying to gain a competitive edge against Sarif by making prosthetics without side effects?

    Let's see if we can get a share of his company if we manage to develop superior prosthetics.
    If he sells them under his label, it won't look like we're taking over the market and everybody profits.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:45 No.17351842
    I'd say go with Rouge for now.
    If we're suspicious of Aperture, it's only a matter of time before other people also get suspicious, and we want to get a head start on them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:46 No.17351855
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:46 No.17351860
    What are we? A wage slave? We delegate! Email the workers enmasse to work on getting into the prosthetics market, have Jude start working on plans for Eggcon, and get whoever does our background checks on the phone to find out about Rogue.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:48 No.17351887
    I think we should go with Rogue.
    I`m not sure if it`s smart going on against Sarif. I`m sure we can get some kinda of technological trade with them, that will help the construction of our Metal SOnic
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:49 No.17351904
    You know, I just had a thought. Why don't we look into Star power as an energy source for OHM Sonic X?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:50 No.17351914
    You raise a valid point... it would probably be pretty easy to forge an alliance with Sarif by letting him in on our little project that "bridges the gap between living being and machine"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:50 No.17351916
    Star Power only lasts for about 30 seconds
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:51 No.17351923
    I think perhaps he may mean Power Stars, not invincibility stars.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:51 No.17351931
    Just cut the crap and form a catel with Willy, Sarif and Johnson
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:52 No.17351941
    Hmm... Regarding Aperture Science, I vaguely recall them being rivals of another company, Black Mesa, I believe it was called.
    What happened to them? You can learn a lot about a company from studying its enemies.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:54 No.17351957
    Say, weren't Princess Zelda and Princess Toadstool really well seen on their kingdoms?
    We should try later contact them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)22:57 No.17351986
    Speaking of Mario...

    Can we run a check for anything related to a person named "Smithy?"
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)23:01 No.17352044
    Yeah, there's only enough time to either e-mail the R&D boys or hire Rogue. You do need your weekly 8-hour sleep, it's what keeps your IQ above 300.

    So it seems like hiring Rogue wins for the time being, and you'll send the e-mail to R&D the next morning. Jude dials Rogue's contact number, and puts it on speakerphone.
    "Hello, Eggman. I already knew you'll call me. For the record, if you're asking about the Mobian Rebels, they've paid me not to say anything about the kidnapping to anyone."
    "Heh... you think I'm calling you for that? Although I am curious about that, I am contracting you on another matter. And I will pay good money."
    "Well, in that case, I'm all ears. What do you need?"
    "Just a little bit of... company espionage. I need you to go and find the secret behind Aperture Science. Sneak into wherever the hell is their HQ, and report back. preferably unseen. I'm willing to pay extra if you manage to bring a souvenir... and keep quiet."
    "Agreed, Eggman. It seems like you've changed quite a bit. You'll find a note on your workbench tomorrow, it's the amount of my services, and bank transfer number for it. I'll contact you again once I've infiltrated Aperture Science and the pay's in my account. Ciao!"
    The line cuts. "Can you trace that, Jude?"
    "No, sir. Too many redirects, and there's not enough time."
    "Oh well."

    Okay, so do we watch a bit of news before we turn to bed, or do we just go straight to bed?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:03 No.17352070
    Let's watch news, maybe something about the Pirates or how the rulers of the other countries are handling the murders
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:04 No.17352091
    Might as well watch the news, a big time CEO like us can't afford to stay uninformed.
    Also keep an eye out for anyone making fun of our marketing flops, and just... write their names down. For future reference.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:07 No.17352126
    Speaking of Pirates, do we still have the blueprints for Captain Whiskers and his crew?
    I know he was a collaborative effort with that Nega character, but we should have records of how we built them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:13 No.17352202
    Who better to fight a pirate than a pirate. That would be good for the public image, staffing some anti-piratebots on ships and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:16 No.17352252
    Huh? Oh yeah we could do that.
    I was figuring that since we only deployed Whiskers on Blaze's world (or is it the future? whatever, not important) that no one knows about him here, and thus we could use him to do illegal things without it coming back to us.
    ...But now that I think about it, it really isn't hard to connect Whiskers to us, so yeah, 'anti-piracy' sounds good.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/27/11(Tue)23:26 No.17352349
    Tonight's news!
    -RuptureFarms CEO, Molluck, expresses rage and sorrow at the news that his employees are among the dead found in the 'container massacre', named by the media.
    -King Daltus Hyrule, along with Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, has sent some naval military presence near Kong Island to curtail the pirates. Kong Island government accepts their support.
    -Media pundits debate over the connection of the victims; It seems like they've been kidnapped recently by various sources, and they're either pointing fingers or trying to expose 'conspiracies' with lots of hubbub.
    -In other news, Shin-Ra Electric Power Company decides to open Midgar's trade lines with the outside world after Rufus became CEO, replacing his late father who 'died under mysterious circumstances'.
    -Rumors of a cult springing up in Mushroom Kingdom, who call themselves Shy Guys. They're the ones who kidnapped the Mushroom kingdom citizens found in the 'container massacre'.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:30 No.17352385
    A cult eh?
    Perhaps tomorrow we could pay Mario a visit. He was a big deal in the Mushroom Kingdom, if I remember correctly, so he may have encountered them before.
    But for now, time for bed.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:35 No.17352440
    Sleep, but look into this electric company soon. Robots run on electricity, after all. Might be something interesting there.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:44 No.17352519
    Weren't the Shy Guys, part of the Old 8 Bit Club? That means Warg must know what`s going on.

    Pirates vs Pirates
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:55 No.17352661
         File1325048137.jpg-(206 KB, 648x864, Turnip-Murder-By-Winona-Nelson.jpg)
    206 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:56 No.17352665
    rewatch mimiga tribe documentary, taking note of rare red flower with mutagenic/psychoactive properties.
    seize all samples of said plant,
    auction them to umbrella corporation farms in southern africa.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/11(Tue)23:59 No.17352707
    i see what you did there
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)00:28 No.17353050
    Turnip Warfare.
    The Best Kinda of Warfare
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)00:43 No.17353163
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/28/11(Wed)01:15 No.17353456
    Whoof. I think I'm outta steam for a while. See you guys in the new year.
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)06:24 No.17355681

    op any idea when exactly you will run this again?
    >> Anonymous 12/28/11(Wed)07:10 No.17355953
    He said new year. Bumping since there's little to contribute beyond "Go to bed"

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