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  • File : 1325471705.jpg-(19 KB, 560x373, 2che90-560x420.jpg)
    19 KB Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:35 No.17397637  
    With 2011 over, we must ask the same question we ask every year.

    What were the best threads of the last year?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:36 No.17397647
    We're not allowed to talk about them, sorry.
    >> Iron Lung 01/01/12(Sun)21:36 No.17397651
    2011 was a good damn year.
    Someone Else and the Emperasque, Papa-N and Heretical Love.
    Been a fucking GREAT year for writefaggotry, and for that /tg/ wins much respect.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:37 No.17397657
         File1325471826.png-(190 KB, 903x348, 1321918299207.png)
    190 KB
    this has to be on the list
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:37 No.17397663
    I liked some new setting that people made/campaigns. Another nice thing was some of the homebrews.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:38 No.17397671
    The Riddle of Steel threads were great. Never thought that game would have its turn in the limelight.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:39 No.17397675
    Do you Catan?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:41 No.17397698
    April 1st, Dungeons the Dragoning.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:42 No.17397706
         File1325472170.jpg-(420 KB, 1500x1000, 1323061579114.jpg)
    420 KB
    Pic related. The /tg/ Bestiary also happened, which evolved into the glorious nation of For'Channar.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:43 No.17397719
         File1325472237.jpg-(65 KB, 1237x668, Actual dreadlocks.jpg)
    65 KB
    I have no ide why I found this post so damn funny.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:44 No.17397721
         File1325472253.jpg-(392 KB, 1239x1203, 1296186185440.jpg)
    392 KB
    Anyone remember that thread where we discussed the setting with the shattered sun? Shit was cash.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:47 No.17397760
    The one I remember best was April 1st when we got Dungeons the Dragoining.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:51 No.17397794
    I, at least, enjoyed PIGDOG.

    I may be the only one...
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)21:51 No.17397797
    YES. That was pretty awesome. 2011 was also the year of the awesome quest idea's that died. Like Harlem Quest and Dead King's Quest.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/01/12(Sun)21:51 No.17397798
    I didn't see the undead computer and painternet mentioned in this thread.

    This must be rectified
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:30 No.17397891
    Those were both pritty awesome.

    Also Vampire Santa.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:32 No.17397899
    My top 3 of 2011:

    1. Deep Rot
    2. Painternet
    3. Do you Catan?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:36 No.17397909
    I liked the Necromancer Revenge thread. Helped me spawn the best campaign I've ever ran.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:38 No.17397915
    Personally I miss Ghostbusters Quest. It only ran maybe half a dozen times back in March or April, but it was awesome none the less.

    I'd also say 2011 was good for a wide range of Non-GW discussion. WarmaHordes, Infinity, Flames of War, Dystopian Wars, and most recently A Call to Arms: Star Fleet have all been getting a lot of attention here on /tg/ recently.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:39 No.17397919
    Anyone remember Assholia? Those were some fun threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:39 No.17397920
         File1325479146.jpg-(61 KB, 1025x769, jsbocy.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:40 No.17397923
    Was the Rape Factory last year, or a year before that?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:44 No.17397936

    That thread and the rape factory simultaneously horrified me and made me laugh so hard.

    I would have to vote for the first Emprahesque thread though. 0- HOLY FUCK THIS IS AWESOME in record time.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:44 No.17397940
         File1325479483.jpg-(36 KB, 364x546, 1315050775427.jpg)
    36 KB
    One particular setting i liked was post apocalyptic earth,where everyone had shrunk to about an inch in height.

    I am still disgusted at /tg/'s lack of WFB threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:44 No.17397941
    I'm gonna nominate "The Sovereign and Pals" for best campaign reminiscence of the year.


    Speaking of which, did anyone ever make any screencaps of that thread?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:45 No.17397944
    The first 5 abaddon quests were fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:45 No.17397945
    Battle Burger. Hands down.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:48 No.17397953
    I don't really have an absolute favorite, but I have a lot of nominees.

    FIrst one I can think of off the top of my head is Dr. Seuss as a CoC campaign.

    >> Screaming Eagles 01/01/12(Sun)23:49 No.17397957
    Ghostbusters Quest was indeed awesome. Somebody should re start it, or try to continue it.

    As for the non-GW games, only Warmachine, Hordes, and infinity really gained any noticeable amount of popularity here on /tg/.

    Personally I'd love to see Flames of War get that big, and I've been considering starting up a Klingon fleet for ACTA: Star Fleet.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:52 No.17397968
         File1325479927.png-(697 KB, 948x756, 1310060520588.png)
    697 KB
    Lord Deathrape and his mount, the legendary CazaClawRasque (With Cazaclaw breath weapon!)
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:53 No.17397972
         File1325479981.png-(47 KB, 896x759, 1311040123293.png)
    47 KB
    Void Quest was a good thing that happened.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:54 No.17397980
    That guy originates from a 2007 thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:55 No.17397985
    Didn't Dead King's Quest start in 2011?

    Man I miss that game.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:56 No.17397989
    Was Crazy Hassan 2011 or 2010?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:58 No.17397994
         File1325480288.png-(47 KB, 896x759, advice-harbinger.png)
    47 KB

    What was it about that quest that made everyone go full retard?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/12(Sun)23:58 No.17397997
    It certainly wasn't last year.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:03 No.17398010
    So, awesome Quest Threads of 2011:

    Harlem Quest
    Ghostbusters Quest
    Mutant Quest
    Dead King's Quest
    Void Quest
    Abaddon Quest

    Any I've forgotten?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:03 No.17398011
    Goddamn I miss that quest.

    If people go retard over it, that just means they care. It means that it inspired emotion, and really, isn't that what every game aspires to?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:04 No.17398015
         File1325480658.png-(73 KB, 1360x510, You Have My Sword.png)
    73 KB
    Chapter Master becoming a "thing", whatever that "thing" may be.

    Pic related, one of my favorite exchanges from a CM thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:04 No.17398016

    Jurassic Quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:05 No.17398022
    1. Deep Rot, only gets my number one because it's a oneshot thing.
    2. PapaN and all the delicious, Delicious, FUCKING DELICIOUS Heresy he brings us.
    3. Scripty's Xmas thread.
    4. Do you Catan?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:06 No.17398027
    I think the most notable thing to happen on /tg/ this past year was the advent of /tg/ 40,000.

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:08 No.17398033
    That was basically another iteration of Tiji Sector, though. I don't know if it can be said to truly have had its advent this year.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:08 No.17398034
    Emperor's Nightmare, Abyssal Jaws and the whole explosion of /tg/ homebrew 40k stuff.

    Shy Guardsman and Techpriestess Octavia.

    Thats all I can recall off the top of my head. Most have been already mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:09 No.17398036

    Oh shit I forgot about that too.

    And now that I'm looking back in the sup/tg/ archives, there's a few others I need to add to the list:

    Norsca Quest
    Binder Quest
    EVO Quest

    Damn what happened to all these quests? There were some really awesome ones that just were abandoned.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:10 No.17398040

    Techpriestess Octavia?


    ECW was able to finish Jurassic Quest, thankfully.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:10 No.17398044
    emperor terrasque quest

    i also remember a short-lived thread about a Libyan rebel who actually accomplished the feat of "drive me closer, i want to hit them with my sword" by killing an entire tank crew with a machete.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:12 No.17398056
    What's "Do you Catan?"
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:13 No.17398059


    Most likely a fake story, but rage-inducing regardless.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:13 No.17398060
         File1325481234.jpg-(55 KB, 805x559, slutty-alien-gates.jpg)
    55 KB

    Yeah, I suppose that's true. I ended up kinda punching out of the quest after the gate massacre though.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:14 No.17398062
    god DAMMIT op whenever I see this thread I try to make that face
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:14 No.17398065
    What was that one quest where we kept rolling 100s? Was it HERETIC Quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:16 No.17398071

    I think it was Abaddon Quest.

    Honestly, the most fun of thost threads came from watching the dice shenanigans unfold.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:19 No.17398083
    I think she was one of the main characters in a rather good Commissar & Tech-priestess love story that started out as a spoof of cheesy romance novels, but actually became a good romance story.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:19 No.17398085
         File1325481570.jpg-(211 KB, 816x1056, Car_Lesbians_cover.jpg)
    211 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:20 No.17398089
    Deep Rot, Chaptermaster (that especially makes me proud of /tg/,) and the holiday cheesecake and gifts threads. I quite liked them all.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:23 No.17398103
    Skynet quests have to be up there, they were good for everyone here.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:24 No.17398107
         File1325481897.jpg-(264 KB, 1320x1901, Dragonmech.jpg)
    264 KB

    these storys were so cool that they made me rush out and buy most of the books
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:26 No.17398116
    Deep Rot was the undead computer one right?

    If so, then HELL FUCKIN YEAH
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:27 No.17398122
    There was that thread about a campaign of what happens to the stuff in a bag of holding when its put into another bag of holding.
    Some idea of a lost world of treasures and fallen empires and enemies that had been sealed away.
    Don't think anything ever came of it, but just the idea of it blew me away.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:30 No.17398138
    That sounds like the sort of retarded/awesome setting /tg/ would come up with.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:34 No.17398158
    Rape Factory and Deep Rot are the threads that stand out for me, Dungeons the Dragoning is probably the best bit of general creativity.

    That's why I love /tg/ so much, we have so many amazingly creative people.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:40 No.17398195
    Commander Quest. It didn't start this year, but most of the threads were in 2011. Its still going strong and it even has a winking for reference.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:42 No.17398199
    Dungeons: The Dragoning 40,000: 7th Edition gets my vote for the best thing to come out of 2011.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:42 No.17398201

    Ahh, Car Lesbians. Those were some awesome threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:44 No.17398211
    Enter The Shadowside
    It's not everyday that you see a completely new way of ruling dice, plus the fluff is fucking awesome. Just a few days ago.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:44 No.17398214
    word on the street is that we might get a conclusion to void quest. And people went full retard for it because Vedi was trying to do something more involved than /tg/ was prepared to accept.

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:48 No.17398240
         File1325483317.png-(134 KB, 863x393, 1300497125278.png)
    134 KB
    this was the best thread of 2011
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:48 No.17398242
    I know hopefully in 2012 we can get Pornstar the RPG going
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:49 No.17398247
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:53 No.17398273
         File1325483622.jpg-(2.2 MB, 1600x1070, giant.jpg)
    2.2 MB
    Had a lot of fun with building the world of Icelus etc.

    The reinvention of giants was also a pretty awesome community effort and spawned some really creative concepts.

    and I personally like this thread a lot and wish I had a group to play it out with: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16305933/
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)00:58 No.17398303
         File1325483902.jpg-(130 KB, 700x797, teddy-protector.jpg)
    130 KB
    Every thread that turned into storytime.

    Goddamn I love me some storytime.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)01:01 No.17398322
    Dungeons: The Dragoning. No contest.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)01:02 No.17398333
    Icelian brofist.

    That reminds me of something. One time we had a thread where Anon was working out some Deathwatch rules. He figured out that a marine in beaky armour can run at over 400mph.

    Why beaky armour? The beak helps him steer.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)01:06 No.17398357
    I still miss Doppelganger Quest
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)01:42 No.17398560
    Can I get an archive link for Rape Factory?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)01:47 No.17398587
    I may be too demanding but it'd be nice if all the archives of the threads in this particular thread were posted.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)02:14 No.17398726
    Sure one sec. In the meantime you can use the Goggle search on Suptg. You can also search by tag but those are a bit iffy.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)02:19 No.17398760
    Highlander Quest!
    It had such promise.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)02:22 No.17398784
    No mention of /tg/ Metaquest? The one quest thread that managed to consolidated EVERY setting /tg/ loves?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)02:25 No.17398804
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)02:34 No.17398865
    Were all of those random horror storytimes by Awake this year? Because that shit is awesome. Plus, he pimps for Don't Rest Your Head, which is always fun to see.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)02:39 No.17398904
         File1325489997.jpg-(81 KB, 528x600, 528px-Nun_n'_Gun.jpg)
    81 KB
    Come with me /tg/, on a walk through memory lane 2011. This is going to be sort of Editor's Choice since I can't list everything. If you want to see everything for yourself here are some instructions.

    >Drawthreads Hidden (optional)
    >Minimum Score 0
    >Sort by date
    >Search by month (January 2011 etc)

    Lets get started. January:

    >Battle Brother Marcus Flavius of the USS Enterprise

    >Freudian Slips /tg/ edition.

    >Author shop talk with Scott Lynch and Aaron Dembski-Bowden

    >Commander Quest (going strong into 2012, longer than even Zeonquest at this point I believe)

    >Shy Guardsman, a 40k Romance
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)02:56 No.17399005
         File1325491018.jpg-(175 KB, 494x662, 1303097459760.jpg)
    175 KB
    In honour of the occasion I will be posting random pictures from my /tg/ folder, starting with pictures dated to 2011.


    >The Blackguard's Daughter

    >Dragon Quest reached thread #30 in January

    >LARP Storytime!

    Honourable Mention from Dec 2010:

    >/tg/ fails at Sonic connect the dots

    >THE GINGERPEROR: A christmas with Scriptarius.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)03:12 No.17399090
         File1325491923.jpg-(179 KB, 827x1170, 1020267-margaret.jpg)
    179 KB
    >Necromancer Quest. Short lived but fun.

    >Construct Artificer Quest. Cool concept, but OP had to quit after getting hit by a car IIRC.

    >RL random encounters

    >Zerg Quest! Celebrating the new year with thread #26

    >My first encounter with Scrollhammer

    >Space Marine Terminator Papercraft

    >Attack of the Sues

    >The return of KROMGOL
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:16 No.17399116
    Rape Factory was stripped from Suptg, if I'm not mistaken.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)03:20 No.17399142
         File1325492401.jpg-(348 KB, 700x700, 1304907780405.jpg)
    348 KB
    >LARP storytime continued

    Brb, got something to do. Have a cultist-chan.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:20 No.17399146

    Not to be a self-promoting douchebag, but this was the single most important thread on /tg/ for me. You guys helped me do something incredibly retarded, and . . . well, shit, I would be planning to propose, if Steff hadn't done so last night.

    Thanks, guys. It's been a good year.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:24 No.17399178
    How about all the Planes & Mercs threads. Firestorm is a homebrew game/system and started being played in January of '11.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:25 No.17399187
    that one where you guys all pretended you don't play FATAL to the exclusion of all other games these days
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)03:26 No.17399194
         File1325492792.jpg-(358 KB, 898x926, 1323140892392.jpg)
    358 KB
    This is why we had Easymodo. (now foolz) Here it is, Rape Factory uncut. This thread may break your mind, fair warning. Also pic related.

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:32 No.17399231
         File1325493141.jpg-(1.26 MB, 1000x5000, 1324737331095.jpg)
    1.26 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:34 No.17399247
         File1325493293.jpg-(33 KB, 288x362, todayshoroscop.jpg)
    33 KB
    I remember that thread. And that's FUCKING AWESOME! Congrats, man.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)03:34 No.17399248
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)03:36 No.17399262
         File1325493410.gif-(895 KB, 307x174, 1294477249698.gif)
    895 KB
    You again! I still can't believe it all worked out so perfectly. Pic fucking related.

    Also I have acquired booze, back to memory lane!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:42 No.17399291
    I read your post thinking: "Who the Hell would thank /tg/ for a proposal? Unless...no, it can't b-It IS him!"

    Congratulations, man.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:44 No.17399310
    Does anyone remember that LARP story that was meant to be ultra-realistic, and the protag went up against the Arnold Schwarzenegger guy in a building? All the while on an ADVENTURE with the hot girl who he could have dated at the end, but chose to leave?

    God, it was all so fake, but it was a fantastic story.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)03:45 No.17399314
         File1325493934.png-(300 KB, 600x830, Emperor's_Nightmare_Chapter_Ba(...).png)
    300 KB
    February time!

    >The creation of the Emperor's Nightmare!
    >And yes, its Nightmare, not Nightmares. Its on the chapter banner for crying out loud.

    >The start of Harlem Quest

    >RIP Brian Jacques

    >Elf ear thread turns into storytime

    Johnny Bravo: Imperial Guardsman
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)03:52 No.17399357
    Thanks bro for that.

    I needed something to cheer me up. I got dumped today.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)03:54 No.17399368

    Dis one?
    >> Tragic Khornate 01/02/12(Mon)03:55 No.17399377
    Now this is only my personal opinion, and I know there are FAR better threads than this one, but for me this was the best thread of 2011

    >It's writefaggotry, scroll down it's near the bottom
    Talked to my GM, and he told me to show it to the players. They loved it. /tg/ made a kickass story for my character, and it was truly awesome. The author said he would put it up on 1d4chan and fix the problems with it....haven't found it. Anyways, after reading it by the GM thought of some ideas, currently were playing through a arc of missions based around my past. So far so good. Might make a storytime thread for it if it's interesting enough.

    Thanks /tg/ and your writefags. Thank you always.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:55 No.17399378
    welp, I just read that. Well done, sir. [spoilersdontworkhere];_;[/spoilersdontworkhere]
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:58 No.17399392
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)03:59 No.17399398

    Nah. The one I'm on about was like 5 threads long.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)04:00 No.17399405

    I wish you both the best the world has to give. To a happy life, from one neckbeard to another.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)04:00 No.17399406
    The deep ocean Space Marines.

    Forgot their name.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)04:05 No.17399423
         File1325495115.jpg-(127 KB, 856x900, 1305766558264.jpg)
    127 KB
    >Good Masterminds


    >Underdark Traders

    >Scary spider thread
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)04:33 No.17399529
         File1325496812.jpg-(95 KB, 450x407, this cat.jpg)
    95 KB
    Shy Guardsman, and that uh, that beetle alien sex...thing.
    Yeah, that second one was great. Thanks. Thanks for that, what with the "tit nectar" and "soul crushing sex violence." I can never look at honey the same way again.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)04:33 No.17399533
         File1325496828.jpg-(253 KB, 1275x741, Cyblum Dell.jpg)
    253 KB
    >Dr. Seuss, the elder god.

    >The Bard's Tale Quest. SNARK!


    >March 2011
    Its on now chaps!

    >Cyblum Dell. A /tg/ original low fantasy homebrew setting crafted from nothing out of a single picture.

    >Alternate canon 40k. The Emperor eats Slaanesh and become the Eldar afterlife.

    >Yo dawg, I put books on your librarian so he can read while he books!
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)04:49 No.17399605
         File1325497771.jpg-(818 KB, 882x1200, 1307169677036.jpg)
    818 KB
    >The 33 wight challenge.

    >RL Machine Spirit moments.

    >/tg/ sad storytime

    >The 400 year old virgin (lich)
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)05:13 No.17399701
         File1325499194.jpg-(109 KB, 750x600, 1308015581152.jpg)
    109 KB

    >Starship Quest


    >Omnipotence Quest by Vedibere started in March. First thread archive is fucked up, use foolz.

    >Elf herding
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)05:19 No.17399730
    I had lots of laughs from Noh Quest
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)05:31 No.17399783
    Thanks starshadow I'm actually going through some of these threads you posted.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)05:33 No.17399792

    In case you were interested.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)05:56 No.17399896
         File1325501763.jpg-(371 KB, 2260x1756, cidergrowers.jpg)
    371 KB
    Cheers! *touches bottle to screen*

    >Happy birthday Mr. Rogers. We miss you.

    >Oregon Trail time!

    > Casting with oyomaru and Scriptarius. Don't microwave water kids!

    >Ask a GW manager. Pretty interesting in retrospect since this is from March.

    >captcha: olleywr treehugger
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)06:09 No.17399968
         File1325502577.png-(327 KB, 719x762, 1309222039246.png)
    327 KB
    >Dead Kings Quest. Where are you Mors? :(


    >Ribbonfag brings tales of old /tg/

    >Dungeons the Dragoning! Too many cooks ruin the soup you say? Well this Anon is so epic he managed to make a soup out of all the cooks filled with zest and AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)06:15 No.17400002
    2011 was a great year for storytiming.

    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)06:47 No.17400166
         File1325504844.jpg-(708 KB, 1400x1600, Technomancer_emperorsnightmare.jpg)
    708 KB
    Shit, I forgot to mention I was onto April. So many memories.

    Dead Kings Quest chapters 4 and 5. At this point Mors dropped off the radar sadly.

    >Some of the worst Sue character concepts and weapons I have ever seen on /tg/. And that's saying something! Beware death by explosive vomiting of rainbows.

    >The Emperor's Nightmare returns after a short hiatus for thread #7. We got as far as 24 threads, but #7 marks the point where we began to produce a lot of writefaggotry. Just check the wiki, we have a shitton of it now.
    >> Warnsbarg !!zklBGYZv989 01/02/12(Mon)06:53 No.17400200
         File1325505209.png-(1.2 MB, 700x1059, 1291522041521.png)
    1.2 MB

    Dammit. Haggard was December of 2010.

    So close.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)07:17 No.17400353
         File1325506668.jpg-(345 KB, 979x468, DJ Phylactery.jpg)
    345 KB
    /tg/ RAP BATTLES! Now some of these aren't from 2011 but if you read one, you gotta read em all! Here they are in chronological order. A taste:

    >Do I smell an attack of opportunity? It wouldn't even be fair, coming from me. Weapon Focus [My Sword], Favored Enemy: Your Ass, yeah, that's fucking right, this fighter is multiclassed.



    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)07:20 No.17400375
         File1325506848.jpg-(66 KB, 362x286, 1297803607814.jpg)
    66 KB
    >>Do I smell an attack of opportunity? It wouldn't even be fair, coming from me. Weapon Focus [My Sword], Favored Enemy: Your Ass, yeah, that's fucking right, this fighter is multiclassed.
    >My face when I wrote that
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)07:25 No.17400405
         File1325507109.jpg-(74 KB, 472x630, 1309259615435.jpg)
    74 KB
    As an addendum to the Rape Factory. Here is a thread about the Rape Lawn from 2010. The suptg archive description sums it up pretty well. Oh and that pic? Its not cell shaded, look closer.

    >/tg/ created a race, a metalic rape lawn that moves via osmosis and reproduces with lasers.

    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)07:31 No.17400456
         File1325507502.gif-(1.88 MB, 316x239, 1307761814779.gif)
    1.88 MB
    I never save reaction images. So I'll have to settle with you sir, are awesome. Have a kitten.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)07:33 No.17400472
    you actually missed the one you quoted from.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)07:55 No.17400626
         File1325508920.jpg-(27 KB, 400x400, 1308311103581.jpg)
    27 KB
    Aw crap I dun goofed! D: I think I closed that tab after I copied the text and I forgot to add the link.

    April is when /tg/ creativity kind of exploded and we came up with all sorts of stuff.

    >Abyssal Jaws, a /tg/ chapter of aquatic space marines. They didn't get quite as much attention, but I still think the concept was cool.

    >More RL random encounters
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:04 No.17400691
    Holy shit guys. I'm the guy behind Necromancer Quest. Glad to know it was appreciated. Here's my holiday gift to you guys then - I'll prepare a part two and continue the quest over next weekend.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)08:09 No.17400727
         File1325509772.jpg-(90 KB, 900x826, 1307750626357.jpg)
    90 KB
    >An ad posting for Black Library turns into Q&A with Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

    >Tales of ye friendly (and not so friendly) LGS

    >All hail lord Inglip!

    >Chesshammer 40k
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:18 No.17400774
    The ones where everyone finally figured out that warhammer 40k is a bad game, and that the lolore isn't even good.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:19 No.17400780

    MFW I loved that thread. Been debating starting a new one in 2012 since it was so much fun. Think next time, I'll go with 40k idealism.

    We also had the Guardian's Exemplar, and the Craftworld Tables. There was a thread where all the tables were compiled as well.

    Did we ever get the thread where someone actually caculated the number of Peruvian moss spiders that would fit inside a drows vagina? IIRC he did black widows too.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:21 No.17400789
    2011 had a lot of good nationbuilder games.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:29 No.17400824
         File1325510957.png-(190 KB, 966x719, spacemarinebloodravens.png)
    190 KB
    Have a few screenshots from /tg/ as well. For example, shortly after when Space Marine came out...
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:32 No.17400839
         File1325511165.png-(55 KB, 1398x630, goombastory.png)
    55 KB

    Talking about a prospective Mario RPG system. Someone insulted the Goombas which prompted:
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:44 No.17400910

    I'm proud of you man.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:54 No.17400958
         File1325512449.png-(146 KB, 1205x446, telegraph.png)
    146 KB
    need I say more?
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)08:55 No.17400963
    You forget the rest of that thread which got way better.
    >> Molly Quinn !!JOys6YtmRS4 01/02/12(Mon)08:58 No.17400971
         File1325512722.jpg-(39 KB, 223x311, DelverOfSecrets.jpg)
    39 KB
    I very much enjoyed the AAJ threads, and thanks to them I was even more inspired to push forward and become a judge. Not only did they give a place to discuss M/tg/ but gA worked very hard to fix the "/tg/ is bad at magic" trope that used to run rampant. It warms my heart to see Anonymous posters answer rules questions like any judge would before us trip judges can get to them. I tip my hat to you gA and all you've done.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)08:58 No.17400973
         File1325512734.jpg-(166 KB, 540x400, 34546876878.jpg)
    166 KB
    I enjoyed Boonequest. Almost never there for em, but they seemed fun.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)08:59 No.17400975
         File1325512750.jpg-(249 KB, 1024x768, sleepless pattern.jpg)
    249 KB
    2012 is going to be awesome.

    >/tg/ Anagrams. This thread is one of my greatest favourites of ALL TIME. Some Anon found an anagram generator and decided to plug in /tg/ related words and names and anything else we felt like. Better sit down Anon, there are some that will BLOW YOUR MIND. And this isn't HALF of what we came up with.


    >Roboute Guilliman = GENIAL TUMOUR BOIL
    >Traditional Games = STARDOM GENITALIA
    >Dungeons And Dragons = SONGS AND AN UNDERDOG
    >Russian Federation = NATO IS A SURE FRIEND
    >Osama Bin Laden = A DAMN ALIEN S.O.B
    >Fabricator General Scriptarius = CRAFTIER, OBSCURANT PLAGIARISER
    >Pamela Anderson = DARN A - AMPLE ONES
    >Monty Python's Flying Circus = STRONGLY PSYCHOTIC? I'M FUNNY
    >Howard Phillips Lovecraft =TALL CHAP FOR DEVIL-WORSHIP
    >Chief Librarian Tigurius = HUBRISTIC, UNFAIR GIRLIE
    >George W. Bush = HE GREW BOGUS
    >Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium = CHIEF, HUMANE SOCIOPATH IMPAIRER
    >Warhammer Tournament Circuit = TACITURN, CRUMMIER WOMAN-HATER
    >Walter Elias Disney = WE ALL DESIRE SANITY
    >Great Britain = BATTERING IRA
    >Republic Of Ireland = PROUD, NICE FIREBALL
    >The United States Of America = ETHNICS? A FEARSOME ATTITUDE
    >Soviet Union = O, UN VETO IS IN
    >Canis Wolfborn = BRAINS OF CLOWN
    >Jesus Christ = SUCH JEST SIR
    >Commander Shadowsun = ONWARD, HANDSOME SCUM
    >Go For It, Lad! = GOOD! A FLIRT
    >Ironclad Dreadnought = UNADORING, COLD HATRED
    >Sanguinius = I USING ANUS
    >Bjorn The Fell Handed's anagram name is FJORD AND HELL-BENT HE
    >Magic the Gathering = RIGHT! MEGA CHEATING
    >Smashing Pumpkins = I MASH GIMPS 'N' PUNKS
    >The Eldar Race = HATRED CEREAL
    >Love Can Bloom = MOVABLE COLON
    >Liberal Bias = LIAR AS BIBLE
    >Paranoia: Intsec = RAPE IS AN ACTION
    >Micheal Jackson = MANACLE HIS JOCK
    >William Tecumseh Sherman = MEANTIME, CHUMS, WAR IS HELL
    >Pride in the Colours = IT'S HORRID OPULENCE
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)09:07 No.17401012
         File1325513247.jpg-(89 KB, 563x1087, 1309411757591.jpg)
    89 KB
    You mean this?


    /tg/ back then was a magical place where threads could be Horrifying and Hilarious at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:11 No.17401030
    oh god I need pics of this
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)09:12 No.17401038

    Have fun mate.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:18 No.17401066

    Nostalgia flash but no. It was a more recent one. Someone actually gave a literal number of peruvian moss spiders.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)09:19 No.17401074
    You talking about the one where the guy came back and asked for ants this time?
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)09:29 No.17401125
         File1325514569.jpg-(34 KB, 620x400, 1303044215516.jpg)
    34 KB
    >Someday the world will end. Not with a bang, but with crows. Crows will be the doom of us all.

    >Running a horror game in WW1. It fits. WW1 was a horrifying clusterfuck if you were in it.

    > /tg/ confesses their hate for their gaming parties. I was sold at "rainbowtastic fagsplosion"

    >Critfail Shenanigans
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:29 No.17401126

    Maybe? My mind is sketchy at the moment. I'm nearing the 2 days without sleep point.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:30 No.17401128
    this. Bueno Grande won't be forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:32 No.17401136
    Please tell me someone else remembers Giant's are dicks wtf is a yellow dragon thread!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:40 No.17401167
    there's been quite a few crow and WWI threads on /tg/ with invariably the same results
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)09:53 No.17401232
         File1325516012.jpg-(38 KB, 422x356, 1313728967428.jpg)
    38 KB
    Oh wait! I found it. It was ants and Dryads this time.


    >AdEva with Cave Johnson in charge of NERV

    >Why we don't go to Tatooine

    >Knights Inductor aka the Reasonable Marines
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)09:53 No.17401235
    >What the Fuck is a Yellow Dragon?

    Oh yeah I remember that story. The best part was afterwards someone actually pointed out that WotC actually has stats for a yellow dragon.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)09:57 No.17401253

    Use suptg please.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:00 No.17401267

    Oh my god I was there for that thread.

    That was the most glorious thread hijack I have ever seen.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)10:02 No.17401274
         File1325516522.jpg-(54 KB, 455x603, 1322792840867.jpg)
    54 KB
    >Boonquest got its start in April too.

    >Hamlet, as told by ORKS!

    >/tg/'s NOPE moments in gaming.

    >One Anon discovers a teacher running an awesome large scale world RP for his students.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:08 No.17401300

    Someone needs to do a sequel to that "Hamlet is Proper Orky" thread with MacBeth.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 01/02/12(Mon)10:15 No.17401322
    I'm posting this one for general amusment, and the rather literal take on Humanity Fuck Yeah...
    Remember. The rape train has no breaks.

    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)10:16 No.17401326
         File1325517414.jpg-(1.66 MB, 2000x1701, Emperasque.jpg)
    1.66 MB
    Oops, nice save there.

    Rounding off the end of April for /tg/, we have non other than...


    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)10:21 No.17401344
         File1325517662.jpg-(182 KB, 1145x742, 1325196166198.jpg)
    182 KB
    >150 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

    Uh oh. Were running out of room and I haven't even gotten to the mountain of threads that is June and July.
    >> Commissar !nqFUKLAWj6 01/02/12(Mon)10:22 No.17401349
    The thread where the guy asked for a picture of a warrior and a dragon, and /tg/ provided it, but kept changing the picture to be progressively weirder and weirder. By the end, the warrior was holding a baby, and the dragon was bringing it a birthday present, and then this story started about how it was the dragon's baby. It ended with "COME AT ME, BRO".
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:24 No.17401354
         File1325517890.jpg-(553 KB, 1440x900, 1290452884735.jpg)
    553 KB
    Sadly don't have the full version.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:29 No.17401378
    >Only one result, and it's about health care for employees.

    Did NO ONE think of rape insurance? That's a HUGE source of income for a Rape Factory!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:30 No.17401380
    >>Hamlet, as told by ORKS!
    I remember that thread, it was glorious!
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)10:32 No.17401386
         File1325518346.jpg-(697 KB, 800x1000, 1315242950610.jpg)
    697 KB
    >Game store rivalry! An old school crew of a FLGS stomp the assholes at another LGS in a glorious 40k tournament.

    > What I made/What the DM saw/What I Played. This meme cropped up around march.You still see it every now and then. Some of them are really funny.

    >Despoiler Quest. Only lasted a few threads but unique in its fleshsmithing mindfuckery.

    >"I've never been to /tg/. The fuck is this board anyway?"

    >Describe your sex life using the names of three magic cards

    >City guard storytime!

    >Medieval Armour Porn
    >> GuardGM 01/02/12(Mon)10:33 No.17401392
         File1325518408.png-(1.3 MB, 939x1620, comeatmebrofull.png)
    1.3 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:33 No.17401394
    Shitplagues, George Clinton, and Jesus Gorillas, oh my
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:38 No.17401412
    How about the Golden Aquila threads?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:39 No.17401413
    I haven't been this excited about joining a clan since Vampire the Masquerade.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)10:40 No.17401418
         File1325518803.jpg-(51 KB, 698x289, 1.jpg)
    51 KB
    God. Fucking. Damn.

    Looking over all of this, I'm reminded that 2011 was an amazing year, with amazing things. And whenever I finished a day in school, and then college classes, I came on /tg/, and I saw awesome things.

    I love you, /tg/. Keep being the coolest thing ever.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)10:57 No.17401501
         File1325519845.jpg-(510 KB, 1200x907, 1317282032521.jpg)
    510 KB
    Continuing on with May threads.

    Chris, the Bane of Reason. One of THOSE DMs

    /tg/ gets creative. Reaction image storytime!

    More Tales of the Emperasque!

    >OP wants advice on opening a FLGS

    >Welcome to Joe's Bar. Were nearing the end of it, time to relax a bit, and prep for the final stretch. You've earned this break. I'll be behind the bar if you need anything

    >Metal Forging info thread with Smithanon and aspiring Smithanons

    > The Guardians Exemplar. The best space marines around, and YOU know it.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)11:16 No.17401624
         File1325520985.jpg-(1.13 MB, 1280x1024, 1317532871727.jpg)
    1.13 MB
    Portal in D&D

    Beware of King Quest. Inspired by Dead Kings Quest. Instead of an undead king, the main character is a dragon. Used the same methods as the original, unfortunately didn't progress very far.

    >By this time the Abyssal Jaws had reached thread #8. As I said earlier the chapter didn't get a huge amount of attention, but they did come up with the Maresian SeaGuard who I think are really cool. Basically Dead Space-Xcom Aquanauts with a little Bioshock mixed in.

    >Smith Quest! The saga of Quin Fuller Smithsson and her quest for greatness.

    >LARP Storytime! A tale of Douchemeister, the Colonel, Furfriend, and Peacock.

    Emperor's Nightmare thread #17.5. In which we art up the Icelian PDF.

    The story of Brother Gregory, a young scribe and monk, continues. Having accidentally called forth a being from an ancient book and made a pact with the strange being of the abyss, Tenebrotep, he has now been thrust into an assignment by the King himself to discover the secrets behind these strange powers...
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)11:29 No.17401695
         File1325521767.jpg-(479 KB, 644x1000, 1317584660949.jpg)
    479 KB
    It seems that the amount of greentext tags I forget is directly proportional to my sleep deficit. Makes sense.

    >Long winded and detailed story involving a moral dilemma about the female fey in the picture. Usually involving a catch-22 situation where the askee will be forced to fight while horribly outnumbered and possibly die if they do not molest and have unwanted intercourse with said female fey.

    >Coffee Machine AI Quest

    >Tales of the Emperasque! Part 5

    >Someone killed the head of GW and replaced him with... Wheatly?

    >How to build a good villain

    >Boone Quest

    >Its Puma time /tg/
    >> !ISLANDKK1o 01/02/12(Mon)11:31 No.17401704
    Were the rap battles last year or the year before?
    Sword 'n Board is mah homeboy.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:32 No.17401711
    Oh man, Joe's Bar! That was a good time.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:39 No.17401739
    My friend actually started the original thread. I became obsessed with it and kinda took it from him and went nuts with all the grimderp. I'm still building the setting and was hoping to get it done as a christmas-present for /tg/, with original art and all that jazz, but real life has not been too kind with my obsessions. So I'll post it once I'm ready with it and possibly run a few one-shots with it.

    I've gotten a bit better fluff that has also that spelljammer x one piece x adventure planet x ADVENTURE! kind of feel to it alongside the grimdark twisted horrors of the lower Bagworld levels.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:40 No.17401744
    Oh shit, I remember this one.
    Also the one where the guy went into a LARP competition at a castle. Rich people were throwing it, and if you got hit acid packs they strapped onto you would burst. The prize was marriage to one of the rich sisters, and the protag eventually allied with her younger sister to try to win.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)11:41 No.17401749
    I never understood that because in 3.5e nothing happens if you put a bag of holding in a bag of holding.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:42 No.17401752

    Yeah that was incredible. But isn't that the sequel? There was another thread the month before bout that guy's LARP time, and it was pretty cool. Not as grand as the second one, which I found charming.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)11:42 No.17401756
         File1325522575.jpg-(74 KB, 800x640, 1323933624225.jpg)
    74 KB
    >When the 40k homebrewing was in full swing we were hammering out space marine chapters left and right. We have a chapter based on almost anything you can think of. Including apparently, mystic cavemen.

    >We also came up with some chaos space marine warbands. (Thread links at the bottom of wiki pages)

    >Anon has an epiphany. Pencils can be used as 6 sided dice.

    >More (and new) HFY

    >Tales of the Primarch's Daughters and Warhammer High.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:54 No.17401818
    >Pencils can be used as 6 sided dice.
    Oh God.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)11:55 No.17401821
         File1325523327.jpg-(113 KB, 400x720, 1323173692813.jpg)
    113 KB
    >Eventually /tg/ got tired of making marine chapters and came up with Lavanids instead.

    >And Craftworld Enohar

    >/tg/ 40k Homebrew. Lots of stuff I haven't linked here.

    >THAT (awesome) DM storytime

    >This is...

    And that brings us to the end of April.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)11:57 No.17401835
    Please somebody tell me this thread is being archived?
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)12:00 No.17401854
    Oh yes, I remember that thread. I ran the stat sheets and did all the math.

    It was a fun night.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)12:05 No.17401880
    I also came up the name of standard cubic randomization device.

    I didn't namefag back in the day. But I did a lot of the work in that thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)12:12 No.17401933
    "The bags implode and everything inside is transported to bagworld." is the idea behind bagworld. The fact that you can be transported there with a basic magic item is kind of interesting.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)12:13 No.17401941
    Why would it implode though?

    There is no 3.5e rule for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)12:20 No.17401973
    Even if there is no rule about it in 3.5, the idea did take some fire under it and people appearently ran with the thought of imploding bags of holding. If the guy that is working in setting writes at the top of his rulebook that "Bags of holding implode and everything inside is transported to bagworld." then It's fine by me if I were to run a game based on those rules.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)12:23 No.17401989
    >If the bag is overloaded, or if sharp objects pierce it (from inside or outside), the bag ruptures and is ruined. All contents are lost forever.

    Is that close enough? I mean, it doesn't really specify how they're lost...
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)12:26 No.17402013
    When you put a bag of holding inside another bag of holding, the exterior bag implodes, taking everything inside it (including the interior bag) with it. Compare this to inserting a portable hole into a bag of holding, which explodes with a ten foot blast radius, transporting everything in the radius into nothing, no save allowed. Bag + bag = implode, bag + hole = explode. I don't know if anyone has covered what hole + hole does.

    The /tg/ theory is that everything in the bag, from everything that was previously in the bag up until the insertion of the second bag (which still holds everything it was containing, unmolested), is transported to the first layer of bagworld. This is where all imploded bags of holdings drop their things when they do so. The only way out of bagworld is imploding another set of bags, proceeding to the deeper layers, until you get to the base layer, then doing something to the elder god-horror imprisoned there that allows for bags of holding to work.
    >> Morrowindfag 01/02/12(Mon)12:27 No.17402018
    Fuck yes Cyblum Dell, loved that thread
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)12:28 No.17402026
         File1325525322.jpg-(395 KB, 1500x1860, 1323674256127.jpg)
    395 KB
    "Lost" just means you don't have them and can't get them back. Hence they could be anywhere and go anywhere. If it said the items inside where annihilated into atoms, well... that would be different.

    Way ahead of ya! Once I got to my 4th post I started thinking "it would be annoying to have to do this all over again". Go vote it up! :D

    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)12:59 No.17402196
    Memory Lane is going to be a little slower for June. I vaguely recall suptg changing servers or some other weirdness. In any case all of the thread dates are jumbled and I'm trying to keep this chronological.

    Elf Biology

    >/tg/'s canon sue marines. Must be seen to be believed. (links on wiki, except for thread #5)

    >How to give a little and get a lot in return. Tales of bro DM's and a bearded elf.

    >Ask a GW Manager 3, Finecast edition.

    Editor's Pick! >A typical space marine can outrun Usain Bolt with a little effort. But how fast is the FASTEST MARINE ALIVE? Apparently fast enough to punch with the force of 226,295.65 Newtons. And that's BEFORE he activates his jetpack, breaks the sound barrier and jumps into orbit. Its not a question IF he can punch through a tank, its HOW MANY?!

    /tg/ Radio Play. Sounds awesome, but didn't have enough support to get off the ground. Maybe we could revive it?

    >D&D Cursed Items and Holy Turtle storytime
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)13:05 No.17402249

    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)13:22 No.17402340
         File1325528520.gif-(149 KB, 500x600, techdread.gif)
    149 KB
    Whelp, that lack of sleep is certainly making itself known. Couple more updates and then I gotta head out. The thread is archived so I can pick it back up anytime or make a new one. (vote it up plz!)

    >/tg/ is introduced to MANULS. OP's topic is promptly forgotten.

    >Its that time again, sex lives described in terms of MTG. Throne of Bone, Instill Infection, Custody Battle.

    >Earth's modern nations as a low fantasy setting.

    >Lamia Daughter. DAWWWWW Award for 2011. Editor's pick!

    >Return of the Reasonable Marines. Reasonable 40k storytime!

    > Anon's guide to becoming a shitty DM
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)13:33 No.17402416
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)13:39 No.17402454
         File1325529570.png-(358 KB, 742x800, 1314741048210.png)
    358 KB
    >DrawQuest: The Life of John Cockburn. Op lays down a blank slate and asks /tg/ to make a character. Adventure ensues.

    >Is it possible to save Isha from Nurgle? Either way, storytime!

    >suptg was being a little iffy so it took me a while to figure out a way of getting the required links. But I managed to make a list of all Emperasque threads to date. Here they are in numerical order.

    >The Wall. A /tg/ homebrew setting.

    >We can't stay here! This is fey country! A list of Fae mutations for the unlucky adventurer.

    >HFY: Hedonism in Vegas
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)13:40 No.17402461
    They are on in order on 1d4chan
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)13:40 No.17402463
    Is that sum TACTICOOL MURHEEN?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)13:41 No.17402472
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)13:44 No.17402495
    Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)13:49 No.17402518
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)13:55 No.17402562
         File1325530549.jpg-(187 KB, 900x600, 1307754910052.jpg)
    187 KB
    >The LEGEND OF MANDOR. The greatest DMPC of all time saves the day while everyone else watches and the elf gets raped. (and then proposes)

    >Space Opera homebrewing

    >The Adventures of CAT ROGUE

    >Think of your last character from any game, where it be DnD, DH, RT, vidya or elsewhere. They are now your roommate.

    >Battletech... sex moves.

    >African Inspirations. A DM and player resource.

    >Being a doctor in a fantasy world. Storytime!

    >FLGS Rivalry part 2!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:11 No.17402653
    >Being a doctor in a fantasy world. Storytime!

    Oh hey I remember this. As someone who's actually going into a health care job here soon, I thought it was pretty awesome. /tg/ needs to do more threads like this and the City Guard stories.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)14:13 No.17402669
         File1325531603.jpg-(666 KB, 1600x1200, 1317584714820.jpg)
    666 KB
    >You fall in love, you lose! /tg/ edition

    >Why /tg/ is so awesome, a screencap bonanza

    >The Essential Guide to Adventuring Equipment.

    >Interspecies Family Quest.

    >Candyland Adventures!

    >Meanwhile on reverse /tg/...

    >The Dancer in White.

    >I’ve now come to the realization that I hate humans.
    >> Guybrarian 01/02/12(Mon)14:20 No.17402719

    >Brian Jacques' Death

    God, I don't remember having been that sad in such a long time.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:25 No.17402760

    Same here. I went back and re-read all the Redwall books that I had stored away after I saw that. Good times.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:29 No.17402777
    Speaking of best threads, what the fuck happened to void quest? Things were just getting awesome, with us going THE POWER OF THE GODS on a bunch of heretics.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:30 No.17402791

    See >>17398214
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:35 No.17402838
    >I posted in more than two thirds of these threads.

    >That feel
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:35 No.17402850
    Right, I saw that, but that doesn't answer my question.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:37 No.17402875

    Eh, I don't know myself, I never really participated in any of those threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:44 No.17402932
         File1325533499.jpg-(10 KB, 264x194, thumbnail[1].aspx_q=1519296587(...).jpg)
    10 KB
    >No mention of Crustacean Quest
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)14:51 No.17402979
    >spiders don't need to breathe.

    For some reason, when I wrote that, I couldn't stop laughing; it didn't help that people actually replied to it. In hindsight it really wasn't all that funny.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)14:58 No.17403045
         File1325534309.jpg-(52 KB, 382x287, 1305259176587.jpg)
    52 KB
    >Space Hulk is brought to PC (again) as Alien Assault. A free and direct port of the boardgame. Check the wiki for original game sounds and Chapter skins.

    >Minion Quest. Generated and run on random rolls, which led to plenty of hilarity. Unfortunately a 1-shot.

    >/tg/ Confesses its sins

    >Quotes thread. /tg/ edition
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)15:05 No.17403101
         File1325534702.jpg-(19 KB, 512x288, david's face when.jpg)
    19 KB
    >mfw I'm waiting to see if a thread I was involved in gets posted
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)15:07 No.17403135
    If you remember any good ones, please go ahead and post them. And tell us why it was a good thread, so we all can see if it's relevant to our interests and enjoy it.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)15:22 No.17403281

    Faceless Queen.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)15:28 No.17403349
    >ctrl+f "storytiem"

    the conclusion of "tyrone the monk" happened this year, and you guys have already forgotten?


    same dude also told other epic stories coupla months ago, but I don't know where they are.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)15:29 No.17403356
    Post your favourites! I'm only posting the threads that stand out and/or are interesting and/or are funny. And even then I can only do this by culling 99% of the threads on suptg. So if you see something that isn't up yet mention it! (and keep in mind I'm only up to June) Or even better, find it on suptg and drop a link to share the love.

    >Bro Anon is kicking ass and taking names. Then his party gets combined with some faggot sues. Asks /tg/ for advice on how to get revenge.

    >How do you handle transformations in your games? A surprisingly fetish free discussion.

    >Wall World Homebrew. Part Deux

    >Player suicide thread? Player suicide thread.

    >NORSCA QUEST! In the name of Tzeench I shall conquer this land! Uses a unique 2d12 rolling system. Many shenanigans ensue due to high and low rolls. (dunno what happened to OP though)

    And that's it for June 2011. I will see you guys later. Vote up the archive! I will continue with Memory Lane if this thread is still up when I get back. If not expect a new thread soon.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)15:33 No.17403385
         File1325536423.jpg-(648 KB, 2560x1600, 1317670558376.jpg)
    648 KB
    Captcha, bag of dicks etc.

    Have a high-res kitty.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)15:36 No.17403406
         File1325536609.jpg-(234 KB, 792x792, hailandkill2.jpg)
    234 KB
    This was good fun. Perhaps there will be more of it in the new year.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:01 No.17403600
    imo harlem quest was easily the best quest of 2011

    everything came together perfectly from the awesome storytelling to the great bunch of regulars who came up with strong ideas to propel the story forward.

    and then there's that motherfucking twist with Troy and the Chinese at the end, jesus fucking christ that blew my mind.

    i just can't praise everyone who i played that with enough, i had so much fun.

    R.I.P. DUKE
    >> Buzzclaw !!GuBRMOHpyR4 01/02/12(Mon)16:03 No.17403625
    Well, I've gotta say that I hope MummyQuest and my Goosebumps threads are fondly remembered.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:30 No.17403875
         File1325539841.jpg-(3 KB, 126x122, yay.jpg)
    3 KB
    My Quest Thread was mentioned
    >My lifestyle is justified!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:38 No.17403947
    my quest thread was mention 9 times ^_^

    suck on them apples you small fry motherfucker
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:39 No.17403964
    AK-47 Republic getting scanned. Both versions. In the same thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:41 No.17403994
         File1325540498.jpg-(54 KB, 438x516, 1288045718250.jpg)
    54 KB
    Fucking, buzzkill.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:44 No.17404024
    i'm just kidding man. i've never run a quest in my life.

    well done you!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:48 No.17404057
    Are you trying to make me cry?!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:50 No.17404077
    not at all man! everyone should have their own little hobby to make them feel good about themselves.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:51 No.17404097
         File1325541088.jpg-(429 KB, 707x1234, 1286101319445.jpg)
    429 KB
    You ARE trying to make me cry!
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)16:53 No.17404113
         File1325541185.jpg-(24 KB, 210x187, 1295843442747.jpg)
    24 KB
    What the hell is going on?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:53 No.17404122


    >> Cú Chulainn 01/02/12(Mon)16:56 No.17404152
    The Legend of Zelda d6 threads were pretty good. Sadly, they never reached completion...
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:56 No.17404157
    You... you have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:58 No.17404178
         File1325541498.jpg-(34 KB, 500x374, bicycle made out of dreams.jpg)
    34 KB
    ...forgive me?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:58 No.17404181
    Man, they were terrible. They were good as a demonstrative point in how not to design a game.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)16:59 No.17404189
    Bromance, I think.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)17:01 No.17404221
    Isn't bromancy heretical?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)17:02 No.17404225
         File1325541725.gif-(450 KB, 430x239, squee.gif)
    450 KB
    Of course, my love.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)17:30 No.17404462
         File1325543430.png-(20 KB, 209x296, Marinesprites Jan1.png)
    20 KB
    Bit biased as one of the team, but Chapter Master.

    Sorry we didn't make the New Year's deadline, guys. For a minute it looked like we actually might, with the brief influx of people on their winter breaks (and of course the increase in our productivity for the same reason). It's good to know that that many people have Chapter Master on their to-do lists, even if they normally can't find the time.

    Also, shit, Emperor's Nightmare only started this year? Man, I ran an entire Deathwatch campaign with one of those and that ended months and months ago. Time flies.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)17:33 No.17404489

    >inb4 the above >> goes yellow
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)17:57 No.17404765
    Heresy is heresy, so Purge the heretics.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:09 No.17404897

    When will the first full version be released? I tried it in the earliest stages (You could open the program and press buttons, but nothing would happen.)
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:14 No.17404954
    Sorry to be one of Those Projects, but the answer really is "when it's done".
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:17 No.17404979
    Well, actually, "when it's done enough for the first release".
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:20 No.17405008

    How long will that take?
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)18:24 No.17405069
    >239 posts 78 images
    What was the bump limit again? I'm a little torn between resuming Memory Lane (which would push us over the limit) or leaving this up for people to see.
    >> The Outlander 01/02/12(Mon)18:27 No.17405107
    I think it is 300.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:27 No.17405116
    A little while ago a thread that started as a troll post that 'all actions should be rolled for' turned into a hilarious mini-quest involving a cop multiple people failing to keep breathing at critical points, and flawless strings of driving rolls ruined by a single failed roll to park. No idea if it was saved, but gods damn was it funny.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:29 No.17405137
    Craftworld Skan'Iya

    I really need to put that up on 1d4chan.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)18:30 No.17405139

    Create a new thread. Wouldn't hurt anyone.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)19:02 No.17405570
         File1325548933.jpg-(118 KB, 800x600, 1306476185687.jpg)
    118 KB
    Alright then, onward to July 2011! We can always make a new thread.

    >Anon asks for killer plant stats for use in Dark Heresy. Gets exactly what he asked for.

    >OP's story of a prescient, teleporting BBEG triggers off a storm of rage. Much trolling and discussion follows.

    >Stone Eaters of the Deep. A giant lobster society.

    >Disco, Metal, Hippies, and The Man. A retro America fantasy homebrew.

    >/tg/ brainstorms some crazy devil fruits for a One Piece campaign.

    >The story of one PCs attempt to form a rebellion amongst the primates against their furry oppressors.
    >Thread 1: O shit furries! WAT DO?!
    >Thread 2: The adventures of Guts and Monkeybro.
    >Thread 3: The heroic sacrifice of Monkeybro. /tg/ swears vengeance and OP joins up with a Gorilla from Monkebro's clan.
    >Thread 4: Avenging Monkeybro, one dragon at a time. For the good of humanity OP sets his sights on Squirrelgirl...
    >Thread 5: OP stops by to update us. War is declared! The enemy is thrown into disarray by acts of Gorilla warfare. They shall be purged by the might of opposable thumbs.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:09 No.17405683
    >OP's story of a prescient, teleporting BBEG triggers off a storm of rage. Much trolling and discussion follows.
    >Anon talking about him being an invincible foe.
    Nonsense, you kill him with something he won't be able to avoid with his ten-second prescience. Like carbon monoxide, smallpox, or alcohol poisoning. Or that room in the dungeon with the comically slow crush-trap.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)19:16 No.17405793
         File1325549781.jpg-(624 KB, 990x629, 1309157195573.jpg)
    624 KB
    >Awesome roleplaying one-liners. IC and OOC
    >Enemy wizard misses every one of his attacks, I say that they're punching holes in the walls behind the party
    >"Are you trying to write my name?"

    >Hive Fleet Aquila, a fun what-if

    >First came Car Lesbians, then came Bikini Mercs

    >Space arcology discussion

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:33 No.17406026
    Need Moar Best Threads!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:36 No.17406065

    Teach me your ways, master
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:37 No.17406072
    best of the year for me has GOT to be Dungeons the Dragoning

    Best April Fools EVER.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:38 No.17406086
    Forgot link
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)19:38 No.17406092
         File1325551112.jpg-(702 KB, 3032x1986, 1323664041953.jpg)
    702 KB
    >4th of July DnD alphabet rhymin. A is for Ankheg...

    >The legend of PIGDOG. THAT GUY extrordinaire! Complete with amazing IRC logs.

    >Epic storytime with Peg-Leg Dave!

    >The beginning of Vedibere's VOID QUEST.

    >A DM creates an anti-dungeon to fuck with his jaded players
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:44 No.17406186
    We have achieved much, /TG/.

    Let 2012 achieve even more
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:51 No.17406290
    Need Moar!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)19:54 No.17406338

    The most valuable thing I've learnt here over the years is that /tg/ get's shit done.

    The best board I have ever visited. Thank you.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)20:00 No.17406419
         File1325552442.gif-(1.9 MB, 320x204, 1317589678907.gif)
    1.9 MB
    >Dungeons the Dragoning
    >Reply #14444444 : My God, its beautiful.
    >Even the Emperor only ever managed quads!

    >OP Homebrews a setting where the Romans have conquered America. Players are European explorers looking for tea.

    >Mantis Shrimp Quest. I think this is where I got that pistol shrimp picture I posted above!

    >Dear God WHY

    >Peg-Leg Dave's Worst DM Storytime
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)20:04 No.17406456

    Wow, I lurked all those threads.

    I need a life.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)20:43 No.17406847
         File1325555007.jpg-(86 KB, 700x1000, 1310711400713.jpg)
    86 KB
    >/tg/ rolls up a FATAL character
    >libera tutemae ex infernus!
    >Prepare for SAN loss, all ye who enter here!

    >Recurring characters/NPCs in your campaigns.

    >Restaurants of the Gods
    >Pelor's Sunny-Side Eggs!

    >GM gets /tg/ to roll up a character. Thron Arsekicker is born.
    >Epic shenanigans ensue.

    >/tg/ talks Sword and Sorcery movies.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)20:55 No.17406996
    That furry war story... there has to be more. There's no way it ended there.

    I must know how it ended!
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)21:20 No.17407278
         File1325557241.jpg-(1.05 MB, 1920x1200, 1317283942899.jpg)
    1.05 MB
    >The story of R4-S7, a badass astromech droid.

    >Void Quest complete archive

    >Sexuality in campaigns mixed with THAT GM... with a twist.


    >A DMs heroic effort to continue a campaign in the face of one of the worst THAT GUYS /tg/ has ever seen.

    >A players DM keeps forcing sexuality into the campaign. Eventually he realizes that she has the hots for him. Shenanigans ensue

    >Zarus, the Burning Hate.
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)21:34 No.17407419
         File1325558060.jpg-(205 KB, 1487x2285, sister hospitaller.jpg)
    205 KB
    I couldn't find any further threads on suptg so I went digging around on foolz.

    Well the good news is the primates won by default. The sad news is that the furfag players turned out to be dramaqueen fuckwads (big surprise) that refused to do things like actually go out and quest. Instead they just sat around taverns circle jerking and the DM was tired of putting up with their shit. So they weren't around long enough to receive their whupping in person.

    But still, a furry plot foiled. I would call that a victory any day.

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)21:46 No.17407573

    Thank you for all your links, you made this night (it's night here) very much enjoyable.

    How can I repay you?
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)21:47 No.17407576
         File1325558838.jpg-(72 KB, 447x636, 1315996061659.jpg)
    72 KB
    Whups, I doubled up on that DM story. In retrospect I may have accidentally opened that tab twice...

    >/tg/ Music Thread

    >Female player horror stories. Of, and By.

    >TV/Movies/Vidya as RPG sessions.

    >Anon wonders what Sororitas wear when they don't need armour. Art and discussion ensues.

    >Bardic jokes and puns!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)21:53 No.17407632
    >TV/Movies/Vidya as RPG sessions.
    Did the first one ever get archived? I love those threads and just wanted to know how they started.
    >> Tristan !!BgSAPhGzI9z 01/02/12(Mon)21:57 No.17407666
    Cat Emperor thread gets my vote
    >> Starshadow 01/02/12(Mon)21:57 No.17407668
         File1325559459.jpg-(240 KB, 1280x1024, 1309359561254.jpg)
    240 KB
    Maybe one day sleep will become a transferable currency. Until then an internet brofist will suffice. You can also go to suptg and upvote the archived thread!.

    I have some stuff to do but Memory Lane 2011 should return soon. I hope to get July done by tonight. But being the height of summer, I suspect July has more threads in it than some other months combined. Even after all I've posted I have yet to scroll the list down past the halfway mark.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:01 No.17407692

    I have brofisted the screen now, and I will upvote the thread. Thanks again my fine sir.

    I would also gladly give you 24 of sleep if I could.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:04 No.17407715
         File1325559884.png-(234 KB, 500x375, 1324662537590.png)
    234 KB
    With all the stupid elder scrolls threads on /tg/ its slowly becoming mini /v/. soon comes that feel threads and dubs.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:15 No.17407790
    Found Assholia, the happiest place in all the realms:

    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:18 No.17407811
         File1325560710.jpg-(41 KB, 437x400, 1323127493760.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:26 No.17407863
         File1325561177.jpg-(180 KB, 1218x681, 1325336882445.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)22:44 No.17408038
         File1325562273.jpg-(105 KB, 1200x1200, planetquest-thumbprtrait.jpg)
    105 KB
    Deathworld quest
    >> Anonymous 01/02/12(Mon)23:39 No.17408512
         File1325565582.jpg-(67 KB, 800x668, magma-the_bukkakening.jpg)
    67 KB
    Better link
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)00:13 No.17408811
    >Punk girl story

    So you basically lived through a prequel for Stranger Than Fiction.

    Needless to say, this one has my vote.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)00:25 No.17408909
         File1325568337.gif-(952 KB, 350x216, 1317729905142.gif)
    952 KB
    I can dig up Bible Quest if you really want me to. But its a bigger mindfuck than Abaddon Quest at times. And since its no longer listed on suptg I'm wondering if it was removed for a reason.

    >Disciples of Decorum. The gentleman monk.

    >Massive Dark Heresy loot list for DM's.
    >Players sell an entire maiden world into slavery? Reward them with Dorn's golden dildo!

    >Where in the galaxy is Carmen Sandiego?

    >Seemingly useless items

    >Bank manager with a shotgun
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)00:44 No.17409064
    >Walter Elias Disney = WE ALL DESIRE SANITY

    Oh that crazy lich
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)00:57 No.17409178
    Norsca Quest! I highly enjoyed it, and thought it was great fun. Darn shame it all ended without warning. All that wasted potential.
    >> Guybrarian 01/03/12(Tue)01:00 No.17409202

    >Tv/Movies as RPGs.

    Shit, I forgot that that got archived. Niiiice.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)01:35 No.17409481
         File1325572538.jpg-(74 KB, 640x360, 1296803681077.jpg)
    74 KB
    OP actually tried restarting it earlier. You can go bump the thread if you want, its currently on page 8.

    I hope he sticks with it, because that quest was a lot of fun. The biggest hurdle now is getting new people interested who are willing to catch up on the archives. There are probably a lot of old players out there but the chances of them being online at the right time are a little slim.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)01:37 No.17409496
         File1325572660.jpg-(242 KB, 1280x1024, 1305797610594.jpg)
    242 KB
    Also, to hell with everything. I'm digging up Bible Quest. Now far warning. This quest is MADNESS. If you are at all sensitive about your religion. You will either find this to be the greatest of heresies or so funny it makes you fall off your chair. YMMV.

    >You, Adam, awaken in the newly formed garden of Eden. After naming the animals around you, God appears before you and asks which of these animals you wish to take as a mate.

    >Things have derailed a bit from the Bible so far. Satan is the offspring of Slaanesh and a snake who was fed magnets by Adam.

    >We've just finished the book of Exodus, things are just like in the Bible with a few small changes. Moses has a mate/epic mount that is Dino Cthulu. Moses also can't pee anymore.

    >When we last left off, Darksparkle was leading the Raptor Jews into battle with their sabretooth kittens against the giants occupying the promised land.

    >The king of the Raptor-Jews, Saul, led his troops into battle against the philistines. Before the battle the philistines suggested that both sides send out their strongest fighter to decide the battle. They have sent out Goliath, a massive half-stegosaurus warrior.

    >When we last left off, David had gathered 100 foreskins to give to king Saul in exchange for his daughters hand in marriage.

    And after that it kind of petered out. Probably due to excess SAN loss.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)01:50 No.17409568
         File1325573427.jpg-(115 KB, 1166x443, empthrone.jpg)
    115 KB
    I thought this one was worth a chuckle.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)01:53 No.17409590
         File1325573637.jpg-(39 KB, 480x600, 1306297204335.jpg)
    39 KB
    >A Wizard's party kicks him out under suspicion of practicing necromancy. They lock him in a dungeon to rot, which conveniently happens to be the tomb of a great necromancer. A BBEG is made.

    >No Humans, YOU are the Engineers

    >Art Deco Marines, perhaps the strangest of the chapters we came up with.

    >Surreal Dark Fantasy Homebrew
    >No one knows how and where one ends up in this realm, and nobody knows how to leave. The players wake up in this realm, and have little memory of their former lives beforehand. It is a place filled with strange beauty and horrific sights. Suicide or death is no escape, as those who have died here come back in far more disturbing forms than usual. The ultimate goal of the players is to either escape the realm or gain the peace of a final, true death.

    >Space Station 13 Storytime!
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)02:03 No.17409671
    I personally loved the legend of zelda rpg that was made on here. Was it ever finished?
    >> RB 01/03/12(Tue)02:07 No.17409701
    I'm flattered that my Orky rendition of Hamlet is remembered! Thank you king anon! Since I am teaching Macbeth and Tempest next semester, you will likely see one or the other (or both) given 40k treatment soon-ish.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)03:02 No.17410098
         File1325577724.jpg-(141 KB, 703x912, 1309265913672.jpg)
    141 KB
    >Surreal Dark Fantasy Homebrew continues with two new threads. Setting is now named Czarnosc. (Polish for Blackness)

    >Mad Dok Advice Shack!

    >Fantasy Racial Equality in the Modern Era

    >A Knight's Quest

    >Things I am no longer allowed to do. /tg/ player edition.

    >THAT GUY (and GIRL) Storytime!
    >The tale of skunk girl the 'Olphactomancer'
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)03:24 No.17410266
         File1325579054.jpg-(102 KB, 561x720, 1322581342335.jpg)
    102 KB
    >Matward Quest! (apparently his name is a banned word now?)

    >The Diamond Dozen

    >Medieval Engineering
    >GM runs Leo Frankowski's Crosstime Engineer series as a campaign
    >Players go back in time to1230ad and must prepare Poland for a Mongol invasion.

    >40k Space Piracy

    >Anon asks /tg/ how to kill a Terrasque
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)03:33 No.17410343
         File1325579607.png-(12 KB, 1276x67, 2012-01-03_033204.png)
    12 KB
    I caught most of these, but between insomnia an a healthy dose of "it was fun reading these the first time"

    I present you, pic related.

    You guys rock. All of you.

    Well, most of you.
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)03:34 No.17410351
         File1325579662.jpg-(45 KB, 500x494, 1315887488941.jpg)
    45 KB

    >/tg/ Rolls up some Inquisitors for use in Dark Heresy.

    >Spaceship Names Thread, /tg/ style

    >Honey Badger Quest

    >Anon wonders what happens when Dwarves become vampires.
    >Thread suddenly overrun with bears.

    And that wraps up July 2011. Hope you have been enjoying Memory Lane 2011 so far. Don't forget to vote for the archive! The months of August and beyond will no doubt require a second thread, will continue when I get more time.

    Stay classy /tg/
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)03:50 No.17410483
    >THAT GUY (and GIRL) Storytime!
    >The tale of skunk girl the 'Olphactomancer'
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)03:52 No.17410493
    larry the lich

    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)05:45 No.17410983
    Commander Quest did well this year. I think it's the longest running quest in both time and number of threads. And there is still a ways to go
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)05:52 No.17411002
    Don't forget Assholetep the Insufferable.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)05:56 No.17411011
         File1325588188.png-(184 KB, 700x700, 1319875431508.png)
    184 KB
    >mfw someone else remembers that.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)06:02 No.17411019
         File1325588520.jpg-(47 KB, 586x330, 586-red-letter-media.jpg)
    47 KB
    Whats wrong with your faaaaace.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)07:08 No.17411232
    I'm a bit late to the party, but way to go. Many long and happy years to the both of you.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)10:23 No.17412318
    this thread is 100% concentrated awesome sauce.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)13:01 No.17413181

    link for that?
    >> Anonymous 01/03/12(Tue)16:35 No.17414671
    This is Awesome

    Roll on August!
    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)18:07 No.17415612
         File1325632020.jpg-(145 KB, 750x700, 1308033479203.jpg)
    145 KB
    Are you guys talking about this? IIRC it was plagued by trolls and the archives on suptg kept getting voted down. Give me some time and I'll try to dig up the links.

    >> Starshadow 01/03/12(Tue)18:23 No.17415752
    Whups, were autosaging. This is gonna be post 300. But I found what I was looking for! :D

    >The tale of Geshtianna the Faceless Queen, Unbound Daemonhost.

    See you guys next thread!

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