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  • File : 1325716994.jpg-(102 KB, 600x442, warlock.jpg)
    102 KB MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)17:43 No.17425007  
    Supt/tg/ it’s time to rock this board
    With the old rap battles that I adored
    So fuck your that-guy tales and your 40Krap
    fuck your elf ear threads that you use to fap
    Cause, it’s time to get down and drop a beat
    And hopefully we’ll have a nice repeat
    of the best damn theads /tg/’s displayed
    and shake this fuckin board like a wet bridesmaid

    So if you’re feeling lucky get up on the stage
    cause this is a rap battle I’m about to wage
    my name is MC Warlock and I’m new to this game
    that I’m a master lyricist I cannot claim
    but if you wanna battle me your words cannot be tame
    cause, I’m goin’ to the /tg/ rapper hall of fame

    Grab the mic /tg/ where you at? Show me that somebody on this board still has swagger.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)17:50 No.17425102

    I'm new to this, faggot but it's plain to see
    that you don't mean rap but merely poetry
    You can take your time, no ass to shift
    and your tongue's just hangin' like a BR's gift
    If you're rapping then keys are not the tool
    Sad to say, we both now look the fool.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)17:52 No.17425121
    So /tg/ is gonna pussy out on my challenge, too bad. I was hoping you fa/tg/uys had some stones.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)17:55 No.17425150
    Watching this thread so hard
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)18:01 No.17425205
    Son I dont think you know who your talking shit to
    I’ll mess your ass up with my summon: baatezu
    I ain’t gonna take no guff from some no name fag
    Your bitch ass just wishes you had this demon swag
    So get ready cause I’ll drop dope rhymes on your face
    And put your anonymous ass back in it’s place
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)18:33 No.17425415
    So I guess it seems that /tg/ can’t handle me
    It’s not like that I’m surprised, you’d need an army
    of fools that rap as bad as you
    I’d probably be mad at you
    If I thought you could do better, so get out fast
    Before I wreck your shit with my Eldritch bast

    Nine hells represent, bitches.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:36 No.17425449

    You motherfucker!

    We challenge you to a rock off!

    Give us a chance to rock your socks off!
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:39 No.17425484

    Is that some Demon Code up in this motherfucker?
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)18:40 No.17425501
    Kick it son, I'll be waiting
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:43 No.17425540
    You think you're the shit with your eldritch blast?
    Your shoddy AC's leaving me aghast.
    And you can't hit what you can't even see.
    That knife in your back? Courtesy of me.

    Smack you down with another one hit kill,
    Not in it for blood, just here for the thrill.
    You'll need a heal, or an arcane shield,
    I'll backstab your ass, then make you yield.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:44 No.17425566

    Uh, yeah here it goes you better put your 3d glasses



    I play a badass guitar solo while this guy insults you to hell and back
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)18:56 No.17425711
    Think you can kill me? I'll blast you with hellfire
    and my demon's gonna laugh at your funeral pyre
    after I throw more d6 then you've ever seen
    so step it up son, I’m a killing machine,
    and you think YOUR ac is up to par?
    you’ll shit bricks and HiPs when you see my my DR

    Get the fuck out bitchass rogue, you aint stabbing shit
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:59 No.17425745
    now we've got you marked there'll be no escape
    prepare your anus, buddy, for some lyrical rape
    i've got combat advantage, >implying i'll miss, ill
    shoot down your rhymes with my magic missile
    cos it auto hits, son.

    Youre bloodied and beaten, no healings surge left
    Youre words had some bite but your rhymes had no heft.
    Face it, im Mario, and youre just poor Weegee
    i'll put you down now for the honour of /teegee/
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:04 No.17425799

    You think your demon's gonna do shit?
    I'd do more damage armed with just my wit.
    Even if a blast comes somewhere near me,
    I'm stacked high with DEX bonus to AC.

    You heard right, that's how to assassinate,
    Only one more way to put it - checkmate.
    Your efforts I have to congratulate,
    But this battle's won, let me demonstrate.

    Dagger in your neck - just the surprise round!
    Once you taste the poison you'll hit the ground.
    You heard me right, that's all your CON gone,
    So come on then bitch, bring it the fuck on.

    More sneak attack dice than you can handle, son,
    But rolls to hit? I'll need just one.
    So come on, save or you're dead,
    You'll need to do more to save some street cred.

    So come on, 'cause I've had heroics,
    But all I'm getting are your bad lyrics,
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:08 No.17425846
    so what son you think you can talk smack?
    i’d kill you with one range touch attack
    your flow is nonexistant so don’t even try
    but at least youre persistant, and I can see why
    you’ve got a tiny wizard dick to compensate for
    so Imma kick your skinny ass and wipe the floor
    with that tablecloth you call a magic robe,
    cause I’m the illest warlock on the fucking globe
    >> WHERE ALL MY YOZIS AT Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:13 No.17425896
    >Demon Code



    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:16 No.17425931
         File1325722589.jpg-(64 KB, 400x321, warriorpriest2.jpg)
    64 KB
    Hold on son, you better step down
    Or your face is gonna end up one with the ground
    I'm a paladin and i'm hear to say
    This rap battle's bout to go my way
    I gather my strength when it's time to pray
    There ain't no evil i can't slay
    Look at you now, lying on the floor
    Yet the people gather round, begging for more
    It's time to finish, i've got two words weevil
    Say your prayers, SMITE EVIL!
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:20 No.17425986
    You think you can gank something so transcendent?
    Now wait son, no offense to your skills I meant,
    But I don't think a mortal in a cloak, you see,
    Can leave more than a little scratch on me,
    Think poison can decrease my CON? I wish you well
    I spent all it pumping my hellfire warlock spell,
    You try to stab me, you’re bound to get burned
    and hopefully you’ll have a little lesson learned
    that when you mess with me you’ll die, thats the rule
    cause you’re just the parties lousy lockpicking tool
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:22 No.17426024
    Why is /tg/ so much fun?

    I don't even play traditional games what the hell?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:23 No.17426028

    Well shit, nigger, that's a fuckton better
    I was getting bored of these silly bitches' banter
    Now we can have a proper war for the heavens
    And earth, get some proper triple-sixes and sevens
    Maybe now I'll stick around have a proper sit
    Grab some popcorn, and take the time to watch this shit
    Have at it motherfuckers, True Neutral's where it's at
    The druid's in the house, and I just don't give a rat's ass
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:25 No.17426052

    Your rhymes are old bro, I say it's a no go
    You stole that "lesson learned" shit from Duane and Brando
    Now shut your bitch mouth and saddle up with the demon
    Before I bend your ass over and fill it up with my semen

    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:28 No.17426079

    you will never need the other boards.

    polite sage.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:30 No.17426102
    You better make your own rhymes before you post
    you stole some of that shit right from my own post
    I've got a rhythmic flow that you can't outclass
    So quiet down before I enslave your ass,
    Demon's aint scary once they're in my control
    And all I've got to make is one dice roll,
    before you're weak shit is at my beck and call,
    so dont make me smack a bitch you demon thrall
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:32 No.17426130
         File1325723537.jpg-(14 KB, 245x291, Ike_Fire_Emblem.jpg)
    14 KB
    I ain't a songsmith bro, That Guy's my name,
    And I'ma drop some beats 'afore I drop this Game,
    You say my Rhymes be bad, that my Roleplay fails?
    Bitch I'm the only reason your shit's still on the rails!
    So my character's strong, so my stats are stacked,
    You say the shit 'I remember being on my sheet' is wack?
    I show up every game, take a seat at the table,
    I roll the dice or draw the card or spin the motherfuckin' draydle,
    When I got started, when I got shit on track,
    I just wanted to help the party, get er'one's back,
    Just wanted to kill the monsters, keep my bros alive,
    And I bumped my Social so I could try the talky side,
    Man you say someone who can do it all, that's shit's a Mary Sue,
    But someone's gotta do it Nigga; if not me, then who?
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:32 No.17426140
    Shit I fucked that one up, replace post with boast if you would be so kind brothas
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:33 No.17426141

    you ended your rhymes with the same word twice
    call yourself a rapper? sorry pal, no dice
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:43 No.17426272
    And on that note I must take my leave,
    A delicious steak dinner I must receive
    But I'll be back don't you despair
    This MC will rejoin the rhythmic warfare

    Thanks for the responses elegen/tg/ents, I can only hope to learn the art of rap from you all
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)19:48 No.17426336
    Nobodies stopping you from posting man, I'm just gonna eat and be right back
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:48 No.17426337
         File1325724530.jpg-(197 KB, 480x600, a9185cbca733d6df07878d557d3e80(...).jpg)
    197 KB

    But Actions over Words son, I'm totally able,
    To tell all these bitches 'bout my actions at the table,
    I'm not all about stats, don't have to kill the fun,
    I do plenty of role-shit when the game's bein' run,
    I raise kids to be adventurers, I save towns from disease,
    And you best believe I pour out 40s for my favourite NPCs,
    But it's easy to miss all that when I'm gunnin' out to slay,
    'Cuz if you think I'm killa rhymin' you should see me with a blade,
    But just to do a check, so you know I ain't a foo',
    I'ma run up with my characters, I'ma show 'em all to you;
    We had that strong-ass zombie nigga, that shit was fuckin' sweet,
    Sure his stats were kinda funky but I wasted half the sheet,
    And there's that wolf-guy king, what loves all his furry niggas,
    I didn't tone down shit son, you just had to think bigga,
    And I've got my wee'boo mage, but y'all best cut me some slack,
    I gots to do it all 'cuz the whole campaign's on my back,
    -I know you see me be he who acts all sleaze and cheats egregiously while I keep seeming to not agree that I facetiously treat my Gs like peeps-
    But I do care homeboy, that's just how I be.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:51 No.17426358
         File1325724679.gif-(1.96 MB, 1280x3838, d&d rap battle.gif)
    1.96 MB

    There was only ever one good one, it's saved as an image.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)19:56 No.17426423
    RogueAnon here to ambush this thread
    When I'm done flashing daggers you'll be dead
    My skills leave all the liches filled with dread
    And the bitches love seeing me taking your bread

    You'd best jump back from my attack
    Or I'll leave you pinned down to a rack
    With all my skills I'm quite the jack
    I'll sneak attack: ballista into your back

    You think your magic's got something on me
    But you'd better think again cuz you'll be
    Missing with every spell that you let free
    While from your pockets I extract my fee
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:02 No.17426473
    Shit son rap thread out of no where, Imma get my witts together so I can start my flow that will go forever. In the meanwhile Imma bump this shit so it stays up for a little while. So don't forget ya meatbread and open ya skub, cause this rap battle is gonna be a gift from above.
    >> MC That Guy 01/04/12(Wed)20:07 No.17426517
         File1325725627.jpg-(66 KB, 285x666, 086595a9ef2af32b4566b2fcead052(...).jpg)
    66 KB

    But now I'm gonna stop tellin' y'all about my playin',
    'Cuz I don't wantcha thinkin' that my group is all hatin',
    Nigga when I GM these fuckin guys they make the whole game unstable,
    But I'd never choose another group I wanted more at the table,
    We gots my one bro be evil, who I'd never wanna slander,
    It's not a bad thing he's always plays Cobra Commander,
    He's a good foil for the party, some dichotomy shit,
    And it's at my right hand that nigga always sits,
    And we got my other bro, he's down for whatever,
    Even if he's not always very patient or clever,
    But he's always on time and that motherfucker cares,
    And homie if you got no dice he's always got spares.
    And the fuckin' gruesome twosome, they identical son.
    And they always browse /tg/ so they might read this one;
    You niggas is slow, procrastinating the game,
    But honestly without y'all it's not a campaign,
    One'a'ya'll might be hipster, the other might be lazy, but without the Gemini bros it just ain't as crazy.
    So that's my shout-out, hope my rhyme's ain't hitchin',
    'Cuz otherwise it's just me droppin' beats and bitchin'
    'Bout my group, son, hey, but I shouldn't be braggin',
    At least not so much, 'cuz I'm certainly a faggot,
    And I'm runnin' out of Rhymes, so I'll leave my last gem,
    If I gots to be That Guy, I'd glad to do it with them.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:12 No.17426572
    You're screwed when He shows up.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)20:15 No.17426599
         File1325726117.jpg-(28 KB, 197x300, MCblizzurd.jpg)
    28 KB
    Yo it's ya boy Blizzurd here and I'm gonna say
    Imma freeze yo ass so you cannot go away
    Go ahead step up get stuck the villagers will wonder
    you hear 'bout that hero, man where did he go
    He was such a blunder it's no supprise that
    someone stole his thunder, struck him down
    tore him asunder, so step back or I"ll put'cha underground.
    Then ya gone, went without a sound
    So be careful when you climb up my tower
    Yall niggas betta stay away from my power
    thats right step down hero
    my ice spells a hitcha at absolute zero.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)20:35 No.17426804
    I have returned from a great feast friends, let the festivities continue

    Your a hard man to battle, rogue, that’s for sure
    but you bet your bitch ass that I can endure
    my horde of daemons raining down on you son
    from every side, you aint got a place to run,
    you cant hide, from this mastery
    lord of flame catastrophe,
    me, your main man Warlock MC
    so roll your hide check, its the best you can muster
    Exuse me while I pull out my rogue duster
    Hellrime blast, complete with DEX reduction
    To seal the deal and ensure your destruction
    You’re plainly just jelly of my demon posse
    and all the cute succubi who sucky suck me
    so get on my level son, you ain’t got shit
    thinkin you can beat me you sneaky half-wit
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)20:44 No.17426936
    If you can't take the heat then get out the kitchen
    cause all I be hearing is you shiverin and bitchin
    You best watch out when I shoot my fireball
    Down on on your frosty ass, and you'll take a fall
    Not that you had any farther down to tumble
    Your icy shit melts and cracks when we rumble
    I'd feel bad for you if I could feel emotion
    Instead I'll melt all your spells into an ocean
    mixed with your tears, both of fear and joy
    when you see me bust my demon powers on you boy.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)20:54 No.17427038
    Yo, I can see you got your demon pack
    So let me just take a step back
    I hope that you and your crew are tough and hearty
    'Cause I'm about to introduce my adventuring party

    We got a fighter, strong and true
    with a magic blade that's coming at you
    His strength and skill and great tenacity
    leaves the battlefield in awe and serenity

    Next we have a sorceror daring
    He'll fight you head on, what a pairing
    His arcane mastery in his bones
    Will leave you down in agony's groans

    After is the cleric of Pelor's Light
    His holy magic brings demons blight
    His resolve is stronger than your will
    Which is just fine, your armies he'll kill

    Last but not least we have the bard
    His rhymes are better, his words are hard
    With volume loud and sound he's mastered
    He'll help us take you down, you bastard.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)20:59 No.17427085
    Whats this now you tryin to call me out?
    YOU?! That tiny insignificant lout?
    I'll give you and your daemon bitches stitches,
    I can see it now I'll come bustin down
    make you frown, look like a clown
    then it's time to go down, you can't burn me down
    I'll just go to town, flip your world all around.
    You'll be sittin there defeated and colder
    wonderin how I could not be smoldered
    I'll just brush ya off, give ya the cold shoulder.
    So now you know who spits bolder.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:04 No.17427127
    Come on /tg/ is it just us three
    all these lyrics for no one to see
    you know what they say,
    threes company, fours a crowd
    If more of you step up I'll say it loud
    I'm here to today just to blow yall away
    But if not that's okay, don't come and play
    Me rouge and warlock will duke it out
    but if you get smacked down you betta not pout.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:07 No.17427161
    They say that enemy of my enemy is a friend
    Fuck that I'm not gonna pretend you can't contend
    So step the fuck up or or I'll freeze ya right there
    It's one little spell, not like I would care
    I would keep your statue outside my lair
    Just to let them punk bitches know they should be scared.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)21:13 No.17427229
    It'll be a cold day in the Nine Hells
    I'll fight you until you just hear bells
    You think you got the force of cold
    but I got a feeling your just growin' old

    You and Warlock both act quite conceited
    like all those guys who could swear that I cheated
    There's no element you guys can use
    My enchanted cloak just won't refuse.

    In a fight with you, I hope you've thrown
    Otherwise you'll be left dead, cold as stone.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:28 No.17427365
    You sure talk big for such a little kid
    I'll keep it down and tuck you into yo crib,
    so hush little baby cause you will sleep in a crypt
    you call me an old man but I'm far from it
    take a look for yo self, here come up to my summit
    by that I mean step up, cause you too small
    got a zero percent chance to scale my wall
    Since yo lock pick skill is lackin, gates open.
    Come on in, just know you gonna die, no hope.
    So get on this stool let me help with the rope.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)21:29 No.17427381
    Sorry for the delay, had some shit to work out

    Your party dont scare me, I ain’t giving no ground
    I do more in a free action than you do in a full round.
    I see why you so whiny, you aint got a bitch
    You like a party full of dudes, I guess they’re your hitch
    You talk so fondly of your party bros
    Cause you never had the chance to get any hoes
    I’ll lay you out and send you back to your flock,
    so you can hop back on your cleric’s cock
    Or maybe your sorcerer with his “magic bones”
    He can try and fight me when he grows some stones
    I roll so many dice I make your fighter fluster,
    and that’s a fraction of the power that I can muster
    I see why you need a bard, your rhymes aint worth jack
    He’ll try to carry you party, but have to carry him back
    lifeless, back to that shack you call home base
    shit nigga, my pad’s outside time and space,
    in a different realm, like our skill levels
    I’m so powerful you should just sit there and revel
    at the vast demonic power the I possess
    Please come back when you’ve made some skill progress

    Word, RogueAnon, youre up
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)21:30 No.17427391
    Oh god yes a rap thread.

    F5ing away
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:34 No.17427427
    Dear /tg/ if you out there let me know
    MC Blizzurd here bringin the snow
    got the others leavin with nothin to show
    If any a you watchin gimme a "yo"
    I'll keep typin, clackin away with my flow.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)21:34 No.17427439
    A supernatural foe you are
    But you can't even walk into a bar
    Your disfigured body scares off the hoes
    Right into my arms and into the throes

    You sit around with all your minion horde
    slinging spells, like you could walk into Mord'
    But you ain't so tough as you try to rhyme
    You may as well be wastin' my time
    Tellin' all these things like you think you can Bluff
    But I'm lookin' at you, and you ain't so tough.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)21:38 No.17427472
    You sit and plot on youir mountaintop
    but everything you do is a flop
    You think you can just get up in my grill?
    I'll knock you back and give you time to chill.

    Your frozen touch drives off the girls
    into my arms, so my daggers I'll whirl
    around into your frostbitten skull
    Stuck with brainfreeze, your rhymes are dull.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)21:47 No.17427547

    Now what’s this here a cranky frost mage?
    I guess you haven’t had the time to gauge
    just who the fuck your ass be dealing with
    a crazy demon lord whos a dope wordsmith
    I’m startin to get sick of your shit, Frostbite
    Before I get angry you best take flight,
    back to your igloo, you flash frozen fool
    before I melt your ass into a swimming pool
    Now you’re telling me you’ll give the cold shoulder
    Why don’t you come back when you get a bit older
    I been schooling noobs like you since I was 900 years old
    And I kinda have to say that you just been told.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:48 No.17427561
    Yo dawg haven't ya heard?
    I go big an you go get owned
    If what I do is a flop then you is boned
    Quick step back outta my cone
    Too slow? You cold? Just go home
    Can't make ya own so you gotta a be a thief
    step on the wrong toes ya mom'll feel grief
    walkin to his grave with a brand new reef
    Ya stone will be written by the victor, thats me
    "Here lies the dick ass thief
    better know as the dick in ass thief,
    as in he's the one who's boned
    now all that's left is this insignificant stone"
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)21:48 No.17427567
    A lotta whackness in this thread
    Makes me despair of the game
    It's clear that neither one of ya can put me to shame
    And since that I'm a noble man, with clout on the mic
    I call the Purple Knights of Cormyr to remove you from the fight

    You fellas talking 'bout your skills checks and infernal delights
    But you better clear the stage while I drop it tight
    When I be on the prowl there ain't no room to spare
    Just as well you drop your phoney rhymes
    And give in to despair

    Be you chaotic like a demon
    Neutral like a yogoloth
    Strictly lawful like the denizens of Asmodeus' hall
    Doesn't matter at all 'cause I'll smite you with my might
    They call my Playah Killah Swagga or the Purple Dragon Knight
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)21:58 No.17427654
    Told? how bold I thought I was the man of cold
    I hate to break it to ya but ya flows froze, it's old
    I go to town an ask about ya
    whats that nobody knows?
    How sad, you been around since the rivers flow
    You should a been a studyin, takin a lesson ya know
    you're artifact, thats a fact, another you cannot rap
    Your rhymes are not from this time
    So catch up gramps mine's is sublime
    So I'll take ya both a clash for all ages
    By the way you should bring some more mages.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:01 No.17427681
    You think I'm slow, so easy to hit
    but you won't even stand yourself to admit
    That you're just played out, an aged snow miser
    If you just gave up you'd be quite wiser
    All your rhymes about the cold
    are just starting to get real old
    Against my attack, you can't be ready
    You're so lame that you got raped by a yeti.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:05 No.17427704
    Who's this punk, right in he swaggers
    About to feel the wrath of magic and daggers
    His rhyme scheme is bad, jumpin' on the band wagon
    Acts tough but the ladies laugh at his "purple dragon"
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)22:05 No.17427713
    I ain’t even weary of your cone of “gold”
    It’s a wonder to me why you’re even so bold
    as to try and diss on the superior rapper
    I take nobodies like you and flush em down the crapper
    Such is your fate, you lousy rhyme turd
    the loser wizard MC Blizzurd
    You ball on Flyte Rogue when you get rolled
    That nigga packs more heat than you pack cold
    My rhymes outclass your trash a thousand-fold
    And once again your ass has just been told
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:06 No.17427719
    A knight? You sure I know a million better than you
    So come to school I got a lesson for you the others too
    If you come in here you better beware, make ya sanity check.
    Oh nat 1, you scared? Should be you're snared
    Trapped, I may be an ice wizard but you gotta know
    I'm not only fascinated with the cold and snow
    It's all about lettin you newbies know the show
    I'mma lay it down heres how it goes
    I'm the main character you's the dunce
    I got all the bitches you aint got the brady bunch
    So step back, take a knee I'm ya king
    here to let ya know that the fat lady sings.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:12 No.17427768
    Alright so here it is an imma skip the ice
    change my style, this wont be nice
    why should I bother with spells when your whit is trapped in a shell
    no where to be found, it shows cause ya flow aint well
    An don't try that sneaky shit with me cause I am wise
    Come at me from behind and I'll snatch ya eyes
    If you don't back off I will be your demise.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:18 No.17427842
    This definitely ain't about naughty and nice
    Christmas is over, let me give you advice
    Your ways are played out, I'm what's bad these days
    I'll beat and and shiv you a hundred ways
    You think you got what it takes, gimme a break
    The pieces will be too smale to use a rake
    Your cave-blind eyes won't see me right
    As you die, you'll feel my dagger's bite
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)22:19 No.17427847
    Yo like my nigga Flyte Rogue just said,
    youre compensating for your lack of action in bed
    with with your shiny armored bros showing off to your hoes
    but all chicks dig bad boys is what true players know
    I got bitches lining up from across the worlds
    to let me sign my name on their juicy pearls
    So I’ve come to tell you if you’re here for a fight
    I ain’t never been scared of no white knight
    So you best get back to your golden tower
    Before I have to bust out my demon POWAH
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:20 No.17427850
    Okay I can see you can rhyme with cold
    I'm here to say that shits is now gone behind us
    I'll spit my shit in a hush listen up this'l make ya blush.
    You gotta get daemon bitches cause the real ones say no
    They run cryin from ya rottin dick you say "babe don't go"
    Well If you keep tryin, persevering, burnin, fryin
    just know that when it's between me an you my ass is never dyin
    I think I'll take up necromancy between these ass kickin sessions
    Become a lich kill you in every dimension
    But for just right now, go in the corner your in detention.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:26 No.17427886
    Okay one more I'll take you to sit back I got work to do
    I got no time for that crime you call a rap
    I've been here for a while hearin this crap
    I got burned more from that bitch ass warlock
    You should challenge the rouge I think you take more cock
    I gotta take on four but it's fine my magic works wonders
    Got such a large cold front that I gotta bring the thunder.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:32 No.17427927
    Your old eyes must be worse than you thought
    That was me again, in the shadows time bought
    To get behind you to harm your bod
    I stole this from Warlock, it's a flame rod.

    You think that you're here to bring the thunder?
    There's nothing you can do but stumble and blunder.
    There's no chance for you to even make me pout
    because with this firey explosion, you're down and out.
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)22:33 No.17427934
    It's amazing to me that a rogue unknown
    Would try to steal the spotlight with inferior tones
    And by now I think we all know you can't handle the heat
    As a thief you lack the competence to counter my beat

    Lotta tough words, but I ain't impressed
    There ain't a shred of substance to be had in your threats
    Don't know why I bother to try to educate you fools
    Or why I tell my troops to prepare for your spell of cool
    Your castle built from cold air won't stand up anyhow
    Since the fleetest breeze of freshness oughta melt your ego down
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)22:36 No.17427975
    This noisy young shit up again? Thought I said
    to get your frosty butt back into bed
    Cause I’m getting kinda tired of you’re whole “cold” spiel
    It’s think it’s high time I start to get real
    On your pussy wizard skills you think are all that
    I’ll have my demon servant go and crush you flat
    Cause you’re rapping up on my own doormat
    And you make me fall asleep with your lame chitchat
    So why not go back home to your igloo
    Before I turn you into warm ice wizard fondue
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:43 No.17428036
    Bod haha you got to be kidding me okay lets go

    If you think fire can stop me than you haven't been lookin
    don't think about what the rock says bitch jack shits cookin
    I got a wall of ice so cold it can stop lava
    I may be an ice mage but my flow is straight magma
    Thats it, outta charges? Reach around to ya bag
    I'm sure you got more rods ya fag.
    So please stop this it's just sad now
    you sweatin like a pig, i got a dry brow.
    >> Tavern Hustler 01/04/12(Wed)22:46 No.17428068
         File1325735177.jpg-(40 KB, 229x286, the_hustler.jpg)
    40 KB
    Now listen up y'all cuz your rhymes are weak
    Raspin' and coughin' you can barely speak -
    Now I'm about to drop something reeeeal nice.
    Rolling natural 20s on ten-sided dice!

    Now the lyrical gift is in slow decline,
    Suckas taken in with this bad design -
    The rules are clear, they couldn't be clearer,
    You'll be watching this carnage from the rear view mirror.

    Now may name is the Hustler, I can down some pints.
    The wenches know my name, and I'm good at science -
    Creating rap theories in my lab for fun -
    But in my free time I explore dungeons,
    I'm always up front, and I grab mad loot
    Checking for traps, and picking locks to boot.
    I've got more gold than a miserly dwarf,
    Keep it locked in a chest near the fisherman's wharf.
    But steal from me, even take my cabbage,
    I'll stab you in the back with sneak attack damage.
    So listen all you punk MCs and adventurers.
    Tavern Hustler's here, no matter what your intentions were.
    So let's draw our sword for this verbal rap battle.
    My coin purse on the line, I ain't no tattle.
    Beat me fair and square, and the bragging rights are yours.
    All the ale you can drink and a couple of cheap whores,
    But come at me weak with your hit points low,
    I'll lay you out cold, and that's fo' sho. A'ight?
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:48 No.17428081
    The world doesn't need to know who I am
    but you soak up attention like a big ham.
    The guards don't know me, I'm much too fast
    but the ladies all love me, 'cause in bed, I last

    You think that your fancy order saves you
    But I'll turn those purple jerks faces blue
    But after you're gone, no one else will mourn
    Other than those fags, no one cares you were born.
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:49 No.17428087
    And here's what we call the tag, PK
    No one gives a fuck what you say.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:50 No.17428098
    Ok old foe you first plus I like to start with the worst
    I'll take you and your servant down with one burst
    When it comes to power I have an unquenchable thirst
    After I school you just bask in my mirth smirkin at your worth.
    Shred? That's a sharp word for a blunt shit like you
    Honestly I forgot what you can even do
    You can't put the slightest dent in my armor
    If you got a wife please giver her your sword and arm her
    Just ta let ya know shes got a better chance
    So just watch her enjoy the ice devils dance.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)22:52 No.17428123
    Boy I can school you all day and school you all night
    It might even be fun if you put up a fight
    But I’m too damn good, I ball to hard
    To even be phased by this retard
    I been killing and raping for 3,000 years
    Taking sex with your mom to new frontiers
    So go and take a hike and watch the big boys game
    Before I tell you bout your mommas old nick name
    Bottom bitch she is, didn’t have the heart to tell you
    That I’m your daddy son and it’s past your curfew
    So back to bed bwah I won’t tell you again
    That you can’t be up after half past ten

    Word, you show up late and you get the hate. Show em how it's done Flyte, we school these kids all night
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)22:53 No.17428135
    What's this we got here, another rogue
    Acting like he's the one who's vogue
    You think you're really such hot shit?
    Let's see you do MY quests and live to tell about it.
    Eldrtich abominations on the run
    They'd make you shut up, quiet as a nun
    Even the biggest bad stopped attacking the isthmus
    And my party's the reason he only comes back for Tarrasquemas.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:55 No.17428156
    shit be archived yo
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)22:57 No.17428180
    So where you been all this while finally a rapper worth what i got
    Nah just kiddin don't go walkin round like youre a hot shot
    But yeah you bet I'll take ya bet but you gonna regret
    You wanna see what I got here, my towers in the pot.
    I'll tear you apart you may think you'll last, time will tell that you will not
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)22:58 No.17428186
    You talk like markin' bitches is some proud accomplishment
    More like it's the kind of thing a proud MC balks against
    As for my Purple Dragon, well, why don't you test my gun
    Bet my sword your fakeass bitches would all beg for a rerun

    So I'll let you know you ain't done nothin' but show
    Your monumental ignorance in ev'ry line you've broke
    Like the thin weak ice of MC BLizzurd's spiel
    You two deserve one another and to all it's clear
    You can't wait to have your cock up up in BLizzurd's rear
    >> DJ Whackacron 01/04/12(Wed)22:58 No.17428187
    DJ Whackacron activated
    The rhythm of your bars? Calculated
    Now if you'll take a seat and a minute to assess
    I'll enlighten you to forty millenia of lyrical finesse
    Arithmetic verses resonating from stave
    As my victims are struck by a psionic shockwave
    I'm an ever-living archivist, ready to acquire
    More artefacts to sit alongside my wraithbone choir
    And I'm still at it, putting Solemnance on the map
    My vocal static ringing out as I transmit
    Machinations to entrap
    Enough to satiate my Craftworld habit
    My essence transfers, ethereal like a ghost
    Occupation begins inside my surrogate host
    Transported ready for inspection
    Excellent! Another Piece for the Collection

    >honestly this was a bad one, shoulda gone with Orikan
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)23:04 No.17428236
    Tavern Hussela, I think you out of this race
    Me and Flyte been smacking you all over the place
    You can’t respond cause your mind is blankin
    Now get on out of here before I give you a spankin
    Or maybe I’ll have to bust out my trusy switch
    That I used to beat the hell out of your mom the bitch
    So run on home now you ain’t welcome son,
    My domination of /tg/ has just begun
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/04/12(Wed)23:05 No.17428241
    What's this we got here? An old piece of junk?
    There's no soul in this rapping, your attempt is bunk.
    Your psionics won't stop me putting you on ice
    I'm about to roll Nat 20- Disable Device
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)23:09 No.17428266
    >> The Clown 01/04/12(Wed)23:09 No.17428269
    Honk honk honk watching motherfuckers drop
    Cause the clown bards rock, dodgin all the cops
    Got my tumble skill high and my knives down low
    Cause I'm here to bring some chaos into this show.

    Got more ranks in persuade than other rappers got tats
    And my homies agree I don't need to dress all in black
    Cause this is one bard who relies on distraction
    My bros slip round back while you're watching my action
    My pratfalls and pranks get you ganked by the tank!
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:10 No.17428272
    You can't be usin my signature like that it aint nice
    all jokes aside I'll help teach this bot who is the king of ice.
    Time for you to just leave and die.
    Your robotic functions just make me cry.
    Your up in here with that crap, sorry rap,
    I'll put you out of commission in a mummys wrap
    you old so now its time to get cold an
    best turn to dust or you'll get scolded.
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)23:11 No.17428283
    Late for the game
    And with rhymes full of shame
    Ain't nothin' more to say
    Than that you failed to play
    The ball, you dribbled yourself away
    But it's cool, I understand, perfectly
    Why your shame you hide in your tavern wenches' sheaths
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:17 No.17428319
    They say it gets calm before the storm, so I'll make the first move.
    You best not think this is done cause I was just gettin in my grove.
    So everyone can be hatin' on my cold jokes
    Step away or I'll get everyone you know, ya old folks.
    So if ya done with the fun we had a nice run
    just know I'll be lurkin lookin for another battle before it's done.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)23:17 No.17428321
         File1325737052.jpg-(13 KB, 318x400, hustler_2.jpg)
    13 KB

    So my fellow MCs step up to the gauntlet,
    Not afraid to spit, and even to flaunt it.
    Well let me tell you that my blade has been honed, my tongue is like a razor, and you should just go home!

    Now prepare your bodies for the verbal onslaught,
    These rhymes are priceless, can't even be bought.
    Even with appraise skills, and your treacherous talk -
    You'll be eating creamed gruel whiel your sucking my cock.
    The anme's Tavern Hustler, I've travelled cross the land -
    Smokin' MCs from all the way to Catan -
    All the sages and mages know I'm sharp like a dagger,
    All the fancy little elves know I've got mad swagger.
    And if you cross me, in the middle of the night.
    I'll stab you in the eyes, and I'll take your sight,
    Take you down to the old cemetery,
    Bury you down in a coffin made of cherry -
    And then when you think that you've foudn eternal rest,
    I'll raise you up from the ground like a necromantic pest.
    And just when you think you'll claw MY eyes out -
    I'll smite the undead, with my clerical clout.
    Banished you'll be to the negative plane,
    While I keep smitin fools with my lyrics profane.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)23:21 No.17428348
    Oh shit
    Like my boy just said you a worthless hunk of metal
    I almost confused you for my demon tea kettle
    Whackaron? You more like Whackamole
    I’ll kick your shiny ass back through your own warp-hole
    So when you try and bust rhymes in my neighborhood
    You really best have one thing understood
    Me and Flyte run this board, that aint a question
    We own this shit, that aint no deception
    So why don’t run this in your calculator
    I’ll give you a trip in my incinerator
    If you dont bow down to the chain of command
    I’ll leave your ass a bit sun tanned.

    Come back, junk heap, lets see what you got
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)23:28 No.17428406

    Hey little wizzy you aint all that bad
    Why don’t you come and be our rap comrade?
    At least you try, you got a lot of fight
    Even if your rhymes don’t all come out right
    How’d you like a taste of total domination?
    I’ll let you rule my kingdom when I go on vacation
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)23:29 No.17428412
         File1325737769.png-(30 KB, 800x600, 1207366449886.png)
    30 KB
    All these sucka MCs is whack! Where's Sword 'n' Board when you really need him???
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:31 No.17428423
    Keep ya eyes open sonny boy cause I'll be commin for them.
    We'll see whose lost their sight here's a hint this punk thinks hes a gem.
    That's right, it's you and you'll never guess when.
    On second thought keep your eyes your demise will come from my ice
    Keep you alive frozen in a shell stuck on the inside
    You'll be stuck forever in my tower.
    You shakin? It's okay to cower.
    I'll come at ya like an ice storm
    you'll be frozen wishin you was warm
    I'll make sure you know why they call me Blizzurd
    You'll experience a fight with a master wizard.
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)23:32 No.17428435
    What is this, a joke?
    Should know by now
    That a nosefull of coke
    Won't help you match my guile
    I kill bitches like you
    With an arm behind my back
    Despite your bang bang that
    Might fool that rogue, yeah, Flyte Fool
    But know there ain't no foolin' with the PK crew
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)23:35 No.17428460
    I'd be honored to be in the same thread as anyone from >>17426358
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:35 No.17428462
    I'l take up ya offer but show some respect
    or I'll hit ya from nowhere, get decked.
    But for now we can be a rap crew
    We roll together to see how well we do.
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)23:37 No.17428474
    Yeah, you might be a whack motherfucker on the mic but you're right in that there ain't nothin' like the old school.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:37 No.17428477
    I would love to rap against DJ Phylactery and sword n board. When I first saw that in the archives I cried at the awesome.
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:46 No.17428546
    Is that it, is the rap game done
    That can't be all I'm still havin fun
    I'll keep my rhymes so cold and frigid
    I hate to say it but this thread might be done kids.
    >> MC Warlock 01/04/12(Wed)23:50 No.17428586
    To everyone who posted in this thread, good shit, maybe I'll make a thread tomorrow and make this a more frequent thing.

    Gods know this board needs some more OC
    And you know I can deliver, WARLOCK OG
    >> PK Swagga 01/04/12(Wed)23:54 No.17428625
    Seems to be the case, can't say I'll shed any tears
    This was my first attempt but the time's getting near
    To sunrise, and I need all the beauty sleep that I can get
    'cause soon in the morning I have duties to beget
    Fuck all, I'm tired so let's leave it alone
    But it was fun while it lasted so let's proudly hit the gong
    >> MC BLizzurd 01/04/12(Wed)23:56 No.17428635
    Thanks for the thread op even if it's dead
    I had a lot of fun spittin from my head
    Just to let you know I got school yeah I know not cool
    anyway I get back a 3:30,
    be sure to be there cause my rhymes will be dirty
    For now goodnight and don't pout
    cause we'll be back but for now peace out.
    >> MC Warlock 01/05/12(Thu)00:09 No.17428742
    Word, and I hope you all show up tomorrow. Keep it tight /tg/
    >> The Flyte Rogue 01/05/12(Thu)00:11 No.17428758
    Keep it real, my rapping brothers
    We got the skills, there are no others
    'Till we next meet, to spin more rhymes
    We'll keep the music for future times

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